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#i don't know its not really giving (the theme) she looked great though
insomnishnik · 6 months ago
pairing : obsessive! dom eren x god complex reader *wink* *wonk*
rating : smut, 18+, fluff, crack (?)
wc : 53k
cw : degradation, choking, semi public sex, art student! eren, cockwarming, pussy spanking, mention of bruises and injuries, breeding kink ish, obsessive behavior, stalking, borderline yandere 😁 also pliz I'm new so if this bad lemme know
summary : at the very end of graduation, it's time to say goodbye, college is over, now off to the real world. But before the farewell, you as the student president arrange the one last time after party as a sweet goodbye message, little do you know eren have other plan.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“DO WE HAVE TO?” you murmured as Hitch pushed your back while both of stepping inside of a coffee shop. Fragrance of coffee bean, vanilla air freshener wafted to your nose, the comforting wooden minimalist arabica design greeted your eyes for its pleasing aesthetic scenery.
"Yes, we have to i mean how bad could it be?" she grinned, pulling your arm to her clutches while both of you scoured inside, "besides, the past must stay as the past, it was just a silly president election it's not like he would hold grudges against you for getting elected," she continued, referring to the big college event far ago before the senior year. 
That one time when you and Eren Jaeger applied to be the student council president, and like how history spoke, the winner rejoiced, and nobody really care about what happens next to the loser. It was a though fight, you were quite determined to take that core position with your persona, you believed that you could bring greater goods for the community, and you DID do good, but Eren fought back passionately, and you remembered you could see fire in his eyes during his speech at the debate election, he may not smart but he's clever, maybe a little aggressive but hell does he moved so many people's heart, you remembered when he was standing tall and brave on that podium while his sea green eyes glued the room together, the intimacy that is fiery and optimistic, but as the whole world know destiny said otherwise, without your own anticipation 
you won. 
And since then your reign begun. You rule well, you made plenty achievements as student president and you never been so proud of yourself, since then you never lose your dedication for your people, and the feel of being a victor, and oh how you loved the feel of being powerful. 
You and Hitch walked upstairs to the second loft of the coffee shop after you both ordered the drinks you wanted, "I dunno Hitch, i don't think that this is a good idea," you mumbled to the girl next to you, while you scratching the back of your ear, "when Armin said not to mess with Eren i think he meant it."
Sure you were delighted with your victory, but you still couldn't help yourself to feel bad for Eren, there's this strange tingle of guilt vine your stomach when you, the possessor approached your ex rival far a month ago, he gave you this bitter dirty look as you waved him a polite good morning, then he stormed off without a single word, you felt like he was prestige to look into your eyes since then. 
"And when i said he was a wuss, and a man child for going all off emo after that election i also meant it," Hitch rolled her eyes, she pat your back as a reassurance before you two finally found the person you've been looking for, almost unrecognizable from the last time you guys bumped to each other, for a moment your eyes widened to the now Eren Jaeger.
 There he was sitting all pretty at the smoking area, his hair was pulled onto a messy bun with a few loose strands on his nape, he was far more built than the boy you used to know, his bushy eyebrows looking furrowed to a sketchbook, the charcoal pencil he's holding dances on top of it. He was styled in a thin knitted black long sleeve top that hugged his muscular body tightly, army green cargo pants, and combat boots — you know, those kind of boots you wear to a rock concert just to kick someone — his rolled sleeves, revealing his veiny arms that covered with tattoos. His long legs is stretched to the chair next to him while he is leaning against the wall. 
Hitch glanced at you, she cackled noticing you googling at Eren, she pulled you by your wrist approaching the brunet, "you'll be fine," she snickered, while you could only let out a soft sigh, here goes nothing. 
Hitch signal her presence to Eren with a light cough, a small thud hit the surface of his sketchbook after he dropped his pencil. His gaze shifts to both of you who were standing by his side, he raised his left brow when his eyes met yours, you stared back at Eren and he outstared you blankly, "Jaeger," you hesitated. 
About time you finally came to me.
"Y/N," he replied, calling you by your first name. His expression never change, they're rather cold, unimpressed, he studied both of you, then back to you, he lift his chin up as he locked his eyes on you, "you brought a friend." Intruder, he finally said after a brief silence, Eren closed his sketchbook and then cracked his knuckles, Hitch pulled you, taking a seat in front of Eren. 
"Now let's skip the chit chat, because by the way Eren, you smells musty," Hitch waved her hand in front of her face, she's not wrong though, he smells like tobacco and axe body spray. Furthermore when Hitch explained the reasons of hers and yours arrival to Eren, his gaze never really left you, sometimes he would spare Hitch small glances and nods as confirmation of himself still listening, but his attention was on you. 
And you willingly stares back, you still couldn't read his expression, they're as calm as the morning blue sky, they're just so empty it sucks you in, maybe it's the blunt hatred and envy from him for your presidential position, or maybe it was something else, you even almost think that you two are basically eye fucking each other. 
You extended him the proposal and the selected material details to him, it's almost graduation, and you're running out of time to find someone who could make an exclusive design for the jackets you are planning to make as a gift for the after party event. The other councilor members and you also haven't decide the theme yet, it has to be perfect. Your last hope is Eren, the fine arts student all the girls in school droll over, even though his charisma was slightly dimmed after his loss at the election, he still got his charm, and you really prayed to Goddess Fortuna because you don't want to risk looking for someone else to customize this specific special item and just to get disappoint by the erratic result, at least when Eren agree to take the work, someone could watch over.
"No fucking way," Eren let out a smug chortled, "the president needs my help," he added in a sneering tone. Cute. 
"So you agree or not Eren," you try to suppress your nerve, and you really try not to punch his cocky face, the way he throw his head back a little so he gave you this kind of kubrick stare, gazing into your soul as if he wants to eat you alive, and just like they said, if looks could kill, you're probably be ripped apart by now. 
"What if i say no?" he continued, tapping his boot's toe on the wooden floor. 
"You'll waste your talent," you gift a thin smile that hides a very big urge to stab him repeatedly. 
Eren chuckled, he looked away towards the window before he lean forward to you, "What happen to the other art students, L/N? Did they finally acknowledge your overly perfectionist bossy self or what?" 
"And what about it?" you argued, leaning to his face, he wanted to humiliate you, he wanted you to get on your knees and beg, but you still have your dignity. 
"Uh, what is this," Hitch hesitated, "i am highly uncomfortable with the atmosphere we created in this room," what's with the eye fucking? Hitch thought, she felt like she's interrupting a really heated make out session but instead of kissing it was exchanging pure hatred, Hitch nudged you by your elbow, giving you a look. 
You gritted your teeth and pursed your lips together, leaning closer to Eren's face, "Alright, if this is about that stupid president election we had together grow up Eren! The world doesn't evolve in your stupid drama queen head, so please since i'm asking you nicely before i could fu-" You stopped your bust as a waitress came over with the drinks you ordered earlier, you glared angrily at Eren as you caught a tug of amused smirk at the corner of his lips, it was the fact that you desperately needs his help but still play all bitchy, he found it funny. 
Sure you have your dignity, and he is willing to destroy it just because he can.
After the waitress left, you tasted your fresh latte angrily, making Eren chuckled under his husky breath, while on the other side Hitch is silently witnessing the tense between you two. 
"Fine," Eren broke the silence after a few minutes since the waitress left, "i'll take the work." he sat up, you nodded and watched as that key necklace of his dangling out from his collar, and when your eyes laid on the toned chest that peaking under his shirt, you gulped your saliva and quickly looked away, "good, thank you for your understanding."
You clasps your hands together and you could hear Hitch's faint sigh of relief, "great so now i think we have our deal, you know Professor Levi's tea shop right? tomorrow we're doing a gathering, be there before 8, and if-" 
who says that i'm finished doll? Eren tug another smirk, "but with some condition."
"For real? No party organizer available until next January?" you groaned in frustration, frantically flipping through pages of your journal, Hitch and Armin walks by your side to the long table area.
Chaos everywhere, you feel like your head is going to explode, your blood boils, and there's this uncomfortable anxiety under your skin, crippling under you and devouring you slowly. You've been overworked yourself the entire night after your meeting with Eren, you were brainstorming for your graduation speech, activity recap, and of course other ornaments for the very last project you're having in your senior year, you cried for three hours while listening to montgomery ricky then cried again over the document you accidentally deleted. 
You're exhausted.
Mentally and physically, you woke up with puffy eyes and wrecked brain, but you knew that everything must go on, and no, you won't back down, everything has to be perfect, 
It has to be perfect. 
Hitch pouted as she watches you typing on your laptop, she snakes her arms around your waist and leaned her head against your shoulder, watching you making some kind of budget recap, "sweetie you should rest and lay down." She spoke with a soft smile. 
You pursed your lips together before you leaned your head on top of hers, not leaving your eyes from your laptop, "thanks Hitch, but i'm alright, i'll just finish this and i'll take a break for a bit." You just can't really trust anything without yourself being under control or watching over, you're afraid that everything would astray far from your definition of 'perfection,' this empire you've been building, and this is your last legacy the next generation will remember, and you wanted it to be remarkable. 
"No dumbass, the last catering service was too expensive and apparently our university was filled with cheapskates." argued a voice from across the room.
"Well we have no choice???" other voice argued back, "Or we can rely on your very bad cooking skill Kirstein, just pray nobody's gonna die from food poisoning." 
You huffed at the sight of Ymir and Jean who was sitting face to face on the floor, both are on their phone scrolling on google, you looked around and found Sasha, Marco and Connie, chatting across you, and you looked over to the three people next to you, your vice president Hitch, your treasurer Armin, and your secretary Mikasa. You couldn't help yourself but smiling at your team, they works so well. 
Then you frowned as your realized something, "Have Eren-" 
A short blonde girl with a tray of drinks and snacks entered the room, "Y'all snack time!" she called out with a large grin on her face.
Ymir's face lit up as she walked up to her girlfriend, Sasha sprinted towards Historia, going feral over food as usual. 
"Ugh finally," you chuckled to Jean's mumble. Soon, half of the room crowded the blonde girl, reaching for snacks and drinks, your eyes fixated as you slowly notice the presence of the familiar sea green eyes, you watches as Eren strolls inside of the meeting room, he yawned before he took a seat on Hitch's place, your frowned slightly, "excuse you?" 
"Excuse me?" he replied, plastering that damn cocky smile, he looked to you up and down, definitely mocking you under his degrading gaze, dammit y/n did you overworked yourself?
"Well have you look at yourself, President." he snickered, suddenly a sketch design laid in front of you, you shift your eyes to Eren, before you took the papers on your hands. Soft grazes of colored pencil and ink, the art was delicate yet firm, "what is this?" you asked dumbly to the design of two bomber jackets, each of the jackets has their own scrawled side notes of the color details, embroidery, and even fabric material.
"Both jacket will be make from satin, no argument, satin," Eren spoke, he pointed his polished finger nail to the design, "the girls will have the yellow one, the boys will take the red, it'll have our Uni symbol and our number," he explained, "should be ready as soon as possible," Eren watches you closely, waiting for you to say something. Part of him.....just wants you to react, just anything, just any reaction exclusively for him. 
You blinked slowly, wow. Honestly it's beautiful, looks like it was Harajuku style inspired, you can't wait to touch the final craft, you glanced at Eren, "thank you," you spoke finally, "it's really beautiful."
I'm glad you like it. "Of course it's beautiful, i made it," he replied with a smug face, he cracked his knuckles then tapped his fingers to the wooden table, "now now, what do we have here." 
It was part of Eren's condition. One, he wanted to be fully involved in the graduation ceremony prep and the after party. Two, most importantly nobody touch his creation while he have full control of it, you reluctantly gave him the responsiblity to handle the venue decoration and the theme, most of the people in your team weren't really pleased with that decision, but like you all have time to think? But after considering it, you felt like it would be good idea to have extra hands helping. 
To reach the absolute perfection.
"I'm so glad, that this is almost over, because i could not bear drinking another monster and espresso or i might get caffeine intoxication," you grinned as you earned chuckles through the dinner table, it was all paid off, and the grand event was right in front of your eyes, you could already imagine yourself standing on that podium, delivering your grand speech, high and god like.
But now, celebration first. 
The admiration looks from your team and the last year student council team — who decided to join for the gig — feeds your ego, there's Zeke, Nicolo, Reiner, Pieck and her girlfriend Yelena, Porco and Bertholdt. Your friends really look up to you, from the day you earned your position, they knew they could count on you. "Thank you, thank you for all of the hard works this season, i would never ask for a better team, you guys are the best that i could ever wished for," you grinned and picked up the can of beer from the table, everybody raises their drinks, and you looked at the edge of the table, where your graduated senior, Zeke Jaeger sitting down, giving you a proud look, he was a student president before you, "this is for everyone, our community has never been this great, because you all dedicated your hearts." As you cheers together, you looked around, something is missing, you can feel it, yet you can't find any solid answer for that feeling. 
It was a simple outdoor Korean barbecue party in your house's backyard, after all done, you wanted nothing but to treat your friends, because that's what they deserved for serving you right. It was returning favor, while waiting for the meat to be cook perfectly by your senior Nicolo, you sat besides Mikasa as you both chats, while Armin was next to her, busy with his phone. In the distance, chaotic guitar strums and jams from drunk Connie and Jean cracking the air together with everyone that hyping them up. You pressed your chin against Mikasa's shoulder while both of you giggling over a twitter thread. 
"Eren said he's coming over," Armin announced to both of you, he looked down to his phone and let out a heavy sigh. 
So that was the missing piece. 
"Why's the sigh?" you asked Armin.
Armin hesitated, he looked around everywhere that isn't you, he rubbed his hand through his undercut, it feels like watching someone having a very conflicted mind war with themself, he then finally impaled you with a mixed expression, "Y/N," he started, "i don't know how to say this but....." He glanced over at Mikasa, and you followed him. 
The dark haired girl rather gave him a surprised expression, a some kind of you did not! look. You exchanged the utterly confusion to both of them, Mikasa nodded slowly, "She needs to know, Armin." 
"I need to know what?" 
"What are you guys talking about?" you turned around and sees Eren standing right in front of you, bruised up and bleeding, his knuckles was fucked in a shade of dark red and purple, strands of hair falling in front of his face, Mikasa quickly stood up, "Eren did you—"
"Yes i did," he shot her a cold glare, you could see from the corner of your eyes that Zeke started to approaching, Eren's eyes then finally found Armin, who's looking scared and nervous more than ever, "tell me, what's the interesting story Armin?" his tone was striking and icy, under his husky voice, you could track hints of slurs because of alcohol. 
Armin went quiet, he gripped his knuckles, what is this? something must happened and you didn't know, and you hated that. You hated when things was out of your reach. "It's okay Eren, you should check your wounds, they look pretty bad," Armin swallowed, his words came out more threatening than he anticipated. 
"No, no, no, i wanted to know what you gonna say to Y/N," Eren moves closer to Armin, "you are not trying to tell her anything bad about me right?" 
They looked like they're ready to throw hands, but Zeke was already slips between them, holding the both boys's chests with his flat palms, "come on now guys, let's not." he hesitated.
"No, let's." Eren insisted, he slapped his brother's hand, you quickly pulled him down by his arm, he flinched when he felt your touch, Eren glance at you, and for a split second his eyes went soft, it was that soft that you felt nothing but pure affection from his sea green eyes, then something took over his body, he suddenly pulled you by your collar, lifting you up, moving your face closer to his.
His eyes were bloodshot, you squeezed his wrists while kicking your feet on the air, "you," he growled, his warm breath smells like alcohol, you blinked slowly, scanning Eren's animalistic glare, but there is no hate in his eyes, you found yourself trying to look for it but there it none, instead there's this raging desire, he looked at you like you were his prey, "Eren-" you choked, for the first time, you feel powerless.
"I hate you," he hissed, but all you could sense was lie, his mortal fingers squeezing you so deadly but you feel the comfort of it, the bizarrely embracing lust, and his existence blurs all the noises around you, just you and Eren Jaeger. "you took everything from you," he continued, "i woke up everyday wishing you dead." 
You knitted your eyebrows, and you feel your godly ichor rushes back through your veins, a disgusted smirk appeared on your face, belittling him for lying, "liar." 
Then huge arms pulled Eren from you, tackling him to the ground, Mikasa caught you before you hit the ground, Hitch stepped in front of you, shielding you from Eren who was struggling under Zeke, "Eren what the hell!" she shouted. Mikasa helped you up and pulled you close to her chest, "Y/N are you okay?" she sounded so scared, questions and assumptions popping in your head about what happens between Mikasa, Armin, and Eren. You looked up, finding Reiner helping Zeke restraining his own brother. You knew a minute ago that guy attacked you, but seeing Eren in that position just feels so wrong, you never thought you'll get drew by a guy like Eren Jaeger, but here you are finding yourself shoving aside your pride while approaching the two blonds. You put your hand on Zeke's shoulder, squeezing them gently, "it's okay," your delicate tone shocks him, "let him go Zeke." 
You could feel everyone giving you a jaw drop, but when all eyes on you, you find yourself only looking at Eren. 
After a tense moment, Zeke and Reiner finally let go of the brunet, you pulled Eren up then you put the tip of your fingers to his chin, examining his wounds, he scoffed and avoided your eyes, dropping his eyes to the ground. "Let's get that clean up," you mumbled and dragged him by his hand, intertwining his fingers with yours. Leaving everyone in a ambiguous silence. 
"Why are they leaving? the wagyu is ready."
You walked upstairs to your room, no words exchange both of you before you finally entered the bathroom with Eren, you let go of his hand, your heartbeat strangely skipping inside your chest, while you were searching for the medicine kit in the cabinet, when you finally turn around, you found Eren already sitting on the toilet seat, you kneeled down in front of him and you opened the medicine kit, you pulled a towel from the drawer and stood up, wetting it in the sink, "what happen?" you finally spoke. 
Eren let out a deep chuckle, he wiped his bloody nose with his thumb then wiped it off on his jeans, gross. "Why do you care," he asserted. 
You rolled your eyes and kneeled back in front of him, with dripping wet cloth on your right hand, "please you stormed on me, lifted me up and looked at me like you wanted fuck me against the table while also wanted to burn me alive at the same time." you gave him a judging look. You took his hands, and then slowly pressed the dampen cloth on his bloody knuckles, he didn't flinch, Eren remained silence while he watches you. You could feel his smirk while you were treating his wounds. "Have i told you how hideous you look tonight?" he asked quietly. 
"No, tell me." 
Eren then moved his left hand away from you, extending them, he caressed his thumb on your cheekbone, made you froze, his hand then traveled to your ear, it tugged your hair behind them, "i cannot." He whispered softly. 
You looked up, and put the now reddish cloth on the floor, you moved closer to the burnet in front of you, you intertwined your fingers with his once again, the tense on his shoulders visibly relax while his pupils widened to the presence of you, "now would you tell me what happen?" your voice sweetened, melodic in his ear, and it seems like he's lured enough by it. 
