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#i don’t want to think about wilbur being fucking 40
nocturnal-dreams · a month ago
Random questions
1. Name: Charlie
2. Nationality: I'm a Canadian citizen now but I was born in the UK
3. Age: older than Tommyinnit
4. Birthday: June 3rd
5. Zodiac sign (or your primal zodiac sign): Gemini
6. Gender: Non-binary, AFAB
7. Sexuality: Pansexual although I think just queer now
8. Your looks (add a picture or describe yourself): I guess I'd describe myself with a round face, very pale with freckles and chin-length black-red hair now since I recently dyed it. I have black eyes that lighten up to a dark brown in light and I guess a little pudgy
9. What do you/did you study?: I'm a college dropout but I was studying literature
10. What's your current job like?/What job would you like to have?: The job I have right now is at a bakery but I hope to have some kind of job that involves literature
11. Your birth order: Only child to my mum, second born to my dad
12. How many siblings do you have?: I have a half brother who is older than me by 14 years
13. Do you have good relations with your family?: yes and no
14. How many friends do you have?: Depends, online I have a lot but IRL, maybe like two or three?
15. Your relationship status: I have a partner
16. What do you look for in a SO?: Looks don't really matter to me, as long as you're a decent person, I'll love you
17. Do you have a crush?: fictional yes
18. When did you have your first kiss?: 1st grade with my best friend at the time on the school bus home
19. Do you prefer serious and meaningful relationships or casual dating/one night stands?: I used to just prefer casual dating as I wasn't looking for anything too serious until I met Yuri (my partner IRL)
20. What are your deal breakers?: not being who you say you are like faking your personality
21. How was your day?: Good so far
22. Favourite food & drink: Don't have one
23. What position do you sleep in?: Depends since it changes throughout the night but mainly on my side with a blanket bunched up behind me so I don't feel like I'll fall
24. What was your last dream about?: IDK
25. Your fears: drowning, water
26. Your dreams: making writing a serious career
27. Your goals: same as dreams
28. Any pets?: many, although the ones that live with me at my apartment are my dog Lucy and my cat Bill, my roommate also owns a snake named Jewels
29. What are your hobbies?: writing, acting, painting
30. Any cool places in your area?: Um there's the porn shop beside my apartment
31. What was your last awkward situation?: idk
32. What is your last regret?: To this day its dating my ex Keaton
33. Language/s you can speak: French, English, and some German
34. Do you believe in astrological stuff? (Zodiac, tarot, etc.): to a degree yes, like my sister-in-law is pagan and I believe in some of the things but idk
35. Have any quirks?: I can fold my tongue, IDK I'm pretty boring
36. Your pet peeves: Someone thinking that trauma is a competition like I used to be friends with a girl when in response to my grandma and brother going to the hospital and my dog dying, she said 'well imagine having cancer as a baby'
37. Ideal vacation: I don't like to leave the house
38. Any scars?: yes I have one on my chin from when I busted my chin open on my table as a kid and one on my knee from a dirt bike accident I had
39. What does your last text message say?: well... @dream-of-eros: ur as penis man in my contacts Me: good to know
40. Last 5 things from your search history: the definition of absolution, porn? (I don't remember looking that up), Karl Jacobs, anime aesthetic gif, and then Amazon
41. What's your [device] background?: my phone background is my cat but my laptop background currently is Life Is Strange
42. What do you daydream about?: Book ideas
43. Describe your dream home: a lot better than my apartment
44. What's your religion/Your thought about religion: Aethiest although I do believe in some of the stuff in pagan
45. Your personality type: I stole my personality from Schlatt, Ranboo, Minx, and Wilbur, does that answer the question?
46. The most dangerous thing you've done: a lot of the stuff I do dirt biking I guess
47. Are you happy with your current life?: meh
48. Some things you've tried in your life: I used to vape a lot (don't do it kids) and I occasionally take weed gummies but that's only when I'm with my brother really
49. What does your wardrobe consist of?: a lot of my cosplay stuff but mainly just sweaters and hoodies
50. Favourite colour to wear?: red or green
51. How would you describe your style?: whatever is comfortable
52. Are you happy with your current looks?: meh, I tolerate it
53. If you could change/add something to your appearance - impossible or not - what would it be?: Just change my nose, its too big
54. Any tattoos or piercings?: I have multiple piercings in my ears and a tongue piercing, I've thought about getting my nose pierced but I'm not sure. I've wanted to get a tattoo eventually, I've just not had enough money to get one
55. Do you get complimented often?: my grandma and partner are really the only people that compliment me irl
56. Favourite aesthetic?: I like cottage core
57. A popular trend that you dislike: the trend of checking how dark your eyebags are because it felt like people were romantizing insomnia
