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I posted 1,095 times in 2021
485 posts created (44%)
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For every post I created, I reblogged 1.3 posts.
I added 2,024 tags in 2021
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Longest Tag: 140 characters
#so the realization that there are more is just surprising because you feel like you know one thing and then it turns out to be something els
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Part 72 of my bakery “enemies” au!
Aaannnnnd— cue hiatus!
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from a dream i had last night
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music can’t save you from this one, luka
(LISTEN to me, zag. LISTEN to me. this is a JOKE. this is a CRACK prediction of where season 4 is headed. this isn’t an ACTUAL prediction. you hear me? this isn’t... ACTUALLY what i think is going to happen. because it wont. ...right? right????)
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what if Pigella used Gift on Hawkmoth to see him bring back his dead wife, and she just goes "I have no idea who this lady is"
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anon thank you so much for the brain food
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shoichee · a year ago
hello! may i ask some tips about the instragram acccunts the GoM + kagami could have? like of sort of post, amount of followers, stuff like that THANK U and have a great day !!
Kuroko Tetsuya
professional lurker
never comments on anything unless it’s to congratulate under a friend’s post or something like that
probably started using it because Ogiwara moved from letters and texts to just... instagram (technology advancements, jazz hands)
his account is on private, and he only lets people he knows follow him
all of his posts are pictures to commemorate something or just really wholesome group pictures
DEFINITELY has that picture of the GoMs at his birthday OVA
DEFINITELY also posted the big birthday picture taken at the end of the party
and also had typed very sappy BIG paragraph captions for both of these posts, talking about the journey and him being grateful… y’know, him being him
@momoiowo: TETSUU (ʃƪ˘・ᴗ・˘) YOURE SO SWEET REEEE
@a_daikiii: i stg quit being so corny no one died yet🙄 and @momoiowo relax smh
@shin_chan77: I suppose I can express some form of gratitude for being in my life despite you being a blood type A. (insert a giant paragraph after this)
@4k4shi: This was very touching to read, Kuroko. I’m very glad that our… (insert him going down memory lane)
Murasakibara has no comment LMAO
his entire Seirin team are his hype men under his posts
his profile picture is literally the gray default blank head because he didn’t even set up a profile picture for himself
he has like 20 followers max or something?
8 posts? like, he only posts on special occasions or big events
his occasional stories are always comprised of Nigou and blurry Kagami pictures/videos running away from Nigou UH OH (courtesy of @dust-of-fandoms)
@tetsuya11 for his user handle
Kise Ryota
uses his instagram account as a portfolio for his modeling career
majority of his posts are actually pictures he managed to snag from his frequent model shoots
it looks SO professional… but then you look at his IGTVs and his reel videos
his reels are either short clips of mini vlog series he does whenever he visits the GoMs or when he’s recording his Kaijō teammates doing tricks and dunks
his IGTVs are either skincare tutorials, fashion advice… or just… unexplainable, out-of-context shitposts of Kise running away from what fans assumed “a green-haired man” or some “captain”
follower account?? 124k
who wouldn’t resist a hot model?
@kiseryouta with an official verification next to it
people either love him or hate him
posts a casual selfie from time to time, and people praise him for “being real” LMAODOA AND HE’S JUST STARING AT HIS PHONE LIKE “??? IMIG BUT I JUST FELT CUTE TODAY”
his captions feel fake LMAO like: “Wow! today’s so pretty today!” as he puts a selfie post OR “What’s your favorite game?✨” under a professionally-shot model picture that does not correlate with the caption???
has posted shitposts on his stories and his fans are utterly confused… only the GoMs get it LMAO
Midorima Shintarou
ONLY reason why he has social media is because Takao convinced him that he could let everyone know the daily lucky items for each signs for every post he makes
so for the first 2 months of having instagram he just casually posts a “daily horoscope” report(?) for the day
his content attracted in all the astrology fans and people who are devoted to tarots
and he’s CONFUSED.
… Takao may or may not have played a hand in messing with the algorithms to expose his account to bigger audiences
once Midorima finds out he’s MAD LMAO *insert Takao pain noises*
either goes down two paths: just casually continuing to post the daily Oha Asa predictions without interacting with anyone OR deleting his account and making a new PRIVATE one just for communication/lurking purposes
so he can honestly have 10k followers if he chooses to be a horoscope account or like 3 followers on his private, take it or leave it
maybe he has two accounts if he feels that having instagram has its merits
definitely has a shit ton of random stuff/posts in his saved collections
boomer energy, like… what’s a “reels” feature?? people talk to their phone camera and record that?? he’s squinting really hard and scratching his head
either has 356 horoscope posts on his “main” or like 19 posts on his private
has a rubber duck as a profile picture for BOTH ACCOUNTS HELP HIM
@oha_asa_ for his horoscope account or @shin_chan77 as his personal because he doesn’t know how to change his username (thanks, Takao LMAO)
Aomine Daiki
he doesn’t give a shit about instagram LOL
it’s MOMOI who handles his account because he doesn’t wanna bother with it LMAOO
she would tease him and try to “encourage” him to stop lazing around by taking pictures of him whenever he’s snoozing and posting it
but he’s so damn good-looking that his sleeping pictures got some traction with new fans
Aomine is still sleeping
his account also has pictures of him eating at Maji burger or at a café, and of course Momoi is the one snapping these photos of him
he started caring about it a little more once Momoi told him that he can post videos of himself doing trickshots and one-on-ones to potentially find worthy rivals over the internet and meet up
so now his account (videos, reels, IGTVs) are all riddled with basketball/small parkour footage shot by yours truly, Momoi
so his fanbase is split between thirsty people and people who genuinely admire him for his skills… but I mean there’s also people in both categories, anywho
he’d totally follow his favorite Japanese idols on IG if they had one
also would follow any NBA-related accounts/players he admires
has like 2.7k followers (but growing really fast) with like 176 posts of videos and random pictures of him
his profile picture is literally a picture of him sleeping by Momoi
Momoi Satsuki
LOTS OF REALLY cute, playful selfies, and a lot of them are used with cute filters from the Snow app
sometimes would post herself doing a really cute Tiktok dance while in her school uniform
she doesn’t post too much; she’s actually more into posting IG stories and making highlights out of them and then making highlight covers have a coordinating theme together
very aesthetic theme on her feed overall hehe
definitely uses her account to comment on other GoMs posts, often commenting something snarky on Aomine’s and Kise’s
actually has 1-2 IGTVs on the Vorpal Sword’s big game against the Jabberwocks
doesn’t have much of full-body shots/outfit pictures other than mirror selfies because Aomine refuses to take good pictures of her
only when she sees Kise or Kuroko is when she can ask either to be a photographer
she’s definitely gotten a few small collab offers from small businesses, but she usually ignores them because it’s not exactly her thing
her profile picture is just a selfie with a sketch-line cat ear filter
uses a bunch of emoticons on her bio, captions, comments, everything
⌒(ㅇㅅㅇ❀)⌒ or ☆⌒(>。≪) or .₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ˟̑*̑˚̑*̑˟̑ෆ.₊̣̇. you get the picture
967 followers… that looks way too specific, but it’s somewhere around there; a lot of them came from Aomine’s account after they saw who’s been taking his pictures, and they wanna learn more about her??
around 40 posts?
Murasakibara Atsushi
Himuro showed him how to use the app, but Murasakibara doesn’t find ANY USE FOR THIS LMAOO
he’d probably only get on it to look at food on the explore page and drool about the cuisines
keeps tabs on local places/restaurants/shops on instagram; those are probably the only accounts he’d follow tbh
it’s probably like ONE post and it’s an old picture of a dango on a plate he ate like 2 years ago
I have this image in my head that he has a really cute bento art as his profile picture?? can you imagine a Rilakkuma-shaped rice as his PROFILE PICTURE?
his bio is definitely: “hungry”
and that’s it
27 followers, and it’s literally just his Yōsen teammates, the GoMs and probably some other classmates of his
his captions are literally empty or 1-2 words
Akashi Seijuro
only uses instagram because it’ll be beneficial for his company and to expand social networks, plus getting those sweet business deals and engagement
he doesn’t mind seeing really wholesome videos on the explore page though
when he wants to relax, a cat video melts his stress away
laughs to himself while he reads all the shenanigans underneath the GoMs’ posts
DEFINITELY loses a few brain cells seeing trolls and idiots on the internet… especially on controversial or political ones LMAO
he at first had to REFRAIN himself and take deep breaths before he just scrolls on, but he eventually got used to them and can now easily ignore them as easy as he breathes air
he actually enjoys shitposts and meme videos?? like he may not completely understand the meme trends sometimes, but he’ll still find it amusing enough for a chuckle
he ends up being the one who uses instagram the most? like Kise posts a shit ton, yeah, but Kise doesn’t really sit down and just scroll endlessly; Kise releases out content, while Akashi consumes the content
he reasons with himself that it’s to study his current demographics for the company, and while that may be true, Akashi just enjoys social media, plain and simple LOL
he does get to study the behaviors of all the generations using the platform, young folks and old folks alike, and it does get him excited in using his analytical skills to try to figure out people BEHIND a screen rather than those in front of him
it makes a really good challenge for him when he wants a good mental exercise
he has a post or two about his horses, his manor, and a video or two on him playing his violin?? but most are business-related, them being advertisements or business contracts/offers… things like that
his highlights are all about Q&As regarding the company, his background, his skillsets, etc. like an actual resumé
actually links current world issue cards/petitions on top of his company website; he’s quite an advocate
he actually doesn’t post about basketball because that’s something very close to his heart since it reminds him of his late mother… having that mixed in with his company-related posts feels wrong to him
27k followers, most of them are business-related accounts AND some are some followers his father bought for him without Akashi’s input to inflate engagement, etc.
@4k4shi… oh he thinks he’s SO CLEVER FOR MAKING THIS USERNAME LOL with the 4 being his jersey number and the 4s looking like As… AKASHI PLEASE—
his profile pic is like a professionally taken picture, nothing less for our king
his grammar and syntax are impeccable on social media; after all, he’s still being judged for how he carries himself even on the media
Kagami Taiga
mukbang guy… DEFINITELY
hot guy eating nine plates of steaks
IGTVs are filled with mukbang videos because Kuroko said he could make a living off of his appetite
on his posts, he posts dishes he makes for the day/is proud of and talks about the dish and ingredients briefly in the caption
that, or he has pictures of his new basketball shoes LMAO
or all of his basketball merch
has a generic Jordan brand logo against a dark background as a profile picture
doesn’t have his face anywhere unless it’s in a mukbang video
279 followers or something
why do I have a feeling that he’ll accidentally blow up when Alex takes his phone to do a quick selfie on it?—
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yieldfruit · 10 months ago
🕯 I was searching for a photo in my emails and I happened upon long email threads with a man who pursued me in the past. I forgot. It was 6-7 years ago, and it was so interesting to read our correspondence. He was a pilot in Northern California, I was working from home for a major company down here in Southern California and G was young. He wanted to be with me, wanted to provide for us, and be G’s “dad”. We knew each other in person, but he pursued me after our going out on a date and I trailed off. He wrote me again in the future, wanting to pursue me further. I told him my honest feelings in regards to everything; I wasn’t the woman for him. I could see him with someone else, I wasn’t convinced I was his type. Within a year of this he married the kind of woman I told him that I could see him with. They now run a family farm in the Pacific Northwest.
Before him there was another who actually asked my parent’s permission to court me. He adored me, and I was so flattered and shocked at being adored, it was soothing after all of the pain. He was so kind, so gentle, so patient, and loved Jesus more than I’ve seen in a man. I wanted to reciprocate, but I couldn’t. It broke my heart I couldn’t care for him like he cared about me. I told him the truth. I didn’t feel the same way. He is married now and lives in the mountains in California with his wife and three children.
I’m glad these didn’t work out. Not because these weren’t “good” men, but because I knew they weren’t for me and vice versa. There was zero peace in my heart about being with them. The thing is, is that now I see all of these men (and others) now married and I’m not. Yet I have peace, and rest. Because I was honest with them. I didn’t want to marry just because I was lonely, a single mother, desiring financial help, or because I was flattered at the pursuit. I wanted to marry because I asked the Lord and he made it evident “this is him.” I’ve never had that feeling with confidence about a man pursuing me ever. I don’t think I’ve ever known love, speaking of relationally with men. I truly do not believe I have been loved, in the way of loving and being loved by a man. That’s a foreign planet for me.
I’m grateful I’ve been honest with men, I don’t play games. I’m so grateful I honor God, myself, and others to the point of being lovingly truthful about my heart or if I reciprocate relationship affection. I’m so grateful for honesty. I desire more people to be honest with me, especially men. I’ve had men also string me along - use me for how I make them feel to flirt with or for physical affection. These men are not being honorable, because we shouldn’t use each other, but be honest, loving, kind. Expressing our hearts with honor and the well-being of the other in mind. Not “what can I get from this woman” for ego or physical desire. But relating from honor. Love. Because we are each made in the image of God (imageo dei), and worthy of kindness and honor.
I’ll probably delete this later - sometimes I just post “personal” posts briefly.
I’m grateful looking back at all of the men I’ve been interested in the last twelve years - there has been five of them - that have not worked out. One was awful (physically he would hurt me at times), another was immature (younger than me - my first time with someone younger), yet another was not firm in his beliefs and ended up marrying a staunch unbeliever, another I saw again this year and I was just so shocked and embarrassed I ever liked him (this sounds terrible I know - he’s not a Christian, and also I just have zero attraction whatsoever to him, I just felt safe with him), and finally, the most recent and last one. I won’t go into detail about him.
For the time God says wait, trust, be still. Time is going by though, and every now and then I get concerned, but then it’s almost silly. I would rather wait and marry the man God has for me and know love for the first time ever (!!!) than just freak out and make unwise choices. I’d rather die single, and have lived with Christ and obeying him in relationships. I cannot choose to live apart from God’s peace in this area. I can’t live rushed, and I believe God is being so gracious to me in this. I really believe he is caring for me as I obey him - he has me covered, and he knows what’s best. Who is best, if there is any. God knows. I truly do not. There is no one I know now that I could marry. It’s all empty here. I don’t know why. But in the quiet there is a stillness and in that stillness there is a deep peace, despite the emotions that sometimes get ruffled. The underlying foundation is peace.
Super long, and I wrote this off the cuff at 12:30a for 40 minutes while lying in bed after reading the emails. Thanking God for all that has not worked out, I see why I had no peace. And I believe in the very near future I’ll see again very much so why I had no peace.
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isaacsnfld · a year ago
Please allow me to tell you about one of my favourite cartoons through this informal essay I did for school a couple of months back. 
Tumblr media
Gravity Falls and How it Did The Unimaginable
The 2010s saw the creation of some of the most iconic animated tv shows ever made, the likes of Adventure Time (2010), Steven Universe (2013), Over the Garden Wall (2014) and The Legend of Korra (2012). To explain why this era’s shows are so admirable is honestly rather difficult. Yet, there are many factors that can be taken into consideration when looking for an answer.
The past decade was very successful in perfecting their craft and utilizing the animated format to their favour, creating some of the wackiest and fascinating cartoons ever made. With the advancements made in both 2D and 3D animation for film, this bled into the world of TV as well.
To mention that 2010s cartoons have stunning visuals would be an understatement. Everything about the animation was beautiful; the strong colour palettes, the clean and imaginative character designs, the colourful and immersive backgrounds and especially the mesmerizing worlds that can be found within episodes that are half an hour.
This era’s cartoons also led to a massive shift in storytelling, writing longer-running stories that spread out across seasons while also swapping out episodic adventures for serialization. This heavily aided in the popularization of these shows, due to the rise of internet fandoms and dropping the taboo that cartoons were only for kids. Many shows acknowledged their older viewers by leaving clues and even puzzles to be solved by the theorists who have a large appearance on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr. As the shows progressed, their fandoms created many theories for what they believed might happen within their favourite series. The top three shows from this era all utilized these changes, being at the forefront of the shift and helping guide the creative vision of 2010s cartoons.
Often regarded as many people’s favourite cartoon, Gravity Falls presented one of the best mysteries of the decade with two seasons and only 40 episodes. Inspired by Twin Peaks and The X-Files, it’s considered as the kids’ version of these two iconic shows as this cartoon acts as many people’s first introduction to horror through bright colours and fun characters.
This series follows the adventures of Dipper and Mabel Pines, twins, who are sent to spend their summer with their great-uncle or Grunkle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. This town is full of oddities like supernatural creatures, insane and eccentric inhabitants, and many puzzles. The Pines twins must adjust to the weirdness while uncovering the mysteries and protecting their new town.
While living in Gravity Falls, the twins are forced to work in the Mystery Shack, a tourist trap created by their Grunkle Stan that overcharges unlucky tourists, teaching about fake monsters despite there being real creatures all over town. On his first day in Oregon, Dipper accidentally came across a mysterious journal written by an unknown author that explains all the oddities to be found in this strange town. This book acts like an encyclopedic of the Weird for Dipper, an inquisitive 12-year-old kid who seeks answers.
Dipper is an extremely intelligent kid, his brain being far more developed than his body. He’s rather awkward and self-conscious as he often stumbles over his words or gets embarrassed trying to talk to girls. Despite this, the boy is an adventurer at heart who just wants to grow up and skip his upcoming teenage years.
While Mabel is quite the opposite in many ways, she is loud and has an in-your-face personality. Mabel is bouncy and fun, she is so excited to start high school. She is easily excitable and for the larger part of the series, she is in her boy-crazy phase. Mabel is a girly-girl as she likes all things; glitter, unicorns, rainbows, partying and crafting. Yet, she doesn’t often compare well with many of the other girls in town, they see her as weird and “too much”.
(In all fairness through, it is not too kind to either of the characters as their personalities are more complex than just awkward nerd and artsy girl-girly.)
Dipper and Mabel’s personalities are very different but somehow, they—along with their Gravity Falls family—manage to solve mysteries and save the town, multiple times.
Gravity Falls is an honestly genius series that completely changed the way cartoons were made. Originally when writing a series, you’d create a base of your story; characters, the universe and a basic plot. Yet, when creator, Alex Hirsch (who was in his early/mid-20)s and his small team first began constructing their show, they planned out everything they could possibly think of for the first season. Additionally, outlining some answers for their biggest mysteries that would be answered at the end of the series.
