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#i don't fully get it but i tried my best!!
dailypronounsa month ago
Pronouns with vines of Cross Sans please??? Mostly royal guard themes and some code hints with lots of x's
i hope this list is useful to you!! :)
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explorerspack4 months ago
8 hours....
#its SO long is the thing it's so fucking long#cerise didn't relax. at all.#hhhhh. 馃様#and like. there's fully NOTHING she could have done but. GOD#she doesn't have exhaustion cause she's strong as hell but mentally she does#cerise and f谩sach and auberon all not getting a long rest is something that can actually be so personal--#(unless. y'know. someone dies cause I don't have my fucking spells)#the fact that this ended up being like. best case scenario#esme could have told cerise to do *anything* and she would have done it#she'd have given up information! she'd have hurt herself or let esme hurt her! she'd have healed esme! she would have just. done it!#like in that situation i *maybe* would have tried one of the riskier plans i came up with but. god. it's *calista*#cerise doesn't gamble with lives other than her own especially not *calista's* life and that's why she's Not priya 馃槍馃様#and it's like. of course the mage would have threatened to kill or hurt her friends if cerise didnt cooperate#this whole thing--reassuring calista; pressing her shoulder against elliot so he knows she's here; playing nice with someone evil to stall;#feeling your magic absolutely depleted...staying up all night because someone has must have felt so fucking familiar#hhhhhHHHHHH she's so strong but like. fucking hell how hard can she handle getting pushed.#c:crop#cha:cerise#the theme of being powerless and/or having your power controlled and used against you that runs through her character. it's So upsetting.#and like *i* know she needs to go either to the wall or to the keep but all she wants to do is sit right here 馃様#edit: vibes anyway this is what's been in my drafts since yesterday#shout out to f谩sach for telling her she can rest 馃ズ it Would be helpful to have me there even with just cantrips but god.#i can't see justifying her going Anywhere#also I feel like i should clarify that by 'this is why she's not priya' i meant specifically leadership style not the y'know Everything Else
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veorlianan hour ago
spinning blades
for @kanejweek day 1: mythology (gods & saints).
read it on ao3 here!
pairing: Kaz Brekker x Inej Ghafa
rated t for stabbing and past abuse mention
Inej hadn鈥檛 known how to fight when she鈥檇 joined the Dregs 鈥 Kaz had taught her. First it was throwing a punch, before they moved onto blades. Training knives at first. I don't want you ruining my suit, he鈥檇 said. You can have a proper knife when I know you won鈥檛 trip and fall on it. She'd wanted to hit them, then. She suspected that that was why he'd said it.聽
He was a strange boy, Kaz Brekker. She didn't trust him. She鈥檇 told him so, and he'd only said: Good, you're a quick learner.
They practiced in an alley behind the Slat. The others largely left them alone, save for the boy named Jesper鈥檚 occasional visits to offer encouragement. But mostly it was just her, Kaz, and whatever crows and stray cats wandered by.
"I heard once that there was an honour code for fighting," she said during their second makeshift lesson. She shifted the unfamiliar weight of the knife in her hand and lunged forward. Kaz stepped back, deftly avoiding her attack. She turned around to face him just a fraction too late.
Before she fully registered it, Kaz swept his cane forward, hooking it behind her legs and knocking her off balance. But she was most at home in the air and she easily flipped around, using the momentum to push herself back up on her feet.
"Rules are for the merchers and the aristocracy. Barrel gangs fight dirty," he replied.聽
"I'm not that," she said. Kaz shrugged nonchalantly.
"If you want to fight fair, it's your funeral," he said.聽
"Or maybe yours."聽
Inej nimbly launched herself forward, feet first. Her intention was to hit Kaz square in the chest, but he stepped to the side a second before she would've connected. She landed neatly, rolling into a somersault and back onto her feet in an instant. They circled one another warily.
"Better," he said. "But too slow. Don't waste time talking. You'd be dead before you landed."
"Most people don鈥檛 see me coming," she pointed out.
"Surprise is good, but it won鈥檛 save you if you're cornered by a dozen thugs with rifles."
Inej raised an eyebrow. "If I have to fight that many, then it can only mean one of your plans has gone wrong."
It didn't provoke the reaction she'd wanted. His expression didn't change, still that infuriatingly bored look.
"There are dozens of spiders in the Barrel that could take that many," he said. The rest of the sentence was left hanging in the air between them. If you can't, then I don't need you.
The world slowed around her. Sudden panic clawed at her throat, white-hot, at the thought that she might be sent back to the Menagerie. Brekker wouldn鈥檛 do that, would he?聽
She looked at his eyes, so dark they were almost black in the growing shadows. She knew his reputation. Greed was his god, it was said, and cruelty was his creed. He wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to get rid of her if she didn鈥檛 make herself useful.聽
Alright, Kaz Brekker, she thought bitterly, it鈥檚 your funeral.
She held herself very still, in the way that she used to before putting her first foot on the wire. She could feel his eyes on her. Good. She was at her best with an audience.
Watch closely, ladies and gentlemen.聽
Inej turned her gaze to Kaz. Looked at him the way she assumed he looked at the world 鈥 checking for weaknesses. Not the leg; she鈥檇 tried that before. Her wrist was still sore from where his cane had hit her. She鈥檇 had cause to learn that there was a knife up both of his sleeves, and another in his shoe. Best to go for the face. It felt as though she was seeing herself from a long way away, as though she wasn't in her body anymore.
Prepare yourself for a sight unlike any you've seen before.
She launched into a handstand, grabbing dirt from the ground as she went. Like at home, covering her hands in chalk before sailing from rung to rung. She vaulted over Kaz's head, spraying the dirt into his eyes. He raised a hand to block it, but she'd already landed behind him, the flat of her knife against his throat.
There was a wild, dizzying moment where she considered stabbing him. She鈥檇 only been in the Dregs a few weeks, she hadn鈥檛 seriously hurt anyone before. But her blood was still roaring in her ears, the acrid tang of copper lingering on her tongue.聽
I鈥檓 not this, she thought. She forced herself to relax and step back. She needed space to think. She needed to pray.
"It's a start," Brekker said, entirely unruffled.
Inej stayed on the roof of the Slat that night, her eyes fixed on the harbour. She thought of what she was working towards. Leaving Ketterdam. Finding her family. Just this once, she thought, the ends justified the means. She stayed up on the roof till the sun rose, glinting pale pink along the horizon.
She'd fallen into the habit of visiting Kaz鈥檚 office first thing in the morning. She'd always been up with the sun, and she didn鈥檛 allow herself to sleep in. Not anymore. Her first week at the Slat she鈥檇 tried going down to the main room, but it was generally filled with snoring teenagers sprawled along the tables and floor. So, she went to Kaz鈥檚 office to get her daily assignments. From what she could tell, Brekker didn鈥檛 sleep at all. He was certainly always awake when she arrived, drinking his horrible bitter coffee. This morning was no exception.
鈥淗ello, Wraith,鈥 he said when she entered. She was certain she hadn鈥檛 made a sound. On her first visit to the office she鈥檇 made a note of which floorboards creaked, which hinges squeaked. That didn鈥檛 seem to matter to Brekker.聽
He didn鈥檛 look up at her, only motioned to the knife on the desk. It gleamed in the morning sun, refracting light across the room. She reached for it, wrapping her hand around the handle. It felt unnervingly right, in a way that the training knives hadn鈥檛. The metal was cool against her palms 鈥 like the rungs of the ladder leading to the wire.
鈥淢aybe I鈥檒l use it on you,鈥 she said, turning it over in her hands.
He sighed. 鈥淚f only you were that bloodthirsty.鈥
Sankt Petyr, she called the blade. She prayed her Saints would understand the things she did to stay alive.
Inej had never learned how to fight with knives. But she had, on slow afternoons, learned to throw them. It was part of the act; throwing the blades at a moving target, deftly avoiding the person tied to the board.
"I'm nervous," Inej had admitted, before her first time assisting. Her aunt had offered to show her how it was done, to help her feel more safe. Inej had accepted. She鈥檇 learned to throw knives from the very best. She could hit a target at 80 paces on a rainy day. And it was always rainy in Ketterdam.
She hadn't mentioned this to Kaz.
He pulled a dagger from his sleeve and demonstrated how to hold it, how to use its weight to throw it. Inej could imagine her aunt kindly critiquing his shoddy technique. There was no showmanship to Kaz鈥檚 throw, only grim determination.
Inej nodded and stepped forward. One moment, Sankt Petyr was in her hand, and the next it was embedded in the wooden pole Kaz had set up, immediately next to where his own knife had landed.
"Like that?" she asked politely. The change in his face was almost imperceptible. She might've missed it. She didn't.
"If you're expecting applause you're going to be sorely disappointed, Wraith," was all he said. She still wasn't used to the name. It felt like stepping into dark water; one wrong move and it would drown her.
Inej retrieved her knife, and threw it again. And again. And again. The pole was entirely intact, save for one specific spot, slowly whittled away. The same spot every time. She could almost imagine that she was back at home, practicing with her family. The worn-down alley behind the Slat, the look in Kaz鈥檚 eyes, everything seemed to just fall away. There was just Inej, and her dagger, and her Saints. It was as though Sankt Petyr was guiding her hand, reminding her of who she had been. Of who she was.
"Warn me next time before you plan to waste my time," Kaz said after the sixth throw.
鈥淲ould you have trusted me if I told you I could throw a blade?鈥 she asked, wiping wood shavings from her knife.
鈥淲hat information is relevant is up to me to decide,鈥 he said. Everything sounded like a threat, in his voice like scraping stone. 鈥淎re we understood?鈥
鈥淔ine,鈥 she said, after a moment. The ends justified the means. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to need more knives.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l figure it out.鈥 He turned on his heel and left.
She stole her second knife, the one she called Sankta Lizabeta. Too recognizable to fence, but right at home strapped to her thigh. Her third was a gift from Jesper, on one of the very rare occasions that he had cash. The rest were stolen and given and earned, one by one.
