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Hold My Hand
Fandom: Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, f!reader
Word Count: 1729
TW: Fluff, Kissing, Spying, Some Slight Descriptions of Reader's Hair
Note: This is a song fic (sort of) for Lady Gaga's "Hold My Hand"
Top Gun Masterlist
Tumblr media
Damn it! Rooster had made it all the way back to base before he realized he had forgotten his favorite pair of aviators back in the bar. Normally, he would have waited until the next day to try going back, but there was an early morning training session and he really wanted to use them. The sun cresting over the desert could be killer on his eyes otherwise.
As he approached The Hard Deck, he breathed a small sigh of relief to see a few lights were still on inside. He had half expected the bar to be completely empty for the night considering he had been ushered out along with the rest of his squadron after last call. But as he tried the front door, he was pleasantly surprised to find it still unlocked. Though it was darker than usual, and all the chairs were currently stacked on top of the tables. Music still softly filtered through the room and as Rooster looked around, he noticed you standing with your back to him by the jukebox with a rag in one hand and a broom leaning on the tables nearby.
You had taken your hair down from the tight ponytail you always wore it in, and you had removed your shoes and apron. For some reason, it felt so intimate seeing you this way. While working, you were always so professional and poised but now, he was literally seeing you let your hair down. And he liked it.
From the first day he had walked into The Hard Deck, you had caught his eye. Aloof and a bit reserved, you did not seem like a typical bartender. Yet, as he slowly got to know you and you opened up a little, he found out you also had a sarcastically witty side as well as a remarkably kind side. Both of which you demonstrated when you put Hangman in his place after he was picking on Bob. And Rooster had a feeling there was even more to you that you kept hidden away. More that he had longed to discover.
The music faded as the song ended and just as he was about to clear his throat and say something, the next song started. He instantly recognized it as one of the newer songs that had been all over the radio the last month or so, one of the ones that would play so constantly it was almost impossible not to learn the words just by osmosis. He was completely fed up with hearing it. However, he remembered you mentioning that you loved it.
So, it wasn’t a surprise when he saw you turn up the volume on the machine, the song quickly filling the silent space. But what was a surprise was what you did as the lyrics started playing.
Hold my hand, everything will be okay I heard from the heavens that clouds have been grey Pull me close, wrap me in your aching arms I see that you're hurtin', why'd you take so long
You reached out and took the broom. But instead of sweeping up, you held the end of the handle near your face like a microphone and you began to sing as you swayed slightly to the music. Rooster froze, unsure what to do. He didn’t want to announce his presence now and embarrass you, but he didn’t want you to catch sight of him either. So, slowly, he backed farther into the darkened edge of the room and continued to watch you.
To tell me you need me? I see that you're bleeding You don't need to show me again But if you decide to, I'll ride in this life with you I won't let go 'til the end
As the song began to build in intensity, so did your movements and enthusiasm. You began to drift around the room, dragging the broom with you. Your voice wasn’t perfect by any means, but you sang with such excitement and heart that it was utterly beautiful to listen to. And the way you moved around the space, so carefree and alive…. It was thrilling to watch. Rooster was unable to take his eyes off of you.  
So cry tonight But don't you let go of my hand You can cry every last tear I won't leave 'til I understand Promise me, just hold my hand
As the song reached the chorus, you threw your head back, your hair billowing behind you free of its normal confines. For the first time, Rooster was able to catch a glimpse of your face. A brilliant smile was spread across your lips, lighting up your entire face. He just wished you had your eyes open because he longed to see the joyful sparkle he knew he would see there. As you got to the last line of the verse, you threw out your hand as if waiting for someone to take it and Rooster had to stop himself from reaching out for you.
Raise your head, look into my wishful eyes That fear that's inside you will lift, give it time I can see everything you're blind to now Your prayers will be answered, let God whisper how
The music slowed down slightly, and you returned to gently swaying to the music as you swung the broom around. Your bare feet drug across the floor in time with the beat as your voice softened slightly. Rooster watched as you paused to pick up a balled-up napkin from under one of the tables and throw it away before resuming your dancing. He chuckled softly to himself, amused at how quickly you shifted from this carefree side back to your work mode then back again. It reminded him that behind this new persona he was seeing, the you he had come to know was still there too.
To tell me you need me, I see that you're bleeding You don't need to show me again But if you decide to, I'll ride in this life with you I won't let go 'til the end
As you neared the bar, you put down the broom. And as the music began to grow in intensity once more, you leaned backward across the bartop, your head and shoulders laid out on top of it. Rooster gazed at the perfect curve of your neck, long and smooth in the dim lighting, and he wondered what it would be like to kiss you there. His lips brushing against your throat as his mustache tickled your skin. And once again he had to fight the urge to reveal his presence to you.
Straightening up suddenly, you spun to face the bar and quickly pulled yourself up, so you were standing on it.
So cry tonight But don't you let go of my hand You can cry every last tearI won't leave 'til I understand Promise you'll just hold my hand
From on top of the bar, you belted out the lyrics like the words were coming from your very soul. The way you moved, the way you sang, it all reminded him of how he felt when he was in his plane. Rooster could feel all the emotions, the passion, the uninhibited side you always kept tucked away finally breaking free. This was a part of you he doubted many other people had ever gotten the pleasure of seeing and it was breathtaking.
Hold my hand, hold my Hold my hand, my hand I'll be right here, hold my hand Hold my hand, hold my Hold my hand, my hand I'll be right here, hold my hand
As you continued your concert from on high, thrusting your hand out into the abyss with each line of the song, it finally became too much for Rooster. Cautiously, he stepped out of the shadows and began slowly walking towards the bar. Your eyes were once again closed so you didn’t notice him approaching. Rooster wondered if he should clear his throat or alert you in some way before reaching the bar, but he didn’t want you to stop.
Finally, he was standing directly in front of you just as you thrust out your hand mere inches from his face. Without thinking about it, he grabbed it.
Your eyes immediately snapped open as the joy on your face evaporated. You yanked your hand away from his as you exclaimed, “Rooster!”
I know you're scared and your pain is imperfect But don't you give up on yourself I've heard a story, a girl, she once told me That I would be happy again
“Oh my god! I am so sorry! I didn- I didn’t realize anyone was here. How long where you- oh my god.” You looked around frantically for an easy way to climb off the bar, but without jumping, there wasn’t one.
Rooster silently offered out his hands. You stared at them for a long moment before reluctantly nodding. Carefully, he placed his hands on your hips while yours settled on top of his shoulders. Then, he lifted you down from on top of the bar and placed you gently on the floor, but he didn’t remove his grip on your waist.
“I’m so sorry. I thought I had closed up for the night and I didn’t think anyone else was here. I-I shouldn’t have-” Your face was flushed both from the dancing and embarrassment as you cut yourself off.
You tried to duck your head, to hide in shame, but Rooster placed a finger under your chin and lifted your eyes up to meet his. “It’s okay. I thought it was beautiful. I think you are beautiful.”
You bit your lip as you gazed up at him. “Really?”
“Really. I always have.”
Hold my hand Hold my hand Hold my hand, hold my hand Hold my hand, hold my hand Hold my hand
Rooster cupped your face in his hand and drew you in close until his lips pressed firmly against yours. To his delight, you deepened the kiss, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair.
When you finally pulled away, the two of you just stared into each other’s eyes, matching smiles on your faces. Then you rested your head on his chest and the two of you began to sway as the music softly faded.
I heard from the heavens
Tumblr media
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When Eddie Munson is Mad or Frustrated HCs
headcanons about Eddie being mad / frustrated with reader.
pairing: Eddie Munson x reader
show: stranger things
warnings: cursing, is this angst i don't even know, uh, talk of anxiety, anger, uh, maybe 'physical anger' but i promise it's like one sentence? once again, please proceed at your own risk!
Tumblr media
• Eddie's super easy-going, so he's next to never frustrated or angry with you. doesn't mean it doesn't happen, okay?
• he's the type to always use a slew of pet names, so the moment you hear your government name come from his lips, your stomach drops a little. truth is, you hate hearing your full name from him.
• he doesn't like that your eyes will go wide and your eyebrows will soften a little - he knows you're his sweetheart, and he never calls you your name. it tastes weird on his tongue but he stands firm. he needs you to know he's seriously upset.
• because, again, he's next to never mad at you - so, when he is, oh, he's big mad! and he gets this stony look on his face that makes your stomach knot together.
• he snaps a lot when he's mad. maybe uses a tone that he only uses for bullies, or when he's defending himself against his Uncle.
• Eddie gets lost in his thoughts so he glowers a lot.
• sometimes it comes off as a glare, yikes.
• all depends on what you're fighting about but it can last for a span of 6 hours, or 6 fucking days. all depends on how angry either of you are.
• look, it could be anything he's mad about, but 9 times out of 10, it's over something that can be solved. he needs to have a reaction first.
• most of his frustration and anger comes from being overwhelmed, so, the boy just needs to feel his feelings.
• depending on the fight, he uses sarcasm a lot. okay - it's a defense mechanism, he can't really help it in some cases. what's the opposite of 'cat's got your tongue?' because if Eddie's frustrated enough, he won't shut up when antagonizing or instigating you.
• ah, maybe because of his home life, he might use guilt a lot. he doesn't always realize he's doing it, he's just repeating what he's hearing you say and it's totally warped in a way.
• "oh, I get it! so, you're saying you don't love me?"
• "Eddie, I said I was feeling frustrated by how often we fight about Jason's stupid-ass! And that you need to let this shit go!"
• truth was, he knows you're Jason's math-appointed tutor but it doesn't mean he likes it!
• being said, neither of you listen to rumors of the high school hallways because they were often altered from their actual happening. so, you're both pretty good at confronting rumors.
• doesn't mean you're both totally immune, but Eddie's not the type to listen to a bunch of shitheads over you. so, if he hears something that concerns him, he'll ask you about it - and vice versa.
• doesn't mean he's always mature about confronting you but he's getting better at that!
( • you're almost at the point where you can share a joint on a Friday night and talk about the shit-rumors you both heard at some point during school. almost... )
• all that to say, if Eddie's mad, it's for a good reason because he doesn't concern himself with bullshit. and he's normally not very reactive in his anger, so, he'll silently stew in it but that usually just festers his irritation.
• Eddie gives the cold shoulder.
• he won't throw his arm around you or hold your hand. hey, that's saying a lot for two people who almost rely on physically touching one another when in proximity!
• but he'll still take your book bag and / or binders into his hands before taking you home. even when angry, he's still a gentleman and won't go back on his promise to make sure you get home safely. he'll just take your things into his own possession on your way out of school, or practice, and mutter to get in his van before totally ignoring you otherwise. dickhead.
• Eddie has a hard time with words. so, when he takes you home, he doesn't say a single thing, right? he won't reach for your thigh or your hand, he'll crank the radio and fulfill his boyfriendly duty by escorting you home after a long day of education.
• and when he's mad, he'll torture both of you. there's no touching, there's no conversation, he won't budge when you beg him to talk to you. he won't call you to invite you over for a midnight visit, he won't sneak over and let himself in through your attic's faulty window. we're talking radio silence.
• it drives you slightly insane.
• and Eddie's a fucking professional at it: giving the cold shoulder, going radio silent, allowing himself to get stuck in his head because he's trying to decide on the right words.
• he won't kiss you properly, either (another way he tortures you both). when he's mad, he's quiet but when he takes you home, he might peck your lips when he says goodbye. maybe he'll just peck your cheek, or just let you kiss him.
• he doesn't allow himself be romanced into your kisses because he has reason to be angry, damn it! so he mostly avoids kissing you because you've been known to start kissing him as a distraction. when angry, Eddie avoids your lips.
• there's lots of nonverbal communication. he'll grunt, nod his head, anything that makes you think he's not fully listening. he knows that drives you a little crazy, so, he'll keep at it.
• you're typically the one who picks 'the fight'. he's content being silent (despite dying on the inside because holy fuck does he wanna hold your hand) and pretending "nothing's wrong" because he just doesn't want to fight.
• i know, i know - huh? well, he's mad for a good reason but he really doesn't want to fight. he's a sensitive boy, and confrontation potentially triggers him. you're his everything so even though he's mad, he really doesn't want the fight that comes with it.
• but the sweet boy isn't all fluff -
• when he's really mad, oh, he's picking the fight. the claws are out and he's definitely instigating you.
• he's not the type to bring up past events but he has been known to weaponize your words against you. yikes, again!
• however, when he does this, it usually leads to a much bigger fight about his habit of doing that - so, he tries not to. he's a stubborn dickhead but he doesn't want to actively hurt you, so, he makes a conscious effort to work out of this habit.
• because it makes you feel like you can't say anything without it later being turned against you - and Eddie's favorite thing in the fucking world is talking to you, so, lesson learned!
moving along -
• Eddie's passive aggressive. making comments about whatever he's mad about and hoping you fill in the blanks. it gets really annoying when he doesn't just outright tell you what's wrong, but he feels in the right for being upset so he's not very forthcoming with information.
• he avoids you, maybe he avoids your usual routines.
• for example, Eddie usually always walked you from your math class to the cafeteria but when he's mad, dude's nowhere to be found.
• does he want to be mad? nope. but he doesn't often know what to do with his emotions so if something's wrong, again, he needs to have some kind of reaction.
• again, Eddie is always writing you letters! so, it's common for him to paperclip together a few sheets of scribbled notes because he knows you'll read it and follow along. his brain just works a mile a minute and he tries to jot down everything he can.
• these papers usually highlight the actual issue, and then you can see the train of thought he was on that lead to a bigger issue.
• you keep these letters, too.
• neither of you like arguing so tension doesn't last.
• you consider him your best friend; he considers you his best friend. so, neither of you really worry about how angry you get because it's known you both want to work it out.
• you might be one of the few people that's seen him actually upset. and it stings when you know you're the cause of it.
• Eddie's stubborn in a fight. he'll try to keep hacking at the problem at hand despite your reasoning / explanation for everything. he wants you to understand that he was genuinely upset by something, so he'll keep picking at the scab until it bleeds again.
• however, once the fight is over - it's over! no grudges, no passive comments after that from either of you.
• you have a rule that the fight lasts as long as it needs to last before it's solved - but you don't go back to it. when the fight is over, you both are almost desperate to move on, so it becomes a thing of the past.
• he might bring up a few points later, but he's asking, "what did you mean by that?" because the sweet boy is just trying to understand in full what happened, how it happened, and how to avoid it in the future.
• every fight instills a new lesson of communication for you both.
• this isn't to say Ed doesn't get, like, really angry sometimes.
• typically, it's not something you've done but you might be the final straw that breaks his camel's back. and he explodes. he doesn't yell often but when things over boil for him, he's loud. very loud.
• face gets red, hands gesturing wildly, stressfully pulls at his hair, he paces a lot.
• he might toss a few things out of anger, too. he tries not to when in your presence because he doesn't want to subject you to that, but it's happened a few times.
• never, ever does he throw shit at you, but there's been a hairbrush lobbed across the room before as he's pacing and ranting out of anger.
• the impact is nowhere near you, so, you don't react to the physical anger. you've only seen it first hand a few times, and you know it's not being directed at you.
• but you're his sweetheart and do whatever you can to help.
• your job in those moments are to be on his side and help him navigate his emotions. it's a lot for our boy, he needs a little help.
• he's intense when frustrated or angry.
• ah, you know what, if Eddie's angry, it's probably best not to touch him. he's anxious and when his emotions are overwhelming him like that, sometimes, if you touch him at the wrong time, it can feel very uncomfortable for him.
• being said! after the initial outburst of energy, there's usually a sign that he's okay to be touched again. he might tell you verbally and wave you into his chest; other times, it's when his shoulders deflate, eyes leave your face as they swell with tears, and his fingers will tremble a little. usually, that can mean the adrenaline's leaving his system and it's okay to touch him now.
• and after feeling so angry, he could usually use some comfort.
• Eddie feels guilty after every fight and that's where the mixtapes are coming in. he's afraid you're now mad at him for being mad and basically ignoring you, so, he leaves the mixtapes in your mailbox.
• despite whatever anger shown to you, when it's over and he's feeling guilty, he really doesn't do confrontation. he's been vulnerable enough, so, he's trying to edge his way back into you.
• again, you listen to the mixtapes all night and talk to him the next day about whatever's happened. but you're soft about it and just try to cover all bases so that you both learn a lesson from whatever fight just ended.
• you've discovered that Eddie communicates through music sometimes, so, you try to relate the fight to the mixtape. he might not say it but his heart swells in his chest when you do that; it's like you're trying to speak his language.
• but you speak fluent Eddie.
• when you see him after the mixtape and get him talking, he can't shut up. Eddie just word vomits everything on his mind and it's up to you to sit quietly and just listen. you'll take mental notes about somethings he says - but you have to interrupt him when it becomes a little self-deprecating.
• the boy is insecure and often feels like he doesn't deserve you. so after particularly bad fights, he'll get it in his head that it's too much for you, you don't deserve this, and maybe someone like Harrington would be a better match -
• that's when you're interrupting him, telling him that's just anxiety and self-doubt worming their way into his mind. you're a professional at talking him down from these moments of high anxiety, and do your best to reassure him that these fights are good.
• they're good because it means you both still care enough to fight.
• and you want to keep having fights with him, and not Harrington.
• typically, you'll go on a date after the bad fights. he feels guilty for it, you feel guilty for it, and you both want to spend time being in love before it all blows over. that's the usual indication the fight is 100% over and done with - Eddie takes you for milkshakes, or something.
• or maybe he's taking you to a clearing and you're laying on top of his van, stargazing.
• he gets you flowers after every fight, i don't care! whether you started it or he did, he's picking you some wild flowers (or buying them from a floral shop if he's really fucked up) and showing up at your house with a small pout.
• Eddie doesn't like fighting with you, so, you both try to keep them at a minimum. but hey, dating someone means you're in their space a lot, and odds of you never fighting are slim-to-zero.
• Eddie considers himself lucky to have someone like you. someone willing to fight it out through the rain to get to the sunshine on the other side. someone who lets him feel his emotions without guilting him, before helping rein it all back in.
• he has his rougher moments but he's mostly just a dickhead when he's angry. i still want him, thank yewww.
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a-reader-and-a-writer · 15 days ago
Hold My Hand
Fandom: Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, f!reader
Word Count: 1729
TW: Fluff, Kissing, Spying, Some Slight Descriptions of Reader's Hair
Note: Thank you to the anon who requested this! 💖 This is a song fic (sort of) for Lady Gaga's "Hold My Hand"
Top Gun Masterlist
Tumblr media
Damn it! Rooster had made it all the way back to base before he realized he had forgotten his favorite pair of aviators back in the bar. Normally, he would have waited until the next day to try going back, but there was an early morning training session and he really wanted to use them. The sun cresting over the desert could be killer on his eyes otherwise.
As he approached The Hard Deck, he breathed a small sigh of relief to see a few lights were still on inside. He had half expected the bar to be completely empty for the night considering he had been ushered out along with the rest of his squadron after last call. But as he tried the front door, he was pleasantly surprised to find it still unlocked. Though it was darker than usual, and all the chairs were currently stacked on top of the tables. Music still softly filtered through the room and as Rooster looked around, he noticed you standing with your back to him by the jukebox with a rag in one hand and a broom leaning on the tables nearby.
You had taken your hair down from the tight ponytail you always wore it in, and you had removed your shoes and apron. For some reason, it felt so intimate seeing you this way. While working, you were always so professional and poised but now, he was literally seeing you let your hair down. And he liked it.
From the first day he had walked into The Hard Deck, you had caught his eye. Aloof and a bit reserved, you did not seem like a typical bartender. Yet, as he slowly got to know you and you opened up a little, he found out you also had a sarcastically witty side as well as a remarkably kind side. Both of which you demonstrated when you put Hangman in his place after he was picking on Bob. And Rooster had a feeling there was even more to you that you kept hidden away. More that he had longed to discover.
The music faded as the song ended and just as he was about to clear his throat and say something, the next song started. He instantly recognized it as one of the newer songs that had been all over the radio the last month or so, one of the ones that would play so constantly it was almost impossible not to learn the words just by osmosis. He was completely fed up with hearing it. However, he remembered you mentioning that you loved it.
So, it wasn’t a surprise when he saw you turn up the volume on the machine, the song quickly filling the silent space. But what was a surprise was what you did as the lyrics started playing.
Hold my hand, everything will be okay I heard from the heavens that clouds have been grey Pull me close, wrap me in your aching arms I see that you're hurtin', why'd you take so long
You reached out and took the broom. But instead of sweeping up, you held the end of the handle near your face like a microphone and you began to sing as you swayed slightly to the music. Rooster froze, unsure what to do. He didn’t want to announce his presence now and embarrass you, but he didn’t want you to catch sight of him either. So, slowly, he backed farther into the darkened edge of the room and continued to watch you.
To tell me you need me? I see that you're bleeding You don't need to show me again But if you decide to, I'll ride in this life with you I won't let go 'til the end
As the song began to build in intensity, so did your movements and enthusiasm. You began to drift around the room, dragging the broom with you. Your voice wasn’t perfect by any means, but you sang with such excitement and heart that it was utterly beautiful to listen to. And the way you moved around the space, so carefree and alive…. It was thrilling to watch. Rooster was unable to take his eyes off of you.  
So cry tonight But don't you let go of my hand You can cry every last tear I won't leave 'til I understand Promise me, just hold my hand
As the song reached the chorus, you threw your head back, your hair billowing behind you free of its normal confines. For the first time, Rooster was able to catch a glimpse of your face. A brilliant smile was spread across your lips, lighting up your entire face. He just wished you had your eyes open because he longed to see the joyful sparkle he knew he would see there. As you got to the last line of the verse, you threw out your hand as if waiting for someone to take it and Rooster had to stop himself from reaching out for you.
Raise your head, look into my wishful eyes That fear that's inside you will lift, give it time I can see everything you're blind to now Your prayers will be answered, let God whisper how
The music slowed down slightly, and you returned to gently swaying to the music as you swung the broom around. Your bare feet drug across the floor in time with the beat as your voice softened slightly. Rooster watched as you paused to pick up a balled-up napkin from under one of the tables and throw it away before resuming your dancing. He chuckled softly to himself, amused at how quickly you shifted from this carefree side back to your work mode then back again. It reminded him that behind this new persona he was seeing, the you he had come to know was still there too.
To tell me you need me, I see that you're bleeding You don't need to show me again But if you decide to, I'll ride in this life with you I won't let go 'til the end
As you neared the bar, you put down the broom. And as the music began to grow in intensity once more, you leaned backward across the bartop, your head and shoulders laid out on top of it. Rooster gazed at the perfect curve of your neck, long and smooth in the dim lighting, and he wondered what it would be like to kiss you there. His lips brushing against your throat as his mustache tickled your skin. And once again he had to fight the urge to reveal his presence to you.
Straightening up suddenly, you spun to face the bar and quickly pulled yourself up, so you were standing on it.
So cry tonight But don't you let go of my hand You can cry every last tear I won't leave 'til I understand Promise you'll just hold my hand
From on top of the bar, you belted out the lyrics like the words were coming from your very soul. The way you moved, the way you sang, it all reminded him of how he felt when he was in his plane. Rooster could feel all the emotions, the passion, the uninhibited side you always kept tucked away finally breaking free. This was a part of you he doubted many other people had ever gotten the pleasure of seeing and it was breathtaking.
Hold my hand, hold my Hold my hand, my hand I'll be right here, hold my hand Hold my hand, hold my Hold my hand, my hand I'll be right here, hold my hand
As you continued your concert from on high, thrusting your hand out into the abyss with each line of the song, it finally became too much for Rooster. Cautiously, he stepped out of the shadows and began slowly walking towards the bar. Your eyes were once again closed so you didn’t notice him approaching. Rooster wondered if he should clear his throat or alert you in some way before reaching the bar, but he didn’t want you to stop.
Finally, he was standing directly in front of you just as you thrust out your hand mere inches from his face. Without thinking about it, he grabbed it.
Your eyes immediately snapped open as the joy on your face evaporated. You yanked your hand away from his as you exclaimed, “Rooster!”
I know you're scared and your pain is imperfect But don't you give up on yourself I've heard a story, a girl, she once told me That I would be happy again
“Oh my god! I am so sorry! I didn- I didn’t realize anyone was here. How long where you- oh my god.” You looked around frantically for an easy way to climb off the bar, but without jumping, there wasn’t one.
Rooster silently offered out his hands. You stared at them for a long moment before reluctantly nodding. Carefully, he placed his hands on your hips while yours settled on top of his shoulders. Then, he lifted you down from on top of the bar and placed you gently on the floor, but he didn’t remove his grip on your waist.
“I’m so sorry. I thought I had closed up for the night and I didn’t think anyone else was here. I-I shouldn’t have-” Your face was flushed both from the dancing and embarrassment as you cut yourself off.
You tried to duck your head, to hide in shame, but Rooster placed a finger under your chin and lifted your eyes up to meet his. “It’s okay. I thought it was beautiful. I think you are beautiful.”
You bit your lip as you gazed up at him. “Really?”
“Really. I always have.”
Hold my hand Hold my hand Hold my hand, hold my hand Hold my hand, hold my hand Hold my hand
Rooster cupped your face in his hand and drew you in close until his lips pressed firmly against yours. To his delight, you deepened the kiss, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair.
When you finally pulled away, the two of you just stared into each other’s eyes, matching smiles on your faces. Then you rested your head on his chest and the two of you began to sway as the music softly faded.
I heard from the heavens
Tumblr media
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First Meeting
Pairing: Jack Harlow X Reader
- I kinda rushed the proof reading so hopefully it's ok🙈
Part 2
Tumblr media
Since the Instagram live situation you did as you promised you DM'd him your number. You guys been texting and calling daily Non-Stop, after some time You and Jack finally decided to go on a date. Your nervous as hell it has been a long time since you went on a date, let alone had a relationship with anybody. You have put your career first above anything else and you know so has Jack.
