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#i feel personally attacked
chaoticgouda · a year ago
Aggretsuko Season 1: Young adults are forced to work in jobs they despise because capitalism ensures they feel personally responsible in generating profit for their superiors 
Aggretsuko Season 2: Young women feel pressured both by their family to find love and “provide” children, and by the idea that they must sacrifice their personal dreams to support their partners 
Aggretsuko Season 3: Youth are turning to virtual relationships and entertainment because they find real-life experiences too overwhelming, and companies are exploiting this basic human need for companionship
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venivivividi · 8 days ago
thirsty mamas project has been greenlit
I repeat
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snow-white-shadow · 8 months ago
Me, 29 years old as of 2020: *shakily raises hand cane* LISTEN HERE, YOU LITTLE SHIT...
(From Animaniacs 2020 - Suspended Animation Part 1)
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icarusignited · a month ago
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moodyvoid · 7 months ago
My Mom and I were talking about old movies my sister and I used to watch and she was like “There was this one weird movie you liked that I hated... what was it called?... Kiki’s Delivery Service?”
We do not take Kiki’s Delivery Service slander in this car. I will deliver you to the side of the road.
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