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#i dont care about that anymore......... we will be together again............
dan tweets and I lose brain cells
anyways phil lester still reigns as king where’s the viddy p!!!! save us!!!
dan tweets and i dig my grave a foot deeper so phil come back and resurrect us pretty please
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kyuala · 2 months ago
NEEEEEEEED to stop stressing over shit i should not be stressing over
Tumblr media
#rant time !#ok so libra girl complains nonstop about her supposed best friend bc she is actually is kind of a shitty person#like shes envious of libra girl (confirmed) and she got engaged and didnt even tell her??? and she didnt care when lg had to change class#periods or congratulate her when she got a job and actually said some rly unsupportive stuff anyways just a rly shitty best friend i guess#n lg herself said their friendship wont ever be the same but shes WAYYYY too fucking forgiving and now shes at her house having a sleepover#🤡#n theyre going to an open bar party together w the dude who was an asshole to lg it's a whole mess#and i guess im just tired of being a fucking clown??? like i know we're friends but im tired of being treated like a therapist#i WILL help u when ur upset if we're friends. i also have the right to be tired when u come crying to me about the same bullshit over n ove#bc of your own choices?? like shes always like 'guess what she did now 🙄🥺😔' n then go back to being friends w her like nothing happened?#?????? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO ME.#if she's so awful literally stop being her friend?? bc then next time she inevitably fucks u over im gonna be the one listening to your#laments???? and im quite frankly fucking tired and done with this type of people honestly it's so annoying to me#my mom does this to me bc of my stepdad too and it's SO. FUCKING. INFURIATING#like i care about your hurt. the first time. n then the second. n then third too maybe but when this shit gets to like#4 times in under 6 months??? i literally dont give a shit anymore. bawl ur fucking eyes out for all i care i dont give a shit#like i had to yell at my mom for her to stop doing this shit i am NOT your therapist!!#do NOT waste my time and advice on shit ur just gonna do again!!!!! if u dont care i aint gonna be the one to!!!!#also kind of unrelated but one of our mutual friends was hitting on me before the pandemic but then we literally never talked again#except in the gc until shang chi n then we started talking again n it's so stressful not knowing if theres something there or not??#n i know he n libra girl hit on each other constantly for a whiiiile now which just makes things worse ? 😀#it's like yea i want him but does he want me? i know he wants her n she wants him n i dont want them to want each other#thats the bisexual dilemma ig we all go through it sometime#also i cant stop projecting onto him but at least im aware of it jdndkfkdkfkd#he's just way too fucking nice#mari.txt#personal#dl
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birbie · 2 years ago
#im DONE BEING THIS FYFYFUFUCKING SAD#ARGGHHH WHEN IS IT GOING TO FUCKING S T O P OOOOH MY GOD#WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE EVERY GOOD THING THAT HAPPENS TO ME#AND JUST WHEN I THOT I WAS IN THE CLEAR AND LOVED AND THAT I COULD RELAX HE FUCKING LEFT LIKE THAT#LIKE I DONT CARE ABOUT U U ARIES PIECE OF SHIT BUT WHY DID U LET ME FEEL SECURE AND THEN FUCKING LEFT JESUS CHRIST#IM SO MAD ABOUT THIS#I HAD A HELL OF A YEAR IN 2018 AND JUST AT THE END A GOOD THING HAPPENED TO ME AND U HAD TO DESTROY IT U FUCKING IDIOT#COMPLETE AND UTTER TRASH#DONT MESS WITH PEOPLES LIVES JESUS CHRIST GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER U WASTED 3 MONTHS OF MY LIFE#THAT RELATIONSHIP AND EVERYTHING U DID WAS SO NOT WORTH IT#im so MAD#AND UR GONNA JUST GO AHEAD#I WAS JUST STARTING TO FEEL BETTER AND I WAS JUST STARTING TO TRUST U AND WE HAD A PERFECT WEEKEND AND U WERE HAPPY AND A FUCKING WEEK LATER#a WEEK#U LEAVE ME BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IN GENERAL IS HARD AND BLAME IT ON ME U PIECE OF SHIT#i dont even wanna see him again anymore but jesus christ#he hurt me si much#and that relationship that we had was soooo not worth it#he introduced me to all his friends#talked to his family about me#he insisted he meet my friends and was acting perfectly normal and he even had to convince me in the beggining that he really liked me#if any of my ex friends somehow still knows about this blog then congrats enjoy seeing my life fall apart#he told me a week before we broke up that i didnt have to worry at all if he liked me or not#stupid waste of my time and now i feel fucked and alone#and for what#we had..... so many fucking plans and we both were talking about them#we wanted to go to berlin in april#he already looked up hostel prices and shit#im just so.... betrayed#i dont even want him back now that i know how he really is but im so hurt that he did this to me
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sluttsumu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring: prohero!bakugou, kirishima, denki, sero
warnings: 18+, nsfw, no specific warnings
wc: 0.8 ??? roughly
a/n: i wanted to write some hcs for some of my fav boys, i got this idea from @c0rncheez ! AHHHH i’m finally writing for mha.
Tumblr media
he loves a girl with some attitude.
a brat, a troublemaker, someone that keeps him on his toes.
he has quite the attitude himself so he loves when you can keep up with him
bakugou is not used to people arguing with him because they’re scared, you on the other hand are not. and that turns him on, especially when you’re right and he’s wrong.
you that tiktok where it says “I love the kind of woman that will actually just, kill me” ? THATS HIM.
arguments are actually funny to him, especially when you get very bold.
because he knows he could have you crying, and apologizing while his dick tip mercilessly hits your cervix.
with him being raised by a dominant woman he craves those same qualities in a partner because he knows how to deal with that.
rather than someone muted and passive.
knowing you could go from firey and fiesty, to a whining moaning mess just giving into him, makes him so fucking hard.
Tumblr media
now we all know that he’s attracted to hotheads (bakugou)
but I think he is obsessed with the idea of a well mannered classy woman.
also i’m mostly using this in the context of sugardaddy!kirishima
I feel like he likes golddiggers
he loves a woman who knows how to take care of herself, who wants to be spoiled, who is cocky, but knows how to be polite and well mannered to everybody who deserves it
greedy whores is what i’m saying, basically
 someone who can stay calm and composed during situations where their patience is tested. that’s the definition of a woman to him.
the only person who can break that composure is him, the only person that gets to see just how fucking greedy you are begging for his cock, and for him to fuck you full.
in reward for your class, he’ll spoil you accordingly.
he’ll practically stare at you with heart eyes drooling when the two of you were going out for dinner and he sees you wearing the brand new dress, and diamonds he bought you.
class isn’t just about how you act but how you present yourself, and you look like the biggest gift at the bottom of a fucking christmas tree to him. Beautiful on the outside so hard to unravel and all the good stuff is on the inside.
Tumblr media
i think sero is in love with toxicity
honestly this goes more with the idea of possessiveness, but to know that somebody is addicted to you for the wrong reasons and will always end up coming back to you drives him crazy.
hate sex, makeup sex, breakup sex, ALL OF IT.
he’s a big tease and teasing you about how much you need him (when in reality you don’t he just wants to corrupt you into thinking that) turns him on.
you look so helpless under him, holding back tears because you know how wrong it is that you’re in bed with your ex AGAIN.
“you just cant stay away from me, can you?”
you’re not aloud to date or fuck with anyone else, why? because hanta will know, and if that person ends up sending you a text saying you can’t see each other anymore. you know why.
he knows that he just has to be good to you for a while, before going back to his insensitive ways, then y’all break up, and suddenly his face is stuffed in your cunt at 3am, you guys get back together and the cycle continues.
Tumblr media
denki loves how innocent you act because he knows you’re anything but innocent.
you’re so nice around your family and friends always smiling and so dainty but such a fucking cockwhore behind closed doors. his cockwhore.
he knows better than anyone how much of a greedy slut you are, always begging, and asking for more.
so he finds it confusing sometimes about how coy and naive you act.
kiri says “you’re as sweet as ever” sero says that “the two of you are perfect for each other” bakugou can actually tolerate you.
all of his friends love you, they all love and know the version of you that you let them see.
but are completely unaware of who you really are at night.
it makes his cock stir in his pants just seeing you around others in public, and you just look so pretty, so delicate, so breakable.
he’s tried to fuck all of the innocence out of you but you will never let the act up? no, solely because you know how hard it gets him.
Tumblr media
sluttsumu 2021
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letmebeyourruri-chan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Part1: mammon;leviathan
In which a spell gone wrong leaves poor m/c stuck in a wall...
Warnings: nsfw,minors dni. Slight dubcon,degradtion
A/n: i would like to wish the homies on the discord who listened to me rant about this a very pleasant evening 🧎🏼‍♀️
You weren’t very skilled when it came to magic. Sure,the ability had come somewhat naturally to you(you’re guessing it was because of your blood) but that didn’t mean you were any good at it.
You had told Solomon this multiple times as he handed you a quickly scribbled down spell in class,insisting that trying something like this would be near impossible. You already had a great deal of trouble with small spells,even with him helping you most of the time.
But he was persistent,assuring you that it was more than simple enough for you to cast on your own,and that it would really help you out in the long run.
So thats how you ended up in your current predicament.
He was right,the spell was relatively simple,a quick portal spell to help you move across short distances alot quicker.
Maybe you just drew the seal a little too small,you thought as you wiggled around,trying desperately to dislodge yourself from the hole that was wrapped tightly around your middle. “Or maybe it just closed too fast?”
You kept pondering what could have went wrong as you cursed yourself for drawing the magic circle so low on the wall. Your body was bent in an uncomfortable angle,bent at the waist with your feet just barely touching the ground.
You’re upper half was trapped staring at the piano in the music room,while your lower half was still back in your room,along with the spell you needed to get yourself out.
You wiggled around a little more before sighing. There was absolutely no way you were going to get out of this on your own.
You prepared yourself for the inevitable embarrassment as you mustered up the courage to yell out for help,but the sound of a doorknob wiggling abruptly stopped you.
Tumblr media
Mammon always loved this time of the day. Just after school,he knew his brothers would be too busy with homework or other stuff (like taking a a nap or raiding the fridge) to bother you,so that meant he had you all to himself!
He,of course didn’t care much if you were busy yourself,because you always indulged him regardless of whatever you had going on.
With a wide grin and a loud “hey hey hey” he swung open the door to your room,just barely stopping it from slamming into the wall (lest lucifer yell at him for slamming doors) before welcoming himself inside.
His eyes immediately went to the bed,expecting you to be huddled up there with school work or your DDD,but it was empty,much to his confusion.
“Ah! Mammon, is that you? Over here!” His eyes darted around the room in confusion as your muffled voice sounded out. He saw various pieces of chalk and a strange symbol scratched onto a piece of paper scattered on the floor,before his eyes finally landed on you.
Or rather your exposed bottom half.
Mammons eyes widened and his mouth went dry at the sight of your peach coloured panties only barely covering your ass.
Your skirt had completely ridden up,giving him the perfect view of your creamy tights rubbing together as you squirmed. He gulped as he felt his pants tighten at the sight,the sound of you pleading for his help falling on deaf ears.
“Mammon! A-are you listening? Can you please come to the music room with that spell on the ground? I-ah i cant get out.”
Mammon felt his cock twitch at the sounds you were making,biting his lip to suppress the groan what was threatening to escape his throat.
“Yeah yeah,gimme a sec.” He grunted,briefly looking behind him and shutting the door. He would much rather die than have any of his brothers see you like this. This was something only he was allowed to see.
Licking his lips, Mammon started walking towards you,stopping only inches away from your quivering legs. You wiggled a bit,sensing him behind you,suddenly feeling very aware of how close he was.
“T-the spell. Its over there on the ah!” You yelped as you felt a warm hand come to rest on your ass,thumb rubbing soft circles in your skin as a chuckle sounded out behind you.
💵once he gets over tue initial shock of seeing you in such a compromising position,he’d be so smug
💵this is a once in a lifetime opportunity right? His little M/C splayed out for him like this.
💵he’d start off by just rubbing you through your panties,taking in your little gasps and moans interrupting your protests.
💵but of course he wouldn’t keep teasing for long.
Mammon rubbed his skilled fingers over the growing wet spot on your panties,not missing the way your breath hitched as he pressed a little harder.
“M-mammon stop! Come on what if someone comes in?” He only grinned ,hooking his hingers into the waistband of your panties before slowly starting to pull them down.
“But look at how wet ya are M/C! What kinda demon would i be if i just left ya like this?” You could hear the smugness in his voice as he ran his fingertips over your wetness,soaking them thoroughly before pressing against your clit.
You couldn’t stop the moan from leaving your lips even if you wanted too,especially not with mammons skilled fingers moving to prod at your entrance.
“Awhh look at that! You’re dripping! So fuckin’ messy. Guess we dont need too much prep then huh?” He said slyly,suddenly pulling away from you.
In reality,he would have loved to keep teasing you till he had his fill,heck,he’d spend hours just eating you out right then and there if he could,but alas,the near painful strain of his hard cock in his jeans was becoming too much for him to handle.
You could only squirm as you heard him fiddle with his belt,trying very hard to get him to touch you again.
It wasn’t long before you felt the head of his cock pushing against you,only barely pushing inside your heat. He ran his tip over your folds,his precum mixing with your juices as he rubbed against your clit.
“Ma-mammon c’mon” you breathed out,again trying to push back against him
He scoffed,using his free hand to spread you open and watch as your hole clenched around nothing. “Just a second ago you were bout someone comin’ in,now you’re beggin for me? Doesn’t take much for you to turn into a messy lil whore huh?”
You could only whine at his harsh words,desperately struggling to move yourself backwards onto him. You’re movements were quickly stilled by a harsh slap to your ass,the sudden sting causing you to yelp.
“Be a good slut and stay still for me,then maybe I’ll give ya what you want”
Tumblr media
Of course as soon as levi heard you were home from school he was going straight to your room.
He knew that if he wasn’t fast enough,Mammon would most likely steal your attention first and he couldn’t have that. He had already prepared a whole setup for the two of you to spend the afternoon gaming together,and he’d be damned if one of his brothers were to mess up his plans.
Levi practically sprinted to your room,excited to tell you about the new episode of your favourite sports anime that had just come out. Heck he was so excited that he was already ranting about it before opening the door.
“M/C you won’t BELIEVE how this season ended! They left us with a total cliffhanger! But on the bright side the two main characters finally-“
Levi fell silent as soon as he stepped into the room,the words dying in his throat as his eyes landed on the shape stuck in the wall.
“Levi? Oh thank goodness! My spell went wrong now im stuck. I told Solomon I couldn’t do it but he didn’t listen!. Could you maybe please...”
Leviathan couldn’t hear a single word you were saying,his attention solely fixed on the violet lace that just barely left anything to the imagination,perfectly showing off the shape of your ass.
Not only that,but you were still in your school uniform,which meant that your legs were still covered by your thigh high socks,the sight alone was enough to make Levi to throb.
🐍Levi had many dreams similar to this before,so of course the next step would be obvious
🐍 He always made a point to read whatever lewd manga he could get his hands on,it was the only way he could obtain more dream scenarios.
🐍 Levi would not hesitate to start touching you right away,he’s been aching for this particular scene for so long after all.
“This can’t be real.” Levi gasped out,blinking hard asif to try and wake himself up. “Am i dreaming?” He muttered,slowly starting to walk closer to your form. “W-what? Hey c’mon Levi this is serious! I can’t get out!”
You squirmed a bit,causing your skirt to ride up higher and Levi couldn’t help but reach out to touch you.
You gasped at the feeling of his cold hand on your bare cheek,a dark blush spreading across your face. “This is like something straight out of a Doujin. This has to be a dream”
You heard Levi shuffle around behind you,your shameful excitement keeping you from saying anything. “Funny,I don’t remember falling asleep though”
Levi rubbed his large palm up your thigh,fingers only barely brushing against your heat. You prayed that he didn’t notice the subtle wet spot that was surely starting to form on your underwear by now. “Wow M/c.” You heard him groan,both of his hands coming up to firmly grip your ass,spreading your cheeks apart and watching your wetness stain the purple fabric.
“Even in my dreams,you’re so warm” you gasped softly at his actions,once again starting to squirm. “L-levi this isn’t a-Ah!”
Levi pressed his face into your crotch,inhaling deeply before sticking his tongue out to lap at your juices that soaked through. You heard him moan as he sucked on the fabric,the action causing you to press yourself closer to him.
He pulled away for a second,panting as he licked his lips. The flavour of you lingering on his tongue was enough to convince him that this was definitely not a dream,but stopping now when he was so far gone was definitely not an option anymore. Especially not with his cock straining against his underwear.
There was a short pause before Levi started pulling your panties down,his eyes following the long string of arousal that clung to the material.
You felt him shuffle behind you again,his hands leaving your ass and coming up to rest on your hips as soon as he pulled his sweats down,just enough to free his cock.
The sound you made was downright sinful as you felt him press against you,burying himself snuggly between your thighs.
“Wha-what are you doing?” You gasped out feeling shame wash over you as your wetness started dripping down your legs.
