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#i do love this but also like. stories set at the shining apex of the empire but the seeds of the Fall are already there
b-iuli · 8 months ago
Lovely Night
Pairing: Jean d’Arc x Reader
Rating: NSFW/+18
Summary: During evenings, when it is all silent and warm in the welcoming embrace of your lover, affection needs to be expressed through more than just words.
Words: 6904
Tags/Trigger warnings: smut, oral and vaginal sex, cunnilingus, ( also, fluff and emotions are in this too )
Notes: This took forever to finish, but I’m finally done, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this proud lol. And Cybird coming with that very random photo, it spurred me to finish this up so much faster. Just thanking this beautiful person ( @sukeystrash ) for beta reading it. And this set of people for helping me choose it:
Tagging: @chaotic-coyote @nan-chi @pickle-scribbles ( if you want to get tagged/untagged into any of my works tell me )
In the evening, it gets incredibly warm. Especially when the both of you settle in each other's arms, warmth spreading from the embrace, all over your skins. He voices sweet nothings to your ear, and his breath tickles a few strands of hair away from your rosing lobe. The giggle escapes you unconditioned, and your arms tighten.
He kisses it, his fingers sliding through your hair and bringing you even closer to his chest. Your nose at the nape of his neck now, and small breaths leave his soft lips. They travel down to your jaw, tickling all of the way back to your lobe.
One soft, little moan in your ear. And you were gone. It didn't take long for you both to reach the need of physical touch, ever. This was indeed very normal for the both of you. Every one late night, where sleep just wouldn't come. His room is dark, outside the light filtering through the window, and the shine it brought upon your skin. His room, your secluded haven. Only the two of you, alone, no gaze to judge or see. It was only the light of the moon, white and pure and innocent. Pretty lines made of stardust, the silence of the night just much more louder when Jean nosed at your hair. You were restless, and so was he.
"Mmmh, can I . . .?" words like velvet brush with an air of calmness over you, and a hand grips at your night gown with a little bit of force.
"Please?" he begged you so nicely too, how could you ever refuse. Voice hoarse, hands eager to feel your supple flesh underneath your clothes. They were in the way, it annoyed him, an instinctual urge pulling the both of you together, closer. Amorous need dripped from his eye when he looked at you. A need, unfiltered, free to appreciate down your body.
You didn't reject it, your own lashes fluttering closed at the persistence of his breath against your cheek. The solider hummed at your willingness, appreciating it with a gentle peck on your eyelid. And when his arms circled your waist, you were warm, then, again. His heat enveloped you, his nose so close, it traced lines up and down your cheek, memorizing the structure, and appreciating it. Jean was a thorough man, and he liked to make it very clear that everything that you are, to him, is irreplaceable.
How softly he pressed a kiss to your lips, then. Slowly conquering your conscious, taking apart your very thoughts, nothing but a hooded gaze from beneath you when he kneeled.
Ohh, when he kneeled. It was a slow process for Jean, how he loved to tease you. He took care to leave his kisses upon your body like you're precious. Nothing has ever made you feel like this, this loved and appreciated. To think, that your existence has brightened, even if just a little bit, the life of this man, is a thought enough to warm your chest with compassion. From the tips of his midnight hair, to his fingers, to the limit of his existence, he is everything to you now, and so are you to him. And then, love has never been so exhilarating to breathe.
And when he parted your legs, mm. When he finally settled in, the tips of his fingers so careful in their travels upon your body, like he was loving the very essence underneath his skin. They dipped at your ribs, caressed your sides and followed the delicate curve they created, and then stopped at your hips. He undressed you with the utmost patience, with delicate fingers, undoing knots, tracing invisible lines all across your calves and feet first, his lips busy with your knees and thighs. You were a mess before he could even reach your heat, your ragged breath and iron grip on his hair, the only indication of your patience running thin.
He undid his own clothes in the meantime, careful hands unbuttoning and pushing away garment after garment of clothing. In no hurry, his skin revealed itself to your eyes, memories of the past you never dared to ask of him, to tell you their stories. Invisible scars you knew rested there, your naked eye never able to see the horrid burned skin that must have adorned his lithe frame. A man like him, to endure such pains, a soul as loyal and honorable as his. It stung your eyes.
But he noticed.
Jean's gaze never left yours.
How important it was for him to see you watch him. He could never tire of your beautiful expressions. They are the epitome of emotion, everything so naked and open on your features. Your eyes the most expressive gems, your lips parting and pursing, all that he needs to know is even in the tremble of your body under his hands. But then, his pupil trained on the bit of sorrow marring your beautiful face and his hands stilled in their pursuit of your bodily heat.
What's the matter?
A kiss on your thigh, a soft sigh warming the flesh against his lips.
Why do you look so sad?
You opened your eyes again, a gloss one would think it was crystal, covering your eyes. It was immensely pretty, how it shined the color of your eye to him. He looked and looked, entranced, the only bodily temptation he could ever let himself succumb to. You were here, with him, close to him. You loved him. The hand cradling through his locks, as he pressed one apologetic kiss to your leg, told him so. For what was he apologizing? Even he doesn't know anymore.
You didn't dare blink, your mouth watering and tongue wetting your lips in anticipation. The rush of emotions, you need to leave it behind. The thoughts, of sleepless nights, that Jean had to endure on his own, in his cold bed, had to be left in the past. You weren't there. You had no way of helping him. You cannot think of those right now. The man himself is kneeling at the foot of the bed, leaving all of the love he can muster onto your body. You need to pay attention. More important matters are at hand, right now.
And, unsurprisingly, it affects you rather quickly.
With how skilled he has become since the two of you started getting intimate, the exitement could be visible on his own features.
Jean loves your legs. It's like he cannot get enough of them. During the days, or around anyone else for that matter, he doesn't dare touch you. Even your hand, so small and fragile, into his bigger one has him hiding his face into his free palm. But in private, his hands cannot be kept to his sides.
He squeezes them. Kisses them. Lays his head in your lap, and most importantly, when he eats you out and has you screaming his name to the ceiling at the apex of pleasure, he doesn't let them go. He's enamored by them, every lick and kiss so practiced against them it has become perfection when he does it.
With every bit of skin conquered, he complimented you, adored you with sweetest of words, everything nothing but worship when he undid, finally, the last piece of your skirt.
Oh God, when he parted your legs, more. Wider than before.
His eyes were trained at your center, where your wetness glistened, where the place you needed him the most was in front of him, unhidden.
Violet, darker than ever before, slid up to your flushed face, admiring the frown etched between your brows. The angry bites on your lip, the messy hair, as if you ran your hand multiple times through it. Ever so beautiful. A gorgeous woman in front of him, her urges for him the most powerful weapon against him now.
"Can I, . . ." he tempted, his palms tight on your thighs as he came closer, slowly, so agonizingly slowly.
Your legs parted more voluntarily, your eyes already blurring with need. Nothing, but only him you could see. Nothing else mattered, as the room you were in, faded and morphed together. The creaks of the bed, the shift of the blankets, of the pillows, unimportant. The alight desperation in his own eyes, as he looked at you. Every centimeter he made to come closer and closer to you, as if he was testing you. The grip you had on his hair had to have been painful, as you knew yourself, your restraint was held in the strength of it. Jean didn't utter one complaint, if anything he looked to be enjoying it.
"Can you what?" You gasp, trembling a little at the shadow of a breath against your sensitive entrance. What was he waiting for, you'd think.
"Can I get a taste of you. . ." with his words, deep and grave against you, his hands dip under your thighs. They drag you closer to his face, and you shiver. ". . .mademoiselle?" he finally adds, with a smile stretched across his lips.
Oh. Oh the little punk.
You could not help yourself.
The temptation did nothing but stir exitement in your body.
Letting go of his hair, you threw your legs over his shoulders. You swiftly leaned back, pushing your hair back and past your shoulders. With the movement came a wave of arousal over you, beckoning to give you into your own greedy little wish. And Jean's wish, no wonder. The exited glint in his eye was the definition of dangerous and sharp, his visible eye widening a little at your sudden action.
The vampire shuddered, his shoulders rolling under the weight of your legs, as if adjusting to it. You would have been worried, but, considering the way he is looking up at you, now, so lewdly, so openly, so ready, puts all of it to sleep.
His nose presses against your belly, his lips tentatively pressing a kiss, right above your folds.
You have to squirm, your grip on his hair dangerous at this point. Your nails dug into his scalp, and the little whined exhale he couldn't keep in brushed against your hip. It was so cold against your heated skin. It drove you mad.
"Are you going to tease me all night, Jea-aah-!" your words fall on deaf ears, interrupted.
The second he got the chance, Jean pressed you flat against the bed, hands groping and feeling you up, their touch unforgiving and just so wild you're going mad.
His mouth finally meets your arousal, eyes blissfully closed and a low groan of appreciation falling from his mouth. His tongue slides out, his hands blind in their search as they go further up onto your stomach, the tender rise and fall of your ribs a delight of a feeling under his fingers. His nails drag across the skin, barely, eliciting a sound of your breath just so loud and so symphonic for him.
Sharp sparks of pleasure erupt up your spine, his name on your lips as you gasp. Oh, how deliciously he eats you out. Merciless upon your heat, tongue lapping and licking at everything that you are, with abandon. His hands grab and mold over anything that you have to give to him, fingers digging into curves, leaving bruises and scratches all over your back, legs and stomach. All the while his tongue takes up your very essence, a soft and satisfied hum deep in his throat after every lick.
A bit more. How his mouth just salivates after your slick, the taste lingering on his tongue, the softness of your legs around his head, how they just cage him in, beg him to come closer. He cannot call this place anything else other than heaven.
You have no energy to fight him on it, or no power whatsoever. His tongue, so skilled against your core, drinks up everything that you have to give, like it's a sacred offering. He pushes his face against you more, as if even the smallest of distance is unacceptable.
The moans he lets out, the long sighs against you, the way he flicks his tongue over the top of your slit. He engrosses himself between your legs so easily, his mouth working literal magic onto you, and all you can do is beg and moan to the ceiling his name, breathless calls of it and desperate mewls that can only be described as desire.
"Jeeean, oh my-" your sentences are never finished. They shorten more and more, until only his name you can pronounce.
He secures a grip on your waist, one palm so tight against your side it must bruise. His short nails dig with urgency into your skin, his lips wet with his saliva and your juices. It is electrifying, every lick of his tongue, when the tip circles your clit, so slowly you feel like you're going insane.
But then, it travels lower, parting your weeping folds so easily and pleasurable. It enters inside of you then, your whole muscles tensing at the sudden push.
You shiver and whine, seemingly the only thing you can do when Jean gets ahold of your body, man handling you to his pleasure with barely any strength. That shouldn't make you moan so loud or tighten your legs around him so hard. The grip you have on his hair is near numbing, a certain icy sensation crawling up your forearms.
Heat is crawling up your legs, like electricity into your core. It tightens and tightens, your legs trembling with the stimulation and barely letting the tension go. It numbs your mind, your voice soaring higher and higher.
You're getting closer, your body now shifting from side to side as you teeth grit together, your whines and cries urging Jean on. Your grip on his hair, your legs around his head, what else could he do but pleasure you to the ends of the world? Hearing your moans, your cries of his name, it spurs him, makes him want to hear you more.
Your grip on him to be tighter, more aggressive.
Let it all out.
He hums against you, devoted to your body and utterly at your command. You just didn't have the energy to tell him into words, how badly you needed to come, right now. But he understands, because the tell tale tremble of your legs, the high intonation of your voice, his name on your lips so desperately, is enough.
"Mmmnnh, Jeaaan-"
You're close. You're so close.
There. There.
"Yes, yes, keep going-"
He lets himself moan against you, your taste numbing to him throughout the thick haze of pleasure. More, just a bit more. Almost there, come on-
"Yes, yES, JEAN, FUCK- mmmhffuckk-"
You gasp, no oxygen in your lungs, as your knot of pleasure finally snaps.
With the aftershocks, your grip turns harsh and unforgiving onto his hair as you choke on your moans. His grip on you insistent, it keeps your hips to the matress as he laps up your release, soft groans of appreciation with every gulp he takes of you.
How could he ever tire of this?
A sweet yet salty taste, thick as honey dripping down and past his lips when his tongue cannot lick it all.
It travels down his chin and onto his neck, a transparent white and warm thick liquid. He quietly parts from your body, the bit of distance he put between you two tied by the string of saliva connecting his lip to your cunt, still twitching and relaxing. After how easily he ate you up, like the last meal of his life, it's no surprise you still can't think.
"Mmmmph. . ." you sigh, gasping right as the aftershocks have passed, your hands a consistent grip on his hair before they soften and caress his messy tresses.
Jean softly kisses the insides of your thighs, his hands caressing the softness of your legs with a dreamy shine in his eye, a soft smile on his lips as he nuzzles your skin.
"What a beautiful sight you can be, . . ." he whispers into your trembling thigh, admiration and love so naked in his gaze when it raises up to look. Warmth caresses over your very body when he looks just so at you, your breath unstable and loud in your ears, for more than one reason now.
You sigh longingly, and caress your cheek with a hand, the one left in his hair going under his chin, to raise him up from between your legs. Need him closer, right now. It is cold on the bed without him.
Your lashes, shadows against your rosy cheeks as they blink up at the vampire. Eyes catching the way his teeth elongate into his mouth, biting down onto it, sharp little knives against the moist skin of his lips. Your cheeks are so hot to your touch, the warmth, it seeps into your palm.
He leans over your body, his own slowly pressing down against yours. His hands parting your legs so slowly, his touch alight on your skin when his fingers dig into the plush of your thighs. Now chest to chest, his face is so close to yours, you feel a wave of shivers overflowing you, your ankles locking on their own around his waist when he nestles in. Jean is so much bigger, stronger than you. You don't say it aloud, but when his shoulders come close enough to your lips you could taste the skin, you eagerly hid your nose and made yourself smaller into his embrace. Arms quick to wrap around him, and the security he envelops you into simply divine to relish in.
"What's wrong. Are you all right. . .?" still a sweetheart, as he kisses your cheek, one hand in your hair to caress it.
"Yes, love. . . .perfect." you smile, nudging your nose with his, smiling shyly as he laughs with you.
"I know I must have told you thousands of times until now, but you're so beautiful, ma dame. . . ." he says against your lips before drowning you into a kiss, his arms tight around you. He cherishes the sounds you make under him, your little compliments for him whispered just as softly, back to him.
"Mmm? Only for you-"
And you laugh again, kissing his lips again, your arms around his neck. Happiness never tasted so sweet. So calm and so beautiful. No hurry in any movement, no adrenaline. All of it, washing over you both. You secure him into your soft hold, his body only leaning into your embrace, no retreat, his skin molding with yours. You're so close. . . If you concentrated enough, through all of your laboured breaths, you could heart the sound of his heart, meeting and slowly synching with yours.
He sighs into the press of your lips, little words shushed between parting breaths. His hands are dragging your hips back up into his, his own arousal hard and already leaking against your thighs. A bit of desperation is evident in his erratic and uncontrolled twitches of his fingers though, his hurried breaths fanning your cheek as he deepens your kiss, tongue searching yours inside your mouth. It licks teeth, the roof of your mouth, it dances slowly against your own, craving the closeness only you could give.
And you gasp, rearing your head back, into the pillow, welcoming his hurried need with a pleased hum. Teeth drag across your lips, appreciating and memorising again and again the soft give they have when he thugs onto them. The sharpness of his canines, little two points of needles against your skin when they lower, to your chin. They drag, a shiver onto both of your spines when he exhales.
Shakily, breathily, still losing himself in the taste of your saliva. He licks his teeth clean, a tempered hum in his chest when his arms leave the secure grip they had on your hips, to wind around your stomach. A stronger hold onto you, more secure.
Hands so large and so warm against the back of your ribs, you tremble again, a loose sigh on your lips, and your eyes close.
"Jean?" a small sound escapes out of you. A breath following right after when he noses at your neck, his inhales a bit more louder than before. You can feel him, the sighs and moans reverberate against your chest when he catches your scent.
His mouth presses one shy kiss on your shoulder then, his every limb of his body as if shaking with immense control he has put himself under. His hips grind against yours, slow, but barely controlled when his length brushes against your thigh, so, so close to your arousal.
It has you squirming under him, your eyes a bit fearful to fall prey and close to the sensual grind he pushes against your hips. Your lashes flutter, and another breath, shaky and unsteady leaves your body.
"J-Jean, it's fine, really. . . " you whisper, voice unsure of itself as you cradle your fingers through his hair. The sluggish movements of your bodies, aligned together yet lost in their advance to connect with each other.
It's like he loses himself at the sound of your voice, a little call of one angel, he could describe it. His lips press another kiss to your shoulder, and his hips slow against yours again, this time shifting, to align correctly against your entrance.
"Sorry, lost my self a little. . ." he assures, a soft breath against your skin before his half lidded eyes rise up to meet yours. Just as angelic as always, amethyst blinks in a haze at your face. His hair a mussed mess, the bangs over his eye somewhere behind his ear or pushed back by your insistent grip from before. He bites the side of his lip, a tempted glance down at your neck telling you everything you need to know. Insistent fingers into your back, and a temptation to break the still and heavy air for the both of you, claws at both of your insides. Need. So sharp, yet so hot, pleasing and simply animal. It knots into your bellies, and it crawls like liquid fire over your bodies. How could you resist against it, when Jean himself stops his ministrations against you, so unsure and even daresay scared.
"Hey. . . .Hey, Jean, you okay?"
"Uh.. . ." a small sound escapes him, shy in its behavior when his gaze as if widens, before quickly hiding itself away into your neck, his cheek pressing against your pulse. Oh, what warm skin he has. It must be burning with the intent of embarrassment, and you can only giggle. What must be coursing through his mind there, to offer you that reaction too?
"It's allright now." he replies back, a tone of childishness as he huffs against you, his hands travelling up to the back of your neck to hold onto it. His only anchor of reality, before he loses it with himself inside of you.
"Now? Well, why wasn't it before and it is now, hmm?" you tease, a rose tint to your cheeks as well when your legs go higher, ever so slowly around his middle, to have him closer, more solid against you.
It's all right.
Press yourself against me, my brave solider, you won't wound me.
"Because, when I look at you, ma lumière. . ." Jean sighs, rising up from his forever place in your neck, a curious frown upon his gentle features. He is too far away from you, you notice. Your palm reaches his chest, calling him back, already. You hum in question, a hand of yours tracing a line from his burned eye to his jaw, your thumb pressing slightly into it. The other urges him back to you and forward, your hot body trembling at the cold distance between your skin and his.
No, no. Come back to me.
But, he doesn't let you shiver for long. He just swears under his breath and leans back against you, his hands marveling over your body like it's precious. Fingers glide over your soft stomach, his eyes lighting up with so much emotion when it looks down at everything they reach. Then, the come back up to look at you, as if there's nothing else like you into this whole universe.
And oh, how it is making you feel. That touch of his, forever careful and never forcing upon you, his lips when he downs them to your collarbone, and you tremble.
Oh, God, when one hand grabs onto your thigh, to hold it still against his side, you thought you'd melt. When his face lowers past your chest, to the sternum between your ribs. Where he presses one soft kiss that tells you more than any jumbled words his poor mind could create right now.
It is Purgatory.
It Heaven.
It is Hell.
How impure of him, a saint for the people of France, to treasure you like you're blessed. A contradiction he is, as he bites into your skin, close to tasting blood. Unorthodox in its nature, Jean eases the pain of the bite with a lick of his tongue, his hands trailing like never before over your whole body, his own desires mingling with yours.
You moan, utterly tortured. Nothing more than a bite, than a tease of his palm. His fingers grasping onto your breast, his chest pressed to your stomach, while his hips just shy of thrusting with uncontrollable hunger and need inside of you. You feel his control dissolve at the hear of your moan, his gaze, lust and liquid hot as it looks over you, ravenous.
More, more.
"Jean, please-" you shudder, your hand closing over his on your breast, your fingers intertwining with his. His tongue hovers over the valley between, his nose at the rapid rise and fall of your chest. He doesn't move or breathe, his canines so long they pass the line of his lips. How sharp, how long, the memory of what these instruments of pleasure and pain can give you is torturous into your head. Your desire only heightens your senses, it loosens the last threads of your sanity.
You bring his hand up to your lips, a shy kiss on his knuckles as you press your heels into his back, urging him forward. Oh sweet torture, when the tip of his length teases you again, a slick sound so loud it should be embarrassing as it drags against your entrance, wet with your and his arousal.
"Inside me. . ."
And you both let go.
Your words broke an invisible line.
One that neither of you knew was there, before your words cut them with the ease of a polished sword.
He breaks, a wild, almost unleashed haze in his eye as he growls, so low in his throat and barely audible it travels through his chest against yours. An unheard of ever sound coming from him until now, and it destroys you. His forehead pressing into your chest tight, a grind of his teeth even you can hear as he pushes inside, finally,. . . finally.
You have to tense, the pain of finally having him inside, one you welcome with a relieved smile on your face. Inhaling sharply at the feeling, your grip on his back tightens.
"Oh mon Dieu-" he grunts, shivering and tensing up as well, his teeth dragging across your skin and biting feverishly into it, but never breaking it as you moan yourself to the ceiling, your neck bared and chest arched into his mouth. How beautiful of you, presented like this, so weak to his whims as he lets his tongue lick up to your neck, his hand in yours now quick to go back to your chest.
"Soooo tight. . ." he marvels, losing himself into your body, his hips so deliciously hard pushed against yours, you can feel them into your bones. How he stretches you, it is indescribable how good it feels. How animal, you should think. How utterly dirty and carnal, you should say.
Jean glides up your body, his pressed so close to yours so that the two of you can never be detached. Desperate wet breaths and groans against your shoulder and collar and neck, his tongue, teeth and lips marking everything they can reach, in a haze of desperation and unadulterated need. Uncontrollable, even as you grind just like him against his body, your hands to his back for a support only he can offer you.
You feel so good. It is another experience, when you cannot hear anything else, but the sound of your lover's voice. It whispers the deepest thoughts within himself, erotic promises and sinful pleas tattooed into your skin with every bite he can give. When his body speaks louder against you than any language spoken on this Earth. When it grips you, like you're his last dream come true. His last reason to live.
His last everything.
How dare people call this animalistic. How dare they call it instinct, when it is a poem of everything the two of you combined are. The mistakes of his past life, all of them you accept with a kiss to his eye, to the cheek that is nothing but ugly meat. The pain he lives with in this life. Your arms secure his nightmares away when they wrap around his shoulders. Every time you do it, to bring him back to you, welcoming him into your neck, into his only satiable place for blood. Jean may never say it out loud, but he drinks from you, with such pleasure, such adoration, and he holds you through it, every time, afraid of everything outside of your embrace. It is sacred the way he holds you then, his most precious love, giving him her source of life. Jean could never drink from another. It will never taste as sweet as you, as perfect dare he say.
He loves you.
And you, him.
"Si chaud aussi. . ." he purrs, now into your neck, his voice warm and loving and devoted to your every moan and gasp you have to offer. Jean listens intently, little groans and hums of pleasure as he licks a small spot between your shoulder and neck, eyes half opened but pupils dilated to a length where the violet of his eyes is nothing but a ring around it. His hips push you forward onto the bed, more and more aggressive and loud and harder, chasing both of your pleasures, both of your edges.
Yes, yesss. Let go, give me your all.
"Jean. . .Jeannn-" you can only cry for his presence, even more closer than it already is, your eyes clenched shut, afraid to be opened. Afraid to lose all of this sensation. All of this pleasure, your body so hot, and his even more so as it glides against yours, the muscles in his back so hard under your nails as you drag uncontrollable red lines of pleasure across.
His thrusts don't relent, stifled moans against your shoulder as he teases a part of your skin with his teeth. Oh, he will bite. He will bite, his teeth will sink in, and blood will flow out.
The momentary panic passes though, as one last, unforgettable kiss to the sacred place is pressed onto. With the utmost care, as if no matter the situation, Jean will cherish it. Not only your skin, your sweetest blood, but your body, soul and mind as well. His promise of unwavering love and devotion. He thanks you for giving him everything you had. That you are.
It is enough for you, the gesture speaking for itself.
And then, he bit.
The sensation never changes, it is always pain at the beginning. It always hurts, but just as well as it hurts, it morphs into undeniable pleasure. It is heavy into your veins, feels like the pit of a flame, the spark that bursts a magnificent fire inside of you.
Jean moaned as he greedily lapped up your blood, tongue licking and slurping on your open wound, his hips desperately grinding into yours.
The keen that seethes through your clenched teeth is pressed into his shoulder. Your arms tighten their embrace on his body, hands and chests and stomachs meeting one another in the middle. Your ears ring, and you have to gasp. It is painfully pleasurable. It heightens all of your senses, your thigh shaking under his hand, when the sensation reaches your lower half. And how it tightens your belly. Mmm, it feels so good. Your legs on each side of his hips, heat in your cheeks. His hands mementos across your naked body, delicate touches, yet the most sinful that had the grace to caress you. Still, yet so careful and delicate, you'd think yourself you're made of glass.
He gave under your touch easily. He drowned in your warmth, your body, your everything. His body curled around yours, as if it could protect from anything ever daring to look at you. How precious this man has become to you. A wounded soul, with nothing left in his life.
"Haaah. . . ." he releases your neck and you exhale as well, trembling in his hold with the softest of moans on your lips. How unhinged, his eyes the most vivid colors. You catch a glimpse of them, glazed over, the shine of a predator, blood at the corner of his lips, how he licks them clean.
Your teeth clench and the exhilirating pleasure from the bite, still courses in your veins with so much life. It stimulates you, it raises your back with a delicious arch.
More, more. Give me so much more, love.
He brings you back against him, hip to hip, and you both groan, satisfied, but not for long.
How handsome he was. Blood dripping in red down his face, your warmth and part of yourself, he drunk on it, thirsted for it. Temptation runs you thin, and with every forceful thrust, you lose yourself more and more. Oh, such high, you think you're drugged.
"Jean, oh Jean-" you muse, delirious, eyes falling closed and body responding to his. Wet, heat. He groans his pleasures to you as well, teeth gritted together, forceful breaths seethed against your skin, and you've never thought how a tempered, animalistic sound like this could ever tighten your core just so.
"Ma dame,. . ." Jean loses his train of thought, eyes dilated as they drink up your image, his ears registering the beautiful sounds you release. His hips stutter against yours, and you sigh, trembling. A shiver wrecks you, pleased, impure, sensuous.
He's so deep inside. His breath is so hot against your face, he's impossibly close to you. You gasp on his scent, your nails leaving their own territorial marks across his back, your own claws as you drown into thorns of pleasure, deeper and deeper, where the only light you can ever reach is the one in his gaze. How many times have you wounded his back? It's like your palms are obsessed with it. The shift of the muscles, the heat of his skin, slowly morphing into sweat right beneath your fingertips. How enticing it is to you, to feel it all. To feel his heartbeat thunder against your touch as well. You're drunk on the sensation.
His pace picks up, and the slight shake of his shoulders has you shivering in anticipation.
"You're close, aren't you, love?" you whisper in his ear, breath hot and eyes unfocused. Your fingers caress his head, your lips just a tease across his shoulders. He sighs, nose deep in your shoulder and breath searing hot, tongue greedy as he tastes the soft layer of your skin, the soft give, the delicateness of it all.
"Come on, Jean, it's okay-" you shush, moaning into his ear your desires of his teeth, the ache and pleasure it pushes into your veins. Have him lose himself as well. Again. Do it again.
Again, Jean.
Make me feel alive.
Your blood the only thing he would rather beg for at your feet. His nourishment, his own ecstasy to drink.
I'll give it to you all.
My light.
He moans as well, eyes falling closed as he sighs then into your shoulder, nose protruding at your neck, his head caressed by the gentle touch of your hand.
Just a bit more. Have you endure a little bit more. He pushes himself harder, his hips erratic against yours now, his own desperation in the slight growl he lets out. Small and wet kisses against your skin leave his lips as he breathes in your scent, the last threads of his reality and logic thinning out with every reassurance you tell him. You promise him, you kiss with such love and devotion into his skin he might crumble.
"Mmmmh . . .please-" he chokes out, his arms crushing the oxygen out of you. He's so deep inside, you break his sanity. You're so tight, so hot and wet and all of everything he has ever craved for. One more push, another moan from the both of you. He's so close.
One more push.
One more thrust.
"Ohh, s'il vous plaît. . ."His teeth ache, the urge to bite again, his need unsatisfied as he licks his lips in preparation. Come on, he's so close.
So close.
"Yesss, Jean- aahhn, do it-"
You're clinging to him so sweetly, your cries his own when the pleasure peaks, and peaks and peaks. Your nails, your own marks across his neck and back, he realizes. Long drags of carnal desire, of your insatiable need, as well as his. The bite you wear on the juncture of your shoulder and neck, angry red skin, wound already closing and bruising a little blue.
He pecks it softly, cradling your head in his hand as he thrusts inside one more time.
And then finally.
Finally, a wretched groan leaves his mouth, his forehead pushed tight into your shoulder. He numbs the sound against your skin as he bites it, fierce and wild and craving.
You scream as well, cries and moans sensitive against his ears as you iron your grip onto him. Desperate to hold onto something, teeth clenched together. Jean sucks and breaks your skin, warm blood flooding his tongue, again, and he shudders. Your taste, heaven on earth, once again.
You trash against him and bite him back this time, another scream of pleasure as you tremble in his hold. Your walls clenching down onto him as well, as if sucking him in deeper, taking everything he has to give.
Oh God, you're delirious. Pleasure erupts against your very skin, your muscles tight and mind lost within another universe. Jean cradles you close to him, his own grip on you not loosening for one second as he sucks another portion of blood from your shoulder. His hips push in a few more times, slowed but heavy movements against your trembling body.
He kisses your wounds, the bite marks he has left and licks them clean, whispering beautiful nothings for you to hear, to calm you down and bring you back to him. Caresses your face with a gentle care, his own ragged breath against your heated skin closure to the both of you. The high is slowly coming down, the white noise inside your ears subduing into nothingness.
"MC?" he asks, nuzzling his nose into your cheek. He kisses your jaw too, a hand cradling the other side of your face as he rolls the both of you to the side.
You tremble for a little bit more, a soft sigh on your lips as you weakly hold onto his back, your legs now jelly around his waist.
But then, a dopey smile stretches your cheeks, a little giggle on your lips as well. You drag his questioning gaze closer to your blushing face, to kiss him easily, serenely, utterly mindless with happiness and exhaustion.
"Hi. . ."you finally say, detaching your mouth from his for a breath. Your gaze follows his, that color of amethyst you fell in love with looking and watching over you with the same amount of love, if not even more so.
"Hello." he laughs softly as well, pecking you on the forehead. Before you can do anything else, as you had planned to drag him down into a series of longer and amazing after sex kissies, Jean pushes himself up and out of your embrace.
"Wha- Jean-" you whine, acting offended and looking up at him with a pout.
"No worries, mon ange," he smiles, whispering against your forehead. " I'm just going to get a clean cloth from the bathroom. I'll be back."
"Mph. I hold you onto that."
Jean laughs and shakes his head a little at your silliness, his hand appreciative and soft on your thigh.
And then, with the promise of being back in a matter of seconds, he enters the bathroom, leaving you alone on the bed.
Despite your façade of angry and pouty little child, once the door to the bathroom shut, your face broke into a stupid smile, your cheeks still alight with warmth, and breath still ragged from the earlier activities.
"Oh, wow. . ." you giggle, your hands on your cheeks as you hide your face into the pillow, a soft scream of yours into it that you couldn't keep in any more longer.
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llogllady99 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS | Levi, Erwin, Hange, Petra, Nanaba, Mike, Eld, Gunther, Oluo, Moblit
Genre | Reincarnation, Afterlife
IV | Afterlife, Hurt/Comfort, Reincarnation, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Alternate Universe - Modern Setting/ Reincarnation, Fluff, Reunions, Introspection.
SUMMARY | Levi dies and reunites with Erwin and the others in the Afterlife. 
It was one of those sunny days that Levi passed away. The kind of days that occurred in the middle of summer, sun shining proudly in the centre of the sky, beaming with light in all directions; its yellow rays placing gentle kisses and giving shape to everything around them. A breeze blew gently, ruffling the blades of overgrown grass, flowers, and other plants that were blooming by a pristine and crystalline river. A river so clean and fresh that even the tiniest of rocks could be visible. Southern Magnolias, Flowering Dogwoods, birch, and oak trees lined the river and gardens of the people resided in the area. On such particular days, Levi could be found gardening away his late adulthood; his garden was the most clean and organised with freshly mowed lawn and colourful flowers, trees, and bushes placed meticulously around the alleyway that lead to the entrance of the house, the backyard, by his windows and entrances, and inside the house. Therefore, it should have been no surprise when Levi spent his last day doing exactly that: cleaning, organising, and arranging things.
