#i hate that no matter what i do or how hard i try to hold on i always sabotage myself.
spiderboytotherescue · a day ago
Could you maybe write something with reader freaking out because she's pregnant and thinks tom wouldn't want the baby? And Harry is all like: are you kidding me? That man talks about wanting to become a dad 24/7
Two lines. Two lines on six different tests and you were still lying to yourself.
They could be flukes right? All six of them could be flukes and this could be your body's way of playing a huge joke on you because you had joked a few months ago about getting pregnant and you and Tom had talked about it a little bit.
But that was simply it, you had both just talked about it. There was no final decision made and there hadn't been anything else mentioned since then.
"Oh my god, get yourself together and be a big girl." You groaned to yourself, resting your head on the side of the tube as you side eyed the tests that were lined up taunting you. "You're a big girl, you can do this. Tom will still love you no matter what, you've got this girl."
That familiar feeling of nasuea slowly started to creep up your throat again but you swallowed hard, trying to keep it all down.
"Y/N, you okay in there?" Harry knocked on the door, pushing it open just a little bit so he could lay his eyes on you. He had noticed that you looked a bit peakish the past few days. And he also knew that if something truly was wrong you wouldn't bring it up because you wanted everything to go perfectly with Tom doing stuff for Uncharted.
Before you could slide all the tests in the tub, like an adult because that's what you were right now, Harry caught sight of them. His eyes went wide and he gave you a soft smile before kneeling down next to you.
"Oh this is so exciting! Congratulations! Have you told the idiot yet?" He smirked, taking any shot that he could to tease his brother. But he lost his sense of humor when he saw the way your chin wobbled and the tears gathering in your eyes.
"He's going to hate me! I am ruining his life! He's doing all of these amazing movies and touring around the world and being so badass and now this is happening and he's going to hate me!" Your mind was spiraling out of control as you thought of how Tom was going to hate you for ruining his career and how he was going to leave you all alone and....
"He's not going to hate you! It's going to be okay, I promise okay?" Harry brushed your hair out of your face, grabbing a washcloth and running it under cold water for you to help you calm down. "That big emotional sod has been going on and on and on about how he can't wait to settle down and be a father and start a family with you, the love of his life."
"He could've been talking out of his ass Harry! He could've been playing it up for the cameras and to get good press for all we know!" You knew you were being irrational at this point and that none of that was even remotely true, but you had to protect your heart, you couldn't let yourself even think about anything positive.
"Whoa, whoa what's going on in here?" Tom called out, rushing into the bathroom when he heard you. He knew that tone of voice, he could hear the anxiety and doubt slowly creeping in and taking over. "Love, what's going on here huh?" He whispered, taking the washcloth from your hand and getting it damp again before running it over your forehead.
"I'm so sorry Tommy." You cried, wringing your hands together as you tried to keep calm. "I'm so sorry, I know that this isn't the right time and I'm sorry." You cried out.
"Love, what is there to be sor--" Before Tom could even finish his sentence you shoved all six tests at him, scooting yourself back to lean against the tub to hold your legs together. This was it, it was the moment of truth and these few moments of silence were what was either going to make or break your relationship.
"Are these... these are pregnancy tests right?" Tom asked, his mind a little slow on the uptake as he kept glancing down at the tests in his hands. "Love, talk to me here. Please, let me in honey."
"They're positive, all of them. And I know that we talked about it a few months ago but I'm sorry for ruining this for you and ruining your fun life Tommy, I'm so sorry." He reached over and pulled you into his lap, holding you together while you let out every sob you had been holding in.
"Honey, no no no." Tom whispered, voice a little wobbly as he tried to hold himself together. "I'm so happy honey, so happy and blessed and just so in awe of you right now." He pressed kisses all over your face, bringing you back down to earth.
"You're happy about this Tommy? Really?" You whispered, fingers twirling the back of his curls. "You wanna have a baby, with me?"
"God yes love, so fuckin' happy. Made me the happiest man in the world. My best girl, love of my life is carrying my baby, of course I'm happy honey."
"But what about everything else? How are we going to do this? I don't want to ruin any experiences for you Tommy."
"You're not going to ruin a damn thing love. This is what I want, what I've wanted since the day I met you, Knew that you were the love of my life and I knew that I wanted to start a family with you. We're going to be okay, and I'll be here every step of the way I promise."
"I love you so much." You cried, burying your head in the crook of his neck as you cried happy tears this time, the elation of hearing him say that he wanted this too meant everything to you.
"We're a team okay, we're going to do this together. I promise you love." Rough palms and gentle strokes brought your gaze back up to his and you pressed your forehead against his, reveling in the happiness of the moment now.
A quick camera click and flash brought the two of you right out of it and Harry stood at the bathroom door with a grin on his face. "Figured you may have wanted to document this." He laughed, helping the two of you off the floor to give you both hugs.
"You sure you're ready for this, sure that you want this Tommy?"
"I want this more than anything love, more than anything else in the world." He grinned, giving you a big kiss before twirling you around making you giggle and shriek.
Turns out those six positives weren't too bad after all.
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tiresomeimagination · a day ago
Clean Up (Daycare Attendant x Reader)
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Needy/clingy behavior. Sun has abandonment issues. Pretty much just fluff and reverse comfort otherwise.
Author’s Note: I headcanon both Sun and Moon with male pronouns, so that’s what I’m using (but reader is neutral as usual). I’m also going with the general popular consensus of the fandom of Sun and Moon being separate personalities in the same animatronic body.
“Man, they really got you good, huh?” You muttered as you did your best to peel yet another glittery rainbow-colored sticker off of Sun’s body. The lanky animatronic of the daycare sat on the padded playmats in front of you, leaning forward to allow you access to his terribly vandalized surface. You weren’t surprised that the most recent hoard of toddlers had managed to cause such a mess, but you couldn’t help but cringe at the sight. There was everything from crayon scribbles, paint, and glue smears, to nearly every sticker known to mankind. You could hardly recognize the robot under it all.
Sun focused his blank eyes on you, tilting his head. “Aw, they didn’t mean any harm! They were all just so excited to play!” he exclaimed in his overly enthusiastic voice.
You sighed. It probably wasn’t even in the poor animatronic’s programming to deny requests like that from a kid, no matter how degrading it was. “Yeah…well, let’s just hope none of this paint got onto any of your circuitry. I’d hate for you to have to be shipped off to Parts and Services…” you said as you brought the wet rag up to try and wipe some more of the caked substance off.
The thought of you fussing over him like this gave Sun a strange warm and fuzzy feeling deep in his core that he couldn’t quite place. Before you could resume cleaning, Sun burst into motion. With a high-pitched squeal, he threw his arms around you and wrapped you in a tight hug. “Don’t worry, Friend! I’m just swell as long as you’re here!” He practically shouted.
You instinctively winced at the new position. Metal bodies weren’t the most comfortable to be forcibly squished against after all…Not to mention you could practically feel the gunk rubbing off of him and onto your previously tidy Pizzaplex uniform. “Ah, S-Sun! You’re gonna get me all dirty!” you whined, biting back a chuckle at his childish affection.
“Oops!” Sun squeaked, pulling away immediately at your protest as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him. He worriedly scanned over the new paint and glue smudges adorning your shirt. “Oh no, what a mess! I’m so sorry, Friend!” He said in an anxious tone, using his hand to try and wipe it off but to no avail.
You couldn’t hold it back anymore and let out a low laugh, swatting away Sun’s hand. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I was going to wash this later anyway,” you assured lightly. Sun didn’t seem too sure, still hovering his hand in front of you as if trying to decide what to do to help. If he was capable of frowning, you were pretty sure he would be.
You took a moment to think over how to convince him that he hadn’t messed up or upset you. Your eyes scanned the floor around you, your gaze falling on the small pile of used stickers you had already pulled off of Sun’s body. With a grin, you grabbed a smiley face sticker and slapped it onto your forehead. It had just enough stickiness left to stay in place. “There, now we’re both works of art!” You added another laugh for good measure.
Sun reeled back slightly in surprise before visibly relaxing and joining in on your laughter.
“Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up before this place locks down,” you said cheerfully, picking up the wet rag and resuming your task. It was a bit tricky getting Sun to stay still long enough for you to reach all the places you needed to. Even when he was sitting in one place, the hyperactive animatronic couldn’t help but wiggle and sway back and forth.
Of course, Sun was trying his best to stay still for you! It was just so hard to do when he was so happy. And how could he not be happy when his favorite friend was here with him? You always took time to come and visit him, sometimes even using up your precious break time when you were assigned to work somewhere else in the Pizzaplex. You even liked to help him clean up the daycare after a particularly rowdy bunch of kids left! None of the other employees liked to do that. You were so so nice! And gentle! And funny! And- oh wait, were you talking to him?
“Sun, hey, are you okay? You were kind of spacing out,” you said with a hint of concern. You sure hoped those brats hadn’t damaged him.
“Oh! Yes, of course! Sorry!” He said quickly, snapping out of his thoughts.
You frowned, giving him a worried look. Honestly, you probably should have taken him right to Parts and Services for a tuneup just in case, but you knew that the mechanics and other workers weren’t always very friendly with the animatronics. They were the property of Fazbear Entertainment after all. Why would anyone spend extra time and effort just to spare the “feelings” of glorified work equipment? You’ve caught workers like the security guard yelling at the Glamrocks before, and you wanted to spare the Daycare Attendant that kind of treatment as much as possible.
“You know…you should be more careful,” you said, thinking over how to phrase your next words as you dipped your rag into the bowl of water beside you and wet it again. You knew that Sun had a bit of a thing about messes, so you doubted that he was the one that suggested this “makeover” in the first place. As long as it didn’t break any of the daycare’s rules, he tended to go along with whatever the little guests wanted.
