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pvnkie13 hours ago
derivakat growling n putting it in the song,,,,馃槼
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an-exotic-writer21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
馃尭painted my nails and i don鈥檛 hate them! i鈥檓 just proud that it didn鈥檛 look like garbage >:)
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I love the HC because it's so funny just imagine how the conversation is like:
'I think we should break up. Me and you鈥攊t's just not gonna work out.'
'No, I refuse.'
'Wtf? You can't refuse. I'm the one ending it. We're no longer in a relationship.'
'Sorry no. That's not how it works.' And he just walks away leaving Billy in disbelief like
'?? That is how it works??', but no one is there to hear him anymore and the whole time he doesn't have a set emotion because that interaction sent him into a spiral. And later on he thinks he's going to Steve's house that night to clear the whole thing again because somehow he thought maybe something just wasn't clicking only to be sitting on Steve's windowsill in another spiral because the boy said, " I want you to ruin my life."
And from there they just keep dating and it's crazy because this boy wants him around and he is ruining his life but in the way where he just pushed himself in even more and made a permanent spot in Billy's life and Billy doesn't know how to handle that but it's going.
Or something like that..馃槀 I wanted to share it with you though because I couldn't stop thinking about that whole thing lmao
Afforment HC
Anon, yes, yes and thank you for sharing absolutely!聽
Billy goes there all angst ready to end things and be miserable without Steve. He has absolutely no idea what to do when Steve just refuses. No idea how to respond to Steve saying no to breaking up. Stands there mouth open as Steve pecks him on the cheek and tells him he'll see him at seven for dinner.聽
He stands there long after Steve leaves, in shock before the array of emotions starts kicking in so hard it makes him light headed. Disbelief because what? Annoyance because he likes having the last word. Warm and fluttery in the gut, heart beating hard against his ribs聽 because he tried to end it and Steve wants to keep him. Anger because now he has to go try and give Steve his little break up speech again. Mostly he's still all sad and angst though, he just wants Steve to end up happy and Billy honestly doesn't think he can make Steve happy.聽
He shows up fifteen minutes late hoping to piss Steve off and make him a little more accepting of their impending break up. Except he's a dumbass and Steve 100% knows what he's doing, dinner isn't even ready yet he was expecting Billy to try harder than this, just grinning wide and pretty when Billy gets there mouth all twisted down in a frown. He loses his nerve until after dinner because he's not about to pass up one last meal cooked by Steve.聽
Beer in hand across from Steve on the couch he tries again. Not that it gets him anywhere Steve isn't letting him get away. He kown Billy loves him, knows he wouldn't be here trying to break it off if he didn't and Steve isn't giving him up. Steve honestly loves it when Billy ruins things, Billy standing up to his parents and ruining dinner is one of his favorite things. But everything Billy thinks he's ruining is in his head Steve doesn't have such high ideals of himself but he knows arguing it with Billy won't work so he just straight up refuses.聽
Billy just tries over and over and Steve keeps answering no with a sweet honest smile before he finally gives his final answer. "I want you to ruin my life big guy, I want you to ruin it for the rest of my life. So no we're not breaking up, come upstairs when you're ready for dessert." And like Billy wants desert he always wants desert but he needs to compose himself because once again he's spiraling through emotions and hearing Steve put it that way is a lot to process. He smokes one two three cigarettes before he gets a handle on his feelings and heads upstairs to find his future.聽
Billy adjusts to it all slowly realizing Steve鈥檚 slid into his life so thoroughly and honestly Billy would be lost if Steve had accepted him breaking up with him that day.
Thank you for sharing. I love it, like Billy is just an angst angry sad boy and he would end up being so lost without Steve who's never been happier.
Thank you again for sharing with me 馃挏馃挏馃グ
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pvnkie8 hours ago
c!sam probably has a notebook hidden somewhere in the prison with just pictures of ponk and hearts
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eddymango20 hours ago
so jodies leaving,,,, no no I'm dealing with it yep,,
Tumblr media
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nuttynutcycle18 hours ago
Prompt 254
"Please, somebody!" The woman bangs on the plexiglass. "You have to help me. They took my child. I couldn't save her!" She collapses to the ground, pulling a picture out of her frayed dress. The edges are worn. "My baby girl..."
The nurse rushes to soothe her. As this is meltdown is a daily occurrence, she does not stop to look at the crinkled photo. She does not notice that the photo has changed.
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remuscore13 hours ago
New human au fact that I plan on doing something with later; Roman gets attached to Remus鈥 rats, but refuses to admit it. Then one day Remus comes home with a rat just for Roman :)
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eilamona9 hours ago
NT Moments - Surprises
INTP: Oh. My shirt is back-side front.
ENTJ: No surprises.
INTP: Still surprises!!
