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#i got a macbook for my birthday so ALL THE SELFIES
kunderdogs · a year ago
KNK As Brothers
First time doing something like this and I had a fun time writing it! My siblings are close but not by much lol 
Tumblr media
Jihun: The Best Friend
Tumblr media
He’s your number one guy, no matter what
The type to be there, no questions asked
Always takes your side if you’re fighting with your parents
Will make sure you’re safe whenever you go out
Offering to pick you up and take you there
Waits up for your call so he can drive you to make sure you’re safe
Your very first friend
As children, you two rarely ever played with anyone else at the playground
You two rarely fight - you’re too similar
Doesn’t mind if you want to put make-up on him
Just don’t post it without his approval - needs you to have one with his good side at the least
Wants to screen everyone of your boyfriends/partners before he can approve of them
They have to meet certain criteria before they’re approved
If he sees you crying, he’ll comfort you immediately and want to know what’s wrong and how he can help
Will buy you a bunch of food to help you feel better
Cuddles like when you were children
No concept of personal space
Will barge into your room and flop on your bed when you’re laying down
Wants to have deep talks about anything
Confides in you the most
You’re first one he tells good news to
The kind of hugs that lift you up and spin you around
Gives you his old clothes/things 
Sneaks you some spending money when you need it, even if your parents tell him not to since you always use it on snacks
Joking around with you like your one of his friends
Includes you in most of his plans and includes himself in yours
Especially if you’re going to get a pedicure, he’s like “I’M DOWN!!!”
Wants to do face masks with you and watch rom-coms since his friends don’t like that
Tells every single one of his girlfriends that you come before them and they find it cute until he ditches them on a date when you call him crying about your boyfriend
When you move out, he makes sure to make him a copy of your key and interrogates the security at your apartment building about every little detail. “Are those cameras in the elevator operational? How many break-ins have you had in the last two years?”
Will drag you to the gym with him when you stay too long on the couch
Complains about your driving even though you’re a better driver than he is
Buys you random things that remind him of you - like a stuffed lizard because it’s your favorite color
Seoham: The Gentle Protector
Tumblr media
You can do no wrong to him
You’re perfect - it’s that simple
Almost fatherly in a sense
Wants only the best for you
Encourages you to do your best in school/work and pursue your dreams
Supports you 110% all the time
Will correct you if you need guidance but he does it lovingly
Takes you out on “sibling dates” when you were younger so you have high expectations of your future s/o
Probably won’t approve of anyone you bring home because no one can be good enough for their little sib
Looks intimidating but will pout and whine if you don’t want to talk about your problems with him
Doesn’t have good advice but he’s a great listener
Tells you men are terrible and encourages you not to date forever
Tries to have the birds and bees talk with you when you’re nine
Will panic when you get your period because he has no idea how to handle this new development so your parents are like “She’s the same person...just don’t be weird about it.”
Helps you play pranks on your other family members
Eventually you two have a prank war between you two
You thought you won until he replaced the sugar with salt one day when you were planning to make a cake for your friend
You were PISSED but had to acknowledge defeat at that point
He has a paper crown that says ‘KING OF PRANKS’
Gets you the oddest Christmas presents - like tire caps that are pink and sparkly
And a cereal dispenser - which you love but why the fuck would he get you that
Takes you to award shows so you get the chance to dress up
Whines that you’re too pretty and now he’ll have to shoo away all the guys from trying to hit on you
Glares at anyone who looks at you for too long
If you don’t do good in school, he’ll be very disappointed and blame himself
Tells you stop wearing his clothes if you’re gonna get make-up on the collars
Buys matching sibling shirts for you guys
Always smiling when you call/text/face time him
Wants to do holiday cards with you in those stupid onesies, even though you’re 28 years old
“You’re never too old for family pictures!!” “You’re 30 and wearing a Snoopy onesie...”
On your birthday, he’ll send you gifts at your school/work like big balloons or a flower arrangement
Brags about you to his friends even if they’ve known you for years
VERY affectionate
Will probably cry if you deny him a hug
Crying at your graduations
Cries when you get engaged
Crying the loudest when you get married like even more so than your parents
“You’ll always be my little sister.”
Dongwon: Overprotective
Tumblr media
As your older brother, he feels the weight of the responsibility
You guys weren’t that close growing up since you’re girl
Didn’t know how to relate to you tbh
Asks your oldest brother for advice to be closer to you
Tries to be there for you but he gets distracted by his own life
Doesn’t let anyone bad mouth you EVER
Will stand up to anyone for you, even your own family
Has gotten into fights over some guy at school making an inappropriate comment about your skirt
Is so overprotective because he doesn’t want you to end up going down the wrong path
Goes about it the wrong way, let’s be real lol
If you try to sneak out, he’s on yo ass & will drag you back home
Will embarrass you in front of your friends and “your lil boyfriend”
“Who is this guy?” “Your BOYFRIEND? Hell no. Wait for me in the car.”
Lectures you about being responsible and focusing on school in order to be successful in life
You guys argue all the time when you’re teenagers/college age honestly
He’s so hardheaded and he doesn’t understand why you don’t see he’s doing this out of love
It takes your older brother to break it up and separate you two before you hurt each other feelings
Even though you do argue, he’s the first to make up. He can’t stay upset with you and it breaks his heart to see you crying because of something he said
He’ll buy your favorite food and apologize, wrapping you in his arms and kissing your head
You two get closer as you get older and you mature under both your brothers guidance
Thinks there’s no one in this world that deserves you so he won’t approve of anyone. You could bring home the nicest, kindest, sweetest guy and Dongwon would be like “Hm...I don’t like his vibe.”
