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me: back on my bullshit again
the bullshit in question:
Tumblr media
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uhhhhghh textures
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anyways here’s the fantine vid
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i am so used to my laptop on linux but im almost about to change it back to windows so i can easily torrent photoshop and also genshin maybe, but it works soo much better for normal tasks like this :'/
#i have several firefox tabs open as well as krita in animation mode and qtorrent and images and another window with inkscape and just#it does t lag at all to the point i had forgotten i had the krita window open#this poor not in its prime laptop so needs this to be a pleasent epxerience#also i hate windows 10 with a passion#which is of course what led me to linux#but ahhh ill likely be needing photoshop next year#curse the professional worlds obsession with the adobe suite#not that i wouldnt just pirate it obviously i would#if one pirates autocad and has to manually translate all the commands for their father#a little photoshop wount stop me basically#see now pirating nintendo game son someones switch and keeping the play online version? i dont think i can do that#but ive seen enough about photoshops security that its definetly not even that hard#its just that it has so many users that would naturally crack all itts versions#anyway i gave the phone i could play genshin on to a friend because hers is out of comission#and shes really wants venti and also i am appaled at both her artifacts and charather levels given how much more then me#they play and the difference in AR#like how do you. how do you stay with level 70 charathers only at ar 45 and like#her ayaka. is lowkey weaker thne my razor#for reference i believe i am ar 35#yes he is level 80 and ive definetly maxed out my artefacts way better but this is a bit ridiculous no?#anyway i am almost tempted to download genshin on deskstop again just to like fix up her account for ease of use a bit#but like. i dont want windows so bad#look at my pretty linux why would you destroy it#ahh ...#maybe ill cave and take the proper amount of time to look at emulators#idk how well it would work but might be worth it
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Hiii could you please do a Sukuna x Gojo x Toji fluff? The plot will be up to you but please make it fluff i had too much angst for today TwT And please only make them love reader only and they're like just sharing her XD Anyways thats itt, thank youuu
HII! im so sorry it took so long, but ahhh i hope you’ll like this! <333 i enjoyed writing this fr!
fic exists in a ‘no curse/curse user’ au!
i. The meetup 
Satoru checked himself in the mirror, brushing at his white fringe before shooting his reflection a smile. Muffled laughter peels off behind him, but Satoru ignores his bastard of a best friend to keep on studying himself. So what if he wants to show off to your other boyfriends to let them know that he is the best of them? Frankly, Satoru thinks that that’s a perfectly normal reaction, considering that he was the last one to date you.
“Ya think the other men just gon’ let a twink outdo them?” Suguru asks, legs propped up on Satoru’s headboard, looking at him with bored eyes as he chews on his packet of Hello Panda. How he can do that while laying upside down is beyond Satoru.
He rolls his eyes at Suguru. “You think any pretty boys are twinks, Sugu.” He flashes him a grin. “Which means you think that I am a pretty boy.”
Suguru scrunches his nose before chucking a biscuit at him. Satoru manages to catch it with his mouth, anyway. “Pretty annoying, is what you are.”
“Fuck you, Sugu. Fuck you.”
“No thanks.”
His jaw drops at the sight of two achingly familiar men. Similarly, the others let out a drawn out groan upon seeing him which, rude, but also understandable.
“Y’ve got to be kiddin’ me,” Toji murmurs, crossing beefy arms and glaring sharp emerald eyes at Satoru. You poke at Toji’s bicep in response, quietly tutting, but Toji just huffs like a brat.
“Sh’ve known at this point,” Sukuna, who gained more tattoos within the one-year duration that Satoru has not seen him, grouches. He juts out a thumb, pointing at Toji. “At least you’re not like him, I guess.” He shoots a cheeky grin your way, and you giggle, far more amused with the situation. 
Satoru almost lovingly sighs and melts at the sound of it.
Toji rolls his eyes at the remark as he wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you flushed to his side. This time, Satoru laughs out loud, giddy and incredulous at the same time. 
“Holy shit,” he says, wiping away the phantom tear of laughter from his eyes. “Who knew, huh? Baby’s got a type and we can’t really blame her.” He winks at you as he says this, before laughing loudly again when you flipped him off.
“Fuck you,” you say, pouting. 
“Please do,” he replies, revelling at the way you quickly flushed, before ducking away to hide behind Toji’s bigger frame.
Fuck. That’s actually so cute.
(beloved = y/n ; child support = toji ; emolord = sukuna ; disney princess = satoru)
Beloved (6:22 AM)
who invented mornings
and why m i not wKing up cuddled to any one kf u
Child Support (6:27 AM)
im omw
Beloved (6:30 AM)
Disney Princess (7:41 AM)
@god when will it be my turn :(
emolord (7:46 AM)
Read ✓
Disney Princess (7:47 AM)
i fucking hate you sm 
Child Support (12:09 PM)
whose car we using to go to shokos party?
Disney Princess (12:10 PM)
suguru the bastard busted mine so i cant really offer
emolord (12:10 PM)
“suguru” sure
Disney Princess (12:11 PM)
theres no photographic evidence of the ,,, incident so yea me n the homies are blaming suguru
Child Support (12:12 PM)
no one needs photographic evidence for us to know you’re a shit driver
Beloved (12:12 PM)
i love you toru but the first time u drove me around, i had to buy tylenol from the gas station 
Disney Princess (12:14 PM)
i love you too baby 🥹💘💘
Child Support (12:14 PM)
he really just ignored everything else from that message
emolord (12:15 PM)
he has selective reading too lmfaoo 💀 
Beloved (12:16 PM)
ok but @Child Support we can use my car <33
Disney Princess (12:17 PM)
i call shotgun!
Child Support (12:18 PM)
dont you live the closest to shoko?
we literally would pick you up last
Disney Princess (12:19 PM)
i ☝️ call 📞 shotgun 🔫
Beloved (12:19 PM)
toru omfg 😭💗
Disney Princess (3:01 AM)
im really so fucking hot
why cant yall get on my level
emolord (3:03 AM)
Beloved (3:03 AM)
Disney Princess (3:04 AM)
Beloved (3:04 AM)
| Child Support banned Disney Princess for 24 hours |
iii. The Carnival Date
A new round of excited squealing erupts from your throat as Sukuna wins you another plushie. The worker grumbles but effectively shuts up at seeing three mutual glares directed at him, your boyfriends’ menacing looks sewing his lips shut as he silently hands you the jumbo sized unicorn plush. 
You squeeze the plush to your chest, peering up at your boyfriends through your lashes with a wide smile. They smile back, their hands full of plush toys that they all won for you from the other tents, happy to spoil you.
“Thank you so, so much!” You say, giving them another cheerful smile.
Sukuna ruffles your hair as Toji passes you your cup of strawberry soda. You hum in delight, sipping softly, and you are so sure that Satoru just cooed but when you turn to him, his expression is schooled back into his usual small smile so you just narrow your eyes at him in suspicion.
“Anythin’ else you want to play, love?” Sukuna asks, pulling you to his chest and resting his chin on the crown of your head. 
You hum, biting your straw as you glance around the packed carnival to look for what else to do. You all had ridden the exciting rides a while back, although, surprisingly, Sukuna refused some of them.
(“I’m too good for those,” he said and you pretended that you cannot see the way he is tightly gripping your jacket in fear. 
“Okay, baby,” you told him, pulling him down to press a kiss on his cheek. “See you in a few minutes.”
He nodded, eyes crinkling as he smiled. “Have fun f’r me, yeah?”
“Yeah,” you whispered, feeling weak to the knees at the pure adoration in his eyes.)
But the lineups are all long now, and you don’t have any more energy to wait. You pout.
Toji chuckles at seeing it. 
“C’mon baby, let’s look around. Who knows, maybe there are more tents we can play in.” He steps forward to tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear before cupping your cheek delicately. “Bet I can win more against these assholes.”
“Excuse me?” Satoru gasps beside you.
“You’re the asshole,” Sukuna adds, reaching out to flick Toji’s forehead. Toji smacks Sukuna’s shoulder in retaliation.
iv. Gentle Sunsets 
— “I love you,” Toji says as he softly sits you on the marble countertops and steps in between your legs. You smile just as tenderly, pulling him close. He comes easily, melting into your embrace, and burrowing his face on the crook of your neck. 
— “I love you,” Sukuna whispers as he pulls you on his lap, sliding his warm palms underneath your shirt and rubbing from the base of your neck to the small of your back lightly. You hum, nuzzling at his jaw, relaxed and putty. 
— “I love you,” Satoru utters as he leads you to the bed where he tucks you two under the duvet cover, his legs tangling with yours. He lays your head on his arm, breath hitching when you snuggle closer. 
— “I love you,” you sing, standing up on your tippy toes to press kisses from his cheeks to his nose, chuckling when it makes his nose scrunch. Your smile grows when he kisses you just as much. 
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darkmulti · 3 months ago
Bonjour mademoiselle~don't wanna waste ur precious time too much but I just wanna say I fucking love ur contents sm I legit get goosebumps when notification says u updated🥵🥰🤧 alright so can I request yandere jungkook where its like jk bullies the male bff of oc n oc tries to save him n jk sees her for the first time n falls for her.. gradually but fast becomes obsessed w her but she hates him for having such a cruel personality. Jk forcefully dates her n tries to win her heart but oc doesn't give in so he snaps n kidnaps her, with great difficulty oc escapes n goes to another country for higher studies w her bff while also escaping jk. Years later jk becomes this powerful business tycoon n while getting into his car he sees oc hugging her bff n sadness n rage takes over him n this time he kidnaps n marries her n tries to impregnate her everyday bcuz he thinks that's the only way to bind her w him n he threatens her by mentioning her family n friends
Can you pls make it borderline noncon n v dark n pls don't hit oc it hurts 😅🥺 n can you plwease put alot of forced makeout scenes they are soo hot😩🤌😋
It's just a request so if you don't want to do it it's finee I'll just read your other works to quench my thirst 🥴🥰 (ik it's way too detailed n I wrote alot but idk this just came to my mind for no reason you can do it your way wewill be happy either way 😇🥰 even better if you make it v long cuz I cant get enough of your writings😭😭 but again ✋ you can do it whatever way you as long as you are the one whose doing it ik I'll love itt))
⚠️: bully!Jungkook, borderline non con, toxic!Jungkook, Yandere!jungkook, making out, kidnapping, baby trapping
-> sorry for any mistakes
-> you’re the sweetest!! 🥰❣️
You’re best friend looked distressed
He’s usually bubbly and loud, but these past few days, he’s been oddly quiet
One evening, you invited him over to your apartment for a movie night
You both were on the couch, close to each other when you accidentally hit his arm a little too hard and he hissed
You were insistent on putting some cream on it so he wouldn’t bruise that bad but when you pulled the sleeve up, you saw a lot more bruising
“Oh my god, why do you have so much bruises?!”
“I just fell down the stairs. Don’t worry about it.”
You knew that he was lying but didn’t want to pick at it more to avoid aggravating him
You muttered a “okay” and went back to watching the movie
The next day, you decided to surprise him at his school
You knew something was wrong and wanted to see what he was hiding from you
You were sitting on the bench, looking for his face in a crowd of students until you saw a group of people circle around something
You got up to investigate (cuz you’re a little nosy) and to your surprise, there was your best friend on the ground with a bloody nose
You quickly jumped and punched the guy who hit your friend
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Y/N?! What’re you doing here?”
“Shut up! This is what you’ve been hiding from me?”
Your friend looked down in shame while Jungkook faced you
“For a girl, you can punch quite hard.”
“And I’ll do it again if you don’t shut the fuck up.”
