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#i feel like i should draw

not to suck my own dick but I think its important to note for myself and any other artists, that what I post something and complain that i hate an element or am bad at it (colors, shading, hands, etc), I’ve actually improved a lot and my work isn’t as bad as I complain it is. I’m really proud of what I’ve produced between 2018 and now, and its such a huge improvement from anything I’ve done before it. I’m not bad at it; it frustrated me, I worked hard on it until I was happy enough with it to publish it, and I got better as an artist. I’m not a bad artist for being frustrated, and neither are my friends.

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A colleague got married today and now I can’t stop thinking about this pair of sweethearts. It’s the lady’s first design, I’m not sure about it at all, I’m not sure if she’s from Fire, I’m not even sure about her name but boy, did I need to see them together ;_;

I guess I’ll keep the bob cut, you know, it’s like “I want nothing to do with you. Look at my hairdo, I’m all business”

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Ink October day 6

It’s him!!! It’s the son!!! Affhladjgsk my brain randomly went “hey what if Joshua wasn’t human?” And then I never looked back- poor Gordon has no idea until the Science Team show up though,,, and neither did Joshua. This one in particular is from one of my au’s I have yet to name! The type of alien Joshua is mimics whoever it views as a parent until they’re an adult,,, which was fine when the only parental figure Joshua had was Very Human! But then the Science Team came along and Josh started mimicking them as well…

The “You have your fathers eyes.” Is sorta a reference to a few traits Joshua tends to fall back on… that being Gordon, Benry, and Tommy’s eyes. All three are very much His dads/parental figures so,,, the human green eyes are Gordon’s, the blue scattered eyes are Benry’s, and the floating golden eyes are Tommy’s!

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I’ve just read over the fic I finished earlier, and yeah it’s draft 1.3 at this stage and most of it’s okay but oh boy the kiss scene at the end … it was bad, I have a damn degree in creative writing, I can write non-lip kisses fine but two people kissing … nope brain forgets how to write properly

Admittedly this is my first attempt at writing romancy scenes like this and honestly I don’t have a damn clue what I’m doing

Send help, someone, please?


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[Braids! Braids!!!.png]

I drew these all over the course of several months and it shows but I thought I should compile and post them since I won’t be using this program anymore, and also I really did like drawing the Aurora characters and their already fantastic hair done up all fancy

Characters and their fantastic hair from @comicaurora because it lives in my brain rent free go read it

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I thought it’d be a cute idea to draw Yuki and Kazunari as Gumi and Len from Ah, a Wonderful Cat’s Life especially since they were leads for The Great Sardine Search. 

But, then I realized how much I really didn’t want to draw in the vest and now this adds to my collection of unfinished Yukis… at least its cute though

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Bro I should draw zim stuff again,,

I’ll probably post skoodge and zim shit because mmmm do I love myself a feral idiot + somewhat competent comfort character duo.

Also hi I’m working on scudworth and mr. B shit don’t worry they are like 1 of the 2 things I’ve been able to think about for the past 2 weeks,, there will be mostly content of them on this account sjxjsndk

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