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i don’t understand this faire at all
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it’s so interesting seeing how most bylers resonate with mike or will. dude im jonathan
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-> Rumor Mill
Uhoh! There’s a rumor going around at RAD about MC! What is it? How do they react?
Mc Monday Prompt by @obeythedemons | prompt idea by @eternallydaydreaming2015
Mc: Chris (he/him)
Word count: 1'068
Pairing: Chris & Lucifer
Warnings: mention of violence/bone breaking, slander
Tumblr media
As reserved as he had been in the beginning, Chris really grew into his role as the human exchange student. At least, that's what Lucifer thought.
Of course, the young man never got especially rowdy but that was just his nature, Lucifer guessed. A calm creature, avoiding trouble and conflict as much as possible. If he was being honest, he was very pleased with how that turned out. Who would know what would have happened if they had chosen an exchange student who was as chaotic as Mammon, drawing in trouble like a magnet?
So it isn't hard to imagine his surprise when he overheard demons talking in the hallways of RAD about that very same human.
"He got that guy to apologise while kneeling. To a human? I don't know if I can believe that."
"No, but I'm telling you, I was there and I saw it with my own eyes. You should have seen the look in his eyes" - the demoness shuddered, yet lucifer wasn't completely sure if it was out of fear or excitement - "He looked positively furious. The Wrath was so delicious, I felt like I was seeing one of the demon Lords instead of some measly human."
He stopped short at that, eyebrows pushed together. The only two humans at RAD were Solomon and Chris but Lucifer felt like most demons would not refer to Solomon as a measly human. Not with the reputation he has.
"Really?", another student joined the two that were talking, basically pushing himself into their conversation by force.
"'Cause I heard that the human didn't just make 'em kneel but broke some o' their bones. Can ya imagine that?"
"No way, humans are way too weak for that, without using magic they wouldn't have a chance of injuring us like that."
Lucifer agreed. That just wasn't feasible at all.
"Then how do ya explain the fact he made 'em kneel, huh? He must've done some serious damage to em."
By now, the second demon who had claimed to be and eye witness noticed Lucifer standing there and looking at them, looking rather displeased. She frantically tried to get her friend's attention by slapping their arm gently while staring at him.
"I believe you should have better things to do than gossip in the hallways, isn't that right?"
Nodding just as jerkily as she had gotten her friend to stop talking, the demoness looked like cold sweat was running down her back just with the knowledge that Lucifer was displeased with her. Annoyed, he waved them off so they could run on to their next class.
He sighed, looking at where they had just stood moments before. This would bug him for a long time if he didn't make sure to solve it, so he didn't have much of a choice. As soon as he was home, he would confront Chris about these rumours to find out just how much truth was behind them.
And fair enough, Lucifer called out to the boy to join him in his office for just a moment. Chris excused himself from the conversation he had with his brothers and came over, smiling just a bit nervously at the demon. He wasn't sure what this was about, after all.
Deciding to get straight to the point, Lucifer sighed and recalled what he had heard from the students earlier that day.
"I have heard that you made a demon kneel before you and apologise to you. Some even say that you heavily injured them", he explained in a strict tone of voice, resting his chin on the backs of his hands and looking directly at Chris.
"Now, I know that rumours cannot always be trusted at fave value. They get twisted as they travel from one mouth to another but usually, there is some sort of truth behind them unless they were started deliberately to hurt someone's reputation."
Chris nodded hesitantly, waiting for Lucifer to ask him. He knew what was coming next.
"So I have decided to ask you outright. Is it true what I have heard?"
"Well..", he started and his eyebrows pinched together slightly, "Yes?"
There was no we he could have missed the way Lucifer's eyes widened marginally, signaling the genuine surprise he felt at that admission. It seemed that the demon hadn't expected the rumor to be true at all.
"I didn't hurt them too much, I don't think but I did make them kneel and apologise."
Lucifer opened his mouth but Chris quickly continued before he could start talking.
"Not without reason though, of course! I-", he stopped as heat rose to his cheeks. It was sort of embarrassing to admit this, even if he wasn't completely sure why he felt this way. It's not like he did anything bad. Right?
"You what?", Lucifer prompted, clearly impatient and confused by Chris' behaviour.
"I, well, I made them apologise because they... They talked bad about, um, about you." - Lucifer's expression softened immediately, his surprise back but much more positive than before. - "They said stuff about how they think you're just some lap dog thinking he's hot shit. About how they don't understand why people would be scared of some fallen angel who pretended to be a real demon."
