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serpentsshipmate · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The different species under the family Dryaidae, more commonly known as Halla. Here we have wild and domesticated specimens, as well as some of the ceremonial garbs each Dalish clan adorns their halla with.  I’ve been desperately trying to create something new, but the muse just hasn’t been on my side. I was looking through my old stuff just to see if I got inspiration, and realised I hadn’t uploaded all of these just yet. I wanted to add descriptions, behaviour and do a little cool “info sheet” on all of these, but I just don’t have it in me.  Hope you enjoy these little guys! I still hope I’ll come back to them someday.
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rebelfr · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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fairyg4rd3n · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kate moss is so pretty I love her so much <33
“Nothing taste as good as skinny feels” -Kate moss
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rwbybutincorrect · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
ok you asked so here is the horribly cursed picture :3 
i drew another picture to celebrate! havesome cake. the cake is the quotes. enjoy the quocake! bon apatite! 
thank you for the support and for the horrible cursedness! we will continue supplying you all with extremely funny quotes and very badly drawn milestone illustrations <333
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theenderwalker · a month ago
y’all have all seen the “dream is a youtuber. this means he likes men and women” copypasta, right?
did you know that it’s from a full fanfic?
did you know that it’s fucking horrifying?
anyway one of my friends just posted a video narrating it and i feel like i just had a stroke
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abioticbeing · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Which one is real? The world may never know...
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sunnymarbles · 23 days ago
i post 👍
Tumblr media
i was hyperfixated on aphmau for like six or seven years its only right i draw the characters every so often yknow yknow
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yusufal-kaysanis · 3 months ago
hi guys
I'm still in semi hiatus but a few big things have happened lately in my life and I find myself in a bit of a difficult situation.
I hate doing this but I might need some help.
I have moved on from a toxic relationship and I will need to move out of the house we're sharing now. This means deposit+first month's rent on a new place and also the costs of moving my stuff out. I also need to pay off my current phone contract which is under my ex partners name and he's not allowing me to pay him monthly as he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore.
I could do with anything. I'm not going to tell you how much I need because I hate doing this, so anything you could help with I will be eternally grateful for.
My PayPal is here for anyone who's interested but if you're in the UK and would rather have my bank details I'm happy to share those in private.
Thank you, I love you.
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mf-killerqueen · 3 months ago
BBRAE: not so secret relationship-
Robin: Raven, is that a hickey?
Raven: No, it's a mosquito bite.
Beast Boy: Hey guys!
Robin: Hello, Mosquito.
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quartergremlin · a year ago
A Thought. About Phineas and Ferb. Specifically Doof and Perry.
So, Doof had to have been introduced to Perry at some point, either there was a buissness card or a pamphlet or an email from owca
Right? Correct.
And he had .... some familiarty with OWCA, like with my vauge memories, he at least knew who Major Monogram was.
So, theory, whenever Doof wouldn’t recognize Perry as Perry until he put his hat on.... that was on purpose?
Like, he was informed, at some point, that if it got out that Perry the Platypus was Perry the Platypus, secret agent for the OWCA, Perry would have to be relocated and loose his family.
And, man, Doof and Perry are friends! They have movie night! Doof is like, Chaotic Good at best, and never really aimed to actively harm Perry. From what I remember, most of his plots would only, like, mildly inconvenience other people. ANd I’m pretty sure Perry is his only friend.
So whenever this platypus comes around he goes “A platypus?” even if he knows that’s Perry the Platypus, because why else would a platypus be in his house? Or on the street. Or wherever. They aren’t exactly native to the tri-state area.
He says “A platypus?” “A platypus plumber?” “A banjo playing platypus?” even though he knows full well it’s Perry coming by for their regularly scheduled song and dance. To protect him. If Perry hasn’t revealed himself as Perry the Platyps, agent for the OWCA, Doof keeps his mouth shut. Who know’s who’s around that might hear him? Who might see? Might talk? Even within the comfort of his own home.
Because unless Perry feels comfortable revealing himself, Doof isn’t going to do it for him. Not with everything at stake. Not for his petty revenge plots.
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twdeadfanfic · 3 months ago
St. Patrick’s night VI
Tumblr media
Murphy MacManus x Reader
Summary:  You’re left alone on St. Patrick’s night, the people you were supposed to hang out with  seemingly having forgotten you, but what seemed to be an awful night turns into something completely different when you meet the MacManus twins.
Tumblr media
On the next day, you woke up almost at lunchtime again, still sleepy nonetheless, and you realized that once again, the night before you had drunk more than you were used to. Still, as you thought about the night, you smiled sleepily at the fun you had, how joyful you felt around the MacManus brothers, and thinking on Murphy gave you that butterflies in your belly that made you squeeze your pillow to you as your smile grew wider.