58. Songs you're currently obsessed with?: any Wilbur song
59. Song you normally wouldn't admit you like: How You Remind Me by Nickleback, it's good alright!
60. Favourite genre?: I really like angsty stories
61. Favourite artist/band/genre?: I've always been a very big fan of Blackbear and I've been listening to his music a lot more often now, I also really like Paramore
62. Hated popular songs/artists?: I dunno I just can't stand Camila Cabello, I'm sure she's a lovely person but I just can't stand her music. Or Ariana Grande, I like her as a person but I just can't vibe to her music
63. Put your music on shuffle and list first 5: I'm not okay, If all should fail, Test me, K., Burning Pile
64. Can you sing or play any instruments?: I used to play clarinet in high school but I fucking hated that thing, I've wanted to learn guitar for a while. I used to do musical theatre until covid shut everything down, actually I was supposed to perform in Heathers as my favourite character Veronica Sawyer until everything got shut down :(
65. Do you like karaoke?: meh
66. Own any albums?: not really, I used to but now they are with my grandma
67. Do you listen to radio? What stations?: not really, I just listen to spotify really or youtube
68. Favourite movie/series?: I really like Criminal Minds, the office, Modern Family, and She-ra
69. Favourite genre of movies/books/etc: Fantasy
70. Your fictional crush/es: too many although my top three are Adora, Luna Lovegood, and Brynjolf
71. Which fictional character is you?: Entrapta or Mermista, also I highly kin Garcia from Criminal Minds
72. Are you a shipper? List your otps, if so: my biggest otp is Linny, Seamista, and Percabeth
73. Favourite greek god?: I mean I'm in Cabin 13 but I've always loved Persphone
74. A legend from where you live that you like: none, Alberta sucks
75. Do you like art? What's your favourite work or artist?: I don't really have one although I do really like Piper Sweeney's art
76. Can you share your other social media?: All my other socials show my face so no
77. Favourite YouTubers?: Aside from mcyt, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Laurenzside, Gloom, CinnamonToastKen, and Neebs Gaming
78. Favourite platform?: It's a tie between Tumblr and Instagram altho Instagram is on thin ice
79. How much time do you spend on the internet?: too much
80. What video games have you played? Which one's your favourite?: I've played a lot of video games although I mainly play Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, GTA, and I just started playing the Walking Dead Games again. I'm the best at Ark and have the most time in it so I guess Ark
81. Your favourite books (manga also counts): I've been reading the Warrior Cats series again so I guess that
82. Do you play board/card games?: not really, don't have anyone to play with
83. Have you ever been to a night marathon in cinema?: nope
84. Favourite holiday: I only really celebrate Halloween
85. Are you into dramas?: theatre yes, irl nah
86. Would you use death note, if you had one?: Idk, there's no one I really want to kill, wait scratch that, I want to kill Casey Anthony since her daughter deserves fucking justice
87. What changes would you make in the world, no matter how impossible, if you had the power to?: just make everyone get along and let people live their fucking lives how they want
88. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?: I mean I have experience and my grandma owns a farm so I think I'm set
89. If you had to be turned into a paranormal being, what would it be?: being a dragon sounds hella cool
90. What would you want to happen to you after your death?: nothing, I want to be forgotten
91. If you had to change your name, what would be your pick?: I mean I am changing my name so...
92. Who would you switch your life with for a week?: Wilbur Soot, he gives me gender envy
93. Pick an emoji to be your tattoo: the black heart emoji 🖤
94. Write 3 things about yourself - only one of them must be true:
-I was in a cop car at three years old
-I had a dirt bike crash that left me with my leg badly damaged
-I ate a worm
95. Cold or hot?: cold most of the time but sometimes hot
96. Be a hero or be a villain?: villains are hotter
97. Sing everything you want to say or rhyme?: I mean I pretty much always sing
98. Shapeshifting or controlling time?: shapeshifting would be cooler
99. Be immortal or be immune to everything aside from natural death?: be immune, being immortal would be sad
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Aqua’s Live Reactions: “Quackity Visits Dream in Prison”
Several things before we begin:
I roughly know what happens already because I read other Tumblr posts, TV Tropes (hell, I edit the pages myself), and the wiki
This is the first DSMP vod I’ve ever watched in full
My reactions will be under the cut because that thing is 84 minutes long
I didn’t watch this sooner because I had a ton of schoolwork and it’s finally the weekend
I’m watching this on YouTube, so if any ads ruin my viewing experience, you’ll also have to suffer through me ranting about it
This whole post is within the context of the SMP, so /rp and /dsmp applies to everything under the cut
0:00+ -- the beginning? absolutely cinematic with the shaders. amazing.
1:30 -- I got an ad. they just shot up in numbers since the pandemic started... ew. capitalism.
1:38 -- from cinematic scene, cut to real actual minecraft. wow.
1:49 -- damn that building really got invaded by the crimson huh
2:04 -- hey there’s music!
2:53 -- bad! uh, meeting with the tentative father in law? except... uh, he’s brainwashed into leading an egg cult?
3:02 -- oh that’s just mean. of course he’s gonna get in your way, you’re leading a fuckin’ cult and exploiting people while they are weak or demoralized
3:10 -- well yeah he did, and good for him
3:52 -- yeah tell him, boy!
5:26 -- yep, don’t waste our time, muffin face, we’re here to see dre scream
7:15 -- holy transitions, batman!
7:48 -- haven’t even reached the 8 minute mark and I can already say that you’ve outdone yourself, mr. alex quackity
8:03 -- for the love of god, grammarly, can y’all not put the ad at a time like this?
8:50 -- fucker really went all out and got a soundtrack for each chapter, huh?
9:12 -- that’s a lotta cows, dude
9:17 -- *aggressive cow breeding noises*
9:47 -- if there’s so many mobs, then put your damn armour back on, you’re at 3 and a half hearts, my dude
10:33 -- don’t you dare die right now, dipshit
10:40 -- did he just laugh at the whole page of fuck yous?
10:54 -- he’s seriously just reading this note from his ex -- a climatic moment, mind you -- while zombies groan in the background. stop it, zombos, you’re ruining the goddamn mood
11:05 -- his “WHY” face lmfaoooooooooo
11:19 -- “ride that shit and ride it fast” that sounds kinda wrong out of context
11:29 -- another “WHY” face @ -- why am I even saying it? -- “You had the fattest ass in my cabinet”.. sir he’s engaged to two other people after he left your ass and rightfully so, so stop being a weirdo, for fuck’s sake
13:16 -- I thought he was kidding about the y-coordinate being 26, I thought he meant z-coordinate but I guess not??