The date ended up going amazing, you found yourself falling for him even more as time went by. But your afraid of falling in love with him your heart has been broken so many times in the past. It almost feels like you have a scar there that can't be mended, but your willing to try. Deep down you still believe there is someone out there who will love you for who you are, and maybe that person is Jack.
your thoughts are cut short once you hear your message notifications go off.
Jack 🤤💓
'Hi pretty lady I hope your having a good day. I really miss you.'
'just giving you a heads up a article come out about us. I'll send it to you I'll call you once I get home.'
'I'm doing radio interview today most likely they might ask about us.'
Clicking the link he sent and there in the front page is you, and Jack in one of your dates. He has his arm around you and your both laughing while your enjoying a nice dinner.
The headline states
'Jack Harlow and Y/N Y/LN dating after flirting on Instagram live'
Oh fuck, you were hoping that you guys could keep this on the down low. Until it became more serious at least, that's why you were always so careful when you guys went on dates. You want this relationship to feel real and not have the pressure of Society on you. Not only that but now your freaking out because you don't know what Jack will say in the interview. Most likely he won't say anything but there is a part of you that kinda wants him to confirm the romance between you two. You decide to tuin and listen.
The radio host starts "hes back today give it up for the one and only Jack Harlow!"
"Glad to be back, glad to be back!"
"You just came out with your new album your going on tour soon big things are happening for you."
"Yeah man it's pretty crazy last time I was here I was just a up coming artist, now I made it haha feels pretty good."
"See I told everyone I was like this kid is something special and look where you are now."
"Haha thanks it means alot I still can't believe it I wake everyday just grateful on how lucky I am."
"Talking about luck your a lucky guy to spark interest in the eyes of someone like Y/N Y/LN, how that happen man?"
"Haha I had a feeling this might have been brought up."
"Well you know how it is people want to know."
"I mean that's my girl."
"So it's official than yall are together."
Jack laughs and he's thinking to himself why is he even talking about this right now. Usually he doesn't like to talk about personal things he likes to keep his private life private. But there is something about Y/N that makes him want to shout out to the world that she belongs to him and him her.
"Haha well we are getting there."
The host laughs "My boy your blushing I think he's in love."
"Don't do me like that haha."
"It's true he's all red he in love you heard it here folks Jack Harlow is in love."
"I mean can you blame me shes pretty amazing."
"Yeah we've had her on before she a good girl and very beautiful."
" shes the whole package smart, funny, creative, and yeah insanely gorgeous."
"Do I hear wedding bells"
"What haha we taking our time with this all people need to know right now is that's my girl so I'm off the market"
You find yourself blushing after listening to that you can't believe that he actually said that. Love fuck I'm so in love with man it's crazy. You can't wait for him to call and tell him how you feel and make this official.
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grooveydrew · a month ago
If slashers weren't slashers,
I think I saw @eerie-candid do something like this, which btw seriously go check them out i love their blog!♡ But anyways I wanted to try my own spin on how I Personally feel the slashers would live as Normies! So let's begin with our dear Sawyers ♡
Drayton, Drayton would own a little restaurant in Texas. It would be one of love those on the road attractions, he'd have some cool stuff in there that he sells and would still be a gas station, he'd still have BBQ but would sell alot of other stuff such as Chilli and pulled pork. His brothers work there sometimes!
Chop, instead of breaking Into the radio shack, he gets hired there! He sorts the records and gets to take them home, he found this to be a good job to help relax himself after Vietnam, working is hard for him especially when it's loud. 4TH of July sucks, so he usually stays in the station and plays songs with the headphones on so he doesn't hear the loud fireworks. He loves working there, after all stretch is his Favorite.
Nubs, Nubs is one of those interesting photographers that take abstract photos that may make some uneasy or even sick, but others may find his work inspiring! He gets pretty famous but mostly cause his work can be controversial, while he doesn't take photos of the dead he does make pretty disturbing scenes with art. I feel like he's very good at doing art. He also is open about his schizophrenia and would really try to spread awareness through his work of mental illnesses such as PTSD that his Twin (who is probably older by a literal Second) has.
Bubs, our little ball of sunshine Became a cosmetologist! He enjoys listening to the gossip and doing peoples makeup, at the beginning he would wear some sort of Mask because he was self conscious, however he had a client who changed his way of seeing himself, someone who was born with the same problem as him, but much worse, however they don't try to hide it, they embrace it, they tell bubs some great advice and since then he hasn't worn a damn mask.
Again this is all my personal opinion!♡
Who should I Do next?
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Okay , I thought of a way you could incorporate "don't stand so close to me" into the story. Maybe it's a recurring song for Bruno. Like everytime he turns on the radio the songs playing. The song is playing softly over the speakers at the grocery store, the coffee shop has it playing every time he's getting his morning coffee. Maybe there's a police coverband on campus and they play that song in the quad. Like is it the guilt making him notice the song more so than usual, or could it just be a coincidence.
It's like he can't escape the song and the oh so relevant lyrics.
Don’t Stand So Close To Me (18+)
(Part 6)
Teacher!Bruno Madrigal x Student!Fem!Reader
Modern Day!Imagine
Non-Magic AU
Summary: After hearing 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' for the hundredth time, Bruno starts to rethink his and readers relationship
Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Agegap, inappropriate thoughts, teacher/student (STUDENT IS OF AGE), angst, slight bimbofication, unprotected sex, praise kink (maybe, can't remember), sir kink, papi/daddy kink
Word Count: 3183
Italics will mostly be his direct thoughts, his imagination, or music in this case
Author Note: I wasn't too sure if it was supposed to be this angsty but here we are! I also added smut after asking yous if I should add it or not. Sorry, it took a while to write, I wasn't too sure what to do with the smut part so I left it on hold until I had word from you people that you wanted smut.
Don't Stand So Close To Me (Masterlist)(Part 5) >(Part 6)< (Part 7)
Tumblr media
(I do not own this gif)
Bruno POV
‘Young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy. She wants him, so badly, knows what she wants to be’
I haven’t heard this song since the 80s. Pretty good song if I can remember.
I was in my car, driving home after a particularly long day that has done nothing but stress me out.
‘Inside him, there's longing, this girl's an open page. Bookmarking, she's so close now, this girl is half his age’
Yeah, maybe not.
I turned the radio station over, not wanting to listen to the song anymore. The sound of my phone goes off, indicating that I had just received a text.
‘I’m bored Papi :/ come over and play with me!’
It’s her.
As much as I wanted to say ‘I’ll be there in 10’, there was something in the back of my head telling me that I shouldn’t. I waited until I got to a red light before deciding to text her back.
‘Sorry, not tonight’
The light turned green and I headed home.
The next day, I had to go to the supermarket to pick up a couple of items.
'Her friends are so jealous, you know how bad girls get. Sometimes it's not so easy, to be the teacher's pet'
Why is this song so popular lately?
I tried to block out all of the noise around me and focus on getting my groceries.
‘Temptation, frustration, so bad it makes him cry. Wet bus stop, she's waiting, his car is warm and dry'
As I went to grab the bread from the shelf, I felt extremely paranoid.
It feels like everyone is looking at me. Oh no, what have I done this time?
I looked around to see if there was anyone watching me, but no one.
What is wrong with me? Why am I so paranoid?
I jumped a little when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I pull it out to see her name light up on the screen. I quickly hid my phone, in case someone was looking over my shoulder and saw. And still, no one.
I tilt my phone a little to give me a view of her message. She had sent me a photo with a message. Knowing her, I wouldn’t want to open it until I was alone.
I quickly finish up with my shopping and unloading everything into my car. Once I had entered the driver's seat, I opened my phone.
The photo was of her in front of her mirror, wearing a cute set of lingerie. The bra was a pretty white lace with flower embroidered on it and the bottoms were covered by a silky, satin pair of skimpy, pyjama shorts.
‘I bought this for you ;)’ was the message.
Instead of the usual feeling of lust that would come over me, I felt an odd sense of dread.
I could only respond with ‘you look lovely’.
What has gotten into me?! Go to her!!
But I couldn’t. Something inside of me told me to drop it and leave it alone.
Classes had started for the morning and my dumbass just had to run late. It wasn’t even a matter of waking up late, I just watched the time tick past, not wanting to go yet.
Once I had reached my class, everyone was already seated.
“I’m sorry class, I lost track of time,” I made up an excuse.
I looked over at everyone until my gaze landed on her. She smiled a little, about to wave, but I had already turned around by then, making my way over to the board.
Asshole, why’d you not smile back?!
But I just ignored the little voice in my head and began my lesson.
I dismissed everyone from the lesson and they all made their way out. Except one.
“Morning sir, how ar-” I cut her off.
“Don’t you have classes to get to?”
She was a bit shocked at what I had just asked her, blinking a couple of times.
“W-well, yes, but I ju-”
“You should hurry before you miss the lesson, besides, someone might see,” I said, turning my back towards her, wiping the board.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
“Of course I am, I just don’t want us to get caught,” I argued.
“This has never bothered you before. What’s gotten into you, you’ve been really distant lately,” she said, quietly.
“Nothing’s gotten into me, just go to your class,” I demanded, turning back to see her confused face.
She was at a loss for words. She slowly turned around and walked out of the room.
Was I too harsh?
I was eating my lunch in the staff room for a change, not really wanting to be in my office. I was sitting on one of the chairs, further away from everyone, not being close to any of my colleagues. It was barely even 1 O’clock, and half of them had already started drinking.
What happened to plain old sandwiches for lunch?
“Let’s turn on the radio, shall we,” one of the more excited teachers said.
‘Loose talk in the classroom, to hurt they try and try. Strong words in the staff room, the accusations fly’
“My god! I haven’t heard this song in yonks!”
Why did it have to be this song!?
“Could we change the station?” I asked, timidly, not wanting to ruin everyone's fun.
“What, why?”
‘It's no use, he sees her, he starts to shake and cough. Just like the old man in, that book by Nabokov’
“I just don’t really like this song,” I said, trying to laugh it off.
“Really? You sure it’s not because you're sleeping with a student?”
“W-what!? N-no! W-why wou-” I stuttered, completely blowing my cover.
“Nah! I’m just messing with yah!” the man said, throwing his arm over my shoulder.
“W-why would you even joke about that?” I said, obviously too quietly as no one seemed to have heard me.
Why couldn’t I have just sat in my office?
There wasn’t much I could do now, so I just had to sit there and wait it out.
‘Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me. Don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me’
Classes were finally coming to an end and I was completely drained from today. I sighed, dropping myself into my chair, running my hands through my hair.
“You weren't here at lunch”.
That voice. That sweet, sweet voice I could tell from a mile away.
“What are you doing here?” I asked, looking up from my desk.
She was standing at the door, with her hand out in front of her.
“I came by at lunch to see you but you weren’t here,” she explained.
“Yeah, I was in the staffroom”.
“You never sit in the staffroom, why the change?” she asked.
“I don’t know…cause I felt like it,” I shrugged.
She dropped her hands with a huff.
“Are you serious right now! You’ve been ignoring all this entire week and now you’re trying to avoid me too? I was here waiting for you this morning, just like every other, but you were more willing to be late than to see me?! What is going on!?” she yelled.
I look everywhere around the room but at her.
Fuck me.
“Wow, now you won’t even look at me!”
I sighed, rubbing my hand down my face.
“Nothing is going on, I am not avoiding you!”
“Then what?!” she crossed her arms over her front.
I dropped my gaze down to my lap.
“I think we should stop”.
Silence. Nothing but heavy silence. Her arms went slack and dropped to her sides.
“W-what?” she stuttered.
“I don’t think this is a good idea anymore,” I couldn’t bear to look at her.
“B-but…you said-”
“It doesn't matter what I said, this was a bad idea from the start”.
“No!” I flinched a little, shocked at her sudden outburst.
I finally looked up at her and my heart sunk. Her lips were open, quivering and her eyes were filled with tears.
“Y-you…you do not g-get to tell me y-you won’t leave me only to leave the next week! T-that is not f-fair on me!” her voice shook as she tried to blink her tears away.
The sound of her quivering voice made me want to do nothing more than get up and comfort her. But I couldn’t do that, not now.
“I-I should have just as much say in this as you do!” she cried.
“There’s nothing else to say. I made a mistake that day when I came onto you. I shoul-'' she cut me off.
“A mistake…” she whispered.
The tears were falling from her eyes and my heart broke.
“I didn’t mean it lik-”
“Then what did you mean! Cause to me, it’s quite obvious what you meant!’
I sigh for like the one-hundredth time.
I broke her. I hurt her. I took advantage of her. I need to let her go.
“What I meant is that we shouldn't have done it in the first place. I shouldn’t have done it! I took advantage of you and that was wrong!”
“But you didn’t! I wanted it just as much as you did!” she fought back.
She was completely breaking down now. Her tears were streaming down her face and little hiccups between each sob.
“Why…why now! What has made you change your mind about everything?!” she sobbed.
I couldn’t look at her any longer, otherwise, I would break down crying and now is not the time to be vulnerable.
“Lately…I’ve been hearing this song…a lot…and…it’s made me really think about us”.
“...Are you fucking serious?! Y-you’re questioning this because of a fucking song!”
“Does this r-really mean that little to you that a song can affect it this much?”
I couldn’t speak.
This means so much more.
“I-I thought…” she stopped.
I finally grow the balls to look back up at her. She looked completely lost, her eyes were on the floor with tears streaming down her cheeks.
I caused this…I caused all of this.
“I thought you loved me, Bruno”.
My heart stopped.
This is the first time she has said my first name to me. Why did it have to be like this?
She slowly started backing out of my office. I heard as her footsteps quickened and the sound of the door slamming.
What have I done? I have to go after her!
I stood up from my chair, rushing out the door. I had obviously been sitting there in my thoughts for more than I had realised, cause when I exited the room, she was nowhere in the halls.
I sprinted out of the building, into the car park. Still no sign of her. I hopped in my car and sped off down the road. I looked out for her at the bus stop she usually went to but she still was not there. I drove further down the road, keeping an eye out for her.
And just as I thought there was no hope, I spotted her. I quickly pull up beside her and wind down my window.
“Get in”.
She didn’t even bother turning to look at me. She kept marching down the footpath.
“Please, Y/n, just get in the car!” I begged.
“Leave me alone!” she sobbed.
I drove a little further down the road before hopping out. I rushed down the footpath to reach her. She stopped walking forward and was about to turn the other way but I had already grabbed her by the shoulders before she could. I didn’t even give a shit about who saw at this point.
“Please, just listen to me!” I begged.
“I already listened to you for the first time! Please leave me alone!” she screamed, hitting my chest with her weak fist, trying to push me away.
“I didn't mean it! I didn’t mean any of it!” I cried.
I didn’t know I was crying until now, but that didn’t matter right now.
“Please, I don’t regret anything, I shouldn’t have avoided you, that was really fucking shitty of me!” I sobbed.
She wouldn’t look up at me, just stared down at my chest, crying. I pulled her hands away from my chest and held them tightly, too scared to let them go.
“I need you, mi Vida! I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t have you”.
She still could not look up at me.
“I love you!” I confessed.
She finally looked up at me, with tears still in her eyes. Her face showed the complete shock that she was in.
“W-what?” she stuttered
“I love you, Y/n! I always have!”
She wrapped her arms around my neck, jumping into my arms. I caught her, holding her so tightly like if I were to let go, she would disappear. Her head was buried in my neck, as she clung to me.
“I love you too, please don’t leave me,” she sniffed.
“I’m sorry, I promise never to do that again,” I ran my hand up and down her back, kissing the side of her head.
After, who knows how long, I slowly placed her gently on the ground, still holding her in my arms.
“Come on, I’m taking you home,” I kissed the top of her head before pulling her towards my car.
The entire time on the ride over to my house, she was holding my hand. Immediately after I had opened the door, she had jumped on me, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me down to kiss her.
“Already?” I chuckled a little.
“You’ve left me hanging for ages now!” she started kissing down my jaw.
I held her by the legs, throwing her over my shoulder, her squeaking as I do. I take her to my bedroom, dropping her on the bed.
“Now, what should I do with you?” I asked, running my hands up her thighs.
I watched as she squirmed at my touch when I got close to her lady parts, but not quite touching it.
“Please,” she whimpered.
“Please what?”
“Please fuck me, sir”.
She didn’t have to tell me twice. I flipped her over, having her lay on her stomach. She unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it and throwing it to the side. I grabbed her waistband and slowly pulled it down her backside, revealing her pretty white lace underwear she had taken a photo of just the other day.
“I see you came prepared,” I said, kissing up her shoulder to her neck.
“Do you like them?” she asked, turning her head slightly to look at me.
“Of course I do, baby, so very pretty”.
I pushed the piece of fabric covering her sweet sex to the side, not wanting to remove it yet. With my fingers, I play with her slick entrance, rubbing her little clit at the same time. I felt as my dick started to harden in my pants as I listened to her little whimpers.
I unzipped my trousers, pulling them down, along with my boxers. My leaking cock sprung out, hitting my stomach before I started pumping it with my hand.
“You ready baby?”
She nodded. I angled myself at her entrance, rubbing my tip along her slit. I slowly pushed in, filling her up with my cock.
“So full!” she cried.
“Yeah? Do you like being filled with daddy’s cock?”
I slowly began to thrust into her juicy cunt, feeling her slick coat my cock.
“So wet baby, I might just slip out,” I teased her, nibbling her ear.
I wrapped an arm around her waist and the other around her neck, holding her as close to me as I possibly could have her.
“I am so sorry, baby, I should've never said any of that to you,” I apologised quickly, quickening my thrusts.
“Nothing could ever make me want to leave you, I need you, mi Vida”.
She couldn't say anything, too distracted by my cock inside her. She grabbed onto my arm around her neck, clawing at it in pleasure.
“Can’t even talk anymore, hmm?”
“P-pa-pi!” was the most she could get out.
I began to thrust harder and faster into her pretty hole, completely ruining her.
“You like it, mi Amor?”
Her eyes rolled back into her head, showing only the white of her eyes. Drool was seeping out the corner of her open lips.
“Have I fucked you dumb? Haven’t even been fucking for 10 minutes,” I teased her, bringing my hand down to rub her clit.
“I bet it feels so good”.
I brought her face to mine, kissing her soft lips, not caring about the drool dripping out of it.
“You close, baby?” I asked as I felt myself nearing my climax.
She tried to nod, but the movement was very jerky. I made sure to give her clit the amount of attention it needed. Her breath quickened just as her cunt began to pulse. This caused my climax to come quicker. I let my cum fill her up as her body began to shake. I kept fiddling with her little bud, riding out her orgasm for as long as I could. She slowly came down from her high, slumping down on the bed. I fall beside her, pulling her onto my chest.
“I’m sorry, baby. I should have never said any of that to you, you didn’t deserve it”.
I felt completely guilty for what I had said to her just a couple hours ago.
“It’s okay, Papi, just don’t do it again,” she said, still a bit breathless from our activities.
I gave the top of her head a kiss before sitting up.
“I’m gonna clean you up now, okay?” she nodded.
I picked her up and took her to the bathroom to relieve herself while getting her some water. When I got back, she was already waiting on my bed, tired. I handed her the cup and she gulped it down instantly.
“Do you want me to get you anything else?” I asked.
She shook her head, holding out her arms.
“I just want cuddles”.
I chuckled before scooping her up in my arms, laying the both of us on the bed, pulling the covers up. She closed her eyes, resting her head on my chest.
“So, what was the song?” she asked.
“Uh…don’t stand so close to me,” I said, a bit embarrassed.
She pushed herself up, looking down at me.
“Are you serious? You’re worried about a song from the 80s?!” she burst out laughing.
I felt my face heat up in embarrassment.
“I’m just playing with you,” she hit my chest lightly, dropping herself back on me.
“I love you, you know that?” she said drawing patterns on my skin.
“I know, darling. I love you too,” I pressed a kiss to her forehead, letting her settle into my arms.
I don’t deserve her, but fuck, I am so glad I have her.
Author Note: It was surprisingly quick easy for me to write the angst part. I hope you enjoyed this part and as always, if you'd like to be added to the taglist, just write a comment down below and I'll be sure to add you in the next part. Also if there are any kinks or anything you'd like to see, just say down below. :)
Taglist: elfwoodfae diannaey rennaisancebaby fapqueen scarletambitions nik-barinova little-spooky-ghost-girl dylansoldhair r0ck3n1buk11 hoeboat101 nervoussubjectappreciator kuilty biafbunny sad0ni0n alinafaustina elitalover jessicarosequinzelfleck
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charming-2d-boys · 5 months ago
Ehehehe, since the ask box is still open😛, May i have a headcanon on the adultrio attempting to ask y/n on a date? 😏 jssjwtawkdb Thank you💕
I have a feeling I know who this is 😏
Anyway, cute idea! Thank you and I hope you'll enjoy it 🙇
P.S.: Yes, I did what I did and no, I regret nothing 😛
Tumblr media
not too much, but still
he just checks his appearance a lot more often, especially now that he knows he's going to hang out with you
and when the day in question arrives, he gets you the most beautiful flowers he can find
you brought him flowers once when you noticed that he was kind of down
and it became a thing for you two to bring each other flowers whenever you met up
Chrollo arrives almost an hour earlier, pacing back and forth, checking his phone and finally settling down to read to calm himself down while he waits for you
but he gets so into his book that he doesn't even notice you immediately, but when he does, he feels his heart stutter because there you are, always brightening up his day
you smile shyly when you receive the flowers, noticing the larger and more expensive-looking bouquet than usual before Chrollo offers you his arm to take it
you don't hesitate, starting to walk towards the nearest library/coffee shop where you two usually go
you sit at the best table you can find and order
usually, after this, you'd both go and choose a book to read for one another so you can discuss them later
but now, instead of doing so, you feel Chrollo's hand grab yours gently as he smiles
your eyebrows are raised in surprise and you notice the slight redness to his ears and cheeks, almost invisible
"Maybe you've noticed that the flowers are slightly different than usual, which brings me to the most important question... Would you accept my invitation for a date?"
you notice he's nervous as he awaits your answer and when you finally smile, he seems to relax, even chuckling shyly when you say
"How about we turn this into our first date, then?"
Tumblr media
nervous, but less than Chrollo
it's hot outside, Hisoka has no matches for the next few weeks at Heavens Arena, so he insists on driving you two to the beach
as friends, of course
he wants to see more of you ('cause he can be a pervert quite often), but he also just wants to spend some time away from the city and help you relax as well
so he's not entirely selfish and murderous
just having a crush on you and confused about how to ask you out
he's not wearing his usual star and teardrop make-up and his hair is let down when he picks you up from your house
you two sing along to the music on the radio and on your playlists, talk, make jokes and even eat (you feed Hisoka) or sleep, in your case
in a few hours, you've arrived at the hotel, getting one room with two separate beds (Hisoka internally cheers)
since it's still sunny and early enough, you two change into your swimsuits and go to the closest beach
you've barely finished putting sunscreen on yourself when you feel yourself get picked up by Hisoka as he runs into the water, making you squeal at the cold temperature
he's got a shit-eating grin on his face and refuses to let you go until you start splashing him playfully
next thing you know, you're at it for the next half hour or so while Hisoka cheats by scooping up more water with his Bungee Gum to throw at you
when your fingers have started pruning and your arms hurting, you two finally leave to the towels, letting yourselves dry and rest
Hisoka is still smiling when he glances at you, noticing your closed eyes as you let the warm air and the shining sun dry you
making up his mind, he grabs your hand and brings it to his heaving chest as he closes his eyes as well
he feels your eyes on him, but no words follow before you pull yourself closer to him, squeezing his hand
you're both smiling now, listening to the sounds of the waves, seagulls and other beachgoers
just when you feel yourself drift into a comfortable nap, you hear Hisoka's voice
"What would you like for dinner tonight, lovely? ♥️"
Tumblr media
impatient and doesn't feel the slightest bit nervous
why would he?
he's a Zoldyck, ffs
he's got money, power and he's deadly
why would you not accept going out with him?
at least that's what he tells himself the day he finally makes up his mind to actually do it
his family knows about you, but haven't met you
no worries, they already...researched you and checked your background
for now, you've passed
everyone gave him advice on how to act, what to say and even what to do to impress you
Illumi feels ready and soon, he's out the door and on his way to the town, where the meeting spot is
and once he sees you waiting for him, his heart leaps a little before he breathes in and finally makes his way to you
honestly, he wanted to ask you at the very end of your hangout
but, like I said, he's impatient
so as soon as you two start walking to the nearest café to get something to drink, he nonchalantly asks you out on a date
it makes your eyes widen and your feet almost stop
but to Illumi's surprise, you just blink before smiling, accepting
he's truly happy, even if he doesn't really show it
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manchasama · 2 months ago
Just want you to know that these bird asks give me life. Are the twins vocal like birds? Any singing or specific calls like train horns or signals that sometimes echo through the subway lines?
Listen, coupled with those comics that have gone by recently of the singing twins, I absolutely need to give some thought to them being vocal and/or singing. I think it goes without saying they do imitate train sounds for fun and profit tho!
Okay you know what, because I love it they absolutely can and do sing in this AU. Is it because of their wings/bird like tendencies? Who knows! Now you get to hear about my headcanon for their voices that I totally hadn't already thought up because of said comics. :p
Ingo is loud. It goes without saying lol. But he does not have good volume control on his singing, which makes his singing quite forceful as well. This does not lend well to a variety of styles of singing. He can't do volume changes within a song. Even his attempts at quieter songs don't usually work...well. It's not that it's bad or off key! It's just not soothing in the slightest! So upbeat and fun songs are fine, but don't try to get him to sing you a lullaby!