It came unexpectedly, like death often does. It should have upset Levi, he was still considered too young to die by the rest of the world, but he himself couldn’t have been more happier, more relieved, and at peace. It had started with a soft breeze, blowing through his now white strands of hair that were still arranged in the same familiar undercut and under his white cotton dress shirt that was a bit oversized. Then came a wave of unfamiliar fatigue, causing Levi to lie on his back on the grass, his eyes now on the sapphire sky, watching the different sized clouds move along in slow motion. Somehow he knew his time had come, he always had great intuition. With black now cornering his vision, the man closed his eyes, letting the sun rest gently on his face, warming him one last time. He smelled the sweet aroma of his flowers, he listened to the almost silent buzz of a bee in the distance, appreciating the things he had become so used to. Finally ready, Levi inhaled deeply, and with a contented smile spreading on his tired and wrinkled face, exhaled slowly as everything went black, sounds and sensations ebbing away gradually.
However, the world didn’t stop, the sun still shone, the birds still sang their relaxing songs, their high pitched chirps sounding through the valleys, the wind still blew, and the clouds in the sky still travelled their never ending journey; a perfect day for humanity’s strongest soldier to pass away.
Levi was now engulfed in deep darkness, thick and relentless. Silence reigning over the infinite void. It wasn’t a heavy silence or an uncomfortable one but rather comforting and warm, making him feel at peace in god knows how long. He looked down at his hands, they weren’t wrinkly anymore but soft and smooth again. He was back in his original form, his old inky black hair hanging daintily on his forehead, his cheekbones once again high and sharp, his eyes now a strong grey steel, and his lips rosy red. His body was also young again. Now that he was in this purgatory of sorts, a giant screen appeared in front of him, displaying moments from his life in chronological order. He saw himself as a baby, his mother cutting for the first time his hair in an undercut, his mother telling him stories, embracing him, loving him. Then came her death, her horrible death, leaving Levi alone. His uncle Kenny made his appearance on the screen, taking him under his care, teaching him how to fight and defend himself after walking away never to be seen again. It showed how he met Isabell and Furlan, the days they spent together in the underground. The blonde boy reading to them by the fire, Isabell snoring in Levi’s lap, his hands in her hair, twisting the ginger strands, Levi defending the redhead in a fight, and Isabell telling them jokes one night whilst playing cards. All of the precious moments now unfolding before his eyes. It made Levi’s heart swell with happiness at seeing their faces again. He had forgotten their faces after so much time but seeing them now reminded him of their bond, their brother like bond. Then he joined the survey corps and shit hit the fan.
Next came memories of joining the survey corps, of seeing Erwin for the first time, their first kiss, first time making love, moving in the same room together, going out with his comrades, Hange, Nanaba, Mike, Moblit, everyone made an appearance on the screen. Then came the brats, their round baby faces and bright eyes full of determination. Retaking wall Maria. Erwin’s death…
It displayed the four years in between their battles. The years when he moved in with Hange and having tea with them every other afternoon before making the plans for the attack on Liberio. The shit show started, the whole fucking rumbling, Eren going batshit crazy, Mikasa killing him, and them staying behind in Marley. His friendship blossoming with the other two brats and finally tasting true freedom, a world with no walls where the sky was the limit. Other sequences also played, like how he returned to Paradis, Gabi and Falco’s visits, who were now married and living happily in some exotic country, and then the day he died. He would have argued he lived a beautiful life, one which he certainly didn’t regret, but after Erwin’s and Hange’s death his only purpose was to survive the day, get through it and ignore the sinking feeling in his gut.
If this was the after life, why wasn’t anyone here? Did he do something wrong? Where was Erwin? Didn’t he promise he’ll be waiting for him? For the first time in the darkness, Levi felt suffocated, he couldn’t breathe, the overwhelming feeling he did something wrong washed over him, imbuing his every cell and tissue. Luckily, before he could finish that destructive train of thought, a glimmer of white appeared in the distance. As the small dot got bigger and bigger, Levi realised it was some kind of vortex that was sucking everything in it, including him. It sucked in his feet first then his hips, stomach, arms and finally his head. Everything went white around him, his spirit was travelling with so much speed that he felt he was inside an airplane engine, the turbines spinning faster and faster, the noise getting louder and louder, and finally the plane took off. As the noise reached its apex, Levi’s surroundings became silent until he was pushed out of the vortex and into the afterlife, the one in which his comrades also seemed to be.
Levi landed bottom first and with a thud, his backside coursing with pain. He flinched and got up. He scanned his surrounding and noticed that in the far off distance there was a group of people. Relief washed over his entire being as the feelings of panic and loneliness left him entirely. One by one he willed his feet to move, each step becoming more hurried, until he broke out in a run. The shape of the group was getting bigger and bigger as Levi closed the distance between them. The closer he got, the more he could make out their faces. Wait! Was that blonde and messy brown? Hange and Erwin? Happiness started blossoming in his chest, like a bush of Camelias in spring, the flowers opening up more and more, becoming bigger and bigger covering the whole green bush with their beautiful pure white and milky pink. A smile grazed his features and tears started falling down his face, each droplet streaming down his jawline then falling on the ground behind him.
“Erwin!” Levi shouted, finally getting his lover’s attention. Erwin turned, wide eyed as he recognised his voice and broke into one of his famous full mouth grins. He extending his arms, inviting the raven in. Levi gladly took that invitation, jumping on Erwin and sending both of them tumbling down, wrapping his arms tightly around the blonde, sniffling that familiar cent of cologne and tobacco. “You waited for me! I can’t believe you waited.”
“Of course I did, in fact all of us did. Look around Levi, we’re all here.” Levi lifted his face and looked around, his eyes landing on Hange grinning maniacally at him, Nanaba and Mike close to each other, Moblit, and his squad.
“Heya guys! Long time no see I guess.” Levi stood up from Erwin and made his way in between the group, taking everyone’s faces in. They were all here. He looked in Hange’s direction, they now looked truly happy without a care in the world. He approached them and wrapped them in a tight embrace, one which he so seldom offered when they were alive.
“Hey short stuff. Gotta admit watching over ya from up here got kinda boring. You were never up to any shenanigans, you just sat there all day reading your damn newspaper and drinking that awful tea.” Hange playfully reprimanded him. Levi snorted then play kicked their feet. Petra came up and hugged him from behind, burying her soft ginger hair between his shoulder blades. She inhaled shakily and choked out:
“Missed you so much, Levi Heichou.” Levi turned around and tucked some of her hair behind her year, setting his hand on her cheek, rubbing with one thumb a tear that spilled from her left eye. The raven then wrapped her tightly in the same hug he’d given Hange, burying her small head in his shoulder. “Missed you too.”
Mike came up and sniffed his hair, his nose scrunching up taking up as much of the sent as possible and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, trying to pin point the smells. He then patted Levi on the shoulder and told him:
“You still smell the same, maybe except with a hint of a flowery touch to it.”
“Always so romantic.” Levi replied, shaking his hand like brothers do. Nanaba came up behind Mike and offered him one of her beautiful smiles. “Great seeing you Levi, but Mike,” she then grabbed the tall man’s hand pulling him towards her, “it’s time for us to go.”
“Go where?” Levi asked frantically, he just got here why were they going already?
“We will get reincarnated, me, Mike, and Erwin.” Nanaba replied casually as if it was the most natural thing. Levi started hyperventilating.
“Why?” He croaked. “I just got here, you can’t go! Not yet! Erwin please don’t go!” He looked around and found the blonde standing next to Mike, he grabbed his hand tightly, urging him not to go, however it was for nothing as his lover wouldn’t budge.
“I can’t Levi, my time has come.” Erwin grabbed both of his hand and kissed his knuckles and fingers, rubbing them against his cheek. “I need you to watch over me and when your time comes too, join me. We’ll meet again, in a world with no titans and infinite time on our hands. We will truly be happy there.”
“Fine, but promise me you won’t do anything stupid Erwin. Wait for me.” Levi demanded, raising himself on his tip toes and pulling Erwin down for a passionate kiss. After they parted, Erwin stepped next to Nanaba and Mike again and waved his big hand at the others before all three of them vanished from sight.
Over time, the same exact thing happened to the others. Eld and Gunther went, shortly followed by Auruo, the other people also gradually disappearing to god knows where. After some time, only him, Hange, Petra, and Moblit were left. Now it seemed that Moblit’s time had come too, if the bear hug he gave Hange was anything to go by. Offering them one last kind smile, Moblit vanished, leaving now only the three of them. Hange cried that day, harder than he ever saw them do it and Petra rested her head on Levi’s shoulder, sorrow and longing also emanating from her being. For a few years, all they could do was watch. Watch Erwin’s seventh birthday party, Mike and Nanaba chewing on their toys, Eld being adopted, guess he didn’t have much luck in this life either, Gunther ride his bike, Auruo playing his first song on the piano and so on. On a not so special day, when they resumed their seats and watched over the others, Hange stood up and with a kind smile and wave their hand they vanished too. Levi cried and so did Petra, they missed their friend dearly but it was bound to happen. A few short months after Petra also left, leaving Levi alone, drowning in the familiar feeling of loneliness.
A month after, Levi got visitors in the after life, they were Armin, Mikasa, and Annie. They greeted their captain and took their seats next to him, joining him in watching over his friends.
“I guess now I have you brats to watch over me when I’ll go down there.” He joked, getting a pat on the back from Armin.
“Hopefully, in the next life I won’t be a midget anymore, You guys don’t know how fucking hard that has been for me.” That earned him a laugh from all of them. Over the next two months all of them got closer together, Armin and Mikasa telling him about how his death impacted everyone. Apparently it has been a national funeral, all the nobles and even queen gathering around his coffin. How ironic.
One day, Levi woke up groggier than usual and much more heavy. It felt as if the ground was pulling him towards it. It was no doubt: his time had come. Armin was the only one that was watching the world down below, Mikasa and Annie sleeping soundly a few feet away. Levi sat next to him and cleared his throat, redirecting the blonde’s attention to him.
“This reincarnation thing is so beautiful, getting a second chance in a world not as cruel as ours.” Armin began. “I’m glad we aren’t stuck here forever, it gets more boring every day.”
“Try doing that shit for seven years.”
“That’s really long. I can’t stand this place anymore and I’ve only been here for what? Two months? If you don’t mind me asking, who was the first to go?” Armin asked, a little bit shy in case he was prying too much.
“Erwin.” Armin’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I just got here and he was already gone. But now is my time and I’ll finally be reunited with him.” Levi stood up and grabbed Armin’s hand also pulling him to his feet. “See ya Armin, you were always my favourite cadet.”
Bringing his fists and arms to his chest, delivering his last salute to the 15th Commander of the Survey Corps, he vanished, white clouding his vision. Everything went black afterwards.
The next time Levi opened his eyes, he was crying his eyes out and shouting like a mad man, his little legs and arms kicking and moving in all directions. He had been born into the new world.
A song I would recommand while reading the fic is It's been a long, long time. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read it and notes and comments are welcomed, Obviously, I do not own Attack on titan or any of the characters that take part in it. They are inspiration for my works and I love them to the core. Thank you again lovelies for taking the time to read it! <333
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LettresPromises informs you : you have one notification. 
> Letter object : ‘La fable du crocodile et du flamant rose.’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@theastroooooworld​ sent a letter :  ❝Hi, I hope I'm not bothering you! I really liked what you did for Mihawk and I would like to ask for a scenario in which Sir Crocodile fell in love (if it's possible with this man) with a woman s/o pirate who also has a crush on him, whom he often sees in meetings of the shichibukais. Only, the evil Doflamingo also wishes to have the reader by his side. Et sincèrement, j'ai adoré la lettre que tu m'as remise 🤭💙, 𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙨𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙙𝙚 𝙩𝙤𝙞 𝙚𝙩 𝙢𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙞 𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙚 🤪❤❞ author’s letter :  ❝hello, you lovely human being! cam, you already know how sorry i am for being so late, and i apologize once more for taking so long. i do hope that this letter will make you crack a smile because i absolutely loved writing it!! sealed with a kiss, nikki. P.S: merci pour tout, t’es un ange, prends soin de toi aussi!!❞
Tumblr media
Warnings : None, not even cursing, nothing. Genre : Fluff. Word count : 2.6K.
Tumblr media
The aura emanating from each protagonist in this room was undoubtedly intoxicating— meaning that if a poor soul belonging to a rookie of the Marine were to step foot in the forbidden room, they would instantly bend under the invisible pressure created by the alliance of Shichibukais. In another context, and under different circumstances, the household names present in the vicinity could, metaphorically speaking, be considered as the embodiment of a guaranteed promotion if they were to be caught by the Marine all together. Unfortunately (or fortunately according to your point of view), the relationship between each Shichibukai and the Marine prevented anyone from daring to even nourish their hushed fantasies about capturing any of them for their own profit— they were pirates, they were fueled by the seven deadly sins, they had stains of blood on their hands and above all : they were untouchable. What a sweet, sweet paradox.
Some enjoyed this privileged status more than others, but amongst this group, all of them would think of the Marine each time they committed a crime— apparently, having the epitome of justice on their mind whilst accomplishing the dirtiest deeds humanity could think of made said deeds even more enjoyable as it was motivated by the impossibility of being reprimanded and thus, live a life filled by crime and sins.
But amongst their rarely mundane occupations, the Shichibukais still had to bend under the measures which came with their status, one of them being that their presence was mandatory to meetings to the top organized by the finest names of the high hierarchy of the Marine : Sengoku, Kizaru, hell, even Akainu despite his boiling hatred for pirates, the scum of Earth in his opinion.
The moments leading to the meetings were always the same — each protagonist would silently defy another one, the deafening silence squeezed between them would often hold interrogations or statements such as « what else have you accomplished since last time? », « I see I’m still superior. » or « My reputation shines the most between the two of us. » communicated through hushed laughters, a raised eyebrow or a smirk plastered upon someone’s facial expression. These moments were always both stuck in time, because of how heavy they felt, because the pressure emanating from each Shichibukai reached its apex, because the oxygen became almost rare due to the toxins lacing each word longing in the air, because of who these people were. And yet, they were your favorite moments because they were the most intriguing— an irresistible mix of passion and curiosity.
You were sitting between two of the biggest producers of this vivid aura of intimidation— Sir Crocodile on your right, and Donquixote Doflamingo on your left, in all, you cursed and blessed yourself at once for having chosen this spot. Truth be told, ‘chosen’ was an exaggeration. Allow me to tell you about this tale.
Each time a Shichibukai would enter the room, naturally, all eyes would be set on them. Judging stares, sometimes, glances which translated to « How come they are still alive? » or « Why are they still alive? » But when you stepped foot inside the meeting room, a new kind of tension spread through the room, and the two protagonists to blame both wore extravagant coats and had a sordid fascination for torture. They were gazes of envy, jealousy in its most vivid form, and silent questions hung in the air : « How come they aren’t mine yet? » Or statements like « I refuse to let this excuse of a man claim them, they are mine, and mine only. » (A statement, which, by the way, worked both in Crocodile and Doflamingo’s way.)
« My, my, my! Look at what the cat dragged in, ‘can’t say I’m complaining though, fufu. » The laughter itself was the signature of a maniac, which, needless to say, belonged to Doflamingo whose eyes were following your every move from his chair, his legs spread apart.
« Did you miss me that much since last time, Doflamingo? » You asked, as a form of rhetorical question, a fainted smile crept its way onto your face once the last syllables left your lips.
« I would be a liar if I said you didn’t occupy my mind these last few days, Y/N, and you should know how much I despise liars. » As the word ‘liar’ rolled off his tongue, his smirk faded away and instead, the emergence of a vein on his forehead was noticed as he reminisced the betrayals which stained his past.
You knew better than to interfere when Doflamingo dangerously crossed the line between moral and immoral, instead, you scanned the room to find a vacant seat to occupy. Perhaps next to Hancock? At least, you wouldn’t be bothered by the men here. Oh, but she was bound to drown you with stories regarding the man of her life, not the smartest choice. The seat next to Mihawk seemed like a good option as well, but he was not one for conversation and you would end up talking to yourself. Another choice would b—… « Y/N, I could not help but notice you were desperately looking for a seat to occupy. How convenient, the seat next to mine happens to be free. Of course, the choice is yours, I only took it upon myself to offer you the best option. » Oh, such a suave voice you could have recognized amongst a thousand voices.
This statement caused a chain reaction : your orbs were now focused on the beholder of these daring words, an amused grin stuck across your face; Doflamingo’s vein grew bigger as he caught the audacity coating Crocodile’s every word; Hancock’s palm hid a hushed laughter at the reaction of the blonde Shichibukai, Mihawk silently wished he could disappear. Enticed by his words, you start walking in his direction until a warm touch stops you in your tracks : upon closer inspection, it was a harsh grip on your wrist which belonged to Doflamingo who (now) combined both the raging vein on his forehead and his signature smirk, a duo made in hell. « Don’t be ridiculous, Crocodile-Man, Y/N knows, deep down, that I will take a way better care of them than you ever could, don’t you, lovebird? Fufufu. » And that, precisely, was the definition of ‘taunt’, a presentation of mankind’s most provoking aspects showed by Doflamingo.
Crocodile hushed his response, judging that entering Doflamingo’s mind games would the equivalent of handing him a victory he categorically refused to give him. A fit of smoke was blown, perhaps as a sign of exasperation, Crocodile was not keen on dragging this pseudo fight any longer— his hook circled around Doflamingo’s arm, and in a swift motion, your wrist was no longer the martyr of his tight hold. You couldn’t even gather enough time to bring your wrist to your chest that Crocodile’s large palm snaked around the same wrist and yanked it in his direction.
The aftermath of this motion was everything Doflamingo had once dreamt of, or rather feared in his most vivid nightmares— the sight of you, sitting on someone else’s lap. After all, wasn’t his lap welcoming? What did Crocodile have that he did not? It was infuriating, even more so because he could not seem to find the answer to this riddle, perhaps, in the worst case scenario, there was no answer in his favor and he was doomed to observe you sitting on your newfound throne. A vision of horror which made him frown and turn his smirk upside down, on the other one hand, Crocodile offered him his most victorious grin on a silver plate, a silent way to state his undisputed victory.
Crocodile’s hook was pointed in Doflamingo’s direction whilst his hand encompassed your waist— a clear and distinct switch in body language if you will : on one hand, the palm resting on your waist echoed to protection and desire to keep you closer to him, on the other one hand, the hook facing Doflamingo translated to a clear case of threat and perhaps even a way to dissuade him from tempting anything he might regret in a very soon future.
« It appears that victory is mine, wouldn’t you agree with me, Y/N? » Although Crocodile’s interrogation contained your name, it was directly targeted towards Doflamingo. « Don’t be fooled, the only person who won here is me. You’re bickering like kids while I’m getting all the attention, I can’t say I hate it. » You replied, the playful tone lacing your words matched with the grin spread across your face.
This not only signed Crocodile’s victory but also the beginning of the Shichibukai meeting, and almost every protagonist in this room had forgotten about the oh so important reunion—  the distraction brought by the quarrel of hearts between Crocodile and Doflamingo seemed to have hogged all the attention of the spectators of this scene.
Sengoku made his way into the room, an intrigued expression on his face which was as clear as daylight, « Sir Crocodile, Y/N, you do realize there are other seats in this room? » he questioned, although he was wondering how the situation escalated until reaching this point. « I’m afraid it will not be necessary, Y/N has already claimed their seat themselves. » Crocodile stated, with the same ill intention to send toxic jabs in Doflamingo’s way whose vein grew bigger under the more-than-obvious indirect verbal blow. « He’s right, this isn’t too shabby. » Sengoku showed no sign of surprise whatsoever at your response, he was in a room full of the most dangerous human beings alive, what else could he expect from them?
And so the meeting went on, and on, and on. But Crocodile’s position remained still— his digits brushed against the bare skin of your arm, and from time to time, his glance would switch between your from Doflamingo’s enraged figure (who was clearly not listening one bit to anything Sengoku was saying) and yours. But whenever his orbs landed on you, Crocodile could not help but drink in your presence and admire each detail crafted by the Gods until he could remember each inch of your body with closed eyes. You were torn between paying attention to Sengoku’s formulas and battle tactics, because it was a part of your job as a Shichibukai, and let your subconsciousness take the lead and allow yourself to melt into Crocodile’s warm and intoxicating touch. Each time the brushing motions would cease, it felt like the aftermath provoked by drugs— you craved for it, you needed it, and he quickly understood the underlying orders to continue through your pleading eyes half-hidden by your lashes.
« … Thank you for attending this reunion, you’re all free to go now. » Sengoku announced to a semi-attentive crowd before leaving the room, followed by Mihawk, Jinbei, Hancock (who did not miss to send a wink your way upon leaving), Kuma and Moria. Isn’t luck a wonderful thing? Now it was only the three of us in the room.
Doflamingo stood up, to your surprise, as if he was ready to leave the room too. He dangerously reduced the space between the two of you as Crocodile brought you closer to his chest to balance the cruel lack of distance. For a few seconds, which seemed eternal, Doflamingo allowed his orbs to roam free on your figure, drinking your stance in for future memories. His genetically given long finger traced the edge of your jaw, malice fueling his every move : « I can assure you that I will see you very soon, lovebird, and this time, I won’t lose and you will be mine. Have fun while you still can, crocodile-man, fufufu! » His maniac laughter signed the end of his presence in this room, now it was only you and Crocodile.
Silence lingered for a bit, as a way to let the both of you soak in the glory or the horror, depending on your sense of perception, of the events which had taken place earlier on. You were now the sole holder of all of his attention, and being the two only protagonists in the room offered the privacy Crocodile had secretly begged for since the arrival of Doflamingo. « Say, Y/N, would you really want to be his? » He asked although he was not really asking sincerely, taking another drag of his cigar as he awaited for your answer.
You brought your thumb and index right underneath your chin to fake a sense of interrogation, but the answer had already been stuck on your mind since you laid your eyes on Crocodile : « Mhm, I wonder… I mean, Doflamingo is pretty handsome if you ask me. What do I win if I choose you? » The faked innocent tone of your voice drew a harsh contrast with the importance of the question, but oh well, he had already noticed that. « Well, first of all, he will never kiss you quite like I do. »
If it was even possible, Crocodile reduced even more the space between the two of you until your respective chests were touching, his hook was delicately applying the pressure needed on the small of your back to keep you steady. Before respecting the rules of performative language, he admired once more the traits adorning your face and that’s when he realized that none of the paintings he owned could ever compared to the masterpiece of details and panorama of shades that were your face, he just hit jackpot.
His finger lingered just where Doflamingo’s digits used to be a few seconds ago, as a way to re-claim his territory and leave his imprints for good. Amused, Crocodile concluded his journey of touches by letting his palm rest right on your cheek in a way that his fingers could meddle with your hair behind your ear. Your lids shut close in response to his touch, already anticipating the explosions of sensations which was bound to come. And there, at this very moment, the explosions were set free and turnt into a myriad of fireworks— his lips crashed against yours and everything around you felt hot : your lips, his intoxicating touch, the sparks in your belly, you felt like a living volcano caught in eruption. His lips were perfectly molding against yours, as if they were made to melt against yours, like poetry in motion, if you will. Crocodile wasted no time and deepened the kiss, tilting his head in the process, you were breathless but you were willing to give up on air if it meant you could rest your lips on his until being persuaded of seeing stars.
To your surprise, he was the one who broke the kiss— don’t be fooled, his lungs hadn’t failed him yet, he was just dying to see your face contorted under the desire for more lingering touches and kisses. He couldn’t help but allow a chuckle to break free from his lips at the sight he was waiting for, or rather, the sight which confirmed his thoughts. « I shall take it as you belong to me now, and I’m positive you do not see anything wrong with this, my treasure. » And he concluded his sentence with yet another kiss planted on your lips, he was finally at peace with his feelings, knowing he had you now.
Moral of the story : never linger on an uncharted territory for too long while claiming loud and proud that you want to make this territory yours, the crocodile will always strike first.
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primrose-fr · 11 months ago
Wildlife of the Windswept Plateau
Hey I've decided to make this a series. Next on my list of "researcher documents the Flights native wildlife" we have the Wind Flight! I hope this is at least a good jumping off point for you writers/RPers/Worldbuilders!
Includes little personal notes here and there about possible uses, ecology and real-life equivalents, and interesting notes from the items bio too. Calling this series “Ecology of Sornieth” where I detail: Wildlife.  Aquatic life. Insects. Plant life. ???.
Long post ahead. Cut for convenience.
Wild Life:
Balsas Anole (Able to change color based on mood. probably a popular catch for hatchlings) Plague Bat (Bats native to the Scarred Wasteland. Most likely purged for spreading diseases.) Sun Flecked Fieldmouse (Fur sparkles in the sunlight. can leap great distances and has a tendency to brood.) Zephyr Sparrow (Flies very high but is prone to oxygen deprivation. Tend to be short lived due to this reason. Possibly kept by dragons for it's plumage) Broad-footed Moles (Stubborn. strangely tend to dig in opposite directions from their mates. Possibly dug up as food by hatchlings) Cottontail Rabbit (A decent meal for dragons, probably farmed for meat and fur. hilariously large dragons might use them similarly to cottonballs.) Hooded Hen (Can be ornery maybe? A decent meal for a dragon. Probably farmed for meat and feathers.) Steppes Box Turtle (Known for the pattern on it's shell) Hooded Skunk (despite being a skunk its rather docile. Probably hunted for as wild game for meat and fur) False-Peacock Quail (Pretty plumage. A decent meal for a dragon. Probably hunted as wild game for meat and feathers) Mallard (A decent meal for a dragon. Probably hunted as wild game for meat and feathers. Note: Irl only male Mallards have the signature green hood.) Golden-Laced Rooster (Can reached running speeds of up to 15km an hour. Probably hunted as wild game.) Arroyo Toad (Most dragons have developed an immunity to it's skin toxin. Mirrors however are allergic.) Firebearer (A type of squirrel monkey. Has been observed spreading forest fires by carrying burning branches to new areas. Possibly done to flush out game from underbrush or usher in new growth in remote areas. Possibly a Keystone species?) Fancy Rat (Possibly kept as pets. Might even be given as gifts(for pets or to eat) during special occasions) Wallaby (Probably hunted as wild game. A decent meal for a dragon.) Pangolin (Noted for keeping lairs insect free! Might be kept around as a form of pest control. although maybe not by insectivorous dominated clans.) White-Eared Hummingbird (Yes birds do have ears!) Olive Sea Snake (VENOMOUS. Aposematic. Bright blue and orange coloration warns of it's toxicity. Named not for it's color by for it's curious love of olives. Note: Irl all species of sea snake are venomous. they are close cousins to cobras and kraits.) Grey Squirrel (Probably a common meat in stews and campfire roasts) Tree Gecko (Has great camouflage but oddly is color blind.) Magpie (Hunted for both their meat and hoards of shinies) Ferret (Probably kept as popular pets/small game hunting companions.) Sugarglider (A prime pest of Sugarmelon crops. Probably kept and bred as pets for their cuteness. Funfact: It's a possum!) Bar-headed Goose (Probably hunted as wild game or farmed for meat and feathers.) Crested Newt (Notable has a crest for mating displays) Emerald Striker (VENOMOUS. Contains it's venom in the "emeralds" on it's body. Probably not safe to eat due to the "venom pockets" throughout it's body) Silver Racoon (Named for it's love of silver ore and trinkets. Might be hunted as wild game.) Lesser Land Iguana (apparently very self confident. I take that to mean they are aware of how dangerous they are and probably have few predators. Probably hunted if there are no other options though. Most likely avoided due to average iguana temperament (That is to say violent as hell)) Bog Canary (Has an awful call. but it's plumage is pretty and might be kept as pets (Note: Picture depicts a budgerigar not a canary)) Golden Reefprince (A type of axolotl, has a golden sheen. typically given by dragons to someone they're trying to impress. Might be farmed similarly to Valentines roses and sold for holidays and anniversaries.) Black Swan (Probably kept as ornamental birds by the upperclass. Compete in elegant displays with each other. Probably over mating rights.) Juvenile Prairie Skink (The adults of this species perform excellent parental care for lizards when the hatchlings are young. (Note: Maternal care in irl skinks is highly unlikely. Note 2: Art possibly depicts a jeweled lacerta instead?)) Muskrat (A native to the Gladevines of the Viridian labryinth this rodent is commonly found in aqueducts hunting small aquatic life. Probably hunted as wild game or farmed for meat and water resistant fur.) Reedhopper (Amphibian. well camouflaged though makes a loud incessant croaking. Probably a common sound at night near fresh waterways like ponds and rivers.) Collard Lemmings (Has local folk stories that tell of them staring into your soul and knowing all your secrets.) Glowing Pocket mouse (Common prey to smaller predators. It's brightness indicates it's mood. Kept as familiars) Skycats (Common winged felines that guide dragons throughout the Windswept Plateau. Multiple sets of large ears implies excellent hearing. Normally catch the updraft of larger dragon wings for easier flight. Kept as familiars.) Bamboo Phytocat (Has developed bamboo growths on it's body for camouflage in the reeds. Ambush Predator. Large and dangerous. Possibly hunted for trophies or as rites of passage. Kept as familiars) Banded Owlcat (Silent ambush predators from both the land and the sky. Kept as familiars) Grassland Trunker (Small squat herbivores. Very docile. Often kept as pets or farmed for meat. Kept as familiars.) Lilyfowl (Birds who spend most of their time submerged in ponds and such. Can breath through it's plant-like growths! Kept as familiars.) Myosotis Fox (Fur is vibrant in color and displays many beautiful flowers. In the wild they most likely use this for camouflage. However they are kept and bred as companions. Possibly bred for color and flower variation. May even be used in shows. Popular among upper class? Kept as familiars.) Traveling Garden (Large tortoises with a variety of plant life growing amongst their shell. Maybe a Keystone species? Kept as familiars.) Heckling Hydrena (Possibly native to the Shifting Expanse. Unknown if invasive or just widespread. Most likely inhabits marshlands and other waterways. Apparently pose danger to stray hatchlings. Kept as familiars) Toxic Igueel (TOXIC. Coloration is aposematic to warn would be predators. Probably inhabits rocky coastlines and other marine environments. Leather is very useful in leatherworking as interfacing and support. Kept as familiars) Tradewinds Gull (Common seabirds. Popular for use in message transport. Most likely used by maritime trades. Kept as familiars) Blueridge Greatshell (Large aquatic turtles that inhabit freshwater only. Cannot survive saltwater. Probably hunted for meat. Kept as familiars) Scaleside Noggle (Most likely a riverway/lake predator for small to mid sized creatures. Kept as familiars) Fiendcat (Fiery predators that cook their prey. large and dangerous. Probably a threat to smaller clans. Hunting one could be considered and accomplishment. Kept as familiars) Bluetail Skira (Large herbivores who spend much of their time lounging in ponds and lakes. Blue algea growing on their tail gives it that blue color. Kept as familiars ) Ringlet Amphithere (Tiny winged snakes that can fit in a Fae's claws. Might be kept as pets. Kept as familiars.) Hippojay (Might be farmed for meat or hunted as big/trophy game. Probably a common sight in wind clan backyards. Or kept as familiars) Crowned Roc (DEADLY. Massive dangerous birds that can be found hunting the skies of the Windswept Plateau. Poses a threat to all but the largest of dragons(Imperials?). Might even hunt/eat mid to small sized dragons. Apex predator of the region and a possible keystone species. Might commonly be the subject of stories, legends, myths, art, ect. Hunting one is probably a great event. Kept as familiars) Cloud Chaser (Airborne cetaceans that fly through the air, possibly in massive beautiful pods. produces clicks and whistles. Groups of them might sound like an orchestra of woodwind instruments. Most likely the favored prey of Crowned Rocs. Also probably subjects of popular culture. Kept as familiars. )
Aquatic Life:
Fissure Crawdad (Found only in dark crevices. Tasty. worth the effort) Leech (Common pest after swimming in waterways) Common Minnow (can be eaten in mass quantities for nourishment. Possibly kept in dragon aquaria) Sun Baked Oysters Jumbo Shrimp (Meat has a sweet and tender flavor.) Pumpkinseed Sunfish (Tasty and addictive when roasted and salted. decent meal) Sea Sparrow (flying fish known for it's abrasive chirping) Sea Hare Sea Fae (Known for it's resemblance to the dragon species. Plentiful snacks) Dumpling Squid (dipped in tangy sauce when eaten) Golden Rainbow Trout (Commonly fished from riverways as a decent meal. Golden shine is noticeable from the bank. Might be farmed in aquaponics for meat) Green Corydoras catfish (Tiny bottom dwelling armored catfish. Might be kept in dragon aquaria) Golden Cushionfish (Puffer fish) Seabed Pincher (When threatened they swarm and attack the threat. Plentiful food if a little difficult) Longfin Urchinbane (Species of cardinalfish that preys on urchins. considered a pest fish by dragons.) Sea Heart (Some kinda urchin. might be preyed on by Longfin Urchinbane) Steppes Pincher (Well camouflaged and possibly territorial) Topaz Guppy (Very friendly, possibly live in a area free of natural predators. Beautiful copper finage. possibly kept in dragon aquaria) Silverside Tetras (Small tetras, shimmery scales confuse predators when in schools. Possibly kept in dragon aquaria) Red Octopus (Color changing cephalopods. Might display typical cephalopod intelligence. Tentacles might be eaten as seafood.) Lesser Shallowshark (Small cat sharks. Scavengers. Large schools are common and very efficient at striping large carcasses) Royal Oyster (The more pearls this species has produced the more valuable they are to dragon collectors.) Chromodori Swimmer (Variety of dragon sea slugs) Golden Snakehead (Labrynthian fish capable of breathing through primitive lungs. Allows them to live in low oxygenated water. Medium vicious predators. Decent meal for dragons.) Electric Stingers (Jellyfish whose sting is particularly painful) Marbled Hatchetfish (Top dwelling schooling fish. Probably kept in dragon aquaria) Kuhli Loach (Bright colors ward off potential predators. Probably kept in dragon aquaria. (Note: Water spaghetti! One of my favorite fish in aquaria)) Molten Goby (Thrives in incredibly hot waters. meat is possibly very spicy.) Glass Isopod (Have very fragile shells that crack easily.) Pale Smallmouth (CANNOT handle water touched by the plaguebringer, It's presence is an indication of a healthy ecosystem and safe water. Indicator species. Decent meal for dragons too) Discus (Popular, beautiful, and challenging to care for in irl aquaria. Possibly kept as decorative fish for the upper class in dragon aquaria) Four-Eyed Butterflyfish Morning Star (Seastars active only in the early hours of the morning.) Angelspine (Golden spines of this urchin are valued. Meat however is bland.) Gaseous Megashrimp (Big, kept as familiars. this is speculation but depending on the size it may also be used as a seafood alternative to whole roasts like pig) Skittering Megashrimp (See above) Lurefish (Predates on other fish using it's lure. Probably a species of jawfish. Kept as familiars) Plantation Pincher (Considered a rampant pest on farmland.)