Wow. No one’s ever talked to Jungkook like that
Everyone thought you had a death wish because Jungkook sure as hell wouldn’t let you get away with humiliating him
You helped your friend up and left the scene
You bussed back to your apartment where you gave him an ice pack for his nose
“When were you going to tell me? When you end up in the hospital?”
“It’s embarrassing.”
“It’s not. It’s really not. And you were keeping it away from me too.”
Your best friend confessed everything to you, and said he wasn’t sure how to deal with Jungkook because he was loaded with money and could slip away easily
So you made him promise to tell you if he ever did something like that again
You’d figured that you could blackmail Jungkook with footage of him being a dick and send it to media channels so his dad’s reputation would be ruined
It’s been a couple of days since you punching Jungkook and according to your friend, he hasn’t bothered him
The reason why is because you’re his new target
He showed up at your school, and pulled you aside
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms
“What do you want?”
“I want to take you out on a date.”
You looked at him dumbfounded
“My standards aren’t that low, jackass.”
“I suppose you don’t care about your best friend’s safety.”
“I’ll put him in the hospital if you don’t agree to go on a date with me.”
How pathetic, you thought.
“Why do you wanna go on a date with me?”
“No more questions, I’ll pick you up on Friday night.”
“How do you know where I live?!”
“I said no more questions.”
Jungkook disappeared and you went home, deciding whether or not to tell your friend what was going on
Friday night came by fast
You hadn’t told your friend because you were sure that he’d tell you not to go to protect you
But you’re stubborn
You got ready and waited in the lobby
“Dumbass, didn’t even give me his number.” You mumbled.
A black Mercedes pulled up in front of your building and Jungkook got out of a car with a boutique of flowers in his hands
Oh, so he’s rich rich, you thought before popping a mint in your mouth and heading outside
“Hello, darling. You look gorgeous.”
“Save your fake compliments. I don’t wanna hear em.”
He poked his tongue on the inside of his cheek at the rejection
You may be tough, but it’ll only take a matter of time to crack you, he thought
He opened the door for you and put the flowers in the backseat before getting back in the drivers seat
The car conversation was typical, it was about school, jobs, hobbies, ect
Once you got to the lavish restaurant, he had booked a private booth were it was quieter
The service was fast and soon enough, your main meal had arrived
You started the conversation, asking him why he was bullying your best friend
“It’s fun.”
You gave him the dirtiest look and held the urge to slap him
“You terrorize people for fucking fun? Go see a therapist. My friend didn’t do anything to you so, leave him alone.”
“Whatever you say, darling. You continue dating me and I’ll do everything that you wish.”
“You said one date!”
“Nope, never said that.”
You look at him, annoyed
“You’re a terrible human being.”
“Funny enough, you’re not the first person to tell me that.”
The rest of the “date” you lectured him and told him to get help
Jungkook started telling people that you were his girlfriend and showed up randomly at you apartment for more dates
But as time went by and you still refused, he began to get frustrated
So when he showed up to your place for a “late night drive” date, he took you out of the city and into a small town with very little people
He’d spiked your fast food drink while you were eating, so getting you into the room and chaining you to the bed was not difficult at all
You’d vanish for one month
You couldn’t exactly be your feisty self because you were chained and at his mercy at all times
At first, he’d only make out with you
Shoving his tongue in your mouth and never pulling away
He’d tangle his fingers in your hair and kiss you hard, making it clear that you were his
He’d have sex with you too and after about three weeks you convinced him that he’d broke you
The first time he took the chain off of you, you went crazy, grabbing a vase with freshly picked flowers and knocking it over his head
You took his car and drove back to the city and called your friend and told him everything that was going on
To protect yourself and your friend, you both decided to leave the country
You’re friend bought the plan tickets and you went to your apartment very quickly to get some of your belongings
The flight left in two days so you practically donated most of your stuff and sold your apartment
Jungkook was in the hospital after a few people citizens had found him unconscious in his home
It took about three days for him to regain consciousness and when he finally did, you were the first thing on his mind
He spent months trying to track you down, you but you were completely gone
Eventually, 3 years had passed
Jungkook’s dad became very ill and had to step down as CEO
Jungkook, of course stepped up and was now running a very big business which required him to travel often
He hadn’t given up on you, he’d figure out what country you’d move to but not which city
When he finally had spotted it, it was coincidentally
Funny enough, you were working for one of his branch companies
You hugged your best friend before going inside the building and to your floor
Jungkook ignored his guards and followed behind
As the elevator door was closing, a hand got in between and it opened again
You looked up from your phone and your heart dropped
It was Jungkook. He just looked a lot older. His features were definitely sharper and his body was a lot bigger
It was only you two in the elevator
Once you snapped back to reality, you tried to leave the elevator but he pulled you back harshly
He pushed the emergency stop button so now you two were trapped
“What? Where are you gonna run now, huh? There’s no vase insight for you to hit me with.”
“I was doing it to protect myself and my friend.”
He towered over you and when you tried to push him off he pinned your hands beside your head
“You’re lucky, you’re so pretty.” His lips were a millimetre away from yours
You were going to speak again but he went in for the kiss
He placed his knee in between your legs and let go of your hands so that he could touch your body
“I’m never gonna let you leave me again.”
He chewed on your top lip and explored your mouth with his tongue and you were too shocked to do anything
He continued making out with you until the elevator started working
Once you were down to the main floor again, he pulled you out and took you to his car
Back at his mansion, he continued what he was doing in the elevator
Playing with your breast, rubbing his bulge on your slit as you arched your back
There wasn’t anything you could do to stop him
He was far more powerful in every aspect and could ruin your life in a blink of an eye
By the next week, he made you sign the marriage papers
You were officially Mrs. Jeon
He threatened to kill your best friend if you didn’t agree
When you broke the news to your best friend, he was mortified
He felt incredibly bad but you assured him that none of it was his fault
But, like before. You began living at Jungkook’s mercy
He was very set on having kids with you
He wanted to be a dad as soon as possible
Every day, after eating dinner, he’d have sex with you
He knew you didn’t want it, but your body responded so well to his touch
Every night, he’d see your tears trickle down
Perhaps from fear? Pleasure? Or maybe both?
Giving you his seed would make him part of your life forever
And he fucking loved the idea of that
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slasherrrz · 4 months ago
Hihi!! I absolutely LOVE your blog so much😭 Its always gets me in a good mood :>
I was wondering if I can request a headcanon of Vincent Sinclair, Billy Lenz, Bo Sinclair and Brahms Heelshire with an AFAB S/O whos very insecure about being chubby and short please?
Take all the time you need btw :D Thanks so much for reading this, I hope you have a lovely day!
Ahhh thank you I'm happy you love my writing! And btw Idk if this will be the best (since i'm a lanky giant) but I will try!
Bo sinclair, Vincent sinclair, Billy lenz, & Brahms heelshire with an insecure short&chubby Afab! S/O
Warnings: mentions of insecurity
No real gender mention in this(?) but was written in the intent of afab reader.
unedited but lightly read over
Bo sinclair-
Literally he has a double chin too lol
Doesn’t understand why you dislike your size? You're so cute, just look at you you’re his little lamb, so soft and cuddly!!
Adores your small stature!!! He thinks its so cute you’re so small he could just break you in two if he really wanted!(but he wont..)
AND YOUR ASS your ass dont get me started on the ass, you have so much of it and i genuinely hc its his fav part of your body.
If you dont have ass he doesnt care, ass is ass and he’s gonna eat it.
Loves ur stubby lil’ fingers the most(a little less then the ass tho-). They’re so much smaller than his. He likes to hold them, always loving the intimacy of it too.
In the end Bo may seem like an asshole but he wont say or do anything that makes you uncomfy or insecure. He respects and loves you and your insecurities!!
Vincent sinclair-
Vincent is very understanding when it comes to this, but if he’s being honest he doesnt see a thing in you to hate about.
Doesn’t know how to show you his love for you but he puts it in little gifts and drawings of you. Dont like that? He’ll stop immediately and try another way to show you.
He loves your thighs, they're so plush and soft, so nice and comfy to sleep on. Especially loves it when you play with his hair while he’s sleeping on you.
LOVES to sketch you, your body shape is everything and is so fun to draw. It’s so different and he loves that!
He understands how hard it is to have a hard time with your body image, putting up unrealistic standards towards yourself. Vincent knows he cant change the way you view yourself, he just hopes he could help it over time.
Billy lenz-
Doesn’t care
Really if you are a person that loves and respects his boundaries he doesn't care about anything else.
But of course loves the fact you're shorter than him, he’s not the TALLEST guy in the world, in fact most women tower over him so he thinks it's a nice change!!
For the bigger part of you, LOVES IT OMG
He uses your fat like a pillow, loves to poke and squish you. Also he never gets bored? Billy loves your tummy the most, its so squishy and pillow like, nice to lay on.
He uses you like a warm weighted blanket lol
But when you say you hate it billy looks at you with confusion he’s like “whhatt my piggy is pretty! Pretty piggy y/n!!”
It doesn't sit right with him, you're literally the prettiest piggy in the world!
In the end you should know that he loves you and that means EVERYTHING about you, including your shortness and fatness. <3
Brahms heelshire-
Right away when you first show up to the heelshire mansion he knew you were it
So short and cute, you knocked him right off his weird looking feet!
But this really all comes down to your pb&j skills
If you impress, that is that you’re his
Loves the squish and feeling of you
You guys share clothes, idc what you say
His might be a bit bigger on you but who doesnt like big shirts?
Your shortness is adorable for him, makes him feel big and strong >:3
Brahms doesnt have a specific body part that he likes about you but if had to choose then he’d choose your legs
Its a simple body part but he just really like how stubby yours are!!
The biggest reason why he loves you legs is because he loves the feeling when they wrap around him while you guys are cuddling.
Really I have nothing to say except you have no reason to be insecure near this man. He wears the same clothes for months straight and smells like a dead dog.
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sallysoot · a year ago
     ↱ TO ATHENA... ↲
ANON(S) ASK... hiii! if you’re still taking requests, i was wondering if you could write a best friends to lovers w techno? whether it be headcanons or an actual fic!! i’ve been binging your writing and i love your work!!!❤️ + Helooo your techno imagines make me go so soft <333 may i please request a one shot of techno and reader exchanging letters?
[ summary ; you and your closest friend, techno, have a routine of writing letters to each other. what’s a risky text got on a handwritten letter? ] [ pairing ; technoblade x reader ] [ stats ; 1.4k, second person ] [ notes ; hellllooooo, guys! i hope you don’t mind me combining your requests. i just thought this was the perfect way to approach this oneshot! thank you guys so much for reading and enjoying my work, i’m so happy you’ve both liked itt!!! this fic contains a reference to home is where the heart is and could be counted as something like a sequel, but both are standalone pieces regardless! ]
Tumblr media
        the sharp scent of fresh ink still clings to your fingertips as you turn the letter you have written over in them. a dimming sun sets to let your fireplace illuminate the room instead, its gentle glow flickering rhythmically with the sway of the flames. your face is blank, but the jittery feeling in your hands betrays the worry that gnaws a hole straight through your stomach. for a moment, you reach forward to hold the letter over the flame. when you wrote it, you had a feeling it would end up this way; you knew, deep down, you didn’t have the guts to hand it to him.
          still, when you remember yourself smiling fondly as you had poured your mortal heart out onto the parchment, you find that your hand grips tighter to the page in reluctance to let it go. with a quiet sigh, you pull your hand away and clutch it to your chest. the stupid thing has sentimental value, even if only to you. you toss the letter onto a pile of paper you’d gathered up and leave it there, so you can tuck yourself away in your study to write one you can actually send.
          holding the quill between your fingers, you dip it into the ink and get to work. 
