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#i hate phone calls

My Bambi butt is at it again!!

Me: hello yes I’d like make a physical therapy appointment I believe I’ve pulled muscles or tore muscles in my leg or something I don’t but it hurts

Guy on phone: Ok what sport were you playing at the time?

Me:…I was…walking….


Me: I have dspraxia and forget how to walk right

Guy: Oh! Alright! We have someone available to see you definitely

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Lol one of the higher ups at work called me. She asked how I’m personally coping with covid. I tried to be polite and say “it’s rough but I’m dealing with it”. But she decides to go all in and ask what the hardest part of it has been. She was not prepared for me saying “well my dad died from it so probably that”. My therapist has yet to tell me how to handle that conversation. Now I’m still stuck at work for two hours and I need to go the fuck home and cry.

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if i’m making an important phone call i ALWAYS put the phone on speaker. always no exceptions. you won’t catch me with the phone by my ear or else whoever is on the other end of the line might come right through and abscond with my dignity

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Me: gets phone call… looks at phone. it stops ringing. “calls back number”

some tree service. was trying to figure out why it was calling me. guy on the other line sounded like an asshole so just hung up since it was a wrong dial on their end (:

JFC i hate having to call people on the phone but I have no fucking god damn choice but to call back every phone number cause I have tons of job applications out and maybe it could be one of those

-sigh- whatever just wanted to write some frustration on it…

calls me. an error on them. call them back and guy’s rude … cool go fucking get impaled by a tree branch asshole.

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