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crepuscular-gloom · 2 years ago
Poptropica Island Ratings
okay I saw a post on here a while ago and someone rated the Poptropica islands. I remember agreeing with a lot of them, but they only went so far so a lot of the newer islands were missed out. I came across it again recently and got hit by a wave of nostalgia so I’m gonna do my own now. Unoriginal content very good. i’ll put a keep reading link to stop it from taking up too much space
Early Poptropica - mega nostalgia but kinda boring. I like the original Poptropicans being pixely and there is a goth gf in the sewers however the giant green spider scared the shit out of me as a kid and the idea of an aircraft graveyard made me sad so 6/10
Shark Tooth Island - also nostalgic but I didn’t complete it for a long time for some reason.. very short. it has a story but its there is nasty shark and people stuck on an island so make a calming potion. the medicine man looks like he is from viva pinata so 6/10
Time Tangled Island - VERY GOOD AND FUN AND HISTORICAL FUCK THAT AZTEC THO DICKHEAD. quite lengthy for an island but this is good because that means more time periods to explore. it’s also educational but i just care about restoring time. very legendary the iconic just jumped out - 10/10
24 Carrot Island - stupid pun point taken off. introduces Dr Hare and people are THIRSTY. you can dye your hair with milkshakes. i thought it was creepy as a kid honestly. i think its mind control or something. but i like it, it still has nostalgia value 8/10
Super Power Island - very legend like. i loooove the antagonists, especially copy cat but i think i had to look up a guide to beat her because i was dumb af. you need a licence to be a superhero but you are a superhero!!! very fun i like this one a lot 10/10
Spy Island - i remember sucking at this one as well as a kid.  i think it fucks with peoples hair and i only remember because my character looks fresh 100% of the time and this island fucked it up i think. i don't really remember it tho. 5/10
Nabooti Island - it’s based on a Choose Your Own Adventure book so good premise. go around the world is also good. you have to get jewels i think. ngl i didn’t finish this one because i sucked at it so i’m just going off the wiki and how far i got into it. fuck the animal puzzle 7/10
Big Nate Island - who the fuck is Big Nate. i only remember the school climbing frame and a stink bomb. fuck you big nate we don’t have your comics in England 1/10
Astro-Knights Island - medieval knights.... IN SPACE?!?! COUNT ME IN. crazy jester bard guy antagonist. people are thirsty for him too. i’m pretty sure you end up in another dimension or something. cyborgs and shit 9/10
Counterfeit Island - bruh i loved this island. pretty sure antagonist is also making people thirsty. you have to go back to Early Poptropica Island to complete it, very cool. investigating crime is cool idea it’s l.a. noire in poptropica. the wiki says there is a glitch called anti-social clown and i have to say relatable 9/10
Reality TV Island - i think i completed this like twice and i remember jackshit. you get to see past characters tho so very good. it’s just doing challenges. 4/10
Mythology Island - VERY GOOD. LEARN ABOUT MYTHOLOGY. you can fight hydra and other creatures, you meet Zeus you meet Hades, Aphrodite is a bitch. 9/10
Skullduggery Island - pirates are always good no matter what. apparently it is one of the hardest islands which explains why i never completed it but you fight other pirates and sea monsters for doubloons or some shit sounds cool to me 8/10
Steamworks Island - steampunk is good. i remember completing this and thinking it was interesting and weird to look at. i think the atmosphere is was lonely tho. there’s a boss battle against a plant i think. otherwise i don’t fuckin remember 7/10
Great Pumpkin Island - it’s Peanuts so it’s nice. very nice and simple. it’s just about the great pumpkin except you’re there. 6/10
Cryptids Island - GOD TIER. CRYPTIDS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. some of it is scary tho. the jersey devil just fucking staring at you from the window was a shit the bed moment for a kids game. also before the islands got rebooted, it was one of the only islands to have sound effects, i.e. when the chupacabra bursts out the box. honestly because of the balls on this kids game to scare children and also being good island 10/10
Wild West Island - the only thing better than pirates is cowboys. i don’t really remember it but you do go against an outlaw gang. i like cowboys 10/10
Wimpy Wonderland Island - Jeff I know you made doawk and poptropica but did you have to show it. ngl i liked it because i like doawk. but it’s kinda... creatively bankrupt i guess. 3/10 2 points because Rodrick is there
Red Dragon Island - i think more time travel but just to old Japan. you have to save a girl. that’s all i remember. also i think there is a nasty samurai guy. but also evil dragon. i can’t remember because for the longest time this was a premium account only island so i never got to finish it for the longest time. that was a dick move 7/10 for that alone.