          “dear athena, goddess of the wrinkly brain or whatever,
          i like the way your last letter opened up, but i feel like you could’ve really gone all the way with the analogy about death and grapefruits. no, i won’t elaborate even though i know you forgot the dumb shit you said already, so you have to figure it out on your own. 
          so, how have things been? i haven’t seen you in months, not in person. it was last winter, right? when you visited me to avoid getting frostbite in every appendage you have. that was fun. i would like to do it again, sometime. will you stay with me this winter, techno? i could use someone with your sheer brawn to split wood for me so i can stay inside and warm my toes by the fire. hint, hint. that’s flattery on your physique in exchange for manual labor. let me know if you’ll take me up on it so i can get the sty ready for you.
          don’t forget to RSVP, 
          pallas, your childhood bestie”
          you smile down at your work and wave the page around to speed up the process of the ink drying. the mail doesn’t come by where you live too often, but you know it’ll reach him eventually. you slip on some shoes to put the letter in your mailbox outside, briefly enjoying the warm summer night and chirping crickets before going back inside.
          a week later-- far sooner than you expected-- you receive a letter back.
          “dear pallas, my mortally wounded friend,
          my genius is too much for your feeble mortal psyche. i understand that it’s challenging to keep up, but if you don’t understand how a grapefruit represents the plague of the mortal coil then that’s on you for being an illiterate bastard. that’s why i’m not going back and explaining it to you, not because i forgot what i said. my memory is an unwavering fortress of top-tier information.
          things have been great for me, personally. i won’t go into details, though. you would get jealous of all the fun i’m having. it was last winter that we saw each other, yeah. i remember when you touched me without my consent so i wouldn’t freeze to death. what the hell, pallas? i don’t care about the early frostbite in my ears. ask before you get up in my face after inviting me to your house and giving me food and clothing out of nothing but the goodness of your heart. still haunts me. and now you’re objectifying me? talking about my absolute dominating physical prowess? is splitting wood an analogy? i can’t believe this. i thought you were better than that.
          i’m still RSVPing for it though,
          athena, your childhood murderer”
          you hate to admit to yourself that you laugh when techno writes to you. he’s too funny for his own good, in that direct type of way that almost makes it seem serious. admittedly, you find yourself missing him more and more every day. with his agreement to see you in the winter bolstering your mood, though, you sit down to write a response. the words come easily, flowing out in perfect response to his tone and meeting him in the middle of every comment. the best thing you can do is that, if you’re being honest; he doesn’t tend to command conversations of his own accord, so you comply with his every word to make sure he does lead it in the end.
          by the time you finish, the night has begun to make you sleepy. you fold the letter into an envelope and seal it with brand new yellow wax you purchased yesterday, after your red had run out with your last letter. you toss it onto your pile of papers to take out in the morning, and sleep easy knowing you will be with techno again in a few months’ time.
          when you take the letter out to the mailbox in the morning, you feel the beginnings of a winter chill hanging around in the morning. you rush to take it outside and back in, your pajamas not doing much to keep you warm outside. you see your mail collected a little while later and breathe a sigh of relief that you didn’t miss the day for it. when you start straightening up, getting an advance for when techno visits you, you notice a letter on your pile of papers.
          a letter with yellow wax.
          a letter with yellow wax that you wrote last night and no letter with red wax in sight.
          your stomach turns and you can do nothing but whisper a horrified, “no.” hoping you’re just missing something, you frantically dig through the pile and try to find it. papers fly and scatter across the room for nothing. it isn’t there. the letter is gone, now, and you can do nothing but slump down against the couch and start to cry. no one was supposed to read that, let alone techno and you’re stuck, you’ve got no way out of it or anything you can do.
          every morning for the next week you wake up feeling ill, try to focus on your chores, and fail to get anywhere as thoughts of techno reading your letter haunt your every waking moment. another week passes after that, and you consider writing another letter claiming it to be a prank or a mistake. anything to get you out of this, but you know there’s nothing you can do about it. techno is your best friend, and you can’t believe you were stupid enough to even think of jeopardizing that, let alone go through it without even TRYING to.
           a letter with pink wax finally arrives with your address and you stare at it blankly, for a long time. it sits unopened on your desk as you pace back and force, fiddling with your hands and trying to decide if you should just pretend it never arrived. curiosity wins out, though. you have to read it. you have to know. you open the letter with the opener he gave you, the one shaped like a sword, and try to steady yourself as you read.
          “dear pallas, literature deity,
          your letter caught me off guard. i liked how your last letter opened up, but i feel like you could have gone further with the analogy about your dedication to me and the pen. you probably don’t remember it after this long. (do you see what i’m doing here? i’m getting back at you for being such a smartass last time.)
         i’ve read a lot of stuff in my life. sometimes for fun, sometimes because i have to. but i’ve never read something that made me feel like your letter did. stupid, i know, but it was like i’d swallowed the sun and burned up all the way through. in a good way. so let me tell you, if that wasn’t enough to convince you... that i feel the same. but i want to save it, okay? i want to tell you when i see you next time. you’re my best friend, you deserve to hear it from me. this winter, let’s have the time of our lives. let’s play domesticity for a little while, and i can tell you the words i want to say so badly every day, until the end.
          how does that song go?
          i wanna ruin our friendship,
          athena, yours truly”
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dains1ief · 2 months ago
i wannt . scaramouche and angry one sided hate sex so bad but itts fboy reader & scara’s hate is actually disguised obsession. a lil defense mechanism or whtvr to hide his desperation. but sex is like a drug, & it loosens his inhibitions when ur treating him so sweetly , making luv to him like ur in luv with him. i want it to end in TEARS . do u understabd me arell… how badly i wnt to see ths guy to unravel , his insults turn 2 pleas. his i hate yous to i love yous. nd the uncomfortable silences after that he breaks with apologies. sorry he didnt mean it , it was just the heat of the moment or a performance he was playing, this or that……. yet in the end he cant stop himself from asking in a muffled mumble if u can please still stay the night :((((
Tumblr media
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sukifics · a year ago
𝐝𝐞𝐤𝐮𝐛𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩 𝐭𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐤𝐬 | h.c
Tumblr media Tumblr media
navigation | requests : open | 15th feb 2021 |
Tumblr media
pairing : bakugou, denki, todoroki x fem!reader
genre : suggestive, fluff
warnings : suggestive
themes : mutual pining, corpse, arctic moneys, chase atlantic, alt reader, praise
songs : egirls are ruining my life|corpse, devilish| chase-atlantic, why’d you only ever call me when your high|arctic monkey
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ bakugou ]
> this man has your post notifs on lmaooo
> you’ve been flirting with eachother for what seems like years
> you liked him and at one point you just said fuck it and flirted with him and he .. didn’t tell you to fuck off
> so you just carried on fearing your life each time
> but also growing more confident each time
> the sexual tension around you is UnBEARABLE
> you didn’t make this tiktok for him but you kinda hoped he’d see it
> ‘y/n <3 posted a new video!’ as the notif popped up he expected it to be another dancing video with mina or denki
> his eyes widened seeing the red led light a little confused until you popped up with a small black skirt, rings chains and a oversized grey jumper
> he watched you as you lip sync ‘choke my like you hate me but you love me lowkey wanna date me when you fuck me’
> he is red, you put emphasis on fuck me as you played with your chains not breaking eye contact from the camera
> man was blushing like crazy and horny
> since the sports festival everyone was pining over you on tiktok which denki and mina told you about, also being why you decided to join
> you don’t usually post thirst traps or anything suggestive it’s normally just dancing videos with friends or random funny videos
> after rewatching the video 2525 times he goes to get a drink bc . youre hot and he’s thirsty for you
> he goes downstairs to see you laying on the sofa with the same outfit
> he had no idea what he was doing so he just said impulsively ‘dumbass, get here now’
> he leads you to his room as you look at him in confusion before unconsciously biting your bottom lip,,, so he pins you against the nearest wall
> ‘bakugou what are you-’ smAShes lips against yours and as soon as you don’t object he’s biting your bottom lip and tugging on your chains making you both groan
> yeah that night was <3 fun <3
Tumblr media
[ denki ]
> this poor boy
> you were bestfriends but there was always a moment when you hung out and thought he was going to kiss you or make a move but he never did
> mina suggested making a thirst trap tiktok to see how he’d react
> he almost short circuits watching your tongue slide over your teeth like that
> ‘devilish, fucking with my guys yuh, i make sacrificed you make lies up, heaven lost an angel when i signed up, i might fuck your friend i made my mind up’
> instant boner. instant
> you look amazing and he’s still replaying the video
> he only stops when you walk into the common room to see him watching it
> ‘i look that good huh’ you grinned laughing as he sighed leaning his head back against the sofa to look at you
> ‘you look better than good’ you raise your eyebrow challenging him which he gladly accepts
> he jumped up and took your hand leading him to his room ignoring your questions he opened the door with your back and pushed you on down his bed simultaneously he whispered
> ‘you’re not getting out of this one baby’
> yeah aizawa is asking why you can’t walk during training the next day
Tumblr media
[ todoroki ]
> he doesn’t use tiktok
> he doesn’t really get the appeal so when he sees your thirst trap tiktok it’s because he heard mina begging you to post it
> ‘y/n please you look so hot post itt! why let it just sit in your drafts people have to see the masterpiece that is your fangs’ she whined
> he was confused and intrigued so he checked it out
> you had just posted something probably because of mina
> he watched as the ring light lit up your face a little as you mouthed
> ‘why’d you only ever call me when you’re high, why’d you only ever call me when your high’
> as soon as you mouthed the last word it transitoned to a red light and your tongue swiping over your teeth showing fangs
> he was confused and turned on
> he saw you that night in the kitchen making tea probably for your head since it’s movie night and bakugou and denki often scream at the movie characters choices
> ‘y/n can i see your teeth?’ you were a bit confused but used your tongue to lift up your lip to show him
> ‘hmm’ he moved closer to you, your hands behind you against the counter
> ‘why’ you questioned as he continued to stare at you
> ‘they suited you.. they’re cute’
‘the fangs?, you liked them hm’ you were very very nervous but that didn’t stop you from prying after all, suppressing your emotions for someone everyone wanted wasn’t easy
> he moved closer towards you his body caging you in slightly against the counter your back was against, his eyes staring into yours
> ‘i liked them’ was all he said before you felt his breath on you
> you leaned closer and when you realised he wasn’t backing away or protesting you brought your lips up to his, his hands now completely caging you in
> you moved in sync as if you had been longing for eachother
> he lifted you onto the countertop unsure of where to place his hands
> you lift them up to your waist and feel warmth spread through your face as todoroki layed his head comfortably against your shoulder
> ‘THEY FINALLY FUCKING KISSED ALL IT LOOK WAS Y/NS THIRST TRAP’ you heard mina yell from the door
> you sighed rolling your eyes as he laughed into your shoulder before going silent for a second, bringing his face back in front of yours he says with a confused expression
> ‘what is a thirst trap?’
Tumblr media
A/N :
this has been in my drafts for so long because i just don’t l i k e it much
Tumblr media
taglist : @todoroki-shoto-is-life @blazedbakugou @luluwiie @blue-gold-demigod-clouds @gaysimpsstuff
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shyvioletcat · 9 months ago
Will there be a itt update soon or mabey a snipet? Pls I love the story
Poor It Takes Two, it got put on the back burner due to Rowaelin month. When October rolls around you can expect me to go back to regular posting. In the meantime I do have a snippet for you!
She left him shaking his head and smiling and he watched as she tried to saunter away, but there was a slight waddle to her steps. Rowan wouldn’t tell her though, Aelin likely already knew and would hate attention being drawn to the fact. He wouldn’t be the one to wound her pride like that and potentially have his head bitten off in return.
