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one of the girls.
(Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw x Reader)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.8K
Trigger Warnings: Nothing I can think of, just fluff <3
A/N: I’m currently writing another insanely long fic but it’s taking me forever and a half. Perhaps posting a shorter one first will give me the push I need. We’ll see. Enjoy some Rooster content where he gets in touch with his feminine side (as we all know, he drinks The Feminist Elixir™️). Also my friend and I were discussing the fact that Rooster is a gossip man. You got work drama? Someone talking smack about someone’s ex’s girlfriend’s cousin’s daughter’s husband? He’s INVESTED, he’s pulling out the popcorn. We don't make the rules but also yes we do.
(P.S. This is the first little fic I've written since my 2013 Wattpad days, please be gentle lmfao)
Summary: Penny asks you to watch Amelia (your goddaughter) for the night and Rooster tags along :)
After getting off work, you decide to head down to the Hard Deck as per your usual Friday evening routine. It had been a long, exhausting day even if it was only 6pm, but you always had time and energy for Fridays at the Hard Deck. Everybody you loved was always there…Maverick, Penny, Phoenix, Coyote, Fanboy, Bob, Hangman (yes, even Hangman), but mainly Rooster—your lovely, warm, incredibly funny and cheeky charming boyfriend. At the end of your longest, saddest, most frustrating days, he always knew exactly how to cheer you up or at least take the edge off. Even just having him in the same vicinity was comforting…like an emotional heat lamp or weighted blanket for the soul. And his hugs…oh, lord, his hugs. Warm, safe, always a bit tight but never too much; at your most broken, it felt like he could just hug you back together. Every time you reunited at the end of the day, he would greet you with one of these hugs, a sweet kiss to some part of the face, and a cheeky “hi beautiful”, and it never waned, even after the several years you had been together. Tonight at the Hard Deck was no exception. 
When you walked in the door, you were greeted with the familiar smell of mixed perfumes and colognes, the faint smell of alcohol, beach wood, and salty air. You scanned the crowd for familiar faces, ultimately landing on Penny behind the bar. You approached, trying to get her attention over the noise.
“Busy night?” You shout. She turns around, giving you a warm smile, while somehow juggling too many glasses and bottles of beer in her arms. 
“You could say that,” she laughs, attempting to set them down and disperse them to the people crowding the counter. As they all took their drinks, some disappeared elsewhere in the room. “You know how Friday nights are.”
Indeed, I do. 
“I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Penny says, turning to you with an inquisitive yet guilty look on her face. “And you can 100% say no if you want to.”
“What is it? Is everything okay?” You ask, concerned.
“Yeah, yeah…it’s just-” She trails off, now fidgeting with random objects behind the counter “Pete and I…we-...well, we haven’t  been able to get much alone time since the mission happened and I was wondering if you could hangout with Amelia tonight while we have some time for ourselves. I know it’s last minute but-”
“Say no more,” You interrupt, laughing “she’s my goddaughter, I would love to.”
“Are you sure? This won’t interrupt any plans you have with Bradley?”
“I think the plan for tonight was just to hangout here,” you smile, grabbing a beer from behind the counter. “It’s all good, really. You two deserve some alone time.” 
“You are an angel, truly,” she smiles. “Amelia is at the house–probably with her head in some book–so just head over whenever you like. I should be back by tomorrow morning.”
“Sounds good, I’ll leave in a bit.”
“Leaving me so soon?” a raspy voice says behind you. You suddenly feel those all-too-familiar arms wrap around you, and you can’t help but smile. You feel a soft kiss on your neck and a slight tickle from that damn 80’s stache. You turn your head toward Rooster to see him looking down into your eyes, smiling softly as he places a gentle kiss to your lips. “Hi beautiful.” he whispers. There it was. 
“Hey stranger.”
“What evil are you two scheming?” He chuckles, motioning towards you and Penny.
“World domination,” you say “but only after I’m done watching Amelia for the night.”
“Hmm…sounds fun. Am I invited?”
“I was thinking it could be more of a….” you trail off, looking at Penny, and she smiles. “girl’s night. Just me and Amelia, ya know—watch chick flicks, do facemasks, paint nails, gossip…the whole nine yards.”
Rooster steps aside slightly, one arm still around your waist as he raises his other hand to his chest dramatically. He gasps, fake-offended: “I can do a girl’s night. I can be one of the girls, I’ll blend right in. Besides, I was looking forward to spending time with you tonight, whatever form that takes.” 
You smile up at him as he takes one of your hands and raises it to his lips, placing multiple soft kisses to the top and fingertips, ultimately flattening it against the side of his cheek to cup his face. You sigh, stroking his cheek softly with your thumb as his eyes searched yours for an answer. Ugh, how could you say no?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
A few hours passed and you found yourself sitting on the floor of Penny’s living room with Rooster and Amelia, the three of you having demolished a giant pizza from her favorite restaurant. You admittedly didn’t get to spend as much time with your goddaughter as you would’ve liked, with you working and Amelia going to school–any chance you could get to spoil her, whether it be with her favorite pizza, riding bikes along the beach and getting ice cream, or just hanging out like you were—you were going to take it. She was like your little sister, and you were not only grateful that Penny had chosen you to be her godmother, but also that Rooster was so encouraging and enthusiastic about your role in her life. He had happily come to take on a cool uncle sort of role, offering as much time and support to you both as he could. You could not ask for a better partner, or a cooler goddaughter for that matter. 
You throw the last of your crust into the nearly empty pizza box, sighing contently as you lean against Rooster’s shoulder, the both of you resting against the front of the couch. You reentered the conversation in front of you, a dramatic retelling of an adorably adolescent outburst towards Amelia at school. 
“Wait, wait, wait. Back up,” Rooster exclaims, still chewing on the crust of his last slice, “she said what about your science fair project?”
“You heard me,” Amelia states, sassily. “The absolute nerve. I saw her trip when we were running the mile but did I say anything? No.”
“Kids these days,” he laughs as he looks over at you, “they’re a different breed.”
“Hey, as I recall via Maverick you have some pretty interesting stories as well. It sounds like you were quite the troublemak-”
“I was a saint, thank you very much,” Rooster laughs. “Don’t tarnish my reputation.”
You playfully swat at his chest, only for him to catch your wrist and place a quick kiss to your forearm. He holds it across his chest, rubbing it gently with his thumb.
“Eeeeughh, you guys are nauseating.” Amelia states, pretending to gag. Rooster lets out a wonderfully deep laugh as he finishes his last bite, dusting off crumbs from his fingers. He sits back groaning, putting one arm around you, the other on his belly.
“I’ve never been so full in my life,” he exhales, patting his stomach softly “I might go into a coma.”
You and Amelia both chuckle at this, until suddenly you get an idea. You look at Amelia and wink, facing her but glancing your eyes towards the man beside you. “So,” you begin,  “I was thinking we could do…makeovers or something like that, I’ve been meaning to try my hand at this cool eyeliner trick I saw online.” 
Amelia, picking up the hint, smiles at you mischievously, both of you now turning to look directly at Rooster. “I was thinking the exact. same. thing.”
He looks a bit confused for a second, eyes darting between you and Amelia, a nervously amused smile forming on his face. He llet his head drop down, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
“Yeah,” he sighed. “I should’ve seen that coming.”
This was going to be a fun night. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Endless gossip, two buckets of popcorn,and  6 episodes of Gilmore Girls  later, Amelia fell peacefully asleep on her bed. You were now sitting on her bedroom floor in-between Rooster’s legs with your back against his chest, his back against the foot of the bed. He had one hand resting on your bent knee, the other laying somewhat limp in your hands as you directed your attention to painting the nails on his left hand. He watched you silently for a moment, smiling to himself at how cute you looked when you made your focus-face, your tongue sticking slightly out and eyebrows knitted together in concentration. 
“Hmmm…you’re so beautiful.” he hums against you, nuzzling his face against your back, occasionally giving you feather-light kisses through the fabric of your shirt. Feeling his hot breath on your back, you got the shivers down your spine and Rooster chuckles, pressing his chest against you further in an effort to aid your chills. He eventually sits up slightly to get a better look at the electric blue artistry you were now slathering on his nails. “...and I supposed you’re not half bad at this.”
You snort, awkwardly. “Thanks, love. I do my best.”
A silent moment goes by before you remember the events that transpired earlier in the evening. “Speaking of beautiful…,” you say as you turn around carefully in his lap. You bent your legs to place them on either side of his hips, almost sitting cross-legged and chest-to-chest against him. You took his face in your hands to turn it straight toward you, “..c’mere good lookin.”
You grabbed the micellar water and package of cotton rounds on the ground next to you that Amelia had used to take off her own makeup after Rooster did his best smokey eye on the poor girl. You had to admit it was sweet; he tried so hard and he even had a reference photo from Pinterest that he kept looking at, insistent on doing it right. The end result was similar to that of a sparkly raccoon, but you both reassured him that it wasn’t bad for someone who spent his days about as far away from all things cosmetic—literally, thousands of feet in the sky, away from the Earth and the nearest Ulta. Amelia returned the favor by donning him with Marilyn Monroe-esque eyeliner and a matching beauty mark, painting his lips bright red as best she could with his mustache. When he saw his reflection in Amelia’s handheld mirror, he folded over laughing. 
“Ya know,” he got out between laughs. “I’m more of an Audrey Hepburn man myself, but I think Marilyn suits me.”
“Oh, great. Next time we can put you in a tutu. Maybe a little black dress?” You laugh. 
You poured a little bit of the water onto a cotton round, and set the bottle aside. You begin to gently sweep the round across his eyes and lips, doing your best to get off what you could of the impressively stubborn eyeliner and lipstick. Itt was fun to see him with makeup on as it was never something he wore, and you had to admit you enjoyed this for more than one reason. Yes, it was fun to see him with it on, and to see him bond with Amelia, but this was good for you for an entirely different reason. Getting to sit so close to him, paying special attention to his devastatingly beautiful face–getting to admire his wonderfully long eyelashes, his cute nose, the semi-raised scars decorating his jaw and neck…there wasn’t a detail about this man that didn’t have you absolutely whipped.
After a while, you finally manage to get it all off, turning slightly to set down the supplies. When you turn back you find Rooster staring at you contently. There was no mischief, no cheekiness. He looked serious, blinking slowly–his gaze was intense, full of nothing but deep love and admiration. He softly smiles and reaches up to gently tuck a few loose hairs behind your ear with the very tips of his fingers. You once again get the chills, except this time it radiated through you like an electric shockwave. Lord have mercy.
“How’d I get so lucky…” he whispers, so quietly you almost don’t catch it. It was moments like these that made your heart ache in the best possible way…when it was just you and him, the quiet. Nothing to do but comfortably sit in each other’s presence, admiring. You would be lying if you denied that after all these years, this man didn’t give you butterflies. 
“No..” you quietly chuckle, shaking your head slightly. “I’m the one who’s lucky.”
Rooster smiles at this warmly, putting his arms around your waist and pulling you close into one of those irreplaceable, ultra-comfortable, soul-soothing hugs–his hand gently pushing on the back of your head to get you to rest on his shoulder. He began to rock just barely side-to-side…you’re not sure how long you had sat there, but you began to feel him lazily trace patterns all over your back and…
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
You don’t ever remember falling asleep, but you are awoken by a soft murmuring somewhere behind you. When you finally open your eyes and turn your head, you see Penny sitting at the edge of Amelia’s bed, softly stroking her hair. You hear her whisper to Amelia but you can’t quite make out what she says. Hope she had a good time. 
You turn even further to see Rooster sleeping peacefully behind you, his arm draped lazily over your waist. You smile at his darling face, peaceful as he rests—surprisingly well—on the shag carpet of Amelia’s bedroom floor. You couldn’t help but bring your hand up to run your fingertips through his hair, leaning down to press a kiss to his cheek and eyelids. After a moment his eyelashes flutter slightly, and his eyes open–confused for a moment before finally focusing on your. He brings a hand up, groggily rubbing the sleep from his face the best he could. What a sight for sore eyes. He smiles at you and leans up, propping himself on one elbow, the other hand caressing the back of your head to pull you slightly forward. Usually a morning kiss would consist of something quick as you both are rushing to get to work,, but not this morning. He kisses you dizzingly slow and deeper than usual for his morning display of affection–had you been in the comfort of your own home, it would not be just a kiss but you store that in the mental bank for later. 
He barely pulls away, resting his forehead against yours “good morning gorgeous” he says with a smile. 
“Mornin, stud.” you quip back. He chuckles, letting out a throaty laugh before quickly kissing you on the forehead, his hand still caressing the back of your head. Suddenly, you’re interrupted by Penny.
“Hey, lovebirds,” Penny laughs quietly “thanks for hanging out with her, I know she had a lot of fun.”
“So did we,” you and Rooster say at the same time. 
“Let’s get up and I’ll buy us all breakfast, my treat.” Penny encourages. You both stand up wobbling, leaning on each other for as much support as you could give–the reality of sleeping on the floor now becoming painfully obvious. You hobble into the kitchen, gathering your things, and you notice Rooster is a little far behind you, visibly uncomfortable as he tried to stretch out his back to relieve some of the tension.
“I’m sorry if that was uncomfortable,” you said, running your hand down his back in an effort to soothe some of the pain. “We should’ve slept on the couch or something.”
”No apology needed,” he said insistently, looking at you like you had lost your mind. He kisses your cheek before continuing. “I said I wanted to spend time with you however I could, right? The sore back is totally worth it. Besides, there’s been plenty of times I’ve left you a bit sor-”
“Hey now,” you interrupt, putting your hand over his mouth “none of that til we’re out of Penny’s house.”
Penny looks at you guys, and shakes her head laughing. “You two crack me up.”
You both chuckle at her response, knowing damn well she’s aware of your activities as a couple. After all, she had quite literally asked you to babysit so she could have some alone time with a certain someone. Rooster returns his attention to you, grabbing your hand, a cheeky grin plastering his face. 
“Am I one of the girls now? Did I pass the test?”
“Mmm….,” you hum, looking up as you pretend to think about it. “you did alright. I’ll keep you around anyhow.”
“Perfect,” he laughs, resting his head on top of yours. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
Yeah, me neither.
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Hi lovely was wondering if you could maybe write a stranger things one with Steve. The reader is dustins older sister and is a bit bitchy with Everyone and one night when Steve’s over she upset and he sees what she’s really like and that she is actually human haha ❤️
Tumblr media
THE STRANGEST THING | endless drabble series (summer edition)
Tumblr media
summary: steve has a thing for dustin’s sister pairing: steve harrington x henderson!reader a/n: i love stranger things. there’s nothing i love more than stranger things. i want 100000 season’s of this series even if it turns into supernatural. i do not care. give me more. also, used prompt 5. warm, breezy nights, with this req mwah ty sm for sending it in <33
masterlist. ☕. reqs are open for the summer prompt list!
Tumblr media
It’s a miracle. It has to be. Or...or, a tragedy. Something between the two extremes. Because Steve has seen many outlandish things happen at Hawkin’s, but this one takes the fucking cake.
He’s seen you angry. Seen you happy (a few times, maybe, he’s not to sure about that to be honest, he might’ve been hallucinating). Seen you cracking a joke or two at his expense (he wasn’t angry, they were funny, but then again, everything you say is funny and only to him). But he’s never, ever ever in the history of all evers, seen you upset. 
It takes him aback. You Henderson’s are tough to crack, and to see you so visibly defeated is just uncanny. 
You’re not the easiest to get along with. You’re a bit rude to their rag-tag team of heroes that save the world every other month without a thank you. A bit cold, a bit distant. A bit pretty, too, but Dustin would probably bury him alive if he was to ever speak it out loud.
