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#i feel like i reblogged this before but yes
moon-driver · a year ago
I was happy as the next Indigenous person at Taika Waititi's oscar win, as well as his dedication to indigenous children.
But, I need you all to recognize something.
He is the SECOND indigenous to win an Oscar.
The first winner is my Man Wes Studi who won just last year.
Tumblr media
Yes he is cherokee and not Māori. But you gotta understand. We all consider ourselves to be kin.
Indigenous peoples around the world. Sami, Maori, Native Australians, Inuit, First Nations (including mexicans.) Indigenous is an all encompassing term for us.
So I am ASKING you to take that into consideration before spreading misinformation.
And yes, feel free to reblog this post.
-Sincerely, a tired Native American.
Tumblr media
I need to inform you that the og herself, Miss Buffy St. Marie WAS in fact the first ever Oscar Recepient. So that's four legends we have (including Miss Yalitza)!! Go indigenous!!
Go Jewish, Go Māori, Go First Nations, Go Indigenous!!
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ozzo-the-wozzo · a year ago
So I made this post recently that was basically a guide to help you decide wether or not to watch Love Eater when it airs tomorrow, and now I have a update.
Wilfred Paine, who many of us know as “Winny”, spoke out about wether or not to watch love eater before Felix and Chat Blanc. He’s the assistant director of miraculous.
Tumblr media
(Rough) Translation:
Hello @Thomas_Astruc, @Winny_BayDay, the season 3 finale of Miraculous is airing very soon in Ukraine and i’d like to know if seeing this episode before the other episodes of this season air (Chat Blanc ect) is “serious”?
Very serious
In any case... very unfortunate
So uhhhh, yeah. Not good!!!
Even worse, here’s a tweet from a storyboard artist on the show, retweeted by Thomas Astruc himself:
Tumblr media
So yeah, now I definitely feel like not watching it until Chat Blanc and Felix air...
Reblog and tag people who were on the fence to spread the word!!
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doubleca5t · 2 months ago
As someone who's only semi-familiar with using tumblr, I need to ask, what's the purpose of using tags as comments?
Because tags aren't automatically carried over when you reblog someone's post (except for you ppl with browser extensions for that i see you motherfuckers) leaving your commentary in a tag allows you to leave "unnecessary" comments on a post, like a keysmash or "so true bestie" or something like that, without it feeling obtrusive. Like tumblr posts are kinda like improv, if you add onto one you're supposed to "yes and" whatever came before you. You wanna add something new to the joke or add commentary that's directly responding to the thing above you. So if what I have to say doesn't contribute to making the post funnier or feels like it's too tangential to the OP's point I put it in the tags
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chaoticdean · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ Supernatural 14x16 — Don't Go in the Woods
So... This right here. I've been meaning to gif this for a while but I could never pinpoint the right episode or even the right season — but this right here? Literally made me scream "WELL HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW UNLESS YOU'VE SHARED THE BED WITH THE MAN, WINCHESTER?" I've giffed part 1 here, only to highlight the very obvious fact that this is the very first time of the day that the brothers see each other (Dean gets his first cup of coffee, the obvious "good morning" greeting, etc), which means that if Cas left "early" it's probably 5-6 am early (we know the brothers are early risers, I bet it's around 7 or 8 right now in that scene). Which brings me to my next point: how does Dean know about Castiel's whereabouts when he enters the kitchen to get his first cup of coffee of this morning? Sure, Cas could have texted, telling him he's going out for a few days, but why wouldn't he have done the same with Sam then? Point 2: Sam's reactions and more generally speaking, Sam's facial expressions. Come on, take a look at it. I mean, sure, he seems surprised that Cas has left, but he also seems surprised that Dean knows he has left Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is: dear Dean, how would you know Castiel has left the bunker when you wander in the kitchen for the first time of the day, if you weren't sharing the bed (and possibly doing stuff inside that same bed) with your angel? This kind of scene has more or less led me to believe that if the writers ever were to make Destiel canon (one can dream), this is how they'd do it: behind the scenes, with no dramatic moment or grandiloquent declarations. No, they would just film a scene where either Cas or Dean does something like brush a kiss on the other's temple or something, and then someone in the room would gasp and Sam would be like "what? They've been doing that for years". If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to reblog and add your stuff. This has been legendary bugging me for an entire season lmao.
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moondustis · a year ago
an open letter for fanfic readers:
if you follow me, you have probably seen posts i’ve made or reblogged about this topic before. but, talking with a few writer friends, i’ve realized that this is something that is still bothering writers, and even making people feel like giving up on sharing their work. yes, i am once again talking about leaving feedback, comments and reblogging fics.
and yes, it’s ok if you’re tired of me talking about this, i’m tired of doing it too. but imagine this: you have a talent, or maybe you just like doing something a lot, and you decide to share that with people so you do just that. it goes well, people leave likes on your work and you know they must enjoy it, but at the same time no one says anything. they don’t share what they thought, how they felt reading it, the bits they enjoyed and you end up thinking ‘damn, do they actually like what i’m putting out? was it good? where can i improve? what did i get right?’ it’s a weird feeling, because the thing is human beings are highly influenced by their ego and when you’re a creator, feeling like people are not really enjoying or not even knowing how they feel about your work, you can lose your motivation. because why would i put work out if people are not connecting with it?
and i get it, sometimes you don’t know what to say, can’t find the right words to express how you felt reading something. or maybe you’re shy to reblog and leave a comment on the tags. i really get it, that’s why i’m making this post and bellow you’ll find some tips on how to leave comments on fics to help you out on supporting your favorite authors!
and to my writers friends feel free to add anything you’d like to this post!
for starters, if you are shy or don’t want to expose yourself, you can always leave anon messages. writers appreciate those as much as anything else.
i think i speak for every writer when i say that we don’t care if you can’t express yourself well, or if your english is not good. english sucks and i want you to know it’s ok to make language mistakes. so if this is what’s holding you back, please know that we don’t mind.
if you don’t know how to comment you can always pinpoint your favorite scene of a fic, how it made you feel. or what you like about the writer’s style (the way they write certain characters, how they write emotion, etc.) tell the writer something as basic as saying you love their work.
constructive commentary can be welcome if done right. before you do it, think if it’s actually something that can improve the writers work or if it’s something that you personally think. sharing your thoughts is always ok, but remember the ego thing lol, some writers might not take well to comments like “i wish you had done this differently, etc.”
don’t think that when it comes to comments/feedbacks it always has to be full paragraphs of what you thought of the fic or nothing at all. i totally understand that its hard to express yourself and write what your views on something were, i myself struggle with it. you can always leave something short, but sweet and it’ll def make the writer happy.
if you like a fic, please reblog it. likes are great, but they don’t get your work out there. reblogs can help fics reach a wider audience, that’s why they’re important.
that’s all i have to say for now. again, please support the writers you like, it’s not easy putting out fics that we pour our hearts into writing. don’t take the content you enjoy freely for granted.
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the-sad-batch · 5 days ago
Hello 😊
I was wondering if you take requests? Iv never asked for one before. Could you maybe do the bad batch and how they would be/feel with a short S/O? Im only 5'2 but i love those tall boys.
Sorry for bothering you if you don't take requests
hi! yes of course I can, im always down for requests!! and hey, me too, I’m barely 5’3! let’s go!!
pairing : tbb x gn!reader
warnings : teasing about height!
a/n : hey! let me know what you think in the replies! likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated! enjoy <33
headcannons !
tbb w a short s/o !
he loves that your shorter than him!
echo’s protective over you so he adores that he can pull you behind him and you’re completely hidden
he loves standing next to you or even behind you because he can put his chin atop your head and hold you.
it’s a completely soft and tender action of him embracing you, he just wants to show you how much he adores you
he won’t even tease you about it, that’s how much he loves you being shorter
“echo? can you help me get-”
he grins and picks up whatever it is from the top shelf in your apartment or in the marauder.
“sure, mesh’la.”
passes you whatever it is and leans over to kiss you lightly across your head.
although he does joke about it with you from time to time, there’s nothing he loves more than the two of you cuddling in bed
he sleeps with his back to the door
because you’re considerably shorter than him, you’re the little spoon when you’re in bed
he likes that you’re shorter because he feels he can shield you and protect you from anything
WE KNOW HE LOVES IT A LITTLE TOO MUCH cough cough size kink cough cough
Teases you about it, only in a loving way though
he has no malicious intent about it
Although it’s a little weird, he loves throwing you up in the air anytime he’s been away from you for what he deems as too long
which is realistically anything over an hour because he always wants to be near you, talking to you, holding you, kissing you
if you ask him to grab something off of the top shelf he gets it with a laugh, watching you fold your arms and pout with a huff
“aww, Cmon pretty thing, you’re so short it’s cute”
holds you to literally on his chest when you’re both going to sleep.
like your his blanket
there’s something about you being with him, truly there, comfortably together, sleeping, that keeps him calm and makes him feel quite powerful because you’re his
if you let him carry you places, he will
he’d literally carry you anywhere and everywhere if you let him
tech doesn’t know why anybody would tease you about your height
he knows that he’s tall so he wouldn’t joke about it
he actually adores how short you are, contrary to any comments people have about you being short
it’s because of something he loves to do
because you’re shorter than him, he can walk past you and kiss atop your head, your forehead and even pepper kisses across your face before he continues his work
it’s always before he starts his work that he loves kissing you all over
it isn’t in a possessive, angered way
it’s more of a reassurance that you’re there with him and he’s there with you, that you’re both together and nobody can try to stop that
he loves getting things that you can’t reach, it makes him feel quite proud that you go to him for help-even if you’re together
when the two of you are going to sleep, you always fall asleep first because he’s often tinkering for so long before bed
you fall asleep on his lap, his chin atop your head and arms around you. because of your height, he adores encasing you know his arms like you’re a piece of art in a museum that needs to be protected
you’re so small and short in his arms it makes him feel that sometimes you rely on him and if anything, that makes him smirk quite pridefully.
honestly, Hunter isn’t bothered by your height
at first he probably doesn’t even realise the difference between the two of you but Cross points it out
It doesn’t bother him at all, if anything he thinks it’s completely adorable
makes him buff his shoulders when you two walk around the marketplace and your entire being is tucked under his arms
makes him realise that you’re trusting him with your entire life and he stands up taller
loves carrying you places, even if it’s in a joking way.
he likes knowing that he can do that and you’ll grumble about it
a stupidly adorable little pout as you huff and blow your hair out of your face
he teases you about it
“what’s up, sweetheart? Cant you reach-”
“I can reach perfectly fine.”
“Go ahead then, darling.” And he’ll stand there watching you climb the countertops in your apartment to reach the object on top of the cupboard. As soon as he sees you attempt to stabilise yourself on the countertop, he pulls you back to the floor in his arms. “Don’t do that again, sweetheart. I’ll get it, okay?”
“Not so funny now, are we, sergeant?” You smirk and he rolls his eyes to hand you the object
when you’re sleeping, he’s the classic one arm around you, sleeping on his back with your head on his chest with your legs tangled up in his.
with his enhanced senses, he’s able to sense anyone approaching and entering into your apartment. and with you on his chest, he feels so honoured as you hold yourself on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. when you’re both tangled up he grind at the height difference in bed, seeing how his feet reach the foot of the bed and yours barely do.
he’s a dick about it
but he’s a loving, snarky dick about it
sarcastic jokes and rolls of his eyes
it all started when you were on your first mission with him, before you even got together, and he points to a bunny rabbit hopping along the forest as you all made your way to the target
“hey, that looks like you.”
tech replies before you do, “what do you mean? they look nothing alike.”
“thanks tech, I’m confused too.” You added.
“because you’re so short, doll.”
“oh kriff off, di’kut.” And he laughs at our response.
it’s the same response you give him everytime he makes a joke about your height
if you try to get something off the top shelf, he’ll sit back and watch you attempt to get it yourself for a good fifteen minutes before you even notice he’s there.
when you do notice, you ask him for his help, only for him to smirk “why would I? This is great entertainment, doll.”
“Fine, I’ll ask Tech to get it for me-”
“I’ve got it.” The sniper replies, rolling his eyes as he hands you the object. “You’re an evil little thing, aren’t you?”
“You love it, though.” You smirk back at him
when you go to sleep, he’s 100% the big spoon
needs to hold your frame against him, he grumbles about how he can wrap one arm around you and pick you up, only for you to kick his ankle which makes him laugh.
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angelic-holland · a year ago
Penny For Your Thoughts... // haz x fem!reader
Tumblr media
...Quarter for Your Hickey Marks
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: smut, jealous Harrison
Summary: There are easier ways to tell your friend you have a crush on them. But this one just happens to be the most fun.