Eren huffed a chuckle, he looked down to both of your hands, "Had a fight with Pops," he shrugged, "took the anger on the wall." You moved closer to his face, close enough to smell the liquor in his breath. Eren stared at you, he never imagine he would have the blessing to be this close with you, he was always watching you from afar. Those interrogation towards Armin regarding you, questions after questions on your personal life, forcing Armin to dug deeper and helped Eren fulfilling his needs on you, he'd followed you after school, to your favorite coffee shop, your home so he'll know your address, to where ever he could reach you, man... he'll go after you to the edge of the world if that's where you're heading. 
"Do you still hate me?" you asked, and to be honest the question kind of scares you, because after these past few weeks of spending more time with Eren Jaeger, you finally caught in his fire, his flaming intimacy you thought was long gone, and you also surprises yourself for not getting pissed off by the feeling, because it makes you feel vulnerable. 
Eren grazes his thumb on your jaw as if you were made of glass, he kneeled down to the floor with you, so you both could be equal, no high ground. "The truth is my darling, i never was," he confirmed, "after you won that election it was my last straw because from the first time i laid my eyes on you, Love.... You have bewitched me body and soul," he's been watching over you from the distance and you still as pathetic as he could remember, maybe it's the way you stole glances at him, the way you would secretly checking him out but little did you know that he notices everything, he's been reading you like an open book without having to flip through every pages, because you already spread open for him, "you have became the very thing that is out of my reach, Love. And for i have fancy you, and you'll be mine not just in my mind but fully," and he is itching to taste you. His warmth envelopes you to a sense of safety, he trails his hands to your waist, pulling you closer to him, and you melt like a candle on fire. Right above you stand an entity greater than yourself, the essence of mystery that fold itself in front of you, and with the universe speak between you, everything is a clarity. 
And you, you don't get it, you thought it was all envy to the position you have, and for the first time, you crave something other than power, "Did you just quoted Pride and Prejudice for me, Jaeger?" you snakes your arms around his neck while his growing bulge strokes on your clothed cunt, the rough material of his jeans made your arousal grow thicker, "my, my, my i used to think that you were just a pretty face with zero common sense," you teased, nuzzling your nose against him. 
His husky chuckle vibrates against your skin, without warning he pushes you up against the wall and you immediately jumped onto his waist with your legs, you gasped as your back hit the cold surface, Eren kneading your butt cheeks as he was holding you up, his chest pressed on yours, warm breath mixes together, "ouch, did you just call me dumb?" you snickered, Eren tilts his head before he smirked, "maybe we could be equally dumb after i make you babble nonsense with my cock." His mouth devouring yours feverishly. Frantic gestures rid you and him of clothes on your body, while you helped Eren unbuckling his belt, his teeth grazes yours, tongues fighting for dominance with each other, he latched his lips onto yours, hungry for more taste, you started to sucking his bottom lip while Eren savor your taste, he pushes more for a deeper kiss, his hand fondling your clothed boob, then it slipped under them, as he found your stiffened nipple, you felt his smirk between your kiss, and a moan escaped from your lips, they're already swollen and you knew you needed air soon, but without your realizing, you already breath through his air through the kiss. 
You unhooked your bra while Eren pressed you harder against the wall, his cock was already free from his jeans and boxer, his beautiful tip was coated in precum, when you finally exposed your breasts in front of him, the animalistic side possessed him back, Eren kneads your breasts greedily causing you to mewl, shivers running down your spine, and you unconsciously grinds you drenched cunt against his waist, Eren cackled. 
"What a fucking whore, you looked like a cat in heat." 
You whined when his flat palm hit your cunt, he rubs the dampen clothed surface of your clit, Eren brought his mouth to your breast and started to circling his tongue on your nipple, making your back arched and you grinding to nothingness of his waist, "whore," he spat, a string of saliva bridge between your skin and his lips, "is this what you called a student president? i don't think so." Eren grip your throat and slowly adding pressure to your air circulation with his index finger and thumb, his other hand has been stroking his own cock for awhile, he uses his precum as lube and your eyes twinkled to the beautiful sight. 
Your lips parted, he let out a throaty groan to your ear just to tease you, "what if i just jack myself and leave you like this?" the menacing grin appeared on his face, your desperate look just pleased him even more, he groaned under his breath as he feeling himself twitching, and your drooling pussy just looking tastier than ever, Eren inhaled and faked a pout, "aw, what is it? don't you want to walk around with my cum dripping from your slutty hole aren't you? that is sinful my Love, won't it gonna stain your pride, Miss President?" 
You cursed under you breath, and another slap landed on your cunt, you threw your head back as Eren squeezed you against the wall, "nu uh, bad words," he growled, "what do you want, Y/N? Use your fucking mouth if you want something, did your parents never tell you?" another hard slap on your cunt made you gasp, you cried louder, and Eren shushed you while peppering kiss on your naked shoulder, "careful darling they might hear you from downstairs." 
He pecked your nose before he finally aims his cock to your entrance, stroking his tip to your dripping cunt, "what do you want, Y/N? say it." He repeated.
"Your cock!" you whimpered, "please pound me with your cock.... please Eren.. i just want it inside.."
He slammed into you, causing you to let out a sharp noise, "Oh, like this?" Eren felt your soft warm walls hugging him so tightly, as if you guys just fit so perfectly together, he held his hand on your tummy to prevent you from grinding your greedy self, letting your cunt clenching him by itself, "fuck you're so tight my Love," he groaned subtly. 
"E-eren please move..... i'm begging you...." you sobbed so pathetically. Eren moved his face close to yours and pinned your wrists above your head, "this will need an outcome don't you think?" he tilted his head, making you wept for his cock to move even more, suddenly an idea popped in his head, "I will move," he said, "i'll shoot my loads in you and then you'll be mine, i want you to want me so badly, i'm going to imprison you, and then.... just'll be just you and me, always and forever," he dug his face on the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent so they'll stay in his head, but he knew it won't, you're his own personal drug anyways, "promise, Darling?" Eren whispered against your skin.
You shivered under him, your eyes rolls at the back of your head, your pussy is aching with lust, so needy for his cock. You quickly nodded your head, "p-promise." 
Eren kissed your neck, sucking them briefly, leaving a visible mark on your soft skin, "good girl."
He pulled his cock from you, leaving just the tip, before then he impaled, filling you up with his length, he slide so easily onto your meat, your legs shivered as he endlessly pushed deeper inside you, and you could feel his tip kissed your cervix, Eren then started to moves at a quick pace, "you like that so much hm? taking my cock like a little slut," he said velvety, turning you on even more. He buried your moan into a deep kiss, his big arm scoot your hips close to him as he ramming his cock with no mercy onto your walls, his other hand still pinning your wrists, as if you're gonna escape from him. You started to rolling your hips on him, making him move more faster, you're both skin to skin, grinding onto each other desperately, "Eren....s' deep..." you moaned. He continues to pound into you.
"Fuck, that's right baby say my name."
After a minute he completely stopped, you opened your eyes and your face shows confusion, before you could ask any questions, he suddenly slams all of his length into you, causing you to yelp both in pain and pleasure, the lewd sound of skin slapping made you curl your toes, he pounding into you like there's no tomorrow, you threw your head back, your tongue lolling out from your lips, he slamming all his length in and out of you repeatedly until you're a shaking panting mess, an amused look plastered on his cocky face, and his hips didn't stop dipping on you, not letting you think straight or put up any fight, "come on, fucking take it like the cumslut you are."
You choked on your breath as the knot in your stomach getting tighter, "E-ren... hugs...hugs....?" you purred to him, he finally let go of your wrists and let your head fell against his shoulder, he increases his phase that you didn't know was possible, you warped your arms around him as he did to you, and you dragged your nails through his sweaty back, Eren started to whisper sweet nothings as he felt himself twitching, he slurred curses underneath his groaned, his veins popped as he gripped you tightly, his muscles flexes at each moves.
You didn't dare to question him when he said that he'll fill you up inside, because no matter what your answer is, he'll do it anyway. The sight of his hard rock abs and v lines sent you over the edge, “Eren i’m gonna cum—“
“cum with me, Darling.” 
You tasted the bitter tint in your tongue as you started seeing stars, you vision went black as Eren rides you to your orgasm while fluid started dripping down your thighs, your body is shaking uncontrollably, Eren let out a loud groan as he riding himself to his own high using your abused cunt, he shot his warm thick load onto your womb, making sure you take all of it, you buried your face on his neck, he slowly pulls out his cock and watches the white liquid oozing from your hole. Eren lifted up your chin, he cupped your cheek and pressed a soft kiss against your lips, mixing your pants together, “mine.” he moaned to your soft plump lips.
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coollemonsaresour · 6 months ago
The Love That Don't Stop
Pairing: Steve Rogers x daughter reader, Steve Roger x Natasha Romanoff. Warnings: Child abandonment, angst, fluff
Summary: It is Y/n's birthday, and she gets an unexpected present.
Word count: 2632
Request: @maximeevansblog ; The reader (me ) is the daughter of Steve rogenrs and its the readers birtday, and he takes her to the nail en hair salon , and they come back, and in the tower, they have a suprise party for her, and natasha comes with adoption papers and, he wants to her mom and a lotts of fluff thanks, and if its ready you tag me right ( natasha and Steve are dating) thanks. And if its ready you tag me right thanks
Request: Anonymous; can you do a Natasha x black!child!reader? I really liked your other fic. You don't have to if you don't want to.
A/n: I made lots of changes, cause when I went to go post it two weeks ago, my fics were two similar to the other two. The highlighted words are in realtion to the person that requested. Because I wanted to incorporate them into the fic 🙃
Tumblr media
Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, BeEeee- you were starting to get agitated, and brought your fist down on your alarm clock, smashing it to pieces. But hey, it’s not your fault, you got your father’s enhancements through genetics, just the perks of being a Rogers.
Still in bed, you let out a yawn, and you began to stretch; mid-stretch that is when it had clicked.
It’s My Birthday.
And that’s when you smelled it. The sweet smell of a birthday tradition you and your dad have had for the past nine years of your life.
One day you showed your dad Steven Universe, and it happened to be the together breakfast episode. So ever since then, every morning of your birthday, you and your dad sit down together and have Together Breakfast.
As soon as you got out of the shower, you threw on some clothes and dash to the Kitchen. As soon as you enter you were met by a horrible sight. Your dad and a redhead kissing.
Nat and your dad have been friends since he had come out of the ice, a became even closer when you were born. Nat was like a mom to you, but you never would say that out loud, cause you didn’t want to make it wired or have her feel uncomfortable.
Your mom was never in the picture, she left you and your dad five days after you were born. Steve had no idea of how to raise a kid, he was completely lost, but then Nat had offered to help him out. The pair worked as such a great team people often thought that they were actually a couple. After years of a long, long sturdy friendship, your dad finally asked the assassin out. So basically they have been dating for about two and a half years now.
“Ew, gross,” you said, dramatically shielding your face from the sight. “ Good Morning Y/n, happy birthday,” they both said. “Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable,” you said as you sat down at the island stools. “You mean this public display of affection?” he said with a smirk and then pulled Nat in for another kiss. You then shield your face away and then began gagging and reaching.
“So it is….10:30,” you said looking around “Where’s Together Breakfast?” you said whining. “It’s right here you big baby,” Nat said teasing.
“ Cheers to fifteen years of chaotic life,” you said holding up a fork “Cheers!” they said, you each then taking a bite.
“So, Y/n, anything special on thing on the agenda today,” Nat said wriggling her eyebrows. “Not really, I was hoping that we could just go to the spa, then the salon, and just have a chill day.” You said taking another bite. “Oooh, sorry, y/n I can’t, join you today, I have busine- “ you cut Nat off with a loud groan. “ But its’ my birthdayyyyy,” you said with an adorable pout. “I know, and I’m sorry,” she said squashing your cheeks together “and I will make it up to you, but for right now-” she paused reaching over the counter to grab her bag “ I have to go,” she said giving you small hug and then turning to give steve a quick peck on the lips, and heading for the door. “ Bye,” Steve said, “bye Nat,” You say still mopping. “Bye babes,” she says giving the two an air kiss before disappearing out the door.
“So, I guess it is just me and you, Y/n,” Steve said as he started cleaning up breakfast. “Ya, I guess so, though I really wanted Nat to come today. Alright, imma got get ready so that we could go,” you said heading back to your room, leaving Steve smiling at your comment about Nat; not that you even realized.
“Alright, where here,” Steve said as the uber pulled up to the salon. You both walked in and were greeted by an overlay excited worker. “Hi, my name is Jess, I will be helping you out today” you then gave her a small, that she returned, then started eyeing Steve like he was her last meal. She looked like she was in her early-twenties, pale skin, about 5’3, blonde hair, and brown eyes. Probably working this job to pay off student loans. She turned to Steve, with scrunched eyebrows.
“Are you Captain America?” she asked with a smirk of curiosity, but it looked like she was trying to amuse him before he could answer “yes, he is, and he’s taken, Maybe next time sweetheart, ” you said pulling you dad away from Jess, and toward the receptionist desk.
“ Hi, Appointment for Y/n Rogers,” You say, leaning against the desk. “Right this way.”
You were currently sitting in a chair in front of a medium-size mirror, your hands resetting on the armrest, careful not themes up the freshly done nails. Then two Beautistions approached us, then one of them turned to Steve and asked, “are you getting your, hair done too,”
you and Steve say at the same time.
“Please dad, you can you a new due,” you say, Steve just rapidly shakes his head rapidly no.
“What wrong with the style I have now?” he asked. “You look like an upgraded BackStreet boy,” you reply in full honesty. He then puts his hand over his chest and pretends to be hurt. “You should die it!” one of the Beautistion said, “Great Idea…” you hesitated, search for her name tag.
“Max” she finished for you, seeing what you were trying to do. “If you don’t want to, die your whole head, you can start with highlights,” she said with a smile of excitement. Steve was about to say no until he saw your adorable pleading face. “Fine,” he said putting his hands up in defeat and moving into the salon chair next to yours.
After you left the Spa you and your dad headed to central park for a walk, something you two did a lot when you were younger.
You then pulled out your phone and tried to Facetime “Natty Bare 😘” but there was no answer. Which was strange, because Nat always answers your calls, no matter who, what, when, where, and why. Steve saw what you did and smiled, a smug smile. "What are you doing?" Your dad asked
"I wanted to show Nat your blue hair streaks" you said with a pout.
Halfway through the walk your legs were getting tired so you jumped on your dad’s back, you wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his hip.
“You’re like a pretzel,” he says linking his arms under your knees for better support. “And, you’re like a Dorito,” you tiredly mumble into the crook of his neck, Steve chuckled at the comment.
After walking a little longer you fall asleep. Steve then tightened his grip a little, as if he was giving a backward hug. He just could believe how fast his baby girl was growing up.
When they reached the tower’s elevator, Steve placed Y/n down on her feet to wake you.
“Y/n, baby, I need you to wake up for a minute.” “But why,” you mumbled as you leaned against him for support since you were still tired. “Cause if you don’t then this could be a very embarrassing photo.” “what pho-” before you could finish, the elevator doors opened, and then...
A tired smile then played its role on your face. You looked around and saw everyone there, except Nat.
Mabey she will show up later you thought to yourself.
An hour later she still has yet shone up. You asked around and Tony told you that she had a last-minute mission, but that she should be back at any time now. That failed to relieve your nerves.
But those nerves became worse when it was time to cut the cake. You know she was busy but would she really miss your birthday.
Apparently, yes, yes she would. Because the party was over, over an hour ago, and now it was currently 9:30.
Your dad knew that you were really bummed out that Nat missed your party, so he suggested a movie night. Movie nights were special to you and your dad because it became something you two did together, to destress. Just the two of you, Daddy and Daughter.
“Got room for one more.” came a voice that you recognized immediately. “Sorry, this is a two-person couch,” you shot back, anger leaking from your voice, your eyes never leaving the tv screen, ignoring the Russian, as she came into your view.
Steve then paused the movie, causing you to turn your head toward him, annoyed.
“How was the mission,” he asked her.
“I don’t know” She replied accompanied by a tight-lipped smile and shrug. You were about to say something but “Because it is not over yet,” she said looking nervous.
She then pulled out a manila folder and approached you and sat down in between Steve. The Folder was labeled “Confidential” with a red ribbon and bow tied around. The folder She then handed you the folder causing you to look up at them in question.
“Open it,” Steve said pulled Nat toward him sat her in between his legs, and then wrapped his arms around her shoulders, trying to help calm the nerves surging through her.
You carefully untied the ribbon, and open the folder. “On this day Y/n M/n Ro-” You mumbled quietly and then stopped, your face going blank. Your vision then started to get blurry with tears threatening to spill.
“Wow, y-you’re really, um getting good at that face,” Nat said, a million thoughts going through her mind.
“Y/n,” Nat said, voice flooded with worry. When you didn’t look at her, she used her fingers to lift your chin, so that you were looking at her. And when you locked with her that’s when the dames broke, as the tears sprang free from your eyes.
“Oh, no, baby, baby please, don’t cry,” she said trying to wipe away the tears rapidly falling down your face. “ I understand if you don’t want to go through with it,” she said wiping the tear that fell from her face.
“We don-”
She was cut off with the air being knocked out of her, as you crashed into her wrapping your arms around her torso, burying your face in her stomach, sobbing. She then wrapped her arms around you and held you close, one hand rubbing up and down your back trying to calm you, the other gently twirling some of your coils with her fingers.
Nat always felt like you were her child, even some people in public would mistake her for your mom, But she didn’t know how you felt.
Nat was so nervous that her soul was shaking. She knew how the topic of a Mother, is one that stings for you.
I pulled up to Y/n’s school, today was her first day of Kindergarten, and in the morning she was so excited. That morning I bruised her hair into two puffs, curled her sideburns, and she then wore a Captain America shirt, with joggers and light-up sneakers. I swear she was the cutest four-year-old in the world.
I then saw Y/n exit the school, but my smile flattened when I saw the sad expression on her face. I then hopped out of the car and head toward her, as I get closer it looks as if she was crying. When I get to her I pick her up and place her on my hip, and instead of her giving me a hug like she usually does she just tucks her head into my neck.
“Hey, baby,” I saw trying to cheer her up “You okay,” I ask she just nodded and let out a little sigh. Then I hear laughing voices and I turn my head to see a group of second graders.
“See I told you to see was adopted, her parents probably didn’t love her,” one of them said.
“ There is no way Captain America is her dad If that lady is her mom, they’re both white, and she’s not”
“She just a baby and a lier,”
“ She probably doesn’t even have a mom,” another said laughing, causing Y/n to sniffle.
I then cleared my throat, successfully grabbing the attention of the bullies, sending them a death glare, and then headed to the car, and then buckled Y/n into her car seat. I then sat in the driver’s seat and adjusted the rearview mirror so that we could look at each other.
