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maziekeen 9 months ago
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cozylittleartblog 2 months ago
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rainy day worm hunt & bug thoughts
i like thinking about how different cyber world is from any dark world with a more realistic, organic theme
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vampiresfamiliar 2 months ago
dni if you can name everyone in this image, your parents are still together, live in england, judge people based on their zodiac sign, have bought more than 1 pair of airpods, have never dyed your hair, prefer to play humans in ttrpgs, have never cried about a fictional character鈥檚 death, learned how to drive before you were 18, main mario in mario kart/party, aren鈥檛 on any psychiatric medications, say聽鈥渉e/she鈥 instead of聽鈥渢hey鈥, don鈥檛 need glasses/contacts, are an only child, or don鈥檛 use the oxford comma
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obsob 6 months ago
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i lov 2 women聽
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stackofeggs 2 months ago
ren with falsie鈥檚 color palette? <33
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uhhhh i went a little overboard and took a few creative liberties. is this fashion? who knows
(color palette from @hermitcraft-ask-games)
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spark-scribbles 4 months ago
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i can always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling
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lunaticsandidiots 3 months ago
so i recently started thinking about rick flag x reader x adrian and omfg? like yeah i know rick's not CANONICALLY alive but fuck canon i say rick flag is alive and joined the team to take on the butterflies and i feel like adrian and rick would have such a similar dynamic to how rick and harley are? and the reader being mostly like adrian but also being such a sweetheart and being all soft with the two? and the sex? god i feel like adrian would just MELT at rick's accent and become practically putty, doing whatever rick wanted and the two of them together would mean you receive the most pleasure and love and attention, ESPECIALLY when rick is in charge? like that man will shove adrian's face between your legs and tell him to be good and to make you feel good. sorry if this seems very weird or random or if it was very like graphic
UM ANON THIS IS NOT WEIRD, OR RANDOM, IM OBSESSED WITH THIS AND THAT ONE PART IN PARTICULAR, ABOUT RICK TAKING CONTROL... it's drabble time. (i say drabble, this ended up being just over 1k words bye)
yes sir [dom!rick flag x sub!reader x sub!adrian chase]
(afab gn!reader) (nsfw 18+)
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"Are ya gonna be a good boy for us now, Adrian?" Flag drawled, his large hand well and truly tangled in Adrian's soft, brown curls as he gripped it at the crown.
"Y-yes Sir..." Adrian sputtered, trying not to provoke Flag further as the Colonel held his head inches away from your wetness. Flag didn't have to say a thing, the loud smack of his palm against Adrian's bare, red ass did all the talking for him.
"YESSIR!" Adrian cried, his calves squirming against the mattress as he bowed before you, Flag kneeling dangerously close behind him.
Looking up, Adrian could see the trails of your tears glistening from your face, all the way down to your heaving chest. Your head was thrown back in frustration and overstimulation, resting in between your raised arms as your wrists burned above you, shackled to the top of the headboard.
"Can ya take any more darlin'?" Flag asked you. You couldn't see him clearly through your blissed-out haze, but you could hear the smirk in his voice.
"Yessir." you sobbed, putting all the energy you had left into making sure your answer was firm and clear, to Flag's satisfaction.
You cried out as you felt Flag shove Adrian's face back into your cunt, body instantly writhing at the overstimulation.
Flag had been doing this for what felt like hours, after he came home to find the kitchen in absolute disarray, and you and Adrian fucking on the couch like rabbits. In reality, he didn't mind the last part one bit, hell, he wasn't even that pissed off about the kitchen.
But he knew the two of you liked to play, and after a vexing day at work answering to Amanda Waller at her every beck and call, he knew the two of you would gladly face the business end of whatever tension he needed to let out.
Hence why the kitchen was a perfect excuse for him to ruin the two of you, and after half an hour or so of completely overstimulating you, and completely depriving Adrian of any release, Flag was starting to feel a lot better than he did when he first arrived home.
Adrian immediately began to suck on your clit, his face pressed far too harshly in between your legs to allow his tongue to swirl and dart around like it usually did. Your legs started twitching involuntarily at the sensation, though gladly it took some of your focus away from your aching, swollen clit.
"Please, Sir," you bawled, weakly lifting your head up to see Flag watching the two of you with dark, hungry eyes, "Please Sir I c-, I can't..."
"You can't what, darlin'? You're gunna have to speak up." Flag teased, still forcefully holding Adrian's head in it's place, his curly mop of hair bobbing up and down as he obediently continued to devour you with fervour. All you had left in you was a pained wail, your skull colliding with the headboard as it dropped back in overwhelm at the vibrations sent through your body from another one of Adrian's desperate growls.
His cock was engorged, red and throbbing and leaking as it stood to attention. The smell of your arousal as it coated his face and the smell of Flag's sweat as it coated his nostrils taunted Adrian, dangling the promise of release right in front of his nose before cruelly snatching it away, over and over again.