When he returns from Hisui, he has learned how to sing at quieter volumes better. From singing to the Sneaslettes, to humming to himself when wandering around, to trying to keep his volume down when joining in a group song around the campfires at night, those kind of situations. When he's singing softly (for him), it's soothing, comforting. A rumble and a croon all in one. Of course he can still do loud as well, and does so happily.
Emmet tho! So he can control his volume fine! He can hit all the notes correctly! It's also the most wrote sound you'll ever hear! It's very hard for him to put the right inflections on songs to give them any personality when he's singing by himself. If he's singing along with someone or something (radio), it sounds good! But solo it's just very note by note by the book. This absolutely does not bother him or stop him, of course.
He likes singing more than Ingo does usually. But when he starts singing, Ingo will usually join in as well. When Ingo returns from Hisui, the first time Ingo sings in his new quiet rumble, Emmet immediately latches onto it as his favorite sound in the whole world. Yes, Ingo being loud is good. But when Ingo sings quietly, you can hear his contentment as well. Emmet will start singing quiet songs just so Ingo joins in and he can enjoy his brother's voice.
They both can whistle. However Emmet can whistle tunes, and Ingo can only whistle LOUD. It's a sore spot for Ingo, because whistling a tune seems so fun! However if you need to be heard across a bustling subway (or across the mountains), Ingo's your man! Emmet is jealous because Ingo can and has stopped crowds by whistling alone.
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imaginestuffs · a year ago
First Kiss- Peter Parker x Reader
word count:2137
warnings: lots of kissing. don't know if that needs a warning but i put it anyway. just fluffiness!
Summary: Reader and Peter have their first kiss.
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
Music was playing throughout your room and you danced around singing along. Your parents were away for the week and so you were home alone. You had on one of Peter’s shirts you had stolen and your hair was messy from shaking it about. You had on one of your favorite playlists on Spotify. You simply titled “Classics” it consisted of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The beetles, Carly Simon, Queen, and so much more. You had grown up listening to what your parents did and so in your opinion, you had immaculate music taste.
You could barely hear the sound of the busy streets of Queens beneath you. You were too busy singing along to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison; to be bothered by the sound of your window creaking open. You never usually locked your window because Peter would stop by after patrol.
He quietly set his feet on the floor and closed the window again. You still had yet to notice him, as you kept on singing along as loud as you wanted.
“Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine with a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow’s wall
Slipping and sliding
All along the waterfall, with you
My brown-eyed girl
You sang loudly before Peter decided to step in and finish the last words of the verse.
“My brown-eyed girl”
You jumped and let out a little yelp of surprise when you saw him standing there with a soft smile on his face. “Peter! You scared me! I thought you would be later.” you lightly scolded your boyfriend as you turned your music down to a lower volume. “I wanted to see you sooner, I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he explains shyly. He had a blush on his cheeks. His hair was messy from being under the mask for a while. He had no cuts or bruises on his face which caused you relief.
“I don’t mind at all. I’m just used to knowing when you get here. My music was just a bit too loud it’s not your fault. I’m sorry you were subjected to my terrible singing.” you apologized with an embarrassed laugh. He walked towards you slowly with a smile on his face.
“I love your voice. It’s perfect.” he complimented you and your cheeks flushed.
“No need to say that. I’m sure yours is better from the little that I heard,” you told him and stepped toward him as well. You grabbed his hand and sat him on the edge of your bed. “Now! Spider-man. What’s the damage tonight?” you ask in a fake stern tone. Your hands were on your hips as you looked at him intently. “Nothing too bad tonight just a bruise on my arm, and a few scratches there as well,” he explained to you. “Well, then I guess I’ll take care of those for you. Stay here I’ll be right back,” you said before placing a quick peck to his forehead and walked into the bathroom to fetch the first-aid kit you had on hand. Peter smiled at the way you treated him. You were always so gentle and compassionate.
You walked back into the room and set everything you needed on the bed next to him. “Alright spidey let me see your arm,” you said. Peter pressed the Spider at the center of his suit and it fell from his shoulders. You immediately grasped his hands and checked to see what arm it was on. You saw some small cuts with dried blood stuck to his skin. “This might sting a bit Peter, I’m sorry I’ll try and be quick. I promise. You grabbed the rubbing alcohol and began to clean his small wounds. He would let out a hiss now and again but other than that was quiet enough. He looked at your face and saw the concentration etched onto it. Even though it was the smallest injury he’d had you still paid all your attention to it.
He saw your lip drawn between your teeth and couldn’t help but want to kiss you. He had never kissed you before but had been waiting for a good time.
“(y/n),” he said quietly. He lifted his hand and gently gripped your chin to turn you to look at him. You looked t him in confusion. “What’s wrong Peter?” you question in concern. “I’m fine. I just- I guess I just wanted to see you up close. Your eyes are more beautiful than the last time I saw them this close. You smiled shyly.
“That was only a day ago Pete.” you cast your gaze downward, he moved his hand to gently cup your cheek. “Still, They’re more beautiful than ever. You know like the stars but even brighter,” he explains in a cliche way. The compliment makes your stomach fill with butterflies. Your smile broadens and he cringed at what he had said to you. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that was so cheesy. I hope you didn’t take that seriously.” he rambled. You looked at him with a flash of offense on your face. He didn’t mean it?
He saw your look and his eyes widened.
“No. no. no! That’s not what I mean. I just mean that it was super cheesy the way I said that and I hope you don’t take the cliche so seriously. I really meant it. Your eyes are beautiful.” he ranted on but you let a small smile claim your lips at his rambling. You grabbed his hand in yours.
“Peter. Peter, it’s ok I understand. You’re too sweet, now let me finish cleaning you up ok.” you said and leaned forward to kiss his head. He nodded in silence, letting you get back to placing a tiny band-aid over the cut. You kissed it and stood back a bit smiling at what you had done.
He admired you as you admired him, and you caught his gaze. He reached towards you and stood up. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into a hug. Your head rested on his chest and his chin rested on your head.
“You know babe, I think a shower would do you really well right now.” you tease him. He looked down at you and chuckled. “Clothes still in the same drawer?” he questioned before moving away from you. “Yup, now hurry, I miss you,” you said as he gathered his clothes. “I’ll be quick I promise.” he walked out and threw a smile over his shoulder.
After a while, he walked back in with damp curls and comfy clothes instead of his suit. He walks over to you once again before holding you in his arms.
All the sound heard in the room was My Girl by The Temptations. The calming music and the feeling of Peter’s chest rising and falling grounded you and you relaxed. He noticed you relax into him more and he held you a bit tighter. He swayed you both a bit before pulling back slightly so he could see your face. Your cheeks were darker and it made him smile.
Looking down at you he knew he wanted to make his move now. If you said no, he wouldn’t do it, but he had no idea where to even start if you said yes.
His hand traveled from your waist to the back of your neck and you looked up at him in wonderment. You placed your hands on his chest tracing miscellaneous patterns on his chest. It sent shivers down his spine at the feeling of your fingers touching him so gently. He was sure you could feel his heart beating rapidly beneath your palm.
He looked into your eyes for a sense of reassurance. As if to ask for your permission before he started to lean in. your eyes lit up a bit at the sight of him leaning in and so you closed them and leaned in as well. The way he enveloped you entirely, his smell, his rough hands, and warm breath fanning against your soft lips made your knees go weak. Your heart leaped in your chest as you could feel him get closer to you. You could feel his lips brush yours and just as he was about to completely close the gap between you, he spoke.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
Instead of saying anything, you let your lips answer for you. Your lips collided with his and he let out a surprised hum. It made your stomach do flips.
He brought you as close as possible your hands reached up to run through his unruly curls. The hand that held your head tugged your hair softly and you let out a soft whine at the feeling. This only spurred him on and soon enough his tongue was nervously seeking entrance to your mouth. You parted your plush lips and tentatively let his tongue stray into your mouth. You sigh at the feeling and push up on your toes. The need for air became evident and so you pulled away slowly letting your lips part from his. Your cheeks flushed and his hair messy.
Your breaths were heavy as you just stared in awe at each other. You two have had kisses with other people before but this one felt like it wasn’t any kiss, it was the kiss. The one you knew you needed forever.
You smiled and gently pulled away from him. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and looked away from him. “Wow.” were the only words that escaped Peter’s lips. A broad grin broke out on his face and he chuckled. He watched as you put the first-aid kit away. The way you moved and the smile on your face. He looked at you like you were the universe, because to him, you were.
You walked into the room again and smiled at him.
With no thought other than you Peter moved forward and swept you off of the floor. You let out a surprised yelp and a laugh bubbled past your lips. You let your head fall back as he spun you and he watched on in wonder at you. He let out laughs as well and he set you down steadying you both. Your closed your eyes and scrunched up your nose a bit which caused his heart to melt just a little bit more.
You opened your eyes and a look of pure joy appeared in those (e/c) eyes he loved so much.
He just stared at you for a moment in concentration trying to memorize every part of you.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask with a furrow of your brow. He lifts his hand and gently relaxes the crease between your eyebrows. “Nothing is wrong. I just- I wanted to look at you,” he mumbled. You could practically feel your heart burst.
“(y/n).” he paused anxiously. You nodded, encouraging him to continue.
“Can I- can I kiss you again?” he asks bashfully. You blush and let your hand trail down his arm to tangle with his. You look at him through your lashes.
“Yes.” that was all he needed before he leaned back in. his lips collided with yours more passionately than before. His free hand circled completely around your waist pulling you tightly against him. Your other hand raised to run down his chest. He whined a bit at the feeling and you sighed at the noise. He took the chance and let his tongue once again wander your mouth. Massaging yours and feeling you relax against him. He held you up, letting go of your hand his hand ran up your spine and trailed back down it. Your hand moved up to cradle his face.
Things began to slow down and he ended up pressing small kisses on your lips between breaths.
“We need to do that more often…” he breathed out. You nodded and nudged his nose with yours. “I agree, let’s make the most of our week alone huh?” you ask with a Cheshire grin. He blushed but nodded his head quickly grabbing your hand tightly.
“But…” you let silence break your sentence.
“First. Would you dance with me?” you asked bashfully. Peter smiled brightly and nodded.
“I’m not too good at it but I’ll do anything for you.” you smiled at him before reaching to lock your hands behind his neck. “I guess we’ll learn together,” you told him. You felt his hands move down to grip your hips and your heart fluttered.
You leaned up and pressed another kiss to his lips.
“I'm too lucky,” he mumbled.
“I’m even luckier,” you said and rested your forehead on his.
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lolzskye · 11 months ago
the exception
pairing // calum hood x fem!singer!reader
summary: the media doesn’t fully know about your relationship with calum until you sing an unreleased song on live
italic: flashback
bold italic: lyircs
(i recommend listening to the exception by olivia rodrigo while/before reading this.)
Tumblr media
"hello!" you exclaimed as you started the live. you waited a few moments to let more people join before answering or saying anything. you played a few random notes on your piano as you read over the comments, answering a few questions that seemed interesting to you.
"'when are you releasing new music?' i actually don't know. i write a lot, but i haven't been in the studio," you answered, continuing to play some random notes, which you ended up playing 'lover of mine'.
"'what's your favorite moment from hanging with 5sos?' um," you thought for a moment, "i- oh i actually can't say that." you thought about the time where the four of them were doing their cocktails chats video. in the middle of calum explaining one of the songs, you walked into the room.
"hey, baby," calum smiled once he caught sight of you sitting down beside michael.
"hi," you replied, watching the smile fall for his face. "why are you pouting now?"
"i'm sitting here with no kiss and i don't like it." you, along with the rest of the people in the room, laughed at his statement before you got up to give him a kiss.
of course you could tell that story, but you and calum wanted to keep your relationship private for as long as you could or felt like.
after answering a few more questions, people finally realized what you were playing on your piano and asked if you could sing something. you smiled, thinking now would be a good time to sing an unreleased song. without you realizing, calum had joined.
he was in the studio with luke, michael, and ashton when he noticed you were live. he had called the boys over so they could all watch you.
"your hand on my leg under the oil painted sky. wind blowin' through our hair on the 405."
memories of sitting in calum’s car with his right hand making a home on your left thigh, riding around for hours with no specific destination ran through your mind as you closed your eyes to visualize your lyrics.
“and traffic's at a standstill, it's LA, what'd you expect? we're listenin' to Zeppelin, you're kissin' my neck.”
“cal, stop it,” you giggled as calum left a trail of kisses on your neck. the radio was turned to low volume but you could still hear the song playing.
“why?” he asked, one of his arms going around your shoulder to keep you close to him.
“you need to be watching the road to see if the traffic starts moving,” you told him. it didn’t make any sense since you’ve been sitting in traffic for the last 20 minutes.
“mm,” he hummed against your neck, “it’s LA, we won’t be moving any time soon, love.”
“you cradle me in your arms in the dark in the back. we're lookin' at the stars, the moon's lit cheshire cat.”
calum’s favorite thing to do when either one of you were stressed was to take you to “see the stars” as he likes to call it. it would usually be in the middle of the night, but you never did mind.
he’d let down the top of his car and lie down in the back seat, cuddling you in his chest as the two of you stared up at the stars.
it was a place where the two of you would have most meaningful conversations, or have your most memorable moments.
you shared your first kiss there, gave yourselves to each other, any meaningful memory with him happened at that spot.
“and your parents can probably see from the window. they'll say, "they're just kids", oh, what the hell do they know?”
you open your eyes to look through the comments. some comments wanting to know who inspired the song or when it was written. others were simply complimenting your voice and how much talent you had. you closed your eyes again once the chorus came along.
“scared, i love you so much i’m scared.”
this was the first time you had sang this song in front of anyone. after six long years of you and calum dancing around those three words, you had finally said them out loud. obviously, no one really knew that you were talking about calum, excluding the people who do know about your relationship.
“'cause they say young love's a loss or it's a lesson.”
while your eyes were closed, there were some fans who realized calum and michael had joined. half of the comments were now talking about them or wanting to know where ashton and luke are.
there were many more comments, some of michael praising you and dropping hints, none that you could see because your eyes remained closed.
“here, i just wanna be here. my heart is tellin' me we're gonna be the exception.”
you thought about the words that were said at the very beginning of your relationship with calum, whether it was from friends or family, they were stamped in your mind for a long time.
‘they’re not going to last long’
‘it’s only temporary’
‘it’s not like you’re going to marry him, you’re young’
no matter how many people doubted the two of you, you had faith that calum was the one.
as you finished playing the notes on the piano, you looked at the screen with a shy smile on your face. you scrolled through a little before one comment caught your eye:
calumhood: i think i hear mine saying the same thing
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imthebadguyyy · 7 months ago
Fix You
Tumblr media
Pairing - Sebastian Vettel x Reader (set in any season where he's in ferrari, the choice is yours lovelies)
Fandom - F1
Summary - lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and i will try to fix you
a/n - imo, ferrari could have treated him better. y'all don't have to agree but i just think he deserved much much more : (( Also i made the mistake of binge listening to coldplay at midnight so here you go
When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
To say Sebastian missed you was an understatement. The season was hard, and sometimes the team was frustrating to work with. The grand prix weekend had not gone to plan, with him having to retire because of engine failure, and he had scored no points, extending mercedes' advantage over them in the championship.
Fighting back the urge to simply fall asleep in the car that was driving him back to his hotel, he let his tired eyes shut behind his sunglasses for a second, murmuring a soft "only five minutes" to britta, who nodded, knowing full well that he'd fall asleep in the time that they'd reach the hotel.
The car sped down the streets, reaching his designated hotel in half an hour. Parking at the back door so sebastian wouldn't have to deal with the fans gathering at the front, britta roused him, and he made his way to his room, trying to disappear into the soft material of his hoodie, glad he had shed his overbright red team hoodie for the soft gray one you had gifted him, just because.
He missed having you around. He missed how you could make him forget how bad some days could get with a few words and a tight hug. Feeling a sudden wave of exhaustion wash over him, he dragged himself to his room, the warm, dimly lit room welcoming him in a warm hug, as he dropped his duffel on the floor, too tired to bother putting it away properly.
He let the cold water from the tap clean his tired face, shedding his shoes before clambering onto the soft hotel bed, making up his mind to shower later, too tired to take a bath.
Letting the blankets warm him instead of your embrace, his eyes closed again, breathing evening out as he let himself let go of the overbearing exhaustion looming over him.
"Engine, engine, there's something wrong"
the moment you had heard seb's voice over the radio, hearing the frustration in his voice broke your heart, watching as he got out of the car, taking in the dejected hang of his head, and his slow walk, telling you all that you needed to know : he was tired.
Making up your mind in that very moment, you booked the first flight, throwing some clothes and necessities into a small suitcase, sending britta a quick text to tell her you were going to be there in a matter of hours. She sent you a quick text in reply, he doesn't look too good, the words crushing into you, making it hard to hold in your tears.
Sighing in relief as you got into the taxi, you reached out for your phone, 7:47 pm. That usually meant you sitting at home, a dinner plate in your hands, as you talked to seb wherever he was in the world. Fiddling with your wedding band, you couldn't help but smile softly, anticipating the moment when you'd see him again.
Walking into the hotel, you walked up to the lobby, face hidden by a pair of sunglasses, not wanting to recognized by anyone.
"miss roeske left a key card for me here?" you asked the lady softly, smiling back at her when she smiled at you, handing you the card.
trudging into the elevator, you took a deep breath, unconsciously fiddling with your ring again, until the elevator doors opened with a soft ding, snapping you out of your train of thought.
walking down the corridor till you reached sebastian's suite, you swiped the card gently, walking in as quietly as you could.
you were greeted with the sight of your sleeping husband, body strewn across the bed horizontally, hair a rumpled mess.
gently, you slipped into the bathroom, washing your hands and removing your shoes.
quitely making your way over to the bed, you leaned down, gently stroking his hair, before pressing a kiss to the top of his head.
with a soft groan, he turned, tired eyes blinking as you came into focus. for a second, he thought his exhaustion had made him loopy, as he groggily let his hand graze your cheek, gasping when his fingers brushed against your soft skin, sitting up straight and pulling you into him in a warm embrace.
"I can't believe you're here," he muttered, inhaling the familiar scent of your perfume, instantly being transported to his happy place, his safe place. when he finally loosens his grip and pulls back a little, pressing a kiss to your forehead before he rests his against yours.
"of course i'm here my love" you replied, hands tracing a soft pattern in his shoulder, moving upwards to caress his face, his familiar blue orbs gazing into yours, your thumb gently stroking his cheekbone, fingers fondling his jaw.
dipping his head down the slightest bit, he let his lip ghost over yours before capturing your lips in a soft, need filled kiss. they told you everything you needed to know, how upset he was with himself, how frustrated he was feeling, how happy he was to have you there, how he was trying to be brought down from the wave of sadness and anger he had been feeling at himself, by reminding himself that you loved him, no matter what, trying to get out of his head if only for a little while
"thank you meine liebe, für alles"
"for what love?"
"for coming here, for being you. i don't know you, i just love you" he replied, head burying in your neck, sighing softly. "i love you too" you whispered, fingers gently rubbing his back.
Tears stream down your face, and I Tears stream down your face I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
you stayed in that position for a while, until you became aware of something wet sliding down against your neck, gasping softly when you realized what it was : seb was crying.
"oh, seb, what's wrong? talk to me love" you shispered softly, moving so you were straddling him, softly scratching his neck, lips pressing against his forehead.
“i, i'm scared.”
“Why?” your voice was barely above a whisper but you know he’s heard you, from the way he grips you a little tighter, eyes squeezing shut, head moving even further into your neck, shutting away the rest of the world.
He stays quiet a little longer and so do you, not wanting to push him, knowing he would eventually open up.
when he begins to speak, his voice is somewhat rough and full of emotion and you forced yourself to stay strong for him.
"I don’t know if I can do this anymore."
the sentence breaks your heart, the shards ripping into you, shock filling your body at what sebastian vettel, a 4 time world champion, one of the best drivers of all time had just confessed to you.
“I'm getting older, and there's so many young, talented drivers that deserve a chance. i''m taking up a seat and just, maybe it’s time to-” his voice breaks again, eyes filling again, as you press your lips to his again, the salty taste odd and unusual. “I’m not worthy of this battle, we're losing. badly. redbull's catching up, mercedes is slipping away, and i just, fuck, i feel like I’m wasting everyone’s time here, and in the team"
"darling, that's the biggest load of bullshit i have ever head, and we live next to a bloody farm" you mumbled, feeling him smile softly against your lips.
"you're one of the best there ever were, a 4 time champion, a record breaker and maker, a person everyone looks up to because you're you. you're a beast on the track, the kindest person off track. i'm so proud of you, your team is so proud of you. look at who you've inspired, little kids who think 'i wanna be like sebastian!' i love you, millions of fans love you, im pretty sure entire germany loves you" you continued, feeling his breathing slow down and even out.
He smiles again, pulling away from you to look at you properly. His hands find their way into your hair, pulling you into him, forehead resting against yours, as he whispered a soft "i love you mein schatz. i can't tell you how grateful i am to have you with me" he whispers, tugging at your heartstrings.
gently, you take his hands into your own, and make him wrap his arms around you, before you mould into one, and hug him till you're sure your joints are going to sound like someone popping a sheet of bubble wrap.
after a long, slow bath in the tub together, you found yourself curled up in bed with sebastian, his arms wrapped tightly around your body, as the big bang theory played in the background, the room service plates in a neat pile on the desk in the corner.
you knew that he was feeling better, that he was going to give his 110% in the next race, to close the gap to mercedes.
"ich liebe dich schatz" he said suddenly, pulling your chin up so he could look right into your eyes.
"i love you too, my love"
gently cuddling into each other again, you watched as his eyes fluttered shut, the exhaustion from his day finally catching up to him, his arms still wrapped tightly around your waist, head resting against your chest. you were home.
he was home.
a/n - this is what listening to coldplay at midnight does to you ✨ i finally wrote one for seb, and yes its not a ferrari pic but i fell in love with it so 😌 thank you so much for reading, and as always, feedback and comments are always appreicated!
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lebenspurpur · 9 months ago
AN: Helloo, wrote this because I spent today suffering through my post-drunk-vandalism hangover. Guess it's deserved but still, it sucks. After eating chicken broth my dad made, unsalted if I may add, for an hour straight I am now ready to be creative. I really don't know what this is.
Have the link to my Larry playlist while we're at it:
Pairing: Larry Johnson x reader
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of alcohol
Wordcount: 1744 words
Larry looks really, really stupid right now. Stupid and sick.
His tall form slumped over in defeat, big blanket wrapped around him but not too tight, otherwise he'd feel too hot, too feverish, he still needs some air. There are tissues scattered across the couch as well. Fucking hell.
Usually, this would disgust you but it's Larry, you think you've seen worse.
Small sniffles come from where he's laying, whenever he clears his throat hoarse croaking leaves his mouth and he cringes every time he hears it. He can feel your judging gaze on his body, hear your arched eyebrow without even lifting his head.
His radio is blaring some kind of metal music, you don't recognize the band. Technically, the music is useless since the TV in front of Larry's bed is playing an old horror movie, bloody screams only adding to the grimy ambiance in the room.
"I-", you start but Larry lifts his hand before you can even consider continuing.
On any other occasion, you would've noticed the rings adorning his slender fingers, the metal accessories leaving a trail of dark smudge on his hands. Damn, did he have some nice hands.
Thankfully today wasn't a normal occasion. The metalhead in front of you had worse problems than you drooling over his fingers right now, one of them being the sickness he caught.
"Don't you dare say 'I told you so.'", he croaks out while he finally lifts his head, bloodshot eyes meeting yours. He looks immensely tired. You can sense his annoyance at this sickness, this hellish treatment he's in and can't seem to escape.
You take a deep breath in and drop your bag next to his opened front door.
"Alright. I won't."
You close the door quietly and deposit your jacket as well as boots next to it.
His mom always screams at Larry to finally get something for visitor's shoes and bags but he never does. Too busy, too lazy, he figures his visitors get it. Who even visits him, anyway?
The floor is, as usual, covered in stuff he hasn't cleaned yet. Unfinished drawings, sketchbooks, take-out cartons, empty booze bottles, you keep wondering how he manages to create that kind of mess in a timespan of not even two days.
You tiptoe over them, careful as to not to step into something. Earlier experiences have taught you to never mistake one of these seemingly empty cartons as really empty. Just last week you stepped into a fucking pizza the man in front of you didn't finish.
You sigh as you sit down next to him and Larry tiredly raises an eyebrow.
"Dude, I know you don't want to move but Jesus, we really need to get you to bed.", you then state, voice comforting yet firm. You use the moment to stare into his eyes, adore the brown, thick, deepness of them.
Larry groans loudly, voice breaking from how raw his throat is. His head falls back and he closes his eyes, a pained expression on his features.
"Don't wanna.", he grumbles quietly and you involuntarily crack a smile. Larry always managed to do that, even in the most unbelievable moments.
"I'll join you if you do."
One of his eyes slowly creaks open, observing your face to look for any kind of sarcasm or irony. As soon as he doesn't find any, the other eye opens as well and he leans forward again, blanket clutched tightly in his fists.
You grin at his quiet answer, hand reaching over to pull him with you. He obliges, warm, slightly clammy hand tightly grabbing yours. He follows you through the messy room, his blanket leaving a trail of destruction behind the two of you.
You kick open the door leading to his bedroom. Immediately, the familiar images of various album covers greet you. The air in his room is colder and less damp and you hear him take a deep breath.
Turning around, you mention for him to wait while you walk over, grabbing the blanket on his bed. You shake it a bit, readjust the sheets as well the pillow, all while Larry's eyes never leave your back.
