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Nene feels like an authentic character, because she’s actually written like a teenage girl. She gets flustered around cute boys, and has embarrassing daydreams and habits (like that journal she keeps with an imaginary boyfriend?? Tell me she wouldn’t write terrible reader-insert wattpad fics). She’s impulsive and naive and has one braincell half the time.

But when she dresses up cute and fixates on her appearance and blushes over the boys around her, it feels driven by her. She’s cute and the anime definitely shows that as much as possible, but she doesn’t feel like she’s being objectified or made fun of the way some other anime girls do. I just get a strong sense of her character, when far too often the female lead feels like cobbled together stereotypes with big boobs.

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the amount of like blatantly islamophobic (and i mean threats and praising war criminals who committed/advocated for genocide and ethnic cleansing) and mega nationalist comments on videos like. i don’t know it’s just jarring and fucking scary. i also see a lot of like. teens saying “haha remove kebab” i assume jokingly and like do you.., do you understand what it is that you’re saying ? do you understand that you’re using an islamophobic slogan (or hwatever. phrase) that literally calls for the ‘removal’ (read: murder and genocide) of muslims? it’s just scary how casual it all is. they’re not even trying to deny that it happened like milosevic did in that one interview they’re literally just going Haha remove kebab kosovo is serbia etc etc. christ

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its a band au. its a fucking band au. im posting this super impulsively, and it has no editing i think so if there are any mistakes,,,, fuck it idc

also this ends in a sort of cliffhanger i was gonan write more but i got tired of writing and never got the motivation to again im sorry lul

this au isnt just by me, theres other ppl involved in it too!! mainly bad timezone gang in technohive but others also helped :)

anywaysyysyshdhsh yea read if u want to ig

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I can’t get out of this chair. I can’t think straight. The thoughts are swirling and turning and giving me motion sickness. I don’t know who I was. I don’t recognize my past but it happened and it hurts. It kills me inside and I don’t know how to “just breathe”. I don’t know much of anything.

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@codeworn said: “keep talking, and i’ll seriously slap the shit out of you.”



He’s been itching for a fight for hours, teeth sharp and aura sparking restlessly. Allison’s one of the easiest of the pack to provoke–all he has to do is pick at her fears and downfalls long enough, twist the warrior’s anger and loss that comes out into violence. Not that different from Stiles, really.

The nogitsune scoffs at her ‘threat’ as if it barely warrants the energy to respond. “All those weapons and the best you can come up with is a catfight? I’d expect that from Lydia maybe, but you? You’re more creative than that.”

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