You were still half asleep when you got up, and a mild headache was starting to form, but you were hungry too, and so you decided to put together the quickest, simplest brunch you could, before you started cooking for real. On Sundays, you usually got a bunch of food ready for the week so that you could quickly pack a lunch to bring with you to work in the morning, and also  so you didn’t have to cook much for dinner once you were back.
You had told Murphy that you’d go dine with him and Connor again, and this time, dinner was on you, so you decided that, instead of ordering takeaway another night, you could just cook a bit more than for yourself and make it into dinner for you and the twins….you hoped they’d like your cooking, though, and if it didn’t turn out good, or what you’d deem good enough, you could just keep it for yourself and order something.
As you opened the fridge, though, you realized that, since you had been with the MacManus every afternoon after work since Wednesday, you had forgotten to make your weekly grocery shopping, that you usually did on Fridays, and your fridge was pretty much empty. Well…takeout it was again, then. You had to go grocery shopping the next day after work for sure, and you should also clean your apartment, and any other task like that, that you had ignored since last Wednesday, your mind and half of your day occupied with the MacManus.
You didn’t feel like doing anything of that today, though, you just wanted to eat whatever edible was left in your fridge and then nap until you’d go meet with Murphy and Connor. You put together a quick, “let's clean the fridge of leftovers” brunch, and settled with it on the sofa. You turned on the tv while you ate, putting on some comedy show that wouldn’t demand your full attention, since your mind while still a bit foggy.  Once you finished your food, you curled up on the sofa, watching whatever show came next, and eventually, you fell asleep again.
When you woke up from your nap, it was still too early for dinner…but you really wanted to see Murphy. He had told you to go as early as you wanted, but you didn’t want to go too early…you didn’t know what to do. Finally, you decided to go ahead and phone him, ask if it was okay that you’d go already. You wanted to see him, and also, you should come back home soon after dinner so you could have a good night's sleep, you shouldn’t go to work as sleepy as you had been this last couple of mornings.
You dialed the MacManus number and waited. It took a while for them to pick up, and you wondered if maybe they weren’t at home, but then, you heard Connor’s voice.
“Yeah?” His voice sounded raspy and tired, and you felt guilty wondering if they had been napping too and you had woken them.
“Hey, it’s Y/N.”
“Hey, lass…wait I’ll pass you to Murphy…” Connor told you, and you heard some rustle at the other side of the line. “Murphy…Murph…” You heard Connor calling for his twin and what seemed a mix of a hum and a grunt. “Come on, it’s yer lass.” Your stomach did something funny at hearing Connor referring to you like that, Murphy’s lass, and a silly smile spread across your face.
“Hey, love,” Murphy greeted you, sounding as sleepy as his brother or more. “It’s nice to hear ye.”
“Sure, not like I just woke you,” you joked, still feeling guilty and a bit embarrassed, and you heard Murphy’s chuckling. “I was going to ask if it was okay if I went there already, but I’ll go later.” You’d let the brothers sleep…and maybe nap again.
“No, no, love, it’s fine, just come already,” Murphy rushed to say.
“Are you sure?”
“Okay…okay, then I’ll be there soon,” you said, and you couldn’t stop your grin.
You rushed to get ready, not giving it too much time, you didn’t think it mattered if you looked sleepy, since the twins probably looked the same, or at least they sounded like that…although, considering how good they always looked, seemingly without any effort, always looking so damn pretty, you guessed that even if they didn’t sleep at all, they would look nice and pretty as if they had slept for ten hours undisturbed. Life was unfair like that.
On your way there, you picked some takeout for dinner. There was a burger place not too far from your place, and you’d heard your coworkers talking about it once, apparently, it was a nice place, and so you decided to pick up dinner for you and the brothers there before heading to get a cab and to the MacManus’ place.
Once there, you knocked on the MacManus’ door and when Murphy opened, he looked as pretty as always as he grinned at you, even if sleepy and tired. “Hi, love,” he greeted you, wrapping his arms around you and leaning into you, and you held him to you, smiling blissfully as you felt all warm inside at his hug.
“Don’t let him fool ye, lass, he ain’t huggin’ ye, he’s fallin’ asleep on ye,” Connor’s voice said and you peeked inside, finding him sat down on his bed, seeming as sleepy as Murphy, sipping coffee from a mug.
“Nonsense…” Murphy murmured, lifting his head from your shoulder, but he did seem half-asleep. He looked even cuter than always, which you had thought was hardly possible.