“Huh?” Sum hummed, tilting his head in confusion.
“You…you don’t have to let the kids walk all over you all the time. It’s okay to say no. Especially when something might hurt you,” you explained gently.
Sun reeled back dramatically to look at you, his voice box sputtering in surprise. “Well- Well I…we were just having fun! That’s what I’m here for after all, hehe!” he insisted, sounding a little nervous as if he was trying to convince himself as well as you.
You nodded and shifted your position, rising up onto your knees so you could reach Sun’s faceplate. You wouldn’t keep pushing the topic if he was uncomfortable with it. “If you say so. I just want you to know that it’s…well…it’s okay for you to stick up for what you want…or don’t want,” you said as you carefully began cleaning his cheek.
If you had stopped long enough to notice the position the two of you had ended up in, you would have been more than a little embarrassed. You knelt in front of the Daycare Attendant, his large hands having drifted onto your shoulders as you wiped the colorful grime off his faceplate. Your faces were close, and he couldn’t focus his attention anywhere but your eyes. If you listened closely, you could hear the whirring of his internal fans picking up.
“R-Really…?” Sun squeaked out, his voice much quieter than his usual shouting.
“Of course!” You replied instantly, giving him a confident smile.
You were caught off guard when you felt one of Sun’s hands wrap around your wrist, stilling your hand as he stared at you.
“I…I want you to stay,” he managed to get out. His voice box warbled slightly with the force of the words.
You felt your heart twist at his shy request. Of course he was lonely spending all night alone, but it wasn’t like you could just live here. You had to go home sometime.
“Sun…” You sighed, your expression melting somewhere between worry and pity.
“I don’t like it when you leave. you're my bestest most special friend!" he whined, gripping your arm with both hands now. "Moon likes you too! We don't want you to go!" he added, hoping that might help sway you somehow.
you let out another heavy sigh, patting the back of his hands. "... You know I can't stay forever, right?" you asked, trying to be patient with him.
Sun gave a hesitant nod.
"But...I will always come back," you added, giving him a reassuring smile.
"... Pinky promise?" Sun asked quietly, lifting his right hand and sticking out his pinky finger.
You paused, looking at his outstretched hand. You wondered if it was a good idea to make such a commitment. You probably wouldn't work here for the rest of your life or anything...Eh, what were you worrying about? It was just a little pinky swear to cheer up your robotic companion. He would probably find some new worker to cling to by then anyway.
"Pinky promise," you echoed, curling your pinky around his and giving a gentle shake.
"Ahh, thank you Y/N! I feel much better now, hehe!" Sun giggled before wrapping you in another tight hug. It was astonishing just how quickly he could flip moods sometimes.
You chuckled, this time hugging him back. His joy was always so contagious. You had to admit, it was nice to feel cared about. Even if it wasn't a human doing the caring.
The two of you stayed like that for a little while. You were just about to pull away and get back to work when you heard the distant sound of the mall's automated voice over the speaker systems.
"Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex is now closed. Initiating Nighttime Protocols."
"... Crap."
"Language, Y/N!"
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justanothercamilofan · 13 hours ago
Hey there! Can I request a Camilo fic with a fem!reader (gn is okay too tho) where the reader has the biggest crush on Camilo but she tells nobody and never says anything about.
Since she doesn’t really know how to process her feelings for him she rambles on about Camilo to herself she saying something like “ugh, I hate him!” When in actuality that just means “I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way about another person but it’s not something I can reason with logic and previous knowledge so therefore,✨anger✨”
(I hope this wasn’t too specific it’s just an idea I had)
Tumblr media
my writing is only good during night time and that's just how it is
Tumblr media
Your heart hammered against your chest upon hearing his voice, Camilo's voice. A red hue appeared on your cheeks, you turned around to face him.
"... Hola, Camilo." The smile on the boy's face widens, even though you greeted him rather coldly. You couldn't help it. The mere thought of him made your heartbeat speed up, it made your face turned a deep shade of red, and an unexpected warmth rushes through you.
You didn't know what this feeling was, but what you did know is that you hated it. It was foreign to you, no matter how hard you tried, you could never figure out what exactly this feeling is. And because of that, you just assumed it was anger. You assumed that the weird sensation in your gut, the nights you spent laying awake in your bed, thinking about Camilo was all due to anger.
You let out an exasperated sigh. "Do you need anything, Madrigal?"
The boy places a hand over his chest, clutching his yellow ruana. "Oh, don't be so cold, (name). I've been nothing but nice towards you!"
He pulls up a paper bag and holds in front of you. "I even snuck out some of mi tia's arepas! For the two of us!"
You roll your eyes at this. "I'm not hungry, you can keep that all to yourself."
Camilo pouts, it makes you want to grab his face and pinch his cheeks— Out of annoyance, of course. "Then... let's just chat for a while, yeah? I've got a few minutes of free time before I have to return to my chores."
You quirk a brow at him. "Are you saying what we're doing right now isn't chatting?"
He chuckles, and your heart flips, cheeks growing hotter. The boy seems notice this and gives you a look. A look that says he knows something. You didn't bother questioning it.
The both of you engage in friendly conversation. Camilo tells you about how his day has gone so far, you respond with short, uninterested answers. He didn't seem to mind this though. In fact, the boy looked happy talking to you, despite it seeming kind of one sided due to your reactions.
Eventually, he needed to go. Pepa marched over to the two of you, telling Camilo that he needed to get back to his chores or else Abuela would be... unhappy. Once the woman leaves, the boy turns to you, a small smile gracing his features.
"I'll see you some other time, cariña. Maybe we could talk longer during my day offs."
Camilo winks, blowing a kiss your way before running off. His actions leave you frozen in your spot, trying to process what just happened.
The moment you snap back to reality, you immediately return home and head straight to your room, flopping on to your bed.
You place a hand over your chest, trying to calm your heartbeat. God, he was infuriating. Yet you couldn't seem to get him off of your mind. His earlier actions repeat itself in your head, over and over again. It makes the pit of your belly do a somersault, you think it was out of disgust.
Burying your face into a pillow, a loud groan escapes you. What is going on with you? You really couldn't understand. Every little thing he did made you feel so... strange. You toss the pillow to the side, it falls off the bed but you could care less about that right now. Rising from the bed, you started rambling.
"Ugh, who does he think he is? Blowing me a kiss? I'm not his girlfriend! Why would he do that? That's actually so gross."
You fake a gag before continuing.
"Just... He's so annoying! I can't stand him and his stupid, goofy, handsome—"
You pause. Handsome? Where the heck did that come from? In what planet would Camilo even be remotely attractive? This is Earth. Not Mars, (name).
This was frustrating. You slap your cheeks with your hands, rubbing your eyes with your palms. Get yourself together, (name). Don't let it get the best of you. It's irritating, how you couldn't fully understand what it is you truly feel for the shape shifter. Letting out an exaggerated exhale, you fall back to your bed.
You hated him, Camilo Madrigal.
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ghostspideys · a day ago
I’ll Take Care of You
Tumblr media
a/n: now that my classes have started, I’m still trying to write a little when I have some time. that being said, feel free to send some requests in the meantime, I have a list of characters I’m currently writing for here.
pairing: tasm!peter parker x reader
word count: 1.1k
summary: Peter’s never really taken any time to himself, so you plan to help him relax for a night.
Whenever Peter comes home at night, he's always bruised, sore, bleeding, or all of the above. Naturally, you can't help but worry about him, and you always bring it upon yourself to patch him up.
As much as Peter hates inconveniencing you, his heart skips a beat every time you gently place your hand on his cheek, carefully dabbing at the cuts on his face. You give him an apologetic smile every time he winces in pain.
No matter how Peter's feeling, the care and love you give him alleviates some of the pain, even if only temporarily. The soft smile he always has on his face tells you just how happy he is to be home with you at the end of the night.
Peter has a habit of waiting to take care of himself if you're already asleep when he comes home. He'll opt to curl up in bed next to you, barely even getting out of his suit, rather than take care of himself right away. To him, there's no better pain reliever than holding you close and burying his nose in your hair as he falls asleep.
It worries you.
It's not often that you see Peter take time for himself, and you plan to do something about it.
The next time he leaves for the night—not without giving you a few goodbye kisses on his way out—you put your plan into action. He's going to have a night to himself if you have anything to say about it.
It thankfully doesn't take long, but you set a few scented candles in the bathroom and start a bath once he's close to coming back.
Peter sneaks in through the window as he always does, and his tired expression becomes much brighter when he sees you. You're already lounging in bed in your bathrobe when you notice him.
"Hey, sweetie. Did you already shower?" he asked, pulling his mask off and kissing your forehead.
You smile, and it takes his breath away like it does every time. "Not yet. I was waiting for you. I have a hot bath waiting for us already."
Peter flashes that dorky grin you love so much. It always makes you weak in the best way possible.
"Is that so?"
You sit up and place your hand on his cheek, giving him a kiss. "Hurry up and get out of that suit and I'll meet you in the bathroom." You grin and kiss his cheek before finally getting up.
"You don't have to tell me twice."
By the time you've lit the candles and made it into the tub, Peter's made record time, and he's already following you in.
You sit him in front of you and take care of washing his hair. He sighs happily, melting at the feeling of your nails lightly scratching his scalp. It's nice to finally see him relaxing, and he's not hurt too badly this time, thankfully.
As soon as you're both cleaned, you allow a little time to enjoy the warm water before it starts to get cold. Peter rests his head on your chest and glances up at you. "What's all this for?" he asks.
"Just thought you needed some 'Peter-Time'," you reply. If anyone deserved this, it was definitely him.
Peter once again gives you that soft smile that could make you melt on the spot any day. For a moment, you see his eyes water slightly, and it's not hard to tell how much he appreciates your efforts.
