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megamixxed · 11 months ago
oh jeez I didn't realize I actually had asks in my inbox. uh... honestly guys. this acc is rly dead. im not really motivated to get on my switch just to make icons so. I dont think im going to take requests anymore, I just dont really want to do it anymore. maybe ill try to get on this blog to just post voca stuff and interact w some people. but as of late I haven't had any motivation to continue this as an icon making account. so I won't be doing the requests in my inbox sorry
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da-can-draw-stuff · 6 months ago
Boy howdy do I miss drawing for fun ;w;"
I'm still studying, so it can't be helped that all my stuff right now is for the school newspaper.
I've largely stopped using social media because 'good grief, anxiety' thinking about maybe starting to maintain several artist portfolios for myself as a fan and a professional artist. But I am still lurking around occasionally!
Part of this is because my p5 stuff has spun waaaay past just being about a what-if, and Goro has had a lot of development that is still plausible (at least in p5; I didn't play p5r), but still could be a different dude entirely. So I could theoretically just turn it all original or redraw my works with a twist for my pro portfolios.
Still working up from that point right now. ^^"
Anyhow...I just decided to poke around and I saw some really great artworks that merited saving to my drafts (at this rate, I feel like I just need an actual Tumblr just for sharing other cool pieces since i have at least 200, and probably why I adore them--) and I got really fired up to draw. That's where this super long post came from aha.
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depresseddepot · 2 years ago
You know this whole time we've been thinking that Sithis didn't want Cicero dead bc he likes him but if Sithis liked Cicero wouldn't he want him to die so he could be in the void??? I love the clown bastard with my whole heart but even Sithis was like "good god I'm not ready to deal with that mess" and told Lucien he definitely Did Not Want Cicero To Die Yet
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fierceaskatniss · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
DEC 1 - Perrie Edwards of Little Mix attends a Gala.
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turtletoria · 3 months ago
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wordgirl is on the brain again 
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soranker · a month ago
Tumblr media
TRU SHOT ❇️💚❇️
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faetual · 6 months ago
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the “what are mens waist so tiny for” meme applies to him
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psepicola · a year ago
yo, tumblr just let me back into my account so if you wanna follow me check out @infennietyonhigh
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animemoonprincess · a month ago
i’m never ever going to make a post like this again, but if i see ONE MORE POST about this im going to actually break down sobbing so.
Sun Wukong and the Six Eared Macaque are NEVER canonly stated to be brothers.
Yes, they are the origin of the “evil twin” plot point. Yes, the may be inspired by an older legend of “two monkey god brothers”.
But not once, does the text of Journey to the West say they are canonically brothers.
I did not spend an entire week researching these two (and done it multiple more times whenever it was brought into question), just for people to go around saying “They were canonically blood brothers in Journey to the West, and Lego Monkie Kid will make them brothers later on :)”.
(Of course, if you headcanon them as being brothers, or prefer to see them that way, that’s fine. I have no problems with that. It’s your interpretation after all. It’s people saying it’s definitely canon that I take issue with.)
First and fore most, Wukong literally can’t have siblings. Sure, he can have siblings by choice, like the other pilgrims, but he was born from a rock, y’all. I think we would’ve heard if the rock had done anything else.
Secondly: The text of Journey to the West does NOT say they are brothers. I don’t know why we have to go through this so many times. In fact; in Journey to the West, it says they didn’t even know each other. The Six Eared Macaque, as well as Sun Wukong, are declared as the same species (a mystic monkey, that doesn’t match up with any other kind of being, of which there are only four in this world), not as family. Six Eared Macaque was only able to disguise himself as Sun Wukong, and copy his abilities, because of his ability to hear the past present and future- he listened to all the training Wukong did, and thus replicated it. And even with the ability to hear so much, outside of no-one being able to tell the two monkeys apart, he doesn’t actually do that good of a job at pretending to be Wukong (hitting Tripitaka on the head for example). The two of them had never met before this in Journey to the West canon.