From your bed, you notice him. Shit. You weren’t meant to notice him. He was supposed to be watching movies with Dustin in the living room, then going to the bathroom and not halting by your door. To be fair, you could’ve kept it closed. Then again, you probably didn’t think he’d be lurking around like some villain ready to spy on unsuspecting high school seniors. 
That sounds horrible. He must explain himself immediately, “Just--” He waves his hand around, all smile and charm and perfect hair, “on my way to the bathroom.”
“Does this look like the fucking bathroom to you?” You snap back.
“Right.” He chokes out. Clears his throat. You make him stupidly nervous, “I just, uh,” He just what? The question is written all over your face and he’s already preparing for a lashing, “I was just on my way and...noticed that you seem a bit upset.” He smiles again, anxiously, trying to lessen the blow he’ll surely have to take after such a confession, “I thought it was strange, cuz, you know,” He motions to you, “you’re you.”
There’s a pause. He thinks he’s off the hook when, “The strangest thing is that nobody fucking asked, Harrington.”
Yeah, this isn’t going that well. At least he doesn’t have a thing for you, because that would make all of this worse. 
You jump up and make your way to the door ready to shut it in his face but he’s quick to stop you, “Woah! Woah woah woah!” He raises his hands in a pacifying gesture, one that, surprise surprise, seems to work, “I don’t mean any harm, I swear.” Okay, you seem to be listening, so that’s a start, “You’re Dustin’s sister. You know I love that kid.” He admits this a bit quieter, partly because he doesn’t want the said kid to hear and partly because what he says is really fucking true, “And... so...” He shrugs. It should all be already obvious.
That angry spark seems to fizzle from your eyes. Your features soften and your shoulders droop and you look at him unguarded and okay--okay, right, he might have a thing for you after all. 
“You can tell me.” He says, gently, afraid to scare you away, “If you want to, that is. I’m not forcing you or anything. Just...just, you know, you can always. Talk to me.”
“Why are you being so nice to me?” 
“I dunno, maybe because I’m a nice person?” That got a smile out of you. Jackpot. A smile suits you better than a frown, but then again, everything looks good on you. He grins, “Okay, well, if you change your mind, I’ll be down the hall. Once I’m done in the bathroom. You should come join us, by the way.”
“I’m not into that nerd stuff.”
“(Name).” He says, wounded, hand covering his heart, “Don’t let poor Dusty hear that.”
“He’s well aware of that already, trust me.” You say with a small smile. There’s a pause of pleasant silence, then, “You should go before you pee your pants.”
“Yeah, I really should.”
And it’s not completely unexpected when you, despite not being into that ‘nerd stuff’, join the two of them on the couch and steal Dustin’s popcorn. You’re quite vocal about not understanding what’s going on. To be fair, Steve doesn’t understand either, but Dustin explains it pretty clearly. The movie is just the three of you talking. Laughing. Exchanging glances that don’t quite have a meaning yet. 
Steve thinks that if all summer nights were like this, he wouldn’t mind. Maybe the three of you could go to a drive-in theatre on a balmy night like this. Or the two of you. He’s not about to say it, but if Dustin was to, let’s say, not tag along, it would be better. A whole lot better.
“Dude!” One, singular pop-corn hits his cheek. He blinks. Dustin is glaring at him, “Stop staring at my sister, it’s fucking creepy!”
"I wasn’t staring!”
“Like fuck you weren’t!”
“It’s fine, Dustin,” You say, “maybe he just had an aneurysm.”
“What the hell, (Name)?” He hisses. Dustin laughs.
Yeah, he’s not taking Dustin to the movies. Fat-fucking-chance.
Tumblr media
hope you liked it! xx
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conversations with your demons - part 1.
Tumblr media
pairing | step-mom!natasha x fem!reader (romantic)
summary | after my mother’s passing, i seem not to understand on why i can’t feel that tiny emotion inside of me. and natasha understood that, way too comfortably that her arms are the only thing i could feel. 
warnings | underage drinking (they are all 18), natasha being a little “annoyed”, talks about a dead mother, READER IS 18 IN THIS STORY, mentions of SA and drugging. 18+!
notes | this was difficult to write, but i hope you enjoy the first chapter! let me know your thoughts and complains - i really don’t mind HELP
series masterlist | masterlist | taglist for this series
Tumblr media
I met Natasha when I was only fifteen years old. So, I don’t know her that well. She looked kind but didn’t smile a lot. Although whenever mom would be with her, that’s the only time she’ll smile. To me, she would. But, she wasn’t as inviting as I hoped to imagine. She was also very funny, she made mom laugh until I could practically see her lungs getting out from her chest – speaking metaphorically. I would laugh too, but it would die down too quickly.
After they got married, Natasha bought a house that was sort of away from the city. They hated the crowd, the people most especially. I didn’t really care much, well a little since my best friend was living beside my home. Now, I have to cycle twenty minutes to get to her. Natasha has been the one who fixed up my room since I was the only child. I remember going inside my room for the first time and couldn’t believe that I had extravagant furniture around it. She smiled at me and gave me a nice warm hug, whispering how much she adores me. I adored her too, especially receiving things like that.
I was alright, I felt okay. Until I came home with the awful news that wrenched my stomach to the core.
I walked inside and saw Natasha sitting on the couch, with her palms on her forehead. She looked up at me with slight red puffed eyes – clearly from crying – and told me that mom died in a plane accident. At that time, I didn’t know how to react. I felt so many emotions that were hitting across my body, trying to come inside. But, I couldn’t feel anything. I remember so vividly that I nodded to her and smacked my lips, trying to explain somehow that I don’t know how to react. I loved my mother, I think she’s my best friend. But knowing that your mother died from an accident is something that I could not understand.
Now, it’s been weeks. After her tragic death, Natasha decided to cremate her since that’s what mom has always wanted. I never showed up at her funeral, I was too embarrassed with my actions since her death. It was all confusing to me, even though it’s not that hard to understand. When the ceremony happened on that day, Natasha visited me and gave me a tray of food. She demanded that I eat it since I haven’t eaten actual food for the last few weeks. I nodded and ate bits and pieces of the food while she was standing by the doorway to watch me eat. I didn’t finish the food though, I had no energy to. She understood that immediately and left me all alone in an isolating room where I can just rethink my thoughts.
This went on for weeks and weeks until I’m in the last week of graduation. Wanda tried contacting me before the big day, although I always hung up on the phone and continued to just lie down and think. Natasha would often see me – even begged to open the door since I had a lock on it. And every day, she would leave a tray of food on the doorstep – expecting me to eat it. But sometimes, it would be left unfed.
Now, I had to freshen up for the big day. But, I had to wake up earlier since I have gotten slow. Meaning, that I wasn’t as fast as I was before. And I didn’t want to stress Natasha, so I took a long warm bath and wore minimally natural makeup. I put on my robe and saw how much I lost weight, I don’t even know how many pounds I am, but my cheeks say it all.
Natasha came inside my room and was in awe of how I looked. I don’t understand with her kind eyes, maybe she’s just showing sympathy. Either way, I don’t know if I liked it. She smiled tightly and commented, “You look great.”
“Thanks,” I responded, letting out an awkward chuckle. I wore the hat that was on my bed and I watch her as she fixes up my sleeves, looking down at me like a proud mom. Although, I and Natasha always consider ourselves friends. We talked like one, there was no mother and daughter relationship in it. We liked it that way. Well, for her at least.
“You ready?” she asked, pinching my cheek a little that I could feel it prickle against my skin. I nodded weakly, remembering my mom in every movement I made. I know she’ll be proud, I don’t know if she’s a ghost though. I hope not – it would be embarrassing enough for her to watch me as I walked down that stage.
“I’m proud of you, Y/N.” Natasha says, smiling down at me. I could feel her sincerity through the glimpse of her eyes and the way she spoke to me, it kind of made me feel that relief. “I know things won’t get so easy for you and I understand, but I’ll be here every step of the way. Okay?”
It’s like I could trust her with my life.
“Okay,” I nodded, leaning my head against her shoulder until her arms were wrapped around me like a blanket. “Thank you, Natasha.”
For whatever fucked up reason, her grip around me felt too soft. Like, it wasn’t an embrace from a mother – since technically, I don’t see her as one. I was probably overthinking it since I didn’t have this kind of physical contact after almost a month. I felt at home and it all felt too natural.
“Let���s go now, dorogoy.”
I was happy that I didn’t trip on my way to the stage. But, everyone was staring at me as if they can’t believe a person who has been isolating themselves had just gotten out of their cage. Wanda was at the bottom of the floor, waiting for me. She knew my anxiety, and she was always there to catch me. Once that was over, I immediately got back to my seat and waited for the whole ceremony to end.
“There’s a graduation party later at night, can we go together?”
Wanda had her arm wrapped around my shoulder, knowing that I could fall at any second. I knew it was too much to ask, but she’s the only person I have right now.
“I don’t know,” I said with a dismissive tone. “I kinda just want to stay at home.”
Wanda sighs and pulls me closer to her, saying: “Come on, you have to go. This is something we should be celebrating about.”
Now, I wasn’t trying to be a “party-pooper” and I really didn’t want to go. Honestly, I didn’t give two fucks about a graduation party. But as I think about it – maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe this could take my mind off elsewhere other than just being cooped up in my room; possibly rotting until it reeks of smell. I didn’t have much choice here – and I wanted to have some fun too. It wouldn’t hurt, right?
“Fine,” I murmured, slightly flashing a smirk at Wanda until I could feel a pat on my shoulder. “But, I have to ask Natasha first if she’s okay with it.”
“I hope she does say yes,” Wanda responded. “It’ll be good for you. I promise.”
I smiled tightly at her and opened the school door, seeing Natasha was at the front door of the school with a lit-up cigarette that was in between her lips. She looked up, took it off her mouth, and smiled. Her lips seem to be a little chapped, I could give her my spare chap-stick.
“Hey, there graduate,” Natasha says, putting her cigarette back inside her mouth. I find it annoying that it was so close to my face, I wasn’t so fond of cigarettes. They smell disgusting and could kill you – but if I was asked to have one, I’d probably take it. “Ready to go home? We can celebrate with my famous pasta dish.”
Wanda buts in, “Kind of jealous about that, Mrs. Romanoff. I’d love to try some of that pasta.”
I turned around and looked at Wanda with a questioning stare, she said Mrs. when my mother was obviously dead. Knowing how blunt and talkative she was, I wasn’t really bothered. Although, I’m hoping she doesn’t say something like that again. There was pure regret on Wanda’s face and quickly blabbered, “I–I’m very inconsiderate, I’m so sorry–”
“It’s okay Wanda,” Natasha cuts her off, smiling brightly – too brightly – at her. “Have a good summer, okay?”
Wanda nods and walked away but before I get inside the car, she looks back at me and gives me that look. I should ask Natasha about that party, it would help me a lot – even though it’s stupid. I nodded back and closed the door beside me, sighing through my nose as Natasha started the engine.
“Hey, Nat?”
“Yes?” Natasha responded while looking at the road with her squinted eyes, probably seeing something afar that she didn’t like. I gulped, feeling anxiety building up my throat as I think of words to say before I let it out stupidly. It wasn’t like she was going to be upset about it, she’d understand. She knows what was going on with me, so I’m sure she’ll agree.
“Can I go to a party later? It’s for the new graduates.”
There was a long silence between us, and I could feel her hands gripping the steering wheel hard until her knuckles turned into this kind of white-ish color. She sighs, maybe for too long, and replied with a lower tone in her voice.
“I don’t know, Y/N.”
I raised my eyebrows and tried to interpret what she had said and was surprised by the tone of her voice, especially when her facial expression changed.
“Why not?”
She sighs again and gripped tighter on the wheel, saying: “There will be boys who can drug you–”
“You’re thinking of the worst-case scenario,” I responded, smiling nervously while I could feel both of my hands twitching from fear. Or is it? “I do need this, I need to be… out there. Do you understand what I’m trying to ask, Nat?”
She nods but doesn’t say anything. Was she upset that I even asked her that? There was another broad silence until I sighed painfully loud and murmured, “I won’t go–”
“No, you should.”
Before I could even respond, we were already back in the house and she turned off the engine and turned her head to the side, and looked at me. She bites down her lower lip and whispered, “Just stay safe, okay? Call me if you need a lift.”
When I got inside, I watched as Natasha dropped her jacket on the arm couch and made her way to the patio to light up another cigarette. I could see the way she blew the puff in the air, her head slightly tilted and lolled. I could feel her disappointment, especially in the way she talked to me. I didn’t understand though, because she was just a stepmother to me. Even though she deserves that validation, I still find her as my friend. I just don’t understand or comprehend why she reacted that way.
But oh well.
The party was a slob. Most of the people who were in the house weren’t even from our school, and it made Wanda laugh. We had friends from the back and decided to go there with the alcoholic drink that we bought. It’s funny because the house we were in was the richest house in the city. I was kind of surprised that they had no drink. Or, the alcohol itself was in the cupboards and wasn’t allowed to be touched.
I was glad that my anxiety didn’t kick in when I was hanging out with Peter and Wanda since I knew in such a crowded place I could get sick. My friend, Peter, as I mentioned – he used to have this infinite crush on me back in middle school. Though, as a lesbian, I always told him that we were just friends. He then understood that reference when we both got into freshman year.
“Here,” Wanda offered me a small red plastic cup that looked clear. I raised my eyebrows and felt a little sketched up. As my mother always says: Never take a drink from someone else. However, this is Wanda who we are talking about. I’m sure it’ll be fine.
“What’s in this?”
“Vodka,” she smiled – nodding at me to drink it up. “Come on, loosen up a bit. And we’ll dance, okay?”
Peter takes off his blue sweater and I could see his abs through his white shirt, which made me look away since I hate the thought of abs on men. Even Peter. Which made me realize how incredibly homosexual I am.
“I don’t like dancing.” I stated nonchalantly.
“Me neither but this is our last high school party,” she reasoned, pouting a little. “Come on Y/N, just drink it up.”
Bad decision. For the next few hours, I was extremely intoxicated that I was lying down on a hunk of concrete that was near the pool. I shut my eyes, trying to remember who I was just getting close with. She was tall and her hair was sort of braided – like Natasha’s – and couldn’t stop talking to me. I may have talked so much to her that I wasn’t being myself anymore. I lay there for a while, with my red cup in my hand. This went on for fifteen minutes until Wanda found me on the ground, letting out an exasperated gasp.
“Y/N! Jesus,” she brings me up with her arm clung around me, feeling like she was about to collapse me again. “We have to call Natasha, you had too much to drink.”
With the pacing of the time, I didn’t know I was sitting on the side of the road with Wanda when I saw Natasha coming outside of her car, with a slightly annoyed face. I wanted to whimper in fear but instead bowed my head down with shame, I felt incredibly stupid and irresponsible. I wasn’t a reckless child, but tonight I was. And even though it was fun, I felt awful about it – especially through the expressions that Natasha was giving.
“Thank you, Wanda,” she says, helping me up and bringing me into the backseat. I flopped my back against the car cushions and watched them as they had a small conversation. And after that, I may have fallen asleep – barely even remembered anything.
I walked to the living room and sat upright on the couch, sniffing while I watched Natasha slamming the drawers to pour herself a glass of wine on her glass. She drank it, looked at me back, and shook her head. I know she was disappointed, I shouldn’t have done that. How stupid was I?
“Did you know what happened?”
I shook my head, which I was being truthful about. I absolutely don’t know what happened, I was too drunk to know. So, I kept shaking my head until she clicked her tongue behind her teeth. She continued, “Y/N, you broke five glasses in that house. And, a boy was about to grope you.”