She collected her blades and wrapped them around herself like you might wrap a blanket. Each night she cleaned and sharpened them until they were shining. A ritual, of sorts, something familiar amidst the chaotic mess that her life had become. She listed their names as she raced across the rooftops. Her Saints, protecting her.
Kaz had taught her how to fight, but she'd made it her own. She was light on her feet from years in the air, and deceptively strong. Ketterdam was just another wire, and she walked it with ease.
Barrel gangs fight dirty, Kaz had said, and that was true. The gangs of the Barrel were unscrupulous and ruthless, taking any opportunity to rig a fight. But they lacked imagination. There was no finesse, no art to their combat. They could never anticipate her moves. Surprise, Inej learned, goes a very long way in a fight. She鈥檇 always been a fast learner.
She didn't fight Kaz again. At least, not with blades.
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dap-brown11 hours ago
It鈥檚 called critical thinking 鈥渒iddo鈥. Don鈥檛 get yourself aligned with the sort you are. I鈥檝e seen the shit you post (ex. 鈥減ronouns: female鈥 - is it hard to specify she/her??) And defending JKR is just鈥 wow. Can鈥檛 you see the racism in her writing? Oh and also, listen to trans people! You鈥檙e young, don鈥檛 make these mistakes.
1. "Female" sounds less clunky than, "she/her". Female is clunky, too, but it's the lesser of two evils. If I'd had it my way, I'd have put a string of emojis like this: 馃巰馃憲馃憵馃┌馃憭馃憼馃┍馃摽 and let people guess my gender from there, but I did that once in another server and a crotchety old buzzkill of a mod yelled at me... -.-
2. Racism? What racism? Cho? She's fine! I'm half Asian, and I don't mind her. In fact, I like her! And so does my fully Asian mother. Her only gripe with Cho is that she cried so much on her date with Harry! And her name ain't really an issue, either. Not according to my mom, who is half Chinese, nor these folks, who are also Chinese.
Do you think she's a racist stereotype because she's smart?! I'd say that's even more racist than writing a smart Asian character. I'm decently smart myself, my mom was a straight-A student, and she's always pushing me to do well academically. Are we racist for being smart? No, we're not!
And if you ask me, it'd be a lot worse if the stereotype was that Asians are dumb as bricks!
JK didn't do anywhere near a perfect job with Cho, but she tried, and even though I'm not the kind to be clamoring for representation, I appreciate the sentiment. I'll give her an A for effort.
And if you're complaining about Nagini in the Fantastic Beasts movie, I suggest you google the legend of the Naga. If I recall correctly, the original Indian actress got pregnant and had to drop out, so the filmmakers called in the next best thing. Jo's not all that involved in the actual productions of the films, but if she was, I'm sure they would have turned every stone in Hollywood looking for another Indian actress.
Again, neither mom nor I mind Nagini.
3. Which trans people? 'Cause I know of several who are on JK's side. And even then, which ones of those do I trust? Out of those people I can trust, how much can I trust them?
I don't just blindly trust people, I need to get to know them first. Get a feel for what their beliefs are, how willing they are to jump on every SJW bandwagon that crosses through town, if their beliefs will clash with those of people I already know and trust, and how, or even if, I can reconcile that clashing. It's basic safety 101. One of the first things my parents taught me as a kid was to never trust a stranger! And I still apply that logic today, especially online.
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quirklessda day ago
[warning: smut ahead] ____
I can feel my knees getting weak as I looked into his eyes in disbelief.
Todoroki kun, THE Shoto Todoroki, likes me? The thought of it sounds very ridiculous.
Who would like someone like me, especially when you're perfect like Todoroki?
It's like the time froze while we look into each other's eyes as I'm trying to process everything.
I hitched my breath from the sudden realization.
W-what about Kacchan?
I looked down, avoiding Todoroki kun's desperate stares. The pressure is making it worse as I'm trying to think what to say next.
I needed to answer Todoroki kun now. I can't left him hanging.
"Midoriya?" He said, calling my name in the softest voice I have ever heard from him. I suddenly felt the nervousness strike my body, overwhelming my mind.
Right now, I'm struggling. I literally just lost my boyfriend the other day.
...I wished that Todoroki should've waited for a little bit.
"W-Why me?" The only thing that I managed to reply. It's so hard to think after what recently happened between Kacchan and I. My mind keeps thinking about a lot of things it might explode anytime soon.
I had a lot of probable scenarios that may happen.
What if I said yes? What would Kacchan think?
...but what if I said no? Am I going to make another bad decision?
Todoroki removed his hand from my cheeks while looking to the ground. Both of us refused to see each other in the eyes, scared of what might happen next and to see how we'll react.
"I-I don't know, M-Midoriya. I never felt like this to someone before. I'm not even attracted to a guy or to a girl. I only focused to be a great hero but I've never been so sure in my life. I know I'm not someone you spend with a lot. I'm not a childhood friend but every time you're around, I feel very happy. I-I'm different when I'm with you." He said as he shifted his eyes into my direction, lifting his head. "Midoriya you are the reason I changed. You made me accept who I am.
...Izuku Midoriya, I like you."
I never imagined that Todoroki would confess to someone in general, especially to someone generic like myself. He's the most ideal guy out there and here he is confessing to someone very simple and has nothing to offer.
...but the weird thing is, it doesn't help me to be confidence. It made me feel to be more insecure about myself.
I already know my answer. I wanted to tell him my answer, but my mind is running around one name.
I'm so selfish.
I don't want to be seen as a cheater. I'm not an asshole, I just have a bad decision making skills.
...but I also don't want to hurt Todoroki kun.
If I'm the past Deku, I will say yes and make myself fall for Todoroki based from my idea of loving someone back but it already happened with Kacchan and I failed horribly.
And here I am, about to make the worst decision that I will probably ever make.
"I-I'm sorry, T-Todoroki kun." I said while looking down, feeling undeserving of looking him in the eye. I can feel my tears welling in my eyes as I try my best not to let them fall.
"I-I'm so sorry, b-but I don't like you b-back. I only see you as a f-friend." I sobbed, wiping my own tears with my wrist.
He looked in my eyes, unconvinced, with no intention to believe with my words.
"Y-you're lying." He said confidently. "We've been together enough to help pass each other's challenges. Midoriya, we've been sending each other hints that we're meant to be togethe-"
"NO! I don't like you Todoroki kun! I-I'm sorry." I raised my voice as I shifted my eyes into his. I tried to be persuasive as much as possible.
Todoroki is smart, he won't believe me easily. He will think that I'm doing this for Kacchan and I'm fully aware.
I don't want people seeing him like a bad person, and that's why I'm doing this to protect him and myself.
...because I like him too.
"Midoriya, stop this bullshit-"
"I will never, ever going to like you back. I'm so sorry, Todoroki kun." I said interrupting him with my voice breaking from the sobbing.
Words: 2144, Chapters: 21/?, Language: English
Series: Chapter 21 of CLASS 2-A | TODODEKU
Fandoms: 鍍曘伄銉掋兗銉兗銈€偒銉囥儫銈 | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Explicit Content
Categories: M/M
Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Bakugou Katsuki, Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijirou, Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako, Class 1-A, Original Characters
Relationships: Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku, Kaminari Denki & Shinso Hitoshi, Kirishima Eijirou & Class 1-A & Midoriya Izuku, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & HIzashi Yamada | Present Mic
Additional Tags: #bnhasecondyears #bnha #mha #nonau #nonaubnha #nonaumha #Todoroki likes Midoriya for a year and kept it to himself #but Bakugo liked him since childhood
Read Here:
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svgarpillsa day ago
Hurt comfort Soniakane?
sorry this is so late the only thing i wanted to do yesterday was binge panty & stocking
Ship: Soniakane
Characters: Sonia Nevermind, Akane Owari, mentions of the other SDR2 characters
*Set after SDR2 ending so...spoilers for that. I've never written soniakane because it's not my main Sonia ship but it's rlly cute so i'll try my best
__ Finding out it had all been a simulation was the most confusing part. Having to watch all of her friends die only to find out that none of it had been real. And if finding out it was a simulation was the most confusing part, finding out she was a "Remnant of Despair" was the most terrifying.
Makoto had tried to reassure them that it was Enoshima's fault, but she knew that none of them really believed that fully. Fuyuhiko refused to take the eyepatch he was given off, the only person who had seen it was Hajime, and that was only because he had insisted on using Kamakura's vast medical knowledge to make sure that he was okay.
She recalled Makoto's words every time she saw Akane's frailness, or Fuyuhiko's eyepatch, or when she walked past the room with her still comatose classmates and saw a glimpse of Nagito's feminine hand. They killed people for Junko, snatched her body parts when she was killed, the faint whisper of his voice saying some of them tried to have children with her body still made her feel ill.
She shook her head and slipped out from under the blankets on her bed, hesitanting before exiting her room and closing the door behind her. The halls were dark, but she knew them well enough to navigate without falling and hurting herself. The clock read that it was almost 11 pm, a few hours had passed since she had tried to get some sleep. It had almost worked before she had recalled those thoughts and cursed Junko Enoshima under her breath.
Sticking a hand out to feel over the walls so she could get a general sense of her direction, she carefully made her way down the hall and turned one of the corners. She jumped slightly when she saw Hajime, but after a moment they both nodded silently at each other and the taller boy disappeared behind another door. He was probably working on something, she shouldn't bother him about it.
Her hand finally located the door she was looking for and she knocked softly, hoping the noise was loud enough to alert the gymnast. A small click came from the knob as the door cracked open. "Sorry to disturb you but..." the door opened a bit wider and Akane gestured for her to come inside. Ignoring the way her stomach seemed to fill with butterflies, she stepped into the room and let the door close behind her.
"Y' don't have to worry about that 'disturbing me' stuff, you know. I mean, we are dating." Sonia blushed slightly, nodding. "So you just couldn't sleep?" She nodded again and Akane sat beside her. It was silent, but she found it...comfortable. It allowed her to collect her thoughts but not feel like she was alone. She preferred this feeling to sitting in her room alone.
