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#i hate ppl

There are so many people dying of hunger, yet nations spend billions of dollars to find out if there are microbes on Mars.

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Whats the point of shooting guns at New Years again?? Like bullets aint cheap these days anyway wtf are yall doing. And its only 5:30 why tf are you doin all of that already anyway?!

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People: But, it’s so sad you don’t have friends… And all…

Me: Yeah… I kinda hate ppl, tho…

Ppl: 👀

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I just saw a post about someone who goes by she/they and the people in the comments were so mad about it because apparently it’s too complicated to use different pronouns when referring to someone. If you are unable to use both she and they for someone then you are not worth knowing anyways so kindly fuck off and suck my left nut 😁 like imagine thinking it’s too difficult to use two sets of pronouns for someone. We call the same person different names all the time, so why is this any different? Have y’all never known someone with a nickname before?? Are y’all okay?? What is going on over there?? Also someone in the comments was like “omg these pronoun-havers are so stupid.” Ayo do you not realize you have pronouns too?? Transphobes are so fucking dumb holy shit

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I am just too nice 🤨😑

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I fallowed a blog I didn’t realize was kinda sexualizing Markiplier like I just thought it was like “mm yes the way he does this makes me go BRRRR” so I asked for them to tag NSFW so ya know I wouldn’t see but like ya know I didn’t expect it to be that bad so I peeked and mY GOD they were sexualizing him sm and I publicly asked and now my anxiety is going crazy shdhdjkdks ska god plz make sure u know what ur interacting w before you send asks n fallow

(Tbh I thought ab reading so I’d know but NSFW stuff makes me uncomfy most the time and I didn’t think it’d be like that- god-)

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I get fucked over at Publix for three years and finally have a new job. I’m the bad guy who wants to quit. I’m sorry I can’t mentally handle the daily shit show. I literally cannot express how many times I wanted to kill myself Bc I couldn’t take the manipulation anymore. I’m sorry I couldn’t get up this morning at 4 am to be there. I can barely get up anymore Bc publix has sucked everything out of me. I feel empty. I only feel happy when my boyfriend comes home from work at 1 am. I hope this gets better

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uhhh i just saw this account on twitter dedicated to how much taekook hate each other…..the delusion is real

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I hate seeing people pretending to be unbiased like “Welllllll, communism in history has never worked, sooo :3″

Like?? Bitch?? When has capitalism ever worked? Owning more guns and bombs does not count as working. If staying in power is “working” then Nazism also “worked” historically, it took the combined effort of some of the most powerful countries in the world to take down the axis powers, if you wanna say that surviving is working, you have to admit that you believe that Hitler wasn’t that far off.

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Remember when men decided to wash their ass and iron their clothes and ppl called them meteosexuals?

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How do your family events end? 🙃 I had to be talked out of murder, twice.

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there’s already over 300+ covid cases at my college bc these stupid kids won’t stop partying. we just finished week TWO of class!

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imagine shipping literal brothers that are clones of each other

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me: i have back pain


me: I have back. i have pain. i have pain in said back, I have…you guessed it! back pain!

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