HATES when you go out with your friends and will force his friends to come with him so he can keep an eye on you
Glares at anyone who tries to make a move on you, effectively keeping all potential suitors away from you
Is satisfied with himself when he grabs the drink some guy bought for you and downs it
Yep, he’s the one that will follow you on your first date and sit in the back of the restaurant with a hoodie and sunglasses on but you immediately spot him and sigh
Why is he like this
When he gets older, he will shower you in gifts to “make up” for him being an ass when you were younger
It makes you feel a little guilty but he got you a new macbook so you keep your mouth shut for the most part
Your relationship improves as you get older because he is more mature
Inseong: The “Twin”
Tumblr media
Since you two are the youngest in the family, you guys are dotted on
But since you’re the baby, you get everything
He’s jealous of you when you two are children
He wants all the attention on him but then you were born
Asks your mom to return you when you were 3
Your oldest sister is the mediator but she goes thru puberty and you’re kind of on your own
Since you and Inseong are so close in age, you go to school together
He doesn’t speak to you much in school, you revolve in two different circles but he keeps an eye out for you 
Instead of him protecting you, you protect him and stand up for him since he’s too shy to say anything
He appreciates it a lot even if he doesn’t say much about it
One day a girl in his grade was making fun of how he laughs and she didn’t see you near by
So when you confronted her, it turned physical very fast and you were pulled off of her and sent to the principal’s office since you punched her first
Inseong heard about what happened and was worried about you but you were sent home before he could get to the office 
When he gets home, he’s relieved that you’re not hurt but he’s upset that you got into a fight for him. “You shouldn’t fight for me.”
“You’re my brother. I’d fight the whole school if they said something bad about you.”
He’s so touched, he’s crying in your arms now
You’re like wtf dude get a grip but just smile and tell him to be with you when you have to tell your parents what happened
After that you guys are inseparable - like twins
ALWAYS taking pictures of you and selfies with you two
Demands you take “candid” pictures of him. “Is it really a candid if you ask for it though?” “Just take it Y/N!”
He’s very cuddly with you and loves resting on you cause you’re tiny
Will buy you just about anything if you act cute to him
Complains when you steal his clothes & hoodies but doesn’t really care
He gives in to every suggestion you have
Mostly goes along with your bad ideas
Has to have you looking good in public because “you’re a reflection of me!”
Will be nervous if he brings a girl over to meet you and your older sister because he wants you two to approve of her and he knows how blunt you two are
Doesn’t want you to have a boyfriend because he doesn’t want you to “forget” about him
Pouts when you tell him you’re dating someone
HYPE man to the max
Will be bawling at your wedding then will sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston but has to stop since he’s crying again
Asks to live with you after you get married because he misses you
You think he’s joking cause he laughed it off but he’s serious
He now lives 10 min walking distance from you
Heejun: The Bad Influence
Tumblr media
Since y’all were so close in age, your parents made you do everything he did
If he played soccer, so did you
When he wanted to learn the guitar, you had to as well
You wanted to take dance classes? They signed him up too
Unfortunately for you, he was a boy wonder and excelled in literally everything, even the things you “forced” him to do
He’s always getting you in trouble though
In school or at home
Somehow manages to run and hide whenever someone is scolding you
One time, for a senior prank, he and his friends pulled the old ‘water bucket over the door’ trick on the dean and you somehow took the fall even though you were in class at the time
But it’s okay since you find him and beat him with whatever is in reach (backpack, math book, frying pan, your mother’s heels)
Always promises to make up for your suffering somehow
He’s still your favorite family member though
You two sneak out all the time
Some times to hang out with all your friends
Or he’ll drag you to a party
Heejun won’t let you drink underage though, HELL NO
Each time he sees you’ve some how managed to get another red solo cup, he’ll snatch it from you
Tries to set you up with his most responsible friend because he doesn’t trust none of the others honestly
Teasing the hell out of you for anything
“WooOOOOWW straight A’s? Your nerd is showing~”
Always screaming and making random noises that make you jump
Gets drunk one night when he’s in college and face times you at 3am to tell you that men are trash and don’t date anyone like him
Runs to you every time he has girl problems
He taught you how to hot wire a car and when you asked how he knew how to, he said “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”
Play wrestles you when you least expect it
Like you’re just walking in your house and you’re tackled from the side and put in a headlock with him screaming “TAP OUT! TAP NOW!”
When he finds out you were crying over a boy, he’ll throw on a hoodie and call his boys, “We ride at dawn, bitches. We’ve got to hurt some people.”
Literally will beat your ex’s ass for cheating on you and will play innocent when you question him, even though his knuckles are red and bruised. “Hm? Oh, this? I...fell. Yeah, that’s what happened.”
Pouts when you won’t come to his band’s performance 
Literally will whine and bitch about how you don’t love him if you don’t come and watch him play for the millionth time
Is always showing you physical affection of some kind - arm over your shoulders, ruffling your hair, nudging you, kicking you softly when he wants your attention
Will toss ice on you if you don’t wake up when he wants you to
Is basically a little shit
Demands you name your first kid after him if you wanted kids
Is very offended when you have a girl and don’t name it Heejun
But he’s the best uncle honestly - so sweet and loving. 
Completely different than how he treated you
Your daughter is his princess and he’ll deadass fight you if you tried to take her home after he spent the day with her.
“So you think you can just come back into our lives after all this time?”
“Give me back my kid. I was at work.”
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