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harostar9 hours ago
I guess.....this all comes back to one of my general grievances with Online Social Activism. That strange tendency to simply ASSUME that every single other person in existence has the same level of knowledge and deep understanding of something as you do.聽
When the reality is that most people have a wide range of Surface-level knowledge, if that much. Most people are not going to have looked deeper into something, and are going to be genuinely confused when you come at them angry about some specific piece of information.聽
Never assume that something is聽鈥渃ommon knowledge鈥. Never assume that other people OBVIOUSLY ALREADY KNOW THAT and are therefore bad, malicious people. Most people.....simply don鈥檛 know a thing, and when you come at them with anger, they are going to be further confused and you make it more likely that they will react badly. It has been REPEATEDLY documented that Alt-Right, Fascist, Racist, and other hate groups all rely upon that Activist behavior as a recruitment tool. They鈥檝e learned how useful it is to just let Social Activists, particularly ones online, attack someone because they legitimately didn鈥檛 know A Thing. And then sweep in and lure those confused people in, by playing on that moment of vulnerability.
If you don鈥檛 know that you鈥檝e done something, being yelled at is probably not going to help anything.
So always assume someone just doesn鈥檛 know something. Don鈥檛 assume malice. Just.....if you realize you don鈥檛 have the energy to deal with it, just walk away. Tag in someone you know that does have the energy to deal with it. Or just.....don鈥檛 go off on the person?聽
For example, going聽鈥淐RWBY is bad because Coco Adel is based on Coco Chanel and she was a Nazi collaborator鈥 is.......not exactly helpful. To the majority of the world for the last several decades, the Chanel brand and Coco Chanel were basically a short-hand for聽鈥淗igh Fashion鈥. She created and defined a look, even in cases where people have absolutely no idea who she was. A good percentage of people have never looked further than聽鈥淐hanel was founded by some French chick named Coco鈥 and that a very specific style for a woman can be used to communicate聽鈥淔ASHION~!!鈥 without saying a word.聽
I mean, I heard about her war-time activities and what a shitty person she was for the first time....maybe two or three years ago? Maybe? And I鈥檓 usually at least on the fringe of activist circles, and that is a subject that does interest me.鈥檚 complicated, because it鈥檚 impossible to use any sort of historical figure without stumbling into the ugly fucking mess that we鈥檝e uncovered about their actual lives.聽
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highlifeboat19 hours ago
Zoe: That's right, mommy, accept your children.
Miranda: What the hell are you doing here!? You're not even in this timeline!
Zoe: I'm like air, i exist everywhere.
A wild Zoe appeared.
I'm sure I can integrate her into the timeline somehow.
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orion-flux10 hours ago
Why do people ship Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng? Seriously, I see a lot of fics with this tag and I still can't understand why (From what I read -in the novel- LWj seemed to seriously hate JC) For me, this ship doesn't have sense, there was no indication, clue or others that indicated a relationship beyond antipathy between the two. So why????
Hello there nonny. I don't actively search for this pair myself just because it has plenty of turn offs for me personally as a concept alone. But, I suppose the basis of it is for those that like hate ships and fucking and the idea of it having a form of sexual tension being the base reason for hate, the popular enjoyment of two scales of idealism and thought clashing with the tension turning into a sexual outlet. Hate ships have never been my thing, I need understanding of some sort to make it worthwhile as well as genuine care to want to be there for the other and I'm not much for a relationship to not work out in the end after all that writing. I don't read romance to end up with a break up. Oh, so boring, I know.
However, the issue story wise I have here in these two being a thing, is that there is no overt tension to their dislike of the other. Jiang Cheng hates Lan Wangji on the basis of him viewing it as Wei Wuxian having saved/picking someone he liked, over the Clan who he was supposed to be loyal to despite morals involved. Lan Wangji simply does not like Jiang Cheng due to how caustic, cruel, petty and selfish he sees him. He does not give the time of day to those he does not like.
Lan Wangji is not the type to have sex if it did not involve significant love, he is a romantic thoroughly, and dedicated himself to one person enough for him to have abstained out of sheer indifference of interest of anyone else since his love was gone. Let's not forget how many times it is shown that Jiang Cheng debases gay men and sees it as fodder to attack others than an actual genuine relation men can have respectably as any other romantic overture. He simply would not debase his own worth like that for the act of sex without love. He likes himself and is confident enough to not do something like sleep with Jiang Cheng once or multiple times.
Jiang Cheng has a very high arrogance to himself as well as the traits he wants in someone. He does not want someone who is his equal much less more talented than him. It's why he hates Lan Wangji over the years more and more, simply because he is a good person and he views that as a fault like his mother. Jiang Cheng has an obsession with staying as close to social acceptable norms as possible, a sect leader having sex with not only a man, but one of high born caliber, would make him probably deviate at the idea of controversy alone. He would not have sex with Lan Wangji because he is disgusted at the idea of men romantically/sexually involved and also hates him as a person due to association of a past with Wei Wuxian.
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