“I’m going to take a guess and say that you both didn’t come back from the pub until it was morning already? You chuckled, walking into the apartment, and both twins nodded.
“Just came to shower and then straight to early mass,” Murphy explained.
“Oh…” Sometimes you forgot how religious the boys actually were, and you hadn’t realized that they went to church regularly and all that too. Your gaze shifted towards their rosaries, hanging from the nails on the wall, they always took them with them when they were out, though, even if it was to the pub.
“Murph almost fell asleep on the booth,” Connor said, smiling teasingly at his brother.
“I didn’t!”  Murphy huffed, glaring at his brother, and you chuckled as you went to the table, placing there the takeout that you had brought.
“Thanks, love,” Murphy told you, wrapping his arm around you and kissing the side of your head, making you smile like a fool again and feel those dancing butterflies in your belly. “Do you want some coffee?”
“I do,” Connor said from the bed, waving his mug.
“Make it yerself,” Murphy grumbled, but he went to pick Connor’s mug.
“Okay, thanks.” You nodded, smiling, sitting down on one of the chairs and looking at Murphy as he fumbled with the coffee pot.
Once the coffee was ready, Murphy poured it into three mugs. He headed to you, giving you a peck on your lips before passing you one of the mugs, and then he sat down on the sofa, ignoring Connor’s grabby hands as he looked at his mug.
“Come take it,” Murphy taunted his brother, who cursed.
“Yer the most annoyin’ little brother in the world,” Connor said.
“I ain’t! Yer the little brother!” Murphy protested, and you tried your best not to giggle at them, but failed.
Both brothers shared some words in a language that you didn’t understand, though you were pretty sure some of them were curses, while Connor finally got up, heading for the sofa, clipping his brother on the head before grabbing his mug, yanking it from Murphy’s hand and flopping down at the other end of the sofa.
“Love, come here,” Murphy told you, smiling at you as he scooted to the middle of the sofa, and you got up from the chair, sitting up next to him. When his arm wrapped around you and his fingers began playing with your hair absentmindedly, you almost forgot how uncomfortable the sofa was.
For a while, you three just sipped your coffee in silence, and you let out a chuckle. “We’re beat, I can feel us falling asleep.”
“Yeah,” Murphy nodded. “Connor ain’t even tryin’ to make us watch one of his movies.” You snorted, and Connor shoved his brother, but he just snuggled more to you, so you might just go ahead and thank Connor.
“Ain’t a bad idea, actually…” Connor murmured, frowning at the tv. “It’s too early for dinner anyway, yeah?” He asked, and you nodded. “Wanna watch somethin’?”
Murphy hummed noncommittally and you shrugged, smiling at Connor. “If you want to, why not.” You didn’t mind it, you liked to watch stuff, and you enjoyed Connor’s comments here and there, the brother’s banter, and just being there with them and snuggled to Murphy. Connor rummaged for a moment through his pile of movies before choosing one, and then he came back to the sofa.
“There we go, let’s watch somethin’ we have watched a hundred times before,” Murphy mocked, leaning his head on your shoulder.
“Don’t be mean,” you chastised him, smiling softly, and when Murphy looked at you with that mischievous yet so cute smile of him, the butterflies started dancing in your belly again.
This time, though, Connor barely said anything at all about the movie while you three watched it, and you guessed he was too sleepy. Murphy seemed too tired to try to tease his brother either, and at some point, you felt him leaning more and more towards you. When you looked at him, you realized that he’d fallen asleep, and he looked so sweet and cute asleep on you like that, you wanted to squeeze him, but you didn’t, not wanting to wake him.
When Connor noticed it, you saw in his eyes that mischieve that you usually saw on Murphy’s eyes and not on Connor’s, making them look even more similar for a second, and you knew that he was about to wake his twin, and probably in a non-pleasant way.
“No!” You warned Connor quietly. “Don’t you dare! Let him sleep! Connor!” You insisted hushedly when he seemed about to ignore you, but finally Connor listened to you.
“It ain’t fun that my brother got himself a guardian angel…” Connor said, and even though you knew he was joking, you couldn’t help but feel all fluffy at his words.
You smiled softly at Murphy, caressing his hair ever so gently, mindful not to wake him, before you looked at Connor. “I wouldn’t let him wake you either,” you told him quietly, and Connor snorted.
“Nice to know…” He murmured, flopping against the armrest at his side, and you had the feeling that he might fall asleep too even if he’d picked the movie.
On your side, you tried to stay away, really tried, but the warmth of Murphy next to you and his breathing as he slept lulled you into sleep more and more, until you fell asleep without even noticing it.