Insect Life:
Gliding Ant (Known for it's ability to glide across the ice. Most likely Native to Ice) Honeybee (Tastes sweet. Most likely kept for food as well as honey.) Crop Cutter (Pests that can devour entire fields. Plant eater hate them while others feast on them.) Nymph (appears to be just a grub) Bean Beetle (considered a pest to gardener. popular to eat for insectivorous dragons though. Get your Fae friends!) Swamp Mosquito (Clouds of this insects are a joy for insect eaters and a plague for everyone else.) Blow Fly (Very common in summers. tend to swarm lairs to keep cool. Doesn't need to be stated that that's upsetting.) Cricket (Commonly caught in bulk, dried, and sold as snack. Faes are experts at catching them) Greenworm (Blends in well and challenging to find) Garden Snail Spotted Grasshopper (Particularly vibrant specimens are caught as trophies and pinned to walls by Fae.) Stick Insect (Tundras often mistake them for actual sticks and often get a buggy surprise) Striped Earwig (Common pests that get into everything) Lunar Lacewing (Swarms can be found flitting between trees on full moon nights.) Redknee Tarantula Southern Grass Cicada (Nymphs can't fly and are commonly dug up as snacks) Millipede White Cabbage Butterfly (Very common. Overconsumption can lead to gas issues.) Stinglash (DEADLY. Aposematic. Skull pattern on it’s head is a threat display. When stinger is removed however it’s considered a delicacy) Pillbug (curls into a ball when threatened) Four-Spot Mealworm (Commonly found feasting on festering rot) Rhododendron Leafhopper (Swarms of these insects inhabit the interiors of bamboo stalks. Hatchlings love playing "Shake the Stick.") Venomous Fly (DANGER. Bite has paralyzing venom.) Green June Beetle Blackshield Cockroach (Fae use rocks to crack it’s shell for eating.) Diving Aranea (Aquatic spiders similar to the diving bell spider) Petal Moth (Makes its home in flower beds of a similar color to its wings, helping it hide from darting birds and lesser mammals.) Yellowtail Caterpillar (Commonly eaten in piles with pepper sauce, cucumber, rice, and wrapped in seaweed) Bark Biter (Devours tree bark. Can devastate entire forests overnight if population wasn't kept in check by dragons. Quite tasty!) Water Bug Micromoth (Common reagent in magical remedies. Most likely cultivated for medicinal purposes) False Mantis Prickler (Herbivorous. Example of batesian mimicry. Mimics the threat display of mantids to fool predators) Autumn Pennant (Dragonfly. Scarce, only appears towards the end of autumn) Brave Blue Bee (carapace is a shiny blue color. Possibly a species of solitary bee.) Reedcleft Sparkler (Hides amongst reeds. capable of bioluminescence) Leafy Moth (This large moth feeds by spreading its chlorophyll-rich wings in a patch of sunlight and flapping gently. Large. Possibly farmed as cow equivalents to insectivorous dragons. Kept as familiars) Triple-Sight Firebug (Dragons closely bonded to this bug can use it’s sight for short periods of time. Possibly used for rough reconnaissance. Kept as familiars) Goliath Mountain Beetle (Long lifespans and natural armor allow this insect to reach enormous sizes. The largest has up to a 7m wingspan! I could see these being herded and tended to by Fae. Kept as familiars.) Garden Larail (Pests. A gardeners nemesis. However they are cannibalistic and keep their own population in check.) Highgrass Priest (A type of mantid)
Plant Life:
Clover (Common plant life. A legend tells of a rare clover that can unlock anything and uncover buried treasure.) Cliff Lion (A species similar to dandelions that grow on cliffsides. Like it's cousin it can be fermented into wines and beer) Sweet Grass (Some dragons choose to chew on sweetgrass for hours. probably similar to chewing gum.) Cindershroom (Spores resemble cinders but are completely harmless. Unknown if edible. Possible.) Red Emperor Tulip (Cultivated by herbivorous dragons as both beautiful displays and tasty treats!) Greenstripe Amaranth (Healthy food for herbivorous creatures. Cultivated for food. Naughty hatchlings pass their amaranth to their familiars.) Wild Mustard (Grows in thick patches with bright yellow flowers. Goes great with wild Catsup) Thistle (Provides food for herbivores. Seeds provide food to songbirds.) Sour Spinach (Has little to no nutritional value and is nearly inedible. Used to discipline naughty hatchlings.) Sunkernel (Smallest of the acorns. Harvested and eaten in mass quantity.) Green Shoots (Hollow. Makes for a chewy meal or a durable paper.) Chickweed (Used in herbal remedies to sooth itchy scales. Probably cultivated for medicinal purposes) Greater Plantain. (possibly like its relative the Herbal plantain whos leaves can be used as an effective anti-toxin. Probably cultivated for medicinal purposes) Peace Lily (Pretty and edible, it’s petals are a favorite snack of peace doves. Probably cultivated for decoration and consumption.) Corona Sempervivum (Edible succulent. Cultivated for food and décor) Treasure Plant (Considered to bring good luck if kept in the lair. Possibly cultivated for decoration or as gifts.) Boxwood (Has a subtle flavor?) Seaberry (Bright blue berries most likely found near marshes and waterways.) Bonebark Mold (Plentiful. grows on dead trees.) Tundra Cactus (Grows well in winter and colder climates. Probably native to Ice.) Sour Green Apple (A green apple. Sour. Probably cultivated in orchards for consumption) Wild Onion ( Edible? Possibly Deadly??) Prickly Pear (The fruit of cacti. Edible but not that great.) Peppermint (can be consumed to help aid a number of maladies such as indigestion, nausea, colds, and headaches. Probably cultivated for medicinal purposes) Sunbeam Fig (Edible fruit. Trees only produce fruit when exposed to direct sun for long periods of time.) Fairy Ears (Tree fungus. Theres a myth explaining it's existence but it's apparently unpleasant. Unknown if edible.) Green Plantain (Has a tart flavor and can be stored in cool places for long periods of time. Probably cultivated and exported to other flights.) Lume Daffodil  (Blooms under moonlight, with a cool, refreshing taste. Often consumed as after-dinner mints. Probably cultivated for these reasons.) Quinoa (Recently, Tundras have started claiming quinoa is full of vitamins, cures disease, and attracts mates. Mirrors are skeptical.) Pinwheel Paddies (The blooms of this plant can spin for hours.) Minty Jadevine ( leaves are favored as snacks due to their sweet, cooling taste. Probably cultivated for these reasons.) Strawberry (Its a strawberry.) Withered Rose (perfume made from this rose remains nauseatingly strong. Dragons may use such blooms to cover up all manner of undesirable scents. Possibly cultivated for this industry) Pompom Mums (Vibrant, cheerful petals. Very attention getting to pollinators. might be used to attract pollinators to fields. Also useful for decorative purposes) Sand Creeper (Type of ivy that spreads prolifically over sand. Might be a good crop for those in barren wastelands.) Charged Duneberry (Berries glow brightest and taste the best after storms. Possibly native to the Shifting Expanse.)
Gale Wolf (Dangerous and possibly extradimensional? Only appear wherever a warm front meets a cold front. leaves behind mass destruction. Hunting them is probably considered a great accomplishment. Kept as familiars) Glassbound Gustvul (Glasslike vulpines that can be found often napping in patches of sunlight. Might be popular in folk-lore, stories, art subject ect.. Kept as familiars.) River Muck (Goopy. probably common in or near waterways. Probably a pest/hazard) Garden Watcher  (Walking tulips???) Orange Blotch Pansy (??? Uproots and moves itself to more optimal locations when required.) Cactus Marzal (Behaves like a normal plant until it matures in which it will become more animalistic. Weird. Kept as familiars)
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blissfulalchemist · 4 months ago
shimmer + stasia xx
Thank you Stella! I hope you do not mind that I also included the second one you sent in for Stasia which was: Saccharine.
Tumblr media
I don’t remember the last time I had held something so precious and didn’t fear it crumbling with just the slightest wrong move. Then again I haven’t felt fear in hundreds of years. 
There was no need when you were the apex predator, one that grew strong with every minute that you managed to keep yourself alive. That’s all one could feel, the power, the drive, the invincibility when they tried to hurt you. Tried to stab you with their knife or sword, shooting you with pellets that did nothing but create holes and stains in clothing. And then….
The horror.
That terror in their eyes as they saw me stand again, that added dramatism of slowly pulling out their knife, or watching as each bullet fell from my body as I healed right before their eyes. How I miss watching those faces go through every emotion I could no longer feel in the span of seconds. I remember the resentment that even in my inhuman state there was some part of my new physiology that granted mercy, a saliva that brought peace and bliss in their final moments. After the first month I stopped feeding from behind, I didn’t need, nor want, to see that final face of pleasure. Sometimes it was just easier to snap their neck before I fed, at least then the fear would stay.
It was all easier back then. Simple. Better and more exhilarating than the life I had before. My first human life, the one I’ve stumbled back to while attending another socialite auction of rare goods. Jeweled pieces of history is the theme for tonight. None of them aware that there’s a piece of mine here too, a few actually upon a second look. I never thought I’d see the shimmer of diamonds and light blue sapphires. The gold binding them together no longer shines as it once did, whoever cleaned it though came pretty close, but five hundred years is a lot to wash away. It’s easy enough to almost mistake it for a bracelet with its thin band and tiny circumference, it looks nothing like one would expect of a crown from the time period. It wasn’t even a crown, just a tiara because she only just wanted to feel like a princess.
We weren’t royalty, at least not yet I don’t think. If I had had children earlier, maybe taken a man as a husband, then maybe we could have been. We were close enough though for my daughter, Ozana, to feel envious of those that were born royal. Observing them as they stop in our little kingdom from their travels, showing off their riches as we graciously hosted them for meals. The small children of theirs, if they had any, poked fun at her clothing, hair, toys, lack of servants, anything they could spot that was different from their lives. If it wasn’t the need to keep a war off our doorstep, even my magic has its limits against an army, I would have punished those vile and selfish children. She took it all with grace while they were in our company, that envy only showing when we’d lie in bed and I’d tell her stories to help her sleep.
It was those children that I listed among the others as the cause for my death and the downfall of all that I had built in what I had thought my last moments. Ozana was seven and she simply did as all children do and mimicked the actions of those “divinely” chosen hoping that maybe she could be like them. Those acts never lasted long, she always had a softer heart, but it turned out to be just enough for them to lay plans to take her life once I was assured as dead, they couldn’t risk retaliation or for her to become my exact copy. Plans that never came to pass as my sister had not yet left like I ordered her to do. She stole Ozana away from me, from those traitors, and nurtured the saccharine heart of my daughter, that same one that I saw get passed from generation to generation. One that I hated, that I crushed and buried long ago, for being nice never got you what you wanted. 
I think I can still remember what it felt like to love her, to love her so much that I showed her how to control the warmth she emitted so she could protect herself. She would have learned one day, if I hadn’t gotten so distracted. Kept my love for her in check. Self preservation should have been my number one priority, for more children could always have been made after her. There could always have been another….
The young man charged with making sure this piece doesn’t disappear is also the one that provides the information on it. He’s been prattling on this entire time most of the information wrong about its origins, or what is assumed seeing as I had hidden it so well that when my home was raided and stripped it remained locked away along with a few necklaces. It was the most recently discovered set here, some college kids exploring the wooded area coming across the ruins of what has been now noted as a castle, my home. The rain from that month finally revealed some of the old plates and goblets, the stone work from the half pillars prompting them to get a local university involved where they then dug up the final remnants of Liana Enache. 
He ends his speech with a general time frame of when the tiara was made and I want to spit out the exact year for him. I keep my mouth shut though, setting it back into place in its restored original box. The smoke of memory on how I thought little Ozana’s face would have looked like when she opened the glossy dark wood box for her eighth birthday. It feels out of habit to shut the box on the memory, locking it away for good, before I smile at the young man, who’s already opening it back up for the next admirer, moving on to see the next piece in the auction, an old necklace of mine that I do end up buying back that night. 
I, Stasia, am no longer as short sighted as Liana was. Will never be as emotional as she was.
I never will be.
Never again.
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hallospaceboyy · a year ago
How about a second part of the toddler story where the reader and Zelds do have a baby. You could their life together at some stages of the childs life: like birthdays... ?
Part 1
Tumblr media
After the toddler mishap, and your conversation with Zelda regarding motherhood, you had both sprung into action immediately, and within a couple of months, you found yourself staring at a pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test, and you’re elated. When you share the news with Zelda, many tears are shed, salty kisses shared, and Zelda spends the next 40 weeks showering you with affection, satisfying your cravings, kissing and caressing the growing swell of your stomach.
As you lay here now, in your shared bed with Zelda, the round fullness of your stomach contracting in agonising pain, you’re still happy, despite it all. Zelda holds your hand, let’s you squeeze it bone crushingly tight as Hilda stands between your parted legs, telling you when to push, when to take rest, and before you know it, the tiny form slips from the apex of your thighs, a small, squalling creature, and despite the blood and goop, tears spring to your eyes instantly at the screech, the cry of your child. Hilda bundles the child in a blanket, places it in Zelda's shaking arms, and your head collapses to the pillow, watching your teary eyed lover hold the bundle close, glowing with immense joy, and pride.
“It's a girl, lovies. She's a beautiful, healthy girl.” Hilda's own voice is thick with tears, and she tends to you as Zelda rocks your daughter, and she quietens in her embrace. The birth of the placenta goes by in a haze, and Zelda gently rests the tiny, beautiful girl on your bare chest as Hilda stitches you up.
“You did so well, darling, you’ve done so well.” Zelda whispers, perching beside you and stroking your damp hair, her hand resting over yours on the blanket coddling the baby. You both continue to cry, tears of pure joy, and when you look up at Zelda with heavy, exhausted eyes, she kisses you softly through salty smiles.
“I’ll leave you two alone. Aw, congratulations, mummies!” Hilda is grinning from ear to ear, clasping her hands together in delight. “Does she have a name?”
“Evanora. Her name is Evanora.” Zelda murmurs, and you grin.
“She is definitely an Evanora.”
Before you know it, Evanora is crawling, becomes more aware of her surroundings, drawn to everything with an unbound curiousity. As the girl slowly finds her feet, Zelda has taken to letting your daughter grip a finger in each of her small clutched fists, and walks with her everywhere, and she squeals with delight, urging Zelda to go faster, needing to explore every room of the house with her new found mobility. You know the constant stooping hurts her back, but Zelda loves every second, and you take to massaging her twinging back each night, offering her some relief. She calls Zelda Mama, and you Mummy, and shouts the names frequently, as if to remind you that she has a voice, can command your attention, and command it she does, so very like Zelda. Soon, Zelda's assistance isn’t needed any longer, one day you put her down from her place perched on your hip, and she just walks, stumbles to Zelda's open arms, and Zelda is laughing, picking her up and swinging her around.
“You’re such a clever girl Evie! You walked to Mama!” The redhead exclaims, and you grin, wrapping an arm around Zelda's waist, first kissing her cheek, and then Evie's soft forehead, her downy curls tickling your nose.
Evanora's first birthday comes around in a blur, and Hilda bakes cakes, Sabrina decorates the garden with bright banners and streamers, and Ambrose puts the bouncing child to bed while you and Zelda busy yourself wrapping gifts. Brightly coloured plastic toys for the bath, wooden puzzles, and a stuffed toy in the shape of a duck picked out especially – ever since her first bath you had both taken to calling her your little duck, saw the instant gleam in her eyes as her little arms and legs splashed in the water, and even now, bath time was her favourite time of day. Ambrose had set up a small paddling pool in the garden especially for the occasion tomorrow, knew that she would spend the whole day in it if she could.
The next day, the party was in full swing, just the six of you, a solid family unit, and the sun was shining as you and Zelda lead Evie outside, laughing as her eyes light up at the sight of the water rippling in the small pool. She perches on Zelda's lap as Hilda brings out a birthday cake – also in the shape of a duck, there was a distinct theme – and you all sing to her, and she squeals and giggles, blowing out the candles with fervour. You know she most likely spat all over said cake, but none of you care, the girl was happy.
You change her into her swimwear, lather her in sun cream, and Ambrose and Sabrina accompany her in the water, and you sit tucked into Zelda's side, both sipping sangria, basking in the sun and chatting amongst each other and Hilda, watching Evanora splash Ambrose liberally with her tiny feet.
“I can't believe how she's grown! A year already!” Hilda exclaims, wiping at her eyes and watching the girl fondly. “Oh look at me, I’m going to have us all blubbering.”
“It's only you blubbering, Hilda.” Zelda quips, but her own voice is thick with unshed tears, and when you glance at her, her eyes are shining, watery, and you laugh.
“I know, she's not going to be our little baby forever.” You pout, leaning your head on Zelda's shoulder, and she chuckles, letting out an almost inaudible sniffle.
As you watch Evie playing with her cousins, you take Zelda's hand in yours, stroking the back of it with your thumb. “We've done so well with her, haven’t we?” You say, not really a question, for you know the answer. Your little Evanora Spellman is happy, and loved, and becoming so intelligent as she grows – a trait obviously from the Spellman Matriarch.
“Yes, we have.” Zelda grins, and kisses your lips softly. “Well done Mummy.”
And to you, Mama.”
Hilda giggles, watching you both with amusement. “I never thought I'd see the day my sister is all sickeningly sweet and in love. You’re going soft, Zelds.”
“Shut up, Hilda.” Zelda snaps, but she is smiling, too content to even try to keep up the facade of being irritated.
“Mamaaaa!” Evanora totters over, soaking wet, and climbs into Zelda's lap, and Zelda groans as the water immediately seeps through her skirt.
“Oh Evie, I’m all wet!” But you’re all laughing, and Evie laughs too, a tinkering, melodious little noise, and Zelda can’t possibly keep a straight face. She holds your daughter to her chest, and kisses her round cheek.
“Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.”
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royallyprincesslilly · a year ago
Title: Blame It On The Alcohol {Headcanon}*
Warning: Dirty Talk, Teasing,  Raunchiness, Barely 5% NSFW
Note: The song referenced is “Doin It” By LL Cool J. It’s an oldie but it is still absolutely perfect. Check it out if you like. Thank you guys for reading!!! I hope you enjoy it!!!
Tumblr media
Everyone needs to cut loose every once in a while, right? Chris Evans is no different. After a long few months on-location filming, Chris is home in Boston, and you couldn’t be happier.
What was to be a quiet night at home together to get reacquainted goes left when he’s invited out with your guys’ friends to celebrate him being home.
Being the great people pleasing man he is he agrees. You’re not angry, you understand you’re not the only person in his life that missed him. So, you dress in a cute but sexy outfit that isn’t overtly sexy but just enough to have his eyes on you all night. 
When you come downstairs, Chris is already waiting. Once he sees you, his eyes zero in on the cutouts on your jeans that are showing off your perfectly moisturized and glistening thighs. He doesn’t move, just looks over your body as you grab a coat from the closet.
You drop your jacket and bend over for it making sure not to bend your knees. In seconds, you feel his hands on your hips. Smiling you turn to him and put your jacket on. “Ready?” Your words are monotone as you pretend not to know what you’re doing.
“Yeah.” You walk in front of him and out the front door well aware that his eyes are glued to your ass. Chris is already having second thoughts about the plans for the night. He opens your door for you and begins the route to the bar. 
During the drive, you keep your legs crossed as you hum along to the song on the radio. When the song changed to an oldie but goodie by LL Cool J, you smiled because it was perfect to add to your tease. You turned up the volume and swayed in your seat waiting for the part for you to come in.
“Imma call you big daddy and scream your name, matter fact I can’t wait for your candy rain.”
From the minute Chris heard “big daddy” he loudly clears his throat and shifts in the driver’s seat. You continued to bop to the hit waiting again for the part for you to come in.
“Mmmm, daddy slow down your flow, put it on me like a G baby nice and slow, I need a roughneck n****, man-dingo in the sack who ain’t afraid to pull my hair and spank me from the back.”
Your eyes drift to Chris as you say the last few words, he is already looking at you. He’d heard the song before it was on a few of your playlists, so the lyrics weren’t a shock for him. He was white but he had a broad array of musical tastes. He didn’t look amused. You didn’t care. As the woman’s part came back around, Chris switched to a station playing classical music.
“Hey, that was my song!”
“I bet it was. Listen to some classical music. It’ll chill you out.”
“I don’t need chilling out Christopher. Do you?”
“No comment.”
The drive to the bar came to an end after another ten minutes. Your friends were already there waiting and once they saw Chris they got louder. Like always when the group of you got together it was a good time. You laughed, listened to and told stories, danced and drank. It was good to see Chris cutting lose and enjoying himself. 
After a few hours, you’d had quite a bit to drink and you were feeling loose. You were in a circle with the girls in your group just dancing and laughing. You saw Chris from the corner of your eye enthralled in conversation. You snuck off, walked over to him and took his hand. 
“Dance with me, baby.” Not wanting to say no to you he let you lead him to the dancefloor. You danced in front of him swaying your hips before you turned your back to him and dipped down to do a baby twerk. You heard his laugh before he touched your hips and swayed behind you to your rhythm. Chris always had good rhythm. When you straightened, you pressed your back to his chest.
“Are you drunk, sweetheart?”
“Ha. Never. I haven’t even had that much to drink.”
You bent forward again touching your knees and winded your hips and ass into his crotch. Chris’ hand trailed down your spine and around to your waist where he squeezed. Whenever you danced, he was a sucker for the wine and the twerk. Unfortunately for him, you were one of those girls who knew how to dance and knew how to bust it wide open. 
Chris gripped your shoulder and pulled you back, as you straightened again, he bit your earlobe. “Be a good girl, princess.” His voice was deep and low, it was his turned-on voice. Your smile was mischievous.
“Or else what daddy?” Chris sucked your earlobe into his mouth as his hand crept around your waist to your belly and down to your pelvis. It was a slow torturous move and he knew just what he was doing.
“Or else, that reunion you’ve imagined for the last few weeks will go not as planned.”
Chris kissed your neck and walked away. Your smile widened. That sounded like a challenge. You loved challenges. 
Another hour or so passed of drinks and laughs and as you sat next to Chris you took off your jacket and crossed and uncrossed your legs again. You looped your arm through Chris’ and cuddled close. His hand gripped your thigh at your exposed skin. It was a reflex action; one he’d done hundreds of times. 
You uncrossed your legs and crossed them again this time trapping his hand between your thighs. Chris shifted in his seat and looked to you, but you were pretending to be engrossed in the current conversation—you weren’t.
You snuggled closer until your breast rubbed his arm. Once it did the sensation of the fabric of your lace bra and firmness of his arm had your nipple hardening. You bit your bottom lip and leaned to his ear. “My nipple just got so hard.” You then placed a small kiss on his jaw. As you did you felt the clench.
Chris looked to you half amused and half disapprovingly as he slightly shook his head before he looked back to your friends. The smell of his cologne hit you and butterflies filled your belly. You loved this scent, you’d gotten it for him and every time he wore it the only thing on your mind was getting him naked. Again, you leaned to his ear.
“Did you wear this cologne for me, baby? You know what it does to me.” Chris smiled but didn’t look at you. You snuggled closer, Chris pulled his arm free and wrapped it around you resting it at your hip. You moaned getting a better smell of him. You kissed his cheek once, then twice and a third before your lips trailed to his jaw and then his ear. The whole time Chris remained focused on the conversation. 
“God, I’m so wet for you baby. Just move your hand a little higher.” He squeezed your hip. You knew it was a warning, one you didn’t heed. You uncrossed your legs and sat with them slightly apart then you moved his hand higher up your thigh until his fingers were pressed to the apex of your thighs right at the seam of the jeans you wore. You then crossed them again trapping his fingers there. A moan escaped you again. Chris glanced down then back to your face. He clearly didn’t know what had come over you and to be honest you didn’t either. He leaned to your ear and whispered.
“You’re drunk.” 
“I’m horny. I want you—right now, right here.” Chris groaned and you felt his fingers move forcefully nudging against the seam of your jeans. You pinched your lips in an effort to keep your moans silent. It was a simple touch, but it felt incredible. 
“I want your dick in my mouth, right now. I want to suck you dry and swallow every drop of my reward”
Chris’ fingers again forcefully nudged your crotch where your clit was sending flares of red-hot desire through you. This was unlike you. You had enough decorum to contain yourself in public situations like this. You had no idea what was happening right now.
“Tonight, anything you want, any way you want me. It’s yours.”
Chris groaned. His hand on your hip squeezed so hard you knew you were probably bruised and the hand between your legs somehow managed to pinch your clit. You released a breathy gasp then buried your face in his shoulder. Chris’ attention went back to the group hopefully taking the attention off of you. 
You began grinding yourself in the seat, every move made Chris’ fingers stroke against you and it brought you closer and closer to coming undone.
“I wanna come, baby, make me come.”
Again, Chris pinched your clit and it sent you over the edge. You did your best to keep silent and still as your orgasm rushed through you making you see white spots behind your tightly shut eyelids. Chris expertly remained present with the conversation never missing a beat, and not giving away the fact he’d just made you come all over yourself and that he was dangerously hard.
Your hand dropped to his crotch and rubbed.
“Do you wanna bury this big, thick dick in me, baby? Imma call you big daddy and scream your name.”
He stiffened and looked to you. While there was a hint of amusement behind his lagoon colored eyes, there was also intense desire and longing shining through. You felt it as well.
Slowly Chris looked back to your friends. “It’s late, we’re gonna head out.”
You smiled to yourself and snuggled closer. After a few minutes, more Chris settled the tab and you were saying goodbye to your friends making plans for another night out. This time Chris said he’d call to set something up. You knew that was code for the next few days you’d be quarantined to the bed with the doors locked and phones off. You couldn’t wait, it had been way too long.
When you got in the car and began driving Chris was the one to turn on the music and the song that came on made you snap your head to him. Chris smiled as he mouthed the words to the LL Cool J song. You smiled and leaned back in the seat and joined in.
“Doin it and doin it and doin it well!”
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agent-cupcake · a year ago
UGH im so glad you've been playing the DLC!!! Yuri is just. the best and I love his interactions with Claude. how have you been enjoying it?
I have to admit Yuri is pretty good. I’ve finished the DLC, but haven’t seen all of his support convos yet so maybe that’s part of why I’m not as pumped about him as I really ought to be. I really love Constance. She appeals to me on a spiritual level, and her voice is so cute! When Claude mocked her I straight up had to stop the dialogue because I was laughing so hard. That boy is too dang much.
Now, critical opinion time, the DLC was... Fine. I avoid fandom as much as I can, but I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I guessed the story and ~twist~ from the second the plot was set. So much so that I began doubting myself because I didn’t think the story could possibly be that generic. Three Houses story was nothing spectacular, but there’s a lot about it that I love. A messy mix of ideas and details and plot threads that sometimes weren’t executed super well, but boy if they didn’t make me fall in love. Cindered Shadows felt empty, and it shouldn’t have! You take these four weirdos brought together into a charmingly dysfunctional ragtag band of society rejects and place them in a contrastingly grimy environment of an ancient city hidden beneath the ground that houses a distinct criminal element, and trap them in a story and game so agonizingly predictable and forgettable? Is this some kind of twisted joke!?!?! No, but a million percent, the characters were the shining rays of light that got me through the plot... But ultimately I didn’t even feel like they cared about what was happening anymore. Byleth certainly didn’t.
I’m gonna stop with my negative, toxic opinions now lol. Please do not get it twisted, I freaking love this game... Like, to a degree that is likely highly unhealthy. The new music is wonderful, I feel as if ‘At What Cost?’ was what ‘Apex of the World’ should have been. Intense, deeply angsty, not so heroic. Doing something you must, but... At what cost..? Amazing. I had a lot of fun with the gameplay, I’m looking forward to playing it again even though I spent way too much time and struggled way too much with each map. Abyss is cool. It suffers the same issues as the monastery, but that was expected, I really like the aesthetic and idea. Truthfully, underground (or...underwater) cities are my Thing. The characters, again, are the highlight. Not just the individual, but the chemistry between them. I bought into the idea of this weird little family. I loved how Dimitri’s stiff and formal way of speaking and heroic ideals didn’t really mesh with everyone else, and the use of Ashe as a contrast to purple boy himself. Again, Yuri and Constance are a genuine delight. Yuri’s voice is... Mighty fine. It was a little jarring to hear coming out of that lovely mouth... Absolutely striking. While there are so many issues I have with the game’s visuals on the whole, the CG’s were a huge step up from the base game. I actually got rid of the dialogue box to just look at them. 
Anyway, there are so many more things that I loved (but also a thousand other issues I have) but that’s it for now because nobody wants this. I’m really looking forward to developing on the things I didn’t like, you know? Oh, the joys of a pathetic fanfic writer! This has been Cupcake’s Game Review. Have a good weekend
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otonymous · 2 years ago
Three’s Company (Ikesen Nobunaga x Masamune - NSFW)
Tumblr media
Description:  What’s a girl to do when she can’t decide between the two? Warnings:  NSFW/18+:  Explicit/graphic language — reader discretion is advised.  Please do not read if uncomfortable with: threesomes, double penetration. Word Count:  2475 words (~12 mins of smut) Author’s Notes:  I really had to plough through my writer’s block to finish this story, the most hardcore one I’ve written yet (in my opinion).  Happy reading and hope you all enjoy the smutty fruits of my labour! AO3:  Read here
Tagging lovely readers:  @all-my-cuffs-have-buttons, @artemira-sengoku, @dear-mrs-otome, @pseudofaux, @fieryanmitsu, @otomediary, @suzi-q-uinn, @kitty-kat-ty, @saizoswifey, @belxsar, @anyakane, @friedchikyorice, @whalebubblez, @selenecrawford, @akiza-hades-rose, @rubyleeray, @heavenzfiend, @duerme07, @classy-mc, @dani677, @kitsune-mana, @azuchi-princess
All characters & Ikemen Sengoku owned by Cybird
Have I always been this greedy?
The question in your head goes unanswered, slipping away with the soft brush of Masamune’s fingers over the back of your hand.  There, in the dimly lit hallway left deserted after the evening meal, the harvest moon reflected in his sapphire eye grows larger and brighter as he leans in close to whisper in your ear,
“Sweet dreams, Kitten.”
His lips, soft and full, skim the line of your jaw as he pulls away, the Lord of Oshu inhaling deeply in a frustrated sigh as chestnut strands fall to obscure that handsome face.  And as his unusually heavy footfalls take him further and further away, you remain rooted in place, willing the evening breeze to temper the heat of desire simmering beneath your skin.
Something had changed.
From the very start, the free-spirited One-Eyed Dragon did whatever he pleased, caring not about whose toes he was treading on as he dismissed Hideyoshi’s warnings to leave Lord Nobunaga’s “woman” alone.  
And while he didn’t comply with Hideyoshi’s demands, a teasing playfulness always attended his attention — a joke or hearty laughter accompanying every word or prod to reflect feelings that were similarly lighthearted, not to be taken seriously.
Or so you thought until that night Mitsuhide proved how poorly Date Masamune handled his sake.
You were collecting dishes from the meal he had prepared for Mitsunari and Mitsuhide, carefully tiptoeing around his inebriated body splayed out on the tatami when his hand suddenly whipped out to grab your ankle.  Your body fell to crumple against his own, dishes scattering in a room that had long since been vacated by the other warlords, allowing the pair of you a privacy that felt strangely illicit.
Masamune’s face was red, but his blue eye had never been clearer as he searched your own, not a hint of humour to be found in his expression.
“Why wasn’t I the one to find you first, Lass?”
He was so close you could smell the alcohol on his breath.  But the frenzied beating within his chest told you all you needed to know about the lucidity of his intent and the sincerity in its meaning.
Moments passed before you finally found the strength to tear yourself from him, sliding the shoji doors shut on the yearning etched into his features when you left him in silence.