"You're too good to me." He gives you a quick kiss, showing you a little appreciation in return.
You get out before the water can get too cold, and you make sure all the candles have been blown out.
Once you're both dressed again, Peter flops onto the bed face-first. He sighs, feeling much more relaxed now. You're not totally done, though.
Suppressing a laugh at his slight dramatics, you join him on the bed and straddle his hips. Before he can question you much, you slowly start to massage his back.
Peter starts to feel less tense the more you work on his back and shoulders. He can already feel the tension melting away, like you're magic or something. You're really just that good at taking care of him, and he knows that.
As soon as you're done, you lay next to him, and he wraps his arms around your waist.
"What did I ever do to deserve you?" Peter kisses your forehead and pulls you as close as possible.
You know his question is rhetorical, but you can think of so many reasons you love him. There aren't enough words to tell him that, but you try anyway. "Pete, you're the most selfless person I've ever known," you whisper, gently running your fingers through his hair. "It's the least I can do to make sure you're okay. Especially when you spend all day looking out for everyone else."
A few stray tears run down his cheek as he listens. You wipe them gently and give him a soft but equally passionate kiss. When you pull away, he chases your lips and gives you a few more kisses before he's satisfied.
"How about I make you breakfast in the morning to make up for this?" Peter offers.
You groan. "Pete, you always try to balance it out when I do something nice. Just accept it."
He laughs and kisses your cheek. "Okay, okay." Then he pauses for a moment. "How about we make breakfast in the morning. Something nice for both of us. You deserve something too for all the days you've taken care of me."
Knowing him, it's the closest you'll come to a compromise. He loves you too much not to give you a little something in return.
"Fine, just promise me we can make these self-care days more of a regular thing. You need it sometimes. And I'm making you take a day off tomorrow."
"No buts, you're keeping your ass at home tomorrow if I have to make you myself."
Again, Peter laughs. He knows you're serious, but he also knows you're just looking out for him. As worried as he is about being needed, a day off sounds enticing. One day couldn't hurt, right?
"Well when you put it like that, how could I possibly wanna leave?"
You snort and bury your face in his chest, slowly growing tired. "Whatever, dork."
You're already starting to fall asleep in his arms, partly due to how warm he is. It's another thing you love about him.
Just as you're snoring softly, Peter registers your words. "Wait, did you just call me a dork? Babe, wake up, you can't just call me that and fall asleep before I can defend myself...babe…."
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yourtamaki · a day ago
prettiest sunny <3 what do you think of sasuke with an oral fixation?? 👀
i think a lot of things actually :3 warnings: hurt/comfort, oral (f!receiving)
Tumblr media
the warmth of your back against his chest is as reassuring as it is guilt inducing. sasuke watches over your shoulder as you prep dinner hours earlier then you normally do in a feeble attempt to distract yourself from his silence. the treacherous voice in his head that taints every shred of happiness he manages to steal tells him the silence is better. there’s no chance of snapping at you with his sharp tongue the way he did earlier, no chance of seeing your eyes widen and water as his bladed words hit their mark dead centre.
he thinks the voice might be right when he remembers how you smiled at him like he couldn’t hear your heart splintering, how you told him it’s okay, really and you knew he didn’t mean it. your platitudes ring hollow when sasuke can still smell your hurt hanging in the air, metallic and thick and bitter as blood and all out once silence isn’t enough. he needs to atone for his wrongdoings.
in the domestic silence he never thought he deserved and still hadn’t earned, sasuke kisses the back of your neck. there’s a clumsy apology weighing down the tip of his tongue and he drags it across your skin hoping some of the message gets across to you. from the way you sigh and tilt your head to grant him more access, he thinks you might’ve already forgiven him and he hates how easy it is. he hates how easily you love him, how easy it is for you to press your thumb against his pointed fang and trust him not to bite. he presses kisses to every inch of skin he can reach, each more feverish then the last. it’s not enough to soothe the pain he caused, he needs to erase it entirely and try to feel somewhat worthy of you.
with dinner long forgotten sasuke takes your hand in his and reaches your arm out to the side, his angel stretching out their wing. sasuke trails heated kisses from your shoulder down to the crook of your elbow and up your forearm until he finally reaches your soft palm, licking a stripe from heel to fingertip before kissing the centre. his eyes cut over to you and he holds your half-lidded gaze as he lowers himself to his knees before you, never breaking eye contact even as he pulls the boxers you’re wearing, his boxers, down and presses his silent mouth flush with your cunt.
your hips buck once and it’s all he allows before sasuke pushes you back against the counter, pinning you there with a glare. he may be seeking forgiveness but he won’t be rushed, not when your clit is throbbing against his tongue like it’s begging for him to worship it and you’re so soaked he can feel your slick slide down his throat, nectar from the angel.
his mouth never feels full enough even when he fucks you with his tongue and your walls clench around him, even when he throws your leg over his shoulder and your hands find their way into his hair. sasuke thinks he might have been cursed to walk this earth and know he will never get his fill of you, always left a little hungry no matter how many orgasms he pulls from your shattered body.
though the one he feels building might sate that hunger for a little while.
he sucks your clit into his mouth and you’re gone, your high crashing down on you in waves as he flattens his tongue against your folds, trying to catch every drop until your shaky hands tug his locks to pull him away. it’s not hard to pull you down to the floor with your knees so weak and sasuke catches you in his lap, planting messy, wet kisses against your neck while you try to catch your breath. it’s only after you’ve both settled down that he breaks his silence to mumble a single word against your lips before he lets you taste yourself on his tongue.
Tumblr media
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plushienanami · a day ago
hello!! May i request a few comfort words from Kakyoin and Bruno because i've been working out my body till I overwork myself, I hate being plus sized. I just want to be skinny like other ladies would :')
(it's okay to write it very short dear author!! <3 )
don’t worry bby i gotchu! try not to overwork yourself okay??? plz plz take care of yourself regardless of how you think. you are amazing the way you are >:(💗✨
Kakyoin & Bucciarati x Reader
Reader overworks themselves and they start to notice.
Tumblr media
Kakyoin would be very supportive of your determination, but will always remind you that he loves you no matter what.
He would always be there next to you and join you in your sessions majority of the time.
Although when he starts to see you overwork yourself and start to work out in an unhealthy amount, that is when he draws the line.
It hurts him seeing you trying so hard that you are even hurting your own body.
He makes sure to pull you aside when he finally has enough seeing you tuckered out without the energy he initially fell in love with.
Unlike Bucciarati, he does it when he sees fit. You could be watching TV, eating dinner, folding clothes, it’s just a Kakyoin thing to do.
Kakyoin makes sure to pull you close and hold you against his lean form as he voices his concern.
“I love you just the way you are. There is no need to work yourself like this…your happiness is my happiness…”
His grip on you tightened as you felt a wet droplet hit your shoulder.
“I promise I will do whatever it takes to help you, just promise me that you will stop doing this to yourself. Just know I love you with all my heart.”
Tumblr media
Bucciarati picks up on it really fast.
Originally he was encouraging on your goal to lose weight. He thought it was an admirable goal and he would try to help you as much as he can even though he was busy majority of the day.
When you start looking down and tired of the latter, he notices but keeps quiet about it.
He just wants to make sure before he confronts you on the matter that he is right.
Then it goes on for about a week and half. That was when he asked to sit down with you.
You're concerned at first thinking he was going to break up with you or something because of his melancholy tone.
He is really serious on the matter, wanting to sit you down privately in the small homey villa you both own.
Upon listening to him, you start to see the distress swirl in the blue eyes you gaze into everyday.
“Listen to me mia cara, I love you yet cannot see you do this to yourself.”
He holds your hand as he stares deeply into your eyes trying to further convey his emotions.
“We will work through this together as we always do…I love you forever and always.”
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columbusswift · a month ago
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arcaneyouth · 9 months ago
(this post isnt being queued because if i post it at the ripe old time of 1 am fewer people will see it alright have a nice day)
#vent post #negative #warning: im about to get into some emotions i havent told anybody including my therapist or even myself really and theyre bad! really bad #im not trigger tagging it because it. feels bad. i cant explain that i just cant #so basically just read at your own risk. if i dont get this out somehow i think i might scream #ok so getting just right to the point i am so fucking suicidal i dont want to live in this shitty ass world anymore #i cant imagine a world where i dont have to struggle. i cant imagine a world thats any better than this. #i cant imagine living past 21 anyways cause thats when my doctors said id die as a way to threaten me into doing my meds #i try so hard to be positive and hold on and it worked for 4-5 years and now theres not even a point. #im tired of trying. im tired of holding on. i will never be able to live comfortably. whats the fucking point. #im running out of reasons to stick around. #years ago my reasoning was that my friends would be sad. i cant really use that anymore #because im a traumatized fucking disaster thats been slowly trying to cut off my friends and stop caring about them #maybe i could stick around so i can finish my comic well thats not going to fucki #ng happen because the world is probably going to kill me before i can get it done #and nobody gives a shit about my ocs anyways except for me #or maybe i could stick around for that cool tv show or that video game i want to play or my favorite food #well none of that fucking matters!!! it barely makes me happy anymore. theyre just things. #what about my family? well thats easy i fucking hate them i wouldnt feel bad for leaving them. #ive been in a depressive slump for weeks and i dont know how to get out and every time i start to feel ok again someone or something #reminds me why this world is so horrible. #the internet reminds me every day of how people are dying and how people like me are getting killed for fun #my parents are pessimists who spend every conversation talking about how bad everything in the world is #so the options seem pretty simple to me. either the world kills me some time soon or i'll do it myself before it can. #but i wont #im scared of pain. im scared of dying. i know for a fact id never be able to pull anything off #so the fact that im still here doesnt even mean much. im just too terrified to leave. #yeah post over. sorry about. *gestures at this whole post*. i dont have the energy to write in my journal and ill probably be #too much of a wimp to tell my therapist #this just needs to get out somewhere. i really cant handle keeping it in me anymore.