“Well,If this is a doujin,that means I’m the protagonist right? Obviously,Im just moving on to the next chapter”
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ohajime · 8 months ago
Haikyu Boys neglecting you for another girl PT 1 (Kenma)
Tumblr media
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Word count: 1.3K
Genre: angst,fluff
Tumblr media
You go over to your boyfriend ,Kenma’s, house every weekened to play on your shade survival minecraft world 
But one week you were too cramped to come over one week so you missed out on a gaming session 
At school the following week you heard Kuroo and the guys teasing Kenma over a new found gaming friend 
But you payed no attention
Now you’re done with your exams and ready to continue on w/ Kenma on fighting the enderdragon and building up your world
You get to Kenmas house an hour after finishing your school club, upon entering you hear him button smashing upstairs (per usual) but something not so usual was him giggling with laughter...
Kenma.Your stoic boyfriend Kenma. giggling..
Because of your confusion you slowly go up the stairs as his laughter ensues making you more perplexed ‘kenma barely talks to people that aren’t Kuroo and me, especially someone who makes him laugh this much’ you think to yourself.
“Ella, i’ve found the stronghold! Just follow me” Kenma exclaimed as you entered his bedroom “Yes Ella you have to press X to jump” he laughed again
‘Ella, who’s ella’ you think. You hear a response on the other end but you can make it out properly. Kenma and ‘Ella’ continue on speaking making plans on what they’re about to do next.. with Kenma not noticing you came into his room yet. You look at the TV and notice that Kenma is playing with someone else on YOUR world that you started which made you slightly agitated. 
You purposefully drop your bag a tad too aggressively, but that seems to work as you catch Kenmas attention as he turns to you for a split second as he mumbles quitely “Oh hey babe” before swiftly getting engrossed again into the game.
Annoyed, you sit on next to him on the bed waiting.. JUST WAITING for some proper acknowledgement to which you received none. You just sat there mindlessly scrolling through your phone as he continuously talked with Ella AND coached her through killing the ender dragon (a plan that you and Kenma said to do together since the beginning of your minecraft survival world idea)
After almost an hour of just sitting there idly, you decide to get up pick up your bag and leave. Hoping just hoping that your ‘oh-so great and caring’ boyfriend would take off his headset and stop you from leaving. But this isn’t a movie of course... so no Kenma did not run straight after you pull you into his arms and comfort you. He stayed in his room laughing away with Ella putting you at the back of his mind.
You go straight home and cry still wishing for a follow-up text on the incident that happened at Kenmas but no response there.
Luckily for you, it was half term break meaning there was no school for a couple weeks so you didn’t have to face the awkward confrontation or lack thereof with Kenma at school. But it was unlucky for you since usually every half term and weekend you’d spend at Kenmas but obviously now you can’t.
You do wonder if he’s thought about texting or calling you to reconcile or even just thought about you at all. You desperately wanted to reach out to him, but with your relationship you do feel that you’re the one that always has to start the conversation after you’ve had a ‘falling out.’ So all you do is wait ( assuming that you’ve broke up or something for now.)
The two weeks of break has ended and now you’re back at school waiting to face the music. The whole day, you felt anxious waiting to bump into him in the corridor or see him at lunch but you never did.
Later that day you get a message..
Kuroo: Hey y/n! How have you been ??
Y/N: Fine.. i guess
Kuroo: How are things with Kenma
Y/N: Tbh I don’t really know, we haven’t spoken since the weekend...two weeks ago I don’t think we’re together anymore..
Kuroo: Y/N don’t say that you and Kenma are definitley how do you spell deathfinetly? still together just meet him today at the arcade at 8pm and ALL WILL BE REVEALED 
Y/N: okay....
Kuroo: DW Y/N! It’ll all be fine
Nervous, you get changed (making sure to look extra cute because this may be the last time you’ll have the title of ‘Kenma’s Girlfriend’ :(( ) You arrive at the arcade and look around for a second before spotting Kenma at the race car game (where you had your first date) and it looks to you he is hiding something behind his back..
When you reached him he looked very shy (even more so then usual) and you were about to speak before he shouted
“Y/N!” he said cringing at the volume of his own voice “ I need to tell you something, more like show you..”
You stood before him with your arms crossed silently tapping your foot waiting on him to continue. Surprisingly, he brings in front of you a little girl who looked about 8 or 9 with a very very cute face.
“n-n-nice to meet you” she bowed in front of you a blush covering her face
“Y/N this is Ella” Kenma said “My new step-sister”
You were shocked to say the least Kenma having a new sister that was great but didn’t answer ALL your questions. Judging your facial expressions Kenma led you and him to sit down letting Ella go on play (as you obviously watch her close-by) 
“Okay, I know you’re probably confused but Ella is ma’s new boyfriends daughter and that time you came over my house was my first time ‘meeting’ her so instead of doing it physically I thought the best thing to do was to play minecraft with her and as I was so focused on that I kinda sorta forgot about our usual dates and over half term I went over to hyogo were Ella and her dad live for the break to meet them officially I’m sorry very very very sorry Y/N for not contacting you i just assumed you were mad at me ... which you still probably are now so i understand if you want to break up and i-” Kenma stops hearing you slightly chuckle looking exasperated after all that rambling. 
Thats the most you’ve ever heard Kenma speak in one go ever and you thought it was endearing that he has a new sister. Of course you were mad that your boyfriend that he neglected you for weeks but you were definitley over that and wanted to just continue on with your life with him.
Kenma stared at you expecting some form of response and all you did was stand up, go to him and pat his head. 
“You’re so cute kenma” you said “Of course I was mad, but i get it now”
“So are we still boyfr-”
“Miss Y/N” asked Ella looking up at you awww how cute “Are you and nii-chan boyfrined and girlfriend”
Kenma and Ella both stared at you expectedly waiting on your response (Kenma more than Ella)
“Of course he’s my boyfriend sweetie!” You said ruffling her head and you hear Kenma sigh in relief “Let’s go play some games now come one Kenma”
You hold Kenma’s hand as Ella runs ahead of you
“Also Kenma..” you let go of his hand “You let her play on our world..seriously”
Kenma awkwardly rubs the back of his neck and chuckles
“I’ll make it up to Y/N dont worry “ he said
And he did do that indeed, as it seems over the break he built a mansion for you and him and reset the end so you complete the ender dragon with him. But you did also include Ella in on your world now and you and her got closer to the point where she will call you nee-chan.
Authors Note: how do you feel about the ending ?
I hope this is well, I’m not that used with Kenmas character so i hope i wrote it good and you like it! Please give me comments and feedback and my request are open so send in your request please!! Also this was meant to be a part two to my ‘taking a prank too far’ but i kinda wrote this in a different direction 
Tumblr media
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rek1s-headband · 8 months ago
Break up prank on the sk8 boys
➯ Characters: Reki Kyan, Langa Hasegawa, Cherry, Joe, Miya and Shadow x gn reader
➯ Warnings: none, just some angst to fluff. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
He thought it was a joke at first
Like you, he watched his fair share of videos, and had seen the trend going around already
But you weren’t discouraged, you were going to try and make him believe it no matter what
He laughed it off the first time, but after you simply gave him a puzzled look and a “huh?”, he felt his heart pick up significantly. Maybe you weren’t joking??
Instantly he was running back in his mind where he could’ve possibly gone wrong, where he could’ve messed up so badly that you felt the need to leave?
After his nervous laugh died down, he went deadly silent
“You’re serious?”
You were starting to feel awful, like maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all, but you decided to persist
When you nodded your head slowly, you could’ve died when you saw how quickly his face dropped
Even though he had a small smile on his face, you could see the tears pooling at the corners of his eyes. He was running a shaky hand through his hair, and when you were ready to take him into your arms, to tell him you were only kidding, he wouldn’t let you get a word in edgeways
A flood of questions was suddenly leaving his moth, all his unvoiced questions coming out in one go. He was holding your hand now in an almost death grip, asking you why you were unhappy, why you wanted to leave
Why he wasn’t good enough for you
That’s all you needed before you were pulling him into your arms, sobbing yourself. This shut him up, he was completely speechless as your tears pooled on his shoulder, telling him you were so sorry, that you were only joking. You just wanted to see him get a little panicky, you never expected the outcome to look like this
As soon as the words left your mouth you saw his shoulders visibly drop, pulling you impossibly closer as he let the last of his tears out. He chuckled shakily, running a hand up your back.
“I thought I lost you for a second there”
That was when you pulled your head out of his shoulder, grabbing his face between your hands and pulling him closer to you. Eyes wide, he simply watched as you declared he could never lose you, that you weren’t going anywhere. You were stuck to him like glue, whether he likes it or not
He gave you one last relieved smile, before he was pulling you close again for a desperate kiss. He kissed you like it was the last time he ever would, because now that he’d thought he lost you, he was never going to take anything about you for granted again
Was fully convinced you were serious right off the bat
Right as the words “I think we should break up” were leaving your lips, his brain was doing overtime trying to figure put how he hadn’t realised how unhappy you were. Sure, he was kind of bad at reading emotions, but surely he wasn’t so terrible he couldn’t figure out how his own s/o was feeling?
Was he really as bad at communication as people told him he was?
You instantly regretted your decision as you watched his mouth hang open, saw his eyes scrunch slightly as he wrung his hands quietly at his sides
He nodded, and you couldn’t seem to swallow the lump in your throat as your eyes locked on the small tear rolling down his cheek, which he quickly wiped away with a small smile
“If thats what will make you happy”
You couldn’t seem to collect your thoughts as you watched him step closer to you, dropping his head to your level as he grabbed your hand. It was soft, as if he didn’t want to hurt you any more than he thought he had. He stumbled over his words, trying to find the right ones to say. Eventually he just took a deep breath, and looked into your eyes
“Were you really that unhappy?” Your heart broke when you heard the crack in his voice towards the end. “How did I not notice how sad you were?” Tears were falling down his face again and he didn’t even bother wiping them away this time. Suddenly you were shooting forward, grabbing his shoulders as you began to cry
“You’ve never made me unhappy Langa, not once.” You saw his wide eyes stare at you, not even attempting to reply as he watched you continue. “It was a joke, Langa. I wanted to see how you’d react, I didn’t think you’d take it this seriously. Did you really think you made me unhappy? Ive never been happier than when I’m with you-“ you barely got to finish before he was wrapping you in his arms, his grip vicelike. His face was digging into your shoulder, clinging to you as if you’d disappear any second.
His breath was ragged and shaky as he pulled you even closer, making sure there was absolutely no room for you to escape. You ran your hand through his hair in an attempt to calm him down as he slowly emerged from your shoulder
With a small chuckle, he rubbed the side of your face with his hand, letting his head drop slightly as he let out a sigh of relief
“I really thought I was ignoring my own s/o’s feelings.” You laughed, pulling him into another hug
“If I’m ever upset, I’ll let you know. Just know it wont be for quite a while” you grinned, grabbing his collar to pull him into a kiss. It was sweet, and gentle, and you felt all your previous problems melt away as Langa pulled you closer, smiling into the kiss
You and Kaoru rarely fought, and when you did it was over minor things that were reconciled within a day. So when you were sitting him down, asking if he’d be okay with breaking up, the only thing he could feel was complete confusion.
What happened? You’d always been so happy, never expressing much discontent. And besides, whenever you did it was resolved as soon as possible. What was so different today?
What was making you so unhappy that you felt the relationship was beyond saving?
Or worse, what outside your relationship was making you happier than him?
He kept these thoughts to himself, coughing quietly to try and open up his throat that seemed to be impossibly tight at that moment. He held your hand, stroking it softly and nodding before looking up at you
“Why the sudden change of heart, hm?”
The small smile on Kaoru’s face that was slowly diminishing by the second made you want to melt into the ground. Even when you were asking him to leave, he was still so caring, still so loving. You could only watch, feeling your heart break as he looked at you, his eyes glassy as he quickly plastered the fakest smile you’ve ever seen onto his face
“Well, if you’re unhappy when you’re with me, surely we shouldn’t be together.” He let out a small, breathy laugh that was almost missed by you, if you hadn’t been watching him with such avid horror. “I dont know why you feel you aren’t happy anymore, sweetheart, but I’m glad you realised what you want.” You watched him stand without a word, as you slowly realised that this is real.
He thinks this is real
That was all you needed before you were leaping off the couch, practically turning it over with the force you’d pushed off it. You were shouting his name, grabbing him by the arm and absolutely dragging him to face you. With the sudden turn and shock, you both ended up on the floor as you began to babble, words pouring out of your mouth and tears streaming from your eyes
“Kaoru, of course I’m not unhappy, you always know just how to make me happy, I could never leave you!” You were jumping on top of him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he sat up, a hand on your back and the other pulling your hair back from your face, trying to find any trace of a lie on your face
“Are you serous? It was all...” he was speechless. He didn’t realise you would even pull something like that, much less go so far with it
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” you sobbed. “I never meant for it to go this far. I just wanted to see you get a little worked up, pull a funny prank, nothing else, i prom-“ you were cut off when Kaoru pushed his lips onto yours, breath shaky as he ran his hand through your hair, as if you were going to disappear any second and he was making sure you were still there
When you finally pulled away, he pressed his forehead to yours, letting out a small laugh
“Don’t ever pull that shit again”
When you first brought it up with him, he felt his heart drop into his stomach. Surely you weren’t serious, right?
He kept a smile quirked on his lips, a questioning look in his eyes. Still, you kept a face of steel, as if challenging him to ask if you were joking
As worried as he was, he wasn’t sure you were being serious. Something about it wasn’t..genuine? You looked too straight-faced, your expression staying neutral the whole time as if to not give something away. He was certain he hadn’t done enough to make you this delighted about breaking up, so why were you so unaffected?
The cogs were turning in his brain, all arrows pointing towards one of two directions: either he was a massive dick, or it was a prank
Oh. A prank
Of course, he wasn’t certain, but it would certainly explain quite a bit
So he decided on a plan. It wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to do, but if it was a prank, it was a nice way for him to get you back for the little skit you pulled. And if it wasn’t a prank, well, maybe it’ll take the sting away a little
His mouth quickly dropped to a frown, ready to put his plan into action. “Oh yeah? Well, thats a bit of a relief.” He had to try hard to hide his grin when he saw your eyebrows furrow, saw the frown begin to spread across your face. So maybe it was a prank. You could only watch as he continued his speech
“You see, I’ve been thinking about ending things for a while now. There was a girl at S I met a few weeks back, and man, you should’ve seen the eyes she’s been giving me. Anyways, I’ve taken a real liking to her, and Ive been thinking about giving things with her a shot. Of course, now it shouldn’t be a bother, right?”
When he saw your face contort from confusion to anger, he knew he’d fucked up severely. Suddenly you were getting up close to his face, prank forgotten, poking him in the chest as you began to shout
“Are you serious!? After all we’ve been through together, you’re just gonna leave me for some bitch you met a few weeks ago??” You were fuming at this point, while Joe watched you with with a look of mock confusion
“What’s your problem? You were the one who wanted to “break up”, right?” Something about the way he said ‘break up’ made you freeze, looking up at him as you watched a grin begin to form on Joe’s face. That bastard
“ asshole!” You were lost for words. He knew this whole time? And instead of enlightening you, he decided to play along? You watched with a blank expression as Joe laughed, pulling you into a hug
“I knew it” he let out a loud laugh, but it almost seemed forced. You pulled away, and when you tried to look at him his eyes seemed to be everywhere but you. You grabbed his jaw, forcing him to look at you
“You didn’t think id actually want to break up, did you?” When he simply frowned, pulling his eyes away again you cooed, pulling him into your chest as you stroked his hair, feeling his arms slowly wrap around your waist and hold you close
It’s safe to say the two of you stayed like that for quite a while
When you asked him to break up as a joke, you simply wanted to see if you could piss him off. Hiromi was prone to getting mad at the smallest things, cursing up a storm when he did something as small as mess up his makeup
So when you saw his face break, felt him shrink in on himself as he asked you why, what had he done that made you want to leave, your face was frozen with shock
Now this was completely new. Of course, you knew Hiromi wasn’t just some big angry man, but you didn’t think he’d get this worked up
Brows furrowed, he brought a hand to his forehead as he let out a long breath
“What happened?” Those two words held so much emotion it almost made you break. You didn’t realise how much this would affect him, just how upset it would make him. But here he was, an emotional wreck as he wiped an almost-tear away from the edge of his eye
But soon after, he was stepping close to you, grabbing your hand and looking at you with all the sincerity in the world
“Please, give me another chance. I dont know what I did, but I do know we can fix it. I know we can, please y/n. I cant lose you”
His heartfelt speech was all you needed for the tears to slowly fall from your eyes, Hiromi looking at you with a look of concern, and confusion. You were stepping into his arms, crying silently as he hesitantly put his arms around you, not quite sure what to do. So was that a yes?
You picked your head off his shoulder, not moving from his arms
“Oh, Hiromi” he looked down at you, concern washing over his face once more. “It was only a prank, I’m so sorry.”
