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1337wtfomgbbq 2 months ago
Castiel's funniest moment:
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awacatin a month ago
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Remembered the utter misery I felt on S4 and decided to finish this lonely Martin
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avalencias 2 months ago
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so i had the unbelievable pleasure of working with @anamatics聽for this year's big bang! incidentally, this was also my first big bang so thanks for that, i had an absolute blast. guys this fic is...so much.
i imagine if this were a book it would get one of those little handwritten reviews from a poor beleaguered worker in bubbly handwriting that says "i almost died laughing 50 times during this and couldn't put it down. you won't regret reading this, starting from the title" instead, you guys can read "you're a big gay slut belladonna" right from the comfort of your...phones. well i guess you can do that with a book too but whatever.
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doodlerh 27 days ago
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character design commission for @the-lizard-doodles of their oc calla!! :D
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electrozeistyking 4 months ago
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Razvoid. I'm sorry, that's not even funny.聽
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lucy--chen 4 months ago
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鈫 free choice
first and last scene (for now)
#the rookie #lucy chen #tim bradford #chenford #chenfordweek21 #chenfordedit #mine: gifs #mine: the rookie #HAPPY ROOKIE DAY!!! (hopefully lol) #jackson west better be okay!!! #just something simple today :) #I HAD A BLAST THIS WEEK even though my sleep schedule and schoolwork hella suffered lmao #THANK YOU ALL FOR SHOWING ME AND MY STUFF SO MUCH LOVE THIS WEEK! IT鈥橲 MEANT THE WORLD TO ME馃ズ馃挄馃グ #IM SO GLAD I DID THIS AND I LOVED EVERYONE'S WORKS SO! MUCH!! #ALL THE TALENT you guys have gave me lots and lots of heart attacks lmao #and i even made friends! shoutout to lena and sara for talking to me and making me feel welcome here. love you guys!馃槉馃挄 #i have something queued to post tomorrow but after that i think i鈥檓 done posting my own stuff for a while because i gotta focus on school馃槵 #but will for sure keep reblogging when i have time :) #and again thank you all so much! i couldn't have asked for a better fandom to be in <3 #ahh i鈥檓 feeling a little bittersweet that this week is over #but maybe temptation will overcome me and i鈥檒l keep making gifs instead of doing schoolwork lmao #the gifs are supposed to be in sync... #i made sure lucy and tim had the same number of frames in each one but it seems that the longer it plays the more out of sync it gets :/ #i tried combining the scenes onto one canvas but the colors and overall quality got really bad #i will post the other version though if anyone is interested #and sorry for horrendously long tags again馃拃 #did not know there was a tag limit before this post馃槀馃槵 #the rookie 1x01 #the rookie 3x14
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chrisbangs 10 months ago
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Bang Chan .:.聽Easy (FanCams)
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frenchsoda 2 months ago
Blake wasn鈥檛 gentle. She should be, maybe, but acting harsh and cold was the only way she could cope with the absolute fire emanating from Yang鈥檚 being. She didn鈥檛 look at her eyes. She focused on tying the wrists submissively held together in front of her, on Yang鈥檚 attitude, docile, too docile, on the way her chest rose and fell at each collected breath under her worn leather armor, on everything but her eyes. Her piercing eyes, so intense they consumed Blake鈥檚 skin even though she couldn鈥檛 see them. Oh, how she hated that girl. 鈥 Aaaand here it is!!!!! My humble BBB contribution of the year! Thank you so so much to the admins for putting together yet another beautiful big bang, this has been a blast! And an even bigger thank you to my amazing partner in crimes, Beedeux, for being not only an absolute delight but also for making an INCREDIBLE art for this fic. Seriously guys, please go check her work and give her some love, it'll blow your mind!!!!!
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amazinglyegg 3 months ago
Kinda inspired by ur road trip post, which companions would u let have control of the music on a road trip?
Rating Companions on Whether I'd Let Them Control The Music During a Roadtrip
Ada: 7/10 she'd probably either put on my playlist or some generic youtube roadtrip playlist
Cait: 4/10 she'd play death metal or something and i'd get in an accident
Curie: 6/10 she'd put on the pop radio
Codsworth: 10/10 would literally play my playlist no matter what
Deacon: 0/10 he would play this
Desdemona: 6/10 i have no idea what her music taste is but she would play it quietly and politely while doing sudoku in the passengers seat or something
Gage: 0/10 i don't want to know what this guys music taste is. probably bad. the type of guy to have a rap playlist but change songs every 40 seconds to try and impress you
Hancock: 6/10 weird af music taste but at least he's respectful about it
Longfellow: -10/10 sea shanties?