Aelin was gone so Rowan turned back to the pasta figuring how much they would need for the week. He grabbed one of the larger bags and threw it in the trolley and headed the way his girlfriend had left but stopped short.
Another woman had entered the isle but was yet to see him. His moment of panic induced hesitation cost him and Rowan was about to turn tail and run for it when the woman looked up, recognition in her eyes. He scrambled for her name, he knew who she was of course but her name was evading him and panic was setting in full force now as she chose to walk closer instead of ignoring him like he well and truly deserved.
“Hey, Rowan,” she said, a basket swinging in her elbow.
“Hey,” Rowan said still desperately trying to tie the face and dark hair to a name.
“You never called me back.”
Gods damn him, he was in trouble.
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petri808 · 10 months ago
😳 Ya’ll really love angst huh? Lol okay, sure let’s see what I can come up with. 😊 “You can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did!” + “I’m pregnant” + “Im too sober for this”
Lucy’s knees weakened and sent her crumbling to the bathroom floor. Why was this happening to her?! She’d just finished college and was about to start her paid internship with a local newspaper. ‘What am I gonna do?’ Lucy gripped to the stick in her hand as the tears trickled down her face. This could derail her future before it even started— all because of one slip-up. How was she going to tell Natsu… Not knowing who else to talk to, Lucy turned to her best friend Levy McGarden. She texted the woman and drove over to her friends apartment in dread.
“Oh, Lu…” Levy hugged her friend tightly before pulling her into the small apartment. She sat Lucy down on the couch, then made them both some tea. “How you feeling?” Levy asked as she handed the cup over.
“How do you think I’m feeling?!” Lucy groaned. “I feel like I’m in a nightmare.”
“Are you sure the results are correct? You know those home pregnancy tests can be wrong.”
“I don’t know, I mean I followed the instructions and it didn’t give an error sign.” Lucy pulled the stick from her pocket. “See?” She showed it to her friend. “Two lines.”
“Oh— yeah, looks like it,” Levy agreed.
Lucy pocketed the test once again and hung her head. Both hands cradled the warm cup, just holding it without a desire to drink from it. “Just thinking about this is making me sick. Maybe I can just pretend it’s not true.”
“Lu, that’s ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the growing bump on your stomach will make that difficult.”
“Ugh! I know!” Lucy shrieked. “Lie to me or something… Levy, I-I don’t think I can deal with this!”
“Well, you have to. And how am I supposed to lie about this?!”
“I don’t know, tell me this is a dream. Just a bad dream that I’m gonna wake up from. The test was wrong, something! Maybe it’s just a fiction story I’m working on cause I just don’t wanna think about it right now.”
“I’m sorry, but you can’t keep pretending it didn’t happen, cause guess what? It did! Lucy you have to face reality.”
“What am I gonna do Levy? I can’t be having a baby!”
“Well first things first, you need to tell Natsu— I’m assuming it’s Natsu.”
“Of course, it’s Natsu! I haven’t slept with anyone else.”
“Well you need to tell him. He deserves to know.”
“I know…”
“Natsu’s a stand up guy, I know he’s going to do the right thing.”
Lucy sighed, “that’s not what I worry about. I mean having kids is something that’s crossed my mind… just not anytime soon. We’re not even married yet. Ugh! I’m such an idiot.”
“Sometimes these things happen.” Levy placed her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Can’t go back to the past, so now all you can do is figure out the now. Do you have any idea when it happened?”
“My guess is my graduation party, cause that was the last time we had sex. I barely even remember it cause I was so drunk,” Lucy whimpered, then started to sob. “We’re usually careful but… yeah, it had to be that.”
“Come here,” Levy pulled her friend into a hug. “You’re gonna be okay. Whatever happens, you’re gonna be okay.”
The women spent a couple more hours chatting, flipping between random topics, but often coming back to this one. Lucy struggled to even wrap her mind around the reality that this is real. That she was going to have a child, when she was barely an adult herself and all the factors involved only compounded her dilemma. Her new job isn’t going to afford a child. Natsu had a decent job, but even combined it would be a struggle. They’d have to find a place together, a two bedroom house or apartment. What about the medical expenses, and the baby supplies— babies are expensive! Where was the money going to come from?
When Lucy noticed the time and realized Natsu would be coming home from work within the hour, she thanked her friend for the support and bid her goodbye. Even though she had calmed down a little, she wasn’t ready, didn’t know what or how she was going to break the news to him. So, after arriving home, Lucy tried to distract herself by cooking dinner. It didn’t really work, but at least a meal was made. Her life until now had been going well in that she had a boyfriend who treated her right, supported her while she finished her degree, even pushed her to follow her dreams of writing. And now that her degree was finished, Lucy was on her way after landing the paid internship. If she passed the internship, they would offer her a permanent position at the newspaper.
But now all of that felt like it was slipping through her fingers. All her hard work for nothing because juggling a small child and going to work… Maternity leave is not paid, so they’ll have to rely on just one income for a time, then daycare is quite expensive. Sure, there are programs that she could apply for to help or family, but that’s not the point— the point is, they are sorely not ready to become parents.
“I’m home!” Natsu called out as he entered the apartment. “Something smells good!”
“Welcome home, Natsu.” Lucy called out from the kitchen. “It’s almost done.”
Natsu detected a change in his girlfriend’s tone. Usually when he gets home, she’s in a happier mood— but not today. He threw his keys onto the kitchen island and walked up, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Everything okay?”
Whatever words she’d planned to say were thrown out the window as tears pooled instantly in Lucy’s eyes. “Natsu, it’s…”the words stumbled out, “um… I-I’m pregnant.”
“P-Preg…nant?!” Natsu took a step back in shock, his trembling hand moving to cover his mouth. “Oh, wow— I’m too sober for this,” he mumbled.
“Pregnant,” she repeated as the sobs broke free. “And alcohol is what got us into this mess!” Lucy snapped and sobbed louder.
“Oh, h-hey now, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” Natsu pulled her into his arms. “Don’t cry baby, please don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry.”
“Natsu, I’m pregnant, did you hear me?! Pregnant! I can’t be pregnant!”
“Shh… I hear you,” he gently coaxed Lucy to the couch and had her sit down, then sat beside her, cradling her close. “True, it’s not the best time… but we can make it work.”
“You don’t understand, I’m not ready, Natsu. I don’t think I could handle it…” all the reasons refreshing in her mind. “I have no experience with with kids. What if we screw up? It’s just…” Lucy sighed. “I think… I’m too overwhelmed right now.”
“Okay, well— they make those things now, the, um, end pregnancy stuff.”
“I don’t know…”
“Lucy, I’ll support whatever decision you make.”
“You say that now, but later you’ll probably resent me for… kil— doing that,” she mumbled.
“I don’t know that so neither can you. All I do know is that yes it might hurt— but you’re the important thing right now, and if you say you’re not ready, then I have to accept it. Kids are never easy, I doubt all the preparation in the world can really make a difference. But Lucy,” he took her hand and held it to his chest. “As long as I’ve known you, whatever you choose to do you’re great at it.”
“Really?” She looked up with hope filling her eyes for the first time all day.
Natsu smiled. “And who better to start a family with?” He cupped her cheeks and kissed her. “Then a smart, sassy, beautiful woman like you.”
Lucy’s eyes flooded with tears. “You really think we can make it work?”
He nodded. “As long as it’s something we really want, then yeah.”
After a momentary pause, Lucy let out a long stabilizing exhale. “Okay. I’ll call my doctor and make an appointment tomorrow to check.”
“Really? Y-You sure? Because I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to coax you into this.”
“No, I-I’m pretty— sure. Things sometimes happen for a reason, right? Maybe it’s meant to be.”
Natsu pulled her in for another longer kiss. “Guess I better hurry up and marry you then,” he chuckled.
She snorted a laugh. “I guess so mister!”
He pulled her close again, hugging her to his chest. “I love you so much baby.”
“Mmm, I love you too.”
“My own baby momma,” he teased.
Lucy slapped his chest with a giggling shriek. “Don’t you dare call me that!”
“Oh,” he grinned, “I’m totally getting t-shirts made.”
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night-academy · a month ago
Prompt: headache/migraine
Fandom: rent
Tumblr media
The phone in the apartment rang, as loud and as long as ever. Mark always complained about it, because it had the tendency to startle him out of whatever he was doing. This time was no exception, and of course, that meant a string of complaints until he reached the receiver.
"Oh god, Mark, thank god."
"Collins?" Mark's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. Collins sounded really tired, and he had his suspicions that it wasn't about work. He wished he hadn't complained now, more often than not it wasn't worth it to answer the phone, but clearly, Collins just wanted an ear. "Are... Are you okay?"
"Mark, I wanna quit."
That was all he said for a long time. Mark held his breath in anticipation, waiting on another word. What the hell has warranted Collins wanting to quit? Why did that make him call at nearly midnight to explain?
"Fuck this job, it's getting worse. I- they're taking the piss. Every day I come back, my head is spinning like nobody's business. I ain't got the time to go get aspirin either. This is killing me, Mark. I wanna quit. I wanna come home."
"Yeah. I dunno, it's probably the fact I haven't slept in days, but I can't do this anymore."
He sounded dead serious about that. Mark was really worried about him at the best of times, but now? That had escalated quite substantially. He took a seat, hoping this wasn't going to take a long time but knowing that he'd stick around even if it did.
Collins' daily migraines were cause for concern as well, but he seemed to be shunning over that fact.
"Term ends in a week and a half. When you come home for the holidays, think this through again. If... If you really wanna quit, go ahead, but at least stick it out till the end of term..." Mark knew he sounded a little hopeful, and that Collins might not even decide to do that, but it was worth a try.
On the other end of the phone, Collins sighed. Sometimes, it was a curse that Mark happened to always come up with good points. They always seemed to come from him, and that's probably why a lot of people went to him over anyone else.
He took a moment to look around his apartment. He couldn't really see much- since his headaches started, he'd not been bothering to turn the lights on, because the strain on his eyes made the whole situation worse. Even now, as he was sat on the phone in the middle of the night, he hadn't turned on a lamp or anything. Maybe this helped, maybe he was just fooling himself with pointless practices that didn't work, but one thing was for sure, when the lights were off, he started to forget about the day behind him.
He groaned. "I hate you sometimes, Cohen."
Mark laughed softly. Given the circumstances, itt was all he could really manage, but he knew Collins was joking.
"Why d'you hate me this time, Thomas?"
"You're right too much. I hate that you're right. I hate that you make me want to keep at my stupid fucking job, and I hate that you know just what to say."
This time, Mark laughed louder. "Oh, Collins, quit your complaining, you wouldn't be at NYU without me there to tell you to go!"
Which, again, was a good point. Collins' resigning sigh said it all.
Mark's tone turned a little bit more serious. "Okay but seriously though, see what you can do to stick it out. Please get yourself some god damn aspirin, take care of yourself.. please. I can't afford to let you waste away."
"Okay, okay, fine. Thanks for this, Mark. I- I dunno what I'd do without you."
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thedevilliers · 2 months ago
bestie i love ur analysis!!! 🥹🥹 amelia deserves the whole world!! ❤️❤️ but it would be great if you can show us amelia’s style analysis from childhood (what she wears as a child to adult and what represents her mood and status) and such!!! (no hate, i really love all the lore!!)
