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#i hate it here

was startled by a tall shadow beside my door last night but in my half-alseep state thought oh it’s just my coat on the back of my door but when i came downstairs this morning i realised that my coat was on the kitchen chair and has been there since i came in yesterday. stupid haunted house.

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hey guys i’ve just popped on to tell y’all more chaos about my life because actually the basketball story was fun to share lmao.

anyways this is the time when i almost came out as bi to my mom on accident.

alright so a little backstory first. i am ace and bi and i live in the south so lol. my parents grew up with the homophobia and shit drilled into them and they tried that with me but hi i’m not them and i never was. basically i’m pretty much the odd ball out from my family (extended too).

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