A/N: You asked for more Haz fics….. Well…. I aim to please…. I really appreciate your feedback and comments! If you like this please feel free to reblog it! And yes, I know that the UK doesn’t have quarters... they’re renting a house in LA for a movie Tom is filming! 
There was nothing you could possibly want more than to make Harrison jealous. It wasn’t that you couldn’t be straightforward, but your friend is slightly intimidating, and you have no idea if he’s even slightly interested in you. 
So you enlisted the help of your other friend to gauge Harrison’s interest in you. 
“Tom,” you asked one morning before him and Harrison are supposed to be on set. 
“What’s up, darling?” He asks, tossing an apple in the air before he takes a bite of it, licking his lips. 
You become slightly entranced by them because they’re red and could easily do exactly what you want.
“I have a favor to ask.”
He wiggles his eyebrows at you, picking up what you need before you can even say it.
“Go ahead, what did you need?”
“I uh, I need to make Harrison jealous.”
“Ah! Gotcha!” Tom chuckles, a piece of the apple falling from his mouth. 
“You’re disgusting,” you roll your eyes as Tom wipes some spit from his mouth.
“And you finally admitted you like my best mate, Harry owes me ten bucks.”
“Why’s that?”
“He said you would never say anything. I said you would come clean eventually.”
“Okay, fine! You caught me Holland!” You throw your hands up in the air, exasperated. 
“So you want to make Harrison jealous, how so? Want to wake out of my room when he finally gets his ass out of bed?”
You shake your head, “need to be more subtle. Uh, I want you to give me a hickey.”
Tom smirks, setting his apple down and cornering you against the counter.
“A hickey, huh?” Tom brushes some hair from your neck, hand cupping the back of your neck and pulling you toward him.
“Please,” you whine lightly.
“You sure you want Haz? Because I really love the way you whine for me,” Tom smirks against your skin.
“Come on Tom, help me out, you know you’re not my type.”
“Only because you asked so nicely,” Tom mumbles before marking you, probably sucking and biting for a tad too long but you let him get carried away before he pulls off.
“Thanks Tom,” you sigh rubbing the spot as it starts to bruise.
Harrison emerges sleepily from his room soon after, you’re lounging on the couch and Tom is packing to head to set.
“Hey sleepyhead,” you joke as Harrison runs a hand through his hair, flopping down on the couch next to you. 
“Hey, dumbass we need to be on set in a half hour,” Tom grunts, handing Harrison a cup of coffee.
“I’ll see you later, okay?” Harrison says, tapping his neck in the same spot your hickey is, “I know a trick to fix that burn on your neck.”
He gets up and follows Tom out of the house who’s laughing about Harrison’s response. 
You mope around most of the day, cleaning your rental and working on your scrapbook while the boys are on set.
When Harrison and Tom get back you perk up as Haz sits down next to you, holding up a quarter.
“So, my mom taught me this trick when she would burn herself with her straightener,” He says, cupping your chin and turning your neck toward him.
Harrison’s tongue sticks out of his mouth as he presses the quarter to your skin. 
“Ah!” You gasp trying to pull away from him when the cool metal presses against you. 
His other hand cups the back of your neck, keeping him close to you.
“For some reason, don’t know the science behind it, but if you put a coin in the freezer and then place it on a burn, it will heal faster,” Harrison mumbles, “so, penny for your thoughts?”
“What-?” You start, but Harrison never fails to leave you speechless.
“You know the saying, what’s on your mind?”
“Not much, was going to stop by this little craft store tomorrow to pick up more stuff for the little LA scrapbook I’m putting together.” 
“Oh? That’s fun. I’d love to work on it a little bit with you during some free after shots.”
“Sure you won’t be too tired after a long day of work?” You ask.
“Nah, not tired enough to miss hanging out with you,” he smiles as he let’s go of your neck, setting down the quarter.
“Well that’s sweet, I enjoy spending time with you too Haz,” you smile back, beginning to lean in before he stands up. 
“You’re a really great friend,” Harrison said, patting your shoulder as he walked away, taking the quarter with him.
“Tom!” You whined once Harrison stepped into the shower, his music drowning out your conversation with Tom. 
“What happened? Hey! Your hickey is gone!” Tom chuckles as you sit down on his bed next to him.
“Yeah, he thought I burned it with a curling iron or whatever… so he used a cold quarter to get rid of it.”
“Okay, so now you just need to jump his bones, he clearly didn’t get the hint.”
“I know, that’s why, uh, why I need to give him a bigger hint,” you turn expectantly toward Tom, raising an eyebrow at him. 
Tom smirks, “sure you don’t just want me to give you hickeys?”
You slap his shoulder playfully, “come on Holland, give it your worst.”
“Take your shirt off then,” Tom said, one hand on your hip lightly tugging your t-shirt and the other cupping the back of your neck.
“If you want to get him jealous, let me actually mark you up, make sure he knows it’s not a burn mark.”
Tom’s got a wicked glint in his eyes but  you go along with it, tugging your shirt off to give him access to your chest. He gets to work, practically sitting on you as he begins to mark down your neck. You bite back moans as his lips mark your chest, sucking and licking and biting dangerously close to the top of your bra. 
“Alright Tom, I think you’ve done a great job,” you chuckle as he pulls back, sitting next to you again.
“Yeah, I’d give myself an A+,” Tom says, wiping his lips on the back of his hand. 
You stand up and before you can go, Tom grabs your hand and turns you back to him. 
“You know, if you ever want some more hickeys, or if Harrison is an idiot and doesn’t get it after you show up with those,” he eyes your chest, now covered in the marks he put there, “I’m always here to take care of whatever you may need.”
“Cheeky, Holland, I’ll keep you updated,” you laugh before leaving. 
You sleep through your alarm, waking up after Tom and Harrison have already left for the day. You are able to go to the craft store however, picking up a bunch of supplies for your scrapbook. By the time you get home you change into a tank top, showing off your chest for when Tom and Harrison get back. 
“Hey Y/N!” Tom shouts the moment he walks through the door, Harrison in tow. 
“Hey boys,” you say, pulling out the scrapbook supplies and setting them on the coffee table in front of you.
“I’m going to take a quick shower,” Tom announces, winking at you as he passes, eyeing all of your marks.
Harrison sits down, his eyes actively avoiding your chest as he taps his fingers along his thighs.
“So, how was the trip to the craft store?” Harrison asks, coughing as he sits back on the couch.
“It was fine,” you nod, turning toward him slightly.
“Those aren’t burn marks, are they?” 
You shake your head, biting your lip, hearing Tom chuckling from the hallway, “beat it Holland!” 
Tom concedes, leaving you and Harrison actually alone.
“I think you’re going to need more quarters,” you tease. 
Harrison practically pulls you onto his lap with a growl, his hand resting on your throat. 
“So you thought the best way to see if I was interested in you was to get Tom to mark you up? Try to what?”
“I ah,” you whimper as Harrison’s lips find your cheek, trailing kisses along your skin but never meeting your own lips.
“What princess? Did you want to make me jealous?” Harrison yanks your hair, forcing you away from him to look in his eyes.
You try to nod, try to answer but as he buries his head in your neck and bites you absolutely whine, rutting against him.
“Princess,” Harrison mumbles against your skin, his hand gliding underneath your tank top, his tongue tasting the skin he’s about to mark, “if you wanted me to fuck you until you can’t even remember your name, all you have to do is ask.”
He accompanies his words with a sharp slap to your ass, making you buck against him and grip onto his shoulders.
“Please, Haz, please fuck me.”
“Oh, are you sure you don’t want to ask Tom? He gave you such pretty hickeys, I’m sure that he’d be able to fuck you nicely too.”
You shake your head, choking down a moan as you begin to grind against him, his cock hard underneath his sweatpants.
“Oh? Tom can’t fuck you like I’ll be able to? Of course he can’t, you’re soaked through those little shorts of yours, all for me,” Harrison grunts, picking you up and carrying you toward his bedroom. You kiss along his neck, marking him before he tosses you onto his bed.
“Just fuck me Haz,” you whine, pulling off your tank top as Harrison works on his sweatpants.
“You know, you’d probably be a lot less needy if you just asked me to fuck you right away,” Harrison smirks as he watches your nipples harden against the cool air.
You’re breathless as you pull off your shorts, completely bare beneath them as Harrison strips himself of his shirt as well.
“Or is this what you wanted?” He smirks as he climbs onto the bed with you, covering your body with his own.
“Hmmm?” You feign innocence, batting your eyelashes as Harrison shakes his head, grabbing at your hips and flipping you over. His hand grabs at your hair, pulling your back up to his chest. 
“Did you want to get fucked nice and rough?” Harrison growls, his accent thicker as his cock brushes through your folds, gently tapping against your clit.
“Please,” you beg as Harrison let’s go of your hair and grips your hips.
“Okay, since you know how to use your words now, I guess I’ll fuck you,” he grunts as he fills you in one thrust.
“Fuck! Haz,” you whine as he begins to fuck you, draping his body over yours.
His lips are all over your skin, setting it aflame. 
“That’s it, how does it feel? Feel good?”
“Fuck, Harrison, please, feels so good,” you whimper as his teeth bite into your shoulder.
You’re bucking back against him, his hips slapping against yours as the room fills with your breathy moans and his grunts.
You don’t care that Tom can definitely hear you, in fact you’re pretty sure that’s one of the reasons that Harrison is fucking you as hard as he is.
One of his hands reaches under your body as you feel like your legs are going to collapse. His arm around your stomach keeps you up as he rubs your clit, bringing you close to the edge.
“Gonna come for me darling? Gonna come screaming my name?” Harrison grunts, holding himself deep inside of you as you whine.
“Haz, fuck, oh god, Harrison,” you cry out as you come, clenching around him. 
Harrison comes shortly after you, sucking a mark into your shoulder as he fills you up.
He stays inside of you for a moment longer until he longs to see your face, sweaty and flushed, eyes half lidded after being fucked so well. 
After he helps you roll over he can’t help but look between your face, lips pouting and eager to feel his, and your pussy, wet and puffy as his come drips out of you and onto his sheets.
“Fuck, y/n look so pretty like this,” Harrison leans down, drawing your lips into his as his fingers slip through your folds, fucking his come back inside of you.
You moan into his lips, whining as his thumb rubs your clit, his tongue slipping inside of your mouth.
You lazily make out with Harrison and he swallows down all of your moans while you come again.
Harrison sits back, helping you stand up and run sneakily to the bathroom after making sure Tom is locked away in his room.
You and him find yourself cuddled on the sofa in your pajamas, cups of coffee in your hands as you look down at the supplies you got earlier.
“So,” you smile, turning toward Haz, “want to do some scrapbooking?”
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angstsfordays · a year ago
Stay With Me
Tumblr media
Summary: You liked Steve. No, you still like Steve. When you finally confessed, he could not give you a definite answer. Your heart broke. But what happens when you came face to face with Steve the very next day, only this time he wasn’t really your Steve….
Pairing: Steve rogers x Enhanced!reader (Y/N)
Warnings: FLUFF. ANGST. MORE FLUFF. AND PERHAPS TEARS. A couple of swear words. Death.
Word count: 8987
Notes: HI EVERYBODY! This is my first Marvel fanfiction! I wrote fanfics before, but I have always been much more of a reader. After a 1.5 year hiatus, I felt compelled to write again. Hope everyone enjoys this piece. I still am trying to establish myself as a rookie writer.
This is AU and doesn’t fall in any of the MCU timeline. Let’s just assume that the world is currently at peace from Thanos and this is just set in an everyday Avengers timeline. A like, reblog or comment will be deeply appreciated :)    
You woke up with an unnerving feeling in your chest. You wondered why and then you were reminded of the day before. You had confessed to Steve. Yes that Steve, the Steve Rogers. Captain America. Your boss. Your hopeless crush. You joined the Avengers not too long ago. It had been over two years. You were an agent of SHIELD, but more importantly an enhanced individual.
You always had your powers since you were young but hid it to blend in. When you’re 20, you used your powers for the first time to save someone in danger. You ended up on SHIELD’s radar and then recruited into the academy.
You undergone training to become a SHIELD operative under Phil Coulson’s tutelage and was recognised to be an outstanding agent. However, more so often, you were not a stickler for rules and had gone off book several times in operations. 
This placed you on a thin line to getting kicked out of the academy, but you always had the backing of Phil who grown a soft spot. You reminded him of his younger days and also his fellow colleague, Melinda May whom put the interests of saving lives at the forefront in their work.
