#i feel so lost
st-a-y · 8 months ago
I don't know what to do anymore
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wxitingforlove · 9 months ago
I'm so touch starved I literally just feel like crying. I want to be close someone, hug someone, be close to them and stay in their arms the whole time.
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idrawbecauseimsad · 8 months ago
I try my best, why is it never good enough? Why...?
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crushedvelvetheart · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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revengeworld · 3 months ago
I have no hyperfixation anymore and IT SHOWS!
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damonfuckingalbarn · 7 days ago
Do you ever just feel really lost in life? Like I’ve never felt this way but the past few days have been hard
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pwesident · 8 days ago
i think im a very pathetic person. dont know how to change that or change what i am
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brokendollydreams · 10 months ago
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ciaraloves · 6 months ago
it always catches me off guard when someone tells me they don't like music. because music is such an intricately and fundamentally human thing. it's one of the cultural pieces that have existed throughout our history. the people in 3000bc had music just as we in 2021ad have music.
yes maybe you don't like the latest music, maybe pop or rap or metal or rock or edm or country isn't for you. but you really don't like any kind of music? classical music? or jazz? traditional music? hell even nursery rhymes are music
I don't know I'm not saying you're a bad/broken/strange human for not liking music I'm just astounded that one of the things that stayed consistent throughout human history and brought people together in every kind of capacity does not resonate with you in any capacity
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emo-avocado17 · 5 months ago
Sometimes it doesn't take a large event to make us lose ourselves. Sometimes it's a progressive process that happens slowly. Sometime we don't even realize it's happening until we're already gone.
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wxitingforlove · 7 months ago
it's always
you're so pretty and
can I see you?
but never
how was your day and
how are you doing?
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idrawbecauseimsad · 7 months ago
What do I need to stop my heart from aching? Its just too much that you really dont care.
I like you
But i can't seem to say it out loud. Why? I wondered for too long. Now i know. Because no matter how I look at it or how much i create this fake scenarios in my head.
You dont like me, and never will.
You are so pretty, so smart, simply an amazing person that i would gladly give my life for if that would make things better for you.
I am what I am, a fat and ugly mess that no one bother to care for... Whats the point of being kind? If im just miserable at the end.....
Today i asked myself the same question from 11 years.
How can I leave without pain..?
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gulflaren · 3 months ago
missing youuu fatima! hope everything is alright
mwah!!!!! thank you for being concerned. it’s really sweet and made me smile <3333 everything is not alright which is why i disappeared but it’s whatever… WE MOVE
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unabashedlywingedtraveler · 8 months ago
Outcast (Poem)
One day after another
I wish my life away
Holding on by one small thread
And there’s nothing left to say
I can’t describe the feeling
But I know I don’t belong
I’ve always been the outcast
Just expected to stay strong
I don’t want to be a burden
I wish we never said hello
Because If I just did not exist
It wouldn’t be hard for me to go
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sadandmadsoul · 3 months ago
I'm searching for a feeling that don't even exist.
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legendofbisexuals · 5 months ago
I’m trying so hard, I really am. But I don’t know how to leave work at work and not ruin every night worrying about going back. I’m not being trained properly and I keep fucking up. All I can think about is how I don’t like this job, how I’m stuck here until I can save the money I need to go back to school, how this isn’t what I want to be doing, how I just want to teach. I’m tired and sad and tired of being tired and sad. How do I push through the anxiety every day brings? How do I leave work at work and not let it ruin my life? How can I be happy when all I can focus on is how I’m not where I want to be?
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minusviolet · 5 months ago
no idea what I'm doing with my life anymore. what's the point of being a photographer when I don’t even post sets anymore/everyone seems to be doing the same thing/can't come up with a website/just ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I'm such an embarrassment :’)
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miss-sunflower-jay · 4 months ago
As my 26th birthday comes up, I honestly can't believe I'm still alive most days. I don't feel like I've done much in my life, even when my friend might remind me of all that I have done so far...
I had so many hopes when I was younger. So many dreams.
I honestly thought as a kid that I was gonna be married and expecting my first kid by 20. How ambitious kid me was...
But yet, here I am. Not even close to that goal at all. Single. Definitely not ready to have kids. Possibly too fucked up to ever do so...
And, almost the same age my parents were when they had me. They had me at 27, but my mother was definitely pregnant with me at 26 (they were born in November & December)...
Granted my parents made so many shitty choices, like only knowing each other for a few months before getting married or honestly even having kids. Even just staying together was a horrible choice. My parents are terrible people, and it's honestly because of them I might never get to be a mother myself... They've shredded me down to nothing my whole life, and blamed me the whole while...
It really isn't fair.
So yeah... I really can't believe I'm still around after almost 26 years of this Hell....
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icantdothispls · 8 months ago
A boat without oars
you continue to sail but you don't know where
you struggle to fly but you don't know why
the plummet down below cannot quite scare
and all you think about is how it's better to die
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