“I’m sorry, how did you know about that?” I asked, but I wasn’t being rude. I think. I don’t know what I was doing, but I wanted to know how she knew that part of the story. It wasn’t like I am traumatized by it, men are simply pigs that don’t understand boundaries – it was always religiously in my mind, so zero fucks was given when I knew that.
“Wanda told me.”
I sighed, leaning my head against the arm couch, and replied with a murmur, “I knew what I was doing. Natasha, you don’t have to be worried for me–”
“You don’t understand,” she responded, her tone getting hard with venom in it. I didn’t realize she was that angry at me, I almost felt embarrassed with my actions. “I care for you, Y/N. I know you’re going through a lot–”
“I’m sorry but I’ll have to disagree with that,” I stand up, wiping my eyes roughly on my index finger before I could take a step forward to Natasha who seemed a little taller than me. She was always taller, but this is new. I added, “I know you lost your wife. I do, but I lost my mother too. I respectfully think you understand how much pain I’m dragging along, I haven’t cried ever since my mom died. I know it’s weird and…”
“It’s not weird, Y/N,” Natasha, her voice becoming softer, which was more inviting. She leans against the wooden table until both of her hands are pressed against the wood – holding herself up. “I just don’t want you to be in danger. You’re a little girl, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
I raised my eyebrows when she called me a little girl, which I find cute – yet a little concerning. She has never called me that, not once. Or maybe, I was just very intoxicated that I don’t understand what she was telling me. So, I shrugged it off and went to the stairs, looking back at her and smiling lazily.
“Thank you for bringing me back home,” I said with a higher pitch in my voice – which was unusual. She smiled at me, wrapped her arms around her body, and licked in between her lips; it was dry.
“Of course.”
I gave her one last time and went up to my room, closing the door before I could feel my cheeks burning up a little. It was from the alcohol that I took, it was definitely that. I washed my face with cold water and decided to sleep naked tonight – since I was lazy enough to find clothes that were in my walk-in closet; my closet wasn’t even that big anyway. I was just being a baby.
I kept thinking about Natasha’s reaction when I couldn’t sleep. It kept replaying in my head, somehow that wasn’t a worry from a mother. It was something else that I couldn’t put into words with. I felt my skin prickling whenever her arms were wrapped around me, especially today. Something felt different, I know it.
I just don’t know how to explain or word it out.
Tumblr media
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rainylana · 21 hours ago
“You are such a good girl.”
Eddie Munson x reader
summary: you excitingly show eddie your a+ that you got on a test, and well, things escalate.
warnings: shit i’m not gonna lie this is dirty💀 smut, language, praising, teasing and begging, reader has a thing for being called ‘good girl’ so a lot of that, talk of kinks, dacryphila, degradation. eddies cocky as hell. i think that’s it??
a/n: this was requested by @marauders3rawh0re ily babe, you’ve been on this blog ever since i started it! so i hope this satisfies your needs because i love this lmao.
Tumblr media
“See Eddie? See? Oh, gosh, I can hardly believe it! I mean, I was just so nervous. I thought maybe, a B if I was lucky! Or even a C! But an A+! I can’t believe it?” There you were, hyped up on the adrenaline of a good grade, pacing the carpet in your room. You backed away as he climbed through your window, a wide smile on your face as you threw your arms around his neck.
“Whoa, there, babe,” He chuckled, patting your back. “Don’t I get a kiss first?”
You pulled away, grabbing his chin and pulling him down to yours. You have them a loud peck, and you squealed when his hand sneakily moved down to give your ass a squeeze. “See here! Look, Eddie, I can’t believe it!”
You shoved the paper in his hand, and he chuckled amongst himself as he observed your paper. He smirked, glancing your way. “What did I tell you? All that worrying for nothing. Good job, kiddo! Proud of you!” He hooked an arm over your shoulder, pulling you into his side as you both sat on the window seal.
You smiled as he kissed the side of your head, looking down as you fiddled with your fingers. Eddie always made you blush, since day one. You always caught yourself staring at his hands, the rings on them. You liked the look of the calluses on the pads of his fingers, making shapes and odd designs. They were rough, his hands, and honestly, you were sure that’s why you liked them.
But that was Eddie. He was rough. His music choice, his clothing. His mannerisms and attitude. It was a direct opposite of who you were. You two had been together for maybe a month now, but a lot of people didn’t even believe it, because it just didn’t fit. Eddie ‘the freak’ Munson with you, Miss innocent and not a hair out of place.
The kids thought maybe it was some prank, it had to of been. He even canceled dnd one night just to see a play you had been in. Dustin nearly cried. But Eddie couldn’t help it. You’d drawn him in like a fly to honey. You’d come to his lunch table one day, asking for signatures on a petition to end sexism at Hawkins High. Of course, everyone at the table signed, but it almost startled them to see you behind the sign. It was known you didn’t care much for conversation.
You asked with a small, shaky voice for signatures, and Eddie Munson fell head over heels in love with you that moment there. And the funny thing was, he’d never really noticed you before. He knew you, obviously, but it wasn’t like he’d already had a crush on you. It was something in the air that day, apparently, because your bravery lured him in.
He worked his magic and started conversations with you here and there, asking if you’d help tutor him to pass a class. You did, and he passed, but you fell head over heels with him too. And it wasn’t that the kids didn’t like you, they just didn’t know how to act around you, because it was weird for them to see Eddie so mushy around someone of the opposite sex.
Eddie brought out the best in you, though, a part of you that you were unfamiliar with. He was completely and utterly genuine with you, and didn’t treat you like a glass doll like everyone else did. The conversations you had seemed to last for hours. He also took your virginity, and that was only just a few weeks ago. That was an experience, for sure.
Your innocence to Eddie was nearly mind blowing. Your music taste, your clothing. Your attitude and mannerisms. It completely differed with his. He absolutely adored your little pink bow in your hair, your knee high socks and tight skirt. It nearly sent him to the grace.
“Thanks, I just tried to remember what you told me,” You continued, breathing in relief. “That all I needed to do was try my best, and that you had faith in me.” You blinked up at him with a smile.
“Good girl,” He tapped your nose, bumping his forehead against yours. “I knew you could do it.”
Well that was new. Your cheeks burned hotly at his comment, and god, you didn’t know why. You cleared your throat awkwardly, and you recognized that churn in your stomach. Sex was still new to you. There were so many…positions. You could do it…anywhere. It was overwhelming. Your mind buzzed with confusion, and you pulled your forehead away and cleared your throat again. “So, did you have a good day?”
He raised his brows in amusement at your tone, noticing how dark your cheeks had turned crimson. He kept his chuckle inside, but he knew damn well his little comment gave you butterflies. He’d have fun with that. “Good. The kids are preparing for the campaign tomorrow. Sinclair has another godforsaken game of laundry baskets again, so they’ll have to find a replacement. You in?” He stood, twirling around your room and observing the decor.
Your room was extremely pink. He loved it, but if he stared at an obnoxiously bright colored object too long, he got nauseas. “Oh, I- no, I’m alright.” You chuckled, pushing a loose curl back. “Truth be told I don’t think they like me very much.”
“Hey,” He narrowed his eyes. “It’s not that they don’t like you. It’s me that they’re unsure about. You’ve done nothing wrong, y/n.” He sent you that puppy love gleam as he picked up your music box.
“Well, neither have you, Eddie.” You began untying your shoes. “I guess we’re just modern day Romeo and Juliet.” Your tone softened at the realization, throwing your shoes to the side.
He glanced at your reflection in the mirror. He knew you felt guilty for not being his “type”. You even said it once. In fact, you cried. That was an ordeal of its own.
“We’re a match made in heaven, sweetheart.” He nearly sang, crouching down to your feet. “The freak and the good girl.” He watched your eyes then, and dear lord he saw them flare.
Your cheeks flushed again, your stomach fluttered at his words. Why was that sweet little phrase bothering you so? His hand was warm against your bare knee, but it sent firework sensations up your thigh from his statement.
“Ha!” He laughed in your face, causing you flinch.
“What?!” You jumped.
“You’re blushing! Again!” He clapped his hands in the musical rhythm he did when he was hyped up, dancing and shuffling his feet in amusement. “You totally like that, don’t you?”
“Like what?” You grew smaller, voice high in question. You really didn’t know what he was talking about, being confusing with your feelings yourself.
“Good girl!” He placed his hands on his knees, looking at you as his jaw hung open in amusement.
Your eyes grew wide when you realized the connection, and you straightened immediately. “I do not!” You defended hotly.
“Yes, you do!” He pointed, clapping his hands again. “Look at you! You blush every time I mention it!” He was laughing, chuckling and pointing at you as you grew utterly embarrassed.
“No- Eddie, will you shut-” You tried shouting, but crossed your arms in frustration. “Eddie, I do not!”
“Hey, I’m not judging you, babe,” He tried containing his laughter, moving back to crouch by your feet. His giggles were escaping his lips, and he pulled your hands into his. “Really, I’m not. It’s cute, actually.”
You groaned painfully loud, looking up to the ceiling. He snorted at your resistance. “No, it’s not. I’m disgusting.”
“So, you’re admitting it?”
Your eyes snapped to his. “No!” You yelped, causing him to cackle and put his hands up.
“Hey, hey, calm down,” He cleared his throat, trying to keep from embarrassing you more. “Really, y/n, it’s fine. Everyone has the stuff they like. Honestly, yours is pretty vanilla compared to what else is out there.”
Your eyes grew somewhat more curious at his words, peeking your interest. You swallowed roughly, looking down to pick at your nails. “Really?” Your voice squeaked.
Half of the time, he just wanted to laugh at how innocent you were, but it took a lot not to. He knew how incredibly shy you were, and it didn’t take much for you to crawl back into your shell.
“Sure.” He nodded enthusiastically, his black curls bouncing. “I mean, some people like to be tied up or uh- blindfolded. There’s um, choking and slapping. God, then there’s some real heavy bdsm type shit. That’s for another day. I don’t want to traumatize you.” He chuckled.
You brought up your nail to chew, thinking over his words. You couldn’t even imagine yourself in those scenarios, but you didn’t ever imagine being together with Eddie Munson, either. Your exact opposite. “But I couldn’t ever see you doing those things,” He got your attention, taking your finger away from the abuse of your teeth. “Since you’re such a good girl, and everything.” He tilted his chin at you, hooking his finger underneath your jaw. He said it with such seriousness this time, and it caused a sparking tension to electrify between you.
Your eyes flickering between his lips and his eyes, and your stomach continued to burn at the idea of being his good girl. You sighed. You couldn’t fake it anymore. “You’re right, I love it.” You breathed, smashing your lips against his.
Your arms wrapped around his neck as he pulled you both up, his hands holding your burning face. Your bodies glued together like magnets, his arms moving up and down your back as your lips danced like ballerinas. Your feet dangled slightly, due to the hold he had on you. He always had to lift you up a bit in times like these, having been so much short than him. It was either that, or him breaking his neck trying to bend down to kiss you.
Your back hit your bedroom door, and you gasped when his lips found your neck, his hands placing yours above your head. “Sex can be anything you want it to be, sweetheart,” He licked the skin below your ear, and you moaned sweetly, your leg curling around his ankle.
“You’re the boss. You tell me what you want me to do.” He sucked and nippled at your red skin, leaving pomegranate colored love bites to show off to the world. He loved claiming you that way.
It always made you feel shameful and embarrassed, asking him to do a certain thing during sex. You were too awkward for that, but Eddie was trying to chip away that wall. “I want-” Your voice broke, his fingers slowly unbuttoning your blouse.
“Yes?” He hummed.
His body pressed against yours, and your jaw fell slack, your neck craning to the ceiling as he licked a strip along your collar bone. “Call me a good girl.” You caved, a heavy, dripping sound of desperation in your voice. “Please, call- call me your good girl, Eddie, oh-”
You gasped as he swiftly picked you up by the waist, throwing you on the bed as he hovered above you. You moaned loudly into his mouth, his lips against yours once again. Kissing Eddie was like swimming inside of a painting. You could feel every molecule inside of him, and sometimes, kissing him alone was just as overwhelming as the sex itself. He would be the death of you. He settled himself between your legs, pressing his growing erection against your skirt.
“Oh, god.” You whimpered, turning your head into the pillow. The sensations alone were enough bliss for you, that’s how new it was. The sex was just going to get better and better.
“Take your skirt off.” His voice was stern, and you opened your eyes up at him in surprise. Eddie was not mean or dominating to you during sex, by any means. But on discovering your turn on, he was curious to experiment a bit. “Do as I say.” He took his hands off you, placing one on the headboard and the other by your hip.
You moved your hands to the waistband of your pink plaid skirt, but froze and looked back to him. His brown eyes pierced into yours, and he licked his lips, his mastermind moving faster than the speed of light. “Y/n,” He said firmly, yet there was always a hint of playfulness behind his lips. That’s why you were never scared, why you never had issues trusting him.
“Be a good girl and take your skirt off.” He raised a brow, and he watched as you bit your lip.
You pulled down the band, pushing it below your knees as you both sat up. He helped you push it through your ankles, and then next, went your panties. You were laid back again and you leaned up to excitingly kiss him, but he held his hand up. “Ah,” He grabbed your wrist. “Not just yet, my queen.”
You swallowed, your eyes blinking rapidly. “Why-” He shut you up with a kiss, pressing over so softly. You sighed into it, just tiny little pecks and motions he gave you.
Then, his hands brushed at your knees, and at the contact, you tried to spread your legs, but he wouldn’t let you. His grip them tightened, but his soft kissed didn’t let up. He placed one at the corner of your mouth, then dipping his tongue back to gloss over your teeth.
Then, they slowly trailed up your thighs, circling them with warm patterns. He was teasing you, but you were too dumb to realize. The puckering sounds of your wet lips filled the room, his fingers making you shiver. Your heart began to speed up when he slowly moved his fingers deeper into your legs, but it diminished quickly when he moved up to your stomach.
You curled your leg around his hip, desperate for friction. Deepening the kiss, you grabbed his hand, placing it on your breast. You were getting agitated for that sweet relief in the pit of your stomach, your thighs glistening with your arousal. You tried to reach for his belt, but he moved your hand away. You huffed, looking up. “Eddie, what the hell-”
“Watch that language,” He said sternly, eyes sharp. “Good girls don’t talk like that. Good girls don’t have bratty attitudes. So if you want me to give you what you want, you’ll have to be a good girl and behave yourself.”
Your eyes were wide with anticipation, and he hurriedly, moved down between your thighs. A loud gasp pushed it’s way out of you as he spread your legs, wrapping one leg around his neck. He placed a sloppy kiss on the inside of your thigh, and he continued his torturous pleasure.
Each thigh he kiss, slowly, messily. He sucked and bit, pulling at your sensitive skin. He blew soft air on your burning cunt, but he never touched it with his pink lips. He continued this for minutes, leaving you a shaky, sweaty and needy mess. You were whimpering like you were in pain, convulsing and arching your back, desperate for any source of friction to find. Your hands dug into the long, black ropes of his hair, pulling like rapunzel.
“Oh, god, Eddie please,” You begged, trying to pull his head up. “Please- I need you so bad, I can’t do it,”
He smiled against your skin, the shakiness of your voice pleasuring him. He came up to you, his hand going the base of your neck. “Poor baby,” He frowned, his finger wiping away the sweat on your forehead. “You’ve done so good for me. Should I reward you?”
“Yes!” You nodded furiously. “Yes, now-”
“No, no,” He tsked, holding up a finger. “Ask me nicely, sweetheart. Trust me, I can do this all night.”