Now he wasn’t just upset, but relieved. A bit of anger was in there somewhere, but that could be overlooked for now. He let out a loud laugh, hugging you so tightly you could’ve sworn you felt at least 3 of your ribs break
“And what made you think that was a funny thing to do?” His voice was dripping with sarcasm, not letting you out of his death grip. You simply shrugged, burying yourself deeper into his chest. He smiled, his knees practically buckling after the whole ordeal
He held you at arms length, a frown on his face. You felt a twinge of panic, maybe he wouldn’t forgive you?
This thought was quickly forgotten when he barked out a loud laugh. He dropped his face to your level, putting his hands on your shoulders
“Pull something like that again, and I swear you’ll give me a heart attack”
Miya has never been one for properly expressing his emotions, so when you walked up to him one day and asked him to break up, he simply frowned. He didn’t let it on, but his world was very quickly caving in around him
Keeping a neutral expression, he sighed and nodded his head. He didn’t trust himself to speak right now
When you gave him a confused look from his lack of a verbal response, he really had to try to not walk out of that room there and then. You break up with him, and then expect him to just take it and walk away with a smile??
When you continued to look at him expectantly, he just let out a breath, turning away from you. “Fine. Whatever. If thats really what you want then so be it” he was kicking himself for being so blunt, but what other choice did he have? He couldn’t think, his lungs felt too small, too cramped
And now you were going to leave just like everyone else had
You tried to put your hand on his shoulder, calling his name quietly. He simply shrugged you off, dipping his head so you wouldn’t see the tears that were quickly collecting in his eyes. You’d just dumped him, the last thing he needed was you seeing him cry. You didn’t give up, asking him why he wouldn’t just look at you. Still not facing you, he attempted to talk again
“What more is there to discuss? You want to leave, so go. I’m not going to stop you if its what you want.” The crack in his voice at the end of his sentence broke your heart, and you were quickly turning him around, with more force this time, so he was forced to look you in the eyes
“Do you really think I’d leave that easily? It was a prank, you dumbass.” His head was buzzing with thoughts, why the hell would you do that? So you dont actually want to leave? You’re still gonna stay with him? You-
His thoughts were interrupted by you flicking his forehead. His hands flew to his head, letting out a cry. First you pretend to dump him, and now you have the audacity to flick him?
However, it did serve its purpose of pulling him out of his thoughts, and you were quickly pulling him into a hug while you stroked his hair. Before long you felt your shoulder grow wet with tears, the occasional sniffle leaving him. You laughed, holding him close as you tilted his chin to look at you
“I’m not going anywhere, as much as you might like me to. You’re stuck with me for a while longer, Miya Chinen.” He looked away from you, clicking his teeth
“Shut up..” he was mumbling, but there was so mistaking how hard he was gripping your clothes, as if you might try to leave again. But like you said, you weren’t going anywhere for quite some time
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cafedanslanuit · 9 months ago
levi with a super bratty reader that drives him insane, never listens, is constantly defying his commands... they get snowed into a camp together while on a scouting mission... which leads to some hatefucking mayb... 🤧 ps allie dont forget to take care of yourself babes iluvvvm
i adore your requests mwah pls also take care please we cant keep having these all nighters and then sleep all afternoon fkjdshfks
tw: female reader, dom themes, brat taming, impact play (with a belt), degradation, overstimulation
Never before Levi had been su infuriated by someone. Not even by Eren and his stubborness or Mikasa and her death glares. It had to be you and your eye rolls, the way you talked back whenever he gave you an order and sometimes even went behind his back. He has talked to Erwin about it and while he promised to talk with you, he asked him to consider your choices had saved the lives of many soldiers and that you were really talented.
Levi didn’t give a shit.
And now, besides being stuck in a snow storm and having to wait it out, he had found you had been neglecting your cleaning duties, leading him to pull you from your hair to the space destined to be his office for the time being.
“Why the fuck weren’t you cleaning, brat?” he spat, pushing you against the wall. Far for flinching, you looked at him menancingly.
“It’s already clean. Not my fault you’re a freak who obsessed over the small details. It doesn’t smell like piss anymore, it’s enough.”
“I don’t care about what you think, if I give an order you do it. That’s it,” he said.
“Oh, please, Levi,” you rolled your eyes. “Why are you so insufferable? Go get laid or something, seems like you need it.”
Before you could say anything else, he had his hand around your throat holding you against the wall.
“Whoa, it’s really been that long since you fucked, huh?” you chuckled. “Don’t worry, Captain,” you mocked him. “If it comes to it, I volunteer to suck your dick. You seem like someone who comes quick so it shouldn’t take a lot of my time.”
“Don’t you get tired of talking so much shit?” he hissed.
“I really don’t,” you smiled.
“If I wanted to fuck someone I wouldn’t fuck a spoiled brat who only knows how to bring problems to the corps.”
“Oh, that was rough,” you said, pretending to be upset. “Why are you being so mean to be, Captain, when I can be so good to you?”
You smirked as you pressed your thigh against his crotch, feeling him tense at your moves.
“Want to take your anger out?” you joked, licking your front teeth. “I bet it’s--”
Your sentence was cut short by Levi’s lips pressing against yours. Your body reacted immediately, drawn to the warmth and strenght in the man’s touch. His hand was still grabbing your hair, keeping you still as you shared a rough kiss. You rolled your body against his, his erection poking on your thigh. His tongue invaded your mouth and soon enough, you were tearing each other’s clothes letting them fall to the floor while your hands roamed around each other’s bodies, quiet moans and sighs escaping from both your mouths.
When you were just in your panties, Levi pulled you to the other side of the room, bending you over the desk. He put a hand over your head, leaning over until his lips were grazing your ear.
“I still need to teach you a lesson,” he muttered. You couldn’t help but laugh.
“What do you mean, less--”
A hard hit on your ass cuy your sentence short. Without having to look back, you could just tell what he had just hit you with. Of course he had chosen his belt. At least he wasn’t using the buckle.
“Lets see how much until you learn,” Levi said. You hated how you pressed your legs together in anticipation.
Another hit. You felt your skin burning but didn’t move as Levi continued with a third one. Even if you could feel yourself getting wet already, you were determined not to let him know how much you were enjoying this. You let him hit you more times and bit your lip, trying your best to conceal your moans.
You had lost count of all the impacts on your ass when you felt his fingers easily sliding across your folds.
“You may be silent, but you’re creaming like a whore,” you heard him say and felt your legs trembling for a second. “Oh, was it always like that? You like to be reminded what a dirty slut you are?” he asked in a mocking tone.
The next hit was much harder than the previous one, finally making you whimper.
“There it is,” Levi said, a dark chuckle escaping his lips. His left hand went back to your folds, two of his fingers sliding inside you and fucking you slowly. The belt collided against your ass again and you clenched around his fingers.
“Can’t believe how much you’re enjoying this,” he huffed, still fucking you with his fingers. "You're such a needy white."
Another hit, a moan and Levi's fingers curling inside you. It doesn't take long for him to find your sweet spot and once he does, he makes sure to run his fingers against it.
Your hips buck against his fingers, but everything he thinks you're doing it too much, you get hit with his belt again. The sole sound of it impacting your skin makes you quiver. You come hard around his fingers while you try to muffle your moans with your hand. Your legs are trembling when he pulls his fingers away and leaves the belt on the desk next to you. Just as you were about to stand up, you feel Levi's cock teasing your entrance.
"I— I'm too sensitive," you stutter.
"Well you do seem to be the type that comes too fast," he shot back, using your own words. "Just tell me to stop" he says. His tip is already stretching your entrance but doesn't move even an inch, waiting your response. You know you're sensitive but fuck if you don't want Levi's cock inside of you. You swallow.
"Fuck me," you sigh and Levi is immediately pushing inside you, stretching you open. You weren't expecting him to be so thick and now you can't do anything but moan as he fills you up.
Levi starts fucking you from behind, his hands grabbing youe hips so tight you know you're going to end with bruises. You listen to him grunt everytime he bottoms out, filling you up completely. His rhythm increases and you are already whimpering again, the closeness of your last orgasm making you want to come again.
Levi seems to notice it too.
"Touch yourself," he orders, but you don't make a move. He waits a couple of seconds before he’s spanking you hard, making you clench around his cock. "I said touch yourself."
Your hand travels to your clit and it only takes a few gently strokes for you to come around Levi. He curses under his breath as you squeeze him jus right, but never breaks his rhythm.
"Keep touching yourself," he commands and you whine.
"Please. Please, I already came two times, I—"
"I think three is enough for you to learn your lesson," he said, squeezing the plus on your ass, spreaing yourself further as he keeps fucking you. “I know you have it in you,” he smirks.
You grab the edge of the desk, looking for support as your mind . Every trace of defiance is gone by this moment, you feel like nothing but a mess of limbs that wants to be used by the same man you had been challenging these past few years.
It was over. You had lost.
“I said fucking touch yourself,” he reminds you, slapping your ass forcefully. You hate the way you start circling your clit again, overstimulation making the pain and pleasure mix together dangerously.
Levi slides out almost completely to ram into you again, making your eyes water. You let out a mix of moans mixed with incoherent curses, your legs shaking as you feel your third orgasm drawing near.
“Fuck, I can’t-- I can’t,” you pant.
“If you can be a fucking pain in the ass every day, you can do this,” Levi said, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pushing your head further on the desk.
It takes Levi slapping your ass again to reach your high. It’s almost as hard as the first one and you whimper as he fucks into you more rapidly. He comes inside you with a hiss, his cock twitching as he releases his load. The moment he pulls away, you feel both your releases dripping down your inner thighs.
There’s silence for the next few moment while you try to regain your breath. Your limbs feel too heavy when you try to stand up, legs wobbly as you walk to the nearest chair and take a seat. You let your head fall, your hands on your knees as you try to form coherent thoughts.
Suddenly, you feel someone yanking your hair, making you look up. You notice Levi has already dressed himself again, the only clue of your previous activity in the way his hair looks a little more messier than usual.
"Hope you learnt your lesson, brat," he whispers before letting go of your hair and walking out of the room.
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captains-simp · 6 months ago
hiii can you please do a 1) Angst with Nat where shes the one saying 'please dont go' because she pushed u away out of fear of either unreciprocated feelings or fear of her feelings for u?? and then there's a happy ending???
"Please don't go."
Warnings: oral, fingering, thigh grinding, hints at overstimulation, rejection, violence and some majorrrr angst
6.8k words
[ masterlist ]
Buy me a coffee ☕
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Natasha Romanoff was the thing of many people's nightmares. Cunning, stealthy, ruthless. Those were just a few of the things that came to mind when describing Natasha in the field. It was what had earned her the Black Widow name, and rightfully so.
But behind that front was someone very different. It took a long time to find that person. It was hard to gain the trust of an assassin, much less the friendship. You had gotten there eventually, what you found was entirely worth every second of the wait.
Natasha had been your closest friend for as long as you could remember. You trusted her above everyone else and knew the feeling was mutual. A lot of things were with you two.
You came to the same conclusions in missions, spare of the moment and planned. You knew the best ways to comfort one another. You could even read each other like your favourite book when it was impossible for others.
It seemed almost predictable that your feelings for Natasha had been growing for a long time.
She was fiercely protective of the ones she loved. The relationships she developed were ones she held close to her heart and would do anything for. She never said it because she didn't have to.
While not being one for comforting words, Natasha would appear at your side in an instant if she thought you had been hurt in a mission or even training. Everything from checking in on you genuinely from time to time to let you rant about whatever was going on in your head to memorising your order from every kind of take out place made you feel cared for more than she could ever understand.
Maybe that was why you had fallen inlove with her.
"You are single handedly the best partner I have ever had." Natasha sighed as she laid back on her bed with her eyes trained on you. Oh how you wished she meant that in a different context.
"Likewise." You grinned as you poured some more wine into your glass and took a tentative sip.
"You usually work on a team." Natasha pointed out. "You haven't had your fair share of God awful partners yet."
"I can still recognise a good partner." You reminded and glanced down at the glass resting on your crossed legs.
Saying Natasha was good was the understatement of the year. No matter what she seemed to think the redhead was the reason for your success on the mission. All you had done was follow her instructions and reenact everything you had trained.
"Still, that was one of the best missions I've ever been on."
"You make it sound like you enjoyed it." You teased.
"I love my job." Natasha smirked as she took her glass from the bedside table and swirled the liquid around.
"I bet you do, must be easy when you're one of the best." You complimented more easily with the help of the alcohol.
"I like a challenge every now and then." She said as she sat up and tucked her legs under her. She downed the contents of her glass in a second and went to pour some more. Your eyes widened slightly but you accepted when she held the bottle out for you and poured a little more than you would have, finishing the bottle.
"You can challenge yourself in safer ways you know." Even if Natasha was one of the most feared agents on the planet she was still human. You worried about her a lot and tried to voice your opinions on mission files to ensure she did things the safest ways. She was always more set on doing things the most efficient way.
"Like what?" She enquired.
"I don't know, get a hobby." You laughed, hardly joking. A hobby was something everyone on the team needed, there was hardly ever the time.
"A hobby." Nat repeated, playing around with the thought as she said it. "I don't think I have time for that." You hummed understandably. "Do you want one?" She asked as she watched you.
"I barely have time for socialising." You scoffed and sipped on the alcohol.
"You live with us." The redhead pointed out, clearly missing your point.
"For work. When was the last time we had a movie night?" You asked. Natasha thought back to try and pinpoint a date but you kept going. "All of the parties are basically part of the job. Our schedules are all off so we rarely eat dinner together. We never really hang out anymore." You reflected with a pang of sadness.
"We're hanging out now." Natasha pointed out.
"We are." You couldn't help the smile that crept onto your face.
"So let's make the most of it." She said as she reached under her bed to retrieve another bottle. You barely questioned why it was there.
She poured more of the drink into each of your glasses and you clinched them together. You took a sip of yours and Natasha watched you as she raised the glass to her lips then paused for a second.
Her eyes trailed to your lips as you licked them to wipe away the traces of the drink. Your cheeks heated up under her far from subtle gaze and a lazy smirk played across Natasha's lips in her signature way.
It wasn't uncommon for Nat to flirt and tease you, she did it with everyone after all, but that night it seemed like a genuine interest, you just didn't want to fool yourself into thinking that.
You stretched your legs out infront of you simply to do something with yourself as Natasha continued to watch you mirror her position. You were startled when you felt on of her hands grip your calf and pull you up the bed towards her.
She silently took your glass from your hands and placed her glass down on the table with yours.
"What are you doing?" You asked with a smile as you tried to ignore your rapidly beating heart from having her hand on your calf and having the strength to pull you with the one hand just a second ago.
"Making the most of our time together." Natasha said simply as her hand dropped back down to your leg. Her fingers lightly ghosted up your calf again as a small smirk continued to stay on her lips.
You gulped, your mouth suddenly feeling very dry as you watched Natasha's slender fingers wander in a seemingly innocent way.
As if your dumbfounded and blank expression wasn't enough for her, Natasha suddenly sat up more and slowly lifted her leg over yours as she gave you some of the most intense eye contact you had ever experienced and straddled your lap.
You searched her face for anything and all you got was a mischievous smirk; nothing past that, no implication as to what was really happening.
"Cat got your tongue?" She teased as she ran her hands down your bare arms making you visibly shiver.
"I..." You whispered, having no idea what to say in response. Natasha lowered her head to the side of your neck and breathed lightly against the exposed skin, curtsey of the loose bun she had done for you.
"Maybe I should try steal it back." Her lips grazed your sensitive skin as she spoke. All sense escaped you when her lips pressed ever so lightly against your neck.
Her hands moved to your waist to hold you as she planted soft kisses along your neck that started to become less light. Her teeth nipped at your skin making you yelp slightly in surprise. Natasha grinned against you as her hands moved round to your stomach and pushed you down flat on your back on the mattress.
Seeing her straddling your stomach above you with an illegally attractive smirk made something undeniable go straight to your core. You clenched your thighs together subconsciously, not realising how telling the gesture was to Natasha.
She slowly leant down and hovered her face inches above yours as her hands trailed up to your own and pinned them above your head. Your breath was shaky and you just knew your friend could tell from your close proximity.
A million things buzzed around your head. Until you caught sight of an especially bright spec of green in Natasha's eyes and found yourself haulting all your questions. That was when you pushed all of your worries and questions to the side to focus on what was infront of you. Or rather who was ontop of you.
You closed your eyes and lifted your head, finally reciprocating in the way you had wanted to a while. Her lips met yours in an instant and felt even softer against your own than you had ever imagined. Your lips moved in perfect sync that you found yourself getting lost in as well as the taste of Natasha that you thought might stay with you forever.
You gasped and parted your lips when she pinched your inner thigh unexpectedly and was quietened when Natasha's tongue met yours. She sucked on it for a brief moment and grinned into you when she felt you moan.
Her lips left yours and started to kiss across your jaw before you could protest then dipped down to your neck. You tilted your head back to give her further access as you held onto her back and tried to steady your breathing.
While one hand held your waist the other stroked along your bare thigh under your dress. You closed your eyes as you struggled to competly focus on any one of the movements. You especially failed when Nat placed one of her muscular thighs between yours, forcing them apart and pressing down on a sensitive area.
