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#i fucking love this game
weatheredlaw · 3 months ago
reasons the first mass effect game is feral
you can dress your squad in matching pink and white armor
you can force a man to give you an omnitool you might not be able to use
when you land on a planet you literally just drive ur tank out the back end of the normandy and hope you land on all four wheels 
sometimes the mako gets stuck on a rock and then u have the restart the entire mission
the implication that you are driving up an almost 90 degree cliff sheer with three people in it
your boss/dad punches people to commit treason and then you can nominate him to be all of humanity’s representative
you can just call the council and hang up on them and the fact that the devs know people did that is referenced in the games after 
“the colonists don’t know what they’re doing throw these neutralizing grenades at them instead. punching them also works.”
the fact that to get from ilos to the citadel u drive ur terrible space truck directly into a mass relay and it FLINGS you at the citadel like a slingshot 
mass effect 2 and 3 are also kinda feral in their own ways but they’re like please do these organized missions and help ur friends and we have a special shuttle to take u everywhere and later we have a guy who will actually fly you places and help you and everyone knows you by name but in mass effect 1 you talk to people and they’re just like who the fuck r u loser and then you let the rachni queen go
it’s fucking incredible 
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bitchygumee · 9 months ago
Goro Takemura: We have to avenge my boss
Viktor Vector: Clock's ticking and you're short a watch, kid
Johnny Silverhand: I will literally murder you if you don't find us a way out of this
Me: taking corners at 120 on my way to help Judy/Claire/Panam/River/Kerry with their latest scheme I'M OUT LATE AT 4 ÆM HE SAYS HOW'S THE WEATHER BABY HOW YOU BEEN YOU'RE GONNA GET SICK
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acemagefanfic · 3 months ago
Okay but how fucking perfect is it that Campaign 1 ended with a Death and now Campaign 2 ends with a Rebirth. 
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gh00sth00st · 11 months ago
Rodimus: Mags is kinda sus.
Ultra Magnus, once again about to talk the entire voting period in the Discord Vote Chat because it is Absolutely Not Him and he’s gonna prove it by talking through everything he did: I am absolutely not the imposter, because I started off by doing the task where--
Rung, who figured out the imposter immediately but was also the second person killed and thus knows its Rodimus for the third time in a row: *internal screaming* 
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lastvalyrian · a month ago
"There is no good way to speedrun this, you just have to wait for the heat death of the universe"
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i couldn’t figure out who i related to most but then i realized i am mari, my depression is sunny, and my anxiety is basil.
which honestly is kinda fucking funny considering what happened in the game.
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indebetou-ghost · 7 months ago
“Oh no, how do we rationally justify that this famous lawyer has no idea what he’s doing in court so we can have a tutorial for new players?”
“Idk just whack him over the head”
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evan-does-croak · 6 months ago
So the wednesday i downloaded honkai impact bc genshin was way to heavy for my computer + i saw a cousin playing it and it looked fun and started playing the friday and now im obssesed (in a good way if thats possible) to the game even if i dont understand much of the storyline (ej yae sakura when her story doesn't have subtitles like whyyyy ;—;) her story looks insteresting but the only thing i understad is that she lost her sister and had to protect her village)
also i dont understand how the winning girls works, i can win another one in gacha or doing tasks? Why i have this rose girl for a thing but for the other no?
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theherowarden · 9 months ago
Please make sure you do the side mission Send In The Clowns
It is short but amusing.
I dunno how male V sounds in this but female V’s VA did a fucking great job to add to the whole mood of the mission.
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ialwaysknewyouwerepunk · a month ago
bop or not: truly madly deeply
ooooofff ana you hit me with a tough one, you've found a rare oldie that i don't... fully appreciate kjdfhkgfj
BUT we have a chorus with harry and louis singing about how they're madly in love with each other???? also, hearing louis's raspy voice thriving in that chorus AND bridge in an era when it was like searching for scraps as a louis fan............ i can't ever hate. i have to love. so bop is my final answer
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wulfie-art · 8 months ago
"Another victory for you, my good shade!"
Tumblr media
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akuma-tenshi · 5 months ago
*frantically hiding my extensive list of hollow knight oc ideas and character studies* yeah i really like hollow knight, how did you know??
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