“Don’t listen to those, mouth breathers Y/n you hear me.” Y/n still didn’t look at me her eyes trained on her fingers fiddling in her lap.
“Um, Nat, umm, where is my mom, and w-why, um, why does she, not love m-me?” Y/n said with a sniffle. Her question made me want to go up to those kids and beat the shit out of them.
“ well y/n your mom had to do something important and should be back soon,” I had to lie to her because I didn’t know how to explain to a four-year-old, that her mother abandoned her and her dad because she thinks giving life to the sweetest little girl was a mistake.
Like what did Маленький шар совершенства, ever do to her.
“But Y/n, let me tell you this, Your dad loves you, so much and would let anything bad happen to you, you know that right detka,” she then nodded her head, sniffled, and wiped her tears.
“And I love you too, milashka, and I will never stop loving you.” I love you, Nat” “Now how about we get some Ice cream annnnnd, not tell Steve, because he is going to be mad because you haven’t eaten any dinner yet,” I said starting the car and putting a smile on Y/n’s face.
How could a mother ever leave a child like this, so sweet, innocent, and pure?
*Flashback over*
No one’s POV
“So is that a yes, baby?” Nat asked nervously that you might say no because you were crying.
You just nodded your head yes, as Nat hugged you tighter.
“Oh, dad I forgot to tell you, while we were out...I, um, need a new alarm clock,” you said with a nervous chuckle.
“Again,” they both said, not surprised at all.
“Mabey you should use your phone, you’re always pretty careful with that,” Nat said bopping your nose and squishing your cheeks together. You then reach into your pocket and pull out your phone. You went to the contacts and changed “Natty 😘” to “Mama🔥”.
“What’s my contact name Y/n?” Your dad asked.
“❤️Captain🤍Crunch💙,” you said sliding your phone back into your pocket and laying back down on Nat’s stomach.
“ I love you, mama,” you said nuzzling further into her
“I love to baby, always has and don’t plan on stopping”
(Nat and Steve in the kitchen after putting Y/n to bed, because she fell asleep during the rest of the movie because you were tired after crying)
“So...what’s up with the hair, “ Nat said sipping on her tea, taking a step closer to Steve. He then shrugged his shoulders, and shook his head, with a goofy smile. “Uhh, Y/n thought I needed a new look,” He responds shaking the colorful hair from side to side. “Well, I like it,” she says as she runs her hands through his hair, “ Oh, do you,” Steve said placing his hands on her hips. “Yea…I do,” she says standing on her tippy-toe, kissing his lips. Steve then leaned more into the kiss. They went from kiss to make out sess, really quick.
“How about we don’t do this in the kitchen,”
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yanderenightmare · 11 months ago
Oh master, plez, DRAGON WARRIOR BAKUGO, my lord! I was thinking, if you please, a darling who is like clairvoyant, and that's why King bakugo needs her??? can you make it dark ;3 like like like whatever means necessary dark, like like like ill murder anyone who gets in my way, also also also it being really grotesque, I want merciless bakugo, BUT also kinda sweet when it comes to darling?? I don't know what exactly I want, but I know whatever you write I'll prob enjoy, Master Nightmare :3
goodiebag WARNINGS: abuse, violence, genocide, kidnapping, abduction, death, blood, murder, ableism, classism, anxiety, arson, narcissistic personality disorder, slavery, trauma, war
so, a little foreword, the darling in this story has a quirk (ik, I’m breaking my beliefs thinking Bakugo should have a quirkless reader! The insanity!) but it’s because in this au not it’s quite special to have a quirk. Quirks are achieved and not given so to say. So Katsuki has earned his quirk and reader has earned her quirk, and so has everyone else who has a quirk. Also the song is called “If I Had a Heart” by Fever Ray, it’s the theme song to vikings ironically haha.
The King was in her village.
Word from the south spread quickly, like any wildfire would, especially when riding the wings of a dragon. The Kingdom’s seer was dead, and the almighty bruise-knuckled King required a new one. They called it misfortune, but give a child a toy, and the toy is destined to break. Some might say that that’s what they’re made for. The old toy had apparently done something so distasteful that it cost her own tongue. Unfortunately, or perhaps ironically the only thing she was useful for: on her knees, mouth open, worshipping her king.
She counted the smoke rising to the sky near the horizon. Hers would be the thirteenth village they came to, lest their quest was done. She thought she might have seen him in the cloud-coverage. Eerie shadows resembling what bats she found in the caves, but the sun was bright and could easily be mistaken for him, or the other way around, as she’s heard his coat is golden.
She heard the rumbling tumbling of hooves and paws and claws riding up the mountain-side. They were coming.
Their houses were made of rock, sturdy as they should be when placed on a mountain-top with constant winds howling at them, and handled the fire well. But people aren’t made of stone. The smell of burning flesh is awful, and though she had nothing to puke, she barfed nonetheless. People were screaming and she probably would have too if she could, she was most certainly crying and bleeding and heaving for breath like those unlucky others that were still left alive.
High mountains are a bleak habitat for animal life, partially why they lived up there: to be spared of being hunted, to escape fangs and claws. And now: people running for their lives, the aching in her ankles, a body not built for running, and a mind not used to being hunted. Yet, it was strange but, it wasn’t really foreign at all.
She’d been dreaming of things lately, and as death as well as dust and ash and blood settled and seeped into the mud around her, she couldn’t help but feel as though she’d seen it all before. In fact, there came a point in the middle of the fray she was certain she was dreaming as she stopped to eye the great golden mass in front of her. Scales sharp and silvery like mica on the mountainside, ruby-red eyes as though soaked with blood. Teeth long and sturdy like the jagged rocks of the tunnels, dripping not with water as they did in the caves but with blood and guts and torn clothes. And the talons, curved and shiny, black as night, digging into the gravel by his feet, treating the soil as though it were as thin as the air. But the wings… the wings are what had her falling to her knees, skin bitten by gravel. Greater then roofs, sweeping the sky as though he could pluck each and every star from the welkin, stud himself with them if he so wanted to, or swallow them if only to breath the light onto earth. He could shred trees with those wings, he could slice oceans apart, he could probably part the mountain, head in the heavens and roots with hell, the bridge that had stood for thousands of years, singlehandedly torn open by that great monster conquering both sky and earth as though they gave him life.
Her arm was bleeding. It had dentures, no… puncture wounds it seemed the more she looked. A pretty crescent moon of red marking deep into the soft tissue of her meager muscles, dripping onto the dirt, creating streaks in the mud caking her bare feet. She looked up to see a wolf turn into a man, a large man with spikes for hair, red but not the same red she’d seen earlier in those eyes, red like poppies far away from the red flowing in her veins, from what was leaking out of her arm.
She looked forward and saw bodies… no, not bodies… mangled mockeries of the human form strewn about her as though they were trampled wildflowers on a field. She looked to her side and saw her reflection in the faces of those she’d grown up with but never truly knew. She looked behind her, not spotting what abomination of life she’d seen earlier, the one painting the sky, the one eclipsing the sun.
Every young, pretty thing was lined up on a row that stretched about ten meters long as they weren’t that many in her village, and she was surprised to be one of them. The auditions began in the early left side of the fray, boys and girl shaking on unsteady knees, holding onto broken arms and gushing wounds. Her bitemark was begging for a fist around it too, but she had not the focus to indulge the wish as her eyes caught sight of a blot of gold contrasting the otherwise grey figures, it being clear who he was despite having altered form. Although not the tallest in stature, one could see it as clear as day, he towered over the rest of the flock.
The tones ripped from their throats were scratchy, untuned; garbage. It would seem none of the kids in the village were gifted, but if the Gods were of mercy they would grant them the vocal cords to survive the night. She couldn’t blame them for allowing their fear to taint their song. Seeing how the drapes in which the hooded figures dressed were soaked in blood from past failures. Knowing well how their weapons would breach flesh and bone were they not of any use to them.
If she had a voice she would use it for speaking and not for singing. This would probably be her last night.
They rushed through the girls and boys rather quickly. Swiftly; as if they had done it countless times before, as if they could decide by the first utterance of their very first tone, that they were a disappointment, that they were as good as dead.
Caught in the middle of the small gathering; her turn came along. The man, standing in front, had purple hair and a nasty scar on his face, adorned with bladed eyes like a cat. Another blade, a steel blade, was held at her throat. Unnecessary, as the brutal scarring of his arms was intimidating enough for her to understand she could survive nothing compared to what he had already lived through. “Sing.” He commanded abruptly, an atmosphere of force settled on the word, as though compelling her, quite like how the wind shakes the trees in command to dance for them.
She did her hand gestures as smooth as she could under the pressure, lips remaining closed.
He threw his eyebrows up, scar shifting in its place like a serpent, the message had clearly gotten across. A condescending smile, a most sinister snicker and an unfortunate scoff was all the sympathy he allowed her. “No voice?” It wasn’t a question. “What a meaningless life.” He stated in a mutter, before moving onto the next girl.
The golden figure, who had followed discreetly, didn’t continue on with the scarred boy, he instead planted his clawedfeet in front of the girl, threatening to crush her barefooted toes, sinking into the red clay of the town square. “Sing.” His voice was fuller, and because of it she didn’t dare look up.
The scarred boy came to a halt, looking back to watch the girl repeat the hand gestures once again, she thinking that maybe the scarred boy had blocked the view the first time.
“No excuses.” His foot shifted in the mud, talons somehow growing longer as they impaled the ground, indicated he leant in closer. “Sing.” He said again, the sharpness of the demand sending a shiver to travel down her spine as it was accompanied with a growl too much like the sound of thunder to be called human. The girl furrowed her brows and looked up, her bottom lip visible quaking. Yet, what looked at her was no dragon, no… it was a man, a boy. And his skin was not golden like the rarity found in the mountain halls, but tan like sand, and his hair was only a shade lighter, nothing alike the mane of the sun. But those eyes had her quaking, those sharp slitted eyes that seemed to hold her soul in a chokehold, full of cultivated knowledge, merciless, red like wine, red like blood, red like hell. What’s a fate worse than death? She wondered and swallowed at the thought, her breathing picking up its pace. “Sing!” Spit flew to her face like venom with the roar, the tone reverberating through the ground, shaking in her knees.
She felt the itch in her throat, and she would be lying if she said she hadn’t been feeling it more and more lately, the feeling of dead born words somehow washing away. Her whimpers, absent of anything except for breathiness before, now carrying a somewhat lilt of tone. She stared a little deeper into those blood-soaked orbs of the man that looked like the onset of death before her.
“If I had heart.”
The wind roared as if it were as surprised as she was, or perhaps it rejoiced, or perhaps it mourned.
She was silent, the wind crashing and flailing, whipping the rags of her dress, letting the ripped fabric lick her dirty and bruised legs, pulling the disheveled locks of hair out from her face. Eyes; terror-wide, looking into a pair of sharp ones, who seemed to be looking beyond her disheveled state, into something far more divine than she had ever seen, ever known. “Continue.” The red-eyed boy commanded firmly, a detectable form of lust in his voice.
Startled, feeling the gravel dig into her soles. “I would love you... if I had a voice, I would sing.” The people on either side of her looked to be even more distressed now, crying and screaming, looking like wraiths in those charcoaled rags they wore, hands covering their ears as though to protect themselves, terrified as they looked to the sky expecting it to come falling down upon them.
However, their insolence and disrespect wasn’t what angered him, he could allow them that much before he took their lives. But the conflict found in her voice, that’s what truly boiled beneath his skin. He reached out his hand, quick like a viper, the pressure in his fingertips simmering on her skin, sizzling with heat, only for him to dig his fingernails into her throat as well. “Forget everything you know, except for that your life is in the palm of my hand.” He said, securing her gaze, lifting her up to her tippy-toes, though still nowhere near leveling his height.
Awakened by his words and frightened to her bones by the searing look of his eyes, she did as she was told and forgot who she was, forgot what she was and gave into simply doing exactly what needed to be done to keep her alive, to keep what beast in front of her subdued, or perhaps also to satiate what fire seemed to have burst to life inside of her, screaming to be heard. “After the night, when I wake up, I’ll see what tomorrow brings.” Eyes glazed over by some infernal light. She roared, a howl of some sorts, and the trees seemed to shiver and shake in the outmost reverence. “More, give me more, give me more.”
Somehow the leaves stopped rustling at the sound of her abrupt finish. Overwhelmed; all she could do was breath, all she could to was quake, the wind making the tears ever present on her face, the blood of her arm drying and awakened again as new blood came gushing out of her wounds.
The swirling dramatics in his eyes died down into a calm yet eerie content look. “Found you.” He stated, taking his time for the awakening to soak in, bask in the glorious feeling of triumph, before breaking focus from her. He let out a long, satisfied sigh. “Burn the village.” The statement left her blood turning cold. “There’s nothing left for us here. Dispose of the disappointments.” He was quick with his words as though they had been said many times before, and the actions performed by the ones in grey were just as swift, just as merciless. Humans turning into monsters murdering humans.
“No!” She wasn’t aware the voice belonged to her, so many years gone by without being able to voice anything; an opinion; nothing more than a foreigner, let alone an objection.
The people beside her dropped to the floor like rag dolls nonetheless, her voice just as insignificant as if she was still voiceless, drowning in their own bloodied throats. Her throat didn’t match theirs, but had strong, calloused fingers wrapped around it instead, coated with blood, the stench of it becoming so familiar yet far from friendly.
“Forget them, they don’t matter.” His voice still sheer, despite the screams around them both, overwhelming in fact. She felt her mind slip away from her then, as though her sentience was squeezed out from her by the deadlock fist wrapped around her neck, a conquering drowsiness following, seeping into her like the crawling of darkness when the sun settles on the horizon, her vision blurring everything except for those red, red eyes, who; from this point until her death, would never leave her.
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beepboop358 · 13 days ago
The boy playing chess in the lab in the second trailer looks exactly like Noah schnapp right down to the mole under his ear. What are your thoughts
Hi anon! GREAT ASK!
Yeah I think that's Noah for sure LOL
The whole sequence that has Noah in it in this teaser, I think really confirms its Noah:
For this section they took one sequence - the person dropping the red puck through the board and landing on the number 7, which is commonly associated with Will in the show - and interjected clips of other things into that sequence. It's like double confirmation that it is Noah, it's actually really smart how they did this.
In this section there's 3 clips of the red puck, 3 clips of clues interjected into the puck falling, and then the final clip (the 7th....) of the puck landing on the number 7....🤯
Breaking this section down:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They show a clip of a subject dropping the red puck through the board, starting off the sequence, and then it cuts to the person who looks exactly like Noah (the Adams apple, the freckle under his ear, his side profile - nose/lips, even the arms look like his) and the camera gets really close to the his upper half of his face and is about to reveal his eyes, but then immediately shifts back down. I can't really think of another reason why they would shoot like that other than to give us a hint that it's Noah... They're teasing us LOL. I really want to know who the person across from him is. My mind ofc goes to Millie, so I wonder if this could be Eleven, but since at the end of the teaser it pans to her room number "11" and her eyes open when Brenner asks if she's listening, I don't think she is in the rainbow room.
So next we have the 2nd clip of the puck falling, and then an 8ball.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then the 8 ball says "Signs point to yes". Yes is a word associated with Will because of the "you said yes" scene in s2. Also, I think that 8 ball saying "yes" is confirming to us 'hey you know that person you just saw 2 seconds before who looks exactly like Noah? Yeah that's him'. By saying "Signs point to yes" after we just saw the Noah lookalike, it probably means 'signs point to that being Noah'...
Then we have the 3rd clip of the red puck falling and a clip of a person stacking red blocks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'll be completely honest, I do not know how stacking blocks relates to Will. The only connection I can think of is Will's Rubik's cube in s2, because they both have block systems. The person stacking blocks is putting the last one on, maybe it's symbolic for the completion of something else.
I don't think the person stacking the blocks is Noah though. The arm doesn't look like his, and the fingers are slimmer. It looks like someone younger. And stacking block is usually something younger kids do to practice hand-eye coordination. (makes me wonder if this is young Will but I kind of doubt it, I think it's someone else)
And then this section ends by returning to the red puck sequence, and the red puck lands on the number 7. For me that's just like the cherry on top, like if we had any doubts that was Will before, there's our answer LOL.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Noah's clearly not a kid in this clip. So he's in the lab as himself "in" present time. But this doesn't necessarily mean he has been captured by the lab (although that is a possibility), because of the themes of time and non-linear time pereception and travel that will be essential in s4, and how El looks into memories in s3, or the idea of how the grandfather clock may be a portal that allows them to visit other times OR something in that realm of possibilities :) I would like to propose the idea that this teaser shows us several different times. It may not be just one event in the past, or one event happening currently or even in the future.
Just like how they interject clips in the sequence of the red puck in this part of the teaser, they may literally be doing the same thing with time. Some of those clips may be the past and others may be the present, or even the future (like visions)... Definitely something to consider.
The HNL control room video shows us there's been a massacre in this rainbow room. So that begs the question of when the events of 002/004 and the control room video happen. Is 002/004 before the massacre? Is the "Eleven, are you listening?" comment from Brenner talking to El in real-time (the present) and not a memory from the lab, I kind of think it is.
I've been debating for awhile whether this is a flashback of Millie or not. Is this Millie having a flashback of a memory that she is "re-living" or "re-experiencing" or is this clip of her eyes her in present time? It is extremely hard to tell because in another brief clip we see what looks like her with a shaved head. Her eyebrows look slightly thinner and less arched in the pic of her in s1 than they do in s3 and in the teaser image...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We know the lab is kidnapping El this season from the st4 sneak peek, and she doesn't have her powers so I really think that this Millie in present-time, like Noah is.
All this brings us to, why is Will in the lab dressed as a test subject?
Honestly, I don't know LOL. We don't really have enough information to make a solid prediction at this point. BUT it does leave us with a lot of possibilities.
Has Will been captured in present-time? Is this a hallucination of Will through someone else's memory or powers (probably El)? Is it a vision of the future? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. Hopefully Will's teaser will give us a clue.
Will has powers, he has a connection to the upside down, he's connected to El, and he has a connection to the lab.
Will has the same stuffed animal El and Sara have when they are in the lab - how'd he get it? My guess is he was in contact with someone from the lab before the events of season 1, and this is even more likely if Will is Creel's grandson or related to someone who was flayed/involved with the lab, because it would explain why he has a connection to the lab before the events of s1.
Extended: Will Byers & Brenner in the lab in s4 theory. Will may go "mad" listening to Brenner/monsters in the lab and may do something bad or Brenner will make him think he has.