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unefleurofferte · 5 months ago
the urge to scream at the moon to please just take me far, far away, to a place where nobody knows my name vs the urge to stay intertwined to the ones that my heart loves fiercely: fight.
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doirnan · a year ago
i have never needed a therapist more than in my life than i need one now
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nebucat · a year ago
the mere thought of even touching bo/tw again makes me want to dissociate for a week but i just might do it... for bobcut zel/da..
#i have a love/hate relationship with this game bc i've always been vaguely interested in it but not enough to actually try playing #i only wanted to play it because i was looking for things to bond over with my ex abuser & keep us afloat so 🙃 #naturally its hard to break that mental association and find enjoyment in this game now esp when they bought the copy for me #im unsure what i should even do with it #i'm considering just...selling it #and maybe if i want to try this game again down the line i can without having to associate it with them anymore #i need to figure out what i'm going to do with all the stuff they sent me over the couple years bc i kind of just shoved it in that suitcase #and hid it in the darkest corner of the house so i didnt have to look at it anymore #im terrified of touching that thing again bc it holds way too many confusing and bittersweet memories #i just? dont know if i have the heart to get rid of all of it? these things meant so much to me but those happy and sentimental feelings got #all soured when i realized how little i fucking mattered in the end lmfao #and having time to step back from the relationship and see it through a critical and rational lens & learning everything that i've learned #about emotional abuse & covert narcissist & trauma bonds etc #logically i understand its entirely possible that these gifts were just bait and didnt hold the same sentimental value #to them as it did to me #which is an easier pill to swallow than letting myself believe otherwise #still i dont know if i have the heart to get rid of these things #i cuddled the stuffed animal every night pretending it was them and cried in a mcdonalds when i found out they made the sweater :( #but i cant let myself get sentimental because that makes me feel weak and helpless vulnerable and terrified #and it all comes rushing back again and yeah it just triggers me so bad i break down & have to fight with myself bc im so #emotionally fucked up now lol i hate being trauma bonded! #it was abuse!!!! i know that!!!! but my traumatized ass brain still thinks /thats/ what real love was but its not!!! jfc #fuuuuuuuuck abuse bro! #vent
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gumdecay · a year ago
#quarantine has lichrally just regressed me back to like 14/15 b4 n aftr my 1st psych hospitalization n like........ idk wat 2 do abt that #like my brain is always on fire n im always alone n so i Shld b able 2 deal w this? most evry1 i kno is like ya this is normal life 4 me so #it has no real affect meanwhile im here like.......... literally ruining everything in my life 4 no reason othr than wat else am i gnna do?? #n i cant evn rlly talk abt it evn on this semi anonymous blog on this dead fucking website bc its disgusting n shameful n shitty?? like?? #idk. i feel like a Genuinely Bad Prsn n thats not enuf 2 stop me doing nything but like. i wish it were?? i have such high ideals in my head #n i hold othr ppl 2 such ridiculous high standards (which ofc they fail 2 meet n i hate them 4 it but dnt say nything bc theyre impossible 2 #meet) but when it comes 2 myself i see who i Cld B n who i Am n i do nothing 2 try n bridge the gap?? like?? idk. i dnt have the brain 2 #rlly explain how i mean but. how fucked is it that we have the Concept of Perfection but its literally nvr reachable in Any Sense?? like #whats the point. js but if id made this world n this life n the concept of humanity?? perfection wld b achievable. bc what the fuck else is #the point??? literally what is the point of living if u cant evr reach perfection n what is the point of trying 2 b good @ all if u cant evr #reach perfection n what the FUCK is the point of having perfection as a concept if u can nvr evr reach it no matter how hard u try??? #so w/e. im evil now. lmao
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starlight-rats · 2 years ago
I could cry. Chiron pooped in his kennel again. But don't worry! He didn't pee bc peeing is for outside. Only pooping is for inside!
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more-zero-than-ace · 2 years ago
#this circle from tumblr and one from discord and one for my irl friends and a brief one for my family’ and then theres the matter that i #still need to make a will and get it legally approved once my 18th comes. or tbh i might just go silently. its not like its too out of #character. i was supposed to take care of mels blog and now the only traffic it gets is reblogs i think. there were one or two discords that #i saw as a family of sorts for a couple of years prior to this year but because of everything im basically always idle and never check #notifications and a few people left one of the main ones i was apart of and since ive been popping in maybe once every two months theres #dozens of people that i dont recognize and i know theres like.. i feel like it would be rude to come back in and act like everythings normal #like how it used to be for me and i know itd be rude or jarring to suddenly appear and insert into these new friendships or circles that #have been formed and. im used to being a bit of a loner. i dont want to inconvenience anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. and i know #im hard to talk to because i use a weird mixed vocabulary because i feel a compulsion to use words to try to convey as close as what i mean #but it ends up causing confusion or feeling clinical and without anything behind it. and it takes a while to learn to mimic other styles #like adding ^^ to stuff but anymore i feel nausea from doing it because its again like im trying to scrape together the remains of when i #was happier so i analyze what i say longer than i should and not only does it not feel genuine but by the time i actually go to reply to #something the moments already passed and id just be. left. #i know these posts will come back to harm me in some way. everything i do always does. i cant find a good reason to post it other than that #i can hold it over my own head and torture myself by not deleting it and feeling my heart die from shame over and over and over #i mean i expected full on waves of negativity and toxicity or whatever when I first started branching onto online stuff and its odd that i #still havent gotten any. maybe i need to direct it at myself through these posts. maybe itll be easier to decide once someone tells me i #should just end everything. then again maybe thats just me being drastic and dramatic. something something attention seeking. i used to #hate thinking that i was being attention seeking but now i still hate it and i weaponize that hatred to loathe myself even more creating a #cycle that im uncomfortably aware of but that i dont deserve to escape in any way barring death. #am i going to get out of this hell hole rural town and to USC? i dunno but if i do im going to immediately seek mental help. but the most #likely outcome is that when the date that i set to judge myself comes I’ll probably end up dying. i wont give up on colleges but rn i #dont really know which ill choose. #i should probably shut up before i write another damn essay about myself in these tags #this should be enough to torture myself #delete later #suicide tw #negative tw #...
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aescende · 2 years ago
every ship in the 100 has elements of being unhealthy or toxic at times because it’s the nature of the environment they are in.  survival can bring out the worst in people,  challenge relationships and sometimes force people to go against what their heart wants or even what their morals dictate in favour of protecting their people or what they deem the greater good.  it’s literally impossible to have any pairing in the 100 without finding some aspects of something we can label  “ toxic ”  be it a romantic ship,  a friendship or even among a blood-related family.  even in real life,  relationships have ups and downs,  arguments and betrayals to go with all the joy and love.  yes,  some ships in the 100 are more  “ toxic ”  than others and some would straight up just not work or would burn out very fast,  but going straight to ‘thIS SHiP iS abUSIve!!’  --  abusive  --  just because you don’t like it,  despite no actual evidence of anything abusive in canon and despite the character you’re ‘defending’ being the happiest they’ve ever been in that relationship,  is just pathetic and extremely insulting to people who have endured actual abusive relationships in life.
#y'all gotta be more careful with your word choices honestly :') #blorke stans: clexA IS ABUSIVE!! #polis is the happiest clarke has ever been and you can't erase that from canon no matter how hard you try #and lexa is one of the only people who treated clarke with the respect and care she deserved and hasn't held anything over her head #again you can't erase it. by all means try but it's canon. #you're so threatened by clarke falling for a woman you play the abuse card but i hate to break it to ya #it wasn't abusive. #did it have some toxic elements? abso-fucking-lutely. #like any adult relationship they have had ups and downs and they have some things they would need to work through #and forgive each other for #but that's life. that's adulthood. learning and growing and fucking up and forgiving each other and moving through things together. #that's what you do in a relationship. #god if you hold every relationship in the world to the same standards you hold f/f ships to we'll never be allowed to even have friends. #you’ll get more respect from most people admitting that your real problem with the ship is that it’s  clarke with a woman and not your male #fave than you will if you try to reach for reasons it's 'abusive' when it's literally not. #at least clarke can make her own damn decisions with lexa and not be demonised for it. if you wanna talk about shitty treatment #vs how her own damn people treat her. #*  misc  /  step on me heda  ( ooc ) #fandom wank cw #homophobia cw #because let's call it what it is
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soahpp · 10 months ago
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astranva · 29 days ago
Dada’s Home.
Word Count: 3.6k
Category: Angst to fluff
Warning: A few curse words and not proofread because i’m always too excited
Summary: Christmas isn’t so jolly when Chris misses some of his baby daughter’s first times and she doesn’t seem to remember him.
this was supposed to be super angsty but it got so stinking cute.
Christmas has always had many connotations; warmth despite the December cold, love, jolly, and merry feeling of being among your loved ones.
“I’m sorry,” Chris had whispered, 3 weeks before Christmas day, as he hugged you from behind, “I’ll try to be here before Christmas.”
You were in a sombre mood the moment your husband, Chris, had told you about how he was requested to travel for work and there was a chance he wouldn’t be there for Christmas—it also being the first time you were going to be apart since your daughter was born and while you knew his job required a lot of traveling, you relished the domesticity of it all when he was at home with you, working from the comfort of your home and being able to see him that frequently.
It was especially disappointing having to imagine experiencing your 10-month-old daughter’s first Christmas without him.
You had stood by the door, tearful eyes watching as Chris held Willow, cooing at the giggling child, “Daddy will be here before you know it,” he had said, “Don’t give Momma a hard time, okay? Be a good girl for Daddy, you hear me?” Chris gnawed on her chubby cheek, smile going wide when she released a squeal mixed with a giggle.