"...I keep thinking about everything that's happened- that's happening." She admits, wrapping her arms around herself. "We basically destroyed the world because of Enoshima, how are we going to deal with all of this?" Akane looked at her for a minute before she shrugged.
"I guess we'll have to deal with it head on, right? We'll just have to help each other out like we did in that simulation." She gave Sonia a bittersweet smile that the princess returned. "I mean, there's not much else we can do. Even when we're all awake we can't just reverse all that Remnant shit automatically." Sonia felt a shiver crawl up her spine, because she knew that Akane was right. Their actions wouldn't just magically reverse themselves because they were no longer full of despair.
"...It's already getting kind of late, do you just wanna spend the night in here?" Sonia looked back at her. It was already late, and walking back to her room in the dark would just be pointless when she would end up feeling just as miserable as she had before she had come to Akane's room. Besides, she was already in her pajamas and she was getting tired.
"Yes, that sounds nice." Akane slipped under the blankets and gestured for Sonia to do so as well. She could sense the heat on her face and hoped that the darkness of the room would hide the blush on her face as she let herself relax and turned to face Akane, who seemed to be thinking about something.
"Hey Sonia?" Sonia hummed in reply. "Whatever happens, we'll do it together, right?" The princess laced her fingers with Akane's, a soft sense of tiredness washing over her.
"Of course we will."
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fallendoma day ago
"Lucifer! Hold on a moment!" He was never able to find the right time to ask because it was as if every time he managed to free himself for just a second with the intention of speaking to Pride, another thing would find him and take him in the opposite direction. Frustrating, indeed, but he was determined and it was that determination that led him to this moment.
"Goodness.. I finally manage to find you and most of the day is already gone. But I'm sure you've been busy all day with your birthday, anyway. You're so popular!" The look on Pride's face is enough to make him laugh. "You didn't think I forgot, did you?" With that said, he pulls out a small box from his breast pocket, handing it to Lucifer. "This is for you- Happy Birthday, Lucifer. Now, before you open it, I wish to ask you something else." Within the box, he'd find a pocket watch with a peacock engraved inside and his initials on the outer shell. "I wanted to take you out to dinner to celebrate. You don't need to worry about taking your brothers - it is a special occasion, after all. So what do you say?"
聽 EVERYONE MANAGED to keep him rather occupied with matters that weren't relevant to work, even by his LORD. The avatar hadn't managed to see him for this date that might as well been a celebration. LUCIFER was persisted into not forgetting together...despite spending most of the day seeking a valuable item. He couldn't neglect that object, no matter how others may consider it as 'unlike the eldest'. PRIDE carried those standards of being stubborn enough to continue until he got his way. Thankfully they all managed to recover it though was finally reminded what today is, what was forgotten throughout the day. NO DOUBT THERE'D BE SOMEONE WHO WAS HAVING DIFFICULTIES TRACKING HIS FOOTSTEPS considering who managed to track the demon down. The royal prince nearly appeared as if he was out of breathe, more like exhausted from trying to find out where he walked in DEVILDOM. There was a faint look of surprise to hear he hadn't forgotten what today symbolized especially when he couldn't ask much from DIAVOLO. He rather there'd be an intense focus on his objectives than paying attention to a mere underlying's birthday. Of course there won't be a moment to forget, which explains the stubbornness in seeking him out.
聽 "I WOULDN'T SAY I was kept by everyone due to popularity. The search for something important kept me from remembering what today was, DIAVOLO. However...I'm glad you could be here." The genuine sentiment brought warmth into LUCIFER'S chest from having his dear prince by his side. It wasn't exaggerated to desire him above the others, if it meant they were going to fulfill work or spending time together. PRIDE could rarely get many opportunities and was always pulled away by some task...something his BROTHERS could accomplish if they tried. At least they're together for the remainder of the day, not really minding since there's no such thing as limited time for them to be together. Hands take the small box with the intentions of opening it until the other's words grasped his attention. "Thank you for your gift but what did you wish to ask me?"
Tumblr media
聽 A SMILE appears before his face from that question, almost as if he would desire to reject it. Gloved fingers lightly brush back some hair later shifting them to grasp the demon's hand. Their fingers entwined together, fully intent on accepting this date of theirs. "You make it sound like I would have wanted to reject, DIAVOLO. I'd love to have dinner with you alone, my LORD. Being with you is more than I could ask for especially when you smile like that. That's the best present for my birthday."
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hardladyheart2 days ago
Forest Fae (Loki x Reader)
Tumblr media
Your giggle echoed through the trees, scaring the nearby birds. You tried your best not to move or the limb you stood on would give you away. No one knew about you or saw you and you kind of liked it that way.
A mumbling could be heard below you as a man walked through your forest. You tilted your head to the side, your bright yellow eyes taking him in. The man's hair was raven that was slicked back from his pale face. He also had a beautifully crafted jaw, but that all was you could really see from your position. If you hadn't known he was there, his dark green and gold tunic and his black pants would make him invisible.
With another giggle that made him look around, you jumped from your tree to the ground silently. You crept behind him, looking over his shoulder to see what he was reading. With a disappointed sigh at not seeing pictures, you accidently breathed on his neck which made him shiver. He whirled around to look at you, his vibrant green eyes searching for someone you knew he couldn't see.
"I don't like to be played with, come out now or I will be forced to make you," the raven-haired man said.
"My Prince, are you frightened?" You giggled again.
The prince glared all around him still looking, but only seeing trees. "Of course not, I am frightened of nothing."
You whispered in his ear, "really?"
"Show yourself, coward," he yelled, getting irritated.
You squatted in front of him, your hands on the grass in front of you with your knees in the air. The first thing to show was your long red hair, followed by your long pierced pointed ear. Green sparkles ran down your body slowly to show yourself. You smiled up at him as he watched you appear with an awed expression.
"What magic is this," he asked once you were fully visible.
You stood slowly, coming to be an inch taller than him. " 'Tis my magic, Prince Loki."
You pulled at some dead leaves that made up your halter and pants which made green ones grow in their place. You could feel him watching you, but you pretended not to notice.
"What are you?" Loki went to touch your locks to get a better look, but you stepped back from him.
"I'm a fae, but you of all should know that. Odin must have told you."
You tilted your head, feeling some of your earrings hitting your skin. With a shrug you turned from him and walked farther into your forest. Loki's boots made more noise than you had as he tried to catch up with you.
"Can you teach me," Loki questioned with a tint of excitement in his voice.
"No, no other than a fae can use this magic. Not even a Jotun." You looked at him from the corner of your eye, wondering if he already knew.
"What does a Jotun have to do with anything," he spat his question with a look of disgust.
"You should get back, Son of Odin. Someone is calling for you." You gave him one last smile, jumping up in a tree before disappearing.
Every day seemed to carry on this way which led to many years. Loki would come into the forest and wait for you, knowing you already saw him. You both had become friends that neither of you had before.
You were many centuries older than him, but he didn't seem to mind. Once he found out he questioned you of some of the history that you might have known about.
"Loki, why do you come and visit me?" You brushed your toes against the small pond of water below you, watching how it rippled.
The raven-haired prince looked at you before speaking, "I have many reasons. Why do you ask?"
You tilted your head with a smile, hair falling yet again into your eyes. "Curiosity, My Lord, as always."
Loki lifted a hand to your face, brushing the red locks from your face and behind your ear with his long fingers. You sat there looking at him, feeling the cold radiate from his skin as he caressed your cheek.
"Why do you look at me like that." he questioned you, placing his fingers over your eyelids. You closed your eyes like he wished before you gasped at the feeling of his soft lips over your eyes.
Loki kissed each of your cheeks and then your forehead. Your golden eyes looked straight into his green before he kissed you sweetly. Your eyes closed as his lips lingered on yours. You placed a hand on his cheek, feeling he he was actually warm to the touch.
You were the one that pulled away, leaving your hand on his cheek. You weren't sure what flashed in his eyes or yours, all you knew was that Loki had taken your breath away as well as your first kiss.
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hornime2 days ago
hello, for the 500 inky thing (assuming it鈥檚 still open), may i request the beautiful amazing saeko + 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care if it takes all night, you will submit.鈥 + 鈥淏e a good girl for mommy.鈥
(i think i did that right) :)
part of my 500 event! [CLOSED]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, dom!saeko, f!reader, public(ish) sex, mommy kink, degradation, impact play
a/n: i was MOVED by this ask like my brain started sprinting GEEZ
prompts:聽鈥渋 don't care if it takes all night how long it takes, you will submit鈥 / 鈥渂e a good girl for mommy"
Tumblr media
you looked down at your hands, covered in motor oil, grease, and some other mechanical fluids that you'd rather not know the names of. groaning, you wiped them on your jeans, a new pair that had already been ruined by scattered tears and the dark marks that came from working in an autoshop. you're lucky that i like you this much, you mentally tried to communicate to saeko, because this is the dirtiest i've ever gotten in a non-sexual context.
getting off your knees and onto your feet, you headed to the breakroom, fully intent on changing your clothes and getting the heck out of there. you were a relatively new hire at the motorcycle shop, and although you hated the actual work and the inevitable mess that came as a result of it, you stuck around for one reason: your huge fucking crush on the owner, saeko tanaka.
the way you swore her stare lingered on your tits and the not-so-innocent touches on your back that were a bit too close to your ass kept you coming back for more鈥攖hose little interactions were much better than the barely-scraping-minimum wage that you were earning. and even so, you were a struggling college student, so you were grateful for every dollar you got, even if you entire weekly salary could easily be splurged if you didn't keep track of your expenses.
as you opened the door to the breakroom, you began shuffling out of your clothes, hoping the the bike you'd just worked on was the last one. but, of course, luck wasn't on your side, and another customer came swinging in the front door. you muttered a few curse words before putting on your best customer service face and heading to the front of the shop.