Thanks for this ask! Sorry it took so long and sorry if this was a bit all over the place :/
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glorified-red · 12 months ago
Jason Todd’s Love Language
word count: 940~
warnings: references to sexual themes but nothing explicit, a few curse words
I just got out of testing, yay !!! My cat is currently sitting on my second laptop (my school one) so I guess I'm gonna write instead of going to class ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also, pray for my sleep schedule because I have rehearsal tonight :/
Go check out the other Love Languages of the family: Tim | Dick | Damian
Jason is probably the hardest to pinpoint a specific language, much like Damian, Jason has a little bit of everything
Jason is really where you begin to see the difference between giving off a specific language and preferring receiving a specific language
He loves receiving words of affirmation, don't get it twisted though, Jason doesn't show his love through words of affirmation, he just really loves receiving them from you
His heart gets all fuzzy when you compliment his hair or something he did, he especially feels loved when you take them time to tell him how much you care about him because he has a habit of forgetting
He is pretty insecure about his scars (I headcanon that he has autopsy scars) so if you really make sure to tell him he’s still very much handsome with them, he will fall harder for you in a split second  kiss the scars during sex and he will absolutely melt, may even tear up
Clingy fluffy boy activated for about an hour or two, he will shower you in sloppy kisses if you let him, as a thanks of course
He won’t hesitate to give compliments back though, they just tend to be in private corners of his life or whispered into your ear for only you to hear “You look really amazing in that dress, baby.”
I’d say Jason leans more towards the gift giving side, he is a book nerd through and through so he definitely has a bunch of cheesy gifts he’s dying to give you
Picking up a flower on patrol because it reminded him of you, eventually giving you a book of all the flowers he gave you, he hand pressed them all  its a little scruffy but Jason really tried his best to make it as cheesy as possible
One time, he crashed into your apartment with a bullet in his side and you had to help him get it out and stitch him up, he told you to keep the bullet because he always trusted you to patch him up, granted he was high af on pain meds so it kinda just came out, you still kept it, and when he saw it the next week? Lets just say y’all had a really emotional conversation that may or may not have ended with cuddles  Jason as the small spoon because he felt vulnerable that night
Jason loves to lend you books to read
Like, loves it
If you let him, Jason will give you a whole list and hand you a stack of paperbacks
He’ll even read them to you before he leaves for patrol as a way to also spend some quality time with you because Jason loves that just as much
You two often find yourselves at Barnes and Noble trying to find new books to read, or playing that date game where you pick a random book for the other
Aside from gift giving, Jason definitely loves physical touch, any kind of touch, sexual, romantic, platonic, you name it he loves it  although he prefers sexual
He won't pressure you into doing anything sexual with him if you express discomfort but he does have habit of touching places 👀 
Jason loves to rest his hand on your hip while you two sit next to each other, he’ll rub tiny circles into your bare skin because of course his thumb made its way up your shirt
Rubbing circles into the nap of your neck is also a common thing for him to do
Or if you two are spooning, his hand may end up cupping one of your breasts/thighs 
Sometimes, ever so rarely, Jason will lay on top of you and his head will be settled underneath your shirt on either your stomach or chest, he doesn't necessarily want it to lead anywhere, he just loves the trust you have in him to do something so intimately close
Crawling his hand under your shirt to rub up and down your lower back because goddamn does he love how soft your skin is and the warmth it brings
While Jason gives physical touch. he also thrives on reviving physical touch from you, soft, sweet, gentle caresses that are a huge difference from the rough nature he’s so used to
It often reminds him that he is allowed to have soft touches and be cared for, nothing shows him love more than that, which is also why he loves to give you physical touch as well, to show you that he is always next to you, both physically and figuratively
Jason is also a time person
If you send him a text saying you had a rough night, he’ll immediately be at your door for some cuddles and just to make sure you aren't alone for the night
Swooping in during a slow patrol with ice cream, he’ll sit on top of your desk and let you rant to him about how crazy your coworkers are
He definitely knows all the work/school drama and will sit and listen to you rant, he’ll even add his own commentary 
“She did not.... that bitch”
“His casserole isn't even that great anyway, I can make better.”
Which bring me to my next point, Jason loves to cook with you, back in his robin days he learned with Alfred how to cook amazing meals and he loves to share them with you
It’s a great way to spend quality time with you while also doing something he loves, he also just really loves to smear brownie batter on your nose, he thinks you look adorable like that
Tumblr media
Taglist ♡
@anothertimdrakestan ​
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confuscita · 6 months ago
Hey Ev @mullthingsoverinthehotwater !! I just saw you 600 follower challenge and this is my first challenge ever. So here is my entry write up.The prompts are pretty amazing and yeah I love you💕
Here For You- Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Prompts used_
10. "I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified."
12. "No no-it's alright, come here."
13. "I'm not going to leave you. You're never going to have to suffer by yourself again, promise."
14. "Look, I know we don't know each other that well, but I'm still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone."
15. "If could, I would kiss away all of your scars."
16. "I think I might be falling in love with you."
18. "It's not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger."
45. "You can't keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won't do any good."
46. "Hey, I know you're hurting.. but, you're not alone, okay?"
84. "Yeah, well, I shut everybody out. Don't take it personally. It's just easier."
90. "You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that's going to stop us, but at least I'll have all the facts."
94. "It's a real shame nobody asked for youropinion."
95. “I saw that. You just checked me out."
Warnings- Angst to Fluff, mention of scars but nothing major, abandonment issues and commitment issues (??), a little bullying over tattoos and being unsocial. Mention of food and skipping a meal. Lil swearing.That’s about it.
Words- Many :)
Characters- Sirius Black, Reader, Marauders, Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon, Dorcas Meadows, Lucius Malfoy.
Time zone- The Marauders Era
(A/n)- Also, ik The Subtle Art of not giving a fuck was not written at that time but it really went with the theme so please play along. And the photo is from Pinterest:)
Tumblr media
She wasn’t the prettiest rose in the bunch. Hell, she knew she wasn’t, but to him, she was the most ethereal one. No she didn’t abide by the normal beauty standards set by society, she simply didn’t care about those. But she was serene in her own unknown way.
He would often find himself looking for her in crowds even though he knew she would be in some corner, alone with a book in her hands. He knew that she would always be the last one to leave the Gryffindor common room at the end of the day. He would always notice how she would speak only when spoken to and even then, the bare minimum.
Though he had never been on the receiving end of her glare but he knew it was enough to make people shudder. Every night before falling into his much awaited slumber, he would imagine what it would be like if he could make her laugh or smile even, to watch her eyes crinkle in joy and be the sole reason of it.
He had never seen her be rude to anyone, well except for Lucius when he kept on pestering her.
“Don’t you feel like a freak? With all that monstrosity on your flesh? Coal black drawings... makes you look like some sort of creature Hagrid would be fond of”. Lucius taunted her about the various tattoos scattered throughout her arms and neck.
“Well at-least someone would be fond of me. Unlike you”. She deadpanned.
Before he could answer back she added, “It’s a real shame nobody asked for you opinion.”
She finished and walked past the dumbfounded Slytherin while violently bumping into his shoulder.
He knew from that day onwards that she wasn’t one to be messed with. His friends were sick of listening to their love struck fellow. They often called him a 2.0 upgraded version of James which was a big deal. It was clear to anyone who really knew the boy. Sirius Black was in love with (Y/n) (Y/l/n). The stoic exchange student from Durmstrang.
But fate has its own funny way to torture you. It smacks you when you’re already vulnerable. And so what was happening with Sirius wasn’t much different. The heartthrob of Hogwarts couldn’t even form a coherent sentence in front of the girl he fancied.
“Today is going to be great!”. Sirius said to himself as he stood infront of the mirror in Marauders’ dorm, styling his hair.
“You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that's going to stop us, but at least I'll have all the facts.” Remus replied.
James and Peters’ snickering stopped as they received the death glare Sirius sent their way.
“Well if you must know-“ “We must!!” James and Peter cut Sirius off.
He ignored the two and continued, “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I am going to make (Y/n) fall in love with me. I mean come on how hard can it be resisting this fine arse?”
“Well keeping in mind the fact that you’ve been pinning after her for more than a year now and she hasn’t shown even a hint of interest whatsoever, I’d say, pretty easy”. James sassed at the raven haired boy. The latter chucked one of his shoes at the bespectacled boy’s head.
“Well how exactly do you plan on accomplishing this mission -that you’ve been on for almost forever if i might add- just today? Are you gonna ask help from Merlin himself?” Remus ridiculed.
“I doubt that even Merlin would want to be at the receiving end of (Y/n)’s rage. Have you ever encountered her murderous look?” Peter squeaked.
“Something tells me that the array of events that Pads has planned will surely result in it”. James replied.
“Thank you lads, really, but sorry to burst your bubble. I’m simply going to make her jealous.” Said Sirius and with that and a new found determination, he made his way towards the Great Hall.
Later in the day, he found the perfect timing to bring his plan into action. The Marauders along with Lily, Marlene and Dorcas were scattered in the common room. And (Y/n) herself as usual occupied the love seat.
Sirius, along with a Ravenclaw from their year made their way to the couch and the girl bid goodbye to Sirius in a shrill voice accompanied with a sloppy kiss. In this turn of events, he missed the way the Durmstrang girl’s eyes had darted to him for a fraction of seconds before finding their way back between the pages of the novel she was currently reading.
“You know you should socialise every once in a while, might help you score a boyfriend. Guys really like girls who can hold a conversation you know.” Sirius chirped cheekily.
Remus, Lily and Marlene almost groaned at his poor attempt at flirting. James was too busy admiring a particular read head and Dorcas was concentrated at painting her toes without smudging the paint in the process.
“Look at my face.” (Y/n) replied.
“Uh-huh its very pretty.” Sirius tried to flirt.
“Keep looking. Focus on each and every feature.” She said.
“As much as I like starting at your beautiful face, what does this have to do with anything I just said?” Sirius questioned while taking in her facial features.
“Oh it does, keep looking, concentrate.” She affirmed.
By now their little banter had caught everyone’s attention and they were all waiting for her next move. When she spoke up, “Now, tell me, does it look like I give a flying fuck?”
Everyone including those who were in the years below them or above, witnessing the conversation burst out laughing while the girl simply smirked and returned to her book.
“I saw that. You just checked me out." Sirius spoke loudly.
“I wasn’t checking you out. I’m just wondering what it is like inside your head? I’m genuinely curious.” (Y/n) replied while a sigh and eye roll. Internally thanking Godric for her tan skin that could effortlessly hide how blood was rushing to her cheeks.
“What my friend here is trying to say is, why don’t you accompany us to Hogsmeade tomorrow?” Lily spoke up.
Sirius had just recovered from that burn when he joined, “YES!.. I mean yes. That is what the friend is trying to say. As in I. Like friend.... Yeah I’ll just shut up now.”
She ignored his sudden flustered behaviour and said, “I really don’t want to intrude on your outing and I kinda have to finish this novel.”
“Oh come on, you could never intrude, we’d be more than happy-“ “That we would be”. Sirius cut Remus off.
The lycan just ignored his friend and continued, ”By the way which novel is that?”
“It’s called ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck’. “ She replied while maintaining eye contact with Sirius as if taunting him.
“You can finish it afterwards. It’ll be great having you.” Dorcas said with a smile.
“Erm.. yeah sure. But as of now, I have to rush to Muggle Studies. My free’s over. See you guys around.” (Y/n) said.
“I have Charms. Your classroom is on the way, let me walk you.” Sirius said as he moved and stood infront of her.
“No you don’t. You have Herbology that is at the total opposite end. See you later, Black.” The girl winked at him and made her way out of the common room.
Sirius was in such a haze that he missed the fact that she knew his class routine too. But the ever observant Remus and Lily caught upto it with widened eyes and instantly looked at each other.
“Who’s going to tell him?” Remus asked.
“Don’t you dare!” Lily warned and they continued the rest of their day.
The next day, a light layer of snow had covered the grounds. The weather was pleasant to be spent outside and not cooped up inside doing all sorts of homework.
When the Marauders and the girl trio reached the carriages, Sirius caught the sight of (Y/n). She was wearing and oversized flannel with a leather jacket and skinny jeans paired with her usual combat boots.
She gave them a tight lipped smile and they made their way towards the village. Everyone was talking within themselves except for her. It’s not like she wasn’t talking or nobody wanted to talk to her. Her presence seemed just normal that they didn’t really notice that none of them included her in any conversation.
As soon as the lines of shops appeared, everyone went their separate ways. Lily and Remus, towards Diagon Alley; Marlene and Dorcas towards a dark alley to.... stuff while James enthusiastically pulled Sirius and Peter into Zonko’s Joke shop. As soon as Sirius entered, his mind went to the girl that had accompanied them. Looking from inside the shop through the glass he saw her expression sadden as everyone had someone to go somewhere with and she was again left alone, but as soon as that happened, she covered it with her somber face and marched towards Godric knows where.
Later they met at Honeydukes when he saw her buying quite a lot of candies and chocolates.
“Have a bit of a sweet tooth, do we?” He asked her at the billing counter.
“Mhm”. She just hummed and made her way out of the store back towards the castle.
Sirius didn’t see her until it was almost bedtime for everyone. She had just walked in the common room through the portrait hole holding the same book when he asked, “ It’s midnight! Where the hell were you? I didn’t see you at dinner either.”
“Geez, calm down, I was just by the Lake finishing my book.” She replied.
"What the hell is your problem? Why do you keep shutting me out?” Sirius asked in an irritated voice.
"Yeah, well, I shut everybody out. Don't take it personally. It's just easier. Do yourself a favour, don’t try to look too deep into me. It’s just hollow, you won’t find the end of it.” She replied.
After hearing this Sirius stormed off to his dorm. He tried sleeping but it was like the world was against him today so he just decided to get up and take a stroll. He hid under James’ cloak and made his way towards the common room. He almost jumped in surprise seeing you still awake.
He just sat on the bottom stair looking at her. How her eyes sparkled in the reflection of the fireplace. How her rough hair were secured in a bun that looked somewhere between a dung bomb to a stone. But she still managed to knock the breath out of his lungs.
He was snapped out of his haze when she got up abruptly and took out the bags of candy and chocolates from inside her jacket. He watched as she hid some Cauldron Cakes and Licorice wands behind the books of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. She hid boxes of all coloured beans behind the cushion, one on each couch. And lastly some chocolate bars near the window sill where Remus would usually sit.
Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t realise when he hit his head on the table next to the staircase successfully knocking the vase down. Which in turn resulted in the situation he was right now.
Sirius got out from under the cloak and awkwardly started making his way back when she said, "No no-it's alright, come here."
He was shocked to say the least. But concealed it pretty convincingly. “So you’re the one who hides all these treats.” He asked somewhat amused.
“Yeah... I just... I wish that someone would’ve done this for me when I was younger so I thought why not be that person for someone like me?” She spoke softly.
That’s the first time Sirius saw vulnerability in her eyes. It was as if he could see into her soul through her eyes.
“Look, I know we don't know each other that well, but I'm still worried about you. No one deserves to be alone.” He said aa he held her hands.
There was something about her hands. They weren’t soft as other girl’s or nearly as small as them. They were calloused, rough, they had scars, and were adorned with various tattoos and rings.
“Sirius..” She trailed off. He could see how hard she was trying to let him in and not close off. How she was struggling to speak what was really bothering her. “I have scars. Not only physical but emotional and mental. People... people have given up on me. They leave me and can’t do anything to save myself from that hurt other than shut everyone out.”
“You say that I should look for a boyfriend... hell I want to. I want to witness that type of love again but I don’t think I’ll be able to handle that type of hurt again. I’ve been strong for too long Sirius and I don’t want to crumble down again. It took me too long to pick myself up.” By now streams of tears were rolling down both of their cheeks.
She was crying not because she was weak but because she indeed had been strong for too long. And he was crying because he never knew that the girl he loved oh so much could be going through so much pain and yet she didn’t let it get the best of her. He was so proud of her and he made a note to show ot to her.
“You can't keep it all inside, you know? Bottling it up won't do any good. I know you're hurting.. but, you're not alone, okay? I'm not going to leave you. You're never going to have to suffer by yourself again, promise. If could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” He said as he cupped her tear stained cheeks.
She let out a small laugh and said, “I don’t even know why I’m crying.”
“It's not bad to cry. In fact, I think it makes a person stronger.” He replied.
She looked at him as if he had grown three heads. “Who are you and what did you do with Sirius Black?”
“That’s what you do to me. You make me want to be understanding and domestic and emotional and all of the things that I used to run from, you make me wish that I had all these things with you.” He took a deep breath and finally said, "I think I might be falling in love with you."
It didn’t take her a second to rethink because it was clear to her when she replied, "I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified. Because what if I do fall but I end up broken again? What if I fall but you’re not their to catch me?”
“My love, we can’t keep going back to past just because it is familiar. And I’ll always be here to catch you. (Y/n) I don’t just want to date you, I want a relationship. I want to marry you. Do all the sappiest shit with you just because we can. I want to be there for you, please don’t push me away this time.” He whispered the last part.
Both of their foreheads were resting against each other’s and their noses were bumping.
(Y/n) closed the distance between their lips.
Kissing Sirius was different. No she didn’t feel tingles or fireworks or other colourful stuff that you can find on a middle aged person’s screen saver. She felt right. She felt at home. It seemed as if everything will be alright now. Like the world would still be fucked up but now it didn’t really matter anymore.
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bluejayblueskies · 5 months ago
hello! i hope it's okay to ask, i was wondering if you have any good merfolk/selkie tma au fic recs? i've been looking for them on ao3 but apparently i'm not very good at filtering because i can't really find anything aside from the 3 or 4 i've read already. feel free to ignore this if you don't have any or just don't feel like answering! thank you either way<3 (also i just wanted to say i love your tma fantasy week fics, i read most of them at 3am and they made me so ridiculously happy)
 thank you so much! 💛💛💛 i’d be happy to give some recommendations!
i’m not sure what you’ve already read, so i’ll just include everything!
(list begins below the cut)
The Sea Calls Me Home | jonmartin, rated T | Ao3: mothjons | tumblr: @mothjons
When Martin Blackwood takes a job working at Peter Lukas's estate, in the highlands of Scotland, he meets an odd man down by the shore, who looks at him like no one ever has. This man proves to be another secret Martin Blackwood must keep, for more reasons than one.
To be so sure of a love the world denies is a heavy burden to bear. But bearing it was, and will always be, a choice. And it's one that Martin has chosen.
Mer!Jon, Historical AU! One of my favorite TMA fics. Heavy on the angst but has a happy ending, and the writing is beautiful!
What Belongs to the Sea | jonelias, lonely eyes, jonmartin, rated M | Ao3: TwoDrunkenCelestials, WhyNotFly | tumblr: @twodrunkencelestials, @apatheticbutterflies
“My grandmother taught me about selkies,” said the tattooed man.  “Said it’s good luck for them to grace your ship.  To treat ‘em right, and they’ll guide you safe.”
It had seemed like a reasonable thing to believe.
