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#i hate my body

Jawline thinsspii

I miss having a jawline like this…

Sorry it’s been so long, had to hide it. I barely eat now, and I feel so much better about myself. I just checked, and my starting weight was 230, and I’m now 210. I started about 3 weeks ago. Yeah, 20 pounds is quite a bit for that short, but im also not 100% sure that my starting weight was accurate. Anywho, I can see progress, and that’s what matters.

(drugs and cigs help alottttt)

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Man my mind is an awful place to be 😂

Fuck my moody ass self I would drop me so fast as a friend

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i have no self control omfg, i need to download mfp again because otherwise i’m just gonna keep mindlessly eating anytime i’m bored. also i wanna make some more friends because i lost my other ed friends 💔 so pls dm me if you wanna be friends :) (reminder i’m 15 so please don’t dm me if you’re 18+ or under 13)


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OKEJ tradycyjnie zjebałam 😌✌

Wczoraj i dziś strasznie się objadałam… no ale dobra trudno. Czasu nie cofnę. Zauważyłem jednak, że najwyraźniej nie dam już rady bez totalnego kontrolowania się i liczenia kalorii. Ostatnie 3 miesiące (z przerwą świąteczną i sylwestrową) właśnie tak działałam. Schudłam 15 kg, a teraz nie mogę się wziąć w garść.

Także od poniedziałku wracam tutaj z purple skinny diet i będę codziennie robiła raport ile zjadłam, żeby się pilnować. Tak samo będę zaznaczała dni bez napadu 🧚🏻‍♀️

Chcę w końcu zobaczyć swoją wymarzoną wagę

Nie zamierzam się tym razem poddać.

Thinspo dla was i dla mnie ♡

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Honestly,admitting or telling someone that you smoke makes them probably like you less(if they’re not a smoker). I haven’t smoked since last summer but I still sometimes crave. I admitt to it and I feel like people are distancing themselves from me, but maybe it’s not the smoking.

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why am i such a failure i gained 6 fucking kgs and i can’t stop hating myself wtf can someone tell me how the fuck to get back on track plEase? i miss having control.

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reblog if you’re constantly torn between wanting to say fuck it and eat whatever you want and wanting to starve yourself till you die

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My thigh gap got a little wider :’), though I still got a long way to go to reach my goal..

please stay safe out there 🖤 if you need anyone to talk to, don’t hesitate to message me!

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Me starting a 3 day fast becuase I can’t bring myself to do any of my school work and Im slowly slipping into a worse and worse place but it’s okay because I’m gonna be ✨✨skinny✨✨✋🏾🙄

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that feeling when you’re losing weight and u have to keep changing ur cw on ur tumblr feels so great. The farther i get from my sw the better i feel about myself.

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breaking news; for once I’m accually proud of myself.

Instead of binging on junk food or other unhealthy snacks, I ‘’binged’’ on grapes. Not only a lot healthier, but the amount of calories I saved is amazing to me. And grapes are just fucking delisous. I love grapes.

I think I finally got my binging under control and I’m really proud of myself for that. Mabye I’ll finally reach my goal weight

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Both emotionally and physically.

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