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Tumblr media
cw: mental illness i guess.
Tumblr media
“I have more than three favourite characters!” — okay, I get it, you have no set aesthetic and are unable to make any decisions in your real life. stop lying to yourself and choose.
“You’re not right though?” — yes I am, perceive yourself better. open your eyes. consult your charts.
“My favourite character isn’t here!!” — then you have self projection issues and that’s not on me, that’s on you! just say you over romanticize people in your head and then feel let down when they’re not exactly how you imagined them to be and go.
“this was kinda rude.” — then my job is done.
Tumblr media
This is a joke. Read at your own risk....
daichi sawamura ➝ you dont have that many close relationships with men, and crave stability and intimacy. you love the idea of having a stable family, but damn you do not currently have one. you love the found family trope, and probably like collecting a weird item. you love to pretend your life is together.
koushi sugawara ➝ anxious attachment style. definitely has troubles with your vocal volume, either you’re too loud or too quiet, but youre beloved by your group of friends as loyal and loving. probably dehydrated. your therapist wants you to think about yourself instead of only helping others.
asahi azumane ➝ im sorry but you deserve to be loved, i know you think you dont, but you should let someone in. wearing oversized sweaters isnt a personality trait though, and youre allowed to express anger. anyways seek help, and maybe try meditation. 
yuu nishinoya ➝ oh you have undiagnosed adhd that doesnt necessarily align with the stigmatized symptoms of it? go to a therapist and get screened asshole. you absolutely overshare to friends, to a point of regret. you either tap your leg too much, bite your nails, or have another anxious trigger that is compulsive
ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ you love stupid men because you love the feeling of being smarter than someone, if gives you security that you arent offered elsewhere. you also love the idea of fixing people, and that alone should get you in the shrinks office.
tobio kageyama ➝ hows romanticizing toxic people to a point of no return going for you? you have probably dealt with a horrifying friendship breakup that has made you scared of everything. you love sweet things, and desserts especially. you mentally could be worse, but a therapist might say you need better coping mechanisms to bad news.
shoyo hinata ➝ you are sad. youre sad and that happens. i know you want anything to anchor you, even if that means someone in your life you want to protect, but youre allowed to take care of yourself. you probably get talked over by people you care about, and im saying: call them out. 
kei tsukishima ➝ why? why? why do you let yourself be be bullied by people “in good fun”. its not good fun. dont let people be rude to you. dont let people walk all over you. you love the idea of being the “cool and chill” person, but never really talk care of yourself emotionally because growing up you were never taught how to.
tadashi yamaguchi ➝ oh youre scared of men, or just arent friends with many. either way, you love tucking your hands into long sleeves, and receiving goodnight messages - but you are the most forgetful person alive. you’re also probably depressed, but i assume its from SAD or a cyclic depression.
ennoshita chikara ➝ this feels like a self projection nightmare. you want the idea of having someone strong, but without the baggage that typically tied to it. like youre just not attached to anyone. you love to say you could drop anything tomorrow and leave, but can you really?
kiyoko shimizu ➝ youre gay. youre worried you peaked early on in life, but you havent (yet). ideally i suggest you be nicer to the people you care about, or at least try a little harder to understand them. you say you can put yourself in other peoples shoes, but you really dont.
hitoka yachi ➝ youre gay. very much mommy issues. like you’ve developed a tough skin from it. you also hate physical touch but your love language is physical touch so ur in inner turmoil. mentally? maladaptive daydreaming
saeko tanaka ➝ youre gay. fucking insane. your friends worry about you often. you have adhd, a processing disorder, or BD, and its very clear. definitely substance abuse issues in your genetic lineage. 
Tumblr media
tetsuro kuroo ➝ the way you would do anything for quiet brain. you overthink everything. you have issues falling asleep, and you worry if your current schedule is healthy to upkeep. you probably grew up doing a lot of extracurriculars because you would do anything to not have to think. you have a lot of unprocessed trauma that you should talk to someone about.
morisuke yaku ➝ even your fav character called you gay. literally. i know the closet was tough, and you still dont really understand comphet, but you should still deal with your past. you root for the underdog, and probably prefer salty over sweet. you absolutely loved your english teacher in hs.
kenma kozume ➝ you were never given the chance to fully immerse yourself in your wants and dream hobbies as a kid, and as a result you know overcompensate with childhood/kiddish things now. you feel robbed of a childhood, and find yourself drawn to “acting out” now too. you bottle up your stress until you absolutely cant take it, and forget about it the next day like nothing happened. 
lev haiba ➝ you sometimes feel like you dont fit in your body, or that youre a burden to those closest to you -- youre fine, calm down. but please talk to someone about your academic anxiety.
Tumblr media
tooru oikawa ➝ if you love him youre a kpop stan, if you kin him you need to get screened for narcissistic personality disorder. no but seriously, you dont really know how to categorize yourself personally. like if someone asks you to describe your personality you’re like ?????. you feel like youre constantly shifting gears, in life, in likes, in needs, in dreams. your restlessness might manifest into one goal, but without it, who are you?
hajime iwaizumi ➝ stop going after straight “centrist” men who don’t text you back and don’t even try to enjoy your interests with you. you dont need to debate everyone constantly, and you should think before you speak more. you wish you had an outlet to get out all your anger, instead it explodes when you least expect it.
issei matsukawa ➝ you grew up saying you would never do drugs, and now you think you might try meth once for “the shits n gigs”. you want to be the funny person in your friend group but youre actually just the reliable one. you have horrible communication skills and anxiety rooted in stranger situations.
takahiro hanamaki ➝ you also need someone to match your wit or you’ll be too bored. you have anxious preoccupied attachment style. you are the funny friend but youre severely mentally ill. you romanticize the idea of living alone because you feel like youre never really alone.
akira kunimi ➝ you were so endlessly depressed growing up even if you didnt show it, and now that youre older you feel so lost - because you didnt think youd make it this far. but youre here, doing your best, and finally growing. mentally you are just doing enough to keep going, and thats fine, youre doing great. but please talk to someone about your feelings.
kyoutani kentarou ➝ stop going after toxic people. also consider getting screened for BPD. you underestimate yourself a lot, and wish people would be kinder to you. you love reading and thinking about the idea of dating someone older or someone who can protect you, because you want to finally be vulnerable with someone.
Tumblr media
koutarou bokuto ➝ big anime man titties will not solve your real world problems. you love to daydream. you also just want someone to hold you. you dont fully understand why people get addicted to gambling, yet get your dopamine from external validation.
keiji akaashi ➝ you love the idea of having someone in your life who will tell you how smart you are. you buy books and dont read them. when someone criticizes you in any way you absolutely are crushed by it. you have the most extreme case of fomo. its okay, relax.
akinori konoha ➝ you have never stuck with one hobby. you hyperfixate and then jump to the next. youre so restless and uncomfortable in your skin sometimes that you wonder if youre actually okay. you dont fully understand how people can FT and video call so much, and because of that, you have troubles having clingy friends.
Tumblr media
wakatoshi ushijima ➝ you do be suppressing your feelings though. you are either anxious-preoccupied or dismissive-avoidant and nothing in-between. you are always anxious when you aren’t with your favourite person. you need lots of reassurance that your relationship are okay. and you see any negativity as a sign that a relationship is doomed. you self medicate with other venues, and should see a therapist.
satori tendou ➝ queers with some religious trauma, wanted to do hard drugs in hs but never did, and mentally you are just a smidge detached so you should hug your friends more. you need a therapist to deal with your authority issues, and your severe trust issues. you were bullied when you were younger, and you say it made you funny, but it just makes you sad.
tsutomu goshiki ➝ mommy issues. so much mommy issues you could get a degree in it. deep seeded fear of abandonment, sprinkled with a need for constant reassurance and validation. dont you ever get tired of being a poor communicator?
shirabu kenjirou ➝ take your medication. take it right now. take it and then call your therapist because you absolutely love when people degrade you. i know you romanticize the idea of power imbalances, but its just not healthy for your mental state.
semi eita ➝ you never grew out of that 2012 arctic monkeys AM phase. you want to smoke cigarettes but you’re too scared too. youre afraid of growing old for some reason. you also have trust issues but with no real root to them.
Tumblr media
atsumu miya ➝ you want to feel independent, and never let anyone help you, even when you need it. you didnt trust a lot of adults growing up so now you want to be someone people look up to, but thats just too much pressure. you have some super specific hobbies that you cant really share with anyone. 
osamu miya ➝ you need someone to take care of you and make you feel protected, while still feeling “independent”. You probably like salty flavours over sweet. you definitely have family trauma that you havent fully forgiven them for.
rintarou suna ➝ you want to feel alive. you love the rush of adrenaline or the dopamine rush that comes from winning. when youre with friends or others youd suggest an action movie, but alone youd watch a romcom. no one really knows the person behind the mask youve created.
shinsuke kita ➝ you want to see the good in life, you want to work harder for your goals, but youre so damn tired. you feel like youre working so hard to keep up, and you always think youre not good enough. you have an inferiority complex.
Tumblr media
takanobu aone ➝ baby, you are not okay. its time to finally reach out to your local resources and finally get a therapist. you have trauma based on someone breaking your trust, and you dont know how to fully open your heart. but you crave physical intimacy like a mother fucker
kenji futakuchi ➝ you really be the person friends are worried about that might text their ex. you are off the rails most days, and while you are loving and smart, you also arent sure when youll jump off the deep end. there is a high chance you deal with mania, get a therapist stat.
kanji koganegawa ➝ you wish there was someone in your life that could keep up with you or fully understand you. instead you make your silly little jokes and hope someone will finally check in on you. they wont. take care of yourself.
Tumblr media
yuuji terushima ➝ you love misogynistic music secretly, and have called your friends “bitch” or “whore” a few times. youre one of the guys, but at your core youre a sex addicted and unhinged person who would rather receive satisfaction from sex or masturbation instead of self growth.
sakusa kiyoomi ➝ youve had panic attacks over the concept of intimacy with another person. you have no idea how to fully understand interpersonal relationships, and you love daydreaming about what you COULDVE said during a situation or what you COULD say in a hypothetical situation.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Seventeen Headcanon: Lying about dropping your favorite ring down the drain to secretly get your ring size ;) pt. 2
genre: fluff (a teensy bit of angst if you squint really hard?), boyfriend!svt
warnings: cursing
incl. lsm, kmg, xmh, bsk, chs, lc
long a/n: ok so I'm assuming the winky face is indicating for a proposal. THIS MADE ME WANNA START DOING HEADCANONS, thank you dear anon <3 lovely request, btw if you guys don't know what to request or don't have ideas i have a prompt list made especially for that -> prompt list page .
part 1 <-
Tumblr media
sus boi #2; the one who can't lie for shit
this man hates making you upset in any way
like, he accidentally stepped on your toe once and he was more on the verge of tears than you were
he would be soo jittery taking the ring for measurements
surprisingly, he probably wouldn't over-plan tho
he would just take it randomly while you're in another room, washing up for bed
he'd put it in his bag, and you wouldn't notice for days
however, in those few days, he has never been so nervous
would constantly check his bag when you're away from him
he just wants everything to be perfect for you :(<3
when you bring it up tho omfg 😭
you would catch on that he had taken it almost immediately
he played it wayyy too cool
if he had actually dropped it down the drain, you know he would've been sad asf and begging for forgiveness
however, you trusted him (and also people had probably dropped hints that he was going to propose,,, probably because he also accidentally dropped hints)
Tumblr media
i have a feeling he just went shopping to look at rings and then the person there asked for your size and his face went o.o
so he just randomly decided to steal a ring of yours yk
didn't actually know it was your favorite, to be fair, you wear a lot of accessories
so, imagine how scared he was when you randomly visited and started getting upset about losing your favorite ring
he panicked, obviously he cant say he has it because you know... surprise proposal
you searched the whole night, eventually he started feeling bad
he couldve just pretended like he found it, he probably shouldve
but his immediate reaction was,
"Babe, I think I dropped a ring down the drain yesterday? I-I mean, I'm sure I can get it out later-"
def got cut off by you asking why the hell he didnt say anything earlier
to which you get puppy eyes
and he does return the ring later
after dropping it into the drain while you were gone and fishing it out in front of you
mans is a complete mess
but he definitely rants about the whole thing to you after you guys are married and you laugh your ass off
Tumblr media
honestly, you guys probably share jewelry
he would take your ring on a day he knew you wouldn't want it
and then, for the next few days, he would recommend different jewelry for your outfits
until you look for it, thinking it would be cute :((
mans get soooo apologetic, like he seems genuine as hell too
you wouldn't suspect a thing
more likely, you would be reassuring him, saying it's okay 💀
you can't blame Minghao, so why do you blame? the drain obv
you two would curse the drain together for sooo long
he would definitely buy you so much more cute jewelry
then he proposes
and he confesses
soooooo fucking happy with himself too
low-key a trickster but he's sweet about it
how could anyone stay mad at this man </3
Tumblr media
probably did not know it was your favorite ring
he takes the utmost care of it though just because it belongs to you
prays to gods he doesn't even believe in that you don't notice
but you do
when you bring up your favorite ring is missing, it literally doesn't even click at first that it was the ring he took
panik but smooth
when you two are searching for it he goes, "Oh my god, wait, what does it look like?"
you explain and he goes :o
cue the fake scared explanation and profound apologies
def the type to lie in a not-lying kinda way, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was your favorite, I didn't mean to drop it >:("
it's technically true, he didn't know
probably would forget about the ring with all the proposal stuff going on, then he would find it later and tell what he did as an entertaining story
he's a little frustrating but i'm sure it's just reflecting his own frustration lmaoo
poor boyo, he got there
Tumblr media
honestly, he would be hesitant to make it a surprise
you guys have definitely discussed marriage and proposals beforehand so that's what he's relying on
you probably mentioned you'd like it to be a surprise and he just wants you to enjoy it as much as possible so ofc he's gonna make it one
at first, he was just gonna ask to borrow the ring and do the proposal on a surprise getaway
then, some other members scolded him and said it wasn't romantic enough to just ask for it (*cough* hoshi *cough*)
so, he stole it
very far out of his comfort zone but he's surprisingly calm anyway
mans happened to choose the day you re-organize your jewelry
when you told him you were gonna do that, he def low-key panicked
even though he didn't really want to hide it in the first place, he's already in too deep now
no way he's just gonna tell you he took it
"Hey Y/n! I... actually, I have something to tell you."
first thing that popped into his head;
"I actually dropped a ring of yours down the drain."
mans said that fast as hell
rapper boi™
when you get sad, he clams up 💀
does the first thing he can think of and you end up getting your favorite food ordered
plus a diamond ring, but that comes later on
def returns the ring to you awkwardly afterward
you just end up hugging him to death anyway
overall, he probably handles it one of the best out of all of them💀he slick w it or whateva
Tumblr media
this mf
you wouldn't know it was happening, but he wouldn't try to hide it at all??
like he would straight up just ask about your favorite kind of jewelry and what you like about them
he seems innocent tho??
little do you know, he's plotting your emotional downfall
this man is going all out, wants it to be romantic asf so there aint no way in hell he will let you find out
he knows you take your jewelry off and set it on the bathroom counter so he makes the perfect excuse
when you notice a ring of yours is missing, he confesses
"I'm sorry, Y/n... I think I dropped something down the drain the other day. But I promise I'll make it up to you, I'll get you all the rings you want, bigger and better!" hint hint ;)
ofc you make a wedding ring joke and he laughs but mans is actually so happy that you're thinking about it
why is this so sweet </3
chan, you smooth mf 😤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aizawa calling you clingy - gn reader
- [attempt at] angst to fluff
- warnings: being called clingy, aizawa gets annoyed with reader and berates them, one use of the word ‘shit’
- wc: 1.9k
a/n: this wasnt......as sad as i wanted... i cant tell if im just not so good at writing angst or immune to it T_T
once again, not edited!