You bit back a cry, throwing your head back on the pillow. “Please, please, Eddie,” You breathed heavily. “Please, reward me. I want you so bad, please- I want you inside me.”
“You want me to fuck you, is that it?” He unbuckled his belt, lifting himself up. “You want me to fuck you like the good girl you are?”
“Yes,” You whimpered. “Let me be your good girl, I wanna be your good girl so bad. Please-” He had hurriedly aligned himself at your entrance, his cock painfully hard, and thrusted into you within a second. A cracked, heavy cry spewed from your lips, and your arms wrapped around his neck like a cat, your nails digging into his back.
The headboard cracked against the wall with his first thrust, and your jaw nearly broke as you cried out. Your bodies molded together, your bed squeaking and snapping at the quick, violent movements he made. He hugged your body, burying his face in your neck. “Oh, god!” You sobbed, tears forming in your eyes.
This whole experience felt different. His attitude, the way he treated you. Each thrust was more forceful, deeper, and it was hard for you to stay conscious. “Oh, oh, my god! God, oh, god!” You repeated over and over. Your stomach had never felt so hot, so on fire with a burning light inside you. Your nails were in his skin, drawing blood, you were sure.
“Fuck.” He groaned into your skin, but you could barely hear, because you were in complete ecstasy.
He gripped the headboard, giving another thrust that made you hysterical. Tears fell down your face as you sobbed, staining the collar of your unbuttoned shirt. His lips found yours, a hard look on his face as he tried to keep from coming. He always put you first. His cock continued to drive into you with a heavy speed, and he kissed you sloppily, drinking in your sobs.
You always cried during sex, and he was far used to it. He loved it, actually.
“You’re such a good girl, y/n.” He moved faster, picking up your leg and throwing it over his shoulder. “You’re- fuck, you’re my girl. My good girl. Cum for me, sweetheart.”
And you did, with a final, sharp thrust, that tight ball in your stomach popped, crashing over you like waves. Sobs left you, holding on to him like he was your life raft. Your legs shook and your body convulsed, your pussy throbbing painfully over his cock. You fell back in exhaustion, and Eddie, all he could do was listen to you.
“You are such a good girl.”
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weird-is-life · 2 days ago
Holding hands under the blanket
Pairing: Steve harrington x fem!reader
Sumarry: You are watching a scary movie and Steve wants to hold hands.
Warnings: language, other than that none, fluff
Words: 1k Masterlist not my gif
Tumblr media
(English is not my first language, so please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes)
It was the usual Saturday night at Steve's. We were all sprawled on the couch and the floor. And by we, i mean the kids, Eddie, Steve, Robin and me.
The only difference fr our usual movie night was, that we let Dustin pick the movie. We should have known that it was a bad idea, but we let him pick it just this once,because he was literally begging us on his knees.
So what did he pick? He picked a freaking horror movie. I tried to convince him to pick something else, i even tried bribe him, but nothing worked.
So there i was, scared as fuck, sitting next to Steve on the couch. I was trying to seem cool, that I wasn't completely shitting my pants , but i think i was failing badly. Everytime there was a jumpscare or something scary, i would jump a little as well.
"Hey, you alright?" Steve whispered in my ear.
"Yeah, i'm okay" that was obviously a big fat lie.
"You sure? Because it looks like you are going to run away from here any second now" he laughed .
"Oh shut up, that's not even a bit true"
"Really? So you actually like the movie?" he raised his eyebrows.
"Yup" well if it wasn't the most obvious lie ever than i don't know.
"Riiight" he definitely saw right through me.
"But just to be sure. Do you want me to hold your hand?" he teased me. What an ass.
"You know what Steve.." i stopped myself before i would call him something very bad, "just shut up and watch the damn movie" he could be so irritating when he wanted to be.
"Oh come on, don't be like that, i'm just joking" he gave me a smile.
"I know" i replied annoyed by him .
"Buuuuut" he started and i could see the mischief in his yes.
"What?" i asked a little louder than i intended.
"Could YOU hold my hand?"
"Can you guys shut up we are trying to watch a movie, if you hadn't noticed" Dustin spoke up and i mouthed a quick sorry to him, Steve on the other hand, showed him a finger.
"So?" he wispered in my ear again.
"So what?"
"Could you hold my hand, because i'm definitely scared of this horror" he said with a puppy eyes.
" Very funny Steve" i gave him a sarcastic laugh.
"But i'm serious, it would make me feel much better if you held my hand" he did look serious, still i didn't believe a word he said. But i played along and took his hand in mine under the blankets.
"I feel safe now, thank you" he said with a smile.
"You are an idiot" he just chuckled and continued to watch the movie.
The whole time he didn't let go of my hand. It was nice, but it was making my cheeks bright red, because i had a crush on him since forever. Of course i couldn't tell him that, we were just friends nothing more and i didn't want to ruin that.
His hand was warm in mine and it made me want to melt in the place and run away at the same time. I couldn't help but to steal a glance or two every few minutes.
Robin always told me, to tell him, that I liked him. She said, that he 100% liked me back, but i wasn't so sure. I mean he was always on a date with some girl from the town.
So after the movie ended i didn't waste a single second and tried to leave. I went to get up, but Steve's hand pulled me back in the couch. I looked at him in question.
"Can you help me clean up?" he asked with a soft smile on his face and pleading eyes. It would have been rude if i said no and it was also my turn to stay and help clean up after a movie night.
"Yeah, sure. I'll just go tell Eddie to wait for a few minutes" Eddie was driving everyone home, me included.
"He doesn’t have to, i'll drive you home, you can tell him that" Steve offered. It was probably better, because that way everybody wouldn't have to wait for me.
I went to tell the others, they could go without me, that Steve was going to drop me off. We said our goodbyes and then they left.
Robin was giving me these weird faces the whole time. She was the only one, that noticed me and Steve stealing glances throught the entire movie. She hoped, that us idiots would finally solve our shit and get together.
While we were cleaning up the mess, Steve was uncharacteristically quiet.
Even during the car ride to my house he kept quiet, barely said like 5 words. I had to ask what was up.
"Why are you so quiet? Is everything alright?" we were at my driveway, so it was the perfect time to talk.
"Steve? You still here?" i was beginning to get concerned, but he finally spoke.
" Why is this so hard? I genuinely don't why my brain just goes blank when i look at you. I think i'm going a little crazy. I-I've been trying to ask you out for a while now,but... "he stopped to take a deep breath. Meanwhile i was listening to him open-mouthed like my life depended on it.
"I guess always chickened out, but here goes nothing. So Y/N ilikeyoualotwillyougooutwithme" he blurted out and i felt like i was on a different planet. Like i was dreaming. How could Steve Harrington be asking me out.
"Steve breath. You should have asked me out sooner, you know. Because i would have said yes in a heartbeat" i said.
"Yes, i mean i had a crush on you since i met your stupid ass " his face brighted up, "And i'll go under one condition" i grinned at him.
"What is it?" he curiously asked
"I'll go if i get to hold your hand" he chuckled.
"It is a matter of course, i will hold your hand sp much, you'll get sick of it" not possible.
"Well then, it's a deal" i giggled.
"Soo where do you wanna go ?" he was really eager to go on the date.
"You want to go now?" i asked in disbelieve.
"Yeah why not"
Hey guys, hope you liked it. I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Stay safe everybody. Peace out ☀️
"Alright then, lead the way" i said and took his hand in mine.
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misseskaneshiro · 2 days ago
Luca, Vox, Ike, and Mysta as Hybrids
A quick headcanon list until I finish a request and a wip
Some parts of this are minority nsfw, vox and Mysta tho
Luca Kaneshiro
*He’s a Lion for these reasons, hear me out
*When he gets home from work, he’s running to you and lifting you up from wherever you were
*Whether the kitchen, the bedroom, laundry room etc
* His tail is constantly swinging in intrigue
* Kissing you also means nuzzling you after because he wants you to smell like him!! (Even though you would rather smell like your perfume you spent so much money on but okay babe!)
* He can’t control when he purrs, so you two will be cuddling on the couch or in bed and you’ll start feeling a vibrate.
* Since he has such a loud voice and he’s a Lion, his purrs are deep and have bass resonating in them.
* Very reassuring when your nervous or upset
* “where are you going :(?” “Luca, I’ll be right back.” “You still haven’t told me!” “Because I’ll be right back!!”
* Doesn’t want you to get into any trouble so he goes with you everywhere
* Having to check his teeth in case his fangs start growing more than usual << but his fangs are hot as fuck so you tolerate it
* can get oddly possessive?? Once, a man tried hitting on you and he grabbed you by the waist and snarled???
* And it was scary?? What the fuck, Luca ?!?
* He tries not to growl or roar at you though, he knows he can scare easily
* when it comes down to it, even though he’s a big scary Lion, he’s your cuddly kitten at home
* catch him laying in your lap on the couch
Vox Akuma
* a Rottweiler hybrid, yeah nobody fucks with him (or you by extension)
* He’s constantly guarding you which is honestly a bit overbearing at times but it’s okay, he means well you swear.
* There is one issue though, the…the humping
* Your boyfriend is what the cool kids call insatiably down abysmal for you, which is a good measure to counteract cheating but it also means you fall victim to his horny antics
* He’s quite literally in heat for you at times, his libido is astonishing
* First the British debuff and now the horny debuff?? Shameful smh
* Vox walks around the house and checks on everything. If he suspects something is off, he comes and talks to you about it
*In public, he’s very territorial over you
* Arm around hips and everything, he’s showing full dominance
* Which also means he’s leaving marks on your neck and your body whenever possible
* “There… that’ll keep that cheeky fucker away from you” “Vox, that is my BOSS😟” “Oh dear…”
* He tries to steer you out of the way of trouble but sometimes ends up doing it himself.
Ike Eveland
* He’s such a cat you cannot tell me otherwise
* Ike sometimes acts more snotty than you about certain things!
* “Let’s get this!” “(name) look how much sugar it has in it! It’s bad for your health!” “You suck!” “Actually, if I recall, yo-.” “SHUSH!!”
* Messes with stuff on your desk or things that hang from it. He can’t help himself!
* You caught him messing with some fairy lights you had hanging
* “Ike!” fucking scatters
* oh my gosh that’s another thing! If you surprise him or catch him doing he’s not supposed to, for some reason his first instinct is to go down.
* like if you tap him on the shoulder he avoids your touch by moving down but he also moves to the side
* so it’s this awkward shuffle he’s doing and it’s adorable/funny
* he only gives you pda when you two are at home and alone
* the cat thinks that it’s something to be kept to oneself
* But if someone is acting a bit too friendly, he isn’t afraid to hiss <33
* Like Luca, Ike purrs. He’ll do it if you two are cuddling to help you fall asleep. Though his are on purpose unlike Luca. And much softer, less baritone
* He also wraps his tail around your legs when you two are close enough
* Good vibes come from him!!
Mysta Rias
* He’s giving very much Fox energy we been knew this
* Oh this chaotic fox man
* He’s so….spontaneous and erratic it kind of makes you wonder sometimes
* Letting out random noises as various times of the day
* He’s a very vocal fox in general, making any distress, distaste, or pleasure known
* please scratch his ears or beneath his chin!!
* It’s like his reset buttons, so if you ever want him to stop doing something, give him scratches on his back
* Mysta’s a tricky fellow, he’ll misplace your items to minorly inconvenience you
* cue the vine of that white fox laughing, that’s him, that’s your lovely boyfriend
* If you catch him lying, his ears fall flat and twitch while his tail drops down
* His ears and tail give way for loads of emotions
* also a territorial one, Mysta has absolutely no fucking shame
* Like he’ll come up behind you, press his hips on yours to distract you, and start leaving marks on your neck
* Never leaves you without at least three hickeys (he counts)
* doesn’t realize his nails are super sharp and accidentally scratches up a LOT
* including you :((
* poor babes felt so bad about it after too
* kinda feral
* He’s skittish like Ike, in which sudden noises and touches frighten him.
* He doesn’t growl or snarl at people, he straight up hisses if he doesn’t like someone.
* Mysta also isn’t afraid to say it
“Babe, I hate your cousin”
“Join the club”
“You know, you’re a real asshole” -Mysta Rias, fake smiling at your boss
* Mysta “no fucking filter” Rias I hate him (no I don’t)
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uselessheretic · 2 days ago
I’m curious if you have done any research into the “Olu” short form for Oluwande being offensive. I am not a POC or from the region, so I would like to learn. I wouldn’t use it in a fan context obviously, but Olu is a name I have heard before in RL so I’m surprised it’s inappropriate and that the actors/writers didn’t know that either. I want to understand more.
So, from what I can tell "Olu shouldn't be used as a nickname" is something that originated from one fan (who is Yoruba) on Twitter that then spread out from there. The fan never actually said it was "offensive" even, but that it's not proper and they don't like the nickname. When someone brought up that they know people who use that name, the fan clarified that they, personally, have just never seen it used before.
Someone asked about this on the Yoruba subreddit where a user explained that it's not the "proper" nickname, but it's common for people in the west to use and isn't offensive.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you google the name you even get a wikipedia page about it and a list of famous people who go by Olu
Tumblr media
Someone on Twitter who's from the same ethnic group also talked a bit about this and how it's a very common thing in the UK and confirmed with their mom who is Nigerian
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Which it's worth bringing up that Samson is, ya know, British and Nigerian and would be aware if it was an offensive nickname. I know Vico has talked about how receptive everyone was to any feedback, so I can't imagine Samson not feeling like he could speak up about it.
Like the thing that's funny about Olu as a nickname is that there isn't even much gray area here? It straight up isn't offensive, and in the context of the show it makes sense for people to use it with him. The ones who call him Olu the most are Jim and Spanish Jackie (and I think Stede calls him that once?) who are familiar with him. The show also never makes jokes about Oluwande's name, so I don't think this is a thing of "it's too hard to pronounce" because they never do that?
And I think it's a bit presumptuous for fans, who are often white or not Nigerian, to assume they know better and that they need to liberate Oluwande from the confines of his self-colonization of [checks notes] "having a nickname." I think I said this before, but the takeaway for me from learning that Wande is the proper way to shorten his name is to incorporate that into headcanons. Like, it's fine for the crew to say Olu, but if you're writing his family or someone from the same ethnic group, they would likely default to Wande.
For my own person headcanon, I honestly feel like it'd be sweet if Wande as a name was something he felt sentimental about where he wouldn't want just anyone to call him that, but it would be something his family called him, and when he gets closer and more open with Jim, they would also use it. I mean, names are incredibly personal things with meaning. It can also be an act of racism to tell a poc that they're wrong about their name and that they should be using this one instead. Which is why... we go off of what people tell us lmao because there's no reason to think that Oluwande is uncomfortable about the name and there's no reason to think this is a slip up from the writing team.
At this point in time, it's just misinformation that's being spread and that's like?? Irritating?? Like it's annoying that people keep correcting strangers and telling them to stop using the name. It's patronizing and invasive for people to assume that you have to use this name and that they're correcting an error that doesn't exist. It's just odd to to interpret racism and discomfort where it doesn't exist, changing relationships in the show and familiarity into microaggressions. It's honestly flat out disrespectful for people to @ the OFMD crew on Twitter asking for them to change the name. And it has a real life impact where people are then becoming convinced that Olu is an improper name, that people using it are only doing so to appease white people, and that it's offensive to use when there are real life people who use the name 😭
It's just... frustrating lol and I hope this stupid trend dies out eventually because there's legit no backing to it???
