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lilahisntsadanymore · 16 hours ago
When Y/n has nothing to do, she watches her boyfriend study. This sight slightly turns her on.
My first attempt at smut, don't hate it pls (but if you don't like it I'll delete because it's embarrassing lmao)
Of course it's 18+ but I can't control who reads my stuff so just idk pls don't read if you're under 18 I guess?
Pairing: dom!Remus Lupin x sub!reader
The reader pronouns: she/her
Words count: 963
Tw: basically just smut with a little plot lol, bad English probably because this isn't proofread
Contains: 'intelligence' kink or something (basically Y/n being turned on by Remus being smart), dumbification, Remus being mean, the use of a petname 'bunny'
It's all consensual and all characters are above the age of 18
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
So smart
It was a busy Saturday, everyone was occupied with something today. James and Sirius had to practice quidditch and Peter wouldn't be himself if he didn't watch. The girls were out in Hogsmeade. Remus was alone in the dorm, studying for the last exam. Last, as in the last of all exams, so very important. Y/n seemed to be the only person, who didn't have anything to do that day. She sneaked in the boy's dorm.
"Hey, Rem, whatchu doing?" She asked, sitting on the bed next to Remus' desk.
"Oh, hi. I'm studying for the potions test." The boy replied, not moving his eyes from the book he was studying from. "You can stay if you want."
He looked so focused, so smart. Y/n considered his intelligence very attractive. And he wasn't book smart, he was a naturally smart person with the passion for studying.
Y/n watched him study. The way Remus truly paid attention to every word his eyes traced somehow turned the girl on. Even if Remus looked attractive when focused, Y/n had to interrupt him. She stood up and moved to sit on his desk.
"Hi," she gave him a flirty smile when he looked at her.
"Ummm, hello," Remus awkwardly weaved at his girlfriend even though she was a few inches away.
"I can't help, but feel horny when I see you all smart and focused."
Remus chuckled at the confession. "Bunny, I appreciate that, but I have to study. You should consider it as well."
"But I need you..."
Y/n took her boyfriend's hand and placed it on her lap, sliding it under her skirt. Remus gulped, he felt a bulge growing in his trousers.
"I, I, uhhh, I really need to study, you have to understand that, Y/n." He stuttered, but it rather sounded as if he was trying to make himself believe that.
"We both know you don't need to." Y/n put Remus' fingers on her thongs where her clit was underneath. "You're so intelligent and genius. It turns me on so much, d'you now?" Y/n moaned when her boyfriend's fingers were circling her clothed clit.
Turned on by this sight, Remus got up from his chair and stood between his girlfriend's legs. He grabbed her under her thighs and moved to the bed.
"What if someone walks in?" Y/n questioned.
"Please, don't act like you care suddenly." Remus snickered.
He started kissing her neck, sucking the skin occasionally. They both knew he'll leave hickeys, neither of them minded that.
"We ought to be quick, I still have to study." Remus announced in a completely serious tone of voice.
Realizing how little time they have, the couple didn't bother to take off the upper parts of clothing. In fact, Remus didn't even bother to take off Y/n's skirt, he just quickly slid off her thongs and took off his own pants and underwear.
It was no secret Remus had a big dick. Being aware of his size, he was always careful and gentle in the order to not hurt Y/n. Or at least not hurt her in a way she didn't want to be hurt, because sometimes she begged for it. Not today though.
"So wet for me." Remus whispered as the tip of his cock teased Y/n, sliding up and down her pussy lips.
"Fuck me, Remus." Y/n begged.
"What was that?" He slapped her thigh. "Where are your good manners, bunny?"
"Please, fuck me, please."
"Now that's more like it."
Without any more teasing, Remus easily slid his dick inside. At first he moved slowly, making sure everything's alright.
"Faster, please." Y/n requested and so her boyfriend did.
The sloppy sound of wetness mixed with moans and groans filled the room. Y/n put her hands on her face when she felt her orgasm approaching.
"No, no, no, I wanna see your pretty face when you cum." Remus ordered, grabbing Y/n's wrists to pull her hands away from her face. "Your brain must be so empty right now, huh? So dumb, just the thoughts of how good my dick is making you feel."
"Mhm." Y/n nodded. She couldn't speak, it was impossible at the moment. She was so close.
In seconds, Y/n felt the weave of orgasm washing through her body. For a moment her vision went blank, the world didn't exist for a brief moment.
"Ugh, fuck." Remus groaned, experiencing his own orgasm. He grabbed Y/n's hips, aggressively thrusting into her. "I love how your pussy feels around my cock."
Remus pulled out and with one quick move of his wand cleaned Y/n up. She was still lieing on the bed in her post-orgasm bliss. Remus grabbed her face in his one hand and placed a kiss on the top of her nose.
"So stupid, so precious." He whispered, causing Y/n to smile.
After putting back on his underwear and his trousers, Remus got back to his book. Y/n decided to stay on the bed. It wouldn't be a very good idea to get up with trembling legs.
Suddenly, the door of the dorm opened and the three other Gryffindors walked in. Both James and Sirius were dressed in the house's quidditch team uniforms, both covered in dirt. Yeah, they trainings are never clean. Nor normal. Peter was clean though.
"Hello," Remus greeted his friends with a short weave of hand.
"Uhh, what are you doing here?" James questioned, seeing Y/n still not quite back to herself and with messy hair.
Y/n pointed at Remus, who had his eyes fixated on the book again. "He's just railed the shit out of me and now he's studying as if nothing happened."
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I wanna talk about how Félix figuring out that Gabriel is ShadowMoth in "Gabriel Agreste" isn't actually as impressive of a detective work as we initially thought. Because Félix seems to be well aware that he (and Adrien as "Félix" strongly implies in hindsight) is a Sentimonster, so Gabriel being ShadowMoth who is the person now in possession of the peacock miraculous while also having been partners with Mayura pre s4 as Félix finds out at the very least in this episode through Alyas video, is not far fetched at all. I would even say it's quite logical:
Tumblr media
Who is more likely to use the peacock miraculous then your own shady ass family when you know you and your cousin were CREATED with that miraculous power?
Mayura wasn't present in "Félix" and concidering that Félix lives in London I think it's fair to assume that for a character, in their second episode of being anywhere close to around the main conflict of the show, it is fair to have them gain such knowledge ON SCREEN. Then quickly afterwards Félix happens to see the camouflaged Miraculous beneath Gabriel's tie and suddenly Félix suspecting Gabriel to be ShadowMoth actually makes too much sense
Tumblr media
Also, Félix is shown to only actually show interest to things related to the peacock miraculous (which is also the only one that really sticks out in the picture above). The rings, ShadowMoth (not Hawkmoth), SentiGabe, Emilie and in one of the leaks for an upcoming episode we see Félix will steal the fake peacock miraculous as Adrien that Gabriel layed out as a trap for him
Tumblr media
And this may be my subjective feelings on Félix now, but until I actually see it on screen I'm not convinced Félix is gonna take the fake butterfly too. I honestly don't think Félix gives much of a crap about that and is just after everything peacock related for honestly understandable reasons:
Tumblr media
Look Félix is a Sentimonster and seems to be well WELL aware of that, it's absolutely fine that this is then the only Miraculous this character is narratively fixated on and it also explains why Félix had no problem working with Hawkmoth in "Félix" to get the rings from Gabriel - Félix doesn't care for Hawkmoth or the butterfly miraculous, he's only here for the Peacock Miraculous related stuff (Félix is in this regard actually once again the perfect parallel to Adrien in "The Collector" who was convinced his father actually could be Hawkmoth because of his strong gut feeling towards his father (whereas Félix is provided with all the information and clues to find it out on a material level but things escalated into the dangerous mess now because Félix lacks the crucial understanding of Gabriel as a PERSON that Adrien has) and the suspicious butterflies in their home validate whatever little legit proof he gets (the collector and Chat Blanc). But this is a huge topic for another day. I guess I'm putting this on the long list of essay posts I want to write/finish, huh? x3)
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patrooclus · 2 days ago
White’s Detachment as a Coping Mechanism
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let's take a moment to talk about White, and just precisely why White is… White. Much has been said about his obliviousness, but just why exactly is he like that? Of course, it is partially his privilege, growing up as a wealthy man with all the opportunities that could be afforded to him. The show has picked at that already, but I think it's more than just him being incredibly privileged. If you examine his character closely, what lies underneath is a sad, almost broken man who uses his detachedness as a protective shield. Despite his privilege, he's had formative traumatic experiences, which explains why he is so content to go through life oblivious. His obtuseness is not so he can live a happy, carefree life, like Todd, who is always laughing like the world is a joke, but instead as a way to ensure he does not feel pain. 
White's extreme detachment from the world is evident from episode one. We open by seeing White with Black. Then we cut to an adult White in the bath, clearly upset, and him explaining that his connection with Black "faded away a long time ago." We don't know exactly when White started dissociating from the world around him, but it would be a fair guess to say after he was forcibly separated from his twin brother by his parents as a child. Not to mention Black wasn't just cut off from his twin brother, the brother who protected him and loved him, but, he was also apparently abandoned by his mother, and his father relocated him to Russia. Just imagine how much traumatic that would be for a child. He's lost all his family aside from his father, and then he moves to a country vastly different from his own. How well did he know Russian before his relocation? Did he even know any? Did he go to an international school where they spoke English, and how was his English before that? The Russian he spoke in the pilot episode wasn't… phenomenal. I'd prefer to read it as part of the narrative rather than just Gun having trouble with a language he doesn't know (which, fair. this isn't to drag Gun, that would be a challenging task for anyone). So, White can speak Russian, and he can understand it very well, but his Russian doesn't sound like it comes easy to him. It doesn't roll off his tongue. This makes sense since he moved there at such a late age, and it's not like Russian is similar to Thai. Moving to a foreign country not knowing the language can be incredibly traumatizing for a child, especially if they also have to go to school and get good grades at the same time. Even with all of White’s advantages, and no doubt a private tutor, imagine losing literally everything, and being thrown into an environment where you don’t even know what people are saying around you. All of this to say, White was a young child when he lost his twin, his mother, as well as all his friends and his home country. And in addition to all of that, he had to learn Russian (and possibly English as well if he went to an international school where the classes most likely would have been taught in English).
Tumblr media
White also appears to have not made any profound connections from his ten years living in Russia. He had a girlfriend who breaks up with him because she doesn't believe in long-distance, but he puts up no fight, nor does he seem particularly heartbroken over her or even vaguely upset. At dinner with his father and Vichian, he says that he made many friends in Russia who introduced him to numerous different cultures. It's a clearly rehearsed answer. Which, to be clear, is not immediately suspicious because he's at a formal dinner with his father's friend. But that does beg the question, just exactly where are White's friends? Not once have we seen him talk on the phone or answer a text from a friend asking how he's doing with the move. He hasn't even mentioned one in passing in his head or to Todd. And as stated before, he let go of his girlfriend pretty easily. All of this indicates that White was living an incredibly isolated life in Russia, probably filled with casual friends and acquittances but no deep relationships. 
White is not pinning to get back to Russia in the show. He’s not thinking of it, he doesn’t even accidentally slip up a few times and let out a Russian word of phrase (further evidence that the language does not come easily to him), and other then not knowing about domestic affairs in Thailand, Russian culture appears to not have impacted him in any lasting manner. Despite there being no evidence that White particularly likes Russia however, he does tell his girlfriend he doesn't "even want to go back to Thailand." And yet he just… goes. He says his dad has everything planned for him, and he's going back. He's not enthused, nor is he upset; he just lets it happen. This is clearly a pattern for him. He glides through life, and because of his wealth and privilege, and innate intelligence, he's been able to get by doing virtually nothing. But he also appears to have no tangible goals or desires of his own. The show's premise is White trying to find out who attempted to kill his brother, but what does he do after that? He's pretty much ruined the future his dad had planned out for him (which is fine, he didn't seem like he wanted it anyway), but he doesn't appear to have a backup plan. He's allowed his father to control every aspect of his life. And from their interactions on the show, the two do not appear to have an especially strong bond. They seem… fine. But not exactly close. We clown on White a lot for his under-preparedness, which, yeah, fair. But that's what White does. He glides through life without trying, relying on his inherent intelligence and connections to get him through. He can't stand to do anything else. He doesn't want to think; he doesn't want to try because it all hurts too much. So, when the time comes to impersonate Black, he doesn't even think about doing much research. He's gotten so used to getting by with no effort it probably doesn't even occur to him.
One of the first things White does when he arrives back home is to ask his father if he knows where his mother has moved to. Which his father brushes off and asks why he should care about someone who left him for another person. His father also brushes White off when he asks about Black. There's a brief flicker in his eyes, but this man seemingly does not care that he has no idea where his other son is and tells White to "stop thinking about them. Just live your life. And let them live theirs. It's better that way." If you look at White closely, you can tell he is upset, but he does his best to display no outward concern, nor does he push back against his dad's words. He distracts himself by drinking his product placement- I mean juice. This is what he's probably been doing most of his life; distracting himself and disassociating to not feel pain, and ignore the complete domination his father has over his life. Then at the dinner with Vichian, it's apparent White isn't excited to be meeting someone in the field he supposedly wants to work in. His smiles are small and forced, and he shows no passion or interest. Just think about it. How often has White smiled during the five episodes we have seen so far? He hasn't really… Clearly, White's priorities are different from his father's, even before their major blowout that had White leaving their family home. But he hasn’t allowed himself to examine that within himself until he is quite literally forced to by circumstance. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
White is so achingly lonely. He doesn't appear to have a very strong connection with his father, and his mother abandoned him. In episode five, he asks Todd if his mother could help with Black, and Todd informs him that she wants no involvement. He follows it up, asking a tad desperately if he should go see her. When Todd says no, he looks upset but says nothing. He just accepts it. And what else is he supposed to do? He hasn't seen her in ten years, and she has made zero effort (that the audience knows of) to reach out to him.