Despite being rated TV-Y7, this series really pushed the boundaries of kids’ television. From the teeth being ripped out of a deer’s mouth by a demon, rearranging the functions of every hole on a man’s face to an aggressive pop-rock sock puppet show that ended in a dramatic slow-motion scene of the puppets burning. Gravity Falls wasn’t afraid to get a little weird or creepy. Or create some genuine nightmare fuel. 
From the beginning, Gravity Falls had built a mystery into its series, hiding secrets and clues all throughout the show. Most notably were the backwards-recorded message and cryptograms, using roughly nine different kinds, even creating two of their own.
The inclusion of cyphers and mysteries for fans to solve is possibly the reason why this series was so successful. As one of the first shows to do something like this, Gravity Falls used social media and internet fandoms to its advantage.
As mentioned earlier, cartoon fans have quite a presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. They create theories and share fun ideas about their favourite shows. Viewers of Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe were all included in their share of theory fun.
Sometimes, fan theories end up being correct but when you’re Gravity Falls creator, Alex Hirsch, you don’t just watch from the sidelines as your viewers figure out the biggest mystery of your show. No, you create a hoax to get your viewers off your trail and that is what he did. Around 2013, only halfway through the first season of the show, viewers had started to follow the clues, theorizing who was the author is Dipper’s mysterious journal.
Unfortunately for the Gravity Falls production crew, the viewers were right— for the sake of readers who have never seen the show, I will not mention who the author was as it would be the biggest spoiler.
In 2013, a supposed leaked image of a tv showing a younger version of the show’s crazy old man character, Old Man McGucket, writing in the infamous journal was uploaded anonymously (by Alex Hirsch) to 4Chan.
Despite the image only being on up for a few hours, it spread like wildfire. Much to the team’s success, theorists stopped searching for the answer to “who is the author” and just accepted the image of McGucket as the truth.
To further push the fake-out, three words were posted to Alex’s Twitter, “fuming right now.”
The tweet was deleted a few minutes later and fans genuinely believed that someone from the Gravity Falls team had leaked the most important part of the story.
While doing research, I came across a Reddit post from April 10th, 2013, the day after ‘leak,’ Alex’s tweet was uploaded. In this post, user, TheoDW uploaded an image of Alex’s tweet with the caption, “It seems that Hirsch got mad at last night’s leak. He already deleted this tweet.”
Seeing the reactions of these Redditors in 2013 is kind of weird and crazy to look at. “He has every right to be upset. Someone internally released a plot revealing screen shot of series breaking spoiler information,” a deleted Reddit account commented.
“This is Alex Hirsch’s biggest success by far, he spent a huge amount of time carefully planning out the series, and then in a moment someone releases a major spoiler. It would make anyone upset,” the user, Time_Loop commented.
“Seriously, this is a nightmare for a storyteller, and shows a breach of trust. I feel so bad for him–honestly, I hope whoever did the leak gets caught and appropriate action is taken. You don’t f–k with someone’s story like this. It’s unprofessional.” the user, lonelybeloved angrily commented.
In 2014, this ‘leak’ was finally disproven when viewers were given an episode on McGucket’s backstory and an amazing tweet from Alex Hirsch. 
Alex had post an image of himself playfully pointing at a monitor with the supposed leaked picture with the caption, “1) Make hoax  2) Upload to 4Chan  3) Post angry tweet about "leak" 4) Delete tweet 5) Let internet do rest”
It is so interesting to look at these comments know that all of this was orchestrated by Alex.
I wish I had been old enough at the time to follow theories and fandom stuff like I do now with current cartoons but really looking at this from an outside perspective, this was insane!
The real author wasn’t revealed until 2015 and when viewers first got the answer to this biggest show on their screens, they must have freaked out!
Following the finale in 2016, a single frame of a stone version of Bill Cipher, the show’s villain, flashed in after the credits had finished.
Alex Hirsch and his team actually created a real-life statue of their villain for their viewers to find and on July 20th, 2016, the Cipher Hunt began.
By following clues, the Hunters found themselves all over the world; Russia, Japan and then travelling throughout the United States for the final 12 clues. When the hunt took them to Los Angeles, actor, Jason Ritter (voice of Dipper Pines, also a massive fan of the series) and Alex Hirsch’s twin sister, Ariel Hirsch (the inspiration for Mabel) joined in the fun helping the search.
Finally, the hunt ended on August 2nd when someone tweeted out an image of the found statue in Oregon, the same state in which the fictional town of Gravity Falls exists. The Cipher Hunt had ended but finding the statue wasn’t Alex’s goal for the scavenger hunt, it was about the journey and bringing together the viewers, more than having them actually find the statue.
Creating its own hoax, an international scavenger hunt and quite a bit of nightmare fuel, Gravity Falls was a show truly unlike any other.
The 2010s saw some of the strongest cartoons ever made, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe acting as the leaders for multiple different changes in the medium; storytelling, worldbuilding, interaction with viewers, utilizing social media, representation and further pushing music into the cartoon world. From what was created this past decade and what has already been released in 2020, I’m so excited to see what comes next.
Tumblr media
I have another one of these which is on Steven Universe’s representation and music if you would like to see that too!! 
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weheartchrisevans · a year ago
BOSTON — So you're Tim Scott, the Republican senator from South Carolina who opposes Roe v. Wade and wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and you get a call from Chris Evans, a Hollywood star and lifelong Democrat who has been blasting President Trump for years. He wants to meet. And film it. And share it on his online platform. Can anybody say "Borat?" “I was very skeptical,” admits Scott. “You can think of the worst-case scenario.”But then Scott heard from other senators. They vouched for Evans, most famous for playing Captain America in a series of films that have grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. The actor also got on the phone with Scott’s staff to make a personal appeal.
It worked. Sometime in 2018, Scott met on camera with Evans in the nation’s capital, and their discussion, which ranged from prison reform to student loans, is one of more than 200 interviews with elected officials published on “A Starting Point,” an online platform the actor helped launch in July. Not long after, Evans appeared on Scott’s Instagram Live. They have plans to do more together.
“While he is a liberal, he was looking to have a real dialogue on important issues,” says Scott. “For me, it’s about wanting to have a conversation with an audience that may not be accustomed to hearing from conservatives and Republicans.”
Evans, actor-director Mark Kassen and entrepreneur Joe Kiani launched “A Starting Point” as a response to what they see as a deeply polarized political climate. They wanted to offer a place for information about issues without a partisan spin. To do that, they knew they needed both parties to participate.
Evans, 39, sat on the patio outside his Boston-area home on a recent afternoon talking about the platform. He wore a black T-shirt and jeans and spent some of the interview chasing around his brown rescue dog. Nearly 100 million people didn’t vote in the 2016 general election, Evans says. That’s more than 40 percent of those who were eligible.He believes the root of this disinterest is the nastiness on both sides of the aisle. Many potential voters simply turn off the news, never mind talking about actual policy.“A Starting Point” is meant to offer a digital home for people to hear from elected officials without having the conversation framed by Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow.
“The idea is . . . ‘Listen, you’re in office. I can’t deny the impact you have,’ ” says Evans. “ ‘You can vote on things that affect my life.’ Let this be a landscape of competing ideas, and I’ll sit down with you and I’ll talk with you.”
Or, as Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who has appeared on the site, puts it, “Sometimes, boring is okay. You’re being presented two sides. Everything doesn’t have to be sensational. Sometimes, it can just be good facts.” Evans wasn’t always active in politics. At Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, he focused on theater, not student government. And he moved away from home his senior year, working at a casting agency in New York as he pushed for acting gigs. His uncle, Michael E. Capuano, served as a congressman in Massachusetts for 20 years, but other than volunteering on some of his campaign, Evans wasn’t particularly political.
In recent years, he’s read political philosopher Hannah Arendt and feminist Rebecca Solnit’s “The Mother of All Questions” — ex-girlfriend Jenny Slate gave him the latter — and been increasingly upset by Trump’s policies and behavior. He’s come to believe that he can state his own views without creating a conflict with “A Starting Point.” When he and Scott spoke on Instagram, the president wasn’t mentioned. In contrast, recently Evans and other members of the Avengers cast took part in a virtual fundraiser with Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala D. Harris.
“I don’t want to all of a sudden become a blank slate,” says Evans. “But my biggest issue right now is just getting people to vote. If I start saying, ‘vote Biden; f Trump,’ my base will like that. But they were already voting for Biden.”
(In September, Evans accidentally posted an image of presumably his penis online and, after deleting it, tweeted: “Now the I have your attention . . . Vote Nov. 3rd!!!”)
Evans began to contemplate the idea that became “A Starting Point” in 2017. He heard something reported on the news — he can’t remember exactly what — and decided to search out information on the Internet. Instead of finding concrete answers, Evans fell down the rabbit hole of opinions and conflicting claims. He began talking about this with Kassen, a friend since he directed Evans in 2011’s “Puncture.” What if they got the information directly from elected officials and presented it without a spin? Kassen, in turn, introduced Evans to Kiani, who had made his fortune through a medical technology company he founded and, of the three, was the most politically involved.
Kiani has donated to dozens of Democratic candidates across the country and earlier this year contributed $750,000 to Unite the Country, a super PAC meant to support Joe Biden. But he appreciated the idea of focusing on something larger than a single race or party initiative. He, Kassen and Evans would fund “A Starting Point,” which has about 18 people on staff.
“There’s no longer ABC, NBC and CBS,” Kiani says. “There’s Fox News and MSNBC. What that means is that we are no longer being censored. We’re self-censoring ourselves. And people go to their own echo chamber and they don’t get any wiser. If you allow both parties to speak, for the same amount of time, without goading them to go on into hyperbole, when people look at both sides’ point of view of both topics, we think most of the time they’ll come to a reasonable conclusion.”
“What people do too often is they get in their silos and they only watch and listen and read what they agree with,” says John Kasich, the former Ohio governor and onetime Republican presidential candidate. “If you go to Chris’s website, you can’t bury yourself in your silo. You get to see the other point of view.” As much as some like to blame Trump for all the conflicts in Washington, Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.) says he’s watched the tone shifting for decades. He appreciated sitting down with Evans and making regular submissions to “Daily Points,” a place on the platform for commentary no longer than two minutes. During the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Coons recorded a comment on Judge Amy Coney Barrett and the Affordable Care Act.“ ‘A Starting Point’ needs to be a sustained resource,” Coons says. “Chris often talks about it being ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ for adults.”
It’s not by chance that Evans has personally conducted all of the 200-plus interviews on “A Starting Point” during trips to D.C. Celebrities often try to mobilize the public, whether it’s Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross and Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosting the Democratic National Convention or Jon Voight recording video clips to praise Trump. But in this case, Evans is using his status in a different way, to entice even the most hesitant Republican to sit down for an even-toned chat. And he’s willing to pose with anyone, even if it means explaining himself on “The Daily Show” after Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas posted a selfie with Evans. (Two attempts to interview Trump brought no response.) Murkowski remembers when Evans came to Capitol Hill for the first time in 2018. She admits she didn’t actually know who he was — she hadn’t yet seen any Marvel movies. She was in the minority.“We meet interesting and important people but, man, when Captain America was in the Senate, it was all the buzz,” she says. “And people were like, ‘Did you get your picture taken?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I sat down and did the interview.’ ‘You did an interview? How did you get an interview with him?’ ”What impressed Murkowski wasn’t his star power. It was the way Evans conducted the interview.“It was relaxing,” she says. “You didn’t feel like you were in front of a reporter who was just waiting for you to say something you would get caught on later. It was a dialogue . . . and we need more dialogue and less gotcha.”
“Starting Points” offers two-minute answers by elected officials in eight topic areas, including education, the environment and the economy. This is where the interviews Evans conducted can be found. “Daily Points” has featured a steady flow of Republicans and Democrats. A third area, “Counterpoints,” hosts short debates between officials on particular subjects. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, debated mail-in voting with Dusty Johnson, the Republican congressman from South Dakota.
“Most Americans can’t name more than five members of the United States House,” says Johnson. “ ‘A Starting Point’ allows thoughtful members to talk to a broader audience than we would normally have.”
The platform’s social media team pushes out potentially newsworthy clips, whether it’s Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) discussing his meeting with Barrett just before he tested positive for the coronavirus, or Angus King, the independent senator from Maine, criticizing Trump for his comments on a potential peaceful transfer of power after November’s election. Kassen notes that the King clip was viewed more than 175,000 times on “A Starting Point’s” Twitter account, compared with the 10,000 who caught in on CNN’s social media platform.
“Because it’s short-form media, we’re engineered to be social,” says Kassen. “As a result, when something catches hold, it’s passed around our audience pretty well.”
The key is to use modern tools to push out content that’s tonally different from what you might find on modern cable news. Or on social media. Which is what Evans hopes leads to more engagement. He’s particularly proud that more than 10,000 people have registered to vote through “A Starting Point” since it went online.
“If the downstream impact or the byproduct of this site is some sort of unity between the parties, great,” says Evans. “But if nobody’s still voting, it doesn’t work. We need people involved.”
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whenyouknowyouknow · a year ago
Harry the Womanizer
 This thing started because I find the whole womanizer image of Harry absolutely disgusting and wanted people to see how utterly bad and wrong it was.
Please be aware that the following does not reflect Harry’s personality but it shows us the image their label wanted him to be seen as.
Some disclaimer about where the data comes from
written, digital coverage (no print,  1-2 videos, no radio)
google search “Harry Styles”, I looked through the first 20 hits each month but didn’t read all of them ( headlines usually are a dead giveaway if an article contains a new “conquest”)
I did not list every woman that was mentioned in the same article as Harry. Also not those that showed interest in him. But most of those that were said he showed interest in (I might have skipped a few in the worst years just bc it was so freaking disgusting)
Often articles contained offhand comments about his pulling power or unrelatedly recounting his latest conquests in any given article to enforce the womanizer image. These did not make it into the list.
Deleted articles are of course not included (as of Aug 2020)
Some of the women turn up again for a round 2 (or 3 or 4), I only mention them once a year tho
I put the women into the list on the date the news coverage happened/started because many articles date back things by saying  “pics have circulated since…” “They have been reportedly seen together since…” or simply tell a story that supposedly happened a few years prior
Some dates overlap. Thats either bc they pushed several woman at once (very effective to drive the whole womanizer image home) or its bc one woman was seeded in while the other was happening.
Because this is a freaking long post, I’ll put it under the “read more”
About the list
split by years
each year has Harrys age for that given year in brackets
each data set has in brackets the age, occupation and date of news coverage for the woman (if available)
winter gf get their own category as they sometimes overlap with other woman
Some of the woman get brought back up (not just mentioned in passing), those are listed at the end of each year with the dates when they where brought back up
“again” is for those who dated him again
Women linked to Harry
2010 (16)
5(?) girls from bootcamp
Cher Loyd (17, txf fellow contestant, Oct)
unnamed girl fan (13.11.)
2011 (17)
Adele (23, singer, 27.09.)
Sarita Borge (record executive, 29.11.)
Caroline Flack (31, txf, 23.10.-27.01.)
2012 (18)
Pixie Geldoff (21, 09.02.)
Alexa Chung (28, model, 16.02)
Alexandra Burke (23, txf, 20.02.)
Jo Wood (56, ex of Ronny Wood 21.02.)
Denise Welch (54, actress, 21.02.)
Georgia May Jagger (20, Mick Jagger daughter, 21.02.)
Sarah-Louise Colivet (24, photographer, 11.04.)
Lily Halpern (19, singer, 11.04.)
Jillian Harris (32, reality TV star, 13.04.)
Emma Ostilly (18, actor for Gotta be You MV -  22.04.) 
Ellis Calcutt (18(?), friend, deniedm, 30.04.)
Emily Atack (22, TV star, 20.05.)
unnamed girl (Article about her one night stand with H, 06.06.)
Lucy Horobin (32, radio presenter, 24.06., dated back to Aug-Oct 2011)
Caggie Dunlop (23, TV star, 12.07.)
Allyssa Reid (19, singer, 23.07.)
Blond girl with pink bag (from a night out, 26.07.)
Cara Delevingne (19, Model, 05.08.)
Natalie Imbruglia (37, singer actress 28.09.)
Taylor Swift (22 singer 19.10.-07.01. (fling dated back to April 2012 then getting back together)
2013 (19)
Hermione Way (27, reality star, 08.01.)
Millie Brady (18, actress, 24.02.)
Shaniece Nesbitt (fan, 11.03.)
Yvette Fielding (44, TV presenter, 11.03.)
Fia Litton (niece of Preston Mahon (security), 14.03)
Chelsea Ferguson (25, stripper, 14.04)
Kimberly Stewart (33, confirmed by Rod, 27.04.)
Camilla Foss (18, fan in oslo, 09.05.)
Kara Rose Marshall (22, model, 03.07.)
Alexis Allen (19, fan, 21.07.)
Cara Delevingne (20, model, 11.09.)
Paige Reifler (17, model, 30.09.)
Sjana Earp (18, model, 25.10.)
Samantha Armytage (36, TV presenter, 27.10.)
Daisy Lowe (24, model, 01.12.)
Caroline Flack (brought back up, 01.02./11.09.)
Kendall Jenner (17, model, 21.10. - 23.02)
2014 (20)
mystery brunette (20.01.)
Alison Mosshart (35, singer, 07.03.)
Daisy Lowe (25, model, 11.04.)
Larissa de Macedo Machado (21, brazilian popstar, 08.05.)
Lou Teasdale (30, hairdresser, 26.05.)
Sinitta (45, Smons ex, 22.07.)
Paige Reifler (18, again, model, 25.07.)
Meghan Trainor (20, singer, 27.08.)
blond woman (at Coldplay concert, 18.09.)
Katy Perry (29, singer, 01.10.)
Erin Foster (31, 08.10.)
Kate Moss (40, model, 03.11.)
two blond woman (leaving a club in LA with H, 30.11.)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 12.02./02.03./20.08./14.10./04.12.)
Emily Atack (brought back up, 23.03.)
Caroline Flack (brought back up, 26.03.)
Nadine Leopold (20, model, 20.12.- 12.03.)
2015 (21)
Emma Watson (24, actress, 14.01. dated back to 26.12.14)
Suki Waterhouse (23, actress, 05.04.)
Joy Muggli (23, talent agent, 12.05.)
Sara Sampaio (23, model, 15.06.)
Georgia Fowler (22, model, inspiration for Kiwi, 15.10.)
Nicole Scherzinger (34, singer, 17.10., dated back to 2013)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 15.01./13.02./10.03./08.05./13.10./28.10.)
Caroline Flack (brought back up, 24.05./11.10.)