For you were afraid of the words that would tumble from careless lips if you stayed.  And Nobunaga’s bed awaited you still.
“Do you love him, Fireball?”
The white stone falls from your fingers to hit the board with a jarring clatter, the echo in Nobunaga’s bedchambers amplified by the stillness of night to further exacerbate your frayed nerves as you meet the warlord’s gaze.  His eyes are much calmer than you expected.  Serene even.  
You are aware of how it must seem: eyes darting left and right, the stuttering sounds of uncertainty that could neither confirm nor deny.  Across the Go board, his large hand soothingly caresses your clenched fist.
“Relax.  I am not so narrow-minded a man as to insist that your affections be chained to me alone.”
“Nobunaga, you know how I feel about you.  I…we…I swear nothing happened!”
“But do you want something to happen between you and Masamune?”
At the mention of his name, your mind conjures up an image of the One-Eyed Dragon with his head thrown back, Adam’s apple bobbing as he sent uproarious laughter to the heavens, and any words you had caught in your throat.  
No longer able to look at the swimming colours of your lover’s eyes, you focus instead on the spread of smooth stones before you, wishing that the game of life was as comparatively simple as a round of Go.
Rustling fabric accompanies footsteps that position Nobunaga behind you, and a quiet moan escapes your lips to feel his large hands running up and down the length of your arms, the kisses he trails along your neck making you pulse with the beginnings of need.
Nobunaga was an amazing lover.  Of that there was no doubt.  You were also certain of the depths of your unwavering feelings for the Oda warlord.  So why was it that you also felt the pang of hunger whenever you laid eyes on Masamune, felt the electric heat that emanated from beneath cotton and silk every time he stood a little too close for propriety?
Am I greedy in wanting both?
As if seeking out the source of your conflict, Nobunaga slips his hands beneath the layers of your sleeping robes, fingers gently kneading supple breasts even as they palpate the rhythm of your heart.
“Would it make you happy, Love, to have us both at once?”
Your eyes open wide at his suggestion, struggling to find your voice as you turn within the circle of his arms to face him.  
“Nobunaga, what are you saying?”
“As your lover, your happiness is my foremost concern and responsibility.  I am not so insecure in our relationship as to prohibit a third party from partaking in our nocturnal activities, if that is what it’ll take to satisfy you.”
The tip of one elegantly tapered finger tilts your chin up towards his lips.
“After all, love springs from love, indiscrete and flowing forth continuously.  I have never doubted your love for me, and your affection for Masamune doesn’t lessen my share.”
His eyes were clear and you knew better than to doubt his sincerity.  So when his lips melt upon your own, you feel yourself deflate in his arms, weeks of bottled-up tension escaping with the comforting heat of his kiss.
“Tell me…if we had him here…what would you have him do to you?”
Nobunaga asks between mouthfuls of breast, bending over you to run his tongue over your hardening nipples, making coherent conversation altogether too difficult in your present state.  You merely answer in the form of a shuddering sigh.
Sensing your hesitation, he further loosens your robe, hands slowly dragging up your thighs until they halt at the apex.  Nobunaga smiles to find that you’re bare, just as he likes it.
“Where would you have him touch you, hmm?  Which parts do you want his hands to expose to my gaze?”
Unable to further withstand the way his fingers hovered teasingly near your pussy without touching, you grasp his hand to dip the tips into the velvet folds.  Taking the first step emboldens you.  Closing your eyes, the Lord of Oshu materializes to give your imagination free rein.
“H-he would touch me here, like you’re doing now.  At the same time, he would…pull my hair back and lick down my neck…all the way to my breasts — ah!”
Nobunaga’s excitement grows by the second, his fingers burying farther into your moist heat until all you could focus on was the sound your arousal made in response to his dextrous movements.  
His next question comes on ragged breath as you reach behind yourself to find his cock hard and hot.
“And what if I were to tell you that Masamune is here now?”
You stiffen, eyes shooting open as a tongue comes to claim your gaping mouth before you even have the chance to gasp.  
Frozen into shock, it takes you a moment to register the chestnut hair soft against your skin and the long line of lashes adorning the closed eye that wasn’t hidden beneath a patch.  Any opportunity to react slips through your fingers as Nobunaga pulls you closer into the circle of his arms to renew his attention on your breasts.  The movement breaks off the kiss, Masamune playfully nipping at your lower lip as you are momentarily forced apart.
“Surprised to see me, Kitten?”
“Masamune?!  When did you come in?  I didn’t even hear you!”  
Nobunaga’s voice is comforting behind you as he says,
“He’s been present this whole time behind the screen.  I invited him here tonight because you’ve looked a bit forlorn lately and I thought you might be cheered by the presence of both of us.  But this offer only stands if you are completely comfortable with it, Love.  If you’d had indicated otherwise at any point, Masamune would’ve taken that as his cue to leave.”
“That’s right, Lass.  Three’s company, isn’t it?  So what’ll it be?  Will you let me love you?”  
Masamune’s hand cradles your cheek, thumb brushing softly across your cheekbone as he patiently awaits your response.  And despite your jumbled thoughts, the smirk he flashes Nobunaga’s way doesn’t go unnoticed.
Your eyes sweep over the handsome warlord crouched before you, his robe falling loose to reveal flesh stretched over impressive muscles that allowed the One-Eyed Dragon to dominate on the battlefield.  The sight blanketed your mind in a haze of lust that dissipated your initial shock and embarrassment.  Leaning back onto Nobunaga’s chest, you spread your legs even further as you welcome Masamune into your outstretched arms,
“Please stay.”
The night air wafting in through a crack in the shoji doors did little to cool the consuming heat generated by your intertwined bodies, endless hands and lips wandering the entirety of your skin to set every nerve ending on fire.
And when you take Masamune into your mouth, savouring the hiss that escapes his lips as yours wrap tightly around his girth, the searing desire shining in Nobunaga’s hypnotic gaze confirms that you are not the only one ecstatic to be sharing your body.
For there was something beautiful in seeing you surrender to a man like the Date Lord, whose methods were almost feral in both urgency and intensity, Nobunaga noted as he sipped leisurely on his sake.  The Devil King made himself comfortable, one hand slowly tracing the length of his cock in a bid to remain patient after having decided to allow you and Masamune the chance to become physically acquainted before he layered on his special brand of pleasure.  
Hungry eyes watched you gasp for air as you struggled to keep pace with Masamune’s hips driving furiously against your own.  Saw you arch onto the crown of your head as lips and teeth left scarlet mementos on neck, shoulders and breasts.  Recognized the wanton look of unquenched desire on your face as calloused fingers reached down to rub expertly, leaving you teetering on the brink of release and begging to be pushed over the edge.
The scent of arousal was starting to permeate the room, stirring Nobunaga to action.  
Masamune smiles when he sees Nobunaga approach, and you fight to withhold a groan when he pulls out, your body already missing the sensation of clenching around his punishing length.  
“I dare say it’s time I get involved in this little game.”
Your lover lays a chaste kiss on your lips and, before you can chase him for more, unceremoniously flips you onto your hands and knees directly above Masamune.  Drawing himself against your jutting ass, Nobunaga bends to whisper in your ear, the smooth head of his cock dipping into your drenched folds as he does:
“Would you like to take us both at once?”
Nobunaga had fucked you in the ass before, but accommodating two men at the same time would be a first.
Masamune’s finger traces your lips from below as you contemplate the question, finally slipping into your mouth to gently thrust when you nod your head in consent.
“Good girl,” the One-Eyed Dragon chuckles rakishly as saliva courses down his hand.  “Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle.  Won’t we, Lord Nobunaga?”
He replies from behind you, his fingers curling in your depths to gather a pool of your arousal, smearing it onto your rear.  He slowly inserts one drenched finger and then another, waiting for the undulating clench of your asshole to subside as he carefully stretches you in preparation for something much larger.
“Ready for me, Kitten?”
Masamune’s baritone voice draws your attention, and you nod once again, eager to feel the slippery slide of his cock deep within you.  This time around, his thrusts are slow and controlled, allowing Nobunaga to continue with his foreplay.  Even still, the thrilling sensation of fullness already borders on overwhelming.  Excitement beginning its slow ascent to fever pitch, you pant softly against Masamune’s chest, unable to even imagine how it would feel with Nobunaga buried in you as well.
Practically delirious with pleasure, you had no recollection of Nobunaga coming around to face you until his cock was already pushing past your lips. Masamune’s thrusts send you further and further along his thick length until you almost gag, mouth watering around his cock to leave it a slick mess.
Nobunaga says as he pulls away, planting a kiss on your temple before resuming his position behind you.  Masamune stills as Nobunaga presses against your rear, insistent until the tension suddenly gives way, the three of you gasping in unison to feel the heat and fullness of his entry.
You fall against Masamune, limbs giving out under the mind-blowing sensation of being filled to capacity in every which way, caught between the hard bodies of two of the most powerful men in the Sengoku period.  Never before in your life did you think you would engage in such salacious behaviour.  But then again, you also didn’t think you would become a time traveller.
Cheeks flushed with damp hair matted against your face, you were a sight to behold, the very picture of unbridled ecstasy as the warlords settled into an efficient rhythm to provide you with the greatest pleasure possible.  Commingled arousal overflowed and smeared across flesh as all three submitted to instinct, each doing their own part in driving towards blissful release.  
Through half-lidded eyes, you spy the Lord of Oshu sucking two fingers into his mouth before he brings them down to rub at your clit.  Clenching on reflex, you instantaneously draw out moans from both men, disrupting their rhythm as you come undone between the press of their bodies, slippery with sweat.
You whimper to feel the heat of Masamune’s release as he reacts to the fluttering grip of your orgasm, but he remains deeply buried in you, eyes closed and gently stroking your hair as Nobunaga’s burgeoning tension finally snaps.
It was still pitch dark when you awoke, feeling slightly disoriented.  Listening closely, you could hear rhythmic breathing of two different frequencies, but being trapped within the embrace of two sets of arms hindered your ability to look around.
But then the pleasant soreness between your legs reminded you of all that had transpired earlier.  So you close your eyes once more, smiling as you snuggled closer to the two men who conspired to make your dream a reality.
Thanks for reading!  More stories available here! 💕
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reachingforaspark · 2 years ago
Hmm since I first fell in love with you and your stories through your Marvel multiverse fic... How would you write a meeting between Superior Iron Man!Tony Stark and MCU!Peter Parker?
Nothing like a love letter from an anon! Thank you. 
I haven’t read the Superior Iron Man series- but ohhh I would love to write this meeting, especially because all his traits that Not-Tony fears about Tony Stark in WtMMM are evident in Superior Iron Man. 
So I think it would go something like---
Interlopers will be shot on sight. 
“Hey Kid.” Tony’s voice comes from behind Peter’s shoulder and he startles, tumbling off the edge of the building. 
He pitches forwards, nose scraping along the glass window of a skyscraper for a second, then his sticky fingers anchor him and he twists himself back upwards. He lands with a wobble on the handrail of the rooftop. The inter-dimensional portal had messed badly with his senses this time round, but at least his innate spider instincts still work. 
An all white Iron Man suit floats down, glowing faintly with pink and brilliant orange from the setting sun. 
“Hey.” Peter says, balancing on the handrail. “What’s up?”
“How are you enjoying your enhancements?” A metallic voice, Tony’s voice, come through the armour. It’s distorted, not right. 
Wind whistles between the skyscrapers, and Peter’s t-shirt and jeans offer no protection. He shivers. 
“You know.” Peter tries to shrug casually. 
The face plate slides away and reveals Tony Stark’s familiar face, but the shiniest version of Tony Peter’s ever seen. His facial hair is jet black, eyes vivid blue, skin tan. 
It’s like something from a magazine, or a movie. A photo shopped version of Tony Stark. Unreal. 
I hereby dub thee Alt-Tony, Peter thinks, then squints more closely. The air above Alt-Tony’s face seems to shine slightly, but Peter thinks it might be a secondary face plate, rather than the man’s own skin.
It’s like looking at a mannequin. 
Hairs raise all over Peter’s body. 
“I can’t seem to find your face in our membership database.” The cold voice continues even without the filter. 
“Remember what I gave you, I can also take away.” 
Alt-Tony lifts a hand, curls it into a fist. The repulsors glow with the same cold light as his eyes.
“I can promise you, I am not a member of your little club.” Peter stammers even as his skin crawls.
Not-Tony had once promised that in any universe Tony Stark and Peter Parker were connected, that Peter was his kid, wherever he went. Peter feels like he may have just found the limit to that promise. Something about this version of his mentor sets Peter’s Spider-sense off badly. 
He’s proven right when a second later when a laser blasts from the gauntlet. 
“Oh Mister Stark.” Peter peeks out from behind the cold Iron Man suit he’d just flipped over, to look at the melted pile of metal where he was perched. “That’s just rude.”
The man spins and launches a fist. Peter ducks and twists along the outstretched arm, keeping in as close as possible to Alt-Tony’s body, so he can’t blast him again. There’s something about the way the suit moves, the components rolling in a way that reminds Peter of nanobots, but also not. 
His preoccupation almost lands him a knee in the sternum, and he refocuses.  He dodges multiple hits, keeping low and out of the way of the chest plate. He does not want a face full of uni-beam either, thank you very much.
“Whoa, Frieza, calm down.” Peter says, slipping between Alt-Tony’s wide fighting stance and popping up behind him. Peter stands at his back matching the man step for step as he swings and spins.
“Did you just compare me to a Dragon-ball Z character?” Alt-Tony asks, a touch of human leaking into his voice.
“Well you know," Peter leaps with Alt-Tony as he fires his boot replusors, trying to shake his Spider-shadow, “if the weird white armour fits.”
Alt-Tony leans a little too hard into his elbow strike, momentum just a touch too far backwards and Peter takes his opportunity. He kicks out the man’s leg and grabs his arm in a lock, forcing him to a knee.
The white armour pools around Peter’s hands. At once he feels connected, like his mind extends through his own skin and into every crevice of the Iron Man suit, every function. It’s like having a bot in his head but more, warm. And beyond that, he can feel the freezing brush of Alt-Tony’s own mind.
“Whoa.” Peter breathes. “It’s biological.”
Shut down, Peter commands it, and the gauntlets flicker out and fade. 
Alt-Tony stiffens and Peter releases him.
“You should not have been able to do that.” Alt-Tony says, getting slowly to his feet. “It’s impossible to breach the symbiotic suit.”
“I am a veritable black swan when it comes to the impossible.” Peter quips nervously, stepping back.
He has no doubts that Alt-Tony is still just as dangerous without his armour. His blue eyes dissect Peter, attempt to catalog every detail. Peter holds his gaze, giving nothing back to this robot. He’s unsure how long it will be until the weird symbiotic suit reboots, and he’s really got to find someone to help him get home, seeing as this Tony doesn’t seem like the helpful sort.
“Well this has been fun-” Peter hedges, inching towards the side of the building.  
“Fun’s just getting started.” Alt-Tony says quietly, as battle drones rise up around the building around them.
“Oof.” Peter says, sizing up the drones. “Bringing out the big guns.” There’s only eight, and six advance in on him, two hover back, skirting the space between the buildings as sentinels. 
“Well,” Peter amends, “not that you aren’t a big gun, but since I shut you down, I guess you’re now a little gun. Maybe even a paperweight.” 
The corner of Alt-Tony’s mouth twitches.
“Please don’t kill me.” Peter babbles, peeking over the edge of the rooftop. Thirty storeys up is nothing to sneeze at without webs. 
He looks back at Alt-Tony, noticing an electric blue spark crawling under his skin and a corresponding flicker in the armour. 
Time to go.
Peter takes three steps forwards, bringing his wrist in together like he’s surrendering. The drones crowd in, track his every move.
“You’ve got skills, kid.” Alt-Tony says without pride or affection, mocking him. Peter ignores how much it twists in his gut. He squints against the reflection of the last rays of the day’s sun in Alt-Tony’s face plate. “But ultimately, I remain superior.”
Peter mumbles something. 
“What was that?” Alt-Tony leans in.
“I said, PSYCHE!” Peter yells, and headbutts Superior Iron Man in the face.
The man stumbles back and the drones swoop in. 
Peter grabs the closest and swings it into two more, knocking them off course. He vaults over the fourth, punching his fist through the housing and flinging it behind him in the vague direction of the fifth drone. Peter’s feet hit the railing of the roof and he leaps. 
The apex of his jump peaks, and his fingertips just graze across the bottom of the sentinel drone. He latches on, and the drone is dragged down as he falls, listing with the unexpected weight. 
Boy and drone hit the side of the skyscraper opposite hard, but not hard enough to shatter through the window. Peter slaps his hand against the window, wills it to stick, and kicks the drone attached to his other hand. It tears in half and Peter drops the whole unit away. 
He pauses then, secure against the building, and glances up to the rooftop he just left. Alt-Tony stands on the edge, white armour ablaze in the setting sun. 
Superior Iron Man stands on the rooftop, watching through squinting eyes as the boy throws him a cheeky salute and slides down the building. He jumps the last few storeys, landing in a smooth roll then ducking into the crowd. Tony zooms in with his heads up display. The kid grabs a jacket off the back of a chair of an open air restaurant, and flips a stolen hat onto his head.
“That one.” Tony says, as the teenager dissolves into the bustle of the city. “I want that one.” 
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momolady · 2 years ago
Illithid Boyfriend Rudissk
Tumblr media
The Ruby Empire is forever changed, and some figures are now seen as gods and monsters. This new story shows what’s going on beyond the royal intrigue and in the everyday world. This commission was so fun and I hope it makes everyone want more Illithids. 
male monster x female reader
   There were many great changes that occurred to the Ruby Empire after Lord Demir took over. The War of the Crowned Jewels had brought about some unexpected consequences to the world. This included the resurgence of the Cult of the Goddess. Your father had told you stories about the cult when you were little.
The members worshipped and unnamed and faceless Goddess who represented the mother of the entire world. She gave birth to the earth, then the water, she then suffered and hard labor giving birth to the air and the animals. She rested, and from her sleep, the animals and creatures of the earth grew in her womb. These creatures were born, and having been in her womb so long, they took her blood with them as well.
Your father’s family used to make all their money from carving and creating idols and shrines for the Cult of the Goddess. But when he was a young boy, then the cult started to vanish. It was forced away, their members slaughtered and killed for worshipping a false god, an idol. The stronger religious sects saw it as their duty to purge the world of impure idols and thoughts.
But after the War of the Crowned Jewels, the cult had risen back up, and now the Goddess had been given a name and a face all thanks to Queen Mythri. It was because of her actions and the stories that spread about her heart, love, and dedication to all peoples that the cult started to resurface.
The cult had always been hidden away, still alive and breathing, but kept secret. Your small village had housed them all this time, and now it was the apex of the resurgence. Once again, your family was making their living building shrines and idols to the Goddess.
New members flooded in daily to visit the Mother Shrine, which had been kept safe after it was rebuilt by the new leader. It was hidden away it the craggy paths that lead into the mountains. At night, you could see the torches illuminating the path, cutting through the rocky gorge like some sort of fiery serpent.
“Watching the serpent again?” Your father asks as he walks out onto the porch where you’re sitting.
“I guess so,” you grumble.
“It’s bigger than it used to be,” he says. “When I was young, it was half that long.” he chuckles. “Suppose they took her further back just in case.”
“Her,” you chuckle. “Mythri, the goddess,” you growl under your breath as you polish the marble for tomorrow. “Whoever.”
“That poor girl,” you dad whispers.
You furrow your brow and look up at her. “Who?”
“Mythri,” he sighs. “She is just woman like you, no more goddess, no less.” He shakes his head. “The Cult of the Goddess isn’t a bad religion, but they aren’t a right one either. If they truly loved the Goddess, they wouldn’t put her weight on that poor woman’s shoulders.”
“I guess,” you sigh. “But you have to admit, hearing about her, she seems unreal enough to be a goddess.”
“Stories have a way of growing. Much like seeds,” your father says. “They start as these little things you can hold. But soon, they sprout, and they grow. Soon, the stories are these trees planted in the earth, and they cannot be moved.”
You stare back up to the fiery serpent etched into the stone and then back down at the marble in your hand. You remain silent and set the marble aside in a basket.
“We should go to bed, we have an early day tomorrow,” you tell your father.
The next morning when you wake up there is a hush over the world that makes you uncomfortable. You look out the window, seeing a tall man standing in your front yard. He’s wearing a long, black robe with a high, dome-shaped hood. There are pure white ropes around his neck, and he’s wearing white gloves.
You open the door, and the man turns. It’s the high priest of the Cult of the Goddess. He’s an Illithid and has been guarding the Mother Shrine most of his waking life. His arms are long, and his body is pulled tight into a corset, making his shoulders and chest look broad, but his waist very narrow. His skin is dark blue, and the tentacles on his face are tipped in dark purple.
“Are you the shrine maker?” He asks, his voice is so deep you feel it rattles your head.
You frown at him. “One of them,” you reply.
He holds out his white-gloved hand. “I am Rudissk,” he bows low before you, his hand still outstretched.
“I know who you are,” you say, looking him over suspiciously. “You live at the head of the Serpent.”
Rudissk chuckles as he raises. “You’re the goddess who melts marble.”
You frown at him. “Excuse me?”
“That is what I know you as,” he replies. The tentacles on his face twitch and rise. “Every since you started making our marble idols we have been experiencing great fortune and growth in our numbers.”
“I don’t melt the marble,” you correct him. “I carve it. Big difference.”
Rudissk’s low laugh is raspy and quaking. “But that’s how it looks. So perfect and smooth. It’s like a pearl in its perfection.”
You are strangely flattered. “Thanks,” you say slowly and unsurely.
“I have come to seek your help,” Rudissk says. “The Mother Shrine needs tending to. She isn’t her beautiful self. I’m afraid she hasn’t for a long time. But these days, with all the new worship and revelry,” he sighs and shakes his head. “She is far from herself. I will pay handsomely,” he adds. “Whatever it takes.”
You glance over your shoulder and look at your father. You then look back to Rudissk. “Anything you say?”
“Exactly,” he answers.
A strange thought flickers through your mind, one that has been growing since you started making the idols again.
“I want a home near the head of the serpent,” you tell him. “Somewhere recluse but still close to our main source of income.”
Rudissk’s dark eyes narrow and he appears confused. “But the only home up there is my own.”
“I know,” you tell him. “In payment for fixing the mother shrine, I want you.”
“What are you doing?” You hear your father hiss.
Rudissk hums. “A proposal,” he folds his hands before himself. “The other ladies of the temple will not be pleased by this. They rely on me.”
You chuckle. “What is your answer?”
“The goddess who melts marble,” he says, his voice low and sensual, “I’ll accept.”
“Let me fetch my tools then, and I will return with you. We can figure out details while I am there,” you say.
You father grabs you. “What are you doing?” He hisses at you. “What the hell are you thinking?”
You look at him. “Do you not like your new son in law?” You ask.
“He is an Illithid!” he snarls. “Not to mention the leader of that cult!” He shakes his head. “He is not a proper man to wed.”
You gather your things and a few supplies for your stay. “I am not worried,” you reply. “And sure, Illithids are weird to look at, but that doesn’t bother me either.”
“He will not make an attentive and loving husband,” your father warns. “Illithids do not feel love.”
“I don’t think that’s true,” you say. “I’ll be back soon, and we’ll move to our new home,” you smile at him. “I know what I am doing.”
You walk back outside where Rudissk is waiting. “Are you ready?” He asks.
You nod at him and stand by his side. “I am.”
Rudissk takes your hand, and in a flash of light and smoke you feel ripped from what you knew and tossed about and shoved through something you couldn’t comprehend. You exhale smoke as you stand in a while open alter.
“Forgive the rough journey,” Rudissk replies. He brushes his cold fingers against your cheek and through your hair.
“No problem,” you croak. “A warning, maybe, next time.”
“Of course,” he says with a sharp nod. Rudissk then motions before you. “The Mother Shrine is right over there.”
There is a set of stairs leading up to a platform that has a wide window over top of it where the light comes in through a cluster of crystals.
“Lead the way,” you say.
You follow Rudissk up the stairs, realizing how daunting the trek is.
“I am curious,” Rudissk murmurs, “why do you wish to marry me?”
“I told you, I want to live secluded and out of the way of the Serpent,” you answer. “But also somewhere we can still work.”
“It is more than the house,” Rudissk stops on the stairs and looks down at you. “Tell me, goddess, why else would you ask for my hand as payment.”
You chuckle, and a smirk spreads across your lips. “I’ve been told you’re a passionate and expert lovemaker,” you reply.
“If you wanted to receive my touch, you do not need to marry me to do it,” Rudissk laughs. “You just needed to ask for that.”
“If we are married, then I will always have you,” you say, climbing the stairs until you’re beside him. You touch the tentacles on his face and let them coil around your fingers. “I have my reasons, Rudissk.”
“You will not tell me now?” He asks.
“Perhaps later,” you pass him on the stairs and reach the top of the platform.
You see a giant stone statue before you of the Goddess. She is naked and kneeling, her arms open as if greeting a child from play. She has no face, and she is missing some fingers. She is worn, nearly featureless all over. You can see the spots where she was repaired once before.
“Do you think you can save her?” Rudissk asks from behind you.
You turn and glance back at him. “I know I can,” you reply.
Rudissk sighs with relief, placing his hand on his chest. “That is all I want.”
You soon set to work. Every day you fix a little more of the Goddess Statue. Her loving and welcoming stance becomes a little more angelic by the day. You replace her fingers, you smooth the cracks and crags. You even make the old repairs unnoticeable. You smooth her face and polish it, so it shines. It takes you a few months, but soon, the Goddess is like new.
“She is lovely,” Rudissk whispers as he gazes up at her.
You see tears run down his cheeks and you go to his side. You take his hand, kissing the center of his glove. In the months you have been repairing the goddess, you have come to know him and grown close together.
He has served the Goddess since he was a child, having been saved as a baby by the woman he called mother. His people had been ravaged and attacked, and it was the Cult of the Goddess who came in and protected the survivors. He was rescued from the rubble of a burning building, but because of his wounds and burns most thought, it would be best to put him out of his misery. But it was Mother who took him and bathed him in lavender water and kept him fed from her own breast that he was able to heal.
Rudissk showed you his scars one day, removing his gloves to show you the melted and pocked skin there. The dark blue was now a faint lavender color.
“It is the Goddess who gave me life,” he tells you. “It was her power that saved me, her kindness that rebirthed me. All because Mother took pity.”
You realized that your father was wrong, it wasn’t that Illithids didn’t love, but they felt greatly. Rudissk kept himself calm and maintained at all times, appearing cold and emotionless, but that was only because his emotions were so strong. He felt them as deeply as a wound.
“The goddess who melts marble,” Rudissk looks away from the Mother Shrine and into your eyes. “I am truly blessed to have you.”
You pull him down, kissing his temples and then his cheeks and wide forehead. “I demand my payment,” you whisper to him. “I am tired of waiting for it.”
Rudissk chuckles, touching your cheek. “I am too.” He motions to the Mother Shrine. “We have to ask for her blessing first.”
“How do we do that?” You ask.
Rudissk leads you to her feet, and he removes his robe, stripping it and the corset away, revealing he is bare beneath.
You bite your lip and feel your cheeks burn. “Oh,” you gasp. “Here? Now?” You look up into his dark eyes.
Rudissk brushes his fingers over your lips. “It is perfect,” he whispers. He opens up your tunic and strips away your underclothes. He touches your small breasts and strokes his hands down your waist and hips.
You shiver slightly and glance down Rudissk’s body. His skin is patchy, places dark blue and shimmery, others glossy and melted. You step into his arms, kissing his chest and shoulders. He moans softly, placing his hands around your hips.
He kneels before you, kissing your belly and thighs. His strong hands knead into your ass, and you moan softly. His tentacles coil around your thighs and up your legs. You feel their strange suction cups attach to your skin and latch on. You then feel something strange, it’s long and slimy. It licks at your belly and down your mound. Rudissk’s moans becoming slurping and snarling. You shudder as you realize it’s his tongue.
It slips between your thighs and slithers along your slit. You moan, gripping onto his shoulders as he begins to push inside.
“Can you hear me?” Rudissk’s voice echoes in your mind.
“Yes,” you pant.
“Good,” he whispers. “Then I can tell you how delicious you taste.” His tongue slips inside, and your gasp becomes a long moan.
You nearly double over as you feel his tongue squirming inside you.
“Do you like this?” His voice sighs in your mind.
You grunt, barely able to nod.
Rudissk chuckles. “I can tell, I just wanted to see how you’d act.” He tongue pushes deeper, and presses against a sensitive spot inside that makes your knees go weak.
“You get so wet,” he growls. “I love it.”
You grunt, smashing your chest onto his head. “Mnh,” you grunt.
Rudissk moans, and it vibrates down your skin. “Should I stop?”
“Don’t-!” you choke.
Rudissk pulls back, and he helps you down to your knees. He wraps his arms around you, pressing your bare bodies together. His long fingers slip inside you, continuing the work of his tongue.
You cling to him, moaning and whimpering.
“Your sweet voice,” he snarls, “I need more of it.”
Your lashes flutter. “Rudissk,” you mewl. You then lay back and open your thighs for him. You shiver in excitement as you see his monstrous cock rising from between his thighs. “Come,” you beckon him.
Rudissk lays on top of you, pinning your wrists back as his hips glide. He rubs himself to your folds and slit.
His cock is long with a sharp point. The bottom of his bulged out while the back had little ridges that rose up like his tentacles did.
Rudissk moans and snarls as he ruts against you. Your bodies rub together, and your nipples drag down his chest. His tip slips into place, and he teases you there for a moment.
   “Anh-” you moan.
   Rudissk chuckles. “I hope to prove the rumors you heard of me true.” The tip slips inside, and you stretch to take him. “I have only ever used my mouth on the temple maidens. My cock is only for you.”
You whimper as he pushes deeper his thickness is more than you’ve ever had before. You feel tightly pulled and as if nothing else will fit. Your arms wrap around him, and you bury your face into his neck.
“Am I hurting you, my love?” Rudissk moans, his fingers slipping onto your clit. “Or do you enjoy my pain?” He starts to rub your clit as he moves.
You gasp and shiver, your legs feel numb as he starts to move. Every time he does, it feels like he’s pulling something from inside. His fingers working on your clit make your legs twitch, and your body feel as if it is on fire.
“How did I wait?” He growls hungrily. “How did I withstand this power?”
You cry out loudly, and your legs kick. “Don’t stop!”
He chuckles. “Are you feeling that power? That quiver? That’s her,” he snarls. “That’s the Goddess alive inside you. Oh-” he moans and his back arches. “That’s you,” he cries. “You’re power on me!”
You squeeze around him, and your fingers dig into his back. You feel the surge and lightning course through your body. Your toes curl, and your voice cries out like a song. Inside Rudissk is twitching and squirming. His cock releases a torrent and the hot, slick liquid dribbles down onto the shrine.
“That power-” Rudissk moans as he looks at you.
You smile weakly as you catch your breath. “My husband,” you purr, tracing your fingers down his sharp cheekbone. “The rumors don’t do you justice.”
Rudissk chuckles and nuzzles to your cheek and neck. He pulls out slowly, and it feels like something is missing when he leaves you.
“The true blessing is if my seed will take hold,” he whispers. “That is the truth of the Goddess,” he tells you as he lays beside you at the foot of the shrine.
You curl into his chest and hold him. “What is that?” You ask.
“Life,” he whispers. “Above all else, it is life that is important.” He kisses the top of your head. “When we can create it, maintain it, and watch is grow, much like the Goddess did for us. That is how we truly worship.”
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metalgearkong · a year ago
The Lighthouse - Review
Tumblr media
Directed by Robert Eggers (Regency Enterprises / A24)
The Lighthouse has been an intriguing film approaching its release into theaters. I’ve seen pictures of it for a long time, but could never get a grasp on if this was some sort of indie movie or if was even going to be shown widely in theaters. I couldn’t even tell what genre it was supposed to be, but when great reviews came out for it, I decided I had to see it. This is a minimalist film only staring two characters in its entirety. The Lighthouse is full of oppression, and has a story leaning heavily on symbolism. We slowly watch how these two men devolve into madness, addicted to alcohol and suffering from the tension and lifestyle of their remote location and hardships. It’s hard to say which man to root for, and its even more difficult to discern truth from fantasy, but this is an interesting film with an original story with incredible performances that I’m glad I saw. 
Time and setting kept vague, although appearing to be approximately the turning of the 20th century, two men arrive at an island containing a lighthouse under contract to maintain it for 4 weeks. Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) seems to be a seasoned sailor where this kind of work and familiarity with the ocean is commonplace. The younger Winslow (Robert Pattinson) is performing this sort of job for the first time, after floating from one job and vocation to the next. Wake is a domineering and superstitious Captain Ahab kind of seaman, and verbally abuses Winslow, at least when sober. However, the two get along quite well in their evenings getting drunk and dancing around the bunkhouse. Both men have a mysterious past, and both lie to each other and the audience about their backgrounds and motivations.