You didn’t realize that you had fallen asleep until some loud banging on the door woke you. Connor seemed to have fallen asleep too, and he looked around startled, and so did Murphy, cursing in some other language as he looked around, though he was still snuggled to you.
“Come on!” Came Rocco’s voice from the other side of the door. “Aren’t you at home? Hello??”
“Fuckin’ Rocco…” Murphy muttered, nuzzling to you as if he didn’t want to wake up, and Connor grumbled something too, getting up from the sofa to go open the door, you guessed.
Murphy looked at you and gave you that adorable, sleepy smile. He cupped your cheek, stroking your cheekbone with his thumb and tugging you even closer to him, leaning to kiss you. You kissed him back, feeling like you were melting a bit again, but you pulled back when you heard Rocco barging in as he started to rant
“Guys…guys, I know, you told me so…but that guy? Major prick…big asshole…big fucking asshole prick!” Rocco was loudly saying as he paced around the apartment. Murphy frowned at him, his arm still around your shoulders and his fingers absentmindedly playing with your hair, and Connor flopped down on the sofa, hiding his face on his hand for a second before he ran a hand through his hair as he looked at Rocco while he kept ranting.
“So, I was driving him around…I don’t know why, ‘cause there were two big guys with him already, not the funny kind,” Rocco was telling as he kept pacing, and you really did not want to listen, but you didn’t know what to do. “Made me drive to the middle of nowhere, thought they were going to fucking kill me or something. We reach a cabin, guys get off the car, tell me to wait there, go into the cabin…there’s some voices, some yelling…then the three get out of the cabin, talk about what the fuck do I know, come to the car, get some cans of fuel out of the truck, start pouring it into the cabin, and before I knew what was happening they-”
“Rocco,” Murphy said before he could finish whatever he was going to say, looking from him to you, and Rocco seemed to see you for the first time.
“Hey, Y/N, you seem to be here all the time now,” he said, giving you a smile before he resumed his pacing, but you couldn’t smile back or say anything, feeling agitated and anxious about what he’d been telling, and it didn’t look like Rocco cared about talking about his mafia job with you there.
He hadn’t finished the story, but it sounded like those guys had probably set fire to a cabin? A cabin that was sounding like it had someone inside? Had…had that someone gotten out? Or…or was that person inside while the cabin maybe burned…or maybe there was even more than one person inside…or… you didn’t want to think about it yet you couldn’t stop.
“Ye have to keep drivin’ him?” Connor asked before Rocco could keep retelling the events, and he shared a somber look with his twin before looking at Rocco again.
“I don’t know…no…maybe…the fuck do I know!” Rocco waved his arms. “It’s not like these pricks tell me anything. They just asked me to deliver some packages today, didn’t say anything about driving anyone tomorrow…so maybe not?” Rocco shrugged, letting himself fall onto one of the chairs. “Seems I’m back to petty, stupid jobs and delivering whatever shit they ask me to…”
“Keep it that way,” Connor said darkly.
“I don’t want to be all my life at the bottom of their chain, below the bottom of their chain, with every other motherfucking mob prick stepping on me and cleaning the shit off their shoes on me,” Rocco retorted, taking a swing from one of the half-empty bottles of booze that were on the table.
“So ye rather drive one of those fuckin’ pricks around so they do…whatever the fuck that asshole did last night?!” Murphy snapped.
“I’m not saying that…doesn’t matter anyway.” Rocco just shrugged. “Back to fucking package boy, it seems.”
There was silence at the apartment for a moment, and you didn’t know what to do, feeling as awkward around Rocco as always, but now more uncomfortable and agitated after what he’d just told.
“I, uh…I have to get up early tomorrow, for work, so….uh…” You fumbled with your words. “I think I should be leaving…”
“What? Already?” Murphy frowned at you, his gaze searching for yours, but you looked away. “Ye didn’t even have dinner, love.”
“Yeah, lass…” Connor said, eyeing you carefully, and you looked down, avoiding his eyes. “Ye brought us dinner, can’t leave before havin’ yers.”
You heard some rustle and when you looked up, you saw Rocco rummaging into the bag that you’d brought.  “Look at this, this is the nice kind!” He said as he took out one of the wrapped burgers. “Fancy place and all…you say she brought it?” Rocco said as he looked at Murphy and you, and when you nodded, he winked at Murphy. “Don’t fuck it up with this one and drive her away, then!”
“I, uh…I didn’t know Rocco was coming, so…I just brought dinner for three…” You said as you got up. “So…it’s fine, I’ll leave, should be going anyway, so you three can have dinner…”
“What, nah, love!” Murphy got up too, still frowning. “Rocco can get his own dinner, aye?” He said as he smacked Rocco’s hand, taking the hamburger from it.