15:18 -- dude it’s so awkward to call your ex a pet name when said ex literally LEFT YOUR ASS AND GOT ENGAGED TO TWO OTHER DUDES LIKE JESUS CHRIST SIR GET ON WITH THE TIMES
15:55 -- dude half a stack of diamonds to go in there?!!? it’s so fuckin’ weird and awkward and honestly overpriced
16:31 -- what the HELL are those proportions, steve
16:55 -- why the fuck would you put the flag of the original l’manburg on your goddamn gym poster that’s obviously not a real picture
20:17 -- not cool, glatt, not cool, that’s a TRAUMATIZED CHILD, SIR
22:55 -- this got kinda awkward tbh, can’t we just get to the killing already?
23:20 -- watching Schlatt get mad is funny, watching a whole ass ad in the middle of it is not
23:59 -- an “essential oil diffuser”... yeah, I’m with Big Q on this one, facepalming (in my head)
25:09 -- “I was gonna tie you up to this post” what the fuck. what the serious fuck. this is why he left your ass in the dust, man, as he said, you’re a dick
25:58 --  oh please don’t tell me you picked up necromancy in high school of all places
26:04 -- oh god, he’s speaking spanish
26:08 -- “I know a bit of Spanish myself” yeah of course you do /gen
26:52 -- and also laughing, I do not speak Spanish, I am confused and just laughing along
27:49 -- “YOU’RE JUST LIKE [MEXICAN DREAM]!” who’s gonna tell him
28:16 -- Mexican Dream has the flag draped around his shoulders, WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN
28:46 -- “I get really bad memories when I come see you” ok trauma confirmed, write that down as well
31:14 -- oh my god schlatt please shut up
31:18 -- “you wanna be my daddy?” no pls shut up, the relationship’s already destroyed, and Q was the one who broke it off, stop asking if he’s gonna come back, jesus christ
31:42 -- “there’s a book” FINALLY 
31:54 -- my childee.................................................. why must you suffer so ;-;
32:43 -- the book was in dream’s PANTS WTF lmaoooooo like did he literally stuff that thing down his trousers or underwear or whatever and carry it around like it’s a pocket? because I’ve done that before
33:06 -- okay so glatt has seen wilbur, hates him, but also thinks he’s cute. so is that in a /p or a /r context? sir??
33:43 -- oh no indeed... glatt you are talking to the guy that broke off the engagement by KILLING YOU CANONICALLY AND JOINING THE ENEMY SIDE, HOW CAN YOU THINK HE STILL LIKES YOU
35:47 -- ooh, it’s the bet!
37:21 -- okay so we all know how this goes, don’t we, given the title?
38:22 -- wait no minimum wage while working in the government?? that brings up a whole other can of worms about the schlatt administration that I don’t really want to go into, including human rights issues (actually there’s a lot of human rights issues in the smp overall) -- in this case, labour exploitation -- and possible financial abuse
38:38 -- “let’s get risky with it” oh boy I think we know how this is gonna end
39:36 -- chapter 3! let’s go!! we know how this goes, don’t we?
39:56 -- it’s raining. isn’t it? we can’t see
40:44 -- they have things to talk about, it’s about several things... ah yes very specific /s
41:28 -- let’s do this, big q
42:03 -- last time there was a visit, it didn’t go very well.... understatement of the century
42:47 -- OH IT’S GUILT TRIPPY MANIPULATION TIME......... ok who’s gonna be the first person to make an evil lawyer joke in this fandom? /j
43:13 -- “you had one job and you fucked up” I mean, that is true, but at the same time, sir..................... guilt tripping
44:25 --  look sir I usually side with mr tommyinnit on this (the power is too great, we’re better off without it) but you’re being awfully convincing here.... or I guess that’s your job as the resident lawyer in training, and you’re doing it splendidly
45:31 -- ok so Sam did try to close off visiting privileges after all but of course the man we’re talking to has a fuckin’ silver tongue
45:54 -- “so how am I supposed to rely on you for any business opportunities?” ok wow you’re pulling that card now?
46:33 -- “I’m not gonna do anything bad” I will remember that
46:49 -- why is he placing his axe in an item frame-- NO REALLY NOT ANOTHER AD
47:44 -- ok he brought out the hand gestures plus the manipulation, let’s go
48:20 -- weapons will be good enough “for any sort of persuasion”, oh you mean like gunboat diplomacy?
48:39 -- “this is not a good idea........” well at least he knows
49:17 -- dude is going in hard right now, it’s the persuasion tactic that “I’ll make it better”, sleazy politicians use it all the time, get into office, then go fuck up the place some more
49:49 -- so that exchange in the vault was supposed to take place within a few minutes, so unless that changes................ that’s a very fast time for you to get that much blood over you, sir
50:17 -- “I’ll try for as long as it takes, Sam” ok so for the next whole ass month, you’re gonna do it
51:05 -- that’s a sign that you’ve won over him, q-- FOR GOD’S SAKE, STOP IT WITH THE ADS!!
52:53 -- “I’m gonna remember this in the long term” you better remember, quackity, you better remember
55:36 -- okay so let’s just BREAK PROTOCOL ALREADY
55:40 -- “yes I do acknowledge that” and you’re acknowledging that you’re throwing protocol out the window as well!
57:03 -- technically he didn’t sign the waiver at the end of the waiver? but technically he signed it on the title cover?
58:14 -- technically they’re following protocol right now? right? I haven’t watched previous prison visits, so I’m not 100% sure how this works... but Sam is technically helping to sneak those items in right now
59:34 -- that’s some really cool redstone!!
1:00:25 -- that is a lot of cells... so the legends and the wiki and the fanfics speak the truth... I had a different vision of what it looked like when I read the fic Dollhouse... a lot more lava (under glass) comes to mind
1:00:57 -- “you ever think I’ll be in one of these?” [...] “not a funny thing to joke about” yeah, not funny, and this is coming from the person who’s read some pretty disturbing fanfics featuring this prison
1:01:47 -- that’s two deaths to get into the prison using protocol already...