When the Battle of New York happened, you were broken. Mainly because you lost your mentor and your dearest friend. You were teetering on quitting when Phil died in the line of duty. Director Fury pulled you back, reminding you of Phil’s sacrifice and how Phil thought the world of you, feeling that you had much potential to unfold. You continued working under Director Fury’s orders, working on special missions.
When SHIELD was taken down by HYDRA from the inside, you didn’t know who to trust. All you knew was that Director Fury had seemingly been assassinated. You wanted to find out what happened, but plans deviated when you realised you were on HYDRA’s radar. Your powers were of great interest to them and you were wanted. You had to abandon the place you felt like home and went into hiding.
A couple of years later, you resurfaced. You found yourself facing the Avengers while they were on a mission. No you were fighting not against them, instead you stumbled upon them while you were on the run. That’s when you saw Steve Rogers for the first time. It didn’t feel like the first time though.
Perhaps it was because you heard so much about him from Phil that you felt you already knew him. A smile formed on your face when you recalled Phil’s rambling of his love for the war hero. It was one of those moments when you saw him as the real Phil, and not just Agent Coulson- your supervising officer.
A HYDRA agent was going to aim for Steve from a hidden spot and you almost flew in to intervene. You knocked out the agent with your gloved fists engulfed in high density energy. You remembered staring into the sparkling blue eyes of Steve Rogers for the first time. His eyes widened at the sight of you- wondering who you were and what were you doing.
You heard backup coming and the two of you fought off a couple more HYDRA agents together. It was as if you had been working together your whole life, the two of you fought in sync. You covered for him and he did so for you. There was an unspoken synergy that happened between you two. When the last HDYRA agent went down, you two finally looked at each other once more. Panting and out of breath, you hunched over trying to catch your breath.
You heard his footsteps coming closer, as if to check on you. You looked up at him, and he took his helmet off. His crop but luscious blonde locks fell over.
“Hey, are you alright-” You heard his voice for the first time. It was not really; you had seen him before and heard him before. You remembered the video clips that were played in classes at the academy. SHIELD was founded on the legacy of Captain America afterall. But this was different. You heart started to beat wildly, knowing that he was speaking to you.
“Steve, are you alright?” Another voice appeared. It was familiar. You two both spun your heads in the same direction to see a scarlet head emerging in your sight. Natasha Romanoff. You had seen her before back at SHIELD. Phil had worked together with her and Agent Barton several times. You were introduced once to them before as his mentee.
“Who’s that with you?” She spoke once more. You started to panic, what was this situation with you, Captain America and Black Widow? You were supposed to be in hiding from the HYDRA operatives that came to capture you. Should you seek refuge with the Avengers? Would they keep you safe? You were not a hundred percent sure. You felt that you were still safest alone. 
That’s why you decided to take flight. Literally. Because with your powers, you managed to push yourself off the ground and into the air, landing far away from where the two avenger members were.
The next time you saw Steve was in your apartment. You came home to see him standing in your kitchen. You dropped your bag of groceries and let out a scream that would have your neighbours appalled. Your powers came out almost immediately in defense and Steve had to duck when a shot of energy aimed at the kitchen cabinet behind him.
He raised both his hands in defense and assured he meant no harm. He explained that Natasha had helped him to track you down. He understood your situation and offered you a place in the Avengers compound. No more hiding and no more fear of surviving.
All previous resistance thrown out of the window, the sincerity in his eyes and voice won you over almost immediately. You knew not to trust people easily, that much Phil has taught you but how could you not when it was Steve Rogers.
So you then found yourself becoming a part of the Avengers. You blended into the group seamlessly, like you were an old-time friend. You had gotten closer to Natasha who was once an intimidating senior agent in your eyes. You became fast friends with Wanda whom you bonded over the love of food. More so of her cooking and you being the taste tester.
Sam and Bucky welcomed you into their group especially when you find yourself the buffer between their bickering. You always went along with Tony Stark’s antics and he saw you as a little sister. Bruce and you have a polite relationship, not having much in common but you still got along with him in the group. 
Vision and you have a pretty interesting relationship, you found yourself as a life sensei to him whenever he was curious about the human way of life. You only met Thor a few times but you two had a friendly relationship whenever he visited Earth. He felt like another older brother to you.
Now. Where does that leave Steve Rogers? The man who brought you into this new life. You regarded him as your leader, captain and comrade. You wanted to impress him especially since he offered you a new chance in life. You always made sure you did your best during missions so as not to disappoint him. You wanted to be in his good books. You wanted him to like you as a teammate and maybe more? 
You didn’t know when you started to have feelings for the American hero, but you believed it was gradual.
When you saw him in the morning eating disgusting plain oats, you offered to whip up some fluffy blueberry pancakes (which you learnt how to from Wanda). When you see his brows knitted to get his Netflix account created, you chuckled and decided to help the poor guy out. When he found in himself from unwanted attention at Tony’s gatherings, you slid in smoothly between him and the other party, coming up with smooth lies to help him out of an awkward bind.
You didn’t know why you wanted to do all of those things. Were you being nice? Or perhaps you wanted to be nice to him? He was on your mind most of the time. How can I make a good impression? How can I get closer to him? Your mind was always boggling with such thoughts.
Whenever he was in the room, your eyes always wandered off to him. You tried to subtly get closer to him- sitting beside him during movie nights, sitting across him during meetings. It was those little things that made you feel like you could signal your presence to him. You wanted him to notice you just as much you did for him. Of course, these things did not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, not by said man himself but everyone else in your inner circle.
Natasha caught your longing look at Steve one movie night, and she smirked to herself. She nudged your hips the next morning in the kitchen when Steve walked into the room. She gave you an all-knowing smile and your eyes widened in horror. How? You mouthed the word to her, and she just shrugged while looking all smug.
Wanda was the next one to know you both baked together for Valentine’s Day. You two were baking for everyone in the team. You decided to make a special cookie, she noted. One in the shape of a heart and with familiar colours of red, white and blue icing. Steve, Bucky and Sam were walking in from their workout in the gym when they smelt the scent of freshly baked goods.
Sam’s hands were reaching out for your special cookie when you turned your back to wash your hands in the sink. You let out a shrill scream of horror when you saw Sam picking it up and bringing it closer to his lips.
“STOP RIGHT THERE!” The three soldiers almost jumped back at your voice and Sam raised his other hand in surrender. You took your cookie out of his hands and dusted it off as if his touch sullied the baked biscuit.
“This is not yours, Sam. You can have those.” You pointed over to the other batch of cookies. They were all smaller in sizes, in the regular circular shape with generic red and pink icing drawn in heart shapes on the surface.
“What? Then the heck it that cookie for?” Sam retorted, almost offended.
You grinned sheepishly when you directed your eyes at a certain blonde soldier. Your previous bravado shaken as you tried to find your voice to speak. You swore your hands were trembling and you tried hard to not break the palm sized heart shaped cookie in your hands.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Steve. I uh made this for you.” Yes. You got the words out. The expressions on the faces of the other three people in the room would have been hilarious but they were not in your sight. You only had eyes for one person.
“What? How come he gets a special cookie from the rest of us? Now that’s just discrimination.” Sam quipped. Bucky shook his head like he could not believe how dumb Sam could even be. Wanda had to bite her lips back, when she realised what was going on all along. Oh my dear Y/N…she thought.
“Would you accept my it?” You added nervously when you noticed Steve did not give a response.
“Uh, thank you Y/N. That’s really nice of you.” Steve answered as politely as he usually did and took the cookie from your hands. When Steve just stopped at that response, Bucky looked like he was going to die from the stupidity of the men in the room except for him. Bucky also knew there and then what was happening. He could not believe his best friend was so oblivious.
“Hey, that’s unfair. I want one.” Sam whined almost like a child. Bucky face palmed himself and grunted.
You were a little disappointed at Steve’s response, nice of you? Urgh, you secretly wished he had more to say. Did you put him on a spot in front of his friends? How stupid could you have gotten?
“Fine fine, geez I will make a falcon-themed one for you, You big baby.” You huffed in annoyance, but also to mainly mask your disappointment. You quickly grabbed a piping bag. “Would you like one too, Bucky?” You mustered a smile on your face to make it seem like you were not affected by Steve’s response at all. Bucky gave you a look like he knew- he knew what’s up and he gave you a sorry look.
“Sure doll, I would love one.” Bucky said in hopes of making you feel better. You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned to see Wanda to give you a comforting smile. You fought to hold back the tears welling up in your eyes.
But that was not your actual confession to Steve.———————————————————————
That time came during an Avenger’s game night. The team was playing truth and dare Jenga. It was your turn and you hoped you gotten something that would not be too difficult to do.
“Tell the person across you something that you always wanted to say to them.”
You looked up immediately and were met with cerulean blue eyes. Your breath hitched when you realised who it was.
You cursed in your head and perhaps even muttered it under your breath. You felt the eyes of the rest of your teammates intently on you. After a minute, Tony started to get impatient.
“Come on kid, what do you want to say to Capsicle? There should be plenty right? If not drink up.” Oh boy, if only Tony knew. You looked nervously elsewhere and locked eyes with Natasha beside you. Your eyes then fleet towards Wanda who looked concerned and then to Bucky who almost looked nervous for you. Your legs were getting jumpy and then your hands lunged forward to grab the bottle of whiskey in front of you.
A series of ‘Nos’ came up, but you couldn’t hear them clearly as you drowned down the liquid. It tasted like fire down your throat and it almost burned. You stumbled backwards as you tried to recover your footing.
“Really, Y/N? You rather drink up than say something to Cap?” Tony jested. “By the way, you just drank Thor’s special Asgardian liquor by mistake.”
“What?” You let out a loud exclamation and you turned the bottle to see a flask bottle that you recognised to have been Thor’s.
“Oh boy.” A sudden wave of adrenaline surged through you and you had to close your eyes to gain your bearings once more. You opened your eyes to meet Steve’s eyes once more. You did not know what was happening next. The words left your mouth before you could even formulate it in your head.
“I LIKE YOU SO MUCH!” What was going on? You didn’t mean to say this out loud?! Why were you even saying it? You already drank to pass saying the truth. Why couldn’t you control yourself?
“I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU, STEVE ROGERS.” You declared your love once more and you were shocked by your boldness. Everyone else was reeling in their seats as they looked at the situation unfolding in front of them. Tony Stark could be seen muffling his laughter at Y/N’s antic while a blonde soldier, who was at the end of the confession remained stiff in expression.
“CAN’T YOU HEAR MY HEART?” Your speech was slurred as you brought your hand to clutch the side of your shirt where your heart was.
“You have super hearing, right? Can’t you hear my heart beating like crazy? Whenever I’m around you, I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest because I like you much!” Your mouth continued to blabber, but your mind was reeling. Control yourself Y/N! You willed yourself but you couldn’t. Stupid Asgardian alcohol.
“I can’t hide it anymore. I need to let you know! I need to let the whole word know!” You flailed your hands out in motion. “Do you know how much it hurts to like you and not letting you know? I need to get this off my chest. Right here and right now!” You put a foot up on the table and stretched your hand out to point at Steve Rogers.
“Steve Rogers! Do you want to go out with me?” You asked boldly, not caring a hoot about everyone in the room. Your mind was chastising you for being foolish, but your heart felt fulfilled from doing what it always wanted to do.
There were gasps from people in the room. A series of ‘oh my god’ and suppressed laughter from others. Sam’s jaw looked like it was going to drop to the floor. Tony at this moment couldn’t hold back himself and howled. He needed to take a swig of booze to continue watching this. Bucky looked over to his best pal who looked like he didn’t want to be anywhere else but here.
Both Natasha and Wanda had worried expressions. They were glad you were able to confess but they also knew this was not the way you would want it to go. Vision and Bruce looked like they couldn’t believe what was happening in front of their eyes.
Steve Rogers was at a loss. The last thing he expected was a confession from you. Steve was not sure how to respond. He liked you alright, but he wasn’t sure if he liked you as much as you to him. He always seen you as a friend and teammate.
He remembered how shy you were when first joined. You were wary of everything, and it was normal. He read up on your profile. He was surprised to learn you were under Agent Phil Coulson’s personal tutelage. He knew the man and thought highly of him. Natasha gave in her input, remembering you were a spunky and enthusiastic rookie agent who always seemed to put in her best efforts.
When he realised you had been on the run from HYDRA because of your powers, he knew he had to step in. It was only the right thing to do. When he first saw you, he was taken aback at the girl who covered for him. You didn’t have to. If you did, you exposed yourself to the risk of your location to HYDRA. And when the two of you fought hand in hand, he felt a weird sense of camaraderie he did not expect to find in someone he met for the first time.