(I’m mainly keeping this post about Journey to the West, but it’s obvious Lego Monkie Kid has changed many backstories. However; if the show was going to go with the route of them being brothers, I’m extremely certain it would’ve been stated by now. For one, the creators do interact with the fans, and have encouraged Macaque/Wukong content. Secondly, “beloved friend” would most certainly have been changed to “dear brother”. He would’ve described the hero and the warrior as brothers in that story, because there literally would not have been a better time to drop that information story wise. If they were going to be confirmed as siblings, it would’ve been done by now, I assure you. Of course, this doesn’t mean I think Macaque/Wukong will be canon either. If anything, it’ll just stick to them being friends, which makes perfect sense in a story that focuses on friends and found family like this. You can headcanon them as brothers if you want, but do not go running around claiming it as canon- and telling newcomers who are questioning and genuinely don’t know that it’s canon.)
Thirdly: “but what about the movies where they’re brothers” you say. “but what about Dislyte, where they’re brothers” you say. Now look at me. If you were heterosexual, and you saw a story like the Six Eared Macaque being obsessed with Sun Wukong’s life, what would you take away from that??? Almost definitely, the first answer in your mind would be siblings. Not to mention the other popular idea of him literally being part of Sun Wukong (this is also not canon. Sure, allegorically he might represent Wukong’s internal battle with his violent tendencies, but literally almost every character in Journey to the West is an allegory. The whole damn book is an allegory. But we’re not looking at the allegory here, we’re looking at the story), these are both common directions that would be taken. But just because it makes for good story potential, to give a deeper meaning behind these two characters by making them siblings or part of one whole, does not make it canon. You can’t look at one interpretation of a story and say it was canon to another. Would you take Gnomeo and Juliet and say “well since they survived at the end, it must be canon they survived in the original play, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong”? No. No you wouldn’t. Because that’s an assumption, that’s a twist on a story to give a new meaning to it. But even if it’s fun, it’s not part of the original.
So, to put a cap on this post, sure, go ahead, think of the Six Eared Macaque and Sun Wukong as brothers if you want. I literally couldn’t care less. That’s your own interpretation of it. Block the shadowpeach tag if it makes you uncomfortable, that’s what tag blocking is for.
But do not. Do Not go into people’s askboxes and tell them the Six Eared Macaque and Sun Wukong are canonically related. Do not go into the askboxes of people who ship shadowpeach and send them death threats for their own interpretation of a shows interpretation of two guys who didn’t even know each other in the original text. Do Not tell people who ask that the two of them are canonically related, because then you’re just spreading misinformation.
Once again, if you view them as family, and don’t do any of the above, you’re fine, this post is not about you. Have fun with your ideas and stories /gen
This is the only post I’m ever going to make on this subject. If you try to argue with me you will be blocked. You can reblog, but for the sake of my anxiety I’d rather not have any replies or comments on this.
Please, y’all. If I can have enough respect to stay in my own bubble, and not force shadowpeach on people who don’t want it, and can keep myself from claiming that it’s going to be canon, then why can’t the people who have decided to interpret them as brothers do the same?
#Monkie Kid#JTTW#Journey to the West#tagging the big names here because i want this to reach#gonna be honest. im terrified to be posting this. but i GLANCED in the main tag today and saw something and just.#i cant. ive had this rant building in me since august of last year. i cant keep silent about it anymore#i'd rather not post this at all. might even delete it. i dont like interacting with drama#i HATE fandom drama#i know the reason why there seems to be so much of it here is because the LMK fandom is new#and still growing#and that things will probably settle down in a bit#but i just. every time i see someone say ''Macaque and Wukong are DEFINITELY brothers''#instead of ''i view them as brothers''#i just get SO FUCKING ANXIOUS#i remember the initial drama#(which. by the way was started by one person. one. Just One. One person was all it took for nobody to check sources)#i remember my friends getting hate messages and death threats#and i remember everyone taking a break from shadowpeach for a bit#and. tbh. it's never felt the same. there's not as much content of it anymore.#it almost feels like everyone panicked and scrambled for new ships to replace the ''oh so awful shadowpeach''#and even after things settled down. the damage had been done.#too many people too scared to come back into creating the content they had enjoyed creating before#just ONE PERSONS POST was enough to ruin the comfort and fun of so many people#and i will never forgive nor recover from that.#.....#vent#this is very much a vent post#i think im going to go offline for the next hour or two#to give this post a bit to settle down after i post it.#i might delete it after i come back online. who knows.