A car honk sounded, and you fought the urge to open the door and flip off the driver for being impatient.
“I love you,” he told Willow, “Don’t grow a second older until I’m back.”
You smiled, watching Chris kneel down and carefully place Willow on her playmat before he stole one last look at her as if to take her all in before he turned to you.
Wordlessly, he wrapped his arms around you, one hand going to the back of your head as he embraced you. He kissed your head after a second, rubbing your back, “You call me if anything happens, yeah? I don’t care about the time. Any time of the day, you call me.”
You only nodded against his chest, tightening your hold on him.
“And baby,” he sighed, pulling away slightly to look at you, “Decorate the house for Christmas.”
“Not without y-”
“None of that, Y/N,” he cut you off, “You love Christmas decorations. It’s Willow’s first Christmas, let’s give her a good one. I promise I’ll try to be here for it.”
“We’ll be at your mom’s anyway, there’s no need.” You tried to reason.
“Still,” Chris said, “I’m really sorry.”
“Don’t be,” you smiled at him, placing your hands on his cheeks, “You go do what you do best and come back home to us,” you pecked his lips, “We’ll be waiting for you.”
You and Chris talked and texted like your lives depended on it. It didn’t matter what he was doing, the moment you sent him a picture of Willow doing whatever, he would beam despite his clenched heart and the feeling of urgency of wanting to go back home.
Chris felt homesick the moment he stepped outside your home, and he hated it.
“Baby, say hi to Daddy,” you grinned as you held your phone as you FaceTimed Chris as you sat with Willow on her playmat, trying to get her to look at your phone but she was too occupied with the blue dolphin plushie she had in her hands.
“I can’t believe a dolphin is more interesting than me,” Chris laughed, shaking his head, “What happened to me being the cool parent?”
“Not anymore,” you joked, holding your phone upright to see him properly, “How’s work?”
“Work’s fine,” he smiled, tilting his phone to show you the busy set, “But I think I’ve been out of the game for too long. Have to be reminded of my lines.”
You giggled, “Being a stay-at-home dad sounds good to me.”
“Of course it does,” he chuckled, “I miss you.”
“I miss you, too. Take care of yourself, yeah?”
He nodded, “You, too, baby. You’re doing so well, you know?” he smiled lovingly, “Taking care of Willow on your own, working, updating me, walking Dodger. You’re doing so fucking well.”
A week and a half in, Chris was getting busier by the second and your calls seemed to get shorter, but still frequent. And staying true to Chris’s words, you had minimally decorated the house with Christmas decorations, feeling grateful that Chris had set up the big tree before leaving.
You had spammed Chris with videos of you and Willow decorating the tree—although it was more of you carrying Willow as you hung up ornaments with classic Christmas music sounding, and Dodger wagging his tail as he stood nearby.
It was two weeks in when Chris missed the first time Willow walked on her own.
You were sitting on the couch, the TV playing Rudolph for Willow as you multitasked from working on your laptop, to glancing at Willow, to watching the animated movie with her.
It happened abruptly; one second Willow was sitting with her back against the chair, the next she was up while holding on to it before she walked on her own, babbling with her hands outreached towards you.
Your eyes were wide, gasping as you watched your daughter wobble and strut towards you before she threw herself on your legs, chubby hands on your knees as she looked up at you, babbling like she knew the latest news.
“Oh my God,” you whispered in shock, eyes going tearful as you stared at her before you quickly put your laptop aside and carefully stood, taking your phone in your hand and beginning to record as you moved slightly away from Willow.
“Willow, baby can you come to Mommy?” You cooed, “Walk to Mommy again, baby, come on.”
It took her a second before she turned towards you, holding her arms up as she squealed, and on wobbly legs, she walked towards you before throwing herself in your arms, instantly hugging you and putting her head on your shoulder.
You were a crying mess as you hugged your daughter all whilst quickly sending the video to Chris before putting your phone on the ground to properly embrace Willow, peppering kisses on her face as you cried.
You cried because seeing your child take their first steps on their own is an emotional moment, sure, but also because Chris wasn’t there to see it.
Chris didn’t reply right away. It took him 3 hours to acknowledge the video then call you after seeing it for 6 times.
The moment you answered his FaceTime call, you were met with glossy-eyed Chris, one hand on his mouth in shock. “She walked.”
You nodded, “She did it so suddenly, Chris. I was just sitting, working and then she just,” you let out a laugh, “She just suddenly came over on her own.”
Chris let out a breath, shaking his had before pursing his lips, “I can’t believe I missed seeing that,” he pinched his nose for a second before releasing a chuckle, “Of course she decides to walk when I’m not here, as if I don’t feel like shit enough.”
You frowned, giving him a sympathetic look, “You’ll be here soon. There are still so many milestones for you to witness.”
He nodded, although he still looked unsure and down.
“I mean it,” you said, “Don’t feel too bad.”
“I’m,” he sighed, “I’m glad you got to record it but it still sucks, you know?”
And you knew it. You knew it sucked, but you knew that there was nothing you could do but make him feel included with the tons of pictures and videos you sent him.
It was two weeks and a half in when Willow said “Mama” one night as you cuddled after nursing her.
Your phone wasn’t nearby as your sleepy daughter mumbled the word over and over again, oblivious to how you felt at yet another milestone you witnessed and Chris missed.
While Willow knew that you were Mama, it seemed like the one word she couldn’t stop saying at everything and anything, and it was especially shocking when you called Chris one day, camera directed at Willow who gnawed on her toy as she lied down before you began to coo at her, making her make grabby hands at you as she stuck her tongue out before she said the one word that had Chris almost crying:
Chris thought he hadn’t felt this homesick and guilty over being away from his family and working instead of being there to watch his daughter do all these new things.
But then Christmas came.
While you felt down at how Chris couldn’t manage to finish work before Christmas, you tried to bring your best spirit to make Willow’s first Christmas worthwhile. So, you put on your coziest red sweater with reindeers on it, and you put Willow in the cutest red onesie that had white striped sleeves and in bold white, it said “My 1st Christmas” on the front, along with a green hat that resembled a Christmas tree that your mom had knitted for her.
“Y/N is here!” Carly announced excitedly after she opened the door for you, cheers erupting from inside the house.
Carly helped you by taking Willow, who sat comfortably in her car seat, from you. Scott quickly came to view, instantly giving you a hug and a kiss to your cheek, “Can you help me bring the rest of the gifts from the car?” You asked him, watching him nod before the both of you went back to your car so you could bring the rest of the gifts you got for the Evans family.
The moment you were finally inside the living room where everyone sat, you were instantly feeling warm and at comfort. From hugging every member of the family, to joking with Scott, you suddenly felt better and thankful for not spending Christmas alone.
“How are you holding up?” Lisa asked you, her arm around you in a side hug, “How are you?”
The care in Lisa’s eyes told you that she knew it wasn’t the easiest for you to be without Chris during that time, and you knew she understood when you gave her a nod with a smile, “I’m holding up well. Just wish Chris was home, but it’s alright.”
She sighed, squeezing your arm, “I know, I know.”
Willow was showered with so much attention and love from the family; getting cooed at, taken pictures of, and played with by every member as they all interacted with the youngest Evans.
While Willow wasn’t a difficult baby, it still felt nice to lean back and drink your mug of hot chocolate and have a good laugh as someone else entertained her.
It was when the doorbell rang that Lisa perked up, glancing at the door before looking back at you, “Can you get that, sweetheart?”
You nodded, placing your mug on the coffee table, oblivious to your snickering in-laws as they elbowed one another.
Your fuzzy-socks clad feet moved towards the door before opening it.
There he stood.
Chris stood with a Christmas hat on his head, sporting a wide grin and his eyes twinkling with glee. “Excuse me, is this the Evans house? I have a late Christmas package.”
“Oh my God!” You latched yourself on him, wrapping your arms around him in a tight embrace. “You cliché piece of shit.”
He laughed, rubbing your back before pulling away to lean closer to place his cold lips on your warm ones, arms wrapping around your waist. “I missed you so much.”
“I missed you,” you breathed out, placing your lips back on his in a short kiss, “You’re never leaving me again.”
He only smiled, leaning down to press a kiss to the corner of your mouth before the both of you went inside.
“Where’s she? Where’s my little Lilo?” Chris grinned as he called out, beelining to Shanna who carried Willow and taking her in his arms with the biggest grin.
But then his grin faltered when Willow released an ear-piercing scream before beginning to cry and kicking her legs, arms pushing against Chris’s chest.
Everyone’s smiles fell, and you were quick to approach your husband and daughter.
“Hey, hey, missy, it’s Daddy,” Chris cooed gently, eyebrows furrowing as he hushed her quietly, but Willow was having none of it before she looked at you and reached her arms out towards you.
You put one hand on her back, glancing nervously from Chris to her, “It’s okay, baby, it’s just Daddy.”
It took her one more scream, tears beginning to fall down and wet her chubby cheeks before Chris handed her to you, feeling his heart get heavy as he watched his daughter hide in your neck as she calmed down.
“It’s normal,” Lisa tried to brighten the situation, “Kids are always so forgetful.”
“I’m her dad,” Chris pointed at himself, “We talked almost everyday. She knows my face,” he turned towards you, “She knows how I sound.”
“Hey, just like mom said,” Carly said, “They seriously are so forgetful and you’ve been gone for a while. She’ll warm up to you.”
Chris had a lot to say, but he remained quiet and instead nodded.
“Now that Chris is here, let’s eat!” Lisa clapped, still attempting to make things better.
As everyone started to walk away and to the kitchen and dining table, you remained where you are, looking at Chris as he looked at Willow who still clung on to you.