Shrink Ray Island - cool premise but this island expects me to learn morse code 3/10
Mystery Train Island - detectives? on a train? very nice. basically murder on the orient express except no murder and thomas edison is there and also various other 1700/1800 nerds
Game Show Island - basically Reality TV except it’s to save the world from robots. 5/10
Ghost Story Island - wow iconic. this is the only island with voice acting and it’s to fucking jumpscare you i shat myself.  ghost hunting, very cool 10/10
S.O.S Island - it’s basically Titanic mixed with Moby Dick. it’s ok 6/10
Vampire’s Curse Island - i reaaaally like this one. i like vampires. it has a vampire daddy in it so. he kidnaps a teenage girl tho because he thinks its the love of his life who is dead. kinda weird. he does stop being insane at the end tho and says sorry and dies. the girls bf is a dickhead tho. 9/10
Twisted Thicket Island - i think you’re saving a forest from becoming housing. i really like it because it introduces various folkloric creatures like the nokken. i only remember the nokken because i went on akinator to see if he knew what it was and i don’t think he did so i added it and it’s photo to his database. or maybe it was just his photo but i remember uploading something to akinator. 8/10
Poptropolis Games Island - i don’t think i liked this one 3/10
Wimpy Boardwalk Island - Jeff. 2/10 1 point added because Rodrick is also there
Lunar Colony Island - space is good. do i remember this island tho? no. i think theres aliens tho. 5/10 because i like space and aliens.
Super Villain Island - it brings back the most memorable villains like binary bard and black widow. you find out why they are evil. pretty chill 8/10
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Island - what do you expect 5/10
Zomberry Island - the last of us except i think people are just eating nasty berries really. i like it it’s spooky 7/10
Night Watch Island - Paul Blart Mall Cop 6/10
Back Lot Island - you make a film. i can’t remeber it like at all. 6/10 because it sounds ok
Poptropolis Games Island Part 2 - fuck off 2/10
Virus Hunter Island - i don’t think i completed this one either. however it is one of those inside the human body things which is always cool if cliche. 8/10
Mocktropica Island - very satirical what if about if poptropica was run by assholes. ironic since a bunch of islands were made premium only for a while. pretty sure the bonus missions still are too which is why i’m not mentioning them. funny tho 7/10
Monster Carnival Island - spooky yes. people thirst over the ringmaster raven guy too. theres a spooky clown on the ferris wheel. i don’t remember much other than i liked it because it was about monsters in a theme park. 9/10 i remember it was surprisingly short tho
Survival Island - castaway except it’s you. i don’t remember it either lmao. i got out of touch with old poptropica real bad by this time so my next ratings might be unfair sorry. pretty sure it also becomes the most dangerous game tho and some guy wants to actually fucking kill you. ballsy. 7/10 because it sounds ok i should maybe play it.
Mission Atlantis Island - i like atlantis but i didn’t play this one either. you see deepsea creatures which are spooky so extra points 8/10
PoptropiCon Island - poptropica’s answer to comicon. now i did play this one for some reason but i don’t remember it too well either. i was 14 when it came out so. sounds like yu-gi-oh so good. 7/10
Arabian Nights Island - didn’t play it i think it’s just telling the story. it’s a cool story so 7/10
Galactic Hotdogs Island - what the fuck 1/10
Mystery of The Map Island - vikings are cool. island seems very short tho. 5/10
Timmy Failure Island - who the fuck. this would be more impactful if i read these fucking things but i don’t. who the fuck are you timmy. i guess it’s called failure for a reason. (that was mean sorry) 1/10
Escape from Pelican Rock Island - prison break, nice idea. you have like a twin in this one. seems a bit repetitive sometimes tho. theres like 7 days of doing similar things. 6/10
Monkey Wrench Island - it was created to be the new tutorial, i.e. an actual tutorial rather than Early Poptropica. very fast and boring, especially if you already know everything. 2/10
Crisis Caverns Island - i know nothing about this. even the wiki is incomplete. maybe that means its shit then. 1/10 the wiki doesn’t even care too much about this one.
Greek Sea Odyssey - more ancient greece is always good. you get to beat the shit out of zeus this time 8/10
Snagglemast Island - all you do is collect coins. another tutorial one. 1/10.
bonus: home island. legit just a hub. points added because you can do a lot of customisation here and pick up a pet that doesn’t cost credits. 4/10
DOUBLE BONUS: the little haunted house mini thing. very good because spooky costumes, spooky house fun little monster party. 10/10
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thessalian · a year ago
Thess vs ‘Going Corporate’
So I happened to see this thing on Facebook. And while hoping that Hot Topic properly commensurated Critical Role LLC or whatever for the licence, it occurred to me that there’s a subset out there that believes that the cast of Critical Role is ‘going corporate’.