You gasped as you felt her apply pressure to your aching clit with her thigh and bucked your hips against her. She chuckled lowly into your ear and held down your thigh and waist with strength that only feuled your growing arousal.
"Tasha." You moaned when the redhead bit down on your neck. Simultaneously, her hand wandered further up your thigh to explore the wanton part between your legs. She sighed deeply into your neck when her fingers brushed against wet spot on your panties.
You whined lowly when she withdrew her fingers only to flip you onto your front and straddle your back. Her slim fingers held the zip on the back of your dress dress swiftly pulled it down along with the rest of your dress.
Her hands ran along your bare back and she unfastened your bra with ease, throwing it somewhere neither of you cared about. She brought her hands back to you and caressed the exposed skin on your sides and leant down flat against you as her hands cupped your breasts. She kissed your shoulder blades as she started to pinch your strained buds. As much as you enjoyed the way she handled you, you needed attention lower down and was becoming impatient, resorting to rocking yourself against the bed in search of something.
"You're a needy thing, aren't you?" She husked, noticing your actions in an instant.
You whimpered into the bed and was suddenly moved onto your back again and stared up at the redheaded beauty who was taking in the sight of your bare breasts.
"You've got me all worked up too, baby." She said as she pulled her own dress down and flung it across the room. Unlike you, she wasn't wearing a bra under her dress giving you the sight of her perfect set. Your own eyes lowered and your breath hitched at the sight of her bare pussy. For a moment you questioned if she had it all planned, but she was straddling your face before you could think about it anymore.
She certainly wasn't lying when she said she was worked up, she was soaked.
With a burst of confidence, you grabbed the back of her thighs and lowered herself onto your tongue that swiped through her folds. You hummed at the initial taste that enveloped your senses and sucked momentarily on her throbbing clit.
"Fuck." Natasha moaned as she pulled on some loose strands of your hair. You pushed your tongue into her awaiting cunt as far as you could go and retracted it to repeat the motion, all while your best friend grinded down on your face.
"Such a good mouth." She praised as you focused your tongue on her soaking channel.
You brought one of your hands up and rubbed Natasha's clit with your thumb as your tongue started to increase it's pace. The redhead's inner walls started to clamp down on your muscle and you took this with a new vigor.
It didn't take long for her thighs to tighten around your head and for Natasha to ride out her orgasm in desperation as you eagerly lapped up all of her cum until she got off you.
"Suck." She instructed only slightly breathlessly as she held her fingers infront of your mouth. You opened in an instant and licked up the length of her fingers before taking them in your mouth as you kept your eyes trained on Natasha.
"Good girl." She praised with a smirk when she withdrew her fingers. She straddled one of your thighs as her fingers danced down to where you needed them the most.
Her fingers slipped inside your pussy with ease. They slowly edged further until they curled against your sweet spot that made your head drop back against the bed. Natasha repeated the come here motion everytime her fingers returned but her pace remained slow and teasing.
You whined in protest but was shushed by the redhead when she pressed herself into your thigh. You gasped as you felt her slick along your thigh and the small rotations of her hips to grind herself against you.
As the pace of her hips increased so did her fingers that were returning to you at twice the pace. You moaned together as everytime Natasha's fingers hit your special spot she angled herself to brush her clit up against your muscle.
The Russian started to dig herself deeper against you and her movements became much more frantic. Her fingers became rougher and faster, never failing to make your head spin when she angled them perfectly.
"Fuck, Nat!" You moaned as your bucked your hips up against her hand.
Her movements became less coordinated as she chased her release and consequently managed to extend her fingers deeper within you making your walls clamp down harshly.
"You feel so good against my pussy." Nat moaned until she came undone on your thigh soon followed by you.
She spread her arousal across your thigh as she rode out her orgasm and kept her fingers deep inside you making you squirm under her.
Her eyes were still glazed over when she looked back down at you and saw you unsuccessfully trying to move away. An evil glint appeared in her eyes as a smirk played on her lips and she leaned down to hover over you again.
"Oh, malysh, we are no where near done."
You woke up to a stream of sunlight flowing into the bedroom and onto the bed. You instinctively went to shield your eyes and turn over but when you did you noticed the body laying peacefully next to you.
You let your eyes adjust and brain start to kick in until you saw the mess of red hair on the pillow next to you. You smiled widely when the memories of the night before began to come back to you.
You were both laying naked in bed with the duvet barely covering you. Natasha had her back to you so you reached out and gently stroked a finger across her shoulder blades. Her shoulders tensed slightly as she gradually woke up and you were reminded of how much you pushed your bodies to the limit. You were feeling kind of sore too.
"Good morning." You greetee with a tired continuous smile and scooched over closer to her only for her to sit up without looking at you.
"Morning." She replied stiffly. You frowned a little in confusion and glanced over at her alarm clock to see how late it is and go to get up too. You had a team meeting that morning that you definetly couldn't miss.
You didn't really know what to say to her when you were finding your clothes. She didn't say anything either but the silence didn't feel right. Not awkward, just not right.
You kept glancing over at her but she never faced you when she was quickly getting changed into clean clothes.
You looked over at the clock again nervously. Half an hour until the meeting. Need to have a shower, clean clothes, breakfast? No, no time. Talk to Natasha?
You really had no clue what to say to the redhead you had spent the night in and it definelty didn't help that your brain hadn't fully kicked in yet.
"So I'll...see you later then?" Smooth, y/n.
"Yeah." Nat said back as she searched for something in her drawers. You nodded and awkwardly pointed to the door and practically ran towards it. The moment you were on the other side of the door you smacked yourself on forehead and started to think about what to say to your best friend.
Throughout the whole of the team meeting Natasha didn't look at you once. Even in the most important meetings she would shoot you a smile every so often or kick you lightly if she knew you weren't paying attention. But she never even acknowledged you in that one.
Granted, the mission brief was one of the most important ones the team had ever had while you had been there. It wasn't for a couple of weeks because an operation like that one required a lot of planning, preparing and paperwork to fill out before it had even started.
It was the single biggest Hydra base there was. It was the heart of all Hydra operations and that meant there was a lot to do. All Hydra agents needed to be captured or killed, all data and information they had needed to be taken and the place needed to be destroyed.
The meeting dragged on for a long time and eventually you were all told to leave and continue as normal until the mission. You planned to walk out with Natasha but she had disappeared before you got the chance.
It was like that for the rest of the day. You never saw your friend and everytime you asked someone where she was she was never where they said. It felt like you were going on a wild goose chase for her between training and eating.
Eventually though, you finally found her in the kitchen late in the evening making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She saw you approaching and tensed up without you noticing as you nervously approached, practising what had decided to say to her over in your head.
"Hey." You smiled, eyes trailing to the snack she had prepared as you remembered the time you lectured her on doing it wrong and corrected her. She had insisted you couldn't make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich wrong, but always did it your way after that.
"Hi." She said as she cut the sandwich in half and went to make a swift leave.
"I've been looking for you all day." You half laughed as you moved to stand infront of her.
"I've been busy." She replied and went to move around you.
"Yeah." You laughed nervously again as you followed her.
You had never really been one to shoot your shot or make the first move. It was awkward and uncomfortable even if you ended up lucky. You had never wanted to risk screwing everything up.
You could manage the bottled up feelings most of the time. You always chose that over some form of confrontation. Those were just small, passing crushes. Natasha Romanoff was far from that. And given everything that had happened the night before, you were sure you had a chance - more than a chance.
"So last night was great. More than great actually." You corrected as you managed to keep up with her fast strides.
"I'n glad you enjoyed it." She said simply.
"Did...did you?"
"Cool, so um I was thinking- well I was wondering if you would want to go out sometime." You started as you fiddled with your fingers. "I know you're busy so it doesn't have to be right away- or at all of course! Totally up to you, we could just get a drink or a meal." You rambled, going completly off script. You could feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest as you caught sight of Natasha's room. She stayed silent for a while and you started to suspect you should have kept your mouth shut.
"Look, y/n." Oh God. "Last night wasn't...we were drunk." She started.
"No we weren't." You instantly said and winced at your frantic reply. "I mean we were tipsy at the very most." You corrected and hoped it overruled your desperate comment prior.
"Right, but it wasn't anything serious." Oh fuck. "We were just messing around and celebrating." She said slowly as she reached her door and grabbed the handle, clearly wanting to leave the awkward convosation.
"Oh...yeah of course. I knew that." You lied. "I just thought...yeah never mind- sorry." You rambled again and scratched the back of your neck.
"It's alright." She said looking at her door longingly. "See you tomorrow, y/n." She finally said.
"Yeah, goodnight, Nat." You said back and heard the door shut as soon as you turned around.
Natasha was a generally very mature person. That meant she could put aside personal differences for her job and move past disagreements and resolve tension for the sake of the friendships she developed and treasured. It seemed that didn't apply to you.
You understood that the redhead would want space for a few days. Time was the best thing you could give to allow yourself to pick up the pieces of your heart to reassemble eventually and for Natasha move past what you said.
A week past and Natasha still avoided you like the plague.
That drastic change was one you had never prepared yourself to adjust to. You had been so confident that Natasha felt the same way, it was the one time you didn't plan for rejection. That made it even harder. One moment you and Natasha were practically joint at the hip and the next you were rarely in the same room.
Everytime she went into a room and saw you there she made some excuse about forgetting something and didn't return. If it was you who arrived in a room she was already in she would mutter something about being busy and having things to do.
That meant Nat started doing things like training in the evenings or early night just to avoid you. It was a miracle if she ate a meal with the others too. Her whole schedule changed drastically.
The others noticed pretty quickly. All of it. Natasha's strange routine was just as clear as her separation from you. No one really wanted to say anything, thinking that any issues you and Natasha had could be solved by yourselves. But with the mission fast approaching and there being no signs of things returning to normal, Steve decided to talk to you.
You knew it was Steve at your door by the softness of his knock. Everyone on the team could determine who was outside their door by their knock, it didn't seem possible but it was your equivalent of knowing which family member was coming up the stairs.
"Come in, Steve." You called as you flicked through Netflix. It was late in the evening and you were trying to unwind before bed but you were still haunted by the memories of screwing up your friendship with Natasha.
"You alright?" He asked as he closed the door and joined you on the bed that sunk a little under his weight.
"Never better." You said sarcastically before smiling a little at him, you knew he meant well.
"What's going on with you and Nat?" He asked. You paused you mindless scrolling through the TV as you felt the pain in your chest return.
"I messed it up, Steve. I messed it all up." You admitted as you started to shake.
"Hey." He comforted as he saw tears form in your eyes. He put his arms around you and let you lean into him and rest you head on his shoulder.
"I don't know how to fix it." You babbled.
"Fix what?"
"Us. I think she hates me."
"Nat could never hate you." He assured making you cry a little harder.
"She won't go near me." You argued
"What happened?" He asked again patiently.
"She knows. She knows I like her." Steve chuckled softly and continued to hold you.
"Y/n we all know. It doesn't take a spy to work it out." You sniffed with a smile and wiped the tears away as you leant away from him to look at the blonde.
"I asked her out." You said.
"That was a brave thing to do." He defended despite clearly knowing how it turned out for you. You decided to leave out the reason you worked up the balls to do it.
"I don't think she thinks so." Steve sighed as he looked at the TV in consideration.
"Maybe, but she will eventually."
"How long will that be?"
"It's hard to say with Nat, but eventually. You could try talk to her again?" He suggested.
"Have you been missing how she avoids me like I'm her worst nightmare." You deadpanned.
"You let her know you care about her a lot, you're not far off." You thought for a moment about how right Steve was. Nat never did like intimacy, but she never had a problem with it if it was you. "And she may be a spy by we have a security room." He pointed out and you smiled again.
"Okay." You agreed. "Tomorrow." You decided, knowing there was a lot higher chance of you actually going through with it if you had already told Steve you would.
"Okay." He smiled back and stood up from the bed and went to leave.
"Have you talked to her?" You suddenly asked.
"Seems like she's avoiding everyone."
You surprised even yourself when you found yourself in the security room the next day in the late evening. It didn't take you long to flick through all the cameras and spot Natasha training with the holograms.
You made your way down to her quickly, trying to figure out at least the outline of what you could say to her. Nothing really came to mind when you tried to piece it together.
When you arrived she was focused on throwing an onslaught of punches at a punching bag that honestly looked like it was on the verge of being torn in half. It made you strongly consider backing out when you saw her like that. You just hoped that state of mind wouldn't come across in your convosation.
"Hey." You croaked making the redhead spin around with her guard still up. "Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you." You assured as you took a tentative step towards her.
"You didn't scare me." She defied, annoyance present in her voice.
"I guess if you can be pranked by Clint that many times and not be scared nothing will scare you." You joked in a futile attempt to lighten the mood. It didn't work.
The redhead stayed silent as she adjusted the straps on her gloves. You thought she would pack up her things and leave but she went back to the punching bag and blanked you.
"Are you gonna ignore me forever?" You sighed. She paused her punches for a second before turning to look at you for the first time in over a week.
"I'm not ignoring you."
"We haven't talked in a while." You said, choosing not to argue over the fact that yes she definetly had been ignoring you.
"I've been busy." Her expression was stoic as she looked at you and it made you uncomfortable.
"I'm sorry for making things weird. But we can move past it. I can so you definitely should. Just because you don't want to date me doesn't mean you get to treat me like this, it's not fair on me and its not fair on the team." You breathed deeply when you finished and averted your eyes as you grew more uncomfortable from the confrontation.
"That's just the thing, y/n." Natasha said as she started to take her gloves off. "You're not going to move past it. I know you, and I know you're not going to be over it in a week." You frowned at her blunt response and took a few more steps towards her.
"Get over yourself, Nat." You sighed in frustration. "It's not like I declared that I was inlove with you. And don't forget that you came onto me that night."
"Exactly, y/n. It was one fucking night. It didn't mean anything but you decided to make a big deal out of it." You struggled to push aside the ache that came from her words and the bitter way she delivered them.
"You're never intimate with anyone. So yes when you fucked me and let me fuck you I thought there might be something more to it. It's not a crime to want something more."
Nat's jaw clenched at your words. You had brought in something personal about her and she was inevitably about to put up her walls in the most hurtful way she could. You knew that, but it didn't help you prepare.
"Why can't you accept that you were just a good fuck?" She spat as she glared at you. "Definitely one that I regret." You gulped as you took in the harsh reality of her words.
"Regret?" You whispered.
"Yes, y/n. I regret it. It was a mistake, every fucking bit of it." A mistake?
You didn't say anything in response to that. You were sure that even if you could think of something it would just come out as a squeak. Nat continued to glare at you in a way you couldn't hold. You glanced down at the floor, then the walls, then the punching pad and nodded quickly. You turned around and wandered aimlessly out the room as tears fell silently down your cheeks.
Needless to say things didn't get any better after that encounter. The only difference was that you were mutually avoiding each other. It hurt. A lot. You never thought you would avoid Natasha like you were. You never thought she would break your heart either.
The day of the mission didn't change anything. You and Natasha were sat as far away from each other as possible.
Only the anxiety over the mission was able to overpower the tension in the plane.
Steve had gone over the brief once more in full detail on the plane and you replayed all the information in your head until you landed. Once the quinjet had engaged its cloaking tech it landed in an open area in the surrounding forest.
You all left the quinjet in a concentrated silence as you surveyed your surroundings. It didn't take long to find the first patrolling agents in the forest that were swiftly taken out as to not alert anyone else.
The whole team was scattered across the forest from four planes in a circular layout that advanced towards the Hydra base. Even some of the best S.H.I.E.L.D agents had been brought in to assist. Steve was the first to infiltrate the base and in the least subtle way. You could hear the glass smashing and loud grunts in your coms that made you wish, not for the first time, that you could adjust the volume on those things.
You knew your route. You had it memorized clearly in your head and you also knew that some of it overlapped with Natasha's. You spotted her in your peripheral as you turned a corner to shoot at two charging agents. You leant back against the wall to reload and glanced to your left to see Natasha advancing. Stay focused. You reminded yourself.
You took a quick glance behind the corner again before looking back at Natasha who had her gun raised at you with a flightly fearing expression. Your eyes widened and you went to shout at her to stop messing around but she had already fired the gun. You heard a loud grunt and a body collapse to the floor tight behind you. You swivelled around to see a Hydra agent laying in a pool of his own blood with a handgun next to him.
"Thanks." You breathed out and started around the corner. Natasha had to take another left to the supposed data room where she could collect as much as much as could. You had to keep going but felt the sudden urge to ensure that she was safe. You looked over your shoulder as she opened the door and fired two shots before swiftly entering the room with her gun still raised.
You listened out for any more shots and heard none. She's fine. She knows what she's doing. You assured yourself as you went on.
Half an hour later the building had been cleared of all Hydra agents. Many had been captured and were had many hours of interrogation ahead of them while others hadn't been so lucky. It always weighed on you for a while when you killed as many people as you did on that mission. It was hard but it was necessary. It was the job.
The price of freedom is high. You reminded yourself. The price of freedom is high. The price of freedom is h- "Agent Romanoff is down."
