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#i dont even CARE
thisissirius · 2 days ago
tumblr ate the first write up of this and i’m mad about it but this is still hella cute if i do say so myself. because @hoechlder is the worst and knew exactly what her tags were doing on this gifset. I SEE YOU. anyway the title is hilarious, don’t @ me.
5x04 spoilers
ice ice baby eddie/buck, soft soft fucking soft
“Ice goes on the eye, buddy,” Eddie says.
Buck sighs, dutifully lifting the bag of ice to his eye. He flinches, but slides it against the bruise. “S’cold.”
“It’s ice,” Eddie says, grinning when Buck gives him a look.
Predictably, it doesn’t take long for Buck to shift the conversation into something else, but Eddie’s looking for it and a few minutes into Buck’s plans for the weekend and where they’re taking Chris, the bag of ice is dropped against Buck’s knee. 
“Buck,” Eddie says, rolling his eyes. He slides his beer amongst the empties already on the small table. He steps between Buck’s legs, taking the ice out of his hand. “It won’t heal if you don’t keep it there.”
“I know,” Buck bites out. Up close, his eye looks angrier, red thickening into a dark purple and Eddie winces on his behalf. He picks up the bag of ice and presses it to Buck’s eye, free hand resting at the nape of Buck’s neck. Buck hisses, tries to move away from the ice; Eddie’s grip is gentle but firm, and though Buck grits his teeth, he stays. “It hurts.”
Eddie nods. “I know.”
The silence between them feels heavy and thick with something Eddie can’t name. Buck’s mouth is parted, and Eddie can see his throat bob, words dying on his tongue before he can say anything. When Buck moves, the beer bottle clinks against the others, the sound loud against the silence between them. 
Buck’s eyes are bright and blue against the red of his bruise, the birthmark still visible between the pinks, reds, and purples. The silence stretches, settles around Eddie like a comfortable blanket, and he moves his hand, fingers sliding to the side of Buck’s neck, then up to his cheek. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t want to stop, not with the way Buck’s watching him, waiting. Eddie’s thumb is pressed to the warm, smooth skin under Buck’s right eye. It heats a little more as Buck flushes, but Eddie doesn’t stop.
“Eddie,” Buck says softly, his name carrying easily on the small balcony.
A hand rests against Eddie’s hip, fingers sliding up and under his dress shirt. Buck’s breath hitches and the fingers of his free hand wrap around Eddie’s arm, Buck’s cheek turning into his wrist. It’s soft and intimate, and Eddie lets out a slow breath, feels good and happy for the first time in so long. His fingers move to Buck’s hair, stroking gently through thick strands. 
Buck tips forward, the right side of his face turned awkwardly into Eddie’s stomach until Eddie moves gently, keeping the ice against Buck’s face as he manages to find a comfortable way for Buck to lean against him. He resumes stroking Buck’s hair with soft, soothing motions. “You’re so good, Evan.”
“It doesn’t feel like enough,” Buck says, the words almost muffled against Eddie’s stomach.
Eddie crouches down, the bag of ice dripping against the floor as it lowers. “Hey,” he says, lifting Buck’s chin when he tries to look away. “Sometimes it won’t be, but that’s not on you. You’re more than enough and if someone can’t see that, then they’re dumb.”
Buck stares at him, apprehension flicking across his face. “Do you see it?”
“I see all of you,” Eddie says without hesitation. 
“Eddie,” Buck says and Eddie pushes up, fingers once again on the back of Buck’s neck. Their lips meet, Buck’s hand fisting in the front of Eddie’s shirt. The kiss turns hot, perfect, and when they part, Buck’s lips are curved into a smile. 
Eddie meets it with one of his own. 
“What?” Eddie asks, feeling his chest tighten in a way that has nothing to do with panic at the way Buck looks at him, sees him.
Buck grins, lifting Eddie’s hand still wrapped around the bag of ice. “Ice goes on the eye.”
Eddie barks a laugh, but dutifully presses the ice back to Buck’s eye. He leans forward for another kiss, and Buck meets him halfway.