He can't even form strong attachments with the gang because he's invaded their little group under the premise (from Todd) that one of them knows about what happened to Black. He keeps himself as detached as he can because he's actively lying to them and suspects them. It doesn't matter how he feels about the group because it's all a lie, and he can't allow himself to get too close. He won't even join in on their puppy pile after parkour training. However, White, despite his clear attempts at not getting close, has started to have some feelings towards those boys, Sean in particular, obviously. But he even has a growing connection with Gram. When White suspects Gram might have had something to do with what happened to Black, White doesn't want to believe it; he just thinks the evidence is pointing to Gram. The reasoning isn't wholly unsound, even if it was an obvious red herring to audience members. He's grown attached the gang, as much as he may claim he hasn't. Plus, don't forget White's doing this all at the expense of his own future. Because when this is done, he probably does not expect the gang to want anything to do with him, and he has no goals of his own. He didn’t really have his own life before this, and now he’s taken over Black’s life temporarily. But what happens when it’s all over?
Tumblr media
It's no wonder then why he has latched onto Todd. We, the audience, might find Todd incredibly suss. But White sees nothing; he just tells him all his theories. It's understandable when you consider the context. Todd is the only person who knows who he really is, the only person who likes him for him, and is White's last real connection to his brother. And White has been living in constant fear and anxiety of getting caught with the gang. It must be such a relief when he's with Todd, and he can be himself. That's why he's so trusting of Todd.
Tumblr media
Despite White's apparent detachment from life and everyone around him, he's grown very… fond of Sean. Even if he claims otherwise. One of the best examples is from episode five, when he comes back to 'his' and Sean's room to find Sean in bed with Namo. He's so upset, and he's so obviously jealous; it's kind of funny. But while he doesn't talk about it later in the episode, the scene reads like he doesn’t even quite understand what he is feeling. As if he is angry without knowing why and shocked by the intensity of his emotions. And make no mistake, they are intense. By the end of the fight, he looks almost on the verge of tears, and he desperately asks Sean, "what do you freaking want from me?" We know this isn't about the bed. It's about his feelings for Sean. But stop and wonder why he appears so confused by them. He's clearly been with other people. He's experienced, he had a hot girlfriend in Russia, and he probably had other partners before her. It could be because he hasn't had his bisexual awakening yet, and doesn’t quite get why he is lusting after a man. Or he might understandably feel conflicted about feeling some type of way for his brother's frenemy, who also just so happens to think White is Black. But I just don't think that's it. I think it's because Sean has awoken something in White that he hasn't felt in a very long time. Sean makes him feel out of control. Sean is the person he has probably been most expressive with during the entire course of these five episodes. The emotions aren't always great, but they are strong.
Tumblr media
I mentioned in passing before how White doesn't really smile. And that's true. But there have been a few moments with Sean. He laughed and smiled when he poured the motor oil over Sean's head, and it looked like he was smiling under his helmet when the two were racing. This mission he has undertaken is changing him. The experience of reckoning with his own unacknowledged privilege, the whole gang, and most importantly Sean, is getting White out of his oblivious bubble that he's set up to protect himself. He's slowly unraveling, and in a good way. Hopefully, in the near future, he will finally allow himself to make genuine connections which he so desperately needs, and stop going through life trying his hardest not to see or feel.
Disclaimer: This was written after episode 5. So anybody from the future beware, the other episodes don’t exist yet. Also credit to @inrainprose who I talked to about this on discord, and who used the word “detached” to describe White and I just… kinda went off. I discussed this with her before writing it up and she deserves half the credit for this. She is a genius and we share a braincell. But she has custody most of the time. 
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arcane-temp-fandomblog · a day ago
Arcane plotlines / Fissures, illness & mines
Tumblr media
One of the most disjointed narrative lines in Arcane is the air and the mines in the fissures. So I guess season 2 setup? Or is it window dressing? Because nearly every character is connected to it
This is not first time fissures are mentioned but Silco's story is most put together so I'll start with that. And I think it connects to reasons for rebellion he and Vander wanted to do against Piltover.
Tumblr media
So Silco came from the mines., Vander did too (Sevika maybe didn't? she needs breathing aid). This must have been the economic situation in the undercity pre-rebellion. We know that since Vander even had hanged the mining gloves in Last Drop. But the chembarons can't handle the air.
Look at the glee of this self made working-class man, Silco is an aspirational figure some of the time. I'd be Silco.
So since Powder's and Vi's parents joined the rebellion, they must have been in similar circumstances to Vander & Silco, right?
Tumblr media
Then there is the disaster man himself, Jayce and his not-sister's not-girlfriend. Which is first mention of fissure mining and the story starts like this:
Tumblr media
Ah, the good old times right? I really wonder if 'mining colonies' is not like idyllic version going around Piltover of what was happening, looking at Silco, Vander & Vi's parents all deciding to rebel against their city-state. Vi and Powder probably don't remember it thou. But good old days Arcane wise. Everything seemed so simple.
It continues like this: I'm not sure Jayce has right idea where Viktor's illness comes from 'coz I don't trust Jayce asks people before jumping to conclusions.
Tumblr media
and that's how it ends. And one maybe small thing - both of them can kind of breath there. So maybe the air has improved. Maybe not? I think this is also the moment the idea how 'mining colonies' work dies alongside the Hextech dream plans. And Piltover's idea of Progress. If I assume correctly 'Snakes' is Jayce's pov/context song.
Then there is connecting piece in council archives because I think Council Archives are for now accessible only till time they're introduced. So aside from Jayce's, all of them cover the time skip. For Caitlyn, it's infuriatingly all from time she's still an enforcer - so she believes enforcers are good and right. So we can't trust her notes. But it's the In Plain Sight chapter.
It starts with a young girl missing from Zaun report to the enforcers.
[Edit: And since the name must be a spoiler, the only young girl in LoL Lore that matches that description is Amaranthine from Jayce's short story - since we know it's more popular in Zaun to name children after colours or terms: Sky, Powder Blue, Violet, etc. - so Amaranthine could fit right in. Caitlyn's "The Grand Conspiracy" everyone, it's real. We're going there in this post LoL Lore and Arcane are same universe, most PvZ LoL Lore bios (+ short stories w/o author or not in 1st person) = Arcane - Council Archives that is censorship so Piltover keeps being the city of Progress. You play as the archivist exploring The council archives, and at the end this is your message 'But alas, our ongoing efforts to protect Piltover must be kept secret. There are those that wish to destroy the very foundations that make our city of progress, well... progress!'. Yes... I probably sound just as insane as Caitlyn to Jayce.]
Anyway, on saner plain of mind, a lot of files are written by Marcus, so even more confusing since he covers up stuff. But most importantly these 3 pieces. It's about a hospital - of sorts. I'll colour what imo. is important:
REJECTED BY ORDER OF CAPTAIN MARCUS ██████████PILTOVER ENFORCER DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE Abduction Ring in the Undercity On ██████, a Piltover enforcer on a routine patrol was alerted to strange noises coming from the sewage tracks running between the Fissures and the streets above. Backup was deemed unnecessary, and the enforcer proceeded to investigate the disturbances. Entering the pipes, the enforcer followed the noise - a sort of mechanical whirring (ADD THAT HE HEARD CRYING, TOO). The enforcer gave a verbal warning that he was marching forward. There was no response. The enforcer continued deeper down into the lanes. They reached a wall obstructed by a large metal gate. The enforcer brute-forced the gate open and proceeded down a dark passage in the waste-management system. Some time down the path, the enforcer was alerted to a bright light coming through a crack in the wall. Moving several bricks aside, they entered into what appeared to be a make-shift hospital. In the hospital, several children were sat at (CHANGE TO STRAPPED TO) beds and hooked up to machinery. Syringes at the arms, legs, and neck injected a greyish-green liquid into their squirming bodies. At this time, the Piltover Enforcers suspect that the children were part of scientific experiments. Upon safe return to Piltover, one child was identified as ██████████, a missing child reported over a month ago. They were reunited with their mother, a citizen of Zaun. The other children have yet to be identified. The illegal operation has been shutdown and all equipment confiscated for examination by Piltover Enforcement. Any potential leads should be reported to authorities.
So firstly this is the rejected version of Piltover Press release, was it silenced by Marcus forever or just rewritten to be published, we don't know. We also - from the edits - can't be sure if the story was already changed. We know that enforcers usually make very grand claims about resourcefulness and bravery on their part from the funeral of dead enforcer's scene with Marcus. So how the enforcer stumbled upon it, we don't know - seems implausible.
These are Caitlyn notes:
Were the children there voluntarily? Why was it shutdown? How did the officer just stumble on the hospital? Tipped off? WHO IS RUNNING THE OPERATION?!
The second piece comes from what allegedly was happening from child that was admitted to the 'hospital', interviewed by the enforcer (but we should already know from Viktor's lore that children aren't best witnesses):
LOCATION: OFFICE OF PILTOVER ENFORCEMENT PURSUANT TO CASE #4435 (...) ENFORCER Good. If you cooperate with the enforcers, that's how we can help you. BGWI know. ENFORCER You seem like a smart kid. ENFORCER Start at the beginning. BGW I have trouble breathing. A lot of kids in the Fissures do. BGW They, um, they offered me a chance to be healthier. ENFORCER ██████████ BGW ██████████ ENFORCER ██████████ BGW ██████████ BGW *coughing* ENFORCER So you're saying that they lied? ENFORCER The chemicals… What did they do? BGW I don't know. ENFORCER Was it shimmer? BGW Not like any shimmer I'd seen before. ENFORCER How was it different? BGW It powered their machines. ENFORCER These illegal experiments. BGW...Yes. ENFORCER And did you ever catch a glimpse of who was running things? BGW She wore a suit- UNKNOWN Officer, stop the recording.
I think the unknown voice is Marcus who recognises it's Renni. But that in a second.
The 'not shimmer' shimmer can only be either still in development chemtech or the 'orange substance' that is also in Jinx's weapons. But I think the orange one is the variant of shimmer that Singed developed later for Warwick (since there are more than one). Chemtech seems to be powering machines like the suits in the mines and firelights' boards. Can't wait to see if it's a moral issue for Ekko that he chose chemtech over shimmer, not knowing that's how it was 'developed'.
Then we also get that many children in the fissures develop breathing problems, which loops back to Viktor. And they may agree to for example very unfortunate experiments to alleviate those health issues from very shady 'hospitals'.
If anyone ever doubted why Hexcore "healing magic" may be actually important to the plot and not only Viktor's one man quest to heal himself. I'm pretty sure that story-plotline would look much different if the technology development was happening in Zaun.
Unless these illegal hospital experiments are something Viktor was involved, which idk - maybe? One never knows, the archive for now is redacted. That's the thing - since Marcus is the person compiling that file, we can't be sure if it's not ie. some errant organisation or a hospital run by firelights. But much more probable that Marcus was gathering dirt on all of the undercity's chembarons - just like he kept Vi in prison just in case. A security.
Anyway, then there's connecting 'evidence':
Tumblr media
And this suit looks eerily familiar to one from Jayce and Vi fight, but the second piece of evidence has note it was manufactured for Renni. Which would make sense since her child was a "shift overseer" - mask and all. Family business (no that doesn't make his death better, lol, just everyone has to work in Zaun).
But that may mean it wasn't a shimmer mine, shimmer was there to give children strength to do 'chemtech' mining. Maybe? Like with Jayce and Vi - it's the issue of blind leading blind. He was in the undercity last time around the same time as Vi. It was probably Renni's mine, not Silco's.
[Edit: I forgot to add what started this whole post - Caityn's LoL Lore bio since I was playing with Caitlyn's "The Grand Conspiracy" theory - the truth staring her in the face. From bio: In just a few years, she made a name for herself as someone who could help with matters mundane and… more esoteric. After a particularly traumatic case involving a missing hextech device and a series of child abductions, Caitlyn was summoned by the Wardens. She had been recommended by one of their number who had also developed something of an affinity for stranger cases—and their battle with a host of rogue chimerics in the employ of a lunatic chem-researcher driven mad by his own concoctions led to her being offered a formal position as a sheriff. ] That must be Jinx' one time or the other stealing stuff from Jayce's lab and the other must be the case In plain sight. Which made me think this case must be connected to some wider plot - and since she ends up as a sheriff at the very end - makes it feel suspicious in the light of Arcane. Yep, I don't blame Jayce calling it "The Grand Conspiracy".
Anyway, now much more of conjecture link, from Powder's journal of what happened to all the children at the hospital that someone didn't issue 'Missing person' report. Or the one that did.
Tumblr media
Entry #4
Lined up all the little duckies in a row
Why did they look so sad?