"There you go, sweets.", you add as you finish, quickly turning around to see Larry standing the same way you've left him. Tired, slumped, and emotional. The need to hug him starts boiling inside of you but you try and hold yourself back. First, you have to make sure he gets into bed.
Larry slowly stumbles past you. During the last few baby steps, he drops the blanket around his shoulder, faceplanting right into the freshly made sheets. He's not even wearing a shirt and you huff at his stubbornness.
Larry's back looks strong like this, muscles contracting beneath his skin as he tries to get more comfortable. Your eyes glide over his spine, his wide shoulders, the small bumps where his ribs encase his organs. His olive skin is sweaty and long, brown hairs cling to it.
You cringe at that, knowing the feeling all too well.
Softly placing a hand on his back, you move closer, forehead scrunched together.
"Larry, darling."
He grunts into his pillow, a muffled questioning sound.
"I got a hair tie here. Mind lifting your head real quick?"
Larry obliges and lifts his head quickly, taking a deep breath while he does so.
Your fingers find his scalp and start collecting all the strands, securing them afterward with the tie around your wrist.
The man beneath you hums in appreciation as the cold air hits his neck, sweaty skin finally being able to breathe. You kiss the small space beneath his neck real quick, a short sign of comfort before you stand up again, hands leaving his skin.
Larry whines the second you do so, all while quickly turning around, sending you a pleading look.
"You said you'd stay.", the whiny tone only makes his voice sound more hoarse and you can't help the small grin from appearing on your features.
"In a second, sweetie. You need some water and medicine first, alright?"
He whines again but the thought of something fresh and cold going down his throat is enough to soften the pleading look in his eye. You blow him a kiss and then quickly walk into the kitchen, which is right across from the brunette's room.
It's surprisingly clean but what did you expect? Larry never uses his kitchen unless he has to. Which isn't all too often.
Grabbing a water bottle and placing it on the counter, you keep searching for the small broth packets you'd bought exactly for this kind of scenario. You find them in the fridge, the only thing in this room that Larry actually uses.
Chuckling you get some water cooking, all while pouring the powder into one of the giant cups Sal has gifted Larry a while ago. According to the masked man, everything tastes better if it's being eaten out of a cup and so, everyone has their own sets of cups, a premium gift from Sal Fisher.
Soon, everything's done and you maneuver your way back into Larry's room. Said man is awaiting you, eyes still opened as he watches you creep towards his bed, hands full with water, soup, and medicine.
First, you feed him the medicine. Normally he'd do this himself but you know that he'll just ignore the bitter juice unless you force it down his throat. Stubborn motherfucker.
Larry's sitting up now, back propped up against one of the many big pillows he has. You hand him the broth and he inhales it in less than two minutes, apparently, this is the first thing he's eaten today. Shaking your head at the thought, you tug a few strands of hair out of his face, smiling at your lover's appetite.
Finally, after gulping down half of the water bottle, the brunette leans back and smiles, for the first time this evening.
"Thank you.", he croaks out and you touch his arm as an appreciative gesture, "Does that mean you're allowed to join me now?"
You're about to nod as you notice the faint traces of eyeliner on his skin.
"Did you take off your makeup when you got home?", you ask, throwing a teasing smile his way.
Larry clears his throat, embarrassed that you caught him. A faint blush raises on his cheeks and you feel your heart swell at the sight.
"I might have forgotten about it.", he answers, gaze slowly meeting yours again, "But please, let's just do this later, dude. I am so fucking tired."
Huffing, you roll your eyes at his answer but you nod anyway. He'd be fine with the makeup for a few more hours. You just have to remember taking it off tomorrow.
"You're lucky I love you."
Larry grins at that, the usual wide, blinding grin, that makes your stomach tingle with fuzzy feelings inside of it. His fingers find your arm and he tenderly pulls you down to join him. Soon, your head is placed on his chest, and his arms cradle your shoulders, pulling you into his body.
You can hear his relaxed breathing as he finally settles down, nuzzling his face into your hair.
His skin is warm against your cheek and you smile into it. It doesn't matter how often you've done it, laying on his nude chest always makes you flustered.
Larry's fingers start to draw stuff on your back, the feeling more than a delight for you. Humming, you snuggle closer and the metalhead next to you smiles.
His eyes already start to close slowly, lack of sleep finally catching up to him. The quiet sound of the ongoing movie in his living room, as well as the metal music, make for a great background sound and you both listen intently.
You notice the way his heart beats, slow and steady, beneath the tanned skin. Unknowingly, you start to synchronize your breaths with his. In and out. In. And out.
Soon, your eyes close as well. Damn it, you don't want to fall asleep. Though, you suppose it doesn't matter as the man next to you pulls you closer, his breath warm against your ear. He wouldn't let you leave anyway.
The thought makes you feel giddy, excited, in love. Smiling widely, you try to press yourself closer into him, and soon, you too, fall asleep, enveloped by the arms of the boy you love most. Your favorite boy.
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softiefeli · 4 months ago
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Slow dancing with Kirishima Eijirou (Domestic Fluff) x reader
> I poured my heart into this one my gosh- I'm a hopeful romantic what can I say <3 Stay hydrated everyone :)
The soft drumming of your knife against the wooden cutting board fills the warm and mild air all around your kitchen. The scent of cooking vegetables in the iron pan to your left, and the little fizzling sounds the oil make have such a domestic feeling to them, you can’t help but sigh, cooking for your lover was always such a pleasure. Soon he’d be coming back home, after a long day of hero work and probably worn out. He’d smell the meat from the hallway, and probably make that adorable hungry face as usual, where you can virtually see him drooling over his Plate. That would still take a little while though, so you decide to turn on your kitchen radio.
The one-piece of electronic he already had when you two moved together a few weeks ago, next to his little collection of worn-out mugs. The warm summertime breeze blows your curtains astray, and the sound of Frank Sinatra and the likes. The smooth tones and gentle melodies, making your hips sway by themselves, side to side while you soundly chop away at your future dinner. Your attention is now back on your cooking, and smooth motion of separating the stems from the carrots, slicing away at the tomatoes.
City sounds flooding in through the kitchen window, and the occasional car honk from outside centering you in the here and now. Almost lost in thought, absent-mindedly preparing your shared meal for later, you don’t hear the clink of house keys against the front door, or the loud thud of hero outfit gear being set on the ground. Smiling at the tender scenery in front of him, Kirishima chuckles at how cute you hum along to the radio, how dreamlike you look in the kitchen light, how the warm breeze plays with your hair.
He takes slow steps over to the kitchen, careful not to disrupt you while cutting, he leans against the tall wooden doorframe, “Geez~ Way to charm me Pebble, cooking for me while looking so adorable hu~” You jump slightly, caught off guard by his early arrival, but swiftly set the knife down. “Eiji!” You smile widely at your Boyfriend, still with deshelved hair and smelling like work, but lovely as ever as you hug him tightly. His arms holding you in a snug yet comforting embrace, hands large and warm against the fabric of your shirt.
Mellow voices from the radio channel buzzing out tomorrows weather. It’s going to stay warm and sunny for the rest of the week, with temperatures up to 28 degrees in some of the more southern regions..
“Hey, my love~” He nuzzles closer to you, murmuring against your hair, “ Missed me?”. You could feel him smiling against you, wrapping your arms over his shoulders best you could, sweet laughter filling the little kitchen. “Always.” He pulls away gently, hands resting on your sides as he looks into your eyes, “What’s for dinner, it smells delicious-”, flicking his tongue over his lips, clearly a hungry man. He shoots you a toothy grin, as you turn around to show him the pan, explaining whatever it is you’re making for the two of you tonight.
His hands don't leave your waist, and he rests a head on your shoulder, listening to your rambles about spices and flavoring. When and when not to add other ingredients and, how to preheat the oven for the meat. The Radio tunes back into some old Jazz, complemented by honeyed voices, in Spanish this time. “Are we traveling back in time tonight?” He asks, softly against the skin of your shoulders, placing little kisses along the curves. “Isn’t it romantic? And it’s ideal for cooking if you ask me~”, a soft hum escaping his lips in agreement, as he moves your hips slightly with his hands, swaying to the notes of the radio buzz.
You giggle, pressing your back against his chest, leaning your head back to look up at him, to see the warm light reflect in his crimson eyes. Placing your hands on his around your stomach, taking in all of him. Seeing the summer sundown hug his features, the love-drunk expression on his face. With another grin from your lover, he spins you around to face him, earning a little squeal and a laugh from your lips, spilling against his chest.
“You look so beautiful Pebble, seriously” his tone sweet and coated in with affection, hands caressing up and down your sides. “You’re saying this because I cooked meat tonight, aren’t you?” You grin, arms around his neck, and hands in his hair, gently letting him lead you to the music. He chuckles, and presses a kiss to your temple, his lips lingering against that soft spot on your forehead, smiling against your skin. As the next song begins to play as the crimson and amber hues in the evening sky wither to deep blues and purples. You close your eyes, taking in the feeling of this tranquil moment.
The tender smell of your dinner, still sizzling along on the stove, mingling with the hot summer air from outside, clean and fresh. You hear his breath above your head, resting on his chest as he sways you both to the soothing tune of the radio station. The music fades out once again, as the reporter's voice picks up. That was La vie en rose by our beloved Louis Armstrong, here on RND radio~ we are here to report the current traffic situation on this Friday evening in...
Eijirou doesn’t stop the gentle movement of your body with his, and sighs softly, “Hmm~ Pebble?”
“Yes, Eiji?” you blink your eyes open slowly, looking up at him. The way the kitchen light hits him from behind, makes his hair look almost aglow. “You have my heart y/n, I love you so much.”, he moves a hand up to your cheek, smiling down at you full of love and devotion, warm and comforting. The radio buzz fades into the background, and the scent of your dinner gets overtaken by the sense of him as he leans down to kiss you. His lips warm and soft, his kiss tender but full of love and passion.
“Stay by my side forever, will you pebble?”
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apocalypticgargoyle · a year ago
𝘽𝙊𝙔𝙁𝙍𝙄𝙀𝙉𝘿 | 𝙠𝙖𝙧𝙡 𝙟𝙖𝙘𝙤𝙗 (18+)
Tumblr media
∘ request(s): I am in love w all of you and i'm getting to the others when they fit :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my personal favorites:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
∘ pairing: edgy!Karl Jacobs x fm!reader
∘ warnings: nsfw (minors dni), smut, choking, fingering, slight domination
∘ links: 𐐪 ao3 𐑂 𐐪 previous part 𐑂 𐐪 submit an edgy!karl edit 𐑂
a/n: my incentive for getting these done (when they're fuffy) is listening to 21st Century Vampire in a dark room for four days, in case you guys were wondering.
Your tongue felt like sandpaper as you chewed the inside of your cheek. "No, uh… I think I need some time…" you trailed, your eyes flashing to his. "... To think…"
He nodded slightly, taking one last look at you before slipping out your front door, the lock clicking shut behind him.
Your heart hammered in your ears. You took a seat on your couch, carding your fingers through your hair as his face flashed into your mind, the somewhat confused expression boring a hole in your heart. You’d led him on, you knew it. It wasn’t that you weren’t into him, but the cold fear of what the two of you had vanishing after assigning labels flushed through your body. What if it was only as strong as it was because you weren’t stuck to each other? Was the fact that you were choosing to sleep with him and him alone not enough? What more could he want?
Then it dawned on you; what more would it be? The two of you were already attached at the hip a ridiculous amount of time, you already knew more about him than you cared to, and obviously, the two of you were already past the awkwardness of building a sexual relationship.
So what the fuck was wrong with you? Would it be so awful to be his girlfriend?
You avoided him for a few weeks, your mind burning with guilt and indecisiveness. As soon as you had straightened your thoughts and favored one reality over another, it was like buyer’s guilt persuaded you the other way.
Lectures were quiet, even lonesome for you without him around. That would add to your Pro Karl list; he was great company, especially in public, when he knew people were watching the two of you. Would that element be different when the two of you were dating?
You hadn’t realized how apparent your moping had become until your roommate brought it up one night. You were tucked into your favorite spot on the couch, mind racing with how to solve your problems. “I called Karl. I’m sick of this weepy, self-loathing bullshit. Man up and tie him down. I know you want to,” she stated bluntly, tugging open the curtains in the room to get to the windows. The night breeze wafted in as if it’d been knocking against the glass for an hour. “He’s outside.”
You blinked at her as she pulled you out of your seat. “He’s what?”
She pulled you behind her, slipping on her jacket. “I’m going to Clay’s. Work this shit out and let me know if I need to vacate for the week,” she jested, making you roll your eyes as she pushed you out in front of her. As she headed down the stairwell, Karl was on his way up, greeting her brightly as he usually did.
He smiled at you gently as he stopped in front of you, fondness and allure playing in his eyes. Even if you looked disheveled, he still looked upon you with pride and admiration. His hair was longer, but despite that, he looked exactly the same way you’d left him. You cleared your throat, the wind bringing his scent towards you. “We need to talk,” you mumbled. “You were right.”
He pressed his back against the dividing wall, tucking a cigarette behind his ear that he had between his fingers and looking out over the railing behind you. The city lights reflected in his eyes. "I didn’t mean to freak you out or anything. I just..." He looked at you softly. "Fuck, I really like you."
You crossed your arms, hands rubbing against the sleeves of your hoodie to generate more warmth. You were so torn. Most of you, wanted to wrap yourself up in him and give in to his offer while the ugly, nagging thoughts in your brain told you to run. "What about after we cool down then?" You asked, making one of his eyebrows feign to furrow. "Are you still going to be attracted to me after I'm… domesticated?"
He smiled slightly. "I'll probably be attracted to you even when your tits sag to your waist, baby." You rolled your eyes at his joke and he crossed the space between the two of you, shoes dragging against the cement. He pushed his fingers into your hair, settling his hand against your neck so his thumb brushed against your jaw soothingly. You leaned into his touch. "I just want to be locked down by you," he chided. "... Officially."
You let out a small wheeze. "You're not gonna be into my friends next week, are you?" It was a joke, but it came out as more of an insecurity.
He fought not to grin. "You're fuckin' serious?" He used his other hand to separate your arms gently, stepping into your embrace. "When I'm with other people, all I can think about is how they're not you."
He pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth, eliciting a pleasant sigh from between your lips. You tightened your arms around him, basking in the warmth of his body as you threaded your hands beneath his jacket. "Even your mom?"
He snorted. "Don't make this weird," he jested, making you laugh softly. He pulled your body completely against him, digging his face into the crook of your neck as you sighed tiredly, your cheek pressing against his shoulder.
The bathwater was warm against your skin, Karl’s arm wrapping around your shoulder to pull you closer to him in the small tub, making you giggle slightly. You paused what you were doing as he dug his nose into the crook of your neck. You struggled to shrug from his grasp. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna mess up your nails,” you wheezed, before he surrendered, leaning his back against the porcelain.
It was a brighter color than he usually wore, but the hue still gave him the dark appearance he prided himself on. Goosebumps peppered your skin as he drew absent-minded shapes into your back with the pad of his finger. “I missed you,” he hummed. Despite having your back to him and concentrating on not smearing his nail polish, you could hear the content smile in his voice. “And now, I’m your boyfriend,” he mocked, eliciting a snort from you.
You screwed the cap on the polish when you were satisfied with your work. “I feel like a middle school girl every time you say that,” you grumbled, jokingly.
He snickered. “Me too.” You could feel him watching you carefully as you blew on the nail polish, his fingers to your lips to test their dryness. He curled around you again, pressing his lips to your neck, his other arm curling around your torso. His breath was sweet against your skin, mixing with the steam from the water. “Stop it, or I’ll get too excited,” he groaned, making you smile.
You moved his hand to rest in the crook of your neck, fingers threatening to demonstrate his true strength. He swapped hands, his fingers dipping beneath the water towards your heat. His other hand wrapped around your neck, waiting for your first moans until applying pressure. Your head tilted back against his shoulder as he rubbed circles against your bundle of nerves, a sigh of pleasure spilling past your lips as his teeth nipped gently at your shoulders.
Your knees peeked out above the surface of the water as you leaned further back against him. He pressed his lips to the skin behind your ear. “Look at my girlfriend, so needy so quickly,” he moaned in your ear, slipping one of his fingers into you. His name fell from your lips as if your life depended on you repeating it. He pumped another finger into you, basking in the way you reacted to him. You hated how well he knew your body.
Before you knew it, your back was pressing into your sheets, Karl hovering over you. You dug your fingers into his hair, tugging lightly on his locks as he pushed himself into you with a moan. His hips rolled against yours, his forearms resting on either side of your head, pressing his lips to your shoulder. It wasn’t long until he was thrusting in and out of you, teeth printing his mark on your skin. “All mine,” he moaned as your fingernails pressed into his skin.
You smirked slightly, rutting your hips against his. “Oh, right there, Todd,” you moaned almost pornographically. Karl stiffened slightly, struggling not to laugh as you giggled.
His teeth dug into your neck, shutting you up with a moan. He pushed your hands above your head, intertwining his fingers with yours while his other hand moved to wrap around your throat. “He fucking wishes,” he hissed through gritted teeth, making your toes curl. His pace slowed, focused on driving himself deeper into you, reaching your sweet spot with each of his thrusts.
You moaned his name, pressing your lips to his shoulder as he dug his nose into the crook of your neck. He muttered pet names into your ear, coaxing you over the edge with his declarations of ownership over you.
The next morning, you wrapped your arms around Karl’s waist, pressing your cheek against the middle of his shoulder blades as he stirred whatever he was making. Your hands looped into the front pocket of his hoodie. The kitchen was humming with life as the radio hummed softly in one of the corners and the two of you lightly conversed.
You moved to lean against the counter beside him, attempting not to completely gush at the sight of his messy hair and lazy smile as he made you breakfast. “So, do I get to wear your letterman’s jacket now?” You joshed, making him smirk.
He flipped a pancake. “I mean, you can if you’d like, I think it’s at my mom’s,” he answered, soft tones of sleep still hanging in his voice. “You can twin with your pal, Todd. We went to the same high school.”
Your head tilted at the news, mouth slightly ajar. “No way. Please tell me you’re joking.”
He shrugged. “We lived down the road from each other growing up,” he recounted, making you chuckle at the irony.
You wet your lips slightly. “Now that we’re official, do you wanna have a threesome with him?” You asked sarcastically.
“If Todd’s dick comes anywhere near me, I’m moving to Iceland,” he finalized, making you laugh.
Tumblr media
Tag List: @mrwinemaker @madsbbg @idiotinnit @xxtakechancesxx @chxrrymilkshake @westyywifee @kiritokunuwu @theholycakehole
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choptop-sawyer · 3 months ago
Could you plz some heartwarming plus sad times headcanon or scenario where after the events of tcm 2 chop top is being cared for by a ex lover of his, after all the shit chop's been thru it leaves him thinking he's broken or insecure leading to the ex coming in comforting and cheering him up?
Warnings: Mentions of canon-typical violence
Comforting Chop Top after TCM2
You didn't expect to see him again. You haven't even heard from him in years, since he got drafted. Bobby had been relegated to a dim spark of memory, a spark you cup in your hands at night and grasp tight.
It didn't compare to the love you once had with him, of course. He'd blow into your life like a summer storm, lightning sizzling on his skin, fire in his eyes. You wouldn't expect it of that wiry hippie when you first saw him. But those days and nights where it felt like you were the only two that mattered in the whole damn universe proved you wrong.
But fire burns out when choked of air. When Bobby left, you accepted it, and moved on. It was foolish to think that a man as wild as him would ever stay tethered to you, war or no war. You took inventory of the moments he gave you, then tucked them away.
You almost didn't recognize the blood soaked man at your door, years later.
He was hunched over, hand clasped to his gut, red staining his faded purple shirt and hand. He was pale, and god, was that metal in his head?
You almost ran him off, but he looked up at you, and those blue eyes almost made you choke up with memories, welling up your throat.
"H-hi. Thought I could find ya here." Bobby said. He smiled at you, and you noted that the grin that often flashed at you had gotten even more yellow.
Without another word, you let him inside. You weren't exactly sure what was going on, nor did you think it was time to ask questions. When you had pulled Bobby's hand away from his abdomen, a nasty wound gaped like a bloody mouth.
You went for your phone, and almost dialed for 911, but his other hand came up and gripped your shoulder.
"Don't do that. Baaad idea." Well. That was a red flag.
Back and forth you go, you insisting he needs a hospital, him saying that it's not as bad as it looks. It's surreal, arguing with your ex lover while his blood drips on your floor.
Finally, you ask him what happened. You figured you had the right to know, seeing how he just decided to show up injured after 16 years of radio silence.
"F-from the beginning? Or just... just this?" Bobby gestures to his gashed stomach, and you immediately make him sit down.
He tells you about everything. Everything. About his family, their descent into cannibalism, his time overseas, and what happened after he came back.
"Wouldn't usually tell ya this. But you'll probably hear bout Na- Texas Battle Land on the news anyways. Do ya... do ya watch the news? Or do ya just have a radio? I like... I like the radio. Bubba and me, well, we'd listen to it all the time."
Bobby stops talking. You're shocked when you notice tears tracking down his grimy face. He looks old, you note. Old and desperately trying to cling to a fantasy world of rock and colored lights.
A world where his family is still alive.
"Oh, hey now Bobby." You say. You put your arms around him, gently. Your bones creak when he grabs onto you fiercely.
What could you say to him? He's the lover of your youth, a murderer, and someone who's all alone in the world. You should turn him in. That would be the right thing to do.
"Ohhhh [y/n], [y/n]... don't turn me in. Don't leave me. Yer the only one I've got left." He says.
You don't leave him. He stays with you. He still looks old, and still sad, but he cheers up little by little. He clings onto you at night, not out of the fire bright passion you two once shared, but like a drowning man to a raft. You shouldn't be as fond as you are of him. Your Bobby, who still talks to his family even now.
You suppose you're his family now, too.
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koushisatori · 9 months ago
if you can't believe in others, at least believe in us
kyoutani x gn!reader
genre: as ordered: a bit of angst w a touch of comfort
warnings: one (1) big jealous idiot, miscommunication
word count: 5.4k
note: this is smth an anon asked me to do (but like...nearly a year ago, I'm not sure if anon is still there or if they remember and my dumbass deleted the ask so I just beta-ed through whatever I had but I know they called me out on enjoying jealous characters so here we go) I'm sorry, mysterious anon, I'm stupid </3 Anyway, that's that. I don't remember if reader was supposed to be female or not so I made it gn!reader (but if I forgot to change something, pls tell me so I can fix any errors c: It's also my first attempt I apologize in advance)
Tumblr media
In the beginning, you weren't sure why your boyfriend is ignoring you
You can't remember doing something that would annoy him, nor do you remember an instant of anger in his eyes that would give you a hint about his reasoning to stay away from you
He explained early on that sometimes he just needs a day of distance because Kentarou could feel the anger simmering right under the surface, enough that something small could tick him off already, and he would hate if you were on the receiving end of this unexplained fury
Both of you also made sure to promise each other to clearly communicate, the relationship between the two of you would not last long if you're not properly telling each other what might be bothering or hurting...just in general cross a boundary
Communication probably was one of the most important aspects of your relationship
cue to the actual situation: your boyfriend avoiding you
So, Monday evening you think maybe it's this overwhelming sensation of unexplained anger and that something at morning practice ticked him off completely
But then Tuesday comes and goes, and your boyfriend had avoided you all day long, did not even bother to read your messages,
on Wednesday, you try to talk to him, but all he does is glaring at you with a look that leaves you speechless and kind of heartbroken,
Thursday is the day you're replaying everything you did on Monday, trying to find something that he could have misunderstood, yet no matter how hard you think about it…your brain won't come up with a reason that explained why Kentarou was so upset with you!
