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Green the color after my little heart

Bro I think the reason that green is often the color of poison in movies is because it’s associated with death. And I know this isn’t that hard to find out but I think it’s really fucking cool, because the color emerald green used to be toxic and I would burn through wood and paper. In the victorian era, when the pigment was invented it literally killed a 19 year old girl named Matilda Scheurer who made flower headpieces with the green pigment. She said that all she saw was green before she died. I honestly love green because it’s not only a beautiful color but because it has an interesting past. It was said people who dared to wear the pigment were dancing with death. The poison used to create the pigment was used in many things like cosmetics, toys, ect. Because of all of this the color is now used to represent poison and toxins. Of course in the end the pigment was changed once again without the poison. I know that this little fact may not matter but I find it really cool how a color managed to kill people.

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I’m exhausted look at this ok behold


My poetry book about… and get this, gamers…. falling down stairs. Its not that deep.


Also not finished but I like taking dumb bits and rolling with them so

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I know nothing about Drakengard other than that it’s related to Nier and I don’t know much about Nier either

But the flower-eye lady is really pretty and probably deserves good things? So yeah

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So I decided this quite a while ago, but I officially have all my plans laid out so I guess I’ll announce it. I’m participating in kinktober with short fics! My October is going to be super busy, so hopefully I don’t explode.

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