He remembered when you accepted his offer, he offered his hand but instead you pulled in for a hug. He was taken aback but gave in when he felt you shaking in his arms. You let out muffled cries and Steve could feel your sense of relief that you didn’t need to hide anymore. You were safe and he would keep you safe.
You opened up to the rest of the team almost instantly, your easy-going nature made everyone comfortable about you. You had an effortless way of getting along with people and you soon became an indispensable part of the team. 
However, Steve started to notice while you were getting closer with everyone, he could feel like you were keeping a distance from him. While you were still friendly with him, he could not help but to feel that you showed hesitance around him.
Sure enough, you always did nice things for him, but Steve could not help but feel you were always guarded around him. You were unafraid to be silly and goofy around the rest of the team, but he could sense you always wanted to present a good image whenever he’s around.
When you were not looking, he could see you making faces to Sam across the room when meetings get boring and draggy. It was one late night, both you and Bucky could not sleep, and you offered to help Bucky with his nightmares when Steve happened to pass by the common kitchen.
The look of excitement when you brought out an entire tea set and assortment of tea selection laid on the table. “You should give up on coffee from now on. Tea is the way to go!” You said in a matter of fact tone. You went on to talk about the benefits of tea and how they helped you especially in the line of work you were all involved in.
You went on to brew actual tea leaves for Bucky, claiming it was even better than putting a sachet in a cup of hot water. Steve couldn’t help but smile at the lengths you went for Bucky. It was nice to see Bucky having another friend aside from himself and occasionally Sam.
Steve didn’t know how long he was staring but he was snapped out of it when Bucky called him out from where he was hiding behind the wall. When your head snapped to see Steve, your carefree smile dropped and became one that was more reserved.
“Uh, hey Steve.” You greeted him. “Tea?” You asked him as you held up the pot. Sure why not, Steve thought.
The three of you began to have a heart to heart late night talk. Your enthusiasm from earlier mellowed but you still talked easily with Bucky and him. Steve noticed your eyes were always looking towards Bucky. Did you like him? Steve saw you throwing glances every now and then, but you kept your eyes on Bucky, as if wanting to avoid having to look at him. You laughed easily at Bucky’s sardonic humour and even rested your head on his arm a couple of times in affection.
You had to like Bucky right? Steve never seen you so close to another guy in the team, except for Tony and Sam whom he knew you had sibling like relationships with. Steve knew it, Bucky always got the girl. 
Even back in the 30s’. Bucky had an effortless charm about him, and even after all he had gone through, he never lost his appeal. Steve knew about the glances that some of the female staff in the compound had whenever Bucky stepped into the room.
Steve suddenly felt like the scrawny kid back in Brooklyn. The one who always gotten put aside. The one who was always forgotten. Even after the serum, Steve felt like this from time to time. Steve did know he had gotten more attractive with his increased height and bigger build, but he couldn’t help to wonder if that was all he had.
He was aware of the looks he received by female staff too in the Avengers compound, but he was also aware that they were attracted to Captain America and not Steve Rogers.
Steve felt like you weren’t like the rest. Sure, you did nice things for him and smiled at him everytime you two met, but Steve felt like you were genuine. Yes, they were more muted than what you did for the rest of the team, but he did felt you were not just fawning over him. You were just nice like that.
He did secretly hoped you could be less guarded around him though. Was he intimidating? Was he not approachable? Steve thought long and hard about this once in a while.
Back to the confession, Steve could not believe what he was hearing. You liked him all this while? It wasn’t Bucky? But how? But why? He thought you liked Bucky for sure! And here you are, declaring your crush for him in front of everyone like it was nothing. Yes, you did drink Thor’s special mead but it was a complete flip of how you usually were around him.
What was he supposed to say? You were drunk. Steve didn’t even know if you were even thinking straight. But your eyes. Your eyes were boring straight to his and he realised this was the longest that you have looked him in the eyes without shying away.
“Come on, Rogers. Don’t leave a girl hanging. Give her an answer.” Tony egged on, the only one amused in this entire situation.
“I-uh…” Steve looked to his best pal and Bucky could only returned a look that said ‘It’s all up to you, punk’.
“Y/N, you are drunk. You should return to your room.” Steve instantly regretted his words when he saw the sullen look on your face. You looked like you were crushed, and he felt horrible.
“I’m not drunk!” You retorted almost defiantly. “I’m wide awake. I’m woke.” You claimed.
“Do you not like me? Am I that unlikable?” You added on in a whimpering tone. You turned to your side and grabbed Bucky by the collar.
“Why? Why does he not like me?” You cried almost like a child who didn’t get she wanted. Bucky decided to intervene and hoist you over his shoulders. “Okay time for you to be in bed.”
“Put me down Bucky! I am perfectly capable of walking. I don’t want my face to meet your ass!” You fought back as you started throwing fists at Bucky’s backside to get him to let you down. You didn’t remember the events of that night after Bucky dropped you on your bed. You did have an inkling memory of Wanda and Natasha helping you get ready for bed.
Shit, you thought. Every memory came back rushing back to you and you squished your face to the pillow. You didn’t want to face the music. You didn’t even want to step out of your room to face the consequences of your drunkenness. What have you done? Every last possibility of your relationship with Steve had been tossed out the window.
Should you quit? Pack up and run away? You didn’t think you could ever stand to be around him anymore. Your mind then wandered to the pounding headache from the hangover you acquired. You turned your face to the side to see a glass of water and two aspirin pills. You wandered who left them there. Must be either Wanda or Nat.
You took the pills and down them with the glass of water. You sat up to get your bearings and let out a sigh. Woah, you stunk of alcohol. A bath sounded nice at this moment. You dragged yourself with every ounce of energy left in your body and struggled to fill the tub with warm water. You didn’t know how you managed but you went over to your cabinet to grab some relaxing essential oils to be added into your bath.
Yes that bath was helpful indeed. After you rinsed off, you changed into a long-sleeved cropped Henley and loose sweats. You were drying your hair as you mulled over what happened last night.
What were you supposed to do? You could feel the hunger growling in your stomach. You asked Friday for the time and it was well over 2pm. You then asked for the locations of everyone in the team. If you wanted to avoid social interactions, you needed to come up with a plan. Bucky and Sam were training new recruits. Nat, Wanda and Vision were out while Tony ad Bruce were in the lab. Steve was in his office.
That sounded good, you could sneak into the kitchen, make a sandwich or something and get the hell out in 10 minutes tops. As quickly as you could, you made sure to make a sound even while sprinting to the kitchen. When you assessed that the coast was clear, you quickly opened the fridge and cabinets to take out what you want.
You messily put a sandwich together and even grabbed an instant ramen bowl. You placed everything on a tray and quickly returned to your room. You wolfed down on the sustenance as if you didn’t eat for days. The soup from the ramen cured was a warm welcome for your stomach. You placed your tray aside and lay on your bed. What next?
You walked over to the toilet to relieve yourself once more when you suddenly felt the ground shaking. You shot up in surprise and quickly cleaned up.
“Friday, what happened?” You asked worriedly.
“There has been an explosion down in lab beside the garage.” Friday answered immediately.
“Are Tony and Bruce okay?” You asked after the Science bros.
“Yes, their vitals show no danger. However, Captain Rogers was also present when the explosion occurred.” Steve was there too?
“I cannot detect his-” Friday spoke once more, but you didn’t hear the end of it as your door flew open and you raced down to the lab.
Tony and Bruce came into view as they stood around the weird panels in the lab. There was a faint smoke in the air.
“Woah what happened?” You could hear Sam’s voice behind you, and you turned to see Bucky present too. The three of you walked over to the scene hurriedly to examine what happened.
“Where’s Steve? I heard he was also-” Your sentence was interrupted by a coughing. The voice sounded familiar, but something was different. The smoke cleared to reveal….
“Yo Steve, what happened?!” Sam exclaimed at the sight standing in front of him. All eyes turned to see Steve Rogers only much much older in physical appearance. It would match with his actual age but you couldn’t believe your eyes.
The Steve in front of you looked shocked at the sight of everyone. He also had a look of longing like he had not seen everyone in a long time.
“Shit, we made Cap old!” Tony gasped aloud.
“Steve, you there?” Bucky stepped forward to place his hands on the shoulder of his old friend. Your attention was brought to the height difference. Steve was no longer the same height range as Bucky. He in fact, looked smaller. His grey hair was combed neatly and you could see the wrinkles adorned on his face. His blue eyes were still sparkling, you thought. Steve was dressed warmly in several layers on top and he turned his head slowly to take in his surroundings.
His eyes landed on you and started to panic. Last night’s events came rushing back to you and you then realised you didn’t want to face him. You turned your heels to leave immediately but you were stopped in your tracks.
“Wait, Y/N. Please don’t go.” The voice that came out of him sounded so frail that to didn’t had the heart to continue walking.
Your body turned back to face future Steve and he was slowly making his way to you. As you got closer, you realised the two of you were almost of the same height. Future Steve went in for a hug without any other words. Though he was much smaller, his hug was still firm. Your eyes widened at his actions and you awkwardly returned it with your arms wrapped under his arms.
“It’s so good to see you again. I missed you so much.” Future Steve muttered as he leaned his face into the crook of your neck. His voice shook almost like he was holding back tears.
“Again? What do you mean again?” Bruce took the words right out of your mouth. Steve reluctantly let go of you and turned to face the rest of the people in the room.
“What year is this?” Future Steve asked. Bruce gave the answer to which future Steve let out a short laugh.
“That long, huh. 50 years I see.” He spoke once more.
“50 years? Wait a minute, are you from the future?” Sam asked incredulously. Future Steve didn’t gave an answer but the silence that followed confirmed our suspicions.
“So if Cap here is from 50 years into the future, where does leave the Cap in our timeline?” Tony inquired. Old Steve gave a shrug.
“You always make the impossible seem possible, Tony.”
“Perhaps, they switched places.” Bruce deduced. He then went on rambling how Tony and himself were experimenting with the idea of time travel and different universe. The original Steve was walking in to talk to Tony when the blast had happened and he got caught in it, which all led to the current situation.
“Can we get him back?” Bucky spoke up, looking over to long-time friend.
“We can try but we will need time to work out the mechanics and see when we have gone wrong. We cannot guarantee how long it would take.” Bruce answered.
“Friday, you got all of this on tape right? I cannot wait to show out Cap this footage when he gets back.” Tony jested and you turned to him with an annoyed expression.
“This is serious Tony. You better fix this!”
“Geez kid, cut me some slack.” He rolled his eyes. “So what are we going to do with this Cap?” He pointed over to the future Steve standing beside me.
“We can take him back to the common room, let him get comfortable while you fix your machine. Best to not let anyone else know about this outside of our circle.” Bucky remarked before gesturing for Steve to follow him. Sam was still reeling in surprise as he assessed future Steve.
You stood rooted to the ground, unsure what to do. Should you follow Sam and Bucky with future Steve? You were still haunted by what happened last night. Well this Steve didn’t know what happened, but you couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed still.
“Y/N, are you coming?” Bucky offered you to join. You were about to reject his offer, make up an excuse to go back to your room when someone grabbed hold of your hand.
You looked to see future Steve holding your hand gently with his wrinkled hands. You could feel the blood rushing to your cheeks and ears. He was gazing into your eyes with a shy smile.
“Walk with me?” He asked and you swore you wanted to melt into a puddle.
“Me?” You were sure you looked confused at the transition of what was happening. Future Steve chuckled and continued walking on, pulling you with him. Bucky who witnessed this smiled to himself and Sam continued to look baffled at everything.
His hand felt warm and soft, you thought. Unconsciously, your other hand went to hold his arm. You were shy to meet future Steve’s gaze especially since you were now the same height as him. It was much more intense than looking at him now. 
All of you walked silently to the common room. Everyone sat around the dining table, you offered to make coffee but future Steve held onto your hand as you stood up to walk over to the pantry.
“I would like some tea, if you don’t mind. The one with actual leaves and not just the tea bag.” His face crinkled as he smiled at you.
“Uh sure- you two want some coffee?” You turned to the other two soldiers. The two went along with Steve’s request for tea and you went to find the tea set stored in the cabinet.
You placed the tea set in the centre of the table. It was a clay tea set that was gifted to you by your Bucky as your Secret Santa last Christmas. Nat and Wanda gave their input on the design. 
You got the boiled water ready to rinse the teapot and cups. Following this you started to brew the tea as you added the tea leaves into the pot and added the hot water. You rinsed the first batch of brewed tea once before making the second batch that was prepared for drinking.