They'll be together after
Wherever people after go
Entry #5
There has to be an after
Vi and I will go there
Entry #8
They stared at me
I closed their eyes
But I still see them
I'm really not sure if that's connected, but seems like some sorts of cover-up. Either for 'hospital' children or the one that had family that could start spreading rumours in the undercity about the 'hospital' experiments. Anyway something Jinx witnessed and drew in that timeskip span.
So now the last bits and pieces, Viktor:
Tumblr media
Who most probably has the same issue as the child interviewed by the enforcers, from the 'hospital', because he grew up in fissures. Maybe, that's the root of his illness - if that's information they spoke about with Jayce it was infuriatingly in that timeskip part which Jayce's journal doesn't cover since it was published before timeskip.
But I assume yes.
And then finally this connected part maybe:
Tumblr media
It kind of points that Singed's daughter he speaks to Silco about when Jinx may die, and for which he most probably started research into Shimmer for, is Orianna (as resemblance in the locket). Since this poor girl had to undergo a lot of painful surgeries and augments, which shimmer would allow to survive. And Orianna in lore:
News of disaster in the undercity of Zaun made its way to their shop. An explosion had ruptured a chemical line, venting clouds of poisonous gas. Orianna insisted they help the victims, but Corin forbade it. Zaun was far too dangerous. So, with as many supplies as she could carry, Orianna snuck away in the night and rode the hexdraulic descender into the depths. The devastation was overwhelming. Debris still filled the streets, and Zaunites walked through the toxic haze, faces covered with little more than oily rags. Night after night, Orianna repaired respirators and installed esophilters. She even gave her own mask to a child who could scarcely breathe. Her father was furious, but soon after her return, Orianna fell gravely ill. Her lungs were ravaged past all hope of recovery. Refusing to accept this, Corin threw himself into his most ambitious project yet: a fully functional set of artificial lungs
Which if it is Orianna, it will be very interesting, because that Piltovian girl went to help people in the undercity and died for it in a manner of speaking. That is why congregation of the 'Gloriously evolved' is aligned with the Grey Lady - matching Orianna's new body appearance.
And him and Orianna both working on body augments trying to save her life, would be the thing against Piltover's ethos that Singed parted ways with Heimerdinger for.
And probably how he crossed pathways with Silco.
Tumblr media
Singed why you speak in riddles, if it's 'love & legacy' vs 'Progress', then if your daughter is Orianna - you're the 'love & legacy' part of the equation, and you weren't ready to sacrifice that for Progress. Between you and Heimerdinger that is. Is that your issue with Piltover? They were unhappy with you not letting your daughter waste away due to chemspill in the undercity? Was you both trying to save her against ethos too? Is that how you ended up in Zaun, saving all random daughters like Jinx and Vi with your shimmer invention?
That would be a funny twist, wouldn't it?
Anyway, a lot of disjointed plot along most characters is connected to this few points - mines, fissures, lung illness caused by pollution. And I guess all of that was somehow connected to the first rebellion we see.
Also mandatory, hexcore is evil and under any circumstances shouldn't be researched. Heimerdinger said so.
“Piltover the land of progress, equality, innovation.” What did you do that your own people rebelled against you?
Edit: Continuation of this theory: Arcane Symbols of change / Firelights, Crow, Butterfly and the “Bastion of Enlightenment” that is beacon to all the Moths
Is this plotline why we don't have Caitlyn and Viktor talking to each other whole season? or why Caitlyn and Vi separate because Cait would know it's Renni's mine?
Other posts by me - Arcane meta analysis posts - mostly politics, tech and character parallels
How the fuck am I supposed to tag this, that's most of the cast.
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g0kotta · 2 days ago
What a weirdo
Chapter one of Let Me Teach You
Kakucho x popular!reader. High school AU
In which Y/N has two weeks to make the quiet boy in school like her
Some characters are ooc since this doesn’t follow the plot of the manga
TW mentions of drugs like once and as a joke. Bullying?kind of
Tumblr media
You close your locker and turn around. Kokonoi was telling you how he started his day once again. It was a typical morning routine.
"And I started to feel dizzy and shit. So I was like, 'Mom. I don't feel good. Can I stay at home?' And you know what she said?!" he brushed his dark hair with his fingers.
"She told you to go to school?" You looked at him, with the 'yes, tell me more. Because I'm really interested' look.
"Yes! She's the worst." he states as you two start to walk to the cafeteria. You roll my eyes and let out a sigh. Sure she is.
You hated when Kokonoi talked like this. He sounded like a whining baby. Though he was born in a rich family, he never was really grateful for it. It seemed like he never had enough money and always thought about how he could get even more. He was a bit spoiled and sometimes ungrateful, but he was still a good friend. You got used to his tactics after being friends for so long.
You became friends when you were both only four years old. He accidentally walked into the wrong house, that turned out to be the house of your family lived in. Your parents couldn't blame the kid. All the houses in your neighbourhood looked the same, and they forgot to lock the door.
You slowly walk into the cafeteria. A lot of people looked at you and Kokonoi and waved. You smiled and waved back.
"Look at those lonely fucking losers." Kokonoi whispers and snorts. You look at the direction he's looking.
There are two guys sitting in front of a table. One is wearing a black hoodie, black jeans and black converse. You couldn't see his face, because the hood hid it. The other one is wearing a white t-shirt, black sweatpants and white jordans. His hair is white, which caught your eye. He looked unique. With purple eyes and tan skin. You squinted your eyes trying to remember their names. You were sure you've seen them before.
"So?" You raise a brow. "They're not really lonely, if there's two of them." You laugh. "I mean, there's only two of us so..."
"Whatever." Kokonoi sits down on his chair.
You do the same. Your hand slides into your backpack and you get out a little blue lunch box.
"What did you bring today?" Koko asks as he opens up his black lunch box.
"Weed and cocaine." You smirk and he rolls his eyes. "Two sandwiches and some juice."
"I brought some onigiri, a kit kat and some coke." he takes a bite of his onigiri.
-Bon appétit!- you join him by taking a bite out of your sandwich.
You see the white haired guy look at you for a couple of seconds out of the corner of your eye, and then roll his eyes. You were used to this, so you didn't even react. Not the first, or the last time a person did that.
"So, are you going to Kisaki's party today?" Kokonoi asks.
"I don't know. I'll probably stay home." You huff and stretch a bit. The plastic chairs in the cafeteria did you no justice as they were as comfortable as a rock. Which a rock would be probably even more comfortable to sit on, now that you're thinking about it.
"Yeah. I guess that's more fun." he laughs and then leans forward. "Who would want to go to his party anyway?" Kokonoi whispers. "Not us, of course. That four-eyed dude freaks me out. It's like he always has something on his mind. And not in a good way. I saw him yesterday flirting with that girl Hina. She looked so uncomfortable and literally tried every excuse in the book to fucking run away as soon as possible." Koko shook his head. "Inui and I thought of saving her, but her ugly boyfriend came and saved the day by almost bawling his eyes out in front of Kisaki."
You laugh and try to imagine the scenario. You didn't dislike Kisaki that much, but you would rather stay at home than go to that weirdo's house. Well.. Maybe you do dislike the guy. Especially after hearing how he treats the poor girl. You've noticed him staring at her a lot.
"Hey, the Snow White's friend is looking at us." Koko says, with disgust written all over his face. You wanted to retort that Snow White actually had black hair and not white, but bit your tongue before it slipped out. Koko wouldn't care about that anyway.
You look at them and notice that the guy took of his hood. The black haired guy, you think his name is Kakucho, is looking at you two. You also noticed that a couple of their friends joined their table too. Hanma, Kisaki, the Haitani brothers, Mochi and Muto were now sitting with them. You wave at Kakucho and smile. He shakes his head and whispers something to his friend, who's name you now remember, Kurokawa Izana.
"They're probably talking shit." Inui says as he sits down next to Koko and takes a sip from his water bottle. "Like he has anything to say looking like that. Baldie should keep his mouth shut. I don't think I've ever heard him voice his own opinion. Following Izana as if he's his servant or some shit. Weird."
"Whatever." You tilt your head and look at your childhood friend. "You know. I've never seen you with a girlfriend. Many girls want to date you, so what's the problem?" You raise a brow. "Aren't you interested? Oh, wait.. Are you.. Gay?"
"No, you idiot. I have my eyes on someone." he smirks.
"Who? Tell me!" You notice his eyes lit up with joy. "I wanna know who the lucky girl is!"
"So you want to know, huh? Look over there." Koko looks at a table near us. A girl with shoulder lenght, blonde hair, white sweater, white and yellow skirt, white hairband and yellow converse is smiling at her friends. Akane? He has a crush on Inupi's sister?
"Her?" You smirk.
"Yup. Her." he looks at her and smiles. Inui scrunches his nose and gags.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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myopicmeerkat · 22 hours ago
195 Followers Celebration
Tumblr media
Guess who was too impatient to actually have 200 followers before holding the celebrations? Yeah!! That's right!! This annoying dumbass sitting right here, typing out this post, grinning as she types.😁😁
Anyways, besties, enough of me fooling around, IG.
Okay, so, first of all, OMG!! I am really happy and really surprised at the same time, YK. Happy at the fact that I got so many followers. Surprised at the fact that I got so many followers.
But I still wanna tell all of you something.
And to celebrate this milestone that I have reached today, many thanks to all of your love, support and encouragement, I have decided to hold a Star Wars Universe-themed celebrations!! Hope all of you will enjoy this!! :D
Coruscant - Send me a character/ship + a prompt/scenario and I will write (a) headcanon(s) for them. (Nothing NSFW, please.) (FYI, I write for HP, Star Wars (movies and TCW) and BBC Sherlock.)
Endor - Send me a headcanon/joke/meme (the latter two can be general or concerning a particular fandom) and I will rate it out of 10.
Geonosis - Send me a theme and I will make a moodboard based on it. (The theme can be anything - a character, a ship, a movie, a song, an aesthetic or your blog.)
Hoth - Send me a word or a sentence and I will give you a picture (from the innumerable pictures I have saved on my Pinterest) which it reminded me of.
Jakku - I will make a picrew (using this picrew) of what I think you look like.
Mustafar - Give me a book/movie/song rec and I will give you one.
Naboo - Classic Tumblr games (excluding KMK and FMK).
Tatooine - Ask me any 5 questions and I will be able to answer only in "Yes" or "No" or "Maybe, IDK". (Please don't make the questions too personal.)
Tagging my super-awesome besties below the cut. 😄😄
@silver-de-vonne, @hemlock-the-viper, @the-nightingales-world, @the-nyx-from-here-and-there, @remuslupininskirts, @siriusblackinskirts, @regulusblackinskirts, @jamespotterinskirts, @i-do-random-things-do-not-ask, @moony-likes-hot-choc, @howlingpadfoots, @midtownbucky, @draco-loves-ferret, @nymphadorathebubba, @helloliriels, @deadpotayto, @acciorxses, @carolinesalvawhore, @nakaharaswife, @glittercrashhh, @celestialsmessy1, @emikadreams, @anonymouse-the-asian, @toofburet, @my-last-two-brain-cells-and-i, @iluvitwhenweplay-1950, @peterrr-parkour, @sirsnortsalot13, @cosmicdreams1111, @your-favourite-skittles, @arachneofthoughts, @f-i-t-z-s-i-m-m-o-n-s, @fierreth-who, @friedmomos, @nothings-fair, @girl-among-mts, @koushiki-das, @gayteensupreme, @buzzcut-and-bleached-hair, @astrqnova, @tarafications, @ialmostdonothingnew, @yonkitybonkity, @ghost-spidey, @themostingloriousisvictorious, @the-happy-fujoshi, @justtryingtosurviveinthepresent, @alexanderthepatrochillestrash, @sassychaostrash, @dead-james-potter and all my other amazing mutuals and followers whose URLs I cannot remember ATM. (I am so sorry for the same. 😔) Though I couldn't tag everyone here, please know that I am very much grateful to all of you for following my blog, chatting with me, appreciating my posts and for everything y'all have done for me. Thank you so much!!!! :))
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
I don’t know if you’ve done this before but would you explain ur reasons for each The Wicked Powers Character Death Probabilities?
Yeah sure!
Here is my post for reference.
Here are some quick explanations for this post in general:
Most of the ones rated more likely to die, as you can tell, are more of the "main" characters simply because I believe Clare will want to leave an impact as she ends the series.
Obviously, I don't think all of them will die, just to make that clear!
0 = Not likely to die, 10 = Most likely to die
Without further ado...
Clary Fairchild: She got a 9 because it would kinda make sense for Clare to kill off the main protagonist of the first trilogy she's written, but what also makes me wary for her future is Janus' interest in her.
Jace Herondale: Once again, he also got a high rating due to Janus and the fact that just as we're about to end the series, Clare is suddenly putting more attention on Clace as a couple (which is usually NOT a good sign in books)
Alec Lightwood: Personally, I think he's mainly safe, but I did give him a 4 because of the fact that he's the Consul of the Clave-In-Exile which I think puts him in a bit of a dangerous position, especially with Zara's Cohort being opposed to him.
Isabelle Lightwood: She got a 2 just because I don't want to rule anything out but otherwise I do believe she'll live.
Simon Lovelace: I wouldn't say anything in the text necessarily points to his death, but what makes me slightly worried for him is the fact he got his own book (Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy) and as I mentioned previously, generally when authors start putting more attention on side characters, it's a bad sign.