Tumblr media
#! aizawa!!!! eee
#! hes a levelheaded man so arguments are rare
#! u both trust one another so theres no reason to have doubts in ur relationship
#! being his s/o, he tells u things thats not so easy to tell others over time, and you’re patient enough to let him take however much time he needs to let u in
#! however, years of keeping to himself most of the time doesnt just disappear even if you’re his s/o
#! so aizawa does have this tendency to close off and distance himself from u bc of his stress and insecurities
walking through the spacious halls of ua, you were headed towards your lovely boyfriend. aizawas been pretty busy lately with teaching his class, making sure no one is being left behind progress wise, doing his job as a pro-hero, and then spending his free time training with shinsou.
you knew showing up at school unexpectedly was something aizawa found irky, that’s why you made sure to tell him the night before that you would be coming during lunch time to bring him some yummy homemade food.
humming softly to yourself, you finally reached the door opening to class 1-A and walked in. the classroom was empty, but there at the front was no one other than mr. aizawa shouta. you quickly greeted him with a smile and he turned to look at you.
“what are you doing here?” he slowly asked with a look of confusion.
“i brought you some food! did you eat yet? i hope not, i made-,” you quickly stopped talking once you noticed the look he was giving you.
“why are you here? i already told you, you shouldnt be showing up without letting me know first. our relationship is quiet, if the students see they’ll get noisy and ask questions, i’ll get bombarded by my colleagues, and it’ll put you in danger if words get out. did anyone see you coming here? can you listen to me for once instead of continuing to always be near me? you’re so damn clingy and need to start thinking about the consequences your action will bring. i already ate, just go home before anything happens.”
your jaw dropped a little after hearing what he just said to you. did he not remember what you told him last night?
worst of all, you couldnt believe he just called you clingy. you just wanted to do something nice for him by making his favorite food hoping that it’ll relieve some of the stress thats been building up, but he just thought of you as clingy.
fine, if clingy is what you are then you’ll stop bothering him. you quickly whispered an apology, not sure if he could hear or not, and began making your way back home as fast as possible. the food you made for him was still tightly grasped in your hand.
due to the new dormitories, aizawa stays at ua majority of the time. he comes home to your shared apartment whenever he can to spend time with you. unfortunately, those time aren’t usually much because as soon as he’s free, he’s quick to do something else.
once you’ve made it home, you packed the food away and put it in the fridge. you felt your phone buzzing repeatedly, already guessing who it could possibly be, you took it out to see it was your boyfriend.
shou <3: im sorry
shou <3: honey, im so sorry. pls text me back when u can
shou <3: i know what i said hurted u, but i promise u i dont mean it. pls just call me or text me so we can talk about this
shou <3: i have to go back now. but i love u. so much.
staring at your screen, you contemplated texting him back.
letting out a sigh, you decided not to.
putting your phone to the side, you walked to the bedroom and changed out of your clothes into the comfy pjs you were wearing right before you left.
seeing that there was nothing for you to do other than wallow in your insecurities and let out a few tears, you got into bed and made yourself comfortable for an afternoon nap.
aizawa on the other hand was at school and distracted. his own words kept replaying over and over in his head and all he wants to do is smack himself a few times (after comforting u ofc).
his students could tell he was in a badder mood than usual so they collectively agreed to not worsen it (one particular student does not care. can u guess?). aizawa just wanted the day to pass so he can apologize to you directly and make it up with some cuddling.
despite being distracted with planning his apology and thinking about you, he was still teaching as he should and constantly telling his students to be quiet because he’s intimidating like that.
a few hours passed, the students are back in their dorms and some of the teachers are still in school finishing up some work. the hallways were empty and silent, and the weather outside was nice and calm - not too sunny with just the right amount of wind.
however, if you were to peek your head inside of class 1-A at the moment, the environment is an exact 180. aizawa is quickly trying to grade the remaining stack of papers he has on his desk so he can leave as soon as he can. there’s papers everywhere, he’s not so sure where the answer key went off to but to hell with the answer key. he just needs to go home.
his hair is messily tied up and his lips have probably been gnawed off by now. as soon as school ended, he got out his phone to see if you replied and sadly you didn’t. he doesn’t blame you though, considering all of the shit he said to you earlier. 
finally writing down the fat score in red pen onto the final paper, he gathers everything and put to the side of his desk and packed up his stuff. his stuff being his yellow sleeping bag and that’s it.
he went to his room first to clean himself up a bit, and then grabbed a taxi to go to your shared apartment. arriving at the front door, he takes out his copy of the key and entered.
first thing he noticed while entering and taking off his shoes was that the apartment was dark and quiet. he made his way to the kitchen first and turned on its lights to check the fridge. in the fridge laid the food you made for him earlier today. he took it out to start heating it up in the microwave then he walks away from the food and to your bedroom.
quietly opening the door, he poked his head in to see you laying on your side with your back facing the door. he assumed you were asleep and gently closed the door to not wake you up. he made his way over to the bed and sat on the edge of it. 
you, feeling the bed dip, slowly opened your eyes to be greeted with the sight of your boyfriend gingerly brushing his fingertips across your cheekbones. he notices that you’re awake and looks up to meet your eyes.
making eye contact with him, you quietly grunted and brought the blanket up to cover your face while turning your entire body to the other side to ignore him. aizawa sighed and brought his hand down to rest on your waist as he begins talking.
“yn... i know you’re.. mad at me for the things i said to you earlier, but i’m truly sorry. i know saying i didn’t mean it isn’t good enough for you to forgive me, but i want you to know i’m really really sorry. i’ve been so busy for the past few days, my head is all over the place, seeing you at school just got me overthinking and worried that i ended up saying things about you that’s not true at all. i love you so much, hun. you’re the best thing to happen to me. you don’t have to forgive me now, i understand if you want some space.”
it was silent for some time after he finished his apology. the echoing silence was slowly making aizawa worried that you’ll leave him, but he won’t tell you that. thinking that you wanted space, he lifted his shaky hand off of your waist and moved to get off of the bed when you suddenly grabbed onto his hand to keep him there.
“i...i told you the day before that i was going to be visiting you during lunch time. did you not remember? or even hear me tell you?”
aizawa situated himself back down onto the bed before replying. “if i’m being honest, i don’t really remember much of that day at all. my brain was occupied with work and rest, so i was practically drained by the end of the night. i’m sorry i took it out on you, it’s my fault for overworking when i know you’ve been trying to help.”
letting out a soft sigh, you turned your body back towards him. still holding onto his hand, you carefully slotted your fingers in between his and pulled him down to lay with you. he immediately found comfort in this and placed his head into your neck. you could feel his facial hair against your skin making you let out a quiet giggle.
“i love you. i know you have a habit to overwork since that’s all you did before we dated, but please shou, take care of yourself. im not talking physically, cuz you’re already so damn fine, but mentally. i hate seeing you bury yourself in work and training that it even makes me tired just watching you.”
he grumbled something against your neck - his usual reaction to you complimenting him - and held onto you tighter while putting light kisses on your collarbone.
“i know. i will. please bear with me, i know i’m a pain but i’ll always try to be my best for you. i’m never letting you go, love you too much for that.”
“hmm? who said i’m going? you’re stuck with me forever just so you know,” you laughed and patted his head before rising from the bed.
“i heard you heating up the food earlier. get up and come eat,” you tugged aizawa to get him off the bed.
he grumbled once again because he was being forced to leave the warm comfort of your shared bed, but followed you out anyway holding onto your hand.
“wait. you heard me entering? so you were pretending to sleep when i got here?! not funny, babe. not funny. -also don’t take sleep for granted. i did and look where that got me. stop laughing!”
Tumblr media
it was the next day and aizawa just finished passing out the grades he rushed grading yesterday. even though it was rushed, he was confident that there wasn’t any mistakes-
“aizawa sensei, you marked this question wrong when it’s right. this one too. and this other one on the last page. are you trying to fail me?!” denki dramatically wailed as he showed aizawa his papers.
guess he did make mistakes after all.
Tumblr media
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kaashiscocobun · a year ago
Tumblr media
⇢ 𝗺𝗵𝗮 𝗳𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗹𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗼𝘀 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮 𝘀𝗵𝘆 𝗳𝗲𝗺! 𝘀/𝗼 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗮 𝗯𝘂𝗻𝗻𝘆 𝗾𝘂𝗶𝗿𝗸
Tumblr media
↳ 𝗳𝘁: 𝗿𝘂𝗺𝗶, 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗮, 𝗷𝗶𝗿𝗼𝘂, 𝗳𝗲𝗺! 𝗽𝗼𝗰 𝘀/𝗼
 ↳ 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 𝗯𝗮𝘀𝗶𝗰 𝗻𝘀𝗳𝘄 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗺𝗵𝗮 𝗴𝗶𝗿𝗹𝘀 𝗶𝗱 𝗹𝗲𝘁 𝗱𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗼𝘆 𝗺𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗯𝗱𝗲, 𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗳𝗳
↳ 𝘄𝗰: 𝟭.𝟱𝗸 𝘄𝗵𝗼𝗼𝗽𝘀
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐮𝐦𝐢 𝐔𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐚
being that she herself has a bunny quirk she instantly falls in love with you
will openly court you to let everyone else know that you’re hers
she's super open with skinship and unless you tell her you don’t like it she’ll do it no matter who’s around
intimate hugs, randomly groping you, kisses, pet names, etc.
she thinks you’re so small and cute compared to her
calls you cute nicknames like “ bunny “, “ carrot “, “ mommy’s good girl “
she likes giving you piggy back rides and likes it when you scratch her ears too
thinks its the cutest thing when you get embarrassed and you curl into yourself so innocently
just makes her want to ruin you more and more every time
loves feeding you and giving you presents bc she wants to see you well fed and happy
she rubs your ears a lot in tons of situation, if you're sad, uncomfortable, did a good job at something or even if you guys are just simply chilling doing nothing at all
when you guys first starting dating she wouldn’t touch your tail bc she didn't want to make you uncomfortable bc she knows how shy you are
now now now, the first time she found out her sensitive your tail was, oh lord
you just released the demon inside of this woman
buys you a pretty collar with rumi’s bunny written on it and a pretty bow on the back
“ you like it when mommy touches you here, don't cha carrot? “
this woman has a mommy kink, no other opinions are valid
loves loves loves giving you hickeys all over
rubs your ears after you come down from hard orgasms
loves to softly degrade you too
“ look at this slutty hole, dripping for me “  
“ look at you, spreading yourself for me waiting for me to breed you like the pretty slut you are “
breeding kink, i said what I said
rubs your tail when she pegs you from behind bc she knows how much you like it when she does
“ look at you taking my cock like the obedient little breeding bitch you are “
rumi calling you a breeding bitch i-  
her favorite is doggy style with your hands tied behind your back while she rails you from behind while she pulls on your collar
will s p a n k you and makes you count too
literally humps you like a bunny in heat
she won't require you to pleasure her back bc she just wants to take care of you but if you do she’ll praise you the whole time
let her roughly fuck your face while your in nothing but some skimpy white lingerie you can see your brown nipples through, a collar, and some thigh highs
has SO much stamina
also likes good ol missionary with your knees pressed into your chest while cry and drool for her
“ that’s right, cum for me bunny “
loves making you ride her face or 69ing with you on top, she knows your shy and your embarrassed and vulgar expressions make it soooo much more watching you writhe in pleasure for her
will make you ride her, and won't help you at all bc she's a big meanie and she loves to watch you struggle to impale yourself on her fake cock while you gush all over her thighs
if you try and ride her and she thinks you’re going to slow, she’ll fuck you with the powerful pretty ass legs and ruin you from under you
she’s so rough with you and leaves bruises everywhere but she’s never so rough to the point she hurts you
when you cum she rubs your ears and tells you how good you did
“ that’s my good girl “ ugh
will clean you up and carry you around everywhere, gives you her clothes to sleep in
if you fall asleep right after your bath, shell dress you, put on your bonnet for you, and make you something to eat while you rest
i will let this woman destroy me pls i got so carried away I-
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐊𝐲𝐨𝐤𝐚
she literally adores your cute ass floppy ears
literally takes pictures of your ears and tails and face and shows everyone and adores it when you get embarrassed
she’s so sweet to you just buys you any and everything
writes you cute ass songs
bc you’re so shy she’s always going to ask before she touches you
consent consent consent
when you get uncomfortable around a large group of people and she sees your ears lay flat on top of your head, will subtly pull you aside to a quiet place
calls you things like “ my muse “ or “ darling “
she understands that you don’t like loud things bc of how sensitive your ears are being that she herself has sensitive ears too bc of her quirk
when you can’t sleep or have nightmares she’ll sing to you and gently scratch behind your ears
studies up on your anatomy bc she wants to know as much about you as possible
will teach you how to play her acoustic guitar bc she knows it won’t be too loud for your sensitive ears
she loves how your ears just sit perfectly in the middle of your curls you just look so pretty
she likes it when you wear bright colors that contrast her own wardrobe
she might seem like she’s pretty chill but in bed i believe that kyoka is a mean ass lazy dom
she makes you work for your orgasms and she will edge and punish you
“ go faster or you wont get to cum at all “
she likes watching you desperately grind your sweet cunt onto her thigh or against her own arousal
likes to eat you out from behind or play with your cunt in front of a mirror
she lovesssss playing with your brown nipples and if you’re insecure about them she will casually take time out of her day just to appreciate them
shower sex shower sex shower sexxxxx
likes seeing you all wet and the water falling off your body just turns her on
mirror sex with jirou ugh
she loves spreading you open in front of a mirror and lazily fingering you until your crying and dripping all over you, her, and the bedsheets from the overstim
“ don’t be a crybaby, you can take more can't you, darling? “
she tugging on your tail when you cum bc she knows how sensitive it is and she loves hearing you moan loud for her but will be so mean to you about it
“ shut your mouth “
will smack your cute ass while she ruthlessly grinds into you and calls you names
“ you want everyone to hear how loud you are don't you slut “
will edge you until you cry and won't let you cum until there are tears streaming down your face and your begging her for release
“ only good girls get to cum, not selfish sluts “
she will probably call you names when you cum too lol
after care is 10/10 tho
she makes it up to you for being mean and buys you ice cream after she bathes you
sings to you and gives you snacks and ear rubs
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐨
she is a very sociable person, she loves to interact with others and make friends while you on the other hand are super introverted and stays to yourself
everyone is surprised when you too start to go out bc you are polar opposites
will never shut up about you after that
“ yeah, that cute lil bunny over there.. that's my girlfriend “
calls you things like “ babe “, “ bun “, and “ love “
shows everyone cute pictures of you she took off guard and rubs your ears when you get mad at her for embarrassing you  
she wont do anything you dont like and will always ask what your comfortable with and is constantly asking if you're too overwhelmed when your out somewhere
she loves your quirk and she thinks its so cute
she will buy you cute skirts and cuts hole out of the back of them just to see your cute little tail pop out the back
will hold your hand no matter where you are so you don't get lost or feel too uncomfortable
she hates when your sad or feeling insecure and uncomfortable around others bc your ears droop on top of your head and she hates how lifeless they look
she likes buying you cute ribbons to tie around the base of your ears
matching pjs and disney movies anyone?