Kendall Jenner (again, 30.12.- 31.01.)
2016 (22)
Pandora Lennard (28, model 31.01.)
Lindsay Lohan (30, actress, 10.03., dated back unspecified)
Kendall Jenner (again, 05.09.)
Kara Rose Marshall (brought back up, 07.10.)
Suki Waterhouse (again + dated back to 2013, 11.11.)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 01.02.)
2017 (23)
Tess Ward (26, food blogger, 09.05.)
Townes Adair Jones (20s, 17.05., dated back to 2014)
Camille Rowe (31, model, 31.07.)
Sjana Earp (22, again, 05.12.)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 18.04./12.05./03.09./09.11.)
Kendall Jenner (brought back up, 31.01.)
2018 (24)
Delta Goodrem (33, voice coach, 27.04.) 
Camille Rowe (ends 31.07.)
Kendall Jenner (brought back up, 15.07./12.12.)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 21.03./)
2019 (25)
Kiko Mizuhara (28, denied by K, 12.01.)
Camille Rowe (brought back up, 22.11.)
Kendall Jenner (brought back up, 11.12.)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 23.08./04.11./13.12.)
2020 (26)
Daisy Lowe (brought back up, 20.06.)
Taylor Swift (brought back up, 02.03./24.07.)
data from here on is not included in the graphs, I will keep adding when things happen
Tracee Ellis Ross (48, actress, 28.10.)
The age differences
Tumblr media
The graph shows clearly how
the age gaps are very big in the beginning, likely to attract an older audience in addition to the usual target audience of teenage girls
the amount of woman linked to Harry gets smaller each year because in later years, articles could just reference his history with woman
the amount of woman linked and mentioned in regards to Harry gets significantly lower after hiatus started
Tumblr media
A rough timeline of women that where connected to Harry over the years
Why give Harry the womanizer image?
Would the image of a womanizer not damage the image of 1D?
If they’d portrait him as a sleeze it would have surely damaged the overal image of 1D. But Harrys image portrait him as charming, a bit quirky and overall an airhead that likes people and doesn’t want to be tied down. Thus giving the illusion of being potentially available to every woman and showing them a good, no strings attached, time. Which is a massive selling point for boybands to increase the age range of their fans.
In addition, all his conquests would be used to stir up drama or simply generate attention at crucial times to get 1D in the press without mentioning their current promo focus in every headline.
The winter girlfriends had a special role as they were the only ones actively worked as continuous dating. To build some attachment, have a continuous storyline that could be tied to the just released album and bridge the holiday pause, and when the relationship ended generate more drama to be used for promo.
Harry did keep on using his womanizer image to promote both his solo albums but in a very controlled manner. The numbers of new woman linked to him declined to 1 in 2019, for now we are at 0 (1) in 2020
HS promo used 3 woman as inspirations for songs (Towns, Fowler, Swift) and a tour gf (Rowe)
FL promo only uses the previous tour gf as now ex to push the storyline of a breakup album
He is very visibly changing his image while still maintaining a level of connection to his old image. Whether that's due to contractual restrictions or a strategy to not alienate to many fans is unclear
Jeff Azoff
For what I’ve seen Jeff and Harry seem close (the Azoff family having him on family pictures, posted by Jeff’s brother)
Looking at the timeline of Jeff and Harry
2014-03-25 first mention of Harry at Azoff family home in an article about Irvin
2014-04-23 first pics of Harry and Jeff at a sports event (Jeff named as a friend, no name or position yet)
2014-12-22 Jeff not named yet but identified as his agent
2015-01-10 first time Jeff being named and being the link between Harry and a woman
2016-03-07 Jeff leaves CAA as a music agent and launches his own company Full Stop Management
2016-03-11 Harry confirmed to have joined Full Stop Management
Jeff likely took over as Harry’s agent in early 2014. In 2015 Harry’s image change starts to become aparent and changed drastically after hiatus.
Harry choosing Jeffs management firm as soon as he left Modest is a clear indication that he feels Jeff will represent him how he wants
The Timeline - Women connected to Harry and Promo
I started the visual timeline in end 2011 when his womanizer image started to take off
The instances before where likely used as seeding for this image (first instance was a segment in txf where he was linked to 5 of the girl contestants and funny enough one older guy)
Tumblr media
purple - women from the entertainment industry
pink - fans/no-names
lilac - winter gf
dark burgundy - thos who date him again
dusky pink - brought back up
light blue - single release
royal blue - album release
mid blue - other releases
dark turquoise - tour legs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Adendum: a few numbers analyzed,
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notnctu · a year ago
nctblr ff survey results
hello nctblr writing community! i made a short form to assess reader preferences! originally, it was for me to optimize my own writing and to satisfy my own curiosity about what my readers enjoy to read. but i thought, why limit it to my own audience? I hope, readers and writers alike, can find these results helpful to your own works!
I had 162 responses and so, i want to thank everyone who took the time to take this survey and for the many writers who reblogged it! the audience is reflective of those who it reached in the nctblr community from reblogs and predominantly my own audience. with that being said, i am a blog that writes for both SFW and SMUT content. regardless, i hope you can find these intriguing and rather helpful!
please do not repost these results, but reblog/like/share it to your hearts content! these results are from JAN 2021.
i would like to preface to everyone to respect the opinions of the results and not to cause any discrepancy when viewing. if so, i will delete your comments. this is a safe place and i will not tolerate any slander regarding how the results played out. okie thank you!! you may view everything under the cut and again, lots of love and thank you to everyone!
Tumblr media
general info questions:
1. are you a minor or 18+?
Tumblr media
18+: 133/162 (82.1%)  minor: 29/162 (17.9%)
2. who is/are your nct biases?
Tumblr media
*i want to note that many people selected multiple members for this question and aren’t reflective of who they read for. you will see later in the post that who people read for have different results. 
3. what timezone are you in?
- EST (32)
- GMT (17)
- PST, Pacific (18)**
- PST, Philippine Standard Time (3)** 
- GMT +8 (14)
- CST (13)
- IST (7)
- GMT +7 (6)
- CET (6)
- AEST (5)
for the sake of keeping this post not excessively long, these are the top 10 timezones that had the most responses. there are also people who didn’t know their timezones.  ** a lot of people didn’t specify between Philippine or pacific, and the 3 under Philippine standard times were the only ones that did. 
4. what days do you prefer to read?
1. doesn’t matter (149)
2. saturday (12)
3. sunday (9)
4. friday (7)
5. tuesday (3)
6. wednesday (2)
7. monday (1) & thursday (1)
5. what times do you prefer to read?
1. 12 AM - 3 AM (44)
2. 3 AM - 6 AM (10)
3. 6 AM - 9 AM (6)
4. 9 AM - 12 PM (6)
5. 12 PM - 3 PM (11)
6. 3PM - 6PM (24)
7. 9PM - 12 AM (50)
8. doesn’t matter (97)
the bold ones are the times with the significant amount of higher votes.
fanfiction questions
6. what genres do you read/prefer the most?
1. fluff (121) 2. angst (101) 3. smut (96) 
here are some that others included under the other option:
angst with happy ending (5) a mix of all three (3)  slowburn (2) crack/humor (2)
7. what are your FAVORITE tropes/aus? 
1. college au (112) 2. enemies to lovers (108) 3. best friends to lovers (91) 4. bad boy au (70) 5. childhood best friends to lovers (69) 6. fwb au (65)  7. friends to lovers (64) 8. soulmates au (62) 9. established relationship (59) 10. hogwarts au (55) 11. fantasy/supernatural (48) 12. strangers to lovers (45) / high school au (45)
some that others included under the other option:
idol au (3), coffee, mafia (8), fake dating (3), racing (2), reverse tropes, royalty (2), crush, mutual pining, mythology (2), ceo, idiots to lovers, based on tv shows/books/movies, dystopia, roommates (2), pwp, medical, rich kid/private school, historical, arranged marriage
8. what are your LEAST favorite tropes/aus?
1. fantasy/supernatural (50) 2. hogwarts au (40) 3. established relationship (29) 4. high school au (27)  5. bad boy (25) 6. soulmate (21) 7. none (18) 8. fwb au (13) 9. childhood best friends (12) 10. enemies to lovers (11) 11. strangers to lovers (7) 12. best friends to lovers (6) 13. college au (4) 14. friends to lovers (3)
some that others included under the other option:
sports au, royal (2), mafia (2), exes to lovers, stalker, yandere (2), hybrid, idol
9. story length preference?
Tumblr media
15+k words and 4k-6k words tied for most at 33 votes (20.4%), while less than 1k words got the least at 2 votes (1.2%). 13k - 15k words had the second fewest at 8 votes (4.9%).
10. who do you read for the MOST?
Tumblr media
top 5 members who are read for the MOST: 
1. Haechan (90) 2. Jaemin (79) 3. Jeno (76) 4. Mark (70) 5. Jaehyun (66)
please note that this should not discourage you from writing for other members! 
11. who do you WANT to see more fics written for?
Tumblr media
top members who people want to see more fics for:
1. Doyoung (50) 2. Xiaojun (45) / Yangyang (45)  3. Renjun (43) / Kun (43)  4. Taeil (35)  5. Sungchan (31)
a biased a/n: i say this alot on my blog... but my mans dy’s tags are so dry and its obvious others know this too... so i hope this gives you more insight about who to write for!
12. Open Response Addition Feedback
- ALL OF YALLS WRITERS ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for supplying us nctzens with A+++ quality fics to fill our days. Often times I seriously am at awe with how amazing all of you write and I’d think to myself, “damn.. i’m really getting all of this for free.” SO THANK YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL AND MAGNIFICENT BEINGS. We all love and appreciate you guys so damn much ♥️
- thank you so much for taking time to write ♥️ i really wish i had time to write an ask/message to every writer who’s works i have read cause it helps me get through the day, especially when im on my study break 🥺♥️
- I appreciate you for even caring about our preferences :D writers don’t get enough credit and I wish yall know how valued you are in this community <3 take care and stay safe
- smut shouldn't be in high school AU's :// and people should stop using images from when members were underage in their smut headers :///// also, thank you for doing this!!!
- whatever you write is amazing and your opinion of your work should come before the readers. remember that you’re writing for yourself before you write for readers <3
- to all writers, i love u and ur art! keep the magic happening <3
- There's too little of doyoung smut collection
and to everyone who left me personal messages, thank you!! you’re all so sweet and im glad to be able to do this for everyone :) 
thank you for making it this far and hopefully, this helps you in your own writing endeavors! i know this definitely helped me in many ways with my own and im more than grateful for everyone who participated (reblogging my survey, taking it, leaving open feedback). let me know if you have any questions :) 
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egoistshye · 10 months ago
Hi sweetheart!! Could you teach how to make gifs with hd quality?
hello! i’m honoured to think that my gifsets are high quality enough to ask for a tutorial. a lot of my work has been through trial and error and a little help from sharpening actions. i’m going to base a little off chloezhao’s gifmaking beginner tutorial, except i use video to frames and not screencapping.
let’s get started!
program: adobe photoshop 2021 
i find that the majority of gif makers use some form of adobe product whether that is premiere or photoshop, but i just use the most recent photoshop version adobe had to offer.
this tutorial applies for macOS and windows so don’t worry, any version of program that contains the “timeline” feature will do.
1. download HQ OR HD videos.
i find that the best gifs that come out with HD frames are 1080p quality or 1440p. anything below that might come out to look a little pixelated. at least that’s what i’ve learnt over the time that i started making gifs (a little over a month ago). for me, i can also screen record my videos if it seems like it’ll be impossible to download a high quality video but it’s only in a dire situation.
the website that i use is called savieo, and it allows you to download videos from naver, youtube and vlive. this is great especially if you’re a kpop related tumblr account like i am. this is useful as sometimes, the quality of gifs can be severely degraded if uploaded to youtube vs. naver. this has rung true for music show performances. for this gif, i’m going to take a video off naver where sunmi has done a performance on MBC’s music core for you can’t sit with us.
Tumblr media
2. importing video to frames.
secondly, i import my video to frames. since i work with short videos (3-10 mins) instead of 2 hour movies like some gif makers on tumblr, i feel more comfortable importing my downloaded video into photoshop, clipping it to an appropriate size and converting it to frames in one program. 
➤ after your video has downloaded, in photoshop go to file > import > video frames to layers.
Tumblr media
➤ browse for the video. mine is usually in the downloads folder.
Tumblr media
➤ once opened, you will have a window much like this. for this section of gif making, you have to select a short clip that you want to turn into a gif. for this example, i’ll do sunmi’s ending fairy section. keeping in mind that the bottom sliders select your clip!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ this will take some time to load depending on the length of your clip but as mine is short i estimate it’ll be around 50 frames (which is the average amount you want, or else the gif file size is too big and tumblr won’t accept it).
➤ after it finishes loading it should look something like this. if you don’t have the timeline open, go to window > timeline.
Tumblr media
3. rid of excess frames.
➤ i like to get rid of frames i don’t need. as you can see above, we have the ending shot but not a close up of sunmi being an ending fairy. so i simply scroll through the timeline until i find the last frame of that scene, and shift and left click on it. now we can delete it using the trashcan icon. and i do the same for excess frames on the right hand side.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ now select the marquee tool. this depends on how you want the gif to look, for me i chose the dimensions 1920px x 800px.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ once that’s been selected, you can crop! i have a short cut assigned to this already, but if you go to image > crop you will get the same effect. this will take a while if you have 90 frames like i do. but it will take less time if you have 40-50 frames.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
4. resizing
for all gif makers the dimensions differ depending on how they want it to look on tumblr. for me i like to make the width 810px for a nice big high quality gif, or 540px (the width of a tumblr dashboard post). to do so, go to image > image size and put in new dimensions. for this gif i’m making the width 810px. this will take some time to load!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
that’s how to make a basic gif with no sharpening! you can now export it if you wish, by going to file > export > save for web (legacy). 
Tumblr media
note: if you take a look at the timeline you can play the gif from frame one using the controls. also, if the play back speed bothers you when you’re exporting to save it to web, do what i show below.
Tumblr media
reducing gif speed:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
end result with no sharpening:
Tumblr media
4. sharpening.
for this, we’re going to have to convert to video timeline. our current timeline is a frame animation timeline! on the right hand side of the timeline there will be 3 lines stacked on top of each other, much like an options menu. click on that and select convert to video timeline.
Tumblr media
➤ the timeline will now look like this.
Tumblr media
➤ go to select > all layers. the layers should then be highlighted on the right hand side.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ now right click on any of the highlighted layers and press convert to smart object. smart objects are essentially a new layer that contains image data of EVERY layer you have selected. so any effects you apply to the smart object will now apply to every frame layer from the gif. it will look like this:
Tumblr media
➤ keeping the smart object selected, go to filter, then smart sharpen. i go for a singular smart sharpen but some users like to smart sharpen twice, much like chloezhao’s tutorial that i linked in the beginning of this tutorial.
Tumblr media
these are the settings used:
Tumblr media
➤ and save with export to web!
5. colouring
now for colouring at present i have NOT explored colouring my own gifs that much and i stick to psds from deviantart or tumblr. the one i’m using today is no. 1 psd by bbyhyuck @ deviantart. click here.
when dropping a psd onto a gif file, ENSURE THE TOP MOST LAYER IS SELECTED like so !!
Tumblr media
to drop a colouring onto your gif, open the psd and drag it into a separate window of its own like so: 
Tumblr media
and then select the folder and drag and drop it on top of your gif preview (mine is sunmi’s face!) the folder should now be above the top most layer.
Tumblr media
and that’s it! export it and it should now look like this.
tumblr is extremely finnicky with me uploading my gifs in a text post so click the above link to view the results (pre sharpening, post sharpening and post psd.)