“Yeah, lass, don’t go.” Connor stepped in front of you as if he thought you might just go ahead and leave without another word. “We’ll share it, okay?”
“Aye,” Murphy nodded at his twin words.
You still wanted to leave, Rocco’s words were still going through your head, no matter you wanted to ignore them, painting a very non-pretty picture in your mind, but with the brothers looking at you like that, it was hard to say no to them…
“Okay…” You murmured.
“Come here, love,” Murphy said as he pulled a chair for you and when you sat down, he sat down next to you. He was still frowning as he looked at you, but you didn’t know what to say and so you said nothing.
Connor took a knife and set to work cutting the hamburgers into pieces so you all could eat, and then sat down too. You three began eating, but you had to force yourself to swallow the food. You still felt upset about the situation, about Rocco talking about his mob job, which sounded worse than you’d tried to tell yourself that it was, but you were also upset wondering if you were overreacting, if you couldn’t just ignore it, deal with it, as the twins seemed to do…
Rocco was the brother’s best friend, you knew you had to get along with him or it’d hurt your friendship with them and your relationship with Murphy…but you couldn’t, you hated how you felt around him and you hated his job even more, and also part of you kept wondering how the twins could be best friends with someone who worked for people who set fire to cabins with people inside, and if you were okay with that…
You ate in silence, besides when Rocco commented something about the hamburgers being great and so did the twins, but you just nodded in silence, still lost in thought. 
You looked at the brothers, though, when they began talking in a language that you didn’t know. It seemed serious, as they went back and forth with whatever they were saying. Murphy seemed upset, so you couldn’t help but think that they were talking about you, making you feel worse.
“Aren’t they hateful when they start with that?” Rocco asked, seeming to share your feelings, but you just shrugged.
You ate in silence, and once dinner was finished, you picked up the wraps and everything else, stuffing it inside the bag again to throw it into the trash, and then you just stood there awkwardly. “I uh…I have to go.”
“We’re going to the pub, yeah?” Rocco asked to the twins, who nodded.
“Yeah, come on,” Connor said, and you all left the apartment. The silence in the elevator made you feel worse, more anxious, wondering if the brothers were upset with you, if you had messed everything…but you couldn’t pretend, not even for them.
Can’t you tell that I wrote this for myself with my own preferences before you people started reading it...sorry...
If you liked this, reblogs and comments are more than welcome, thanks.
As always, excuse my English, it’s not my first language.
Murphy MacManus taglist, let me know if you want to be (un)tagged:
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frogworshipper · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Double rainbow!! It's literally happening right now! It's beautiful!!
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sergeant17thstreet · 8 months ago
january 3rd: dttwt crashes discord
january 4th: dttwt crashes AO3
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st-hedge · 4 months ago
I had to take a little break from drawing so i decided to pull together some thoughts from an excavation exploration of one of my favourite places in botw which is the great plateau. Sorry i cant do a longer post tumblr seems to crash and break when i add more text and screenshots 😬
So, the great plateau. The more i try to pick at it and figure out what it could have been in botw’s past the more I’m stumped. There is a theme of landmarks around the plateau having names that have connotations of death (river of the dead, forest of spirits, of course shrine of resurrection) and then there are some very innocent names. This seems to completely contrast the function of the plateau as a training arena of sorts, both for us as players and the champion cuz of the 4 hidden shrines that are associated with the one hit obliterater challenge, the divine beast hidden beneath the shrine of resurrection, and maz koshia’s arena
I think what has happened is that the function of the plateau has changed over time in the same that in real life we find strange monoliths that may has just been a place of dwelling, then became religious sites, and then burial grounds. I think that the great plateau was first a training arena and then became a burial ground of sorts, but perhaps it was for more ceremonial burials, perhaps even people being sent off on their last journey on water. Example, what the fuck is the function of this ‘staircase’? It leads to nowhere besides mount hylia and the shrine, there are no ruins on either of these peaks
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Perhaps this path (or stairs) led down to the docks in the river of the dead where people were sent off on their last journey. Then, the river drops off into the lake below beneath the suspension bridges
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the-last-panqueque · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
XD Hace mucho mucho me inspiré para hacer este dibujito, y al fin decidí publicarlo :D
@mpopatolina y yo somos las dirigentes de nuestro pequeño UECA (Unidades Especiales de Contra-ataque Amoroso ewe) y nuestra misión es esparcir amor >:D
Por ahora nuestro pequeño grupo tiene a las dos maravillosas reclutas @monsi-cat y @crismicacahuate *les da sus armas de corazoncitos* U.U
¡¡¡Vamos a esparcir amor y corazoncitos!!! >:D
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