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lindzhatesithere · 3 months ago
the (not so little) detail of willhelm biting at his nails as an anxiety tic is so meaningful. so many shows are concerned with the overall plot + big picture and forget about little things that make characters seem human. overall, i think young royals just did such a good job with the portrayal of willhelm’s anxiety
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dr-diagnostic · 2 months ago
The Nanny Affair in a nutshell:
MC: we have to be discreet. No one can know about us
Sam: want me to rail you in full view of other people
MC, hiking up her dress: absolutely, I do.
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tarvek-sturmvoraus · a year ago
you’re in her dms but im taking her to the year five billion to see her planet destroyed by the expanding sun. rip to ricky but im different
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phoneybeatlemania · 2 months ago
we dont talk enough about the time macca was drunk and got out of his car to take the piss out of david blaine
i was absolutely pissing myself when my dad told me about this the other day lol
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mariesackler · a year ago
“You should be kissed everyday, every hour, every minute.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sleepy-spots · 7 months ago
ytruurughrhrhufhfvfh *holds c!phil* MY BELOVED
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glitchgw2 · a day ago
me years ago: i gotta make my oc PERFECT with the perfect backstory ever, making the most sense out of all ocs ever
me now: so my gw1 character is called "gliaster but human" after my asura main in gw2 and they fall in love with joko at first sight and betrays the sunspears just like that, mordant crescent formed in 1075 AE :)
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lightsovermonaco · 3 months ago
So what do I spend my big girl job money on? Oh you know, tiny models of my favorite drivers car 🥲
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lesdemonium · 4 months ago
in this episode of "zoe is so fucking extra" I made my own rainbow wings
Tumblr media
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theconceptoftimeisntreal · 11 months ago
we all know how garrett isnt afraid of rejection?? right? we all know that?? okay dope,,,what if garrett asked andrew out BEFORE he knew he was "straight" an he got rejected cuz andrew prolly freaked out an was like 'I'm🙄not🙅🏼‍♂️gae🧚🏻‍♂️💔 omg💅🏻🙄im😤just🕺🏻a😻fruity🍌🍊🍎straight💅🏻guy💁🏼‍♂️' and Garrett was like 'oh okay we're bffs now😻'
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enbeebeau · 8 months ago
Cassian’s Hair??
Okay when did we all collectively decide that Cassian wears his hair in the half up man bun? I’m not bashing that at all, but have you considered: Cassian with braids? Like can you imagine Feysand’s daughter learning how to brain and getting really excited and going up to Cassian like, “Uncle Cass! Uncle Cass! Mama taught me how to braid! Can I practice on you?” and obviously he wouldn’t be able to say no to her. It becomes part of their regular interactions. Eventually he picks up on it and will braid her hair too, so they’ll have little spa day like things where they relax and do each other’s hair and just talk about anything and everything (eventually they get Azriel to join them). 
One day he offers to braid Nesta’s hair, she scoffs at him thinking there’s no way he knows how to braid hair better than she can, so she makes a bet with him that she can braid better. Not realizing he’s been braiding Feysand’s daughter’s hair and his own hair for a while now, she is completely blown away at how well he does her hair. He wins the bet, and Nesta is not happy about it.
Okay but this man has mastered the perfect way to keep hair braided back so that it won’t fall out during training. It doesn’t matter if they’re flying or sparing or just working out. That hair won’t budge until you take it out and unbraid it. This also becomes part of his routine with Feysand’s daughter. Every time they train together Cassian will braid back her hair, so it won’t get in her face while they train. She does the same thing for him of course. 
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Me looking at the hunger games tag on Tumblr, knowing it's gonna spoil the third book and the rest of the second book for me, but not caring at all:
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maplecornia · 3 months ago
exp edition 😁
Alice I hate you 😡😠🤬
Tumblr media
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bridoesotherjunk · 6 months ago
You know, all of the internet made fun of smaugbo for a while there, saying we were just a small bunch of weirdos, but I still get kudos on my 8+ year old smaugbo fic every single day, so obviously there's still a lot of people out there who like the ship.
Every day. At least 1 kudos on this old ass fic. Most of the time it's more.
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