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iampikachuhearmeroar · 12 months ago
y’know the wildest thing still to happen to me on this hellsite was my first experience of sexting, sans nudes, that was done in front of at least 250-500 followers because of those horny anons i had in early 2013 when i was 17. instead of being exposed to it on my phone privately with a partner at that age, it was done publicly for the internet to see lmao. i remember begging the anons to stop and “come off anon” because i was “losing followers” at the time too bc i was so insecure about my follower count lmao. and then yeah when they came off anon they were both 28 years old.
to write the responses, i just consulted cosmo mag sex pages for ideas hoping that the anons would like the options i chose. in one i detailed doing anal- a sex act i hadn’t even done yet irl- let alone every other thing i suggested in them (head, idek long, drawn out foreplay, some stupid fancy sex moves that cosmo was all like “use these moves to spice up your sex life 🔥🔥”, sex in a bath, i’m pretty sure i had some lines about tying or handcuffing them to a bed (????) etc etc etc)….
when again, i had never even done any of those above sex acts in real life. i was a naive teen who was incredibly shy in regards towards her love life because she’d “never been kissed” and had never had the “hot emo boyfriend whose in a band and is covered in tattoos” she’d always wanted, let alone even a boyfriend that she had actually fucking liked (ie clear braces boy, for like a month in year 9/2010 vs the popular boys that made fun of her, that she always had unrequited crushes on)…. hell, my blog title when i first started on here in 2011 was “the perfect epitome of being forever alone” because of these very reasons. but here she was, writing explicit sex acts to strangers like she knew what the fuck she was doing, to an audience of 250-500 people- and then to fucking grown ass men in inboxes. i was just parroting the shit i’d read in cosmo (both sex advice and sometimes excerpts of erotica/“sexy, steamy reads” they had some months) and also heard repeatedly in the porn that my high school stalker/creeper at public school loved to show (harass) me with to flirt with me, whenever we were alone together at school in 2012/2013.
like you could tell how naive i was….. because i used ridiculous lines like “like a gentleman entranced, you lead me to the bath for our next foray” and dumbass prose-y things like that. because what the fuck does that even mean 😂😅????
and this is why i think minors should be careful with their online experiences. like yeah, you could say that i wasn’t a minor anymore- more of a “young adult”- who should of made the smart decision to not engage with these anons. but i was a kid. i thought it was fun. and when the dudes came off anon, i thought to myself “it’s not like i’m ever gonna meet them if i ever go to the US or puerto rico at any point. it’s not like that they’ll ever recognise me in person or ever reach out to me again in the future. i might as well do it.” and i did eventually end up ignoring the guys in my inbox, due to my mental health kinda plummeting from the middle til the end of 2013 because of my end of high school exams and stuff… and also the puerto rican guy’s infamously inappropriate “hot PE teacher fucks HOT female high school student in the girls change room showers” fantasy which fucking disgusted me, when he full well knew that i was STILL IN high school.
and obviously again, there’s the point about using the “block” button function. but as i’ve stated several times over my years on here, back in my early days of tumblr, i never wanted to block or unfollow people (even if they were trash like these two men), because it seemed so “mean” and “final”. obvs now i have no qualms about blocking people, and actively encourage younger people on here to use the block button with reckless abandon towards creepy people or people who can hurt them in some way. but to high school teenage me, the whole “using the block button” thing seemed to go against me being a “nice girl/person” so i never used it, no matter which social media platform i was on.
this is why i’m hella scared for young teen girls on tik tok wanting to have onlyfans accounts: because it’s where they’ll be exposed to ACTUAL CREEPS AND PREDATORS incredibly quickly; all because they can make money off selling images of just their feet or eventually their body….. depending on what these creepy strangers demand from them….. and they’ll feel like they’ll have to do it…. but to do it before you even start experimenting properly with relationships and sex is even worse. like. yeah. i’ve admitted before that i originally started this tumblr to possibly post nudes, to see if i’d get the positive feedback that i so desperately wanted/craved from the boys in my year at catholic school- eg. to be called “sexy”, “hot”, “fuckable” possibly “beautiful”- like some of the so called “popular girls” got on their hella basic bikini photos back then (like i remember one girl i knew ended up with like 500 likes and a fair amount of comments on one of her bikini pics and i was INCREDIBLY BITTER because not even a pic of me with a nice outfit on, my hair done and makeup on could EVER get those numbers, let alone even break over the double digits).
but i decided posting nudes or other explicit images on here was an absolute no go, because i realised that i never wanted people that i knew digging up barely clothed/naked pics of me and sending them to me all like “hey, is this you?” and then possibly mocking me, all because i would’ve been dumb enough to put my face in them probably at the time. now when i take nudes and send them, i never show my face. because i know now, that even in relationships, your partner can use nude pics as leverage for arguments or to abuse you in such a way that they’ll upload your pics without your knowledge to god knows where on the internet probably as a way to get back at you in a horrible breakup.
this is what i sincerely hope some young girls who ever contemplate starting onlyfans accounts take some time SERIOUSLY CONSIDER. please know that if you share shit on onlyfans, it can shared and re-shared (i think idek how OF works tbh) to god knows who- and eventually end up in the hands of people you know. i don’t fucking care if it’s a “good way to make money!” or if people think that im trying to stop teen girls from being “girl bosses” and the other dumb as fuck internet memes you want to throw at me. because this shit isn’t “haha internet meme funny” material. it’s some fucking serious stuff. and also, i’m not saying “don’t become a sex worker when you’re older” or whatever either. you’re free to make that choice when you’re in your 20s (no i even mean 17-19 year olds in this post as “young teen girls”- sorry you’re basically kids to me at almost 26). just please consider where the fuck your stuff can be shared to. who it can end up being shared with or to.
this is why i was so fucking adamant with my infamous old follower mr adelaide fuckboy/MAF that i personally would NOT consider becoming a camgirl for him or just generally… because i had no idea where the fuck my images or videos would end up. and do you know the places i’d never want them to fucking be??? in the hands of my high school stalker/creeper. in the hands of those two 28yo men from 2013 (who’d now be in there late 30s or early 40s). i absolutely don’t want them in the hands the mid-to-late 20s and early 30s men that that girl i met at public school in 2012 who was pissed that i didn’t believe that were “adults” because we were finally over the legal age of consent (16) in our state of australia, and so we were apparently fine to “fuck” literal grown ass men because “just fuck them and they’ll be nice to you!!” which i knew was fucking bullshit.
i absolutely don’t fucking want explicit videos/images of me ending up in “why the fuck won’t you let me give you “sex lessons” in the back of my car as a “favour” and as payment for teaching you how to drive you stupid, stuck up & frigid, virgin bitch!?” guy’s hands from 2014 (when i was 18/19 at the time and he was 25… he ended up being the first person of many i’d EVER block on social media lol). or i don't want them in the hands of those weird early 20s dudes (one of which was trying to set me up with his friend) who hit on me at 16/17 (2012) who were angry that i didn’t like and watch porn as much as they did…. and who promptly asked me at the end of their period of harassing of me: “do you know any sluts we could add?” because i kept refusing their suggestions etc.
hell, quite frankly i don’t even want them to go to mr adelaide fuckboy/MAF either, but the very few and far between nudes that i sent on snapchat to him back in 2016 are some nudes that i’d rather forget lmao. hell. i don’t even know if MAF ever deleted my nudes or shared them somewhere else or not, after he fucking wheedled them out of me with “i’ve followed you for 4 years, don’t be a shit! you owe me nudes!” so he’d just shut the fuck up about my social life decisions and leave me the fuck alone.
i don’t want ANY ONE of the guys i mentioned above to get their hands on photos of minors either…. because i definitely know my hs stalker/creeper would… because his fave “make her jealous” tactic that he’s always used on me is that “hey…. i’m dating a *insert teenage girl’s age here*! be fucking jealous that you don’t fucking have me and feel guilty that you won’t fuck me like this girl does!!!” just like he did in 2015, when i ran into him on the home from uni… when i turned 20 the next week and he turned 20 that december. at that time it was a 14yo girl he used as an example of him “dating”/“fucking” to make me jealous. instead, i was completely and utterly fucking disgusted. like any fucking sane and normal human being would/should be at that horrible age gap. that is literally a fucking child that he was fucking grooming. and we were literal adults. back the fuck away.
just please. PLEASE CONSIDER the types of people that trawl these kinds of sites and their intentions. please consider that you are young. very fucking young. you literally DO NOT need to upload nudes to the internet because it’s apparently a “lucrative” business. fuck the jokey “boss babe” rhetoric around it all the way to fucking hell.
because if you’re a minor: i do not want you to have your first experience of sexting or sending explicit images literally in front of god knows how many total strangers for the whole world to see (okay i know only fans is like subscriber/follower based or whatever. but i don’t care)…… even when you (depending how good you are with relationships etc) haven’t reached the common supposed milestones of your “first boyfriend/girlfriend/partner” or “first kiss” or have even “lost your virginity” (which isn’t real anyway- don’t buy this fucking bullshit)…. just like i stupidly did with my exposure to sexting here on my tumblr back in 2013. these people don’t/won’t give a flying fuck about your privacy or safety. they don’t/won’t give a fuck about your boundaries either.
please don’t possibly scar yourself for life, just because you’re being told that it’s a quick & convenient way to make some money for weirdos on the depths of the internet. you will regret it in future. just like i do now with mine. it should’ve been something personal between me and and a guy i trusted and liked at the time. not to some random 250-500 random strangers on this hellsite (okay the notes on these posts were literally single digits or non-existent, but still… and also some of my irl friends who had tumblr saw these posts as well) for a show….. and then privately with two 28yo literal grown ass men…. who should’ve been fucking hitting on women their own goddamned age and in their own countries and NOT a 17yo high school KID (at the time) from australia; who, now in her 20s, needs therapy to sort this shit out lmao. mind you they both reeled me in with the “you’re so mature for your age” bullshit line…. which i fell for a little bit, even if it did make me feel kinda gross at the time, too. don’t fall for that bullshit either.
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drethanramslay · 2 years ago
Voicemails (part 1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ethan x mc
Word count: 5.5 K words (damn that's the most I have written
Warning: ANGST
Taglist: @miyakokurono @trappedinfandoms @openheart12 @sekizincimektup @junggoku @ethandaddyramsey @edith-eggs1 @ethanramseysgirl @samihatuli @loveellamae @x-kyne-x @paulfwesley @zeniamiii @binny1985 @an-urban-witch-ig @ramseyegerton @noboundariesplease @mrsdr-ethan-ramsey @newcolonies @theodorepjames4 @unluckygs @choices-love-affair @kaavyaethanramsey  @caseyvalentineramsey @ohramsey @virtualrain202 @squishywizardhq  @junehiratas @lilyvalentine @nooruleman @itsgoingnuts @cordonianbleu @agent-breakdance @jamespotterthefirst @choicesfanaf @temptress-of-death-and-desire @ac27dj @rookiefromedenbrook @gaiusimp @theeccentricbibliophile @oofchoices @hatescapsicum @sanchita012 @edgiestwinter (if you want to be added to the taglist, let me know ☺️)
Author's note: Well I know I said I was going on semi hiatus but, my studies are going great so I decided to post 🤪 also, shout out to @kittykatchoices for helping me in bouncing ideas( she is amazing)
also I went full out and posted screenshots and dividers sike
Songs: Callin by Alec Bailey is my main muse but I made a playlist too
Forgive me if there are any errors
Day 1
Ethan was jolted awake from his slumber as the flight touched down. It continued to speed down the runaway when it eventually reduced to a slow crawl and he saw the glass facade of the airport, glinting in the afternoon sun.
AEROPORTO INTERNACIONAL DE MANAUS EDUARDO GOMES. The banner read and Ethan let the reality sink in that he actually was in the state of Amazonas, South America.
"Welcome to Manaus International Airport. The weather here is partly sunny with 98% chance of precipitation. The temperature is..."
Ethan zoned out. His back was killing him and the need to stretch was becoming unbearable. Even though the WHO team of doctors had settled in comfortably in the plush seats of the private jet, it was a very boring flight.
There is a certain restrictions to the number of boring and wasteful romantic comedies you could watch in a 40 hour flight.
They did have 2 stops for refueling but they weren't allowed to step out of the plane.
God I want to go on a run so bad. He thought mentally as he massaged his spasming neck.
The doctors kicked back and relaxed, ocassionally discussing the cholera epidemic break out in Tefé, a small city on the riverside. It was very productive and they did manage to make a dent in the treatment plan but, when everybody was asleep and it was just him and his thoughts.
And his thoughts mostly revolved around the reason why he volunteered to join these prestigious doctors to battle the epidemic.
It wasn't out of selflessness, or the need to save humanity or for some mindless award.
It was an opportunity.
An opportunity to run from the girl who has invaded his head and heart, and resided there. 
You are doing this for her own good. You are doing this for her professional development. You are doing this for her success. Feelings are fleeting, they will fade away. Ethan repeated those sentences like mantra, trying to ingrain it in his mind that he was doing the right thing leaving her behind.
No call, no text. A clean break.
But no matter how much you lie to your brain, you can't lie to your heart.
Ethan you know you are running away from her because she confessed that she loved you, stop lying to yourself. The snarky inside voice spoke up.
But, if he paid attention to it closely, it sounded just like Leah, calling him out in his bullshit.
He shook his head, trying to erase all the thoughts in his head as the aero-bridge connected to the door and they were opened. Standing up, he stretched his sore muscles and took out his duffle bag.
When he reached the exit, the air hostess with a face caked with makeup, gave him a polite smile. "Hope you had a pleasant flight doctor."
Pleasant my ass...
As he walked through the corridors towards the baggage claim area, he switched on his phone.
As he stood there waiting, he saw an influx of messages from Naveen and his dad.
But that was not what caught his eye.
(3) missed calls (1) voicemail -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
It was midnight here and around 1 am in Boston.
Ethan walked out of the bathroom, exhausted to the bone. It had been a long day for him. The moment they had landed they had been rushed to Tefé, where they dived straight into work. The hospital was already flooding and there was so much pain and suffering all around.
Ethan has the emotions of a block of granite but, seeing so much misery and sadness, made his energies drop low.
And it did not help that the pocket in which his phone was kept, was weighing him down.
(1) voicemail from Leah🌞.
He wanted to delete it immediately but every time his finger hovered above the delete button, he just could not. So, he let it lay there in his inbox as a heavy reminder.
The moment Ethan's back hit the mattress a huge sigh of relief escaped his lips. He was weary and his body ached.
But, sleep didn't come to him.
He just lay there staring at the ceiling, seeing the different shadows casted by the moonlight. He saw the shadows of the trees swaying and the reflection of the Amazon.
His eyes landed on his phone on the bedside table and he stared at it for a long time, contemplating if listening to the voicemail was worth it or not.
You don't have to respond...
But, then my resolve will weaken...
His logic and conscience went back and forth but there wasn't any clear winner.
If this is what having feelings for someone is like, I don't want it...
But, you would take a 100 leap of faiths for Leah, won't you?
"ARGH!" Ethan threw the comforter off and got up. He started pacing around the room, trying to work off his restlessness. He walked around the room, his eyes trained on the phone as if it was a bomb. He clenched his jaw and tried to not let one insignificant notification affect him, but it was getting harder with every passing minute.
"Ah fuck it." Ethan said as he picked up the phone to listen to the voicemail. Leah's uncertain and raw voice flooded which forced him to lie down because of the emotions which bubbled to the surface.
"Umm.. hey Ethan, Leah here. I..uh heard that you went to the Amazon to fight the cholera epidemic from Naveen today... And I am proud of you but, I know that is not the reason why you ran, is it?
It's because I said 'I love you' three days ago, isn't it?"
Leah's voice cracked as she took a deep breath, before continuing.
"Are those three words that scary?
I had prepared myself that you would ignore my very existence and shut out all the feelings and that would have been painful but bearable, but... You literally ran to another fucking continent?!"
She bitterly chuckled and Ethan's heart squeezed.
"I don't even know what to do at this point. Don't they say that you should confess your feelings the moment you realize them, otherwise you will regret it? But... I can't help but feel regret... Why do I even try? I should have just shut the fuck up and get on with my day but NO! I had to open my mouth and here I am here talking to your answering machine.
I just can't help but feel that I let you slip away from me...
Anyways, it's okay.. I will wait. I promised you I would always wait.
Just...come back to me..okay? Bye."
The phone beeped, signalling the end of the voicemail. Ethan lowered his hand to stare at his phone's screen.
"I love you Ethan. And it's okay if you don't say it back. I know you need time and I will be here waiting for you..."
That's what she had said three days ago. And as much as they lifted him, it pained him. He was confused and just couldn't think straight. He needed some space.
But, he could feel his resolution weakening. The itch to dial that number and talk to her was irresistible.
You made a promise to yourself Ethan. You can't go back on that now.
He let out a deep sigh and ran his hand through his brown locks. His eyes landed on the table on which there was the complementary stationary provided by the b&b. An idea slowly bloomed in his head and he nodded to himself.
Sure I can't call her. But atleast I can write down my reply so that it won't keep on being a burden on my shoulder.
With that being said, Ethan sat down on the desk and poured his heart out on the loose sheets of papers.
Tumblr media
DAY 10
For the next ten days, Ethan would keep an eye on the phone for any notification.
And by any notification, it meant a voicemail or a message from that one particular woman who had him in the palm of her hand.
He would get excited whenever his phone would ping but, his hopes would immediately crash when it would just be a message from the telecom company telling him about his telephone bill.
After he got his seventh 'Bem-vindo à Amazônia'(welcome to the Amazons,) he just let out a sigh of disappointment and turned his phone off and got on with his day.
I am such a moron... Look at where the mighty have fallen. The person who hated texting looks forward to a text. Ethan chastised himself as he entered the local hospital for a busy day.
Around noon when he headed to the cafeteria down the street, he turned his phone on to find a notification that made his heart beat faster.
(1) voicemail from Leah🌞
He pressed the button and brought the phone to his ear.
"Hey Ethan, just wanted to update you on the hospital and your patients. Everything is running smoothly and all your patients are alive. Chief Naveen and someone named Dr. Hirata are managing them. Mrs. Rodriguez went home today and she left you some cookies which I may or may not have stolen because well... they might catch fungi and that's sure would be a tragedy. Also, you don't even like anything sweet and would have given it to me anyways."
Ethan could imagine her shrugging as she stuffed her face with a cookie. That mental image was way too cute and Ethan couldn't help but melt a little. He sat down on his designated seat in the cafeteria and Leah continued.
"Also, Mr. Agarwal from room 456 was taken in by Harper for emergency brain surgery. He had an aneurysm and is in recovery. So far, he is showing great scope of a full recovery.
In short, everything is fine and smoothly running in your absence.
To be honest, I don't miss you that much. It just feel like a normal day when you are in one side of the hospital and I am in the opposite side. But... When I cross your office before clocking out, instead of seeing you working on your desk or lounging on the couch in your office, I just see emptiness.
And then that reminds me of the emptiness in my chest... But fuck that, who cares?!
Seriously, I don't miss you at all. But... That doesn't mean it's an invitation to stay in the Amazons indefinitely.
I would very much like it if you come back to me...okay? Bye."
A grin decorated his face and it made him so happy that his cheekbones were hurting. He shook his head as he put his phone down on the wooden table.
I don't miss you at all...
Who are you trying to convince sunshine?
Those words may be biting but he also knew his sunshine pretty well. He knew that she also missed him the way he did but, both of them were stubborn and had their heads all the way up their asses.
Neither of them were going to cave in and confess.
It's a tiring game and Ethan often wondered how long is he going to last.
So with his head full of thoughts, he took out the hotel stationary and began writing his response.
Tumblr media
DAY 19
"Put the patients in bed number 4 and 25 in the recovery ward and ask if they are willing to provide blood for plasma therapy. Bed number 20 is going downhill so increase the dosage of the narrow spectrum antibiotics from 100mg to 250 mg every two hours. And..."
Ethan turned around and let his eyes run over the different patients. He was covered from head to toe in scrubs and goggles donned his face. The mask muffled his speech.
"Bed number 40 should move to another ward because it isn't too severe in her case. And can you update me on the patients in the gymnasium?" Ethan asked as he looked up from the clipboard.
"Most of them are infected sir. We have been segregating them from the healthy ones. We made the banquet hall the centre of testing and if anyone tests positive we are either sending that person to the hospital or to the gym. We have even initiated lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease." The doctor spoke with a heavy Portuguese accent.
"Good. Keep me informed about the patients in bed 12, 39, and 26 throughout the night."
"Yes Dr. Ramsey. Boa noite!"
"Good night."
Ethan walked out of the isolation ward and headed into the locker room where he could sterilize himself. Getting out of the numerous layers of scrubs was a task in itself and he felt so suffocated in them.
As he pealed out the layers off his sweaty body and removed the mask he stepped into the shower cubicle and turned the tap on.
He sighed in relief as the cold water washed over him, washing away the day's dirt, grime and sadness. Working in the isolation ward was never easy. It was always filled with fear and despair. Ethan would try his best to make them comfortable but, he never had a knack of people's skills.
If Leah was here she would have them laughing in no time. The thought rushed through his mind.