Maccready: 0/10 listens to Little Baby Bum
Maxson: 0/10 also listens to Little Baby Bum
Nick: 8/10 the further i go on with this list the lower my standards get. nick can play anything as long as it's not more sea shanties
Piper: 8/10 has a very basic music taste but at least it's decent
Preston: 11/10 i'd let him play anything he's very sweet
X6-88: 0/10 also listens to Little Baby Bum
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marcoofthemoon 8 months ago
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I reached 250 watchers today so here鈥檚 a little DTIYS to celebate 馃挌馃挋馃挏
Feel free to draw these rott-armour inspired dresses in your own style and tag me so I can enjoy and give you some love <3聽
EDIT 05/20 - I forgot to tell you a bit about the rules of this event so my apolegies for being late :鈥橠聽
You are welcome to take creative freedom with the pose, the dresses, the background, you name it - feel free to go as crazy as you like or simply if that suits your style better ^V^ (as long as it is still Jim and Claire rocking dresses I am happy <3)聽
That said you are also welcome to draw an exact replica just in your style - both are valid <3聽
I will tag all entries under the tag #moomdtiys so I can find it and adore it later - you too can find all entries by searching that tag ^V^聽
I want to tag some people here I think needs an extra shout out for being amazing and wonderful (chosen among my followers - not in any particular order)聽
@a-s-levynn @blue-potatoo鈥 @siriva @geena234鈥 @king-nekro @kiiingsnake @stix-n-bread @spoon-cca @puffskein @bigenbysharkmer @dreamsarelikedragonflies @teacuptomes @worteltje7鈥 @coffeemacaroniart @seriesguy @prismarts @shirpowbra @spookypainting @elwolfen @roninreverie @tylerzillakingofmonsters @silverfeathers @mochibear16 @ghostfreak-artz @nephilamew @furblrwurblr
Also here鈥檚 the piece in flat colour if you want to copy some of my colourchoices ^V^聽
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howpeacefulislwj a year ago
So, How Peaceful *is* Lan Wangji?
It鈥檚 a great question. Some might say the Most Fundamental Question Of Our Time. And they only say that because it Is. Does such a Question have an Answer? Can any of us know what is in the mind of another? Can we ever truly know how Peaceful someone is? Yes, we can. I made a scale for it and it is Foolproof.聽
Lan Wangji takes us on quite the peacefulness roller coaster over the course of this show. He鈥檚 had some highs (while hanging out at the top of a waterfall) and some lows (dashed on the rocks below the cliffs at Nightless City) and through it all he has made like Three Whole Facial Expressions. He鈥檚 Perfect in Every Way. Now that we have been on this journey with him, now that we have become intensely, almost obsessively, familiar with his Brow Furrows and Lip Twitches and the way his Eyes somehow go all Soft and Warm, don鈥檛 we deserve to know the Official and Canonical Highest and Lowest points? We Do. Let鈥檚 begin.
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Least Peaceful Episode: It is Episode 32, with a peacefulness average of 1.5/10. I think we all expected it to be Episode 33, and it would have been, if we could count only the flashback portion, which netted a staggering 0/10 average. However, the International Peacefulness Blog Rating Committee forbids such Technicalities, and Lan Wangji鈥檚 Soft Little Face when Wei Wuxian woke up tragically lost its episode the title.聽
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Least Peaceful Moment: Obviously. Obviously. It was awarded a -3 but we all know that this is a Lack of Peace that Cannot Be Quantified. I gave it a -3 because I couldn鈥檛 figure out how to work Absolute Despair/10 into the average.聽
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Most Peaceful Episode: Another twist, it鈥檚 Episode 35, with an Absolutely Incredible 6.9/10. This is because Wei Wuxian is Alive and he spends Relatively Little Time being Actively Menaced by Dogs or Nephews or Brothers or Swords. Plus a Very Homoerotic Duet. All these elements do Great Things for Lan Wangji鈥檚 peacefulness.