Selkie!Jon, angst with happy ending. Has darker themes, so be sure to heed content warnings! The endgame ship is jonmartin.
Breathe in the Salt | jonmartin, rated T | Ao3: SqueeneyTodd
Martin Blackwood works in a lighthouse that echoes too much against a sea he doesn't care for.
The lighthouse isn't meant to have people in it.
Selkie AU focsed around mystery! Martin’s mother is a selkie and he works at a lighthouse that has some very strange happenings. Jon, Tim, and Sasha come to investigate.
as the clouds roll by | jongeorgie, jonmartin, rated T | Ao3: PitViperOfDoom | tumblr: @pitviperofdoom
If Jon had a penny for every time someone stole his coat and told him it was for his own good, he would have two pennies. It wasn't a lot, but it still happened twice.
Selkie!Jon, angst and hurt/comfort. Featuring terrible person Jurgen Leitner and Kitsune!Georgie. This is the prequel to and i won’t let you choke which is also excellent!
kith, kin and tread softly | jonmartin, timsasha, rated G | Ao3: bibliocratic | tumblr: @bibliocratic
Jon is 100%, bonafide human being before Beholding gets its hands on him.
This is not entirely true for the other members of his team.
Their existence narrows into endurance, survival. Knowing how hard every day is going to be and surviving it anyway, hand in unlovable hand.
Or: Despite everything, the OG Archive crew live through season 4.
Fantasy AU where Tim is a phoenix, Sasha is a mermaid, and Martin is a selkie. Featuring hurt/comfort, found family, and averted apocalypse
A Box of Sea-Scented Memories | jonmartin, rated G | Ao3: ArtificialDaydreams | tumblr: @artificialdaydreamer
When Martin was a child he moved to a small town by the coast and his best friend just also happened to be a seal who loved tuna fish sandwiches, headpats, and bringing him gifts. The shoebox of treasures was practically all he took with him when he left a year later.
Jonathan Sims' childhood friend has just returned after almost twenty years spent apart. Sadly Martin doesn't recognize him, and it's not like Jon can tell him about being a selkie. It's a good thing Martin has a lot of experience talking with seals, and Jon's an excellent listener.
Selkie!Jon, childhood friends AU. Very very cute, and seeing this plot bunny come to fruition has been lovely!
It Will Set You Free | jonmartin, rated G | Ao3: cinnamoniic | tumblr: @cinnamoniic
He’s heard the stories. He knows his mother wouldn’t take another step on land if she could help it, not anymore. It took a long time for him to feel comfortable walking alone on the beach without anticipating torches and pitchforks at his first footfall, skin-thieves and scoundrels looking to steal him away.
Martin’s supposed to avoid humans, but he’s never been great at resisting temptation. In the aftermath of a dreadful storm, he finds himself and his sealskin coat trapped in the home of his mysterious human crush, Jon.
Selkie!Martin, hurt/comfort. My favorite part of this fic is Martin not really understanding human things!
and, just to include some of mine:
to take the road less traveled by | polyarchives, rated G
Once upon a time, in a land divided by water and mountains and the hands of men into fourteen kingdoms, there was a prince. His name was Prince Timothy of the House of Stoker, ruling over the land of the fae, and though he was neither fae nor human, he would do as a prince should, even if his heart lay beyond, in the kingdom of ever-watching eyes.  So when his father commanded him to venture beyond the land of the fae and into the spiraling forests of the Twisting Deceit, wherein lay a tower so high it was thought to touch the stars, and rescue a trapped princess from that tower, Prince Timothy donned the lightest of leather armors, plucked his bow from the armory, and left his kingdom behind in the glow of the rising sun.
Of Prince Timothy, his lovers, and a princess trapped in a tower.
Fantasy AU with Selkie!Martin (and others). A fairytale-style fic with multiple character perspectives coming together over the span of the fic.
delphinus | jonpeter, rated T
Three and a half weeks ago, Peter had packed enough supplies for four months, set sail from port, and had breathed in the salt of the sea with a relief that was as palpable upon his tongue as the taste of brine. He would cast a net over the side of his ship and inspect its contents for anything that might spark his interest (or, on occasion, make a sum of money). More often, though, he simply released the mass of wriggling fish back into the sea and settled for watching the sun dip below the horizon, with only the gentle rocking of the boat to keep him company.
Two and a half weeks ago, Peter had pulled the net over the side of his fishing boat, straining at the weight of it, and found a pair of sharp brown eyes staring back at him.
Mer!Jon, no fear entities AU. In which Peter is not as terrible as he is in canon and there is an approximation of fluff.
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where-theres-smoak-2 · a month ago
Your post about trauma and how characters handles it in Bardugo’s post really makes me think how she writes and handles what she deems as feminine men, traumatized men, or generally how she sees neurodivergency. Like I sorta loathe Alina’s attitude towards Harshaw, how she sees him as creepy. I also loathe how Yuri Vedenen was written, that a traumatized young man is only ever weak and feeble. It’s weird. It’s so weird.
Yeah she's not great at writing trauma full stop she either doesn't portray it very well like with Alina who we don't really see how her traumas have effected her outside of her having a couple of nightmares, or she does the opposite where she gives a character a very accurate reaction to trauma like sergei but then treats them like they are weak and a hindrance which is a very damaging message to be sending. But now that you've mentioned it alot of these characters with trauma that are then displayed as weak are men. It's like that comment she made about how if you wanted to know which characters she was going to kill then look for the white straight males. It just seems like she doesn't consider the trauma men face as valid and she often makes villains of traumatised men. Like you said its weird and not ok.
As for Yuri I haven't read those books and to be honest I probably won't, I have however looked up his character on the grishaverse fandom wiki and once again you've got this traumatised young boy who was abused, he's similar to the darkling in alot of ways and it makes sense why he was drawn to him. But in other ways his story follows the same path as Alina. He starts out believing in the darkling but as time goes on he becomes horrified by the darkling's actions and tries to act against him and stop him. And just like Alina it seems like he is punished for falling for the darkling's charms because he ends up trapped in a tree along with the darkling even though in the end he tried to do the right thing. Which seems to be another theme of LB's works, Alina tried to do the right thing and was punished for it by losing her powers, Aleks tried to do the right thing and was punished for it by death once and then eternity of suffering, Yuri tried to do the right thing and got the same fate as the darkling. Which again just seems like a weird message to me.
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littlemissvincentvega · 25 days ago
I’m self projecting so much with this but what about HCs for the Reservoir Dogs + Vincent with a college? >:)))
a really cheerful professor tbh
always gives you a big smile when you walk into his lectures
the type of prof to make jokes and banter with his class
he likes to think that your outfits are for his viewing pleasure, but he doesn't really know
has a cheeky glance anyways, making sure you aren't looking
really hopes you take up his offers of after-hours tutoring just so he can get to know you on a more intimate level
would love to fuck you over a desk
we all know that this guy knows he's handsome so when you start wearing tight/revealing clothes in his class he knows whose benefit it's for
notices if you wear something different-- "s'at a new dress? looks great, y/n."
when he's giving lectures he looks your way a lot, more focused on those pretty little lips than what he's talking about
when he says his good mornings/afternoons his gaze always lingers on you, accompanied by a smug smile
has, on more than one occasion, had a hard on behind his desk thinking about you riding his cock
you're his favourite student basically
always waits for you to walk through his office door of an evening while he's marking essays
such a helpful professor. firm but fair ig
when he berates an asshole student he hopes you find it attractive. and you do i mean who wouldn't
"mornin', sweetheart, how we doin' today?"
even if you pass in the hall he asks how you are he's so sweet
steals glances at you during lectures (bonus: while giving lectures he is very animated with his hands it's adorable)
drives it home that he's always there if you need any help after hours
you're kind of a teacher's pet when it comes to larry
wants you to ride his cock in his office tbh
tries not to stare at your body but fails a lot of the time
motormouth. his lectures always overrun
very interactive with his students, trying to make his lectures as fun as possible
he's always super grateful if you offer to help him with anything
if you have like a graphic tee on (especially a movie themed one) he gets really excited it's actually so pure. especially back to the future, he'll be wearing a cheshire grin i swear
always stops for a chat if he passes you in the hall
would love to just kiss you right there
secretly loves it when you call him 'sir'. his cock twitches every time
always offering you one-on-one tutor sessions
a grumpy professor at its finest
half hearted "mornin'"s as students enter the lecture hall
like kevin malone, he has very little patience for stupidity. and in general. no patience whatsoever my dears
not afraid to swear at his students-- "the fuck outta my class. i've had enough'a you today."
is a lot softer with you, though. he thinks you're pretty and you don't disrupt his lectures, on top of always asking him how things are going. like they're always going shit but he appreciates it nonetheless
looks at your ass as you walk by his desk wishing he could slap it
"here she is-- mornin', y/n, how are ya?"
likes to banter with his students but has a line. like if you cross it he goes ballistic, although that's few and far between
"did one of you assholes just fart in my class? not cool, man..."
easily distracted during lectures, especially by your rack
not one to remind students about his after hours, he likes to just go home and relax
ends up asking you to dinner or for drinks or something if you don't end up doing something before you graduate. he has his mind set on you
really wants to fuck you between lectures with his hand over your mouth so nobody hears. he likes the thrill of it
a pretty chill professor tbh
doesn't really care if his students do homework or not
you guys know professor duncan from community? yea that's vincent
Tumblr media
basically lets his students get away with murder. although he doesn't stand for backchat or insults towards himself
he doesn't really realise how much he looks at your boobs, or how obvious it is, but of course you love it
your friends 100% notice too and point it out to you
you pretend to be grossed out ("ew, he's like 40!") but it really does make your pussy clench
smokes at his desk even though it's not allowed
has definitely jerked off thinking about you. i mean, you walk around in your tight tops and call him sir and you expect him not to get a hard on?????? ridiculous
but it's not just a sexual thing, he really does think you're a sweet girl and hopes to bump into you outside of college someday
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jaskierswolf · 10 months ago
hi wolfie it is i, the ramen man, i was wondering if you could write a prompt based on a baking competition tv show ? maybe even christmas themed if you want ?? no stress if you can't/don't wanna write it, i love u 🥺
This got... long? So you can also find on AO3
Jaskier wasn’t stressed. He’d made this recipe a thousand times. It was his speciality!  No one made better chocolate brownies than he did but his presentation let him down. They were messy, gooey and delicious but this was a competition. They needed to look good too. He whined as he sat in front of his oven. Who made chocolate brownies for a cooking competition? Oh god he was an idiot.
He glanced around the room. Valdo Marx was busy finishing up his winter spiced cake and it smelled absolutely divine; the bastard. Plus he’d brought along some holly sprigs to make the whole thing look a bunch more christmassy. Jaskier had baked some orange slices to decorate his brownies. He also had some edible golden glitter for the top and a few spun sugar decoration for good luck. His secret ingredient though was Cointreau. The orange liqueur kept the brownies extra gooey in the centre without them being too rich.
He stared into the oven, chewing his bottom lip anxiously as he ran a hand through his hair. They were almost done. There was a shiny film over the top that would give the brownies a nice crunch. If he did well with these he would get into the next round; the final round. In that round they hand to create gingerbread houses, well more palaces. They had to absolute architectural masterpieces and he was shitting himself. Like his brownies, his gingerbread tasted amazing but it wasn’t always pretty. They were delicious and wonderful but not much to look at on the surface.
He’d only gotten so far because they tasted good.
“Come on, come on, come on!” He muttered and pressed his face against the glass.
He really needed to at least get to the final. There were smaller cash prizes for all finalists and the publicity from the competition would do wonders for his little bakery.
“How’s it going?” Triss Merigold, one of the presenters asked.
He shrugged. “Not much I can do until it’s finished baking. It always goes much faster when you’re watching this at home.”
Triss laughed. “Clever editing.”
“I just hope I’ve done enough,” he sighed. “Maybe I can charm the judges with my guitar skills instead…”
“Ah yes, they said you play. Is that a hobby?” Triss asked with forced politeness.
Jaskier scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah. Well, I wanted to play as a kid. I was going to be the next John Lennon but you know how it is. My gran taught me how to bake and I became addicted. I still write my own songs for my YouTube channel though.”
“Wow! That’s amazing!” Triss made it sound like the least amazing hobby on the planet.
Luckily the oven timer went off at that moment and Jaskier was able to crack on. He pricked the brownies to make sure they were cooked through before setting it aside to cool. Whilst they were cooling he grabbed his tray of sugar decorations and the orange slicer.
“Bakers! You have five minutes!” Triss called out.
“Oh bollocks!” He groaned. He wasn’t going to have enough time to let it cool before decorating. Luckily the brownies tasted better warm but they were also harder to get out of the tin in one piece. He whined pitifully but dug a knife around the edge of the tin before slicing the brownies into the neatest rectangles he could manage. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
The camera man glared at him for swearing but he just stuck his tongue out. He was stressed, he was allowed to fucking swear! They were crumbling in his hands as he moved them to the plates. He cleaned up the crumbs as best as he could before showering them with edible glitter. He arranged the baked orange decorations as best he could so they looked slightly less terrible and then finally delicately placed the spun sugar on the top, only breaking two of the little shits in his hands.
“And stop!” Triss yelled and all the bakers stood back from their stations.
Valdo Marx was smiling smugly. His winter spiced cake looked fucking fantastic. On his other side stood Priscilla. She’d made cupcakes that were elegantly decorated to look like snowflakes, each one slightly different and beautiful. Next to Priscilla was Essi Daven. Her chocolate Yule Log looked amazing, Jaskier almost believed it was a real log.
Oh he was so going out.
He sighed and plastered a fake smile on his face as Yennefer Vengerberg re-entered the room.
“Time’s up bakers. You are apparently the best of the best but only three of you will make the final round. My expectations are high. I’m sure you’ll disappoint.” She smirked at them, violet eyes flashing dangerously. “Sadly, it is not only me that you must impress with these bakes.”
Jaskier felt his eyes widen. Shit, he’d forgotten that they brought in a second judge in this round. The bakers never knew who would be until they were introduced but it was always a famous chef and Jaskier suddenly felt like he couldn’t breathe.
“Please welcome, my ex-husband… Geralt.”
Jaskier let out a pitiful whimper as Geralt fucking Rivia entered the room. The man was only his celebrity crush. He would be fine. It was going to be fine and holy shit he was even more gorgeous in real life.
“Now, as I am sure you are all away, Geralt and I have never once agreed on anything except our daughter. So this promises to be fun.” Yen drawled sarcastically.
Geralt chuckled and crossed his arms in front on his chest. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt and Jaskier’s entirely life was suddenly just Geralt’s arms.
They were so big.
“That is precisely why I was invited, Yen,” Geralt muttered with a fond smile. “Evens out the vote.”
“My vote is fine on its own.”
“Hmm. We’ll see.”
Jaskier zoned out the rest of the conversation as the other bakers made their way to the front to be judged. He was too entranced by the god stood before him. The long silver hair that was pulled up into a bun, revealing the oh so sexy undercut. Jaskier watched Geralt’s lips part as he tasted one of Priscilla’s cupcakes. He got some frosting stuck on the corner of his lips and Jaskier desperately wanted to help him lick it off, but instead Geralt’s tongue flicked out to catch it. Jaskier was weak.
He zoned back in long enough to notice with great satisfaction that Valdo’s cake was under-baked and a little bit shit, not even holly could save it. So Jaskier was still in with a chance, and then it was his turn. He was hoping the brownies would still be warm. If they’d cooled down too much then his presentation would probably fuck him over.
“Buttercup?” Yennefer raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. “If you could stop drooling over my ex for two seconds, tell us about your… brownies?”
Jaskier’s fingers flexed and he tugged nervously at the edge of his shirt. “Ah yes. Umm. Hi,” He stammered and blushed as Geralt winked at him. “Brownies, orange. Chocolate orange brownies,” he swallowed and ran a hand through his hair. “I used dark chocolate mostly but there are chocolate orange chunks in there too, any orange flavoured chocolate is good. Orange zest, orange juice and umm.. oh ah, orange liqueur.”
“Aren’t you concerned the orange will overpower the chocolate?” Yen asked sharply.
Jaskier shrugged. “I make these every year. They sell well at the bakery.”
“Smells good,” Geralt noted.
“The presentation is shocking,” Yennefer countered.
“Yeah,” Jaskier admitted with a sheepish smile “but I can do better. If you give me a chance.”
Geralt raised an eyebrow at him. “You’re running out of chances.”
“Yeah but I’m cute.” The words fell from his lips before he could stop them. He clapped his hand over his mouth and blush furiously. “I am so sorry!”
“Let’s just taste them shall we?” Yen suggested.
Jaskier nodded, still hiding behind his hands. “Please.” He felt a hand on his shoulder and he yelped.
“Relax, Jaskier,” Geralt murmured in a low voice.
Jaskier’s blush deepened and he smiled up at Geralt. Oh those eyes were like honey, so warm and inviting. There was still a small smudge of frosting on his lips that Jaskier hadn’t noticed before but now he couldn’t stop staring. He wondered if Geralt tasted as sweet as he looked. “Thanks, Geralt.”
“Geralt, stop flirting and taste the freaking brownie.”
“Yes, dear,” Geralt sighed.
Geralt took a bite of his brownie and fucking moaned. A quiet whimper escaped Jaskier’s lips. God he was going to melt on national television but he didn’t care. He’d had a chance to meet his favourite celebrity and Geralt had liked his baking! It was honestly life goals. The only thing he had left to tick off was his wedding to Geralt by the coast. That had always seemed like an unreachable fantasy that helped him sleep at night but now Geralt was right in front of him… it didn’t seem quite so far away.
“Fuck,” Geralt moaned. Jaskier chuckled, that would have to be beeped out in the final cut. “This is amazing!”
Yennefer looked surprised as she tried her own forkful of brownie. “Not bad, buttercup. Not bad at all. It melts in your mouth.”
“And the orange is actually subtler than I expected.” Geralt gave him a fond smile and Jaskier had to remind himself how to breathe.
“Ah, umm. Thanks, Thank you, Geralt.”
“It looks like dirt,” Yennefer said cooly “but it tastes heavenly. Presentation has always been your weakness, Jaskier.”
Jaskier’s eyes widened. Yennefer hadn’t called him ‘Jaskier’ since the first round when Triss had mentioned it was Polish for buttercup. “I know. I know!” He whined.
“If you get through to the final then you will fail miserably unless you can change that,” she added with a raised eyebrow.
“Taste won’t save you, no matter how cute you are,” Geralt smirked.
“I know. Wait hang on what?!” Jaskier stammered at Geralt’s words.
“You did good, buttercup. Well done.” Yennefer said firmly and rolled her eyes. “We’re done here.”
“Thank you, Yennefer, Geralt,” He nodded, definitely not still blushing as his gaze landed back on Geralt. “Thank you.”