Ethan was missing her terribly. The first few days were easy to handle the absence but now? Good lord, he craved her.
She was his sunshine and she always knew how to lift his spirits up when he had a rough day be it by cracking awful dad jokes, her infamous puns or her just being around him.
He missed those hazel eyes which would fill up with concern the moment she noticed his discomfort. He missed the way she would reach out for his hand and squeeze it twice when they were in broad daylight. He missed the way she would wrap her arms around his waist and lean her head against his chest when it was just them.
He stepped out of the cubicle, water dripping down his toned abs. He slipped on a fresh pair of jeans and a plain tshirt. He was about to pick up his messenger bag when he saw the screen of his phone light up with a notification.
(1) missed call (1) voicemail
Ethan gave a small smile before pressing the button to hear the message.
"So apparently now I am Jenner's emergency contact, huh?"
Amusement laced her voice and Ethan groaned, hiding his face with hand. He hoped that Leah would never have to know but now the secret is out and all he wanted to do was curl up and hide.
She chuckled before continuing. "Don't be embarassed Ethan. I think that it is cute and I am so glad that you can trust me with your girl. Look at you, growing up and trusting people."
Ethan chuckled and Leah's tinkling laugh joined his.
"Basically, Jenner's dog sitter had to go out on an emergency so she called me to go to your apartment and feed her. Not going to lie but... I am scared."
She sighed before continuing.
"It's just that once I cross the threshold and see the cold empty penthouse shrouded in darkness... It would confirm that you are actually gone and that I can not continue living in the state of denial.
So, if you are getting calls from your neighbours that there is a hobo muttering to herself and pacing in front of your door, that's me."
Nervous laughter resounded on the line followed by another sigh.
"...you know what, fuck it. It's just a door."
Jingling of keys was heard on the line and it was shortly followed by excited barks.
"Oomph!" Leah was cut off by Jenner tackling her. A crash was heard, which might probably be the phone falling down on the ground.
Ethan smiled. He liked seeing his girls interacting.
Leah's coos were heard along with barks and whines from Jenner. Leah's voice sounded faraway as she spoke to Jenner in a baby voice.
"Oh girl... Don't be sad. I know he hurt you by leaving you here all alone. But you are not alone. Well, he hurt me too. So, don't worry we are on the same boat girl."
Those words were like a sucker punch in the gut and Ethan could not help but sit down on the bench as an after effect.
Don't worry... He hurt me too... Those words continue to echo through his head. He knew that Leah didn't say those words intentionally but, it just made him realise just how much of a facade she had put up, to hide her pain.
God, sunshine...
Leah's voice continued. "Well Jenner misses you too. We are okay, aren't we?" An excited bark sounded throught the phone and Leah chuckled.
"Sorry to disturb you. Go back to do your job of saving lives. You are doing a service to humanity Ethan, and I am super proud. You are so brave."
There was a pause before Leah blurted out.
"I- I miss you Ethan. A lot. And it hurts not seeing you here. But don't worry about me, I am a strong cookie and I will stay strong... For you. I just have one request though..
Come back to me soon...okay? Bye."
You have reached the end of the voicemail. If you want to hear agai-
Ethan immediately pressed the button and he heard her voice through the speaker of his phone. As she spoke, Ethan hauled a taxi to take him to his b&b.
You are doing a service to humanity... You are so brave..
Oh sunshine, if only you knew... it wasn't bravery.
I miss you a lot...
I miss you too sunshine...
Ethan sat and stared out of the window of his cab, a turmoil of emotions just running wildly in him as the words of the woman he loved, ran in his mind.
Tumblr media
DAY 28
It was 12 am in Tefé and Ethan sat on the edge of his bed, staring at his phone's screen with narrowed gaze.
C'mon Ethan, don't be a pussy. It's just a message.
And that one message will be the breaking point for all of my will power and resolve. Might as well catch a flight home and personally wish her.
You are blowing things out of proportion... His inner voice reasoned.
"Shut the fuck up." Ethan exhaled, clenching his jaw, the muscle ticking as his eyes again landed on the blinking cursor, mocking him.
It was the 29th of April.
His sunshine's birthday.
And Ethan sat, twiddling his thumbs, contemplating what to type and send.
His thoughts went to last year when they were so at ease and could stay up and talk for hours but now, here he was, not able to formulate a single text message for the girl he had feelings for.
What have we come to?
Ethan couldn't help but feel guilty all of a sudden. Doubt clouded his mind and he wondered if running to the Amazon was really a good idea or not.
I needed space to think and figure out this 'love' thing... Right?
Shaking his head, he cleared all those lingering doubts and looked down at his phone again and wrote what came to his mind.
Tumblr media
When did the great Ethan Ramsey get so cheesy? His inner voice snickered.
As he continued to read and re-read the message again and again, he started hating what he wrote.
"This is utter garbage. Who in their right mind uses emojis? Fuck this." Ethan muttered as he erased the entire message. He locked his phone and placed it on the bedside table before getting comfortable in the sheets and slipping into a deep slumber.
11:57 am Ethan had finished his rounds and was just taking a five minute break before he headed into the conference room where the team of doctors would discuss their approach.
The condition did improve a bit here on Tefé, but it was a massive outbreak and things were getting harder to control. It was a stress fest 24/7 and Ethan could feel his brown locks greying by the second.
In this five minute break, instead of grabbing something to eat and regroup his thoughts, he stood in the hallway, looking down at his phone. He had typed another message with lesser mixed signals.
Tumblr media
Well... This sounds robotic... No wonder Leah called me Dr. Terminator the first time. Ethan snorted as he shook his head, disappointed.
He was about to type more when he heard his name being called by one of his colleagues.
"Dr. Ramsey, we are good to go."
Ethan looked up and curtly nodded. "Yes, I'm coming." He locked his phone and slipped into the pocket of his denim jeans, diving into work again.
7:16 pm Ethan was sat down on the bench outside the hospital and let out a breath of relief. He had been on his feet since the last 5 hours, running between the gymnasium, the hospital and the banquet hall.
The mask and goggles he had worn, had left bruises on his face and he just needed a fresh breath of air. Ethan took big gulps of the humid air which had hints of rain.
The thing about Tefé was that it rained everyday, without doubt. He enjoyed the rain but hated the humidity which was an inconvenient side effect. Though it was relatively cool at night, Ethan's shirt stuck to his chiseled body due to the excessive sweat.
Ethan took his phone out of the pocket and opened the messaging app again. "Short and sweet is better." Ethan mumbled as he started typing again.
He was half way through the message when his phone died due to the low battery. Ethan just looked up at the sky with defeat.
Was this the time to come at me karma?
He was about to head to the locker room to put his phone on charging when he heard panicked voices calling him. "Dr. Ramsey!"
"Yes?" He got up and started jogging to the entrance.
"Five patients in isolation ward CC-23 are deteriorating and they need help ASAP. We are short-handed and-"
"Say no more. We have lives to save."
12:00 am It was a stressful evening to say the least.
The patients kept on flat lining and Ethan and the staff tried bringing them back to life by injecting them with adrenaline. After a giving quite a few scares, they were finally stable and moved to the ICU.
Ethan dropped his duffle bag on to the sofa in his b&b and stretched his arms above his head, cracking his neck to release the tension in his shoulders. He fished his phone out of his pocket and immediately connected it to the charging port.
His screen lit up after sometime and he saw a notification which made his heart sink.
Leah🌞 (1) voicemail
I could not wish her...
Ethan opened his notifications and pressed on the voicemail she left, preparing himself to face the music.
"Uh..hi Ethan. I hope things are going as smooth as they can over there. I have been reading the news and keeping up with the situation there. I ain't worried about that because well... You are Ethan freaking Ramsey, the best diagnostician of your generation!"
Nervous laughter flitted through the phone speaker before it turned into a sigh.
"I know you are busy with the epidemic and all but... You missed my birthday. And- and I don't want to sound like those middle school teenager crying over an unwished birthday but... It hurts when the love of your life doesn't do it.
I have been trying to reason with myself that you could have forgotten but, I know you. I know that you never forget... And I didn't expect an elaborate gesture or anything! Even a small 'happy birthday Leah' message could have made my day... And I know you are caught up in your work but... How long does it take to type three words?"
Leah's voice cracked and Ethan felt regret gripping at his throat.
"Ethan- I am running out of reasons to convince myself. I am running out of those optimistic reinforcing shit. I am running out of the the number of benefits of doubts to give you. I am running out of faith that you feel the same way as me.
The longer I am spending time without any communication from you, the more I am loosing myself into the vicious cycle of doubt and self loathing.
I am angry at you and I hate you so much right now. I want to burn down your sweater in my closet and throw away the sun pendant you gave me. Just forget that you existed and go back to being the old happy me."
Ethan gasped, feeling breathless all of a sudden. The heavy burden of her pain and his self loathing was crushing his chest, making it difficult for him to breathe.
In a soft, broken voice Leah spoke.
"But I won't. I don't have the strength to yank the necklace off me. Even though it burns me and is a reminder of the person who left me, I still wear it. Even though your name hurts me, I still want to hear it...
...I love you Ethan, so damn much that it hurts me. I need you Ethan, I really do and I know it's selfish of me but...
Just come back to me... Please. Bye."
Ethan leaned his elbows on his knees and let out a breath which rattled through his body. He put his head in his hands and let out another breath, trying to breathe through the heart shattering pain.
I am so sorry sunshine...
So fucking sorry...
Tumblr media
DAY 36
It had been eight days since the last voicemail and Ethan had been tormented, swimming in gut wrenching guilt.
Most of the times he found himself reaching for the phone to call her, but he would just clench his fist and resume his work. All the words left unsaid, he would just pour it out on to the loose sheets of paper. That was the only thing that prevented him from slipping into insanity.
He was never one to understand the sentimental reason behind having a diary or journal. From a scientific perspective, he knew that it has long lasting effects in mental health and helps get rid of the anxiety.
But now, whenever he felt like he was going to get crushed under the guilt, he often found himself writing.
If he wasn't writing, he would be working. He started staying at the hospital longer and worked for longer hours so that he could tire himself out. That way, when he went to sleep, he would immediately fall asleep.
But still, no matter how much he tried, his thoughts would always go back to her.
Funny how one person could make or break your life.
It was 4:45 am and Ethan was in the lab, checking in on the newest vaccine that they had worked on. The doctors had been utilising the plasma of the recovered patients to formulate vaccines using the antibodies created in defense. And so far, it had been helping them. They were already vaccinating the asymptomatic people and it made a huge impact.
But still, there was a long way to go.
"Dr. Ramsey, why are you still here?" Dr. Batra, a 50 year old woman from India asked, her voice laced with inquisitiveness.
"Just working on the vaccine strains, Dr. Batra."
"You and I both know that those strains are highly effective." She said as she leaned against the door frame.
"Never hurt to be perfect." He shrugged as he leaned back from the microscope.
"But it does hurt when you over work yourself."
Ethan sighed as he took his glasses off. He rubbed his face.
"How long have you been awake Ethan?" Dr. Batra asked, the maternal concern evident in her tone.
"Ethan..." She gave him a stern look.
"Yeah, yeah I will go now. After some ti-"
"You do know that avoiding your problems won't make them go away, right?"
Ethan's eyes snapped to her and immediately looked away not able to hold her gaze. She reminded him of Naveen and how he could never hide anything for him.
I wonder how he is doing...
"But I am delaying the inevitable, as most doctors must do."
"Ethan... I have known you for a very short duration but, I know for a fact that you are not a man who gives excuses."
Ethan sighed. "It's complicated."
"As must all the things in this universe."
"It's just... There is this girl, and she confessed her feelings for me. And the intensity of the feelings scared me. So here I am, taking a break. But... There is this small pain in my chest whenever I think about her. She fills me up with euphoria but can also break me down. When I reflect back on all the happy moments, I get light headed, as if I am on drugs. That is why I am here, to analyse and figure out my feelings whilst helping with the epidemic."
"Well... I think you know the answer but, you are just living in a state of denial."
Ethan sighed as he looked down at his hands. "Don't I know that?"
"Well, if you know the answer then what's stopping you?"
"I-" they were interrupted by the shrill ring of Ethan's phone. He saw the name 'Leah🌞' and pressed the silent button immediately.
"You won't take that?" she asked eyeing the phone.
"I don't think I am strong enough to do that."
"Love is for the brave Ethan. Remember that." She got up and patted his shoulder before stepping out. The sun rays filtered through the gigantic windows of the lab, slowly illuminating the clinical set up with its golden rays. Ethan picked up the phone and saw that Leah had left another voicemail.
Picking up the phone, he stood in front of the window, letting the warmth of the sun wash over him. Be brought the phone to his ear and he heard her.
"Hey. Its 6 am here and I was bored so I decided to call you. Or leave a voicemail because you never pick up my call. I was just feeling lonely so here I am! Kinda ironic but meh.”
Ethan could hear her shrug though the phone.
“I have been taking double shifts all week and it's been so productive. The cool cases I have done and solved, the lives I have saved... they have been giving me my quota of serotonin.
Literally nothing interests or makes me happy now. So my job is the only thing which I look forward to. The things I used to enjoy doing, seems like a chore.
Everything seems like a chore.
Sleeping, eating, breathing, everything seems like an exhausting task. I don't even like sleeping anymore. Because whenever I sleep I dream fo you and when I dream of you, it's like I am being stabbed in the heart.
I don't even want to go home, because whenever I am home, I see your sweater and then my mind goes back to the numerous night outs we had, working on our cases.
The hospital is okay but, every corner I turn I think I see you which, I am going to blame on my sleep deprivation. Don't worry, I am not going into self destruct mode. I still force myself to eat three square meals a day and I get around 4 hours of sleep for every 48 hours I am awake.
So it's okay... I am okay.
I maybe a ticking time bomb BUT, I am not a working hazard. I am alert at all times and all my patients are in tip top condition. I think I should give credit to the two energy drinks I downed along with a cup of coffee.
Don't worry, my heartbeat is under the safe limit of 180 BPM.
In short, don't worry. I am golden.
I hope you are taking care of yourself too! I just hope that you come back to me.
Bye. Love you."
"FUCK!" Ethan exclaimed as he threw he phone with a thud on the table. He placed his palms on the cool granite countertop, breathing heavily.
Shit, shit, shit.
He started pacing in the lab, playing with his beard, his mind racing with worry and concern.
This was not supposed to happen.
Ethan stood and gripped the counter again closing his eyes, trying to centre his breathing but it was futile.
I need to do something, anything! His conscience egged him.
He opened his eyes and it landed on his phone.
Well, I guess it's time to make a call.
well, I hope you guys liked it!
do you think Ethan finally caved in and called her?
like, comment, reblog and let me know what do you think :))
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gxllxghercest · a year ago
*re upload* I uploaded this last night but then deleted it cause I got paranoid for some reason? So now I'm posting it again because, if I can't post this here wtf am I gonna do with it? But yeah here's a self indulgent idea that I have no intents on turning into a fic, I just daydream about it a lot!
(cw: grooming but not of a minor, manipulation mention, drugs mention, idk Noel's just a bad person in this one). Also it's not really full on gallaghercest, but it's gallaghercest adjacent I suppose
but basically,  it's modern times (minus the pandemic) and Noel is fucking jaded as fuck at this point. Nothing in his life is particularly wrong, his marriage is going well, his career is going well, he's not creatively bankrupt yet, and the nuisance that is his brother has been out of his life for 11 odd years. But here's the thing, the first- what 40 years of his life were unstable, chaotic, excessive, full of conflict, and his problem is that he doesn't know how to settle into stability.
Anyway he signs this young band to the Big Brother label, and takes them out on tour with the High Flying Birds. He's convinced that to bring meaning back into his life he's gotta do some full-circle shit, do for someone else what Johnny and Clint did for him in his youth and there's just summat about this band that reminds him of early oasis. It's got nothing to do with the negging thought in the back of his head screaming "hey don't that lead singer remind you of-"
'Cause see, when noel was a kid he'd go on and on about how he wished Liam were born as his sister, and as a young man he'd often wondered, if Liam was a girl, would he had made more of an effort to protect her? Would he have kept her away from drugs, would he have beat up boys at school that hit on her, would he still fuck her into hotel matresses like a whore, would he still hold her face down into the pillows when she gets too loud? He thinks of her when he's too sober to shamelessly wank to memories of Liam, but too horny to make up an elaborate scenario in his head. He subs her into his memories of him, forever young, forever beautiful, forever unmarred but years of touring, drinking and fighting.
But now here she is now, lead singer of some garage rock band from London, 20, singing like a nightingale, the spitting fucking image, staring Noel in the face, looking at him with hero worship everytime he so much as walks by. Liam used to look at him like that, Liam's eyes used to scan every room for him, Liam's eyes used to find his on stage, Liam's eyes used to go wide when he'd hear Sally Cinnamon reverberate from Noel's guitar, and squeeze shut when Noel shoved his cock in him. Her eyes are gentler though, trusting, so young and naive to how bad the world can get- how bad noel can get. Sara always said being around Liam turned him into the worst version of himself, but no. Sara hasn't seen this side of him, the side that with every passing day sees this girl as less "herself" and more of something he needs to posses.
Throughout the duration of the tour, he starts an affair with this girl, slowly grooming her into being this ideal version of Liam that he had in his head. I think there would be a lot of cutting back and forth between shit he did with/to Liam that he's recreating with her. Conceptually i guess It's like a dark, psychological parody of those self indulgent Wattpad-style stories? Cause I feel like noel, whether he knows it or not, wants to ruin her in the same way he made a mess of Liam, with drugs, with sex, with physical abuse, mental abuse.
By the end of the tour Noel's on cloud fuckin 9, he realized that neglecting that part of himself is what made him so jaded. He needs to play god to feel fulfilled, he needs to build something up, destroy it, nurse its wounds then snap it's neck, in a vicious cycle. It's just his nature.
There's also running thread in my head about like, her being adamant on not doing coke because she knows she has an addictive personality, and he spends a lot of time trying to convince her to do it. He sees convincing her to do coke as kind of like, an Indictator of success or something
But yeah! That's what I've been daydreaming lately
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simplestsimon · a year ago
𝔸𝕝𝕚𝕕𝕒 𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕠 𝕓𝕖 𝕒 𝕔𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕥𝕙 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕣:
I don’t even know how ro describe anymore the feeling I get when I look at Alida’s instagram account. We have discovered so many dishonesty and suspicious behaviour about Alida, it has been mindblowing. If you are confused as to what I am talking about. Take a look at @full-of-tricks post about how Alida has stolen Eija’s post, reversed a video and used it as her own. Also take a look at @pettyclouthchaser post about Alida’s social media management.