So you decide to make him talk to you on Friday
Enough is enough, right? For gods' sake, he is your boyfriend! You miss him and his strong arms that give hugs so warm that you melt right into them
You don't get a second alone with him until school ends
you practically sprint out of the school building over to the gym, knowing that he had a free hour, which means that he is probably the first person there - your only chance
There he is, sitting with his back to you, aggressively chewing on a bun filled with chicken - his usual that reminded him of his favorite dish - glaring holes into the ground
After taking a deep breath to calm yourself, you carefully aks: ''Kentaro…Ken…?'', slowly stretching out your hand, wanting to rest it on his shoulder to maybe help to soothe him a bit
he flinches instead and his heated, agitated gaze meets your eyes, making you recoil in return
''…will you talk to me, I miss you…'' you say softly, realizing how it hurt being ignored by him
''Ah, suddenly you miss me…'' he spits, narrowing his eyes ''…didn't fucking seem like it the last time I saw you…''
''Kentaro, baby, I have no idea what you mean,'' you plead, keeping your voice low to hide the desperation lacing it, confusion written all over your features
all Kyoutani does is growl, hopping down from where he's sitting while shouldering his gym bag
''...shouldn't have been so flirty with Shittykawa like that then-'' he grumbles - ''Ken, I didn't-'' you insist, but he continues ''twirling your hair, batting your pretty eyelashes at him, fuck you Y/N, if you want him, then feel free to take a fucking leave" Kyoutani cusses, not even listening to you
You shake your head, ''Kentaro, no, you totally misunderstood the situation,'' you follow up, panic seeping into your voice now that you knew what he referred to, ''I love yo-''
''Tsk'', he moves to leave
you try to take his hand but, instead of turning around, Kyoutani just rips it away from you, tucking it into the pocket of his jacket
from behind you, you hear Yahaba and Oikawa approaching (talking about Volleyball and Captains duties)
once they guessed what must have happened, they offered you their help (they both swear that Kyoutani will never ever find a ''cute s/o as you are, y/n-chan, I'm worried for my little angry pomeranian kohai'' )
Usually, you would try to talk to him, but after enduring a week of radio silence and now this treatment, you were tired of upholding something that seemed like a lost cause
you just wave both setters off and leave the school grounds, a frown plastered onto your lips and tears swimming in your eyes
Kentarou had not listened to you, did not even really look at you, and the few seconds he did, his eyes were filled with rage instead of the warmth he had usually reserved for you (and only for you)
If your boyfriend thinks avoiding you for a week and blaming you for something ridiculous without hearing you out is how you handle a relationship…maybe you would have to consider not pursuing it any longer
Which is easier said than done
The whole night you wait for a message, anything, and then all Saturday morning
you still had hope left
You get one from Yahaba, who tells you that Oikawa tried to clear up the situation as well after the reason for your fight dawned on him (Kyoutanis piss poor mood and behavior towards him a strong indicator) but Kentaro, again, just ran off
The future team captain even called you after your lackluster answer, listening to you getting the frustration and sadness out of your system
It didn't matter, right? Your boyfriend decided to unofficially call it quits by implying that your feelings for him were not genuine instead of using his mouth to talk to you and disregarding everyone involved
as if he wanted to ignore the truth as a convenient excuse to get out of your relationship
that's the conclusion your brain came up with
You softly sniffle in the privacy of your room, clutching a pillow to your chest (which has seen more tears in the last two days than in the past three years), deciding that it would be a good idea to go into the city to treat yourself
knowing that your mother has a hair-dresser appointment somewhen today, you go and announce that you would join her to finally buy the latest season of your favorite series
once there, you additionally get microwave popcorn, chocolate, and ice cream, as well as a pretty shirt you saw on a mannequin while window shopping
you feel a lot better after spending some money and ignoring the lingering sadness of your presumable break up with Kyoutani (who you love ok, it is not that easy)
In between your stops, you meet Iwaizumi and Oikawa munching on fatty burgers (celebrating your cheat days like a holiday and indulging in whatever your heart desires, is what makes it easier to stick with healthier habits the rest of the time was the questionable explanation coming from the brown-haired setter, pointing at you with a soggy potato fry)
after a moment, the setters eyes turn sad, a frown replacing the smile on his lips
he wraps his fingers around your wrist to stop you from going just yet, apologizing for being the cause of your fight and for being unable to talk some sense into him
(you assure him that it is not his fault, knowing that your friend will probably brood over it otherwise, which wouldn't be fair)
Iwaizumi adds that Kyoutani will come around and that his cooldown time is just longer than those of other people (and if not, he will give him one of his famous volleyballs to the head and use his status as only truly respected senpai to talk some sense into him) but you again decline their suggestions
after saying goodbye (and seeing Iwaizumi give his best friend an assuring gentle pat on his shoulder, the secret softy in the usual harsh ace shining through)
If Kentaro was willing...able to throw away your relationship this easily, he can't possibly really love you, and you'd accept this even if it's hard and painful
Now remembered of what you had attempted to forget about, you feel your eyes sting with unshed tears (you thought there was no possibility of you having more tears to spill, yet the impossible seemed to be the case) you look down at your phone to text your mom and frown
Kentaro 🥰: we need to talk. Kentaro 🥰: meet me there [location]
For a second, you hesitate, biting your lower lip harshly…you really want to go and talk to him but…
The tears still sting in your eyes and blurring your view reminded you of what you had gone through the whole time, and that it was his turn to finally come to you
break up or makeup, the ball was in his court now
so while walking to where your mother would be waiting for you, you begin to type
You: No.
You: I waited for you all week, even though you ignored me, and now you expect me to run the moment you choose to stop being a childish idiot?
You: if you decide to speak to me then comqjdkn
Kentarou wouldn't say he feels particularly bad. Not at all! If someone was to ask him, he would probably answer fucking peachy, what the fuck are you asking for or growl angrily. No one would bat an eye and further question him, nor guess that maybe he wasn't as great as he pretended because he missed his gorgeous better half, but…it was his fault, wasn't it?
Of course, he originally thought he had a valid reason to be upset. And if he had just spoken to you about it, everything would be solved now. Instead of being a decent boyfriend, though, his pride overtook his thinking processes once he realized that his behavior wasn't even the slightest bit justified. Not that he knew this when he saw you speaking with Shittykawa right before school. All he could see was his gorgeous s/o shyly fiddling with her fingers, conversing with a leaned forward, very involved Oikawa Tooru. He would have fetched you away from the brown-haired setter. He had no qualms about showing his possessiveness. God, Kentarou wouldn't have hesitated to growl at the tall, brown-haired boy if not for the question he heard coming from the Captain.
''Y/N-chan, how is it that you, an adorable, charming individuum, is with a brute like Mad Dog-chan? I really-'' Well, that's where he decided to leave you with the setter. He didn't need to hear your answer. Didn't want to witness an excuse or maybe the truth. If both of you were so fucking smitten with each other to flirt this blatantly, why don't you just go and cheer for him, hold his hand, and kiss his cheek goodbye? It was his choice to distance himself.
Kyoutani couldn't help the feeling of betrayal and hurt washing over him. Maybe you just used him as a stepping stone to get closer with Oikawa, and Kyoutani has been too blind to see it. He never doubted you or your relationship before, but it's not a secret how eruptive Kyoutani could be. It has always been beyond his imagination how someone so cute and sweet like you could love a person like him. Your friends thought so. The teachers. The whole school! Everyone questioned your poor judgment. And when you came running up to him, you're cheery voice calling out for him, everyone present looked at you like you grew a second head. It's the reason why seeing you with Trashykawa ticked him off so bad. It catered to his biggest insecurities and fears. He knew that all those skeptics would be delighted to see you, everyone's darling, with the schools' star setter. They all would agree that the pretty, handsome young man is a better fit than the always hostile-looking troublemaker.
While Kyoutani didn't take Oikawa seriously in most cases, he undoubtedly was one of the most devoted people Kentarou had ever met. If Oikawa wanted to get a new serve right, he wouldn't stop trying and repeating it until his legs gave in, and Iwaizumi dragged him out of the gym. When he wanted to find more advanced players to practice with, so he could, in return, give this new knowledge to his team, there was no way he would not manage to make it happen. Even if his ideas, wishes, and plans cost him blood, sweat, and tears (like getting Kyoutani to actually train), Oikawa never backed down. Kentarou had heard that Oikawa's last girlfriend dumped him because of his passion for Volleyball. Yet Kyoutani couldn't help but think that, in you, the ambitious setter would have found someone that would be able to handle it. You usually came over to watch the team when you knew that Kyoutani was there to play. You sat on the stands with your homework in your lap and a Seijoh-coloured pencil wiggling between your fingers, not bothered by the noises coming from the court. You play with your earlobe while you frown at whatever problem you came across. You patiently wait for practice to finish. Kentarou was sure that you'd be someone Oikawa would actually try for. You weren't one of his squealing fangirls, hanging from his arm on every opportunity, but his friend. You didn't pester him to take selfies with you while pushing cute bentos into his hands. When you bring food to practice, then it's for the whole team to share. If he wanted you, Oikawa would probably have to win you over and make sure that you'd stay. Courting and all that jazz. In all seriousness, Shittykawa would be a fucking idiot if not.
The dyed-blond wing spiker had been so sure that he was rightfully mad that he didn't stop to think twice before he reacted this coldly towards you. But, and this made it even worse, Kentarou knew that he was wrong the moment you asked what happened after an entire week of enduring his silent treatment. The second he heard your shaky voice and saw the tears welling up in your eyes, his brain rebooted, and suddenly he wasn't so sure of his own reasoning. You two were together for about half a year. Kyoutani - by now - was confident in his ability to identify most of your expressions. All he could decipher in your eyes was pain, paired with a need to understand, but…if he was in the wrong…it would mean that he had hurt you the whole week, which in conclusion implied that Kentarou had been the world's shittiest boyfriend. Fuck, he thought, I don't deserve y/n.
His situation didn't get any better the moment Oikawa entered the gym. The person Kyoutani thought he had a real reason to despise now tried to mend the rift between the two of you.
''Mad Dog-chan, I think you misunderstood something there. Well, no, you decided to not listen-'' The taller male says, hands gesturing wildly. While his voice still had that annoyingly cheery tone, it had something commanding hidden underneath. And oh, how Kentarou hated when someone demanded something of him, even if it was for his own good. ''Don't want to hear it.'' the blond mutters, already aggravated. The brown-haired setter resolutely puts himself in the way again. ''Oh, but you have to! That morning, Y/N-chan literally declared her love for yo-'' - ''I don't fucking care.'' Kentarou barks, not looking Oikawa in the eyes.
After another fruitless attempt to get properly into the gym, he growls and turns to leave. Already on his way to grab his stuff and take a leave, he hears Oikawa yelling. ''You answered and justified why I asked Y/N-chan to begin with!" And then louder, even though he could make out Iwaizumi trying to wrestle his childhood friend back into the gym, "APOLOGIZE, YOU IDIOT! YOU BETTER GROVEL FOR Y/N'S FORGIVENESS! THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS SHOW YOU'RE PUTTING ON, AND YOU KNOW IT!"
This happened on Friday evening, and the guilt was gnawing away on him ever since. On his way home, Kyoutani had automatically taken the detour to your house. Kentarou enjoyed bringing you home (and more often than not, you pulled him inside with you, making him cuddle you!). It makes him feel like a good boyfriend, and he knew that you arrived there safely. He would never tell anybody and deny it if you ever decided to share this, but Kentarou relished in the feeling of your hand holding his all the way while going on about your day. He admired that you'd pet every cat and every dog you meet on the trip home together with him. You were perfect for him…why again did he act like this?
What caused Kyoutani's attempt to apologize - in his usual overly blunt and partly aggressive kind of way - was Yahaba, though. Both boys denied being remotely something beyond 'not really enemies'. But his future team captain was definitely one of the very few people that could and would tell him to his face that he fucked up without real repercussions. He would presumably even help Kyoutani to get it together.
After Yahaba had called you and listened to your heartbreaking rant, the setter realized that you, his friend, and his 'not really enemy' needed to talk ut out. Totally immersed in your tirade, you accidentally let slip that you couldn't endure Kyoutani's treatment any longer. That being pushed over by your boyfriend with brash and hurtful words after handling the cold shoulder was too much. That you expected Kyoutani to break up with you on Monday either way. In-person, if he had mercy on you or continue his treatment as a silent method of doing so. While you told Yahaba about your planned ''get over it-self-care'' weekend (involving tons of ice cream, movies with crying guarantee, lots of blankets, and no smartphone), the setter had already put on his jacket, shooting a message to Kyoutani.
From Yahaba: get your stupid fucking ass outside to meet me, or I'll bench you the complete season next year
Even though the wing spiker was sure that Yahaba's words were nothing but empty words, Kentarou allowed himself to accept this threat as an excuse to put his pride aside. Because, even though Yahaba annoyed him to no end - not as bad as Oikawa but still - Kentarou was also aware that you and he were friends. If someone could help him gaining your forgiveness, Kyoutani had to accept and admit that it was Yahaba. Meeting his light brown-haired teammate was kind of awkward. Kyoutani was unsure what he had to expect, though he should have seen the rough treatment coming. Yet, getting told that you, the person Kentarou was undeniably in love with, felt so neglected and hurt that you deemed this relationship to be as good as over allowed the guilt monster in his chest to grow. Shitty Oikawa was probably right ordering him to grovel and beg on his knees for you to even hear him out.
Your answer to his message was partly unlike you. Well, the last sentence. You usually were pretty forward with him to avoid miscommunication and uncalled-for moping around. And while you sometimes send keyboard smashes to express the chaos you felt, they were always in a separate message and not so…random. The text definitely meant something like ''then come to me'' but somehow, Kyoutani had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing.
Besides, he couldn't just wait till Monday and hope that you'd accept his apology! You may send him away today already, but he still had a teeny-tiny bit of hope. If he let the thoughts of him leaving you or the other way around fester in your mind for two whole days, though,…you'd probably realize that leaving him wasn't that bad of a decision. You'd come to the conclusion that all your admirers could treat you better than Kyoutani did. And he was too selfish to let you leave. Even though all he did the whole week was being self-centered and stuck up, he would be damned to begin being a saint now and let you go. That you at least were willing to talk to him was…a relief, to say the least. Kentarou hoped that this translated to you being willing to put up with him a little longer if he apologized correctly. That you're not opposed to giving him another chance to make things right.
At your house, he was greeted with darkness. Not even a single light illuminating any of the rooms he could see from his spot on your front lawn. And the ones he saw were your and your mom's most-used rooms. Your room window, your mothers' workroom, and the living room area with an adjacent kitchen. All of those rather significant rooms and the lack of light in them seemed to be a dead giveaway for Kyoutani that no one was home. Kyoutani guessed that you were probably out with your mom, glancing over to the empty spot in front of the garage.
Oh god, your mother had been the only supportive person of your relationship. Maybe it's in your family to see the best in everyone, even in shitty people like him. But if you told her about his behavior, she'd most likely not welcome him with a smile ever again, no matter if you forgave him.
There weren't many things Kyoutani could do in this situation, but it wasn't as late as nature let it on, and after a few seconds, he had decided to sit down at the front door and wait for you, hoping that it wouldn't take too long for you to come home. As if fate wanted to tell him something, the wing spiker had put on the jacket with the half-full power bank. He had worn it to the shelter when he visited it this week while distracting himself from your absence in his daily life. You had gifted him the piece of clothing, which is probably why he unconsciously had decided to wear it to everything he did after school in the first place.
Kentarou passed the time by snarling at people eyeing him for a moment too long to not be judgmental, petting the neighbors' cat wandering over to him, and watching videos. Every time he thought ''Y/N would like this'', his heart stuttered guilty.
To Kentarou, it felt like an eternity until your mother's car finally drove up the entry. To avoid your mother's potentially deadly stare, he nervously checked his mobile, realizing that he had waited for a little more than 3 hours. Yet, the wait had done nothing to soothe his nerves. They instantly spiked up again while his heart threatened to jump out of his throat.
She will hate me. Your mother would hate me, she'll hate me, she'll ha-
''Ah, Ken-chan! Good evening.'' Your mother greets him with a tired, yet still gentle smile. Oh. The blond blanches. He'd never admit it, but he enjoyed the treatment he received from your mother more than he should. Being spoken to without suspicion and receiving a warm smile every time without fail was a welcome change to his daily life. Your mother didn't listen to people trying to bad-mouth him. To her, he simply was the boy that - normally - treats her child the way a mother wished for. Even if he pulled a face as long as a fiddle.
''I didn't know you were coming, Ken-chan, or I would have messaged you…but now that you're here, maybe you can assist us out and help Y/N inside? It would help a lot.'' His gaze immediately flitted over to you on the passenger seat. With your arms crossed in front of your chest and that stubborn but endearingly cute pout on your lips, he nearly missed the tiredness your body emitted. Kentarou wanted to rush over to your side immediately but was stopped by your mother again. ''I don't know what you two are fighting about…but please talk to each other. I don't want my baby to be this sad. Especially now, and…'' she rests a hand on his shoulder, her eyes kind and comforting ''…I also don't want to miss you here, alright?'' He stiffly nodded and watched your mother carrying in plastic bags filled with various medicine packages and food.
After coming back to his senses, Kyoutani finally stumbled over to your side, practically ripping open the car door. This new perspective revealed a plaster cast wrapping your whole left leg and a removable wrist brace on your right hand. ''Bab- Y/N…what the fuck…happened?'' His honey-brown eyes continued to wander over your injuries, and with every second, he found more. Scratches and scrapes, bandaids and bandages peeking out from underneath your clothes. ''I'm so sorry,'' he whispered, hanging his head low.
All your intentions to fight his helping hand and limp over to the door by yourself disintegrated into nothing. You never witnessed such a devastated, beaten expression on his face before. Instead, you settle for ''Will you help me?''. A question asked quietly to your fingers picking at a loose band-aid edge on your arm and pressing it back onto the irritated skin.
After you loosened your seatbelt, he waits for you to carefully place your arms around his neck. It is followed by Kyoutani lifting you out of the car so gently as if he was afraid you might break. This whole situation in itself already contradicting his brash appearance and usual behavior. It would give whiplash to all the people pretending to know him. But he was always caring in his own way when it came to you. It's why you loved him after all. Because you usually knew that he loved you, too.
For a few moments, the atmosphere between the two of you felt awkwardly tense, both of you unsure how to interact with each other. The mostly blonde wing spiker breathed out a sigh of relief when you fully leaned into his chest once he stood upright, resting your head against his shoulder. A bit of maneuvering through the front door eventually lead to Kyoutani passing through the hallway and taking you to your room, where he was gently lowering you down on the bed.
It was a now or never kind of situation. For the both of you. While Kentarou was trying to find out where to begin his apology, he took a few steps back in case you wanted space until everything was cleared up.
You unconsciously helped him making a decision by impulsively grasping onto his shirt the moment he started to withdraw, stopping him in his retreating movement. Kentarou saw your lower lips wobbling, teary eyes looking up at him pleadingly.
''Please stay,'' you say weakly, which is enough for him to throw the whole thinking process away and simply sit down next to you, intertwining both your hands. ''I'm staying. I'm not leaving. Not now nor this relationship if you still want...an ''us''. The wing spiker took a deep, shuttering breath. '' I'm sorry, Y/N…'' he finally manages to say, honey eyes locked onto your linked your hands. ''I have been fucking stupid all week. 've been a fucking terrible boyfriend, the worst to ever exist.''
As if to encourage him...to show your boyfriend that his apology was not for nothing, you shuffled around until the last bit of distance between the two of you was closed. You hum, acknowledging his words while leaning your head on his shoulder.
''I didn't think you're cheating or something, …'' Kyoutani immediately assures you. There was no way he would allow you to think that he would accuse you of something like this. ''I had no reason to be jealous, but I was insecure. Let it get the best of me. Despite our promise to communicate, I was sulking. 't was easier. I'll do whatever the fuck you want for you to not give up yet…'' he says, taking his time with every sentence.
With a sigh, you squeeze his hand. ''It will probably take a lot of cuddling and attention from you...'' you say thoughtfully ''...but I forgive you…if you promise to not do this again…'' you murmur, tilting your head upward to press a chaste kiss to his jaw. ''Otherwise, I'll accept Iwaizumi-san's offer to get your thinking process restarted.'' For a moment, your voice had its usual joking edge. But you knew talking out everything was necessary. ''But, in all honesty, 'Tarou....please, never do this again. I am honest. I will not endure this a second time. When you tell me that you need a day or two for yourself then that is totally fine. If you feel yourself giving into whatever insecurity, talk to me about it. I am sure there will be an explanation or a solution but don't leave me in the dark. Don't treat me like that. I love you. Only you and no one else. But the time love can withstand straight-up ignorance by your partner is limited.''
Slowly, your boyfriend nodded, squeezing your hand to tell you that he understood. You would probably cling to him for a while but were sure that he would survive the extra closeness. Not even half a second later, his head leans onto yours cautiously.
''…and try being nicer to Oikawa-san, Tarou, he hasn't done anything to you.'' You add humorously before small giggles started to erupt from your lips. ''Also...Baby…'' you start, being interrupted by choked-up hiccups and giggles. By using your nickname for him, you take away another persistent fear of his. What he does not miss, however, is how you wince in pain before you continue, ''…who helped you put this into words? I mean…I loved it, but…,'' You leave unsaid that words usually are not his strong fort.
Biting back a smile, he frowns, huffs, and puffs…, but the way you are looking up at him, eyes shining with relief and adoration, allows him to admit defeat. He sighs ''…it's how Yahaba said I should say it…'' It usually would be an odd enough statement to make you throw yourself all over him with laugher. As a slight replacement, you squeeze his hand a bit, still shaking with suppressed laughter. ''I promise…that I will talk to you. Can't promise the Shittykawa part.'' Another soft chuckle leaves your lips before you look up at him again. ''I hope you try nonetheless. You should not let Iwaizumi-san hear you calling Oikawa-san that, though, I don't think this would turn out well for you…so...maybe stop this at least.'' Kentarou rolls his eyes at you, but in the end, he nods.
You wait for another second to clearly distinguish the two topics before you continue. ''…Thank you…for coming and finally speaking with me instead of break-'' A hand on your lips muffles your words.
''Don't say these words. I'd never break up with you,'' Kentarou grumbles, a light, uncharacteristic light pink settling on his cheeks. You stick your tongue out, which leads to him taking his hand off of your face with a surprised noise, rather dumbfounded that you had licked his hand. It gives you the chance to lean up and finally press your lips against his. ''I'm not leaving you either,'' you murmur, feeling his lips twitch upwards slightly. You decide to leave the teasing for another day.
Moving back into your previous position was enough of a hassle to hiss in pain. It brought back Kyoutani's awareness of the second problem at hand. ''What did happen to you?'' Kyoutani asks in an attempt to tamper down the excited, happy beating of his heart.
''Oh, this...uh, when I answered your text, I got driven over by a dude on a bicycle,'' you casually drop. It was kind of entertaining to watch his expressions change at an unequaled pace while processing your words. In the end, it settled into something akin to passive-aggressive worry. The way he was immediately fretting over you while cursing and cussing out the bicycle dude was his own way of caring. As you watch him retrieving the food your mother bought, while mumbling about how you're a dumbass for not paying attention to your surroundings, how he'd come over every day until you could go to school again to bring and teach you the stuff you would miss and how he would fucking murder the bicycle idiot if he ever finds out who dared to drive you over, you can't help the smile forming on your lips.
Once again, you are proven that loving him - while occasionally troublesome and demanding - was everything but wrong.
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justanawolf · a year ago
The Barnes
Tumblr media
Summary: After a lot of effort, Bucky finally got what he wanted for his future: a good ranch to run, his best girl as his wife, two amazing childs. And now, he can enjoy it all.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. (Farmer! and Cowboy! AU)
Genre: Familiar, romance.
Note: I never really imagined writing about this type of AU, but it was so good. And because of that, I'm planning to make a series about this one-shot, called "The Barnes: A Family Story". Would you read this series? Leave on the comments, I'll appreciate a lot your feedback. Hope you enjoy it!
Note 2: I've recently started The Barnes Series, based on this one-shot, and I invite all of you to check out!
Tumblr media
The sunlight passing by the open window of the room warms Bucky's asleep face, gradually waking him up with the heat on his skin. His blues eyes open and spot a very sunny weather at the window. Bucky frowns at the view, confused since he usually wakes up before the sun, but then a smile appears on his face.
Today is his birthday. And like in every birthday, his first gift is having more time to sleep.
Happy to remember today's meaning, Bucky searchs around the room for his another gift: you.
On his birthdays, you tend to greet him in different ways: sometimes with breakfast in bed, with a homemade cake that has just come out of the oven, with a massage, you even threw flour and eggs on him once (a very messy memory). But at all times, you were always the first one to wish him a happy birthday.
So why you're not in the bedroom?
He wants his girl!
Bucky sits on the bed and stretches, feeling the warmth of the sun on his naked torso. He has two options now: wait for you to come back, or listen to his stomach and go to the kitchen, possibly spoiling any surprises on the way.
Fortunately, a little creature enters in his bedroom and decides for him. Bucky automatically recognizes the chubby little hands that move the door aside.
"Daddy?" His sweetheart and 5-years-old daughter calls him, and when she spots him awake, a beautiful and toothless smile appears on her face. "Daddy!"
Bucky laughs when she jumps on the bed, and clumsy get into his arms to give him the best hug he could get in his life. Since she was born, Mary Jane has been the light of Bucky's life. Not only she's the cutest toddler he has ever seen, but she's also such a bright kid, it's amazing how much joy she can bring to another's person day.
And the fact that she looks just like you makes her even more perfect.
"Good morning princess." Bucky smiles, kissing his daughter's forehead while hugging her close. "What are you doing here so early missy?"
"To wish you a good birthday daddy." She kindly explains, making Bucky chuckle. She then wraps her father's face with both hands, so he can look at her eyes. "And to distract you."
One of Bucky's eyebrows raises. "Distract me? From what sweetheart?"
She shakes her head. " I can't tell you daddy, or will spoil our surprise." And as soon as she finishes speaking, she puts a hand on her mouth, as if she has just told a huge secret. In a hurry, she leaves her father's arms to return to the floor, but before she could go, she warns him. "You didn't hear anything. And don't go to the kitchen mister!" She orders with a serious face and a hand on her waist, just like her mother. All Bucky can do is raise his hands in surrender, and hold his laugh until his little one leaves the room.
5 years old, already bossing around. Imagine when she's 15.
Curiosity hits Bucky hard, along with hunger, so he decides to change clothes, make his bed, and leave the bedroom to search for his family. In the hallway, he can hear the sound of country music echoing on the living room radio. He sighs in delight, having a feeling that the day's going to be good.
The Barners' house is simple, but very spacious and comfortable. Bucky inherited it from his mother, who went to live on another ranch, smaller but close. And his sister, Rebecca, is living in Los Angeles, pursuing her career as a journalist.
Bucky's entire life has been in this house, from birth to now. Sure, some changes and repairs have been made, but it remains the same ranch where he grew up. There's so many memories, like when Bucky released all the chickens and took them to the living room; Or when he and Rebecca made draws on the wooden walls with the pigs' mud; And also, when Bucky and Steve, his best friend since childhood, were chased by the bull Jack because they tried to ride him (he definitely doesn't miss this bull).
These were golden times, and Bucky wishes that his children can also create special memories in this place as he created at their age.
Arriving in the living room, Bucky looks at the task board hanging on the wall. Every day, he writes on this board the tasks he has for the next day, so that way he can remember what needs to be done. But the things he wrote it last night have been erased, replaced by a big "Happy Birthday Daddy!" message. Bucky chuckles, now even more curious to discover what his family's up to.