Tumblr media
This movie feels like something out of the 1950′s; a blend of Hitchcock and Kubrick telling a tale of madness and insanity. The atmosphere is gritty, wet, and miserable. The 4:3 aspect ration gives The Lighthouse and old school look, but  adds to the claustrophobic and enclosed sense of scenery of the story (not to mention being filmed in black and white). One of the greatest mysteries of the film is that Wake insists on taking all the shifts standing at the actual apex of the lighthouse itself, and locks the hatch at all times. Winslow is forced to do every other task on the island, and I was surprised to learn how much there is to work on and island with a lighthouse in a low tech setting like this. Shoveling, delivering, and feeding the furnace of the turn table of the lighthouse is just one of many physically demanding jobs, and Winslow is forced to do them all, meanwhile Wake seems to enjoy his time in the lighthouse just a little too much.
The very best thing about this movie besides its atmosphere are the performances, especially from Dafoe. Every millisecond on screen and word he says feels 100% authentic and immersive. The movie even has several monologues (for both men) holding on long shots with lots of dialog and physical acting, and its pulled off brilliantly every single time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie was nominated for best actor for either of the two leads of this film, and they would both deserve it. Winslow seems to be descending into insanity on the island, both from the harsh nature of his supervisor and only companion, along with the labor and elements he suffers on a day to day basis. At first it feels like several moments are in his head, but then others feel like they could be influenced by Wake. The men have a love/hate relationship and the ongoing tension between them never lets up.
Tumblr media
The sound design is also incredibly effective. The regular fog horn of the lighthouse sounds like a unfathomable Lovecraftian entity, and becomes like the heartbeat of the island. There is but one jump-scare in the entire movie, but like The Shining or other atmospheric horror movies, the sense of dread is always present largely due to the sound design and cinematography. You can tell Robert Eggers and his director of photography planed out every scene thoroughly as every frame has excellent balance and composition. Despite the film not being in wide screen, sometimes scenes are so dark, only the center of the screen is visible, making you forget temporarily this movie was done in the classic 4:3 ratio. Every audio and visual aspect of the film just adds to the quality of this movie on top of the already stellar performances.
The Lighthouse is not going to be a movie for everyone, especially with how symbolic events of the story are, and its overall ambiguous ending. Brush up on your Greek mythology because that’s what I believe the film makers draw the most inspiration from. This movie could be classified as a psychological horror experience, and if you enjoy more cerebral and stories up for interpretations, you will like this film a lot. I can’t say enough good things about the performances, lighting, sound design, and cinematography. I can see The Lighthouse being studied for a long time to uncover all of its meanings, and to use as an example of the descent into madness in film. Expect a low key experience with some surreal events and hypnotizing atmosphere, and prepare for some of the best acting you’ve ever seen.
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claynferno · a year ago
Tue 2/25 - Marcia Ball & Sonny Landreth at ONCE Somerville (Moved from Wilbur, All Tickets Honored)
Marcia Ball & Sonny Landreth - SHOW MOVED FROM WILBUR
Sonny Landreth
After a dozen acclaimed albums, virtuoso slide guitarist and bandleader Sonny Landreth found himself at an artistic crossroads. He wanted to finally create the full-length acoustic collection his fans had long requested. But he was also itching to capture the sound of his stalwart electric trio augmented by a couple of his favorite collaborators. And the time was certainly right for an elastic, career-spanning double-live album.
So Landreth and his longtime friends decided to do it all. ‘Recorded Live in Lafayette’ is a 16-song opus that covers more musical ground than any single album ever could, as the singer and songwriter’s work stretches and twists across 93 minutes of full-band acoustic and electric bottleneck lightning.
The double CD and vinyl release on Provogue, which includes the most extensive acoustic set ever recorded by Landreth, opens with acoustic arrangements of the artist’s tunes dating back to the 1981 title cut of his debut album, ‘Blues Attack.’ “It gives you a chance to explore those songs in a different way,” Landreth says, describing the textures created by the intersection of Dave Ranson’s ukulele bass, Brian Brignac’s cajón, Steve Conn’s accordion and Sam Broussard’s acoustic guitar. “The familiarity is there,” he adds, ”but I also wanted to turn those guys loose as much as possible.”
The double album arrives on the heels of the Grammy nominee’s back-to-back Blues Music Awards for Best Guitarist and Best Blues Album for ‘Bound by the Blues.’ Live favorites “Hell at Home” and “U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile” also get the unplugged treatment, alongside a rare rendition of “Creole Angel” and an evergreen 6:47 amble through “Key to the Highway.” “If I’ve ever had a theme song, that would be it,” Landreth explains. “All of my heroes have done it, and it’s still to me one of the greatest blues tunes ever written. It’s kind of like coming home.”
Landreth has collaborated with the very top names in guitar over the years: Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson, Derek Trucks – the list goes on. The noted slideman cut his musical teeth in The Red Hot Louisiana Band of zydeco king Clifton Chenier, and Landreth has since recorded and toured with artists ranging from John Mayall to John Hiatt. ‘Recorded Live in Lafayette’ adds another major chapter to his tale, as new vocal and instrumental colors emerge, with guitarist Sam Broussard providing brilliant musical counterpoint to Landreth’s innovative playing on songs like “A World Away.” “There’s nothing like a slow minor blues,” Landreth says. “I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful.” Referencing Conn and Broussard’s contributions to his composition, he adds, “This track has one of the greatest accordion blues solos of all time, only to be followed by one of the greatest acoustic blues guitar solos of all time. I’m blown away, and we never plotted out who was gonna play where on what.”
“Bound by the Blues” and “The High Side” chronicle Landreth’s inspirations and adventures, rounding out the acoustic set by showcasing Landreth’s work on a pair of unique resonator guitars – a custom-engraved Beltona given to him by Knopfler and a Larry Pogreba custom featuring a 1950s Oldsmobile hubcap.
The encore-level intensity of Landreth’s tour de force tale of romance leading him “Back to Bayou Teche” opens the electric proceedings, before the playlist floats into the ethereal sting of “True Blue.” Conn’s Hammond organ snakes through the second disc, adding the dimensionality he’s provided to countless Landreth performances over the years.
A triptych of instrumentals kicks off with the soaring “Milky Way Home,” which brings the range of Landreth’s longtime trio mates Ranson and Brignac into high relief. “‘Brave New Girl’ is my favorite among my instrumentals,” Landreth notes. “Live, it’s become joined at the hip with ‘Überesso,’ even though they first appeared on different albums. ‘Brave New Girl’ is probably the most complex and nuanced instrumental piece I’ve ever done, and it’s a good example of how, if you have a song you believe in, then the interpretation with a three-piece band opens up all these spaces, dynamics, and a range of emotions. And then at the apex of that we segue into ‘Überesso,’ so it’s back-to-back the two most difficult songs for me to play.”
“Soul Salvation” eases the tempo for a swaying slow dance. Landreth wrote the song for his mother many years ago, and he and Ranson played it at her memorial service just a few months before tracking ‘Recorded Live in Lafayette,’ which is dedicated to her memory. “Walking Blues” returns her Mississippi-born son to a Delta stomp before the double-album’s surprise ending: Conn leading the band for “The One and Only Truth,” a tip of the hat to his mother’s advice about going for broke.
“If you get your best friends together, you might well find the magic,” Landreth muses. “And what better way to end a hometown gig than with an accordion playing a fuel-injected double shuffle?”
Landreth’s co-producer Tony Daigle recorded the three shows through a 48-channel API 1608 console that had just been used by U2 and was freighted down courtesy of the company’s president/owner Larry Droppa. The different CD and vinyl packages were created by Grammy-nominated graphic designer Megan Barra, and Landreth will support the release with trio dates as well as duo collaborations with gifted lap slide guitarist Cindy Cashdollar.
“I don’t take opportunities like this for granted, and I wanted to feature everybody that’s in the band,” Landreth emphasizes. “I hope that as part of this celebration of music from so many years of my life that we also shed some light on each of them. You can look up their work and you’re in for one hell of a ride.”
Marcia Ball
“Fifty years have passed in a flash,” says Texas-born, Louisiana-raised pianist, songwriter and vocalist Marcia Ball of her long and storied career. Ball, the 2018 Texas State Musician Of The Year, has won worldwide fame and countless fans for her ability to ignite a full-scale roadhouse rhythm and blues party every time she takes the stage. Her rollicking Texas boogies, swampy New Orleans ballads and groove-laden Gulf Coast blues have made her a one-of-a-kind favorite with music lovers all over the world. With each new release, her reputation as a profoundly soulful singer, a boundlessly talented pianist and a courageous, inventive songwriter continues to grow. Her love of the road has led to years of soul-satisfying performances at festivals, concert halls and clubs. The New York Times says, “Marcia Ball plays two-fisted New Orleans barrelhouse piano and sings in a husky, knowing voice about all the trouble men and women can get into on the way to a good time.” The Houston Chronicle says simply, “She’s as perfect as an artist can be.”
With her new album, Shine Bright, Ball set out to, in her words, “Make the best Marcia Ball record I could make.” In doing so, she has put together the most musically substantial, hopeful and uplifting set of songs of her five-decade career. Produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and recorded in Texas and Louisiana, Shine Bright contains twelve songs (including nine originals), ranging from the title track’s rousing appeal for public and private acts of courage to the upbeat call to action of Pots And Pans, a song inspired by renowned Texas political writer and humorist Molly Ivins. From the humorous advice of Life Of The Party to the poignantly optimistic World Full Of Love, the intensity of Ball’s conviction never wavers while, simultaneously, the fun never stops. Shine Bright is exactly the album Ball set out to make. “It is a ridiculously hopeful, cheerful record,” she says, in light of some of the album’s more serious subject matter. The secret, according to Ball “is to set the political songs to a good dance beat.”
When Freda And The Firedogs broke up in 1974, Ball launched her solo career, playing clubs around Austin, Houston and Louisiana. She signed with Capitol Records in 1978, debuting with the country-rock album Circuit Queen. Creating and honing her own sound, she released six critically acclaimed titles on the Rounder label during the 1980s and 1990s. In 1990, Ball—collaborating with Angela Strehli and Lou Ann Barton—recorded the hugely successful Dreams Come True on the Antone’s label. At the end of 1997, Marcia finished work on a similar “three divas of the blues” project for Rounder, this time in the distinguished company of Tracy Nelson and her longtime inspiration, Irma Thomas. The CD, Sing It!, was released in 1998 and was nominated for a Grammy Award.
Marcia Ball has appeared many times on national television over the years, including the PBS special In Performance At The White House along with B.B. King and Della Reese, Austin City Limits and HBO’s Treme. She performed in Piano Blues, the film directed by Clint Eastwood included in Martin Scorsese’s The Blues series which aired on PBS television nationwide in 2003. Marcia also appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman with The New Orleans Social Club, where she not only reached millions of people, but also helped to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. In 2012, she had a role in the independent film Angels Sing starring Harry Connick, Jr., Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson. In 2017 she performed on NPR’s A Jazz Piano Christmas, live from The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.
Ball joined Alligator in 2001 with the release of the critically acclaimed Presumed Innocent. The CD won the 2002 Blues Music Award for Blues Album Of The Year. Her follow-up, So Many Rivers, was nominated for a Grammy Award, and won the 2004 Blues Music Award for Contemporary Blues Album Of The Year as well as the coveted Contemporary Blues Female Artist Of The Year award. Her next release, Live! Down The Road, released in 2005, also garnered a Grammy nomination, as did 2008’s Peace, Love & BBQ (the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart). 2010’s Grammy-nominated Roadside Attractions and 2014’s The Tattooed Lady And The Alligator Man successfully grew her fan base even further. Altogether she holds ten Blues Music Awards, ten Living Blues Awards, and five Grammy Award nominations. She has been inducted into both the Gulf Coast Music Hall Of Fame and the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame. The Texas State legislature named her the official 2018 Texas State Musician. As her hometown Austin Chronicle says, “What’s not to like about Marcia Ball?”
Since joining Alligator, Ball has blossomed as a songwriter. Each album has been filled with fresh, original songs, never more so than on Shine Bright. Ball easily draws her listeners deep into her music with instantly memorable melodies and imaginative imagery. Her songs paint vibrant musical pictures richly detailed with recognizable characters, regional flavors, universal themes and colorful scenes, both real and imagined. Living Blues declares, “Her originals sound like timeless classics and southern soul masterpieces that no one else can imitate.”
Now, with Shine Bright, Ball’s new, aggressively hopeful songs are energized by Steve Berlin’s inventive and exciting production, creating electrifying music that is daring, inspired, poignant and timely. The Boston Globe calls Ball “a compelling storyteller” who plays “an irresistible, celebratory blend of rollicking, two-fisted New Orleans piano, Louisiana swamp rock and smoldering Texas blues.”
Of course, Ball will bring the party on the road, playing her new songs and old favorites for fans around the globe. “I still love the feel of the wheels rolling,” she says, “and the energy in a room full of people ready to go wherever it is we take them.” With both her new album and her legendary live performances, Marcia Ball will shine a light into the darkness, making the world a brighter place one song at a time.
All Tickets Honored At New Venue.
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Apex Jump: A Wayhaught Roller Derby Love Story
Summary: Nicole (aka Haught Wheels) is the newest shining star for Purgatory Roller Derby. Wynonna (aka Bloody Mary) is the star player for her team and thinks Haught is her biggest rival. Waverly decides to join to make a point with her sister and...maybe a to get closer to Nicole.
Rating: M
Read it here or on AO3.
First, a brief introduction to the rules from the Woman’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) website:
Summary of Flat Track Roller Derby:
The game of Flat Track Roller Derby is played on a flat, oval track. Play is broken up into two 30-minute periods, and within those periods, into units of play called “Jams,” which last up to two minutes. There are 30 seconds between each Jam.
During a Jam, each team fields up to five Skaters. Four of these Skaters are called “Blockers” (together, the Blockers are called the “Pack”), and one is called a “Jammer.” The Jammer wears a helmet cover with a star on it.
The two Jammers start each Jam behind the Pack, and score a point for every opponent they lap, each lap. Because they start behind the Pack, they must get through the Pack, then all the way around the track to be ready to score points on opposing Blockers.
Roller derby is a full-contact sport; however, Skaters cannot use their heads, elbows, forearms, hands, knees, lower legs, or feet to make contact to opponents. Skaters cannot make contact to opponents’ heads, backs, knees, lower legs, or feet.
Play that is unsafe or illegal may result in a Skater being assessed a penalty, which is served by sitting in the Penalty Box for 30 seconds of Jam time.
The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
A common Jam might go like this:
Blockers line up behind the Pivot Line and in front of the Jammer Line.
Jammers line up behind the Jammer Line.
At the Jam-Starting Whistle, the Blockers skate forward and compete for superior position. The Jammers skate forward and try to get through the Pack. Each Blocker simultaneously tries to prevent the opposing Jammer from getting past, and to help their own Jammer get through.
One Jammer exits the Pack and is declared Lead Jammer, earning the right to end the Jam when they decide. This Jammer races around the track to get into scoring position.
The same Jammer begins to work their way through the Pack for the second time, and the opposing Jammer makes their way out of the Pack for the first time.
As the second Jammer to escape the Pack comes around into scoring position, the first Jammer calls off the Jam.
The first Jammer has scored several points (up to four), and held their opponent at zero points. Meanwhile, the opposing Jammer (by getting into scoring position) held the first Jammer at only those points, as they could have scored more points on subsequent passes.
You can also watch the video here.
Waverly sighed as she wiped down the counter of Shorty’s. It was only the beginning of her opening shift which mostly meant cleaning. Probably the easiest but most tedious part of her job. But it wasn’t so bad when she put on the jukebox and let her mind wander.
She finished up the counters and moved on to the beer taps. Singing softly to the song, she had just begun to wipe the second tap when the handle slipped down and started spewing beer all over her. Waverly sputtered in surprise, slapping futilely at the tap handle for a moment before she finally got it shut off. But the damage was done. Her tank top was soaked through with beer. Waverly patted uselessly at her chest with the bar towel as she sighed in frustration.
“Great,” she said under her breath, looking down at her now see-through garment. At least she had her Shorty’s shirt to change into.
“I didn’t know Shorty’s had wet t-shirt competitions,” came a teasing voice from the door.
Waverly looked up, a blush dusting her cheeks as she took in the tall slender form leaning against the doorway. A woman with a head of red hair and long limbs regarded her with a cocky smile. She was wearing black athletic capris and had on a tight blue jersey that hugged her just right.
Waverly blinked at her, her mouth suddenly dry.
“Are you okay?” the other woman asked as she pushed off the door and started walking towards the bar.
“I um-...yeah. Just a bit jumpy,” Waverly said when she finally found her voice. “I had a crazy night.”
The taller woman rested both of her elbows on the bar as she leaned closer to Waverly, who was still keenly aware of how her wet shirt clung to her.
“Sorry I wasn’t here to see it,” the woman said with a smile that made two dimples appear on her cheeks.
Waverly swooned.
“I came to see if I could leave some fliers here,” the woman said holding up a stack. Waverly looked at the two girls in pads and skates on the front and her mind finally clicked. She noticed that one girl’s jersey had “Purgatory Roller Derby” embossed above a logo of a shotgun and spurs. Under the logo it read “Calamity Janes”.
The fliers were the same ones that Wynonna had dropped off at Shorty’s earlier. She just dropped a stack haphazardly on the bar and said something about fulfilling her league mob squad duty before ordering a whiskey.
Wynonna had been playing for a year and Waverly had been to a few games but didn’t remember seeing the redhead before.
“Of course you can leave some,” Waverly said, hoping she didn’t see the ones scattered on the other side of the bar. She held out her hand for them and the other woman dropped a small stack in it, their fingers brushing and sending an unexpected shiver up Waverly’s spine.
Waverly made a show of looking at them and leaned her own elbows on the top of the bar to bring them just that little bit closer. Plus, admittedly, she knew her posture helped display some of her better...assets. She bit her lip when she noticed Nicole’s eyes dart down to her chest ever so briefly.
“So you play roller derby?” Waverly asked with a tilt of her head, “What’s your derby name?”
“I do. Just transferred from my old league. And um.” The other woman blushed a little as she chuckled, looking down at the bar surface and back up at Waverly. “Name’s Haught Wheels. But you can call me Haught.”
“Hot Wheels?” Waverly asked.
She turned around to show Waverly the back of her jersey. ‘Haught Wheels’ printed in white with the number ‘7’ under it. Though Waverly spent more time marveling the lines of Nicole’s back muscles flexing as she pointed to the writing.
“Haught Wheels,” Waverly clarified as the other woman turned back around.
“My last name in the real world,” Haught said with a wink. Waverly felt her entire body heat up from the inside out.
“Well, you can call me Waverly,” she said a almost breathlessly as she held her hand out. Haught took it, brown eyes never leaving hazel. As soon as their hands connected Waverly felt the air leave her lungs.
“Nice to meet you, Waverly,” Haught said, holding onto her hand for just a beat too long. As Haught dropped her hand and Waverly took hers back, the redhead spoke up again. “Can I see you at the game then, Waverly? Saturday?”
Waverly stared for a moment before rambling again. “Oh! I um-...maybe I would love to. I just-...I um m-might have plans. I’m a planner.”
Haught’s smile only got wider the more Waverly blushed and rambled. Why would she even say that? She’s a planner? The only thing she did was make herself look like a total nerd.
“Well, I don’t usually say this to a lady, but I hope your plans get cancelled,” Haught said standing up. “If they do, can I see you there?”
“Y-yeah,” Waverly said as Haught started walking backwards towards the door. Her brain struggled to find something she could stay to make the other woman stick around for even just a moment longer but came up blank.
“See you then, Waverly,” Haught said turning back around as she walked up the steps to the exit, before throwing one last smile over her shoulder.
Waverly just smiled like a love sick school girl as Haught walked out the door, the wood swinging closed behind her. Only then did Waverly feel herself breathe again. She looked down at the fliers in her hand. The picture was of Wynonna in a red jersey and a star cover on her helmet skating out of a group of skaters.
“Right,” Waverly said biting her bottom lip between her teeth. She would talk to Wynonna about getting her a ticket when she got home that night.
Waverly fidgeted with the edge of her skirt as she walked up towards the warehouse. One of the large metal doors on the side was rolled up to reveal the track inside the building. A few girls were skating on the track, practicing their stops and hits on each other. She smiled brightly as she walked up to the girl sitting at a table set up at the door and taking tickets.
“Hello,” Waverly said, “I should have a ticket for me under Wyno-...from Bloody Mary.”
The other girl’s eyes got wide for a moment and she leaned forward a little. “Do you know her?”
“She’s my sister,” Waverly said, unsure if she should be proud or embarrassed about what the girl was going to say next. It really could go either way with Wynonna.
“She’s so good,” the girl continued dreamily, as she looked down at a list and crossed off Wynonna’s derby name with a little ‘+1’ next to it. “And scary. Is she like that at home too?”
Waverly suppressed a giggle, “For the most part, yes.”
The girl looked awestruck as Waverly held out her wrist for a wristband.
“She’s so cool,” the girl said under her breath as she secured the wristband. She looked back up at Waverly, awestruck. “Have a good time.”
With a final smile, Waverly walked into the warehouse. There were strings of lights hanging all across the ceiling and a disco ball in the middle reflecting light down on the stands and track. The track was in the middle, laid out with simple tape, and there were four bleachers, two on each long side of the track. On the left of the entrance behind the bleachers were tables set up with people selling team merchandise and a recruitment table. There was also a small bar in the corner that had a sizeable line.
Waverly had been here once before with Wynonna but the bleachers weren’t set up at the time. Wynonna had hurt her arm and couldn’t ride her bike so Waverly drove her to practice one of the days.
Her eyes scanned the warehouse and saw a door that she knew led to a smaller part of the place that had two separate locker rooms as well as a small office with a couch, fridge, and anything else people might need as far as medical supplies.
It wasn’t a big space or a fancy space, but it fit the theme of the sport and the skaters or spectators never seemed to complain as far as Waverly could tell.
There were a lot of people walking around and looking at the merch tables and some girls skating around with “Ask me about roller derby!” buttons on. Waverly figured Wynonna and Haught Wheels were probably in their respective locker rooms. Not that she was looking for Haught. Obviously.
Waverly was just here to support her sister and if she happened to see Haught be it. She began towards the bleachers and found a seat halfway up one just as the announcer came over the speaker.
“Hello, Purgatory! How is everyone doing tonight?”
People began filling up the stands as they cheered, and Waverly took in the crowd.
“Are you ready for some hard hitting derby girl action tonight folks?”
The crowd cheered again and Waverly joined them.
”Purgatory Roller Derby wants to thank you for coming out tonight. So help us to introduce, your Purgatory Peacemakers!
The crowd went crazy as the team poured from the locker room and onto the flat cement track. Waverly squinted and saw Wynonna skating around in the middle of the pack, waving with the rest of the girls. Their uniforms were vaguely western themed. Red jerseys with little sheriff looking stars printed over the heart. There were two crossed revolvers on the front of their jerseys with “Purgatory Roller Derby” above it and “Peacemakers” below the logo. Some girls wore red bandanas around their necks and others had them under their helmets.
Waverly yelled for her sister who looked up into the crowd as she passed Waverly and winked at her. Waverly waved back and clapped. After one last lap, they all went to their bench and stood in front of it, waiting for the other team.
”And don’t forget to give the love to the champs, three years in a row, the Purgatory Roller Derby Calamity Janes!”
If possible, the crowd got even louder. Some stood on their feet and stomped as the other team came from the locker room and skated around the track. Waverly couldn’t have missed the shock of red hair under a blue helmet if she tried. She felt her cheeks heat up as she watched Nicole skate around the track in the same uniform she’d seen her wearing in Shorty’s just the day before.
Waverly couldn’t help but think that her black athletic pants really hugged her body wonderfully. She blushed at just the thought and the blush only deepened when Haught looked up in the bleachers and made eye contact with her. Waverly felt like an electric shock had hit her heart and when Nicole smiled her stomach dropped.
“Oh no,” Waverly breathed out as her eyes followed Nicole skating over to her bench with the rest of the team. She had it bad. Waverly forced herself to look away as the first pack took its place at the jam line. Four blockers from the Peacemakers lined up on the line and four from the Calamity Janes lined up in front of them, including Nicole who was wearing a jam pantie on her head. The Calamity Janes’ jammer was already behind the pack, star pantie on her helment, as Wynonna casually skated next to her with her own star on her helmet.
”On the jam line, we have Bloody Mary with the Peacemakers and Lezzy Borden for the Calamity Janes.”
Wynonna started far behind the other jammer as if surveying the scene. The other jammer looked nervously over her shoulder at Wynonna until she skated up next to her. Wynonna stood next Lezzy Borden and got in her derby stance, knees bent and chest high even as she stared down the other woman.
Waverly saw the coach of the Peacemakers, Dolls, shouting something at Wynonna. She looked at him and shrugged before going back to her stance. Dolls shook his head and walked back to the bench, clearly already giving up on whatever he had tried to tell Wynonna.
Waverly chuckled to herself at what was undoubtedly some kind of power move.
“Five seconds!” one of the referees shouted as he looked down at his watch. The warehouse was silent for a moment before the whistle blew and the two jammers took off. Almost immediately Wynonna slammed into the other jammer and pushed her off the track. Lezzy went tumbling just as Wynonna took off and hit the pack at full force. The Calamity Janes’ blockers practically flew forward, but Haught flipped to face them. She braced them, hands on the shoulders of two of her other blockers as they did their best to contain Wynonna. The Peacemaker blockers formed a wall in front of Lezzy as she skated back onto the track.
”Looks like Bloody Mary is going one on one with Haught at the front of the pack!”
Waverly’s eyes snapped back to the front of the pack where Haught was facing Wynonna, chest to chest. Haught cocked her shoulder back and snapped it back forward to hit Wynonna square in the chest. She stumbled back with the force of the hit, gasps coming from the crowd. But Wynonna caught herself on her toe stop and charged full force into Haught, who tripped a little but managed to stay upright as Wynonna charged forward.
The referee whistled and shouted, “Out of play!”
Haught stopped blocking Wynonna, throwing her hands up in the air as proof as Wynonna skated past her. Another whistle sounded and one of the jam referees held his arms in an ‘L’ shape as he pointed at Wynonna who skated around the track back towards the back of the pack.
”And Bloody Mary is lead jammer! But it looks like Lezzy Borden is close behind, just making her way out of the pack!”
Waverly watched as the two walls of blockers reformed themselves as their jammers went around the track. Wynonna looked behind her and saw Lezzy about twenty feet back. Waverly sat on the edge of her seat as Wynonna sprinted towards the back of the pack, the Calamity Janes’ blockers positioned just perfectly on the turn of the track. Wynonna moved towards the right side of the track but then quickly diverted to the inside and jumped the corner of the track, completely bypassing all the Calamity Jane blockers and collecting her points. Before Lezzy could get to the pack, Wynonna lifted both hands in the air and bent her arms to hit her hands to her hips several times to signal that she wanted to end the jam.
Four sharp whistles from the referees rang out in the warehouse.
”And Bloody Mary calls off the jam after that impressive apex jump! Collecting all four of her points while Lezzy Borden skates away with none. Bloody better hope that Lezzy doesn’t go to her place with an axe tonight!”
Waverly clapped for her sister and settled back into her seat. Throughout the rest of the bout, Waverly couldn’t help but follow Nicole with her eyes. Waverly could tell that she was strong and one of the track leads, her teammates looking to her for direction on the track. It also didn’t help that as the game went on, more strands of hair started to fall from Nicole’s helmet and stick to her face in a way that was indescribably attractive.
At half time, Waverly watched Nicole take her helmet off. Red hair fell into her face and she tipped her head back as she pushed her fingers through the damp stands. Waverly felt herself flush at the sight and suddenly decided she needed alcohol. She went to the bar and got herself a drink before going back to the bleachers just as the second half started.
The score was close. The Calamity Janes had one hundred and thirty-four points and the Peacemakers had one hundred and thirty points. There were only twenty seconds left on the game clock and all the Peacemakers needed was one scoring pass and the Janes to be shut down in order to win.
Wynonna was back on the line as a jammer and Haught was pivoting, with Lezzy Borden back to jamming. Two of Haught’s blockers were in the box along with one of Wynonna’s. The collective of five blockers on the track were completely focused on the two jammers on the line. Nicole braced the shoulder of her blocker and looked directly at Wynonna. Waverly watched how Haught’s fingers tapped nervously on the shoulder of her blocker and she bounced on her toes, ready to pounce at any second.
Waverly’s nerves twisted in her stomach as the referee announced five seconds before the whistle. She had seen Wynonna take a few big hits through the game, a good number of those from Haught. It seemed pretty clear that Haught was always the last line of defense between Wynonna and scoring points which meant that she was going to gun for her in this last jam to keep the Calamity Janes on top.
The whistle blew and Wynonna launched herself shoulder first into Haught’s sternum. Haught’s shoulder jerked into Wynonna and knocked her off balance for a moment just long enough for Haught’s other blocker to sweep Wynonna to the edge of the track.
”Blood went in hot there! No doubt trying to get lead so she can even up that score in the last jam. But Haught and Brawl stopped her in her tracks!”
Haught curled her body and knocked Wynonna again. Wynonna’s skate lifted as she tried to stay in bounds but she stumbled to the side and as soon as her skate went out of bounds, Haught sprinted back towards the pivot line to draw Wynonna all the way back on the track.
”Oh! And Haught is driving Blood all the way back! That’s gotta smart!”
Wynonna looked mad. Really mad. But she sprinted back just outside the track so she could enter legally behind Haught. This gave Lezzy enough time to get out of the pack and get lead jammer.
”And just like that! Lezzy is lead jammer! This might be it, folks!”
Waverly could see Wynonna curse out loud as she entered the track behind Haught. But since Lezzy had lead jammer, she called off the jam just as the rest of the Peacemaker’s blockers got out of the box and rejoined their team on the track.
The four whistles sounded just as Wynonna made a hit on Haught. Haught counter blocked Wynonna and she went stumbling backwards onto the ground.
”Lezzy has called off the jam! Freezing the score and leaving the Calamity Janes in the lead by only four points! But we’ll wait for the official final score to call it.”
As the teams stopped playing and looked at the scoreboard, Haught straightened up and held her hand out to help Wynonna stand. Wynonna stared at her hand for a moment before accepting it. Waverly rolled her eyes as Wynonna tugged a little harder than necessary on Haught’s hand as she got up.
”And that’s it, everyone! The Calamity Janes have won the first bout of the season!”
The Calamity Janes crowded together at their bench to celebrate the narrow victory, but Haught paused and said something to Wynonna, clapping her on the shoulder. Haught smiled at Wynonna and Waverly felt her own heart flutter. Wynonna skated back to her bench as some of Haught’s teammates skated up to her and started clapping her back and congratulating her on a good game.
”After this we have an exhibition bout for the Purgatory Junior Roller Derby team which is basically a bunch of kittens being cute and hitting each other. Also, next week we’ll have a bout again the Revenants and Banditos! You won’t want to miss that!”
Waverly stood up with the rest of the crowd, feeling the effects of her drink for the first time. She blinked as she found her balance and made her way down the bleachers with the rest of the crowd. All the players were still standing around their benches and mingling as the juniors took the track.
When she got to the bottom of the bleachers, her eyes immediately met Haught’s across the warehouse. Her heart leapt into her throat and when Haught smiled, dimples on full display, Waverly’s head felt light from more than alcohol.
“Hey, Waves,” Wynonna stepped in front of her at that moment and broke her gaze from Haught.
“Wynonna,” Waverly said throwing her arms around her sister’s shoulders as best she could with her being even taller on her skates, “You did great!”
Wynonna reluctantly hugged back, patting her sister on the back as she scoffed. “I lost us the damn game.”
“It’s only the first one of the season, right?” Waverly said releasing her sister and wrinkling her nose, “You smell awful by the way.”
“Yeah, well, I guess I stunk up the track in more ways than one then,” Wynonna said running a hand through her sweaty hair, “Though the new girl is certainly on my shit list now.”
Waverly found herself fiddling with the end of her skirt again. “Haught?”
Wynonna grumbled and looked over her shoulder at the other team. “Whatever. We’ll get them at the next game.”
Waverly looked back up and Nicole was gone. She cursed to herself and pushed some hair behind her ear as she scanned the warehouse for red hair. When she turned back around, a blonde woman was skating up to them. She was wearing a Peacemakers jersey and didn’t seem to notice Waverly at all as she slung her arm around Wynonna’s shoulders.
“Hey, good game, Blood,” she said. Wynonna turned and smirked at the other woman, putting her own arm around her waist.
“Thanks, you didn’t do too bad yourself,” Wynonna said. She nodded towards Waverly. “This is my sister, Waverly. Waverly, Shapiro.”
The other woman finally looked at her and Waverly gave her an amused smile. “Nice to meet you.”
“You too,” Shapiro said before looking back at Wynonna, “Are you going to the locker room?”
“Yeah,” Wynonna said before turning to Waverly and asking, “I’m going to go degear. Can you get me a drink?”
“Sure,” Waverly said grateful for the opportunity to look around for the redhead. Wynonna skated off with Shapiro and Waverly walked through the warehouse towards the bar at the back. She ordered their drinks and as she was walking past the vendor tables she stopped short. Haught was standing at the recruitment table talking to a little girl. She was crouching down to be at the little girl’s level. A wide smile was on both of their faces as the little girl flexed her arm muscle and Haught pretended to feel it.