Me myself would like to start off my blog by showing you this fourty year old mother, and how she used to present herself on social media before she decided to clean up her account.
Tumblr media
What association did you get from those pictures? Did you get the vibe of a mother who insist giving birth was the greatest thing on earth? Do you want to believe her when she says her child has changed her life? Do you feel this is the face of a responsible mother?
Now let me show you a few responses from the scandinavian people whenever they see Alida’s name come up.
This is how Finland mock Sweden for their way to handle the corona situation. They even tagged Alida in this one. Mocking her about what is “really“ important in the news picture.
Tumblr media
This is someone who read the article about Alida and her new tv series, and commented “who cares” And may I also say, look at the constant recircling of the two pictures they use of Bill and Alida. Do they really have nothing newer than a pic from “it“?
Tumblr media
This Swedish lady decided to give Alida the thumbs down about their discussion about her tv series and the changing of her baby’s name.
Tumblr media
And here is someone being ironic. “What an achievement!” when Alida broke us the news about her breastfeeding at work and at home. (as if she is the only woman on this planet who has ever given birth to a baby and breastfed it)
Tumblr media
When articles from their own home country gives such a response, it indicates that even the Swedish people is against the way of her behaviour. Contrary of how people think that Sweden is different. Maybe next time have a bit of trust in Scandinavian people when they tell you how the culture is?
Now back to Alida’s constant clouth chasing. She started off with a relatively common private instagram account with somewhat 600 followers. Somehow in 2018, a numerous of Alida fan accounts popped up everywhere. At the same time Alida herself opened up her account to the public with a few photos of Bill at hand and started leaking pictures of her growing womb. Back at that time, Alida was not considered part of the fandom. On the contrary, you either disliked her or you pretended she did not exsist. However, these few Alida fan accounts popped up from nowhere, with bios, only love no hate. And from miraculous ways they found all these old and unseen pictures of Alida that cannot be found anywhere else. (Remember Alida was not very famous back then, no one has really heard about her, not even in her own country) So how did this fan accounts got hold of her rare pictures in the first place? 🤔🤔🤔 Suspious right?
After that, she started leaking pictures after pictures and people started following her to see her tummy grow. And she would post at any given chance to remind people that she indeed was pregnant with Bill Skarsgård. Bill himself remained silent, and the news was never leaked by him until his daughter was 11months. People started to realize that if they wanted any news about Bill, they need to follow Alida, cause Bill will give them nada. From then til now, 2 years later, Alida has gone switching from private to public back to private, numerous of times. And she has gained 20000 followers. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, only 13% of her followers are actually Swedish. That is about 2,6 k. So 17,5k are foreigners. (And I remind you, this is a Swedish so-called actress that has no international connection other than being Bill Skarsgård’s baby momma.)
17k of her followers are fans of Bill. Mainly Brazilians.🤔🤔 And a few k Russians. May I allow to remind you all, they do not understand Swedish, therefore they will not be watching or understanding her tv series. The ”corona-free” resturant (as if there is anything that can be garaunteed corona free😏) she so proudly presented just to show off Oona, none of these 17k would ever be able to try out. Well done Alida👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Now, up until recently, let’s say October 2020. Alida’s instagram was filled with party pictures and drunken videos. She portrayed herself as this ”bimbo” type of girl who would literally suck your dick for free if you give her booze enough. Every weekend was a new party at a new location and drunk dancing videos published. What message was she trying to show her followers, who are basicly fans of Bill Skarsgård? That she is a party girl? That she is popular? That alcohol is the road to sucess? Keep in mind most of her followers are children and teenagers. Also keep in mind, she has a baby whos mama was out partying the night away every weekend. And the fact she herself admitted that she breastfed Oona still while she was filming ”amningsrummet” and we are all aware of the fact that she has been drinking herself off her feet more than one time, that is just outrageous. And this woman, ladies and gents, are being honoured by minors and teenagers and looked up upon on.
Now, at this time she was also secretly filming Bill all over the place. She does it in a delicate way, so you would think it was all unplanned, but is it so? Imagine you go out for lunch, do you take a picture of your plate or do you silently film your plate? I bet you would take a picture. Cause why film it? Unless something is gonna move on your plate. She films it so you will hear a man’s voice in the background, maybe Bill, maybe not. She surely never told anyone the context of what she posts. And I am not sure everything she posts is trustworthy either. If you look at the latest baking video, where she filmed a pair of hands of a kid, I can tell you there is no 2-yrs old with so big hands. You don’t believe me? Go check out any 2 year old kid you know. She also like to film hands, making believe Bill is with her. But when did Bill start using nail polish? They might seem like a pair of hands of a man in movement, but if you pause and watch closely, you will see they are not.
Tumblr media
I know Bill likes his privacy. But let’s face it. This man had no problem showing his face with anyone else. He didn’t even have problem in the beginning of their relationship showing his face in various photos. He liked and commented on stuff. Do you think if Alida had consent she wouldn’t have shot him in many pictures already and posted it all over IG? He is probably strict with her concerning posting about him because he knows she is all about showing off. How much more clear can he be? But not liking her stuff or commenting them? Do you expect him to jump out from nowhere saying ”you invaded my fucking privacy? And I don’t like you messing with my fans?” I mean this woman is not only about posting, she makes sure to tag fan accounts. If that is not suspicuous behaviour, I don’t know what is. Someone asked her questions that, and she made sure to delete the comment and the tag, and blocked that person asking the question. But here is the origianl picture.
Tumblr media
So what do I mean by messing with his fans? Have you seen all those cringey comments on her IG? Imagine your mom posting a picture and everyone who comments says something like this! 👇🏻
Tumblr media
But do you know what really goes on in Alida’s comment section? She would like every comment that implies she is a beauty, or a queen, or someone saying she and Bill are the perfect couple. But she will delete anything that questions her engagement about less consumption on black friday, corona, animal welfare or if you ask why she is spokesman of Clark. If you put yourself out there speaking about these matters, you have got to be prepared you will be asked questions. Simple. Again, she lacks substains. It is all a show. Corona? She claims the hotel she ate her fancy dinner at was ”corona free” (corona free? Really? She must have found a cure) She talks about animal welfare, but goes wear a furcoat. She promotes an item for sale, yet speak against black friday. (So if people are less fortunate and needs to shop when there is a discount are bad people?) And people say she is an empowered woman- what a bag of bullshit. She is a bimbo who wants to portray herself as fighter of different causes, for the sake of clouth. Just fucking look at her contents and start to think people!!!!! So what does Alida do about comments that do not imply she is a Godess? Dᴇʟᴇᴛᴇ/ʙʟᴏᴄᴋ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She stays online making sure she gets to delete every goddamn unwanted comment asap before anyone notices them.
Tumblr media
Is this really someone we should idolize? Her whole IG is based on falsehood. Image of a narcissistic 40 year old who soaks up every enchanting comment about herself, so she can live in a fanatsy world thinking everyone adores the ground she walks on. If she was really that talented, wouldn’t she have been lifted up by her own countrymen at the very least a long time ago? What do you see if you google Alida Morberg? Yes, you see Bill. You see nothing said about her career, her movies, nada. The only thing she has done her whole life is bits of this and that. Do you really think it is that hard to land a role in some commercial? There are apps and emails notifications you can submit to who would send you offers everytime something comes around. Anyone who wants to try doing a commercial can do it and get paid. You think Alida is all that posting a picture of herself in collab with different photographers or companies? It is the lowest of the lowest jobs in the entertainment buisness. If she was any good, FilippaK would have used that spesific picture of Alida for their promo, but instead Alida is posting that on her own and tagging FilippaK!!!! Imagine if Bill had to post a picture of The Devil All The Time and tag Netflix because they did not bother to mention his name.
Tumblr media
That is how a selfcast ad looks like☝🏻☝🏻 Anyone can do what Alida does.
Conclusion to this is: this woman uses her instagram for clouth. If she was a serious actress, she would have concentrated in making herself noticed in the swedish market, and not on IG where her majority for followers don’t even watch her stuff. If her engagement surround certain subjects like animal welfare is not just for clouth, she would study hard and engage herself into more discussions surrounding this topics and didn’t have to delete every question she lacks answers to. If her secret filming wasn’t for clouth, she could easily have changed her settings to show private stuff just for close friends and family, and at the same time respect Bill and her daughter’s privacy. If she was not in for clouth, she wouldn’t feel the need to have 20k minors following her account. If she wasn’t in for clouth she wouldn’t have the need to delete any comment that corrects the fact she and Bill is not married. If she wasn’t about clouth, she wouldn’t need to push a like for every comment that tells her she is a Queen. If she wasn’t about clouth she would have the guts to let negative comments also surface her IG comment section. Because that is what people do. Let people see the positive and the negative and be their own judge. No one is going to convince me she is anything but a clouthchaser. I can just hope and wish for Bill’s sake, her reputation and behaviour is not going to affect his career in the longterm. And I hope some dedicated fans will wake up and realize enabling Alida also equals destroying Bill’s credibility and reputation.
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lilypixels · a year ago
Story Process Challenge
by @herpixels
The challenge: show a certain part of your story process based on you being tagged by other creators 
I was tagged by @lunanelfeah, let’s get it!
1. Your writing process - show us a part of your script or explain how you write your scenes. Do you write in screenplay format or novel format? Etc, etc.
Since I’m used to writing in a story format, that’s primarily how I write. I type it all like it would be for a book (tho sometimes I am a bit lazy and just have blocks of dialogue lol). Generally speaking, I change bits up when doing the final post, even deleting some points of dialogue completely. Here’s one part of the draft of the recent post as example!
Tumblr media
2. Scene building - show us you in the middle of scene building through pictures, gifs, or a video. Explain what is the best thing about scene building and what is the worst!
I don’t have any but I’ve posted some pics of builds in the story (like Victor’s house!) before. Honestly I’m not very good at this part I think and it’s sooo terribly time consuming since I overdo decorating cause I’m never sure what I’m gonna use :’) More often than not, I find a nice premade lot and then just redecorate 😅 I like the part where everything starts coming together and it’s all done!
3. CC/Pose Making - do you make your own cc/poses for your scene? If so, what is your process like to create? Do you just go off the top of your head? Do you use reference photos?
I can not and do not 😔
4. Getting in the zone - What do you do to get in the zone to work on a scene? Examples include: show us your playlist you use when working on a scene, what’s your go-to scene snack/drink, etc.
I wish I had a proper answer to this and that I had a process but it’s really just done on a whim. I’ll have random moments where I’m like “man i want to read/watch something with this” and then realize what I want is my story lol so then I just write. Most of the time I’m writing parts while the baby I watch sleeps tho xD
5. Screenshot folder - give us a look into your screenshot folder to show us just how much goes into ONE scene for your story. (Scrapped pictures encouraged!!!)
The amount of photos I take for a scene can range from like 10-40 depending on what I want and the poses I have. I also just take random ones I like to edit later lol 
Tumblr media
6. Captions - are you a caption on the picture kind of storyteller or captions in text box type of storyteller? Why? Do you do both?
I prefer captions on the picture simply because then I can see the dialogue that matches to the poses. That said tho, I like continuing the story in text below because I can’t be bothered trying to find all the poses to fit because then I can mark things like tone and thoughts that I can’t really through images alone. But again, that’s because I’m more storyteller than script writer and have never considered dialogue to be my strong suit,,
7. Editing!!!!! - explain and show us your process editing a scene through a video, gif, or picture. A Before and after will suffice if you aren’t in the middle of editing a scene as you answer this.
I still had the psds from editing last post lol so this works out
Tumblr media
I don’t ~typically~ do a whole lot of editing (in my mind). I mostly just adjust lighting, draw hair, and use the burn and dodge tools for shadows and highlights! I’ll also smooth out any areas that look too unsightly.
8. Throwback - show us an ANCIENT story scene you done in the past and explain how you would do the scene differently today!
I don’t really have any that old lol especially since all photos from my first attempt is gone :”D the only thing would be editing to be more consistent and nice
ummm i’m not sure who to tag so if you’re a storyteller and want to do this I tag you!!
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cutegirlmayra · a year ago
When your tired after a 16hr shift yesterday so you rant about Sonic and explain why aggressive writing vs. neutral writing helps with sharing ideas
Me and my online Sonic friend talking about Belle.  (I’m skipping some dialogue throughout the chat, this was lazily put together lol)
WARNING: It’s long, and it’s a rant. So please note that I’m blatantly aware of how wrong my aggressive, sleep-deprived rant was and that I’m stating “DON’T PRESENT YOUR IDEAS LIKE THIS!” because this is not a healthy nor effective way of sharing ideas.
ALSO, ALL THE MENTIONS OF WHAT I BELIEVE MY FRIEND IS FEELING OR THINKING DURING MY RANT ARE ENTIRELY MY OPINON. If she tells me to delete something or change it I will without hesitation but I find it funny, as I look back, to insert what I think might be going on in her mind XD She might have been oblivious to me but I’ll get her thoughts and change anything if necessary.
It’s also how most trolls and antis and even some ‘not experienced writers’ write their ideas out, and it can be easily avoided by using Neutral Writing Methods. So this is a ‘don’t do this, but try this’ post. Enjoy my badly written, sleepy aggressive rant~<3 (Also, my friend gave me permission to share this lol)
Me: She could be for entertaining little kids. But we already have too many OCs, and they're not 'dying off' any time soon so...I smell a mini-series backup plan...and I don't like what that means for Sonic. And it is cute, sorry, my brain is off the hook right now, I'll keep things to myself cause you may not like what I'm predicting and I'm getting sad thinking about it ;-; so, want to be wrong.
(Friend mentioned “Tinker Bell” spin on name.)
That's precious, but can I get a link to the reference sheet plz? Reference sheets can tell a lot about a chara's functionality if you compare it to the 'needs' of the casts. it can help predict their role. I think she's meant to help but also entertain the kids, maybe planted with a secret. Her goal could be to come back to Mr. Tinker but Eggman abuses that and tricks her into a new robot. I got a weird theory about her but I'll just say that she's probably gonna go a bit dark. But be cute and make the audience go, "Aww, poor thing! She's a cinnamon roll" at first, wonder if they'll equip her with 'happy backstory, tragic ending' kinda thing to switch the usual 'tragic backstory happy ending' but I feel this is a tragic character meant to pull emotion out.
(Friend understands my concerns but mentions there hasn’t been a ‘Bad’ Oc for the comic)
No one sets out to create a 'bad character' especially professional writers like these guys. But what makes a character 'bad' is if you ruin or oversaturate their purposes. If she's a main character that over-shines others with too much story then the audience feels 'betrayed' because they want that screen time for the main casts to express themselves and shine through. That's just an example. When working with IPs like Sonic casts, you HAVE to remember the fanbase is expecting things Do you like my OCs? be honest lol Not from my prompts. There's a specific way to handle a OC that helps the main cast shine and reveals their characters more. AU Ocs help Canon Characters in many ways.
(Friend admits they have not seen my OCs in some of my fanfictions, they’ve only really read my prompts.)
Oh, well, some of my fanfictions have OCs, not Lavinya, she's just a mascot. My Sonic OC that retried XD Sorry, I'm misspelling a lot but I hope you don't mind, my spellcheck sucks and I've given up on it lol Oh, so you don't know Harmony, Ol'Wizzy, and Data?Or the Metal Series? Well, there are specific Ocs that my readers like and they express/compliment the canon characters to where even though they're a main character, they don't intervene with the Main Cast's goals. They actually help. Then everything I'm gonna say won't have much merit so I'll just focus on waiting to see if my predictions for Sonic IDW will come true, but I really hope they don't do what it looks like they strategically might be pulling... I hate SEGA marketing- 
(The beginning of my aggressive rant, please note that I’m not thinking about my image and am writing tired and lazy. This is an example of how NOT to express your opinions in negative ways. It doesn’t influence good at all.)
Their ploys are outdated and frankly, do not work for their IPs market. They target the wrong age group, they have no idea how to organize themselves, and they don't have a leading 'elder' so to speak (just a professional among them) to make good calls. So you have young adults (not super professionals, this might be their first real company job) trying to target internet culture and failing their IPs. They're doing outdated Nintendo tactics that only worked for NINTENDO! Also some other companies that have DIED so why are you copying their marketing strats!? stop! lol
Friend: Did you study marketing because this entire convo kinda flew over my head in terms of understanding (This should have indicated to me that my words were coming off too factual and had too many ‘jargons’ going on. I was losing my ‘reader’ through my rant, but my tired brain would not cease!)
Sonic's trying to morph into something he's not and they're following outdated college course books and it's not gonna help... they're leading Sonic further down and the creators in japan have no power cause all the power is in the stock holders who are stupid money-hungry americans who have lost faith in American SEGA leading SEGA of Japan to move on to other things
Friend: mostly just got you don’t like the marketing (Huge red flag! This means my friend is starting to tune my info out, it’s because I’m presenting my ideas in a slightly aggressive writing style. There are trigger words here that lead an reader to start doubting you. This is why, in most of my answer posts, I make sure to write Neutral writing methods, but I’ll mention that more after my rant lol XP)
It's just bad. Lol I have a Frankenstein degree, (Now I’m justifying myself, which was caused by my aggressive approach. If I simply stated this in a more ‘neutral writing method’ then I wouldn’t have to worry about creditability claims because I’m not trying to sell my idea as the high authority on it.) which means I have knowledge on many different fields. I never took a fully -dedicated- 'marketing class' I took a lot of different communication classes that went to my overall major. One was directly about how you present, sell, and look at marketing tactics. So I have my fingers in many different fields, my major was "Creative Writing for Fiction and Film with an Emphasis in Video Production and a Cluster in Theatre Arts." So I can be on camera, off camera, post and pre production, creative table and actual filming. Does that make sense? (I’m not fully awake to realize what I’m writing, but it’s clear at this point I’m starting to wake up and realize I’m ranting and tossing my ideals of how to present ideas out the window, but let’s watch my follies and learn from them, shall we?) I have theories on what SEGA is going to do, and I have my worries because it's all outdated. It worked for older companies but those companies also targeted a varying audience, which SEGA refuses to see themselves as for a 'teenage audience' which is exactly why they boomed in the 90s. Their target audience is now 20s.