Magnus Bane: He's a character who has been present in every book. He's a fan favourite that every reader adores. He has connections to literally every single character in the series. His death wouldn't just make an impact on a group of characters, but basically everyone which is what I believe that Clare is looking to do.
Emma Carstairs: Despite the fact that TWP will be centered around characters close to Emma, I just don't think she'll be as significant as previously (which is understandable) so I just can't see how she'd die, but I did end up giving her a 3 because of Zara's intense hatred towards her.
Julian Blackthorn: Once again, my reasoning for a 6 for him isn't really based on text, but more of a gut feeling I guess? I don't really know how to explain it.
Cristina Rosales: In my opinion, she's like 99% safe, but she would definitely sacrifice herself for her lovers/friends if she had to, which makes me give her a 2.
Mark Blackthorn: He's suffered way too much so I genuinely don't see a reason why he'd die.
Kieran: He got an 8 because of several reasons. First, we know that TWP, being the last trilogy in the TSC series, will probably be the most intense and emotional which leads me to believe there will be several conflicts going on. Secondly, he's in an extremely dangerous position as the Unseelie King as he'll probably be involved in many of the mentioned conflicts.
Kit Herondale: He gets a 3 because his death would hurt Ty way too much considering he already lost the closest person to him (Livvy) and I just don't see Clare doing that.
Ty Blackthorn: What makes me concerned for him is how he's been dabbling in necromancy, and yes I know that Livvy has a chain from Magnus that is supposed to protect Ty from the side effects of his failed spell, but I still have a bad feeling about his fate.
Dru & Tavvy Blackthorn: Both get a 0 because I don't think either of them are fleshed out enough for majority of readers to care so much about their deaths. (I know that Dru will be developed in TWP, but this is my current opinion)
Tessa Gray & Jem Carstairs: Both get a 9 because I have a small theory that Clare would want them to reunite with Will in the afterlife, and because we, as readers, have built a large connection with both characters therefore their deaths would definitely hurt.
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moonbear-from-space · a day ago
Things I wanna see in Venom 3
- Eddie and Venom becoming more gay for each other
- Saying things like my love and my dear and even my other just so to make some certain people even more mad and salty
- Eddie now has fangs because of Venom's DNA or something, like if Topher Grace Eddie had it so can Tom Hardy Eddie have it as well
- Idk some sorta flashback to Brock's childhood maybe, perhaps maybe Venom's too?
- I wanna see more 2D animation included in it, like with that one scene in Venom 2 with Celtus childhood being done in sorta a Don't Starve kind of art style? but would like to see more of that
- Venom telling Eddie about the multiverse and that secret thing he was gonna say at the end of the post-credit scene
- Toxin doing some cool and evil shit, likely is gonna be eaten or killed whichever comes first likely something will also happen with Patrick Mulligan too
- Sleeper, probably will end up being in the last part of the movie [but Sleeper is also a pretty new character so idk if it's too soon for that to happen?]
- Hopefully will be longer than an hour or so? - A big stretch but something that will lead into Amazing SpiderMan 3 for the post-credits scene???
- For some of the trailers, they don't have to use this song but if they do it should be this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuyNfXxHLv4
and finally...
- Eddie going fucking feral and chaotic, embrace his inner weirdness and just go all out [i know that's something people wanna see happen from what i seen on here]
But yeah, ether I could be right on one thing or just be completely wrong but I guess we will see what happens when it comes out next year in 2023. Feel free to put down below of anything else you wanna see in the third movie. Even if any of what I said doesn't happen all I want is for it to be a fun and gay movie that is just enjoyable. These movies feel like live-action cartoons or anime, they have that sorta vibe and charm to them that makes them feel like that.
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shadowsingerspriestess · 2 days ago
Sarah talked about Elucien, never El/riel- except for that one time where she literally said she sees Azriel and Elain more like brother and sister (I have lost that Interview, but just go to Twitter and you'll see el/riels being mad at what Sarah said), she saved pins that look awfully like Gwynriel and Elucien on her pinterest boards and these are like 2- 3 years old (which means way before acosf came out). Right after Acosf came out, she talked more about Azriel's journey. No whisper of Elain's journey. Sarah has told us that she wanted to do a Little mermaid and the 7 swan retelling. We have a bonus chapter entirely from Azriel's POV and Elain was barely in acosf... yet for some reason Sarah would do fanservice if she made Gwynriel happen..? Not to mention that she isn't even on social media and that her IG acc are run by someone else.
It freaking doesn't matter if a ship is there since book 2. Sarah always knows who's endgame but she herself said that she doesn't want it to be so obvious who it is and that she lets her characters experience things with other characters before they meet their love interest. Dorlaena, Chaolaena, Feylin, Moriel, Samlaena and Chaolsryn are rising from the dead to say hello 👋
It's all just so funny to me because they're actually the ones who scream at bloomsburry and send death threats to Sarah if she doesn't make El/riel endgame. Remember when some Gwynriel told fake news about CC2 and Acotar5 and the el/riels took it so seriously?
Tumblr media
Sarah does whatever she wants. She writes whatever she wants. She has never done fan service. Plus, don't they realize a book takes a lot to be written, edited etc.? Acotar 5 will, most likely, come out next year (hopefully). Do they really think Sarah, after seeing how loved Gwynriel as a couple is (also, if the ship has no textual evidence, why did so many find it and fell in love with Gwynriel??), suddenly deleted all her work on an El/riel book and wrote a Gwynriel one instead, just because of "crazy assed fans"? Like it's that easy? Like she hadn't had the plot for Acotar5 in mind by the time she was done with Acosf?
Oh, and are you talking about the Reddit post from last week or so for the fake news? Because I have seen it, but I do my best to avoid anything El/riel related, so I have no idea what their reaction was (but can guess, lol)
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idwtet-side-blog · a day ago
Kate Bishop x F!Reader part 3
Word count: 1,848
Warnings: None
Description: these run ins with Kate are becoming more and more odd as time goes by.
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to marvel or there characters.
Part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
"Come on! Does it really take you 15 minutes to put your hair up?" I felt my foot falling asleep Xena decided to fall lay on it, purring softly.
"I'm putting on mascara if you must know. And no it's only been about 5," I could hear her voice clearly now as she walked into the room.
"Feels like 15." I snarked out softly as I looked over at her wearing a long red flannel with a pair of light bell bottoms and a red sweater, her hair tossed up in a neat bun.
"What are you all dressed up for?" She froze and gave me 'are you serious?' look and slumped her shoulders.
"What? I can't dress up to go out for coffee with you?" She threw a defensive tone around in her sentence.
"Not when I look like I rolled out of bed, No." I grumbled picking Xena up and off my foot and stood shaking my leg to get feeling back into my foot.
"You look perfect Y/N, I'm dressed like this because I have to attend a holiday party at the firm at 5 o'clock and I don't want to come back here to change."
"That seems about right... Just to let you know if that's your definition of perfect, I can totally see why your dating Foggy."
She laughed at me in disbelief before jogging over to me and smacked my head with a bit of unnecessary force.
"Your a dick." "Can't be, you are what you eat." I joked back rubbing my head with a smug smirk.
She rolled her eyes and dragged me by my arm towards her door.
"Ow! Hey your cat put my foot to sleep! Slow down!"
"I can't believe you asked for hot chocolate in it." I gestured to her cup of coffee as we sat down next to the windows of the diner.
"It's good you should try some." She offered me a drink to which I shook my head.
"I..m good I prefer to not catch Foggy germs second hand... Or first hand for that matter."
I cringed at the thought of possessing Foggy's germs.
She shrugged absent mindedly before looking out the window admiring the city streets.
"So what does the famous Matt Murdock want to do with something as lame as a Christmas party?" I teased, reaching up and taking a sip from my coffee.
She only shrugged before she smiled with an odd look in her eyes, as if she knew something I didn't.
"Don't know, Matt's always been a bit of a mystery... Speaking of Christmas parties.. are you going to the one your talking about earlier tonight?"
"Uh... I don't think it's tonight I think it's tomorrow." I corrected her, looking at my phone to check the time.
"Hm... What dicks. They want you to roam the city streets on Christmas Eve?"
"Apparently so, I wouldn't be walking there, it's halfway across town, Not happening. Besides... I don't think I really want to go."
"Hm maybe you should, I mean they did almost cost you your life the least they could do is offer you a night of festivities."
Yeah, but what if something happens?
The voice in my head echoed, I tried to keep my composure as the night of auction flashed in my head.
The wind being taken from chest at the memory of gasping for breath from being tossed across the room from a crash inside the wall,
The sounds of people crying in distress being brought back like tidal waves on a shore.
I could feel tapping underneath my hands, snapping from the flashes of terrors from that night to see Marci calling my name.
"Y/N you okay?" She asked her tone clearly concerned, her neatly kept eyebrows narrowing.
"Yeah. I'm good just running on a few hours of sleep. Tired I guess." I offer her a hopeless smile before sipping on my coffee.
"M well your gonna regret it later, I was think- Oh my God." Marci's eyes hit some where behind me and her mouth fell open.
Turning back to try and see the source of her shock I discovered her reasoning for being shocked.
None other than the Avenger Hawkeye had walked in wearing casual clothes.
Somehow odd to see him not wearing one of those fancy uniforms and carrying around a bow and arrows.
Though I noticed he wasn't alone, casting a glance behind him and found it reveal that sent me in a slight panic.
Her again? What the hell?
'Kate' the girl from the auction had walked with her dog on a leash.
Noticing the leash calm my nerves slightly and I quickly unclenched my fists that I hadn't realised I had clenched.
What was she doing here of all places? Maybe she was walking her dog. Was she an avenger? Is that why she was acting oddly with me? Why was she what Hawkeye though? Was she following me? No that makes no sense why would an avenger allow someone to freely stalk someone else?
"Holy shit, I have to ask for a picture." Marci smiled excitedly before I quickly turned back to her and grabbed her wrist as she began to stand up.
"Hey no!" I whispered harshly before I sent her a pleading look as I slightly shook my head side to side.
Her smile quickly dropped as she looked back at my expression.
"What?" She asked confused her tone switching to concerned rather quickly.
Her hand found mine that death grip her wrist as she looked over my face.
"Son of a... That is the same girl that was at the auction and Moira, your fucking next door neighbor," I pointed my thumb behind me for a few moments while continuing.
"That's her niece." "Okay... Well I guess your right it is a small world." I sent her a warning glance before I sat there to stew on it.
"Y/N you need to relax alright." She squeezed my hand and I slowly loosen my grip on her wrist.
"Look... Its probably just a coincidence, I think sometimes timing is really just there at moments... Now I'm going to go ask for a picture."
She... God maybe I'm just being suspicious since the creepy dude from the store this earlier this morning.
Still I found my taste for caffeine soiled and now all I wanted to do was get some air.
No. I'm being paranoid, there's no way avengers would be following me, its just coincidence.
Shaking off the doubt I turned back to them to immediately see Kate smiling up at Marci, insisting to Clint that he should take a selfie with her.
Turning back with my back towards them I sat there and waited until Marci walked back over to table before quietly asking to leave moving my cup to the side.
Tossing down half the bill while Marci did as well, she sent me a empathic and supportive smile, her hand grabbing me in another sign of support.
Standing from the booth we walked to the door in a rush, and honestly I couldn't help my eyes risked a glance towards her general direction for her to threw me a confused and slightly spooked look.
Well that slightly gives me comfort, she looked just as alarmed as I felt.
Sending her a shelter glance before I practically pulled Marci by her hand out of the Diner door.
After getting far away I felt my shoulder slumped in relief.
"She was kinda cute right?" "...Yeah but... I guess she personally didn't spook me, it's was just the coincidence of it all that did."
"So later when we get back to my house after drinks at the firm and you will have gotten over your paranoia, you'll ask for her number? It'd be better than having fate intervene." I knew she was joking but still I shoved her lightly.
"Wait no, I'm not going to the firm nor any parties I wanna go home and binge watching Friends with my doors locked and Y/F/F in my hands." I groaned out as she dragged behind her.
"I can't let you do that." "What?" "This party is in your favor, Partner."
What was she-
"Oh my God, He actually gave me the job." Matt you son of a devil.
"Mhm, now come on."
-------------The next day-------------
I had just dropped Foggy and Marci off at the airport, gotten dressed for the holiday party, my anxiety picking up as I exited the taxi, noticing all the dressed up higher class,
The familiar fake smiles and flashy jewelry making this a bit difficult to enjoy.
The sounds of laughter as they all rushed to the doors of formal interiors, made me pause for a second, the chatter already bringing up the anxiety that I have tried to push away.
Holy shit why did I do this? This was a terrible idea, I instead walked over to the open courtyard noticing the huge Christmas tree, admiring the bulbs and lights to keep echoing screams that were seared in my mind from causing a panic attack.
"Fancy seeing you here." I jumped at hearing someone speak beside me.
"Jesus!" I breathed out looking over I noticed familiar jet black hair, moles and beauty marks, hazel eyes staring back at me.
"Kate? Right? I guess I could say the same." I caught my breath and she gently laughed at my reaction.
"Sorry, I'll be sure make more noise next time." She sent me a playful smile her cheeks red with the cold new York air.
Smiling softly i shook my head and waved away her apologize.
"It's alright... Man we really need to stop meeting in these odd scenarios." She chuckled softly, looking over her facical features I noticed her eyes scanning the party in worry.