You were honestly nervous even though you done this hundreds of times. Somehow having future Steve watching over you made you wary of your movements. There was a good few minutes of silence before you poured the tea into the small teacups and offering it to everyone. Future Steve appreciated the teacup in his hands before blowing on it and taking a sip.
“Y/N, it always tastes the best when you made it.” Future Steve turned to me again with a sweet smile. Shit, Steve was still adorable even beyond his years. Calm down your heart, Y/N!
“So Cap, what’s life like 50 years down the road?” Sam decided to break the ice. Future Steve laughed at his bluntness before answering. It felt like nothing changed. Even while this Steve has aged, the three soldiers fell back into easy conversation.
Sam was curious about himself and tried to pry information out of future Steve. Future Steve warned that knowing the future may not be a good idea. He did throw in several teasing remarks that Sam and Bucky will continue to argue in their old age in front of their grandchildren.
Bucky was surprised that he would even have his own family in the future. He was about to ask Steve about his own when Bucky’s eyes wandered to Steve’s left hand, a silver band resting on one of his fingers.
“Guess we’re not the only ones who had our own families.” Bucky remarked smugly as he nodded his head to future Steve’s wedding band. Future Steve thumbed over his wedding band before sneaking a glance over to you.
“Well, uh-yes I did. But-” The idea of Steve married was not impossible, I mean after all he was such a great catch. You were pretty sure Steve finally gotten a nice girl to settle down with. The gnawing feeling in your chest returned. Damn, this hurts more than you thought. You just wished Steve had a happy and fulfilling life.
You stood up abruptly from your seat, almost seething with jealousy. You couldn’t help it. The feelings from yesterday were still raw and you couldn’t handle the truth if future Steve were to talk about his happy married life.
Your abrupt action caused the chair to screech as it was pushed back. You felt the eyes of all three soldiers on you and you hasten to collect the tea set to mask your reaction. You hurriedly walked over to the sink to wash your tea set, leaving it to air dry.
“I’m going off for a walk. See you boys later.” You quickly waved off before you transitioned to a brisk walk to the elevator. When you exit one of the doors of the compound, you headed straight for the clearing near the lake. It was your secret spot that you had claimed as your own. You always came here when your mind and heart were heavy.
You had a bench secretly installed so that you could sit there and gaze into the sunset on occasions. You remembered ordering it on Tony’s card and had to bring it out to the clearing when everyone was still asleep in the early morning, You laughed silently at your own antics.
You laid on your side on the bench, propping your head up with your arms and you dazed off into the lake in front of you. You didn’t know how long you were lying down but you wished you had brought your phone and earpiece to pass the time.
“I guess even the serum cannot help me at this age. Way to make an old man come after you, Y/N.” Your ears perked up at his voice and in a moment of surprise, rolled forward and off the bench.
“What the fu-” You exclaimed when your body hit the ground.
“Language. Although, many reminders wouldn’t have stopped you anyway.” You couldn’t believe who had followed you to your secret spot. Moreover, how did he know? Even Friday didn’t know! Or did she?
“Steve? What are you doing here?” You asked in a panic as you gathered yourself, brushing the dirt off your knees and elbows.
“Are you alright? That was not a pretty fall.” Future Steve now stood in front of you, his eyes were worried and concerned. His hands reached out to examine the extent of your injuries and was relieved to know that they were nothing major.
“How did you know I will be here? Nobody knows about this spot except for me.” You said.
“Well doll, you were not that subtle moving the bench across the hallway at 5am. Besides, I was already awake at that time” He spoke in a fond tone as he recalled the memory. “Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to follow the girl who was carrying a bench larger than herself.”
You cringed at the exposure of your secret and grimaced at how foolish you must have been in Steve’s eyes.
“I won’t blame you for keeping this place a secret. It is beautiful.” Future Steve spoke with a lingering gaze towards the lake and the surrounding flora. He then gestured for you to sit beside him and you reluctantly did, unsure of what to do either. You made sure that there was a gap between the two of you. You looked anywhere else except for him and didn’t what to say in the following silence.
“What would it take for you to look at me? Am I that unlikeable in your eyes?” Future Steve first broke the silence.
“No, I would never!” You immediately countered. You were shocked at how loud you were and reminded yourself to calm the f down. “I mean who would not like you?!” You gestured dramatically as your hands moved up and down at him. Steve inched closer to you and placed his hands over yours where were resting on your lap.
“I am glad to hear that, Y/N.” You looked into his eyes and had to avert them immediately before you feel like your heart would explode. You looked down to see his wedding band in your lap and you were reminded once more of what made you came out to the lake in the first place.
“Hopefully, Tony and Bruce can come up with a way to get you back to your time. I’m sure you’re missing your family.” You said to future Steve to which he shook his head.
“Not really actually. It’s nice to see all of you young again, reminds me of the good times where we were all together. I lost some people in my time and am glad to see them once again.”
“Oh, did we not all live to an old age like you?” Future Steve’s jaw clenched at your remark and you immediately realised you hit a nerve. “I’m so sorry-” You started apologising before future Steve waved you off, reassuring that it was fine. You could feel the grip of his hands tightened around yours.
“You must have been shocked to see me like this.” Future Steve looked over at himself.
“Shock would not have been the word, surprised was more accurate.” I corrected him.
“Still, you couldn’t have believed that the big and strong Captain America actually looked like this in his old age, right? The serum’s effects waned as I got older in age. I still am strong for someone my age, but my physique reverted back to my pre-serum days.” Future Steve said despondently.
“Hey, don’t say! Who cares about Captain America?” You retorted at his words. “All I see is adorable grandpa Steve Rogers. You’re way cuter like this!” You even emphasized your point when you grabbed his arm and laid your head on his shoulders. If it was the current Steve, you wouldn’t have dared to do any of this. But this Steve right here surprisingly made you feel comfortable around him.
You were still nervous knowing that he was still Steve, but somehow future Steve looked less intimidating.
“You’re still the same as ever. I missed you so much.” Future Steve brought your hands up to lips for a kiss. Now this shocked you as you couldn’t help but feel that this gesture meant more. You quickly withdrew your hands and saw the crestfallen look on his face.
“Look, Steve. I really appreciate you, but I don’t think this is appropriate.” The expression on his face told you he was hurt by your words. “You’re married, Steve.” You pointed to his wedding band.
Future Steve looked down to his wedding band and then his eyes went back to you. A ghost of a smile formed on his face and he shook his head. “I’m sorry if I came off weird. It’s just been such a long time since I saw you- I mean the younger version of you. My emotions took over, I apologise.”
“No-no don’t be sorry. I understand, sort of.” You rubbed the back of your ned in awkwardness. After a while, the two of you decided to head back to the compound. Future Steve offered you his arm and you took it as the both of you enjoyed the walk back in comfortable silence.
“Hey old man, Bruce and I might have figured it out. I think we can send you back.” You and future Steve looked at each other, both sending unwilling looks as if your time together was too short.
“I guess this is goodbye.” You said in a disappointed tone.
“It’s alright, love. I promise we will see each other again.” Future Steve cradled your face with one of his hands. You wondered what he meant, and did he just called you love?!
Future Steve went over to say goodbye to Bucky and Sam, giving each other hugs and claps on the back. Future Steve gave a small salute to Tony and Bruce to which they returned with a nod. He walked over to a raised platform and shifted in his feet to get comfortable. He looked over you once more.
You didn’t know why but you started to have tears forming in your eyes. You hesitantly raise your hands to give a weak wave. Future Steve smiled fondly and returned the gesture. He started to mouth words in your direction but before you could figure out what you wanted to say, a blinding light took over.
You shield your eyes from the light and turned sideways as you felt a rush of smoke and wind. You blinked your eyes repeatedly as you take in the sight before you. Gone was future Steve and…..
“Welcome back Cap!” Sam exclaimed excitedly at seeing his friend again.
“Quick question, Rogers. Where were you?” Tony chimed in as he walked over to Steve. “We met an older version of you 50 years down the road.” Tony replied and he waved up a screen to show a photo of future Steve in the garage with everyone.
“Oh I was somewhere, but it didn’t look like it was far off from this era. Everything looked the same. I wasn’t sure where I was until I saw a date somewhere.” Steve seemed like he was trying to phrase his response carefully and he looked back at Tony.
His eyes then swerved over to where Bucky, Sam and you were standing. He started striding forward and you were sure he was going over to Bucky and Sam. Your feet decided to shuffle backwards once you recalled what happened between you and this version of Steve just yesterday. You made to turn back when you felt yourself being pulled back into an embrace.
You were pushed against a solid mass of muscle; you didn’t need to look up because you knew who it was. Steve wrapped his arms tightly around you, seeming to not let you go anytime soon.
“Stefve-” Your voice was muffled against his shirt. You weren’t sure where to place your hands and you were sure it could have felt your heart being wildly against his own chest. Steve placed his head in the crook of your neck and took in a deep breath before sighing. Talk about déjà vu.
You looked over to see the rest of the guys in the garage staring on with bambi eyes. You gestured a wave towards Bucky, signalling for help. You weren’t ready for this Steve at all!
“What’s with the Capsicles hugging Y/N today?” Tony quipped from the side.
You didn’t know how long it was but knew it was long enough for a hug to turn awkward. You tried to place your hands between Steve and yourself to create distance.
“Steve, what’s wrong?” Your voice came out squeaky as you willed yourself to look into his eyes. You were surprised to see Steve’s eyes looking red and puffy as if he had been previously crying.
“Stay with me, Y/N. Just a little while longer.” He answered and how could you say no. You obliged and eventually wrapped your arms around him, returning his hug. The rest of the guys were befuddled at what was going on but decided to let the two of you have your moment.
You could hear Sam making a comment as he walked off. “Geez what a weird day and I haven’t even had a drink yet.” Bucky scoffed and proceeded to smack his head before walking forward. 
Your eyes followed him and when he caught your stare, he winked before walking off. Your brows knitted at his previous actions but then you realised you had something more important to attend to. You still had a blonde super soldier clinging on to you like a koala.
“Alright, Steve. That’s enough of a hug. This is getting weird.” Upon your words, Steve finally released you but still held onto your arms.
“About yesterday, Y/N, I-” Steve started speaking and our eyes widened in anticipation of his following words. You don’t think you could bear to hear it. You cupped your ears and immediately ran off, making gibberish noise to tune him out.
“Wait, Y/N! Please listen to what I have to say!” Steve started chasing after you. He chased after you for a good several minutes out to the compound grounds. He knew where you were heading, you didn’t know why your feet decided to bring you there but you guessed that if any form of rejection is happening, you want it away from the eyes from anyone in the compound.
“Y/N Y/L/N! Stop it right there!” You halted in your tracks.
You turned back to see Steve Rogers with both hands on his hips. You felt like child being reprimanded by a parent. “Way to make an old man chase after you, Y/N Y/L/N.”
“You’re not that old.” You quipped back at his words.
“I’m well over 100, doll.” Steve reminded you as he laughed.
“You don’t need to run away from me, Y/N. What I’m about to say, well I-” Steve started stuttering and you could see him slightly nervous.
“What is it?” You tried to encourage him. Steve’s eyes started to turn red and he was looking at the ground.
“I like you too. I really like you Y/N.” Steve finally mustered the courage to let the words out of his mouth.
“Be my girl, please? I promise to love you and protect you always.” He added on. You felt your jaw dropped at what you were hearing. No way! Did Steve return your feelings? But how? But why?
“But yesterday, the party, you didn’t, I was drunk-” Your sentences weren’t making sense, but Steve knew what you meant.
“I know and I was honestly taken aback by your confession, doll. But I did some thinking and I realised that I feel the same too. I never realised how much I did until I lost you doll.” Steve’s long legs brought him closer to and he cradled your face with both his hands.
“You didn’t lose me, what are you talking about?” His words were puzzling, what did he meant by lose? How could it even be possible? You were right here all this time.
“I just- I don’t want to let you go ever. Please stay by my side.” Steve’s words only served to confuse you further, but you couldn’t bother to think about it in greater depth. You wanted Steve and he wanted you too. You nodded. “Always.”
Steve grinned a toothy wide smile before leaning in for a kiss. You two poured all your emotions into the kiss and it made your hearts soar. When you both finally pulled apart for a breather, Steve spoke. “I can’t wait for our future together.”
50 years into the future
Steve landed on a grassy patch from the combustion of Tony and Bruce’s machine. He looked over to assess his surroundings and realised that he was not in the compounds anymore.
Steve then realised he was at a cemetery and there was a bouquet of flowers that laid on the ground beside his feet. He picked up the bouquet with lavender wrapping paper and turned to examine it further.