Friend: There are Kids who also like Sonic, even if they don’t play the games though. (Due to my aggressive tactics from not thinking clearly about, not just the what, but the HOW I’m writing, it has turned my friend into a ‘contrasting neutrality’ which is amazing by the way that she did this! She noticed my writing was turning aggressively ranting, and being my friend, didn’t want to be rude about what she was noticing. -I’m guessing lol- so instead, she took the commentary approach, which is to state the good as well. This is a terrible position to put your reader into, and you should make sure to always have good examples and good praise mixed in to contrast any opposing or aggressive statements you ever make. -though you should avoid aggressive writing at all times- Sadly, this does put the reader, in this case my friend, in a very vulnerable position. It leaves them open for attack... but thankfully, she’s a wonderful friend and had trust that I wouldn’t hurt her on her counter-follow-up.)
So instead of using their 40 to 50 year old charts, start with looking at early millennial trends and desires. They tried for 'angst' to 'adultify' Sonic but it busted because we are STICKLERS for animation. Because their story was so scrapped together and had no actual character depth, motivation, or even emotional growth to develop for future game lore, they went for the 'easy made game' (Easy baked oven quote lol that’s just mean XD) We loved the trailer, it was well made, but they threw their animators elsewhere and made the programmers (WHO BLANATLY ADMIT THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO DO STORY/GRAPHICS) and made them do things they aren't trained in. Those micro-head movements and mouths took them A LONG TIME to figure out.
(My friend is now agreeing with me several times through my rant. This is a tactic that is used as ‘avoidance’ but also for ‘appeasement’. She’s probably tuned out by now, but respects what I’m saying but is also incredulous at it as well. It’s fair, I’ve cornered her into my sleepy-time rant, and being the lovable woman that she is, she is simply waiting for me to realize my follies lolol I wish she would have told me but I think she knew I was beyond ‘logical reasoning’ at this point and was just letting me get it all out lolol What a good friend TDT)
Animation can't be learned that fast AND expect them to program a game AT THE SAME TIME. Sonic Forces was a 'split up SEGA' trying to get those who survived and said, "Yeah, I'll stay in this job." to do things that THEY AREN'T EVEN TRAINED IN. you put a game programmer on animation and some other stuff they didn't know what to do with and expect it be a top-notch seller.
Friend: (in more attempts to join in and be a ‘participant’ of the conversation I’m clearly dominating -MY ABSOLUTE BAD- she tried to engage normal conversation flow into the discussion again. At this point, she probably did notice I wasn’t my usual self, and just decided to play along and enjoy the ride lolol I’m just guessing this tho, but it’s a good chance to reflect on what ‘wrongs’ I was doing and what ‘rights’ she was doing during this situation ;)b) My big issue with SEGA is that they rush everything. A lot of things would’ve been better if they had the proper time.
That was resolved actually.
Friend: Oh? It was? (Although this looks like an encouragement, it’s actually just another avoidance tactic to help me ‘get the venting out’ but it’s clear she’s not fully onboard anymore. When you write to discuss, you have to leave room for other’s opinions to shine through as well. Healthy conversation doesn’t mean forcing the other person to comply to you. A lot of this is educated guess based on past research, she knows this, and it’s clear she’s got her own research. Please remember to never shoot someone down when they try to engage you in your conversations. But again, this is the ‘don’t do this’ and me upset at my tired self for not waking up fast enough to contemplate how I was coming across in my wordings. Let’s continue to investigate and dissect the train wreck, shall we?)
That was an issue a few years ago but SEGA is taking their time, it's just that they can't organize themselves and hire the right professionals. They have old tactics, they have rookies that aren't 'Fresh Blood with professionalism' like they need. They don't need an old fart who knows his stuff, they need a new guy who is dedicated and passionate about their company who will remain there, learn them in and out, and knows his stuff SPECIFICALLY for the things SEGA needs. You have to grow that. You have to hire a very talented and young spunky and fresh professional, have him work with you for 10-15 years, and start training others. But SEGA is already recognized as a 'established' company.
(Friend is still agreeing with me, but is aware of my way of presenting it isn’t “As nice as I usually present it” so she starts mentioning the symptoms of Japanese Work Culture. A wonderful, insightful point to mention! But let’s see how I butcher this as well...)
It's not Japan though! (Again, shutting her down. Tsk tsk, sleepy me. Wake up, you lazy bum.) They won't let Japan interfere! They're all really rude to japan actually. The guys in charge, anyway. We all respect the officials, but SEGA of America people just want results. They are just funders, they don't actually work the company.
Friend: So you blame them for everything? (She’s trying to help me see that my writing is coming off as ‘hate’ which is because of my aggressive writing follies I’m doing so bluntly. Let’s please all admire my friend’s patience as she lets me rant and kindly waits for me to realize how bad I’m handling my 16 hr shift from yesterday lolol)
Look, business is really unfair, and I get that, but if I have to rant (I’m starting to wake up more, oh goodie.) I'd say they really need to humble themselves and ask Japan to please take ownership again. They kicked out people due to a money crisis but they need a game that will be 'safe to secure money but get enough excited momentum to help us push on and continue.' which isn't Japan's strategy usually. Japan likes risks, they also like money too. They trust America too much (especially in the beginning) because America is a HUGE consumer. For the world in fact. But I think they sacrificed too much for the company (common in Japan) and trusted America too much in making decisions. The officials are too nice to say that America screwed them over because America wanted full control. Well guess what? They have too much control now and their product is sinking..
Friend:  You’ve got a lot of fire about this topic. (After I completely disregarded reading her follows-ups and continued to rant, my unconditionally kind friend finally threw in the towel, realizing I was no where near my usually ‘present’ self and was probably just flopped back in her chair smiling at my idiocy of not understanding her kind and subtly hints.) Go ahead and rant it out. (BOOM! Obvious right!? I should have corrected myself but at this point, I was writing like wild fire with droopy, waking up eyes and didn’t even read it during my long paragraphs...)
Sonic won't ever fade away due to it's fans, but the company is struggling to figure itself out for YEARS now. I just worry what they plan to do next. But I have a theory that they are really putting the next game in Japan's hands, a lot of activity is happening in SEGA of Japan, and they're spending WAY MORE TIME on the next installment of Modern Sonic (or Classic, still unsure which one it is yet.) I really think they need a remake game to give them profit, then use that profit for their next big installment. But so far, I think they are working on a game BUT corona might have effected production so I'm sure they are working but I'm concerned if Corona helped manage 'time and quality' or is helping to ruin it...That I can't investigate yet :( I just wish for the best (I’M FINALLY WAKING UP FULLY AS I STOP AND REALIZE-) Sorry for my rant! My theory talk showed through and I don't usually like doing that so forgive me. I'm tired and that's why T-T
Friend: It’s cool we all need to rant sometimes. (My friend’s going to make it to Heaven TwT she’s so kind.)
(Then I profusely apologized a billion times cause I realize how badly this all went down. lol)
(But the terror hasn’t ended... she mentioned some youtube videos mentioning other opinions as well. -which I’m usually cautious of cause some of them can be fanon.-)
OHhhh did he mention the arcade crash??? the literal WORST event in SEGA history??? That's literally where they sank the titanic, SEGA has never recovered from selling off their stocks. (I’M BACK AT IT AGAIN. -facepalm-) Shareholders are everything now and it's the biggest loss ever. Also, the problem is that kids don't play the games, (Rereading my follies and wanting to answer but still only just waking up...) but SEGA can't figure out why they like the characters and can't seem to take the FREAKIN' TIME to learn their lore. (Overwhelming the conversation again.) My easy steps: Re-establish Sonic lore CANONLY AND CORRECTLY, Re-gather the Japanese Officials original plans and notes, guides and study art, Re-make some popular games with the most details on Animation, Fluidity of motion graphics, and with modern Technology incorporated into the game. Once that is accomplished, they will have enough money to then- Create a continuity. Only with a flowing story and relevant past lore can they start moving forward. Animation will target their audience, Story and character re-established arcs will bring nostalgia and new blood to the field of their games, and then Japan's influences will keep it authentic for the continuities so we don't have fandom mixing with canon NEARLY AS BADLY as before anymore. Ugh, it does matter their sales, but I literally bought a book on the history of SEGA, and read a really compelling history article about more then just the Console Wars... I know SEGA has survived literally the edge of extinction on multiple fronts, but someone needs to take charge of their Sonic branch, and it's... it's just too outdated. kk, sorry for the rant.
Friend: (After being multiple times ignored, even after my brief moment of clarity, is still an angel. Frustrated, maybe, but an angel.) And your steps sound really good. Also mostly just listen to his vids if you ever do. It’s ok we all need to rant. (THE WORLD DOESN’T DESERVE THIS GURL T-T)
I'm tired so my 'angry' is showing and it's not professional XD do you mind if I post my rant? lol Actually, no. (Realize how awfully I delivered my ideas, this is where I begin to see my errors and where the clarity comes into play. -we all have our off days lol- )
Friend: Go for it
I want to but it's too aggressive. I'm too lazy to rewrite it out so I'll just save that for another day XD You got a rare treat
Friend: (This is actually interesting and fascinating to her. But she realized then that I finally did see my error.) Concerned you’ll get aggressive responses back?
Honest opinion is sometimes too blunt and I need to be careful about that
Friend: I mean it’s always good to try and get most of the anger out so you seem more professional (Saint. Literally. A saint. She’s puts up with too much of my crap XD)
That, and also the war of 'But this is Cutegirlmayra? She's so sweet and constantly puts her answers in supportive, positive lights so that if SEGA were to see it, they would feel empowered to try it instead of threatened and throw it off as hate or something unprofessional.' I have an image too. I can't post something super aggressive or I'll lose trust. You're right.
Friend: I’m glad you put a lot of thought into everything you post
I apologize for it tho T-T I didn't mean to dominate with such opinions...lol I worry who I influence, you know?
Friend: Most people don’t and trust me they get into trouble cause of it. And yeah.
I don't want to create trolls or heated arguments. I want to teach people they can safely express an idea without using such awful communication. Exactly, it's professional fanism. lol Positive writing is what companies and their employees actually read. (I’m almost fully awake now lol, realizing my blunder and starting to explain why I was in the wrong. Good on me, pat on the back, admitting I was coming off as aggressive is the first step to changing and getting better lolol Also, I’m including her more, and I’m saying “You’re right.” and she’s going “And yeah.” which is a indicator that the conversation is slowly returning to an enjoyable and healthy one. ;w; happy endings lol)  That's why I skip the aggressive stuff, even if it's passive, I write in a neutral setting so everyone feels safe to read, even someone who works at SEGA.
Friend: (Mentions some nintendo youtuber rant and also news as well, then says-) It was honestly very professional sounding and not rude. (MY HEART, YOU KNEW THAT WAS AN AGGRESSIVE RANT lololol So nice to me TDT)
Lol you had to have seen how slightly aggressive it was tho. (I’M CALLING YOUR BLUFF, BESTIE lol) You literally asked, "You blame America for it?" which is not always true but semi-true. They were way too prideful (Aggressive word) and haughty (Still aggressive terminology) about their success in other Japanese products that they wanted to completely change Sonic to their own wishes, pushing out Japan's creative "licenses" (I use this word loosely, and this gives a slightly aggressive feel but is also more dumbed down so it's more 'passionate' than just aggressive)
Friend: Yeah I saw it was slightly aggressive (Either is starting to realize it or at last admitting it now that I am fully aware of how I was coming across. I also used indicators to show what words were aggressive to help illustrate my point. This is showing I’m much more awake now :)b)
Gotta use those neutral tactics or no one will feel comfortable just reading your idea and instead, will constantly look for a place to intercept with aggression back, whether they agree or not, they're looking for ways to self-insert their aggression if you are also aggressive. I can't write something that doesn't somewhat support and uplift SEGA of America. Why? Because like I said, they literally have survived EVERYTHING and have stuck around. Without them, there wouldn't be an American branch and the money issue would have ended SEGA. Some might say, "But they've done so much harm than good! Why is the money thing such a thing to be praised for?" But it's huge, it's so big, it kinda does offset the wrongs. (Now I’m doing the healthy thing, doubling back and mentioning the good to try and recover. The damage may be done, but she did recommend some videos for me and was polite, so I’m just trying to smooth things over and leave on a ‘wrapped up’ conclusion. But... I should have just left it there in all honesty xD Some things you can’t double-back and correct lol) America is a great business-influenced mindset. None of us would be fans of Sonic without them.
(Friend continues to agree but realizes I may slip into ranting again. She just asks if I can watch the videos.)
America does have it's advantages in some fields and areas, but their biggest most redeeming quality is that they saved SEGA which gave us our biggest love and obsession: Sonic. Now, my usage in that writing was still off neutral, but combined with the slightly aggressive statements, made a GREAT contrast. It's still slightly praising
Friend: And they stopped Japan from giving him a human girlfriend right away.
Me: Exactly.
Friend: I will always thank them for that. (She’s still a sweetheart, working herself into the conversation so it stays healthy. lol Such amazing follow-ups too!)
So although I don't like what's happening, I'm also grateful... to a degree lol We need SEGA of America, which is why I think Japan just ignores them now lolol they know they owe them a lot. 
(Friend mentions videos and as I go to save them to my ‘watch later’ sees that one of them is about Nintendo.)
Yeeeahhh I've noticed that Nintendo is starting to trail into 'cash grab' tactics and that's sickening (MORE AGGRESSIVE WORDING??? HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED YOUR LESSON CHILD?! It takes time to fully wake up lolol) cause before, I literally thought, "Nintendo can do no wrong" their marketing was ON POINT! but the stuff they said about Peach and now... I think new, unprofessional blood (like SEGA) has entered Nintendo and the older guys are either 'training' or 'retired to other ventures'. Nintendo is having it's own 'we used to not be prideful but now we're getting a little too pompous (Another aggressive wording... This can easily trigger people to comment with further aggression either against you or for you, but no aggression is the ideal. Which is continuing to show my lack of remaining conscious lol) about ourselves' and they're starting to act like Disney before their big crash. Disney also had 'limited time offers' with their VHS movies. Now, Nintendo is doing that. They'll make money, but at what cost? When you lose your costumer's trust...
Friend: And yeah the 35th Mario thing immediately reminded me of the Disney vault
Me: Yep. I'm worried for Nintendo. Don't get me wrong! Disney is really good with money grabs, but they... they also act high and mighty (More aggressive statements, wake up, darn it!!!) and their fanbase literally calls them 'an empire' so the fan-trust is gone. That makes you 'lame/outdated' and fans begin to look for 'what's cool?' instead.
(Friend is now re-realizing I’m ‘in and out’ so is trying to use a effective avoidance tactic by asking about different things to help my ranting fully stop.)
Sorry, I'm tired, I get on these rants and I don't mean too. (Trying to shake myself awake again.) I'm sorry.
So we returned to a healthy conversation, but I hope this interesting insight has revealed how to and what not to do about Aggressive Writing. Always stick to Neutral writing if you can, putting in a compelling counter-argument. In this aggressive writing demo, you saw that I tried to cover up my follies by saying counter-praise, but praise writing can be just as bad as aggressive writing. Passive writing can sometimes be annoying (aggressive word choice) too if you come off as disinterested or uncaring, which can still result in negative comments coming at you, or someone overly praising in their writings.
This has been all I’m showing you cause it’s kinda embarrassing ^^; but I hope it helps you in what ‘not to do’ while writing your ideas out :)b
Learn from my sleepy-time mistakes! lol
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rosehavencomic · a year ago
Tumblr media
Not sure if anyone still checks in here or not, and I’m sorry it’s been such a long time! –– Rosehaven WILL be continuing, but there’ll be some big changes moving forward. 
Due to time constraints, and the pure risk of near-immediate burnout, trying to make a beautiful comic, while also working two jobs, the chapter covers and web ads will be the only art in the story that’s done in full-render. Everything else will be colored (something I simply can’t budge on lol) but they won’t be nearly as fleshed out as this cover image, for example.
Also, the comic will have a new home. The new page (currently under construction) is: rosehaven-comic.tumblr.com the rebooted comic will begin posting here on 30 September 2021, and resume regular updates. This blog simply has too much crap on it for me to go back and delete everything, just to start over, a clean slate is just less stress for me at the moment. –– Speaking of stress, you may be wondering why the comic is all together rebooting, instead of just trying to pick up where it left off. Well, aside from the drastic change in the artwork, let me tell you...Rosehaven, its universe, characters, and story have been something that’s been on my creative plate for over a decade, now. As such, I have MANY typed and written documents and notes to use as production references, and frankly, I’m not an organized person. 
While working on the original comic, I started to see around the 40+ page mark, that a few things weren’t lining up in the way I remembered from my finalized notes, but, the events seemed familiar enough and I just kept plugging away, and with things in my life getting very dark and stressful at the time, my anxiety was on max overdrive, and I just kind of sunk into my work absentmindedly. My dudes...I got to 80 pages, of fully rendered, painstaking work, before I realized...I was working...from...FOUR SETS...of very different production notes...honestly, I just had to walk away after that. –– Then of course, life got in the way. Work, health, family, mental health, and of course, art block after such a crushing defeat. I was just simply too stressed to produce quality work at the time, and frankly I was embarrassed at having let myself get THAT far deep before actually bothering to look into why things felt off.
In any event, Rosehaven will return in the Fall, and I’m really excited for what I have planned! Having to simplify the art is a bit of a personal letdown, but, like I said, the chapter covers will be gorgeous! 
For everyone who supported me jumping into this passion project, and the tiny number of people who still shoot me messages about it from time to time, I thank you, and I hope to see you in September! 
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gamelpar · a year ago
well shit had gone down even more
so by the recent updates on the situation that i read on reddit, more people have come out with their experience with ryan haywood. (these are my own opinions and thoughts on the situation, you are allowed to disagree with me, just respect that we all have different views, thoughts and opinions on all this, and that one opinion is not more wrong than another)
I’m not going to analyze every small detail or weigh the blame, but I still stand by that everyone involved chose to make the choices they made. both ryan and the girls could’ve done differently, they could’ve chosen differently. the girls were in a vulnerable place but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they knew he was married and had kids. it doesn’t diminish the fact that they were consensual with what were happening between him and them, or that they themselves did some wrongs too. and being only 17 means that you’re still old enough to understand and know what you’re doing and make your own decisions. ryan didn’t have any power over the girls and their decisions. the girls made their decisions on their own. the girls had power over themselves and made their decisions. However, whatever happened between them and ryan that wasn’t with their consent, they are not to blame for. But they’re not innocent in this, neither is ryan, 
and ryan is no different.  he’s 40 years old and that means that he is also old enough to understand and know what they’re doing and make his own decisions. ryan was married, had kids, had a job and was seen as a celebrity and a future image by many people. he knew that, and he still chose to do what he did. And what he did, he didn’t do by mistake, no, he chose to do. to take advantage of someone is a choice you make. cheating isn’t a mistake, it’s a choice. the choice to cheat can be seen as a mistake. ryan chose to cheat and that choice he made is a grave mistake that is going to be with him forever. and whatever he did together with the girls that was without their consent, that is all on him, not the girls. he had a whole lot to lose, and the fact that the girls knew what he had to lose and would lose if the truth ever came out from them, in a sense, it made the girls fell into silence about the whole thing. even if you’re a celebrity you’re not immune to reveal of your true colors.