Flag finally relented, pulling Adrian's face away from between your thighs for good and releasing the painful grip on Adrian's scalp as he pushed him forward to collapse on top of you. Flag always loved watching this part.
Flag lined himself up with Adrian as he watched the scene unfold below him. Adrian was writhing on top of you desperately, hips involuntarily jutting forward at the very notion of getting his dick wet.
All you could do was spread your weak, shaky legs as best as you could and wait for Adrian's cock to find it's way in as he groped at you like a feral, untamed beast. Flag knew that Adrian wouldn't be able to help himself, purposefully getting him so worked up that once Flag let go of the reins, Adrian would be inside you in seconds, using your exhausted body to finally find the release that he ached for.
A blissful sigh of relief slipped out from between Adrian's lips as he finally entered you, though before his lungs could fully empty themselves, his sigh was bulldozed by a satisfied grunt.
Adrian's head dropped to your collarbone as he rutted the rest of his cock inside you, his motion propelled by the force of Flag entering him.
The three of you lay there for a moment, bodies stuck together with arousal, sweat and tears as you all adjusted. Adrian tried to steady his breathing as he focussed on not letting go just yet, though with how enticingly your velvet-like pussy pulsed around him, it was proving to be an almost impossible task.
The moment Flag's hips started to move, Adrian's did too. From your spot underneath the two men, with your hands still bound high above your head, you had absolutely zero leverage to adjust your body, meaning you were stuck sobbing below them as Adrian's pelvis excruciatingly rubbed against your clit each time he plowed his cock back into you.
Neither Flag or Adrian would last very long under the conditions, though after a torturous amount of teasing, both of them were hungry for release and in no state to prolong it's arrival.
Adrian was the first to let go, hips stuttering against your pelvis in between your legs. As always, he buried his cock so deep you swore that if you looked down, you'd see it bulging out through your stomach. Adrian continued to fuck you long after he'd filled you up entirely, he always adored fucking his seed back into you and feeling it dribble out around him until he was no longer physically able to.
Flag's release came soon after, his strong hands selfishly bouncing Adrian back onto his cock to use him like a fuck toy as he grunted through perfect, gritted teeth, his toned chest heaving up and down in surrender.
The last thing Flag did was make quick work to unshackle you, and once he'd gotten through to you, past your fucked-out haze to make sure you were alright, he collapsed right in the middle of the king bed, arms splayed out to rest right under each pillow.
Like clockwork, you and Adrian snuggled under each of his arms, none of you caring in the least about cleanup in that moment- that could wait until morning.
Flag was the lightest sleeper either of you had ever met, though between you playing gently with the hair at the nape of his neck, and Adrian softly drawing shapes atop his robust pecs, Flag was sound asleep in mere minutes, with the two of you following closely behind.
鉁︺鈧娿藲銆鈾 .銆鈧 鉁 .藲銆鈾 .銆鈧 鉁 . 鈧娿藲銆鈾 .銆鈧 鉁 .銆藲銆鈾 .銆鈧 鉁
vigilante taglist: @redpool @lothiriel9 @darththrog @kingdindjarin @trash--blog @bbwithaknife @nottobegaybutmen @torchbearerkyle @666abby6666 @allukanezuko @fanofverymanythings @hypnoash @chelseaxteens @ellabellabus07 @vlkyriesgf @panickinanakin1 @caramelkatsukis-bitch
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stinky-twinky 12 days ago
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(id in alt) blackmadhi week day two and i followed the prompt this time with @ministarfruit 's swapyuta design because... i cant improve perfection he is IMMACULATE i have nothing more to say goodnite!!
reblogs and tags much appreciated <3
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imaginationblur 5 days ago
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Give your girl a cool jacket and some pumped up kicks and watch her go!