“She’s probably just cranky,” you tried, turning around so Chris could see her face, but upon catching sight of him, Willow started to whimper and move her head back to hide in your neck.
“For fuck’s sake,” Chris mumbled, frowning as he walked away and plopped on the couch.
“She’ll come around before you know it.” You tried to cheer your husband up.
Willow couldn’t even handle Chris sitting beside you at the dining table.
“Lilo, it’s Daddy,” you tried again, leaning towards Chris to kiss his cheek in an attempt to show her that he was no threat, but the action only seemed to encourage more crying, “What’s wrong?”
When she showed no signs of calming down, Chris got up from his seat and walked away from the table and out of sight, taking notice of how her cries quieted down once he did.
Everyone sat in silence for a few seconds.
“We talked everyday,” you said, “Like, video and all. I don’t get it.”
Lisa placed her hand on yours, “It happens all the time. She’ll warm up to him in to time and won’t remember a thing about throwing a fit when she saw him.”
“I’m worried about him,” you admitted, glancing behind your shoulder before looking back at your mother-in-law, “She has his entire heart. He looked so crushed when she started crying.”
“Can’t blame him. That crushed me.” Scott said before raising his hands up in surrender, noticing that he didn’t help, “Sorry.”
“Here, let me take her. You go check on him.” Lisa offered, opening her arms for Willow.
You made Chris a plate of food before holding it and walking to the living room where you guessed he was.
And there he was, mindlessly watching the TV although seeming in a world of his, his chin resting on his hand with his elbow perched on the armrest, his eyebrows furrowed in distress.
“Hey,” you said quietly, “I got you food.”
He gave you a forced smile, letting his hand fall on his lap as he watched you approach him before putting the plate on the table and sitting beside him. “You didn’t need to,” he said, putting a hand on your shoulder and giving it a squeeze, “Go eat with the rest, baby.”
“Chris,” you sighed, bringing your legs underneath you as you leaned into his side, putting one hand on his chest, “You know she loves you.”
He remained quiet, looking back at the TV.
“Come on, talk to me.” You said gently, putting your hand on his chin to make him look at you.
“She doesn’t remember me, Y/N, and that fucking sucks.”
“I know,” you frowned, “But like Liz said, it’s normal. You’ve been away for a long time for her, but she’ll be back to being Daddy’s girl by the end of night.”
“Did she cry like that when any of my family held her?” He asked you, and your lack of answer gave him the answer he expected, “Exactly.”
“She sees them every week though,” you tried to reason.
“And she saw me everyday through your phone.”
“Maybe she doesn’t do well with phones and technology.”
Despite the situation, Chris let out a low chuckle with a roll of his eyes.
You smiled slightly, squeezing his cheeks before leaning forward to place a kiss on his cheek, “Let’s just keep trying, okay?”
“I don’t want her first Christmas to be one of her crying, baby. I’ll just keep my distance.” He said.
“You want her first Christmas to be without her Daddy? That doesn’t sound like a good one.”
“Whatever makes her not cry.”
“You’re so goddamn stubborn,” you shook your head at him before standing up and holding your hand out for him to take, “Come back. We’re worrying them too much.”
“Baby, I don’t know,” he frowned up at you.
You wiggled your fingers at him, giving him a look that Chris called was your “Mom look.”
He surrendered, putting his hand in yours and letting you drag him back to where everyone else sat, chuckling when his family dramatically welcomed him back with “Look who’s here!” and “There they are!”s.
Willow remained seated with Lisa throughout dinner, and everybody noticed the longing stares Chris gave to his oblivious daughter, wishing for nothing but to hold her.
Soon enough, everyone was done eating, the table was cleaned, the dishes were washed, and everyone was back in the living room, taking turns to open their Christmas presents.
“This one is from Willow to Daddy,” Scott said, holding up a small wrapped present with a grin.
You gasped jokingly, looking at your daughter who sat on your lap and leaned back on you, “Is that true? What did you get Daddy?”
“You wouldn’t know, would you?” Chris asked you sarcastically with a chuckle, standing by the Christmas tree and holding the present. You gave him a shrug with a giggle and pointed at Willow.
Carefully, he unwrapped the little box and opened it, finding a black keyring with the word “DADDY” stitched to it. Chris beamed as he took it out, inspecting it.
“Lilo says open it.” You said jokingly.
“I can do that?” He looked at it before noticing that it was clasped. He unclasped it, almost melting when he saw the picture stitched on the inside.
It was a picture of Willow and Chris a day after she was born. As a tiny infant, Willow was curled on Chris’s chest, the both of them sleeping with his big hands covering her back so delicately.
Your face softened when you heard Chris sniffle, the entire family awing before you carefully stood up and approached him, secretly praying that Willow doesn’t throw a fit.
And it seemed like progress when your daughter didn’t start crying the moment you reached Chris and leaned into him, accepting the kiss he pressed on your head before he carefully looked down at Willow, whose attention was on your necklace’s pendant.
“Oh, finally!” Lisa clasped her hands under her chin, lovingly staring at your own small family.
Scott was quick to stand and take a picture of the sight; Willow in your arms, you leaned on Chris with his arms around you from behind, a contented smile on his face as he looked at Willow.
“Think you can hold her now?” You asked quietly, looking up at him.
“I don’t know…” He trailed off, looking at you unsurely.
“Let’s give it a try.” You said, turning around and handing Willow to him, whose eyes were wide in confusion at being away from you.
Chris carefully and gently held his daughter before holding her properly so she could see his face. The moment her face frowned and scrunched, he shook his head, “She’s going to cry. She’s going to cry. Nope,” he tried handing her back to you as you shook your head before moving to stand beside him and catching her attention as you began to coo at her.
“Hey, baby, you’re okay. You’re with Daddy! Isn’t that exciting?” You exclaimed, laughing when the entire family started dramatically cooing and cheering at Willow to distract her from crying.
It seemed to work because right there and then, Willow let out a giggle as she watched you, finally relaxing in Chris’s hold.
“Are you happy to be with Dada?” You asked excitedly, “You’re with Dada!”
“Mama!” She squealed, one arm reaching toward you.
You held her hand, “And Dada is right here.” You pointed at Chris who was lovingly staring at his daughter.
“Willow,” Carly called out, catching your daughter’s attention, “Where’s Dada?”
Everyone laughed, their laughter growing more when Willow let out a squeal and a giggle as she excitedly kicked her legs.
“Dada! Where’s Dada?” Shanna asked, pointing at Chris.
Willow finally looked at Chris, one hand reaching to his cheek, patting it, “Mama!”
Chris let out his famous laugh, “I’ll take what I can get.”
“That’s Dada, baby,” you giggled, pointing at Chris, “Dada.”
Time seemed to stand still the moment Willow excitedly kicked her legs, letting herself fall in Chris’s arms as she wrapped her arms around him,
Everyone cheered; clapping, awing, and recording the moment for memories.
Chris let out a breath, closing his eyes as he hugged his daughter, swaying gently in his place, “Dada’s home, baby.”
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bumbleklee · 3 months ago
baby goes to work with dad
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | baby series
pairings: diluc, kaeya, childe and zhongli x female!reader (separate)
warnings: babies
Tumblr media
Diluc never intended to bring the twins to work with him but when a messenger came to let him know that Charles had gotten violently sick before his shift, he strapped the babies to his chest and headed out the door. You were away at your own job and wouldn’t be returning until late that night. Besides, how hard could it be to work with two babies wrapped around you?
Oh, how wrong he was.
Hidden below the counter lay the nearly six month old babies in a makeshift playpen (it was really just an empty storage bin cushioned by Diluc’s jacket). They were quiet for a while, making small sounds and pulling off their socks, until Isaac realized that his mom wasn’t around and started to get upset. The second Diluc heard the fussy whining from his son, panic began rising from his throat.
Clara didn’t seem to be bothered so Diluc used the opportunity to swoop Isaac into his arms. He perched the baby on his left hip while he tried to pour drinks with his free hand.
Isaac leaned into Diluc’s hold for a moment, ready to snuggle in his embrace, and recoiled when he realized it was his father and not his mother.
“What’s the matter?” Diluc asked his son quietly, readjusting him in his arms.
“Is that a baby?” He heard someone say from somewhere in the tavern. “Do you think he stole it from someone?”
Someone else answered, “No, you idiot. Master Diluc has kids now.”
Diliuc ignored the gossip and continued to rock Isaac, even stopping bartending for a moment. Isaac only grew louder and visibly annoyed.
“Does he hate you?”
Venti leaned over the bar, an amused look on his face. He never thought he would see Master Diluc holding a crying baby but here he was. Diluc glared at Venti, “He just prefers his mother.”
The bard grinned and held out his arms, “May I?”
Diluc hesitated but when he looked around the tavern and saw his patrons becoming irritated, he handed Isaac across the counter. He watched intently as Venti poked the baby’s nose, almost instantly calming him down. Venti cooed at Isaac in a hushed whisper, rubbing his cheeks gently and pressing little taps around his head. Isaac giggled - already in a totally different mood than he was moments ago.
Diluc glanced down to see Clara staring at him. His independent baby held a goofy grin and he gave in, scooping Clara into his arms.
“Hey, Bard,” Diluc said, “Think you can hold two kids at once?”
Soon after Calla turned six months old, a tooth started growing. And, Archons, it made her uncomfortable. Calla would be up all day and night screaming her head off and not even Kaeya’s cryo vision could soothe her aching.
To give you a chance to rest, Kaeya decided to bring Calla to work with him. The change of environment put Calla in a better mood for a while. Kaeya held her on his lap while he did paperwork, holding her body in place with his large hand. When she wasn’t possessed by a demon, Calla really was adorable.