And the choices that ryan made settles the fact that if he’s done it once, he can do it again. you don’t know what you’re capable of until you’ve actually done it, and ryan, and the girls, is capable of doing the same choices and decisions again. that is something that won’t ever disappear, and it’ll stick with them forever. 
Ryan and the girls aren’t the victims. all of them made their wrongs. they made their choices, and the choices they made was mistakes that will never leave them. they can try to fix things, but this will forever be with them. the victims are the people that was hurt by this, and everyone, including ryan and the girls, will need the time it takes to recover from this, to get used to that what happened happen, and there’s nothing to do about it except taking the time they need to come to terms with it.
everyone has already suffered enough, and taking revenge on ryan or anyone else is just. fucking don’t. his coworkers and his family has already suffered enough. don’t be an ass and make it worse. you’re are allowed to be angry or sad, feel whatever emotion you feel, but revenge wont fix a shit, only result in hurting more people.
our mistake is putting too much faith in celebrities. they’re just as human as anyone, and they make bad choices and mistakes just like the rest of us. the only difference is that the celebrites have a lot of more people watching them, everyone knows who they are and the whole world will know the things they did and have their opinions about them.
we all need our time to deal with the shitstorm that seems to get worse by every day, and we’re allowed to take the time we need to.
i wont delete any posts ive made and reblogged about ryan, because 1. that a whole ton of posts, and 2. i made and reblogged all those posts when i cherished him for making me laugh and for being a seemingly good person in this world, and while his true colors was eventually shown and the good turned bad, it doesn’t exclude the fact that it was a good time and a good part to have known and letting have a place in my life. if i ever post or reblog posts of him that is before all this it will be a time until that happens, but i’ll still occasionally post and reblog about achievement hunter and its other members.
achievement hunter is still achievement hunter. ryan was just a member of it---a core member, yes---but he’s still just one member of several others. achievement hunter is so much more than that, and you’re allowed to still watch videos with him and laugh at him, and make fanfics and fanart or whatever with him in. you’re still allowed to cherish him as the person he was in videos and as who you thought he was. you’re still allowed to cherish his characters. just because it’s the end of ryan haywood’s time in achievement hunter, it doesn’t have to be the same for the vagabond and the mad king and any else of ryan’s characters. we have expanded on them so much that while the characters still may carry the same name and have similar traits and personalities, they’re still a whole another character and person, separate from the one they originated from, the real ryan haywood and who he is. I will though admit that it is hard for me, and several other people to fully separate the characters from the real man, especially considering that there never was a clear and straight line between what was character and what was the real person. Maybe after gotten to terms with all this after some much-needed time, i will be able to separate the characters and feel joy once again in reading fanfics about them and see fanarts of them, without thinking that what the real ryan haywood did goes the same for or is relevant to his characters, nor doesn’t define his characters to be capable of doing the same actions.
I don’t wish that what ryan did was never exposed just to not feel what i feel or feel the need to write this, because this whole thing has been horrible for me as it has for many others. I wish it had never happen, because ryan crossed the point of no return the moment he crossed the line of friendly conversation turning more intimate, especially with fans. even if it hadn’t been as serious as it is, like, just some one time thing that didn’t get too intimate, the damage would have already been done.
but wishes won’t change what have happened, and i’m just gonna have to get used to the changes, and move forward when i can and when i am ready to.
i’m not that much informed on what exactly adam kovic did, but it seems that whatever he did was wrong too, but i never was much into funhaus so i leave posts like this about him to others.
things will never be the same again, and that is something that me and everyone else will have to come to terms with.
but it doesn’t mean things won’t ever be good again.
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akabluekat · a year ago
writer’s ask game, all odd numbers, please! :)
1.     Do you listen to music when you write? I have on occasion, but in general, I don’t. I’ve found that I have a hard time filtering out background noise when it’s conversations or music.
3.     Computer or pen and paper? I used to be a little bit of both, but it’s more computer these days.
5.     How much writing do you get done on an average day? It varies a lot. Maybe a couple hundred words?
7.     Standalone or series? Both, I think. 9.     Current WIP Delicate and Playing With Fire. I suppose you could count Burning Bridges, though it’s not posted yet. I’ve been working on it more lately because figuring out Bea’s side of things is integral to a few plot points that are coming up.
11.  Books and/or authors who influenced you the most Meg Cabot, specifically Princess Diaries. Tamora Pierce (Alanna quartet).
(this next question got long, so I’m gonna throw in a page break out of consideration for your dash)
13.  Describe your writing process from idea to polished 1. Have an idea while I’m supposed to be doing something else. 2. Open a Word document. Depending on where I am/how much time I have, write down some brief notes on the concept, possibly a few scenes. Give the Word document a vague filename. Working naming convention is Untitled HP [number]. 4. Attempt to write the first chapter. 5. Promise self that I will not post chapter until I’ve written a few more chapters. 6. Get ideas for scenes not in that chapter. Put into a document titled Nonlinear excerpts. 7. Write more of first chapter. 8. Finish rough draft. Rough draft may be mostly complete or be a hot mess of text that includes helpful notes like ??????? to remind myself where I still need to figure out plot issues or write giant chunks of text. Select all, cut, and paste into new document. 9. Do a line by line edit, gradually moving my rough draft from Document B back to the original document. Delete or smooth out ????? sections as I go. 10. At some point, my computer will crash or I’ll forget to charge it and it’ll shut off. 11. Say a bunch of swear words. 12. Recover document/lost work. 13. Vow to stop writing like this because I should know better at this point. 14. Continue with editing. 15. Repeat steps 8-15 an undetermined number of times. May not always need to do the cut/paste method, especially as chapter gets into later drafts. 16. Get excited about fic and decide to ignore the promise I made to myself back in step 5. 17. Comb through Taylor Swift discography trying to find an appropriate title. 18. Repeat step 18, but for the chapter title. (Alternatively, come up with a chapter title right away and still not know what the damn fic is called.) 19. Spend approximately 40 earth years trying to figure out a summary. 20. Come up with a summary that is 2 characters over FF.net’s character limit. Spend another 40 earth years trying to reword it so it doesn’t. 21. At some point, create an image for the fic, probably when I’m supposed to be doing something else. 22. Post fic. 23. Obsessively refresh inbox to see if people liked it or not. 24. Start chapter 2. Wonder why I did not write it before posting chapter 1. 25. Any one of the above steps can be replaced by getting distracted by Tumblr, other fics, daydreaming, scenes in my current WIP that are not in the chapter that I’m working on, the news, or pretty much anything else.
15.  How do you deal with writer’s block? Lots of staring at my word document and sighing. Daydreaming. Working on other projects. 17.  What writing habits or rituals do you have? the copy/paste edit method described in question 13. My fanfic is always written in Times New Roman (Calibri is for work). I have no explanation for this. 19.  How do you keep yourself motivated? Strategic guilt. And honestly, the fact that people seem to care about the story is hugely motivating.
21.  Who is/are your favourite character(s) to write? Fred and George, probably. The banter is so fun. 23.  Favourite author I have to pick one!?! 25.  Favourite part of writing I love telling stories and exploring different worlds/possibilities. 27.  Favourite line/scene I think it might be Bea saying “I refuse to apologize for who I am!” in response to being asked if she had bacon in her pocket.
29.  Favourite villain My fics don’t really have villains other than Voldemort. And angst, I suppose.
31.  Least favourite part of writing Transitional/connective parts always seem to trip me up.
33.  Have you ever killed a main character? Nope. 35.  What scene/story are you least looking forward to writing? Right now, Chapter 14 of Delicate haas been giving me trouble. I know what needs to happen, but writing it has been a challenge.
37.  First sentence or your current WIP PWF: I knew I would have to dance with one of them before the thought even crossed McGonagall’s mind. Delicate: Alicia and Lee could have gotten married in London. Burning Bridges: I’m reluctant to start this account with the story of a shitty boyfriend. 39.  Weirdest character concept you’ve ever had. A Squib who owns a pub in Diagon Alley.
41.  Any advice for new/beginning/young writers? You will make mistakes and that is okay. 43.  What do you do if/when characters don’t follow the outline? Fred Weasley has little respect for my outlines, so this happens a lot. Sometimes, I try reworking the scene a bit; on other occasions, I’ve been like “you know what, you’re right this time. Scrap the outline, let’s explore this path instead.”
45.  How much world building do you do? I tend to fall into little world building rabbit holes as I write--it’s very unpredictable, so I don’t know if I can answer this question properly.
47.  Best way to procrastinate Writing or falling down weird internet rabbit holes.
49.  Which character would you most want to be friends with, if they were real? Of my characters, Bea Pierce. In the wider world of fiction, Leslie Knope and Gandalf.
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makaojr · a year ago
Guide by Makaojr (updated April 09th 2021)how to start a blog
So, you want to start a blog huh? Great idea!
But…how the heck do you get started? There’s so much info out there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point?
Damnit, maybe you should just forget it – it’s too confusing!
Well, hold up. I used to be a blogging newbie too. I had the same problems. I started my blog (BloggingBasics101.com) all the way back in 2006, and I knew less than nothing about blogging. In fact, it was only the week before I’d learned what a blog was.
Now I know a ton about them, and my blog’s doing pretty well – I receive more than 300,000 unique visitors per month which makes me consider myself someone you could listen to and learn from when it comes to building your own blog. I’m not some sort of Guru, but I certainly do know the basics.
I promise it’ll be simple, relatively easy, and definitely easy to understand (no stupid jargon). Sound good?
Awesome, let’s move on.
Why you should create a blog and join the blogging community
So below, I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog. Before we dive in though, I really want to talk about WHY you should build a blog.
Note: If you already have a solid idea of the whys, then skip this and go right ahead with the guide.
Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. There are literally millions of blogs online (don’t worry, you can make yours stand out and get noticed!).
It’s a great way to express yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with others.
You become a better person and a better writer.
The best reason? You can make money doing it!
I bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be reminded.
One very last thing before we get started:
Creating your own blog can take a little while, probably up to 30 minutes. So grab yourself a coffee or juice (whatever you fancy) and let’s get stuck in. If you need any help during the set-up process, get in touch with me here and I’ll help as best I can and answer any questions you might have).
Disclosure: This guide to starting your own blog contains some affiliate links. If you purchase any service through one of these links I may earn a small commission, this is at no extra cost to you.
The Steps Covered In This Blogging Guide
It’s nowhere near as difficult as setting up a website from scratch (there’s very little technical ability needed here). In fact, there’s no coding required by you. Good news, huh?
How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps:
There are five main steps you need to do in order to start a blog. If you follow this guide exactly, you’ll have your own blog set up in 30 minutes or less.
Choose a great blog platform
Choose a web host for your blog
How to Set up a blog on your own domain
Design your new blog
Useful resources for blogging
So, we made it. Phew. Better late than never! So, without further ado, let’s jump into step 1.
Step 1 – Choose your preferred blogging platform
Choosing where you want to build blog is pretty much the first thing you have to do. I’m going to take a leap and assume you’ve heard of WordPress, and this is the platform I advocate. It’s massive.
It’s by far one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world, with countless plugins and add-ons and almost infinite ways to design and layout your blog.
There are more than 82 million active users of WordPress = a lot, basically.
There are other alternatives, however, and they are listed below:
Blogger – Definitely the next best thing to WordPress.
Tumblr – Half social network, half blog. Interesting, and very simple to use.
Even though WordPress is bigger (and probably better) than those two, here are my reasons why you should still go with WordPress:
Super easy set-up and is free to use
Tons of free themes and layouts (I’m not kidding, there are gazillions).
There’s a massive support forum in case you get stuck (you won’t, but it’s nice to have it there if you need it).
Your blog will be insanely fast and it’ll also look Functionality and form – perfect!
People can interact with you easily. Your content can be shared, commented on, and so on.
Here’s an article about different blogging platforms (including WordPress), give it a read:
How to Choose a Blogging Platform – (updated for 2021)
Now, Step 2 (see, we’re moving fast now!)
Step 2 – Self-hosting or a free alternative?
Whoa, slow down there! This is the biggest decision you’ll have to make before we go any further. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or grab a free one.
WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger all offer free blogs for anyone. Awesome, right? It’s perfect for those of us who aren’t super serious about blogging. But it does have downsides:
1) You won’t be able to get your OWN domain name
On a free blog, your blog’s web address (your URL) will be butt-ugly. Like, really ugly. In short, create a free blog with any other the above free blog services and it’ll look like this:
I know, ugly right?
2) Limits and more limits
There are some limits to free blogs. You can’t fully monetize it, and you don’t have the possibility to upload all those videos and images you want to show everyone – it’s all limited. Worse still, you won’t even have access to the free themes offered by WordPress.
3) You DON’T OWN your blog
It might sound silly at first, but you don’t actually own your blog. It’s hosted on someone else’s web property and they can delete it if they want to. They have done so in the past, and keep doing it in the future. Which means all your hard work on your blog, all those countless hours of writing blog posts might have vanished within seconds. Sad…
On the other hand, with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name – you are the REAL owner of your blog. You’ll be able to name your blog whatever you want, for example, “YourName.com” or “YourAwesomeBlog.com. You can end it with .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, or virtually any other web suffix. Add to that unlimited bandwidth for videos, images, and content plus the free themes and you have a winning combo.
So how much is hosting and a domain name? Not as much as you’re thinking, fortunately. It usually works out to about $5 to $10 per month, depending on your hosting provider which is less than a couple of coffees.
If you still have questions, here’s some further information for you to look at:
Should I Choose a Hosted or Non-hosted Blogging Platform?
Step 3 – Start a blog on your own domain (if you chose self-hosting and a custom domain)
wordpress blogging platform
I’m going to push ahead based on the premise you’ve chosen WordPress, and if you haven’t, you should. Seriously, it’s the best.
If you’re still a little confused by what a self-hosted blog is, allow me to explain and how you can go about setting one up for yourself.
You’ll need to come up with a domain name you like and also choose a hosting company that can host your blog.
Domain: The domain is basically the URL of your website. Examples: google.com (Google.com is the domain), Facebook.com (Facebook.com is the domain). See? Simple!
Hosting: Hosting is basically the company that puts your website up on the internet so everyone else can see it. Everything will be saved on there. Think of it as a computer hard-drive on the internet where your blog will be saved.
Disclosure: I recommend using Hostgator for web hosting. If you click through one of my links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission, which helps me keep bloggingbasics101.com up and running.
Personally, I use Hostgator (for my blog domain and hosting), and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it.
It’s probably one of the cheapest (less than $3 per month) hosting providers out there. A domain name will cost around $10-15 a year, but with Hostgator, you can get that for FREE first year.
If you do sign up with Hostgator be sure to use the coupon code BB101 as this will unlock the maximum discount they offer on all their hosting packages.
:). Big smiles for that!
They’re the providers I use for all of my blogs, including the one you’re reading right now.
If for any reason you don’t want to go with Hostgator, feel free to choose your own hosting company. Most, if not all of them, should have a “one-click” WordPress install solution on their admin panel.
That button will automatically install WordPress on your blog. Did I say it was simple or what?
All you need to do is sign up with Hostgator (or your chosen provider), choose your hosting plan and a domain name and look for the one-click WordPress install button on the admin panel.
If you are getting stuck at any point this guide may help as it has screenshots.
WordPress essentials aren’t often needed, but I’d recommend whois privacy (that will keep all your personal details private) and definitely automated backups (that’ll save your website just in case anything fails or disappears so you won’t lose any or very little of your blog).
Start a Blog with Hostgator today and get an exclusive 60% discount with coupon BB101
Once WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging is go to your WP-Admin page usually www.yourblognamehere.com/wp-admin and start writing by adding a new post.
At the start, the layout looks confusing, but it gets very understandable quickly. Don’t worry!
Step 4 – Designing your WordPress blog
Now, the fun bit.
Let’s make your blog look exactly how you want it to. To choose a new theme, you can either head to Appearance > Themes and install a free WordPress theme or you can head to a premium theme website like ThemeForest.net and buy a theme for around $40.
I usually choose something that looks professional and pretty easy to customize. WordPress also has this awesome feature that allows you to change themes with just a few clicks. So if you start getting tired of your current blog template, you can just switch to another one without losing any precious content or images.
Remember, your blog’s design should reflect both you and your personality, but also what the blog is about. There’s no point having a football-orientated theme if your blog is about tennis, understand?
On top of that, it should be easy to navigate if you want people to stick around. If it’s tricky and difficult to move around it, people won’t stay. After all design is a subjective art; meaning everyone likes different things.
But no one likes ugly websites, and they especially hate websites that need a university degree to navigate. Make it easy for them.
For more reading, I’ve put together 3 blog posts about designing your blog. Feel free to check them through.
Blog Design: Keep It Clutter Free and User-Friendly
Advice for Blog Design and Blog Goals
Is there any software I can use to make my own graphics, button, and banner?
Last step! Woo!
Step 5 – Useful Resources For Beginner Bloggers
Bloggers come to blogging arena with varying degrees of online and social media experience, but we’ve all made more than a few newbie mistakes – there’s always room for more learning and improvement, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been blogging for years.
These articles may help you avoid some of the growing pains when it comes to your first blog – enjoy!:
5 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix
Choosing a Blogging Niche
7 Ways to Boost your success as a Blogger
And that’s it! I’m more than confident that your initial blog set up should now be finished and ready to go, and all that should have been really damn easy (unlike my first time, lucky you!). If you are having any problems installing WordPress on Hostgator then this guide may help.
If by some unfortunate circumstance you get stuck or have any questions for me about how to create a blog, just get in touch with me or leave a comment below. I’ll help you out with any problems.
Enjoy your new blog!
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