"What?!" You spun around to face the building to see the room Natasha was in. It was in the center of the left side because of course you remembered exactly where she was meant to be.
You instinctively started sprinting back to the building when there was a sudden bright orange and yellow light followed by a deafening boom from the exact room Natasha was meant to be in. The explosion was quick but you got a chance to get an estimate of the scale of it and if Natasha was still in there...oh God.
"Has anyone got eyes on Romanoff?!" You demanded as you stared up at the building, finding yourself rooted to the spot.
"I got her." Steve coughed painfully. "I need a medic." He announced as he ran through the building and out the nearest exit with Natasha unconscious in his arms.
Everything else faded into the background when you saw her. The building still needed to be destroyed but you couldn't care less about the mission.
You stayed at Steve's side as he carried the readhead to the plane and laid her down gently on the bench. A medic was already there waiting and was checking Nat's vitals in an instant.
You dropped down to your knees next to her and watched her face for any signs of consciousness. When you couldn't find any you gently took ahold of her hand and laced your fingers together. You took a great deal of comfort in how warm they were and how warm you were determined for them to remain. You would kill Nat if she died on you.
Yes, she had hurt you. But you were pretty sure you were inlove with her.
You didn't let go of Natasha's hand for a long time. You held onto it tightly throughout the entirety of the flight home. You kept your fingers laced together when she was being taken to the medical wing. You held her hand for a while when they had finally settled her into a bed. She looked so peaceful in that state, you hoped it felt like that for her. She was still so beautiful too, even when she had dirt and smoke all over her before you had cleaned it all off.
You only let go when Steve practically dragged you out of the room to get some proper sleep in your bed.
You had been assured by multiple people that Natasha would be fine.
She had already been unconcious when Steve found her and was able to get her out the room before the bomb went off. It still had an impact and threw them both against a wall, but they were okay. She was okay.
You visited the redhead often but never stayed for long. As much as you wanted to, you knew she wouldn't want you there when she woke up. She had made it clear before that you had lost what you had with her, you were sure the mission hadn't changed that.
One day when you approached her room you peered around the door and saw that she was already sat up and looking around. She spotted you at the door instantly.
"Sorry." You apologised and went make a swift leave but stopped in your tracks when she spoke.
"Please don't go." She called out. You slowly turned around to face her and saw a pleading look across her face that you had never seen in her before.
You hesitated for a moment until you timidly made your way to the chair next to her bed. She watched you do so silently and anxiously, like she expected you to run out any second. You honestly thought about it, thinking another lecture was coming.
"You've been out a few days." You told her without meeting her eyes. "I was worried." You mentally scolded yourself for saying it as soon as you did, thinking that wasn't what she wanted to hear.
"I'm sorry." She surprised you by saying.
"It's not your fault, you didn't throw the bomb at yourself." You smiled nervously.
"Not about that." Nat said quietly. "About everything else. I treated you so badly." The regret couldn't have been more clear in her voice. "I was just scared- and that's not an excuse! It's just the truth." She explained nervously. You listened intently as you stared at her duvet.
"I lied when I said it was a mistake. I lied when I said I regretted it. I lied when I said it didn't mean anything. It meant everything to me, y/n." She explained wholeheartedly as tears started to form in her eyes.
For a moment you couldn't quite comprehend what you're seeing or hearing. Natasha was letting down her walls competly. She was being vulnerable to you.
"I care about you so much. More than I've ever let myself care about anyone. I pushed it aside and tried to ignore it for the longest time but that night I caved and I...I don't know I wasn't thinking about anything other than how much I wanted to show you I cared for you. And when I thought I finally figured out a way to do it I couldn't face it after.
"You never did anything wrong, y/n. It was all me. I couldn't face my feelings but I can't stand not being with you. Is there..." She gulped as her hands trembled notably. "Is there any possibility of a second chance?" She whispered almost fearfully. You finally looked up at her and saw the tears running down her cheeks as she gazed at you like you were the only thing of any importance in the world.
You took her shaking hand in both of yours to steady it and yourself as you spoke. "No more running off?" You asked.
"No more running off." She confirmed.
"No more lying to me?"
"No more lying."
"No more being a pussy." You half joked.
"Definelty no more being a pussy." She laughed weakly.
"Okay then. Natasha, would you like to go on a date with me?" You asked with a smile you couldn't hold back.
"It would be my pleasure, y/n." You grinned and leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on her lips as you kept ahold of her hands. She smiled against you and when you moved back you saw the glint of happiness in her eyes.
Sure, you had done things in the completly wrong order. And yes, the journey to get there had been far from easy. But you swore that day that you would make sure everything after it was done perfectly.
It was a few weeks later on the night you shared your first 'I love you' that she confessed she had sworn the same thing. And it worked.
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ringpop-poppy · 6 months ago
Omg for the eremin x reader au, so Eren and Armin got together way before the reader joined the equation, so she’s hella insecure and shy around them even though they love her you know? Which leads to her distancing herself from them because they don’t need her anyway, right? Just imagine the soft and hot heated make up session they had once the boys find out that their princess feels like she’s not that important to them.
please. gonna make it a part two this 
Cw: eren is mean at the beginning but he makes up for it <3 smut, the usual.
you becoming armins girlfriend but it leaving an empty feeling in your chest because you like eren too, knows how he looks at you and wishes he would just act on it. he’s there when armin fucks you, when armin makes you cream all over his cock, and sometimes he’ll join in, but he rarely touches you, the closest he’s gotten is holding you against his chest and spreading your legs for armin to fuck into you. you’d been turned on but also jealous of the way eren had leaned over the lock armin in a kiss, their tongues tangling, wishing you could kiss him.
It comes to a breaking point when eren displays his possessiveness again, hating how much armin is falling in love with you and how much he wants you too. He uses your desire to please him against you, makes you sit on a chair and watch as he fucks armin. They look so hot together, but it makes you feel a little squirmy on the inside, not being able to participate. And its made even worse when eren turns armins jaw so he’s looking at you, tells him “look at your little girlfriend watching you get your ass pounded, baby. tell her how good your daddies cock feels”
Armin, lost in the pleasure, of course doesn’t know any better. Looks at you with big blue puppy eyes as eren fucks his tight little hole and moans, “d-daddies cock feels so good inside me” 
“Bet she wishes she could feel it” eren grunts. “Your girlfriends a little slut who wants your boyfriends cock, sweetheart, just look at her drooling over it. You wanna be armin, baby?” 
You squeeze your thighs shut and dont answer. But eren knows, “Yeah, you do. Wanna feel what he feels every night when i slide my fat cock into his little boypussy. Desperate slut, wanna remind me what a real cunt feels like? hm?” 
Armin whimpers under him, curling his legs around eren and dragging him down for a kiss. Eren keeps eye contact with you when he pushes his tongue into armins mouth, fucks him through his orgasm and coos in his ear, “that’s it baby, come for daddy, be my good little girlfriend and show me yours is the only wet hole i need” 
Armin doesn’t know what eren has done, doesn’t know he’s pushed you away with just that line. Thinks this was all just kinkplay, and he’s so sweet. Making grabby hands for you and offering to get you off, tugging you towards his face, but you pull away. 
When you leave that night, flicking a glance at the bed where eren cradles armin to his chest, watching you go with his jaw clenched, you send a message to armins phone, before blocking them both on all forms of media. 
‘I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry’ 
You don’t know about the explosive fight that occurs between armin and eren the next day. Armin has never been more angry, and it makes eren backpedal, try to hold him but armin just slaps his hands away. Tells eren he loves you and he knows eren likes you too so why is he so mean? 
Eren can do nothing but clench his teeth together and stare at the ground as he admits he doesn’t want to lose armin, and doesn’t want to need anyone else but him. Armin reminds him he’s okay with armin needing you, so armins okay with eren needing you too. He wants eren to want you, has timdily encouraged eren touching you or having sex with you a couple of times, but never psuhed it, though he notices erens lingering stares on you. 
Eren feels horrible, for pushing you away, for making you leave armin, for making you leave him. He just wanted armin to be happy, he didnt expect to want to make you happy too, or to want to open his arms to you. He knows he has to make it right, not just for armin but for him too. 
When you come out of your workplace, you don’t expect to see eren there, nor do you really want to. He’s leaning casually against the back of his car, smoking a cigarette, but he puts it out when he sees you, crushing it under one of his combat boots. He looks sheepish. 
You don’t give him the time of day though, breezing by him. You don’t have a car so you planned on walking to the bus station. Usually armin came to pick you up, but considering you’d basically ended things with him, you hadn't expected any rides anymore.
“Hey” Eren says again, and this time he’s right behind you, hand grabbing your arm to stop you. He turns you to him. “We need to talk” 
You wish he wasn’t so pretty. You let yourself look at him, his stubble, his  jade green eyes, the boyish way his hair falls into his eyes. But you shake your head.  “No, we dont. You made that clear” 
You pull away from him and start walking again. “Armin misses you” He calls out, but you don’t stop. 
“I miss you.” 
Okay, you stop at that. Don’t turn around though. You hear his footsteps approach, feel his warmth at your back as he stops, too close. “I miss you” He says again. “Come with me?” 
You turn to look at him again, “Why should i? You miss me? You don’t even like me, jaeger. If you hated me being with your boyfriend so much why did you even ask me too?” 
He bites his lip, shifts on his feet and you can tell his uncomfortable. You’d gathered awhile ago that he wasn’t good with emotions. Tough shit. If he wanted you to get in his car, he’d need to explain some things.
He puffs out his cheeks and palms the back of his neck, and to your surprise, there is a rosy blush that starts to bloom on his cheeks. You don’t think you’ve ever seen eren blush. “I don’t like sharing what’s mine. And armin is mine” He says that with finality. 
You nod your head, starting to turn again. “Right-”
He catches you again. “But so are you” His gaze traps you.”I let you be armins because i thought i wouldn’t care, he still belongs to me, and i belong to him and you...weren’t supposed to belong to anyone. I didn’t want you too” 
You naw at your bottom lip, dipping your head, wondering where he’s going with this.
“But you do” He breathes out, making you look up again. His eyes are sharp, serious. “You belong to armin, you’re his girlfriend and he’s not letting you go, if i hadn’t come today he’d be here on his hands and knees begging for you to come back. and...what’s his is mine so..”
“So..?” You prod, breathless. 
“So you’re mine” He concludes. “Ours. I really wanna fuck you” 
The last part is said so casually you jerk, but eren keeps you steady. Pulls you in. Leans down and tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Let me bring you back with me” his lips brush against yours. “So i can finally fuck my girlfriend” 
You do in fact let him bring you back. 
It’s surreal being between armin and eren, having them both touch you. You’re used to armins touch, but erens is new. You’re all shaky and acting like a skittish virgin when eren leans back against the headboard, lazily stroking his cock as armin fingers you open for him. 
His soft lips at your ear, “You take my cock so nice, baby. But daddy’s big. He’s gonna stretch you so good”
“Keep talking about my big dick and im gonna nut before i even get to fuck her” Eren grunts, eyes glued to wear armins slender fingers are sliding in and out of your slick cunt. 
Armin just giggles “But s’true, daddy. You’re gonna split her wide open. She’s tight too” He croons, making you whimper when he curls his fingers just right. “Had her pretty pussy all to myself for so long and she still squeezes my cock, You’ll like it” 
Eren eyes are all heat, eating you up. “Oh, i know i will. Daddy’s been wanting to fuck that cunt for ages” 
“S’that so?” Armin sounds a little condescending, having not been apart of their fight, you can’t tell he’s being kinda petty when he says. “Gonna have to show my girlfriend how much you appreciate her then, if you want her to be your girl you’ll have to make her cum lots, kay? Otherwise im keeping her for myself and you can sit there and watch like you always do while i show her how a good boyfriend fucks their girlfriends pussy”
He dips his lips to kiss your jaw, keeping eye contact with eren when he does. “If daddy doesn’t make you cum stupid, i’ll dump him”
Your cunt squeezes around his fingers at the same time eren growls and reaches out, practically plucking you from armins arms and placing you above him. 
You brace your hands on his board chest as the tip of his thick cock teases your hole, “w-wait” 
“Mm, fuck that” He moans, and pops the head in, eyes fluttering shut and rolling into the back of his skull when your the heat of your fluttering cunt envelops him, silky and smooth and wet, he guides you down the thick length of him. His head thunks against the headboard. “Jesus, fuck”
“E-eren” you whine, poor pussy squeezing around him helplessly as its stretched wide and filled to the brim with him. 
He bounces you once, making you choke on a whimper. “That’s not what we call me” 
Your eyes fill with overwhelmed tears, but you feel armins lips touch your spine as he kisses your back, encouraging you. “Go on, baby”
You wrap your arms around erens neck. “D-daddy” you say, hesitantly, barely breathing the word. 
But eren groans so loud, and eats your lips up in a kiss, rocking you back and forth on his cock, grinding you on it. “Yeah, baby” he pants into your open mouth. “Daddy’s got you. Gonna fuck my sweet little girlfriend tight pussy like she deserves” 
“About fucking time you did” you think you hear armin mutter, but you’re already to fucked out to care. 
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rommahh · a month ago
you turn harry down and he ends up writing a song about it. you can quickly tell its about you, so you show up to his place mad that he wrote that and posted it without consulting you but somehow you guys end up having hate sex🤞🤞🤞
(I changed the prompt slightly. sorry if this isn't too great. but here band member!harry. he's not famous and a cocky little shit.)
You were pissed off. Fuming actually. Harry presented his new song to the band and all of your managers, a smug smile on his face as he sings the song. The song was obviously intended to get at you, and get at you it did.
Your managers clapped as he finished his little song, but you were no where near happy. A frown settled on your face, arms crossed indignantly.
"Harry, you genius. Thats honestly single material. You could present it at your concert on Friday!" Lynn, you head manager said clapping his hands. Sarah and Mitch looked at you with sheepish eyes as they agreed that it was a good song. Harry looked at you with the dumbest smirk on his face. "Y/N, my favorite little lead singer, do you like it?"
"Its whatever." You grumble picking at your half broken acrylics.
"Cmon, this song could actually put us on the charts." Lynn pushed, a large smile on his chubby face. You rolled your eyes before saying agreeing that the song would work. Lynn dismissed you all with big hugs already on the phone setting up gigs.
Sarah and Mitch left the room quickly after not wanting to face your wrath. Harry was still sat in his chair, guitar beside him. He looked at you expecting your rage.
"You fucking idiot." You spat. Harry lets out a laugh relaxing further into the chair, man spreading.
"Whats wrong poppy?" He asks so nonchalantly that it makes your blood boil more.
"If this feeling flows both ways? Are you joking me Harry?" Your anger is evident now. Not a joke to Harry anymore, he stands from his chair, storming over to you standing chest to chest with you.
"Dont raise your voice at me." He say, voice low, rumbling through his chest. You could feel your nipples harden under the fabric of your tight tank top, thighs clenching.
"Or what you twat?" He wasted no time bringing his ring clad hand up to your throat, tightening it slightly. Your faces were so close. The remnants of your fight before flickers through your mind breaking you out of your trance.
A slight nudge of head breaks you free of his grasp, and all of a sudden you become shy, a little nervous. Harry notices the shift in energy.
"Can we just talk about the other night?"
"No, Ill see you later Harry." You quickly grab your tote, pins clanking together at the abruptness.
You avoided Harry for days until he became unavoidable. Being the lead singers of your small alternative rock band meant that you guys had to, well you know, lead. Lynn demanded that you put your attitude to the side and practice the song for your show coming up.
Clad in a loose t shirt dress and chunky socks, you waited in your living room practicing the chords of the song on your bass guitar. Three loud knocks sounded from your door making you jump.
Harry stood behind the door, stoic. His guitar case was slung over his broad shoulder, a binder of music in the other hand. You step aside letting him in, a small hello greeted under your breathe.
He tosses a the sheet music and lyrics over to you, not caring that they spilled on the floor for you to struggle to grab them. You sit on the floor in front of your couch as Harry takes the love seat in front of you. A coffee table sat a few inches away from you, bottles of empty beer and water littered the table.
As you read the lyrics, that bubble of anger filled you again.
Have you got color in your cheeks? Do you ever get that fear that you can't shift the type That sticks around like summat in your teeth? Are there some aces up your sleeve? Have you no idea that you're in deep? I've dreamt about you nearly every night this week
"Youre such an ass Harry." Your words make him look up from his guitar. He raises an eyebrow at you wanting you to elaborate. "Why are you acting like we are in such a serious relationship? We fuck. You made that pretty clear."
"No, you made that clear. Every time I try to get close to you, you fucking act like im crazy." He snaps tossing the already dented fender on the ground. You toss the music sheets beside you, for the second time tonight, they spread haphazardly across the floor.
If this feelin' flows both ways? (Sad to see you go) was sorta hopin' that you'd stay (Baby, we both know) that the nights were mainly made For sayin' things that you can't say tomorrow day
You knees hit the ground as you push yourself to stand. Harry stands as well, not liking you have the upper hand on him. "I do not!"