1:02:25 -- ok there’s... poison...
1:02:41 -- there’s another pit stop?!
1:03:24 -- so that’s the protocol measure that doomed-- *hiccups*
1:04:08 -- oh my GOD THAT’S A PROTOCOL?! DO THEY REFER TO CANON DEATHS FOR THIS? SIR............ I’M CONCERNED. like I get the reasoning behind it, but still...........
1:04:54 -- oh fire res I see
1:05:40 -- dramatic music stops so Sam can give him steak lol
1:06:09 -- “if you’re gonna do this [...] do it right” *gives shears/pliers and netherite warden’s sword and axe* oh HOLY- doesn’t that make him an accomplice??
1:07:26 -- is this stuck in total darkness thing supposed to happen?
1:08:33 -- it’s time...... dre........ your time is up, sucker
1:09:24 -- are we supposed to wait this long for the lava to lower? 
1:10:03 -- HI DREAM!! NICE TO SEE YOU, YA MURDEROUS FUCKER!! tell me, is the cell still stained with blood from what you did nearly 3 weeks ago?
1:11:08 -- as of my time of writing this, it would be exactly 2 months since the end of Season 2, so in your case, in your time, it would be a month, 3 weeks, and 3 days :]
1:11:24 -- since dream lost his clock, he technically wouldn’t know how long it would be between tommy’s time of death and revival, meaning either he’s lying about the 2 days, or lying about not being able to keep track of how long it’s been since he got put in jail
1:12:07 -- way to rub it in that he supposed to be powerless in the prison
1:12:15 -- “you’ve come to rub it in or something?” LMAO I PREDICTED IT
1:12:41 -- “what do people think?” ok so first of all, WOW, YOU REALLY HAVE ZERO REMORSE, and second of all, WE MOURNED HIM. WE WERE DEVASTATED. AND WE LOWKEY WANT TO MARCH IN HERE AND WRING YOUR NECK
1:13:50 -- “I mean... it’s good for me” no, it’s not good for you... we have approximately 11 minutes ‘til this stream ends and we all know what happens when you get in quackity’s way
1:14:29 -- “I am the book” “oh really” “yeah” so you have chosen... death pain
1:15:30 -- “yeah or what?” oh he has no idea what’s comin’ for him... OH DREAM~~~
1:15:40 -- the music stopped at “double prison”... we’re ready to pull the sadism card, right?
1:16:46 -- THAT’S SO LOUD
1:16:49 -- “you can scream for sam all you want, dream” that’s so chilling, and you know what, dream? sam gave him those tools >:]
1:17:07 -- dramatic cut... (pls don’t do gore of what happened in there, y’all, cc!dream has boundaries and we’re not crossing them, ‘kay?)
1:17:37 -- ok so there’s about 30 seconds of black screen and chilling music :]
1:17:55 -- that’s a lotta blood, sir
1:18:26 -- it’s chilling to see your mc!face up so close, sir, and you know the parallel? he was looking at the picture of himself on the el rapids poster, then it’s switched perspectives to his current face, eye scar included, so it’s like a showcase of how much things have changed since december. and also the blood. don’t forget about the blood.
1:18:43 -- he removed all the spots featuring the other members but left himself........ just as he’s the last el rapidian remaining, while the rest have moved to the kinoko kingdom..............
1:19:05 -- it’s a clip show............
1:19:21 -- no, he’s destroying it all...... it’s like an illustration, this whole destruction of el rapids ending, it’s like a showcase of how everything has changed and nothing will be the same again........ 
1:20:18 -- he’s literally taking several in-game days to destroy it all......
1:20:25 -- he wipes himself off the poster as well, as a show that not only is everyone else moving on, but he himself, the last remaining, is also moving on...
1:20:49 -- that cut to real life made me jump a little tbh, even if I knew it was gonna happen
1:20:56 -- and so it ends! that has been.. cinematic. amazing. sir, you have earned my like on this video, it’s taken me all evening to watch it due to various interruptions irl
1:21:59 -- HE’S DOING MORE!!! :D
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blueeyedgeorgie · 5 months ago
The One That Got Away-Dream Was Taken
Tumblr media
Pronouns: She/her
Word Count: 2.4k+
'You're gonna be there, right?'
Y/n bit her lip, reading the text message for what felt like the millionth time. She had texted him 40 minutes ago, yet no reply. This had become so much more common recently and she had no idea why. Maybe it wasn't such a big deal, but it felt important to Y/n. Clay would never leave her on delivered for more than ten minutes. Even when he was streaming, he'd text her before he had begun, telling her when he'd be finished.
Tonight was an important night, they had been planning for this for months. A few members of The Dream SMP server had come out to Florida to meet up. They had planned to meet up for dinner and maybe a bottle of wine at Y/n's house afterward.
Y/n admired herself in the mirror, she wore a black dress that complimented her body well. She felt gorgeous for the first time in weeks. Usually, she didn't rely on items to make her feel good about herself. Clay was always there to compliment her or assure she was pretty. But recently, he just seemed to disappear.
It felt so hard to connect with him recently, Clay had become so quiet. Every time she texted him, she was left on delivered for hours if she wasn't left on read. It was rare for him to even send a brief text back to her nowadays. Weeks had passed since the last time Y/n was able to see Patches or hang out with Clay.
At this point, it felt like Y/n was at war with herself. Half of her was so demotivated, maybe it was time to finally leave Clay alone. The other half was demanding they had to keep trying, their friendship was just going through a rough patch right now.
'You know why you're trying to hold onto this friendship, you have feelings for him.' Y/n swallowed hard while the thought of Clay appeared in her mind again. It was true, she had grown a small crush on her blonde friend. But it wasn't her fault, It was because of the way he use to be so protective of her. The way his face lit up when he laughed. The way he just knew something was wrong. 'But that doesn't matter. It's obvious he'll never feel the same way about you.'
