#i dont get how ppl still watch eurovision
pojebalo · a year ago
checking the bookmakers ranking things for eurovision and deadass? if france wins and you see me on a killing spree mind your business
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bookworm-2692 · 5 years ago
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ooo this was from three days ago im sorry anyway here we go:
25: Which social science interests you more; psychology (how the mind effects a person), sociology (how society affects a people) or anthropology (learning about culture)? Why?
hmmmmm im really not sure??? theyre all so interesting??? i cant pick. i dont know much about any of them but if you told me something interesting about any of them i’d probably listen w rapt attention i just… idk. sorry
31: What’s your favourite song to sing a long to?
recently i guess om du rör mig dör jag by martin stenmarck? my phone has v limited space and pretty much just has non english songs at the moment (but i need to change it soon im getting bored of it) but thats the song that gets me singing the most? bc it just builds up. but many songs. i love singing along to songs but im just so bad at singing like trust me you do not want to hear me singing (tho you may not get a choice). i actually really enjoy singing along to asapscience’s period table song and the horrible histories kings and queens song??? idk
52: What’s something you thought would be really scary/bad, but was actually fine when it happened/you did it?
ooo good question. i actually think i told you something like this an hour ago or so so therefore ill think of a different one. last year around eurovision time my friend was having a party and the invitation made it sound v formal? like there was a dress code (black and white) and you could invite a plus one? like that just sounded way too fancy for me like first of all i actually had to PLAN what i was wearing and couldnt just look in my closet on the day??? and second of all you were expected to invite a plus one like what??? i remember it was on a friday night (so me and two other friends werent going to netball training for it so there would have been like three people from my team there whoops) and i was cycling home after school w two friends one of who was going (and also skipping netball training w me funnily enough) and another who wasnt. the friend who wasnt going was like “oh are you two going to the party” and we were like “yah” and she was like “i hear these other people who are going are planning to bring alcohol and stuff” and i was like “but its alcohol free??? everyone is either 16 or 17????” and she was like “yeah but theyre gonna sneak it in or arrive drunk?” and my mind was like !!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! and i started dreading going even more like for context this friend had moved schools so half the people there would be from my school and the other half from her new school so i was really starting to worry bc it seemed too fancy and many people i dont know and now the possibility of ppl from my school i barely know coming drunk??? like no thanks too much for me. i remember putting on the eurovision semi final 2 (bc since i live in australia it came out live at 5am that morning) and i started watching and it started to make me feel better but i was still super worried? i remember polands song came on and it was calming me down heaps i loved it (i was so glad it made the final and ranked so high in the televote bc it made me feel so much better) anyway then i went to the party and at first i was terrified but after a few hours i started relaxing and realising it wasnt so bad so i was able to enjoy myself a bit more? still not my style of party but i survived. so maybe not “fine” bc i was still a bit uncomfy but definitely better than i expected.
HOWEVER the year before that some netball friends invited me to a halloween party so i went and the only people i knew were like four friends i was terrified the entire night that one didnt get better i think partly bc i only had four friends and two had other school friends? so only two friends by me the entire night? but the one last year did improve bc i had such a large number of friends so i was able to get more comfortable. note to self for future: bring a large number of friends to things youre worried about.
another thing im worried about coming up that i hope is better than expected is year 12 formal this year. im worried bc im not sure what formal involves? so idk how to prepare myself. also you have to wear fancy clothes? and look good? and girls are expected to wear dresses?? and make up?? idk. also people expect people to have a date to formal or something??? i just feel the coming months will be super awkward and i hope worrying was all for nothing and that its super fun and super chill w friends
anyway wow that was a long answer
61: What question(s) do you love being asked?
oh i dont know. things where i can just talk for ages? like last time when you asked my opinion on aliens and i just kept on going. also when the year 9s had to send out questionaires and one of the questions was like “what is nuclear fusion” and i could just ramble about it bc i had learnt it in ½ physics that year so i knew about it in a fair amount of detail (turns out the year 9 was actually talking about fission, not fusion, so i explained the difference to them). i guess i more just love those conversations where you can talk for ages bc you dont run out of things to say? so not necessarily any particular topic??? idk
anyway tysm for these i love answering questions in general and talking about me haha also these questions let me introspect and learn things about myself? its cool
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