OHHHHH i see what u mean!! sdkljfdkslf sorry for the 23203920 paragraph long lore dump 🧎‍♀️ but okay !! i can do this too 🤭🤭🤭🥰🥰
okay!!! ive always found amelias fashion to have two different eras. her 'before crown princess' (1) and 'after crown princess' (2). in the BCP era, her as a child, as a teenager and young adult IS included. i tried my best to get as many pics of her outfits from my story as i could, here:
Tumblr media
in other photos her outfits is barely shown or theres text on top so ✋ some things about the overall de villiers to know is they do NOT ! wear orange. simply bc its the opposite of their navy blue official color, so its seen as some kind of 'symbolism' or 'hidden message' by the press. before the orange outfit u can see above, shes worn it before on a meeting with david; she was angry at him and later on again bc she was still mad he sent her away.
as a child, there isnt much to say about her fashion! she never chose her outfits herself; her clothes were already bought For her. she did have the basic decision of 'yes, i like this' or 'no, i don't like this.'
but teenage/young adult amelia loooooved her skirts !!! she mostly wore above knee length / above knee during her teenage years, young adult amelia wore mini skirts, this was Not liked by the ol' etiquette 'how dare this young royal lady wear a skirt that short??' people. AND ! she never cared. she wore whatever she wanted that was trendy and that she liked. the color i assigned to her was purple, though early on in my story i didn't make her wear it as much 😭
i really like n miss this era!! not just bc most cc clothes are cropped but bc amelia really was a lot of fun to dress since she was second in line, and while she DID get criticism for her short dresses, she just kept wearing them.
now the ACP era !!! theres like .....25 years of clothing in this era but. i guess u could ALSO divide it into before becoming queen n after becoming queen, but her fashion sense has not changed at all !!
Tumblr media
i tried to get as many photos where u can see amelia's outfits but !!! the overall fashion is the same. no more above knee skirts, more knee length, below knee and midi. also a LOT ! of blue. if the de villiers need the publics support for something (in some of the instances here, were amelias fake cheating scandal + right after becoming queen) they will wear blue 😏. she does still like fitting clothing.
as of the current point of my story i no longer only make her wear blue, simply bc its so boring to ME !!! to have her wear the same color each time. but she usually keeps within the same green—blue hues, white, purple and light pink. only wears red for statements situations. i haven’t made her wear orange since the first part of my story.
as shes grown older, she does tend to go more for midi length skirts— her body has also changed. she is comfortable in her body!!! shes proud of it too. shes had four children, is almost fifty n has gained some weight but she doesnt shy away from fitting clothes !!!! i think she still dresses ‘trendy’ for whats appropriate for her age; i dont want amelia to dress matronly or too old until shes around ~60-70.
in the universe i do think she has only worn designer clothing n nothing below that.  i dont know what else to add 🤔🤔🤔🤔 i think thats itt !!!! : D
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heretherebedork · 7 months ago
Francis watched Tharntype (Day 3)
First thought: ... I am doing this to myself.
Second thought, better add a cut!
Episode 7
I would honestly love Techno if I hadn't been so twitchy about his previous ally-homophobia. But he is a fun character, no denials. Even if I do prefer his actor in LBC/LBC2.
Techno accepting the drink each time is amusing.
If I were Type, I'd probably kill Tharn for telling Techno when I so clearly didn't want him to know. How the fuck did he survive this relationship again? Ah, so they agreed. Nevermind, I suppose.
Oh wow it's the idiot comedy episode apparently?
Seo and Klui, still best characters.
Klui is way more invested in this than I am. But that's not hard.
Aww, he said it in Korean. That was darling. CHAOS BOYS.
The way Type smiles at his dad is exactly how he smiled at Puifai. I truly like that smile. It's so sweet. Too bad it's NEVER aimed at Tharn.
Yeah, Type is the kind of tsundere I don't tend to like as much. I'm a Kit (2Moons2) type of tsundere fan. The ones who melt and go all gooey.
Look, I won't deny that they're being cute this episode. I'm just saying that this came out of nowhere and has no right being here. This is like Pai randomly accepting Itt's romantic approach because the writers wanted his parents to be homophobic. It's here because the writer didn't know what else to do with their dynamic.
I like both Type and Tharn as characters apart from each other more than together.
And, of course, we have the 'creepy, gay' foreigner to stare at Type like a piece of meat. Why not? That definitely fits the vibes of this show. And then grabs him and speaks in shitty English in his ear. Of course.
Man, this show is like a rollercoaster.
FYI I don't like rollercoasters.
Also, Type... you have a boyfriend. And poor Kom is about to come out to him, isn't he? Ugh, poor Kom. He deserves better friends. But also, Type, again. AGAIN. You have a boyfriend. I hope you'd at least cool down with hating all the gays.
I love Kom. He's my favorite now. Could he be the next main character we follow? Oh. Wait. MAME. Nevermind. I hope he never, ever gets his own show.
I really do like them apart. Apparently Tharn can follow boundaries over the phone?
Cute Moment 5: Type admitting he missed Tharn. Hey, we got the smile!
Type: I hate gay people. Every single person Type has ever met: FYI turns out I'm gay.
Okay, Champ is darling. @absolutebl I am suddenly drawn to continue this hellhole I've dug myself by rewatching TT2 but actually watching it just to see Champ sort of get his Doctor.
I see high school outfits and I cringe because it's either Tar not being allowed to be comforted or it's something to do with Kengkla.
There is a real irony to Tum wearing an "I don't care" t-shirt when he's so worried about Tar. I wish they'd been able to give Tar some real comfort. Poor boy.
Ugh, poor darling Kom. I love him.
Look, I won't deny that they do have chemistry and know how to use it. I'll just argue that their chemistry doesn't fit their actual relationship.
Man, it's the original in versus out of the closet BL couple. They're more common now and I deeply don't appreciate that.
Type orders sushi the way I do. Everything is raw and just keep throwing it at me until I explode. Ugh, now I want sushi. Especially ikura and makeral. That sounds so good. I could do this weekend...
Watching Type torture Tharn with raw fish is my new favorite thing.
How is Tharn's family so fantastic and he's so boundary stomping?
But also, like, asking Type to come out to Tharn's family, on his birthday, as the first time he actively comes out to people? That's not stressful at all. Ugh.
Type: I'm already yours. Type: But I'm not coming out of the closet. Type: I'm not gonna be open about our relationship. Type: No one is allowed to know. Type: And I still hate gay people. Type: Otherwise, I'm yours.
Episode 8
Tar is made of pain and trauma and I continue to be peeved that he never gets the comfort or therapy he really, really should have.
Tharn's family is the best set of characters in the show, seriously. I love them all. They deserved better than being in the rest of this show.
I might also love San. I'm mostly here for the side characters.
omfg Type how exactly do you plan on keeping this a secret when all of your friends are extremely observant idiots?
Type just want from "I hate this fucker as my roommate and would do anything to move out and being in a literal war with him" to defending him and none of his friends question this?
I love the random excuses for getting off the phone everyone has.
Seriously, they're cutest together on the phone than they are in person. Why? How does that work?
Ah, condoms as a gift. At least that's cute and amusing and makes sense. I'm down with it.
Strawberry with a Thai accent stands as one of my favorite spoken words ever.
lol oh, of course, Type had to be all jealous because of some guy that he's never asked Tharn about or spoken to him in the slightest before making All The Assumptions. And, of course, Tharn just enjoys that. I... guess?
Techno is just as confused as me about this thing with Type and the jealousy and the not seeming to love Tharn a ton. On the other hand, Techno can do things about it in the show and I respect him for that!
No, seriously, I like San. He's amusing. And the way Type looks at him is fucking hysterical.
You know what, Techno and San would have been an adorable couple. Much better than who he ended up with, frankly.
I love San. I really do. I mean, he's obviously a little bitch but I'm okay with that. He's my kind of garbage in this not-my-garbage at all show. I have no idea why he works so well for me. I think it's because he's pointing out all these flaws in their relationship.
Tharn, Type never listens. You also never listen. I take back some things I said. Maybe they were made for each other. Type doesn't listen, Tharn doesn't understand boundaries.
This is probably why most people don't move in together after they've been in a relationship for like a week. You have been together longer long distance than actually together.
Like, why the fuck would you move in together in this situation?
lol they broke up. So the show is over? No. No, there's almost twenty minutes left in just this episode. How?
Oh, I guess they're not breaking up? Maybe?
Cute Moment 6: Type reaching out to shyly touch Tharn's back while he apologizes.
Okay, the two of them in the bed is a good shot. But it's also just... why none of this works. They moved in too fast, almost instantly, and now they're realizing that they don't know each other AT ALL and maybe don't know enough to, y'know, be in a relationship or living together yet.
Remember kids, good sexual chemistry doesn't guarantee the rest of your relationship will work!
Why would you sit on the same couch as him if you're mad enough not to want to talk to him?
Instead of just begging forgiveness, maybe y'all try actually talking to each other about these issues? Like feeling unheard or like you don't know each other is something you need to TALK about not just apologize and then ignore.
Really Type? Really? Tharn is allowed to have had a sex life before he met you. I don't even like him and I can't imagine caring.
Ah, so I love San less now.
Man, MAME does love a manipulative character trying to break up two people.
Okay, so they talked, but only off-screen because... we don't get to see how the relationship works? I guess?
Why are you sleeping on the couch you have a perfectly good bed RIGHT THERE.
lol really? /watches preview...
oh, so.... Type's an idiot who still doesn't listen to Tharn? What a shocker there.
Good sexual chemistry does not a relationship make!
