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so my mom and i were watching doctor who and talking about the master, specifically about the first one from the new series. i was trying to remember his name, and i was like, “i feel like it’s john sims, but that can’t be right.” the dude’s name is john simm.


this is not!jon. i know the not!them dont change the names but it’s JOHN SIMM. come on. also not!jon would be blond.

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I like to believe that I’m not the only person in the world who has a visceral NOPE NEIN NEVER reaction to seeing certain emojis, yes?


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Been Browsing Barbie lots on eBay over the past few days (just browsing, I don’t think if i’m getting anything), and I’m slowly starting to realize I hate the Current “Millie” Face Sculpt for Barbie. It’s So Bland and Boring, and I’m starting to Feel Done with it. I hope we’re nearing the the point in time where barbie gets another face sculpt change.

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I have a problem with 3 A.M. energy. I just don’t know what to do. Should I learn the poem or write the essay I’ve missed for a week now? Should I draw something for my best friend, whose birthday it is today? Should I do something productive instead of watching memes and not even laughing?

Nah, Ima go to sleep rn

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Yes thank you for indulging me!

18: Favorite minor character moment?

So many - and I’m going to cheat and go with anything that features JT.  Every single moment he’s been on this show has been absolutely amazing.  But if I had to pick I might go with the robbery scene/him running away in 3x07 (plus his “Bunny got shot?”.  (Close runner up moments include Mary Pat straight up ditching her kids in the church parking lot in 2x12 and Tyler dramatically telling Annie he could have died).

27: Character you relate to the most?

I feel like I relate to each of the girls in different ways - but I would probably say Annie.  There’s something about her sense of humor and tenacity and the fierceness that she loves people that I think is really similar to me (or I hope at least lol)- plus as a younger sister to a “perfect” older sister I totally get that dynamic and man the struggle is real sometimes (except I am def. more the responsible sister than Annie).

33: What character did not live up to their expectations for you? What character did?

Did not: Dr. Cohen and Gayle - both of these characters just kinda fell flat for me or were just underutilized (specifically Josh).  

Did: FUCKING MICK - I really had no huge expectations for Mick going into season three besides being excited Rio was getting one of his boys back but man oh man did Mick blow those expectations out of the water.  He was probably one of the best parts of season three for me too.  

good girls meme asks

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Not Just the Two of Us Chapter 3: 
Confession, Take Two: Asking Virgil Out

Chapter 1: Confession


[More of my writing]

Wordcount: 2.2 K

Summary: The plan immediately falls to pieces.


The best setting, they decided, was probably their living room. Virgil was often over anyway, and it provided a comfortable atmosphere, without the distractions of other people around, or strangers to watch if things got awkward. And if things went poorly, it was a short trip to their bedroom, where Roman could cry about it while Logan de-escalated with Virgil if necessary.

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ok i don’t like hbo hdm but that moment of lyra and coulter screaming on both sides of the door

chef’s kiss

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there are spoilers. please read with caution. i, too, do not know what will be canon and what won’t, but i feel bad for not writing so here are ze crumbs from my draft. also bc i have no self control.

hidden home is a akaashi x f!reader semi-smau!
warning: mention of someone’s death.


“because,” and you pause, words getting stuck in your throat again. you have talked about this only once, and that was with yourself as you stared at your desolate state through the mirror at 3am in the morning. this is the first time you are getting your deepest feelings across to a human, no less. “i wasn’t able to be there when i needed to be, okay?”

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