Before she had gotten another chance to argue with herself, Y/n's phone had buzzed. Clay? ...Wilbur.
'Hey, I'm gonna uber to the restaurant in the next few minutes. On your way?"
Letting out a sigh, she typed away. 'Getting in the car in five minutes.' She took one more glance at herself in the mirror. "He's going to be there, I know it."
"George!" Y/n smiled, picking up her pace as soon as she spotted her friend. Their arms wrapped around each other, holding one another tight. "It's so good to see you."
George let out a short laugh, "It's good to see you too, Y/n." He pulled away from the hug. He had dressed in a suit, they had planned to meet at an expensive restaurant for the night. It was recommended by Clay, it was one of his favorites.
"Anyways, we should go find our table, I think Wilbur's already here."
The pair walked side by side, friendly banter being spoken between them as they entered the restaurant. Nostalgia immediately hit Y/n as they passed through the doors, it wasn't her first time here. Multiple times in the past, Clay had brought Y/n out to eat here. The first time they ate here was the first time she had seen him in a suit.
"Oh, yes?" The h/c girl had quickly snapped back into reality, looking to her right. "I'm sorry, lost my train of thought for a moment."
"It's fine, I think I see Wilbur." George motioned to look across the room, there at a round table was another friend from the UK. Wilbur sat down, looking at something in his lap.
Biting down on her lip, Y/n had to fight back the urge to yell aloud; "Wilbur!" And run to him. When the lanky man had noticed his friends, he smiled and stood from his chair.
"Wilbur!" she whispered quietly, trying not to disturb the other tables. Quickly she shuffled over to give as big a hug as she could.
"Y/n!" He whispered back, returning the exact energy she gave.
One by one, more and more friends had arrived. Everyone seemed so happy to see each other. Eventually, it seemed as though each person was lost in a conversation... besides Y/n. She had been staring down at her phone, she was still left on delivered by Clay. 'What a dick.'
"hey, Y/n." Her head shot up, looking across the table. Niki sat there with a smile, "Just curious, is Clay showing up tonight?"
Y/n's smile faded for a second, only to reappear. "I... I doubt it. I haven't received a text message back from him, and he hasn't answered any of my calls for these past few days." She ignored George and Nick, who gave each other a certain look as she spoke. But at this point, it didn't matter. Clay wasn't going to ruin Y/n's night with her friends.
"Here, let me try and call him... would that be alright, Y/n?" George was already standing as he spoke, his phone in one of his hands.
She flashed a faked smile at him, "Yeah, I don't care, Gogy."
With that, George had excused himself from the table, already beginning to pull up Clay's contact before he even reached outside. Y/n help her breathe for a moment, watching her British friend disappear around the corner, out of sight. Usually, 'out of sight, out of mind' made sense, but not in this case. Y/n could feel her stomach doing backflips as she glanced from her phone, checking the time, only to look back to see if George had returned yet. It practically felt like time had slowed down, trying to drag these few minutes out as long as possible.
When George had returned, Y/n could already tell he didn't have good news. Just by the look on his face, she knew Clay had flaked out on all of his friends.
"Clay's gonna be a little bit late, he's bringing a surprise with him."
"A surprise?"
What surprise could Clay possibly be planning? Whatever it was, Y/n hoped it would be something to help keep their friendship from breaking apart. "Did he mention how long it'd take for him to show up?"
"He said, 15-20 minutes."
"So let's just order drinks now, he can get whatever he likes when he shows up.
If time wasn't slow enough while George was on the phone, it felt like she was stuck in time. Y/n had begun to pick at her nails nervously, this was going to be the first time they saw one another in weeks.
"Hey," Y/n felt Wilbur place a hand on her shoulder, pulling her out of her thoughts again. "Look."
She glanced up at the entrance. There he was, wearing the suit she had seen him wear for the first time. A giant grin was on Clay's face as he walked, he looked to his left. And there she was... a blond-haired girl wearing the exact same dress Y/n had picked out for tonight. Y/n could feel her cheeks flush in embarrassment.
"Hey guys," Clay spoke as soon as he came into earshot of his friends. Looking over the table, his eyes looked with Y/n's for a short second. "I want you to meet Elise."
One by one, Elise had introduced herself to each of Clay's friends. But when she reached Y/n, it felt like a stab in the stomach. "Omg, hi! You must be Y/n!" She was pulled into a quick, bone-breaking hug, "I love your dress! Oh, we're matching! How cute!" She just seemed to perfect, she was so much better than Y/n.
While an extra chair had been pulled up the table, everyone was lost in conversation. Except for Y/n, she had stayed quiet. Every now and then, she'd look over to Clay, who sat across the table. Their eyes would lock every couple of times, a strange feeling laid in the pit of her stomach when it would happen.
It seemed as though Wilbur had caught onto Y/n's anxiety. He was quick to offer his hand, allowing his friend to hold it under the table. Wilbur had always been a good friend to her, if Y/n wouldn't tell Clay about something, she'd turn to her brunette friend. So of course, he knew about her feelings towards Clay.
After placing everyone's orders, Y/n just couldn't take it anymore. Standing, she moved across the table. "Clay, could I get a moment to speak to you outside?"
"Uh, sure... Y/n." He was hesitant to stand. Before leaving the table, he had whispered something into Elise's ear.
The short walk outside was quiet. There was obvious tension between them. When the front doors opened, Clay had begun to speak.  "I-"
"No. Not right here. Around the corner." Y/n didn't stop walking, making a direct beeline for the alleyway on the left of the building. She could hear Clay let out a sigh behind her, only making her fight the urge to yell a brief; 'fuck you,' at him.
When they were finally around the corner, she had turned on her heels to face the 6'3 man. "What the fuck, Clay?"