likes seeing you in frilly pink things and pretty chokers
she's a people pleaser so anything you want, if it's in her ability to give it to you trust me you’ll have it
she isn't mean to you as your dom bUT she is SO unashamedly vulgar
she will say the nastiest things to you with an innocent smile on her face while she wrecks you
“ look at how your pussy just clenches for me, how cute “  
likes to make you look when she plays with you
the biggest tease
“ don't be embarrassed love, i love when your pussy sucks my fingers and tongue in like that “
it is her mission to make you squirt every single time you have sex
likes to make you eat her out on your knees while you play with yourself under her
she is a BITER she loves to bite you everywhere
tugs on your ears when she fucks your face and calls you a good bunny when you make her cum
“ look at my good girl, you look so pretty with my cum all over your face, love “
please wear thigh highs and garters for her, she will worship you
loves the inside of your mouth, she’ll stick her fingers in your mouth and then make you talk to her while she fingers the hell out of you
“ aw bun, look at how stupid im fucking you “
toys toys toys!!
loves using all types of vibrators on you
she isn't as mean to where she'd edge you, she hates not giving you what you want but she will always overstim you
“ look love, you came so much the bed is soaking “
“ look at the mess your gushing cunt made “
she will embarrass you any chance she gets
she also likes mutual masturbation
watching you get off to watching her get off? i think tf yeah
sits you on her lap so she can fucking you with the vibrator on the highest setting while playing with your tail
will have a normal conversation with you like she’s not literally ruining your insides and will tease you when you cant respond to her without moaning and whimpering
“ what was that babe? I can't understand anything you're saying, speak up “ 
loves seeing your ears and nose twitch when you cum
cuddles you and runs a warm bath for you both
gives you soft massages bc she knows how sore you’ll be afterwards
puts on your matching bonnets and makes you breakfast the next morning
aftercare queen yess
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matchamabs · 11 months ago
get ready for some heinous opinions! so im ranking the guys in botw by how hot they are and im taking No criticism. idk if i forgot anyone but i tried
check it out under the cut 
Tumblr media
sorry but this twink is just. average. like Painfully average. hes like white bread. therefore he gets an average score. i can appreciate hes a cute lookin guy? but like. thats it. if u fancy link u probably like mayonnaise. he looks like mayonnaise. grow a fuckin tache or smth dude for the love of god. 5/10 very normal.
Tumblr media
ok im a diehard bird simp but like... this boy is fuckin ugly lmao. hes pretty at the same time tho? nice smile, nice eyes, nice voice but yellow eyebrows? green eyes? red makeup? clown. he’s a bird clown. tho i guess some ppl find clowns hot so this one’s for the pennywise crowd. 5/10. he’s a 10/10 in my heart tho.
Tumblr media
now this is a MAN. u got the good smile, the strong arms, the r i p p l i n g  m u s c l e s. he is a man u can trust. his arm hair is a bit wild but if u dont like his incredible facial hair, then.... idc. 7/10. they made a rock handsome. thats impressive. 3 points off for the forehead vagina tho. dont like that.
Tumblr media
hot fucking damn. this is what we in the biz call a raging dilf. he looks like the kind of dad that never grew out of his punk rock phase. idk how i feel abt the broken traffic light look but its fine. just look into his gorgeous eyes and listen 2 his deep gravelly voice as he tells u to fuck off and leave him alone. perfection. the voice already makes him like 20/10 but the mullet is fucking awful and he should be penalised for that. 8/10. grow a fringe like the rest of us.
Tumblr media
ah the shape of water... ok yeah the fish is fuckable ill grant u that. hes All fuckin torso tho and his eyes r constantly pointing in different directions which is not the Most Flattering Look and he Will hit u with his head handlebars and it will hurt. the 24-pack aint half bad either but i always get this feeling that he looks like he skips... some kind of day. not arm day, not leg day, but... some kind of day. maybe brain day.  8/10. sharp teeth are always sexy.
Tumblr media
10/10. i dont fuckin care if u hate his hair- this man probably invented the most effective hairspray in existence just to make that happen. respect him. u cannot deny hes hot tho like theres just Something about him. the confidence... the attitude... i worry about revealing his eyes tho. theres a 50% chance it will not work in ur favour and he’ll just look heinous. full 10/10 tho. old robbie is also not bad 2 look at if ur not a coward but he Might leave u for an easy bake oven so like. watch out for that.
Tumblr media
well the queen saw something in him??? i genuinely fear the idea of ever getting to see his chin from under that magnificent beard tho. he’s probably got the jawline of a russian power lifter. anyway for an old guy hes not lookin that bad so long as u dont mind a receding hairline. ill b nice. 5/10. for a king u could do worse. ill be taking complaints about this take in my dms. bring a bat. 
Tumblr media
where do i begin. i love beedle. i rlly do but theres.... so much going on. personality is a 10/10, business skills are 10/10/ haircut is -50/10 and the crop top....? well ill give him 10/10 for confidence. 4/10 im sorry he is just a Lot to look at. he looks like rock lee tried to become a slutty pirate king. shonen jump will have a lot to answer for.
Tumblr media
the colour scheme is... better than revali, tho i didnt realise how obnoxious it was until i actually got a good look at him. ive never seen a bird look so top heavy before but this mans got 5 kids so i have nothing but respect for my king. kass is for the dilf crowd that like the dad bods. 8/10 he is quite nice to look at ngl. he’s like revali but light mode.
Tumblr media
ok yunobo is very cute i wont lie but the hair is just massively disarming. idk its all i can think about. is this a goron emo phase?? is that what that is?? ive been staring at it for like 5 minutes and i still cant work out if i like it or not. 5/10 he is a humble lad. 
Tumblr media
under all that gear kohga could look like willem dafoe x50 and id still find him attractive. he cant be hot tho. he just cant be. like looks wise he has to be 1/10 under that there is no way this man could feasibly be conventionally attractive and tbh i like it that way. banana boy gets 6/10. hotter than revali. revali looks like a clown but kohga looks like the entire fucking circus
Tumblr media
there is nothing unattractive about bolson. 10/10. sha-ding
Tumblr media
i hate the hair i hate the hair i hate the hair i hate the hair SO fucking much but the voice. he has to be hot under that gear with a voice like that. if hes not well. just close ur eyes. the voice will take care of the rest. 8/10 the crack in his mask actually makes him look sexier and i dont understand how that can happen
Tumblr media
????????????????????????? he looks. like an old man? i swear those big wingy bits are his eyebrows but i cant Quite be sure. why would a tree need eyebrows. ??/10 keep ur questionable gifts to urself
Tumblr media
-100000/10 who the fuck let this budget pokemon npc in here. he looks like he should b leading team ganon across the kanto region. he probably draws those lines on his face to make himself look older and listens to mother mother. im gonna punch his third eye. no this is not a biased opinion 
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cinnachuu · a year ago
a/n: we’re coming to the end of the kakegurui girls, only a few left on my list! hope u enjoy this one! Midari is one of my personal favorite girls <33
warnings/genre: this one will heavily mention Midari’s masochistic nature and heavier violence, along with self harm. please practice self care and avoid reading this if that’s not your style. thank you!
Tumblr media
•this relationship literally needs a warning sign plastered on it
•let’s be honest here, you’d have to be madly in love to date her
•obviously I acknowledge all negative attributes to the girls, but I feel like this relationship would be the most dangerous
•you’ll spend countless nights thinking if Midari is okay, it she’s landed herself in trouble or gambled herself dead in a ditch
•it’s very unhealthy, and I definitely think that if you wanted a good relationship, seek someone else.
•she’s very arrogant and selfish, often belittling you or disregarding you if try to scold her for her behavior
•she reminds me of a feral Dazai, begging you to join her to commit acts of violence to yourselves.
•she begs you endlessly to gamble with her, growing agitated when you say no, bounding about to desperately throw away your lives to gamble
•dating her is similar to descending into madness. All she wants is to throw it all away with you and bury yourselves in risk and intensity
•she honestly doesn’t care for your safety at all, and expects you to do the same
•she doesn’t like you coddling over her
•but at the same time, she’s desperate for your affection, she just doesn’t know how to properly recieve it, or what healthy affection is
•you can take this relationship two different ways
•right, so obviously you can put yourself into a care taker role, not in the way that’s used in certain communities, but in the traditional way.
•you can try your best to be patient, reassure her with positive affirmations and do everything in your power to try and keep her mindset in healthier places
•will it work? depends :)
•see, Midari is such an instinctive person. She would need to trust you, and her instincts would tell her to listen
•but would anyone allow her to go sane?
•Kirari would strongly dislike you. She enjoys Midari masochistic nature in contrast to her sadistic one, she’ll threaten you until you stop trying to care for Midari in the way no one else has.
•so, you can love her slowly, help her find healthier coping mechanisms and ways to handle her nature, and be absolutely hated by Kirari, and god knows how long it would take to help stabilize the mind of Midari.
•so! the alternate is enabling this behavior
•honestly? none of these options are safe but Kirari won’t be at your throat so...lol
•this is gonna be at the sacrifice of your health
•Midari is so selfish, you feel like you’e just an obstacle in her way at times
•and you won’t sleep, constantly thinking of her and if she’s okay
•but she doesn’t care, she just wants more risk, more and more filling her cup until she snaps
•but ahem
•we’re here for a good time and not a long time, so let’s get on with some fluffier aspects of your relationship :))
•alright, so she’s not very good at giving in relationships.
•but she does do a lot of absent minded physical affection if you two have been a pair for a while
•throwing you onto her lap, holding you close, wrapping an arm around you
•her love is tough, get used to it
•she doesn’t use pet names other than darling. I just feel like she’s not the type, she already loves the feeling of your name on her tongue
•she loves pulling you into her arms hehe
•she doesn’t like receiving gifts or giving them
•I feel like affection is very very difficult for her, she’ll have a hard time processing a proper response or she’ll feel really weird about it for a while
•a healthy relationship with her won’t be the easiest, it’ll require all your time and effort, so in the nicest way possible, don’t try
•there’s no way you’re gonna break Midari and help her safely, she can never love you that much, she’ll never be able to process loving you enough to be saved
•but if you’re nice to her, she’ll obsess over you
•the way she shows her infatuation with you is gambling
•she’ll get really upset if you’re not good so get practicing !!
•gets so excited whenever you beat her, even if you insist you don’t want her stacks of money she offers
•she claims that if she’s not losing anything, the experience doesn’t feel right
•she always begs to harm herself in order to pay off the debt she owes to you, it’s terrifying and it takes all of you to stop her
•oh! She practically worships you and is constantly begging for your attention to be on her
•she loves loves loves gambling with you
•just pretend the game isn’t totally rigged by you from the start so you don’t end up dying, and everything will go as planned
•she gets so upset if you don’t enjoy the same things as her, and verbally goes off on you when she gets very agitated
•anyways, slipping back into negative nancy mode
•she’ll hold you dear, as long as you never step out from the image she sees you in
•I would love to go on and on about your relationship, but let’s do some more light hearted stuff :,)
•takes you around when doing her beautification duties
•she likes placing flowers in your hair, and you have to fight her away from the scissors
•she tries really hard to look her best for you, she wants your attention and love so badly
•is just desperate for your affection, it’s just so hard for her to understand how you can love someone healthily
•I rlly cant imagine u getting into the situation of you dating her
•I’m not saying that dating anyone with a mental illness will be a hassle or painful, I’m saying that Midari is so far gone and traumatized that there’s no possible way that you can manage to help her stabilize and find healthy coping methods by the time you graduate
•no that isn’t a challenge you are going to get killed
•kirari hates you <3
•I just have a feeling that Kirari absolutely despises you JANDKSJD
•Midari thinks you’re beautiful though and will often laugh and caress your face, admiring you, tracing your features with a sharp nail
•desperately begs for you to kill her one day
•she thinks you’re a goddess, groveling at your feet
•her camera roll is full of photos of you, it’s honestly a little bit creepy
•ive never written explicit yandere but that’s definitely what I could classify her as
•I just feel like she would be absolutely obsessed with you, and once she descends to that level you can’t stop her
•I’m sorry this one was so negative!! but I promise the next one will be lighter on the heart <33
•Midari is not, and I don’t think she could be a great girlfriend in the near future.
•but you can try to help her :)
•and honestly, you’re just as mad as her for loving her.
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bucky-barnes-is-jesus · 11 months ago
i hc wilbur made tommy president because he planned to go and press the button while tommy spoke and kill him along with himself
wilbur wanted end all his unfinished symphonies and as the person who raised tommy- he raised him like he raised l'manberg. he doesnt care for fundy- not since he denounced him- so he wanted to end him :)
i need a fic where tommy is the one who goes to stop wilbur and wilbur fucking stabs him before pressing the button saying "it was never meant to be" tommy loses both first and last lives to that phrase
tommys last words are it was always meant to be fucking wilbur survives the explosion and has no one to kill him and now he has to live with the consqunces tommy becomes toast- short for ghost tommy i refuse to write so many letters each time- and immeditly looks for his older brothers and he finds wilbur first :) wilbur is exiled for his crimes and also out of fear- they tried to rehabilate him! they really did but then he freaked out over seeing toast... in a bad way.... and he and toast burned georges house on toast suggest (maybe we should burn something! that always helps me calm down!) this is after wilbur is trusted enough to be not... in a prison... after phil convinced them he needs help and toast tries his best ok- (WHO LEFT WILBUR WITH TOAST!) (I THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME! I WAS ONLY LEAVING FOR FIVE MINUTES! AND RANBOO WAS THERE TOO!) and toast tries to go with but everyone is like "yeah no" and toast is like "whhhhyyy i just wanna stay with wilby!" and everytime anyone tries to tell tommy about the wrongs that have happened to him he screams and clutches his head in pain and everytime he comes back he doesnt remember the convo toast,,, is the most BABY toast calls everyone cutesy nicknames unironcially he calls eret rere toast, chriping happily: TECHIE!!!! tubbo: TOMMY STAY AWAY FROM HIM! toast, in a very lost and confused voice: why? techno, freaking out: tommy? toast: hi!!!!!!! im toast!!!!!! :D techno: lowkey ab to cry toast: NOOOOOOOO DUN CRI! toast: there there techie... i know what will help! tubbo, sighing: arson? toast: ARSON! phil comes just in time to find tommys dead body and l'manberg gone hes not around for the withers neither hes there just to see the crater and wilbur in chains with blood on his hands trying to off himself phil will forever blame himself for not making it in time :> dream: taking wilbur away in boat toast, floating behind the boat: o^o dream do you have any games on your phone .///^///. looks at exileinnit hmmm spins roulette wheel who should i hurt... i picked d all of the above they dont let toast go with him but because he is baby and you can't tell him what to do tubbo: sighs finally now that the exiles done toast can you- tubbo: looks up tubbo: GOADDAMN IT
toast is promptly kidnapped back to l'manberg the next day toast keeps going back tho and no one understands why- he literally killed him! why does he keep wanting to go back! (toasts unfinished buisness keeping him tied was helping wilbur and l'manberg- he loved wilbur even at his worst)
toast vibes around everyone but he stays with wilbur- where ever wilbur goes is where he builds his home
its shitty but its an 'ome Toast, teary eyed: Dad? Why does everyone hate Wilby? Why can't I be with him... Phil, with no idea what to do: niki bakes cakes with niki whenever hes in l'manberg he keeps accidently setting her bakery on fire but hes sMOL AND GIGGLES A LOT AND HE HAS FLOUR ON HE GODDAMN SELF toast is a part of mexican l'manberg i dont make the rules mexican dream: AYYYYYYYYY HOMIE toast, giggling: 'OMIE!!!!!