"Which- well, none of that is right and I couldn't just let them slander you like that so I called them out for it but they were being an asshole and refused to apologise so I just.. kinda made em kneel. It's pretty easy if you manage to hit the back of someone's knees and press down on their shoulders, you know? But it doesn't really hurt them, it just shocks them and maybe intimidates them a bit because they didn't expect it so I got them to apologise but I really didn't fight with anyone, not really, I promise-"
"It's alright", Lucifer interrupted his rambling, "I understand. Thank you for.. defending me like that, though there was no need for you to put yourself in danger like that. I can only imagine what would have happened if you-"
Chastised, Chris left the office after thirty minutes of having Lucifer lecture him. The fact that it was much shorter than usual and that Lucifer's cheek had not lost their pink tint the entire time was something that hadn't yet registered to him. Later however, Chris wondered if he didn't possibly remember wrongly.
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They're already putting out Halloween decorations at all my local stores
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They should hire me fr, I can draw in their art style /hj
Little gremlin harpy. take it or leave.
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Full screen file explorer is wrong...it should always be a little window I think
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tumblr tuesday: horseshoe crab appreciation
Hi, yes, hello. This is a horseshoe crab appreciation post. Have some horseshoe crabs. Why? We just think they're neat. And so do you, apparently.
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Tumblr media
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quietbirdee · 2 months ago
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more thoughts about hand pain and then the feeling of confused relief when something actually helps
(grimwalker keratin is made from palistrom wood so...)
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Hey, what the fuck is going on with the Cruella film?
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pigdemonart · 4 months ago
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Alt title was gonna be “tonedeaf” lmfaoo. I enjoy the fandom’s music headcanons (personally, I joke to myself that they get attached to train related songs because 🗿 it funny.) NOW are they good at singing? Up to the reader. I just know that its painfully loud. Fittingly chandelure has no volume control and exclusively screams.
I think they get to be a little silly and sleepy off the clock, as a treat.
Its this song btw, in case it wasn’t readily obvious.
Bl*nkshippers DNI, im very tired.
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Any Sport in A Storm after credits scene 
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sweetest-honeybee · a month ago
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Lil scribble :)
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bunjywunjy · 4 months ago
I more meant the fact that there being a cave full of cheese was evidence for too much cheese in the US being the joke. It was probably a bit unfair because I have no clue about US dairy, and if there is too much cheese there. Just that cheese being in caves seems completely normal to me.
Caves are cold, dark and humid - the perfect conditions for aging cheese, and storing it, in the days before fridges. Lots of hard cheese are PDO (protected designations of origin) because the microbes that create that specific type of cheese are found there.
There is a reason most cheeses come from mountainous areas because there are suitable caves there (and usually named after that place). Parmesan (Parma, Alps, North Italy), Gruyère (Gruyere, Alps, Switzerland), Chaddar (Cheddar Gorge, Mendip hills, UK).
Sorry again for assuming I just honestly thought this was general knowledge. Now I'm confused if this is a wierd ND fact that just I know or if other Europeans do too?
oh no, we age and store cheese in caves here in the US too! that's normal.
no, the unusual part of this whole Secret Government Cheese thing is NOT the storage location.
what's unusual about the Springfield Underground Cheese Hoard is the sheer mind-boggling scale of it:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
there is more than 1.4 BILLION pounds of cheese in storage at this facility.
Billion. with a 🅱️.
cheddar, swiss, muenster, you name it they got it! this all used to belong to the US Government, but apparently Kraft bought most of it recently and are now sitting on what may be the single largest collection of dairy products in the world.
Tumblr media
no word on their nefarious plans for this much condensed lactose destruction, but it's a solid assumption that if you ask them for a slice they'll just laugh you out of the building.
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thecrippledcowboy · 4 months ago
i'm so sick of having to tell like everyone that I'm disabled to get accommodations like why can't things just be accessible for everyone to begin with. i can't walk two miles to do this single thing because of my disability well a lot of people can't for a lot of reasons why can't we all just get the same accommodations. why can't we all just fax or email whatever bullshit in. why do i have to grovel for the ableds to bestow some great kindness upon me. why do i have to be lucky that people accommodate me. it's fucking stupid it should just be an option to begin with.
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