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mmimagine-40 · a year ago
Pup 2
Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader
Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Nat
W:Age Gap, abuse talk, implied rape. (most abuse is just talking about being hit, not into details about. Implied thing)
*Little note: Someone kindly pointed out that I did in fact wright the injury wrong and got my info mixed up. I’m so sorry about that. I did edit it in the last piece. But to save some time: The readers injury is not a torn ligament it is just a sprained ankle. Thanks again and enjoy. *
Steve noticed the look on her face. And her breath started to pick up. Like the attack she had this morning. “Pup, what's wrong?”, he asked. Y/n turned to look at him, tears starting to fill her eyes. “He’s here or round here. I can smell him.”, Y/n says shakingly. Steve looked around , smelling. Getting a little hint of the alpha. Looking around he didn’t see anyone near. “Hey , it’s okay. The smell is faint. It probably means he was here at some point but it gone now. “, Steve reaches over to cup Y/n’s cheeks. Wiping the tears that tried to fall. And swiping his thumbs over her skin to calm her down. “But why is it so strong to me? It smells like he’s just outside this truck.”, she asked, leaning into his touch. Steve shh’ed her , as he pulls the middle up so he can pull her closer to him. “It’s probably just your mind doing it. You're scared of him coming back. So your senses are trying to pick up on him without you knowing. So it’s taking the slight smell of the alpha and is making it stronger for you. “. Y/n just nodded as she leaned on to him. Closing her eyes. Letting the warmth of Steve’s body and his scent to wrap around her. Calming her down. Steve stayed still letting her calm. Knowing that she just needed  a minute. He tried wrapping his head around something he can do for her. At less right now , so he can show her that it is possible to fully get away from whoever this guy is. So maybe she will open up more and he can help her. Then it clicked. Something Nat used to do in college. Before her and Bucky mated, or where even a thing. Something that can fool any alphas  smells. “Pup, if you're up for it. I know something that can help. So just in case the alpha is near he won’t smell you. But that’s only if you want to. You don’t have to, I can just take us back to the cabin if you want.”, Steve says rubbing her back. Y/n sits back up looking at him. She wipes her face , as a pout still stays on her lip, “What? What is it?”. Steve took a breath , trying to think how to word this without freaking her out. “It’s a fake bond.”, Steve says. “A fake bond? What's that?”, Y/n’s eyebrows scrunched together as she looked at him. “It’s what it sounds like...basically it’s a form of scenting an omega ...or even an alpha. It makes it appear to be like a bond. But it’s not a real one. You’ll just have a fake bond mark for about a day. And it will give off the alpha scent as long as it stays on your skin. Once it disappears the scent will too.”, Steve explains. Y/n looks around as the info wraps around her head. “So you would bite me?”, She asked looking back into his eyes. Steve nodded , “Yes, But like I said this is up to you. If you don’t want to , we won’t and I’ll just take you back to the cabin.”. Y/n looked out to the dinner. Seeing people sitting around. Laughing and talking. The faint smell from the dinner makes it way to her. Making her mouth water. She starts shaking her head as she turns back to Steve. “I would like you to do the fake bond.”. “Are you sure?”, Steve asked. He was afraid if he bite down she might go into an episode and freak out and that's the last thing Steve wants to happen right now. Y/n nods her head smiling a bit, “I trust you.”. Steve smiled at her softly. He moved a bit closer to her. Being gentle to move her head to the side and move her hair out of the way. “Just say the word and I’ll stop. Okay ,Pup?”, His breath fanned over the side of her face. Only an inch above her skin. Y/n thought she would hate it. Be reminded of Brock. But she finds herself enjoying being this close to Steve. Even a light blush covering her face as she felt his nose drag along her skin to her scent gland. Her heart was beating fast and she felt tingly all over as she felt his breath breath out onto her skin. She had to bite her tongue as she felt his lips make contact on her skin. Leaving a delicate kiss over the area. Before she felt his mouth open more. His teeth graze her skin. Before softly biting down. Y/n thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. Just a light binch. But then again it’s a fake. Not a real one , breaking through the skin and scaring into her gland. Steve kissed the spot again, this time she couldn’t help the small whimper that left her lips. Steve pulled back staring down at her with half hooded eyes. The alpha in him , jumping up and down at the small noise of pleasure that left the omegas mouth. Y/n stared back at him with doe eyes. They were so close. And Steve was about to just lean down and kiss her. But the sound of a car pulling in next to them, makes him pull away. He looks to the side to see Bucky’s car pulling into the spot next to them. Steve turns back to Y/n to see her looking down as she scoots back over to her spot. Steve waits for Nat to get out of the car. Before he gets out and makes his way to help Y/n out.  She grabs his arm as they walk in front of the car. Scared she might fall , not used to the boot. “Y/n , These are my two best friends. Nat and Bucky.”, Steve introduces them. y/n waves at them. “So you're the famous Y/n , Steve talked so much about.’, Nat says holding her hand out to shake her hand. Y/n shaked it , looking down blushing. “Nat.”, Steve said out as a warning. Glaring at her. She just smirked back at him. Bucky chuckles shaking his head at his mate. “It’s nice to meet you , Y/n”, Bucky stuck his hand out to shake her hand. y/n stood looking at his hand , shocked. Not seeing the others , looking at her then at each other. Bucky's hand slowly fell. Y/n looked up to be met with his blue eyes. Like Steve but a bit darker. Looking at her concerned. She quickly looked down to mess with her hand. “Sorry, I..I’m just a bit nervous around alphas.”, She rushes out. “It’s okay. I get it. I wouldn’t want you doing anything you're uncomfortable with.”, Bucky smiled at her. Y/n’s head snapped up shocked. At his sweetness and understanding catching her off guard. “Don’t worry Bucky wouldn’t hurt a fly. Would you Bucky Bear?”, Nat says curling up around his arm. Bucky groaned , “What did I say about using that nickname out in public?”. “That you loveee itt!”, She says poking at his cheek. Y/n watch in aw, at how this omega acts around and treats her alpha. Bucky laughs as he pushes her off of him. Y/n looked towards Steve to see if this is how they always act. He was laughing , shaking his head at his friends.  “Okay, why don’t you two  go grab a table while me and Bucky put everything into the truck? Cause after we eat you’ll need medicine and will probably be tired , Pup.”, Steve says breaking the couple up and looking towards Y/n. She smiles at him nodding, before looking back to Nat. She rolled her eyes, “FIne!”. She kissed Bucky's cheek before linking her arm with Y/n making their way inside. Y/n didn’t question it. She actually felt safe with Nat. Not only because she was another Omega. But she seemed like a strong omega who takes no crap from any Alpha. 
Waiting till the pair were inside, Bukcy turned towards Steve. Smirking and raising an eyebrow. “Pup, huh?”, He teased. Steve rolled his eyes as he walked towards the cars. Opening the backdoor to put the stuff in. “It’s just a nickname , Buck.”. “Mhmm, Sure!. I saw how you were looking at her. Pulse that fake bond!”, Bucky says opening the trunk. Steve rolled his eyes again. “It’s nothing. I’m just trying to help her.”, Steve says. They start moving the stuff. “Okay , Jerk. Answer me this: When you first saw her or even talked to her how did you feel? Was your heart racing? Feel like you want to protect her and care for her? Did you feel things you never have felt before? Feeling never felt when around anyone else? ...When she first laughed did your heart smelt and you wanted to hear it more? Do you have an itchy feeling after the first time touching her? Wanting to do it again. How about how you feel right now? Seeing her walk away , even though you know she's just going to get a table?”, Bucky asked, watching Steve put the last few things in. Steve sighs as he closes the door. “What’s your point, Buck?”. Bucky runs his hand over his face as he stares at his friend. “That’s your mate , Stevie.”. Steve looked at him confused. Bucky sighed , shaking his head, “All those feelings you’re feeling , that’s how I felt when I met Nat. When I knew her only one day I felt like I had known her forever. I knew that one day she would be mine. Actually in fact , I due believe it was you who told me we looked like true mates. The way we looked at each other and acted. You pushed me to get her. ….Well now here I am. With the best mate I could ask for. So Steve listens here. You look at Y/n like how I looked at Nat. I know you think this is just to help her and cause you to have a big heart and everything that has happened to us. But I’m telling you , that girl in there. Your , ‘pup’. Will be your mate , one day. Even if that means I have to do the dirty work to make sure you don’t chicken out and lose that girl.”, bucky rambles as he rests a hand on Steve’s shoulder. Steve shakes his head. “Your wrong Buck. I have only known her for less than 24 hours. I know nothing about her. But her name. So there's no way I look at her like she is my future mate.”. Bucky shakes his head at his friend's stupidity, and just walks away from him. Steve just watches him walk away. Thinking about his words. He described perfectly how he was feeling about Y/n. Hell ,when he gave her the fake bond, images flashed in his of actually bonding with her. But there was a part of his to ignore the feelings. That they meant nothing. In honesty, Steve is afraid of being hurt again. He doesn’t know Y/n’s past. It could be so bad to scare her from mating or having a relationship with an alpha at all. Just cause she seems okay with him doesn’t mean anything. “Steve?”, Bucky called from the door. When he looked up to meet his eyes , it hit Steve. Bucky might just be right….for once in his life. 
Inside Nat and y/n take a seat at the booth the hostess pointing them two. Each sliding in on either side. “Do you and your alpha always act like that?”, Y/n asked as the women walked away. Nat’s head snapped up at her. Y/n looked down ashamed , “Sorry ,it’s just...growing up I was always taught that omegas are to just stand by their alphas till they ask them for something.”. Nat smiles at her , taking her hand to hold it. y/n looked back up at her. “It’s okay. And yeah. That's how most mates act. It’s actually very old dating for how alphas and mates act and think that.”. Y/n looked at her shocked, “really?”. ‘Yeah, Most places have omegas rights now. And parents teach their omega kids how to be strong and not let the others push them around.”, Nat explains. “There are even laws now to help omegas. To help protect them.”, Nat goes on. Y/n smiled at her , “really?”. Nat nodded smiling at her. “You must have been really closed up , if you didn’t know any of this. It’s huge in the news , even till this day. About omega’s fighting back against harmful alphas.”. She gives nats hand a squeeze to think about her past. “I wasn’t allowed to watch the tv or be on any media. I was only to clean and cook. And care for the alphas. I could do nothing else.”. Nat’s mouth drop, “oh girl, I have so much to show you...I mean that is if you’re staying around here a bit more.”. Y/n looked down at their hands biting her lip. “I would like to, I have only been here a day. But the place has grown on me.”, she says. “The town or an alpha has?”, Nat wiggles her eyebrow. Y/n giggles looking at her. Knowing she sees through her. “I mean the alpha is just a pulse.””. Nat squeals excited, “we are going to be best friends! Don’t worry I’ll help you with him. He can be a bit stupid sometimes.”. Y/n looked at her as her smile fell a bit. “I’ve never had a friend before.”. “Well girl you're in luck! Cause now you have three and good luck getting rid of us,”, Nat points out the window towards the boys, “This is going to be great! Having another girl around!”. The smile on Y/n's face widens at Nat. In less than 24 hours Y/n has finally found somewhere that really feels like home.  
The two pulled away at the notice of the two alpha’s coming closer to them. Bucky slides in next to Nat, resting his arm around her to pull her closer to him. The omega curled into her alphas side purring. y/n smiled as she watched them. Never have seen two people so in love. A bump against her shoulder , causes her to turn to look at Steve. He was smiling down at her. She never noticed how big he was till now. He was basically towering over her. Making her feel so small, but not in a bad way. In some ways , she actually liked how he was so big and strong. It made her feel safe and comfortable. ‘You okay?’ , Steve mouthed to her. Y/n smiled at him nodding. She turned back to face Bucky and Nat only to see them both smirking at them both. Y/n blushed as she looked down over the menu. 