It was when Kaeya laid Calla down on the couch in his office that she started to cry again. Not even her favorite toy, a bunny shaped rattle, could take her attention away from her tooth. Kaeya stepped away from his work completely to bend down and try to cheer his daughter up.
“It’s okay, sweet girl,” He said gently. Calla screwed her eyes shut and cried louder, her mouth open and wide. Kaeya glanced down to see if he could see where the tooth was coming from and gazed at the tiny white spot on the top of her gums.
The door to his office opened and Amber poked her head inside, “Everything alright, Captain?”
Kaeya looked over his shoulder, “Oh, hi, Amber.” His voice is filled with exhaustion and Amber picks it up quickly.
“Do you need any help?”
Kaeya sits back on his heels, “She’s teething and nothing we do seems to work.”
Amber stepped into the office and shut the door behind her. She dropped to her knees and looked at the wailing baby. “If I may?” Kaeya nodded and Amber gently lifted Calla into her arms, cradling the baby with ease. “I used to watch my cousins when I was younger and they had trouble with teething too.”
Calla quieted down in Amber’s arms but continued to fuss, bringing her hand to her mouth.
“This always worked with them.” Amber took her pointer finger and lifted it to Calla’s mouth, massaging the spot where her tooth was coming. She rubbed her gums gently and within moments, Calla had relaxed completely. The baby’s eyes closed halfway and drool pooled from the corner of her mouth. Kaeya stared in amazement. You and him had been up for hours trying to get Calla to feel better and Amber had done it in seconds.
“It was that easy, huh?” Kaeya asked, still in disbelief.
Amber grinned, “You’ll get the hang of it!”
childe (cass cass cass cass big brain cass love u)
When Childe had to bring Nikolai to work with him one day, you were freaking out. Childe didn’t work an office job - he was a Fatui Harbinger! Your mind was filled with horrible scenes of your precious baby boy being caught in the middle of a showdown. But Childe didn’t seem to be as worried as you.
He knew his men and he knew none of them would ever try so much as to touch Nikolai. In fact, they would probably put their lives on the line for the baby. After hours of reassurance, you and Childe separated for the day. Childe watched you anxiously look over your shoulder as you walked down Liyue Harbor to your own commitments before turning on his heel and heading off to his destination.
Childe wore Nikolai around his body in a baby sling that you forced him to bring. The baby babbled the entire way, staring at the moving clouds.
“Good afternoon, everyone,” Childe grinned at the men. The new recruits gazed at their boss in amazement, wondering why he had a baby strapped to his chest. “Welcome to the Fatui!”
“Is that a baby?” He heard someone mumble.
“Why, yes it is,” Childe answered happily. “This is my son, Nikolai, and you’ll respect him as much as you respect me.” His tone was venomous and Childe saw a few recruits visibly shiver at it.
But no one questioned him farther and Childe went on with training as normal. Instead of getting involved like he normally would, he stood back and gave feedback to what he was watching. This new crowd of recruits were strong, promising, and Childe felt himself getting more excited by the minute.
The atmosphere was shaken when a low cry was heard. The recruits halted in their training but Childe instructed them to continue, stepping farther away from them to finally unravel Nikolai from the wrap.
“You have been in there all day,” Childe softly said to the grumpy baby. Nikolai’s bottom lip pouted and his eyes squinted at the bright sun. “Don’t cry now, buddy.”
Nikolai looked like he was going to burst into tears at any moment and Childe gulped. A crying baby was the last thing they needed right now.
Getting an idea, Childe activated his vision and squatted down to the ground. He held Nikolai out towards the field in front of him and used his hydro vision to create small animals. A few ducks waddled past the baby before bursting into a puddle of water and Nikolai squealed, his legs instantly kicking back and forth.
“Yeah? Did you like that?” Childe grinned. He summoned two crabs and had them battle each other, their claws hitting one another. A squirrel ran up to Nikolai and kissed him on the nose before evaporating. Soon, the baby was a giggling mess and any sign of a meltdown was far gone.
“Mr. Zhongli, your baby is adorable but is now the best time to bring her into work?”
Hu Tao stared at the little baby girl on Zhongli’s lap as he filled out paperwork at his desk. Zhongli looked up sympathetically, “Sorry, Hu Tao, it was an emergency.”
The Wangshu Funeral Parlor was in the middle of planning an important funeral for a top businessman in Liyue when you were called away for a family emergency, leaving baby Jia in Zhongli’s care. Normally Hu Tao wouldn’t mind the baby but she was nervous Zhongli was going to get distracted and mess up something vital.
“At least let me hold her so you can focus.” Hu Tao held out her arms for Jia and Zhongli hesitated. “Please? I promise I won’t play any pranks on her.”
Zhongli sighed and handed Jia to his boss, waiting to make sure everything was fine before returning his eyes to his paperwork.
“I’m going to give her a tour!” Hu Tao grinned and before Zhongli could protest, she had sauntered away. Zhongli shook his head - he trusted Hu Tao. The young woman had been excited to meet the baby and she had been helpful so far, whether it was running errands for the family or buying Jia new clothes. And besides, Zhongli didn’t think she really had it in her to hurt even a fly.
With his mind at ease, Zhongli finally finished up his paperwork. When he finished, an hour had passed and Hu Tao hadn’t returned with Jia. Wondering what she was up to, Zhongli stood up and headed farther into the funeral parlor.
They weren’t in the basement morgue (thank god) and they weren’t in the break room or the procession room either. “Where did that troublemaker go?” Zhongli asked himself.
He continued to poke around the building until he saw the door to Hu Tao’s office was cracked open. Instead of knocking, like he usually did, Zhongli slowly pushed open the door and couldn’t stop the smile from creeping on his face.
Hu Tao was sitting at her desk, her body leaning back in her chair and her eyes closed. Her arms were loosely wrapped around the baby, who also had her eyes closed. Quiet snores came from patrons.
Zhongli stepped closer, trying not to wake either up, and felt warmth spread through his body. He reached across the desk and gently pulled Hu Tao’s hat off, placing it on the desk.
“Huh?” Hu Tao mumbled, her eyes barely opening. “What time is it?”
“Shh,” Zhongli whispered, “Go back to sleep. I’ll handle everything.” And with that, he tip-toed out of the office and shut the door behind him. Babies weren’t the only ones that needed to take naps sometimes.
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toji-bunny-girl · 3 months ago
hi, hope you are doing okey ✨💓
Could you do fluff headcanons for Hawks, Bakugo, Todoroki (Shoto), Aizawa and Dabi. Plssss
- 🐸
Fluff Headcanons
A/N: FIRWT REQUEST FIRST REQUEST THANK YOU OMG I had so much fun writing this I hope I wrote it to your liking!
Tags: Fluffiest cloud heaven
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki who grins so boyishly like a child when you give him all of your attention; disregard the work you were doing and coo and aw at how handsome and lovely he is
Bakugou Katsuki who falls asleep so quickly and you have to wake him up every one or two minutes because you don’t want to feel alone; which often results in him sleepily petting you to sleep while grumbling about the things he does for you just because he loves you
Bakugou Katsuki who squeezes your face with his fingers and leans into your lips, only to push your head back and laugh at your adorably stupid and flustered look because he loves teasing you so much
Todoroki Shoto who scratches your back while warming the water as the two of you sit in the bathtub; music playing from your phone and spicy amber fragrant drifting around in the air from the candle
Todoroki Shoto who goes searching for four-leaf clovers with you at the hill and when he finds one, he quickly wishes that the both of you will never stop loving each other, like how the sun never stops chasing after the moon and the moon never stops chasing after the sun
Todoroki Shoto who follows you around the house like a lost little puppy whenever he’s clingy and misses your touch until you turn around and pepper his face with kisses, hug him so tightly his soul comes out of his mouth and pet his head for a whole minute
Aizawa Shota who snores in his sleep and you love laying your head on his chest because it rumbles slightly from his snoring; when you pull your head away, he stirs up awake because the comforting pressure you gave him is gone
Aizawa Shota who sees your face for the first time that morning after he finishes marking his students’ papers since the evening before and tries to squeeze his limbs into your skin as hard as he could, letting all of his tension out with a sigh and a whiff of your scent.
Aizawa Shota who makes the bed with you, washes the dishes with you and folds the laundry with you because the feeling of being domestic warms up his soul and he can’t wait to grow old and retire and be with you until he dies
Takami Keigo whose snorts bounce against the walls of your bedroom and feathers glide down the air as you tickle his wings, filling the room with you giggling at the noise he made as well
Takami Keigo who spread his wings big and proud as you tell him they look the prettiest and now he always unconsciously replay your words whenever he flies or shows them off
Takami Keigo who savors moments like this, like when you are painting his nails hot pink or trying to braid his leg hair because the villain he fought with and almost lost his life to has always nibble and bully his mind with the thought of how he can’t see you anymore when his lungs stop breathing and heart stops beating
Dabi who lowers his eyelids and gives out an exhale as you hold his face in your soft warm hands; he only dares to relax under your gaze that never seems judge or hate, only admire and hold such love towards him. 
Dabi who tells you his real name and expects you to say it with uncertainty and doubt but you speak it out like a poem, smooth against your voice and tone as soft as silk because it’s his name and it’s something that is beautiful no matter what
Dabi who stares at your eyes and your lips and your marked up neck as you look up at the stars when the two of you can’t sleep and go stargazing. Then, he tells you you are his star and his sky and his universe
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husbandohunter · 9 months ago
A Small Predicament [Baby Genshin x Reader]
Tumblr media
Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Zhongli, Albedo
Synopsis: Cursed for a week, the boys either have to live with it or find a cure as soon as possible. You on the otherhand hoped otherwise.