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simplylupin · 2 days ago
the fruity four as things my friends have said
eddie: is a back or neck more attractive i need to know everyone’s opinions
robin: neck.
eddie: wtf neck???
back is superior 
steve: mate a back is a back y’know?
actually idk
nancy: neither are particularly attractive 
steve: i feel like necks if they’re a bit “odd” it’s more insignificant than backs 
cause when a backing is backing...
robin: backing 😭
eddie: no i get exactly what you mean
nancy: what the fuck
steve: orgasms or music
eddie: music
steve: priorities 
eddie: good music is an orgasm 
robin: i just choked 
nancy: oh-
are you...
robin: i am now
but like i wasn’t 
~ robin: i don’t understand how there has been 360000+ births today 
like that doesn’t compute in my brain
how do 360000+ people have the same birthday ugh i hate that
robin: u had a fucking dream about me getting mauled by an alligator-
and stood by with no emotion-
eddie: it was a dream?? i can’t control it 🤨🤨🤨
robin: yeah but it feels personal that u and steve lived but i got chomped
also steve wtf??
why didn’t u jump in and save me?!
steve: eddies dream!!! he’s the mean one
nancy: i had a dream where eddie killed us all
robin: realistic 
~ eddie: would smash
would show u my neck
robin: 😭😭
eddie: lol ofc robin shows up as soon as i mention necks
robin: stfu
eddie: no???
~ robin: vapes are extremely unattractive 
like ew
nancy: especially elf bars
if you’re going to vape at least be eco friendly 
robin: “i don’t like when everything is grey”
“is that racist to grey people?” - steve
steve: i was talking about vampires.
robin i hate you 
~ eddie: steve 🤤🥵🥵🥵🥵
nancy: .....
robin: what.
eddie: he’s doing the thirst trap pose rn
arm out holding himself up
steve: eddie.
eddie: what daddy? 🤤🤤
i am so sorry
~ eddie: it’s the full moon tonight don’t wanna make daddy werewolf mad
sorry that was
nancy: eddie u need to touch some proper christian grass- 
steve: i am
nancy: get wayne 😭
robin: photographic evidence or ur lying
*photographic evidence*
eddie: I just panicked so hard
woke up steve and he got it 😍😍😍
i can’t fall asleep now wtf
robin: i hate honeymoons
eddie: same
robin: just happy couples boning 24/7
eddie: it’s just an excuse for rich people to splash out and have sex in public places 
~ nancy: GUYS WTF MY MUM IS ON MY FYP 😭😭😭😭
steve: what
steve: WHAT
nancy: wtf why does mike have better legs than me
robin: how many followers does he have?
nancy: 65 lmaooooo
eddie: 66 now 😍
nancy: EDDIE NO
eddie: no
steve: i’m just trying to eat my fruit in peace 💔
eddie: oh
what fruit might that be ;))))))
steve: oh my lord
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slumbergoblin · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Main Trio is complete! (sorta I kinda want to redo Pac but I can do that later-)
#pmatga#my art#cylindria#spiral#pac-man#I'm also just going to say that pac's actual name is Packy. which would make one go wait but isnt that his nickname#and you're right! it probably is!#however. and i've talked about this with my bf for like 2 hours. I believe that the current Pac is related to the original Pac man#for right now i'll say he's related to the Hanna Barbera Pac-Man. because he might be but don't quote me on that-#I also think it'd be neat if yellow pac worlders who were related to the original pac-man by BLOOD#were the only pac worlders able to actually consume ghosts you know?#that also gives an explanation as to why there are just other random yellow pac worlders through out the show#other than the explanation of 'animators just copy and pasted models' which is probably more true ;;#but I like to have fun >:)c#but this also means that I have to change the narrative of pac being the only 'yellow one' left to just#'he's the only yellow pac worlders who is still connected to the power berries left' if that makes sense???#why did I ramble on? OH RIGHT PACKY- uhhhuhuhhu yeah I'm just going to say his full first name is Packy#it doesn't mean anything and I just think it'd be funny to have him one day go 'my name isn't even Pac' or something#and also my version of Stratos gets chewed out for calling him 'Pac-Man' because Pac is like. 14#and so stratos is just like w- what else was I supposed to call him! I just came up with it on the fly#thats it for my rambling! even if it might not make sense!
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taleasnewastime · 9 hours ago
Dating advice | Part ten
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s been months – ok, it’s been years – since you last went on a date. And you’re sick of it. Sick of seeing couples kissing and holding hands in the street. Sick of your friends settling down. Sick of everyone buying houses and having families. You’re going to do something about it. You’re going to snap up a man, you’re going to tie someone down, you’re going to finally commit, you’re going to – you’re going to need a bit of advice.
Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: fluff; angst; smut
Word count: 3.1k
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, reader gets angry, swearing, low self-esteem, angst, awkwardness.
Authors Note: … It’s a big turning point …
Previous | Next | Series masterlist
Tumblr media
“And then she leaned over and said that’s never happened before.”
Erik lets out a massive belly laugh, his eyes closing, his head flopping back. You can see his whole chest rising and falling through his shirt.
You don’t find it as funny, but you still force out a small laugh. The sound so low over Erik’s laugh and the background noise in the bar that he probably doesn’t even hear it. By the time he’s looking at you again you’re sipping your drink, he doesn’t seem to read the fact you didn’t find the story funny, or at least doesn’t care.
“How’s the drink? Better than your last?”
His smile is large, kind, makes him look incredibly handsome and yet even while it’s all directed at you, it does nothing to you. Not flutter in your chest, no heating of your face, no desire to shy away from him. Still, you smile back, look down at the half gone pink drink in front of you. It’s your second drink, a French martini.
“It’s my favourite drink, and they haven’t disappointed.”
“Your favourite, huh? I’ll have to make a note.”
You give him another small smile. There’s a beat of silence, not awkward, but you realise he’s leaving it open for you to say something.
“Oh, what’s yours?”
“Probably whiskey.”
Of course. “Ever been to a distillery?”
“No, can’t say I have. Would love to though.”
“Yeah, I’d recommend. Some of the good ones are expensive but you walk out feeling tipsy after all the samples. Plus, you get great discount on bottles at the end.”
His lip curls at the edge as if impressed. “Well, maybe an idea for another date?”
“Yeah,” you say lightly.
Why doesn’t the idea excite you? If this was before you would have been jumping in your seat at the prospect. But now, somethings changed. Maybe the fact he ghosted you and is now acting like nothing’s wrong, like that never happened. But you also know it’s something else, because when he mentioned alcohol all you could think of was the pub and when he said it would be a good date, that you should go together, all you could think about was how much Yoongi would love it. About how much you would love to go with Yoongi.
Yoongi. He's getting in your head. He’s ruining your date.
“Anyway,” you try to steer conversation onto something safer. “I was listening to a podcast about this Wagatha Christie case on the way here. Are you following it?”
“Oh my god. Who’s not?”
You smile, genuine this time. The way his eyes brighten at the thought of two footballers wives suing each other is a sight to see.
“They were saying Rebekah’s agent lost her phone at sea so they couldn’t search it for evidence. I mean how convenient it that?” You carry on, glad to be on a topic you can both get behind.
“It’s ridiculous. The amount they’re spending on legal fees just because of a tweet.”
“Footballers get paid too much.”
“I always wanted to be a footballer growing up.”
You laugh and Eriks smile brightens at the sound. “Come on. Every boy wants to grow up to be a footballer.”
“Yeah, well, like you said it’s the money and fame. For literally kicking a ball around.”
“Yeah, can’t argue with that logic.”
You finally relax back into your seat, take another sip of your drink before smiling at him.
“Come on then,” you say. “Millions of pounds a week, what would you do with it all?”
“Firstly, take you somewhere better than this shit hole.”
You laugh, roll your eyes. “Real smooth.”
He takes a sip of his drink, his eyes dark as he looks at you. Still nothing stirs inside you. The conversation is easy, you like him enough, he’s hot, maybe you just need a little more time.
The conversation carries on for a couple more drinks before you head home. There’s a couple of awkward pauses at times, but nothing major. It feels the same as the first time you met up with him. Fun and you had a laugh, a nice date.
You both head the same way when you get outside, end up chatting and walking. You don’t think too hard about it, end up subconsciously walking towards your house and Erik just follows along. But as soon as you indicate your place and pause by the door you can’t stop thinking about it. Is it weird he didn’t ask to walk you home, just did?
You stand in silence for a bit, Erik trying not to show that he’s fidgeting on the spot, you trying not to overthink this too much. When you don’t open the door or say anything he speaks up.
“So,” he pauses, looks from you to your door.
“It was a nice night. Thanks for asking me out again. And for the drinks.”
“You know,” his voice has dropped, he leans in a centimetre and your eyes naturally fall to his lips. “It doesn’t have to end here.”
“Oh,” you quickly look back to his eyes then over his shoulder, you don’t want to give him the wrong impression.
Your thoughts immediately go to Yoongi, the fact you never invited him back to yours after your date even though you wanted to, the fact that he warned you not to invite men back inside. And then you catch yourself before you can keep thinking down that trail. It’s not the first time you’ve thought of him tonight, and it annoys you that even when on a date with another man, another very attractive man, you still can’t stop thinking about Yoongi.
Your fingers twitch at your side, your jaw working as you grit your teeth.
“It’s alright,” Erik obviously gets the wrong impression, and when you look back at him, he’s already starting to draw away. “If you’re busy we can do it another time.”
He’s giving you an out, you know. He’s misread your annoyance for nerves and has taken it upon himself to retract the invite. Even though he’s got the wrong reason, you gratefully leap on the excuse.
“Sorry, I’m just tired.”
He smiles, nods, and you don’t miss the way his eyes flick to your lips. More annoyance flares within you, a perfectly hot man, clearly wanting to kiss you and yet you’re pushing him away.
“I’ll text you,” he says.
You don’t even make a joke about how that’s what he said last time and yet it took him weeks to do just that. Just wave him off, mind slowly whirling with anger, building up and up into a storm.
It’s ever since you went on that date with Yoongi, he was supposed to be doing it to help you and yet he’s seemed to make you more undatable. He’s constantly on your mind, even when you’re with someone else you can’t stop thinking of him, comparing your date to his. And then that piece of advice, don’t invite any men back to your place, why did he have to plant that in your mind? Why did you have to follow it?
You become more and more irrational until you decide that the only thing to do is go and have it out with him. As if he’s personally sabotaged your date. As if by going and shouting at him will make anything better.
You don’t care. Reason doesn’t come into it. You need to let this anger out at something.
You storm into the pub, are a little annoyed that the door has one of the jams on it which means you can’t slam it shut. But never mind, because as soon as you spot Yoongi your gaze becomes like a tunnel.
He spots you when you’re halfway too him and despite the fact that you must have a face like thunder, he still smiles. You try not to let the way his eyes brighten at seeing you stop your anger. But it’s tough. That cute round face, those dark eyes, his cheeks lifting as his lips curl up. The pure delight in his face at seeing you. And then the realisation that you don’t look happy, that you are in fact storming towards him. His smiles dips and something flashes in his eyes.
“Hey, everything –”
“Your advice is shit,” you cut him off.
“Ok,” he elongates the word, clearly confused.
“Did you say it because you knew it would get in my head? Is that why you did all of this? Am I joke to you?”
“I’m not –”
“It’s that, isn’t it? You saw me that first day and thought you could have some fun.”
“I don’t know what you’re –”
“It wasn’t pity at all was it? Have you been mocking me this entire time?”
“Having a good laugh behind my back?”
“Y/N,” he repeats your name, his voice level, his face flat. But you’re on a roll, are deaf to what he’s trying to say. You don’t even fully know what you’re saying, are so worked up that you’re just spouting whatever words come out of your mouth, half of it rubbish, most of it you don’t believe.
“I mean, I don’t know why I listened to you in the first place. I’m a grown woman, I should be able to make my own decisions not just listen to yours. I just can’t believe –”
You finally pause when Yoongi takes a step away from you. You look at his retreating figure about to shout after him before he speaks.
“Priya, you alright to cover me for a bit?”
Your eyes glance to Priya and your heart drops, you’ve never seen the look on her face. Sadness and then such anger when she looks at you. You look back at Yoongi and watch as he continues to walk away. When you speak again your words come out softer and less sure.
“Hey, where are you going?”
He pauses, back still to you and then twists. His features are dark, his mouth a tight line. He doesn’t look happy.
“Believe it or not, I’m not about to stand around in my own pub and be shouted at,” he turns back away from you. “Now, you can either come with me or get out.”
You glance back to Priya who gives you the barest hint that she thinks you should follow him, even then she rolls her eyes at the idiot you are.
As Yoongi slips through the door to the back you make your decision and slip behind the bar. Half jog to follow him, eyes doing a quick glance of the room realising that though it’s not busy, everyone has just watched what’s unfolded.
Ducking your head in shame you head into the back. Think you hear Priya mutter something about how you should be treating him how he deserves and not abusing him. Your shame only deepens. Part of you wants to run away, but you continue to follow; you’re not about to run away from this colossal mess you’ve created.
You’ve never been back here before. A hall with doors leading off, you’re sure one’s to the cellar he took a picture of for you and as you head down the hall you see that the one that’s been left a jar has stairs. You catch Yoongi at the top just before he disappears behind another door at the top.
His flat is not what you expected. You expected dark and moody colours, little to no decorations. But what you find is a bright space, a large comfy sofa facing a large TV. Walls of bookshelves, littered with photo frames and well-read books. There’s a small kitchen at the back of the room, partitioned off by a breakfast island. The space is homely, lived in while also being incredibly clean, not a thing out of place, and not a spot of dust.
And then there’s Yoongi. Stood in the middle of the room, arms crossed, face broody as he watches you take in his home.
Even if it wasn’t for the shock of coming up here and seeing all of this, the fight would have already seeped out of you. The short walk here and the looks of disapproval from everyone doing enough to make you realise what a mistake you’ve made.
It’s not Yoongi you’re annoyed at, it’s yourself. And yet you were so caught up in yourself that you came here and took it all out on him.
You are well and truly messing this up.
“I’m sorry,” you start. “I – that – downstairs.”
You take a breath. Yoongi lets you have the time to stop and start again.
“My heads all over the place, and that’s not an excuse. But, I went on a date today and I couldn’t even invite the guy inside my house. He obviously wanted to come in and I said no.”
“And that’s my fault?”
“You told me not to invite anyone back to mine.”
He rolls his eyes, this apology isn’t going very well. His arms remain crossed over his chest, his stance defensive, but he seems to relax a little, as if amused by what you’re saying. It only irks you more.
“It’s not like I forced you. I didn’t stand guard outside your house stopping rouge men from coming in.”
“No,” you huff. “You didn’t”
“So you’re pissed I recommended you do something, and because you did what I suggested?”
You work your jaw, unable to meet his eyes, especially now he has a wider, more obvious, smile on his face.
“You’re right,” you say feeling completely deflated. “I shouldn’t have come.”
Still, you don’t move and Yoongi doesn’t confirm that he agrees with what you’ve said, that he too thinks you should go. You both just stay standing facing each other.
“I’m sorry,” you repeat.
“It was pretty shitty.”
“More really shitty,” you correct him.
“In my own pub too,” he continues to dig, the smile still on his face despite his words.
“I’m so, so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”
You do. It was him, in your mind, which is why you took it out on him. And staring at him now, you feel like you’re cracking at the seams. All this built-up emotion starting to spill out at the seams.
“Maybe I should leave,” your voice comes out hoarser now, the smile dipping on Yoongi’s face. “I mean, I’ve been a complete bitch, treated you like shit – I can’t just stand here, in your flat and pretend it’s ok.”
“Hey,” Yoongi takes a step towards you, his arms dropping to his side. “You’ve apologised.”