" 'What?' You don't get to ghost me for weeks then reply with, 'what?'  Do you know what a dick move that is? Where have you been?" She practically hissed at him, crossing her arms as she spoke. If it was possible, steam would leave her body from how upset she was.
"I've been busy, Y/n."
"Busy? So that means you cut me out of your life? After being friends for months?"
"You aren't the most important thing in my life, Y/n. You should know that." It was Clay's turn to give Y/n a nasty look. But at this point, she didn't care.
"I know, I shouldn't be the most important person in your life, Clay. But that doesn't mean shut me out of your life." She snapped at him, pushing herself up against his chest, "You know what would've been nice? Not being left on delivered or read. It would've been nice if I could receive a text every now and then catching me up about your life."
"As I said, I was busy."
"Busy! That's your only excuse, pathetic. I can tell you're busy, you have a girlfriend and I never got to meet her."
"Am I the only one who didn't know about her?"
Clay froze. he knew this was the end of the line for him.
"Clay." His silence spoke loud enough. "I'm happy for you, I really am. But... it fucking hurts, you know." Y/n let out a short giggle, she could feel her eyes watering. "I loved you, you know. I loved you so damn much. If you told me to do something, I'd do it with hesitation. But it's crystal clear the feelings aren't mutual."
"No, it's fine. I'm gonna leave. Don't worry, I've ruined the night, I'm sorry. Enjoy your time with your friends, Clay. Don't let me rain on your parade any longer." Y/n had stepped back, trying to move past her friend.
"Y/n, listen to me."
"Move, Clay. God damn it."
For a few seconds, Clay continued to try and catch her attention, refusing to let her past. "Y/n, shut the fuck up. Listen to me." Out of frustration, Clay had grabbed onto the girl's shoulders, pushing her against the wall. Y/n looked down at the ground, batting back tears. "Y/n..." he sighed, moving one of his hands under her chin gently. Carefully, he made her look up at him. He always hated seeing her cry.
"I'm an idiot. A big one. Y/n... I love you too. I just didn't think you felt the same, so I decided to push you out. I looked for love somewhere else and I found Elise. But Y/n, I really do love you."
"No, you don't..." Y/n whispered softly, she shook her head as a dumb smile appeared on her face. "If you loved me, you would've made a move. You wouldn't have closed me out of your life for weeks. You wouldn't have found someone new to love. Please don't bullshit me, Clay. You know I'm not stupid."
"Y/n..." clay could feel his heart begin to crack, it hurt to see her like this.
"Please just let me go," her voice was soft as she spoke. He really did hurt her heart. "I want to say goodbye to my friends."
"I..." Letting out a sigh, he stepped back, "alright."
Clay watched as Y/n disappeared around the corner, wiping tears from her face. Why was he such a fool to let her go?
Y/n smiled as soon as her table came into sight. It would all be quick and easy. As soon as Elise noticed her, she stood from her seat. "Oh my god, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm okay. Just a bit chilly outside," Y/n replied, pulling Elise in for a hug. "It was so nice to meet you. You're such a lovely girl to talk to."
"Right back at you," Elise smiled at Y/n, taking her seat again.
One by one, Y/n gave each of her friends a hug goodbye. When Wilbur held her, she was quick to whisper something brief to him: "Walk me to my car?" Wilbur nodded, taking her purse for her as they walked out. On their way out, Clay had passed by them. He kept to himself, looking the other way when Y/n came into sight. When he was out of earshot, Wilbur spoke up.
"Are you okay?"
"Honestly, no. I just wanna go home and cry." Y/n let out a huff of breath. She was speed walking to keep up with her tall friend.
"Do you want me to tag along?"
"Please." As the night continued on, it seemed like both Clay's and Y/n's moods had changed drastically. While Y/n was at home watching movies and laughing with one of her best friends, Clay was stuck in the place that reminded him of Y/n, thinking about how she'd be the one who got away. Did it hurt him? Yes, but he deserved it. He was the one who ruined it all. Nothing would be the same after tonight.
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hiraeth-starguy · 9 months ago
This Weekend I got together with friends and viewers in my stream Discord and we marathoned every Disney 2d animated sequel back-to-back
It was a long journey. Almost 40 hours of continuous content. We reached mountainous highs and depressing lows. We went into it knowing it was a bad idea. By the end of it, we were braindead mush. This was an entirely optional experience for everyone except myself, and yet I had the constant companionship of several good friends. None of us will ever be the same.
I challenged myself to write at least 2 to 3 sentences of reviews on every movie, in order to keep myself engaged. As the nights went on, the reviews got longer and more unhinged. I gave myself the criteria of one favorite character, one least favorite character, and a numerical score out of 10. Under the cut, I’m going to put every review I made. I encourage my other viewing companions to share their experiences/ the memes we made along the way if they wish.
The Rescuers Down Under: It's very pretty to watch. There is not much else memorable about it other than the freaky mouse hospital scene. Favorite character: Joanna the lizard. Least favorite character: Wilbur the seagull. 7/10.
Aladdin: The Return of Jafar: Holy shit what an immediate downgrade compared to the last movie. None of the characters were the same people as the first movie I swear to god and the Genie is surprisingly racist. The best character was Jafar who is somehow more competent as a bad guy now and has a pretty kickass song. Favorite character: Rajah the tiger. Least favorite character: The Genie. 3/10.
Aladdin and The King of Thieves: The animation was so much better than the last movie and I feel a little spoiled. Best part of this movie was Aladdin's hot dad. Most of this movie could have been cut for brevity. This marathon is brought to you by Sand! It's everywhere, get used to it! Favorite character: Cassim, Aladdin’s hot dad. Least favorite character: The other 39 thieves. 5/10
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas: Belle is the worst character in her own movie and they've ruined the message of the original. Apparently every piece of furniture, bellows, and axe has a human soul and the implications of this are horrifying. This movie shouldn't have existed, read The West Wing fanfiction instead. Favorite character: Tim Curry. Least favorite character: Belle. 3/10.
Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World: I paid attention to this one the least because it's quite painful. They've run out of everything and this is the cow that Disney milked dry in the 90s. I had no favorite characters in this one. Least favorite character: Webster the book. Each segment was 20 minutes but they were still too long. 1/10
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World: The animation is such a step up from the Beauty and the Beast movies, and definitely some of the best of any of the home releases. There is no true way to ignore the historical context and white-washing, but if this were a standalone story was not half-bad. John Rowlfe is a better boyfriend than John Smith do not fight me on this. Favorite character: The drunk dog. Least favorite character: Every Englishman. 6/10
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: This movie made my laptop overheat and die for a bit. It goes so fucking hard, it has a lot of intense scenes throughout the movie even very early on, and some legit fuckin songs. I can see how this would have made a lot of kids furries. Disappointed that Simba never came out as LGBT, but I won't rush him on this he only just overcame his prejudice. Favorite character: Zira. Least favorite character: The green-screen fire. 8/10 only because it killed my computer for half an hour.
Fantasia 2000: I'm definitely biased but this one is my favorite so far. Special shoutouts to Pines of Rome, Rhapsody in Blue, and the Firebird Suite. I could have done without the celebrity comedy bits, but overall there wasn't a single segment I didn't like. Favorite character: Every main character in Rhapsody in Blue. Least favorite character: Steve Martin. Our first and only 10/10!!
An Extremely Goofy Movie: I've never seen the first movie yet I think I feel more strongly about this one that I think I would have about the first movie. Goofy is such a good dad well he tries to be even if he doesn't do a good job he's doing his best. But geeze, the 2nd hand embarrassment is strong in this one. Favorite character: Goofy. Least favorite character: Bradley Uppercrust III. 9/10
The Little Mermaid II: Return to The Sea: At this point I had my first cup of coffee and my ADHD medication (Adderall). Despite that, I had such a hard time concentrating on this one  . I remember more and more of this movie as I watch but I know I will forget it once we're done. Favorite character:Clancy Brown. Least favorite characters: Tip and Dash. 7.5/10
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's London Adventure: I was informed halfway though the movie that there was never any London in the title and I feel betrayed. We spent the entire movie talking about our own pets instead of paying attention, we were that bored. These "I don't wanna listen to my parents who were the protagonists of the first movie because I'm rebellious and need to be free" plots are starting to get stale and I fear this is not the last one. Favorite character: Otis the Chinese Crested Chihuahua. Least favorite character: Scamp. 4/10
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True: I might be the only person here able to tell you what this movie is about, everyone else's brains are mush. This movie was very sweet, actually, like it might have just been made for cash but it's got some very nice moments even if they're inconsequential, and I guess you could say they're forgettable if I weren't still on an Adderall rush. People forget just how strong Cinderella's personality is and kinda just flanderize her as boring. Leaps and bounds better than Belle's Magical World, even if the concepts are mostly the same. I didn't really like that cats subplots. Favorite characters: Anastasia and the Baker. Least favorite character: Human Jaq. 7/10
Peter Pan: Return to Neverland:
Technically this is a war movie. Not as engaging as I remember it being when I was a kid. Though I appreciate this having more of a character-driven story with an arc and development from Jane. Too much spitting. These movies don't have the teeth to kill off their villains anymore. Favorite character: Can’t say I had one. Least favorite character: The skunk lost boy. 5/10
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II: It's beautiful on the inside there's more to life than just appearances you have to look past ugly things to find the true beauty inside do you get it it's beautiful on the inside! I can feel the toll this marathon is taking on my fucking brain, I can't use my dick anymore. After a string of such good movies so far, this was an immediate and noticeable downgrade to the animation quality of Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Quasimodo learned in the last movie that he doesn't need a romantic love interest in order to be loved by his friends, in this movie he learns that a (frankly bland) love interest will make him happy. They line Quasi up to get his heart broken and that makes me angry. At least Tom Hulce is a good singer. Favorite character: Esmerelda. Least favorite character: Non-deformed Quasimodo. 2/10
Tarzan and Jane: Only 10 minutes into the movie I wanted off of Michael Eisner's Wild Ride. It only got worse from there, as it stretched out vignettes of "plot" for the next hour. The only reason it's not lower is because the animation is not as bad as Belle's Magical World. It's stiff and TV-quality and full of continuity errors but not as ugly as BMW. This has become a psychological test of survival. Favorite character: Captain Walter White. Least favorite characters: Every Englishman. 3/10 but only because it's not as ugly as it could have been, and more engaging to the watchers than the last 3 movies.