"Are you alright?" I asked as her face grew more and more desperate.
"No... I mean yes! Yeah I'm fine... I'm... Can you help me fine someone?" She turned me towards the crowd without so much a 'Yes' before she shoved me over to the entrance to the courtyard.
"Can you watch these cars and if you see a women black hair shoulder length, looks like she walked straight out of a James bond movie, she'll be getting out of a black Rolls-Royce, just come tell the waiter at the bar, his name's Grills, tell him if you have seen her."
"Well- I- I could." I agreed less then enthusiastly.
"I mean...T-thats if you are here alone and aren't waiting on some kind of date?" She asked her voice sounding like she was desperate for help.
Shaking my head slightly I gave her a silent 'Okay' before she rushed back inside the courtyard and most likely back into the indoors formal.
Nice work Y/N your look out at another Bishop's gathering.
Kate never came back that night.
I waited there, half heartedly scanning over the cars for an hour and a half, before heading home, the idea of staying seemed odd as I felt panicked being here.
So much for an eventful night.
Okay... So part 4 will be up soon I promise, and it will definitely have actually Kate content next time. PS: if you would like to be tagged please let me know.
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Wives Levels of CD Acceptance
Tumblr media
Author: Shirley Ann Sometimes
Now, this "Levels" page will attempt to spell out some of the possible levels of acceptance that a GG (Genetic Girl) may have for her man's cross dressing. It will go on to discuss how the cross dresser may be expected to react to or feel about those acceptance levels. Now, I am not qualified to cover all of this subject and everyone is different. My discussion of the expected reactions you might get from your cross dresser is only an educated honest GUESS. It is only intended to give you an overall feeling for how things might go. In the end, you will have to keep your eyes open and observe the results of your decisions. This post may help give you some things to think about or look for.
Tumblr media
Level Zero - NO!!!
" If I ever catch you near a skirt, I better be wearing it! " Understanding this one isn't rocket science. You married a man and he even dressed like one, looked like one and acted like one. That is the only thing you will stand for and the subject is closed. Acceptance level zero.
The results of this are pretty well covered on my "Wives" page. He does love you and he would stick to these rules if he could. If he tries, he will probably fail or change his character for the worse or even wind up in therapy or possibly even kill himself. No kidding! Ever try to quit smoking. You probably know that a lot of people are total hell to be around as their bodies demand nicotine. This passes with time or when they resume smoking. Cross dressing is only similar in that it will cause the same irritability and much worse but it does not pass with time. It will only pass when he continues dressing - somewhere, somehow, possible even with someone.
If you catch him and stick to your guns, you two will probably split up. If you don't catch him, you may be just fine though he will be in a position that will leave him a lot less than fine. He will be having to hide what he is doing and he will have to lie to you. This will probably make him feel terrible about what he has to do. The quality of your relationship MUST suffer. He could even tell himself that you had your chance and go looking for someone who will accept him and his cross dressing. He could do this with someone on the side but, if that is good enough, well, who knows...
You fit into the zero level if you are going to "cure" him. Yeah, insist that he goes to a shrink or someone who can talk some sense into him. If this is the horse you're riding, you either haven't read that section of my wives page or you just didn't believe what you read there. The bottom line here is that this is not going away. Also, if it seems like you have made it go away, that will come at a price. The price could include your living with a depressed or grumpy guy. While Snow White did OK with Grumpy, you would probably be happier if he were happier. The other price is this. When this dressing thing comes back, and it will, it will probably be even stronger and more demanding.
Yes, you do have a right to have a man who is not a cross dresser. If you insist on demanding that right, you may do well to start looking for that man now. In the long run, both you and your cross dresser will be happier. BUT - You and your cross dresser could both be happier if you, the woman he loves, went to a higher level of acceptance of what and who he is.
Tumblr media
Level One - Not In Front Of Me -
" I don't want to see it or even know about it. " You read the "poop" on this subject and accept that this is going to happen from time to time. At this level you might even help him out by buying something he wants or needs but you don't want to see the results. You simply refuse to have any more to do with it. This is where a lot of women are.
The only real difference is that you guys (you and your cross-dresser) have a chance at making it together. You may even call home before you return to give him a chance to change back or you may tell him when you will be home and then expect that things will be "normal" when you get there. If you find a dress in the basement, you just won't go in that trunk again but you also won't throw it or him out. Things will be strained between the two of you from time to time. He will still have to hide it from you because that is what you want. He will continue to hope that you will someday move to a different level of acceptance and that hope, along with being able to dress occasionally, may keep him going for some time.
You won't be totally happy because you do know it is going on. He won't be real happy either because he has to hide it and do it all alone or in some other environment. If he is doing it elsewhere, he will be subject to outside influences just as you are when you and your girlfriends talk among yourselves. What this basically amounts to is, "I'll agree not to be happy as long as you agree not to be happy either." I guess it is fair in that it is equal - but is it? In truth, he will be more miserable than you are. Just thought you should know that. You guys could stick together just fine and the unhappiness I mentioned may not even exist or be very small.
I sure won't put you down for adopting this "Not In Front Of Me" policy. It is probably the one that most women are most comfortable with. It even works much of the time... BUT
Yeah, you just knew I would throw in a but. - But - YOU are missing out on an awful lot. He is too but I'm talking about you right now. You are missing out on some of the very real benefits and deep emotional ties you could get if you could only see your way clear to going to a higher level of acceptance.
Time out to discuss some problems and variations. Starting with the variations, we have wives who don't play fair. Realize that you have made an agreement to IGNORE this as long as it is not rubbed under your nose. That's still an agreement. You aren't holding to it when you make cutting comments. For instance, there is no need to say, "I will be out for two hours. I suppose you'll play your stupid little dress-up games." Simply saying you won't be back for two hours was great. Adding the last part, or something worse, was un-called for and will only cause problems. (I can say this to you because I don't know you.)
Now, if you come back early and find him dressed up, it isn't a foul. No foul, no penalty. You are the one who came back early so you should simply tell the girl you walked in on that you're sorry you happened to be ahead of schedule but you would appreciate it if she would go change. You could also head this off by calling home. "Guess what, I found it in the first store so I'm going to be heading home now. Anything I should pick up on the way?" See? Nothing here about dressing and no hard feelings or anything. You could even smile a little as you picture him hurrying with that zipper as he changes back to greet his wife. Things can indeed be livable at this level if you both respect the agreement.
Fine. You do just that but he keeps leaving things where you can't help but see them. First, make sure you are being reasonable. He does need and he even deserves to have a reasonable place to keep his stuff. If you're sure you are being reasonable, send him here to read this page. The next paragraph will be for him. For you, I will say that he is not happy where you are and he is hoping to open the discussion again in hopes of moving to a higher level of acceptance on your part. Leaving his dress on the couch is a sure sign but it is only a dress and it isn't contaminated. He is not holding up his end of the current agreement and the reason is that he wants desperately to share this side of himself with you. That, or his NEEDS are changing. That could spell trouble. I will talk about that after I scold him a little.
Hey Bud. I know what's going on and I just told your wife too. No, I'm on your side. Hell, I'm one of you. Problem is that you are rolling the dice. It could well go against you. I know there is a lot missing in the arrangement you have, but things could be worse too. If you keep this up they probably will get worse. There are better ways to lobby for a change in her position. The simple fact that she is reading this page is a good sign. In fact, if she keeps reading, I'm going to ask her to accept a little more of the girl inside of you. For now, put your stuff away and don't keep rubbing her nose in it. You don't like it when she pesters you about something that you thought was settled. What makes you think she is going to like it any better?
There, I guess I told him. Truth is though that he may have a point OR you could have a problem. The point he may have is that your arrangement is a bit selfish and unrealistic. You are dictating how, when and if a whole side of him can even exist. I did say that this can and does work for a lot of couples. I think that's true. It just could be better for you two. This is where I ask you to consider just trying to be more of a friend to his girl side. Just see if you can get comfortable with a little more. See where that goes and take it from there. Small gradual steps are just fine. Tell him you will try but that pushing you will only lead to resistance. Tell him to let you come along at your own pace and ask for his cooperation and understanding as you try.
Know this: - Dressing alone can be very empty. It can even be depressing. We just need someone else to see the "girl." Better yet if they react to the "girl." Read on through Level Three for an example.
Now the possible problem. Let's hope this isn't the case but it will be for a number of you. His needs are changing. This could be for any number of reasons. Could be because of the suppression that he now feels compelled to demand more. (Remember the discussion on my wives page about being stuck behind the slow car.) It could be the opposite. He has been allowed "out" this much and now wants more. Could also just be the passage of time at work here. Whatever the reason, your trouble now is that the arrangement you two had just may not work anymore. It's back to the drawing boards for you guys. Keep an open mind.
The first thing to do is find out what the new needs are and where they can be expected to take him. Then you will have to decide if you can go along or if you even want to try. I've gotten e-mail from wives who are suddenly facing a situation where their guy wants to grow breasts or even have surgery to become women. Let me reassure you right now that this is NOT where the large majority of us are headed. I mean, think about it. If that were the case, it wouldn't be long before there would be one hell of a lot of women and no cross dressers. No, this is the exception. It could still be the problem you are facing. What then?
Me? - I'm a part time girl. If you have read the " About Me " section, you know that I can't identify with this problem. I'm sure this shows through in a lot of other things I have written too. Nevertheless, I have become well aware of this problem and I have tried to understand it and help. I see the need to write a " My Guy Wants To Become A Woman " page and place it on my site. It's not done but I have finally put together a TS (Trans Sexual) page for wives whose men are on that path.
The good news is that his needs may have changed but not by that much. His "girl" may suddenly be acting like someone with claustrophobia who is trapped in an elevator. She may be beating on the door (to his mind) trying to get out. Remember that she can't get out much under the current rules. Now she is suddenly driving him crazy which is why he is bugging you. You are, after all, the keeper. You keep her in there when you are home. Think what that means. You have placed a wedge between you and a part of him. He now wishes you would go stay with your Mom every now and then. What he truly wants is for you to stay with him and make friends with "her."
Tumblr media
Level Two - Wear Whatever You Want To -
That should read, "Wear whatever you want to, I just don't care." This is good and also bad. The good part is that your man can let his "girl" out in front of you without any problems between the two of you. The bad part is that you simply refuse to see that "girl" when she is standing right in front of you. What you have done is you have simply decided to look past the clothes and everything else and pretend that it is just your guy standing there in his normal clothes. Yeah, it makes you a little edgy since you don't want anyone to see him like that but you accept that he gets something out of being dressed like that and so you try not to care. As with level one, you may help him by buying things for him or even in various other ways. You may even comment on what goes with what or show him how to put on makeup.
This is a big improvement on level one. You are accepting his "quirk" and simply living with it, even being helpful. Most or all of the unpleasantness that can arise in level one will be gone. Yes, you still have your limits and he knows them. They could be that he can't allow himself to be seen by anyone else (which he probably doesn't want either) or your limits could involve him not wearing a nightgown to bed or any number of other things. It is an arrangement that will work and one that any guys in a lower level would love to have.
Great huh? Not quite, but you're getting real close. Let's have a look at it from both sides. It's good for you because your guy isn't having to suppress or hide this side of himself. No, you're not sharing it but it is still out there and there aren't (hopefully) any bad attitudes being shown by either of you when he is dressed. You are simply playing a little head game with yourself by pretending that it doesn't exist even though you may be looking at it. You feel better playing that game. Well, it's working. What can be wrong with that?
Suppose you get your hands on a real killer gown which you wear to a big party. You go through all the work to get ready and you arrive looking drop dead gorgeous. Let's throw in a very big diamond necklace too. It looks great on you and it cost a fortune. Enjoy it. It will help me make my point.
OK. You walk in and folks just wander by every now and then saying, "Hi Jane. What's new?" and then they wander off. After about an hour of that you go home. There's still a funny clown suit left over from Halloween in your closet and you quickly put it on and return to the party. Now you have on that clown suit complete with the read nose and all. Folks still keep casually walking up to you with the same, "Hi Jane. How have you been?"
How do you feel? What's wrong with this picture? Why do you feel the way you do? Answer those questions and I won't have to go any further with discussing this level. I won't have to, but I will anyway. - But wait! Please take a moment - stop reading and think about the little story we just told. Think about your feelings and the other questions I just asked.
I wasn't trying to send you on a guilt trip. Far from it, I was simply helping you to understand what's missing at this level. I know that it is a big jump for you to get to the next level and you may never go there. That's OK. I just wanted you to understand. That understanding could help you every now and then when there are problems.
Under your arrangement at this level, his girl can be out - but can she? Yes and no. Yes, "she" can be out but no, "she" is not accepted. "She" has no friend. In fact, "she" is invisible. Only he can be seen where "she" thinks "she" is standing. Kind of makes "her" want to run home and put on a clown suit.
If this is the best you can do, it will probably be good enough. I want to stress this. This level has the most promise of a long and happy relationship that we have seen yet. Yes, it could send him looking elsewhere for a friend for the "girl inside" but, overall, it can work. At least you won't be the one responsible for suppressing his need. He might do that himself though, since dressing up and not being noticed can be very frustrating for some people. That might be something to watch out for. He could place himself back in level one, in which case he will then be withholding a part of himself from you. That is sad and could ultimately give rise to other problems.