He then looked down again, this time to a gravestone standing just a few feet away from him.
1988- 2030
The words Steve read before him hit him harder than a train wreck. How could this be possible? 2030? This means that Y/N only lived till a young age of 42. That was earlier than expected. Why was his heart aching in pain?
The tears started streaming down his face before he could even comprehend them. Steve dropped to his knees in front of the gravestone and hunched over with the bouquet gripped tightly in his hands.
“Y/N…” He whispered. “I swear I will change this future.”
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kryptsune · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌼So I decided to post this here again as most people do not know that I am also a cosplayer! If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen these before but well I wanted to put them here because they are dear to me. Out of all the cosplays I have done this is one that resonates with me on a personal level. I did it from scratch making sure every detail was perfect. I think its due to me loving WTU so much which I hope others experience and feel in the future. I don’t really know when it started but Undertale, as well as Underfell (WTU), just means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy :D This is me as Flowerfell Frisk. I am in the process of making Red’s jacket but at the time before I designed him I was very much into the collection of heartbreak and fluff that is Flowerfell. It was really the only AU where Sans was redeemable at the time so credit to @fleur-de-chat @peu-profond    Also yes I made the jacket, sweater, and Boss’ scarf on my own. Feel free to ask questions if you like ^ ^ <3 I feel like I want to post some of my other cosplay in the future! Reblogs and likes are love <3 <3 <3 I don’t know guys I love cosplay and all but I don’t know if I can keep doing it ;~; It makes me sad and I do pieces every once in a while like Monika’s jacket from Doki Doki or Red’s jacket but for the most part I have other priorities. It is an expensive hobby and I just can no longer justify it. In future maybe. 
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sokaiweek · a year ago
SoKai Week 2020
Tumblr media
SoKai Week 2020 is exactly what it sounds like—a week dedicated to Sora/Kairi!
Starting on July 5th and going till July 11th, there will be a new prompt every day centered around the pairing. Anyone is welcome to participate, and you can do as many or as few of the prompts as you’d like.
To be announced! We’ve got some ideas, but much like last year, we want to hear yours as well. Stay tuned for more info!
1. When is SoKai Week?
Sunday, July 5th - Saturday, July 11th, 2020.
2. Who can participate?
Anyone! Writers, artists, graphic editors, gif creators, cosplayers… you name it!
3. Do I have to do all of the prompts to participate?
Nope! Feel free to pick and choose which ones you want to do. You can do one of them, a few of them, some of them, most of them, all of them… again, it’s up to you!
4. For writers: how long should each prompt be?
However long you want it to be!
5. For artists: any size or medium guidelines?
Nope, feel free to create whatever you’d like! (within the rules)
6. Can I start working on my fic/art/edit/photo/video now?
Absolutely! We’re announcing this in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare.
7. Can I start posting my content now?
We certainly won’t stop you, but there’s something fun about posting our works together at the same time, you know? Makes it easier for us to reblog your content as well. If you want to post teasers of your WIPs before SoKai Week starts, though, that is absolutely okay!
8. Can I post my content on other websites?
9. Should I use a certain tag?
We will be checking the tags #sokaiweek and #sokaiweek2020, so feel free to use either tag (or both, if you’d like).
10. Are Re:Mind and Limit Cut spoilers okay?
Yes! If you’re worried about spoiling other people, you can always tag your works accordingly. 
11. For writers: is this challenge on AO3?
We’re glad you asked! It is indeed. You can find it here, and we will include a link in the sidebar.
12. Can I collaborate with other fan(s)?
Absolutely! We will not be arranging such collaborations unless there is a high enough demand for us to do so, in which case we will set forth specific rules for collaboration, but you are free to make such arrangements yourself and work with other fans if you’d like.
13. Can I create content that is not based on the prompts?
Sure, so long as it follows the rules!
Speaking of which…
The Rules
1. Remember the human
Treat your fellow SoKai Week participants with respect! Kingdom Hearts celebrates friendship and love above all else, and we want SoKai Week to be a reflection of that. Any works that are snide towards other fans or towards the fandom will not be reblogged; this is not the time to take out your frustrations with other fans. 
2. No ship bashing and notes on other ships
Even if you don’t like certain ships, please refrain from ship bashing and focus on what you love about SoKai instead. We want everyone who loves SoKai to feel welcome to participate, and that’s difficult to do if you see another ship you like getting bashed. Any art, fics, gifs, etc. in violation of this rule will be removed from the AO3 Collection and will not be reblogged on the SoKai Week blog.
Please refrain from including other ships in your work(s). We considered allowing other ships, but that opens up a whole lot of potential issues, and we want to keep the focus on Sora and Kairi and their relationship anyway. Feel free to include other characters and friendships, but limit the romance to Sora and Kairi only.
3. No character bashing
Again, we know certain characters in the series are divisive, but we want everyone to feel welcome here. Seeing your favorite character getting bashed is no fun, so let’s refrain from doing that. Make your fics a celebration of what you love about the series and about SoKai, not what you dislike. Any art, fics, gifs, etc. in violation of this rule will be removed from the AO3 Collection and will not be reblogged on the SoKai Week blog.
4. Restrictions on content
We reserve the right to use our discretion when reblogging content. Anything with explicit sexual content and/or graphic depictions of violence will not be reblogged. Kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc. is completely fine, as is mild blood and violence. Use common sense when figuring out where to draw the line, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. If you do create angsty or dark content, please remember to tag appropriately with common warning tags (character death, violence, blood, etc.). 
5. Absolutely no harassment whatsoever
Any harassment of artists, authors, gif creators, etc. over these rules and/or SoKai Week in general and/or over SoKai itself and/or for any other reason will NOT be tolerated and will get you blocked and banned from participating in the event.
This rule is not limited to tumblr, either. Violations of this rule on other social media sites, including but not limited to, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Newgrounds, Pillowfort, etc., will be handled in the same way.
6. Why all the rules?
This is for your protection as well as ours. Yes, this rule list may seem strict, but we want to minimize potential issues before they even begin and ensure this is a fun event celebrating a ship we all love. Our hope is that these rules and guidelines will seem excessive and unnecessary because everyone will treat each other with respect and courtesy, but in case issues arise, they are here for your protection. If you see any concerning behavior related to SoKai Week from anyone, feel free to send us a message or an ask.
That being said, the most important rule of all is…
7. Have fun!
Have fun and enjoy all that great SoKai content that awaits us!
(A big, big thank you to @teganberry​ for making the beautiful banner for us this year!)
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wanderingcas · a year ago
if my cello seems quiet, it is.
it’s 12 in the morning and I don’t want to wake my husband and cat in the next room, so I put a mute on my cello. the mute dulls the strings, doesn’t let the cello resonate to its full sound. as I was playing in my dark studio, I realized that this was a perfect metaphor for how my depression has been making me feel lately: like someone has put a mute on my brain, dampening me, dulling my senses.
I may not have played this Bach suite as well as I did 5 years ago before quitting cello professionally, but unlike that time, when I was trying to play it perfectly for various professors and classmates, this time it’s completely mine.
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weird-konpeito · a year ago
Tumblr media
The hardest thing about being in the Sengoku Period is that I miss my family and my friends so much and that there is no way to contact them to tell them I'm alright.
Unexpectedly, Mitsuhide offered his help to make me feel better. ヽ(;へ;)ノ yes my hairstyle is the old one because I drew it before cutting it, like other comics I will post later...
Because let's be honest, in the game, MC just doesn't give a fuck about her family who is most certainly worried as hell about her... And that's one of the most bullshit selfishness ever.
Don't repost, only reblog
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c-rowlesdraws · 2 months ago
Hey this is a post about reposting my art!
I sign/watermark most drawings I care about, so I don’t mind it if people repost my art to other sites as long as they don’t go the extra douchebag mile and edit out my signature. My only exceptions are tumblr and twitter— I have accounts of my own on those sites that you can reblog/retweet from! Please do that instead.
But even though I’ll probably say yes, I’d still really prefer it if you ask me before reposting my art! It’s polite and also keeps me from feeling weirdly disoriented when someone says “oh I saw your art on Reddit/Facebook/” and I’m not the one who put it there. And if you do, I’d really like a link if possible to where you’ve posted it. I like knowing where my stuff is being shared around and especially what people are saying about it!
Thanks for listening. Here’s a picture of my manatee plush Maizie tucked into bed.
Tumblr media
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azulas · 11 months ago
why i feel like bryke parting ways with netflix is a good thing.....
i honestly can’t say i’m even the least bit sad about bryke parting ways with netflix....i usually just stick to making gifs/reblogging & don’t ever rlly post my opinion on stuff but i felt like i rlly needed to just share what i know based on the reactions i’ve been seeing today. for those who haven’t been in the fandom that long (before my blog got deleted & i had to remake last year, i’ve been here on & off since 2010, yes that long lmao), there has been tumblr drama before with ppl involved in atla being problematic, like for example grey delisle (voice of azula) & even sifu kisu (who choreographed the bending styles in atla) & a lot of other stuff that's happened, but never to the extent of the bryke problems, who have been trash since basically the beginning. just the tip of the iceberg is this absolutely disgusting video they made back in 2008 for comic con, basically shitting on a bunch of 12-16 year olds (which was the main fanbase back then, myself included). i mean not only was the fanart used very inappropriate to share among minors (esp them being in their 30s back then), but as the creators of the show, it just blows my mind how they ever thought it remotely ok to make that in the first place. they defended it saying it was a “joke”, but idk about everyone else, but i certainly didn’t find it funny. & this is def not about ships, as much as some ppl like to make it out to be. they’ve always been sexist & cultural appropriators, & just bc they created your favorite thing ever, does not exempt them of that. also, i just want to note that a work of fiction can include POC & still wind up being racist. my point is that, nothing is ever perfect, but i don’t think we are losing anything by getting a fresh team at netflix to give the ATLA live action a go, esp since it’s a LIVE ACTION & (besides the concept) the only thing bryke were good for was the animation....we def can’t say it’s their writing. what we can say is that netflix does have very talented writers, just look at most of their original content. they def already know how disliked in general the movie is, & how unacceptable the whitewashing was, so i don’t think that will be a problem.....some of the best additions to the ATLAverse have been purely fanmade stuff, so why don’t we look at it like that? i for one, am still excited to see what happens, & to at least have something new & atla related to look forward to :)
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vuelie · 3 years ago
Let It Go.
The more I listen to it and the more I watch it...
The more I find it so beautiful and all the more heartbreaking. 
This song is still (and forevermore) relevant to me. 
It’s because of that one line. The line “Conceal it, don’t feel it, don’t let it show” (Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?) that transformed to “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.” (Let It Go). It wasn’t just about her powers anymore. It was more than that. It became more than that. It became everything. 
That line--her mantra-- “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know” is probably the words from Elsa that makes my heart hurt most. Can you imagine forcing yourself to not feel... anything? The pain of losing your parents, your best friend, and any sort of emotion other than fear because you’re afraid you’ll literally kill everyone by accident if you dare mess up and lose control? When did young Elsa learn to master the skill of concealment? 16? 12? 10...9? 8? How low can it get? 
And don’t let them know....that she misses Anna so much that it burns her soul? and mom and dad (oh god, why did you leave mom and dad?) and she’s hurting? and bleeding? and broken? and absolutely lonely? and scared? and ashamed? and sad? and lost? and so, so, so, so tired?  
It wasn’t just about her powers that she was talking about, I realize. 
I wonder... when was the last time Elsa really laughed before that coronation ball encounter with Anna? It wasn’t even a full blown laugh, but a shy giggle.
I recently reblogged a post from a blogger that commented on an Elsa edit (she’s eating lollipops and looks so cute) by @constable-frozen. The reblogger said: 
Elsa has lived the majority of her life feeling like useless shit, so yes, give her all the happies please.
And I wholeheartedly agree. So much, it makes me kinda cry even though that comment was meant to be a tad bit humorous.
So I was just watching Bobby and Kristen Lopez’ interview about the making of Let It Go, and the lyrics struck me even more while listening to the writers’ perspectives. And Jen and Idina.
“The first time I heard Let It Go, I thought-- “Wow, this isn’t just like the funny sort of evil queen song.” It was a real soulful, emotional, vulnerable song. And then to my beautiful surprise, I mean, she was never ever the nemesis, really. She’s just a misunderstood young woman that we can all relate to.” - Idina Menzel
And my favorite: [The first time she heard Let It Go]
"I went...Oh God, I have to rewrite the entire movie again.” - Jen Lee
Man, I can’t wait for the sequel.