"See you're doing it now. S'not my fault that you have such shitty commitment issues." He rouses you up, prompting you to raise your hand and slap him with a strong force. His head whips to the side, your broken acrylic nipping his bottom lip. He turns his head back to you, eyes wide with shock. You were shocked as well, hands trembling at your side as the anger subsided.
"Im sorry H, that was-" He cuts you off by slamming his lips into yours. The kiss was sloppy, teeth cashing, blood smearing, and tongues messily wrestling.
He grips yours hips tight sliding them down to the back of your thighs and pulling upward. It was a signal to jump, so you did. Your legs wound around his unnecessarily thin waist that you were jealous of.
He stomped his way to your room, bouncing you up and down making your clothed clit meet his the bulging jean fabric of his pants. You moan against his neck, hickies forming under your puckered lips.
Crawlin' back to you Ever thought of callin' when You've had a few? 'Cause I always do Maybe I'm too Busy bein' yours To fall for somebody new Now, I've thought it through Crawlin' back to you
Before you know it youre face down in the mattress, Harry pounding into you with a force.
"I don't like the way that you fucking act like you know me." Harry grits out, his cock splitting you in half. It touches your cervix in a painful yet pleasurable way.
"Please." You whine, arching further into the bed, ass high in the air.
"Stop your whining." His heavy balls hit your clit making your toes curl. Harry sticks his thumb in his mouth, slathering it with saliva before using that saliva to lubricate your tighter wound hole. He prodded at your asshole, maneuvering his thumb inside.
The feeling made you keen, a squeal exiting you loudly. Tears streamed down your face, pleasure hitting you full force. Harry watching as his cock glistened with your wetness. You clench down hard making Harrys pace falter. You both orgasm with an extreme force, his cum mingling with you.
He flips you onto your face, admiring your beautiful flushed face. he wasnt done with you yet. His cock still hard, tip a bright red color. He pushes back into, a sob wracked through your chest. He was going slow now, relishing in the way that your cunt sucked him back in. Your walls were plush and warm, it made him moan at the feeling. The sounds of his moan made another orgasm approach you.
"Be my girlfriend?" He hits your g-spot, your legs curl upward, hands clutching his shoulders tight.
"Yes, yes, yes, H." You scream in his ear, your second orgasm wracked through your body. Harry pulls out, pumping his cock of his release. It lands on your heavy breasts and pudgy stomach. You moan at the feeling, Harry wishes he could take a picture of your fucked out face.
He digs through your night stand using a wet tipe to clean himself off and then you. You shudder when the cold wipe meets your puffy clit.
Harry carefully pulls you up the bed and under the covers cuddling you into his side.
"Am I your girlfriend now?" The question slips out of you as you play with the little tuft of hair on his chest.
"Youre mine and im yours. So yes."
You look up to him with a bright smile. A sweet kiss is exchanged.
If this feelin' flows both ways? (Sad to see you go) was sorta hopin' that you'd stay (Baby, we both know) that the nights were mainly made For sayin' things that you can't say tomorrow day (Do I wanna know?) Too busy bein' yours to fall (Sad to see you go) ever thought of callin', darlin'? (Do I wanna know?) Do you want me crawlin' back to you?
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sensory-dump · a month ago
If its you.
Tartaglia x reader
Warnings: angst, character death, slight gore.
Overview: Reader is also one of the harbingers, instructed to kill Childe after he betrayed the Tsarita.
Gender: Gender Neutral Reader <3
The snow surrounding you had never felt so cold in your life. It scratched and bit at your skin as you gripped the handle of your blade tightly. Shallow breathes slipped past your lips as you stared down at your lover beneath you.
His eyes locked with yours as he sent you a smile. However it didn't quite reach his eyes, and the corners of his eyes didn't quite crinkle into crescent moons like they usually did when he shot you his signature smirk.
This smile, was filled with pain, sadness, anger, regret and most of all guilt.
Tears welled up in your eyes as you held the blade up to his neck, pursing your lips to prevent the heart-wrenching sob that threatened to leave your throat.
"Thats it love, dont be afraid. I promise I dont blame you and I certainly don't hate you. Nothing in this world could ever make me hate you, not even dying by your blade." His words only made your heart hurt more as you slowly lifted the sword up above your head, ready to end him right then and there.
It was your duty after all, he had betrayed the Tsaritsa and abandoned his position as the 11th harbinger. You were instructed to track him down and put an end to him before he exposed any of the fatuis secrets, and simply for betraying the tsaritsa.
But why? Why did you have to be the one to end his life? To kill the man you vowed your entire existence to?
You cursed at Celestia for being so cruel.
But just as you were about to swing down, you caught glimpse of his tears and his forced smile which only made you break down into violent sobs.
You collapsed onto your knees and sobbed, your sword dropping to your side as you were cradled slowly by your lover.
"I'm sorry... I can't do it..." You cried into his arms as you gripped his uniform tightly, scared to let go of him.
"You have to my love, or they'll come after you too..." He whispered into your ear as he let his own tears slip.
"Who cares if they come for us?! We can fight them off! Our combined strength is no match for them! I just-" You were cut off by your lover locking your lips together into a gentle kiss.
He poured all of his love into that kiss as he knew it would be his last. He felt your skin for the last time and stared into your eyes with admiration. He tasted your lips for the last time and cherished the sound of your voice.
After pulling away he leaned his forehead against yours, gently cupping your face as the snow around you both seemed to get colder.
"I would rather suffer this fate then put you in such danger." He whispered, watching as your sobs worsened as you gripped his sleeves tightly.
"Look after my siblings for me, remind them just how much I love them everyday okay? And look after yourself too. The world is a scary place and I won't be here to protect you anymore, so please, don't push yourself." He picked up your sword and placed it back in your shaky grasp.
"Why...? Why must you make me do this...?" You cried as he helped you to your feet, standing back as he braced for your attack.
"Because if you don't do it, her majesty will send someone else to kill me, and that would be a much more unfortunate fate for me...," He sent you one last smile, "but if its by you...I am more then happy to meet my end."
Your shaky hands gripped your blade as he kneeled infront of you. His smile still adorning his face as you slowly lifted the sword back up.
You took in his features so that you would never forget the man you had loved for your whole life.
"I love you." He whispered into the cold air as he closed his eyes.
"Till we meet again, my love." He choked out before you swung your sword down, dealing a clean blow to his neck. Killing him swiftly.
Your hands shook as you dropped the sword and collapsed, cradling your lovers cold body in your arms as you screamed out to Celestia.
Gut wrenching screams echoed through the valleys of Snezhnaya, snow falling from the sky as the world caved in around the two lovers.
You would forever remember him.
The man who met his fate in the fields of his own homeland.
Note: This is unedited and kinda crappy but I hope you enjoyed it. This will be a common theme throughout my page, killing off my favourite characters and making you read about it. Yeehaw.
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kuroosweakness · 7 months ago
kiss kiss | sakusa kiyoomi <3 
this is the my favorite sakusa mini fic i’ve written yet :)) and my longest work! over 2000 words! 
Tumblr media
“i don’t think i’ll ever understand the concept of kissing,” sakusa mumbles to komori as he leans down to tie his shoes. his shoes are already tied, but he needs to do something to hide his face for a couple of seconds. naturally, his curls fall to the sides of his face, just as he expected. 
komori quickly whirls around with a :) and a :0 face combined. “what was that??” he teases and crouches down to see his cousin’s hidden face. 
“i was just sayin’“ sakusa shrugs off. “it’s just people touching lips and sharing saliva. it’s disgusting. why people do it? i’ll never understand.” after dusting off his hands, sakusa gets up from the bench and stands up, having forgotten his tall height and head bumping right into a light. 
sakusa grimaces and rubs his head, trying his best to pretend it didn’t hurt at all. “stupid light,” he grumbles as he walks away. komori watches on, trying his best not to laugh while making a mental note to watch out for the low lights. 
“hiya!” komori looks up at his cousin while continuing to stretch out his legs. 
“...have you ever kissed anyone?”
“, full on make-out?” komori quietly asks as he makes kissy hands to demonstrate. sakusa immediately frowns and crouches down. 
“stop making those weird gestures,” sakusa quietly scolds. “it’s embarrassing...” 
“what’s there to be embarrassed about?” komori softly chuckles while nervously scratching the back of his head. “why do you ask?” 
sakusa’s eyes divert away. “...just curious to know.” 
“well....” komori taps his chin in thought. “there’s this one friend i’ve kissed before. but it wasn’t anything too serious...”
sakusa looks at the ground below him, wondering if he should sit his whole butt down or keep crouching. he decides to keep asian-squating. “so how’d you initiate the kiss? like what did you do?” 
“...i think we’re supposed to be practicing receives right now,” komori sheepishly says while pointing at their teammates all practicing. the bump sounds and shoe creaks suddenly becomes audible to sakusa. 
“oh.” and with that, sakusa gets up and walks toward the pile of volleyballs. 
“remember the question i asked you last week?” sakusa breathes through his mask as he and komori jogs down the streets. he’s overly dressed for a jogger, especially in spring. everyone’s surprised he can move so freely in such a heavy jacket. 
“...what..... question?” komori asks, glancing at his cousin before looking back at the road in front of them. 
“you know what question.” 
“...i dont?” komori pants as he slows down his jogging pace. 
“the question....that....made weird hand....gestures” 
“ohhhh the kissing question?” 
sakusa nods and moves to the side to avoid the kids walking toward them. 
“i’ve already told you....i’ve only kissed one person before. say, why’re you curious in my love life?” komori teasingly elbows sakusa as they come to a walking pace. 
sakusa annoyingly elbows him back. “is it so bad i want to know?” 
“it’s just not like you,” komori chuckles. at the sight of a bakery in front of them, his eyes immediately lightens up. “we should go there!!” 
sakusa’s eyes meet where komori’s pointing, then meets komori’s face, wondering if his cousin will share answers if he agrees. “okay. but back to my question about initiating the kiss.” 
“well, you’ll have to find someone you want to kiss first,” komori laughs. “and i don’t think you’ve found that person, judging from the way you always judge couples and bad breath.” 
“don’t be so quick to assume things,” sakusa grumbles under his mask. 
“anywaysss, you kinda have to know that the other person wants to kiss you too, ya’know?” 
“i don’t know,” sakusa dryly says, stating out the obvious. 
“yeah, tell me something i didn’t know,” komori replies and opens the bakery front door. waves of freshly baked bread fill their noses. komori dramatically inhales and exhales. sakusa lowers his mask. a little “ding” rings as the door opens and closes. 
“it’s so warm in here!” komori happily exclaims. “you sure you’re not gonna became toast yourself with that jacket on?” 
sakusa rolls his eyes. 
“back to the kissing topic,” komori starts. “consent is really important! you have to make sure they want to kiss you. and to know, just before kissing, you have to ask.” 
“lower your voice,” blushy-faced sakusa mumbles. “there’s people looking at us weirdly.” 
“not at me weirdly,” komori remarks. “just at you!” 
“i don’t know why i talk to you sometimes.” 
“i’ll pretend i didn’t hear that!” komori happily bounces over to the counter and tells the pretty cashier his order.  “kiyoomi, you want anything?” 
“no, not really.” 
“okay!” komori excitedly accepts his paper bag full of baked goods and eagerly munches into a chocolate croissant. “i was thinking that maybe we can stop and eat for a while” 
komori eating = less judgmental komori. who is he kidding, sakusa knows he himself is the most judgmental person he knows. “okay” 
as sakusa pulls out a seat facing away from the door, a little “ding” rings through the bakery. 
“oh look!” komori munches. “it’s y/n! hi y/n!”
sakusa’s stomach drops. his hands have never felt so clammy and cold before. maybe if he stays completely still, then you won’t notice him. 
“hi y/n!” komori calls again. 
“we’re going home. stop- stop stop stop we’re going home. i need to go home,” sakusa hastily mutters under his breath and gets up so fast, suddenly wishing his mask can cover his whole face. since you’re standing at the doorway, he waits until you walk inside to walk out. 
komori quickly gathers his stuff and says a quick apology to you. “sorry about him! well, we’ll catch ya later!” 
confused, yet unfazed, you give him a little smile and waves back. 
“so how was it?” 
“...not good,” sakusa’s face and curls fall into his hands. he groans and falls back on the his bed. “anyways, i need to study-” 
“no no no, i need to know!” komori insists. “most people’s first kiss isn’t that great’re not the only one.” 
“how am i even supposed to see them again,” sakusa groans again and squirms around on the bedsheets. “it was so bad. so bad. so so bad. so so sooooo bad-” 
“do you have thoughts about kissing them again??” 
“yes,” he mumbles and swiftly grabs the nearest pillow and hugs it to his chest,  hiding his face in the process. “all the damn time.” 
“then it didn’t go as bad as i thought!” komori exclaims. 
“so you’re not gonna tell me how it went?” 
“why’re you so nosy???” sakusa scrunches up his nose. 
“you were the one who asked about my first kiss first,” komori defends, pulling back in playful offense. 
“like i said, it wasn’t good.” 
“how was it not good?” 
“the kissing tutorial videos didn’t work.” 
“ watched kissing tutorials????!!” 
“komori motoya, if you don’t be quiet i swear-” 
“did they at least want to kiss you?” 
“...i don’t even know if we’re...together. this is so embarrassing. i was too impatient. i shouldn’t have. i rushed things. they didn’t even tell me they like me. what if they just went along with it and didn’t actually want-”
“i think you’re overthinking too much...” 
“can we just walk to school in silence?” 
“after you tell me first! i can give advice!” 
“i nearly missed their lips. and i froze up when we actually made contact. i was stiff. i couldn’t move. plus my mask shifted upward and completely interrupted us, which i’m kinda thankful for.”
komori stifles a laugh. “so...what’re you gonna do for your second one?” 
“i saw them with his stupid, ugly guy who if you put his teeth next to a beaver’s, no one would be able to tell the difference.” 
“....we all know you’re not the nicest person, but isn’t that a little mean..and a bit of an exaggeration?” komori chuckles and shifts his foot inside his volleyball shoes. 
“they have poor, poor taste in men.” 
“well...they did kiss you once...” 
“i don’t know anymore,” sakusa sighs. “i need to just focus on volleyball.” 
“i hate it here. absolutely hate. it. here.” with a grumble he tosses his clothes on his backpack and pads across the gym to get his water bottle. 
komori side-eyes his cousin. whether or not to ask what he’s talking about, even though he knows exactly what–no, who–he’s talking about. 
“is this volleyball related?” komori asks when sakusa walks back. 
“you’ve never given up anything you’ve set your heart on,” komori kindly reminds him. “so why’re you giving up now?” 
“because all the things i’ve done, i was in completely control of” sakusa swings his backpack over his shoulder. “i can’t control other people’s feelings....nor do i want to.” 
“did something bad happen?” komori dashes to catch with his cousin, and the tea. 
“guess who i saw them with again? beaver guy.” 
“i heard they’re just classmates though,” komori gently reminds sakusa, hoping it’ll somewhat clear his senses. he jogs toward a mini puddle and jumps right into it. sakusa grimaces at the water splashes. 
“it doesn’t matter. i don’t care about them anymore. they can have beaver guy so they want. i’m one of the best volleyball players in the country, and i’m ...somewhat good looking, and i’m tall...their loss.” 
komori searches for more puddles. 
“is it because of my personality?” sakusa quietly says. when he sees his cousins jumping into more puddles, he rolls his eyes. “komori, i’m being serious here” 
“when are you not?” komori calls back. he jogs back to sakusa and says, “what makes you think it’s your personality?” 
“well....let’s not talk about it.” 
“...” komori glares at him. 
“well....they’re all smiles around other people and like :/ around me. and y’know, my cleanliness. not that i would change for anyone, but i’m just sayin’” 
“if they really liked you then, you wouldn’t want you to change. although, you can be nicer sometimes....just a little” komori cheekily says. 
“’re right,” sakusa sighs. 
“update: beaver guy’s no longer in their life. he tried to make a move on them and they didn’t like it so they cut him out of their life.” 
“wait whaaat? it’s been days since you last talked about y/n. what-” 
“can you not say their name so loud???” 
“so beaver guy pulled a move on them?” 
“yes. and they cut him off because he took advantage of their niceness.” 
“so technically what happened to beaver guy also happened to me.” 
komori shakes his head. “y/n hasn’t cut you out of their life....they still talk to you sometimes! and even asked if you wanted to walk home, which you-” 
he points an accusing finger at sakusa. “which you said no to >:(” 
“don’t point, it’s rude.” sakusa looks away. 
“what’d you say no???” 
“i didn’t want to appear desperate.” 
“ long are you gonna stare at the ceiling? we’re supposed to be doing measurements right now.” 
“oh sorry,” sakusa slightly bows down and quietly adds, “i walked them home yesterday.” 
komori loudly gasps, which he apologizes for when everyone turns to look at him. “whaaat,” he whispers. “what happened?” 
“i walked them home and then walked myself home, that’s what happened.” 
“you’ve gotta be kidding me. give the details!”
“there’s nothing too important that happened. other than my confession.” 
._. “and you’re saying nothing important happened??” 
“turns out they” sakusa stutters. his ears are bright red. “i feel like i’m gonna throw up.” sakusa’s hands presses against his stomach.