Toast is wholesome while everyone is literally willing to murder Wilbur while also trying to stop him from khs toast is just a very happy lovely child and cries whenever anyone is mean to 'his big brother wilby!' and so they all constantly glare daggers over toasts shoulder wherenever he cant see em meanwhile Phil is just dying inside because Tommy is a ghost by Wilbur's hands and Wilbur keeps trying to commit suicide and oh god what is he supposed to do- he simply avoids this struggle by avoiding them toast, waddling up to philza: papa do you have any games on your phone? all im saying is that tommy called phil papa before changing to dad or fathercraft phil,in the tired parent voice: tommy please sit down- just for five minutes- at least for 5 minutes toast: sits down and then proceeds to struggle to continue to sit but he must because dad told him to toast is just ADHD incarnate wilbur, trying to end himself: im gonna escape my consequences toast: HI!!!!! :D wilbur: FUCK ITS MY CONSEQUENCES toast,,,, is so baby Wilbur is just not allowed to have anything remotely sharp i like how theres so much angst and im just hyper focusing on ba yby dream uses toast the same way he uses ghostbur! :D toast doesnt realize of course even after wilbur tells him dream is bad but he keeps forgetting!!! Everyone: da baby Dream: how can I profit from this oh dream is manipulating wilbur btw wilbur: suffering toast: i made you a card toast trusts eret wholeheartedly and this hurts eret because she knows if toast remembered he probably wouldnt- they wanted redemption but not like this- not because of death Toast: you look cool Toast: you are friend now Eret: sobs I don't deserve this Toast: what did I do wrong Toast: how can I help friend!!!!! Eret: sobbing more toast looks at everyone says "ah! friend shaped!" if ur wondering wheres the angst toast is the angst- toast is just tommy without any bad memories and hes so different they thought he was happy before they thought he was fine tommy was hurt too but since he internalized it no one cared toast sees wilbur being sad and goes! i know what will help! n-not arson tho people dont like arson when you do it.... BUT ITS OKAY! I BROUGHT A FRIEND! shows friend, the sheep and wilbur just fucking sobs Toast is wholesome chaotic in a perfect mix- toast is tommy but without the 'asshole on purpose as a self defense mechanism" someone mentioned something about Tommy masking insecurities once Toast doesn't remember. and he's fine with that he doesn't have any insecurities toast hurts because in retrospect toast, meeting bad: WOAAAAAAH! YOU LOOK SO FUCKING COOL! bad: LANGUAGE! toast, cringing back, looking at the ground: ..sorry :( bad: ...you can swear toast: :D bad: once toast hasnt sworn since "hes saving it for special occasions" sometimes he accidently swears and immedtly gasps and looks at bad and bad just sighs and is like "its okay it was an accident" bad never would have thought itd take letting tommy swear for him to stop huh... its almost like... hes a child.... and the negetive reienforcement.... was doing more harm then good.... toast: exists in an amount of happiness no one has ever seen him in before everyone: pain how much pain was tommy in before? they thought tommy was happy- was... was he not happy? he's so unabashedly joyful and energetic looking back they can see how forced every laugh felt, every smile- He's not afraid to just talk to people, make new friends he became so much more cautious after Eret, had it really effected him that badly? He's open. He never lies about how he's feeling, never brushes anything away how much was Tommy hiding, how much pain, how much fear- It's chilling. bone chilling. There's no way to fix what's been lost. No way to apologize to who Tommy used to be, to try and make it better. None of them every bothered to see him as anything more than a nuisance, an annoying child or cannon fodder and they'll regret it for the rest of their lives everyone: having a mental crisis toast: GUYYYYSS!! I MADE ANOTHER FRIEND!!!
"Wilby?" Wilbur heard Tommys voice say in an innocent tone.
Was he hearing things? Tommy's dead. He killed him himself.
"Wilby why are you in prison?" The image of his little brother asked, "Did you commit arson without me?" it asked in a pout.
"TOMMY!" Tubbo yelled running into the cell where Wilbur was kept, going through the bars with ease, "Tommy get away from him!"
"But 'ubbo!!!! Wilby is 'ere!!!!" Tommy (?) said with a smile Wilbur hadn't seen since Tommy was a child.
"Tommy, I understand you don't remember anything right now but you need to come back over here!" Tubbo demanded and Tommy flinched
Wilbur was struck with the sudden realization that this isn't just his mind- no no it can't be- but Tubbo acknowledged him he has to- Wilbur reached his locked hands towards Tommy only for him to pass through him. What? No no it was just his imagination that makes sense.
"Oh sorry Wil! I'm kinda dead! I don't remember how i died... but i think im a ghostie!" Tommy said plainly, floating off the floor. Wilbur looked at him in confusion. Whats happening?
the first time toast sees the crater toast srceams in intense amount of pain- its so loud you can hear it all over the smp- and just dissapears for a few days before reappearing with no memories of what happened toast saying things tommy thought but never said- he calls eret "big brother" and eret fucking d i e s toast cals all the l'manbergians older siblings He's far too honest for anyone to handle tommy was always honest too but he learned from experince that honesty only lead to hurt Tommy was like an enderchest, you could never see beyond the exterior, everything inside was exclusive to him and him alone Toast is like when someone dies and all their fuckin items explode onto the ground. you just see everything and most of it was  pain and everyone feels bad because they thought he was the only one uneffected that nothing had ever put a damper on his happiness and energetic smile- at what point had that smile became fake? also for angst reasons the last memory toast has is before the elections toast has uwu boy vibes but more chaotic toast goes to dream smp from logstedshire purely for sam nook toast starts making his hotel since he sees nobody has a home (including dream LMAO) (and he wants to make a safe place since everyone keeps saying something about war) and wants to make one and asks sam for help since apparently hes good at building and sam lets him pay after he finishs the hotel and sam nook is there since day one because i dont think i could handle a world without sam nook toast: biting everyone tubbo: wHY DO YOU DO THAT?????? toast: once techie bit all the cupcakes and then said it was his cuz he bit it so im biting everyone to show their mine!!!!! tubbo: i- tubbo: i am both flattered and disgusted everyone, remembering how tommy used to bite everyone upon meeting and then everyone would get mad at him and yell at him until he stopped biting people on meeting: sadly whips and nae naes hes a BABY toast deserves the fucking world also i havent talked ab it but there is wilbur and fundy angst here fundy confronts wilbur also not that fundy is angry about not not not getting murdered by his father but also why does he consider tommy his unfinished sympohny and not him? he raised fundy too- maybe he just only ever loved tommy (based off his insecurity of how close wilbur and tommy are based off wilbur raising tommy and wilbur only being there for fundy by the time he was older and also using hybrid age go nyoom for this dream manipulates toast during wilburs exile along with wilbur and toast realizes both of them were being used by him and fucking screams lourder than he ever has before and dissapears for a week and then shows up at technos house (he got lost and he didnt know why he was at logsted shire- he doesnt remember the place) on the day of the excution and tries to help technoblade but keeps forgetting that everyone is trying to kill techno the butcher army is hesitant when "hey why are you all attacking big brother Techy-" "HE SPAWNED WITHERS IN L'MANBERG!" "he did?" toast asked tilting his head in confusion "YES! HE DID! AFTER YOU DIED! NOW WHERE IS HE TOAST! WE NEED TO CAPTURE HIM!" whenever tubbo talks ab how theyre planning on excuting techno or how there was no trial toast has flashbacks to tubbos excution but hes never able to hold on to the memories just leaving him feeling bad toast sees anything traumatic and just makes the blue screen noise toast has to reboot every time anything truamatic happens and when he does he doesnt remember what happens after
toast hurts on a "THE FUCKING IMPLICATIONS OF THIS" level just.. everyone trying to make up for not noticing tommys hurt and trying to be good to toast when its already too late... far too late glatt is also here because whenever ytoast dissapears after something trauamtic he bounces back to the land of the dead for the bit and sometimes he drags glatt out to the land of the living with him only works bc toast has unfinished buisness so he can freely go between and just stays in the land of the lving until he can finish his unfiinshed buisness ghostbur and toast wouldve been good friends if they ever met anyone yells at toast and he immeditly starts sobbing
basically when everything is calm and peaceful and everyone is happy together after dream is in prison and toast is like "oh... this is what ive always wanted"
"toast?" tubbo asked, confused toast smiled softly, "i think its time for me to go" "what?" wilbur asked his pitch unusually high due to the fear lacing his voice "i think... i think this was my unfinished buisness... this is the last thing i wanted when i was alive, the reason i stayed... i think its finally my time to go now" toast said smiling tearfully "no! you vcan't go! we just got you back!"
basically when everything is finally ok, when things finally calm down toast fades back to the void/afterlife thing
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souryogurt64 · 3 months ago
This is out of the loop of current conversations but my guy friend just started dating this girl and I was genuinely happy for him but then he made a point to tell me “I told her I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do” and I was like “wow that’s so nice” at first until I realized that the bar for men is literally in hell. Like did he want an award for that? SHOULD we give men awards for that Bc they don’t usually seem to want to take that for general human decency. Like idk the only guy I was with I was like “listen idk if I’m ready for sex” and he would kiss me and get hard and then be like “let me just show you my dick, let me just touch you here, let me just see you naked” and he kept asking until I gave in despite me being obviously uncomfortable. Idk. I hate men. I mean yes my friend is a good guy and I’m glad he takes consent seriously and he’s not a douche but wow that pissed me off lol
yeah, i know thats a really common experience and it really sucks. in my experience the guys i was with were extremely selfish in bed but were also constantly checking in and seemed anxious about catching a case lmao.
honestly ive been sort of intimate with a small handful of girls and they were pretty bad about consent. sorry to use you as a jumping off point but the girl ive been briefly seeing is really good about it so its just been on my mind.
i wasnt really freaked out by most these experiences or feel negatively about these people, because sometimes we had only been like 15. but it was a … pattern? i experienced. one time the girl was 21, i was 19, and i was really up front with her that i had never had sex before and wanted to go slow and she said she was okay with that.
the SECOND time we kissed she said we had to stop and i said okay and she was so mad she was shaking and i asked if she was alright and she said that because she knew i wouldnt get her off, she was “worried she might hurt me.” i hadnt really been intimate with anyone since early high school so i just apologized and then we went to a party and she was being super possessive over me despite us not actually dating, having only hung out like that twice, and her being open with her fiancee (who was 3/4 years younger than her and she started dating when the fiancee was only 15).
that was the last straw and we got in a fight at the party and everyone acted like i was being dramatic. after that i didnt want to hook up with her and she started constantly calling me a straight girl and talking about how manipulative straight girls who wanted to experiment were in front of me
i tried to talk to mutual friends (one of which was an RA/counselor) about it and they both wouldnt listen and acted like i was straight, and let her do that in front of them and even participated sometimes. in retrospect it was really messed up and it was so constant, it happened every time i hung out with them. my family was pretty bi/homophobic too so it made me feel like i really was lying about being interested in women for attention so i didnt really date or talk about women for a couple of years. until now when i moved. they also were the “kill all abusers” type but somehow refused to believe her convincted pedophile roommate was a convicted pedophile, probably because they couldnt wrap their tiny little brains around it
i dont really feel like i was sexually assaulted at all but it was just a stupid way to treat someone and the aftermath involving the friend group really messed with my sense of identity and self worth. bi women experience higher rates of partner violence and i think its because theres an attitude that were so confused about our sexuality we cant be trusted to know if we want to stop or not.
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sugardaddykenma · a year ago
hq headcanons
haikyuu on driving
i’m sorry? do you not spend hours thinking about each characters driving ability, quirks, who grabs your thigh and whether they listen to nicki minaj while driving? i do. constantly. 
 ALSO, uh i dont know how driving tests are done in japan, but in canada (or at least where i live) you do a written test before two separate driving tests.