Jaskier screamed into the cushions as he threw himself down on the sofa. He’d fucking done it! He was in the final! He’d never imagined in a million years! Not to mention that Geralt Rivia thought he was cute. He wondered if he would be able to get Geralt’s autograph or whether that was just weird considering he was one of the judges.
Jaskier rolled over so he could see Geralt, forgetting that the sofa wasn’t that wide and falling onto the floor. “Oh fuck!”
“Are you alright?” Geralt asked as he came over to help him stand up. Jaskier gripped Geralt’s forearm as he was pulled to his feet.
All other thoughts left his mind as he stared at the muscles in Geralt’s arms.
“Arms…” He blurted out. “I mean! Shit. Umm, oh god.”
Geralt just laughed and steadied him on his feet. “Look, I wanted to ask…. once the show is over and I’m no longer a judge. Did you want to get dinner?”
Jaskier gaped at Geralt. “I’m sorry what?”
“Unless I’ve completely misread the situation. Fuck. Sorry. Look you can say no, I won’t score you worse because of it,” Geralt paled and crossed his arms in front of his  chest. “We’ll pretend this never happened.”
“No, Geralt wait!” Jaskier grabbed his arm. “Yes, ask me again after the final but yes. Dinner sounds great.”
Geralt smiled faintly and nodded. “Great.”
“Great,” Jaskier repeated. “It’s a date!”
Geralt nodded again. “I have to go. We shouldn’t be seen alone together until after the final.”
“Yeah, yeah. Of course.”
“Good luck, Jaskier.”
Jaskier grinned dopily as he watched Geralt walk away. It looked like Christmas magic was a real thing after all. “Yeah, you too.”
Wait. You too? Oh fuck it. _____________ Tag list: @alwenarin @slythnerd @davidtennan-t @flippinfricks @innocentcinnamonpun @marvagon @elliestormfound @geraskier-trashh @panerato @moonysourenza @artistsfuneral @victorieschild @hailhailsatan @wherethewordsare @havenoffandoms @bitchy-witchy-post-mortem @electricrituals @geralt-of-riviass @00qtee @kittynannygaming @stinastar @scribblesonmapleleaves @thecomfortofoldstorries @fontegagrilledcheese @anythinggoesfandoms @veritasrose @trickstermoose67 @nonegenderleftpain @ohheytheremiss @kueble @love-more-today-than-yesterday @kozkaboi
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dragondemoness · a month ago
Tsuyu Asui x Wolf!Reader
Tsuyu and a Reader with a wolf themed Quirk. I haven't gotten any requests for My Hero, so I wanted to write something.
Don't worry, I'm not salty 😅
I know I should be answering requests, buuuuuut I might be a little burnt out, so here's a little something in the meantime! Enjoy!
Sorry that this is so long lol-
Tsuyu Asui x Wolf!Reader
🐸Thinks you're the absolute cutest~
🐸To most people, you're more cool than cute, but to her, you're both
🐸Mostly cute tho-
🐸When you're in battle, she thinks you're really cool
🐸I see wolves as wise and intelligent, so Tsuyu definitely admires that in you
🐸You have very great leadership abilities, and Tsuyu admires that as well
🐸I also see Alpha wolves as really intimidating to their Pack, so you can definitely use your intimidation to your advantage
🐸You're the only one who can make Bakugo stay in line, and Tsuyu finds that hilarious-
🐸Tsu loves to play with your ears and tail
🐸With permission, of course
🐸Loves to scratch you behind your ears when you lay on her lap or chest
🐸Speaking of ears, you have really sensitive hearing, so Tsuyu pays close attention to make sure you're not bothered
🐸Even the slightest flinch will have her dragging you to somewhere quiet, no matter how much you insist to be fine
🐸Don't do that btw, she k n o w s
🐸Also, being a wolf, you're pretty serious and stone-faced most of the time, and not super expressive
🐸Tsuyu understands you, and assures you that there is nothing to be ashamed of
🐸You're also really introverted, so Tsuyu tries to help you break out of your shell
🐸She is very patient tho, don't worry
🐸Even though it doesn't sound like much, your Quirk is really powerful
🐸You have strong leadership abilities, great physical and mental strength, and your senses are immaculate
🐸And you can also bend others to your will using your intimidation
🐸Similar to Shinso's Quirk, except yours works through eye contact
🐸When someone gazes into your eyes, you can directly give their brain a command using wolf telepathy
🐸Eventually, you even learn to project images in their minds to make them see
🐸Tsuyu loves your Quirk, but she keeps a close eye on your Quirk to help you stay out of trouble
🐸Keeps bones in her room, she watches you chew on them with a smile
🐸You also bring her gifts, like sticks, feathers, even a whole-ass dead bird
🐸She finds it adorable
🐸Little bit disgusted about the dead bird thing, but this is one of the rare moments where she lets you down gently with her straightforwardness
"I appreciate the thought, (Name), but... a dead bird isn't exactly an ideal gift. Ribbit."
🐸You look so adorable when you give her the bird, she can't just hurt your heart and say something like, "this is disgusting, what the hell is wrong with you"
🐸Froggo girl doesn't want to hurt your feelings🥺
🐸If you can shapeshift into a wolf, this girl cannot keep her hands off you-
🐸She's petting your fur, holding you in her lap, rubbing her face in your chest, constantly telling you how adorable you are
🐸Your eyes also shine really brightly when expressing a certain emotion, like happiness, sadness or anger
🐸Your eyes are often glowy anyway, particularly under the moonlight or when it's dark, but they just straight up ✨s h i n e✨
🐸Whether or not they're shiny or just a little glowy, Tsuyu can't help but stare
🐸Unless it's a negative reaction, then she'll comfort you and/or calm you down
🐸She loves your beautiful eyes
🐸Your body is also really warm, so she will be constantly clinging onto you during the winter
🐸No matter how cold it is, your body never loses its heat
🐸Your body is even hotter when you're sick, which is one of the many dead giveaways
🐸The tips of your ears curl and your tail starts to lose fur, so it's pretty damn easy to tell
🐸Tsu will be on your ass i m m e d i a t e l y
🐸Being a wolf, you also do wolf-like things
🐸Sitting like a wolf, running on all fours, laying on your stomach with your hands below your body
🐸Another thing Tsu loves about you
🐸Also clips your nails so they don't grow too long
🐸But they literally grow back by the next day, which makes Tsuyu go "s i g h"
🐸You also have a cold nose, so Tsu shivers a little bit when you bury it into the crook of her neck or chin
🐸She loves it tho
🐸Having tail hairs all over the place can be annoying, but she doesn't mind too much
🐸You also don't smell... pleasant when you get wet, whether you're shapeshifted or not
🐸Straight to the shower you go, Tsu ain't cuddling you until you freshen up
🐸Very wholesome, very loving relationship
🐸Y'all are an animal duo, and UA's cutest couple
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ssamie · 6 months ago
epilogue. “your girlfriend’s kinda hot”
kozume kenma x fem dazai!reader
(bsd x hq)
tw: mentions of suicide and suggestive themes + dirty jokes
masterlist.          suicide freak!
Tumblr media
"hey uh, welcome to my stream i guess" he said as he spared the camera a quick glance "im not really playing tonight because an incident has recently occurred in this household" kenma said with a tired sigh 
nobody else knew it, but the said 'incident' was y/n accidentally setting half of their living room on fire 
the reason? apparently, she wanted to try burning herself to death in the furnace. obviously, it didn't work. and all that's left from that is more shit for kenma to clean up and a trip to yosano-san. 
kenma is stressed. and y/n is still alive. both of them are facing problems. 
"can you please wear a maid outfit- no."
kenma shook his head as he continued playing, glancing at the chat once in a while to read the veiwers' questions and comments
user: how about cat ears?! 
user: u suck at this game wtf
kuroo.tetsu: hey kenma ;) 
"first of all, i do not suck at minecraft thank you very much" kenma scoffed 
"second of all, go away kuroo. im still mad at you" 
user: LMFAOOO kuroo what did u do?? 💀💀
user: he probably broke kenma's pc 
user: PLSS he's the one kenma’s throwing shade at on twitter 
kuroo.tetsu: STOP THE SLANDER 😔✋🏼
user: rooster head lookin ass 
user: ^^ NOT THE HAIR 
kuroo.testsu: 😃😃
kenma sighed as he continued building a cute little cottage. he was currently vibing, just building y/n a cute cottage for her to probably burn later on. 
and he decided it would be nice to go on stream since his oh-so-lovely girlfriend was still out for work. 
ah yes, kenma has somehow kept y/n alive all those years. 
hence why his phone was being bombarded with messages from her, all of which being blurry selfies. 
the photos had her sporting a huge grin while atsushi panicked in the background. 
user: ayo, ur phone's blowing up 
user: do you have a girlfriend? 
user: ^ ayo chill 😃
kenma simply ignored them and continued on with his task. all was going well until a loud slam was heard. his cat-like eyes widened as he heard a familiar voice singing from downstairs, it was undoubtedly y/n. 
kenma chuckled nervously and muted his mic. 
but of course, cute dumb catboy didn't actually mute his mic. haha <3
he ignored all the questions in the chat, all of them being  speculations that he has a girlfriend. which he does, but they simply did not need to know that <3
"kenma~" she yelled out "i have a surprise for you!!" she said, followed by menacing giggles. 
kenma glanced at the camera before hopping off his gaming chair and peeking his head out of the door. 
"y/n, im streaming!! stay down there!" he yelled out in panic 
"aw, you're playing hard to get aren't ya?" she chuckled 
kenma deadpanned as he saw her limping up the stairs, with her bandages torn and unravelled, same with her clothes. he didn't really think much of it since this is usually how she comes home. 
its most likely just due to work and/or another suicide attempt.
"so, kenma.. you'll never know what just happened to me today" she started off with a goofy grin 
"im streaming, atleast let me turn it off first-" 
she paid no mind to him as she peeled off her ruined coat and pointed to her poorly bandaged stomach
"i got stabbed!" 
"you got what?!"
kenma furrowed his brows as he immediately rushed over to his side, cradling her face and waist as he inspected her injuries
"are you okay, kitten?" he asked worriedly 
"yep, apparently it wasnt deep enough to be fatal" she sighed dejectedly 
"please don't be sad about that." kenma groaned "can you undress?" 
"ara ara~ whats this?" she cooed "you're getting real bold, kenma" she smirked at him 
she unbuttoned her shirt and started pulling down on her skirt "but since you asked so nicely-" 
kenma simply sighed and shook his head. "i was gonna prepare you a bath but now im considering leaving you here to die" 
"but the second option would've been better though" she smiled at him 
"oh my fucking god." 
kozume kenma. (22)
Tumblr media
╰─▸ university student, stock trader, pro-gamer, youtuber, ceo of bouncing ball lpt. 
╰─▸ y/n's struggling boyfriend. definitely needs a pay after all he's been through.
╰─▸ currently panicking because his girlfriend got stabbed.
l/n y/n. (22)
╰─▸ operative/member of the armed detective agency. 
╰─▸ kenma's girlfriend. kinda dumb, very hot to compensate for it. still hasn't died yet. 
╰─▸ currently bleeding and wounded. also hoping for severe blood loss.
"kenma, did you know" she mused in a teasing tone "lack of sleep and too much stress could possibly lead to poor memory and lack of awareness" 
Tumblr media
kenma looked up at her with a look of confusion. he was currently kneeled down before her while she was sat on the bed as he cleaned her wound up with a damp towel. 
"why are you telling me this?" he asked 
"i just thought it probably applied to you" she snickered 
"why? i didnt forget anything-" 
he cut himself off with a huge intake of air. he slowly turned his head to look at the screen which still had his stream going on. to make it worse, the camera was on and they were both clearly in the camera's field of view. 
to make things worse worse, his mic was on the whole time and the live chat was in shambles. 
"i hate it here" he sighed 
kenma laid his head on her lap as he continued on patching her up, honestly not caring that this whole scene was being recorded for thousands or millions of people to see. 
"well, atleast the internet could finally see my beauty before i die" she laughed 
she ran her fingers through kenma's hair as he grumbled under his breath. kenma was a pretty private person. he made sure not to overshare, given his current 'influencer' status. and he was planning on keeping his relationship a secret, though it seems he can't do that anymore. 
"might as well say hi" she shrugged 
so of course, she then decided to walk up to the camera looking utterly dishevelled and roughed up. 
for context, the newly wrapped bandages around her stomach was being stained already by a crimson red hue and it was only getting worse the more she moved, undoubtedly messing up her wound. 
"hi, im kenma's girlfriend and if i see you flirting with him i will make you regret it" she grinned 
"y/n!" kenma groaned from the bed "you're close to dying right now, turn the stream off" 
ignoring him, she proceeded to read the veiwers' comments, laughing at some of them while she joked around. 
user: heLLO?!?! 
user: bruh, did i just hear that right? were you fuckin stabbed? 
user: ur kinda hot tho
kenma furrowed his brows as he reluctantly walked up behind her, reading the comments with varying reactions 
user: well damn, hot bloody girl comes in and suddenly im lesbian
user: kenma looks so done
kuroo.tetsu: hi y/n ;) 
"jesus christ shut up, kuroo" kenma grumbled out with a sigh 
"yup! yup! im y/n, and no, i am not a criminal. i swear." she shook her head 
"i got an injury from my job, that's all." she cleared up 
user: tangina nyo sana ol
user: time to scratch another gamer boy off my possible bf list 😔
user: girl wtf happened to u
user: that's wack bro 🚶‍♀️
"great question, random person from the internet!" she beamed "see, what happened was.." 
"i went on a certain mission and got severely injured. though, when i called for help nobody responded" she said 
kenma furrowed his brows at her words. "why didn't anybody respond?" he asked. she sighed and fiddled with her torn bandages, pouting her lips as she does so. 
"well, when i told them that i was finally on death's door, all they said to me was 'congratulations!' and all that.." she said "what's your take on that, hm?" she asked kenma 
"im not surprised" he said 
she grinned at his words and leaned in for a kiss. "you're so mean to me, kenma~" she whined 
she licked her lips as she held his blushing face in her hands, she nuzzled their noses as she leaned in closer to him. 
kuroo.tetsu: oh shit 😳
user: we all know where this is heading ;) 
user: sana ol talaga punyemas 
user: AYO CHILL 
user: why we goin so fuckin fasstttt 😳
kenma hastily turned the camera off as soon as y/n's lips touched his. 
"kitten, were still- hmph-" 
he was only silenced as she slipped her tongue in his mouth, smirking lightly as she ran her fingers through his hair 
"thanks babe." she said as she pulled away, giving him a soft peck on his cheek and a nod "anyways.." she hummed as she turned the camera on once again 
she looked through the chat while kenma slaps his face to get rid of his blush. 
user: ur fuckin freaky 
kuroo.tetsu: oya oya 😼😼
user: not me blushing chiiilllleeeeee 🏃‍♀️
kuroo.tetsu: kenma, i didnt expect this from u 😼
user: im so fucking JEALOUS GRR😡
user: girl r u bleeding rn 😃
upon reading a certain comment, she subconsciously grazed her fingers against her bandaged wound. her eyes slightly widening as she felt a concerning amount of wetness seeping through
she glanced at kenma who was still calming himself down and inspected her wound 
"oh my.." she muttered, though she couldn't help but let a smile slip through 
so like any normal person would do, she simply ignored her bleeding wound and the fact that she was getting a bit lightheaded. haha <3
"anyways, let's answer some questions!" she beamed 
user: what's ur full name
user: what's ur job miss girl 
user: are you possibly looking for a gf, because i am more 
than willing to take the spot 🚶‍♀️
user: how did you meet?? 
"alright, those are all very nice questions" she chuckled. kenma, who's now calmed down, sat down beside her to look at the chat. 
"first, im l/n y/n" she mused "nice to meet ya" 
"second im a detective! mhm, im cooler than your fathers" 
"third, it depends, belladonna" she cooed as she sent the camera flirty smirk "are you perhaps willing to join me in a double suicide?" 
"oh god.." kenma grumbled. he pouted at her and shook his head in disapproval. "don't flirt with random girls" he whined 
"why not?" 
"uh- because i am your beloved boyfriend, is that not good enough of a reason??" 
"... anyways, we met at a cafe way back in high school" she said with a smile "also, i asked him to join me on a double suicide" she said 
she was smiling and nodding as if it was the most normal thing in the world, all while kenma nods along 
user: wtf are u okay 🗿
kuroo.tetsu: teenage romance 🤩
user: cute ❤️
user: im concerned ❤️
user: ur a detective?? cool
user: ^^ SAME 😩
user: u r still bleeding 🚶‍♀️        
kenma was simply glaring at the chat as more compliments and flirtatious comments came flowing in, all of which were directed to his girlfriend. 
"this is why i didn't wanna let people know about you.." kenma grumbled 
"aww, why not?" she asked with a playful pout 
"people are flirting with you." he sighed "also, stop asking for my girlfriend's onlyfans! she doesn't even have one!" he snarled
user: y/n-senpai spit on me 😡😡
user: drop the onlyfans 
user: chupapi munyanyo 😩
"anyways, i'd hate to ruin the mood" she chimed in with a sluggish giggle "but im so wet kenma" she whined out 
a menacing smirk was etched on her lips as kenma spluttered in response, a bright red hue covering his face almost instantly as he faced her with widened eyes 
"y-y/n! why would you say that?!" he whisper shouted 
"cuz i am" she whined out as she grabbed his hand and trailed it down her abdomen 
she faced the camera and gave them a shit-eating grin as kenma mumbled out incoherent words 
"y/n we should-" he cut himself off as he felt the concerning amount of blood drip down his whole arm 
kenma's face paled as he looked up to see her smiling like a kid in a candy store, completely unbothered. 
"y/n, you idiot! why didn't you tell me!" kenma exclaimed 
"um- my girlfriend is bleeding. excessively. so uh- bye i guess" it was all he said before hastily ending his stream and turning off his computer. 
"y/n, let's get you to a hospital" he said as he reached down to carry her away. though she simply slapped his hands off and closed her eyes. 
"nope. this is my time, kenma. don't ruin it for me" she said 
"you're fucking dying!!" 
"well, would you like to join me?" 
"damn." she muttered in response 
"so...wanna fuck?" she asked sheepishly 
"for the love of god-" 
Tumblr media
this was so messy :/
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twisted-whimsies · a year ago
Crewel x F! reader: Good Girl
Warnings: SPICE;KINKS and Adult themes
Summary: Crewel just got the perfect teaching assistant! She's smart, prompt, organized and most of all clever. Everyone seems to like her! So you can't really blame him for wanting to tease her a little. But what happens if she teases back?
Requested by @blackstrawberrynightmare
⚠ Very graphic... Like... I had to take rests to write the Spice. Please proceed with caution.
Tumblr media
Divus Crewel has always been meticulous in his work and in his field. He was not only a renown designer but also a respected professor in Night Raven College, so needless to say when you were assigned as his teaching assistant for a year before becoming a professor yourself, you're a little intimidated despite your own experience as an educator.