"hi there, welcome to saeko's cycles! how can i鈥"
"noya!" you heard saeko shriek from behind you, making you cringe at the volume of her voice.
"oi, saeko! great to see you!" the customer, noya (?), responded, practically leaping over the desk to punch her in the shoulder. he scrambled over the counter and you awkwardly stood to the side, watching the two interact.
"i thought you were traveling the world! with, uh, the big man with the bun! why're you here?"
"ah, asahi! yeah, we're back in japan just for a few days..."
"oh, that's great! have you seen ryuu..."
you cleared your throat, but the two were engaged in a very animated conversation, punctuated by loud laughter and an unreasonable amount of hitting.聽
you blew your hair out of your face, pissed at the fact that 1) you were still in your dirty ass clothes, and 2) neither saeko nor her friend were paying you any attention. as you took the time to study saeko, who'd last been doing some paperwork in her office which was notorious for having a shitty air conditioning system, you decided on 3) she was wearing nothing but a strappy tank top and some shorts, 3a) that was the least amount of clothing you've ever seen on her, and which led to 3b) you were now extremely turned on.
"excuse me!" your voice came out a bit louder than you expected it to, and the three of you jumped.
"damn, saeko, who's this?" noya (?) snickered as he finally noticed you, his eyes shamelessly roaming your body. "why're you keeping a hottie like her locked up in this dingy shop?"
"watch it, noya." saeko moved to stand by your side, wrapping an arm around your waist. "back off, she's mine."
your cheeks warmed at the possessiveness in her statement, although you knew that you were probably reading too much into it. i'm hers? does that mean she likes me?
"alright, alright," noya (?) acquiesced, raising his hands up defensively. "i know how protective you get of your girlfriends."
"oh, we're not鈥" you started.
"only when you're around, you playboy," saeko interrupted. "always trying to get your grubby hands on my girls."
"i get it, i get it. i won't pull anything." he then turned to you, a mischievous smile playing on his face, and it was apparent that he was up to no good. "hey cutie, i'm nishinoya yuu. most people call me noya, like blondie over here. but you? you can call me anytime."
you were barely able to open your mouth to give a snarky response when saeko's grip tightened on your hip. "out, noya. i have a 'no flirting' policy for customers."
"eh, i wouldn't call it flirting, saeko. it's obvious that she's way too into you to give a damn about anyone else," he jumped back over to the other side of the desk, heading towards the door. "i've got others to see. shoyo won't stop blowing up my phone. you think you'll be there for dinner? ukai's at eight?"
your throat dried up at his implication. was your crush on her that obvious? so obvious that even this guy, this random stranger that just walked in minutes earlier, could pick up on it? then i'm fucked, you thought. there's no way she doesn't know by now.
"yeah, i'll see," she responded. "unless this one," she pointed towards you with a smirk, "keeps me busy."
nishinoya pretended to gag. "too much damn information, saeko. i'll see you whenever i do then." he gestured between the two of you, wiggling his eyebrows. "don't have too much fun, alright? and use protection!" he suddenly seemed confused.聽鈥渄o girls need protection? how does it鈥斺
saeko practically shoved him out the door, laughing as she waved goodbye.
you became keenly aware of the way her hand lingered on your waist even after nishinoya had left the building, and it felt as if her touch was going to burn you whole.
"so," she began, turning you so that her back was against the edge of the desk, each of her hands on either side of your body, trapping you. the mood suddenly seemed a lot more menacing than it had moments earlier. "turns out you've got a crush on me, hm?"
you blanched. "i鈥攊 don't鈥"
"you see," she raised her hand to twirl some strands of your hair with her fingers, those same fingers you had always imagined playing with your pussy when you were alone with your thoughts at night. "i had an inkling that you liked me, but i wasn't sure. but noya? noya's the most observant person i know and he thinks you鈥檝e got a thing for me, so that means," her hand found its way under your chin, pushing it up so that your eyes met hers, "you've got a thing for me."
the certainty in her voice told you there was no point in lying. "yeah, i do," you admitted, playing with the hem of your shirt, your face hot under her intense gaze. "sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or anything, i just鈥"
she let out a breathy chuckle, leaning closer to whisper in your ear, the slight breath that she exhaled near your earlobe making your heart stutter in your chest. "and what if i told you i had a thing for you, too?"
she pulled away and snickered at your expression; you were a deer caught in headlights, your eyes wide and mouth gaping. "you're not serious."
"but i am, baby," she purred, sneaking her hands up your shirt, her fingers spreading goosebumps around your stomach. "you're not as subtle as you as you think you are; always looking at my tits, sneaking glances at my ass... you're a naughty girl, thinking i wouldn't notice."
you instinctively glanced down at her tits, which were slowly pushing against yours, and then snapped your head back up, embarrassed, as she deviously smiled at you. "it's not like that," you protested weakly. "i wasn't鈥攊 was just鈥"
"save it. take your clothes off," she ordered. she pushed the fabric of your shirt up and off your chest and then reached around your back to unclip your bra, letting it fall to the floor. "gosh, you have the prettiest tits," she mumbled, letting her hands mold the soft flesh and pinch your nipples.
"saeko, wait," you said, grabbing onto her wrists, desperately trying to keep your head and not lose yourself in the pressure that was starting to build between your legs. "the shop's still open, and," you inhaled sharply as one of her hands found its way down your panties, precariously close to your clit, your pants somehow already pooled around your ankles. "and someone could walk in. we can't do this right now!"
she smacked your cunt, making you cry out in pain and pleasure. "don't talk back to me, got that?"
"but we can't鈥" you mustered, futilely attempting to ignore the way she was stroking your pussy, the way that you were getting wetter and wetter as she touched you.
"i don't care how long it takes, you will submit," she growled. "the sooner you realize who's in charge here, the better."
you moaned as one of her fingers pushed into your hole, and you clenched around it as she prodded at your walls, thrusting leisurely. a second finger slipped in and you whimpered as she stroked against a certain spot that had you seeing stars. "saeko," you whined. "it feels s'good, i want more."
"so greedy," she tsked. "you like this? getting fucked against the front desk like a common whore? anyone could see you, you know that?"
"i don't care," you babbled, tears pricking at your eyes in frustration of just how slow she was fingering you. you clutched her forearm, urging her to go faster. "jus' want you. want you, mommy."
"mommy?" she whispered under her breath, lust evident in the way she drank in your heaving form. "you're more of a slut than i thought. gonna be good for me?"
"yes, mommy," you mewled, wanting to hear her praise more than anything.
she removed her fingers from your cunt and you sobbed at the loss of contact, peering at her with pleading eyes. "bend over," she directed, popping her fingers in her mouth and moaning as she tasted your arousal. "chest down on the desk, ass towards me."
you complied easily, your facade of disinterest and concern crumbling, having given way to a primal desire to be at the mercy of the gorgeous woman before you. your tits felt cold against the wood of the table, but saeko's hand on the small of your back kept you from jerking away at the sensation.
her other hand trailed along your sides and you shivered as it ghosted over the sensitive skin of your hips. she kneeled down behind you, strategically spreading your legs so that your dripping pussy was right above her mouth. "stay still for me," she instructed. "be a good girl for mommy."
and, like a predator to prey, she was on you, devouring your cunt with a fervor that had your eyes rolling back in your head and your thighs trembling with the effort to stay upright. you nails dug into the wood, leaving little imprints as you helplessly clung to the edge.
"mommy oh m'god," you moaned, tongue lolling out of your mouth. "y'feel s'good. please don't stop. please don't stop, mommy."
she didn't respond with words, but with actions, lapping messily at your hole before turning her attention to your throbbing clit. she latched her lips onto the bud and you screamed, nothing but hiccups and cries pouring indiscriminately into the air.
you slightly shifted your weight, moving your body farther back into her face to get more stimulation, but she harshly slapped your ass, making you wail out an apology.
"what the fuck did i say about moving?" she snarled. "don't move or i won't let you cum."
you did the absolute best you could to follow her directions; no matter how much your muscles clenched nor how badly you wanted to clamp your thighs together, you tried to be as compliant as possible, letting her manipulate your body however she wanted to.
a swipe of the tip of her tongue along your clit forced a wanton sound of euphoria from your mouth, and you slurred a jumbled "mommy, m'gonna cum" before letting your forehead rest on the table.
"cum for me, baby," she mumbled from between your legs. "cum in my mouth. lemme taste it, baby, lemme taste you."
you let out a silent scream, every nerve in your body tense with pleasure, as you cum, body shaking with the sheer force of your orgasm. she coaxed you through it, licking up all of your slick, until you all but collapsed onto the table, limp with exhaustion.
she pulled away, tenderly massaging your thighs and working her way up to your back, before urging you to get dressed and peppering you with kisses.
"you did so good for me," she beamed, nuzzling into your hair. "you're such a good girl."
"thank you, mommy," you smiled weakly, wanting nothing more than to curl up into her arms and sleep. you slowly pulled your clothes back on, grimacing at how doing so made your muscles yell in protest.
she reached for her phone before coming up to pull you onto her lap, your neck head on her shoulder.
"wanna come to dinner with me tonight?" she whispered, not wanting to wake you up if you'd already fallen asleep.
"sure," you mumbled in a daze. a thought suddenly came to your mind and you asked sheepishly. "does this mean we're dating? or鈥"
"hell yeah, if you wanna."
you nodded, hoping that it didn't look too eager.聽鈥渋鈥檇 love that.鈥
she hooked her head over your shoulder, giving you a kiss on the cheek. "i can't wait to tell everyone that i have the prettiest, hottest, sexiest聽girlfriend in the world."
鈥渘o, i do,鈥 you hummed, a gentle smile on your face, quickly losing consciousness in her embrace.
she glanced back towards her phone, quickly typing out a response to nishinoya's text.
[04:36 PM] noya: yo bring your not-gf to dinner
[04:36 PM]聽noya: everyone鈥檚 dying to see her cus you鈥檝e been talking about her for so long
[04:36 PM] noya: and you def weren鈥檛 lying when you said she was hot...