Steve helped Y/n into the truck as they said their last goodbyes to Bucky and Nat. He waves them off as they pull out heading to their home, before hopping into the driver's side and taking off to the cabin. “ I like your friends. They are really nice and funny.”, Y/n says. “Yeah but they can be a handful sometimes. But i’m glad you had fun.”, Steve says. Y/n gives him a smile before turning to look out the window. Watching the small stores and house as they speed past. Before they disappear , as they head out of town and back up to the cabin. Which made Y/n turn her attention elsewhere. Her eyes catch the boot. She just stands there looking down at it. Steve looked over to her. Seeing her look at the boot and the sour look on her face. “What wrong, pup?”. Y/n looks up to see Steve keep looking back and forth from the road to her. Looking concerned. She turned back to look at the boot. “It’s nothing. I...I just...I’m going to be in this boot for a while and winter looks like it's about to be here any day now. I have nowhere to go.”. “Tired of me already ,pup?”, Steve chuckled. She softly laughed, shaking her head. “No, but I feel bad for leaching on you.”, Y/n says softly playing with her hands. “Pup, I told you this morning. You're injured and need some help right now. I’m here to help you. As long as it takes for you to get back on to your own feet and even after that, I’ll be here to help you…..Plus it’s nice to have the company.”, Steve says looking over at her. Y/n smiled looking up at Steve. Tears filling her eyes. Out of happiness. Blessed to have someone care so deeply about her. “Why are you so nice to me? You don’t even know anything about me. I know more about you. And you haven’t tried to hide anything or stop Bucky from telling me stories of you guys youth. Yet you haven't asked me a thing about mine.”. “I didn’t want to push you. Just let you tell me what you want. On your own time.”, Steve says. Y/n just sits there watching him. Looking over every detail of his face. “How is it you know all the right things to say? I know that you picked up that I've been abused. But you say nothing of it. Or of the alpha I was running from. You never even asked what I was doing in the woods yesterday. “, Y/n asked. Steve sighed as he put the truck in park outside the cabin. He turns to look at Y/n. Looking over her face. Images flash in his head of his mother. Steve turns back to face the steering wheel. “Growing up I had an abusive father. He forced a bond on my mother when they were young adults. After she refused to mate with him. He was the stereotypical alpha. Made his omega do everything for him. Clean , cook , get him things. Hit her if she spoke to him a certain way or didn’t do something. Or even did something he didn’t like. Ma said he wasn’t always so bad. That he was still controlling that she be the stereotypical omega. But he wasn’t as abusive. Not till I was born. He wanted a whole bunch of alpha pups. As Bucky told you, growing up I was the scrawny little kid. So much so I presented as an omega at first. And my father didn’t like that. Punished my mother for it. Then he tried to get her to have more babies. But no matter what she couldn’t get pregnant. He blamed me for it. Started becoming more abusive to us. There were countless nights when I watched him beat up my mother till she passed out and was hardly breathing. Even nights that he’d hit me. But my mother would usually change his anger to her , so he won’t hurt me. The most I got was a black eye. But Ma she had bruises everywhere , broken bones, dislocated joints, everything possible to hurt a person without killing them.” . Steve put his hand in one of his hands. As pictures flash into his head. Memories of his mother. Her black and blue face as she told him to stay strong that they would get out of this. Y/n Grabbed Steve's other hand holding it. Giving it a squeeze. She scooted closer to him. Wrapping around his arm. As she lays her head on his shoulder. Steve felt his body relax as her smell wrapped around him. He rested his head on top of hers. “What happen?”, she asked. “There was an organization that was helping omegas get away from their abuser and help them start a life for themselves. One day , after my dad left for work, my mom grabbed me and a bag with some of our things and headed to the meeting place of this organization. They helped to make it seem we were elsewhere , when we headed to New York. The people helped my ma find a job and got us into a place to stay. Helping us start a new life. I met many people like us. Including my best friend .”. “Bucky?”, Y/n asked looking up at Steve. Steve nodded, “Him, his baby sister, and his mother were also running from his abusive father. We actually move in next to each other. Our families became close. To where they are my second family. “. Y/n looked around thinking over everything that he told her. Was it really possible to true be gone from an abuser? “Did he ever find y’all?”, Y/n asked, pulling back some to face Steve. He looked at her, shaking his head. “No, he never did.”. Steve looked back to the windshield seeing small droplets appearing as dark clouds rolled in. “Come on , Pup. It looks like it’s about to rain.”, Steve says opening his door. Y/n lets go of him watching as he gets out. He turns back holding a hand out to help her. She takes it as she climbs out. “You think you can get in by yourself?”, Steve asks. Y/n nodded. “Okay , here’s the key. You can leave the door open , I'll be right behind you with the bags. “, He hands her the keys , before turning back to the back of the truck to grab the bags. Y/n makes her way into the house. Her mind was racing after what Steve told her. It made her feel a bit better and more trusting of Steve. He told her something personal. Not to get out of her what happened , but to make her know that he understands what's happening. And can help her. Thinking over his words , describing what happened to his mom. Popped up memories of her own mother. An omega as well, busied and mistreated by her mate. Memories of watching her mother lay clothes on and putting on makeup before going out to the store. Trying to cover up the marks that her father laid on her the night before. 
“Okay that's the last of it.”, Steve says. Snapping Y/n out of her thoughts. She looks up to see Steve setting the last bags down in the kitchen. He checks his watch looking at the time , before turning to grab a glass. He filled it with some water. He handed it to Y/n along with the bottle of meds Bruce gave him. “Thank you.”, Y/n says grabbing the bottle and looking over the instructions before taking them. Her attention went back to Steve after. She watched as he moved around the kitchen putting away the groceries. “His name is Brock Rumlow.”, Y/n says. Steve pauses what he’s doing turning to look at Y/n. “ His father and mine were friends. His father paid mine to have me for his son. My father agreed. I was only 15. When I was first taken Brock never touched me. Only talked to me. He was nice. Told me that if I didn’t want to mate he wouldn’t force it. That was till I turned 18. After that he started forcing himself more on me. At first he was just pushy about wanting a relationship of some kind. Then one time when I was close to hitting my heat , he started pushing me more to bond with him. After a year of saying no he changed a lot. When he brought it up again one day. I told him I just didn’t feel a connection with him. That was the first time he laid a hand on me. He slapped me across the face. Calling me a disrespectful bitch. That he gave me everything. All he’s asking is to be his mate , his omega. To bare him children. It was also the first time he..he…”. Steve dropped what he was doing rushing over to Y/n. Pulling her into a hug. “It’s okay. You don’t have to say it or anything else.”, Steve says into her hair. “It just keeps getting worse and worse. He said he would continue till I said yes. Which I never did. A month or so ago I was able to escape while he was gone. I have been running since. I stopped a few days ago , stopping to rest at the town over. But he found me so I ran into the woods , hoping it would cover my smell and I’d lose him. I was running for hours. Till I tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground.”, Y/n finished. Tears were running down her face as she recalled the memories. Steve shushed her. “It’s okay. It’s all over now. I’ll make sure he never touches you again, pup. “. Y/n cling’ d onto Steve as she cried. Steve rubbed her back soothing her. After a bit they pulled away. Y/n looked up at Steve as he looked down at her. Whipping the tears off her face. “Come on pup. It’s been a busy day. Why don’t you lay down and rest for a bit?”, Steve asked. Y/n nodded. Steve let Y/n go in front of him as he carried the bags that carried the stuff Nat got for her. He led her to one of the guest rooms. “This can be your room to stay in while you're here. It’s right next to my room just in case you need anything.”, Steve says setting the bags down as Y/n takes a seat on the bed. Taking off the jacket and kicking off her shoe. Steve turns back to her helping her take off the boot so she’s more comfortable. He helped her get in and laid in the bed. Steve turned to leave, when a hand grabbing his wrist stopped him. “Can you stay with me? I don’t want to be alone.”, Y/n says. Steve smiles at her nodding. He took his jacket off and kicked his boots off before taking a seat on the other side of the bed. Leaning against the headboard. Y/n curled into his side. As soon as she curled around him, her eyes became heavy. As sleep started to take her.
Y/n is awoken  by a bright light shining in her eyes. As her eyes open she is met with a bright light shining through the window. She groaned , turning the other way. Into a warm chest. She opened her eyes , looking up. Seeing Steve laying there shirtless. With one arm laying over her waist. Y/n looked over all of him. In awe at his beauty. Her eyes laid on a mark on his neck. A bond mark. Y/n’s hand moved to her neck. Feeling over where her scent gland is. Feeling a sacred bond. As her fingers ran over the mark, a wave of memories hits her. Memories she doesn’t remember living. Of Steve, them claiming each other, and a life together. “Morning Pup.”, A husky voice says. Y/n looked up to see Steve’s eyes opening and smiling at her. “Morning.”, Y/n smiles back. A bunch of feelings hitting her. A warm happy feeling. One of being complete. Steve turned to look at the time. He turned back to Y/n , pulling her into him. “We have maybe 10 minutes.”, he says as he moves her to her back , kissing her. Y/n moaned into the kiss. Melting into him. Her hands moved from resting on his chest up and into his hair. Keeping him on her. Loving the feeling of his lips and never wanting him to stop kissing her. But the sound of the bedroom door open caused them to pull a part. Steve sighed as his head dropped onto Y/n’s shoulder. She laughed softly. Counting running her fingers through his hair. She leaned down kissing his check. “Mommy! Daddy!”, A voice yells running to the bed. Steve rolled off Y/n as the small child climbed onto the bed. “Buddy, what are you doing up so early?”, Steve asked, helping him up. The little boy shrugged as he made his way to Y/n. Snuggling into her. “Clearly he needed mommy cuddles, right baby?”, Y/n pulls him closer kissing his head. Which was a head full of blond hair. Being his fathers mini me. He nodded looking up at her. “But he interrupted my cuddle!”, Steve pouts. Y/n giggles , shaking her head at him, “Well if you were as cute as Grant , maybe you would have gotten some.”. Steve gasped as his hand went over his chest , acting hurt. Grant giggled watching his father. Steve snapped his eyes at him. “Oh, you think that’s funny?”. Grant nodded , giggling. Steve smirked as he reached over tickling him. He giggled harder and started kicking trying to get away from his father. Y/n’s hand shot to her stomach. Feeling the small bump. “Boy’s!”, Y/n warned. “Careful bud. You kicked sissy.” , Steve said. Stopping his attack on his son and turning to her stomach. Resting a hand over it. “Sorry Mommy. Sorry Sissy.” , Grant said moving to kiss her stomach. “It’s okay baby. You just have to be more careful next time okay?”, Y/n pulls him back up to hug him. He nods wrapping his small arms around her neck hugging her. Steve smiled as he watched them. Grant looks towards his father. Holding his hand out to pull him into the embrace too. Steve kissed his head, wrapping his arm around Grant and Y/n pulling them closer. Y/n smiled as her boys embraced her. Her eyes began to feel heavy again. As her boys snuggle closer , she lets sleep take her over. 
Y/n jumps awake. She looks around seeing that she was in the guest room. She looked over to see Steve gone from where he was sitting with her. Sounds from downstairs catch her attention. She moves the bedding sitting up and puts the boot back on to her feet. She then makes her way down stairs following the noise and delicious smells of something to the kitchen. Y/n stops in the entry watching Steve move around cooking something. She takes a seat at the table watching him cook. Thinking over the dream she had. A smile made its way onto her face. This felt like those stories she used to read. The ones talking about how when you found the one you just knew. Y/n just knew. Steve was the one.
Part 2 of the Pup story. I’m really loving how this is coming out and I hope you guys are too! If you want to be tagged in the next part leave a comment or message me and I’ll add you. Also if you have an questions and want more info on something you can ask for it and I’ll answer or wright a little piece for it. -MM
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ninjacattail · 9 months ago
I was really bored last night so I decided to make a live react/notes/review thing while watching the new MLP movie! So um enjoy I guess
• not even like, a minute in and they're STILL squeezing Gen 4 for every penny it's worth
• well that got racist real fast 👀
• Sunny's dad is going to become a DILF I'm calling it
• okay can I just say I REALLY LIKE THE GEN 5 DESIGNS??? they're just so satisfying to the eye and don't saturated to hell like the Gen 4 ones?? Like idk man I think they're neat
• Also overall this movie's killing the animation rn! It looks so pretty and I just KNOW it's gonna get better as we go along
• "Magic of Friendship" oh ffs just say the line please get the Gen 4 pandering over with/j
• jokes aside the fact this builds off the Gen 4 lore and takes place in the same area, just thousands of years in the future? Its really interesting I like it
• THE FUCKING HARRY HOOFER POSTER 💀 also the Canter-Logic logo has Phyllis on it
• damn bro sprout's an asshole stealing that guys lunch smh
• im sorry but Sprout's "AAA" as he flies off the ramp on the skateboard he stole kills me 🤣 bitch had it coming
• ohhh hitch became the sheriff sprout's probably still pissy about that and will steal the position whilst he's off ending racism with sunny
• Earth Pony Balloon Escape Pack Pony is an absolute icon like you rock it bestie trans/drag rights 💅
• Sunny: *appears on stage*
Me: *fastest skip in the west*
• I really don't like scenes like this for some reason
• Loving Izzy already "I see you! :)" *Causes a man to end his life
• im sorry but why are these characters SO LIKEABLE seriously I love all of them and we aren't even 20 mins in yet
• Wow, these bitches gay! Good for them good for them
• Beans have been wasted 😭 fucking tragedy
• also hmm does Izzy not have her powers yet? If not she'll get them by the end of the film I bet
• the music IS POPPING OFF rn these are bangers
• already hcing that Izzy has ADHD because yes :]
• the fact that "paid off mortgage" is a genuine compliment for someone even in ponyverse really says alot about our society/j
•also Sprout deadass has a hate-boner for Hitch, wtf
• enter the pony polycule 🥳🥳
• why is there a twitch streamer pony 😰
• Can't believe the rarity gene passed over what the shit
• hope to see the unicorns home!! :D
• This is literally just Twitter's national anthem wtf
• pipp thinking bout the grindset gotta get that content (technically what I'm doing rn but shhh 😳)
• so we've got got sprout's army of average tweeters, the royals (outside of zipp) and HITCH on these bestie's asses! bruh
• So they've all lost their powers! Huh.