To be honest, you were quite nervous to mess up, but surprisingly Crewel was not that... Cruel at all. Despite his want for discipline and his overall strictness inside the classroom, he seems to have genuine care for his students and keeps an eye on them during laboratory classes as to avoid any injuries... Albeit you could admit some of his punishments were a little harsh, but nonetheless they were there to teach a lesson.
Needless to say, half a year ran by smoothly and you got along cordially with him. What with your punctuality, organisation skills, and overall equal fervor to help teach the students. You may clash sometimes though, given that you were much lenient towards your student than he is, but it was all sorted out by the first months.
"Hey, do you think that Divus guy has weak in the sheets?"
You almost did a spit take.
"Wha...what?!" You stared incredelously at your old classmate from across the table at your university reunion.  "What are talking about?" You put the cocktail glass on the table, eyebrows furrowed.
"Well, ya know," they waved their glass around, " he has a collection of vintage cars?"
"So, what?" You questioned, raising your brow. " What does that have to with him being.... ?" You couldn't even finish the sentence, feeling sheepish, making you fidget in your seat.
Another classmate jumped in.
"Y/N, that means he's loaded. Stable. Economically speaking, plus," They raise both their hands up," He's a famous designer who meets a lot of models. Hot people! And don't get me started with his reputation as a professor in The  Night Raven College, the most prestigious school in Magic Twisted Wonderland!"
You were gonna chime in with another protest when your best friend beside you wrapped at hand by your shoulder, pulling you close before gesturing their hand in a wide arc in the air." He's also very very attractive.Like, 10/10 I would date if I wasn't married already." They joked. "So he's hot. He's stable. Famous. Has a great job--scratch that--Great jobs. And still single at 32?"They looked at you sharply and you avoided their eyes by taking a sip of your drink." Definitely something not working properly downstairs or he doesn't have the skills, ya get me? " They drawled.
You removed their hand from your shoulder, feeling indignant for your boss. I mean, not exactly your boss, but he sorta is your boss.
"OK, one: That's rude. Two: It's not my, or your, business to speculate and Three," you stood up from your seat, getting your coat from the chair's head," I'm leaving!" You huffed, turning on your heels,leaving your classmates ashamed and sheepish.
"Wait." You stopped on your tracks before returning to the table, slapping some Madols on its surface. " Here's my contribution. And here's tip for the waiter."
And with that you tried not to huff as you exited the restaurant, making excuses as your other classmates ask you why you're leaving early.
You fumbled your way inside your apartment as your weak alcohol intolerance reach its peak.
By luck you were able to fall down your couch instead of the floor, pulling a pillow towards you so you can lean on it.
Those.. Butts!
You bit the inside of your mouth as you recalled what had transpired. Sure, Crewel was attractive and sure he was single but doesn't mean he's... Weak in bed... Not that you know of...Or thought about... Thinking of him that way wasn't really something you like to do in your free time...
Until a few weeks ago.
For some reason you couldn't help the get the feeling that he was, dare you say it, teasing you?
The way his fingers would brush against yours when you pass him paperwork,how his sharp eyes lingering on your face to see your reaction.
How he pats you in the head when you do a good job, the way he called you "Good girl" sounding sensual to your ears, especially during the late night shifts in his office when only you two were left.
The way he leans over you, one hand on the desk, the other pointing out notes on the new reviewer you made for class, completely caging you between his body, his velvety voice and hot breath making you slightly tremble and your sit and discreetly cross your legs as you accidentally inhale the smell of his cologne.
Not to mention you were quite sure you felt something soft and warm on the top of your ear and the back of your nape the last time he gave you instructions in that compromising position.
"Ugh!" You threw your head back, turning yourself over until you accidentally feel with a thud on the floor, your arm to your forehead. " Why are you doing this to me?"
You couldn't the heat climb up your face as you recalled many more instances that you were almost sure was considered flirting.
But like..
You've been single for like what? 5 years? The last relationship you had was when you were younger and just started a teaching job. But your partner... Well... You didn't wanna say bad words behind other people's back but like... They were assholes!
So here you are now, late mid-twenties: single and not quite ready to mingle. More focused on your work than ever.
Then Crewel comes barging in making your sexually repressed self awaken from its slumber with that soft hair, sexy smirk, fine physique and damn that pointer that looks like a riding crop with its silver chain and red collar made you feel things.
Not to mention those looks combine with that personality.
"I can't take it anymore!"
The heat was engulfing your body and you couldn't help but want to strip of your clothing.
Which you did, albeit clumsily as your vision blurred and the room lights were deem. "Oh for duck's sake!"
You fumbled around for your buttons before giving up, sitting up and rummaging your inside your bag for your phone.
You took the device and squinted your eyes to find the flashlight.
To be honest, one should really not use their phones drunk as it usually ends up in a disaster.
For example, one can drunk call or text their ex. Order something online impulsively or...
Click the video chat thinking its the flashlight, cuz hey...the flash is working! But like, that's because you're on video mode and had accidently filmed yourself online unbuttoning your shirt but since you're drunk, just pull it off with the buttons popping until what's underneath is seen.
"Fucking buttons!" You cursed. "Fucking hot Crewel with his fucking hot face and fucking crop and collar making me hot!"
See? Doing things drunk is not only troublesome but also can get you into trouble. Now your good shirt is gone and you had practically harshly ripped off one of your better bras.
But in your defense you didn't know and you probably won't remember in the morning as you fall back on the floor, the video chat still on displaying the other person on the other side of the line who was wide eyed with the sudden video conference in the middle of the night.
Atleast he thought it was supposed to be something in akin to that... Work related...
Not a strip show.
"Oh puppy..."
The video chat ended.
Divus wasn't really to blame... Well not entirely, on why he teased his poor teaching assistant. She was.. Well.. Perfect!
To be honest, he was reluctant when found out the headmaster assigned him one since he never really needed one,but since the number of students were increasing it was bound to happen sooner or later.
And perhaps he should be thankful that it did, cause he never would had met Y/N otherwise.
He really didn't have a good first impression on her at first, with how sloppily she dressed. Plain white Button up shirt, plain black skirt. No substance at all. She looked quite unremarkable with her awkward smile, worried glances and tendency to fidget when nervous. But nonetheless she looked neat and by the first few weeks on the job had proven herself to be efficient and hardworking and also a favorite of the students with how she was approachable. Not to mention her reviewers were quite detailed but easy to read.
Despite her plain looks she was a charming girl. So who'd blame him if he wanted to reward her for her hardwork by giving her a make over courtesy of himself?
Oh, how the way her eyes would sparkle when she looked at herself at the mirror after their make up session unconsciously hit his heart.
The way she'd smile and greet him in the hallways.
The way she'd put time and effort to help him out during late at night to create new concoctions and or do paperwork.
The way she'd happily help him tend to new poisonous plants through the use of her vast knowledge and expertise.
And the way she'd offer him something warm, a drink usually, when she sees he's stressed or overworking himself.
The girl hard unconsciously prodded on his heart and earned his affections.
But if only she'd take the hint and not dance around the whole thing.
Crewel was patient.
He's all for... Prolonging things...but sometimes he can't help but spank the girl silly for her obliviousness...
Who knew she'd come to him himself? With a surprise strip show to boot?
You were about to go crazy.
You had no recollection what happened weaks ago but there was a sinking feeling you did something you'll regret soon enough.
You've check you phone log and saw that you had accidentally dialled Crewel but when you asked him what happened he just patted your head and said it was nothing?
So why is it still bothering a few weeks?
You don't know... Maybe it was how he'd fix your collar and your bow only for his fingers to linger on the exposed parts of your skin.
Maybe it was when you were reaching for something high he'd always appear from behind you, his broad chest pushing on your back?
Or maybe how he'd whisper good morning hotly in your ears when you're the first one inside the staff lounge, silently eating some breakfast until he came in.
For some reason he'd become more intense in his teasing.
And you were beginning to think he actually likes you.
But then again maybe it's just you acting up since you haven't had a guy touch you in a long while.
Yes. Probably that. Definitely that.
But sometimes it gets harder to ignore the beating of your heart when you two are alone late at night in his office ( senior staff gets their own, a perk) feeling his eyes burning at the back of your head as you work.
"Test him!"
"What?" you sat dumbfounded from across your best friend in your bed. You two were having a slumber party.
"You're a clever girl. You know what I mean." They wiggled their eyebrows." Test him the way you know how. If he reacts, positively he likes you and if he doesn't, he'd probably ignore it?"
"Or I could get fired." You quipped.
They frowned.
"You know for all your honor grades, degree and intelligence when it comes to work, you are absolutely uselesss--"
"OK. Helpless then. In the ways of an adult." They propped themselves on the nearest pillow. " Come on. Tease back. What's the worst that could happen? Wait. Don't answer that. Just do it, girl. You'll thank me later. And if you fail, I'm sure you're clever enough to find a way to escape the consequences of your actions."
You rolled your eyes.
But they did have a point.
Proceed to part 2
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softpedropascal · a year ago
I don't know if you'd like more ideas for neighbor Frankie but, maybe some Halloween decorating? Like reader needs help reaching the tall stuff and Frankie being a gentleman helps🥺 Thank you babe, love your stuff😘
buckysalefty said:
OMG. I live for neighbor!Frankie!!! Can I please have him help reader put up Halloween decorations bc she’s reeeeeaaaallly into it? And they bake Halloween shaped cookies together? Then Pope scares them apart from a kiss? 🥺🥺🥺 pleaaaase? 🥰
anonymous said:
I'm getting ahead of myself because it's almost October so you can answer this later in the month if you want but what do you think neighbor!Frankie and you would do on halloween? party, movie marathon, there's a few possibilities 🎃
i combined these to make it easier for me. they're all so cute and i love halloween so let's go! thank you so so much!!
[neighbor!frankie masterlist]
and here’s the shirt mentioned in the story.
"What are you doing?" Frankie asked as he walked into your garage. You were struggling to reach a box that was up a little too high. You didn't feel like running inside to get the step ladder. He chuckled as you froze in that position and looked at him.
"Trying to get my Halloween decorations. I usually get this done the first week of October, you know?" You continued to struggle until Frankie walked over and grabbed the box easily.
"Here you go," he said holding the box out to you. When you reached for it, he pulled it out of reach and moved in for a kiss.
"Frankie...," you giggled as he kissed along your jaw and down your neck. "What if someone walks by?" you asked even though your eyes were closed and you were gripping his shirt.
"Doesn't matter." He put the box down and pulled you into his arms. "God, you're always so soft." He nuzzled your cheek and held you close.
"What is it with you two and garages?" Pope asked and you both jumped back from each other...again.
"Dammit, Pope..." Frankie snapped.
"I told what time I would be here. When you didn't answer I figured you'd be here kissing her face off," Pope teased.
"Very funny, Santiago," you said, bending to pick up your box of decorations.
"I was right, wasn't I?" He shrugged.
"I was...helping her get her Halloween decorations," Frankie said.
"Yeah by sticking your tongue down her throat. I get it." Santiago dipped out of the way as Frankie ran after him. You laughed as you watched them rough house like children.
"You two aren't as young as you used to be. You're gonna feel that later," you joked. You closed your garage and stood in front of them where they were laid out on the grass. "You guys wanna help me?"
"Do I get to kiss you too?" Santiago asked and Frankie hit him in the stomach playfully as he stood up. He put his arms around you and watched Santi get to his feet.
"Let's go, children."
They both helped you decorate and when Santiago had to leave Frankie decided you both needed a break. You sat beside him on the sofa and he smiled over at you.
"What?" you asked.
"You're beautiful," he said, taking your hand and kissing it. "Sorry about Pope."
"Don't apologize. He's hilarious. I like it."
Frankie gave you an exaggerated pout. "You like him more than me?"
"Never." You climbed onto his lap and kissed him. "You wanna bake cookies orrr..."
"My beautiful, hot, sexy neighbor slash girlfriend is sitting on my lap and you’re asking me if I wanna bake cookies now?” He grabbed your butt making you giggle. When you realized what he said you froze. “What?”
“You called me your girlfriend,” you said.
“ that bad? I won’t call you that anymore if you don’t want me to. I mm--” He grunted as you cut him off with a kiss. “I’m guessing you’re okay with it then.”
“More than okay.” You looked away as tears filled your eyes. “Sorry.”
“Come here. Look at me.” He turned your head with a gentle hand and kissed you again. “Let’s make some cookies.”
There were many stolen kisses and sometimes a little more between batches of cookies being put in the oven. This last batch had almost burned because Frankie had started kissing you and wouldn't stop. At first you were against the refrigerator then you ended up against the wall. Which wall? You couldn't even tell.
Eventually you ended up on the couch. The backs of your knees had hit the arm rest and you toppled onto the couch. Frankie followed, making sure he didn't hurt you when he landed on top. You wouldn't have cared at all as long as he kept kissing you the way he was.
His hand had just found its way under your shirt when someone knocked on the door. You both froze and turned to the door.
"Stop sucking faces and open the door!" Santiago called and you both laughed.
"Goddamn Pope," Frankie groaned as he pushed off of you and stood up then helped you to your feet. You opened the door and let Santiago in.
"Were you know?" he asked.
"No!" You and Frankie answered in unison.
"Oh, that's not suspicious at all." He began sniffing the air. "Is something burning?"
"Fuck! The fucking cookies!" you yelled and ran to the kitchen.
"She's got a potty mouth, that one," Pope told Frankie as he nudged him.
"I called her my girlfriend," Frankie whispered to his best friend. Pope smiled and patted him on the back.
"Saved 'em," you said, walking out of the kitchen. "Thanks for helping me decorate earlier, Santiago."
"No problem. Sorry for interrupting you guys again," he teased.
"We weren't doing anything," Frankie insisted.
"Oh!" you exclaimed remembering something. "Be right back." You ran to your bedroom then ran back out with the gift for Frankie behind your back. "I don't know if you wear costumes or anything but I got you something to put you in the Halloween spirit. Here." You handed the shirt to Frankie and he held it up, smiling brightly.
"This is the tackiest thing I've ever seen. I fucking love it," he said, quickly unbuttoning the shirt he was wearing to put the new one on.
"I...have a matching one," you said. "I'll go put it on." You ran to your bedroom again. A few moments later you came out with your tacky Halloween shirt on.
"So you're gonna be one of those couples, huh?" Santiago joked.
"We sure are," Frankie said, looking at you as he said it.
"Jealous of our shirts, Santi?" you asked. "You can admit it."
"No, not really. Are we allowed to help ourselves to the cookies?" he asked.
"Please do." You watched happily as both of the men enjoyed a few cookies. You walked over and helped yourself to one.
"They're good, huh?" you asked.
"Not as good as you," Frankie said before giving you a kiss.
"You two do know I'm standing right here, right?" Santiago asked as he ate another cookie.
"Unfortunately." Frankie kissed you once more.
"You know what you need..." Santiago started. "One of those huge blow up things for your yard. A Halloween themed one."
"Won't that be too much?" you asked and Santiago looked at your shirt then at Frankie’s.
"You're past that already," he teased. You hit him over the head as he laughed. "Look, I just stopped by to bring you a few more decorations that have just been collecting dust at my place."
"Aww thank you!" You walked with Santiago to his car and he handed you a few bags. "You wanna stay and watch scary movies with me and Frankie?" you asked.
"Nah, you two enjoy it." He winked before getting into his car. "Take care of him okay...girlfriend?" You smiled and nodded.
"Of course. He already takes such great care of me."
"Don't get all sappy on me now. Go watch those movies." He started the car then pulled off and you waved. Frankie walked out just in time to wave.
"I put the first movie on," he told you as you walked up to. He took the bags from you and walked inside.
"Which one did you pick?"
"Night of the Living Dead," he said and you put a hand over your heart.
"A man after my own heart." He actually already had it.
"After you." He gestured to the couch and you sat down. He joined you and put his arm around you before grabbing the remote and pressing play.
Here you were a few days before Halloween wearing a wonderfully tacky shirt watching scary movies with the man you once considered only a neighbor but was now much more. So much more. You looked at him then kissed his cheek. He turned to smile at you before turning to the movie again.
You had never been happier than you were in that moment.
frankie taglist: @fakenoods @oldstuffnewstuff @the-bird-suit @lestrange2703 @findhimfives @windfallss @limenlimon @66wookies @rach7 @surfsup666 @theghostwiththemost-babe @marshmallow--3
permanent taglist: @gallowsjoker @bisexual-space-slut @magicsuperheroes @feelmyroarrrr @the-dazzling-urbanite @phoenixhalliwell @liveloudwriteloud @tumblogbykarapaloma @jaime1110 @ahopelessromanticwritersworld @pascalz @blancatobarxoxo @dazedrhapsody @pascalisthepunkest @ithinkhesgaybutwesavedmufasa @cryptkeepersoul @tiffdawg @freak-of-nature2002 @kingpascals @saltywintersoldat @theocatkov @babybelou @mandilflorian @aeryntheofficial @cyaredindjarin @winters-buck @the-feckless-wonder @loki-098 @arabellathorne @giselatropicana @dindisneydjarin@punkpascal @opheliaelysia @spacegayofficial @takens-world @huliabitch @stardelic @kandomeresbitch @havenforafrazzledmind @thisis-theway @stardust-galaxies @mrsparknuts @jedi-mando @frankiemorales @edencherries @goldafterglow @lilkermit14
i hope everyone is where they want to be! let me know if you want to be changed around! join a taglist here!
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gaybarbiegirl · 5 months ago
00s Barbie rewatch - 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
Tumblr media
Yesss I've been looking forward to this one
The intro of this movie >>>>>>
"Which is known for its abundance of pears, potatoes and peasants" underrated joke right there
We love a movie that shows princesses being fun and charismatic and unique instead of just being graceful and sweet
Ok but that bird is iconic, he deserves more love
Imagine having eleven people tease you about your love life, I think I'd just die on the spot
Why do most Barbie villains have gigantic hair?
Tumblr media
Someone really should tell mattel that being identical in every feature except for haircolor is not how twins and triplets work
Love how the main villain of this movie is one of these classist conservative ladies who try to control how women should act. Like, that is something that should be portrayed as a terrible thing to children, you know?
Why do they all wear bows to sleep?