Using the music on the radio in his favor, Bucky starts tiptoeing towards the kitchen, taking care so no one can notice him. As he approaches, he hears Mary's voice, along with yours, asking her not to smear herself. Bucky's sure that a delicious candy is waiting for him, so he waits a few seconds to finally jump to the kitchen entrance.
"Hi dad." But Grant, his 8-year-old son, was already there, with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. The boy's so smart, how did he know this was going to happen?
Seeing the confusion and embarrassment on his father's face, Grant loosens his arms and takes Bucky's hand. "C'mon dad, you always try to spoil your surprises. Now close your eyes." He asks, and Bucky takes the order, letting the boy guide him into the dining room beside the kitchen.
Bucky's stomach rumbles when his nostrils detect different types of smells, all referring to food. "You can open." Bucky hears his son say, and opening his eyes, he finds a beautiful breakfast table full of wonders.
It has everything on the table, two types of natural juice, coffee, tea, milk, a basket of different types of bread, a plate of cold cuts and cheeses, butter, scrambled eggs, jams. But what most caught Bucky's attention was the beautiful, golden and warm apple pie in the middle of the table, next to a chocolate cake with cherries.
Bucky loves homemade apple pies, since his grandma did it for him when he was a child. And as you learned the recipe, not only him, but your children are addicted to this dish.
"Happy birthday daddy!" His family exclaims in unison, and Bucky smiles, feeling the luckiest man in the world. Seeing you, so pretty and elegant for him, holding your two beautiful children, in the house where he grew up, is a dream coming true. If he told teen cowboy Bucky that he would have a family with his lifetime crush, he still wouldn't believe it.
"This's amazing." Bucky's smile is so big and so bright, he can't stop smiling. He opens his arms, and you and your children know that this means a big family hug. Everyone snuggles up to Bucky's body, and he takes the opportunity to kiss Mary's cheeks, kiss Grant's forehead, and lastly, kiss your lips gently.
"Thank you so much." He tells you, and you know that this's not only for the surprise, but for you constantly fill his life with joy since your "yes" when he asked you out, fifteen years ago.
After the hug, everyone sits at the table. Bucky’s mouth's salivating for the pie, but before you could cut a piece for him, a little hand grabs the pie and takes a piece of it, spreading hot cubs of apple on the table. Mary Jane raises her hand full of dough and apple to her mouth, and eats heartily, not noticing the three pairs of eyes staring.
"Mary! The first piece was for your father, dear, remember?" You get her attention, while the boys hold their laughter.
Mary doesn't seem to understand your scolding, and with a mouth dirty with pieces of pie, she says. "But you said that good persons share, mommy."
Bucky laughs out loud.
Tumblr media
"And then I collected the chicken eggs with mom, but they started flying everywhere, I think they were scared that it wasn't you. It was so fun, mom started to scream like crazy!" Grant says, continuing to tell the tasks he did for Bucky early in the morning. You can see how much the boy likes to help his father, and that fills Bucky's heart with pride.
Grant looks a lot like his father, but he has the same heart as Steve: kind, sensitive, and ready to help. No wonder Uncle Stevie is his favorite, he's even teaching Grant how to draw.
If his son becomes half the man Steve is, Bucky will be the happiest father in the world.
The two then notice the girls entering the room. After the mess Mary Jane made on herself eating pie, you had to give her another bath and get her ready to go to kindergarten. She's now wearing A-line wine dress that your mother-in-law gave her. It's a dress that she usually wears for parties, true, but she looks beautiful, and you're really late for work.
"Let's go Grant, or you'll miss your first class." You call him, and your son gets up from the couch, hugging his father one last time before following you.
Bucky accompanies the three of you to the car, carrying Mary in his arms. As he saw earlier, the day is very sunny, great for giving the animals a bath, he thinks. Arriving in the car, Bucky puts his daughter in the back seat, and kissing his children on the forehead, he wishes them a good day at school.
Then he turns to you, who hasn't gotten in the car yet. "Will I get another birthday kiss, doll?" He asks you playfully, and you decide to fulfill his wish, giving him a peck so quick that he doesn't have time to wrap his arm around you. Bucky whines at that, making you giggle.
"I'm already late to work, I'm sorry honey." You say, stroking your husband's face. "Now listen. You don't have to work on the farm today, alright? We can take care of the smaller things tomorrow, take the day off to relax. Sam said he's going to be here in the afternoon, and Steve and his family will have dinner with us. Call me if you need anything." You give him one last peck, a little longer to Bucky's delight. "I love you. Happy birthday." You then leave, getting in the car and starting to drive.
"Love you doll! Love you kiddos!" Bucky says waving and watching the car go farther and farther, until it leaves the property. He then sighs, feeling lonely without his family presence. He needs to find something to do, and even if you told him to relax, taking care of the farm is the best medicine to calm his loneliness.
But before he starts to work, he decides to go to the horse stable. There is his life partner, a brown and vigorous horse named Sarge. Bucky won Sarge in his early teens, and spending time riding him was a daily activity. The horse understands him in a way that most can't believe, and every time Bucky needed to vent, who was there? Exactly, with mane and hooves, his friend was by his side to hear him.
As if he senses the owner's presence, Sarge starts to get agitated, wanting to leave the stable to greet him. Bucky chuckles with the horse's excitement, and unlocking the stable door, he lets Sarge out, and is almost run over by the animal.
"Easy pal, easy." Bucky tells him, starting to caress the horse's face and neck with his hands. "It's been a few days since we got out, right?" The horse blows through the nose, as if answering his owner. "Yeah, I know it's true. But you know what Sarge?"
"I think today will be a great day for us."
Tumblr media
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randomshyperson · a year ago
Wanda Maximoff X Reader - The Parent Trap
Tumblr media
Summary: When the identical twins Billy and Tommy Maximoff are sent to the same summer camp, they hatch a plan to get their mothers back together by switching places. Or, The Parent Trap AU. / AO3
Warnings: Fluff and a bit of language.
Words:  4.229K
Notes: I want to know if anyone likes this, please tell me your opinion ;) And good reading! By the way, gif is not mine!
Part Two
The whole thing looked suspicious to you. Billy was acting too strange. He didn't run and throw himself on the couch when he got back from camp, or throw his shoes around the house like he always did. He also didn't pick up the basketball reference you made to him in the car. At first you thought maybe it was puberty. But he told you he was tired from the trip, and you messed up his hair, and told him to go get something to eat. When your dog Krypto didn't recognize him, you told him that he needed to change his clothes, because he must be smelling the camp.
Running the vineyard was taking all your time, but you were hoping to spend some time with your boy now that he was back.
You were surprised when your fiancée showed up at your house unannounced. You were trying to find a way to tell Billy about Tabitha. You met her when Billy was at camp, and you hired her as a publicist for the vineyard. And even you yourself were surprised when she asked you out. Many dates later, you were engaged to be married. You tried not to think about it so much, and to remember Tabitha's words, saying that Billy would be happy to have two mother figures, that she would help you take care of him because she had a freer schedule than yours. Honestly, you were surprised that she was in love with you.
Natasha, your best friend and housekeeper, gave you an incredulous and debauched look when you told her about your engagement, but didn't question you. You imagined that she just wanted to make fun of you.
Tabitha told you that you should tell her about the engagement right away, like ripping off a band aid. You were trying to find the right moment.
When you and Billy went out riding, you decided to tell him, hoping that he would be happy. You were a little nervous, finding it strange when he didn't even remember your usual camping trip before the end of the summer, but you thought he was just distracted.
- Hey honey, I want to tell you something. - You said, and he looked away from the vineyard in front of him and looked at you curiously. - What do you think of Tabitha?
- Like what, Mom? - He replies. - Your publicist? Your friend?
- No, dear, just what you think of her as a person. - You clarify a bit awkwardly.
Billy thought for a few seconds.
- Well, she's pretty, has good teeth and nice hair. She can spell. - He replied. - But honestly, Mom, she's a complete stranger to me. Why do you want my opinion?
You hesitated for a moment, and swallowed your nervousness. 
- Well, Billy, I'll tell you why. - You said with a trembling voice. - Because believe it or not...
- Race to the house, Mom! - He shouted, interrupting you and riding away at high speed.
You choked in surprise, as you shouted that you were trying to tell him something, but he kept riding away. You mumbled to yourself, as you rode after him.
When you finally reached the house, Natasha was crying. You ran up to her to ask if she was all right, but she just smiled, saying that they were tears of happiness, that Billy was so big and healthy. You frowned in confusion, but you were too distracted in telling your son that you were getting married to think much about it. And then Natasha left the room saying that she was going to prepare a special lunch for you both, and you sat with Billy on the sofa.
- Honey, we need to talk now. - You told him, trying to sound serious and gentle at the same time. Billy just nodded. - Honey, I want to know how you feel about Tabatha being part of the family.
- Part of our family?
- Yes.
- I think it's incredible. - He said, and you felt a wave of relief wash over your body.
- Really?
- Totally, Mom! It's a dream! - he said excitedly. - I always wanted a big sister!
It was as if a bucket of cold water had fallen on your head.
- Honey, I don't... I think you've got it wrong.
- No, mommy! I love it! - He says. - We're going to adopt Tabitha! That's so sweet, Mom.
- No, honey. - You deny it flatly. - I'm not adopting her. I'm marrying her.
It takes a second, and then Billy lets out a mixed exclamation of surprise and anger, getting up from the couch.
- Marry her? That's crazy! - he shouts. - How can you marry someone who is young enough to be my sister?
And then he starts shouting in a language you think is Russian as he paces in circles around the room, and you raise your eyebrows in surprise.
- Honey, calm down! - you ask, pulling him gently towards you. - And since when do you speak Russian?
- I learned it at camp. - He answers quickly, and then assumes an almost hurt expression. - You can't get married, Mama! It will ruin everything!
And he lets go of your grip, rushing out of the room. You let out a sigh of dissatisfaction, thinking about how it all went wrong, and throw yourself on the sofa. Natasha looks at you from the kitchen door.
- That was shameful. - She comments.
- He thought I was going to adopt her. - You retort with your eyes closed and your head against the pillows.
- That's exactly why it was embarrassing. - She scoffs, laughing softly. You don't answer, beginning to feel a slight headache forming.
You barely have time to absorb the whole conversation, when you hear a radio noise in the distance. But a few minutes, and Tabitha enters the room, sitting on your lap.
- Hello, sweetie. - She said - You look stressed.
And then she kissed you, wrapping both hands around your neck. You really just wanted to go back to bed. You let out an unsatisfied sigh, interrupting the kiss. Tabitha looked at you curiously.
- I told Billy about our wedding. - You said, and she seemed excited.
- And how was it?
- Horrible! - you said, upset. - He was furious. He yelled at me in Russian, and I didn't even know he spoke Russian!
Tabitha let out a giggle.
- Take it easy, sweetie. - She said, rubbing her hands on your shoulders. - It's a very common reaction. I'd be worried if he didn't have a reaction like that. - She argues, and begins to deposit kisses against your collarbone. You appreciate the touch, even if they don't really affect you that much. - Let me talk to him. He needs to know that I'm not an enemy.
You let out a low grumble, running your right hand over your eyes.
- Okay, Tabi. - You agree. - But be gentle.
She giggles mischievously, giving you a kiss before getting up. You sink your face into your hands as she leaves, feeling tired.
It's been a few days since you told Billy about your marriage. He hasn't mentioned it again, but he is treating you normally. Tabitha told you that the conversation went well, and you believed her.
Now you are packing your bags, getting ready to go for a weekend in the Hamptons, where Tabitha's parents, whom you haven't met yet, will be staying. You have a strange feeling, as if something is going to happen, but you can't tell what it is. 
And when you drive to the hotel, you sit with Billy in the back seat while Natasha drives, and you share some snacks. Billy also begs you to take Krypto, and you agree while ruffling his hair.
Tabitha's parents seem nice, you think. They greet you quite enthusiastically, and you are embarrassed when Tabitha slips her hand to your buttocks for a moment when you hug. 
After you check in, you and Tabitha say goodbye to her parents temporarily as they leave toward the bar, and you both make your way to the elevator to your rooms, with Billy and Natasha following a bit behind as they try to get Krypto to obey. Tabitha is particularly needy today, and you wish she wouldn't cling to you so much in such a crowded place, feeling uncomfortable. 
As you press the elevator button for your floor, while Tabitha snuggles up to you, you look toward the lobby and widen your eyes in surprise. Your ex-wife, Wanda Maximoff is standing in the center of the lobby, and she waves to you just before the elevator door closes completely. You think you are hallucinating, and wonder if you have finally lost your mind.
Tabitha continues kissing your collarbone, but you are completely disconnected from reality. When you arrive at your room, she pulls you inside, trying to take off your clothes.
- No, darling. I'm sorry. - You deny it, pushing her hands away as you try to think of a plausible excuse. - I need to see if everything is okay with Billy and Nat, okay? We'll see about that later.
Tabitha pouts, but lets you go, strutting sensuously into the bathroom. You smile awkwardly, then leave the room. 
You look around as if you're looking for someone, and you really are. And then you bump into Billy in the hallway.
- Hey baby! - You greet him by bending down to his height and putting your hands on his shoulders. - I'm going to go to the lobby. Do me a favor and look after Tabitha for me, will you?
- All right, Mom. 
- Oh, honey. - You say hesitantly. - How do I look? Do I look good?
Billy smiles, giving you a thumbs-up.
- You look beautiful, Mom.
- Okay, okay. - You say clumsily, and mess up his hair before heading back toward the elevator.
When you reach the lobby, you look around, trying to locate Wanda around. And you're startled to see Billy again.
- Honey, I thought you were going to keep Tabitha company. - You say, and he looks slightly nervous.  But you're not really paying attention.
- I will, Mom. - He says, looking around quickly. - I'm just trying to find her.
- Okay. - You mumble without really listening to him. - I'll walk around here, and see you upstairs.
But then Billy hugs you tight around the waist.
- It's good to see you, Mom. - He whispered, and you frowned in confusion, but smiled, bending down to return the hug quickly.
- It's good to see you too, honey. - You joked, and pulled him away slightly to make sure he was all right. He looked happy.
- It's okay, Mom, you can go. - He said, and you ruffled his hair before heading off in the opposite direction, looking around with a mixture of nervousness and excitement.
The hotel was quite large, and you had been looking for many minutes by the time you got to the pool area.
And then you saw her, in all her glory, coming down the stairs on the opposite side from where you were standing. A smile slipped from your lips at the same moment, and you felt your heart race. Wanda looked just as beautiful as the last time you saw her, almost twelve years ago.
Your feet moved automatically, but it seemed that suddenly all the people in the pool area were in your way to get to her. You heard Natasha call out to you, warning you to be careful, but then you are bumping into one of the waiters, stumbling backwards and falling into one of the pools.
You think Billy screamed in surprise, but you kept following Wanda through the water, she noticed you with all this commotion.
Coming out of the pool, completely drenched, you let out a happy sigh as you stopped in front of her. 
You should be grinning like an idiot, but Wanda also seemed amazed to see you. 
- Wanda. - You sighed.
- Hi Y/N.
- Wow, there you are. - You said, still impressed. Wanda just smiled at you, equally embarrassed. - Sorry, something's happened that I don't know about. I'm completely surprised to see you, but you don't seem surprised to see me at all. - You say and Wanda looks away quickly. - I haven't seen, or known anything about you for ten or maybe eleven years. And suddenly on the same day...
- Hi Mom. - Billy interrupts you, and you look at him in surprise. - I can explain why she's here.
- Honey, do you... do you know who she is? 
- Actually, I do. - He says, smiling awkwardly. - And actually, I'm not Billy.
- Actually, I am. 
You choke in surprise to see your two twins together, next to each other.
- What... You two...
- You and Mom must think alike, because you sent us to the same camp. - Billy says. You feel your heart racing, still completely in shock. - We met there, and everything came up.
- They switched places, Y/N. - Clarified Wanda beside you.
You let out a sigh.
- You mean I was with Tommy all this time? - you ask with emotion in your voice.
- Well, I wanted to know what you were like. - Tommy said. - And Billy wanted to know what Mom was like. Are you angry?
- Honey of course not. - You denied it by bending down to his height. - I just can't believe it's you, look how much you've grown. - You say happily, pulling him into a tight hug. You pull him away a moment later to look at his face tenderly, running your fingers over his cheeks. - My boy looks so handsome.
Tommy smiles at you, and then releases your grip, returning to his brother's side.
- And you, Billy, have you been in London all this time? - you ask, and he shrugs. You let out a short laugh before hugging him tightly. - I can't believe you're together.
- Mom is awesome, Mom. - Says Billy looking at you. - I don't know how you let her get away.
You laugh uncomfortably, then let him go.
- Boys, let me and your mother talk for a moment, okay? - Wanda asks with a smile. Billy and Tommy nod slightly, and you put your hands in your pockets awkwardly as you and Wanda walk around the pool until you sit on one of the benches, facing each other. You think you should try to stop smiling so much, but this must be the happiest you've been in twelve years.
- I can't believe this. - You comment, biting your lips for a moment. - Seeing them together. Seeing you.
Wanda giggles, a slight redness in her cheeks.
- How are you, Wands? - you ask, and realize that the nickname escapes your lips with ease. - Or does everyone call you Miss Maximoff now?
She smiles, a little awkwardly, denying it with her head.
- My brother still calls me Wands. - She says. - You can call me whatever you like. - She smiles awkwardly. 
- And how is Pietro? - you find yourself asking. You were overflowing with curiosity, wanting to absorb as much of Wanda as possible, afraid that she would disappear at any moment. - Is he married?
- Oh no. - She giggles. - Pietro lives with me now. He retired from racing. He goes on casual dates, but he says he doesn't want anything serious.
- You haven't changed a bit. - You comment, looking at her adoringly. God, she looks so beautiful.
- There you are! I've been looking all over for you! - says a female voice startling you both. You look away from Wanda quickly, Tabitha looks at you both with a frown. - Good, you have met. Honey, Miss Maximoff designs wedding dresses, and she's going to make... Wait, how do you two know each other? And honey, why are you all wet?
You and Wanda stand up awkwardly, you run your hand straight down the back of your neck, trying to think how exactly to explain, feeling Tabitha's confused gaze on you.
- You are going to make my fiancee's dress. - You say, turning to Wanda.
- I didn't know she was your fiancée. - She retorts.
- How we met... How I know you... - You turn to Tabitha again, trying to find a way to tell her. - How do you two know each other?
- Sorry, am I missing something here? - Tabitha asks with narrowed eyes.
- You know, this world is so small. - You comment with a wry smile.
- How small? - She replies seriously.
- Hello, Tabitha. - says Tommy, appearing next to the blonde. She greets him back, but then looks at you waiting for your answer.
- How are you? - Billy asks, appearing on the other side, and Tabitha jumps in fright.
- How... - She spins her body around quickly, varying her gaze and finger pointing between Billy and Tommy. - Two of them... How?
- So, did I ever mention that Billy was a twin?
- You forgot that little detail. - She replies with slight irritation in her voice, looking at you and crossing her arms.
- Don't be upset. - said Tommy. - She didn't tell me either. And by the way, I'm not Billy. He is. - He explained. - I was pretending to be him, while he was pretending to be me.
- And that's our other mother over there. - Said Tommy quickly pointing to the redhead next to you. - Wanda Maximoff.
Wanda smiled, but Tabitha didn't look happy at all.
- Is that your mother? - she asked incredulously. The boys nodded in agreement. - Were you two married?
- Yes. - Both of you confirmed clumsily.
- Oh, yes. Small world indeed. - Tabitha says.
- It just got smaller. - You comment nervously.
- And what a coincidence that we are all here together at the same weekend. - She adds wryly, while the boys exchange a mischievous glance. - Can I talk to you privately, Y/N?
You nod slightly as she turns and walks away, and then you turn to Wanda.
- It was ... it's ... good. Good to see you. - You say awkwardly, Wanda smiles and nods slightly. - We... I don't know...
- Go change your clothes and talk to your fiancée. - She pokes you lightly. But her gaze is not malicious. - We'll talk later.
By the time you reached Tabitha, she was already entering the elevators. You think you should be worried, but you just feel uncomfortable. You want to go back to the pool and talk to Wanda. Tabitha doesn't say anything until you are in your suite. Then she yells at you. You think she said something about trust, but you're not really listening. And then Tabitha slams the door on her way out, and you have a smile on your face, thinking of Wanda.
Tommy and Billy insist that the four of you have dinner together. And honestly, you make no effort to find excuses not to go. 
And then you find yourself standing in front of the hotel, completely breathless at the image of your ex-wife wearing a red dress that embraces her in all the right places.
You feel embarrassed, not knowing exactly what to say or do, but Wanda lets you hold her arm as you walk together toward the harbor, the boys ahead of you.
And then you approach a big ship, and you feel your heart soar.
- Is that ?
- Yes. - Wanda confirms with a smile, looking as surprised as you are.
Parked in the harbor is the same ship you met twelve years ago. As you walk up the stairs, Wanda asks how the boys managed to get all this, and they just say they pooled their allowance with a little help from Uncle Pietro and Aunt Nat, which makes you and Wanda laugh.
When you arrive at one of the private dining rooms inside the ship, the boys guide you both inside, and you frown as you look at the dining table.
- Darlings, why are there only two chairs? - you ask, looking at your sons. They exchange mischievous glances.
- We're not having dinner with you. - says Billy.
- What? - Wanda asks
- I should have known better. - You make a humorous remark. 
 - Come on, Mom. Don't be angry. - asks Tommy without looking the least bit sorry for his little plot. - We think you two have a lot to talk about.
You let out a sigh, agreeing. The boys leave a short time later, and you and Wanda sit down at a small table. It is an intimate and romantic dinner, and brings up feelings you have held for a long time.
- Are you okay with this, Wands? - you ask as soon as you are settled at the table. - With dinner I say. With me.
Wanda giggles.
- I'm the one who should be asking you that. - She says. - You're the one getting married.
The teasing makes something in your stomach turn nervously, and you give her an embarrassed smile and look away from her to the table. And then Pietro and Nat enter the room, dressed as waiters, and you both let out surprised exclamations.
- I won't even ask. - You joke, but the two of you just smile politely.
- Good evening, madames. - says Pietro. You notice how much older he looks since you last saw him. - We'll be serving dinner for you tonight.
- And these are the hors d'oeuvres. - Nat says as she places a few items on the table. You look at the dishes with curiosity, and are happy to see that they all look delicious.
They leave next, and you and Wanda exchange a look of amusement. You both sample a few things, and then you find yourself looking at Wanda again. She smiles when she notices.
- You want to ask me something. - she says with a smile. - Just ask.
- It's not a question, I think. - You say after a moment, trying to clarify your thoughts. Being with Wanda makes everything seem like background. - I was just wondering, how did this happen?
Wanda takes a sip of wine, raising her eyebrows slightly.
- What exactly happened? - she replies. - The ship? The children? The dinner?
You giggle, slumping back in your chair.
- Us, Wanda. - You say. - What happened to us?
Wanda looks away from you, looking slightly upset. 
- I don't know Y/N. - She answers. - We were so young, immature and so, so temperamental. We both said stupid things. - She says with a slight nostalgia. - And then I left, and you didn't come after me.
She finishes her sentence with a quick sad smile, and you feel your stomach drop.
- I didn't think you would want this.
Wanda shrugged, a glint in her eyes that you couldn't read.
- It really doesn't matter anymore.
And then Pietro and Nat are back with the main courses, and you look away from Wanda quickly, an immense feeling of guilt and regret in your chest. 
You have a lot to think about, but it has been so long, and now you had a fiancée, a life that went on without Wanda. You let out a sigh, raising your hand to the glass of wine, and turning it over in your mouth with a single gulp.
You ate in silence for a while, the food was tasty, but you thought you two had become quiet because of the conversation. But then Wanda looked at you again.
- What will happen now that they know? - Wanda asked, and you frowned slightly.
- Why would that be a problem?
 - We live in different countries. - She clarified. - What are we going to do, half of the year I stay with Billy, and the other half with Tommy?
You laughed awkwardly, running your hands through your hair.
- Wow, this is a terrible idea. - You declare and Wanda raises her eyebrow slightly. - The kids will never accept this. We'll just have to find a way to make it work.
You're starting to get a migraine thinking about everything.
- Maybe... things could stay the same. - she says. - And then they visit each other on vacation.
You nod in agreement. You hold the smile on your face even as you feel a great wave of nervousness at the thought that it was settled: Wanda would return to London, she would be out of your life again. 
You finish dinner in a polite and friendly way, not talking any more. You think you might cry, but you drink more wine to calm your body. 
When you and Wanda say good-bye in the hotel lobby, you kiss her cheek, and see in her eyes the same sadness and longing that you have.
You are trying not to get angry with your children, even though they are stubborn brats. You have already checked out of the hotel, and were getting ready to leave, when Tommy and Billy came down from their rooms to say goodbye. And then they matched clothes, and refused to say who is who so that you could leave.
- This is absolutely ridiculous, boys. - You comment next to Wanda. - Your mother will miss her flight.
But your children just kept their arms crossed, and you let out an impatient grumble.
- Kids, what's this about now? - Wanda asked. - Even if I miss the flight, eventually Tommy will come with me.
The boys exchanged a thoughtful look.
- We want everyone together at the camp at the end of the summer vacation. - Said one of the boys, you thought it might be Billy, but you weren't sure.
- And when we get back, we'll tell you who's who. - Completed the brother, maybe this was Billy.
- I have an even better idea! - you exclaim. - You obey your mothers and Tommy goes back to London as we agreed.
And that's how you ended up in a car with Wanda, and your two sons, and your fiancée heading for home. Tabitha was not at all happy about the whole situation.