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lover-of-mine · 2 months ago
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My endless list of favorite characters: Evan "Buck" Buckley (911 verse)
Out there, in the world, helping people. That's where I belong.
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birdiebrunch · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
late night goofin with my c!tommy design weeeeeeee
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el-im · a month ago
bashir’s “mistook a preganglionic fiber for a postganglionic nerve on the final exam and thus became the salutatorian rather than the valedictorian of my class at starfleet medical” story is hands down one of my favorites of his, particularly as one he delivers so early on in the show, and because, medically and anatomically speaking... it... doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. 
any student in so much as an introductory anatomy and physiology course could make the distinction between them. no individual who has trained for years to become a medical doctor is going to confuse the two--its a basic differentiation, and not one that can be waved away as a mistake. there’s just no doing it. their functions and histologies are so vastly different that there’s no similarity between them beyond sounding similar (which, in the case of this being a television show, and having a story that rolls off the tongue with a little fluidity, makes sense, but putting that doyalist analysis aside for a moment..) 
hearing this, someone with even a little (human) anatomical knowledge under their belt perks up an ear... 
now, considering the implication that bashir made this mistake deliberately--being “genetically enhanced” with his perfect memory to boot, there’s no way that he might have forgotten their classifications--and that the question was missed so he could maintain his high class rank without raising suspicion (as the assumption would be that any genetically enhanced individual would be at the top of their class, should the question of his intellectual abilities ever come up), a question is begged as to what his intentions are in spouting the story off so freely, obviously without worry that someone will see through the charade. 
then, consider: a) the fact that humans are (relatively) new to bajoran space, so it can be assumed that the knowledge about human anatomy among bajorans is limited--thus, there is an expectation that few species within bajoran space would find any issue with his story, and b) as bashir is the chief medical officer aboard deep space nine, his medical knowledge is (generally) assumed to be the most complete and thorough bank on the station. he may imagine (in all his season one overconfidence) that no one (including his human/starfleet medical staff) would pick up on the puzzling fact of his “accidentally” confusing the two
by repeating his story (and framing it as a trying, intellectual ordeal), he is attempting to establish himself as a source of (generally) infallible medical brilliance. but what is particularly remarkable to me is that he’s choosing a story where he (from the point of view of his audience) makes a rather unremarkable blunder that dethroned him swiftly and suredly from the top of his class. though of course, in actuality, this was a choice he made to protect himself from watchful, suspicious eyes. 
and what we arrive at is a strange dichotomy in bashir himself. by exposing that (albeit, fabricated) vulnerability, he’s amassing sympathy from his audience while humanizing himself--he’s aware, at this point, that he can come off as disconnected and haughty, and wants to communicate as best as he can, that he is both capable of error, aware that he can make mistakes, and that he has the drive and motivation to correct them. 
tempering his presentation of the story with the knowledge that he’d been genetically enhanced adds another layer of meaning on top of it. for the first time in his life, bashir finds himself in a place where his species is so unfamiliar that he’s not looked at as an oddity, regardless of his abilities. any trait he demonstrates could very well be indicative of his species or may be a reflection of himself--to those unfamiliar with humans, there’s no knowing what’s universal and what’s individual. and for someone like bashir, who has spent so much of his life isolated and in fear that others will find him anomalous, this is freedom. 
i think, in (small) part, that must be what he meant in comparing bajor to the “frontier”. though he mistakenly implied bajor was simple and uncivilized (a core takeaway from that encounter--but not to be unpacked in this post), what he also may have been suggesting was that this was a place to establish himself without restraint or fear, and in the end bajor, for bashir, would serve as new territory upon which to build his life, to inform his developing ethical standards, and to change his anthropocentric outlook on life.
what i mean is this--despite the fact that bashir is the cmo, and despite the fact that his species is unfamiliar in the region, and that both of these fact suggest that no one would find his story suspicious--bashir practically shouting it from the rooftops is an interesting choice. by talking about it, he’s ultimately saying: 1. ‘i am not perfect, and i don’t believe i am’ and, 2. ‘look a little closer’. the remarkable thing about the whole narrative is that it comes off as a supplication. he seems to be saying--ask about it--ask why, ask how it was possible. he’s desperate for someone to be interested, and (though perhaps more reservedly) for someone to find him out. he’s spent his whole life shying away from the limelight, and is finally able to be the wunderkind he’s become--but only at the edge of federation space, only 52 light years from earth. he’s isolated, but is finding it rich and wonderful rather than lonely. for the first time in his life, he wonders if perhaps it is safe, or acceptable, to be himself, openly. if he can get someone to be interested enough to pry. 