Tumblr media
daichi sawamura ➝  has a family van truly because he always has to drive people around. wonderful driver. fantastic driving record. always has his hand behind the passenger seat and looks majestic as fuck. plays a lot of country music and rock, but if someone else puts on top 40 he pretends to hate it but starts to immediately bop. 
koushi sugawara ➝ surprisingly a speeder. drives like there is no tomorrow, but talks his way out of any ticket. the kind of guy to pick you up after work and just take you to a random new place because he was bored and loves to drive. has a funky little air freshener and those car dice because he thinks it looks cool. someone get him those car stickers with stick people families but its just all of karasuno
asahi azumane ➝ decided to get a jeep, just so he can take the top of the car off and have his locks flow in the wind. he truly be looking hot as fuck while driving, but internally is thinking about 40 things at once. bought life insurance after purchasing his car. never judges you for whatever you play on the aux.
yuu nishinoya ➝ has a cute two seater car because he likes the idea of driving countryside with a girl. however, its a completely useless car for anything else. he cant even move apartments because his car cant even fit two luggages. however, his hair looks great as hell in the wind. brings it regularly to get maintenance, and is drinking buddies with his mechanic. cant even get frisky in his car because.... two seaters haVE NO DAMN SPACE
ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ saeko taught him how to drive, which means two things: 1) he is constantly 20 km over the speed limit; and 2) hes never actually looking on the road. one time he ate an entire 10 pc mcnugget meal combo including dipping sauce while on the highway. but makes you text for him if youre in the car because “Texting and driving is illegal and scary, im not dumb”. dont get in his car without figuring out your will. 
tobio kageyama ➝ failed his written drivers test 3 times, but managed to pass the fourth time after suga turned everything into volleyball terms. very meticulous driver - hands at 10 and 2, radio is low, and actually signals before turning lanes. cannot park for shit. has 8 unpaid parking tickets and tanaka told him “if you ignore them they go away” and he believed it.
shoyo hinata ➝ does not drive. failed his written test four times and has decided on a life of using his bike to get everywhere. in fact, one time suga tried to get him to at least the basics of driving illegally mind you but to be nice and hinata yelled at the top of his lungs. believes truly that cars are death boxes and he will kill someone. which to be honest.... fair
kei tsukishima ➝ actually a good driver, but has a pair of special prescription sunglasses that he’s supposed to wear when its sunny, but he flat out REFUSES to because he thinks he looks dumb and he does. always dd, not out of the goodness of his heart but rather so he sees all his ‘friends’ at their most vulnerable, so he can collect blackmail footage. or to drive by mcdonalds and order a single black coffee just for himself as all the drunkies cry over “chikky nuggies!!!!”. however, if you puke in his car, he will make you clean it hungover the next day and pay for dry cleaning. 
tadashi yamaguchi ➝ once got a ticket for driving too slowly.not a bad driver but definitely too scared to get a ticket. actually stops at stops rather than rolling stops, which i respect. has a car so old that when you turn it on it physically groans, but its a hand-me-down and his baby. calls his car “the shwhip” ironically and should be stopped. the kind of person to pick you up at 2am to get snacks at a 24hr convenience store and sit in the parking lot.
kiyoko shimizu ➝ she doesnt drive a car, she has a motorcycle with one of those little cars beside them for tanaka. thought it was useless to buy a car when he has one, so she uses her motorcycle as her freedom.
hitoka yachi ➝ queen of public transit. knows how to drive but just refuses to on the ground that “we have a great public transit service and i will use the subway and train!!!” the 1st year squad bought her roller blades and now thats how she gets to work.
tetsuro kuroo ➝ has a hybrid car for “the environment” and because “people dig a guy who cares about the environment”. drives around kenma a lot and uses it to catch up with him. a good driver, but often spends 40 minutes before ACTUALLY driving to pick “the perfect song” to leave to. has a custom bobblehead of bokuto on his dashboard, it was his favourite christmas gift. never stops fully, life is one long rolling stop. would put his hand on your thigh, no cap.
morisuke yaku ➝ honda civic kinda man. has a “gas money” jar in the back seat cup holder because he truly drives around all his friends. plays his music super loud that you can feel his car vibrate against the road, is it to compensate for his height? yes. id you mention it will you get throw off the side of a highway? yes again.
kenma kozume ➝ owns a lot of cars but ubers and taxi’s everywhere. has fallen asleep on the wheel once, and it scared him quite a bit from the act of driving. has custom plates with his youtuber name and other games. lets anyone borrow his cars though, doesnt really care. one of his cars is a replica lightning mcqueen, just because he could. sometimes drives his car out to the countryside to speed along roads to feel some adrenaline.
lev haiba ➝ can drive, but legally shouldnt. clown car looking ass - he owns the tiniest little car, and his limbs are all cramped up that sometimes he hits the gas instead of the break. truly should buy another car, but he is emotionally attached to old lucy the ‘94 honda.
yuuji terushima  ➝  thinks liking cars is a personality trait, and should be executed accordingly. thats all she wrote. also always has his glove compartment filled with snacks
tooru oikawa ➝ bought a tesla to look cool, but is actually very confused by all the settings and now whenever he locks his car nicki minaj - super bass plays. he has no clue that iwaizumi did this. drives rather well, but has this thing where he thinks everyone is looking at him when he drives, so he constantly acting in his own car. plays curated playlists and dramatically looks out the window at stoplights. its ridiculous, but the main-character energy is a given even in his car.
hajime iwaizumi ➝ reliable car (probably a hyundai elantra or some shit) but oikawa bought those little flame stickers for him, so his car looks a little... how you say... fucking stupid. the kind of guy you can rely on to pick you up from the airport or help you move. his car has 12 empty water bottles crunched up and in the back seat. 
issei matsukawa ➝ his car is lavender and has those strip LED lights and hydraulics because he saw pimp my ride as a child and he thinks its the epitome of cool. also because he thinks it will get him chicks. too be fair it does. however, the car is immaculately clean. no muddy shoes in his car, walk home!!!!!
akira kunimi ➝ motorcycle typa energy, moped kinda execution. he has his motorcycle license but just 0 money to buy one, so he has a second hand moped. it doesnt have a radio so he taped a small portable speaker so he can blast horrible horrible music. tell me thaT IM WRONG
koutarou bokuto ➝ learned how to “drive with his knees” as a party trick and now no one trusts him to drive them. honestly not even a bad driver, except he runs a lot of yellow lights at like 100 km because it “feels like a competition”. so he has a good amount of tickets from that alone. also eats a lot while driving.
keiji akaashi ➝ the worlds best driver, safety king. passed each test on the first try. has a car with a good fuel economy and mileage. however, once was reenacting bokutos aforementioned “driving with his knees” incident and scratched his car against a pole. he refuses to fix it because it reminds him “to be better”. other than that, he will always pick you up or drive you somewhere, any day any time. surprisingly? his car always has the best music.
akinori konoha  ➝ solid car, solid driving. HOWEVER, this guy is the type of dude to say “hey can you grab the wheel for me” all nonchalantly and just STOPS DRIVING and you have to steer. he thinks its the epitome of comedy. also just cant fucking park, at all.
wakatoshi ushijima ➝ strikes me as the type of guy to buy an old car and fix it up. finds it relaxing to find special parts and get something working well. good reliable driver, will pick you up when you need him. however, accidental speeding because his legs are just TOO DAMN HEAVY, that the gas feels like a toy to him. plays country music, and country music - mostly dolly parton.
satori tendou ➝ drives like a soccer mom: way too fast, and yelling at people who cut him off because he needs to feel release from everyday life. keeps asking ushijima if he can “be his personal driver” so people can take paparazzi photos of him as the hot driver. its his anime dream. plays a lot of loud metal or rap, but doesnt understand why you cant hear him over it though.
tsutomu goshiki  ➝ his car is perpetually getting fixed at the mechanics. nothings wrong with his driving he just has the worst luck. one time he had to change his tires 3 times in one week because he kept driving over nails. it turns out tendou kept laying out nails on his street at night to fuck with him.
atsumu miya ➝ horrible driver, one hand on your thigh and one hand at the top of the steering wheel, my guy isnt even looking at the road, he’s making sure he looks good in the mirror. however, if he has any family members in his car, other than his brother, he drives extremely carefully because he genuinely respects them and also because he doesnt want to get his ass beat. plays a lot of megan thee stallion and the weeknd, but will sometimes let you use the aux.
osamu miya  ➝  amazing driver, genuinely follows all the rules and gets you where you need to go. however? he only listens to opera and classical music. there is no aux, he just has several cd’s that he cycles through. only races or speeds if he sees atsumu’s car.
rintarou suna  ➝ was a drag racer (for carS NOT DRAG QUEENS) for most of his teenage years. now he’s experienced all the adrenaline and fun so now he drives a subaru that he attempts to go 180 km/m down empty highways at 3 am just to feel alive. you wouldnt be able to tell because during the day he drives pretty responsibly, with both hands on the wheel and everything.
shinsuke kita ➝ has a reliable pick up truck. also always DD but thats because hes worried about his friends, and even if hes not going to the event he’ll go pick them up. lets anyone play the music they want, as long as they are happy. also once turned the back of his pick up trunk into a pool during the annual summer bbq. also how funny is that fucking photo
takanobu aone ➝ he’s an uber driver. he has seen it all. 5 star rating because he never speaks to them except for their name and “have a nice day” at the end. this is so fucking funny to me im sorry
kenji futakuchi ➝ goes to his car to play somebody else by the 1975 and cry. for no reason. literally just to cry. but a good driver generally. idk man someone check on him.
kanji koganegawa  ➝ cannot drive. passed his written test, but failed the driven test so badly that they took away his learners permit. he literally drove on the wrong side of the road during his test. they has a photo of him at the driver testing place that says “ENEMY NUMBER ONE.”
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Tw: neglect,abuse, idk, my mother's makes me far too upset.
Just in need of some validation, I guess. My mother, an able-bodied individual, barely does anything for herself except work and when I was younger she let me get abused, (physically, sexually and emotionally) by several people and even abused me herself and since my father died she's been playing the caring parent card and idk, I just don't trust her at all and she constantly wakes me up, messing with my ability to get proper sleep even more simply because she doesn't want to get up or do anything for herself because she said and I quote, "what do I have you for" idk, I wish she would straight up tell me she hates me or doesnt care and stop being so confusing and lazy and stop only caring about me when it comes on to my stupid grades. I can't say I hate her simply because she's nice sometimes and people say you cant hate your mother and idk if she just has bad episodes or not but I feel like I might simply be trauma bonded with her because I know if I tell someone about the years of abuse so I can get help, there's always the question of why I never told anyone sooner and knowing I told my mother and she didnt listen is gonna get her in trouble and idk, I don't want that, I just need help and to be away from her. She provides financially but that's about it. Paying for my education and food but I have to do the actual shopping myself and I havent gotten new clothes in years or been to a doctor either. I wish she was interested in caring for a child, otherwise, why have one ffs? I feel bad for thinking about her like this but I have feelings too and she doesnt do anything but make them worse.
Your feelings and thoughts are valid. You are not bad for thinking about her that way. Your frustration, resentment, and distress about how she's treated you is valid. As a parent, she has a responsibility to you, and she's not living up to that. Financially providing for basic needs is only one of the requirements, and does not mean she's off the hook for actually being a decent parent.
I can't say I hate her simply because she's nice sometimes and people say you cant hate your mother and idk if she just has bad episodes
Being "nice sometimes" does not make up for being shitty the rest of the time. That said, many people feel they still love or miss their abuser because they had good memories with the person even if it was mostly bad or if the bad did not outweigh the good. If you're struggling with those feelings, it's valid and normal to feel conflicted, and it doesn't lessen what she did. But if you do hate her because of how she treated you (and how she continues to treat you), that is also valid and normal. Being nice doesn't make the other things okay. Neither does having bad episodes. Bad episodes may explain why she's treated you so badly, but that doesn't justify any of her actions, and you have every right to hate her. And honestly, hate is a feeling - you have every right to hate people for absolutely no reason at all even if they have done nothing to you. Your feelings are always valid.
And you can absolutely hate your mother. Lots of people who have shitty moms hate their mothers or just don't love them. That's okay and valid. In a world that likes to put maternal love on a pedestal and act like moms always have the best interest of their children at heart, and are always self-sacrificing for their children, it can be incredibly difficult and painful to be a child whose mother experience doesn't fit that narrative. It's okay to feel however you feel about your mom, and other people loving their moms and having positive experiences with their moms doesn't give them the right to invalidate your experiences and feelings.
I hope you get help and are able to get away from her. You deserve new clothes and to be taken to a doctor. You deserve emotional support, care, and affection. You deserve to have grown up in a safe environment without having to act like the parent or be expected to do all sorts of stuff for her because she's too lazy to do it herself. I'm sorry your mom sucked. I'm sorry she didn't seem interested in motherhood. You deserved better.
- Mod Allison
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ourloveisforthelovely · a year ago
One Chance (one shot)
Harry Potter Marauders Era 
Request:  hey so i was thinking could you might do a regulus x reader where the reader is like sassy or maybe all cold hearted? i honestly love ur page but i cant never relate with the reader bc she is always too soft 😭 maybe like if they understood each others depression and then end up falling in love? idk how to explain
To the annon who requested this: I hope that you enjoy
Pairings: Regulus Black x Reader 
Rating: M
“Y/n, Regulus Black has been looking at you for the past 10 minutes.” 
You didn’t bother looking up from your potions book when your friend Anastasia spoke. The last thing that you wanted to deal with was Regulus Black and his stupid good looks. 
“He needs to look somewhere else.”
You commented. Regulus Black had been staring at you a lot lately and it was beginning to get under your skin. Before a few weeks ago Regulus had nothing to do with you. It didn’t matter that the two of you had always been in the same house for the past 6 years or that the two of you had friends in the same circle. In fact, he took extra measure to not speak to you. 
The best that you could come up with was he was uncomfortable with you going on a date with his old brother. Your heart hurt thinking about that particular time in your life. That was when you were an innocent sweet 4th year. Sirius dated you for all of a week before dumping you for some pretty Ravenclaw with blond hair and big boobs. 
This was also the time that your depression really started kicking in. You weren't quite sure how to deal with all of the feelings swirling through your head. From dealing with your first break up to all of these dark and intrusive thoughts...you didn’t know how to cope. None of your friends seemed to understand either. A few of them chose to ignore what you were going through. The rest didn’t know how to deal with constant sarcastic comments. Now you had a few that stuck with you because it was in their best interest. If someone bothered them, you would chew the miserable fuckers ass out that caused them grief. This was a healthier outlet than sinking a knife into your arm. 
Being at home was no better. Your mum tried to constantly get you off of the couch to do things but she didn’t seem to understand that you wanted nothing to do with whatever she was doing. Her words of…
“Stop lying on the couch like a giant hairball and do something. Go enjoy the day.” 
Apparently you mother didn’t understand that you definition of “enjoying the day” meant being left the fuck alone. 
That is one of the reasons that you preferred being at school. You could find peaceful places to be left alone.
Anastasia spoke again, pulling you from your thoughts. 
“He probably thinks that you are pretty, Y/n. You really are a lovely girl.”
“Go get your eyes checked. Anna, I have as much luck with boys as a turtle does crossing the road.” 
You muttered as the bell rang. 
Not a moment too soon. 
You thought as you stood to gather up your things. You were getting away from Anastasia and her mind numbing questions. Walking to the door you ran into a hard body. 
Looking up, Regulus Black had turned around to just who the fuck ran into him. He blinked a few times the moment that your eyes met. 
“Watch where you are going, Black.”
You hissed. Regulus automatically frowned. 
“You ran into me.” 
“So, you aren’t moving fast enough?”
You replied, not missing a beat. Regulus seemed a bit surprised by your comment. He wasn’t for sure why you were hostile toward him. In all of the years that he had known you, with the exception of year 1 and 2, you acted like he had personally fucked you over. 
Regulus couldn’t help admitting that you were a lovely girl but your sarcastic hostile nature was a bit off putting. He had decided the year before just to avoid you at all costs. This year, however, he understood more about you. You were as depressed as he was. Regulus never understood it until this year. 
Over the summer, Sirius ran off to James Potter’s abandoning his family. Regulus didn’t know how to put into words how he felt about it either. There was sinking in the middle of his stomach that never seemed to go away. It was there when he went to sleep at night and was waiting when he awoke the next morning. Regulus honestly never thought that he would be happy again. 
He figured that returning to school would soothe those feelings. Regulus would be back with his best friends and would have no reason to think of Sirius. Unfortunately, the moment that he stepped into the great hall and saw his brother sitting at the Gryffindor table smiling and laughing. There was clearly no sadness in Sirius over the events of the summer. This sent Regulus into a deeper depression. His brother didn’t miss him and never would.
“You know most people just say excuse me and go on about their business.” 
Regulus replied. 
“Just get out of my way.”
You hissed and moved to get around him. Regulus honestly didn’t deserve your venom. He, after all, had done absolutely nothing to you. 
He hasn’t done anything to you but you have no reason to trust him. Regulus will probably be just like his brother. You’ll get attached and have your heart broken. 
