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y’know. Since as far as im aware FNAF was originally going to be a standalone game. Foxy doing the bite of 87 was definitely what was originally intended and it was just retconned with the release of fnaf 2

I wonder if foxy IS ‘out of order’ because of the bite tho? going with the popular theory that mangle did it, i bet when they reopened freddy’s people uh. REALLY didn’t like foxy. So they just put a curtain around his stage and slapped an out of order sign on there because hey if he’s not operating the guests won’t complain about him 

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Ok, so… all of a sudden Mike asks Erik if he put the food away.

“Yeah, dad. Well, Amber did because I have ADD and forget-”

“I can always count on her.”

“You can.”

“I know…”

…and said something like “she’s a hell of a woman” or “you’re lucky to have her” (forgot already LOL) they both continued to say really sweet things and so did Stevie… and man, things like this make me feel like I’m meant to be exactly where I am and I can finally start being more present and feel more joy now that I’m away from my mother’s husband

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day 27.56 MILLION in house lockdown (otherwise known in some circles as a month):

  • I have given up trying to stay occupied and would happily settle for staying awake for more than 4 hrs at a time.
  • my father has taken to making sourdough. every. day. there is so much bread in the oven, in the cupboards, everywhere.
  • cats are conflicted about everyone being home. on the one hand more people are bothering them, but on the other hand there’s more people to trick into feeding them again
  • every now and then when I get dressed I just put on my Recency dress, to really capture the whole-hearted and intense yearning to brush my hand agaisnt someone else’s
  • the Lockdown SilliesTM have 100% kicked in and I have shaved my own undercut, cut a siblings hair, cut a slit in my eyebrow, and am contemplating a stick-n-poke.

1 month down, hopefully only 1 more to go. hopefully 🤞🤞

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y’all ever eat a cursed grape?

like you know it looks a little mushy, maybe it’s split open in one or two or three places, but you’re hungry and you don’t care enough to pass it by?

and as you eat it you can taste the badness. it’s not a bad taste necessarily, just a sense of wrongness about its flavor, a feeling that something isn’t quite right. and after you’ve swallowed you’re left wondering was it worth it—am I going to die now?—do I care?


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There’s a man in the corner of the coffee shop.  He sits in the same seat every time. Nobody else sits there. He is blurred around the edges, you think. His lines are smudged and soft. You could put a hand right through him. You don’t, of course. You never talk to the man. He sits there, in the corner, and does not talk to anyone. 

One day, he comes up to you. He’s wearing a green sweater. It’s hideous. You don’t tell him, because that would be rude, but he sits across from you and suddenly you are face to face with a man whose sweater you hate. He has very bright eyes, you notice. He is very hard to see.

“Hello,” he says, in a soft little voice. “My name is Martin.”

He sounds kind. You decide to trust that.

“I’m a poet,” he tells you. “I have a poem that I think you would like.”

You listen.

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I still cannot believe no one thought Forrest was a Long. I actually did have the question about why Forrest was there because I knew that Dylan Mctee was filming this episode since he posted from the farm set. And I did try to figure out how or why Forrest would be on the Long family farm, but I guess I didn’t really think he would be part of the family LMFAO.

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Me: Haha, I’m really more of a Shane when it comes to supernatural shit. Just insult the demons and tell em to fuck right out of your life.

Also me: Oops, though about it too much and now I have a headache. Time to apologize to the ghosts and let them know I plan on keeping that door closed for the time being.

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Until Dawn stans writing essays on why Ashley is the literal Devil because she could possibly be the reason for why Chris dies while also conveniently ignoring that Sam could let literally everyone else die once you reach the cabin

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I’m gonna say something that’s a little ranty from what I’ve been noticing…



Let Logan wear traditionally feminine clothing too. Let him wear skirts, dresses, and blouses. He can wear a tie and still rock a skirt just like any of the other sides. Just because he’s sworn to be more serious doesn’t mean he can wear them.

I wanna see more Logan in skirts, without him looking uncomfortable all the time.

He deserves it just like the others do.

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mysmes fandom really said "so what if our joe only exists to belittle mental health issues i can't wack off to? it's a joke" as if jokes can't be in bad taste, gg ableism

God you’re so right anon. Literally that’s how this fandom has always operated, characters’ trauma and mental health issues are sensationalized, romanticized and fetishized, except for the ones that they can’t find a way to make attractive, like Yoosung’s grief and subsequent depression, so that just gets treated like a joke. MM fandom is ableist as hell and I hate it here

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Quarantine Tag Game

tagged by: @lilliloves (thanks, I needed a distraction haha)

ARE YOU STAYING HOME FROM WORK/SCHOOL? I am staying home from life and it is slowly and painfully killing me.

IF YOU’RE STAYING HOME, WHO IS THERE WITH YOU? My husband and my kiddos.

ARE YOU A HOMEBODY? Kind of? I love having quiet time at home with my family, but I don’t often get it (not counting the last like, 3 weeks haha)


WHAT MOVIES HAVE YOU WATCHED RECENTLY?  The Social Network and a lot of Frozen 2.

WHAT SHOWS ARE YOU WATCHING? Good Girls, This is Us, and a lot of Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse haha

WHAT MUSIC ARE YOU LISTENING TO? Oh, I’m all over the place haha. I legit listen to a little bit of everything. 

WHAT ARE YOU READING? Brio fanfiction. Re-reading older books, Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Crusie, Anne Rice.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR SELF-CARE? Reading, writing, booze haha.

I feel superrrr awkward tagging people in these things, so if you’re interested in playing, I’d love to read it!

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What is your biggest regret in life, aside from not being by Claudia's side when she passed?

send anons to sheriff dad!

       “I don’t know.” 


                      He’d been a child. Brought up in a household in which it was the norm to hear the sound of skin hitting skin, normal to have to stifle the cries elicited from a sharp punch to the gut. His mother’s black eye was almost as consistent as the wedding band that adorned her left ring finger. 

                      Guilt weighs heavy on his shoulders. Despite the years that have gone by, despite the healing that Noah has managed. He should have done more for her. Should have stood up to his father more, defended his mother more. 

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