Waverly was sure she swooned.
Haught handed the girl a flier and she walked away with her mother as Haught straightened up. Waverly did a quick scan of herself to make sure she looked put together as she started down the middle of the tables. She pretended to be looking forward as she walked, a little extra sway in her step as she went.
“Waverly?” she heard Haught call as she was passing the table.
Waverly pretended to be surprised and look for the source of the voice before her eyes landed on Haught. She smiled widely.
“Hi!” Waverly said walking over to the recruitment table, “How are you?”
“Better now,” Haught said not hiding how her eyes scanned over Waverly’s form, “I’m glad you came. And aren’t wet this time.”
Waverly thought how maybe that wasn’t necessarily true and felt a blush reach all the way up to the tips of her ears. She giggled, head tipping to the side.
“I’m glad you came too,” she blushed deeper as she began to ramble, “I know I’m glad I-...thank you for inviting me.”
Haught smiled even wider and Waverly felt herself getting distracted by her dimples. “Are both of those for you or is one for your boyfriend?”
“No, I don’t have a boyfriend,” Waverly said quickly, “Or-...girlfriend. Or any...sexual partner-...I mean...I’m sister skates.”
“Oh, she does?” Haught asked, “On what team?”
Waverly opened her mouth to answer just as Wynonna threw her arm around her shoulders, making the drinks spill a little over her hands.
“Hey, baby girl,” Wynonna said taking her drink. She squinted up at Haught as she took a long sip, “Haught here telling you how she got away with that illegal hit at the end of the game there?”
“Wynonn-...Blood is my sister,” Waverly said with a stiff smile. Her sister always had the worst timing. Or the best as Wynonna considered it.
“Yeah, so back off my baby sister, Haught Pants,” Wynonna said tightening her arm around Waverly’s shoulders.
Waverly rolled her eyes and stepped away from Wynonna, her cheeks an embarrassing shade of red. The last thing she needed was Wynonna to blow her cover or humiliate her in front of Haught.
“If you must know, Blood, I was thinking of joining,” Waverly lied.
Wynonna practically cackled and Waverly crossed her arms tightly in front of her chest.
“Excuse me? Why are you laughing?” Waverly said turning towards her sister.
Wynonna wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and shook her head. “Baby girl, I love you but...come on. You’re just so...Waverly.”
Waverly scoffed and turned towards Haught who just looked slightly concerned, eyes wide. “Do you think I could do it?”
“See, she said yes.”
Wynonna laughed even harder, “She didn’t say anything!”
Waverly walked up to the table, picked up the pen and wrote her name on the recruitment clipboard. She smiled up at Haught. “When’s the first practice?”
“This Saturday,” Nicole said with a smile just as big as Waverly’s, “I’ll see you there?”
Waverly nodded once. “Definitely.”
“Wynonna!” Waverly called, pushing open her sister’s bedroom door. Wynonna didn’t even look up from her phone as she lounged on the bed.
“Let me borrow your old skates.”
Wynonna let her phone drop to her chest. “You know you don’t have to do this. If you’re trying to prove something...”
Waverly frowned at her sister, “I’m not trying to prove anything. Not to you anyways.”
“So Waverly ‘Head Cheerleader’ Earp, voted nicest person in Purgatory, is joining roller derby for fun?” Wynonna said incredulously.
Waverly just nodded curtly. Maybe that wasn’t the only reason but it certainly wasn’t the reason Wynonna was thinking. It had been a week since Waverly went to the derby game and she couldn’t help but think about Haught way more often then she’d like to admit. Mostly about how pretty she was and her dimples and the way her voice wrapped around her like a warm blanket…
Waverly blushed at the thought.
“I’m joining because I want to try something new,” Waverly said matter-of-factly.
Wynonna looked hard at Waverly for a moment and she tried not to squirm under her gaze. She sighed and picked her phone up. “Fine. My old skates and equipment are in the attic.”
Waverly squealed in excitement and ran over to Wynonna. She hugged her as best she could with Wynonna on the bed and kissed her cheek. Wynonna gagged and pretended to push Waverly away even though she could see the hint of a smile on her sister’s face.
The strap of the duffle bag dug painfully into Waverly’s shoulder as it bounced against her hip while she walked up to the warehouse. Nerves fluttered in her stomach and she wondered what she had gotten herself into.
She was excited, but also terrified.
She knew she was in good shape. She did yoga every morning and had done cheerleading all through high school. Waverly was small, but strong. But this was about more than physical strength. She could see it in the way Wynonna would hobble home sometimes with a dejected look on her face.
The warehouse looked different in the morning. The big side doors weren’t rolled up, just the normal door halfway open. She walked in, her eyes adjusting from the bright sun outside to the darker lighting of the warehouse. The bleachers were all folded away so that the warehouse was just one large flat surface with the track taped down to the middle of it. The string lights were off and just the normal fluorescent lights flickered overhead.
To her right were a group of girls sitting around and chatting, their own equipment bags next to them. Waverly saw Haught skating around the track casually with another girl, a little shorter than her with tan skin and dark hair. Waverly knew her because she helped out at Shorty’s every so often, but she only knew her as Rosita. She caught sight of the back of her jersey and read ‘Marie Fury’.
Waverly sat down on the cold concrete floor with the rest of the girls and started putting her equipment on. She sat next to a girl with long curly brown hair who smiled over at her.
“Hi,” she said, “I’m Waverly.”
“Becky,” the other girl replied as she slipped her elbow pads on, “This is your first Unicorn practice, yeah?”
“Unicorn?” Waverly asked as she slipped on Wynonna’s skates.
Becky rolled her eyes, “They thought it was demeaning to call it Fresh Meat so they changed the name to Unicorns. Because everyone fucking loves unicorns, am I right?”
Waverly chuckled and nodded, “I would say you’re right about that.”
“You all have five minutes to put your gear on!” Haught called from the track. Waverly snapped her head up at the sound of Haught’s voice. Their eyes met and Waverly smiled widely at her. Haught returned the smile before skating backwards onto the track.
Waverly sighed and saw Becky looking at her with a knowing smile. Waverly just looked back down at her skates silently to finish lacing them up. After she was fully geared up, Waverly stood up...far too quickly. Her skates threatened to slip out from under her and she stumbled backwards.
A strong hand caught her arm and kept her upright, Waverly’s heart beating out of her chest. She looked up and saw Haught looking down at her with some concern.
“Are you okay?” Haught asked with a slightly amused smile.
Waverly blushed, “Yeah. I’m...I used to rollerblade a lot but-”
“Yeah, quads are different,” Haught said slowly releasing Waverly’s arm to make sure she could stay upright, “I’m sure you’ll pick it up in no time. I heard your sister just threw on skates and became a star. Is that true?”
Waverly rolled her eyes as she widened her stance a little to make sure she was more stable. “That’s true. And she won’t let me forget it.”
Haught chuckled and winked at Waverly. “I’m sure you’ll be a superstar in no time too.”
Waverly thought she might fall again.
Waverly’s first practice went fairly well. They started off with laps and Waverly noted that she definitely wasn’t the worst on her skates. Then they all stood in a circle as they stretched and introduced themselves and their pronouns. That’s how Waverly found out that Marie Fury, or Fury as she went by, was on another home team called The Revenants.
More times than Waverly would like to admit, she found her mind wandering while Haught was explaining a drill or skill. Mostly because Haught would demonstrate the skill which meant the lean lines of her muscles would ripple under her skin and Waverly couldn't keep her eyes off of them. Which also meant that Waverly had to follow the other girls as they performed the skill to make sure she was doing it right.
At the end Fury announced they were going to be skating a hundred laps. Waverly wondered if they were actually trying to kill them.
But after Waverly found her stride, the laps weren’t that bad. She found her mind wandering as well as her eyes. They always seemed to find Haught no matter where she was. Whether it was on the track with them or in the middle talking to Fury.
After practice, Waverly’s body felt pleasantly spent with sweat soaking through her shirt and making stray hairs stick to her forehead. She could tell by the pull in her muscles that she was going to be sore the next day, but with the endorphins flowing through her body she could hardly bring herself to care.
Waverly found herself purposely taking longer to take all her gear off and put it away. Becky waved goodbye to her before she left and as Waverly stood up to leave, it was only her, Fury and Haught left in the warehouse. A few cars were pulling up, probably for the next practice.
Haught made her way over to Waverly and smiled brightly. “You did good today,” she said with a smile, “Skating must run in the family.”
Waverly shrugged and adjusted the duffle on her shoulder. “I suppose. Thank you. For...a great practice.”
She cursed to herself for being so awkward and wondered if she’d already ruined any chance she had of Haught being interested in her that way. Sure she flirted, it was blatant in the way Haught talked to her. But Waverly was curious if she talked to all girls that way or if the spark Waverly felt was mutual.
But then Haught smiled, dimples distracting Waverly so she couldn’t think anymore. “I’m glad you joined us,” she said softly, “Will I be seeing you next week?”
There was a hopeful tilt to her voice that made Waverly’s heart melt a little bit and she nodded. “Definitely.”
Waverly ended up skating everywhere. She skated around town when she ran errands, skated at work before the the doors were open. Anything that could make her skills improve faster.
She had gotten more comfortable on skates and made Wynonna skate with her in the parking lot behind Shorty’s a few times a week to teach her some things. Wynonna, though reluctant, was a great teacher. She gave her some tips about staying low when she was skating and how to distribute her weight to come to a stop.
Admittedly, Waverly kept a keen eye out for red hair whenever she was in town. Though it was almost like Haught was an enigma. She never saw her anywhere around town.
But that just meant more reason for Waverly to keep going to the Unicorn practices. Nicole was always there along with Fury. And Waverly certainly wasn’t going to complain about that.
“Good, everyone!” Fury called from the middle of the track as they skated around. They were practicing whips, something that Fury made a point of saying were pretty outdated, but still fun.
Waverly was partnered with Becky who had fast become her main friend in practices. Becky coasted as Waverly skated up behind her and grabbed her hips, pulling her body back as Waverly attempted to whip ahead of her. It seemed to work pretty well, even if she could feel Haught watching them which made her nervous.
“It looks good,” Haught said skating up to them, “But Waverly, I have a suggestion if you’re open to it?”
Waverly nodded a little too enthusiastically as Haught skated closer to her.
“Okay, get in derby stance,” Haught said as she skated behind Waverly. She licked her lips nervously and bent her knees, chest upright in derby position. She felt Haught get closer to her, heat practically radiating off of her body. Usually it was unbearable with other skaters, but with Haught she just wanted to roll back closer to her.
“You want to grab the girl you’re taking a whip off of here,” Haught said placing her hands gently on Waverly’s hips. Waverly nodded and tried not to choke when Nicole’s hands tightened on her hips, fingers curling firmly around her hip bones.
“And when you pull to take your whip, she’s going to roll back into you a little,” Haught said. She demonstrated, pulling Waverly back into her so that her back was pressed to Haught’s front. “That’s how you know you’re doing it properly. If she moves back into you,” Haught said, her breath tickling the shell of Waverly’s ear.
Waverly swallowed thickly, hoping Haught couldn’t hear how her breathing had gotten shallow.
“Does that make sense?” Haught asked.
Waverly could only nod.
“Good,” Haught said patting Waverly’s hip before straightening up and skating back to the middle of the track where she could observe. “Try it again.”
Waverly took a deep breath and looked at a smirking Becky as she got back on the track with Waverly.
“Not a word,” Waverly whispered as she tried to whip again just as Haught had demonstrated. She felt how she got more movement trying the whip the new way and looked over at Haught, who was smiling.
“Looking great, Waves,” she called before skating off to another group. Waverly watched her skate away in a daze.
“You got it bad,” Becky sang, interrupting Waverly’s thoughts. She quickly looked back at her friend and shrugged.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Waverly said airily.
“Sure,” Becky rolled her eyes as they got back into position.
Part of Waverly’s responsibility as a league member, especially a newer one, was to volunteer at the derby bouts. She was more than eager to help out. There were so many shifts to choose from. There was track maintenance, usher, ticket seller, concessions and merch tables among other things.
Waverly jumped on a bartending shift since she had a license and didn’t mind slinging drinks for a couple of hours. Plus Fury was working the other bar shift so at least she knew someone she was working with.
Not to mention that the bar had a great view of the track where the Banditos were playing the Calamity Janes. Waverly had a perfect view of the jam line where Haught would be lining up every other jam as she took her place as pivot.
Waverly had only been in Unicorns for about a month now, but with two practices a week she felt herself getting stronger and more sure of herself. She had also made a habit of hanging back a little after practices to talk to Haught. She was still trying to get a read on her, trying to figure out what her intentions were. If any.
Haught was confident. That much was apparent in the way she talked. So it made Waverly wonder why she didn’t ask her out if she was as interested as she seemed to be. Waverly figured she could ask Haught out but...kept talking herself out of it.
So instead, Waverly found herself behind the bar in the corner of the warehouse watching her from afar as she played. Wynonna stood on the side of the bleachers as close to the bar as she could and heckled all through the game. It embarrassed Waverly but she knew better than to chastise Wynonna for it. She would only make it worse.
“Your sister’s really something,” Fury said after serving a customer.
Waverly sighed and arranged the beers in the cooler. “Yeah. That’s putting it lightly.”
“She’s a hell of a skater,” Fury continued, “Natural talent.”
“She is,” Waverly said proudly, “She says skating is the one thing she’s good at. Even if that’s a lie.”
“You’re doing well for yourself too,” Fury pointed out, “Maybe it’s an Earp thing.”
“Really?” Waverly asked.
Fury just nodded and leaned in a little, whispering. “Don’t tell anyone but...Haught and I think you have the most promise out of all the Unicorns.”
Waverly felt her heart thrill in excitement, “Seriously?”
“Yeah. Haught just talks about how awesome you are.”
Waverly blushed deeply and looked back at the track where Haught was hitting the Banditos’ jammer off the track. She tried not to pass out just at the sight and was grateful when another customer came up to be served.
At the end of the game, Waverly was pleased to see that the Calamity Janes had beat the Banditos no problem. The second game was another Juniors exhibition bout so the drinking died down a little. At least until the other teams poured out of their locker rooms. When Haught walked up to the bar after the rush had died down, Waverly almost had a heart attack.
She was still wearing her uniform, short red hair falling in a unfairly attractive way around her face and a smug grin on her lips. Waverly also couldn’t help but notice the dog tag that hung around her neck with the league logo printed on one side and “MVP” on the other.
“Hey,” Haught said as she crossed her arms and leaned on the bar. She nodded at Fury in acknowledgement before focusing on Waverly.
“Hey,” Waverly replied, silently cursing the breathy tone her voice took on, “What can I get you?”
“Whiskey,” Haught said, “You’ve been working hard over here. Can I get you a drink too?”
Waverly sputtered a little as she grabbed a plastic cup and started pouring whiskey into it. “I um-...I’m not allowed to drink while I’m working.”
“Right,” Haught said handing Fury her money, even with her eyes still on Waverly, “Well...are you going to the after party?”
“Yep,” Waverly said brushing her hair over her shoulder in a move she hoped looked smooth.
“Can I get you a drink there then?”
Waverly nodded dumbly.
Haught smirked, eyebrow raised as she took a long drag of her drink. “I’ll hold you to that.”
Then she winked. She honest-to-god winked at Waverly who had to grip the edge of the bar almost painfully to keep herself from falling over. All she could do was squeak as Haught turned back around and wandered back to the stands to watch the game.
“You alright there?” Fury asked with a raised eyebrow.
Waverly blinked at Haught’s retreating back before managing to pull her eyes away to look at Fury.
“Mhm,” Waverly managed. Fury smirked but didn’t say anything more.
Waverly took her time getting to Shorty’s for the after-party. She didn’t want to seem overeager and she certainly didn’t want to be the newbie that was there first. So she helped close down the warehouse, much to Wynonna’s discontent, and eventually made it over to Shorty’s right when everything was in full swing.
Before walking inside, she made sure her short skirt was straight and low cut shirt was smoothed evenly over her torso. Running a hand through her hair, she looked over at Wynonna who it seemed already had a pleasant buzz happening.
“Who are you trying to impress?” Wynonna asked as they headed for the door.
“No one,” Waverly shrugged despite the blush on her cheeks.
Wynonna just grunted. As they walked in, about three girls saw Wynonna and greeted her with open arms. Waverly smiled at the sight and wandered closer to the bar. Wynonna hadn’t had a lot of luck with friends while growing up. She had her own issues that had...for the most part been dealt with since, but it certainly didn’t lead to a healthy social life. So it was nice to see Wynonna being accepted into a group so easily.
That was the thing about roller derby that Waverly had noticed even before she joined. It was one of the more accepting places, especially in a small town like Purgatory. No one cared about sexuality or gender identity. Everyone was just there to skate and have a good time. To have a group of supportive women surrounding her and her sister was...well Waverly had never experienced anything like it.
Waverly continued to the bar, taking in how many people were stuffed into the place. There were girls still in their uniforms and other ones Waverly had never seen out of uniform before. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. In the very corner of the bar was a local band Gus brought in to play every once in a while when she knew there was going to be a large crowd.
Her eyes scanned the crowd looking for a familiar shade of red hair.
“I promised you a drink,” Haught said from behind her. It startled Waverly and she turned around to look at Haught who was leaning against the bar with her usual confident smirk.
Waverly blushed and leaned casually against the bar to mirror Haught. “That you did. Whiskey, please.”
Haught smiled and flagged down the bartender to order. Waverly blushed a little when she saw that Gus was one of the ones working. Gus looked at Waverly and back at Haught, a smile curling at the corners of her mouth as she listened to Haught’s order. Thankfully she didn’t say anything and just got them their drinks.
“So you’re not working tonight then,” Haught observed, “Is it weird hanging out where you work?”
Waverly shrugged and gave Gus a grateful smile when she passed her the drink. “I practically grew up in Shorty’s,” she said, “It would almost be weirder if I was drinking anywhere else.”
Haught laughed as she took a sip of her own drink. “Fair enough.”
A bunch of girls screamed when a popular song came on and Waverly giggled. Haught rolled her eyes at their antics and leaned a little closer to Waverly presumably to hear her better. But Waverly really didn’t care what the reason was.
“Have you always lived in Purgatory?”
“Yeah,” Waverly said looking back down at her drink with the hint of embarrassment, “I um...always wanted to go somewhere else but Wynonna had...issues, my Uncle Curtis got sick and-...I don’t know I just never made it.”
Haught shook her head, “I think that’s kinda nice. I was a military brat so I was always moving around. I feel like it would be nice have some place where you just feel...home.”
Waverly smiled over the rim of her glass. “So what brings you to Purgatory?”
“Felt like a change,” Haught said simply, “There was an opening at the station here-”
“Wait, are you a cop?” Waverly couldn’t help but interrupt.
Haught chuckled and nodded as she took another long sip of her drink.
“Wow, so you have two types of uniforms,” Waverly smirked. She was pleased to see a small blush on Haught’s cheeks for once.
“Yeah, I guess I do,” Haught said just as they both finished off their drinks. She looked over her shoulder at the dance floor and nodded towards it, “Want to dance?”
Waverly had to look at Haught for a moment before realizing she hadn’t imagined it.
“Yes,” Waverly said. She hoped the other woman couldn’t see the way her hands shook as she put her empty glass back on the bar. She pushed off the bar and started towards the dancing crowd. Haught followed behind and Waverly could feel her hand hovering over her lower back as they walked. She was feeling just a little lighter from the whiskey and definitely a little braver. Waverly had to resist leaning back into her hand until she turned around and they were face to face.
Waverly looped her arms over Haught’s shoulders and she felt hands rest lightly on her waist. Waverly tried to keep a respectable distance between them even if she just wanted to lean her body against Haught’s.
Haught said something but they were too close to the band and Waverly couldn’t hear. She shook her head with a small frown and Haught leaned forward to talk more in her ear. Red hair just barely touched Waverly’s jaw as Haught got close and Waverly felt like a flock of birds had taken flight in her stomach.
“I’m sorry, I probably smell from the game,” Haught said pulling away a little as she wrinkled her nose.
Waverly shrugged. “I didn’t even notice.”
Waverly would never in a million years tell Haught, but she could have rolled around in hot garbage and Waverly wouldn’t have minded. There was the slight twinge of stink from her gear but mostly Waverly got the confusing but attractive musky scent of sweat just under... vanilla dipped donuts? It just reminded Waverly of what Nicole looked like when she was sweaty and it made her want to sigh.
Their hips moved to the beat and looking around they didn’t look much different than any of the other girls dancing with their friends. Waverly was thankful because it meant no one was giving them any unwanted attention, but it was also frustrating because if everyone danced with their friends...did Haught just see her as a friend?
Something that Waverly had learned very quickly was that flirting and roller derby seemed to go hand in hand. Everyone flirted with everyone. Sports tended to be touch heavy anyways, but roller derby seemed especially tactile. A sport based mostly on hips and chests...there was going to be a lot of contact. Waverly wasn’t bothered by that aspect of the sport,but she still blushed every time someone flirted with her, even if she knew it was purely platonic. Straight girls flirted with other straight girls, queer people flirted with “the straights” was all free game and consensual. It was freeing to say the least. To watch everyone flirt with anyone without the risk of being humiliated or yelled at.
Haught’s hands flexed against Waverly’s hips as a new beat started and she swayed a little closer to the taller woman. The alcohol in her system made her braver and she let her fingers trail briefly over the exposed skin at the back of Haught’s neck. She heard a stuttered sigh escape Haught’s lips and that gave her the confidence she needed to tighten her arms around Haught’s neck and draw herself closer. She felt a warm hand slide from her hip to the small of her back and smiled to herself.
Haught was looking down between them so Waverly lightly scratched her nails over her neck again to get her attention. As soon as brown eyes looked up into hazel she felt her breath hitch in her throat. Haught was looking at her, really looking at her. No cocky little smirk or teasing smile. There was something else pooled behind her eyes that Waverly just wanted to fall into.
But just as soon as Waverly opened her mouth to say something, anything, two of Haught’s teammates came up and clapped her on the back. One handed her a drink with a wide grin. Haught’s hands almost immediately dropped from her hips and Waverly felt the loss. She unhooked her hands from Haught’s neck and smiled shyly at the two girls she hadn’t met yet.
“MVP!” they yelled and Haught grimaced at how loud they were.
They introduced themselves but Waverly could barely hear them over the noise of the bar. Haught smiled at her apologetically as the two, clearly drunk, kept trying to get her to dance with them. Waverly gave her an understanding smile and motioned that she was going back to the bar. She didn’t miss the way Haught reached out for her in a brief moment before her friends practically jumped on her.
Waverly headed back towards the bar, silently cursing the other girls for interrupting her dance with Haught. She didn’t know where the dance could have technically gone, but she was sure it could have at least led to something a little more.
She ordered herself another whiskey just as Becky came up and stood besides her with her own drink in hand.
“Saw you dancing with Haught,” she said with a suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows, “Seemed pretty cozy.”
Waverly blushed and looked over to where the other woman had been lost in the crowd of dancing people. She could still hear chants of “MVP” coming from the crowd and felt something that felt like pride swell in her chest.
She turned back towards Becky and leaned closer to her. “I-...kinda have a huge crush on her.”
Becky snorted, “Who doesn’t? She’s totally hot. Plus isn’t that like a thing? Having a crush on your trainer?”
“Is it?” Waverly asked wrinkling her nose. She paused for a moment. “Wait. Do you have a crush on Haught?”
“Kinda,” Becky said looking towards her in the crowd with Waverly. “I mean, she’s super hot. I’m not blind.”
Waverly fiddled with her napkin and tried to appear casual. “Who else has a crush on her?”
Becky took a long sip of her drink and spoke over the rim of her glass. “No one else who danced with her.”
A slow smile crept its way onto Waverly’s face and Becky giggled with her as they leaned their heads together like gossiping school girls. Becky’s eyes darted behind Waverly and she hit her in the arm.
“Ow!” Waverly hissed, “What the-“
Becky widened her eyes and nodded pointedly behind her. Waverly looked over her shoulder and saw Haught standing there with an amused look on her face.
“Oh, hi,” Waverly said with a blush.
“Hi,” Haught said looking between the two, “Sorry about over there-“
“No, it’s fine. You’re quite popular,” Waverly said sipping on her drink, “And it’s deserved. You had an amazing game.”
Haught looked down and rubbed the back of her neck as both Waverly and Becky sighed a little. But when Haught looked up she looked right at Waverly, who was sure she started sweating.
“Thanks,” she started, nursing her own drink, “It’s not just me really-“
Becky laughed and shook her head, “I mean, isn’t that what you’re supposed to say? Even if everyone knew it was all you?”
Haught shrugged and laughed, “I guess.”
Becky blushed and looked down at her drink like it had betrayed her. “Actually,” she said looking at Waverly and winking, “I’m going to the bathroom.”
Becky walked away and Waverly watched her for a moment before looking back at Haught who was still just looking at her. Waverly blushed and shook her head.
“What?” she asked as she took a small sip of her own drink. She did her best to look coyly over the rim of the glass but was sure she just looked insane.
Haught smiled softly, “Nothing. Just…” Haught paused, in an uncharacteristic moment of speechlessness, and took a long sip of her own drink. “You’re a good dancer.”
“Cheerleading,” Waverly said with a shrug. She watched as a small blush tinted the edge of Haught’s ears and her mouth hung open for a moment.
“Um, cheerleading?” Haught asked. Waverly nodded and Haught smiled. “You just got more interesting, Waverly.”
“Was I not interesting before?” Waverly asked cheekily.
“Of course you were,” Haught answered, “But now you’re interesting and a cheerleader.”
Waverly felt that thrill deep in her stomach when Haught smiled at her, eyes darting ever so briefly to her lips. If Waverly had blinked even a moment earlier she would have missed it. Waverly took a small step closer to her, hoping it wasn’t obvious. Her hands itched to reach out for her again and loop back around her neck like when they were dancing. She licked her lips and assessed Haught’s face for any kind of sign or indication that her advances would be reciprocated.
Instead Haught licked her own lips and finished off her drink. “I just wanted to say bye. I’m heading home.”
Waverly’s stomach dropped and she didn’t think she’d kept the disappointment off her face at all. “Oh. Okay,” she forced a small smile, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Yep. Bright and early at practice,” Haught said setting her empty glass on the bar.
“Did you drive here?” Waverly asked. Would it be too much to offer to drive her home? She thought about the alcohol in her own system and realized the flaw in her plan.
Haught shook her head, “I caught a ride with someone. That’s why I’m leaving.”
She looked at Waverly for a moment, something hanging in the air between the two of them. Waverly could tell there was something on the tip of Haught’s tongue, something she wanted to say. She leaned forward a little in anticipation but was met with nothing. So Waverly held out her hand expectantly. Haught raised an eyebrow at her for a moment before Waverly rolled her eyes.
“Phone,” Waverly said simply. Haught pulled out her phone and placed it a little skeptically in Waverly’s hands. Waverly opened up the contacts and started to put her number in.
“Text me when you get home,” Waverly said far more confidently than she felt. And when a slow but confused smile melted onto Nicole’s lips, she felt doubt creep in. Waverly stuttered, “S-so I can just...make sure you made it okay.”
Waverly went to type in her number when her name popped up as already being saved in the phone. She blinked at it for a moment, confused. As realization dawned on her she felt a thrill in her stomach. Haught raised an eyebrow at her as Waverly handed her back her phone, the redhead’s hair matching her cheeks.
Waverly smiled, “You already had my number?”
Haught shrugged, “I got it off the league roster. Just in case. I have all the Unicorns’ numbers.”
Waverly tried to temper her smile as Haught took her phone back but it just grew wider. Haught frowned at Waverly and put her phone back in the waistband of her exercise pants.
“I’ll text you so you know I didn’t die,” Haught conceded with a small smile, “Okay?”
“Okay,” Waverly agreed, “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” Haught turned around and headed towards the door. Waverly felt in her pocket for her own phone as if she was expecting a message as soon as Haught disappeared.
“She’s cute,” Gus’ offered from behind the bar. Waverly turned around and looked at her Aunt. “And a good tipper.”
Waverly walked around the bar to join Gus and helped clean some glasses while she poured more drinks.
“She really is something,” Waverly said wistfully as she wiped down the counter.
Gus put her hand on Waverly’s shoulder and squeezed, “Yeah. But so are you.”
Waverly poured herself a glass of water. “Thanks, Gus.”
Gus kissed the side of Waverly’s head as she leaned into her Aunt’s comforting touch. Gus had always been her biggest cheerleader in everything she did. When Wynonna was gone, she leaned on Gus. She had always been determined to make sure Waverly never felt like she was missing out on family with her parents and oldest sister gone and Wynonna doing whatever she was doing at the time. And she had succeeded.
Waverly’s phone buzzed in her pocket and she jumped in surprise. She pulled it out, heart hammering harder than she would ever admit with the hope that it was Haught texting her already. But she saw Wynonna’s name pop up and quickly deflated.
Wynonna: Home?
Waverly looked up and saw Wynonna waving at her from across the room. She rolled her eyes and nodded towards the door as she ordered a ride share.
“I’ll see you later, Gus,” Waverly said kissing her cheek and walking out from behind the bar, “I open tomorrow.”
“See you later, darlin’,” Gus replied. Waverly stuffed her phone back in her pocket and tried not to think about Haught. Though it was a losing battle.
Waverly noticed that Wynonna hadn’t even finished the beer in her hand. She frowned and pointed at the drink.
“Nonna, you didn’t tell me you weren’t ready yet. I already got the car,” Waverly said.
Wynonna shook her head and shrugged. “Baby girl, it’s Purgatory. There are two Uber drivers here, either Crazy Bill or Blinky’s” Wynonna circled her hand near her head, clearly trying to conjure up her name.
“Stacy?” Waverly offered.
“Yes. Stacy,” Wynonna agreed, pointing at her sister. “Anyways, it’s Saturday. Crazy Bill is probably too busy at Pussywillows and Stacy is probably working there. So. I think we have some time until they get here.”
Waverly rolled her eyes but Wynonna had a point. Sure enough she looked at her phone and it was still searching for a driver.
“Now come here, I have a question,” Wynonna put her arm around Waverly’s neck as she turned to look at Dolls who was sitting at a table behind her. He had his own beer in his hand and was looking as unamused as ever.
“Dolls and I have been talking all night-”
“No, we have not,” he countered as he took a sip of his beer.
“-about what his derby name should be,” Wynonna finished.
Waverly crossed her arms and gave Dolls an understanding look. When Wynonna got on one of her little nickname games, it was almost impossible to get her off of it.
“I do not play derby. Therefore I don’t need a name,” Dolls said pointedly, “I’m a coach.”
“You’re a spoil sport,” Wynonna snorted into her beer glass. “So I have a few options for him. Xavier Mauls. Get it? Like...maul.” Wynonna made...what Waverly assumed were clawing motions with her hands.
Dolls shot her a look and Wynonna continued.
“You’re right. Not the best. How about...oh! Reffing Bitch Face!” Wynonna yelled triumphantly, “Get it? It works! Because you ref sometimes!”
Dolls drained his beer and gave Wynonna a hard look. “I don’t need a derby name.”
“Lame!” Wynonna said finishing off her beer. Waverly’s phone buzzed and she checked it. Still no text from Nicole, but it was from their driver who had just pulled up.
“Let’s go, Nonna,” Waverly said showing her the phone and nudging her towards the door. She dropped her empty glass on Doll’s table and the two sisters went to the front of the bar to leave.
Unknown Number: So I didn’t die.
Waverly blinked at her phone for a moment, trying to calm the racing of her heart. She had just gotten home with Wynonna and was walking into the Homestead. Wynonna was singing drunkenly and Waverly thanked the gods that they lived so far from any neighbors.
She looked at the number again. It was Haught. It had to be. She cursed herself for not looking up her number on the roster but quickly moved on to wondering how long she should wait before texting her back.
Waverly: I’m glad you’re not dead. :)
She thought for a moment before typing.
Waverly: I’m guessing this is Haught.
Wynonna was already holed up in her room by the time Waverly made her way up the stairs and into her own bedroom. She set her phone down on the bed and quickly changed into her pajamas just as her phone buzzed again.
Haught: You didn’t get my number from the league roster? Now I’m just offended.
Waverly smiled to herself as she typed back.
Waverly: I’m not a stalker like some people. ;)
Haught: Hey hey hey. I wouldn’t call it stalking. More like being prepared in case of an emergency. It’s not like I used it.
Waverly: Why didn’t you?
Haught: ...This feels like twenty questions.
Waverly: I asked one question!
Haught: That’s how these games usually start.
Waverly: Fine. Can we play twenty questions then?
Haught: I feel like I’ll regret this. But I’m still buzzed so go for it.
Waverly: Perfect. I won’t ask anything too hard. ;)
Waverly: What’s your real name?
Haught: Starting off easy I see. Nicole.
Waverly: Nicole...huh. Didn’t peg you for a Nicole.
Haught: What did you peg me for?
Waverly: I don’t know. Something like...Katherine or Alicia.
Haught: Seriously? Jeez.
Waverly: So do you go by Nicole or Nicky? Or Cole?
Haught: Depends. I answer to all three. I’m not picky.