(A/n): It only takes ONE glance for me to start having ideas. It was twelve in the morning yall, enjoy~
Oh here's part 2
• "Oh you shrank? I couldn't tell-"
• Threatens that he will murder you to pieces and burn your remains but his voice was so squeaky and high pitched (voice crack) that you couldn't help but burst into a tearful laughter. 
• Its payback time  Bully him, take his hat and hover it above his head. Truthfully, without his hat Scaramouche looks like a little schoolboy. Overall less intimidating.
• Tries glaring. Cute. He's really bratty as a kid, sitting on a high chair (which you had to help him get on) and demanding his servants to do his bidding. In reality, his personality never changed. You realized that even as a grown up he still acts like this (bratty kid in a grown man body).
• The curse made his week a living hell. Signora had the audacity to pull his ear when he misbehaves. Childe constantly messes with his hair while giving head pats and the WORST of all, pinching his cheeks. Scaramouche never wanted to commit arson so bad in his life.
• Eventually finds a cure so he doesn't have to deal with it anymore and orders everyone to never speak of it again. Though, he's plotting how he'll get revenge on everyone who made fun of him using the very same curse (You better run).
• "Oh…Oh my! Diluc you're just so cute!" 
• Diluc grimaces as you glomp him in this state. How can you help it? With his head so small it makes his hair all the more fluffier! His coat no longer fits him to the point the sleeves had made past his fingertips. He tried wielding his claymore again, only to lose balance and fall flat onto his bum
• (insert kid voice "Retribution!") Did I mention the babyface?
• Diluc tries to act as if everything was normal, acting like the Darknight hero and Mondstadt's Tycoon but fun-sized. He couldn't. There was no way people would take him seriously in business meetings. Same with fighting abyss mages, his smaller form was too much of a disadvantage. Thus you ended up doing most of his paperwork.
• One time you caught him sitting on the floor couldn't reach his office desk  while reading away the various books for a cure. It was three in the morning. You told him it was way past his bedtime and he argues saying when did he ever have a curfew schedule. In the end you managed to convince him and he begrudgingly obliges.
• The type to NOT ask for help even when it's obvious that he really needs it. Before he was the one who helped you reach things from the top shelves, oh how the tables have turned. He avoids Kaeya like a plague unless he was in it for another round of funny remarks. When he wanted to go out and get some fresh air, you insisted on accompanying him. Worst mistake in his life. A travelling merchant bumps into you and commented that you had a very cute son. Diluc was mortified.
• The day ended up with him sulking in his room. Although it was tempting, you resisted from cooing over his adorable form after days of treating him like a child. It wasn't because you were teasing him, Diluc just works so hard that you wanted to spoil him a bit. At least he could still play a game of chess with you.
• When things went back to normal, Diluc ensures that you will NOT see him as your son.
• "Well look who it is, my little Prince Kaeya~"
• Tries really hard not be bothered by it at all. Kaeya still maintains his suave facade, throwing in a couple of flirting lines here and there (and forcing his voice to go a few octaves too low in which puberty has yet to occur HA). Though no matter what approach, he couldn't ignore the sparkling mischievious glint in your eye. You were obviously not taking him seriously.
• Things couldn't get any worse. He lost his masculine physique and boob window, he wasn't able to go to certain places without supervision. But the worst thing of all was that he was underaged. Kaeya hated the fact he couldn't drink anymore, he even insisted you to sneak him a few bottles (which you refused) and had to settle with plain beverages such as fruit juice (what an insult). He was never really grounded since his childhood days but he certainly felt like he was grounded now. 
• Kaeya still kisses you on the lips whether you like it or not. If you ask him to sit on your lap, he will find a way to turn the position into his favour such as resting his face between your breasts. You're not gonna treat him like a kid, nuh-uh, he actively avoids it.
• Since his personality still remains, Kaeya is a naughty child. He will use his innocent appearance to sway people (even you) to get what he wants. That was how he was able to take a sip of the wine he stole somewhere (he wouldn't tell you). Diluc scolded him heavily and threatened to ban him from drinking from his Tavern for a week (they ended up arguing, Kaeya being the passive aggressive little shit he is).
• He was extremely relieved to return back to his normal form again. He has so much to catch up (specifically his bedtime activities with you *wink wonk*)
• "Hmmm to be honest, this actually suits you very much."
• Unlike the other boys, Childe was completely okay with it. Turns out that YOU were the one who was not going to be okay. If you thought taking care of Teucer was energy-draining then expect Childe to take that tenfold and beyond.
• You've officially became his full-time babysitter who is in desperate need of a raise (and rest). You can't take your eyes off of him and archons forbid that he will ever meet Klee. One point he'll be running ahead by your side and the next you'll find him getting himself in a 1vs7 situation with some shady looking treasure hoarders. Childe genuinely thinks he could take them on but the curse downgraded his abilities. You carried him and barely made out of it alive. (This made you ponder whether the best solution would be to strap him against a chair for the time being…)
• Childe being a child will eat all the candies and ice cream he pleases. You wonder if the curse also turned him a few years back or was it that he acts like this simply because he wanted to (it was the latter). He loves being spoiled, spoiled by you! Childe demands your full attention, spoon-feeding his meals, back rubs and head pats. Yep, he's definitely doing this on purpose.
• Did he just call you 'mommy'? (Childe has mommy kink confirmed).  He has so much energy that it was exhausting, you literally had to drag him away from what ever he was doing in order to get him to bed. "No Childe, your sleeping time is 9p.m stop whining." He bargained that he'll sleep if you sleep beside him (you didn't get any sleep. You knew what he was planning. In the end, you tried to make sure he didn't sneak out behind your back.)
• Finally you were able to get out of that hell-hole. Childe promised to make it up to you, you deserve it after all~
Small (aka Xiao)
• "Did you know in the Liyuean language, Xiao translates to small?" You didn't say that out loud. Not when he's this angry (this angy)
• He just stands there, crossing his arms and grumbling. You were hesitant to touch him in case he might hiss at you. Xiao has always been short, maybe an inch taller than you, but seeing him like this made you think 'my almighty yaksha can't be this cute♡'
• He gets mad when you no longer call his name for help. How could you? He's just so precious~ Xiao makes it clear that no matter what form he takes, it doesn't make him weak ("Adepti and you mortals are nothing alike." Or so he says but you could tell he wasn't running as fast as he used to because…small legs). You may not comment on it aloud but he can tell just by the look on your face and it irritates him.
• Also the type to not ask for help but worse. Xiao is an agressive little kid, he seems as if he'll be willing to bite someone's finger off if they try to pet him (He gives strong cat vibes, so thats understandable). His spear was too big for him to wield so he often has to put it away or else he might knock someone over with it. Xiao hates being short so you'll be hearing him complain alot.
• Since he was an adepti, he didn't need to sleep however, the curse must have brought down his power by a significant amount to the point you DID catch him napping. You almost swooned out loud just by taking a glance upon his face. For once he didn't wear his signature grumpy look. Xiao appears like a normal child, one full of innocence. His snoring was soft and breathly but that just meant he was deep asleep. (You wished to take a picture). 
• Of course, everything had to come to an end (much to your disappointment), he still complains about the incident to this day.
• How is it possible for a baby to still look so handsome? (Must be his godly abilities)
• Zhongli is unfazed by this 'curse' since his past lives have already taken many forms. Though for some reason whenever he walks down the streets of Liyue, young girls, mothers, ladies all come him was and start complimenting him and gushing over him (he was suffocating). They'd squeeze him tight or squish his cheeks, it only takes once glance before the little girls start blushing and hiding behind their moms.
• Needless to say, despite what form he is in, Zhongli is still able to get free stuff. He got some free candies and some free kites to play with. You had to help him carry his items. Zhongli ends up tripping too much because his tailcoat reached his feet (he decided to just take it off. You had to hold that too). Seems like he can have anyone do things for him in the end HA.
• He still got that drippy voice and you're just like ???? "What on Teyvat Zhongli, you're a kid." This is why you can't see him as one, its nearly impossible.
• Actively avoids Hu Tao and Childe. Once Hu Tao caught sight of him and chased him for hours, he couldn't stay in one spot knowing that she might just pop out of no where. Childe still spoils him, however Zhongli feels irritated by the fact the only things Childe buys him toys (its different when other people do it.)
• Everytime you guys go back strolling through Liyue, you had to hold his hand in case more women come swarming hin again. You swear that at this rate he might get kidnapped because hes just such a beautiful baby.
• Zhongli learned an important lesson after his curse was lifted: no matter how many years he lives throughout  never take a form of a child.
• You find him buried beneath a pile of books and had to dig him out before he suffocates.
• Albedo has the cutest eyes, they're big and round full of curiosity and they sparkle too (he has the prettiest eyes out of everyone tbh). He is the only person who is fascinated by this outcome and immediately goes in the wild to test out his new physique. 
• He was always curious why Klee T-poses when she runs so he decided to try it out himself. She was thrilled to find out that she now has a little brother to play with. In the end, Albedo indulges in the games she always wanted to play but couldn't because he was too old: princess dress up tea parties.
• You felt many things when you saw Albedo wearing a frilly gown and a plastic tiara tucked on his head. Deep down you knew regardless of what gender Albedo was still pretty. Klee even had the guts to redo his hair and hardly anyone was able to recognize it was him at all. He has pigtails, PIGTAILS! You made sure to burn that image into the very depths of your mind forever.
• The only advantage was the he was ablw to fit through small spaces, other than that, being small was way too inconvenient. He knocked down a few of his potion bottles which damaged the floor (thankfully not him) because they were lethal (he wonders how Klee was able to not injure herself when using bombs). You carried him and lifted him to alot of places such as trudging through the snow because Albedo would surely fall on his face due to his small form.
• Enough was enough, he only lasted a day with this and decided to just make a potion and put an end to the curse once and for all. 
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