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#i dont wanna see it

I’m not pro-clonecest, i just like… don’t give enough of a shit to bother avoiding people who are? like it yucks me out, i dont really wanna see it, and if I ever accidentally reblog something that IS clonecest like… lmk so i can delete it (i do not want to reblog something that i think is just brotherly bonding when it is not brotherly bonding…yike)

On my list of things I have the energy to care about, someone shipping two clones together is very, very low, and I hope y’all can respect that.

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The fact that most people are sensitive to animal death, many people try very hard to avoid seeing or hearing mentions of animals dying, and animal death is likely a common trigger for people, but I only ever see it get trigger tagged by people who are careful about tagging shit is so fucking shitty

The implied death of an animal got made into a meme and everyone was like haha funny joak and tagged nothing and didn’t even think about how it could upset people

It’s so fucking overlooked and I hate it so much because I hate mindlessly scrolling through my dash only to see some viral video about a kitten who died and just feeing sick to my stomach

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13-17 year old girls/boys should not be showing off their bodies like Malu or Danielle Cohn does. It’s gross.

Something bad is going to happen to you if you keep going on like this. As a biological female, I would never post something inappropriate online. I’m too paranoid of something bad happening to me, which is bad and normalized, but showing your body off as a minor is fucking gross and nasty.

Showing your body off as an adult is fine.

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