Waverly: And you’re a police officer. How long have you been doing that?
Haught: Since I graduated college so about five years now.
Waverly: So you’re...26?
Haught: Yes. How old are you?
Waverly: It’s not your turn yet.
Haught: Fine. I’ll just look it up in the league documents then.
Waverly: That’s cheating!
Haught: I don’t like to wait for what I want.
Something about the simple phrase sent a chill up Waverly’s spine and she snuggled into her comforter as she continued typing.
Waverly: Do you have any pets?
Nicole: Yes. A cat.
Waverly: What’s its name?
Nicole: Calamity Jane…I know.
Waverly: named your cat after your derby team?
Nicole: No! CJ is six years old! I’ve had her since before I was on this team.
Waverly: A likely story.
Nicole: It’s true!
Waverly: Fine fine. When did you start playing roller derby?
Haught: Five years ago with my old league.
Waverly: Were you a super star over there too?
Haught: I’m hardly a super star here.
Waverly: That’s not what I hear, MVP. ;)
Haught: I was on the All Star team if that’s what you’re asking.
Waverly: So you were always a super star. Noted. What made you join?
Haught: Honestly?
Waverly: Yes.
Haught: It’s embarrassing. But...I joined to meet girls.
Waverly blushed and giggled to herself. She bit on her bottom lip and wondered how to proceed. She could be really it safe.
Waverly: That’s really cute. Did it work?
Haught: It was easier than Tinder! And…
Haught: Yeah briefly.
Waverly: Briefly?
Haught: I got a girlfriend. Then we broke up.
Waverly: Ah I see. Sorry I brought it up.
Haught: Don’t be. I offered the information.
Waverly: On to something hopefully lighter. Where did you move from?
Haught: The city.
Waverly: Did you move for work?
Haught: Work and because of my breakup. I was offered a better job and I took it.
Waverly: Do you have a derby wife?
Haught: I don’t have one at this league. No.
Waverly: You had a derby wife at your old league?
Haught: Yeah my...ex.
Waverly: Oh god I’m sorry. You know you can tell me to shut up at any time, right?
Haught: I know but I don’t mind. I like talking to you.
Waverly: You do?
Haught: Yeah.
Waverly bit her lip to try and suppress the small smile that spread over her face at that simple word. Just one word and it felt like butterflies were stirring in her stomach.
Waverly: I like talking to you too. :)
Haught: Yeah?
Waverly: Yeah.
Waverly looked at her phone. Haught...Nicole…liked talking to her. She enjoyed talking to her. Waverly Earp. They were texting right now after spending time together at the after party and-...She typed a simple response out and deleted it.
If she wasn’t going to get the courage now to ask Nicole out, she was never going to do it. She quickly typed out a reply and pushed send before she could change her mind.
Waverly: Do you want to get coffee after practice tomorrow?
Haught: Yes...And No.
Waverly felt her heart drop and she frowned at the phone for a moment. The tiny bubbles that indicated Haught was texting popped up for a moment but then were gone. Waverly felt her stomach twist with nerves as she typed.
Waverly: Why? If I may ask.
Haught: You can. Because that’s your last question. ;)
Haught: I would like to get coffee with you. But it’s also not a good idea to...fraternize in derby.
Waverly: It’s not?
Haught: No. It can get...messy.
Looking at her phone, Waverly felt a small panic rise up in her chest. It was like she was so close but so far. She had gotten the courage to ask Haught out and now...she was saying it wasn’t a good idea. She hoped her texts didn’t sound crestfallen.
Waverly: Oh.
Haught: Waverly.
Waverly: Yes?
Haught: I don’t want to ruin derby for you.
Waverly: What makes you think that’ll happen?
Haught: I don’t want to risk it. And...we should go to bed. It’s late. We have to be up early tomorrow.
Waverly: You really are getting rid of me.
Haught: I’m not. I promise you. But...I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay?
Waverly: Goodnight, Nicole. :) Sleep well.
Haught: Night. :)
Waverly stared at her phone for another moment before plugging it in and setting it on her nightstand. Her mind felt like a mess. Nicole basically admitted she wanted to go on a date with Waverly. And yet…
She looked up at the ceiling for a moment in thought. She wasn’t going to let Nicole off that easily. Tomorrow was a new day.
“So you got a thing for Haught, huh?” Fury asked.
Waverly nearly dropped the beer cans she was holding. They were counting the stock of drinks for the next game in a small storage closet when Fury dropped that bomb on her. Waverly’s ears practically glowed red.
“ Why would you say that?” Waverly lied, her voice a little higher than normal.
Fury chuckled and shook her head, “I can tell by the way your eyes get all dreamy when you look at her.”
Waverly knew there was no point in denying it. She put down the number of beers on her clipboard and moved on to the liquor bottles in another box as Fury counted plastic cups.
“Is it that obvious?” Waverly muttered with an embarrassed smile.
“Maybe not to everyone,” Rosita said smiling back at Waverly, “I just see everything around here.”
Waverly groaned. “I can’t help it. She’s just and pretty and sweet.”
“I’m not saying you shouldn’t totally go for it because she looks at you with those heart eyes too,” Fury said before continuing like she hadn’t dropped a huge bomb on Waverly. Haught looked at her like that too? Like she liked her? But Rosita continued. “I’m just saying to be careful. Sometimes the drama of an interleague relationship is too much.”
“What do you mean?” Waverly asked trying not to immediately go back to the part where Fury said Nicole had a thing for her.
Fury shrugged. “It can just be hard. Having everyone watch your relationship unfold and have their own opinions on everything. Jealousy over teams, rivalry if you’re not on the same team,” Fury sighed, “Most of the time it’s just the drama that happens when people break up. That’s hard on everyone.”
“Seems a little...crazy to be talking about a breakup when a kiss hasn’t even happened. Don’t you think?” Waverly said with a small chuckle.
“You’d think. But it’s always something to consider. Again, I’m not discouraging anything. I just don’t want you to go in blind,” Fury said writing the number of cups on the clipboard. “Especially after everything that happened with Haught at her old league.”
Waverly’s ears perked a little bit at that and she lost track of how many bottles of whiskey they had and started over.
“What...happened at her old league?” she asked casually.
“It got really awkward when her and her long time girlfriend broke up. Everything seemed fine at first but like I said there’s no secrets in roller derby,” Fury chuckled. “Her ex had started hooking up with someone else. She thought it was a secret but everyone knew. Haught was upset and people started to think they had to choose sides. Everyone kept talking to Haught about it like she wanted and needed to just became a lot.”
Waverly nodded and felt an unwelcome pang of guilt for her feelings. She appreciated the advice. It certainly wasn’t something she might have thought about otherwise. But Waverly didn’t want to miss out on Nicole. Even if it caused all the awkwardness in the world. Especially when-
“ said she looked at me with heart eyes?” Waverly asked softly.
Fury laughed and shook her head. “She has definitely looked at you with heart eyes. It would be sickening if it wasn’t so cute.”
Waverly practically squealed and gripped Fury’s arm. “You’ve made my entire week. No! Month.”
Fury just laughed harder and they went back to counting, Waverly with a permanent smile stuck on her face.
Waverly couldn’t concentrate. At all.
She saw things happening and people explaining things and...skating but. All she could see was Nicole.
She was explaining some drill but Waverly couldn’t even concentrate on what she was saying. She tried, she did. But all she could see were Nicole’s lips moving.
Nicole was being all...tall and her muscles were rippling under her skin. The way her shirt was cut at the sides she could see her sports bra and torso. She swore she could see sweat rolling down Nicole’s stomach through the side of her shirt and made a strangled noise.
Waverly was a mess.
She wanted to rip her shirt off of her and kiss all the way across her stomach. To lick the sweat off and-
Waverly jumped and looked over at Becky who was looking at her with wide eyes. She blushed and blinked at her friend.
“Are you okay?” Becky asked with a frown, “You seem spacy.”
“I’m fine,” Waverly said with a wide smile, “I tired…”
“Be my partner for this drill?” Becky asked.
Waverly smiled back, “Sure! Just...explain it to me please.”
Becky smirked with a nod, “I got you.”
Waverly wouldn’t say she was...wasted. That wouldn’t be giving herself enough credit. Plus she was an Earp. Earps could handle their liquor.
This was something she knew to be true even while Wynonna danced on top of the bar with her teammates cheering her on below. Waverly held her drink in her hand...she didn’t even know what number this was. But it was there and almost gone.
Waverly didn’t expect the league holiday party to be quite like this. It was at a nicer bar a little on the outskirts of town and everyone was dressed to the nines like they were making up for only ever being around each other in workout clothes. Waverly wore a tight gold dress and let her hair fall around her shoulders. She wondered if it was a mistake with the cold outside but decided looking her best was more important. Especially knowing Nicole was going to be there.
She blinked down at her drink for a moment, mind swimming. And when she looked back up Nicole was right there, flaunting those damn dimples.
Waverly felt a slow smile creep over her face as she took in Nicole standing in front of her in black pants, a simple white button up and a blazer to match her pants. Waverly thought she could die right there in that moment. How did one person have the right to be this attractive? Waverly couldn’t handle it.
“Hey,” Haught said casually, “I was going to offer you a drink but I see you already have one.”
Waverly giggled far too much and she blushed before tucking some hair behind her ear. She cleared her throat and shrugged. “For a second I thought you weren’t coming back.”
“I had to stop and get more beer per Fury’s request,” Nicole said spinning her key ring on her finger for a second before catching it in her hand.
“Can I get you a drink?” Waverly said. Nicole blinked at her for a moment before nodding.
“Sure. Whiskey please.”
Waverly raised an amused eyebrow at Nicole. “Going right for the hard stuff. I like it,” she said placing an order for two whiskeys at the bar. She drained her last drink just as the bartender handed her the other two drinks.
She handed one to Nicole and held her glass up to toast.
“Cheers,” Nicole said clinking their glasses together.
“Cheers,” Waverly answered. They both took sips, eyes on the other the entire time.
Nicole stepped a little closer and Waverly smiled up at her, heart leaping into her throat.
“You know,” Nicole began, “You owe me a round of twenty questions.”
Waverly’s stomach twisted and revolted against her. How could something as wonderful as Nicole (maybe) flirting with her make her feel sick? Right. Because she had no idea how to respond. Especially with Nicole in front of her looking all sexy.
“Well you can redeem it at any time,” Waverly said shrugging one shoulder. She immediately hated the words that came out of her mouth and wished she could take them back. But Nicole’s smile widened so she figured she was fine.
“Fine,” Nicole said, “Why did you start roller derby?”
Waverly thought back to that day she signed up. How really, she just wanted to talk to Nicole and even if she had a vague interest in derby, had never really…considered it an option. Then Wynonna made a point of saying she couldn’t do it and well…being near Nicole certainly was a perk of it.
“Because I wanted to prove Wynonna wrong,” Waverly said.
Nicole nodded, “And did you?”
Waverly pulled on her bottom lip with her teeth for a moment in thought. “Well, I’m still a Unicorn. So probably not yet.”
“You’re still a Unicorn but that doesn’t mean you don’t have potential. You can’t even graduate to a team for another few weeks,” Nicole said taking another drink, “And I’m...pretty sure you will.”
“You think so?” Waverly asked softly. Nicole just nodded and continued to her next question.
“Now how old are you?” she asked with a small blush.
“Twenty-one,” Waverly said.
“A baby,” Nicole muttered with a small smile.
Waverly pretended to be offended, “Hardly. I’m legal in all ways now.”
Nicole’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline and Waverly blushed impossibly deep. She really did have the tendency to put her foot in it. Saying she was ‘legal’ had that implication she didn’t want to think about. The implication of Nicole over her...under her...both of them completely wrapped around each other. She thought about it enough at inappropriate times. Mostly in practices when Nicole was sweaty, barely clothed and oh so close.
“Next question,” Nicole said, bringing Waverly from her thoughts, “Do you live with Blood?”
“I do. At the family house outside of town,” Waverly said, thankful that they had gone away from the embarrassing legal talk.
“I figured,” Nicole said, “She jokes about you with me sometimes. In our joint practices.”
Waverly felt the color drain from her face as she looked over at Wynonna who was still dancing on the bar but had managed to pull another girl up there with her. The moves they were doing were...probably teetering on explicit so Waverly looked away. She could only imagine the kind of things that Wynonna might say to Haught.
“About...what?” she asked.
Nicole shook her head with a smile, “It’s my turn. Remember?”
Waverly scoffed, “Fine. I’m just going to ask her later.”
“To be fair, I’m not the only one she says it to,” Nicole pointed out.
“Who else?” Waverly asked with a frown.
“Not your turn,” Nicole repeated with a smug look on her face. Waverly huffed with a little bit of a pout but didn’t push it. “What team would you want to be on?”
Whatever team you’re on.
The words were on the tip of Waverly’s tongue and if she had had anymore to drink she probably would have confessed it all right there. But she bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself quiet and tilted her head to the side like she was thinking.
“Well, the Peacemakers are clearly the best,” she teased. She was rewarded with a small scoff and roll of her eyes from Nicole. “Honestly I’d be happy on any team.”
Nicole squinted at Waverly for a moment and straightened up. She finished off her drink and looked over at Waverly with the barest hint of a smile.
“Shots?” she asked.
Waverly finished off her own drink. “I’m a lot further along than you,” she said trying to assess her own drunkenness. “So my limit is two.”
Nicole laughed and ordered five shots from the bartender. She slid two in front of Waverly and they took them together.
“There,” Nicole said as she slammed down her third shot, “Now I’m caught up with you.” She looked around the crowded bar for a moment before looking back down at Waverly.
“Wanna go outside for a second?” Nicole asked just loudly enough for Waverly to hear her over the noise of the bar, “It’s just...kinda hot in here.”
“Does that count as one of your questions?” Waverly smirked.
Nicole shot her a good natured look, “If it must.”
“I’ll give you this one as a freebie,” Waverly nodded and felt how it took a moment for her brain to follow her head movements. She was definitely pleasantly drunk. Not so much that she would forget anything, but just enough to make her feel a little braver.
Nicole tilted her head towards the door and Waverly followed as she lead them outside. At one point when they were wading through a crowd, Waverly almost lost Nicole so she instinctively grabbed for her sleeve. Nicole pulled her sleeve away and reached for Waverly’s hand instead. When her hand closed around Waverly’s she felt her breath catch. Nicole’s hand was warm and just big enough to cover her own but not too big. Her hands were soft and gentle but sure and-
Waverly wondered if she’d ever thought so hard about holding someone’s hand. Probably not.
She silently hoped her own hand wasn’t too sweaty or gross. She had put on lotion before she left so at least there was that. When they got outside, the cold air hit her skin in a not completely unpleasant way. She noticed Nicole didn’t immediately let go of her hand when they got outside and when she did, long fingers trailed over Waverly’s palm before letting go. She shivered and not from the cold.
There were several people hanging out on the sidewalk outside of the bar, but Haught walked through all of them and around the corner away from everyone. It wasn’t a hidden area, particularly, but enough out of the way of prying eyes that sent a thrill up Waverly’s spine.
She leaned against the wall of the bar and took a deep breath. The cold air burned her lungs but she welcomed it.
“Is this okay?” Nicole asked. Her words had a bit of a drawl to them that made Waverly feel warm deep in her belly.
“Perfect,” Waverly breathed out. Nicole stuffed both of her hands in her pockets and stood close, the tip of her shoes almost touching Waverly’s.
“I’s hard to hear in there,” Nicole shrugged with that charming smile, “Now what number question are we on?”
“Six,” Waverly said after a moment of thought, “And I won’t count that as one of your questions.”
“Smart ass,” Nicole chuckled, “Okay, then seven. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be?”
Waverly squinted in thought and put both of her hands behind her against the wall.
“Somewhere near the ocean,” Waverly said, “I’m not picky other than that.”
A burst of cold wind passed by her and Waverly shivered, crossing her arms over her chest. Nicole’s brow furrowed immediately in concern and she shrugged off her blazer without a second thought. She stepped closer to Waverly so that she could drape the jacket over her shoulders. Waverly’s breath left her lungs as the warm smell that reminded Waverly of vanilla dipped donuts filled her. She looked up at Nicole who was standing so very close.
Nicole’s hands lingered on the lapel as she pulled it tighter around Waverly’s shoulders. Waverly put her hands over Nicole’s to keep them in place and pulled the taller woman forward a little. The front of Nicole’s shoe hit Waverly’s and she stumbled forward in surprise. Nicole pulled one hand from Waverly’s grip and used her forearm to brace herself on the wall above Waverly’s head.
The streetlight was shining down in just enough that Waverly could see the hint of a blush on Nicole’s cheeks. She was certain she had one to match it. Brown eyes were wide, questioning. Waverly looked back up at Nicole with bated breath, unable to stop her eyes darting down to Nicole’s lips.
“Question seven,” Nicole said licking her lips. Her other hand fell from the jacket and settled on Waverly’s waist. Waverly nodded wordlessly, her hands hanging uselessly at her sides. “Why did you really want to join roller derby?”
Waverly felt her mouth dry up. She took a deep breath and rushed out, “I wanted to spend more time with you.” She blushed and looked away for a moment. “The stuff about Wynonna is true too though.”
A slow smile curled over Nicole’s face and she nodded. “Good to know.”
“Is it?”
“Yeah. Question eight.”
Waverly felt Nicole’s thumb rubbing a soft circle on her stomach, probably due to her nerves more than anything. Her heart was racing, blood rushing so loudly in her ears that she could barely hear Nicole’s next question.
“Is it okay if I kiss you?”
Waverly didn’t answer. Not with words anyways. Her hands found their own way, smoothing over Nicole’s chest, one hand playing with the collar of her shirt while the other curled gently around the back of Nicole’s neck. She put just enough pressure on the back of Nicole’s neck to give her that encouragement to close the gap between them.
The muscles at the back of Nicole’s neck tensed under Waverly’s fingers as she resisted the pressure. But just a moment later the muscles relaxed and Nicole’s neck bent to the will of Waverly’s fingers. Finally, what she’d been hoping for for weeks was happening.
Nicole’s forehead rested lightly against Waverly’s as they breathed each other in. Every question and doubt dangled on the shared breath between them. Waverly’s eyes fluttered shut and she tilted her chin up a little. She didn’t care if she seemed desperate or impatient. She’d waited this long to kiss Nicole and every second longer she waited was akin to torture.
Finally she felt soft lips brush against her own. They hesitated, but only briefly, not giving Waverly enough time to voice her impatience. Instead Nicole’s lips pressed softly against her own and every sensible thought flew out of her head. The fingers at the back of Nicole’s neck slipped through silky red strands.
Her back pressed a little further into the wall as Nicole leaned more into her. Waverly welcomed the weight but hoped Nicole couldn’t feel the way her heart was beating out of her chest. Every second that Nicole’s lips were pressed against hers was just affirmation to Waverly that she had fallen for her. Hard. Probably since the first moment she’d laid eyes on Nicole.
The kiss was brief. Far more brief than Waverly would have liked. A short whine was building at the back of her throat as her nails scratched lightly at the back of Nicole’s neck. She needed to feel Nicole’s lips on her own again.
“Question nine,” Nicole breathed out, their foreheads still pressed together, “Do you-...Do you understand that we can’t kiss again?”
Waverly’s eyes flew open and it felt like she’d been dunked in a bucket of cold water. Her tongue darted out to taste the whiskey and something that tasted like sugar on her lips from Nicole’s kiss and felt light headed again. Maybe she’d misheard her.
“What?” Waverly asked with a frown, “What do you mean?”
Nicole went to drop her hand from Waverly’s waist but she covered it with her own, keeping her in place.
“I’m your trainer,” Nicole sighed, “We can’t-...this can’t be a thing.”
“Are there rules against it?” Waverly asked, her fingers still moving through Nicole’s hair.
Nicole sighed and their noses brushed together, “Not written explicitly-”
“Then I don’t see the problem,” Waverly said leaning up to kiss Nicole again. Nicole turned her head and Waverly got her cheek instead. Nicole straightened up, arm falling from the wall above Waverly’s head and Waverly’s hand fell from her hair. With the sudden amount of space between them, the cold air chilled Waverly again. She pulled Nicole’s jacket tighter around her shoulders without thinking.
“Waves,” Nicole said slamming her eyes shut and shaking her head a little, “I’m sorry. I should never have kissed you.”
Waverly felt like her heart fell out right there on the sidewalk between them and shattered. She could feel her throat tighten and tears threaten to spill down her cheeks. But she stood straighter, face set like stone.
“And I should have never let you kiss me,” she said crossing her arms in front of her chest. Even though she knew she’d be thinking about the kiss for far longer than she wanted to. Waverly shrugged one shoulder and tried to look as unaffected as possible. “But it’s fine. It’s derby, right? These things happen.”
She watched as something passed over Nicole’s face. Her lips became a thin line and she looked down at her shoes before looking back at Waverly. She couldn’t look at Nicole any longer. She couldn’t stand to see her so close but so...defeated. It only upset Waverly more because she was the only one allowed to be upset about it.
“Can we just talk about it?” Nicole said softly, eyes pleading.
Waverly shrugged and pushed off the wall, “I have to go.”
She was almost around the corner when she remembered Nicole’s jacket around her shoulders. Waverly shrugged it off and tossed it in Nicole’s direction. Nicole grabbed it, the jacket almost falling to the ground but Waverly was already weaving through the crowd of people outside.
“Waves!” she heard Nicole shout from behind her. She blinked away the tears at the corners of her eyes and kept moving.
As soon as she made it back inside, she took a deep breath and went straight for the bar.
“Three shots, please,” Waverly said with a forced smile.
Wynonna came up behind her and hip checked her playfully. Waverly stumbled over a bit and shot her sister a look.
“Gotta work on receiving those hits, baby girl,” Wynonna teased. Even through her drunken haze, Waverly watched as her sister’s expression darkened at the look on Waverly’s face. “Who do I have to beat up?”
“No one,” Waverly said quickly.
“It’s Haught isn’t it? I saw you two go outside,” Wynonna said as her eyes scanned the crowd, “What’d she say to you? Some shit about not making it out of Unicorns? I swear to god that bitch-”
Waverly cut off her sister. “Nothing like that. It’s fine. Here.”
She handed Wynonna a shot in hopes it would distract her enough to stop talking about Haught. Wynonna’s eyes darted down to the shot and she took it happily.
“Best sister ever,” Wynonna said with a wink. They took a shot at the same time and Waverly relished the way the alcohol burned as it went down. She didn’t know if she should be mad or sad about Haught. Probably a little bit of both. But for now she would just be drunk.
Later that night, Waverly made some poor decisions.
Part of Waverly hoped that Haught had seen when Wynonna pulled her on the bar to dance. She was too far gone to think or even do a scan for herself.
The other part of her hoped Nicole was gone by the time she pulled Fury into a kiss while she was on top of the bar.
The next morning, Waverly woke up on the couch with a blanket draped over her. She blinked up at the ceiling for a moment, head already pounding. She saw her dress dropped haphazardly on the floor and looked under the blanket to see she had decided to sleep in just her underwear.
Shapiro was coming down the stairs, shoes in her hand and shirt askew. Waverly squinted at her and rolled her eyes as Wynonna came down the stairs behind her in just a tshirt and panties. She flopped back down on the couch and looked at her phone.
Four messages from Haught.
Haught: Waves. Please. Can we just sit down and talk?
Haught: Or stand and talk? I’m not picky.
Haught: I’m sorry.
Haught: I still have some questions left in your game of twenty questions, you know.
Waverly closed her phone and turned so her face was pressed against the back of the couch. She heard movement in the kitchen but ignored it. There was still a sadness bubbling in her chest that she had hoped would go away with the drinking but apparently there was no such luck. Her fingers itched to text Haught back but she restrained herself.
All she could think about was how Nicole’s lips felt against her own and the way her hand settled so naturally on her waist. Waverly sighed at the memory. A sigh that turned to a groan when she heard giggling coming from the kitchen.
Waverly wrapped the blanket around herself and decided to go up the stairs while the other two were distracted in the kitchen. She purposefully left her phone to avoid any temptation of calling Nicole. She would rather just deal with her in practice the next day.
Waverly skipped a whole week of practices and Haught stopped trying to text her after two days of no replies.
Waverly was finally back at practice. She couldn’t bring herself to be gone for too long. Especially with Becky texting her and asking where she was. Not to mention the kiss with Fury at the holiday party which apparently the whole league already knew about.
Though Waverly wasn’t as worried about the kiss. Especially seeing how Fury just waved it off and so did Waverly. It wasn’t a big deal, not in roller derby. Waverly was more worried with the idea that Nicole knew that she kissed Fury. Right after they had kissed. It made Waverly nervous.
“Alright, we’re practicing apex jumps today,” Haught said standing in front of the group of Unicorns. There was a mix of excited chatter and groans. Waverly’s stomach had been in a knot all practice at the idea of being in the same room as Nicole again so she really couldn’t tell if she was nervous for the drill at all.
An apex jump was usually made by a jammer to jump the corner of the track and get past the opposing blockers to score all their points in one impressive looking move. It was rarely used, and when it was done successfully, it was always a crowd pleaser.
Haught set up some cones to simulate blockers, giving them a distance to try and jump. She demonstrated it with ease, her long legs stretching without a problem for her to complete the jump. Waverly purposely looked away as they all got in line to jump the cones.
All practice Haught had been trying to get Waverly’s attention. She could feel her staring at her or skating closer to her than maybe she would have normally. But Waverly pointedly ignored her every single time.
They went through the drill a few times, the cones getting further and further apart as they went. Waverly cleared it easily every time even when some other skaters struggled. But the last time with the cones nearly as far apart as she was tall, Waverly felt her skate slip a little under her and her ankle twist in a weird way. She stumbled for a moment but managed to stay upright. She cursed to herself as she skated back to the line.
“Maybe you shouldn’t jump this next one, Waves,” Haught said skating up to her. Her eyes were firmly on Waverly’s ankle and Waverly groaned a little when Nicole’s eyes met her own.
“I’m fine,” Waverly said stiffly even as she favored her injured ankle and kept her weight off of it.
“Waverly, you’re not. I can see that-”
“Don’t ever tell me what I am and what I’m not,” Waverly snapped under her breath, looking sharply at Nicole. She noticed Becky perk up a little and try to look behind her back at them but it didn’t seem like anyone else had taken notice.
Nicole skated a little closer, something burning in her eyes. “As your coach, I’m telling you not to try jumping the cones if you already injured yourself.”
“And as an adult, I’m kindly telling you to fuck off,” Waverly said as Becky took her turn, meaning Waverly was next.
“Waverly,” Nicole said again, warningly. But Waverly, more determined than ever, went anyways. She could feel all the anger in her chest making her legs work faster and through the pain in her ankle. Clearing the cones was no problem. But as she landed perfectly on her injured ankle she felt a ‘pop’ and her entire leg collapsed underneath her. Waverly tumbled to the ground, rolling over herself until she landed flat on her back, limbs spread out around her.
There was a collective gasp and Waverly groaned, her cheeks heating in embarrassment. Waverly just let herself lay there for a moment with her eyes closed. The light was blocked from her eyes and she opened them to see Haught and Fury both leaning over her.
“Are you okay?” Haught asked, eyes wide.
“I’m fine,” Waverly said pushing away the hand Haught offered to help her up. She tried to get up on her own and managed to do it without embarrassing herself until she tried to put weight on her ankle. She hissed in pain, knee giving out from under her for a moment. Haught quickly grabbed her arm to save her from falling and Waverly shot her a look.
“Let me help you to the first aid room,” Haught said, Fury nodding in agreement.
“I’m fine,” Waverly repeated. She tried to pull her arm from Nicole’s grasp but she held firm.
“Waverly, I’m not only your coach, I’m also the only person from Safety here. So I need you to do what I tell you,” Nicole said firmly. Waverly felt a chill go up her spine that wasn’t entirely unpleasant at the tone of her voice and the look in Nicole’s eyes. She wondered if this is what Nicole was like when she was in cop mode. Taking in a perp and telling them to put their hands behind their back-
“Waverly!” Fury interrupted her reverie. Waverly blinked at her, cheeks tinting from letting herself get carried away with her thoughts. Nicole was frowning and looked just as confused as Fury. “Can you stand up with Haught’s help?”
“Yeah,” Waverly said, still reeling from her daydream. Nicole held her arm and steadied Waverly as she stood on her feet. She tried to put down her injured ankle but hissed in pain and immediately picked it back up. Waverly let Nicole slip a tentative arm around her waist and hated how being in her arms felt so comforting.
“This okay?” Nicole asked softly.
Waverly just nodded and let Nicole lead her off of the track and into the second half of the warehouse where the first aid office was.
Office was probably a strong word for it. It was a little room they had built with some wood planking in the corner of the warehouse. It had a locking door, windows with blinds, and generally looked like an office. Except it was stuffed with medical supplies including crutches and wheelchairs for when the inevitable injuries happened.
They didn’t talk all the way to the office. The only sound was the din of the girls skating on the track. The sound faded as they made their way to the first aid office. Nicole opened the door and Waverly pulled on the door frame to wheel herself in on one skate as she balanced on the one foot. She pulled herself to the couch and let her body fall onto it with a huff.
Nicole closed the door behind her and went straight for one of the supply cabinets.
“Can you get your skate off?” she asked as she walked back with some rolls of medical tape.
Waverly undid her skate, making it as loose as possible. She moved to take it out but Nicole stopped her as she knelt on the floor in front of her. She unclipped the strap of her helmet and set it on the floor, along with her wrist guards. Waverly took her helmet off and set it besides her on the couch, taking her mouth guard off and dropping it in it.
“Wait, here. Let me take a look first,” Nicole said shooing Waverly’s hands away from her own foot. Nicole carefully pulled back the tongue of the skate and ran her fingers along Waverly’s ankle. “Does that hurt?”
Waverly felt chills run all up her body at the contact but managed to keep a straight face. “Nope,” she said stiffly.
Nicole nodded and slowly pulled the skate from Waverly’s foot. It hurt a little as the stiff leather cleared her ankle but it was more of a dull ache now. Once the skate was off, Nicole pulled Waverly’s sock halfway down her foot to leave her ankle exposed.
Waverly blushed at the oddly intimate nature of the whole thing.
She was sitting on the couch with her skate off and sock down with Nicole kneeling in front of her and running her fingers over her ankle time and time again. If this were a Jane Austen novel, they’d have to be married for this sort of contact.
“What’s the verdict, doc?” Waverly teased awkwardly. Nicole looked up at her with some shock on her face but quickly looked back down at her ankle. Waverly figured she didn’t have the right to be joking with Nicole in this way. Not when she had been ignoring her calls. Though it was Nicole who kissed her and then said it was a mistake.
“It’s a little swollen,” Nicole nodded. She looked at Waverly with all the seriousness she’d ever seen Nicole muster. “So we’ll have to amputate.”
Waverly looked at Nicole for a beat before realizing she had been trying to tease her too. A slow embarrassed smile grew on Nicole’s face, dimples popping enough to make Waverly hate Nicole again. They both smiled at each other for a moment before Nicole picked up a roll of the medical tape and began to undo it.
“I’m just going to wrap it and we’ll ice it. But you should be careful on it the next few days,” Nicole said taking Waverly’s sock completely off and setting it in her skate. The gesture made Waverly blush and feel self conscious. She shifted a little in her seat as Nicole began to gently roll the tape around her foot. Nicole’s fingers brushed the skin of her foot as she went and tingles ran across Waverly’s scalp.
“Question ten?” Nicole whispered, looking up at Waverly through her lashes, ever unsure.
Waverly hesitated only a moment before nodding.
“Are you still mad at me?”
Waverly sighed and looked away for a moment. She wished she had something to do with her hands other than having them sit awkwardly at her sides, so she began to take her wrist guards off slowly.
“Yes,” Waverly said, “I am still mad at you.”
“Because I kissed you?” Nicole asked.
“Yes!” Waverly said before sighing and shaking her head. “No. Not really. I’m mad at you because I wanted you to kiss me more. And because you said I was a mistake.”
Nicole stopped wrapping her ankle to look at Waverly with something like anger clouding her expression. “I didn’t say you were a mistake. How could I said the kiss was a mistake!”
“Same difference,” Waverly said picking at some stray strands of thread on the couch.
“It’s not. And you know it,” Nicole said going back to wrapping Waverly’s foot. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first moment I met you, Waverly-”
“Then why didn’t you?” Waverly blurted. She watched a slow smile crawl over Nicole’s face.
“Because, darlin’, that’s not something a gentlewoman does upon first meetin’ a lady,” Nicole said with a slight drawl that made Waverly feel like she was going to faint.
Waverly whispered, “I wouldn’t have minded.”
Nicole raised an eyebrow and continued. “It wasn’t you. It was the kiss. I knew I shouldn’t have done it. It’s not something that people look highly upon. Coaches and skaters being together. It can get really awkward really quickly. Hell, even inter-league dating is frowned upon. It’s part of the reason I left my old league.”
Waverly stuck her finger in the hole of the couch and stretched it out as she spoke. “Seems like a silly rule to me.”
“Well it’s not,” Nicole assured her, “It can really throw off an entire team.”