Tumblr media
Level Three - Hi Jennifer -
Now we have something truly wonderful. If you get tired of him, you can have your pick of cross dressers and they will be glad to get you. You not only accept that he cross dresses and allow it but you treat the dressed person as a girl and not like your husband in a dress. I didn't say that you participate or help with the makeup or anything like that. You might, but that comes in the next level with a few other things. At this level you are simply changing gears when he changes clothes (sexes).
You already know what I'm going to say but some folks may be reading this who aren't on this level and they may not have thought about it. People get a lot of what they feel from the person they are with. Put another way, how someone perceives you has a lot to do with how you perceive yourself at that moment. Their eyes are your mirror.
Example: You walk into the bank. One of the tellers calls you by name and smiles at you telling you how nice you look today. (Well, it could happen.) Now, same bank. Teller doesn't even look up, just takes your papers and orders you to have a nice day when she dismisses you. Hey, I've been to that bank too. Neither case will have a long effect but, for those few moments, they will cause much different feelings. This is just human nature at work.
Smiling at your husband when he walks in wearing a dress and calling him by "her" name is a major improvement. This gives "her" an identity. You wouldn't talk to one of your girlfriends the same way you would talk to some of the guys you know and you certainly wouldn't call them by another name. This is the same thing. Like anything else, there are two sides to this.
Side one - you. In the previous level, the wife was playing a head game on herself by ignoring what she was seeing and pretending to see only her husband. She was ignoring the clothes and all that may have gone along with them. Here, you are also playing a head game but you are ignoring the face instead. The game now is, "This isn't my husband, it's Jennifer." and not, "It's my husband, regardless of how he may look." As I stated earlier, this is a major difference and a real improvement for both of you.
Yes, it is a bit of "role playing" which can be fun. But, it is also an easier way to move things around in your head. Take the visual cues from how he looks or is trying to look and create that person in your mind instead of your husband. Suddenly you no longer have to cope with the image of your husband looking like that. Now you have a different person created in your mind and it is that person who looks like what you were seeing. This may well go down more smoothly for you and it is certain to go down wonderfully with him.
There's another benefit here. You just might be able to talk with "Jennifer" about your husband and even ask "her" what she thinks about something he did or something that you would like him to do. If "Jennifer" is young, treat "her" that way. If "she" is a maid, let her serve you and even try to treat "her" as your servant. This can go as far as you are comfortable having it go and it even gives you a measure of control. You can easily ask for your husband back whenever you choose. It can be quite wonderful for you BOTH.
The other side of it is his side. Remember I said there were two sides? Mostly this is good. He too will be able to separate the two images. He will be able to give vent to both, each able to develop in their own way. My opinion - I want to stress that because there is a wild card we haven't looked at yet - My opinion is that this is what most of us dream of. Yes, there is more and it will come in higher levels. This, however, will bond him and his love to you more than having your father own the oil company he works for would.
The down side and then the wild card: The down side as I picture it is this. There is an outside chance that, as the two individuals (the guy and the "girl" inside) develop in their own directions, he may like the other half more than he likes himself. In such a case, it could lead to something I mentioned earlier. He may want to live as that person or even become that person. I hope I'm right when I say that this is only a slim possibility and that it won't happen except in rare cases. Again, my opinion is that it would have happened anyway with someone who was predisposed in that direction and it would only happen with such a person. I mention it here because you need to decide what you want to do and you have to live with what happens. I would feel very badly if I only told you one side of something and then it blew up in your face. That, my dear, was a disclaimer. Seriously, you need to think about it.
Here comes the wild card. I have grown to understand that all cross dressers are far from being the same. Some of them want to blend their female side with their male side. This is an entirely different issue so they need to be excused from the previous discussion. If your guy fits into this category, he does not want to cross dress to let his "girl" out. He wants to express "who he is" by presenting himself as a mixture of male and female, creating a third sex - his own. He may wish to present as androgynous - no identifiable sex. My opinion is that these guys are only cross dressers in a loose sense of the term. That is not a value judgment. It is simply my way of explaining that this "Levels" page may not relate to them. Perhaps I will try to cover them later.
Tumblr media
Higher Levels
Once you pass level three, things can go in so many directions that I'm not sure just how to continue this. One thing does seem clear to me. Once you are here, your cross dressing husband should be quite happy. It is now you we need to worry about. Hopefully, you are also happy with where you are. But, will HE stay where he and you two are now? If you missed it, jump back two paragraphs to the "down side" or you may want to read it again.
I guess the best way to go on is to set the rest of this up like a menu. The above levels 1 - 3 have been cumulative, building on each other. Now we find so many variations that it just won't work that way any longer. It now becomes a "mix and match" sort of grab bag where folks take what they like and leave the rest. Kind of like you got out of high school and now you have to pick your own courses in college. Here goes, but I know I'm going to leave out more than I manage to put in here.
Tumblr media
You Participate
Whoa. You were already participating in level three. Why is it here again? You are quite right. In level three you were treating the "girl" as someone different from your husband and very hopefully you were treating "her" as the type of "girl" she presented "herself" as. You were involved in purchases and probably involved yourself in other helpful ways. What I am adding here is "Involvement."
Involvement? Yes. Now you are also a player. Before you were more or less doing what you did for the benefit of your other half. Here, it is also for your benefit and enjoyment. You are getting into the act and getting into the "role playing." More importantly, you are enjoying it too and would probably miss it if it went away. No - don't worry. It isn't going away. He probably isn't either. Girls like you are very hard to find. Very hard!
In this area, you get to drive too. You are no longer only a passenger. You may even tell him to go change into his frillies. You may pick out and lay out his clothes for him. You may guide his transformation and set aside playtime for the two of you. Could be you postpone doing some girl things that are on your list so that you can do it with your "she-guy" or even have "her" do it while you watch. There is a lot of fun to be had in this area. He is most fortunate.
Tumblr media
You Control
This one is very similar to the above discussion. Now the difference is that YOU ARE THE DRIVER when he is in "girl" mode. Many cross dressers can be submissive all or some of the time they are dressed. A lot of them like that role when they are in "girl" mode. This is true role playing for both of you. If both of you enjoy it - have a ball.
Tumblr media
You Even Play Games
This one simply builds on what is above. Remember, this whole thing is a mix and match where you may be one place one day and doing another next week. What games you enjoy, if any, are impossible to guess. I could try to start a list but I would never come up with all of them. I will mention only a few for anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about when I say "games."
Some games include: Bondage from the lightest to serious, Maid servant, Baby girl, Naughty child, Hooker, Sex slave, Lesbian lover, Simple girlfriend, Going out together with him dressed up, Taking him out to the mall with him wearing semi-passable girl's jeans or blouse, Very high heels, Petticoat punishment, Domestic discipline, Super sissy games, Embarrassment or humiliation games, Games involving sex toys... And the list goes on. I have left out things involving pain or other (possibly objectionable or gross) practices. These things exist and people do them and enjoy them. I don't want to turn anyone off or try to impose my standards either. I just wanted to explain what "games" meant as I was using the term.
To cap off talking about games, I will only say that they can be very exciting and put a lot of spice in your lives - IF you BOTH enjoy them and if you both play fairly within understood limits. One place cross dressers go wrong is trying to control what the wife does and how she does it even though the game may involve her being in control. When this type of things happens, the wife can feel like she is being used or that she is never doing it right or well enough to suit him. This will take all the fun out of the game for her and soon she won't play anymore. (Have him read this, it could save you some problems and keep the joy in what you're doing.)
Tumblr media
A Word About "Role Playing"
First, what is "role playing?" Well, kids might call it playing "pretend." We're much too grown up to call it that so we call it "role playing." You remember, you pretend to be the mommie and you pretend the doll was the baby. Your girlfriend was the daddy. OK, that was a long time ago. You then acted as though the reality was just what you were pretending it was. That was a lot of fun then and it can be a lot more fun now. You will find that your cross dresser will very likely love to play as long as he gets to be a girl in the game.
There were quite a few things listed above under the Games section. Most of them are examples of roles that a cross dresser may enjoy playing. Some of them refer to accessories for these games. The thing I want to stress is that role playing (playing pretend) is not a bad thing. People do it all the time for all kinds of reasons including therapy (encounter groups). It is done in the military and in business and it is what entertainment is all about. It is good. It can be very good, even wonderful.
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evilspiritsgoneloose · 10 hours ago
Family Problems
(C!Sapnap x GN!Reader) _____
!Warning! Kidnapping, Thinking of killing, Swearing, Grammatical Errors (please just oversee them, if there are there)
Characters Mentioned Wilbur Soot, Tommyinnit, Dream, GeorgeNotFound
Summary You've always wanted the attention of your brother until the truth has been spoken.
Word Count 2267 ____
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the walls of L'manberg admiring the sunrise. No one was awake so you had time to think for yourself.
Ever since you and your brother Wilbur had started the caravan you didn't really have time to think. All you did was help out Wilbur and try even harder to get his attention. You worked off your ass for him only to get a little bit of recognition and a simple thank you. But it never came. L'manberg grew and grew. Now Wilbur doesn't even talk to you anymore. You could do everything, even blowing up a whole town, and he wouldn't even look at you. You did everything you could to get his attention. Hell, you even punched his right-hand man Tommy till his nose was broken. As Wilbur found out, he was just giving Tommy a potion of health, smiles at him and they continued to work in this damn truck. It made you even sadder and angrier than before.
There you are sitting on those walls that should protect everyone from the green beast. Your legs tangle in the air while looking to the greater dream SMP. Sometimes you wonder if Wilbur would still ignore you when they didn't decide to form a new nation. Guess you never know.
"why so sad up there?" Someone asked. You got a little scared but looked down to the origin of the voice. There stood the man everyone in this wall feared. You retreat your legs and crossed them. "None of your business" was all you said and continued to watch the sunrise. "Well, it is my business when I don't want to see a sad beautiful face like yours. There's no need to be sad about" you just laughed at his comment.
"See, you're smiling. What's so funny?"
"Leave me alone Dream, please"
"wow, even with a, please. You really must be very sad" Dream cleared his throat "Do you even know how easily I could kidnap you now?"
You smiled "he wouldn't even notice my disappearance, no need to kidnap me"
"what?" Dream started with an amused voice. He nearly was about to laugh "you're his only sibling after all"
"well, He doesn't even look at me with his arse" you tried to stop yourself from ranting even more about your brother, but the emotions got the better of you. Dream noticed it and sat down at a tree to see you better.
"I tried everything to get him to notice me. I destroyed a house, I drained the little lake, I punched several people, but all he does is help the people and ignore his sibling. This idiot wouldn't even find out I was kidnapped or look for me. I'm just useless in his eyes"
Dream waited a moment before talking again. "Care to find out? I mean, what could go wrong? If he searches for you then you know he still sees you and when not... Well then nothing changing besides you had a little trip to the SMP"
You immediately wanted to decline his offer and go back home, but what even holds you at this place. Nothing. Dream stares at you with his typical mask, waiting for an answer. He knew you were thinking about it.
"I let you kidnap me"
Dream smiled and stood up "nice, do you still need anything from your house?"
"Actually, no" The man just nodded and helped you land on the ground safely. "Come on, follow me"
As you both were walking down the Prime path, Dream showed you a few things here and there. You never realized how beautiful the Smp was until now. You should have considered being kidnapped sooner.
The two of you reached the community house and you could see George and Sapnap at the wheat farm. George harvested and Sapnap was just watching him. Sapnap is the first one that spotted Dream with you. Immediately he ditched George and walked other to you while talking "Dream why do you bring Y/N here?" now George also walked over "yeah tell us, what are you doing?"
Dream answered "I kidnapped them, George"
"I may be Colorblind but isn't kidnapped like forcing someone against their will? They don't look very forced"
"I let him kidnap me, nice house by the way. I like the flooring"
Sapnap laughed at your statement "wouldn't Wilbur go crazy if he finds out you're gone?" But now it was your turn to laugh. You laugh as if it was the best joke you ever heard.
"Wilbur... Going crazy...Ha... That's a good one"
"Turns out" Dream started "He wouldn't even notice if I would kill them in front of him"
"that's sad man. So sorry Y/N"
The conversation goes on for another minute about how stupid Wilbur is. It's mostly Sapnap complaining with you. It goes on and on until the question about where you gonna sleep came up?
You just claimed to build yourself a little house but the boys were against it. They played rock paper scissors only to find out that Sapnap was the only one with a proper house. Argument done.
You spend like two weeks with them till something exciting was happening. Tommy came screaming into the community house. Both you and Sapnap sat upstairs. Dream and George were outside doing whatever.
"Where are you Green Bitch?" Tommy shouted. Sapnap directed you to stay upstairs while he checked on the Kid.
He walked down the stairs "He's not here Tommy, what do you want?"
"Someone stole our book of independence and we think Dream has it"
Sapnap laughed "Yeah, why would he want a useless book with useless words in it. We definitely don't want it"
You peaked a little bit to see both of them talking together.
"You sure L'manberg isn't missing something else?" Tommy stares at Sapnap. He doesn't know what this man is talking about and he doesn't even care to find out. Tommy puffed his chest and claimed "we're missing nothing else. Everything is perfect inside our walls. Stop talking nonsense Sapnap"
As you heard this, you somehow felt sad. You knew they wouldn't miss you but deep down you had wished they would notice your disappearance.
The black-haired man pushed Tommy out of the community house and told him to go away. After it, he came back to you.