“the good kinda throw up?” 
“there’s no such thing as a ‘good throw up’“ sakusa barks back. 
“y/n looked really happy and cheerful today and so do you...which i thought i’d never see...” 
normally, sakusa would jab his cousin if he heard that, but today, he chooses to ignore it. 
“so what’s going on??” 
“nothing much. just some kissing,” sakusa says. his whole face is glowing. 
“remember when you said kissing was gross?” 
“i don’t know what you’re talking about,” sakusa brushes off. “and you better not tell y/n i think they’re gross when i clearly don’t >:(” 
“hand-holding huhhhh?” 
“their hands were cold, that’s why.” 
“why am i so invested in your relationship,” komori softly chuckles to himself. “y’all are cute.” 
“it does feel nice to have someone to talk to about these things,” sakusa quietly says. komori pulls back in surprise. 
“well, i’ll always be here for ya! but don’t you dare try rubbing your relationship in my face.” 
“i’d never. i know what it’s like to be single.” 
“???? that’s the most non-sympathetic thing i’ve ever heard! obviously, everyone knows what it feels like to be single” komori rolls his eyes. 
“people are saying y/n’s dating me for my money.” 
“ignore them >:(” 
“people keep saying that y/n probably get no action and that i don’t even touch them.” 
“like i said, ignore those stupid people” 
“i wish it can be that easy,” sakusa sighs. 
“i’ve lost track of how many times i’ve kissed them.” 
komori jokingly pulls back in disgust. “no one keeps track, dummy.” 
“i’d say about 43 times” 
and now sakusa kisses you like he’s a starved man who hasn’t eaten in days 😐 basically, engulfing you. long, passionate kisses that gets your heart pounding every time. 
Tumblr media
and that’s it for now :)) tell me what you think! <3
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eternallyhyucks · 2 months ago
angel baby | choi yeonjun
pairing: bf! yeonjun x gn! reader
word count: 615
genre/warnings: fluff!! , none
—note: this is based on troye sivan’s new song, ‘angel baby’ !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 ྀ
you loved everything about him. you were in love with the little things about him. his smile, the way he looked at you, all of him and more. you loved how he never pressured you to do anything. he told you he loved you, but he made sure you knew that you didnt have to say it back until you were ready. you already knew you loved him back then. you just didnt know how to tell him that to you, he was perfect.
“y/n!” yeonjun tapped your shoulder. “what are you thinking about so intensely?” he said giggling as you came out of your trance.
“hm? oh i was thinking about you” you say casually
“really?? it’s very unlike you to be so straight up about your feelings ... what in particular were you thinking about me?” he said keeping his eyes on the road.
“it is isnt it,, im feeling a lot of emotions today” you say as you set your head on the window
“tell me about your emotions. i promise i wont look at you, i know you wont be able to tell me if i do” he said smiling
you sighed and began, “you came into my life out of nowhere. you make me feel things ive never felt before. you’re someone who feels like a holiday, so warm and comforting.” you knew that nothing you were saying was correlating, but you didnt care. you knew that you wouldnt be able to say any of this to him again because you’d never have this courage again.
“i was in pieces, i was barely feeling. i was starting to think that i had lost all feeling. you came into my life at the perfect time. i dont ever tell people i love them, but i love you, jun. i really, truly do. you are my first love and now, my first i love you.” you pause for a second, realizing that you were starting to ramble and your cheeks were burning from embarassment, but you forced yourself to continue. “i wanna live in this moment forever, yeonjun, im afraid that living couldnt get any better.”
you finished and sighed as you leaned as far as you could into your seat. the embarassment was kicking in. was this how people confessed their love? did you do it right? either way, it didnt matter to you anymore. you had finally told him everything you had been keeping inside of you for over a year and you didnt regret it a single bit.
yeonjun pulled into a random parking lot and turned to you. “oh my god, y/n. you just told me you loved me.” you smiled and nodded, still staring out the window. “i didnt know you felt that way, but im so glad to hear it because you put all of my feelings into words. i wish i couldve said it all before you did, but i doubt it wouldve been half as well said as you. either way, i love you. i love you, i love you, i love you.” you looked up to see him smiling the widest you had ever seen. he was looking at you with the eyes that you were so in love with.
locking eyes, the two of you simultaneously leaned into each other. it felt like the first time you were so close. he pressed his lips against yours and the fireworks in your stomach erupted. in that moment, nothing else mattered. it was just you and him. you pulled away and put your forehead on his and smiled.
“id give up heaven so that we would be together. you’re my angel, baby. my angel.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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how about a relationship analysis of Mirabel's individual relationship with her fam, please?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m gonna put my theory on the relationship with each family member at the top and my theory’s at the bottom
Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days I got busy anyway as always feel free to send be drawing requests/theory ideas/analysis ideas
Tumblr media
Luisa, honestly I think Luisa and Mirabel have a good relationship, Luisa seems to care a lot about Mirabel and seems to actually listen to her but at the same time I think she will accidentally leave her out a lot like the scene where the family is all standing together while Mirabel stands by herself.
Isabela, I think isabela and Mirabel have the ‘worst’ relationship out of the family with how different they are from each other in personality and their place in the house. I actually think isabela is aware on how Mirabel is and wants to help but is always busy with keeping her place as the perfect madrigal. On the other hand I think Mirabel knows isabela knows but thinks she dosent care enough to help her.
Antonio, Antonio and Mirabel seem to have the best relationship in the family probably because they’ve share a room for years. I also like to think that since Antonio is described as the introvert he can get overwhelmed by how loud the family can be (not in a bad way it just gets alot) and Mirabel is a bit more calm.Though I feel like Mirabel can get a bit jealous of Antonio though with him getting powers and her not but she doesn’t blame him at all.
Camilo, we have basically nothing on Mirabel and Camilo relationship so I’m just kind of going off nothing right now but I think they might have a nice relationship, they aren’t close but they really care about each other cause their family and they’ve grown up together. I think Camilo would be kind of annoyed at the thought of Mirabel having a closer relationship to Antonio because he’s his brother not her but not that much.
Delores, just like Camilo we dont have basically any information about their relationship so it’s just be guessing again but I think Delores and Mirabel have a kind of nice relationship. Delores loves Mirabel because their family but she can also get really mad about how close she is to Antonio because Delores is ment to be his big sister not Mirabel.
Pepa and Felix, we haven’t seen any of their relationship with Mirabel yet so just guessing, I think Pepa and Felix after Mirabel was shown to not have any powers got really worried about Antonio not having any powers which to Mirabel might come across as them not liking her. I also think she might have a nice relationship with Felix despite it considering he dosent have any powers, it might now be the same reason as her but I think it would be comforting
Julieta and Agustin, I think they’ll have a really nice relationship like shown in the trailer, I think both julieta and Agustin remind Mirabel that she’s just as special as them and they love her no matter what but like the rest of the family they’ll forget her like the scene where Mirabel is standing alone and like in the photo. Other than that though I do think they try their best to include her. I also think like Felix she’ll have a good relationship with Agustin because of him not having powers as well.
Abuela alma, other than Isabella I think Mirabel will have the worst relationship with alma, maybe because Mirabel sort of blames her not having powers even though she knows Alma couldn’t have helped that. I’ve probably got the least to say on alma all I know is that their relationship probably isn’t good
Bruno, honestly I think their relationship will be kind of cute with mirabels optimism and Bruno’s pessimism, I think he’ll pretend not to like her but really he’s grown really attached and cares a lot about her. I think they’ll be closer with them both feeling excluded from the rest of the family. Bruno seems like at first he just wants to help the family so no one will hate him anymore but as the adventure goes on he’ll do it more for the family.
Theories time
Tumblr media
Ive also seen this picture going around a lot and a lot of people are saying they think it’s of Mirabel asking for alma to try the gift ceremony again because the house isn’t out of magic and I think that would be really cool but I think it’s more Mirabel telling alma (who can’t see the cracks) about the cracks getting worse
I think when their powers start to go away their will be side affects because their so used to having them like maybe Delores can barely hear because she’s so used to everything being amplified or Camilo can barely interact with people because he’s so used to being someone else when he does it.
Since it’s been said a lot that only Mirabel can see the cracks in the wall I think it would be really sad if they thought she was making it up to ruin Antonio’s party out of jealously.
When they finally see the cracks it’s because Mirabel snaps at them and all of a sudden they finally see the cracks she’s been talking about and know that Mirabel hasn’t been lying and they’ve been angry at her for nothing.
After the family makes Mirabel take the picture I think she’ll walk away clearly about to cry and no one notices but Antonio who tries to go after her only to be held back by the family still celebrating.
The scene where the house really starts to crack and they try to get out in the trailer will be right before mirabel goes off on her own adventure and I think No one in the family in the family will know where she’s went until Antonio leaves a note when he goes after her
I think at the wedding when Bruno gives everyone visions it’s because someone yells at him for being their and he loses control of his powers because he’s angry/sad and then it makes everyone hate him more.
After the wedding I don’t think Bruno wants to be around his family anymore in fear of him hurting them or constantly giving them visions. So when he sees that the family will loose their magic he comes almost too late to warn them and it’s just before the house completely brakes down
Even though the family says they hate Bruno i think pepa, Julietta or alma have been caught more than once looking at old photos of him and his place on the family tree because they miss him but no one ever talks about it.
The family won’t be happy to learn that Antonio and Mirabel are with Bruno because of how much they “don’t like him” but even as they all say how their worried about them being with him I think they’ll all be kind of great full because they know they he wouldn’t hurt them on purpose
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sugawara-sweetheart · 10 months ago
𝔟𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔠𝔨𝔢𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔫 𝔴𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔯 (𝔪)
Tumblr media
❥sakusa kiyoomi x fem!reader
❥summary: cousin sakusa has missed you so much
❥warnings: dubcon/noncon, incest, humiliation, degradation, spitting, hair pulling, marking
❥word count: 3.1k
your brother has always been more family-orientated than you are. family makes him happy, seeing the familiar faces all linked by blood and love joyous and well together, creating and sharing happy memories.
you just wish you could’ve felt the same.
komori’s birthday brings you anxiety. your stomach churns as you stand awkwardly in the hallway between your older brother and your mother, kissing your aunties and hugging uncles, grinning at your cousins you’ve not seen in so long. you’re waiting, your stomach turning with a nauseating sickness engulfing you. would he even come? surely he was too busy these days- you’d seen his face on magazines and billboards, on the television with his black onyx eyes boring into the screen, piercing into you with a horrible darkness you’d know you’d never be able to escape. maybe he wouldn’t come.
you glance at your brother subtly, heart twinging at the wide grin on his face and the lopsided birthday hat on his brown head of curls. he’d always been closer to your cousin from the two of you, even though throughout childhood you all shared the same memories. giggling throughout the night in sleepovers you begged your parents to let you have, sharing toys and walking to school together, all the way throughout high school. but then things started to change, and you didn’t hang out with them so much. whenever komori would peak his head into your bedroom, announcing that he was on his way to kiyoomi’s he’d wait expectantly for you but you wouldn’t budge, claiming you had too many assignments to get through. whenever a family event would arise, you’d always be careful to ask your mother beforehand about it. “who else is invited?” and as she listed all the names of familiar family members, your heart would sink at the sound of one.
you could be sick. your heart thuds against your rib cage and a cold shiver runs through your icy blood when the front door opens and in steps your cousin. it’s been a while since you last saw him in person but you’re shivering all the same, taking in his tall, broad body that towers over you. his white face mask conceals half his face but it just makes his depthless eyes even more piercing, a thick lump rising in your dry throat when they bore into you, sharp as daggers.
“motoya,” his voice is calm. deep and slow, almost soothing you hate to admit, as he walks to your brother. komori’s grin is wide as he reaches out to hug him, but sensing the way your cousin tenses he just settles on patting his muscular arm instead. “happy birthday.”
“thanks!” komori grins when he takes the gift bag from sakusa and you’re half-surprised that he even thought to bring a gift. but then you realise that’s not entirely fair- he wasn’t entirely a bad person. not to your brother. “i’m surprised you came! you must be busy, huh?”
“yeah. a lot of training but i managed to find the time.” you’re holding your breath when sakusa steps towards you and your hands tremble as you curl them into the sleeves of your shirt, trying to avoid his heavy eyes that are practically cutting into you. but your mother gets there first, and it’s a huge relief to be able to breathe when you slip away from the busy hallway as she pulls him into a hug he can’t refuse.
you manage to avoid sakusa for most of the party. you’re thankful for all the family members crowding your house, and the fact that your cousin still hates crowds because it puts a huge distance between you. you’re able to slot yourself into groups where you know he won’t join. but it’s not enough. you can’t ignore the vicious thoughts and pungent memories, too visceral and too painful, bleeding out into your mind when you’re telling your aunts all about your new job, and you can feel the eyes burning into you when you’re playing with your cousins’ children out into the garden, wishing you can just focus on the laughter spilling into the warm, sticky air instead. even when you’re singing happy birthday, watching the candlelight illuminate komori’s grinning face in a warm orange glow, your stomach churns and your voice wavers, cracking too much that you eventually give up singing. your eyes settle on sakusa’s instead but he isn’t watching your brother blow out the candles, watch him make a silent wish. they’re focused on you, and his clenched fists is enough to make the tears well in your eyes.
the scramble for cake is the perfect time to slip away into the quiet upstairs of your family home. it’s peaceful with the music and the chatter sounding so distant beneath the floorboards and you can breathe, you can relax your racing heart as you slip into your bedroom, shutting the door behind you. those inches of wood is enough to separate you for now until someone- your mother probably- notices you missing and calls you back down again.
how horrible. your eyes clench shut but all that burns in the back of your eyelids is the pale, stoic face of your cousin sakusa kiyoomi. the family member your parents and relatives brag about as the pride of the family- successful pro-athlete, the one they watch clips of on youtube and show off to strangers. sakusa kiyoomi, the one presence at family functions that’ll have everyone beaming, even when he’s cold and brooding, everyone adores his presence. except you.
“you know, i never liked being around too many people either.” the calm voice makes you freeze, your heart suddenly racing against as your throat grows dry. you hadn’t heard the door creak open and you don’t dare face it as it clicks shut behind you. no. this can’t be happening.
but it is.
the footsteps are slow on the carpeted floor, heavy with his weight and the mattress dips behind you, his presence heavy with the faint smell of hand sanitiser burning in your nose. you hadn’t that smell, that horrible pungent smell of ethanol that’s scarred your memories.
“it’s been a long time, y/n.” sakusa says. “i’ve missed you.” you shudder when he trails a finger along the back of your shoulder blades, his skin cold and you swallow hard as he twines his finger around your hair, tugging slightly at the lock to induce a lingering of pain. “you stopped coming to a lot of family functions. motoya was always there, but never you.” you can’t reply- you think you’re going to be sick if you try and your legs tremble too much you’re sure your knees will give out if you even dare to get up. then he’d know you’re scared.
he always looked different whenever you were scared. you remember the wide grin and the gleam in his round eyes when he showed you the bug he found in the garden, slipping it down your shirt to make you scream and run to his mother in tears. you remember the smirk tugging at his lips, the way he’d scrutinise you after telling you a scary story in the dead of the night that’d have you paling, begging komori to walk you to the bathroom. you remember how his lips were smiling against your skin when he was pressed against you, cornering you in his bedroom as the smoke and aroma of the barbecue wafted in through the open window, carrying up your family’s laughter, as you cried, begging him to let you go.
“i think- i think my mum’s calling-”
“no one’s calling you, y/n.” you can hear the smile in his voice, the malicious, sadistic joy carried in his knowing words. “i dont even think they noticed you slipped out. but i did.” you tense, not being able to resist the small whimper that falls from your lips as sakusa edges his face closer, the tip of his nose grazing along your jaw as his hand grasps the back of your neck, thick fingertips pressing into the sides to make you gasp. “i’ve been waiting to see you for a long time.”
you’re forced to look in his eyes when he turns your head,  his eyes locking with yours as he scrutinises you carefully. he notices it all- the trembling of your bottom lip, the tears building in the corners of your eyes, the goosebumps pebbling along the back of your neck as you clench your fists to hide the shaking. he likes it- he always has. the only time you saw your cold, stoic, unexpressive cousin smile so wide was when he was watching the tears roll down your cheek, when he was the one causing it.
“kiyoomi, can you let go-” you’re cut off by his lips pressing against your cheek and you cringe as you realise the tip of his tongue slides along, gathering your tears and leaving his saliva cold on your hot skin. “s-stop that!”
“doesn’t this just remind you of old times? all the fun times we had alone?” sakusa’s proud smile just makes you cry harder and you’re horribly aware of how he shifts his body to press himself into you, letting you feel his hard throbbing cock pressed against your thigh. but you’re not an innocent eighteen year old girl anymore.
“it wasn’t like that! get off me, you creep!” you hear the crack of his hand against your face before you even register it. you gasp at the hot pain searing through your cheek. blood rushes in your ear, your face throbbing as hot tears sting your eyes. “k-kiyoomi-” your skin is tender to touch and you’re trembling as you scramble away from sakusa, tears streaming down your face as you clutch it.