Waverly looked at Nicole who was still focused on her ankle. Even through the dull pain as she wrapped the bandage tightly around Waverly’s ankle, she could feel Nicole’s gentle touch. It was in the way she cradled the heel of her foot and ankle. She wanted Nicole. In the most primal sexy way but also just...she just wanted her. She wanted to hold her hand and look into her eyes without worrying if it was a beat too long. She wanted to cuddle her and run her hands through her hair as they watched tv. To drive to practice together and fight over the radio dial. But Nicole had been burned before.
“Nicole, can I ask you a question?” Waverly said.
Nicole nodded, her eyebrows raised skeptically.
“Do you regret it? Everything with your ex? Even if it blew up in the end and got messy. Do you wish it had never happened?” Waverly asked softly.
Nicole’s eyes darted around Waverly’s face as if they were looking for something. Some kind of hint or answer. She licked her lips and shook her head.
“Do you regret our kiss?” Waverly asked, steeling her heart for the answer.
“No,” Nicole said easily. She had finished wrapping Waverly’s ankle but stayed kneeling in front of her.
“Do you think it’s worth it?” Waverly asked quietly.
She didn’t say what, but they both knew the true meaning behind the question. Were they worth it.
They just stared at each other for a moment. It felt like they were at a precipice. At the edge of something waiting for the fall. For that push that would send them tumbling off the edge and into the unknown. Waverly could feel it hanging in the air around them, crackling like static. The ghost of Nicole’s lips still played on her lips and she looked down at Nicole’s out of habit.
“Question number eleven,” Nicole said, visibly swallowing a lump in her throat. Her hands were resting on either side of Waverly’s thighs on the couch. Long fingers lightly brushed against the outside of her thighs sending Waverly’s nerves aflame. “Would it scare you if I said you were worth everything?”
Waverly covered Nicole’s hands with her own and ran them up her arms. Her hands bumped clumsily into Nicole’s elbow pads and over them until they smoothed over her shoulders. Waverly cupped Nicole’s neck between her hands and shook her head.
“No. Well...yes. Because scare me,” Waverly said. She caught Nicole’s disheartened look and shook her head. She shut her eyes to try and gather her thoughts as she spoke again. “No, not in a bad way. Sorry I’m...not very good at this but-...”
Waverly took a deep breath and opened her eyes back up to see Nicole just staring at her, a small hopeful smile on her face. Waverly smiled back and resisted the urge to just lean over and kiss her. But she knew she owed Nicole an explanation. So Waverly continued.
“You scare me because-...I’ve never felt like this before,” Waverly confessed, “Have you ever met someone and instantly known in your heart that they meant something to you?”
Nicole’s eyes radiated something Waverly wasn’t quite ready to think about yet when she replied. “I kinda might know something about that...yeah.”
Waverly’s heart was beating so quickly she was sure Nicole could hear it.
“Nicole, I want to do a lot of things. I want to get out of Unicorns,” Waverly started, “I want to be on an amazing team and kick ass and win the championship but-...when I think about what I want to do most in the’s you.”
Nicole visibly sighed, her smile widening even as Waverly blushed from her poor choice of words.
“Question twelve,” Nicole whispered even as she got closer to Waverly. She had slotted her body between Waverly’s knees so their faces were only inches apart. “Can I kiss you again, Waverly Earp?”
Waverly didn’t answer. She just let herself finally close the gap between them and bring their lips together again. Their lips slid together with ease, every hair standing on edge. Somehow their second kiss was more magical than the first. Waverly wondered if it was going to be a new experience each time they kissed after this.
Each time.
Just the thought made Waverly smile into the kiss and curl her fingers into the soft hairs at the back of Nicole’s skull. She deepened the kiss, tongue testing the waters and brushing along Nicole’s bottom lip. That seemed to be all the redhead needed as far as encouragement. Nicole’s hands cupped the back of Waverly’s thighs, lifting and twisting her so she was lengthwise on the couch. Before Waverly could process what was happening, her back was pressed into the soft cushions of the couch and Nicole was above her.
Waverly let out a soft groan as Nicole pulled Waverly’s knee over her hip, their bodies fitting wonderfully together. It was far from perfect. Waverly had one skate on, Nicole had both of hers on...basically all of their equipment was still on. But the clunky knee and elbow pads didn’t deter them. Neither did the light sheen of sweat on their bodies from the practice they had both been in just a few moments ago.
Waverly’s fingers weaved their way into Nicole’s hair, tugging lightly on the short strands. Nicole’s fingers on her leg tightened as her hips tilted down into Waverly’s. Stars popped in front of Waverly’s eyes and she wondered if she was in heaven.
The sharp sound of a whistle interrupted them and Nicole pulled away quickly. She sat up a little and peeked through the closed blinds presumably to see if anyone was on their way to the first aid office. Waverly’s eyes followed the line of Nicole’s jaw where her short red hair tickled the skin and she sat up, her lips placing soft kisses along that line.
Nicole sighed, eyes fluttering shut as she dropped her hand from the blinds to Waverly’s hip. Waverly could taste the sweat on Nicole’s jaw and it sent a shot of heat directly to her core.
“We should get back to practice,” Nicole breathed out as Waverly pulled her earlobe between her teeth.
“I like this better,” Waverly whispered as her lips just barely ghosted over Nicole’s pulsepoint. She could feel Nicole’s pulse rushing under her lips and smirked. Nicole gently pushed on Waverly’s hip to get her to lay back down. Waverly pouted up at Nicole who was still kneeling between her legs.
“I would really love to continue this,” Nicole said with a smile, “But they’re going to start wondering where we are.”
“Fine,” Waverly huffed, smile still playing at the corners of her lips. Her hands were running up and down Nicole’s forearms, unable to go too long without feeling her skin. She’d gotten a taste and now she was addicted. “Then when can we continue?”
“Well, I was wondering if, uh,” Nicole ducked her head shyly, tongue wetting her lips. Waverly already knew she was going to agree with whatever she asked. “If I could take you on a date.”
Waverly’s heart fluttered like a bird trying to escape its cage. “I’d love that. Tonight?”
Nicole chuckled warmly and leaned down to kiss Waverly lightly, “Impatient. I can’t do tonight. I have the night shift. What about Monday night?”
“Monday night works great,” Waverly said.
“Perfect,” Nicole whispered before kissing Waverly again. She tried to deepen it but Nicole pulled away before she could. Waverly let out a frustrated sigh. “Let’s get back to practice. Yeah?”
“Fine,” Waverly said as Nicole climbed off the couch.
“And you’re definitely done skating for the day,” Nicole said helping her from the couch. Waverly just sighed dramatically.
“Fine. It just means I can watch you from the sidelines better.”
Nicole laughed and Waverly felt her stomach flutter at the sound.
Their first date went swimmingly. Nicole came to her door dressed in dark jeans and a button up and Waverly almost melted into a puddle. The only other time that she had seen Nicole not in workout clothes was at the holiday party. Surprisingly she hadn’t even seen Nicole when she was working. Not yet anyways.
Waverly could only imagine what Nicole looked like in a cop uniform. If her Calamity Janes uniform did things for Waverly, she could only imagine a police uniform.
“What’s Haught shit doing here?” Wynonna had asked when the sound of a car pulling up to the Homestead alerted them of her arrival.
Waverly ran down the stairs in her skirt and crop top, pulling her shoes on as she went. “She’s here for me.”
Wynonna turned to look at her sister and did a double take. “Why do you look like you’re hooking on the side of I-9?”
“Don’t be dramatic,” Waverly said with a roll of her eyes. There was a soft knock at the door and she ran a hand through her hair. “We’re going on a date.”
“What?!” Wynonna asked incredulously, “A date? With her?”
“Yep,” Waverly said simply, hoping Nicole couldn’t hear Wynonna practically shrieking through the door. “Now excuse me. My date is here.”
Nicole took her to a nice dinner in the city. At one point during dinner, Waverly ran her foot over Nicole’s ankle and she dropped her fork loudly on her plate. It got them a few looks, but it was completely worth it. The entire ride home they held hands over the center console. Nicole’s thumb brushed along the side of Waverly’s hand and it made her stomach twist in the most pleasant way possible.
And yes, they did make out in the car when they got back to the Homestead until the windows fogged up.
And yes, the making out continued against the front door when Nicole walked her there. That was, until Wynonna pulled the door open on them and Waverly practically fell through the door. She actually might have if Nicole didn’t catch her around the waist at just the right time.
With one more (very respectful) peck and a hug goodbye, Nicole was gone with the promise of picking Waverly up for the next practice.
Waverly loved when Nicole picked her up for practice. It meant that they could hold hands the whole ride to the warehouse and the whole way back. Sometimes after practice they found themselves volunteering to do little chores around the warehouse. Like organizing the first aid closet or locker rooms. Really, this was just an excuse to have alone time together and make out some more.
After practice they would get coffee or lunch and usually...make out some more.
Waverly felt like a teenager again with all the sneaking around and frantic makeout sessions in the back of cars and in secluded areas of the warehouse.
It was a sort of silent agreement they came to to keep their...whatever they had between them a secret from the league. At least as much of a secret as someone could have in roller derby. Which Waverly was beginning to learn was not much.
Waverly’s hands slipped under Nicole’s ridiculous t-shirt. With how she cut off the sleeves, Waverly could basically see her entire torso through the sides anyways. She had suggested they “clean” the locker room after practice. They attempted to clean for about ten minutes before Nicole backed Waverly against the freestanding lockers in the middle of the room that were more for show than actual use.
Waverly’s fingers smoothed along the flat panes of Nicole’s stomach and trailed along the edge of her sports bra. It was still a damp from practice and on anyone else Waverly might find it off putting, but on Nicole it was one of the sexiest things in the world.
Nicole pulled away from Waverly just long enough to pull her shirt up and over her head. Waverly followed her lead and shucked her tank top to the floor just before Nicole surged forward again. Their hips bumped and the metal of the locker was cold against Waverly’s back but Nicole’s lips were on hers and that was all she noticed.
Nicole’s lips traveled down Waverly’s jaw to her neck and she danced her hands over Nicole’s breasts. A groan reverberated through Nicole’s chest and Waverly tilted her hips towards Nicole’s.
They hadn’t taken the next step in their relationship. Not that Waverly wasn’t ready. She was oh so ready. At first she was nervous and had googled some tips. After all, she’d never been with a woman and wasn’t sure exactly what was the norm. She wasn’t an idiot, she could imagine what had happened and sure...maybe she had indulged in enough sapphic adult content to give her a general idea of how it worked. But she was still nervous.
Nicole had been so sweet and gentle and let Waverly take the reins on how far they went. She always waited for a cue from Waverly before exploring any new territory. It only turned Waverly on even more. She could feel the sexual tension between them building and building and was sure it would spill over at any moment.
Nicole nipped at a particularly sensitive part of Waverly’s neck and she moaned obscenely. Waverly wrapped her leg around Nicole’s hip, the heel of her foot digging into the back of her thigh to bring her closer. Nicole gripped the back of Waverly’s thighs and lifted her into the air as she reconnected their mouths, her legs automatically wrapping around her. Waverly sighed and whispered against Nicole’s lips.
“That was so sexy.”
Nicole smirked in a way that should have been irritating but Waverly just found it ridiculously charming. “You like that, baby?” she said softly.
Waverly practically melted as she nuzzled their noses together. “Let me show you.”
She leaned back in to kiss her when the sound of the door opening interrupted them. They froze for a moment from their hidden spot behind the wall of lockers.
“Um, guys,” Fury’s voice came. It snapped them out of their daze and Nicole hastily put Waverly down as they both scrambled for their shirts.
“Yeah? What’s up?” Nicole said quickly throwing her shirt back on and walking out from behind the wall of lockers. She put her arm up against the lockers in a way that Waverly guessed was supposed to look casual but only looked more awkward. Especially with how Nicole’s face was flushed and lips swollen.
Waverly quickly slipped on her own shirt and picked up a disinfecting wipe to pretend like she was wiping down the lockers. She heard Fury’s footsteps come into the room and peak around the lockers to look at Waverly. She smiled at her and tried to look normal even if her cheeks were burning.
“I just...wanted to know if you two had signed up for volunteer shifts for the game next week,” Fury said looking between the two.
“Oh, um...yeah I’ll do that when I get home,” Waverly said hoping Fury was going to leave soon to get them out of this awkward situation.
“Mhm, me too,” Nicole said with an exaggerated smile.
Fury frowned and looked between the two of them with a small smile. “Okay,” she said before walking back towards the door. She closed it slowly behind her and Waverly breathed a sigh of relief. But then a moment later the door opened again and Fury popped her head in.
“Oh, by the way, it’s totally obvious you two are fucking. See you later!” she shut the door behind her again and Nicole and Waverly just stood there mortified.
Waverly: Is it bad people know we’re together?
Nicole: No. I don’t think so. Plus I think Fury is just extra observant.
Waverly: Hm. Okay.
Nicole: We just have to be...more careful. Just in case. It won’t be as much of a problem when you’re not in Unicorns anymore.
Waverly: Nicole.
Nicole: Waverly.
Waverly: If you wanted to...back would tell me. Right?
Nicole: I don’t want to back off.
Waverly: But you would tell me?
Nicole: Yes. Absolutely. But you’re worth everything that might come our way. You know that, right?
Waverly: I...goddamn it, Nicole.
Nicole: ...what?
Waverly: I really like you.
Nicole: I really like you too.
Waverly: Want to come over?
Nicole: I’ll be there in a half hour.
Mind blowing.
It was a phrase Waverly had seen other girls use to describe sex but she always thought it was over exaggerated. She would roll her eyes and shake her head at the ridiculousness of it. Champ was the only other person she’d ever slept with and he was fine. Competent. But that was about it. Her pool of potential partners was small in a small town, but still.
Waverly always had more success on her own when it came to pleasure.
But with Nicole.
Waverly finally understood what other people had been raving about.
It felt like Nicole would bring her to the edge and dangle her there. A terrifying and exhilarating feeling only made more amazing when Nicole took her off the ledge and they fell together. The two weeks they’d been making out were basically two weeks of sexual foreplay and Waverly was more than ready to show Nicole how she felt.
They came together like a match striking the box, a flame erupted between them. Hot and burning but instead of the flame dwindling down it just got bigger. Nicole’s hands on her skin were like fire and electricity and everything that Waverly was terrified of but needed. Being with Nicole was like taking her first sip of water after being stranded in a desert. Waverly kept drinking her in thinking she would be satisfied eventually, but only grew more parched. She couldn’t get enough of her.
They stayed tangled in each other, bodies rocking together until they both practically passed out from exhaustion. Waverly woke up sometime in the night with Nicole’s arms wrapped tightly around her. Her face was pressed into Nicole’s collarbone, their legs tangled together to the point that Waverly couldn’t tell where she ended and Nicole began.
Her body ached deliciously as she stirred, pressing a soft kiss to Nicole’s collarbone. She could still taste their combined sweat on her chest and groaned, a fire starting in her belly again. She felt Nicole hum, the sound reverberating through her chest and into Waverly’s lips.
“Go ‘ack to sleep, baby,” Nicole murmured, tightening her arms around Waverly’s body. Waverly wiggled a little and she felt Nicole chuckle. “You’re not going back to sleep, hm?”
Waverly pulled back a little so that she could look up at Nicole. She shook her head and Nicole pressed a kiss to her forehead. In one move, Nicole flipped them so Waverly was on her back and Nicole was over her. She slotted perfectly between Waverly’s thighs and she should have been embarrassed with how wantonly she wrapped her legs around Nicole’s waist, but she couldn’t bring herself to care.
Nicole looked down at her, red hair beautifully tousled and a small smile on her face. There was something in her eyes that made Waverly’s heart flip and she bit her lip as she ran her hands through Nicole’s hair, trying to tame it.
“Question thirteen,” Nicole whispered before she placed soft kisses across Waverly’s chest.
Waverly sighed, “Are you still playing that game?”
Sharp teeth bit purposefully into the top of Waverly’s breast and her hips jumped up towards Nicole.
“Yes, I still have some questions left out of my twenty,” Nicole teased before soothing the bite with her tongue. Waverly melted into the mattress below her. “Now question thirteen.”
“Question thirteen,” Waverly repeated as Nicole’s kisses continued up the column of her throat. Her legs tightened around Nicole’s waist as the other woman pulled away, propping herself up on her elbows to look at Waverly.
“Waverly, will you be my girlfriend?” Nicole whispered. There was a nervous smile playing on the corners of her mouth, eyes wide and hopeful. It was so apparent even with the only lighting in the room being the moon shining through the window. Waverly felt her heart burst in her chest and her fingers tightened in Nicole’s hair to bring her down for a bruising kiss. After a few moments they pulled apart for air and Nicole’s smile only got wider.
“Is that a yes?”
“Yes, absolutely a thousand times yes,” Waverly said before placing soft kisses all over Nicole’s face.
Nicole laughed and captured Waverly’s lips once more. “Good. Because if you think I’m letting you go now, you’re crazy,” Nicole whispered. Waverly’s heart tripped and split in two, filling her with warmth in a way that should have scared her. But in Nicole’s arms, she couldn’t feel safer.
Waverly was falling hard.
She felt like she was tumbling down a hill but didn’t want to stop. Even if maybe she should. She would take a step back to try and stop the motion but then one look in Nicole’s eyes and she was falling again.
Wynonna knew. She wasn’t happy about her baby sister dating her “biggest rival” on the league, but once Waverly convinced her it wasn’t Nicole trying to get some kind of weird intel out of her she accepted it.
They decided to keep it on the down low from the rest of the league. They didn’t want people prying into this new thing. They just wanted to keep it to themselves for a little bit. Even if Fury was convinced that everyone knew anyways. It didn’t matter to them in their small little bubble they had created for themselves.
Waverly’s back hit the hard concrete of the ground and she grimaced. She huffed in annoyance and sprung back on her feet as quickly as she could manage. She looked at the source of her frustration and saw Haught looking back at her with a barely there grin. It only made the anger inside her flare higher.
“You have to get lower,” Haught said already getting low in derby stance for the next hit, “Here, let me hit you again.”
Waverly crossed her arms in front of her chest and shot Haught a look. Her girlfriend. Nicole usually but Haught because they were practicing and Waverly was annoyed with her. It was their last Unicorn practice before moving up to the subpool where they could start scrimmaging and Waverly was convinced Nicole was being mean on purpose.
She thought it would be fun to pair together for hitting drills. Little did she know that Haught would be such a bully.
“You’re just going to keep knocking me over,” Waverly said resisting the pout that was pulling on her bottom lip. Haught stood up and looked around the track. Everyone was paired up, hitting and being hit...and a lot of falling.
“Everyone is doing the same thing, Waves,” Haught said pointedly, “I’m not going to take it easy on you. You need to learn.”
Waverly frowned at Haught, arms crossing tighter in front of her chest as she started her down. “You’re saying you would hit someone else this hard?”
“Yes!” Haught said throwing her arms up in frustration, “And I’m your coach. I’m not going to stand here and argue with you about this. Get in derby position and hit me.”
“I don’t want to,” Waverly hissed.
“Too fucking bad,” Nicole said flatly, “I’m your partner for this drill and you’re going to do it until I say we’re done.”
After one more second of throwing daggers at Haught, Waverly skated a little behind her. She was determined to at least knock her over a little bit. Haught was bigger than her and...maybe a little stronger. But Waverly was determined. She took a deep breath and began to skate as fast as she could towards Haught. When she got to her, she got low in derby position and hit Haught’s hip with her own.
It felt like hitting a brick wall.
Waverly bounced off her hip and hit the ground right on her ass. The bloom of pain she felt only served to piss her off more. She looked up just in time to see Nicole skating towards her and offering a hand to help her up. Waverly pushed Nicole’s hand away angrily and got up on her own.
“I’m done with this,” Waverly said skating off towards the locker room. She didn’t want to cause a scene. That wasn’t her intention. She was just so mad.
It was the end of practice, she was exhausted and she couldn’t get the hit right for the life of her. Her shirt was so soaked in sweat that it clung to her so she plucked at it. She was sure it was Nicole’s fault. Nicole didn’t have to be so mean about everything just because she was better than Waverly. She made it to the locker room and slammed the door behind her.
Waverly sat hard on the bench and began pulling off her wrist guards, throwing them angrily onto the ground. She then ripped her skates off and kept pulling her other gear off. Nicole skated into the locker room and Waverly rolled her eyes.
“So you’re done with practice then?” Nicole said with her hands on her hips.
“Yes,” Waverly said with a raise of her eyebrow.
“You won’t get full attendance credit.”
“I don’t care.”
“I don’t want to hear it, Nicole!” Waverly said as she ripped her final knee pad off.
Nicole frowned and got closer to her. “Hey! You can’t talk to me like that. I’m your coach-”
“You’re my girlfriend-”
“Yeah, but here I’m your coach,” Nicole said easily, “You can’t talk to me like that in front of the other girls.”
Waverly scoffed, “Why? Can’t talk to the big derby star like that?”
Nicole took her helmet off and ran a hand through her messy locks in frustration. “See. This is why they say you shouldn’t date in derby.”
“So maybe we should stop dating,” Waverly said before she could stop the words from tumbling out.
“Seriously?” Nicole asked incredulously, “Because I hit you too hard?”
Waverly stood up and pointed at Nicole triumphantly, “So you admit it was too hard!”
“No! It was the appropriate level of hardness,” Nicole insisted.
“You just said it was too hard!” Waverly said getting so close to Nicole that their bodies were practically touching. But with Nicole on her skates she was easily a foot and a half taller than Waverly. Not very intimidating on Waverly’s part.
“Waverly! Drop it!” Nicole shouted.
“No!” Waverly said poking Nicole hard in the chest. “Admit that you were wrong.”
Nicole stared down at Waverly and Waverly looked up at her. Honestly it was hurting her neck but she wasn’t about to back down now. Nicole’s nostrils were flaring angrily, beads of sweat going down the side of her face and chest heaving. Waverly hated how hot she looked when she was trying to be mad at her.
She watched Nicole’s eyes dart down to her lips and before she could make her own move, her back hit the lockers and Nicole’s lips were on her own. Her hands balled the front of Nicole’s shirt in her hands as she lifted Waverly up so their height difference wasn’t so apparent. Waverly wrapped her legs around Nicole’s waist and moaned into the kiss, deepening it.
Nicole pressed her hips into Waverly to keep her up against the wall as she quickly rid herself of her wrist guards. As soon as they clattered to the floor, her hands were up Waverly’s shirt and she arched into Nicole.
Their kissing was pure passion. All teeth and tongue, pulling at each other and trying to prove dominance. Waverly had never been more turned on in her life. She pulled at Nicole’s shirt with no real purpose other than she wanted to be as close to her as possible, even with their bodies completely flush with each other.
Nicole pulled Waverly away from the lockers and skated her over to the bench in the middle of the two rows of lockers. She carefully laid Waverly down on it and covered her body with her own. Nicole straddled the bench and pulled Waverly’s hips up onto her lap so that her legs could still wrap around Nicole’s waist.
Waverly groaned and Nicole’s long body bent over her as they continued kissing.
“Nicole, I need you,” Waverly panted, pressing her hips up into her in demonstration.
Nicole moaned and slipped her hand into the front of Waverly’s workout pants. Waverly’s hips jumped into her as long fingers slipped through her wetness. She should be embarrassed by how wet she was, but she really didn’t care right now.
Nicole’s fingers circled Waverly’s entrance and she moaned, flexing her hips to get Nicole where she needed her most. Nicole pulled away from kissing her with a smirk on her face.
“This depends, baby,” she said, her voice low, “Are you going to complain about it being too hard again?”
Waverly hated that Nicole saying that made her entire body light on fire. She pulled Nicole down by her shirt and hissed against her lips. “Just shut up and fuck me.”
Nicole kissed her deeply and Waverly hoped they couldn’t hear their moans back on the track.
“I’m sorry I got mad at you,” Waverly whispered as she ran her hands through Nicole’s damp locks from where her head laid on Waverly’s chest.
Nicole just sighed and leaned into Waverly’s hands. “ ‘s okay.”
They were still laying on the wooden bench of the locker room, shirts and equipment long tossed onto the floor. The bench was uncomfortable, but Waverly was too spent to move and so was Nicole by the looks of it.
“I’m sorry I got frustrated,” Waverly said biting her lip.
“It’s okay,” Nicole said lifting her head just enough to place a soft kiss on Waverly’s bare chest. “And I’m sorry I was harsh.”
Waverly sighed in content. “I did like how we made up though.”
Nicole laughed. “Yeah well. We should probably not do that during practice anymore.”
“If you say so,” Waverly said with a smile, eyes drifting shut for whatever few moments of peace they had left.
“How do I look?”
Waverly walked out of Nicole’s bathroom with Nicole’s spare jersey and a skirt on. Nicole was sitting on the floor of her living room changing her wheels for the game, still in a t-shirt and her workout pants. When she looked up from her work and saw Waverly, her eyes widened and she dropped her skate tool.
“Is that my jersey?” she breathed out.
Waverly bit back a giggle, “Yeah.” She put her hands on her hips and turned so that Nicole could see her name and number on the back. “Do you like it? I wasn’t sure if it was your thing.”
“Oh baby, that’s everybody’s thing,” Nicole said pushing her wheels and skates to the side and reaching out for Waverly. She pulled Waverly down into her lap and they both laughed, small kisses falling between them.
It was the championship game of the season between the Calamity Janes and Peacemakers. Wynonna hadn’t shut up about it for weeks. Especially when Nicole was around the Homestead. Waverly knew Wynonna was all show though. Even if she pretended she had a grudge against Nicole, she knew there was a soft spot for her in there somewhere.
“Won’t Wynonna be upset?” Nicole said as her eyes scanned over the logo on the front of the the jersey, her hands firm on Waverly’s hips.
Waverly rolled her eyes, arms draped over Nicole’s shoulders. “I have a sign for her. I’m going to be cheering on my sister and my best baby.”
Nicole smiled so widely Waverly was sure she’d go blind.
After being assured that Wynonna wouldn’t hate her if the Calamity Janes won the game, Waverly left Nicole in the locker room with a small kiss. They had decided that the end of the season was as good a time as any to stop caring if people knew they were together or not. Waverly was wearing Nicole’s jersey, after all. It didn’t get much more obvious than that. Plus, she could tell her girlfriend was nervous and that wasn’t a thing that usually happened to her before games. So Waverly was going to try and make her feel better and if that meant a kiss in front of her teammates she was all in.
At halftime, Waverly had nervously drunk her way through...well she’d lost count of how many whiskeys she’d had. The points had been close the entire game.
Now with only one jam left, the Peacemakers were up by eleven points. Wynonna was two penalties away from fouling out and Nicole had been the main target for a lot of big hits during the game. Waverly could see it was starting to get to her...probably physically more than anything. Even from the stands she could see Nicole’s arms were peppered with bruises and she had one blooming on her jaw from a bad shoulder hit.
Dolls had called a timeout for the Peacemakers and Waverly saw him talking to Wynonna and her line of blockers. He looked extra serious, which was saying something for him. Wynonna nodded to whatever he was saying and shrugged. Nicole was on the jam line with her blockers. They were all standing in a circle, arms around each other and heads bent in a huddle.
There was only a minute left in the game and really, it could go to anyone at this point. Eleven points wasn’t hard to catch up to. Waverly’s stomach apprehensively and she drained the last of her drink. Becky was beside her also cheering for both teams. She’d squealed and hugged Waverly tightly when she saw her in Haught’s jersey.
“Your girl’s doin’ good,” she said with a wink. Waverly bit her lip and nodded.
“She is, isn’t she. They both are,” Waverly said. She waved her sign that read “Go Blood” to emphasize her point. The timeout was coming to an end and everyone took their place on the track. Wynonna stood right in the middle of the track behind the jam line so that Calamity Janes’ jammer, Hermione Rager, had to stand towards the edge of the track. It was silent as the announcer spoke.
”Alright, folks, this is it. The last jam of the Purgatory Roller Derby championship game between Peacemakers and Calamity Janes. Peacemakers are in the lead with one hundred and eighty-two points versus Calamity Janes with one hundred and seventy-one. It really is anyone’s game right now.”
There was a whistle signaling the end of the timeout and all the players got in their positions. Haught’s eyes were focused on Wynonna and Wynonna only. If the Peacemakers got lead jammer all they would have to do is run the clock and make sure the Calamity Janes didn’t get any points so they could win. But if the Calamity Janes got lead all bets were off.
“Five seconds!” a referee called. Waverly felt like she was holding her breath until the whistle sounded and the jam was on. Wynonna launched herself into the back of the pack but Nicole’s wall stayed firm, barely rolling forward. Rager was juking and trying to break up the Peacemaker’s wall but it was hardly working. Wynonna had pushed the Calamity Janes blockers forward a little more, their wall breaking up.
Wynonna juked Haught and tried to squeeze past her to keep lead jammer. Haught caught her just in time for Rager to get out of the pack and get lead jammer. Waverly saw Wynonna cuss for a moment but she quickly moved and got past Haught just behind Rager.
Rager has lead jammer but Blood is right behind her!
Wynonna got in front of the other jammer and turned around. She started to block Rager, stopping her from making it around the track and burning the clock.
We have some jammer on jammer D happening! Blood is trying to run down the game clock and secure the win for Peacemakers!
Rager tried to get past Wynonna but she was doing an awesome job of keeping Rager behind her. The pack basically just stood and watched, yelling at their jammers in encouragement. Wynonna looked at the clock, forty seconds left.
Waverly felt her palms sweating as they continued. Waverly watched as Nicole skated up at full speed and swept Wynonna to the side of the track so that Rager could get past her. Wynonna, not expecting the hit, fell and Nicole tripped over her and tumbled on top of her.
One of the referees whistled for a penalty on Wynonna as they both got up.
”Oo, looks like Blood is going to the box with a low block penalty for tripping Haught with her skate!”
Waverly cringed as Wynonna cussed out the referee. She couldn’t hear what she was saying but Waverly was sure she was saying that it was a bad call. The referee blew another whistle just as Rager was skating back around to score points.
”Looks like Blood got a misconduct penalty on top of her low block for yelling at the ref! That’s going to cost her a whole minute in the box. Just as Rager is coming up on her scoring pass!
Wynonna skated towards the penalty box, arms flailing in anger and she sat down on the penalty bench. Waverly watched as Rager got through the back with help from her team, scoring the Calamity Janes five more points.
The score is now one hundred and seventy-six to one hundred and eighty-two points. The Calamity Janes just need seven more points to take the game!”
Waverly looked over at the Peacemakers’ bench where Dolls and the rest of the team were staring blankly at the track. Dolls looked stoic but Waverly was sure he was boiling on the inside.
Rager came back around and got a second scoring pass of five more points just as Wynonna had ten seconds left in the box.
Rager just needs two more points to win! Can she do it before Blood gets more points for the Peacemakers?
Waverly saw her bouncing on her toes, ready to go back in and stop the Calamity Janes from winning. Rager saw Wynonna almost out of the box and skated harder to get around the track faster and back to the back of the pack. Wynonna got out of the box just as Rager hit the Peacemaker blockers.
Waverly watched with bated breath and counted how many of the Peacemaker blockers Rager passed. She counted one, two and a third one! Rager tapped her hips to call off the jam just as Wynonna came up to the pack. The referees blew the whistles to end the game and Wynonna came to a quick stop.
Everyone stared at the scoreboard, watching as the points ticked up.
Peacemakers: 182
Calamity Janes: 184
Nicole and her teammates threw their arms up in celebration and Waverly let out a breath. She cheered as Nicole looked up at the stands beaming. Waverly beamed back and blew her a kiss. But her eyes then found Wynonna who was sitting on her bench looking dejected.
She left the stands and went over to Wynonna, throwing her arms around her in a hug.
“You did good,” Waverly said kissing the side of Wynonna’s head. Wynonna rolled her eyes and pushed Waverly away gently. But she saw the small smile on her sister’s lips and Waverly knew she’d be fine.
“Yeah yeah,” Wynonna said standing up. “But your girl did better.”
Waverly shrugged despite the smile on her lips. “You both did great.”
She felt an arm snake over her shoulders and leaned into the familiar embrace. She looked up at Nicole and smiled before Nicole looked back at Wynonna.
“Good game,” Nicole said offering her hand. “That was a good hit back there.”
Wynonna stared at her hand for a moment before taking it. “Yeah well, if you could take a hit, it would have been a lot better.”
Nicole laughed and pulled Wynonna into a one armed hug. Wynonna seemed shocked at first but patted her back anyways.
“Alright, alright,” Wynonna said pulling away and straightening her jersey. “Now come on, love birds. We may have lost the championship, but I’m sure as hell going to win the after party.”
Waverly rolled her eyes just as Nicole pulled her in against her chest. “You were my good luck charm,” Nicole said with a grin.
Waverly beamed and ran her hands over the front of Nicole’s jersey. “You looked really sexy out there.”
Nicole wiggled her eyebrows at Waverly and kissed her softly. There were a few wolf whistles from their surrounding teammates and it made Waverly smile into the kiss.
“Maybe we should just go home,” Waverly said, “Skip the after party.”
“We gotta go for a little bit, baby,” Nicole said kissing Waverly once more.
Waverly sighed, “Fine. But we’ll have time together, just you and me, afterwards?”
Nicole smiled widely and pressed their foreheads together. “Waverly, we have all the time in the world.”
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