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monolime · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I get a lot of questions about prints and such, so I thought I’d take the time to make a new post about my Redbubble!
Most of my fan art and originals are there as prints, phone cases, etc. One of the questions I get asked the most when I post a new piece is “Will this be available as a print?” and the answer is yes! and it probably already is! I like to upload works to Redbubble just before I post them online, so feel free to pop on over here if a new artwork takes your fancy (pst, it’ll be there)
You guys pay my bills and water my crops and clear my skin so any kind of support is so appreciated (reblogs are also wonderful if you can’t afford to buy anything)
bang bang (how the hell do u finish a post like th
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ray-ray-writings · 5 months ago
Before you ask.... Yes this is a repost of this post.... I realized that when you reblog something and add new tags, it doesn’t like repost to the top of that tag... Does that make sense? But I thought this was too cute and I wanted more people to see it.... Sue me lol... 
This is so cute lol.
Like I feel like you weren’t expecting anything for your birthday because you didn’t know anyone actually knew when your birthday was. But to your surprise on your birthday there was a knock at your door and Tommy and Tubbo stood there with bright grins on their faces. “Hey! Can you come with us for a moment?” Tommy asks, trying his best to remain casual. You look between the two of them with a raised eyebrow, “Yes” you answer slowly, “What are we doing and why do you need my help.” Tubbo looks like he’s about to burst in excitement but Tommy slaps his hand over Tubbo’s mouth before he can reveal anything, “Just. Trust us… Please” You let out a sigh but nod and the two boys squeal in excitement and reach forward, each grabbing one of your arms and pulling you away from your house and you just let them.
Surprisingly, the boys lead you to Philza’s house. “Please tell me you didn’t mess something up in Philza’s house and you now need help repairing it” you beg them. They both glare at you, “No we didn’t do that. Do you have no faith in us at all” You stare at them in response, “Do you really want me to answer that question.” The two share a look before looking back at you, “Fair point,” Tommy claims before dragging you to the front door. He gives a quick knock before opening the door and pushing you forward into the house. “Surprise! Happy birthday!” You look around in shock and realize that the entire SMP is gathered together in Philza’s living room with birthday decorations littering the living room. Once you realize what is going on, you can’t help the tears that prick in your eyes. “You guys!” You whine out, wiping at your eyes. “You didn’t have to do all of this for me” Philza lets out a loud laugh as he steps forward and wraps you in a tight hug, “Of course we did. It’s our best person’s birthday! How could we not throw a party” You return the tight hug before pulling back and smiling at everyone, “Thank you all so much for coming. It means a lot to me…. Let’s party I guess!” Loud cheers ripple through the group and Tommy rushes over to the jukebox and puts on a random disc. You make your way around, greeting everyone and giving them hugs. The last person you greet is Techno and it’s probably because he’s hiding in a corner somewhere away from everyone. But you hug him anyway and he hugs you back, a blush lacing his cheeks. You don’t notice though because you’re called away to get some food or to dance or something.
Overall you have a blast with your birthday party. Everyone is dancing and eating cake and having a great time. You open presents at one point and cry at the thoughtful gifts. But slowly the party winds down and soon everyone but the sleepy boys family and you have left. You’re helping Phil clean up so you’re in the kitchen doing dishes when Techno walks in. He slowly approaches you and stops by your side. “Hey,” He greets softly. You look at him and beam at him in return, “Hey! How are you doing? I barely saw you tonight!” “I’m alright. There was just a lot of people here and you know how I get…” He trails off causing you to nod. You completely understand. You always do. “Is there something I can help you with?” Techno asks, motioning to the dishes you were currently doing. “I’ll wash, you dry?” You offer and Techno smiles and nods, grabbing a towel and jumping in to help. The two of you work really well together, softly chatting as you pass dishes to him that he gently takes and dries. Once you’re finished, Techno takes a deep breath before turning to you completely. “Listen Y/N. There’s something I wanted to ask you. It’s completely okay if you say no, I mean I actually expect you to, so that won’t be a surprise if you do. I just wanted to ask, and again totally cool if you-” Deciding you didn’t want to hear him babble or talk bad about himself anymore, you gently reach out, cup his face, and slowly lean forward. Techno’s breath catches in his throat as your face gets closer to his. “Is this okay?” You whisper wanting to make sure that he’s okay with what you’re about to do. “Please” he whispers in response and that’s all you need to lean forward the rest of the way and connect your lips into a soft and passionate kiss. It literally feels like time stops moving around you as your lips are connected. The only thing grounding you to reality is the hand on Techno’s face and the lips connected.
After a few moments, you slowly lean back out of the kiss causing a small whine to leave Techno’s lips causing you to giggle. “Do you want to ask your question now?” You whisper. “Do you maybe want to be my partner?” He immediately mumbled in response. “Yes. Of course” Techno grins and leans forward and kisses your lips once more. Best. Birthday. Ever.
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miraculouscontent · 3 months ago
I’m almost afraid to ask but what happened in the episode?
Full summary time (get sad and angry in advance):
(stating for the record, I do NOT want to see Marinette salt in the reblogs or replies)
- Gabriel is mixing ingredients to fix the peacock miraculous. Duusu emerges when he puts it on and exclaims that she feels so much better, like she was in a nightmare before where she got into evil hands. Nooroo dejectedly tells Duusu that it's not a nightmare and Gabriel transforms.
- Cut to Marientte. She's trying to figure out the Miracle Box and Tikki is trying on little hats. Marinette asks if the kwami are inside and Tikki says "yes," though apart from Duusu and Nooroo. Marinette asks about Fu letting them out, but Tikki tells her that only those with a holder can go out. Marinette worries about the Miracle Box being cramped for them, but Tikki assures her that there's a parallel universe inside for them, though admits that it's more interesting being out with her.
- Marinette pushes the top button on the box, causing the kwami to emerge and go free. Marinette screams, falls, then questions why they came out, to which Tikki says that the box is in her likeness now that she's guardian: full of surprises!
- Trixx is reading her diary, Daizzi is flicking her lamp on and off, Ziggy is playing with her phone (which is currently showing that Luka is trying to call her), and Kaalki phases through the window to look outside. Marinette hurries to grab Kaalki, but a child notices her and Marinette comes up with a quick excuse about Kaalki being a toy that's not for sale.
- Xuppu and Stompp are playing on Marinette's keyboard, flicking on the news, then Alya calls Marinette from the monitor. Marinette hurries over and Alya is concerned at her clear panic, but Marinette simply asks if she likes her plushie. Alya doesn't see Kaalki at all and Tikki explains that kwami can't be seen or heard through technology, leading Marinette to lament that she just looks silly. All this time, there's been a flashing in the background, and Ziggy notes that what Tikki says makes sense because she can't be seen on "this magic painting" (flipping Marinette's phone over to show that all the camera took was her Adrien wall).
- Rose asks to see the plushies and Marinette feigns ignorance. She then panics more and her friends are concerned. Roaar questions how her friends got inside the image on the monitor. Daizzi comments that they're cute and wants Alya specifically to be their wielder. Trixx insists that she's taken and Mullo complains/wonders why Trixx is allowed a wielder and not them.
- Alya, already exasperated, says that she's being weirder than usual. Marinette excuses it with talk of getting exercise and Alya pieces together (in the rudest way possible) that all of Marinette's absurdities must mean--and all the girls chime in to ask if Marinette is at Adrien's house.
- The phone rings and Ziggy throws it. Marinette catches it and stammers, "LUKA!" then fumbles with the phone before it hits her keyboard and shuts the call off. The girls sigh, "Lukaaaaa," and Juleka mumbles something unintelligible, leading all the girls to exclaim that, "It's so cute!" (I--...sure, okay, just flip flop to whatever and have no proper reaction.)
- Meanwhile, Marinette answers the phone and Luka thanks her for the picture. She doesn't understand and Luka explains that she texted him a picture of her room--and Adrien. Marinette scrolls through her messages to see that Ziggy had sent him the picture she had taken earlier of her wall.
- Marinette panics and tries to excuse it by saying that it's a series of fashion pictures for her blog and wanted his opinion, in the process accidentally calling him "Adrien." Luka chimes back that "his name is actually Luka," and Marinette panics further, doing the same thing again before correcting herself, rambling on and on until she says, "it's just that I cheated on you--I mean, I got confused!"
- Luka insists that it's fine and asks if she's ready. She doesn't get it and Luka tells her that they have a date (Sabine is also going upstairs to see Marinette directly despite Luka literally being on the phone with her). Marinette hurriedly shoves all the kwami in the box and stashes them away, begging them to be nice and then heading downstairs.
- Sabine asks about the date she was meant to have with Luka yesterday and she says that she forget. Luka reminds her that they'd postponed because this is the last session and they can't afford to miss it. Marinette doesn't remember what they were going to see and Tom rambles about how it came out again and "it was already so dumb fifteen years ago," leading Sabine to comment that it was his first movie. Luka admits that the movie is dumb but he and Marinette are such big fans of "his" that they swore they'd go see it together. It clicks with Marinette and she cheers excitedly about how they're going to watch Jagged Stone's first movie. Luka asks if she forgot and Marinette insists that she didn't because "she definitely didn't have other emergencies to deal with," then rushes Luka out.
- Luka and Marinette are heading to the movies and trying to compete with each other to guess song lyrics to some of Jagged Stone's songs while they're getting their drinks. They sit down in the cinema and Marinette verses Luka on a song about "my guitar is my only family," which is apparently a song he really loves. Marinette congratulates him for winning the game and calls him "officially" Jagged's biggest fan and adds that he "deserves a prize for it," giving him a pink gift box. Luka opens it and is amazed by the guitar pick necklace inside, to which Marinette explains that Jagged came to the bakery the other day so she asked him to sign it for the present.
- Luka states that the gift gives her the right for a second round and recites another song lyric. Marinette takes a moment to figure it out, then excitedly recites the remaining lyrics: "KISS ME!!!" She gets embarrassed when she realizes that she blurted it out so loudly, to which Luka smiles and says, "If that's what you want." Marinette gets sheepish at what he'd done, but agrees, saying that... yes, she wants to.
- The kiss is interrupted by an akuma attack and Marinette has to make an excuse to get away. Tikki questions her if she's going to leave Luka alone (...seriously? we’re doing this now???) and Marinette points out that she can't tell him the truth.
- Ladybug shows up on the scene to what seems to be Mister Pigeon (he's not shown but it's an airplane made of pigeons), and she's listening to a message from Chat Noir that she presumably got earlier, stating that he's ready for patrol. While she's listening, Chat Noir sneaks up and pranks/surprises her, to which she grabs his wrist and yeets him off into the distance. Realizing what she did, she yoyos him back and he slams into the window. She scolds him because she could've hurt him and Chat Noir states that "the only thing that hurts him is when she leaves him alone for patrols" and how he "even missed her angry looks." She reminds him that she's been busy and he says that he knows because she's guardian now. Ladybug promises not to forget patrol again and they go off to fight Mister Pigeon.
- Cut back to Luka, who's feeling sad because the movie is over and Marinette still isn't there. Marinette returns and makes another excuse, to which Luka just smiles sadly. Cue montage of Marinette getting ice cream with him, him picking her up from school on his bike, both of which end with her having to rush off. Cut to a scene on the Liberty where Luka is about to dedicate a song to Marinette, "a girl..." and then looks to see that she hasn't arrived "...who, as always, isn't here." Marinette does show up, but the damage is done.
- Later, Marinette and Luka are walking along underneath a bridge while Marinette is making another excuse. Luka shushes her and tells her to listen to the water because if you're in this exact place, you can "hear a melody." Marinette listens for it and calms herself, after which Luka explains that he never knew who his father was and his mother never wanted to tell him who he was, so whenever he was upset over it, he'd go there to think. He asks her where she goes when she disappears and Marinette struggles to answer. Luka assures her that he'll accept whatever she says and will understand if she's still in love with Adrien, adding that he won't be jealous either. Marinette tells him that "it's not, definitely not," and Luka tells her that all he asks for is the truth. Marinette, torn, has to admit that the truth is the only thing she can't tell him.
- Visual representation of Luka's heart breaking is shown (Luka turns white, black background, a zoom out, and a crackling noise). Shadow Moth sends his akuma+feather combo and it hits the necklace that Luka is wearing. Shadow Moth tries to make a deal with Luka, but Luka resists, insisting that the truth should be shared and not taken by force, also calling him "Shadow Moth." Marinette glances up at the name, confused, then apologizes and begs Luka to resist. Shadow Moth asks why Luka resists when Marinette doesn't trust him, to which Luka insists that she does. Marinette echoes that and assures Luka that she trusts him, but Shadow Moth states that - if she really trusted him - she'd tell him the truth. Luka's mental state is finally broken and he falls to his knees, only able to beg Marinette to run before he's taken over by the akumatization energy. Marinette flees and Luka transforms into Truth with his sentimonster Pharo.