[04:36 PM] noya: also i feel like shit for bringing it up and then forgetting to invite her
[05:03 PM] saeko: no worries she's in
[05:03 PM] saeko: and remember hands off. she's mine
[05:03 PM] saeko: like for real now
[05:04 PM] noya: dude??? you asked her???????
[05:04 PM] saeko: yeahhhhh we're dating now
[05:04 PM] saeko: thx for your help
[05:05 PM] noya: no prob saeko. i am a killer wingman
[05:05 PM] saeko: yeah yeah
[05:05 PM] saeko: but im serious noya. dont mess w my gf
[05:05 PM] noya: yes maam!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
漏 property of hornime 2021. do not plagiarize any of my writing and do not repost/copy my writing onto any other sites.
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Mystery Date (5)
Authors: Emmy & Mickey
Characters: Tony Stark x Reader
Summary: Tony鈥檚 always had a habit of flirting with nearly everything that has a pulse鈥揾armlessly including his best friend Y/N, even on nights that she鈥檚 live-texting him updates from her hilariously bad blind dates. Nevertheless, he encourages her to soldier on, reminding her that they can鈥檛 all be assholes. But when Tony realizes he has real feelings for her, will he have the courage to tell her? Or will he be too late?
Series Warnings: She/her pronouns for the reader, swearing, some sexual discussion, food mentions, some pretty awful and embarrassing blind dates
Word Count: 1k
Author鈥檚 Note: This fic primarily happens in texts between Tony and Reader, with occasional paragraph format from both POVs. It was written as a team effort by both owners of this blog!
THIS IS A RE-POSTED FIC. If you feel like you鈥檝e read this before, you may have! After starting our blog over (we were previously hunters-from-stark-tower), we are currently re-uploading a lot of our fics to this new blog! Please follow us here!
HOWEVER--this series was incomplete on our old blog. It is now FULLY WRITTEN 6-part series and will be posted on a weekly schedule (see series masterlist link for dates)!聽
Series Masterlist | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Y/N: Well, I think I鈥檓 officially tapping out
Tony: Tapping out? Of what, a fight in the ring? No need, you could definitely take me.
Y/N: I鈥檓 not disagreeing with you there
Y/N: But no, I鈥檓 tapping out of the internet dating ring
Y/N: I just can鈥檛 handle all those losers
Y/N: I鈥檓 just gonna start buying a bunch of cats and get a head start on being the resident crazy cat lady
Tony: Come on, Y/N. It hasn't been THAT bad... A mama's boy, a rich asshole, and an accident waiting to happen? Sounds like a normal week in the office to me.
Y/N: Maybe you should date these guys lol
Tony: Okay okay, valid comeback. Still, I don't think you should give up just yet.
Y/N: uhh you literally spent the last couple weeks trying to convince me not to internet date, and now you鈥檙e just suddenly fine with it?
Tony: Hey, don't call me out like that! 馃槀 Alright, alright, I admit that I've been a... little less than kind about the men you've met since you joined that MysteryDate site, but I've got a good feeling this time. Fourth time's a charm?
Y/N: 馃檮馃檮馃檮
Y/N: Fiiiiiiiiiine
Y/N: But if this dude ends up sucking I鈥檓 coming for you Tony Stark
Tony: Now is not the time for an inappropriate joke now is not the time for an inappropriate joke now is not the time for an inappropriaYOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS YOU'LL BE COMING FOR ME
Y/N: How dare you sir, I am a lady
Y/N: If you want in these pants you鈥檒l have to buy me dinner first and also maybe manage to not catch anything on fire like that last dude
Y/N: God my standards are depressingly low
Tony: You deserve a man who will be everything you need him to be.
Tony: You match with anyone else yet?
Y/N: Idk let me check
Y/N: I did actually
Y/N: Anthony Smith
Y/N: Any guesses on what kinda dude he is?
Tony: No, but I've gotta say, I like the name.
Tony: Most Anthonys I know are pretty good guys.
Tony: I'd be honored to share a name with him as long as he's nice to you.
Y/N: I鈥檇 be honored to date someone who shares the same name as you as long as he doesn鈥檛 get in fights with various super villains like some people I know 馃憖馃憖馃憖
Tony: That's... fair lol. Well, message him and see if he wants to meet. And then get some sleep, it's past your bedtime.
Y/N: Someone鈥檚 bossy
Y/N: Alright I鈥檒l message him
Y/N: And I鈥檒l go to bed whenever I want, thank you very much
Y/N: Oh ew okay it鈥檚 late I鈥檒l go to bed
Tony: Knew it 馃槀 sleep well!
Y/N: 馃槝馃槝
Tumblr media
Y/N: He鈥檚 15 minutes late... seems like the fourth time isn鈥檛 quite the charm either 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煠︷煆烩嶁檧锔
Y/N: Why do I bother馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tony: He'll be there.
Tony: Maybe he's nervous.
Y/N: I don鈥檛 know why I thought this time would be different. I could be rewatching brooklyn nine-nine right now on my couch but nooooo, I just haaaad to give it another go
Y/N: I鈥檓 definitely dying alone. It鈥檚 inevitable.
Tony: You're not going to die alone, Y/N. You're going to find the right guy.
Y/N: I appreciate your positivity babe but honestly I鈥檓 probably just gonna leave. Right after I get another order of the breadsticks here because I may or may not have eaten the first basket.
Y/N: I mean, what if there just is no right guy for me?
Tony: What about me?
Y/N: it鈥檚 awfully sweet of you to indulge me Tony, but you鈥檙e my best friend so you already have to put up with my miserable ass enough 馃槀 you don't have to pretend like that would ever be something you wanted
Tumblr media
"What if it is what I want?"聽
Your eyes shoot up from your phone so fast, it makes you dizzy. Tony slides into the seat across from you, poised and graceful as ever, and signals for a waiter.聽
"Could we get some more breadsticks here, please?" The waiter nods and scampers off to fulfill Tony's request. Hell, you thought, if a man in a thousand-dollar suit asked me to do something, I'd run like that to get it done too. You peered at him warily, wondering what he was doing here.聽
"So, are you stalking me to make sure this guy isn't a murderer?" You asked, absent-mindedly picking at the tablecloth. "Because if so, that's totally valid considering the rest of the blind dates I've been on so far. But you should try, uh鈥 Observing from a distance, maybe?"
"Y/N, I--"聽
"I don't really think he's gonna show up, but if he does, I don't think he'd appreciate me sitting with another man."聽
"Wait, what was it that you said when you sat down? I think I was zoning out." Realizing that you were focusing too hard on pulling a fraying thread from tablecloth, you put your attention back on the man in front of you.聽
Why did he look so nervous?聽
"Y/N, I'm your date."聽
"What the hell do you mean, you're my date?" You demanded, your voice a little louder than you had intended it to be. Someone at a nearby table shot you a look, but you ignored them.聽
"I鈥 Might have hacked the MysteryDate website. And, uh... Set myself up with you." He actually had the audacity to look sheepish.聽
"Why on earth would you do that?"聽
"Look, I may not be a great man, but you deserve to be with someone who loves you and would do anything for you. I'm in love with you. And I would do anything to make you happy."聽
He was staring at you so intensely. Waiting. Waiting for you to say something. To laugh, to tell him you love him too, to tell him to fuck off, something. Instead, you took a deep breath, pushed your chair away from the table, very carefully stood up鈥
And ran straight for the nearest exit.聽
Tumblr media
Tag list specifically for this fic only: OPEN (request by ASK only)
Alternatively, you can also request to be on our permanent tag list, or a specific fandom tag list (see what fandoms we write for here).
Mystery Date Tags:
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nxnamis3 days ago
Hello! You wont believe how happy I am when I saw that you write for Genshin Impact now. If you don't mind, can you write a headcanons for zhongli diluc and other character you like when they have a crush on you. Like how would they act around their crush? Would they be more nicer or quieter. Take your time writing this and take care!
Zhongli, Diluc, and Childe When They Have A Crush
fluff / angst
warnings: mentions of death , men being awful with feelings
ships: gn reader x zhongli , gn reader x diluc, gn reader x childe
authors note: oml you're so sweet!! I absolutely loved writing this
also this is my first time writing genshin, so I'm trying my best to accurately portray the characters!! still not used to it.
When he falls for someone, you would never know at first
He keeps his little crush to himself for awhile to process his feelings
He doesn't really know how to feel about his feelings for you
On the one hand, he wants to embrace it fully. We wants to love you with all his heart, body, and soul.
On the other hand, you're mortal. One day, your life will dwindle away like sand in a hourglass. You'll be gone, just like the rest of his friends he's met over time.
He has to make a decision to act or to stay behind. Either way he'll loose you.
So he decides to act on it.
He'll make his intentions known, but it won't be overbearing
Before officially dating you, Zhongli would show affection through words and gifts
He'll buy you small presents ( funded by his wingmen, Hu Tao & Childe), take you on picnics around Liyue, and will personally cook food for you
He will listen to you talk about whatever you want, he's just happy to listen
Zhongli will also tell you stories about Liyue's history, if you are interested
Crushing Zhongli is a listener and a pleaser. He will do anything to see you happy.
( Bonus: You were a big factor in giving up his gnosis. Due to his godly essence being stripped from him, he could finally live out his wish of growing old with you )
Diluc is a lot like Zhongli when it comes to early stages of crushing, being that you'd never know he has feelings for you
He's civil, keeps his stoic attitude with you, but inside his heart is racing
Internally, there's a lot of denial of feelings
He doesn't want to believe he's falling for you, he couldn't be
He can't fall in love with you, it would only hurt him, or worse, the both of you
He's angry with himself for letting him be vulnerable
Then, he reflects, is he really angry?
Or is he scared?
Scared of losing again
Scared of losing you like he lost his father or his brother
Scared of losing someone he loves
Realization hits him in the face like one of Klee's bombs
So he decided he's going to do something about it
......And he doesn't.....