101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure: This time it was in London! This movie was fine. It didn't grab our attention in the latter half the same way previous movies have. It was fairly bland, the repeating puppy effect was more impressive when it was made in a time before computers. I wish Cruella got a redemption arc where she learns to channel her Dalmatians/spots obsession into art as an outlet. Favorite character: Thunderbolt. Least favorite character: Lil Lightning. 4/10
The Jungle Book 2: During this movie I went to go lie down and ended up passing out for 3 hours. It was my first and only nap. They should take this gun and shoot Shere Khan. My knowledge from here on out relies on previous watches of the movie when I was a kid. This is just a co-op campaign on the Jungle Book. Favorite character: Bagheera. Least favorite character: Ranjan. 5/10 
Atlantis Milo's Return: Another package film of 3 episodes from the failed TV show, but I definitely think that this worked better than other examples. We zoned the fuck out a lot so it wasn't super engaging but we had more fun with it than others. At least they try something new and different in each episode rather than take place in the same location with the same overdone plots, like most of these. The body count returns! (We had been keeping a count of how many intentional fatalities there were in these movies) I'm taking points off for feet. Favorite character: Vinny. Least favorite character: Carnaby the Doug Dimmadome. 5/10 
Stitch! The Movie: This was a cute and fun little continuation of the Lilo & Stitch story. We said this was gonna be the one where people went to take a nap, but everyone was actually hooked. The TV animation quality has improved considerably since the days of the Aladdin sequels, with the highlight being Experiment 221's electricity. It's just short enough to feel like we hit each plot point at a good pace. Favorite character: Nani (I just like her :) ). Least favorite character: Myrtle. 9/10
The Lion King 1 1/2: We had a holy experience with this movie. We remembered well why this movie was our gay awakening-- Timon and Pumbaa are the power couple this marathon deserves. Animation is super high quality, songs are catchy (and the stuff they shelled out the rights for is fucking incredibly), and we were consistently laughing from start to finish. We came to more than a few realizations over the course of this movie, and some of them were actually quite horrifying. Such as Pumbaa killing 60 animals with a single fart and quadrupling the body count. The only thing that keeps this from a 10/10 is a reliance on fart jokes. Favorite character: The grubs. Least favorite character: WDW forum user bigbadwolf circa 2004. 9.8/10 but I did have to dock another point because Timon says a slur (”What do you call a hyena with half a brain? Gifted!”).
Mulan II: They did Shang so fucking wrong in this one. The stakes are so much lower than the first movie that the conflict is manufactured over the most asinine things for the sake of conflict. The absolute worst is Mushu though, who they made a bitter manipulator. The linework is fine, but every movement and expression is over-animated. The best way I can describe this movie is if you injected toon logic into Mulan. The princesses were cute. Favorite character: Unhinged Shang. Least favorite character: Mushu. 3.5/10
Tarzan II: The Legend Begins: This movie shouldn't have had this plot. It looks better than Mulan 2 visually. It did not have enough plot to keep me invested but everyone else tells me it's good. I didn’t even know enough to write down a favorite or least favorite character. 4/10 
Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch: It's Lilo & Stitch, we can't really find a way to dislike it. The animation's really good, miles better than the TV quality stuff even, you could have released this theatrically. Even though this is the darkest sequel in a while, it still manages to be cute, funny, and heart-warming. Oh David, that poor little simp. Favorite character: Stitch and Lilo. Least favorite character: None. 8.5/10
Kronk's New Groove: Another package of 3 different stories. This one lost the most points out of any movie after the initial appraisal for feet, armpit hair, and multiple instances of naked old people. Catgirl Yzma was not well received. They tried too hard to un-queer-code Kronk, which goes against the message of being true to your groove. At least the animation is theatrical quality. I left in the middle of this movie to go make soup for dinner and when I came back everyone was yelling about something awful that had happened. Favorite character: Red Pill (Kuzco). Least favorite character: Rudy. 3/10
Bambi II: The Great Prince of the Forest: I was too focused on my soup to pay attention to the boring story. It's cute critters being cute in the forest. I know I reached the brink of exhaustion once more when I thought that Bambi and his dad were Benrey and Breen. I hate the pop songs. Favorite character: My soup. Least favorite character: Andi. 3/10
Leroy and Stitch: The last Lilo & Stitch movie, they got enough of a budget and it still looks like TV animation but it's a little better. Experiment 625 could be unstoppable if not for what I assume is untreated ADHD (we stan). Stitch claimed the prize of the highest body count out of everyone in this marathon with 600+ Leroy clones. Leroy is a nasty little cretin. Otherwise not much else to say, it's Lilo & Stitch so it's high quality-- oh my god this is just Sonic Adventure 2. Thank me later. Favorite character: Experiment 625/ Reuben. Least favorite character: Dr. Hamsterviel.  8/10 
Brother Bear 2: Wowie another misunderstanding conflict we're not tired of that at all. Anyways, this movie is just Shrek but with bears, pretty much the whole way. As far as Valentine's Day movies go, this was better than Hunchback in just about every way. Favorite character: Nita. Least favorite character: Lord Farquaad. 6/10. Note: This is the only session we have a recording of, because our friend who wanted to hang out with us for Brother Bear 2 couldn’t make it.
The Fox and the Hound 2: The original Fox and the Hound was a heart-wrenching film about a friendship tragically separated by societal roles. This movie was just Patch's London Adventure but with Reba McEntire. The improved animation will no longer save these movies from boredom. Both the Fox and the Hound felt like they were in two different movies. Reba is the only grace I will afford it, but girl needs to put more evil in her villain song. Favorite character: Reba McEnterrier. Least favorite characters: The other dogs in the band. 3/10
Cinderella III: A Twist In Time: Technically the movie gets a 0/10 because I subtracted so many points for feets stuff, but let's look past that. The animation is the sum of all the years of practice, technology upgrades, and care. This was the first movie to give us the highly coveted Cinderella action scenes, as Cinderella is a go-getter and a beast. I mean, she always has been, not that anyone remembers. We do be loving that Anastasia redemption arc. The ending is Shrek 2, not to be the guy that points that out. By the way, the original film is no longer canon as this is now the true timeline. Favorite character: Prince Charming. Least favorite characters: The mice. 9/10 would be the score I give if were it not for the feet stuff.
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning: People say this is Footloose but really this is a metaphor for homosexual fast dancing. Most of the early part of the movie was spent trying to figure out mermaid genetics to figure out why Ariel and her sisters look like that. The highlight of the movie was the Megalovania cameo. Marina is much too weak of a villain compared to Morgana and especially Ursula. We are braindead after this, we've never laughed harder. What a way to end the night. Thankfully, no feet. Favorite character: Benjamin the manatee. Least favorite character: Marina Del Ray. 5/10
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