“And yet it doesn’t feel like that’s enough.”
“I accept it.”
You pause. He sounds genuine, looks genuine. Yet you still feel so guilty.
You shake your head, eyes flick to the sofa and while you’ve said twice now that you’re going to leave, you slowly move towards it and take a seat. Your head goes into your hands, so you feel rather than see Yoongi come to sit next to you, the cushions dipping down with the extra weight.
“You’re too nice to me.”
“Maybe I’m just nice,” you can still hear the joke in his voice even though it comes out quieter, softer.
You shake your head again, still unable to look up from your hands. You flinch when a hand comes to your back, the contact so delicate you weren’t expecting it. To your relief Yoongi only draws away for a beat before placing his hand on your back just as delicately. When you don’t flinch a second time, he must decide it’s ok to keep it there.
“What’s this really about?” He asks, his hand rubbing soothingly on your back.
How is he always able to read what’s really going on? It’s like a blessing and a curse. You feel embarrassed by the reason, feel like you’ve really built it up and if you tell him the truth it’s going to make it that much more ridiculous. But you’ve never imagined Yoongi laughing when you think about telling him your feelings. He may not return them, but he wouldn’t shoot you down for your own.
You take a breath, sit up straighter so your head is no longer resting in your hands. Your heart is beating a mile a minute and with Yoongi’s hand still on your back you’re surprised he hasn’t expressed his concerns.
In the second or two it takes you to sit straight, you mentally prepare to look at Yoongi. Still the concern etched on his features doesn’t make anything better. You remind yourself of what you thought earlier; don’t run away from this problem.
“It’s not that serious,” you try to lighten the mood even though your smile is forced, and your words feel heavy. “I haven’t killed anyone or anything.”
Yoongi doesn’t crack a smile, just stares you down with those soul eating, yet still soft, eyes.
You feel sweaty, feel like you want to bolt out of this situation, feel like you would literally rather be swimming with sharks then say what you’re about to say. But you try not to overthink it, try not to think of the what ifs and buts. If you truly care about this man, if you truly have feelings for him, then you need to say something.
“I like you,” your voice husky and weak.
You clear your throat, eyes drift and snap back to Yoongi as if unsure where to look, too scared to look at him but feel like you need to say this directly at him. When you speak again it’s clearer and more convincing.
“I don’t mean in the same way I like Priya or Jimin. I mean, I like talking to you, I liked our date together, I like your smile and your hair and I don’t know, I like you. And you don’t have to say you feel the same way, I know the date wasn’t really a date, but I can’t get you out of my head and it’s driving me insane – which you clearly saw tonight.” You pause, take a breath, and then say, “I really like you, Yoongi.”
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bramble-rose · 2 days ago
Okay, even though I think it's pretty presumptuous on my part to even comment on the situation I'm going to do it anyway, because Helluva Boss has been pretty much my whole life since last year and has brought me back into a fandom I enjoy very much in a positive way .... and the current affair is very much on my mind and has put a crack in my happy little bubble. When all I wanted was to stay in my pink and red bubble! And I still want to.
But I can't keep my mouth shut. So here's my two cents:
Personally, I'm rarely interested in the producers behind a series, instead focusing mainly on the series and the characters within it. Of course, you know the producers and artists and maybe even follow them ... but otherwise I usually hold back and enjoy what a series brings me personally.
But since I'm a big animation fan (and media studies were part of my studies), Vivzi impressed me a lot, as I admire and respect everyone who works their way up from zero to a hundred as an indi artist. It's hard to build a fanbase and create content that you might not even get paid for, especially in the beginning. Especially as an adult. Time and motivation and work and personal physical and mental state play a big role there. So the fact that she made it this far really impressed me, that's why I decided to support her.
I don't know Vivzi personally. I can only judge by what I see or read in interviews. And regarding the criticism that has come up, I have to say that the whole thing rubs me in the wrong way. In different directions.
First of all, I'm not a fan of the current mentality that social media has brought with it. Since everyone has accounts on all sorts of platforms and are thus 'accessible', many people, and especially younger people, seem to think they can interact on a confidential or friendly basis with people whose works they like. Of course, it's great to be within reach of these people ... but that doesn't mean you have any pretensions or you are their friend.
It would never occur to me to send personal messages to an actor or artist, or post a hateful tweet for the whole world to see, just so I can voice my personal little gripe. I don't think that's appropriate. It has something to do with politeness and respect. And with not getting too close to people you don't know. I also respect the privacy of people on the Internet and know what I'm entitled to and what I'm not ... And if there is a conflict to be solved, you have to confront this person at eye level and address the things instead of keeping dead silent or publishing them later on the Internet as a rant post (generally speaking).
But this is just a side note, because I have seen how people leave hate comments and rants under posts without reflection. It's disgusting ... and brazen.
And while we're on the subject, I detest the way some 'fans' act. Not getting their beloved free content? Boo hoo, everything sucks, the artist should be burned! I'll never watch XYZ again!11!!!111!!! Mimimi, the voice actors from the pilot are being recast, the ones who made these decisions are human scum and traitors!
Just like Coldmirror, a well known German Youtuber said: 'In the past I wouldn't have written Steven Spielberg a letter on my diddle paper with the message: Ha,ha, your movie with the dinosaurs was full of shit. It was badly done, you could see that the dinos weren't real and I don't like dinos anyway! Really bad, I'll tell everyone now! You are stupid!!!'
Like ... wtf? Who does something like that? I will never understand this audacity. But probably it's because I'm too old for that kind of shit and at least I got some manners and rules of behavior in the cradle and I transferred them to the internet. The internet is not a big, funny playground where you can thunder your unfiltered opinion at everyone. Grow up.
But enough of that ... I have to say that the current accusations against Vivzi have kept me very busy. Why? Because I've come back to a fandom after years and enjoy it. I thought, this one thing is good. This one thing is nice and the fandom is a little crazy but friendly and I managed to stay out of in-fandom drama. However, now that this statement has been released, I have to put my thoughts down so they are out of my head. Without meaning it maliciously, no matter how it may sound.
According to the said entry, the former Spindlehorse employee was just 18 at the time they worked at the studio, and the whole thing happened about 1-2 years ago.
The things that came to my mind are the following: at 18 you are young. Very young. The person worked 30-40 hours full time and still took the job at SH in addition. Ambitious, I would say! Animation is time consuming af.
But what I also had to think about was, and I don't mean this in a derogatory way, I'm just trying to explain the picture that came up in my mind: such a young person, who has also stated to suffer from mental problems and is already working full time anyway, now has to take on a second job in addition. In an area of work that is very labor-intensive and time-consuming.
In addition, to work for a person to who one looks up, at a show, which one likes. Sounds like hitting the jackpot, but could it also have created false expectations?
Deadlines have to be met. There are deadlines everywhere. So I don't understand harping on that. Nor do I understand that if you don't get deadlines and then explicitly ask for one and get a short time window, why do you complain? Just because you might be a fan of a series doesn't mean that it's a nice tralala job that you do on the side. Because that's kind of how it sounded to me. Last monday I was asked to give out 8 different handouts on various seminars I held – it had to be done til the next day. The agreement originally said otherwise, but the boss wanted and needed them. So it had to get done ... And it did get done. I also didn’t get a thank you very much or get one every time I've done my job. So when a deadline comes up and I work all night to get the deadline for that job done ... then that's what I've done: my damn job. My boss doesn't come running and throw herself at my feet with thanks ...
A job is a job and I think before the person started at SH, the conditions were discussed. Maybe there was a contract or some other type of agreement where it was outlined what the working conditions were. So the person knew what they were getting into as far as that was concerned ....
My further thought was: It is normal that there is a hierarchy in a company. How well it functions and is lived out is, of course, that’s another matter. And of course you have favorites among colleagues, with whom you prefer to work. Just because you're hired as a fan doesn't automatically make you best friends. And it's also natural that when Vivzi's friends have worked with her, she treats them differently. She knows them, there's a different connection.
With such a small, young company, of course the money goes to what attracts the customers: the voice actors. But I think even the payment was somehow agreed upon beforehand, so the person should have known what they were getting into. If Vivzi didn't stick to it, that's another thing, of course, and not okay ...
She can't be blamed for the behavior of her right hand. At most, she could have said something if she knew about it.
As for bashing other series, that's not the fine thing to do. I could imagine it was meant in a more sarcastic frame, but I can't judge that, so I won't say anything about it. The same goes for comments about other artists in the industry. That's not the kind of thing you do, and it's lousy.
On the other hand, I've also gossiped behind other people's backs before. Not even maliciously, but to blow off steam. We're all just people. We all make mistakes. SH is a young company. Vivzi therefore doesn't have much experience as a producer yet. You grow with your tasks and maybe everything is different now ... considering that said accusations refer to a point in time that is at least a year in the past.
The working world is tough. You have to get used to it...
I would really like to see a little statement on this. But I can absolutely understand if Vivzi and her crew don't say anything about it. And that's their right, too. They have a lot on their plate right now and a lot to do (the fact that Vivzi wasn't around at some point could be explained by the fact that she's producing a second series with a big official film studio and has to commute between two projects work-wise ... just as a side thought).
Vivzi took a break from social media because she wasn't feeling well and such accusations could have a corresponding effect. And my selfish ass hopes that this doesn't kill her passion on the project and the series gets cancelled .…
Which would also be her right. It's her fucking show, and she can do whatever the hell she wants with it. And if she turns all the characters into bouncing punching bags from the Muppetshow who only speak telephone language. Her show. Her choice.
For us, as fans, it would suck, of course, because the characters and the show are very dear to my heart.
But I don't want to deny the person their experience either. Not in any way. There are always two sides and everyone perceives situations differently, which is the point of the whole thing. If the person was stressed, that's how it was for them. If they were uncomfortable, if it got to them ... okay. Of course. Understandable, absolutely!!!
Nevertheless it is already very random to come out now completely spontaneously with it and to speak about things, which would have belonged to be addressed internally. Only talking people can be helped.
I wouldn't go and talk loudly on the Internet about my current employer, mentioning all the names and everything that's going wrong (which I wouldn't be allowed to do because of my contract ... cough).
And that was my brainstormed ted talk. I don’t want to offend or harrass anyone... but I needed those thoughts out of my head.
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mcwfcengwnt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Photoshoot pt. 3 - Leah Williamson x reader
Prompt - reader is in the stands when Leah scores her first goal as captain.
“I never thought I’d see the day you actually be wearing a football shirt” Erin laughs.
“Well here I am”.
You do a little turn, showing off the Lionesses kit that Leah gifted to you, “what do you think?” you ask your best friend, “I think Leah will be beside herself, especially when she sees you with Williamson on the back”.
Your eyes go wide as Erin smirks, “well obviously she’s not going to give you a plain shirt. Look in the mirror”.
You almost fall over the shoes piled on the floor you run to the mirror that fast, twisting around and catching a glimpse of the number 5 and Williamson printed across the white material, “this is is too funny” she laughs.
“First you were an Arsenal WAG and now you’re an England one”.
She shrugs, pulling out her phone and taking a picture of you, presumably sending it to your football group chat with your new found football friends at Arsenal.
You can’t help but smile at the thoughtfulness of the defender, sending you her match worn shirt from the first game she was the official Lionesses captain, a warm feeling take over your body at how much this gesture means to you.
The past few months since you told your friends and family that you officially started dating, have been the best of your life.
You started working for the Arsenal media team after Leah informed you of an opening and you’ve been to so many games that you’ve lost count, but getting to follow Leah up and down the country and see her in the element is extremely rewarding.
“Stop gawping and let’s get going!”.
“You’re one to talk! Your phones been your best friend for the past five minutes” you retort, “who are you texting anyway?”.
Erin blushes, “no one”.
You frown, “well that’s a lie, but I’m not going to push you for it, we could be here all night!”.
“You’re right. Let’s go and see your girl!”.
As soon as you arrive, Erin is off somewhere getting you a drink so you can cool off in this odd two day heatwave, leaving you to aimlessly find your seat amongst the team’s friends and family, most of whom you’ve never met.
“Y/N, you made it!”.
Arms are thrown round you as you’re pulled into a hug by none other than Leah’s mum.
“Hi Amanda” you smile, hugging the woman back before saying a quick hello to Jacob, her nan and also her cousin Holly, before taking your seat.
She regales you with the story of how special it was to see Leah and the team win the Arnold Clark Cup in the same stadium, just four months ago, filling you in on everything that had happened since you last saw her.
“Please welcome your teams, Belgium and England”.
You watch as Leah leads the line out, your heart swelling with so much pride you think it might burst.
Yes you’d seen her captain England and even Arsenal before, but this was different, this was the first time you’d seen her lead the team as the official England captain.
“She’s looking for you” Amanda says.
You’d got so caught up in your emotions, you missed her looking in the crowd for her family and the huge smile on her face when she’d located them.
Casting your eyes onto the pitch, they finally connect with Leah’s, the defender breathing an unheard sigh of relief when they do, smirking and blowing you a quick kiss.
“You’re so sappy” Erin complains from your other side.
“You’re one to talk. You never did tell me who you were texting so avidly” you retort and she mocks being hurt.
“I don’t have to tell you everything you know”.
“Holy shit, you scored!”.
Amanda berates her youngest child for his choice language, “I mean it went down as an own goal but I think I can claim it” Leah smirks, hugging both Jacob and Amanda, the latter making way for you.
You don’t know what to do first, whether to congratulate the defender or whether to hug her.
Thankfully she makes that decision for you.
“Hello darling” she grins pulling you into a hug and hiding her face in your neck, softly kissing the skin there, “hi baby, congratulations on your goal” you smile, relishing the feeling of being close to her.
“Thank you. I missed you” she pouts, “I missed you too” her eyes drift down to the shirt you’re wearing, tugging at it lightly, “I recognise this shirt” she smirks, “turn around” she gestures and you oblige, showing her the Williamson printed on the back.
“You look good with my name on”.
You blush as Jacob makes a gagging noise and Leah shows him her middle finger, “ignore him” she says, pulling you closer, “I think it’s extremely cute you wore my shirt. Makes me think of your first Arsenal game”.
Basking in the glow of being reunited with your girlfriend is something you’ll never forget, being surrounded by her family and knowing that you are loved and appreciated.
“Technically that wasn’t you’re shirt, it was one I bought” you tease.
Leah doesn’t reply, just sticks her tongue out at you and squeezes your waist, making you jump, “hey, that wasn’t nice”.
Soon enough, it’s time for Leah to head back inside as she has media to complete, so you say your goodbyes and start to make your way out before realising you’ve lost your best friend, “hey have you seen Erin?” you ask Holly, but she shrugs.
Just as you’re about to ring her, she reappears and not only that, she has what seems to be a bruise on her neck.
“Is that a hickey Erin?”.
She smirks and you shake your head, laughing at her smugness, “only you could come to an England game and come out wearing that. Who gave it to you anyway?”.
“Now that is classified information”.
“Erin! It was a player wasn’t it?”.
She nods, “Jesus Christ Ez” you sigh, “what? You’re dating Leah, nothing wrong with me having a bit of fun too”.
“Only as long as you me tell who”.
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zawe-daily · 2 days ago
Zawe Ashton On Playing a Regency Bridget Jones in ‘Mr. Malcolm’s List’
By Jenelle Riley
Tumblr media
Five years ago, Zawe Ashton was considering leaving acting. Then she landed the female lead in “Velvet Buzzsaw.” Her Broadway debut in “Betrayal” followed, as did a part on “The Handmaid’s Tale” and a top-secret role in the “Captain Marvel” sequel “The Marvels.” She can next be seen in Regency-era rom-com “Mr. Malcolm’s List,” based on the novel by Suzanne Allain and directed by Emma Holly Jones. Ashton plays Julia Thistlewaite, who is rejected by Sopé Dìrísù’s eligible bachelor Jeremy Malcolm for not meeting the requirements on his list for an ideal bride. Julia calls upon her old school friend Selina Dalton (Frieda Pinto) to deliver justice in the July 1 Bleecker Street release.