You thought. It wasn’t fair to compare Regulus to Sirius when they were obviously such different people but you couldn’t help it. Most guys, no matter the house, was the same. 
As you walked down the hall, you wanted nothing more than to have some time alone. You decided to walk down to the lake. A free period was just what you needed! 
Sitting down, you took out a book and quietly began to read. It wasn’t until you were on paragraph two did you realize that someone was standing in front of you. Looking up, again your eyes met Regulus Black’s. 
“What now, Black?” 
You questioned. He put his hands on his hips feeling a bit annoyed. After the exchange in the potions, he decided that it was time for both of you to have a little chat. 
“You and I need to talk.”
“Whatever about?”
You questioned as he sat down. 
“I want to know why you hate me so bad?”
“I never said that I hated you.” 
Regulus chuckled. 
“Sure could have fooled me. You are always glaring at me like I personally offended you.” 
You put your book down. 
“I just don't like being oogled by some guy who is going to screw me over.” 
Regulus raised an eyebrow. 
“You don’t know me.” 
“Yeah, I know your brother. All guys are the same so it doesn’t matter who you are.”
The response came out a little snipper than you planned. Standing up, you turned to storm back to the castle. Just who the fuck did Regulus think that he was? So what if he was a member of the Black family? 
“First, off you don’t know anything about me. I am nothing like my brother. If you would give me a bloody chance you would see that. I see what you are doing Y/n. I get it you use sarcasm and cold humor to cope. I do it too. As much as you want to come across as this tough girl who doesn’t need anyone, you're actually quite lonely…again I get it.” 
You stopped before turning to face Regulus. He sat with his knees drawn to his chest. Dark eyes looked up at you with an intensity that you had never seen on his face before. 
“I don’t like this, Regulus.”
He smirked. 
“You don’t like someone figuring out who you are, Y/n. You don’t want people seeing that inside you are actually in pain. Again, I can relate.” 
Regulus stood and walked down closer to the lake. 
“My brother, who I know that you dated and I know he did you wrong, he abandoned our family over the summer. Now...everything is up to me. I am the only heir to the Black family. I have to do everything and I don’t fucking want to. I want to do whatever it is I want and there not be repercussions for my actions. However, that won’t be able to happen now.” 
You frowned and watched him curiously. 
“And why is that? Why can’t you just walk away? You’ll be an adult soon. Tell them to fuck off.”
Regulus laughed. 
“If only it were that easy. You see my mother, she depends on me and I can’t let her down. If you knew my family, you would understand.”
You had heard plenty of rumors about the Black family. Regulus’ mother sounded like the typical pureblood mother. Maybe a bit darker than what your mother was but a pureblood mother all the same. 
“I’m sure our families are very similar. Lovely bunch, purebloods.” 
Regulus laughed bitterly at that. There wasn’t much that was lovely about being a pureblood when your mother was Walburga Black. 
“Then you will understand why we have to do things that we don’t want to do. For example, being a death eater.” 
He automatically pulled up his sleeve to show you the dark mark on his arm. Regulus wasn’t surprised when you made no facial expression. He had a feeling that you had seen your fair share of dark marks lately. 
“My mother and father were okay with me doing it. Actually, they were quite proud that their son was doing the right thing...the just thing. I think I am too...at points. There are other times that I am not for sure. I see your face. You have the same expression. I bet you about 10 galleons, if you pull up your sleeves there are going to very similar cut marks...sometimes it gets too much.” 
You looked down. For the first time, your tough exterior faded. 
“You do it too...cut your wrists?”
Regulus nodded. 
“Physical pain is better than mental pain, at times. Maybe we understand each other more than we thought?” 
Your crossed arms slowly dropped to your sides.
“Maybe. We could also really hurt each other.” 
Regulus’ hopeful smile fell. 
“Or help each other. I don’t know what my brother did to you but I’m not him. Sirius and I have nothing in common except our last names. I mean, our last name is literally all that we have in common. You’ll get stupid bullshit with him. I’m on my A game. You wouldn’t have to guess what you were to me. All that you have to do is give me a chance. If it makes you feel better...I know where my brother is about this time of day and...well...sometimes Sirius isn’t so bright.” 
You snorted. 
“You could say that again. Fine, you have a chance. Don’t mess it up Regulus.” 
Regulus held out his hand with a small smile. Something told you to be wary. The depressive side said, no but something deep inside of you said yes.
You reached out and wrapped your hand around Regulus’. He gave you a small smile before tugging in you with him.  
“This is going to be funny.” 
You slipped through quiet corridors behind Regulus as he checked for any “little eyes” that would get into his way. He finally stopped the moment that he saw Sirius and James standing in an empty hallway playing “exploding snap.”
Regulus lightly elbowed you in the side before grinning. He had his wand out and muttered something low. You weren’t able to make out what he said but it didn’t matter. It looked as if someone had a bucket of water and dumped it all over Sirius and James. Both boys jumped back looking around wildly as another explosion of water knocked them off of their feet. James hit the ground first. Sirius reached out to help his best friend only to get hit in the face with water for the third time. He was knocked off his feet and directly on top of James. His elbow crashing into James’ crotch. James howled in pain as Sirius started rubbing his head where he hit the stone floor. 
“Pads, stop. You're killing me!”
James shrieked. Sirius was yelling about how truly sorry he was over and over. 
You, meanwhile, had to hold back a fit of rare laughter. Regulus, himself, was grinning as he turned the floor to ice. Both James and Sirius were sliding all over the place all the while screaming curse words after curse words.
“Whoever you are! We are going to fuck you up!” 
Sirius yelled as Regulus reached down and squeezed your hand. 
“This is where we make our exit. They are going to be sliding around for a while.” 
You ran after Regulus, until he pulled you into an empty classroom 
“That was fun.”
He commented. 
“Fucking brilliant. Watching them slide all over the place while looking like drowned ferrets was the best fun that I have had in awhile.” 
Regulus smiled, giving you a cocky smile. 
“That’s only the beginning. I have a lot better material...if you want to watch.” 
You reached up and pulled the taller boy down by his tie. Regulus was clearly a bit surprised but leaned right into the kiss. When he pulled away, you tossed your hair over his shoulder. 
“Watching is for babies. I want to help.” 
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verrified-simp · a year ago
Robby x LaRusso!reader who goes to Cobra Kai
(Part 2)
(ight its out yall. have fun)
It had been days since they all saw (Y/N)...it was like she vanished out of thin air. Her family was worried that she could be hurt, or worse, dead. The Cobra Kai gang didn't go looking for her, per her request. She said she'd come back when she came back, and they trusted her. Everyone was coping with her disappearance in different ways, but for some bizarre reason, Robby took it the worst. He thought it was his fault...he pushed her to run away because he followed her to the party and she blew up... it's not like this wasn't going to happen anyway. She had always bottled up her anger and aggression, so it was bound to happen. He just wished it didn't happen like this.
Despite all of their mindless worrying, (Y/N) was doing okay. She stole a shitty car from her dad's auto dealer so they wouldn't notice something missing. The automobile had good mileage but looked roughed up, so it all worked out for her. She disabled the tracker and, she took all of her savings and some money from Sam...who was she kidding, she ransacked her room while they were all out for some stupid festival, making it a shit show, and found a lot more extra cash.
She left and drove North. She would park in places overnight and sleep in the van and would drive the next day. She couldn't lie, but all the gas she was using was eating up her money slowly. She needed a place to stay, so she decided to drive to one of their family homes. She'd crash there until she could find a job and start working. Then she'd have a source of income and a roof over her head.
Robby felt as though her disappearance was his fault, so he started to look for her. He went to question the Cobras but, even if they did know none of them would give him information. He had hit a dead-end...until Louie had noticed a crap car was missing. They put two and two together and went to look at the tracker. It was disabled...yet another dead end.
Needless to point out, Robby's connection with the LaRussos had worsened because he blamed himself. They didn't blame him, they blamed themselves. The thing that pushed her to leave was her father. She hated him for not batting an eye at her. When she was a baby, he was preoccupied with Sams Karate, and mom was busy with work, so they got a babysitter. When (Y/N) was in first grade she was already independent, and her parents didn't worry about her. She made her lunch, got herself ready, went to the car, and waited like a good little girl. 
She was the perfect daughter, yet she got little to no praise for it...it was always Sam...and when Anthony was born, they didn't get a babysitter. They took care of him as if they were a perfect little family. (Y/N) couldn't count the number of times that she cried herself to sleep. Now, she was free. She didn't have to listen to them. She was gone, they didn't have to worry about seeing her anytime soon.
Robby had moved in with his dad, feeling unwelcome in the LaRussos. The two were currently eating dinner in awkward silence. Robby decided to break the silence, thinking finding her was more important than his issues right now.
".....Dad...did..did (Y/N) say where she was going when she was here...?" Robby picked at his food, looking up to his dad.
"....no...but she said she'd stay in contact with us..."
"did you get any calls from her?"
"No. But I trust her. She's strong and independent, not to mention the best fighter in my class. She can survive on her own"
Robby nodded and then asked, "...Did she ever talk about Mr. LaRusso? Talk about her life there?"
"no. not really. She didn't talk about her home life too much."
"Did she talk about me?"
Jhonny froze for a second. He furrowed his brows and then said, "...Come to think of it...she did...."
Robby's eyes went wide. "what would she say?" Hearing she was talking about him made his stomach flutter a little. He liked it for some reason.
"....She would talk about her sister and some boy constantly taking her dad. She would make it sound like she didn't care but,  it was obvious she did. But it was weird. One second shed to talk about his "stupidly cute face," and then she'd say something like "I fucking hate that asshole, "
Robby's face turned to a smile when he heard she called him cute, but he quickly covered it up. He nodded and mumbled, "Okay...thanks.."
The silence returned to the room, but it wasn't awkward this time. It was more comfortable and Robby started to eat.
It was like that for another hour, and Jhonny was showing Robby a movie called Iron Eagle until his phone rang.
He went and picked it up. "Hello?"
"Sensei! Hi! I'm so glad you picked up" it sounded like she was running around.
"Hey...are you alright? How are you?"
She put him on a speaker. "yeah yeah I'm totally fine. I found a place to stay in and I'm making dinner now."
Jhonny nodded. "Okay...that's good..."
Robby looked at his dad and mouthed "who is it?"
he mouthed "(Y/N)"
Robby's eyes went wide and he stood up rushing over. Jhonny kept him away and putting her on the speaker. "hey (Y/N). where are you right now?"
There was a snort on the other line. "As if id tell you. What if that Robby kid comes and asks you- or worse, my parents"
Robby was staring at the phone and Jhonny said, "Then (Y/N) why did you call?"
"Well, I know under that badass exterior you're worried about me. So I called to let you all know I'm ok. Ya know let him and the gang know I'm okay." she paused "actually, okay would be an understatement. I'm thriving. I don't have my parents to hold me down anymore. I got a job, I'm living in a good place, I have money. I like this better"
"Yeah? Well, we all knew you'd be okay on your own. ill tell the rest you're doing good."
"oh! and sensei! please don't tell anyone else I called. don't tell my parents or anyone out of cobra kai."
Jhonny looked at Robby and then said, "...okay I won't"
(Y/N) breathed a sigh and said, "Thanks. Alright, I'm going to go. good night"
the call ended and Robby looked at Jhonny with a worried face. "we have to tell Mr. LaRusso!"
"No, we cant. She said not to"
"but she's their kid! they need to know!"
"Are you sure you want them to know so they can find her or you want to find her"
Robby was quiet for a moment, his silence being the answer.
Jhonny sighed and said "....you can look for her. But don't tell anyone else she's doing good."
Robby nodded and went to his room to sleep.
The next day Robby woke up early and left a note for his dad saying he was going to look for her. He got on a bus and headed North.
Back when (Y/N) was in her room, she had pictures of Carlsbad all over her room. She loved going there and when they would go she was always on the beach. He waited on the bus for those two hours, which felt more like 4 hours to him until he got there. He walked off and found the beach house. He hoped she was in there because if she wasn't then it would have been a waste of a day. Robby walked to the door and knocked.
(Y/N) was eating and watching tv when she heard a knock. She was in some loose clothing. A shirt and shorts. She walked up to the door and opened it, not sure who it was. She froze for a moment when he saw him and slammed the door.
"what the *fuck* are you doing here?! did sensei Lawrence tell you I was here? how?! I didn't tell him where I was!"
"(Y/N)! open the door! I heard him talk with you okay!?"
"Did you bring my dad?! you know how fucking screwed I am??! They're going to kill me! I was happy! I was finally happy alone! Why did you do this?!"
"there not here! I came by myself okay??? now let me in"
her freaking out paused for a moment. ".....h..how do I know your not lying"
".....please...." he put his forehead to the door. "...just trust me.."
there was a small pause and then opened the door. " get in before I change my mind"
Robby quickly walked in, mumbling a thank you.
They both sat on the couch, in a very awkward silence. The tension in the air was so thick that someone could cut it with a knife.
Robby knew he had to say something so he said "...I'm sorry...."
(Y/N) looked up and said, "why."
"...I didn't know or understand your situation until it was too late..."
she nodded and said "....well I accept your apology...but it's not your fault your just dumb"
A dry laugh left his mouth and said,  "...I guess"
"....so you came all this way, without even knowing id to be here, just to apologize?"
Now that he heard someone else say it, he realized how dumb it was. he nodded. "I guess so"
"That is so god damn pathetic, but thank you...." she nodded and then said "It's the most anyone has ever done to come to be with me so- I appreciate the sentiment" she stood up and walked to the kitchen. "do you want some food? the ride must have been long so I'm sure your hungry or thirsty."
Robby shook his head and said, "no thank you..."
she bit her lip and said, "Okay...well your welcome to stay as long as you want, as long as you don't tell the rest I'm here"
He nodded and thanked her again. Now that he was here he didn't know what to do or what to say. He wanted to hug her if he was honest. She needed one.
A/N- Ok well, I'm kind of lost on how to end it. I want to add only one more part where it's just about Y/N and Robby and then them coming back and (Y/N) talking to Daniel. if you have any requests, plz message me cus I need help lol.
Part 3☟︎☟︎☟︎
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thermaflute · a year ago
Can I have a creepy yan todoroki drabble? Maybe some somnophilia if it's not too much?
Hope ya like it, I'm actually kinda proud of this one lol. 
Yandere!Shoto Todoroki x Reader
Warning: noncon, somnophilia, general creepy touching, 18+ pals
Tumblr media
He was surprisingly still playing this game with you and lying to others about your relationship. He didn't understand why you needed to lie, why you couldn't be honest and say that you two were in love but he went along with it for you. 
This is where his stability lies, on the assumption that your kindness transcended an ordinary friendship. Sometimes reality would wash over him and he'd realize that his feelings are unhealthy, but most days he simply played your "game". It was one sided of course, but he would never admit it.
You had decided to have the movie night anyway despite working a long shift. As expected, you fell asleep. He never seemed to mind, as it was perfect for viewing you. The way your body slumped into the couch, the light of the dull movie on all your features, he was so in love with you. A small ache would form inside of him, a need to touch you. He just wanted to observe, he didn't want to ruin your moment with his hands. But the pressure would become so much. 