“don’t act like you didn’t fucking like it.” he hisses. there’s no trace of sadistic amusement evident in his depthless black eyes now, teeth gritted with a blue vein throbbing in his temple as he crawls towards you. you flinch when he grips your thighs, dragging you towards him and you’re no match for his size or strength, your thrashing useless as he pins you down onto your own bed, caging you in.
“let go-” your desperate cry is muffled by his hand slamming onto your face, his other hand reaching for the hem of your dress to flip up as you squirm and try to prise his fingers off you but it’s futile. too strong. he’s always been too strong.
“since when did you become such a bitch?” he sneers, fingers probing into your mouth. they’re big and invasive, weighing down on your tongue and aching your jaw as you almost choke on your own saliva. “you weren’t like this before- what, you think you’re too good for your cousin?” he scoffs at the idea, pucking his lips and spitting directly into your open mouth. you clench your eyes shut at the sensation of his cold saliva hitting your tongue, mixing with the saliva that pools in your mouth and trickles down your chin, making him grimace with disgust. “messy slut. what’s happened to you?”
your sobs are muffled and choked with his fingers in your mouth, your face hot with stinging pain and bitter tears whilst you try to scratch at his hand that snatches down your panties. but you’re helpless, a horrified sob ripping from you when the cold air hits your folds.
“can you stop crying? you look really pathetic.” sakusa sighs, pinching your drooling tongue sharply before he rips his fingers from your mouth. strings of saliva coat your chin and he merely rolls his eyes as you turn your head to bury it in the comforter, your hands gripping the bedsheets. why was this happening to you? it’d been years since you last saw sakusa, so many years you managed to avoid him and now it was all happening again, just when you thought you were safe.
“you want me to fuck you like a slut?” he taunts, pressing his wet fingers to your clit and rubbing it slowly. you hate that your toes curl with the warm pleasure, a little sigh escaping you amidst the muffled weeps and he chuckles as his other hand roams up your body, groping your breast through your dress. “i can do that.” you gasp when he yanks down your straps, your tits hanging out of the dress and a snicker escapes him as he harshly pinches the pebbling nipple, eliciting a sharp gasp from you as you squirm below him.
“k-kiyoomi- stop this! please.” he groans at your words, burying his face into the crook of your neck and his teeth sting as he presses open-mouthed kisses along your sensitive neck.
“why? you like this, you just want to act like you’re not some sort of perverted bitch that wants her cousin’s dick. look how wet you’re getting, it’s disgusting.” his words sting and you hate that you’re wrapping your arms around him, fingers clinging to his broad shoulders as he swirls your swelling clit with his thumb, fingertips sliding along your folds with your obvious wetness dampening them. “you want me right?”
you shake your head wildly but it’s hard to cry no when the pleasure builds, the coil in the pit of your stomach tightening. it’s wrong, it’s disgusting and dirty and you don’t want this but your hips are bucking up into sakusa’s hand, walls fluttering as the sensitivity heightens and your orgasm crashes through you in heavy waves. sakusa chuckles in your ear, his teeth catching your lobe as your slick trickles down between your quivering legs, toes curling as you bury your choked, teary moans into his shoulders.
“see, i knew you’d like it. you just came all over my fingers.” there’s an uproar of laughter from downstairs and it makes you cry harder. the shame festering in your chest hurts and you just wish you were downstairs, safe and surrounded by your family, not caged under sakusa, being his dumb little prey time and time again. “you want my cock, right?”
“no, kiyoomi, i don’t!” but he doesn’t listen to your weak protest when he flips you over, pushing your tear-stained face into the mattress with a strong grip on your hair that sends pain burning in your scalp. you grip the bedsheets, trying not to collapse under his chest weighing down on your back as you hear the unbuckling of his belt, the little clink as he tugs down his pants, freeing his cock.
“god, no!” you try to pull away from him when you feel the drooling cockhead graze against your bare ass but sakusa’s grip on your hair is too strong, keeping you pinned in place. it’s suffocating- you feel like you can barely breathe with the your face pressed into the comforter and blood pounds in your ears but his harsh voice cuts through too clearly.
“you won’t be calling out god’s name when i’m done with you, whore.”
it burns when he shoves his cock into your cunt, his thickness stretching out your tight walls. you can’t even moan, your mouth falling open with drool pooling onto the bedsheets, pain burning deep between your legs as he fills up your cunt. he’s long and thick, veins pressing against your tight walls as he groans, the grip on your hair tightening enough to induce fresh stinging tears in your eyes. so wrong. it feel so wrong, so painful and you cry bitterly as you realise nothing’s changed- he’s still using you as his cocksleeve all these years later.
“you’re so tight.” he hisses when he snaps his hips into you. there’s a dull ache each time his cockhead slams against your cervix but sakusa’s relentless, fucking you for his own pleasure with one hand gripping your hair and the other slapping and groping your ass, nails piercing into the soft flesh. “but fuck- you feel good.” you cringe when he leans down to press a kiss to the back of your neck, a cold shiver running through you amidst the pain and the slight pleasure as he fucks against your spongy walls. wetness drools from your aching cunt, his balls slapping lewdly against your ass and you’re so full you can’t hold back the choked moans that spill into your bedsheets as you grip them tight. “i’ve missed this cunt. you’re made for me, aren’t you? this messy pussy is all for me.” it’s no use begging him to stop. the pressure builds in the pit of your stomach as he pounds into you, wetness squelching lewdly and your walls squeezing tighter every time he tugs on your hair, pain searing through you. you feel like you’re being split apart on his drenched cock as he drives it into you, letting you feel every ridge and vein. it hurts- sakusa had never done this for you ever- but you can’t deny that part of it feels good, and you hate that it does, you hate that your walls tighten around him when he brushes a sensitive spot and a deep moan falls from your lips, not muffled enough by the bed.
“is that it?” sakusa grunts, stilting his hips and rubbing his cock against that spot again and again. “will this make you cum, you messy bitch?” wetness spills down your thighs as his cock brushes against your sensitive walls, pleasure building in you as you jerk below him. it’s wrong and you feel so tainted, so dirty and disgusting but you can’t resist arching your back, letting him fuck you deeper, letting him push you over the edge. sakusa fucks you through your high, his hand yanking your head back sharply as he presses you down onto the bed, his weight squeezing the air out of you as you gasp.
“that’s it, cum all over your cousin’s cock, you dirty girl. say my name,” he groans. “say it.” you don’t want to but with his grip tightening in your hair, his throbbing cock driving into your gushing cunt and prolonging your climax, you can’t stop his name from falling from your lips in breathy moans. it’s not right to chant it like a prayer, to let your eyes roll to the back of your head before you fall limp on the bed, panting as he pulls out of you.
you don’t have the energy to fight back. every inch of you feel bruised and sore and your teary eyes flutter shut as sakusa cums with a deep groan, hot ropes of sticky fluid splattering over your clothed back.
it hurts. it hurts when he kisses you messily, gripping your face tight with his nails piercing crescents into your tear-stained cheeks. it hurts when he drags you out of the room without even letting you look in the mirror but you know why. fresh tears fill your eyes when you’re pushed into the living room, your aunts and uncles, your mother, your brother komori staring at you in horror when they see the swollen lips and dishevelled hair, the bruises littering your throat, the glistening sheen coating your thighs and the white stains clinging to the back of your dress.
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ohajime · 6 months ago
Why you break up with the haikyu boys part 2 (Osamu, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Ushijima.)
Tumblr media
Part 1 (Atsumu, Oikawa, Kageyama, Kenma, Akaashi, Sugawara)
Genre: angst
Tumblr media
Osamu: “For fuck sake Y/N, don’t deny it I know that you...”
You and Osamu were basically arranged to be together, you were best friends from when you were little and your parents thought you were a match made in heaven.
Did you love Osamu? Of course, you pretty much worshipped the ground he walked on.
But there was always a strange look he gave you whenever he mentioned his brother. You never really focused on it, but that was something you took note of.
When you came back home, after a long day of work. You see Osamu sitting in the kitchen alone, with some paper in front of him and a drink in his hand.
“‘Samu Babe!” You exclaim sauntering over to him “How are yo-“
“Don’t.” He said simply, taking a sipping some of his drink (to which you could only assume was some form of hard liquor.)
“Why ‘Samu, what’s wro-“
“You bought tickets to his game.”
“Who’s game?”
“Don’t play dumb with me Y/N, you bought tickets to my idiot of a brothers game in an attempt to slut around under my nose..”
“Samu, that’s not what it was I-“
“I don’t want to hear it Y/N!” He yelled slamming his drink down making you flinch.
“Gosh Samu whats wrong with you. I know that I had a teeny crush on Atsumu when we were kids but it was just a childhood crush. An innocent childhood crush.”
“For fuck sake Y/N, don’t deny it I know yo-“
“You know what? That I’ve spent majority of my life, trying to ease your own insecurities and jealousy of your own goddamn brother. How childish can you be Osamu ?”
Osamu eyes opened a bit in realisation, and his lips slightly parted. “But Y/N, you-“
“I what? Brought us tickets to your TWIN brothers final volleyball game, because I wanted him to see the support from his family and friends.”
“I’m sorry Y/N I really a-“
“Don’t.” you say picking up the tickets and turning around “I just thought maybe, just maybe for at least a day you could put your weird feelings towards your brother aside... but I guess you can’t.”
You left the apartment, and got your stuff another day (one where you knew Osamu was at work.)
No you did not end up dating Atsumu, you were most certainly friends and only friends. You did end up going to the game on your own, to cheer on Atsumu who most definitely appreciated it.
You thought you saw a certain Miya twins sitting in the stands at of the game, hiding his face with a baseball cap. Which made you smile a bit...
Well at least he ended up coming to the game.
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi: “I just don’t want you Y/N, I never did”
In your second year of Seijoh Highschool, you were approached by a rough looking boy who had a ‘resting bitch face,’ and looked like they were coming to pick a fight with you.
But no, it was just “Iwaizumi Hajime.”
He was very popular throughout your school, as he was vice captain of the schools volleyball team and he was Oikawa Toorus best friend.
So when he approached you that Friday afternoon at your locker, you definitely didn’t know why.
“Y/N..” he said nervously scratching the back of his neck “umm this is for you..”
In his hands was a bar of chocolate and a scrunched up note that read
Tumblr media
AN: DID I WRITE THAT NOTE MYSELF, yes yes I did anyways...
You were very surprised at this sudden confession as you and Iwaizumi weren’t in the same social circles and you were definitely not the type of girl that would be on his ‘radar.’
You had a quite unsettling feeling, which made you subconsciously squint your eyes at him. But they soon soften as you saw the nervousness that Iwaizumi was showcasing to you as you were contemplating on you answer.
You got out a pen, shaking the unsettling feeling you had out of your head. And ticked the box “Yes” giving it back to Iwaizumi.
He smiled widely and rushed towards you in an attempts in giving you a hug which went awkwardly wrong leaving you both laughing.
Dating Hajime, wasn’t bad nor good... it’s just what you wouldn’t expect it to be.
There wasn’t much of a change to what your usual school routine was which consisted of: going to lessons and spending break and lunch on your own reading a book.
And technically you were still doing that, but you were now just always with Hajime. Wether it was at lunch or at practice (which he always insisted you go to, also hinting that he would like for you to bring him bentos to practice.) which you did end up doing.
One day, whilst doing your daily “bento delivery,” to your boyfriend, you overhear him talking to his friends; Matsukawa and Hanamaki.
“God I can’t stand her, always running behind me like a lost puppy giving me bentos that I didn’t even fucking as for” he complained, making you gasp.
“Really?” Exclaimed Hanamaki “I know you said she confessed to you one time, but I didn’t know it was that bad?”
“Yeah she’s a stalking bitch, it’s getting annoying.”
“Gosh it’s seems someones getting a taste of the ‘Oikawa Experience’” Matsun said making them all laugh.
You entered the room, furious. “What the fuck Hajime?”
“Woah woah woah, it’s seems your stalkers about iwa, we’ll leave you too it” said Hanamaki, with Matsun following behind him as they leave.
“What do they mean I’m a stalker?”
“Well aren’t you?” He responded with a smirk
“Gosh y/n you’ve been following me about for a while now, dont you think it’s time to stop”
“Bu-But you confessed, with your note and w-“
“Are you sure about that Y/N, cause I don’t really recall ...?”
“Hajime don’t lie, we were dating.. we ARE DATING.”
“Okay Y/N let me fill you in on a little secret,” he said leaning down next to your ear “I don’t want you Y/N, I never did.”
“ but why m-“
“Why you? Because nobody knows Y/N L/N and nobody cares, I can tarnish your name and nobody will give a shit.. and that’s why your an easy target” he said still smiling “ I just wanted to rub it into Shittykawas face that I had my own little “fan club”
You were stunned, frozen in shock as Iwaizumi walks past you to leave the gym, making sure to grab the bento you made him.
“Thanks again for the help, I’m definitely going to miss these bentos!”
You should have listened to your gut feeling from before.
Tumblr media
Daichi: “you’re just not marriage material”
Daichi was “the perfect guy,” he was nice to strangers and was helpful to the community and just an all round great guy.
So it was a massive question as to why he went for you, since you were definitely not the girl for Daichi.
“I don’t care what anyone says, your the perfect girl for me” was what he always said.
Even though those statements went out the window whenever his mother got involved.
Daichi’s mum was a strict traditional woman, who believed in family values that went back thousands of years ago.
And she most certainly didn’t like you.
She wanted you to be Daichi’s doting wife, who cooked and cleaned for him. Whilst he works and was the breadwinner of the house.
Although you found no problem with the women that did do this, but this was not for you.
When it comes to meet ups with you, Daichi and his mother. He never told her to stop when it came to the rude comments she made about you, or the times she suggested Daichi go for a more “prim and proper” girl named “Misaki Ayuzawa.”
After the meetings, when his mother was gone, he always tried to reassure that she was wrong and her words didn’t matter.
But you knew they did, that daichi was actually considering some of the things she said about you wether they were true or not.
The tension in your household was strong, since you barely talked to each other anymore. But you had hope for better things...
Until one day, you get a message from Daichi’s mother saying. “It seems Daichi made the right choice, as we all know ‘Mother Knows best.’” With a video attached of Daichi proposing to the one and only “Mikasa Ayuzawa” surrounded by all their high class business friends.
When Daichi got home he yelled, “Y/N, where are you I was at this business party at this fancy restaurant and I got some nice things for you to try!”
“Business party?” You say rolling your eyes “Or Engagement party.”
The shocked look on his face made you smile, as you both knew now that he was caught.
“Fuck you daichi! Why would you do this without even tell me !” You yelled, tearing up a bit.
“Y/N, it wasn’t meant to go down like that it was just I was talking to my mu-“
“Fuck your mum! And you!”
“I’m sorry Y/N you’re just not marriage material an-“
“I don’t care what you’ve got to say, you’ve done it and it’s over with”you said leaving.
“I’ll come back to get my stuff later,” you say “oh and congratulations on the engagement Sawamura-San”
After you said that, Daichi’s heart broke.
He did end up marrying her, and he regretted every day of it. Since she was great and all, but she just wasn’t you...
But he knows now you’re long gone, definitely not going to forgive him for marrying another girl whilst being with him.
Tumblr media
Ushijima : stop being so emotional
You and Ushijima were very much opposite In every aspect, and at first it wasn’t really a problem.
Especially since you always excused it as “opposite attracts.”
But recently all you and Ushijima do is argue, left and right always arguing.
You complained about Ushijimas lack of emotion when it came to you, you don’t think he cared about you or about anything.
Whenever you brought up something that was wrong he would reply with “Y/N this is something you need to be acting all upset about.”
And that would definitely upset you even more, you just wanted him to notice you or shout “Y/N I care about you and I love you.”
But Of course he didn’t.
One night he came back late (again) after promising to be home early to have a meal together.
“What’s taken you so long Ushi?” You asked
“I was at practice. I told you this.” He said simply, remaining as stoic as ever.
“But you said- you promised that we can have dinner together.” You said
“ oh well I’m sorry. We can have dinner now if you like.”
“I’m not hungry anymore” you mumbled past him, going to your bedroom.
“Y/N, what’s your problem” he said following after you.
“It’s nothing...”you said tears filling your eyes.
“Okay I’m going to go eat now.” He said leaving you alone in the room going to the kitchen, making you sigh.
After you calm yourself and collect your faults, you go into the kitchen where Ushijima is at the table eating.
“Ushijima, we need to talk.” You said taking a deep breath.
“We should break up.”
“Is that all you have to say?” You say tearing up again.
“Yes, I’ve been thinking that for a while now.” He said bluntly “since Y/N, you’re just too emotional.”
“Oh I see.” You say now full on crying.
Ushijima looks up to see you all teared-eye, and he is kind of suprised because ‘why were you upset.’ He got up and tried to console you, but you flinched away and said “Don’t, just don’t Ushijima.”
“I’m sorry Y/N...”
“Why are you sorry? Do you even know what you’re apologising for?”
“Well then, just seems to prove my point further...” you go to leave before saying “thanks for the wonderful time... I guess we just weren’t meant to be.”
Tumblr media
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