"they really didn't notice, huh. Idiots" he said. You looked up to him a little confused. "What you're talking about?"
"they are idiots for not noticing you. How can they overlook someone so beautiful" You were used to him saying such things, though it always was a joke between the two of you. But this time he was serious.
you blushed slightly at his comment and glanced at the ground. Then something unbelievable happened. The door from the community house got smashed open and two people entered. "SAPNAP!" You heard your brother shouting. Wait... did they find out? Are they searching for you? "WHERE ARE YOU HIDING!" Everything happened too fast and now you could stare directly at the burning eyes of Wilbur. He was directly looking at you and his voice died down for a second. Forgotten what he usually wanted. "Y/n?" Wilbur was puzzled "What the fuck are you doing here? Go back now!" You first were surprised and a little bit happy because he finally looked you in the eyes, but now you were just disappointed. Disappointed from yourself and your brother. "Wilbur... I can't leave"
"You have two working legs now stand up and go home"
Sapnap knew what you wanted to do and jumped in. "They are not leaving this place" He also placed himself between you and Wilbur "We Kidnapped them, you understand?" The tall one looked back at you and then back to Sapnap. You were just merely playing an act to be the victim in this story. You tried to be scared and desperate to 'escape' this place. Wilbur seemed to believe it. He grabbed Tommy by his shirt "Why did I not hear anything about it" Tommy shrugged with his shoulders "I also just heard about it" Wilbur sighed "we could have saved resources. We are low on coal and we still heated up their house" He talked about you as if you weren't in the room, But you are. "Good to know I'm just a waste" you talked to yourself. Sapnap heard it and wanted to punch Wilbur so badly. And he's supposed to be the brother. What a nice family dynamic. "since when was Y/n gone?" Wilbur asked. He just wanted to find out how much they wasted. That's it. You grabbed your sword and wanted to attack Wilbur. You wanted to stuff his mouth with it. Making him shut up forever.
Wilbur managed to doge many of your attacks until you got to cut his cheek. Tommy was quick on his heels and tried to stop you but Sapnap hold him back. Wilbur had made you drop your sword. His disappointed eyes looked down at you. There was no regret or sadness in them and it made you boil from the inside. You wanted to see his head rolling. "It's better if you both leave now" Sapnap suggested and let go of Tommy. Without any words, they both left. You still stood there staring at the floor.
Sapnap placed a hand on your shoulder and then you stormed off outside. He understood that you'll need time for yourself. just seconds after Dream and George returned "Why did Y/n run out?" George asked "Wilbur was here and literally called them a waste of resources" "What an Idiot" ---- You had escaped into the nether. You didn't know why but somehow the warmth of it felt like a cozy blanket or a hug. You sat on a cliff. Below was a huge lava lake, nearly an ocean. Despite its danger, everything here looked amazing and calmed you down very quickly. As a child, you always heard that family would always stick together and protect each other. Seems like your family was different. Your brother didn't care about you at all and your father lived far away. It felt like he was in another dimension. Unable to be reached.
You laid down on the netherrack and closed your eyes. The ambient of the Nether calmed you down even more. You heard footsteps but you thought it was just a zombified Pigling idling around. Just then someone sat down beside you. You wanted to check who it was but their voice gave it away. "I also like to come here. It's very calm and reminds me of home" You smiled as you heard Sapnap talking. "I like the warmth of the nether" You admitted to him. He glanced back to you and smirked "Feels like a hug doesn't it?" "You're talking straight out of my soul" Now Sapnap laid down next to you. A pleasant silence was between you two until he broke it "you know. even if your stupid ass brother despises you... You're more than welcome to join us. I... We like you very much" You could feel how close Sapnap was to you. Legs were touching and you felt his hand brushing yours. Sapnap took in a deep breath in and out before talking further. "I would be happy to have you with us" His hand gently reached over to yours until he held your hand. Your heart was doing jumps and wanted to just burst out, but all you did was to place your head on his shoulder. ___
Weeks went by. You and the others had a lot of fun together. They tried to build you a house but it somehow burnt down on pure accident and not George playing aground with the flint and steel. You realized you had fallen for Sapnap. He was there when you needed it. He found out so many things about you and hasn't left like Wilbur.
On one fateful day. It was night. You and Sapnap sat on the roof of his house and just relaxed. The Moon was full. You couldn't hold the feelings back any longer and just confessed out of the blue. It was silent as heck and he didn't say anything but just kissed you.
Since that day you both were dating and Dream and Gored tend to tease you about it. But they were happy for you. You were currently sitting on the stairs to the Nether Portal with your Boyfriend. You nearly sat on his lap and cuddled together. Dream just came back from L'manberg and was searching for you. "Hey lovebirds" he called out and you looked at him "The's a letter for you Y/n" A letter for you? That's new. Dream gave you the letter and walked away again. You made no move on switching your position while opening the letter. While still sitting on Sapnaps lap you got out the little paper and began to read it. As you finished your whole body became stiff. Sapnap noticed "You okay, What's it about?" You said nothing and just gave him the letter. Your father came to town for a day and wanted to meet up with the family. He wants to have a family dinner like in the old times. Seeing Phil again would be nice but Wilbur would also be there and things will not end well that day. You hated him to your very core and nothing but his death would calm you down if you see him once again. _____
Part2? maybe?
PS: I also take requests. Running low on ideas right now.
Leave a follow if you like. It’s free and… YouCanAlwaysUnfollowLater (sry… Not)
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panchatea · 17 hours ago
Idk if this is worth announcing honestly... but yeah I just wanna say that I will be taking a hiatus break. Yeah yeah i know I don't publish much ahaha more like i do publish a fic once a month but yeah hahah. What's the reason? Maybe its dumb but if you do care bout this blog then continue reading i guess.
I will be taking a break in writing like literally(hopefully). I mean I might not post consistently but I do write everyday ever since I started to learn how to do it for like half of the duration of my entire life, may it be fiction, poetry, journalism or any other stuff, I have not stopped and it feels like I never took a break so I got to the point of that I can't even finish a piece without struggling. I currently have like 6 drafts, if you think that is just a little then for someone who overthinks writing so much that I spend 1 hour on a paragraph then maybe that's a lot of time considering each of them averages 3 thousand words each. It feels exhausting, it feels like its an addiction that I can't let go of, it's like an unhealthy relationship with a game you've been playing for so long, you know it's bad for you but you still play it.
That's just not it, my life is taking a huge turn of events lately. It's something you don't wanna concern yourself but it's something that I would maybe just vent here. I need to do so much and I'm doing so much but it still feels lacking to what is needed for me to take care of what I must. My life never been easy but I guess this time it's taking a turn where it will decide what will happen to the next decades of my life and if maybe I can see the rest of my days or like engggkkk game over XD so I gotta work on that.
I love all of these, it might sound pretentious cause Im always saying that I don't care about notes, bout followers, and numbers but that's just me. Writing is something I do for myself whether you believe it or not. Writing is my second nature and it's my coping mechanism. I write when I'm sad, I write when I'm happy, I write when I'm stressed, I write when I'm going through the hardest stuff, and I write even when I don't need to. It's something that I've been doing for so long that I just cannot stop to the point that even though I'm feeling that I need to do take a break, I didn't and continued. I continued and continued until I couldn't even type words in my draft.
So that's why I'm taking this break to like give my head a cleanse of this drug. To maybe release myself to this huge responsibility that I put upon myself. And hopefully comeback and finish all the stories I want to share with you all. Maybe when I comeback, I will learn to enjoy writing because that's something I never really do, I don't enjoy it as much as the others.
Lately, I just get blue, I just get easily annoyed, I bitch around, I get negative, I get easily exhausted. In short, I'm so done with things hahaha. I've been here for a year now hahahaha so yey! So if we have been interacting all those times, you might know me as that guy who loves killing characters, who loves romantic butterfly fluffs, who loves tragedy, who jokes around and always have a laugh right after his chats. But I just can't keep that forever, I can't be lying to myself that I'm positive and fine while I encourage the others not so self-loathe. That's just ridiculous on my part and it makes me a clown hahaha.
HAHAHAHA so maybe Im ending this message cause I'm taking it too long. I won't disappear and deactivate, I will stay here and still answer asks and if you like to dm me then I will reply but Im suspending all the stuffs that I do here, mainly writing and making covers.
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nnatsume · a day ago
hihi sunny !! may i rq an arcade date ficlet or headcanons with natsume? whatever you want hehe (*´∇`*)... thank you <3 !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✦ – arcade date w/ natsume !
Tumblr media Tumblr media
natsume knows the good stuff—being in the game research club and all, sora and he even noted the cabinets from each location. so you have a wide selection of games—and if you can't pick, he'll just let the wheel decide your fortune. he's fine with everything, as long as with you. a fluffy feeling settles in his stomach at the idea of being your guide.
considering that you're going to an arcade, the most casual of casual places, he picks you up surprisingly overdressed. his excitement is visible—there's more jump to his step, more emotion in his word. don't comment. at the prospect of doing their favorite thing with their favorite person, anyone would be excited.
you would've guessed that natsume would immediately dive into the competitive game section of the arcade—but he didn't want to. he hates losing, and he doesn't want you to be sad when he eventually wipes the game field with you. so you're going to the team games—you know, since you're together, it might even have some benefits.
whether you're good at video games or not, eventually there'll be a mistake in your play, that's unavoidable. and natsume will use that opening to his full advantage.
“ah.. what? no way..”, your shoulders fell as your pixel character bumped into a platform and fell into the void. the game rubbed a bright red game-over screen in your face—you puffed your cheeks in annoyance at your score. not much better than your last one.
“what's the problem?”, a breath upon your shoulder quickly blew away the irritation of your loss—a noise of surprise escaped you, to which he responds with that chuckle. you felt his hair over your shoulder, your back against his chest. “you lost again?”
at his teasing, you flared. “the platform is too far away.. how are you even supposed to make that?!”, you pointed towards the screen. through the dark tint, you could see the platforms—too far, too high.
“hmm.. no, it's not. see the record? they made it past here.”, he pointed too. the number was a good chunk above your own—you wondered just how much some of these people played. “you just need the right technique. lucky you, having me.”,
he tugged your hand back to the joystick, laying his own over yours. with your fingers laced together, he started a new game. natsume leaned close to your ear, sending shivers down your spine—
“let's beat it, shall we?”
while his competitive nature doesn't turn against you, he turns against everyone else. with your simple presence, you've turned him into a record machine—you see, natsume can't afford to lose and embarrass himself in front of his lover, so he does his best. he's adaptable and easily gets used to your habits in games. you're a killer team.
as the tickets pour out of the machines, the records change to your names, his smile grows more devilish. the kind of smirk that tells you that he wants something. weather that something is good or bad, you can't really tell.
when your bag is full and your time is starting to run out, you make your way to the register to fetch yourselves a nice prize. the selection was big, and many things were appealing to your tastes—and since you have so many tickets, you can afford a couple. as you take your pick, a glance aside and you see natsume whispering to the cashier.
he picks out a huge plush animal, and you tilt your head in question when he picks another one. they don't look like something that he would enjoy as much as other things in the display—but he's throwing all of his tickets across the table. a few scraps are left, which don't suffice for another exchange.
as soon as you step foot outside, the red cat is dropped into your arms.
“it's for you. you said you've been feeling lonely, and i'm busy with promotions, so.. take it. as company.”, he confessed, not looking you in the eye. the plush smiled back at you, with as much warmth as its button eyes and yarn mouth can master. “don't replace me.”
“aww.. it looks like you.”, you noted. he scoffed in return—'well, duh', read his face. you felt the corners of your lips stretch into a smile. he always makes sure to dismiss his kindness, look disinterested—but a look closer reveals: he's just scared. you shook your head—as he adjusted his hold on the other plush, you gasped.
“is that supposed to be me?”
something blunt hit your crown. “i get lonely too, you know?”,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hood-ex · 9 hours ago
DC killing the JL in April. Ffs. I'm already over it. I literally don't care. I'm so frustrated because I feel like all DC are doing with their stories are killing characters, reveal ~secret relatives~, and/or writers try to make their mark on a character and end up butchering everything. It's not like it's sad or shocking when characters die anymore, it's just annoying they can't think of anything else.
I took a break from comics after the Batcat marriage fell through, coming back I had so many frustrations with my previous pull list I cut back majorly (unsurprisingly Nightwing was among them), now this. I can't explain how done I am with all of it, after 12 years of reading comics I've now decided I'm completely done. They don't make me happy anymore I'm always left pissed off
It's funny how they're like, "What's gonna happen when the JL dies??" And it's like lol well if we look at the other time the JL "died" in JLA then we know that Dick became the leader of the JL and worked with Ollie, Jason Blood, etc. I mean, I guess they'll explore the impact on a more worldwide scale over a longer period of time but, yeah, the whole thing is kinda dumb when we already know the JL is gonna come back.
I'm curious what this means for characters like Dick. Are we gonna get the return of dickbats or what? Are the Titans gonna try to be what the JL was or are another group of heroes going to try and fill those holes? So that aspect of the event is far more interesting to me than any of the actual deaths that are going to occur. It's like how am I even supposed to feel sad about these characters dying when it's 1. told to us months in advance so that it's not even a surprise 2. we know the JL is going to come back 3. members of the JL have already died and been mourned over before.