He moved closer to you on the couch, hoping to satisfy the need, and it did until it returned even stronger. He moved closer to your body, allowing himself to touch your skin. Your hair smelt like a distant memory, a memory that made his insides feel like honey and razors. He wanted to banish the feeling but the only way to do that was to continue.
It was sickening, the way you looked so innocent and sweet. You trust him so much, you would just fall asleep next to him with no fear in your heart. He doesn't think he's ever meant that much to anyone, and you mean so much more to him. He continued to inhale your scent and let his hand softly explore your body, as if he was making a mental map of every dip and curve. He was going to be sick, he had too much of you, you were too open. He could touch you, and you would let him because why else would you be so kind and vulnerable to him. 
His hand caught in the hem of your underwear as reality set in. He wasn't supposed to be doing this, it wasn't supposed to get this far with you. Every week he would come over and do this, he wanted to stop but he physically couldn't.
His therapist was right all along, he had this obsession with love to the point where it was revolting. He wanted you to fix every little broken aspect of him with your kindness, and he just wanted to give you every bit of himself in return. You already accepted so much of him. You stayed with him when he was a crying mess, you put up with him when he was too numb to even look at you, you were so loving. 
You did everything in your power to help him get better but he would constantly indulge in your endless kindness. He's done nothing to deserve this from you, yet here he lays, above you with his hand in your pants. You never woke up from this., he likes to imagine that you're awake and you want this as well but just don't know how to say it.
 Your sleeping form begins to stir, your breathing irregular even in your sleep. Your face seemed troubled by what was happening. His hand didn't seem like enough anymore, he wanted to stuff you and watch where your body meets his. He wanted the unity, something that would make him feel whole again.
He stopped. Staring at his hand with a mix of love and disgust, strings of liquid attached to his fingers. He puts them in his mouth and he almost dies, he cant imagine how heavenly it would be to have unrestricted access to you. You taste like his dreams and he would rather die here than wake up to the reality outside of this moment. He moved back to his place on the couch, and sat there watching the movie play while he thought about you. Mind somewhere between your beautiful smile and his dick twitching inside of your exhausted body. He didn't want to play anymore, you guys weren't friends. You were lovers, soulmates.
You moved up slowly as the credits played. Shoto appeared to be watching them intently but you could tell he wasn't paying attention at all. Your body felt warm again, you hated how you'd feel this way every time he came over. Your underwear was slick and you felt aroused, all while poor Shoto watched the movie by himself. You cursed yourself for having such a lewd reaction to his presence.
 "I'm sorry Sho, work has been draining me and I keep falling asleep on our movies." You completely got up, adjusting your shirt and feeling slightly uncomfortable.
"It's alright, I rather you nap than neglect your health. I also just enjoy being at your place."
"Really? Well you can stop by whenever, I showed you where I hid the key already so just make yourself at home. I trust you."
"I'll definitely take advantage of that offer, but I have to go for tonight. Thank you for inviting me y/n, same time next week?"
You nodded in agreement, "yeah, same time! I might invite a friend from work next time though, she really wants to see my place."
He looked at you with heavy discomfort, anxiety started to build in his heart. He didn't want to share these moments with anyone else. This game was for the both of you.
You saw the familiar discomfort in his eyes and you quickly took back what you said, assuring him that it can be just the two of you. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin your plans. I just don't feel really comfortable with others but I can try if it would make you happy?"
"Oh no, it's fine. I don't want to push you, I'll just invite her another time." You said it with an innocent smile. 
He thanked you for understanding, but was still incredibly unhappy with anyone coming over even if he wasn't there. He said nothing on it, telling himself he'll figure out a way to ruin your plans later. Maybe a fake emergency will suffice.
He left your apartment with a wave, feeling the loneliness and guilt take over the further he got from your place. His composed demeanor sunk into a disheveled one. He felt tears threaten the back of his eyes as he opened his sisters contact. He needed to come clean, someone had to know what he was doing. He eyed his phone as he stood on the empty street. A confession of crimes listed in text, he wondered if she'd be able to look past his misdeeds and help him.
He knows that if no one stops him, he's going to hurt you. He wants to, and he hates himself for it. All those dreams of being a hero, a good person, comes crumbling down with you. You give him catharsis, but you make him so needy for things he thought he could never have. The constant fight between wanting to run to you and wanting to run from you. The solid feeling of a relationship that fades into the reality of nothingness. You're his soulmate, your his friend, you're his victim.
His fingers hovered over the send button as raindrops hit the screen. It started lightly then increased until it was massive drops against his skin. It almost felt like your warm touch, a sign. Maybe you wouldn't hate him. Maybe you love him back. He deleted the message and put his phone away. Turning around and walking the way he came from. Your house was closer anyway.
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voorrheess · a year ago
judging dead by daylight kins: killer edition
we are talking kins not mains
for starters you ARE mentally ill. it's not an attack or insult it's just a rule to be in the club. it's ok.
1. legion
in general you are alt more specifically probably punk and your playlist consists of revolution songs
if you kin susie you probably make and wear kandi and it's really good also you use the color customizer on tiktok
if you kin joey youre the coolest one automatically and i trust you. you dunk your french fries in your frosty
if you kin julie youre either the responsible one of your groupchat or youre off the shits i dont know. you catfished people on animal jam
if you kin frank you have adhd and will sell a tooth for found family tropes. you also probably have dirt in your username
2. philip
i love you
3. evan
youre transmasc and have internalized homophobia but youre working on it. youre very down to earth though
4. max
you had serious social issues growing up and felt alienated a lot and you had to teach yourself things that no one else would. youre actually really smart but you kind of hide that? let the people see. they love you. but also you ate a cricket once
5. sally
you always feel like theres some kind of pressure on you and you cant exactly pinpoint what it is it's just this really strong feeling that you're doing something wrong when you know there isn't and you're 👌 this close to snapping. its not true by the way youre doing amazing and everyone close to you loves you
6. herman
you're either really cool or you think dark humor is a personality trait
you do math problems "the wrong way" and got written up for it all the time even though it was a more effective way to deal with the problem and it resulted in the right answer anyway
7. kenneth
i dont trust you
8. caleb
i trust you so much also you probably drink tea i just feel it
9. lisa
you did not sign up for this. 'this' being anything happening in your life. also your favorite mario character is dry bones
10. anna
whenever you get pet fish you accidentally kill them and you dont know how but it happened and then you buy another fish to deal with the grief. you probably have an arm tattoo
11. rin
everyone says this with rins but you hate your dad so much and its completely justified. youre also badass you probably have a motorcycle or something and i feel like you give advil out to ppl with cramps at school. you punch bullies
12. adiris
every day you call out to god and he leaves you on read
no but you're totally selfless and willing to do anything to protect your friends as long as it isnt killing a spider because youre terrified of those
13. kazan
you have such a vicious fear of failure drilled into you it's not even funny and it shows itself in completely mundane tasks. like for no reason. you also jump to conclusions too fast. someone will text you "i hate reeses cups" and youll go out of your way to throw out everything reese related you see ever
14. michael
you grew up the severely mentally ill older sibling and constantly had to watch your younger sibling be more favored than you. also you keep track of when spirit halloween stores open and close and you have issues with seeing your own face
15. freddy
16. bubba
i love you but not the people that play u <3
youre really kind and scared of overstepping all the time but youre totally welcome in every space youre in
i feel like you draw and youre really good at it
17. amanda
youre badass and take no shit but at the same time you take way too much shit and it takes a giant toll on you
you have a 'john kramer' and theyre not a good influence and you know you need to get away from them but you convince yourself you dont
youre also probably gorgeous and wear doc martens
18. danny
what is wrong with you
19. demogorgon
you dont see yourself as human and have derealization problems <3 you are constantly in your head creating entire worlds that you will NEEEEEVEEEERRR share with anyone even though you want to really badly. also you play d&d and roleplayed as a wolf in elementary school
20. pyramid head
someone so sexy shouldnt have to go through this much im so sorry king
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hotlantern · a year ago
Luke Skywalker vs Rey... Nobody
I hate the argument that a lot of sequel trilogy stans use whenever anyone criticized Rey or labels her a Mary Sue. It’s probably the weakest argument a sequel stan can ever possibly say to me. (Besides the people hate Rey because she’s a women argument).
Lets compare them shall we?
Luke Skywalker in A New Hope is whiny, inexperienced, and very naive. There is multiple moments in a new hope that proves this. When he was whining about not wanting to stay on the moisture farm and wanting to join the Academy like his friend, Biggs. He constantly was slightly annoying throughout the film, especially to Han. When Han named his price and Luke was like “We can buy our own ship with that!” or when Han was flying the Milennium Falcon and Luke was practically yelling in his ear to go into hyperspace. Han and Luke did not get along at first because of Luke’s behavior. Luke went against Obi-Wan’s orders and saved Princess Leia, not thinking of the consequences. How he could possibly be killed or put in a cell with the Princess. He doesn’t think of a plan to get out AFTERWARDS only the spur of the moment. He was constantly shown to be inexperienced and needed his friends help or HE WOULD HAVE DIED THE FIRST MOVIE. While on the millennium falcon, Obi-Wan taught him things about the force. Maybe not a lot but he knew how to use the simple basics of it. Like sensing the force and letting it guide your actions (as Obi-Wan was trying to teach him before). For once Luke listened and trusted Obi-Wan and destroyed the death star.
Lets do Rey now WHOOP. So far the only personality flaw she seems to have is that she’s also naive? She had the same wide-eyed innocence as Luke had but it’s different and here’s why. Rey never suffers for any of her so-called almost non-existent flaws. Rey is experienced enough to hold her own in a fight against men WAY stronger then her (that’s realistic though but that’s one tool in her belt). She’s bilingual. She can fly the millennium falcon better then Han Solo even though she never flew one before. She is constantly saving people by herself, never the one being saved. (Before y’all bust my balls, Rey escaped that damn starkiller base by her damn self. Luke didn’t and couldn’t). She uses powers that takes years to learn and the excuse is the force dyad. So she downloads Kylo’s skills and training. Great. Magnificent. Rey is on a amazing start. And this is the first movie! She can only get stronger from here.
Luke is more mature and responsible in ESB. He’s a respected hero of the rebellion. Luke still struggles using the force. Even with the training Luke goes through with Obi-Wan he had to truly focus to pull the lightsaber to him. Plus as a common occurrence, he still needed help from his friends. He’s not invincible. He actually gets severely hurt (makes sense). He goes to Dagobah to get trained (because unlike Rey he doesn’t have the “learn force jedi shit that takes years to learn” cheatcode). And then he’s impatient. He wants to learn how to use the force so he can help his friends. Luke is again reckless, impatient, and he’s also insecure in his own belief. Him not believing he can lift the X-wing was why he couldn’t. Against his master’s and Obi-Wan’s orders he decides to save his friends. It’s a noble reason to but it still got him fucked up. He got his hand cut off, he was beaten and humiliated, and then he was told a horrifying revalation that twisted around everything he knew and believed. He was scared of Vader, you can see it on his face, but he did not succumb to fear.
Rey goes to the island to convince Luke to go help them fight the war. Why doesn’t Leia go instead? Who knows. Why does Luke act the way he does? Who knows. Luke dismissed her and was quite rude to her. Rey was having cute little talks with Kylie Renner in their little force dyad BS. She called him a monster and a murderous snake. I like the insults. It fills me with joy! But then she finds out the truth. Rey did do something reckless and stupid but as usual she doesn’t suffer the consequences to her actions. Technically she’s morally superior to Luke because she saw the good in him and felt like she could turn him to the light (after slicing his face open. Ok). Rey decides to give herself up to the First Order thinking Kylo would save her. And he does. So she wasn’t even wrong... Rey fight the very elite guards of the (bootleg emperor palpatine) Supreme Leader Snoke. Reminder, TFA and TLJ are like 3-4 days apart. She had zero training within these days. Luke refused to train her so don’t start that bullshit. Luke trained her for like 5 minutes and none of that training had anything to do with lightsaber dueling. Rey is then told she was a nobody. Now why did Rey cry about this? I truly don’t know. How the hell would Kylo accurately know that Rey’s parents were nobody? Didnt Rey been know this from the force awakens? Eh whatever. She tries to force pull the lightsaber from Kylo Ren and do a dumbass tug a war instead of walking up and grabbing it. It reminds me of JJ and Rian fighting over where the star wars sequels). Anakin must be screaming and yelling from above... or below... idk. The lightsaber then breaks. Rey then saves her friends by showing her once again superior piloting skills that rival or is possibly better then Anakin Skywalker himself. Hitting 3 in one shot? You go girl! She then uses the force to effortlessly move the big ass boulders out of the entrance to save the resistance. Last I remember... Luke struggled to do that with a few way smaller rocks and was also focusing hard to do.
Luke is finally at jedi status! Woohoo! Now Luke first saves Han from Jabba. It shows his very dark side tendencies by choking the guards (like father like son). Luke thinks of a actual plan before going in (CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). Luke “Chanel Boots” Skywalker goes to Yoda on his death bed. All he wants is answers but Yoda wants to be cryptic as fuck. Luke has been lied to for years by his mentors and his family. Luke’s father isn’t hero Anakin Skywalker but actually a big, asthmatic, merciless, murderous asshole who has a choking kink. Luke then says he cannot kill his own father and Obi-Wan, who believes Vader isn’t a human but a machine, has no faith in Luke. He believes that Luke will fail and the Empire would win. Luke feels the conflict and good in him that nobody else does. He knows that Vader is unloyal to the emperor and he actually cares about his own son. When he is with Han and Leia he realizes he made a mistake and has a bad feeling about it. (*gasp* Luke is not being super reckless). He’s not arrogant (not in anyway) but he’s completely confident that Vader would turn. (He isn’t flawless there is still obvious problem with this plan he has. He fails, the empire wins. He dies, the emperor wins. Vader doesn’t turn, Luke fails. Luke almost succumbs to the dark side and it’s actually plausible he might fully turn. He wants to desperately save his friends and his father has done horrible things to Luke. Luke had every reason to kill Vader. But he doesn’t. He throws the lightsaber away and foolishly puts his life in Vader’s hand. Luke doesn’t save the galaxy because he can make things levitate with the force. He wins because he had the strength to resist the dark side and has so much love and pure good in his heart he saw the good in his father.