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Most Peaceful Moment: Could there ever be any Doubt? Of course it is when Wei Wuxian Returns to Him For Forever. Lan Wangji doesn鈥檛 even appear in this scene! But the Overwhelming Peacefulness is Too Strong To Be Denied.
Series Peacefulness Average:聽We have come to the Crux of our Investigation. The Question that scholars have puzzled over Since Time Immemorial. How Peaceful Was Lan Wangji, On Average, Over the Course Of The Show? Through a complicated series of Calculations and Arcane Computations, I can now confirm the answer that we have all sought, the Ultimate Peacefulness Average: 4.2/10.
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marrras 5 months ago
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first multi-animator project part in a while :-) + arc 1 damir design finally
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ndcultureis 5 months ago
Nd and anxiety culture is getting a panic attack but it just keeps getting worse and worse bc thanks to your nd you hear every heavy breath you take and it鈥檚 stopping you from calming down.
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shima-draws 3 months ago
I WILL draw tonight I say as I sit on the couch wrapped up in a blanket ready to dedicate 6 more hours of my life to playing Origami King
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riverdalesoundtrack 7 days ago
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oh my god ok i told myself i was gonna stop bothering with these fucking people in my notes but like every single line of this one is making me mad so i have to talk about it or i鈥檓 going to explode. so first of all. calm down. second of all. they are not teenagers anymore, they are literally all 25. third of all. 鈥渘tn is about the trauma of losing a child and the lasting effects of it鈥 i cannot stress enough how much that is LITERALLY exactly what the entire episode is about. like that鈥檚 LITERALLY what is happening in the episode. 鈥渘one of the riverdale characters have dealt with that trauma鈥 i literally promise you they literally have seeing as the literal episode is literally about that literal exact fucking thing. if you guys are going to shit on riverdale in the notes of my riverdale posts can you PLEASE at least watch the fucking episodes you鈥檙e criticizing first. jesus christ.
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northern-passage 5 months ago
If the hunter wanted to have a spa day (WOULD the hunter want to have a spa day?? i feel like they Need one), which ROs would indulge with them and which couldn't hate anything more?
would pretend like they hate it but secretly enjoy it (also just really needed a massage and a nap): lea
spends the entire time in the mud bath flinging mud at people: merry
falls asleep in the sauna: noel
gets a herbal wrap and lays in bed like a burrito and enjoys every second of it: clementine
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marvelxs-universe 11 months ago
Agatha: and that makes you the Scarlet Witch
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Marvel: pLeASE StanD By
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deepherofanaticism 3 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 鍍曘伄銉掋兗銉兗銈€偒銉囥儫銈 | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Iida Tenya & Midoriya Izuku & Uraraka Ochako Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Class 1-A (My Hero Academia), Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Ishiyama Ken | Cementoss, Original Monster Character(s) Additional Tags: Dad Might Monster Mash 2021, Parental Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Protective Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Horror, Body Horror, Just a little bit I think, And not for the Protagonists, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, Ambiguous/Open Ending, Midoriya Izuku Has One for All Quirk, Rescue Missions, Hero Worship, Hurt Midoriya Izuku, BAMF Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Gun Might, Yagi Toshinori | All Might is a Dork, I want to say Izuku is BAMF as well because he is, But he doesn't get a lot of opportunity to be BAMF in this, but he is okay, Panic Attacks Summary:
There are a few, precious people Izuku's life who make him feel safe.
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call-of-the-ocean a year ago
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This is the art for the first chapter of @d20owlbear and my story聽鈥淒o Not Drink Of This Brook鈥, ich which Crowley is turned into a deer against his will and Aziraphale just won鈥檛 understand what he鈥檚 trying to tell him!
I designed my book boys for this collab specifically, when Jam told me they love the book versions of these two idiots (and I promptly fell in love withthem and can鈥檛 stop drawing them now) so it鈥檚 wonderful to be able to show this to everyone during book omens week!
You can read the prologue and first chapter of the fic here
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searidings 2 months ago
hi faye! just wanted to thank you for the awesome stories plus i wanted to share with you that i literally read your stories out loud to myself with a voice recorder app so that i could listen to them like asmr to go to sleep since your stories bring me comfort. is that weird? whatever i love them and thanks <3
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fr fr im
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