• haha Darth Vader reference haha
• Sprout becoming the ruthless dictator he was born to be 😇😇
• the "and it's all thanks to your love and encouragement" line actually troubles me deeply because it just reminds me of how support is really helpful and effective, but supporting bad influences and traits is terrible.
• EVEN HIS MUM IS LIKE "well shit" Phyllis you have no-one to blame but yourself
• hitch loving your plan to go to Maretime Bay but all you'll find there is Sprout's unhealthy dictatorship 😇
• Oh thank God 🙏 I HATE this freaking "rapping in kids movies" trend it's so cringy I can't 💀
• the rest of this song is really funky though
• oh my god they're so sad dang bro who hurt you 😔
• ooooo I saw this guy in the trailer and it only now just hit me "wait. He's hot!" (Also what kind of name is Alphabittle???)
• SUNNY WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE GAMES ARE PROBABLY RIGGED (also please don't let this be a rap battle)
• just had to leave the room for a moment to comprehend that, yes, I AM simping over a pony called Alphabittle
• stop acting sad and get an earth gem ffs
• also damn this really IS a dictatorship wtf
• Sunny's getting Twilight Sparkled and it isn't even season 7 yet!/j
•sprout almost ruined everything and he ain't going to jail? Seriously this man created a dictatorship
• hah balloon pony missed the plot get fucked
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dyns33 · a year ago
The torment of love
Some news from Michael Addams and his little family. It’s not easy to live with teenagers...  
Here we go @roxytheimmortal​, I hope you will like it !
This story makes me think about the Langdon Triplets, by @weasley-wifu​, I know you are not really in the CF fandom anymore, but I will always love these boys... 
Tumblr media
           "Cara mia, where are our babies ?" Michael sighed sadly.
           "I believe they are in the bedrooms darling."
           “No my Goddess, I mean… They got so big… I feel like it was yesterday that I could hold them in my arms, rock them, play with them, and now they... They..."
Michael's beloved children had changed, a lot. They were here, but not really here anymore. There was no more laughter in the hallways, no more drawings given as gifts, no more requests for a story in the evening. As teenagers, they no longer needed their parents, their father mostly, and that hurt Michael deeply, despite all the comfort his wife gave him.
           "Remember how you were with your uncle. He told me you followed him everywhere when you were little, imitating what he did, then very soon you became independent, you found your own style and you stopped. That didn't mean you didn't love him anymore, that's just the way it should be. But I know it's hard my love. I miss our babies too."
           "... We could make another one ?"
           "Mikey !" she laughed, kissing him. "The twins are almost eighteen. Balthazar is fifteen. If we have another child, they won't have anyone to play with."
           "Of course, us. And maybe a twin. I can look for a formula to have triplets too. Quadruple. Lots of babies !"
           "... I'll think about it."
He already knew that meant no, so Michael didn't insist. Either way, while he would have been delighted to have more children with his Goddess, that didn't solve the real problem, their elders didn't want him anymore. Persephone had become a very beautiful young woman, charming, funny, taking a little of her uncle's character, while Ozymandias, her brother, looked more like his aunt Wednesday, a little shy, cold, often staying in his room to talk with his grandfather of how to destroy the world. Adorable. There was indeed Balthazar who was the portrait of his father, to the point that he continued to be very close to (Y/N), whom he loved more than anything, declaring that he would never love another woman , and suffering a bit from the Oedipus complex, although he still respected his father, never really trying to kill him, or just a bit. When he was little he would cry when his parents kissed and he would come and slip into their bed, to prevent them from cuddling. Michael had never hated his son for that, on the contrary. This unconditional love for his mother showed his intelligence, which made him proud. Recently, he had calmed down, although he still spent a lot of time with (Y/N). They should have seen that something was wrong. Michael would have liked his children to come and confide in him, as he had confided in Gomez when it happened to him. But Persephone kept her secret for a very long time, while Balthazar timidly whispered it to his mother.
           "Our son is in love." she revealed as they took a bath together.
           "... What ?"
           "You heard me. A boy from his school. James. He doesn't dare go talk to him, he's scared."
           "The Addams are not afraid of anything."
           "Um, interesting. I remember a young man who blushed and stammered whenever he spoke to me and who…"
           "Maybe I was intimidated by your divine beauty, but I always dared to come and talk to you Cara mia. I was much more afraid of not having you or that some idiot who didn't deserve you would try something before me. If he loves him, Balthazar must do something."
           "That's cute. You're right, but first he wants to know if his loved one will respond favourably to a request of the same sex."
           "... I do not understand."
           "If he likes boys Michael."
           "Ah. It's true that other people still think with these kinds of details. It's okay for that to block Balthazar a bit in this case. But he shouldn't wait too long."
           "I could ask his sister. I believe she and this boy are friends."
Indeed, (Y/N) was right, they were friends, and a little more than that, because for several months, Persephone had hoped for more. There had been a little kiss at a party, they had held hands, but nothing more. Hearing that her brother wanted the same person, war broke out in the house, screams echoing in all the rooms. Ozymandias, exasperated by all this nonsense that kept him from working, threatened to blow up the house if they didn't stop. The parents had to intervene, (Y/N) leading Balthazar into the garden, and Michael joining his daughter in her room.
           "So... you're in love..."
           "Yes. And I think he likes me too ! Even though things aren't going very quickly..."
           "Are you courting him ?"
           "I tried, but I wish he was like you. That he treated me like you treated mommy. Why doesn't he see me as a goddess ? As soon as you saw her, you knew you wanted to belong to her. Where is my servant daddy ? I... Am I not as good as mother ?"
Aw. Michael was unaware that his children had been so marked by his history with his dear (Y/N). He had told it to them several times and they would often ask for it before sleeping, always asking for more details on how he had known their mother was the only one, and how he had managed to seduce her. It was okay to love this story, but he didn't think they had compared themselves to him that much. He had also told them about the meeting between Gomez and Morticia, Fester and Dementia, Itt and Margaret or Wednesday and Joel. There wasn't just one way to find love, even if his case was special.
           "That's not it my baby. It's more that no one is like me. No one you have met yet anyway. You are young, you have time, your slave will come someday."
           "But you were about my age when you met mother. It's unfair."
           "I'm pretty sure that a filthy cheater stepped in to stop me from fulfilling the Apocalypse, so... In this house, at the moment, it's mostly Ozy who's likely to find someone like it."
           "What ?! No ! I'm the oldest, no ! Daddy !"
           "Maybe this boy you like is the right one, and he's just a little slow. I can go motivate him if you want."
           "You're going to scare him. And... Balthazar will be furious. Very sad too. I don't want my little brother to suffer because of me and hate me. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I love James more than Balthy. Dad, if you had to choose between mom and your cousins, would that be easy ?"
           "My baby, if I had to kill my cousins ​​to keep my Goddess, I wouldn't hesitate for a second. But here, they're your brothers, it's different."
It was no different, but Michael didn't want his kids arguing like this because of a fool who didn't know if he liked boys and couldn't see that his daughter deserved to be treated like a queen. He also didn't dare tell them that he didn't think he would find someone like him or their mother, for she was the only Goddess in this world. Their happiness was one of his priorities, but not at any cost. After kissing his daughter who was still sobbing, he went to see how Balthazar was doing, who was crying in his mother's arms. First he wanted to convince him to let his sister have what she wanted, but the youngest of the family was smart, very smart.
           "But daddy, he's going to take your place ! Imagine if he asks her to call him 'Daddy'. I don't think he's good enough for Percy."
           "... and is he good enough for you ?"
           "Of course, because I'll be on top."
           "... Son, he kissed your sister before. If he played with her, then I don't appreciate him, but if you think he deserves you, go for it."
Although he had always preferred his mother, Balthazar heard all the sadness and disappointment in his father's voice, who had not appreciated his method of manipulating him, nor that he continued to desire a man who was destroying their family. He also didn't want his sister to suffer, because of a beautiful cockroach. Because Balthazar knew he admired James' beauty above all, nothing else. He immediately apologized, hugging Michael, which he never did, and then going to talk to his sister. Together, they confronted the curmudgeon, who admitted to being straight and not being interested in Persephone. They slapped him before going home, to share the good news.
           "I'm going to kill him." Michael said calmly.
           "No." (Y/N) forbade him. "They are children, that was a mistake. My sweet loves, you would find someone better, later."
           "You will have to make sure that they see you as the most important person in the world, more important than themselves. That they will be willing to kill for you, to die for you, obeying your every wish. Unless they are a deity. Then you will have to crash before them, bow down, and offer your existence to them."
           "What your father means is that a relationship takes sacrifice and loyalty, on both sides."
           "You can also stay single and live with us forever."
           "It's an option, but we'll be glad you find someone."
           "I'm your father. No one else. I'm the only Daddy."
           "Yes Michael, yes."
Persephone did not understand at all why he was saying this, while Balthazar refrained from laughing. They didn't notice the absence of Ozymandias, still in his room, asking his grandfather to punish the troublemaker who had hurt his brother and sister, because even if he didn't show it, he loved them, deeply, as much as he loved his parents. For the end of the world he was preparing, he had imagined an underground bunker, where they could all live together, with the rest of the Addams. But, since Percy and Balhy didn't seem able to live without a mate, he decided to wait until they found the right one before blowing it all up. If his father had known he would have been very proud, because nothing could stop the boy, absolutely nothing, not even love.
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stestylius · 9 months ago
Maybe Brush + Lips for Leroy and Nakita... Fi you wanna... 😳
[ brush ] - to brush the hair out of your muse’s face / eyes / forehead
[ lips ] - to kiss your muse softly on the lips
Tumblr media
Maybe Brush + Lips for Leroy and Nakia..
“Oi, Violet!” A mob student calls down from the staircase. The Monsterville student stopped his track when his last name got called out. He hated hearing this. That name he hates from his heritage, giving him the worst impression.
“What is it?” He replied with no emotion in his voice. “If that's not important, I have some other things to do.”
“Skipping towards the transfer student are ya?” Leroy stopped again. “Aahh?” Some students started to gather around. “Ya know she is just a pain in the ass since her arrival, much like the Ramshackle prefect as well...”
“Watch your step.” Leroy spoke with smirk. The mob stopped smiling suddenly, his smile turned upside down showing his rage.
“I will wipe that smile off your face!”
“Pain in the ass yourself.” Nakia's voice rang into the back of the mob. A swirl of water washed off the student off his feet. Her trajectory miscalculated Leroy's position. “LEROY!” the boy got washed off with some other students, a tide smacking against the walls, which the magical barrier protected the old painting from the harm.
“Careless.” Leroy spokes.
“I know.” Nakia replied.
“Your aim is so bad. ITTE!” She pinched his arm while she threw a towel at his face. “Scratch that, you can aim just fine with your chest in-” He received the infirmary's pillow in the face, causing him to fall off the stool. “Geez, not only your aim, but your actions speak volume.”
Nakia kneels in front of him, brushes off the wet hair from his forehead. Leroy's eyes widen when he sees her retract from her position with an obvious blush on her face. The Monsterville student is speechless. Nakia leaves the infirmary in an hurry.
“It shut him up.” Laneila says in her head.
“Her aim is flawless after all.” Shaderot cackles.
“It was Laneila's suggestion you know.” Cande adds a bit worried.
Leroy became invisible with the towel still at the top of his head.
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punkbarbie · 4 years ago
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