Their birthday song ❤
How did they never notice that the books matched the stones before? They've owned these books and lived in this room for years
This theme song is so magical
Tumblr media
God, Rowena is so worried about the girls potentially marrying princes that they would've met the night before. Like, chill, it's been less than 24 hours, I doubt anyone's ringing wedding bells
Rowena is what the girl defined girls would be if they didn't bother trying to look friendly
Thank god Genevieve suggested they call a doctor. Bring in the common sense, girl
I know I was just trashing on Rowena a minute ago, but she really is the most efficient villain in the BCU. Like, she's the one with the most coherent and doable plan, and the one who comes the closest to succeeding
"Lock her up and throw away the key" I'm dead, the comedic timing of this bird is unmatched
See, this is why I love Edeline
Tumblr media
You know how everyone says that there are twelve dancing princesses, so at least one of them has to be queer? I have now decided that there are three queer princesses, Blair, Edeline, and Fallon, for no good reason other than that I think they're cool
Felix being a 10/10 sidekick again
But it is a little weird that Derek's best friend is a parrot
Holy fuck, Rowena just called this man's children burdens to his face
I'm not sure if I respect her more or less for it
"Newsflash. She walked in her own room" I'm telling you, this bird is a gem
"You did...? Or is that just the bird talking?" more respect for Felix, please
Yeah, Rowena has the right idea, I don't understand why the girls haven't started harvesting those wish flowers yet
Ok but why do they suddenly have to dance in pairs for the portal to work? It always worked fine with just one person
Their dancing is really pretty though
This scene looks so gorgeous ❤
Tumblr media
What does "the power of twelve" mean? Wouldn't it be easier to just say "we have each other"?
When did Rowena find the time to get this painted?
Look at them using the skills they were reprimanded for in the beginning of the movie to save the day! Hell yeah, good for them!
Rowena WHY are you confessing?? I get he's about to die, but still, keep it to yourself
But seriously, Rowena could have been the Barbie villain if she just had a more likeable personality. She's got everything else going for her: she's the smartest, most capable and most strategic villain in the BCU, and she has style. If only she wasn't annoying...
Why did Genevieve just randomly have a fan with her?
Also, what would have happened if the fan didn't reach every single speck of dust? Would Genevieve have like, an eternally dancing arm?
Yeah man, you were pretty blind
Their dad accepting them as they are is a really sweet scene, though
I have to say, ending in a wedding was a bit of a disappointing note. Genevieve and Derek were cute, but they barely knew each other
Plus, this ending only wraps things up for Genevieve, and I get it, she's the protagonist, but she did have eleven sisters who we've also been following for the entire movie, and they deserved a proper ending, you know?
Final thoughts:
I like this movie A LOT. It's one of my top 10 Barbie movies, and for more than one reason: I love the soundtrack, love the dance sequences, love the bond between the sisters, and, most of all, I love the theme and the way the princesses were portrayed.
Like, princess movies are very often criticised for having bland one note protagonists who lack agency, and while I don't 100% agree with these criticisms, I do see where they're coming from. Now enter this movie, that does the exact opposite. We've got twelve different princesses here, all with different skills and abilities that are portrayed as equally valuable and impressive. They're fun to watch, they have distinctive personalities, and they take the lead and are active characters for the entire movie.
Since we know for a fact that the little girls who watch Barbie movies are going to be looking up to the princess characters, I think it's great to show them a bunch of princesses with unique personalities and interests. It gives every kid someone to relate to, instead of just potentially making girls feel inadequate for not being "princessy" enough. And if that wasn't enough, the main conflict we have in this movie is that their father is trying to change them to be more ladylike, and the whole ordeal is clearly treated as a big, terrible mistake from start to finish.
I could gush for hours about how great and unique this theme is, and about how important it is for movies that are aimed at little girls to portray this sort of message. But I'm just gonna wrap things up and say that overall, this movie is amazing, and it deserves all the love it gets.
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bookprofessor · a month ago
Hi there! this is very random but i like to hear others opinions.
If there's a book/series that you're very invested in and you are attached to the story and its characters but you don't like the author as a person, what will you do?
I'm currently facing this problem and i don't know if i should let it ruin my enjoyment.
Oofff. The ancient question of Artist v Art. This is very loaded and I don’t think the answer will ever be straightforward. But, I’ll give my own opinion.
The first thing that comes to mind with this question is Harry Potter and Rowling. I don’t have to explain how beloved this series is or what it means to two generations of people. It’s a comfort series and it’s nostalgic of childhood. But, Rowling. She turned out to have really harmful ideals as a person. What’s most hurtful about Rowling is that arguably the majority of her readership is queer and so they were the most affected by her viewpoints.
This is an incredible article that talks about this and comes from the voices that are most affected:
These are my biggest takeaways from the article:
"I do think that giving her any sort of platform is potentially life-threatening and dangerous. ... Her rhetoric continues to push this incorrect thought and conversation around transgender people," Callender added.
“Potter,” at this point, has a life completely beyond its creator, not unlike the “Star Wars” franchise, notes Michael Bronski, an LGBTQ historian, activist and Harvard professor.
I don’t think there is much separating artist from art. There will always be a level of acknowledgment and awareness of who the artist is and how that informs their work. However, you can consume Harry Potter as a piece of media and literature without aligning yourself with Rowling’s ideology. What’s important here though, is to know how queer readers have been hurt by this author and to listen to their standpoints.
Another author that comes to mind is Sarah J. Maas. || SPOILERS FOR THRONE OF GLASS ||
In the first half of SJM’s Throne of Glass series, Nehemia Ytger, a Black woman, has a leading role. She’s a princess, a well established rebel leader, and our main character Caleana’s best friend. Nehemia’s entire character is used for the sacrifice trope. Her entire narrative is used to spur Caleana, a white character, into action and dies for her. The sacrifice trope is one that works well and is important to particular narratives. What doesn’t work well, what leaves many readers with a sour taste, is that yet again a Black character dies so that the white one may live. What adds salt to the wound is that Caleana in future books is surround by next to no poc characters. There’s Nesryn, but she’s not directly involved with Caleana’s inner circle. Yrene is a poc, but also not entirely considered Caleana’s inner circle—which is all white. Cases can be made that Lorcan, Fenrys, and Manon are poc. In my head, they are. SJM just doesn’t treat her poc characters great. As a poc, I’m hyper aware of this, and yet I still love Throne of Glass and her other works. I can’t separate SJM from her work, but I can consume it critically.
I don’t think SJM killed off Nehemia because she’s racist. It’s just that the optics of it are hurtful and perpetuate a long standing theme in storytelling that Black characters are only killable side narratives. I think SJM was soley looking at Nehemia as the only character who could have possibly thrusted Caleana’s character arc to where it needed to be so that the story would move forward. I totally agree with this. But. The way it looks, the way it can be interpreted, is hurtful.
Consuming critically looks like reading a body of work while keeping yourself aware to themes that can be considered problematic. You make your own opinions from there, but if there are voices who are saying a body of work hurt them we have to listen to what they’re saying, too.
There comes a shift when an artists body of work no longer solely belongs to them. They give it to the world to be consumed, beloved, and criticized by the public. You can’t produce something and not allow it, and yourself, to be interpreted. So, there is no artist v art. There is just how a consumer chooses to consume while being hyper aware of the themes you’re reading and the authors you’re following.
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citrongarde · a month ago
wally pokemon for the ask game maybe !!
WALLY WALLY WALLY!!!!!!! he is very important...
favorite thing about them: his character development is look he's become so much stronger since he left his hometown!!! im so proud of him!!! but also because i cant just choose one fave thing about him theres also his pokemon team AND his battle theme AND the spider lilies in his victory road battle bc im a sucker for characters with flower motifs AND the little in-game hints that he's been wanting to go on a pokemon journey for the longest time what with the globe with markers on unova & kalos and all the books on raising/battling pokemon covered in sticky notes in his room...its just that bit of flavor text in the game that can really flesh out a character.
least favorite thing about them: i honestly dont know if i have a least favorite thing abt him. maybe that they got rid of his gardevoir in oras and replaced it with a gallade??? like ik diantha already has a gardevoir & they wanted to give gallade a mega evo but...cmon theres nothing wrong with giving him a pkmn that isnt traditionally masculine!!!
favorite line: "N-nice to meet you! I'm Wally. My Pokémon and I are always moving forward together, little by little, day by day!" this is from pokemas & i dont play pokemas but I AM SO PROUD OF HIM
brOTP: i think that him and may are buddies!!! i think their friendship is really cool (at least with how i interpret may) bc in my head it kinds starts off with wally idolizing may/thinking she's like this super cool battling prodigy who never lets anything get in her way and he aspires to be like her but then as they get to know each other the cracks start to appear in may's 'nothing ever bothers me ever' facade and she opens up and admits to wally that she feels like she won't ever be good enough or move out of her father's shadow but wally's there to lend her some comfort and tell her that she is good enough and she is recognized as a force outside of her father and at the same time...he sees that she's just as vulnerable to self-doubt as him and that makes him feel more confident in himself, to see that the girl who he perceives as his hero is still just a kid who struggles with confidence issues just like him, the only difference being that she hides it under a veneer of "well yeah i'm great at battling & i never lose"...and they see themselves in the other and find solace in their shared journeys and experiences and end up ultimately making each other's lives better...wally's openness about his feelings and his doubt in himself motivates may to talk about her emotions instead of bottling them up because sometimes its best to break down your emotional walls and feel human, to experience some emotional catharsis, to take a break from playing the hero and just be, and may's willingness to move forward and keep pressing on despite her challenges pushes wally to keep going, to keep bettering himself, even if it's little by little because baby steps are still steps and theyll still get you to where you need to go. anyway sorry about the meta rambling theyre besties :))))
OTP: i dont ship wally with anyone because 1) he's literally a 10 year old and 2) i dont see him being paired with anyone even in future scenarios because i hc that later in life he comes out as aroace. romance really isnt his thing and it never will be
nOTP: this probably goes without saying but wally paired with any of the adults is disgusting. hes a goddamn kid don't be nasty.
random headcanon: genderqueer wally is a headcanon that is very dear to my heart...also i hc that hes a big fan of the hoenn rangers coexistence force (not as big of a fan as brendan though) and his favourite character is lilycove viridian!
unpopular opinion: wally was a good rival with a compelling character arc you guys are just mean and hate rivals that arent total jackasses. also im kinda upset that they got rid of his gardevoir in oras but i dont particularly mind gallade either
song(s) i associate with them: a mannequin adrift by the scary jokes and youth by glass animals! also the fortnite parody of american boy
favorite picture of them:
Tumblr media
it was a hard decision but...this official tcg art.....he's so happy and he give his ralts a pokeblock..... :)
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mc-critical · 5 months ago
Despite of the "rough" first season, I think we can all agree that the Janissary rebellion episodes were great. There is so much to enjoy here: a situation quite different from what we've seen, with comparatively higher stakes and especially, Mahidevran and Hürrem protecting each other's children. The amazing showcase of their motherly instincts that care only for the nurturing and safety of these kids, without ever taking into account that they are the enemy's, completely stole the show.
However, what I loved even more, is the aftermath of this protection, that served to drive one of the most human moments of Mahidevran's in front of Hürrem: her going to her chambers and trying to return her ring.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was definetly an unexpected visit, a move no one would really see coming, judging by both Gülşah's look when she found out they were going to Hürrem and Hürrem and Nigar's surprised faces when they see her there. But it's been something she has thought through, something she's been wanting to settle for a while now. Given their previous confrontations, it makes us question what exactly is Mahidevran up to, what will she say and how exactly will she return that ring.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We see that Mahidevran's intentions were, in fact, genuine. She immediately reveals what motivated her and the fact that she starts off right with this is very telling in that she wants to be in good terms for once. There is only that feeling of gratitude. No insults, no vitriol, no acting proud in order to prevail. Can she manage that completely in front of her rival, though? Can she pull it off until the end?
Tumblr media
I love the role of the ring here, because it serves as a visual demonstration of Mahidevran's inner conflict. Throughout the whole scene she's fighting with herself, consistently wondering whether to do the right thing or let her utter disdain for Hürrem overcome her once again. The reason she decided to come is something she would never allow herself to disregard: Hürrem's protection of Mustafa means something, because it's something she didn't even consider possible for her enemy to be able to do, something unbelievable. ("Hürrem was the one who protected you?") It's shocking and incredible for Mahidevran and she would certainly feel obliged to return the favor the only way she knows how, with the thing she now has, but Hürrem is desperately searching for. This is the first time she makes an effort to reach out to her, that's why it's not so easy. The person in front of her is unpredictable and fierce and her words could possibly drift Mahidevran away from her purpose, ignoring her attempts of solidarity. For every instance of this, she looks at the ring, as to remind herself why she's there in the first place.
But the same emerald ring in itself, is another aspect of her struggle in this scene. Up to this point, it is not the symbol of the SOW yet, but a symbol of love, a personal current or former gift with a deeply personal value. The ring meant a lot to Mahidevran even before Hürrem and it still holds its meaning, even after the supposed loss. That's why she wanted it so much after all, would she just willingly let go of it despite of the reason? Even after all these years, it was a chance for her to maintain hope in SS's love, to show to herself that she holds a place in SS's heart anyway. If she gives it to Hürrem, no matter how much she wants to, wouldn't it mean defeat? Wouldn't it mean her symbolically letting Hürrem to Süleiman's love permanently? Is it something Mahidevran can afford? She can't put her finger on it throughout the entirety of their conversation here and it shows. She knows she has to return that ring, but doesn't really know how, hence her diverting the conversation to a different topic entirely after she thanked her for Mustafa:
Tumblr media
Mahidevran clearly wants to work her way until she reaches the desired moment, for she has to find out how is she gonna tell her that she has the ring, let alone give it back. She's still figuring out what to say, since she's doing something she's never done before.
And here come her "obstacles" that create and empower her inner conflict:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't get me wrong, I completely understand Hürrem's defences here. It's obvious she would put up that attitude to the person who would principally never miss a chance to humiliate her. How could she predict a peaceful visit from the one she forcefully had to ask forgiveness from, who derides her at every turn, who, not three episodes ago, gave a present to her son, but then appeared in front of her and "revealed the whole facade"? No way. It's a mask she has to put, to act high and mighty, to show she's the favored one his majesty shall consistently visit, to make it clear she shall always have that over Mahidevran. She's used to it already, treating it as something she needs to do during their every encounter.
But these same words, along with Hürrem telling her she will invite her for a şerbet on the terrace, put Mahidevran in a rocky position and make her doubt her first-try decision more and more. The moment she hears Hürrem mention Süleiman and all her lines one after another let her slowly "snap back into reality", be who she's always been for Hürrem, creating a neat parallel between both of them that seals the whole scene: with how Hürrem was like here, Mahidevran also saw her as she always had, leaving all existing contradictions behind. Because after Mustafa told her what her rival did, she saw a new side of Hürrem that she had never shown in front of her. And she acted accordingly, by attempting this very thing in the first place. Hürrem could've also witnessed Mahidevran's "weird" behavior, however the only thing she could do is act in utter disbelief - expecting another tricky "facade" and "preparing" herself with words just in case.
With the way the confrontation develops, they both get the confirmations they seemed to have wanted, setting up and then discarding the theme of a possible change, especially in Mahidevran's eyes. Hürrem is still the same Hürrem she's always known and it's not worth the try anymore. Conversely, Hürrem makes of this a usual conversation between them, with Mahidevran later giving her the hint that she has the ring to "call out" the symbol Hürrem thinks it is. ("That ring is my soul. It would harm anyone but me." - "If that ring is your soul, don't drop it. They will trample it underfoot.") Hürrem realizes the intention eventually, but it was too late and the probability for Mahidevran to ever return it to her is still out of the question.
Tumblr media
And Mahidevran leaves without doing anything, with Hürrem figuring out the ring is in Mahidevran's hands. This way the dynamic between them stays the same.
This scene feels incredibly telling of Mahidevran's character development. There is a chance to let go of what the ring entails at the moment (her love for SS), but the feelings she has for both Süleiman and Hürrem render it impossible so far. She couldn't let go of it all, even for a moment, as of yet. But I find admirable and neat that she was willing to try it at this point of the show, it's just that it would still take her a long way to go to get there. She will get there, but not yet. Not from the first try.
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funinfundies · 5 months ago
The Hope We Hold Recap, pt. 1
Well. I did it. I read all 218 pages of JinJer's The Hope We Hold book. Now you don't have to.
I'll be splitting this into separate posts because holy shit... this is going to be a long one.
This is installment #1, where I will discuss some generalities about the book and the introduction.
Part One: Judging a Book By Its Cover
Tumblr media
1. This may be my own nitpickiness, but why would you use a white font when everything else is so light?! I could barely read the subtitle.
2. Also, who's bright idea was it to put "we hold" right between Jinge's tits? No, that won't defraud Christian dudes at all...
3. Note the subtle use of their Counting On fame as if anyone buying this book doesn't already know who they are. Makes me wonder... did TLC help fund this book? I do not know anything about this publisher (don't really care, either, so I'm not checking). If so, does that have any bearing on what was written? Hmmm...
4. Jinger's top is pretty, though I cringed a little at their pink and blue theme in their wardrobe choices. Y'all look like a walking gender reveal party.
5. I'm 99% sure Jinger's teeth are photoshopped. They look almost impossibly even and bright. (And I doubt that weird dental tool she was promoting at one point really made that much of a difference.) Jeremy's hairline also looks like it was airbrushed to death.
My rating: 7.5/10. Not the worst book cover I've ever seen, but there are aspects that definitely could be improved.
Part Two: Jeremy's Opening Sermon (aka, the Introduction)
The book starts with a tangent about hope, how we all can have a great life with Christ, and yada yada yada. Same old shit, different book. If you've read any Duggar book, you already know what this shit will say.
Here are some gems from the Intro:
"The marriage we have today and the path we walk are rooted in our hope in the person and promise of Christ. He's sovereign. He's all-powerful. He's unchanging. Other people, even our spouse, will fail us." (p. 8, boldface mine)
Why do I have a feeling the last part was a passive-aggressive dig?
"... even in our grief, we can be confident that our trials aren't for nothing. Each trial is a fire that purifies our faith, refining us, bringing us into God's glory. We can rest in this promise, thanking God in the trial, and even asking Him how we can glorify Him." (p. 10)
HA! This comment certainly aged like milk, considering recent events. How is having a colossal embarrassment in the family working out for the whole "purifying your faith" thing? Is this "trial" bringing you closer to God?
"We're about to share with you our highest highs and our lowest lows. We're getting vulnerable with you because we want you to see the hope of Christ woven through our story." (p. 10)
Now, I didn't originally intend to include this one; I saw it when I typed the excerpt above it and just had to include it. Having actually read the book... that statement is funny.
They really don't "get vulnerable." Very little of this book covers anything you didn't already know to some capacity. There were at best maybe two revelations I did not already know or suspect. At best, these two were like the people I used to follow on LiveJournal or Xanga back in the mid-00s: cringey, melodramatic, and only mildly interesting.
My rating: 3/10. I shouldn't be surprised that they chose to give us a sermon at the jump. It is a book connected to a Duggar, so of course it'll be preachy.
But this sermon was rushed, hamfisted, and cliche. It sounds like something Jeremy quickly wrote at the last minute because he didn't think the book was preachy enough. Dude... you're a preacher for a living. Is this really the best you can do?
Stand by for the next installment! I have to go run an errand.
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