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ren-therose · 10 months ago
Prove Your Mine
Bo Burnham X F!Reader (WC: 2.5k)
Summary: Bo is being interviewed when he sees another guy bothering you. Though you handle it, he still wants to prove to you that no one else can have you.
Warnings: My most graphic smut so MINORS DNI. TW: inappropriate sexual misconduct in the workplace. oral sex f receiving. penetrative unprotected sex. maybe a little on the breeding side. possessive bo
A/N: As I said, my most graphic fic, so be warned. I have other bo content that doesn't get as detailed (though still very descriptive), and they can be found here. Comment, like, share, yadada, you all know the drill.
Thank you to the two requests that inspired this piece! They are linked here and here if you're curious.
Tumblr media
Behind the glass of the recording room, you leaned back as Bo worked his boyish charm as the interviewer continued to ask question after question. It wasn't often that you were able to join Bo, especially since you were doing a lot to provide for yourself with our own career (it was that ambition that drew him to you in the first place). When your schedule allowed you to join him for a press day, you couldn't help but jump on top of him and give him the biggest hug you could muster. Meetings with Netflix, a few magazines and a nice lunch in LA, you were now enjoying the way he lit up talking about the work he does for this radio show.
You leaned back in the office chair, leg crossed over the other, with your foot bouncing. You arms were perched on the sides of the chair, showing off you black blouse and blue jeans that matched him. Your hair was half up and half down, casual, but still nice. Bo never got tired of how you looked so good all the time: when you wake up next to him, when you come home from work after a long day, or being sick in the bathroom while he holds your hair back. He also loved that you made an effort to match, down to the high tops you wore.
"Yeah no, I love making my own content, because who the fuck else is gonna understand what I go through? So I throw the comedy back in their faces, trying to get them to see the tru-what? Oh shit, I can't say fuck? OR SHIT??" Bo eyes widen and he collapses back into his chair, hands gripping his hair. "Jesus christ, I wish I had known before, I'm sooo so sorry, can we keep going?"
You laugh, as the interviewer explains that anything more than two fucks will make the show R-rated, so he needs to watch it. As you smile, making eye contact for a brief second, the door behind you opens and man is standing next to you, leaning against the tabel as he stares at your boyfriend.
"Is this that fucking comedian from like, 2010 or some shit?"
You uncross your legs and spin to face this asshat face on. "What did you just say about him?"
The man's eyebrow quirks up, raking his eyes over you with a smirk. "Oh, I'm sorry, are you a fan? I didn't mean to offend you; I just thought someone as pretty as you would have better taste than a washup musici-"
You launch out of your seat and plant yourself between the man and the window.
"Already, I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you have a lot of your information. Maybe do some research on the people who are going to be working with you" you say, jabbing a finger into the man's chest, pushing him slightly as you sit back down, softly letting out a string of insults under your breath.
The man looks surprised, and also impressed. You glance at Bo, whose brow was furrowed.
Shit, he must have seen that. You think to yourself.
You give him a thumbs up and a big smile as he looks back at the interviewer, continuing on. Your cheesy grin drops and your arms cross as the man leans back against the desk to stare at you once more.
"Usually, I'm not into a woman who is so in control-"
"How surprising," you interject, rolling your eyes.
"Aha. But, your bossiness is highly attractive..."
He leans forward, eyes landing on the open buttons of your shirt before coming back up to your face.
You scoff, "As appealing as it is to lie and say I'm single and simple don't want to go out with you, I actually have a boyfriend I love and isn't a dick, so I won't be leaving him anytime soon."
With that, you roll away from him to look at Bo. He is laughing, slapping his leg and running his hands through his hair. You could tell he was probably reaching his limit, and move to the intercom connected to the earpieces he and the interviewer had. As you press the button, the douchebag in a suit leans over your shoulder, brushing the hair off your neck and leaning down to your ear to whisper "but could he fuck you like I could?"
Your finger flies off the button as Bo's jaw drops at the words filling his head. Before he can even get out of his seat, you are grabbing the man by his lapels and pushing him against the nearest wall.
"Listen, you little bitch-ass, sexist, predatory fuck," you reach down and grab the man by the crotch, twisting his balls and dick in your fist, "first, you're gonna apologize to me. Second, my boyfriend just saw all of that, so you get to deal with that and apologize to him as well. Then, you're gonna go tell your manager that I want to speak to her, and if you even attempt to twist (as you squeeze him tighter) the truth, remember the two other witnesses who heard what you said."
The mans face was beet red as sweat dripped down his temple. He was barely breathing, afraid to move. "Answer me, fucker!"
"Yes! Yes!" he cries, a single tear falling from his eye.
"Good!" you say cheerfully, letting go of the man's junk. Just as he tries to scurry away, you grab his arm and say "by the way, it's kinda small, you might need some kind of enhancer because I wasn't impressed at all."
The man looks like he might explode, but rather than risk castration, he practically runs out the door.
"Uhh, do you think she's got it" you hear a voice say over the speaker.
You eyes widen as you realize the mic was on the entire. time.
Bo raises his eyebrows, a clear code for "da fuck babe?"
"Yeah. She's got it. Are we done here?"
When Bo exited the booth, you were sitting with your face in your hands, embarrassed by the altercation that everyone just heard and saw.
"Hey Dick Crusher," he mocks, coming to pull you up.
"Noooo, please don't say that Bo," you whine, standing up, allowing him to wrap his arms around you and deliver a bear hug.
"Oh no, that is never going away. That was incredible. Did you get that from Deadpool?"
You pull away to look up at him and reply, "how did you know?"
"Because every guy in the movie theatre collectively groaned at just the idea of being manhandled that way," he said with a shudder, turning to put his arm around you as you both exited the room.
"You're not mad?"
Bo stops and turns to you, surprise etched on his face. "W-why would I be mad at you babe? It's not like you enabled him. He was eye-fucking you the minute he walked in the room."
You look down, reaching to button your top to cover your chest a little more.
"Hey, babe, you don't have to do that. He just needs to learn to noT BE A PERV!" Bo yells down the hall. You laugh, wrapping your arm around his waist as you leave the building.
You get back to your place after a ride that consisted of talking about how weird the recording booth smelled and that they guy wanted to interview after that 'horrifying and impressive' tiff.
When you get inside, Bo goes in to put down your purse and keys on the table as you pull off your shoes by the door. Leaned over, your hair falls to the side and your shirt gapes away slightly, allowing your boyfriend to see the soft slopes of your breast. As you go to stand up, Bo stalks towards you, trapping you between him and the door.
"Uuhh, hi?" you say nervously. You still got butterflies around him, even after knowing him for so long.
Bo reaches up to your top, unbuttoning your top one slowly, pulling it away from your chest as he goes to the next one. Instead of undoing the button though, he drops his hands down to your ass, patting you gently before lifting you up the door. You are now level with him as he goes back to your buttons. His breath is warm against your neck, much more comforting than that creep could have ever been.
"Are you thinking about the way he breathed on you?"
The hairs on your neck stood up as he read your mind, moving to the third button now.
"Hm? You want to answer that?"
You breath out softly, wrapping your fingers in his hair as you reply, "nothing feels like you Bo. Only you can make me feel good..." you whisper, leaning your head back against the door as he continues to ghost over your neck. He has finished unbuttoning you and was pulling the top away to reveal your bra and abdomen.
"You got that right." He plants a wet kiss on the crook of your neck, causing you to gasp loudly. "You're fucking mine."
You pull him by the hair so that you can see his eyes as you say the next two words: "Prove it."
The next thing you know, you're being thrown on the bed as he attacks your mouth, tongues battling for dominance. His knee is between your legs as you grind against him, trying to find relief in the friction he granted you. He moved from your lips to your jaw, under your neck to your collarbone. He is marking each place his mouth lands, littering hickeys and love bites like it was the only way to claim you.
You moan, arching your back into his mouth, giving him the opportunity to slip his hands underneath you and unclasping your bra. Once it is thrown somewhere in the room, he attacks your breast, assaulting your nipple with his tongue while his hand squeezes your ass.
"He fucking stared at my tiddies," he mumbles into your chest, causing you to laugh. He pulls off of you and stares with concern and annoyance.
"Uh, I'm pretty sure they were my tiddies," you smirk, shimming your chest in his face.
"Nope. Your tiddies are my tiddies." He bites your nipple softly, causing you to cry out as the throbbing between your legs increased.
"God, Bo, I''m yours, I'm all yoouurrs..." you groan, running your hands through your own hair, pushing it out of your face.
Bo continues to make his way down your body, reaching your jeans with frustration. He sits up and unzips your pants before shimming you out of them, panties and all. Before he goes down, he removes his shirt and pants, giving you the chance to admire the man that you loved.
"And all of that is mine," you growl.
"That's fucking right," he says before diving between your legs. The time to tease is gone, all he wants is for you to be in tears over what he can do to you.
You're breathing is shallow as he runs his tongue through your folds over and over, the wet friction on your clit driving you crazy. One hand in his hair, the other gripping your breast, you feel yourself reaching the a high.
"Bo don't stop, I'm gonna cum, you're gonna m-make me c-c-OH!"
You're arching into his mouth before you can finish your sentence, his arm holding you in place as you ride out your high...on his face.
As you try to catch your breath, Bo sits up, revealing his painfully hard and dripping cock.
"I'm gonna take that fucking pussy and remind you of why it's mine," he mutters, almost more to himself than you. He wasn't the jealous type, but the way that guy had tried to manhandle you in front of him? It pissed him the fuck off.
He pumped himself a few more times before lining up at your entrance. You prop yourself up on your elbows to look at him and you, just barely connecting.
"Show me Bo. Make me yours."
That statement was all the encouragement Bo needed as he slid into you, taking his time to really stretch you out. He was big, and you were filled by his cock, in ways you had never been before. You could feel him in your stomach if you pressed your hand bellow your naval.
The feeling made you weak and your elbows gave as you collapsed against the bed.
"Always so tight for me. So wet. And it's all for me, no one else," Bo whispers, beginning to slowly rock his hips as he moves inside of you. Your body reacts, contracting around him, causing to twitch.
"Hey, I won't last if you squeeze me like that," he pants, already feeling like he could paint your inner walls with his load.
You pull his face down to yours, kissing him gently before stating: "show me what no one else can do."
Bo's hips snap into to you, causing a sharp gasp to escape you. He continues to rail you into the mattress, barely able to completely sheath himself inside of you because of his size. You moan as you reach behind you to grip a pillow, pulling it over your face as you take him with each thrust. You finally throw the pillow and open your eyes to see him holding your thighs as he slams into you relentlessly.
The site of that alone would have made you cum had it not been for the fact that he just so happened to slide his hand down to your already sensitive bud and tweak it in circles. You cry out, tears filling your eyes at the stimulation.
"Bo, I need you to come inside me, please, make me yours baby, I need your cum inside me..."
Bo's eyes roll into the back of his head but he returns his focus to watching your face scrunch at the beginning of your climax.
"Cum for me baby, I'll cum inside you, just squeeze my co-oh, yes, just like that baby, fuck"
You let out a short scream before biting your wrist, your head pulling back as you cream his dick, pulsating and throbbing around him as he spills into you, warm and sticky as he fills you.
"You're mine Y/n. All mine baby," he grunts, bucking into you a few more times as he rides out his high.
Both showered and clean, you were cuddled in bed together, your legs in his lap as he rubbed your feet and you played with his hair at the nape of his neck.
"So he was really trying to diss me like that? Why would they invite me if they don't fucking like me?"
You laugh, shaking your head as you reply, "I know, right? It was awful, and who treats a guest like that? Such a creep."
"Thanks for standing up for me."
"I love you Bo."
"I love you more, Y/N."
A/N: Now this, this was my most graphic fic yet, jesus. I hope you enjoyed- feel free to send in some more requests or suggestions. I like the feedback and reading your comments and reblogs! Bo Burnham masterlist and TAGLIST linked here.
Lots of love and don't forget to pee, wash your hands and clean your toys.
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kpop---scenarios · 11 months ago
Life After Death
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader
Genre: Zombie! Au, Enemies to Lovers
Warning: Death, Blood, Smut, Swearing
Word Count: 9k
Summary: The morning you woke up, everything seemed normal, until it wasn't. The world is turned upside down the government and the World Health Organization have shut down, zombies around every corner and only the strong survive. You meet a few friends along the way, and lose even more as you continue to fight for your life. You never thought you'd meet someone under these circumstances but here you were, happy while surviving life after death. Though you should have known, there's never a happy ending in an apocalypse.
A/N: This is part of the collab started by @biaswreckingfics! Go to her page to see the other stories written by terrific creators!
"I'll see you later." You whisper to your sleeping boyfriend before you place a light kiss on his cheek. You open the front door to your apartment, looking back and around at everything, making sure you weren't forgetting anything before you left. As you close the door, you realize you forgot to turn off the radio when you hear one of your favorite songs playing. With a sigh, you glance at your watch and you see you're going to be late, so you leave it, just missing the important message that interrupted everything.
"Breaking News: The World Health Organization has announced extremely serious side effects from the recent vaccinations of batch number 0506361. If the numbers 0506361 are on your vaccination cards please report to your nearest hospital to seek medical treatment."
You don't notice anything different or weird as you walk down the pathway from your apartment building to your parked car. The sun is shining, the air smells crisp, today was going to be a good day, you could feel it. You slide into the driver's seat of your car, turning it on and immediately syncing your phone to play your favorite playlist to amp you up for the day of work you had ahead of you. As you continue to drive to work you notice the streets seem a lot busier than they usually were, especially for 7:45am, some people in their suits running down the sidewalk screaming. Your stomach twisted as you continued down the street, your eyebrows furrowing as you tried to watch the people and the road, slowing your speed. You look out your window and see a man laying on the ground, with another man on top of him. You rolled down your window to yell at them, but when the man turned to look at you, panic ensued. His eyes were white, his face was covered in blood, veins pulsating in his face. Nothing about him seemed human. He looked directly at you, and stood up. Your hands shook as you rolled up your window as fast as it would go. The man suddenly now bolted towards you, snarling. With your window up and both hands now on the steering wheel, you try to breathe through the lump that had appeared in your throat. As you keep driving, you see more and more of people being attacked, tackled and ripped into, people running away crying and screaming, vehicles crashing, buildings and cars up in flames. You could hear the blood curdling screams from inside your car. With shaky hands you switch the station of your radio to see if anyone was reporting on what the fuck was happening.
"..If the numbers 0506361 are on your vaccination cards please report to your nearest hospital to seek medical treatment.. there's a virus.. It's zombies. Zombies are attacking the city.. everyone seek shelter.. oh god.. please no."
You quickly turn your car around, speeding back to your apartment as you try to swerve off the undead as you rush back to your boyfriend. You may not know much, but you've seen enough zombie movies to know that you need to get supplies. You drive your car up and over the curb, parking directly on the lawn in front of your building and run inside. You were lucky you lived right on the ground floor of one of the first apartments in. You struggle to slide your key into the lock, the cries of residents pleading filling the hallway. Your key finally slides into the lock, quickly you turn it and shove your door open before slamming it behind you.
"Jaebum?" You whisper as you scrounge through the front closet looking for the duffle bag that you knew was in there. "Jaebum." You hiss again, running to the kitchen. You pack all the perishable food items and then begin filling up every jug you could find that had a lid with water. You tore through your junk drawer grabbing the flashlights and batteries, and any candles you could find as well as your butcher block.
"I'm serious, Jaebum. You need to answer me now." You hiss, bringing the bag into the living room. You guys needed to leave quickly, which meant you needed to pack even quicker. It wasn't like him not to answer you, it made you worry. You glance to the front door and his shoes were still exactly where he had left them the night before. You crept up to your closed bedroom door, with your hand hovering over the door knob. Your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest as you grabbed the knob, slowly turning it. You push the door open, expecting to see him, but he wasn't there. You quickly changed out of your work clothes, and grabbed everything from all of your drawers and shoved it into the bag. It wasn't until you had finished grabbing what you needed and you had a second to listen that you heard the shower running from down the hall, but for whatever reason, something didn't feel right. You tiptoed quietly down the hallway, standing in front of the door, you pressed your ear against it but heard nothing other than the sound of the shower running.
"Jaebum?" You whispered, gently knocking on the door, but there was no answer. You turned the knob, and opened the door. You saw your boyfriend standing there with his back turned to you. "Oh my god, Jae, we have to go! There are fucking zombies outside!" You gasp, still having a hard time believing those words that were coming from your mouth. In a split second he turned around, his face was beginning to contort, one eye was pure white.
"Y/N.. somethings wrong." He chokes out, spitting out blood before he falls to the ground, his body spasming while he froths at the mouth.
You let out a loud scream as you slam the door shut, running down the hallway to grab the duffle bag before heading out. You swing your door open to run out and crash into a man who falls into another group. You turn to apologize but already there were zombies staggering down the hallway at a quick pace. You whisper an apology before you run out the front door, his cries and pleas for help making your heart sink. You release a big breath seeing your car is still there. You climb in your front seat, closing the door as fast as you can and locking all the doors before turning your car on. Just before you were able to put your car in reverse and speed away, a man began banging on your window.
"Please miss, please open your door." He asks. You look at his face, he's sweating, blood splattered all over his face. His fists and arms remain pressed against your window, smearing blood across it. Your eyes drift down and you see a fresh wound - a bite mark and a chunk taken from his arm.
"You were bitten.." You say to him through the window.
"I'm fine. It's fine.. it's not a bite.. please." He begs. He turns to look behind him and looks back at you, panic written all over his face.
"Please miss, they're coming.. please." He cries.
"I can't." You yell, turning your head away from them. You put the car in reverse, stepping on the gas you pull away from him, knocking him to the ground. As your car stops so you can switch it into drive, you watch as the man gets mauled by a herd of the undead. You felt bad, but you couldn't have helped him, even if you wanted to.
You drove towards the freeway, thinking your best bet is to get out of the city. Your eyes were glued to the road and watching the mirrors, you watched as people panicked while driving, crashing into other cars trying to merge first, crashing into medians, and going in all directions. You could feel a panic attack coming along as you finally realized you were all alone. You had no one to talk to, no one to help you and that was terrifying. You glance down at your gas gage, seeing you had almost a full tank, you knew you would be able to make it to the one place that was probably the safest, your cousin Ray's.
You're stuck in traffic with your doors locked as you see a few people running to cars, trying to get in. There's a man, crying and panicking. No one would let him in, a herd of zombies following behind him. You needed to make a quick decision, so you rolled down your window motioning them over to you. "Here, get in." You yell, unlocking your doors. A man climbs into the backseat of your car, and you quickly lock the doors as soon as the door closes.
"Thank you." The man cries
"Have you been bitten?" You ask, turning to look him over.
"No.. no I haven't. Some men.. they pulled me out of my car, and took off, leaving me out there to die." The man explains. "You're the first person who offered me any help."
"I'm glad I could help." You smile through your rear view. "My cousin has a farm just an hour or so up from here. My family is heading there now. He's been preparing for an apocalypse for a long time. We should be safe there." You explain.
Earlier you had gotten a frantic call from your mother, her asking if you had seen what was going on. You couldn't understand why she thought you lived under a rock and didn't know anything. You did leave your house and listen to the news, contrary to popular belief.
"Thank you, thank you." He cries. You just smile as you continue to drive to Ray's farm.
An hour later you take a left turn, driving down the gravel road that leads you to the farm house. You drive slowly, seeing your mom's car, your aunt's car and a few other relatives. You sighed a sigh of relief, knowing that your family was safe. The two of you get out of the car and quietly make your way to the door. You softly knock but there's no answer. You turn the door knob, pushing the door open and it's empty. You walk down the small hallway and hear nothing. Your mom isn't talking, Ray wasn't yelling, no one was making a sound and that was very unusual for your family.
"Hello?" You call out.
You hear footsteps coming from down the hall as the two of you stand around the kitchen. "Hurry up." You laugh and cry.
As the footsteps got closer, you could hear snarling. Your laughter stopped as your cousin Ray came out of the back room. "Zombies." You whisper, backing away.
Not far behind him was your mom, dad, and aunt all coming out, rushing towards you all. "Run!" You scream, heading towards the door. You pull it open, the man behind you trying to get out the door, but he falls, crying as the undead come closer. He's doing his best to fight the zombies off but more stagger out from the back room, there are too many for him. "Run! Save yourself! If you meet my wife, her name is H/N, tell her I love her and our daughter." He yells. "I was trying to get home to them." He yells.
He's trying so hard to fight them, but he's bitten, he screams in agony as he's being ripped to shreds, his body being mauled by the undead.
His screams are now silent, the only sound filling the room is the sound of flesh being torn through.
You close the door, running back to your car. You see a gas can on the side of the house. You rummage through your car, knowing that you have a lighter somewhere in there. You remembered the argument you and Jaebum had gotten into about smoking and he tossed his lighter in your car.
Found it, under the passenger seat. As you went to get out of the car, you noticed something in the backseat.
A wallet.
You grabbed it, opening it up to see the license. It was the man's.
"Kim Jongdae." You whisper. You felt sorry for him, but you couldn't take long to mourn. You needed to be alert and get back on the road. You take your lighter and run to the gasoline. You pour it all over the front of the house, seeing your undead family banging against your windows broke your heart but you needed to do this. You flick the lighter, igniting the flame and throw it onto the ground. The house lights up, the flames quickly engulfing the house. You walk back to your car, slide into the driver's seat and sit there, tears pouring down your cheeks. You have no family, no friends, you have no one.
No one is coming to save you. You watch as your family and the house burn to the ground, exploding in the process.
That made you laugh a little bit, thinking of all the illegal shit your cousin Ray had in his basement.
A while later you get yourself together and drive over to the barn. If you knew anything about your cousin, it is that he always stored something in his barn, besides his pride and joy of a car, his old bronco, Monty. You pull the doors open, and take the tarp off the car, revealing its shine. Just as you remembered it. You peaked in the driver's side and sure enough, the keys were dangling from the ignition.
You began walking slowly to the back of the barn, opening another door, and here you found the jackpot.
From a machine gun, to a pistol, to a shotgun. You gathered them all, putting the guns and the ammo in the backseat of Monty. You grab your bags from your car, tossing them in as well before looking around to see if there was anything else you could take. You notice a radio, but don't think much of it at the moment.
You climb into the driver's seat, and pull out of the barn, feeling safer than you have all day. You keep driving down the deserted highway. Abandoned cars everywhere, a few bodies laying around but most of all, no zombies but also no humans either. You're barely paying attention to the road, when you hit something, causing you to swerve, and the car to make a funny noise. You get out to check and see your front tire, flat as fuck.
You didn't have a spare. It was getting dark and you were exhausted. You moved most of the guns to the floor of the back seat, grabbing a blanket and some food and water. You change your clothes, wiping yourself down before having a snack. Laying down in the backseat you try to plan out your next move, but your eyelids get too heavy, and you can't fight it anymore. You doze off completely, and for a little while, forget about the disaster you're in.
You stayed in your car for weeks, never coming across anyone human. You missed talking to someone, talking to yourself wasn't the same. At times you almost forgot what your own voice sounded like. When it was safe, you'd get out of the car and wander around the forest, collecting sticks and branches to make fires with, so you could heat up some of your food. You have some, but you were starting to run low and you didn't know what you were going to do when it ran out. You were limiting yourself to one meal a day but even that didn't seem to help.
You learned when zombies came near the car, in a few or a herd, you needed to hide yourself very well. No moving, light breathing and packed under a lot of things. You were sure if they couldn't see you then they would continue on their way and leave. It almost always worked.
Life in the apocalypse was lonely and exhausting. That night you went to sleep, hoping for a miracle.
You're woken up later, by a frantic tapping on your window. Your eyes adjust to the sun as you look directly out your back window. A group of men stand there, all looking terrified as one of them taps on your window harder. You crawl up to the front driver's seat. You know you can't go anywhere, not with your busted tire. You turn the car on, rolling down your window just a crack.
"What?" You ask, side eyeing all of them.
"Please, we won't hurt you.. we just need a ride. There.. there's a military base a few miles up, but we just can't walk anymore. We haven't come across anyone, human in a while." He stutters.
"My tire is flat." You explain. "I don't have a spare."
"I can change it for you, just gotta take one off another car." A man pipes up.
You didn't feel uneasy from these guys and you were one to always trust your instincts.
"You change the tire, I'll give you a ride." You say. A military base? Maybe it would finally be somewhere safe for you to be.
The man nods and gets to work. By the time he's done the sun is beginning to set, and then you're on your journey to hopefully find somewhere safe.
You're driving down the highway, doing your best to follow the men's map that has every military base mapped out in the 100 miles surrounding the area. "What are your names?" You ask.
"I'm Changbin." The one in the front seat answers. "I'm Chan, and this is Felix." One in the back answers.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Y/N." You say with a smile. As you continue to drive, it quickly becomes night time, everything is black, except for the dim lights coming from your headlights. The two men in the back continue to loudly talk and argue over something, making it hard for you to concentrate. You hated driving at night, especially near wooded areas, you never knew what was out there.
"Can you guys stop?" You ask, glancing to the back.
They continued and got louder. Changbin was asleep in the front seat as they continued their bickering, making you get even more flustered. You turn your head to look back at them, telling them again to stop. They look at each other as you look back at the road and see something standing there. You get startled, yanking the wheel to try and avoid it, heading directly into the woods. The car heads straight on towards a tree and crashes. You hit your head hard on the steering wheel, knocking you out.
What feels like hours, but only seconds later you gain consciousness, just in time to hear Changbin and Chan crying. "She killed him." Changbin cried. "I'm gonna kill her." He yells.
You're struggling to open your eyes, your head is pounding.
You can hear some rustling between the two. "Don't." Chan says. "Leave her. She's in no condition to go anywhere. The undead will get her. She'll get her suffering, ``he says. "Let's take what we can and leave."