Diluc tries, but each time he goes to he tenses up
He's just so scared
He might act differently around you, maybe a bit more nervous
So please confront him about it so you two can sort it out
When Diluc has a crush, he's awkward and stiff. Please make the first move.
Totally different from the other two emo bitches
Childe can recognize his feelings really quick, and acts on them immediately
He sees love as another challenge and thrill
He flirts with you, buys you gifts, and asks you on (unofficial) dinner dates
Childe thinks he's suave and charming
In all reality, he looks like a golden retriever following around it's owner with it's tongue out
He's constantly looking for your approval and praise
Childe really want you to be proud of him and happy because of him
Members of the Fatui are shocked at the Harbinger's change in attitude when you're around
He can go from serious and threatening to a big softie in the matter of seconds
Everyone thinks you're a married couple with the way you two interact and his heart breaks when you have to tell them that you're just friends
One day. One day, he'll get there
Childe with a crush is excited and adoring. He wants to please you and make you happy. 10/10 male wife material /j
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frozenmemories19873 days ago
"Can I tell you a secret?" for jola plase
"Can I tell you a secret?"
"Anything. You know that."
Keyla is anxious, her pulse is racing like crazy but she has to get it out. It's been weighing her down for months, affecting her professional performance and interfering her sleep.
"Well. It's just. I don't know how you'll take it."
She bites her lip, avoiding Joann's eyes.
"Try me." Joann's voice is gentle, inviting, trustworthy.
Keyla swallows the lump in her throat.
"I think I'm in love. With my best friend."
There it is. She feels strangely naked now even though she's fully dressed in her new starfleet uniform.
She waits a beat. Then two. Is this it? Has she just fucked it up?
"Oh? That's all?"
She looks up at Joann, whose brows are furrowed, dark eyes unreadable.
"I'm just... I thought I was your best friend?" She looks genuinely hurt and even more confused. Keyla can't have that.
"Of course you are, silly."
Keyla feels her face split into a grin.
"I... Oh. Oh..."
She can see the gears working inside Joann's head, can see the fog clearing little by little, but this still isn't the outcome she'd been hoping hoping for. To be honest, she hasn't dared hoping for anything much, just focused on the fact that she had to tell Joann. But this? She hadn't thought speechless was even an option.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have," she quickly tries to amend. Is it too late to take it all back?
Suddenly there's a hand on Keyla's, warm and soft, and when Keyla dares to look at Joann her face is alight with a beaufiful smile.
"I'm glad you did."
Her heart is doing extra leaps inside her chest.
"Does that mean you-"
"I do," Joann interrupts, leaning forward. Her smile doesn't fade until her lips meet Keyla's in a kiss so soft and chaste, Keyla isn't sure it's really happening until she raises her hands to touch Joann's cheeks and feels the warmth of Joann's skin beneath her fingertips.
It's short and sweet and over too soon.
Keyla chuckles, her nerves finally settling.
"I should've told you nine hundred years ago."
"U-huh," Joann agrees nonverbally, and pulls Keyla right back in for another kiss.
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sunnydrinksbepsi4 days ago
Adom tries his best to cool things down with Bf but Bf ignores him
锟糂f doesn鈥檛 like Tankman cus he tried to kill him but he鈥檚 ok with Steve
Bf doesn鈥檛 like when Adom calls Gf,Pico Garcello or any of his friends by nicknames but Adom does anyone cus everyone likes the nicknames they think their funny
Bf and Adom used to be friends so that鈥檚 why Bf is weirded out by his friend dating his kinda dad
Lemon demon calls Adom Ads or weirdo ( as a joke )
Bf still is getting used to the relationship Adom and Garcello have and is still mad that he鈥檚 friends with Gf
Personally my take on Boyfriend is that he's very dumb and oblivious, while also being very dedicated to those he loves. I love the idea that, half the time, Boyfriend doesn't even realize he's about to be killed. Same thing with Girlfriend, where she also only has one brain cell. Don't get me wrong, Pico is just as stupid, but he's the only one in the group that can notice when something is obviously wrong.
I also actually love the idea of Boyfriend LOVING nicknames because he thinks they're cool. I also love the idea of Boyfriend strangely looking up to Tankman and Steve, regardless of the fact that they once tried shooting their heads off.
I'd like to think that in this AU, Boyfriend doesn't even fully understand why he's so mad. I do like the concept of Boyfriend being slightly weirded out that his once-friend is now dating his dad. Girlfriend doesn't even know what's going on. Pico is just watching the situation with a headache.
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kakashiswilloffire5 days ago
Congratulations on a 100! Can I request a female reader and a scenario where Kakashi discovers in a very shocking way that his s/o is pregnant? Please don't mind not writing if it bothers you. Stay hydrated and have a nice day regardless!馃尭
thank you for the request!! hope you enjoy!!
A Kunoichi's Suprise
words: 1.9k
kakashi x fem!reader, fluff, reader is pregnant
鈥淚 do hate to do this to you, but you鈥檙e the best choice. There鈥檚 not an Inuzuka available who has the security clearance necessary, which makes you the only ninken-user I can assign this to.鈥
Kakashi nodded and shrugged, brushing off the unspoken apology. 鈥淚 understand, it鈥檚 no issue.鈥
Tsunade pursed her lips into a thin line, nodding solemnly. 鈥淚f it wasn鈥檛 so time-sensitive, I鈥檇 put someone else on it, I swear.鈥 She tucked a loose strand of her silvery blond hair behind her ear and shuffled the papers on her desk, bringing a personnel file to the top. 鈥淎nd to accompany you鈥 Again, I鈥檓 really sorry, but she鈥檚 the only one who makes sense. She was in the area most recently out of all available jonin and her weapons expertise makes her the best candidate to accompany you.鈥
His eyebrows dipped together in mild confusion. He would have requested this partner if she hadn鈥檛 been assigned鈥攈e agreed fully that they would make the best team for this recovery mission. Shaking it off, he nodded again. 鈥淪ounds great, Lady Fifth. Anything else?鈥
Tsunade let out a breath she had been half holding and leaned back in her chair. Tonton gave a relieved squeak and Shizune pulled her closer to her chest. The Hokage dragged her hands across her eyes, then leaned forward on her elbows.
鈥淕lad you鈥檙e taking this so well. I thought you鈥檇 at least argue about your fianc茅 going with you, if not objecting to being sent on a mission right now at all.鈥
Kakashi jerked his head backwards and to the side, scanning over the Sannin with his single vibrant, gray eye. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry if I gave you the impression I like to argue with superiors, Tsunade-sama. That鈥檚 really more Naruto鈥檚 thing.鈥 She snorted, and he took it as a good sign. 鈥淲hen would you like us to head out? Thirty minutes?鈥
Immediately, Tsunade shot him down. 鈥淪he needs a medic to look her over before she can go into the field. I鈥檓 happy to do it myself. Her training with her team ends at noon, right?鈥 She glanced at the clock, then gestured to Shizune. 鈥淪end Kotetsu or Izumo to pull her, we can鈥檛 wait that long.鈥 With a quick nod, she ducked out of the room. 鈥淢eanwhile, you can go pack bags for you both. Be sure to grab her med pack, I鈥檒l probably need to give her a bonus prescription or two for the journey.鈥
At this point, Kakahi鈥檚 confusion could no longer be dismissed. Why would his fianc茅 need extra medication for a mission? He had just seen you when you left to meet your team of genin, and you hadn鈥檛 mentioned anything. Maybe the stomach bug you had had a few weeks ago had been worse than you let on?
鈥淪orry, prescriptions? Are we facing potential poisoning?鈥 He tried, looking for an explanation.
Tsunade shook her head firmly. 鈥淎nything is possible, but I鈥檓 not concerned about it.鈥 She ran her hand backward through her hair, shaking it gently toward the ends and letting it fall out of the way. 鈥淢ore concerned with making sure she鈥檚 getting the correct nutrients. I鈥檝e been working on the nutritional value of shinobi rations, but it鈥檚 hard to find something that鈥檚 shelf stable, lightweight, and compact without just being food pills.鈥
Kakashi agreed, a debate he had heard on nearly every long term mission. 鈥淪o you鈥檒l give us both supplements, fair. Should we do my physical now while we wait on my fianc茅 to arrive?鈥 He relished the words in his mouth, the phrase 鈥渕y fianc茅鈥 almost a dream to him, even still.
She gave a bemused chuckle, glancing the scarecrow of a man up and down. 鈥淲hy, you have some kind of boo-boo you need me to kiss?鈥 Tsunade returned to the paperwork on her desk, shuffling it again and pulling the shinobi copy of the mission details file out, holding it out to him. 鈥淚 trust you to get whatever nutrients you need after all these years of life, Bakashi,鈥 she teased.
He didn鈥檛 move to take the file. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on?鈥 he demanded, as respectfully as absolutely necessary. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on that she needs a medical check and extra medication to travel on a mission? Why did you think I would object to being paired with her? It鈥檚 not our first mission together, not even since we got engaged. What am I forgetting?鈥
Tsunade didn鈥檛 react to his interrogation, continuing to organize paperwork and leaning down to pull open a drawer in her desk, sliding his and your personnel files inside. 鈥淭he fetus, maybe?鈥 She offered, waving a hand like it was obvious.
The what?
For a moment, Tsunade could almost hear the cogs grinding in the shinobi鈥檚 head. You passing him every drink that had been pushed on you in the last few weeks, the stomach bug that he had never caught, and the uptick in morning meetings you had.
Then the cogs were brought to a halt, and the whole world froze. The blood running through his body was ice cold, and he felt his fingertips and forehead tingling. Were you really pregnant?
Was he, Kami forbid, going to be a father?
Tsunade swore, knowing she shouldn鈥檛 have said anything violating medical confidentiality, but with the pregnancy already being in the second trimester, she had no idea that you hadn鈥檛 told Kakashi yet. 鈥淟isten, Kakashi鈥 just sit down, okay?鈥 She looked around, swearing again at the reminder that this damn office had no chairs outside of the one she occupied.