How did “Mr. Malcolm’s List” find its way to you?
I was just quietly going about my business at the beginning of last year and my friend texted me going, “Please watch this new show, ‘Bridgerton.’” I was like, “Well if I’m going to be binging anything, I want to do some cinephile digging. I want to be that person who watches the Bergman or the Cassavetes or the Agnes Varda box set!” But she begged me to watch it, and I’m so glad I did. Like everyone else, I fell head over heels in love with it and was so refreshed by the approach of it and the Shondaland of it all. I sent my agent and my manager an email saying, “Get me in a corset, ASAP.” And my manager wrote back and said, “That’s so weird because there’s actually something kind of cooking at the moment; look out for your inbox.” And lo and behold, someone pulled out of this movie. Which is usually the way I get a gig. I have absolutely no ego about this.
What were your immediate impressions of the script?
It was undeniable. And there was this era I’ve always wanted to be a part of and never understood why I couldn’t. There was also a first-time female director, which is something I’ve been committing myself to these past few years in actively trying to help amplify those voices and the films that are meaningful to me. And I loved my character, Julia. She’s like a Regency Bridget Jones when we meet her – not quite sure if the pressure is going to let off in terms of finding that match. There was something so contemporary and relatable about her as a woman.
Well, according to Mr. Malcolm, she does flutter her eyelashes too much. But other than that, she’s pretty cool.
That was actually a really hard scene to do, because we wanted to be really naturalistic with makeup all the way through and false eyelashes didn’t exist then. So if you want some eyelash acting from me, you’re going to get it.
You probably picked up a lot of new skills.
I feel like I could offer my services now, to any drama school students perhaps who need a few pointers in Regency acting. There will be things you didn’t expect to come up that will come up: eyelash acting, boob acting, acting with horses. Thankfully, there really were some fantastic learning curves. And I feel so lucky to have just done a project where I’ve learned a completely new skill set.
I’ve heard everything you’ve said but my mind is still stuck on one thing, which is that you need to go on “Bridgerton.” Can I start a hashtag?
Let’s start the campaign now, shall we? Let’s get the domain JenelleSaysZaweForBridgerton registered. I would love to, not only because I’m absolutely obsessed but obviously there’s a huge conversation we’re having about the way we are refreshing this genre for the screen. It feels so funny that friends of mine, contemporaries, have suffered from what they call “bonnet fatigue” because they’ve been in so many period dramas. But I’m the opposite. I would love to do just period dramas or comedies and get to that fatigue place, because I just love it.
I think the hashtag is #MoreBonnetsForZawe.
I mean, the experience of putting one on for the first time was so emotional, if you can believe that. Because again, one doesn’t realize that they haven’t been doing something until they do it. I remember the first time I went for a fitting and they put a bonnet on me and I was like, “Wow, this is cool. I’m now in the films that I’ve watched for all of these years.”
This entire cast is so phenomenal and you all work so well together.
I did a series with Freida Pinto called “Guerilla” and she remembered me and sort of suggested me. I’m so glad we got to do this because to have two women of color at the center and be able to work on that gorgeous friendship was so satisfying. Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù is one of the most electric screen presences that I’ve experienced for a very, very long time. Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who plays my cousin, was such a delight. A friend texted me and said, “You two will literally become best friends by the end of the movie” and we literally got on like family as soon as we met. Theo James and I have been in a similar orbit for years and working with him was such a joy. He’s such a funny man and that really helped having that laughter offstage as well because I’m doing the romantic scenes which were really hard for me.
I mean, they say the things that you struggle with in life, are the things that you struggle with as an actor. And I’ve never been a very successfully flirty person ever. I’m that girl who either you’re thinking, “She doesn’t like me.” Or you’re thinking, “Oh, what a sweet, awkward human being. At some point was she batting her eyelashes at me?” And so to step into a romantic space, and sort of have that storyline was, was quite challenging, and I loved doing it. But it was, again, a new skill that I had to hone.
You have done a lot of serious dramas lately; what was it like to lighten up?
So amazing. I showed my dad a clip from some of the film and he said, “You’re doing a film where you’re smiling!”
You shot this before joining the MCU with the “Captain Marvel” sequel “The Marvels.” I’m guessing you can’t say anything about that film right now?
I can’t, I just can’t say even one thing. Other than I had the best time. And Nia DeCosta is one of the guiding lights of directors that we have. She is so precious and special and the doors that she’s going to open – that she already has – are extremely, extremely exciting.
You actually dressed as Captain Marvel for Halloween back in 2019 – did Nia happen to see that?
(Laughs) If she did, she didn’t say anything. You know, I had met her about a very low budget period piece right when the pandemic had hit and we just got on like a house of fire. “Candyman” hadn’t come out yet but we were familiar enough with each other – I’d seen her brilliant debut feature “Little Woods” and had been really impressed and thought, “I’d like to work with that woman one day.” So it was just a meeting of the minds, the seeing of souls and she decided to take me on one of the biggest journeys that she could possibly be undertaking.
Do you ever think about how five years ago you thought you were leaving the business?
Very much so. And I still keep trying to do it, which is silly. It’s like one of those hysterical tantrums you throw as a child: “I’m leaving!” And everyone’s like, “Oh.” But every time I did try to quit I’ve been brought back closer to my real purpose that I felt I was slightly lacking. I was pulled towards Dan Gilroy with “Velvet Buzzsaw” and I was pulled towards doing “Betrayal,” which is a play that has transformed my life, and I was pulled towards doing “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a show that I have hoped would exist since I was 18.
Things you didn’t know about Zawe Ashton
Age: 37
Born and raised: London
An early start: From age 6, she attended the Anna Scher Theater School and was a member of the National Youth Theatre.
Pen is mightier: Her works as a writer include the fictionalized memoir “Character Breakdown” and the plays “Harm’s Way” and “For All the Women Who Thought They Were Mad.”
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odekirk · 2 days ago
one aspect of chuck’s character that i’ve always found interesting is how much his self-esteem seems to depend on his ability to be a good lawyer. like it’s the one thing he thinks makes him special and valuable - he’s not good with people and he’s not funny, but it’s okay, because he has *this*. so when jimmy becomes lawyer, and a damn good one too, i think that it’s part of why chuck feels so irrationally threatened. what do you think?
oh absolutely! i think from chuck’s perspective he found this thing at a relatively young age that he excels at, finds meaning and purpose in, and that satisfies a desire/need to have tangible achievements he can point to (where certain intangible achievements, like being able to make people laugh, have mostly eluded him) to prove his worth… he found that thing and he worked hard at it for decades and decades and he poured everything he had into it and he was recognized by his peers as being exceptional at it, and then his brother who was last seen shitting through a sunroof was like “yeah i bet i could do that, i mean how hard can it be.” there’s no question that that felt like a slap in the face to chuck.
and the thing is, jimmy does become a good lawyer… in his way. his skills as a lawyer are, again, more intangible than chuck’s. chuck can cite specific sections of the criminal code from memory, whereas jimmy cannot (see also: jimmy claiming that his HHM-style billboard falls under “fair use”). jimmy will hop into a dumpster looking for destroyed evidence, which illustrates an incredible commitment to fighting for his clients who he believes are being ripped off. but it’s chuck who actually pieces together those documents, identifies the specific bit of information that makes their case, and knows immediately what case law they need to start looking at and what kind of legal documents they need to start drafting.
i think peter gould said on the podcast that if you could combine the two of them they would make one perfect lawyer—jimmy’s people skills, tenacity, and cynicism (which i think is the quality that made him suspicious of sandpiper in the first place) with chuck’s book smarts, attention to detail, and legalism (which would protect jimmy from most of the major trouble he gets into).
but they can’t be combined into one person. they can only compare themselves to each other and observe their shortcomings. for jimmy, this means having a chip on his shoulder about how he’ll never be accepted by the elites (“they’ll pat you on the head, but they are never letting you in”); for chuck, this means having a chip on his shoulder about how someone who graduated from community college & an online law school and failed the bar twice before passing it and defecated through a sunroof “gets to be a lawyer.”
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walkingus · 22 hours ago
Headcanons for dating Max AND Laura. As in together. Pleaseeeee
ahhhh yes a polyamorous request! i was hoping i would get one of these eventually so thank you for this anon. might be kinda short though! you can imagine laura and max also being together in this, or not. it's not important so it's up to your brain to decide!
tags: @alisblackgf @seasidesamir @sera-wonderland @pra-xiis @willowroom @evaavaughn @blackhoodlea @dylanlenievy @bloodverz @radio-heads @nesai @rainbows-dreams @jamiieebee @cherrypop-xoxo @nobodycv | taglist form (for things like this, if one character you put on the form is involved, you will be tagged unless you tell me otherwise)
tws: max turns into a werewolf as he does in the game, violence (descriptions of max being bitten), mentions of ptsd, depression, etc. some angst. most of this is happy though and nothing is very descriptive
dating laura kearny and max brinly (the quarry)
being in a relationship with both of them feels exactly like a fever dream. it's too good to be true (in your eyes). they're both so incredible in their own ways
you have very special, unique bonds with both of them. you cherish them both so much in different ways, but the two of them mean more to you than you can express in words
max was the one who showed interest in you first. he's a bit clumsy and trips over his own feet (both metaphorically and literally), sometimes, but he won you over with his smile and his kindness
laura was more reserved in keeping her feelings to herself. she wasn't ready to handle rejection from you, so she decided to admire you from afar. if you expressed any type of interest in her, she would go for it
you love laura for her confidence and her heart. she's always in tune with you and your emotions, even when she isn't around
you'll wake up to texts saying "are you okay?" and "how are you doing?" on some days. she just knows how you feel, no matter what
while laura might be the one who notices first, max is usually the one by your side the quickest. he's got his arm wrapped around your shoulder, asking you if you want to talk to him about anything
he's really good at listening. he knows just how to comfort you simply by being with you, and you're beyond grateful for it
the two of them know it's not a competition to win you over, that you love both of them and that they have nothing to be jealous of, but it does happen sometimes
it's a healthy relationship between all three of you, but they do play around a lot. laura teases him for being all sappy with you and staring at you like a puppy, and max rebukes it by saying how she's always hovering around you wanting your attention
it's funny to watch, but you usually butt in and remind them that there's enough of you to go around
max goes red when you say that, of course. he gets flustered really easily. you think it's adorable and if you tell him that, he gets even more embarrassed
we'll get the angsty bits out of the way relatively quickly so we can move on to happy things <3
when max gets bit, you're terrified for him. you thought he was going to die. you saw whatever that thing was on top of him, and it looked as if he were being torn apart
you nearly froze up when it attacked him, having to force your limbs into moving over to him as you and laura pulled him up the steps
tears were welling in your eyes. you were so far away from a hospital and there was no one else there to help you, but you were knocked out before you could dig yourself deeper into that hole
your months with the cop and in the cell were like torture. you were in the cell between the two of them, and there was nothing that you wanted to do more than hug them again
you saw max transform, too. you saw the bloodthirsty look in his eyes, put you could've swore you saw the loving man you'd come to be with staring back at you, too
after he gets cured, it's very emotional for the three of you. you all take awhile to spend time together, because you all know you need a break from the world
you'll get frequent nightmares of max still being a werewolf. he always holds you in his arms, his hands running through your hair or pressing kisses across your head to calm you down
"i'm okay. nothing's gonna happen to me, hun. i promise." he'd reassure you, his voice so gentle it makes you forget about everything
laura struggles with the same things you do, and the three of you all depend on each other even more after everything that happened at the quarry
moving on (we can pretend the happy stuff is in another universe or something) 
max is a bigger fan of physical affection than laura is. he just loooves hugging you, cuddling you, holding you, everything. he's a sucker for affection especially when it comes from you
he's always wanting to cuddle up next to you, especially when he gets tired. he has trouble sleeping sometimes but he finds it so easily to sleep with you wrapped up in his arms
laura shows you she loves you in other ways more than she does with physical touch. she won't ever say no to a cuddling session with you, though <3
she buys you gifts a lot, finding things she thinks you'd like or getting you things you mentioned wanting once months ago. she has a great memory
they both love taking you out on dates! they do it in different ways, but they love spending their time with you doing fun things or going out to dinner
max will do a large variety of things when he takes you out. it just depends on what he thinks you'd want to do more. he takes you on a picnic in the middle of a beautiful field and others the water park, sometimes a fancy dinner, it all changes
laura's usually asking you what you want to do. she doesn't want to mess anything up, but she will choose where to go sometimes as a surprise date. she picks a few different places and lets you choose. but she'll take you to the others eventually 
laura is less shy about pda than max is, wanting to show you off to the world in a very obvious way. she doesn't go all out though, wanting to save the meaningful touches for the comfort of your home, but she does love holding your hand and wrapping her arm around you
max always loves physical affection. he's just worried you won't like it. after he sees you with laura and how comfortable you look with her, he becomes less awkward about taking your hand in public
they're both big on telling you how much they love you verbally, too. it's second nature to say "i love you" if they're leaving or at the end of any conversation
this is so random, but i love the idea of dancing with max in the rain
he's totally a sucker for romance movies and if he sees the window of opportunity to kiss you in the rain, he WILL do it. it's on his bucket list and it's always been something he wanted to do
laura just laughs at it, but she'll join you two and get soaked in the process. the three of you standing like idiots in the middle of the road, holding each others hands and dancing like no ones watching
they talk about you a lot. they talk about what you want for your birthday or that cute thing you did earlier. they gush over you when you're not around
if you walk in on them they'll just brush it off, looking really awkward as they try to make it seem like they weren't just sitting on the carpet across from each other with huge smiles on their faces
laura is more assertive than max is, and as a result, she'll be more verbally protective of you than he is. while her attention would be on whoever hurt you somehow, he'd be with you, keeping your eyes on him and talking to you about anything
they care about you a lot and would go to lengths to keep you safe. they can't really imagine their lives without you anymore
you're like a light to them. you make them both so happy and always manage to make them laugh even when you're feeling down
max's humor always puts a smile on your face. he tells a lot of dumb jokes to make you laugh if you're upset
laura's okay with just sitting in silence with you until you're ready to talk, or just as a way of comforting you
as mentioned before, you have unique relationships with both of them, but you love them equally. you love how they care so much about you
you love max's kindness and his dumb sense of humor, his smile and his ability to always look at the bright side
you love laura's determination and her laugh, her sincerity and how she's always able to make you happy no matter how sad you'd been before
you love both of their personalities so much. they're different but they're so similar in some ways. they both continue to make you happy even if you'd been sad for days before
they're both really supportive of you in everything you do, always chee
this is getting pretty long so to wrap things up
max and laura hold soooo much love for you it's obvious to anyone
they'll tell you all the time about how much they love you but you never get tired of it <3
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spicyveggiesub · 23 hours ago
[ENG SUB] Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight -The Live Seiran- BLUE GLITTER
Finally, finally! Blue Glitter is subbed!!
Links: Nyaa | .ass sub files
Includes all content in the bluray - the main switching angle video, fixed POV, and daily guest appearances (Futaba, Nana, Mahiru, Junna, Maya, Karen).