I don't blame you for calling it quits. I think myself and others have also been feeling frustrated and bored with the comics that have been coming out over the last few years. Sometimes it's better to just put it all behind you and to try and get into another fandom or hobby that's more enjoyable.
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literally-inlove · 2 days ago
Hey, it's me again. I loved the story that you wrote! I was wondering if you could write one for reader and Tamaki? The reader gas a resting bitch face and doesn't talk all that much. Everyone thinks they're scary and stuff but they’re actually just shy and socially awkward. One day they defend Tamaki from some bullies and they become friends. It would be cool if they were a part of the big 3 (aka the big 4) and everyone in class 1A is flabbergasted. Let's say they were late to get there because they were beating up some bullies. I imagine he would be trying to speak and the reader is like "everyone stfu he's talking". It could be called 'Socially Awkward'. Sorry if I'm bothering you and you don't have to write this if you don't want to. Have a good day. :)
No. I want to write this. Although I'm unsure if it's meant to be a Reader Insert, I did pick up small details to figure out what it is.
I'm guessing by the wording, it's gonna be a Tamaki Amajiki one and I'm not even complaining. He's my favorite character for the show.
── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──
Tumblr media
Socially Awkward
Tamaki Amajiki x GN!Reader
── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──
Summary: The reader has a bit of a scary resting face and people say they don't like anyone. The truth is, they struggle to speak. Luckily they manage to make a friend in their first year of high school after he was being bullied. Although he was terrified at first, he actually kind of likes their company..
➛Tenya Iida version!!
➛Denki Kaminari version!!
── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──
❝ First Year of School ❞
Everyone told you that it's the school of their dreams. And to be completely honest, it was your dream as well. You were foing to show those middle school girls that you can still be hero.
Of course, walking through the gate wasn't as easy as it seemed. Just entering a new school is scary, but with everyone looking at you specifically as well? Scarier.
In the first day of school, everyone established that you don't like people talking to you. Not the greatest thing you will admit.
So occasionally during lunch, you would eat, and then quickly find something else to do to distract yourself. You would help out the teacher's with various jobs or just go outside.
Today was one of those days. A day where you enjoy the breeze and the sound of people making fun of another person for some odd reason.
You spin your head to see a group of boys making fun of a student and his quirk. From what you gathered, he was always too scared to actually use it correctly. Didn't mean he couldn't. He just struggled to.
You look at your hands before putting it into a fist. You didn't bother giving a warning when you ran at one of the guys and punched him directly in the face. He didn't deserve a warning.
The other two looked at you and got scared, running away with their friend. Not before yelling a few threats to you and the guy.
Speaking of which, both you and the -surprisingly tall- guy looked at each other in the eyes. The atmosphere was so tense you could cut it with a knife. You didn't know what to say.
Thankfully, he spoke up first. "Uhm... Th-..Thank you..." You observed his look and how he was hunched over with his hands in his pockets. Probably to hide the fact he was fidgeting. Of course you would know. You used to do it as well.
You gave a shy but simple nod in return before walking away from him. Only to be stopped by, "Everyone k-kinda sees you sitting al-alone.. During lunch I mean.."
This caused you to very slowly turn to look at him, causing him to flinch. "... You mean.. E-..Everyone knows I don't have friends..?" You hesitated with your question, making you stutter in the process. You looked down at your hands again, a habit you made during your years of middle school. "..No matter how hard I try, I can never make friends... Been told I'm 'too scary'.."
"I think it's your face." You looked up at him quickly, making him say something about how he didn't mean it in a bad way. But you knew he didn't.
You pursed your lips. "It's okay. I understand what you mean.. I inherited my father's genes so naturally I understand..."
It was then back to silence between the both of you. Not a single word was muttered and nobody looked at each other. It's kind of like seeing an old friend while shopping and you both go the same way after saying "bye".
"Amajiki.." He stated his name. You looked up at him to see him scratching the side of his face. "My name.. It's Tamaki Amajiki.. I sit at the back of class but we're both in 1-A..."
You stared at him wide eyes. Like you had finally found hope in something. The sides of your lips tugged to show a small smile. "I'm (L/n) (Y/n)."
── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──
❝ Third Year of School ❞
Those were originally struggles back then, but now it was slightly easier. Especially since he ended up introducing you to a friend of his who was always happy. And then in your second year, you made another friend and she was exactly like the other guy.
The four of you were inseparable. Mainly because you and Tamaki were too scared to make any other friends but that's besides the point.
The four of you ended up getting some big important title in the school. Although "The Big Four" sounds cool, nobody understood why you got it except for the fact you're strong. The teacher's understood though. They kinda had to.
But now you're supposed to talk about your job and something about the Hero Work-Studies program. You ended up working with (Fave/Hero) as they more or less had the same style of fighting as you.
You managed to get to the classroom and you lifted your hand to the handle. You just stood there debating whether or not you should open the door. If you were to open it, you might embarrass yourself.
You put your hands under chin and began pacing outside. It didn't take long for you to trip over your feet and hit your head on the door. Those on the other side jumped at the sound when Tamaki went to open the door.
He looked around for a bit, before then looking down at the r ground. There he saw you rubbing your head, pouting. "You're just in time..." He mumbled, just loud enough for you to hear.
You gave him a look before seeing the hand he had reached out to you. You grabbed it and hoisted yourself up. You stepped into the classroom, acting like you didn't just fall over.
You stood in front of everyone, eyeing some of the shaking students. They knew who you were. All too well. They did take notice how you were slowly shuffling over to Tamaki until Aizawa asked him to introduced himself.
Him flinching made him bump into you slightly. You saw a blonde student laughing to himself after your friend start stuttering, losing the ability to talk. Without even thinking, you walked over to his desk and slammed your hand on the table.
You gave the boy a look of "what's your problem" as he just stared into your eyes. No words were shared. What everyone could see though was how your eyes pierced through his. The male student scoffed before leaning back and looking away, allowing you to go back to your position.
"Alright then, (Last Name). You seem eager to introduce yourself." You stopped. You faced the sleep deprived teacher before going behind Tamaki.
Class 1A didn't really know what to say. All they could see was how you were avoiding eye contact.
Nejire ended up being a dear and introduced you both. Both you and Tamaki were kittens according to her, due to how shy both of you were. That's okay.
Cats are cute. Your lips twitched into a small smile when nobody was looking before burning your face deeper into Amajiki's shirt. Perhaps this year was going to be a good year.... Hopefully.
── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──── ・ 。☆*☽*☆゚.──
Taddaaaah!! The end. I hope it's to your liking. At some point, I didn't know what to write. I knew the words and the scene but didn't know how to put it as writing. If that makes any sense.
If any of you saw my previous post, you would know that my requests are closed for a while. I have mental issues that I need to look after so I'm on a break for at least a week and then I'll finish the remaining requests. Then I'll do what I want.
From here on out, any requests I get will be ignored. I'm sorry. <33
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autisticandroids · a day ago
Hello! Love your blog.
Also, bi!cas truthing?? I’m here for it!
I don’t see a lot of it in fic or in meta, so it’s wonderful to see another perspective! (I have no issue with bi!dean/gay!cas dynamics or with gay!dean/gay!cas dynamics, but it’s nice to see something not as talked about)
It also puts a different spin on canon events that are taken as evidence of gay!cas. (Ex: Castiel’s discomfort when dean takes him to a brothel)
Anyways, thanks for posting!
i guess for me there's some stuff where i prefer gay!cas truthing (i think it's particularly fun in the context of hannah's vessel switch, say) but i usually prefer a bi!cas reading, because i read most of his sexual/romantic interactions with women as genuine, because i tend to read cas as a hedonist who doesn't naturally perform for any gaze, so if he's doing something like kissing meg, hosting orgies, or having sex with april, it's because he is deriving pleasure from it. like he's very much a pleasure seeker.
the thing about free to be you and me is like... i hate it? specifically i hate the sex politics in it, and i hate how cas is infantilized and out of character. it's misogynist in the obvious way (right down to the most unpleasant music stings i've ever heard) but also in less obvious ways, but also like. the assumptions of toxic masculinity are so essentialized through how cas reacts. why would cas be ashamed of being a virgin?
like, he looks down and puts a hand to his neck in an ashamed sort of way when dean says "you have been with a woman before haven't you?" it's an emote that cas never uses before or again and doesn't feel particularly true to his character (similar to how he acts within the brothel, with the drinking the whole beer moment). cas is portrayed as socially anxious in free to be you and me, which is pretty inconsistent with his wider characterization - he's usually clueless and portrayed as a kind of blank slate who is entirely ignorant of human social conventions, why would he be socially anxious? he's not socially aware enough to fear transgressing.
like, compare caged heat, where he cluelessly watches porn in public without shame because he doesn't realize that he shouldn't, and then he becomes aroused from it, and feels no shame from that either, because he's a curious experience-seeker and pleasure-seeker, and arousal is an interesting and pleasurable new sensation. he has no reason to feel shame because he is unaware of human taboos.
and it's not just poor characterization. if cas is a blank slate and yet is still ashamed of being a virgin, that naturalizes the assumption that being a virgin is something emasculating, and that being emasculated is bad.
also cas is portrayed as more stupid than in any other episode. like, in the more respectful episodes, he's frequently portrayed as clever and capable but lacking certain knowledge or skills (see: good god, y'all, when cas is being very serious and menacing and is treated very seriously by the narrative, and then says, frustratedly, "[god] is not on any flatbread," because he doesn't understand what dean's talking about. this is a joke, but cas isn't really the butt of it, or he's not the butt anymore than dean is for making a reference he knows cas won't get (because why would he) in an attempt to trivialize what cas is saying). in less respectful episodes he's portrayed as confused by simple things, but in the end this is still basically friendly (see: the "prime numbers" joke in stairway to heaven). in free to be you and me, cas is an embarrassment for dean and his inability to to function in human society is both worthy of mockery and an active hindrance for those around him.
anyway. all this to say that i don't consider most of free to be you and me worth analyzing because it's ooc in ways i hate. but i'm still forced to think about it all the time because it's one of the few moments of affection and hanging out that we get with dean and cas, especially in the early seasons.
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galeemdoesart · 2 days ago
whats the worst thing that has happened to your Herobrine?
I guess his banishment???
That would be the worst and most traumatizing shit he has ever experienced. Being betrayed by the person you call family, getting slandered and mocked in front of everybody and then getting banished to a hellish dimension where you immediately die if you sleep and being all alone for who knows how long ( I like to think Herobrine loved to sleep in the Aether, he was always snoozing on a tree somewhere but he loses that in the nether).
If you guys were expecting some amazing lore then I would have to disappoint you guys lol I'm not a good storyteller or writer. I just use the general story for these characters and roll with it. Just like to draw them doing dumb stuff haha
There was another idea I had early last year. It was about Herobrine finally escaping from the nether and he goes to confront his brother and finally get revenge but he learns that Notch...left. He isn't here. Hasn't been for a while. Instead of his brother, there are these....other gods. That really breaks him since how could his brother just...leave when he was suffering in the nether, all alone. He feels betrayed all over again. I don't know if that's worse but it was an idea haha
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alexotls · 2 days ago
comics are nice because you can make the characters a little ooc for the sake of comedy and it's not too jarring... like i don't think diavolo would actually say "slice him like a carrot" but as long as it conveys the vibe and is funny that's all that matters you know? then again bruno did say "floppy like a condom" in canon and the show played it straight so i guess anything's possible.
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barbwritesstuff · a day ago
Hey Barb! I'm reading your book rn, I'm only 23% into it, like I think the twins have only been in prison for like a bit more than a week and yet I'm already stressed out lmao ✌️😩 how the hell am I going to survive the rest of the book I have no ideaaaaa, if they don't get out I'm gonna have to sue you for emotional damage 😔
Also I find both twins so interesting 👀 everytime I'm finishing a chp I'm like "nooo I want to stick with you and know what happens next 😩" and then repeat the process with the other twin lol
Andddd I'm also so intrigued about the hmm ros I guess I could call them? 🤔 I wanna know what the hell did Ben do to get in there (and hope that it was an accident cause I want him to be a good guy 🥺) and I have a lot of mixed feelings about Morgan, I'm like I can't trust him but also he just said to Ali "because you owe me" and I'm 🔥🥵🥵🔥🔥 SIR DON'T DO THIS TO ME I KNOW YOU'RE GONNA BREAK MY HEART!!!!!
Anywayyy hopefully this kind of messages don't bother you 👉👈
Are you kidding, anon? I love getting messages about Crying Wolf! It's really validating to know people enjoyed Blood Moon enough to go out and buy more of my writing.
Crying Wolf is a stressful book. It was stressful to write, it was stressful to edit, and a lot of the themes are stressful to think about. I wrote it at a (you guessed it) stressful time in my life and used it to explore some quite dark themes. So, while I am very proud of it, I am also aware it may cause some physic damage.
You have been warned.
That said, I'm so glad you like the twins. It took a lot of work to craft the duel narrative, making sure they both had things to do, and were engaging, unique characters. For a while my room looked like it belonged to a conspiracy theorist, with bizarre mind maps everywhere. But, in the end, I think all that effort really paid off.
I'm also thrilled you like Ben and Morgan. I adore them both... though for very different reasons.
So... yeah! I'm so happy you're enjoying Crying Wolf. Thanks so much for the message, anon. It brightened up my day.
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