She jumped up, crossing over to Kakashi and pushing him forward into the chair behind the desk. 鈥淏reathe, Kakashi, come on.鈥 She shook him gently, then lightly slapped his cheek. 鈥淐ome on, soldier. You鈥檙e Kakashi of the Sharingan, master of a thousand jutsu, pull it together.鈥
He flatly refused.
The door to the Hokage鈥檚 office opened, Shizune and Tonton leading you in. You took a moment to take in the scene of your fianc茅 hyperventilating behind the desk, the Hokage herself swearing and trying to get him to make eye contact and pull air into his lungs. Then he saw you, and he paused, fear in his eyes.
鈥淚s it true鈥擨 mean, are you鈥攍ove, are you pregnant?鈥 He choked out.
Your hand flew to your mouth as if to put the secret back inside. You knew you鈥檇 have to tell him eventually, but you had wanted the moment to be right and he had been so busy with his missions lately. He didn鈥檛 know it yet, but you had rented a room at a nearby onsen for next weekend, making sure to get a room with a private bath and windows high enough that no onlookers could see inside so that he could comfortably remove his mask. That would鈥檝e been the way you preferred he find out, when rather than dessert, you slid the sonogram across the table after dinner. Instead, you nodded.
鈥淵es, my love,鈥 you whispered. 鈥淚鈥檓 pregnant.鈥 Instinctively, your hand rested over the part of your stomach that had begun showing this last week.
He seemed to melt into chair. 鈥淜ami鈥 we鈥檙e going to be parents?鈥
You nodded, a small laugh breaking from your chest. 鈥淵es, Kakashi, that鈥檚 the plan.鈥
Slowly, he gathered himself, standing up and delicately walking around the desk to the doorway where you remained. 鈥淚鈥 You want this?鈥 He sniffed hard, blinking twice and taking your hands. 鈥淵ou want to raise a child with me? This child?鈥
You tilted your head to the side, feeling hot tears sting your eyes. You knew he had issues with his self worth, and that would be something you would focus on for the next few months so he鈥檇 be ready for your child.
鈥淥f course, 鈥楰ashi. There鈥檚 no one I trust more, no one I think would make a better father. I can鈥檛 imagine doing this with anyone else, and I鈥檓 thrilled that I get to do it with you.鈥
His wiry frame jolted as though he鈥檇 been shocked, and the threw himself into your arms, allowing his fears and shock to leave him through tears. Tsunade and Shizune averted their eyes, doing what they could to preserve your privacy. Tonton oinked in solidarity. After a couple of moments, he stood again, wiping dry the parts of his face not covered by salty, wet fabric. He then hooked a finger into the mask at the side of his nose, yanked it down, and brought you into a deep kiss, warm hands wrapping around you and pulling you close.
After the surprise, you let yourself dissolve into him, allowing yourself to be swept into his emotional display. He pulled his face back after a few beats and beamed, smiling as widely as you could remember seeing him grin. Then his mouth was back on yours, this time for just a second, then a firm kiss to your forehead before he secured the mask again. Turning to face the Hokage, he wrapped his arm around your back and held you close.
鈥淭sunade-sama, all due respect, can Pakkun handle this? I鈥檒l send him with anyone you鈥檇 like. Naruto, even, I don鈥檛 think he鈥檚 doing anything tonight. I can send the whole pack. I can brief Gai, or Tenzo, anyone? And if you need a weapons expert, I鈥檓 sure Tenten is more than qualified.鈥 You giggled, watching your fianc茅 ramble to the leader of the village. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just, I鈥檓 going to be a father, and she鈥檚 pregnant with our child, and I鈥檝e gotta say, I don鈥檛 think we鈥檙e going on any missions for the next, say, 18 years? Well, maybe some D ranks. We鈥檒l see.鈥
As Tsunade opened her mouth, he cut her off with a pointed, 鈥淗ow鈥檚 the progress on the Konoha Orphanage coming along? They prepared for one more? Cause I鈥檓 not letting anything happen to either of us, for this child鈥檚 sake.鈥
Tsunade glared, but was startled out of the shouting match she was gearing up for by Shizune chuckling. Betrayed, she turned to her companion.
鈥淚 mean, this is the reaction you anticipated him having, Lady Fifth,鈥 she giggled.
She slammed a fist on the desk, although with an intense amount of restraint given that the surface was not even dented. Finally, she looked up with a glint in her eye.
鈥淚 think Hana Inuzuka gets back this evening. I can give her twelve hours to rest and then she and Tenten, along with Gai, can probably handle it. This time.鈥
Kakashi was already on his way out the door, pulling you behind him in a firmly clasped hand, before she had finished. He called out a thanks over your shoulder as you left. Together, you giggled as you entered the streets of Konoha.
Your fianc茅 spun in circles, laughing freely and spreading his arms out. 鈥淲e鈥檙e starting a family!鈥 he shouted to the sky. You knew you would both continue to take missions with this child, and that was a conversation for another time. For now, though, you were content to spend eternity watching the love of your life giddily relish in this moment.
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potatoqueensays5 days ago
mcu for the ask game, very curious on your opinions 馃挌
Alrighty! This will be a bit difficult as I haven't seen all the mcu movies, but I'm getting there, so have this!
Favorite character:
Okay so I think this would be obvious, but it's between Peter and Tony. I relate to both of them in a way, and I read a lot about them, but maybe closer to Peter. I understand his problems and character (although I can relate to Tony on an emotional level) so it's kinda like that.
Least Favorite character:
Hm... For this one I guess I could choose a villain, but maybe out of the main characters? Again I haven't seen all the movies and don't understand fully, but maybe Natasha? God I hate saying this, I do appreciate her character, but I don't appreciate how she was used in a way, yknow? Like yes go powerful woman!! But again, they should have used her better. I am excited to see her movie though!
5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):
I don't really ship a lot of people in the MCU, but again that's what non-canon pairings can exist.
1. Pepper/Tony. I love their dynamic and how far they've come throughout the MCU, I can really see why people love them.
2. MJ/Peter. I very much appreciate their dynamic, they're adorable in FFH! But I do need to address that they were kinda rushed in how their relationship went, we could have gotten something that showed Peter coming to love her, plus in HOCO he had to ditch Liz.
3. Uhhh, Interwebs?? (Ned/Peter) I find that this dynamic is a bit underrated compared to the beloved MJ and Peter, but I can't help but find it cute, like your best friend is actually your boyfriend and such, I find their dynamic wonderful!! (Plus I love baloobird's Ned/Peter stuff!!)
I don't think I can give two more for this one, since I don't have a lot of ships for the MCU, I mostly appreciate the friendships between the Avengers and how they become found family. I guess I could've said Stony since when I was new to the MCU it was alright?? But I've kinda grown out of it, kinda eh to me now.
Character I find most attractive:
Thor with short hair. I'm sorry to the others but 馃槼
Character I would marry:
Dunno for this one?? I would say Peter since we probably would get along and he's kinda cute, but again I dunno!
Character I would be best friends with:
MJ probably. I don't talk too much but I love to read, plus she is very cool!! I can kinda imagine what being in her friend group would be like, just memes and fun stuff
A random thought:
An unpopular opinion:
Uhhh, I'm not really a huge fan of Loki?? Like I can imagine why people do like him, but he doesn't really appeal to me.
My canon OTP:
MJ/Peter, I kinda find myself just adoring over their dynamic on tumblr sometimes lol
Non-canon OTP:
Again I don't really indulge in much romantic ships in the MCU, but Interwebs
Most badass character:
Natasha, again I'm sorry for how I view her overall, but she is very much a badass!! Assassin appreciation!!!
Pairing I am not a fan of:
It didn't specify for non-canon or canon, so maybe for non-canon I feel Natasha/Clint. For people who do ship that I'm sorry, but I feel like they're much much better as friends, since how they were dynamic wise and how they evolved together in the end. For canon, what they tried to do with Natasha/Bruce. I'm just like ehhhh, doesn't really fit for me.
Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):
Natasha, had so much potential but no they didn't really do her much justice (loved her scenes in Ironman 2 tho!!)
Favourite friendship:
Tony & Peter. We know this, we all do. I love it.
Hope this satisfied your request!! I wish I could elaborate more if I watched the entire MCU, but here's my best for now. Maybe my opinions will change in the future, but there's this!! 馃挏馃挏
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lou-being-lou6 days ago
Tobio Kageyama x NB!Reader
I. Love. Kageyama.
I. Am. Non-binary.
I. Make. This.
Apes together strong
Kageyama was my bisexual awakening
I would sacrifice my life for him
Warnings: NONE!!! just fluff!!!
Tumblr media
鈥 Please bear with him if he ever messes up your pronouns; it happens really rarely, but sometimes when he isn't thinking properly or happens to be in a REALLY bad mood it's possible he'd call you by female or male pronouns instead of neutral ones.
鈥 While stuff like that CAN happen, he's fully supportive of your gender identity and people who don't validate you for being yourself really, REALLY get on his nerves.
鈥 He isn't really one for PDA, and to be honest, he doesn't know how to express his affection in the first place. Never says no to hugs or cuddles though! Can be really reserved when it comes to kissing.
鈥 Always holds your hand before a game, it just reassures him a lot and especially since basically it's you indirectly being proud of him beforehand.
鈥 Since you were able to put up with his God complex, you're obviously more understanding and collected - trait which he greatly looks up to, trait which also helped you get him to pull himself together multiple times after lashing out.
鈥 One time he tried to get you to practice with (you weren't very good lol), and him being the snobby high-expectations king of the court kept complaining.
"Hey, you're not supposed to keep your hands like that!"
"Keep your fingers more wide, the ball isn't going anywhere if you just nudge it!"
"No, that isn't right..."
He absolutely exhausted you with his constant complaints but you try your best!
鈥 There was this one time on his birthday when you threw a surprise party for him... Lordy lord was he confused. Kept saying you shouldn't have wasted your time arranging this and that just a date woulda been fine, etc. Nah you didn't accept that
鈥 Surprisingly a really good kisser. Always refuses to believe it whenever you compliment him about it tho.