I mean ... yeah. That’s what becoming incorporated means.
But that’s not what they’re talking about. They’re talking about “They’re now asking for money for all this stuff they’re making for us and it’s so unfair! They’re just in it for the money now!”
...Listen, dipshit:
The game? The game was never about the money. Yes, some people would like to think it is, but it’s not. There’s no script. The game at its core is not about the money. The game is about a bunch of friends who just happen to make their living as voice actors, having fun and letting other people watch. That was the idea at inception, and that’s how the game itself has remained.
(Which, incidentally, means that it would be really nice if people stopped giving the players crap about things their characters did or how their representation sucks or whatever. That’s a fair argument when it’s a bunch of people in a writer’s room. It’s not a fair argument when you get individuals playing the characters they wanted to play in a story they’re shaping with the DM’s help as they go. This is not “people sitting in a writer’s room deciding that only Straight White Alpha Males sell”. This is people who decided they wanted to play X Character this time around. But that’s another thing.)
Thing is, while the game itself was never about the money, it got ... bigger than could be contained by one little studio. This is a bunch of hugely creative people who have things they want to do and show and create and provide. Know what?
Yeah, sorry, it does. They need money just to keep the game itself running, since they can’t stream from home very well. They need to pay rent and utilities on their gaming space. They need money for cameras and various other tech bits and upgrades. Upgrades for the actual game table too - minis and terrain and the like. Anyone who’s ever played Warhammer knows the financial outlay required for a good terrain map. Also? They need to eat, and pay rent and utilities on their own residences. Yeah, they have day jobs, but...
Voice actors don’t make that much. Sorry; they don’t. They had a whole big strike about that, some of y’all may recall. That was not well-received, and while those who are a bit more in the know about this sort of thing were loud, there were a whole lot more people who didn’t seem to care much either way.
There are only so many hours in a day. You know the saying ‘time is money’? It kind of goes both ways. The less time you have, the more money you need to use that time most effectively. And if they had more time - like, fewer VA roles? Less money.
Oh, did I mention they also have staff? Staff who might like some money? The more branches they open in this budding company of theirs, the more staff. Do you really want them paid a pittance? Or do you want the CEO to be able to pay them properly and deal with things like medical insurance and the like? Because if you don’t think Travis ‘Poppa Bear’ Willingham, CEO of Critical Role Inc, is going to pay his employees a decent wage, you don’t know the same Travis Willingham I’ve seen.
Also y’all may have noticed that nasty little pandemic. That’s gonna hurt. They don’t make that much money, the safety requirements will make things hard for VAs as much as anyone else, they still have to eat and pay rent and all that, they had to redesign the studio to allow for social distancing so they didn’t have to play in masks, extra maintenance charges for in-depth cleaning...
So no, they can’t just give all these nifty bits of merchandise and story and animated series and all the rest of it away. If they want to make something more of this than something they do on Thursday nights (and with the way things are going, they kind of have to, for their own protection if nothing else), that’s going to take money. Thus, I’m all for Critical Role, Inc.
They’re not going to be the TTRPG world’s answer to Jeff Bezos, people. Want to know how I know? Because you can’t become a billionaire without bending everything towards maximum profits, including basically ignoring the issues of the rest of the world except when you need a tax break. The fact that one of the first major branches of the company was the Critical Role Foundation, a charity (to which I have every intention of donating when I have paycheques regularly) ... well, that says to me that they’re going to use the money responsibly. Then again, watching them raise money for 826LA back in the day told me that a loooong time ago.
I personally feel that if you’re bitching about the cast of Critical Role ‘going corporate’, you’re part of one of the problems I’ve seen developing over the internet - entitlement. Just because you see it online doesn’t mean you’re entitled to every scrap of ancillary thing about it. You see them; they make you laugh and cry and smile and scream and all of that, but they’re not yours. And they’re not just puppets there for your amusement. They need to eat. They have aspirations. They have ideas. They are creative people and they deserve to be paid full market value for their work.
...just like every other artist of any kind on the internet, by the way. Grudging Critical Role their success that might actually keep them solvent and us entertained both by the Mighty Nein’s adventures and the cast and crew’s various projects (like Darrington Press, for example - run by Ivan van Norman, by the way, who was the Storyteller for both Sagas of Sundry seasons, so that should be fun) ... it’s like grudging artists on Tumblr who want to be paid commission prices - fair commission prices - for their work. PEOPLE NEED TO EAT, AND PEOPLE DESERVE TO BE COMPENSATED FOR THEIR WORK.
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