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da-can-draw-stuff · 2 years ago
Hello, how are you? It’s been a while since you posted on here Is there a place you’re more active on?
Hi! Thanks for asking!
Yeah...I've mostly been lurking, or off for my health's sake. That kind of meant I hadn't been doing much art either. I do have a backlog of things to upload, however, and I'm trying to get on my big to do list. Not sure about posting more of my writing talk though--wouldn't know where or how to start or what.
But tumblr is the place I use most, for platforms, besides pixiv...which gets posts every so often.
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rains-pace · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
and whys he green
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hlkings · a month ago
it’s the fact that grapejuice is a long distance relationship anthem for me. Bear with me. 
First of all, the sound of his voice. To me, the verses sound like a literal voicemail and H is just telling this person about his days like “hey, sunny afternoon, I was just going to buy flowers for you, yup because I miss you. It would be such a good day to just lay down somewhere like the heath” and then it turns kinda dark and sad: “There's never been someone who's so perfect for me - But I got over it” and even his voice changes it gets deeper and he sounds tired and done until my favorite lyric of the whole album:
“I pay for it more than I did back then” ??? it’s literally one of his most layered lyrics of all times. It could mean nothing at all and it could mean everything at the same time. It could mean he gets a worse hangover now than years ago. It could also mean his freedom is way more compromised than years ago when he “couldn’t do anything” even when apparently today’s H is as free as he could get. It could mean being an artist and having to stay away from his partner during touring it’s way harder today than it was when they toured together. It could mean the closeting feels worse now and that for every moment of “freedom” he gets, he has to pay for it more, “make up” for it.
And then his voice goes back to normal for the chorus, it’s not a voicemail anymore and all he does is say “There's just no getting through without you”, “I wouldn’t make it without you, I love you and I know I’m doing this because we are in this together and everything is going to be ok, just me and you.”
Next verse and we get the voicemail voice again while H literally says he is sitting alone having a couple of drinks and thinking of his SO. And again it sounds like he is telling them about his day: “hey, babe! I’m just drinking some wine sitting in the garden wby? Listen, I was wondering, how many places have we been to? Together? Well, ofc babe you’re always there.”
and then: I pay for it more than I did back then. (???) Have I already said how much I love that line??
And if it wasnt clear enough that this is not a happy love song but a bittersweet one, we get confirmation in the last line “ There's just no getting through the grape juice blues.”
Ok and finally two things: 1. the 28 references because OF COURSE. (the 1982 in reverse + the numbers he sings through the song add up to 28)
2. the wine references. We know hl are drinkers. like WE KNOW.  “Smoke something, drink something, yeah, just like the first time”. Alcohol has just always being a part of their relationship so it just makes sense that the whole metaphor is going to revolve around something that is theirs. Like relaxing and drinking together and then just suffering through the longing of not being able to be together bc this is what they do this is their jobs. It is what it is. So, grapejuice started as a voicemail and endless calls so it’s basically about their long distance relationship. Fight me.
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sheriffspookypants · 6 days ago
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The idea for this Star Trek comic has been living in my head rent free since 2011
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canon-lgbtaq-daily · 10 months ago
The canon LGBTAQ+ character of the day is
Tumblr media
Minoru Mineta from My Hero Academia who swung the boldest bat at the hornet nest yet by being mlm
Tumblr media
This grape is rootie tootie fresh and fruity
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pisskid · a month ago
Imagine your F/O
(this can go for any kind of f/o btw!)
Imagine staying up far too late chatting with your F/O. Neither of you even realized how carried away you both had been until you checked your clock and saw that it was past 3 am. The conversation topic didn’t matter either, you could talk to them about anything and everything and they would always go along if it went talking to you! Maybe the conversation turns silly as the night presses on and sleepiness takes over reason, or maybe you get involved in a deep talk and end up ranting, but no matter what your F/O is there to listen and chat.
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lunarharp · 4 months ago
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various fe3h stuff i never put here yet
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popurie · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
  oasis 🍃
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