鈥 Weirdest cuddle positions; arms and legs everywhere- none of you really have experience, but at least you're comfortable!
鈥 Loves midnight walks with you, usually the times when he feels like he can express himself the best.
鈥 He's really insecure about his public image, and you're the only one he trusted enough to vent to about. He feels like he can lean on you for almost anything since you were the one to see through that arrogant and egotistical facade of his and accepted him for who he is, and he loves you so much for that.
鈥 Really hates when you talk down on yourself, but he isn't exactly the best at comforting people so just accept his awkward hug pls
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batwritings6 days ago
Ok I'll come back-w-
Also like abit of story of the au like how you met schlatt (slight nsfw mentioned at the end-w-)
OK WRITING TIME(uh fem reader sorry BUT I CAN WRITE ONE FOR MALES OR GENDER NEUTRAL!^^) i APOLOGIZE for any spelling mistakes
Your old crew had kicked you out lucky you hadn't gotten injured you found a another ship you smirked and started to head towards it you tried your best to carefully climb into it while climbing you poked through a window to see two people chatting you couldn't see what they looked like but one most be the captain and the other just a crew member.
You have made as sound as the perosn who you think was the captain stopped talking you quickly ducked down you wasn't scared(yet foreshadowing-) you just didn't wanna deal with shit right now "shut up what the fuck was that?"the captain said as the crew members just titled his head"what was what? I didn't hear anything?"they asked only for the captain to scuff"no i definitely fucking heard something"he got up and looked at the window which you was still ducked under after not seeing anything he shrugged honestly he didn't give a shit you quickly went back to climbing.
as soon as you made it on you was faced with 3 crew members "shit!"you mumbled they quickly grabbed you if there was just one or two you could have easily took them but you didn't give up you struggled "GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OF ME!"you growled "oooo captains gonna rip you apart!"one of them stated"HA! Im not afraid of your shit captain" One knocked on the door while the other two kept you held someone opened the door "this better be important or I'll kill yo-"the captain froze "who the fuck is that?"he asked "we caught this little lady trying to sneak on" the captain looked over at you maybe you was slightly wrong about being afraid oh trust me you wasn't fully scared just slightly nervous he was super tall short brown hair slighy beard a very tattooed chest along with the short hair on his head was two ram horns.
"Bring her in then leave"he ordered they nodded walking in dropping you making you growl they quickly left afterwards leaving you with the tall ram man walking around you you got up dusting yourself off "tsk tsk so you little lady think you can just come onto my ship?~"he asked still walking around you "honestly yeah what the fuck you gonna do about it?"you crossed your arms "firey aren't we?~" you remembered you had a dagger in your pocket your hand slowly reached for it as he was facing you "so whats your name little lady?~"he asked "might as well tell you for fun its not important its y/n~"you sated"the fuck you mea-"before he could finshe you hand with the dagger went to his chest he quickly grabbed your hand smirking he could have easily took the weapon away but he wanted to toy with you after A few seconds of fake struggles he pinned you to the wall easily still smirking "frist you sneak onto my ship thinking i wouldn't find out and then attack me abit rude of you doll~~" the nickname made your face turn to disgust he liked your firey personality and how quick you was "now how about you tell me why your here or I'll kill you i mean i might kill you anyways but theres a small chance I'll let you leave"
You rolled your eyes"fine my old crew kicked me out"you stated still pinned to the wall "so i found this piece of junk"the ship wasn't that bad you just wanted to mess with him.
He smirked more "listen i like you not a huge fan of you calling my ship a piece of shit"he growled abit but still had a smirk"you have 3 choices here doll either 1 you work with me and the crew 2 i kill you right now or 3 i throw you out in the water no mess for me" you was confused "you really just gonna let me join?" The man shrugged "honestly don't give a shit but you try and betray us your fucked" you nodded "names schlatt"he stated.
It took a few days for the crew to like you they didn't like the fact schlatt just allowed you on the ship but not wanting to piss of schlatt they didn't say anything but they warmed up you was firey and flirty(mention of the lasy request)
NSFW mentioned here馃憖
As much as you was fire when ever you was with schaltt with some spicy time you was so soft and would just moan as loud as you could this man also wasn't afraid to rail ya in front of the crew(another mention of the last ask)
Aaaagh i hate this but here
....why do you hate it? that was fucking AWESOME Brainrot!!!! :D Ooh fuck pirate!Schlatt hits a different sort of way. Ya'll please give this lovely person the attention they deserve for this!!!
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pikahlua6 days ago
what鈥檚 the likely hood that we鈥檒l get bakugou鈥檚 insight on how people around him viewed him harmed his view of himself? we get a brief mention of it when allmight says that they 鈥渂urdened him with his strength,鈥 however i don鈥檛 feel like it鈥檚 been elaborated on. even now after that talk he continues to blame himself for allmight鈥檚 fall and tries to make up for it (going into the war arc) with his outward strength and find peace by 鈥渃orrecting鈥 his trauma, overcoming it physically instead of mentally. even now trying to be a better person he still measures his worth with his outward strength.
In my opinion? The likelihood is very low that Katsuki will discuss how society has affected him. It's possible we could get someone else's perspective about society's effects on Katsuki's worldview, but I don't think Katsuki thinks in those terms. That would be giving society too much power over him.
Katsuki cares about accountability, genuineness, and the things that are within his control. The dude has a complex over an event that happened when he was around 4 years old. No fully-developed adult would say a 4-year-old should take 100% responsibility for their behaviors at that age. A lot of that behavior results from imitation, immaturity, and limited cognitive development. Katsuki is going through his own moral growth from adolescence to adulthood, which involves evaluating his previous decisions and coming to new conclusions.
I wouldn't necessarily say that he measures his worth in outward strength--just that his focus on outward strength is a consequence of those measures that matter to him: results. Physical consequences. Katsuki is philosophically utilitarian in many respects. You can have all the best intentions in the world, but if those good intentions don't amount to anything? If someone gets hurt regardless of the intent? The harmful results need to be addressed, the grievances need to be rectified, the sins need to be atoned for.
I can't imagine Katsuki wasting time thinking about what-ifs. He'd probably think of it as whining about things out of his control. It's far more important to him to recognize his mistakes when he learns and correct them, improve, be better. And while any philosophy can be taken to an extreme in a bad way, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with this approach.
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animeobsessedwriter6 days ago
Yu Nishinoya x Reader
Summary: You wake up after a raging party night in your best friends bed. As he cares for you, you start to notice he makes you feel a certain way.
A/N: I think this is so cute. Noya is one of my favorites to write for!
Warnings: Gender neutral reader, mentions of reader possibly being drugged, mentions of partying, mentions of drinking, mentions of removing clothes, if I missed anything let me know!
You woke up and stretched your body out. Your head was pounding and your body ached. Last night better have been worth it.
You opened your eyes and looked around the room. You certainly weren't in your bed. Maybe this was last night's hookup. Seeing the morning sun flow through the windows you figured it was about time for you to go.
You looked around the room a bit more to try and find your clothes and belongings. That's when it hit you.
You were in Nishinoya's room.
You thought back to the night before.
You and Nishinoya had gone to the largest campus party of the year together... sort of. Noya was your best friend. You both always showed up together with the intent to get the other laid. There was nothing more than that.
You remembered showing up with Noya. After that, you recalled taking shots with the boys. There was some dancing... and then it's all a blur. You can't believe you got so wasted so quickly.
There was a body behind you that you felt stir. You froze. Your body became stiff.
"You awake?" Noya's gruff morning voice asked.
"Mhm," you hummed out.
"What's your problem?" he asked while snaking his arm around your bare midsection and pulling you closer to him.
You turned to face him while making sure to keep yourself covered, "What happened last night?"
Noya realized the serious tone in your voice and removed his arm. He cleared his throat. His face flushed a bright red.
"You don't remember?" he asked almost shyly.
"No," you retorted.
Noya sighed, "Well, all was well and normal until you started talking to this group of guys. I figured you were fine until you came running to me telling me all about how weird you felt. I think one of the guys tried to drug you. I brought you here where you refused to leave your clothes on to sleep in and then demanded I stay in bed with you or you threatened to wake up the whole apartment complex. Plus, I just wanted you to be comfortable since those guys gave you something."
"What?" you asked in disbelief.
"I promise I didn't do anything," Noya said in a panicked way.
You went to sit up only to grab your head and lay back down.
"Hey, take it easy," Noya spoke reaching over and pulling you gently back down on the bed. "You need some medicine?"
"For this headache please," you said.
"How about a water to take it with?" he confirmed.
"Sounds great," you groaned still holding onto your head.
Whatever they had given you must have been strong. You felt the worst you've ever felt.
Noya was quick to crawl out of bed and run to get your medicine. He made sure to keep his volume down as to not irritate you any further. Once he had collected everything he came back into the room.
"Here," he said handing you the medicine.
You smiled up at him before taking it quickly and chugging down some water. You hadn't realized how thirsty you were until now.
"Here, you can wear this," Noya said throwing you one of his shirts.
"Thanks," you smiled up at him before quickly throwing the shirt on.
"How about we just have a chill cuddle day?" he said excitedly as he crawled back into his bed with you.
Cuddle days weren't anything new for the two of you, but today the thought alone gave you butterflies.
"You don't have to do that," you chuckled. "I don't want to bother you with my... hangover... if you can call it that."
"It's no worries," Noya beamed while pulling you into him.
You sighed content into his chest allowing yourself to fully relax, "Fine."
You ignored the butterflies that swarmed your stomach. Instead, you focused on the slow rise and fall of Noya's chest. You took in his scent wanting to remember this moment forever.
While you ignored how you felt Noya embraced the feelings he had. He pulled you impossibly close to him. His heart was racing as he kissed the top of your head and allowed himself to relax into you.
You both decided that you would deal with your feelings later. For now, you both could use a nap.
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