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davyperez 7 months ago
maybe bold take but sometimes yall say "well he's from texas" as a way to defend and dismiss the super homophobic, racist, or sexist things jensen ackles says, and i don't like the ideas that that works off of
#anyway my mom lives in texas#i know plenty of middle aged white men from texas who DONT make weird sexist racist and homophobic jokes#this man is from AUSTIN not bumfuck nowhere#he's a grown man in his 40s with full on free will! he's not just a product of his environment#the implication that people from texas automatically get a free pass on homophobia and racism and sexism.#ok so i guess we're just gonna pretend like texas isnt one of the most diverse states in the country#please! ignore the existence of all queer people in texas. all poc in texas. all women in texas#when you excuse bigotry bc someones from the south its fucking gross im sorry#you're playing into all kinds of stereotypes abt southerners that are based on classism and racism. its gross.#yall are the same people that were making jokes abt the power outages and shit in texas like ''well they did it to themselves''#do u not understand that texas is a red state bc of voter supression. bc of white supremacy.#bc politicians have been working very hard for a very long time to dismiss and ignore the voices of poc in texas.#yall realize just bc they literally have their ability to vote stripped from them that doesnt mean they dont exist?#when you imply that texans are naturally bigoted you ignore and dismiss the experiences of queer ppl and poc in texas#who have had their rights stripped from them.#AND you further the stereotype that southerners are uneducated and stupid and entirely white#which is not only classist but ALSO has been used to fuck over appalachians for fucking ever.#anyway theres my little rant#dont remove someones autonomy on the basis that theyre from texas and so racism and sexism and homophobia are somehow simply acceptable#anyway anyway anyway#phin.spam#spn cast
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fairyscorpicus 12 days ago
can people calm down about the Annus shoes. Mark said they were all he had. also how are you supposed to portray that its Dark in the white suit if the white suit is out of shot. Let him have the goddam white shoes. Dark had the white suit look FIRST anyway he鈥檚 allowed to steal the look back
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thespineoftherighteous 3 months ago
aftg but it's written like it's Aaron's diary
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catboy-von-seckendorff 12 days ago
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"So for once, please, let me have a happy dream."
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cata-strophes a year ago
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what do u mean theres no 4/4 content, its right there
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anotheraffair 3 months ago
i know everyone has their pet interpretations of this and that's fine! but i'm going to clear up the CQL cliff scene for you.
When Wei Wuxian sees Jiang Cheng he's visibly relieved. He is visibly relieved to see Jiang Cheng approaching him with a drawn sword and looking like he wants to kill him. This makes Wei Wuxian feel relieved. Because he wants to die but Lan Wangji wanting him to live has made all this very complicated because he doesn't want to have to be the one to hurt Lan Wangji but he also does not wish to continuing living in that moment. He does not want to continue living after all the horrible shit that has gone down and also he does seem to be rather ailing from the resentful energy. So he is relieved that Jiang Cheng appears to be simplifying things for him. Perhaps he is also relieved that if it's going to be anyone it's Jiang Cheng. Perhaps he thinks it's right that it's Jiang Cheng. Who knows. But he's very happy to see Jiang Cheng ready to kill him. He is relieved and ready to accept dying this way.
If the CQL team had meant for the rock to wobble, believe me, the camera would have lingered on it. This is not a subtle show. The only reason the wobble is a blink and you miss it thing is because the sets were that cheap, it was a really cheap fake rock, they spent all their money on Jiang Cheng's costumes, please look at how beautiful Sandu is instead of the cheap fake rock.
Wei Wuxian only looks distressed when he realizes that Jiang Cheng didn't stab him, isn't going to stab, isn't going to kill him right now, maybe doesn't want him to die, and is probably also too fucked up to know what the hell is going on or what he wants to do. Wei Wuxian only looks upset when he realizes that Jiang Cheng isn't going to siimplify things by killing him but seeing Jiang Cheng also probably makes Wei Wuxian realize that if he listens to Lan Wangji and chooses to live that means he has to accept choosing to live with the consequences of everything that's happened, which is symbolized by Jiang Cheng and Jiang Cheng's pain and anger and how he's still unable to deal the killing blow but that also still doesn't negate the pain and anger, doesn't undo any of the awful things that have happened. And Wei Wuxian doesn't want to do that.
So he shakes off Lan Wangji's hand and falls. He does in fact kill himself, although he would probably rather have had Jiang Cheng actually do it.
It's also important to note that Jiang Cheng's distressed expression when Wei Wuxian does that is meant to telegraph to the viewer that Jiang Cheng probably didn't actually want him to die, regardless of what he may have wanted to want/what he thought he should want/whatever was passing for thought in his then deeply traumatized mind. There's no other reason they would have shown that. Literally none. Please also think back to Jiang Cheng almost bursting into tears when Lan Jingyi says that he's the one who killed Wei Wuxian.
I think it's very fair to argue that Jiang Cheng's feelings at that moment, and for long after, were so complicated he usually didn't know how he felt, what he wanted, or what he wished he had or hadn't done.
But he did not stab Wei Wuxian or push him off a cliff, literally or figuratively. Wei Wuxian would have much preferred that to having to hurt Lan Wangji by choosing to die.
Lan Wangji absolutely believes that Jiang Cheng literally killed Wei Wuxian but Lan Wangji, like Jiang Cheng, is kind of a demented when it comes to Wei Wuxian.
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ghost-of-you 4 months ago
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Calum Hood and that moment in music videos where i want to sit down and cry over how beautiful he is. (6/?)
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random-minty 15 days ago
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I think Mai would be banned from cutting any of the Diamond Clan鈥檚 hair
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hwanswerland 2 months ago
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almond-gallery a year ago
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pulled zhongli today and decided to put all my polearms in a party together for funsies
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sovonight 13 days ago
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you may wonder why i did all this just to blur it & believe me i am asking the same question myself
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