"No." You whisper. "Don't."
They can't hear you.
You can hear them rummaging through your car, collecting your guns, your food, your water, everything you had.
"Let's go." Changbin says, they both take off, leaving you there to die as you lose consciousness once again.
You're startled awake, surrounded by darkness. You unbuckle your seatbelt, getting out of the car with your head pounding. Your headlights are still on, and you see Felix's body laying on the ground. He had flown through the windshield from the impact of the crash. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt. You begin to cry, this was too much for you.
And then you remember. You look up and see a herd of zombies staggering towards you. They were quicker than you thought. You turned towards the road, running as fast as you could, your leg was throbbing. You run across the road to the other side of the woods. You can hear the snarling behind you as you do your best to navigate through the trees, branches breaking beneath your feet.
You stop, hiding behind a tree, trying to control your breathing. You listen, you can hear the sounds of them walking through the forest, searching for you. You take a second before you take off again, trying to zigzag through the woods in your best attempt to lose them.
You look up, seeing a fire. You run towards it, the flames becoming closer, you can hear the sound of faint words.
Then everything goes quiet. Suddenly the fire is put out and you can hear the sounds of guns clicking.
"Don't shoot." You yell out. "Please."
"What do you want?" A woman yells back.
"I'm.. there's a herd following me. I need help. I was in an accident, I was robbed. I haven't been bitten." You stutter.
"We don't need anyone else." A man yells. "Keep moving."
"Please.. I just need some help. I'm all alone." You cry.
"Move along, before I put a bullet in your head." He yells.
You let out a sob as you turn, beginning to run a different way. You hope you can find a safe place and a group of people but for tonight, you just hope you can survive the night.
It had been months.
Months since the outbreak, months of being on your own, months of fighting, scavenging, and hiding. You had come across a few groups, but they wanted nothing more than to take what you had and leave you defenseless. You had learned to hide from most people, giving yourself the advantage of a surprise attack. Most of the time you were successful and they just took off but sometimes they also fought back.
A week ago you had come across a small town, and had found some food and water and a place to stay, but you knew better than to stay in one place for too long. You quickly packed up your belongings into your backpack and grabbed your large spear. You learned awfully quick how to take down a zombie with it, finding it to be much more efficient than a gun, especially with having spears on both sides.
As you walk through the forest, your eyes and ears are open, listening for any signs of the undead. You stop in your tracks, hearing the sound of grunting and yelling, sounding close to you. You walk towards the sound, and come into view of four men trying to fight off a herd. They looked to be struggling, and although you don't usually like to insert yourself into others' fights, you felt like being nice and lending a hand. You run towards them, spearing a few in the head on your way.
You quickly join the fight, taking down a few zombies, as they get a little distracted, seeing another person helping.
"Focus." A man yells, bringing them out of the confusion.
A few minutes later, the last one is stabbed in the head, his decaying body dropping to the ground. The four men turn to look at you, two of them with a smile on their faces, one looking a little confused and the other one looking right angry.
"Hi." One with brown hair and a large smile says.
"Thank you." The blonde one grins.
"No problem." You laugh.
"I'm Baekhyun, this is Chanyeol." He introduces. "And that's Suho." He says, pointing to the confused one. "And that's Kyungsoo." He finishes, pointing to the angry one.
"Nice to meet you all." You say. "I'm Y/N."
"Are you all alone?" Chanyeol asks.
You nod your head.
"What's your story, Y/N?" Suho asks.
You smile awkwardly as you look at the four men who surround you. "My boyfriend turned into one of them when this whole thing started, so I was on my own from the beginning, in a sense. I met a man on my way to my cousin's farm, where my family was gathering, and when we got there they all had already turned. He..he tripped and he fell while trying to escape and he was bitten." You shudder. "I gathered supplies and I took off, and ended up with a flat tire a few hours away. I stayed in my car for weeks, managing pretty well on my own. I met three guys who offered to change my tire for a ride to a military base but when we finally got going.. it was dark and they were arguing in the back." You explain. "I turned around to tell them to stop, but they wouldn't listen and when I looked back at the road, there was something there and I swerved." You sigh. "We hit a tree, and one of them flew through the window. The other two robbed me of everything I had and I've been alone ever since."
"Well not anymore you're not." Baekhyun smiles. "You can join our group."
"Yeah!" Chanyeol exclaims.
"No." Kyungsoo grunts, walking past you, glaring at you. "We didn't need your help. And you're not joining us." He spits. "You're not going to let her join, right?" He asks Suho.
"I don't know." Suho sighs.
"Suho, everyone around her dies. She's bad fucking luck and if you bring her with us, we're all as good as dead." He spits.
"Meeting." Suho announces.
The four men huddle around, whispering to each other. You can make out Baekhyun and Chanyeol saying yes, and Kyungsoo saying no.
Seconds later they all stand up, Kyungsoo looking pissed with the other two looking happier than a pig in shit.
"If you would like to, we would like to invite you to join us. We know it's tough out here, and I can't imagine what it's been like to be alone." Suho says.
You look between all the men, even if one hated you for no reason, you were tired of being alone, and being scared alone.
"Yes." You announce. "Thank you."
"Come on, our camp is this way." Chanyeol smiles, waving you along. Three men begin walking away, but Kyungsoo walks towards you.
"I don't trust you." He murmurs, moving in close. "If anyone from this group so much as gets a splinter, I'm coming for you." He growls into your ear, his tone is low and very threatening. Goosebumps cover your skin as you feel his hot breath on your ear.
You nod your head.
He turns away from you, running towards the rest of his group.
Maybe this wasn't such a good idea?
You felt like your legs were going to collapse as you continued to walk behind the group. Baekhyun turns around, smiling as he announces you have arrived. You look around and see a bunch of trees, but no camp, except for the small campfire pit that sat on the ground.
"It's.. nice." You smile.
Chanyeol, Suho and Baekhyun start laughing.
"Look up." Chanyeol says.
You tilt your head to the sky, and see a decent sized tree house sitting between a few trees. Your jaw drops, this was one thing you had never expected to see. "Come, we'll give you a tour." Baekhyun says, beginning to climb up the swinging ladder. You follow behind Baekhyun, the rest coming up behind you. When you get inside, you're honestly still amazed. It wasn't much but it was safe and it was out of the way and off the ground.
"We pull up the ladder when we're here, and when we all leave we just hide it." Suho explains. "We have food, water and sleeping bags. The most important things. We all pitch in around here, whether or not it's repairs, runs, or fights, everyone helps." He says, looking at you.
"Of course. Whatever I can do to help, I will." You assure them.
"Or don't, I'm not ready to die." Kyungsoo mutters, setting his stuff down.
Your eyes darted over to Kyungsoo, giving him an offended look. He looks back at you, not caring if he's hurt your feelings. You can sort of understand why he's weary of you, but it's not like you killed these people for the hell of it. You were determined to prove that it wasn't you, that you weren't bad luck. How you were going to do that, you had no idea.
That night you sat around a campfire, your belly fuller than it's been in a while, while you listened to stories Baekhyun and Chanyeol shared about their friend group. As it turned out, there were a total of twelve of them when this first started. Some of them were unfortunate to be ones who had gotten the batch of vaccines, a few they had lost while traveling, some died in fights, or took off to find their loved ones.
"Have you come across any of them?" You ask.
"We've looked, but no luck so far. There are two we're still looking for. Oh Sehun and Kim Jongdae." Suho says.
Your heart stops. Your head darts up, looking at him with wide eyes.
"What?" Chanyeol asks.
"What was that last name?" You whisper.
"Kim Jongdae? He was one of our best friends." Suho tells you.
You gulp, there's a ball forming in your throat. "What?" Kyungsoo yells. "What do you know?"
"I.. He said he was trying to get back to his wife and kid.. h-he told me to run and save myself. I wanted to help him b-but I didn't know how." You choke out.
"The man that was bitten at your farm. That was Jongdae?" Kyungsoo asks.
"I saw his license in his wallet.. he had dropped it in my car when we got out. I'm so sorry." You cry.
Kyungsoo rushes towards you, tackling you to the ground, straddling you.
"You fucking bitch, I knew you shouldn't have joined us. It should have fucking been you. You should have died, not him." He screams in your face, spit flying from his mouth as he hands pin your shoulders to the ground.
You're bawling as Suho and Chanyeol pull Kyungsoo off of you, he's still crying and yelling. "It should have been you!" He yells.
Baekhyun helps you off the ground, guiding you to go up into the tree house. He sets out a sleeping bag for you, tucking you in as you cry into the built in pillow. 'I'm so sorry." You whimper.
"I know. And we know it's not your fault. Jongdae was a clumsy motherfucker so I'm not surprised he tripped. Don't take what Kyungsoo says to heart. He's been through alot and he's not warm to new people. Just give him a bit." Baekhyun tells you. He gives you a half smile before climbing down the ladder and sitting back around the fire, helping to calm things down. That night you fell asleep with tears staining your face.
Days bled into weeks, and then into months, until this new life and these men were all that were at the top of your mind. Chanyeol had finally been able to make contact with the ham radio that had been found on one of many expeditions. There seemingly were whole groups of people like yourselves out there, sticking together and trying to survive. You reflected on the wonder of it all as you cleaned the rabbit you had caught, the best you could.
Kyungsoo had become different with you, he didnt give off a hatred towards you anymore. His words didn't cut quite as deep. Slowly you were becoming closer, and you enjoyed it.
Suddenly, you feel a presence behind you, waves of hot breath covering the nape of your neck, sending chills down your spine. He didn't even need to speak, you already knew who it was. "You're doing it wrong." Kyungsoo breathed, his body close to yours.
"I'm not." You retort, continuing to skin the dead animal. You tried to ignore his presence, and that fact that he made you feel so many mixed emotions whenever he was around.
You both hear a crunch of leaves behind you, making Kyungsoo step away from you and turn around.
"What are you guys doing?" Baekhyun asks, raising his eyebrow.
"She's skinning the rabbit wrong. She's going to take off all the meat with the fur." Kyungsoo announces.
"I am not.. shit." You spit, looking on the ground, seeing hunks of meat still attached to the fur.
"Told you." He mumbles, walking away and into the forest to try and find more food.
You stick up your middle finger at the man who drove you crazy day in and day out.
"Y/N." Suho calls out to you, a few hours later. "If you want to take a bath, go to the stream now. It's going to be dark soon."
You nod your head, climbing up the ladder to grab your things. You slide back down, just in time for Kyungsoo to be protesting something.
"We've all got other things to do, you're the only one free." Suho tells him. "Y/N, Kyungsoo will be keeping watch for you."
"I really don't ne.." you start.
"Yes you do." He says, looking at you. "And you will go. That's it."
With an aggravated groan, Kyungsoo stomps off towards the stream, with your speed walking to keep up with him.
As you finish up your wash, you dry yourself off with your towel, pulling your jeans on over your damp legs. You bend down to grab your shirt, when you hear a rustling from behind you. You stand up straight, your heart pounding in your chest.
You hear it again, the sound now closer to you. "Fuck." You scream, running towards Kyungsoo. Your body collides with his, your breasts pressing against his hard chest. "There's something out there." You whisper.
You both hear the sound, Kyungsoo holding onto you as his eyes dart around, taking in the surroundings. Seconds later a deer walks out of the bushes, grazing and you can feel your heart slow down.
"It's a deer." He announces, looking at you. You look back at him, your eyes trailing to his heart shaped lips. Your own set of lips parting slightly as you look back at him, his eyes haven't moved from your face. Without thinking you inch yourself forward, which causes Kyungsoo to inch back. Your stomach sinks. You cannot believe you just did that. Why did you think that he would return a kiss?
"We should head back." He says, avoiding eye contact and clearing his throat.
You feel so embarrassed. You quickly whisper an apology before grabbing your things and taking off, hearing a faint "wait." From behind you. You're running through the words, desperately trying not to cry as you can hear Kyungsoo running behind you.
You finally slow down, trying to catch your breath as your lips quiver. You hear a stick break behind you. You turn around with a sigh, and come face to face with a zombie, snarling as he reaches out for you. You scream loudly as you try to fight it off, tripping in the process. You fall back with him on top of you as he tries to go in for a bite. Black bile is seeping from his mouth, his breath is rancid.
"Help!" You scream out, one hand trying to reach for something, anything that would help you take him out.
Suddenly his body goes limp and you hear the sound of a sword coming out of his head. You roll the body off of you, and see Chanyeol smiling above you.
"Thank you." You sigh in relief. Chanyeol puts out his hand to help you up, when he's attacked. Another zombie staggers up to him, latching his teeth to Chanyeol's neck. He screams out in agony as the monster devours him before your eyes.
"No!" You cry. You take Chanyeol's sword, putting the blade right through the zombie's skull. Chanyeol sinks to the ground, sobbing while he holds his neck. "I'm sorry." You cry. "I'm so so sorry."
"It's.. not.. your...fault." He breathes. "Tell them.. I love them.." he stutters.
Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Suho rush to Chanyeol's side. Baekhyun is sobbing while Kyungsoo and Suho hold back their tears.
"I didn't.. I didn't know there was a second one." You sob.
Kyungsoo walks over to you, his face stone cold. He wraps one arm around you, pulling you in close to him. "It's not your fault." He murmurs. The two of you stand there, watching the life drain from Chanyeol's eyes.
Baekhyun announces he will be the one to put Chanyeol down, but would like to do it in private. Three of you walk away from the sobbing man, your heart full of guilt.
The next day, the camp is quiet. You were busy making wood spears, like Chanyeol had taught you a few weeks ago. You couldn't even look at Baekhyun. You knew the two of them were best friends and your heart hurt so badly that Chanyeol died while trying to save you.
Had you not been so stupid and tried to kiss Kyungsoo, then this would never have happened. You knew this was your fault and there was nothing you could do to make it better. You can't bring Chanyeol back and you really wish you could.
"Careful." You hear from behind you. You turn your head and see Kyungsoo leaning against a tree. "If you keep sharpening it like that you're going to end up slicing your finger off." He tells you.
"This is how.. Chanyeol showed me how to do it." You say. You could barely speak his name.
Kyungsoo chuckles. "Yeah, he wasn't the best at doing it either." He crouches behind you, wrapping his arms around you to show you the proper way of doing it. Your heart still flutters as he touches you.
"Thank you." You whisper.
"Anytime." He says, standing up and walking away from you.
Fuck. You were so fucked.
That night you couldn't sleep. You stared at the empty spot beside you, where Chanyeol used to sleep. You could hear the small whimpers coming from Baekhyun and you just couldn't take it. You slowly slid out of your sleeping bag, slid on some shoes and climbed down the ladder. As you stand in the forest, you take a deep breath of fresh air. You need to gather your thoughts and heal yourself. You begin walking through the woods. It's quiet, and you didn't plan on going very far. As you're walking, you stop to listen. You hear a noise coming from in front of you but you didn't know what it was. You tried your best to hide behind the tree, limiting your breathing as you continue to listen. You can heat twigs breaking and leaves crunching. Your heart begins to race in your chest, you squeeze your eyes shut.This was a bad idea, you should not have left the tree house.
"What are you doing?" You hear from in front of you. You open your eyes and see Kyungsoo standing in front of you.
"I thought.. oh my god." You sigh. "I thought I was going to die."
Before he can say anything you both hear groans and snarls but you're not sure where from. You unintentionally let out a squeak. Kyungsoo covers your mouth with his hand, pushing you up against the tree. His body presses hard against yours, you can feel his hot breath against your neck.
The two of you stay like this for what feels like hours. When the sound is finally gone he pulls away from you.
"What are you doing out here?" He growls.
"I needed some air, and to think." You explain.
"You could die out here. This has to be your stupidest decision." Kyungsoo scoffs.
"No." You begin. Before your brain can tell you not to say anything, your mouth begins to move. "My stupidest decision was trying to kiss you." You say, turning away from him to walk away.
"I was surprised." He announces. "I didn't think you'd try and kiss me. I didn't think you'd even like me. I treated you terribly." He tells you.
"That's probably why I like you unfortunately." You sigh, making him laugh.
As the two of you are walking back towards the house, you hear whispers coming towards you. You both stop, hearing the sound of a gun loading, making you stop in your tracks. Kyungsoo pulls you behind him, moving both of you towards a bigger tree to hide behind.
"Show yourself walker." A man screams. "I know you're out there."
Neither of you say anything. Kyungsoo is against pressed up against your body, shielding you from any danger.
A while later you see a light flashing. It flashes towards your tree, making Kyungsoo push into you more, trying to keep the two of you hidden. The light passes the tree you're behind and continues to walk away. Neither of you move until the light is completely gone and out if sight. Both of you let out a sigh of relief but Kyungsoo doesn't move away from you. His face hovers close to yours, you can feel his breath on your face.
You wait. You wait for what you hope will happen but you don't think that it will come.
Until it does. Kyungsoo presses his lips to yours. You're shocked at first, until he begins moving his lips against yours and you get into it. You wrap your arms around his neck as he slips his tongue into your mouth. You moan into the kiss, making him groan.
"I want to fuck you." He says, his lips still just barely touching yours.
"I want you to fuck me." You breathe.
Kyungsoo turns you around, pushing you up against the tree. He kneels down, pulling down your sweat pants and underwear.
"Spread your legs." He demands.
You spread them as far as you can. You can hear the sound of his belt unbuckling behind you. Your pussy throbs in anticipation. You don't know how big or small he is, but you hope he destroys you. You couldn't even remember the last time you had been fucked at all.
Kyungsoo steps up behind you, taking two fingers and searching between your lips for your hole. He chuckles when he finds it, he can feel your juices dripping from inside of you. "So fucking wet." He groans, slowly pushing his two fingers inside you. Immediately you clench around them, it feels so good. "I needed to make sure you were wet enough, and fuck are you ever." He whispers in your ear.
He pulls his fingers out of you, and lines his cock up with your hold. You're bracing yourself on the tree as he pushes himself inside you. Your eyes practically roll back into your head as he stretches you out.
"Oh god." You cry, your fingernails digging into the tree bark.
"Shit." He cries, slowly pulling out of you before snapping his hips and harshly pushing his cock back inside. "It's gonna be quick." He groans.
That was fine with you, you knew you could rub your clit twice and cum, it had been too long.
Kyungsoo has his hands holding onto your hips as he snaps his, grunting and groaning from behind you. You reach between your legs, touching your clit. You begin to slowly rub it and you can already feel your intense orgasm already building up. You feel like you're going to cum already. His cock feels so nice sliding in and out of your pussy, the sound of his grunts and moans, with the feeling of his hot breath covering you and giving you shivers.
"Cum." He grunts. Your tighten your pussy around him as you orgasm washes over you, leaving your body feeling weak.
Kyungsoo moans loudly as he pulls out of you, jerking his cock to cum all over your ass. He lets out a string of swear words as he releases his load, breathing heavily as he works through it.
You both pull up your pants, and get situated. "We better get back." He says, walking back towarsa camp. You follow closely behind him, confused about your feelings for him, but more so his feelings for you, if there were any.
The next day you wake up with the thoughts of what happened last night over flowing through your head. You didn't know how to process this, or what was going to happen now. You decided to see how the day was going to play out and just go about your normal routine.
When you got downstairs you said hi to Suho, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. Two of them said goodmorning back to you, and one did not. You tried to stop thinking about it but it was hard and you knew he wasn't the type of man to tell you his feelings.
However, all day he ignored you. Anytime you tried to say anything to him, he walked away, he refused to answer you and honestly you felt extremely disrespected. Your eyes burn as you fight off the tears, watching him talk and laugh with Baekhyun while you just get ignored.
Suho on the other hand most definitely noticed something was going on because a little while later you see Suho quietly yelling at Kyungsoo.
"I don't care what you did." Suho spits. "Fix it. I refuse to have a hole in our team because one of us is being a dick. Fucking fix it." He murmurs again before walking away.
That night you laid in your sleeping bag, wondering if this is what it was going to be like. You having feelings for Kyungsoo, and him taking advantage of it. Fucking you when it's convenient for him and ignoring you the rest of the time. Even after death, life was still so fucked.
You feel something pressing against you from behind. You slowly roll over and see Kyungsoo laying beside you in his sleeping bag.
"Can we talk?" He asks.
You nod your head.
"I." He begins. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the way I treated you, I'm sorry for the things I said and for the way I acted when I found out about Jongdae. Its been hard to lose people, and it's even harder to accept new people into the group. You're doing a great job here and we're lucky to have you." He whispers.
"Thank you." You smile. But you really want to know why he ignored you all day. "What was going on today?" You ask.
"I enjoyed last night. I, um, had a girlfriend when this whole thing started. We got out together, we met up with Suho and Baekhyun and Chanyeol and she really helped build alot of this. I lost her a while ago, and it's been hard. I didn't think I would meet anyone, or fall for anyone else and then you came along. I feel guilty for liking you so much, like I'm cheating." He explains. "I was convincing myself it wasn't cheating."
"I get that. I was in a relationship when this thing started. Unfortunately for me, he ended up being one of the ones who received that does of vaccine. I had to leave him in our apartment and take off." You whisper. "You'll always have her memory with you and it's something you'll treasure. I didn't know her, but I'm sure she wouldn't want you to be sad and mourning her."
"You're right." He sighs. "It's hard to let go, but I do like you, Y/N. I want you to know that."
"I like you too." You smile.
The two of you lay there, whispering to eachother, laughing and enjoying the night. You couldn't have asked for anything better.
Over the next few weeks, the others had changed. With Chanyeol being gone, it took a toll on Baekhyun. He often sobbed at night, crawling next to you so you could rub his head while he cried. Your heart went out to him.
This life wasn't easy.
Suho had become much more grimmer and sullen. He barks orders at people, never engaging in coversations anymore. He's tired, everyone is tired with very little of hope for the future. Fighting for your lives everyday, scrounging for food and water is a struggle, however none of this stopped you and Kyungsoo from sneaking off when you could to be together.
Neither of you really talked when you weren't fucking and that was okay with you, you knew he still had feelings for you. It was the little things he did for you when no one was looking that reassured you. You both knew that announcing your relationship to Suho and Baekhyun would not end well, so keeping it between the two of you would be the best.
You announced to Baekhyun and Suho that you were going to the river, they both just nodded while Kyungsoo offered to be your watch.
It didn't take long for him to be pulling off your shirt and for you to slide off your pants and panties. Both of you walked into the cool water, soaking yourselves before Kyungsoo pulled you towards him. He lifts you up, letting you put your legs around him as he leans in for a kiss. You can feel his cock sliding against your pussy, waiting to be pushed in. He breaks the kiss, leaning down to pepper kisses along your neck as he thrusts, pushing himself inside of you.
You throw your head back as he holds you, fucking you harshly. There was never time to fuck slow, you always needed to be quick and get it done, just in case.
He pumps himself into you, his hand reaching between you and him, touching your sensitive bud and rubbing while he pounds his cock into you.
"Fuck baby." He groans. "You feel so fucking good."
You hold him close as your orgasm builds, biting your bottom lip and your hands gripping his hair. "Just like that." You breathe. "Don't stop." You grind yourself on him as you begin to cum, intensifying your orgasm. "Oh god yes." You moan, breathing heavily.
"I'm gunna cum." He moans, thrusting harder. Seconds later he releases himself, shooting his cum inside of you, his head resting on you as he catches his own breath.
"Fuck." He breathes pulling out of you. "I love you." He whispers.
You stare at him with wide eyes. This wasn't something you had been expecting at all, considering you did your best to hide the relationship at all costs. "I know it might be too soon, but I do and I need you to know that."
"I love you too." You smile.
You're brought out of your sweet moment when you hear screaming from Baekhyun and Suho. You both rush out of the water and get dressed as quick as you can before running back to camp.
"What?" You breathe. "What happened?"
Baekhyun and Suho grin as they stare at the radio. "Listen!" Baekhyun yells.
“Our dear citizens, to those who have survived. The WHO has created what promises to be a vaccine. We are asking all our citizens to make their way to the nearest hospital facility. Troops are being deployed along with helicopters and planes to transport as needed. Today … we have hope in the world again”
You all burst into tears. You did it, you survived and met some wonderful people. You have a love you had never thought you'd get again.
Kyungsoo embraces you tightly, crying into your shoulder as you do his. Quickly Suho and Baekhyun join your hug, all of you feeling such relief and happiness, for the first time in a long time.
As quick as you all can, you gather what you need to make the trek to find a hospital. You say a quick goodbye to your site that has kept you safe for so long, before taking off, hand in hand with Kyungsoo, and Baekhyun and Suho on either side of you.
It wasn't long into your journey, when you hear the familiar sounds of zombies wandering through the forest. The four of you prepare yourselves for a fight but as they come out, you realize there are more than you all had anticipated. You try to fight your way through the crowd, but somehow you're separated from the group, trying to take on more than you can. The others are distracted, they aren't paying attention to your calls for help. A zombie lunges at you, knocking you back. You're crying loudly but no one is coming to help. The other zombies kneel beside you as you keep trying to fight them off, but one takes a chunk out of your shoulder. You scream in agony as you lose your strength to fight. They're devouring you as you're fading into the darkness. You can hear Kyungsoo yell no and all the pain stops. You see him standing over you as you spit up blood. He's crying over your body, asking you to stay with him but you can't. You're tired of fighting, you want to let go now.
So you do.
You open your eyes and see a film over everything. Your body is sore, the scent of meat makes your mouth water and your stomach cramp. Everything feels stiff but something smells so good. Your hearing is better than ever, picking up the sound of a rapid beating heart and the sound of crying. Wait…Where’s my heart beat? You look with horror at the meat...
“I’m sorry,” he whispers, “I love you.” You reach out to stop the knife but your body is stiff and I responsive as you watch the knife plunging towards you. It’s me you scream in your head as it all goes dark
There is no happiness in life after death.
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