- Marinette transforms into Ladybug and then the scene cuts to Truth landing on the Liberty. Pharo traps Alya in its spotlight, freezing her in place, after which Truth shoots her, turning her lips white. He asks her what Marinette's secret is and Alya says that she's in love with Adrien. Truth tells her that that's not a secret and shoots Mylene next, who says the same thing. Frustrated, Truth insists that it can't be the only thing. Ladybug is hiding nearby, taking on her yoyo to Chat Noir about how Hawk Moth merged his power with the peacock to become Shadow Moth.
- Rose insists that Marinette doesn't have secrets because she's "the most honest girl in the world." Truth tries to shoot her, but Juleka jumps in the way and gets shot instead, though her answer to Luka's question is just more unintelligible mumbling. Ladybug makes herself known and Truth starts shooting her, though she dodges. She lands on the deck of the Liberty, then gasps as she notices the necklace-turned-akumatized-object on Truth. "Luka?!" (I'm just--I--she saw him being covered by akumatization energy--I--)
- Her shocked state allows for Pharo to hit her with the spotlight. Truth shoots her, but before Ladybug can blab her secret identity, Chat Noir swoops in to save her. Shadow Moth shouts at Truth to give chase, but Anarka shows up and demands to know what Truth is doing on the ship. In response, Pharo freezes Anarka and Truth shoots her, calling her "Mom" and asking who his father is. Anarka replies that it's Jagged Stone. Luka's eyes go round in disbelief and he asks again, getting the same answer. Truth apologizes to Shadow Moth, but insists that "this truth can't wait," jumping off into the distance.
- Meanwhile, Ladybug and Chat Noir have gotten out of the water that Chat and her hid in. Chat Noir assures her that he'd never try to take a secret from her by force, and Ladybug points to his belt to indicate that he hand it to her. He does so and she wraps it around her mouth to prevent her from speaking.
- Jagged Stone is playing a song for Prince Ali (by the way, the song production in this episode is terrible; Rose and Jagged since like they're trying to be off-key, made worse by the fact that Rose was singing the unicorn song that they could've just copy-pasted from "Silencer") when Pharo descends and hits him with the spotlight. Truth shows up and demands to know if he's Jagged's son, to which Jagged replies that it "depends on who he is." Ladybug and Chat Noir show up and Pharo goes after them, though Truth still manages to hit Jagged with his beam, explaining that he's Luka Couffaine and he "has a right to know the truth."
- Jagged admits that Luka is his son. This shocks Ladybug and Chat Noir, the latter of whom gets hit by Pharo's spotlight. Truth, distressed, asks Jagged why he hid it and abandoned him, to which Jagged apologizes but insists that he was "too lame to take care of a child," having spent his whole life on tour and now living in a hotel with a crocodile; he "never could have been a good father."
- ...In fact - he says - it actually resulted in a great song, unknowingly reciting one of Luka's favorites as he explains the it was, "my guitar was my only family." Truth, enraged, grabs Jagged and yeets him off into the sky. Ladybug acts quickly, hitting Pharo with her yoyo so she and Chat Noir can give chase. Shadow Moth demands that Truth go after them, but Truth apologizes and states there's still one truth left that he needs to know.
- Ladybug and Chat Noir manage to save Jagged, avoiding Pharo's eye until Jagged is properly safe. that done, they hop off, thoughTruth has already landed in Marinette's house.
- Truth hits Tom with his beam and asks what Marinette's secret is. Tom repeats the "she's in love with Adrien," line, to which Truth then shoots Sabine instead and asks if Marinette has a diary. Sabine tells him that she does and Truth marches for her room, though is briefly (very briefly) stopped by Tom.
- Meanwhile, Pharo thinks he sees Ladybug and Chat Noir and shoots them, though it was actually just some cardboard cut-outs seen earlier (Truth has a telepathic connection to it and congratulates it for its success), allowing Ladybug and Chat Noir to freely head for where Truth is.
- The kwami freak out at Truth ransacking Marinette's room and worry about Truth finding the Miracle Box. Xuppu wants to do something but Wayzz reminds him that their powers are too strong without a wielder, reminding them of when Plagg sunk Atlantis.
- Ladybug and Chat Noir arrive and Truth summons Pharo telepathically, meaning that Pharo is on its way. Ladybug indicates the necklace to Chat Noir with a tilt of her head and Chat Noir activates Cataclysm. Truth and Chat Noir go back and forth for a bit until Chat Noir tells Ladybug to use her lucky charm, to which she indicates the binding around her mouth. Chat Noir tells her to remove it because he has a plan... then gets knocked down almost immediately by Truth. Truth starts to ask for Ladybug to tell him--but Chat Noir kicks him down and finishes the question by asking about his top three qualities. Ladybug tells him that she's impressed by his self-confidence, his courage, but what she prefers most is his humor. Chat Noir and Truth go back-to-back some more and Truth tries to ask Ladybug again, but Chat knocks Truth away and finishes by asking what she uses when all seems lost. Ladybug uses Lucky Charm (no Charm suit) and gets aluminum foil.
- Pharo plows through the wall and spotlights Chat Noir. Truth shoots him and starts to ask his identity, but Ladybug blocks Pharo's eyes and cuts in to ask what Chat Noir thinks of her being guardian, to which Chat Noir states that it doesn't bother him so long as nothing changes between them.
- Chat Noir fights Truth while Ladybug covers her decorative umbrella in foil. Truth dodges Chat's Cataclysm and Ladybug intentionally pulls Pharo forward so Pharo is struck instead. Pharo proceeds to go nuts and Ladybug yoyos it and jumps on top, directing its spotlight towards the foil-covered umbrella that Chat is now holding. The light reflects onto Truth, freezing him, and Ladybug hits Truth's necklace. Cue Miraculous Ladybug.
- Ladybug and Chat Noir hop up to a roof and Chat comments on how much fun he had. Ladybug describes what just happened and is like if that's fun for you then yeah. Chat idles on Shadow Moth's name and Ladybug shows confidence that they'll catch him in the end, after which they banter a bit and Chat Noir tells her that it's "only with her that he can have so much fun."
- Cut to Marinette and Luka, now on the bridge in the location he was before. Marinette tells him that she doesn't want to lie and starts to suggest that it might be better for them to break up, but Luka steps forward and hugs her before she can say "break up" specifically. She hugs back and he assures her that he'll be there for her whenever she's ready. Marinette shuts her eyes tight, pained, and buries her face into his shoulder.
- Luka is later walking back to the Liberty, depressed, when he sees Jagged Stone idling near the gangplank. Jagged approaches, hugs him (Luka hugs back), then states that - if there's one thing he knows how to do (specifically calling Luka "son") - it's turning emotions into great songs, then suggests that he and Luka write one together. Luka smiles, though it looks a little bittersweet.
- Marinette, meanwhile, is crying on her bed, saying that - now that Shadow Moth is a threat to the people she loves - she can't have a boyfriend because it's too dangerous. The kwami approach and Kaalki expresses confusion at the "strange liquid coming out of her eyes." Trixx explains that they're tears and it's "too sad" (while the way-too-happy ending track is starting to kick in, by the way). Daizzi asks if they're meant to do something and Marinette tells them to "just give her a hug." The kwami swarm her to do just that and the episode ends.
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cadaverkeys · a year ago
hey! i’m new to art fight, and i always see your post circulating around this time of year, is it okay if i ask a few questions..what’s an artfightsona? and do you got any hot art fight tips? (personal to you one, wym by update your theme for art fight :0
HEY so! A few years back me and my friends all drew ourselves to theme for that year (which was tea vs coffee!)
Tumblr media
and they kinda caught on outside of my friend group after that point! so last year i made a new one to theme (which was dream vs nightmare!)
Tumblr media
its essentially just drawing yourself to the theme in a fun little outfit. i dont claim ownership over the concept or anything like that- but its nice to be tagged in peoples designs because i like to reblog them and yell abt it in the tags. i genuinely dont know if they existed before me and my friends were doing it so ye. Other than that- you can sometimes find users who will stream their art fight drawings as theyre getting everything down. Though i dont personally do it i know a lot of people like to listen into those streams whilst drawing for their team too! to kinda feel like ur drawing in a group. also! check the new characters area as often as u can and bookmark ocs you like even before the event starts so youre never stumped on what ocs to do. and finally- THE SITE WILL CRASH A LOT. this just happens every year because of the traffic to the site. they attempt to remedy it every year but with varying degrees of success. tends to be after the third day it stops (and art fight tends to get extended for that time lost!) this is why bookmarking characters is also important! so that you can see characters u have saved whilst the site is down. as far as me updating my blog- i usually update my icon to a picture of my artfightsona and change the palette for my blog on mobile to match the art fight theme! it makes everything feel more fun and competitive for me!
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lairep · a year ago
lai’s fanfic snippet #1
as per my previous post about posting my fanfic ideas/drafts/scraps, here’s the first post. feel free to peruse this as you wish: like, reblog, continue, or ignore--go ahead.
Warning: SIN UNDER THE READ MORE. You have been warned.
Working Title: Adrien Reads Marichat
“What’s a smut?” Adrien asked, as he hovered over the link of the newly updated fanfiction. It was ‘Marichat’, as was the rest of the archive, but there was a new tag he hadn’t seen before that said ‘smut’.
“What’d you say?” Nino asked over the call, his voice a little static-y. “A ‘smap’?”
“Hang on.” Adrien clicked on the link and scrolled down. “It’s only 678 words, I’ll read it for you.”
“Alright, dude.”
Adrien skimmed down the middle paragraphs, trying to get a sense of the kind of story it was and find a good place to start reading for Nino. It seemed like the usual Marichat thing, with Chat Noir visiting Marinette on her balcony, but then—
‘Chat Noir enters her warmth’
Huh, what? Her warmth? A typo? Maybe the writer meant ‘her warm room’.
He should write a comment correcting them after this.
‘Marinette gasps at the stinging pain as she feels his hardness push deep inside of her’
Pain? His hardness? Pushing inside her?
Whoa, was this a murder fic? Was Chat Noir murdering Marinette right now? Did he stab her with a knife? Was that what ‘smut’ meant? Murder?!
Horrified, he skimmed further down to the next couple of paragraphs, where there seemed to be some dialogue. He was hoping Marinette in the fanfic survives.
‘-It’s so hot inside you, Mari,- Chat Noir whispers against the crook of his lover’s neck’
‘-Ch-Chat,- Marinette moans, her fingers tangling through Chat Noir’s blonde locks, -please, slowly, you’re too big…-’
…what was this? This didn’t sound like murder at all.
Fingers trembling over his mouse, Adrien scrolled further down, not really believing what he was reading.
This wasn’t—
‘Chat Noir’s tongue battles for domination over Marinette’s, their moans mixing together in a sinful duet’
It couldn’t be—
‘Marinette pushes her hips against Chat Noir’s, granting him access to her deepest parts’
Did ‘smut’ mean—?!
He read on, out of sheer fascination.
There was definitely no other reason he would read this, not at all.
‘Their rhythm becomes erratic as Chat Noir pounds his length wantonly into his writhing, panting partner. Her legs wrap tightly around his waist, her hips moving just as erratically, her voice growing louder with each of his thrusts.
He feels his release coming soon. She feels too good around him, and he knows she is also approaching her peak. -I’m coming, Mari, my love,- Chat Noir barely manages to gasp, pressing his forehead against hers.
-Together,- Marinette says breathlessly, looking up at her hero with bright, loving eyes.
That word from his lover coupled with that look in her eyes drives him over the edge.
With an animalistic growl, Chat Noir digs his claws into Marinette’s hips and lifts her up towards him. He thrusts into her harder, and deeper, and faster, and she gasps, and moans, and tugs at his hair, and squeezes him between her thighs—’
Adrien jolted and almost knocked his mouse from his desk.
His palms were clammy, and he had beads of sweat on his forehead.
Since when was his room this hot? Did Plagg mess with the thermostat?
“Yo, dude, you still there?” came Nino’s voice from his speakers, and Adrien remembered they were voice chatting, “you said you’d read me that ‘smap’ thing but you went radio silent.”
Right, he was going to read this to Nino…
…like hell he would!
There was no way he would actually read something like this to his friend. Who even wrote this? Why did they even write this?
“Adrien?” Nino asked again because Adrien forgot he had a mouth to make words with.
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