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#i find that hard to believe
# for Katarina and Emil for Aspis

send me “#” for cell phone headcanons about our muses including:

  • what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone

Ojou or Onna-Bugeisha ( ง `ω´ )۶▬ι═══════ﺤ

  • what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone

Aspis has one of the rare very cute pictures of Katarina for her picture. Although, it’s arguable that it’s not really rare for him since he’s collected a lot of pictures of his friends that show other sides. Soooooo yeah. (It’d be something like the above, a really nice cute genuine smile that isn’t scary)

  • what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone

Wonder Woman Theme 

  • my muse’s last text to your muse

“I’ll grab it next time.”

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Hello lovely! I was wondering if you'd do a headcanon request. It would be a male vampire reader x Nero. The vampire reader inspired this idea in me! If not, I understand, have a lovely day!

Hello there, my dear Nonnie! I’m really flattered that you sent this lovely request to me, but I won’t be able to fulfill this request any time soon. My plate is already so full with the flowers fics as well as a couple other WIPs, and I really want to focus on finishing some of those before moving onto more. So, as much as I find this prompt really interesting and totally juicy I’ll have to pass on the opportunity…I really hope you understand! 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

And if you wanna send this lovely prompt to someone else and let them take a crack at it I totally understand! I just want you to be happy, dear Nonnie. 💖🌺

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Sometimes it hard for me to gauge how important I am in people’s lives and i usually assume that if someone acts friendly towards me that they’re doing it just to be nice or out of pity instead of just genuinely wanting to my friend and that’s really an attribute of myself i really wish to change and work on

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@xdetruo​ sent: The man adorned in various flamboyant fabrics in short strides shuffled closer to the other, lifting hands up and wiggling fingers afore placing palms atop Kuja’s shoulder, and with a viperous tone inquired. “That tea party… Any time soon? I’m bored.”


|| ||                 Respect for personal space, much like the rest of the unwritten rules of polite society, truly meant little to the likes of Kefka Palazzo.

    There was a time ( several, in fact ) where the angel would have flinched away before those fingers even landed, all unseemly feathers and hissing. But these shrill reactions had only served to amuse the painted bastard, so Kuja had – ever so gradually, but nevertheless -- learned to repress them.

     He exhaled through his nose and patiently allowed that icy chill to crawl to the very tip of his tail.


    “You’re always bored,” he huffed and shrugged those bony hands off his shoulders, trying for a deceptive, skin-leveled calm– though the subtle line between his lifted brows remained, as though the request was somehow deeply offensive. “We could be teetering on the edge of being devoured alive by a planesgorger and you’d be bored– I fail to see how my tea should help alleviate you.”

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Mia is the absolute cutest! When she found out her mom was pregnant with Nicola, she would stroke her mom's belly as it grew bigger every day. They were so close that when they died, Mia was holding Nicola as if she was protecting him. Nicola was 8 and Mia was 18...I WANT I SIBLING RELATIONSHIP LIKE THESE TWO 🥰🥰

They’re super cute and must be protected at all costs- 💗💗

I’m wondering: How did they die? I don’t recall anything about their death, probably bad memory on my part.

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lays down. thinks about 86 either knowing she’s been condemned to go down with her pilot like a good TARDIS bc of someone who’s been everything to him or knowing she’s gonna spend the rest of time on a shithole planet looking at the twice-grave of all her homes and honestly? 

I’m not crying it’s just the cheap vanilla candle

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What has been your personal favorite of all the Fae Tales canon stories so far? XD

Oooo, this is a tough one!

This is hard because my favourite now versus my favourite to write are not actually the same.

My favourite story to write, so far, has been Game Theory. Which is probably how I managed to churn it out in a matter of months. Though it wasn’t super healthy of me, I lived and breathed that story. I acted out sections. I daydreamed about it nearly all the time. I was sort of in this space where all the worldbuilding was being generated as the story was being written, so it was this huuuugely creative time where I was still making the rules for myself.

And though the original number of readers was small, the people who did read were super passionate about it. So it was just, very involved and immersive and fun and filled with revelations like: ‘holy shit people are reading an original serial’, and ‘holy shit I think I might want to do this as a job’, and ‘holy shit did someone just cosplay my characters????!!!!’ and ‘holy shit I think this might actually be an okay story’ etc.

It blew my life wide open. There were a lot of bad things happening at the time, but I just remember the intensity and the giddiness and the passion of the process and I’m pretty sure I’ll never have that again (which is honestly for the best), but means in my memories, writing Game Theory makes it my favourite canon story to have written so far.

BUT, now to the next part. My favourite all-time Fae Tales canon story so far overall is actually The Ice Plague #2: The Seething Seas.

For while it was actually Game Theory, and it stayed GT even while I was writing COFT and even while I write Deeper into the Woods. And then during The Ice Plague #1, I think Deeper into the Woods became my favourite for a little while (objectively, the quality is pretty good, whereas GT suffers from a lot of issues that make it harder for me to just love it unabashedly these days, which I’m really salty about tbh because I want to love it again, flaws and all).

I think by about chapter 5/6 of The Ice Plague #2 I realised I hadn’t been as consistently immersed and excited about and passionate in a story since Game Theory. That was really surprising to me! Especially because this time around like, the readership had dropped off, the Patreon had dropped off, I was actually feeling really insecure, and yet I loved - and still love - this story in particular.

Like it wouldn’t surprise me to look back on the whole of The Ice Plague and still love book 2 the most. I just…didn’t expect that, at this late stage. I didn’t expect to love a Mosk/Eran book as much as the Gwyn/Augus books. I didn’t expect to find myself in a place where I’m so eager to share chapters with you all that waiting two weeks is like a kind of torture. And I know for some people Mosk/Eran will never hold a candle to Gwyn/Augus, because I felt the same way. I am as surprised as anyone to realise that right now, TIP2 is my favourite Fae Tales story, from start to finish. I think it’s objectively strong writing (for me) and I think it’s got a lot of really crunchy, delicious hurt/comfort and angst in it of the kind I personally enjoy.

Er so yeah! I’m sure the answer will be different again in a couple of years anon! It’s definitely changed over time!

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