Rey starts off with a training session (no idc it’s too fucking late now. 3 movies in? Is she doing reverse character development?) and basically Poe gets mad at Rey for not accompanying them on missions. I still don’t know why she needs training, when she is at a decent strength to fight elite guards, fight kylo ren, and a variety of other things that typically takes a long time to learn. After finding out Palpatine returned, Rey goes on a mission to find the way finder almost like a shitty videogame. I don’t even want to talk about the force dyad anymore because it’s fucking dumb. Rey gets chased by the force order and hear this out, FORCE HEALS (i forgot what the animal was but idrc). Which means Rey had the power to stop the painful truth of death themself. Why am I not surprised? Rey did something that no other jedi nor sith or jedi have ever done this. Anakin went to the dark side to save the ones he love. This movie was just a slap in the face to Anakin. Rey then fights Kylo Ren and lost??? again it seems a little too late and it also didn’t make sense. Rey defeated those guards all by herself with Kylo needed help from her. She’s obviously the better lightsaber duelist but hey, at least JJ was trying to mellow her out a bit. Rey stabs him while our beloved Princess died. She then regrets her decision and as always, doesn’t have any consequence to her actions. By the force I forgot, the whole scene where she is revealed as a Palpatine? Completely invalidates the first two movies but eh whatever. She uses a power that only the elite sith does... something Kylo Ren himself could not do (and he’s on the dark side). Rey “killed” Chewie but actually no she didn’t because Chewie is perfectly fine. Rey is supposed to be all dark and edgy now, “you don’t know me” BS. Yeah I’m sorry I won’t tolerate this because my only allergy is the fish smelling coochie bullshit called the sequel trilogy. Rey got scared of her dark self. Well at least JJ tried? Rey then almost gives up but Luke was like “nah fam you cant”. Rey dies trying to fight Palpatine but then as usual, she gets zero consequence cuz Benny Simp saved her using the force. Then she kissed him... no. No. No. This made my eyes burn like they just threw bleach in my eyes. It made no sense. “A Kiss of Gratitude”? What the shit was that? GIRLS DO NOT INSPIRE TO BE REY.
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crystalsenergy · a year ago
Lilith placements as Blurryface [album from twenty one pilots]
Tumblr media
it's just an analogy, a way of exemplifying. even more considering that I believe that the 12 signs of the zodiac and all asteroids, planets, etc. are like archetypes, present in us unconsciously, in our collective unconscious
Heavydirtysoul - Lilith in Scorpio
fear of death, constantly thinking about it; deep contact with your unconscious
"Can you save my heavydirtysoul? For me, for me [...] Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit"
"I wasn't the only one who wasn't rushin' to sayin' nothin' This doesn't mean I lost my dream It's just right now I got a really crazy mind to clean"
Stressed Out - Lilith in Cancer
deep insecurity about how you’ll survive in this world, connection and a feeling of nostalgia for the womb and childhood
"Wish we could turn back time to the good old days When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we're stressed out"
"I was told, when I get older, all my fears would shrink But now I'm insecure, an' I care what people think"
"Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young How come I'm never able to identify where it's comin' from? I'd make a candle out of it, if I ever found it"
Ride - Lilith in Sagittarius
constantly thinking about the life and its meaning, lack of solid beliefs, wander in life
"I just wanna stay in the sun where I find I know it's hard sometimes Pieces of peace in the sun's peace of mind I know it's hard sometimes"
"I'd live for you," an' that's hard to do Even harder to say when you know it's not true Even harder to write when you know that tonight There were people back home who tried talkin' to you But then you ignore them still All these questions they're for real Like who would you live for? Who would you die for? And would you ever kill?"
"I've been thinkin' too much I've been thinkin' too much I've been thinkin' too much I've been thinkin' too much Help me"
Fairly Local - Lilith in Aquarius
not having an ability to accept everyone for who they are, always selecting people for "your group". a sense of loneliness. a feeling that you cant trust anyone.
"I'm fairly local, I've been around I've seen the streets you're walkin' down I'm fairly local, good people now"
"Yo, this song will never be on the radio Even if my clique were to pick an' the people were to vote It's the few, the proud, an' the emotional Yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral The world around us is burnin' but we're so cold It's the few, the proud, an' the emotional"
"Is that who I truly am? I truly don't have a chance Tomorrow I'll keep a beat an' repeat yesterday's dance"
Tear in my heart - Lilith in Pisces
it’s difficult to find yourself in the world, so you can become dependent on someone when this person show you a light. moreover, you're afraid to be fully intimate with people, and once you trust in someone, you hold this person in your life and can't trust easily in other people.
"Sometimes you gotta bleed to know That you're alive and have a soul But it takes someone to come around to show you how"
"She's the tear in my heart, I'm alive She's the tear in my heart, I'm on fire She's the tear in my heart, take me higher Than I've ever been"
"The songs on the radio are okay But my taste in music is your face"
Lane Boy - Lilith in Capricorn
rejection of what others say that you have to do in your life in order to become a successful person. you hate to listen what and how to create your path.
"Forget sanity, forget salary, forget vanity, my morality If you get in between someone I love an' me You're gonna feel the heat of my cavalry"
"They say, "Stay in your lane, boy, lane, boy" But we go where we want to They think this thing is a highway, highway But will they be alive tomorrow?"
The Judge - Lilith in Libra
focus on imperfections, a lot of self-judgment and also judgment of others, a feeling / fear of criticism, sensibility to judgment. indecision. 
"Three lights are lit, but the fourth one's out I can tell 'cause it's a bit darker than the last night's bout I forgot about the drought of light bulbs in this house So I head out down a route I think is heading south But I'm not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth I'm a pro at imperfections and I'm best friends with my doubt And now that my mind's out and now I hear it clear and loud"
"You're the judge, oh no Set me free, oh no I know my soul's freezing Hell's hot for good reason So please"
Doubt - Lilith in Leo
a fragile self-image, lack in maturity in ego / personality. you are afraid of be alone. you are afraid of being forgotten.
"Scared of my own image, scared of my own immaturity Scared of my own ceiling, scared I'll die of uncertainty Fear might be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety Don’t know what’s inside of me"
"Don't forget abou-bou-bou-bou-bout me Even when I doubt you (Doubt you) I'm no good without you, no, no"
"Hope you haven't left without me Hope you haven't left without me, please"
Polarize - Lilith in Gemini
difficulty in separate yourself from your anxiety, confused mind and depression; low confidence
"Help me polarize, help me polarize, help me down Those stairs is where I'll be hidin' all my problems Help me polarize, help me polarize, help me out My friends and I, we got a lot of problems"
"I wanted to be a better brother, better son Wanted to be a better adversary to the evil I have done I have none to show to the one I love But deny, deny, denial"
We Don't Believe What's on TV - Lilith in Taurus
the constant worry about your sense of significance, north and worth in life
"What if my dream does not happen? Would I just change what I've told my friends? Don't want to know who I would be When I wake up from a dreamer's sleep"
Message Man - Lilith in Virgo
a need of see everything making sense; a person that can't do something without a reason. always focusing on details, paying attention to every word that is said out there, recognizing its value and requiring that others do the same.
"You don't know my brain The way you know my name You don't know my heart The way you know my face"
"Life is up here but you comment below And the comments will always become common Motivation to promote your show's next episode So your brain knows to keep going even though hope Is far from this moment But you and I know it gets better when morning finally rears its head Together we're losers, remember the future Remember the morning is when night is dead"
Hometown - Lilith in Aries
lack of assertivity, lack of power in identity, identity that appears to be dissolved, feeling of weakness and incapacity. fear of unworthiness.
"Put away, put away all the gods your father served today Put away, put away your traditions, believe me when I say We don't know, we don't know how to put back the power in our soul We don't know, we don't know where to find what once was in our bones"
"Where we're from, there's no sun, our hometown's in the dark Where we're from, we're no one, our hometown's in the dark"
Goner - Lilith in Aries
"Though I'm weak and beaten down I'll slip away into this sound The ghost of you is close to me I'm inside out, you're underneath"
"I'm a goner, somebody catch my breath I'm a goner, somebody catch my breath I wanna be known by you I wanna be known by you"
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ask-ssec · 8 months ago
Following up from last question, what would happen when all of the main cast are at their most deepest of despair where there is no sense of happiness within them?
Author Chan: That’s too depressing, even for me. So, Not gonna draw it, but let’s see... this will ofc, be in different universes, so each character is in a different universe, but I feel like each is at the point of despair thats the most. (None of these are canon. There is officially only one ssec universe)
Blizz: Is still in his lab, with his memories. A head guard and ruthless, emotionless. Has to watch Vay slowly deteriorate until Vay became so unhinged that he had to be killed. Which, they ofc, forced Blizz to watch. All the other main boys have also died or went missing, so Blizz is alone. And Labsol is furious with him and makes his life hell due to what happened to Vay. Has vivid night terrors about the horrible things he has done and the Pokémon who he has had a hand in killing. But. He is very, VERY powerful. He trained his analytical and strength abilities to the point where they are always on. And through means unknown, has acquired several others, including the ability to turn into a human. But no one knows he did. Is slowly climbing the ranks as a human to get to the top of plex and destroy it. BUT. With a very low success rate, who knows if it’ll happen.
Dusk: During their escape, Sora was killed right in front of him, her blood and gore drenching him, causing Dusk to have a massive mental breakdown, that accedently kills Bolt, Flame, and Vay in the process. Blizz is the only one alive, but he is unconscious (and no memories, as usual). Dusk leaves Blizz, fearful, and retreats into an unknown location, where he turns literally insane because he killed his brothers and watched the love of his life get mutilated in front of him! What happens to Blizz? Well. He gets retrained by the lab and becomes an even better killing machine with nothing to hold him back! And this Blizz, is on the hunt! For Dusk. (Cause the lab wants him dead).
Eve: Her egg was never given away. Instead, it went missing, and ended up in a place where normal eevee eggs are kept. She was hatched by Plex and, as a baby, was immediately experimented on and tortured a ton! You know, as the lab does. After they find out about her other abilities, its too late, they already pretty much mentally broke her. So now, she has to train and be pushed by the lab guys because of her actual abilities, while constantly in pain and stress! And. Trust me. If you guys knew what her ability is, you’d know why they are pushing her so hard. Keep in mind that she is still a child.
Vay: Honestly just keep him with Labsol. In this universe, the plan to escape never happened. Blizz was killed trying to protect him from Labsol, his last words being that he loved him. So, now, he is being abused and used daily by his closest friend/brother’s literal murderer! Vay deteriorates even more and more, lashing out at the others and ending up alone in the end, the only one he can turn to being Labsol, who, as we know, is an abuser and murderer. This messes up with Vay’s mind a lot, but in the end, he submits to him. (Author Chan: I feel actually sick writing this, sorry) Vay has lost all hope, all family, and all will to live, but is forced to live and be Labsol’s play thing and a test monkey.
Bolt: This is a hard one. I know there could be a universe where Bolt is sad, but. It would mean the events that happened to him in general would be really different. Instead of the experiment he did, I’m thinking they instead thought it would be great to put him in the fire elemental experiment, which has a low survival rate. This causes immense pain and scarring for Bolt, burning off most of his fur and almost killing him. But, he does get fire abilities, Just that he is unable to move and is bed ridden. His time in the lab slowly turns him jaded, and when he found out his brothers left without him (except Sora) it broke him. When he can walk and function again, the lab ofc, locks him up because “oops. Fire elementals are dangerous. Where he doesn’t get to talk or interact with anyone for years. Until. They want him to breed. So they send him to Kalos, where a couple of things happen, including him being forced to breed with Sora. Who he accidentally burns. This causes Sol to go haywire on him, almost killing him. And from then on, Bolt just. Breaks.
Flame: Basically, Have Sora escape with them. And no agency. So Flame is depressed, resentful, jealous of Dusk, and hates himself. He’ll slowly deteriorate himself due to being a literal waste of space with nothing to do and no one to turn to.
Daisy: I honestly cant say much without spoiling her story. But, at a pivotal moment, when she is alone and hiding, have someone find her, and make her actually watch what’s happening. This will break her to the max. Wow. I cant say a LOT about Daisy. rip.
Dawn: the trainer loved and trained her, then literally abandon her. No wonder trade, no PC, but full on release. That will shatter her. From that point on, Dawn will be a walking shell, because she puts all of her self worth on the trainer’s affection towards her, ant the trainer just threw her out like trash. As she lives in the wild, bad things keep happening to her, Pokémon go after her, her lack of survival instincts show, and no one helps her. One day, she sees Scull, looking for her. She runs up to him, but- “BANG” he goes down. Pokémon poachers killed him for his pelt. “BANG” another shot, aimed at her. She runs, tears streaming down her face. And there, hiding from the poachers, in a dark cave/burrow with small chance of escape. She feels despair.
Miku: That moment in the agency, when Ford came to her. Just, take that out. He never comes to her. She gets lost in her head, and loses all hope. There, it honestly just down hill. She’ll retreat into herself, not really listening to anyone. And then, when events happen and Sol gets his hands on her, she’ll just go along with him, and become his mate. Which sadly, isssss not really a good thing for her. Like... at all. She’ll become more and more unhappy, and lost. Sol does spoiler things with her by his side, and. Miku sees Sol literally kill Dusk right before her eyes, somehow. This. Causes her. To absolutely loose it.
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dreamcatcheroflight · 6 months ago
Do you want to know why people struggling with mental illness dont reach out?
Because we HURT people. Not on purpose, obviously, we really dont mean to hurt anyone. It just sadly comes with the illness.
Let me explain to the bes of my ability.
For starters, we (those who suffer with it) constantly think we bring the mood down when we open up about anything thats bothering us. And you cant just be "cheered up" thats not how that shit works, especially during an episode. I'll give an example. So a few months ago i went and hung out with a couple friends. I dont remember what happened but one joke about hating myself turned into a whole ass "i fucking hate my life i wish i was dead i always do this shit god im such a failure etc etc etc". And obviously they tried helping, saying things like "youre not bringing the mood down we're okay youre not making us sad of course we care about you etc etc etc.." But when you struggle with so much insecurity and mental illness its hard to believe them. Its hard to trust what theyre saying is actually true. So we keep to ourselves and pretend to be the happy perfect one because they dont deserve to be pulled into our downward spiral.
Next is the fact that we keep putting our loved ones through the same shit. Anxiety attack after anxiety attack, they have to be there to listen. They have to be there to help or else it can spiral out of control so fast. Those closest to you will always see the dark ugly side of mental illness. Self harm, suicidal thoughts, crying, hyperventilating, our manic sides, our really low sides. We even lash out because we just cant handle whats going on inside our minds. And after a while we start accidentally pushing people away. Because they get tired of worrying, of constantly having to deal with our shit. Let me give another example. Over the past almost year now, my mom has had to rush me to the ER not once, but 5 (i think, ive lost count) fucking times. 4 of which i was hospitalized. And that doesnt include all the times shes had to listen to me cry or deal with my depressed ass because i literally cannot get out of bed to help with the house. I try, okay? We all try.
Call it whatever you want, but to me it feels like shes getting closer and closer to just calling it quits and letting me deal with it on my own. And im TERRIFIED for when that happens because when it does, i will have no one. I refuse to put anyone through this. I refuse to push anyone else away because i cant handle my own shit.
Thats why we're so scared of opening up. Because we know that if we do, people fucking l e a v e. They leave. Because they cant fucking handle it, they dont understand. So we keep it inside. We keep to ourselves. We struggle alone because that keeps those we love with us. People want to help until they realize that mental illness is a lot more complicated than someone being sad and having a hard time. Its so much more, and when people see that, well, they leave.
They just...leave.
So id rather struggle alone and still have friends and family rather than open up and risk losing everyone because they get tired of my shit.
Opening up for us is so fucking scary. Because everyone always leaves.
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