The switching video is the final performance and the daily guest is Kaoruko, and there’s a very emotional talk at the end. The fixed point daily guest is Karen and she does something very funny (different from the clipped daily guest video) at 1:06:40 so I recommend watching that if not the whole fixed point video
Now I’ll ramble just a bit under the cut as per usual...
okay I don’t actually have a whole lot to say this time, just that... it’s been a year and a half since BG happened and it’s been almost a year since the bluray came out!!! and in some ways it’s for the best that this wasn’t done until after Delight happened, because I got to rely on the official starira translation for the term National High School Performance Championship (and I wrote the whole thing out as much as possible even though maybe that was unnecessary and maybe took up more text space than was necessary but my brain ... ). (EDIT: Ok HILARIOUSLY like 5 mins after i posted this i realized I wrote National High School Drama Championship twice which is hilarious bc i had 3 friends qc this and i qced twice and still didnt catch it. I changed it in the sub files but no one’s gonna use those so like. it’s a little memory of my foolishness again)
but I wish it didn’t take so long!! and by this i don’t mean the actual time I spent on it but the fact that no one else subbed it for a year and then like 1.5 months ago I finally started it. it’s really funny because... I got into revue starlight in dec 2020 and about a week after I finished watching the anime I bought streaming tickets for blue glitter and watched it and barely understood what the hell was going on. it was so good that I bought another performance after that but i didn’t even fully know the plot aside from what I read in text summaries until I subbed this now because back then I could understand maybe like 45% of it at most lmfao
all that is to say, i wish i got into revue starlight earlier so i would have learned more japanese earlier so i would have subbed blue glitter earlier - OR that someone else did it earlier that would have been cool too. I’m not trying to have a monopoly on the revue subbing scene here I am desperately hoping more people will sub more things (the live online... also #3 bluray is coming out soon and i definitely can’t get to it right away so I’ll probably wait like 2-3 months to see if anyone else does it and also bc i’ll be busy T__T and also bc if i’m being honest getting an edel delight draft done is more of a priority than #3 is for me)
anyway I said I didn’t have a lot to say but still typed too much. enjoy 😐🤠😳 <- this is seiran
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tywrites · 2 days ago
exhilarating | kaitlyn ka
Tumblr media
request: my friend, i am suffering from massive kaitlyn brainrot it is an issue- so may i request a little piece about maybe secretly dating kaitlyn? like it’s not because of any angsty reason (my poor soul can’t handle angst-) they just thought it would be funny to see when the other counselors would eventually figure it out? some shenanigans mayhaps? thank you <3
a/n: KAITLYN MY LOVE- i need more fics for her desperately :’) also secret dating is one of my favourite tropes hehe - this is quite short but i love her <3 hope u enjoy!!
pairing: kaitlyn ka x gen!reader
word count: 696
warnings: swearing? that’s it lmao
You groaned in pain, holding your head in your hands. Sitting at the table were Dylan, Kaitlyn, and Ryan, the four of you having a quick breakfast before having to begin your counsellors duties. Kaitlyn looked to you in concern.
"Hey, you feeling okay?" She asked, worried.
"Just a headache, my head's throbbing," you reply, leaning your arms onto the table and dropping your head onto them.
"Maybe you should see the nurse?" Ryan spoke up.
"He's right. C'mere, I'll take you." Kaitlyn took hold of your arm, bringing you up with her as she stood. "We'll see you guys later." The two of you left towards the nurse's office, Kaitlyn walking with great speed and determination.
Once you'd gotten there, Kaitlyn immediately sat you down and began to rummage through the drawers. "I know there's some ibuprofen in here somewhere. Y'know, you should really drink more water, probably why the headache's so bad. I mean, when was the last time you-"
She was cut off by you wrapping your arms around her stomach, hugging her from behind. A small gasp left her and her hands flew to yours, rubbing them down your arms. You laughed, nuzzling into her neck.
"You- you're so annoying, oh my god-"
"I had you going though, didn't I?" You grinned, placing a gentle kiss to her neck. She shuddered, your breath hitting her skin. "I just wanted to get you alone..."
"There are so many other ways to do that, dumbass. I was actually worried about you," she rolled her eyes but she couldn't be mad at you, not really.
Keeping your relationship a secret from the others wasn't the long term plan. It just... happened? It started out as a kinda prank, just to see how long it would take them all to notice. Before you knew it, a month and a half went by. Yeah, your fellow counsellors weren't very observant. The only people who'd come close to noticing was actually the campers. What is it about kids and noticing stuff even adults can't see right in front of them?
Either way, it had kinda become fun; sneaking around with her, hooking up in secret. The idea of getting caught was exhilarating, only adding to your amusement. And there had been many incidences of nearly getting caught.
One where you'd both been kissing by the lake when Jacob made a surprise visit (you'd leapt into the lake before you could properly think about it, coming out once he'd left; Kaitlyn found it hilarious). Another where you'd been in the cabins when everyone was at lunch when Abi came around to look for the two of you. The picture of Kaitlyn under the bed still made you laugh to this day.
Kaitlyn spun around in your arms, facing you fully before flicking your forehead. Ouch.
"Now we're even," she smirked before attaching her lips to yours. You walked forwards until her back was leaning against the desk, her arms looping around your neck. She gasped when you bit her lip, giving you an opening to deepen the kiss. The small pants she let out were so cute. One of your hands sneakily edged under her sweatshirt, massaging the soft skin there, a small gasp escaping her.
You were both so entranced that you didn't notice the rhythmic knock at the door. You pulled her closer to you, just in time for the door to open. You both sprung apart but it was way too late.
Dylan stood there in shock, mouth wide open staring at the two of you.
You gulped, fiddling with your fingers a bit, before sheepishly smiling at him.
"Uh, hey dude..."
"What the hell."
Kaitlyn sighed and raised her arms in defence. "Okay, okay fine. You caught us. Honestly, it took you long enough,"
Dylan blinked slowly. "Took me long eno- what? How long has this been going on?" He said incredulously.
"Since like the beginning of summer?"
"Yeah, you guys aren't very observant," you laughed, taking a hold of Kaitlyn's hand. "Look, how about you go tell the others about this amazing discovery. We were kinda in the middle of something..."
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callmemrskenway · 2 days ago
hello! love your lmk writing! can i request headcanons for yin/jin, mei, mk, and red son (separately) on a first date with the reader? thanks! <3
I kinda did just did Yin and Jin, sorry! That's just all the motivation I had for this request but it's really sweet and wholesome and I love it!
-You'd expect him to start to feel some first date jitters, right? Well, no, not really. He's a very confident person and he's DETERMINED TO MAKE THIS THE BEST DATE EVER.
- Literally, he has had this day planned out ever since the moment he first met you (and the plan in question is literally: 1. Take (Y/n) in a date, 2. Make (Y/n) fall in love with me, 3. Marriage).
-Might I also mention that he definetly brings you golden jewelry on said date as well? Because he definetly does. Absolutely taking every chance to brag about himself and come off as the ideal lover, other people pity you because your date seems so narcissistic but you know that's far from the case.
- Jin is genuinely happy you're here because the hardest part for him was asking you out on a date and now that you've agreed to go on one, he's gonna stop at nothing to romance you off of your feet so be prepared.
- Would take you out in events where he can show off his strength, cunning, and other amazing talents to impress you so maybe a nearby fair, festival, or carnival and stuff like that.
- Basically, any place where he can win you a prize and you leave the date struggling to carry all the stuffed animals that he won you or where you're just singing his praises because he did really awesome at that one dance machine game in the arcade.
- He is a gentleman, though, opening doors for you or letting you go first for things and insistent in walking you back to your house to make sure you get their safely is a big priority for him as well.
- At the end if the night, if you give him a kiss on the cheek then all that confidence has burst into a state of pure happiness as he gets all embarrassed and shy and tells you that he hopes you had a fun night.
- LITERALLY HE IS SO OUT OF IT WHEN HE COMES HOME, he's got a love sick expression on his face and just overall is excited to ask you on another date.
- Okay, but he will get first date jitters, mark my words. But like his brother, he's convinced he has the perfect plan for your lives together and it's literally the same as Jin's but there is a 4th step and it's just "get ice cream with (Y/n)."
- He tries hard to make it the best date ever, especially because this has been his big goal, after all this time of pining after you and attempting to woo you, this is the perfect chance to finally make it pay off!
- Also has intentions if showing off to you but not by showing off his physical strength but by making him seem like the ideal lover who could provide you with intelligent conversation, be attentive to your needs, and etc.
- Expect him to try and use big words he doesn't know the meaning off to simply sound intelligent but you can't help but think its cute. Don't be afraid to correct him, though, he'd just stare at you in awe and is all: "THEY'RE SO SMART, WHAT-"
- Also a gentleman, pulling out your chair for you, opening doors and he's so dramatic about it but so sweet and sincere that you can't help but chuckle and give him a kiss for being a big old sweetheart.
- No but would be so angry if the date was interrupted, like MK thought he was terrorizing you because he heard you crying but you were actually laughing really hard because he told you a funny joke and he comes to rescue you but in reality, he's ruining a perfectly good date.
- SO LIKE, YOU HAVE TO STOP YIN FROM BEATING UP THIS POOR TEENAGER BECAUSE HE IS PISSED and then he apologizes because he didn't mean to get all scary and MK has to apologize to because HE THOUGHT YOU WERE IN DANGER and he kinda awkwardly wishes you guys a good rest of the night as Yin tries to make sure the rest of the night goes smoothly.
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it-ezz-what-it-ezz · 2 days ago
Hmm, in an angsty mood-
How would the noodle boys react to accidentally wounding their s/o? Like gravely speaking?
Would they start trying to apply pressure via noodle hugs after they may have shoved them into a sharp rock structure in their cave? Try and make them drink a full heal before their venom shuts them down after biting them out of spite?
I’m curious :0 (Also make this as soft or angsty as you wish, whether we live or not is up to you)
:0!! I headcanon both to be Burmese python hyrbids, sooo
CW : major character death, blood, hints of suicidal ideations.
- All his life he has been aware he is much stronger and faster than humans. He is acutely aware of how fragile you are compared to him, he could seriously harm you if he’s not careful.
- You hadn’t meant to scare him. He knew that.
- He was half asleep, trying to nap away a headache. Your foot steps were quiet cause you didn’t want to disturb him, but you lost your balance for a moment and accidentally brushed against his tail.
- His instincts kicked in with lightning fast results.
- A gasp and a snap was heard echoing in the den.
- Ingo was awake now.
- “dear?”
- His breathing was coming out in short, quick bursts as he frantically tried to get you to respond to him.
- No amount of screaming, crying, or pleading was moving you.
- You are limp in his hold.
- “Please! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”
- He pleads, patching up the bleeding hole on the back of your head.
- It wouldn’t work.
- His screams are reaching far beyond his den.
- The stench of blood lingering in the air. Your blood covering his hands.
- No matter what he did you wouldn’t wake up.
- Emmet tried to keep level head for his brother, but even he was horrified at the scene before him.
- Ingo wouldn’t stop apologizing, broken pleads fill the air.
- He killed his mate.
- He doesn’t deserve to live while you don’t.
- He knew you’re human frame is much weaker than him, but he trusts himself and you!
- You two play fight all the time, and this time wasn’t much different. You maybe his tiny human mate, but he knows you have a lot of fight in you!
- You were struggling in his coils.
- You were out of breath while he was chuckling at your pitiful attempts to escape and fight back.
- He failed to keep his instincts in check.
- After all, it’s habit to constantly tighten his hold against struggling prey.
- “E-em.”
- It was barely a whisper before there was sudden give.
- His silver eyes widened, tears quickly filling them as blood pours out of your nose and mouth.
- The give was your bones breaking under the pressure.
- “D-darling!? This isn’t funny, come on!”
- But you don’t move, all he hears is a pained wheezing.
- Frantic he goes to move but his movements all cause you more pain.
- For the first time in his life he screams loud enough to get Ingo’s attention. Who lives a little ways away.
- The two were panicked and tried to ease your pain, trying to find anything that could help you.
- Elesa, the only hybrid closest to a human, just shakes her head.
- Emmet refuses to let you go, he’s begging for you to not leave him, he needs you! He wants you in his life! You’re his mate, you two pledged a life long bond together!
- “Please..don’t leave me, I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”
- The other two couldn’t get him away from your corpse, Emmet struggles everytime, but eventually they pull him away.
- Leaving him to sob in his brother’s hug.
- He can’t do this, he killed his mate, he killed the light of his life.
- He can’t live knowing he’s the reason you’re gone.
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manifestthatthing · 2 days ago
your success story (the post about your dream life) honestly made me cry, because it gave me so so much hope, and it made me very proud of you, i'm so happy for you omg,<3
i'm currently manifesting my desired appearance i want a super drastic change and i spiraled a little bit today but reading that helped me a lot<3 i've read you also manifested your desired appearance, could u tell me a little more about it? like what u manifested and how, i mean ik the process is always the same but it's always nice to read about it, only if you want to tho!
thank youu, dear <3 i'm glad it helped you!
btw don't expect anything grand. my appearance changes were kinda chill and took me longer than they needed to.
ever since growing up i never saw myself as 'the pretty girl'. that deepened in my teenage years when my mental health got bad. really did not like looking at myself in the mirror or in the photos. i was especially overthinking when it came to my body. i was everything that was supposed to help me lose weight. i ate super healthy. i was doing cardio workouts (that i absolutely hated). but no change came.
at that point, i was into law of attraction but i knew about some aspects of loassumption such as living in the end. and one day it just clicked in me. i realised that all this time i was just someone who was constantly "trying" to make a change, not making change. i was constantly thinking about which meal should i prepare next and i hated it. i did not want to do any of those workouts. i wanted to eat however i want and whenever i want. i wanted to move only when i felt like it and through something more natural such as dancing or going for a walk etc. and so i started doing this. i dropped all of the information that i ever heard about a healthy lifestyle and just listened to my body. sometimes i'd have a salad. sometimes i'd eat a bag of chips on my own. but i had no regrets about either of those choices.
i was not weighing myself at that time, so idk how much weight i actually lost, but it took me 2-3 weeks to get to my ideal body. by simply dropping worrying about my body and living in the mindset i'd had if i'd had my ideal body already. it's been almost two years now and since then i've been continuing to eat however i want and whenever i want and i never gain weight.
now the cool thing is that as i lost some weight my face got a loot more narrow as well and it suited my features a lot better. even though it was not yet my ideal, i started to see some beauty in it and call myself pretty when i saw myself in the mirror. alongside this, my levels of confidence grew immensely as well. that was still last year, aka before loassumption.
once i started applying loassumption i decided to adjust my facial feature a bit once again. i managed to make my face lot more symmetrical, and adjusted the shape of my nose (the top of the nose is more upturned now and less round), my cheekbones are higher. ngl, once i started seeing myself as pretty i didn't feel the need to do drastic changes. also all of those changes well so simple and chill? like for a few days, i focused on one specific feature eg. the nose. i would look at pictures on pinterest that reminded me of my desired feature, but just for a bit. then when i saw myself in the mirror and felt like it, i would imagine myself already with the desired feature. and then i usually got bored of it after a few days and forgot about it and about a week later i'd realise the change appeared.
ooh and when i was like 12/13 maybe i actually changed my eye colour without even knowing about manifesting at all. i used to have blue eyes but ma fave childhood actress had green eyes and i wanted them too. then one day i was looking at myself in the mirror and realised that my eyes are actually green. but it's funny, it didn't seem weird to me. and no one ever mentioned it either lol.
soo yeah, when it comes to my desired looks my story is kinda messy. a lot of it took longer than it could. a lot of it happened before loa. a lot of it just happened. not sure whether this will bring you much motivation, but it was fun reminiscing about it hah
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