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#i hate that trope

u know that trope where the guy gets in a fight and the girl is like “hey look at me look in my eyes it’s me! calm down this isn’t you!” like she’s the only one who can communicate with him while he’s like this

anyways richie getting in a fight bc some dick was talking shit and this rlly annoying girl that has a crush on richie and has been following him around is pushing her way in between them like “richie it’s me, look at me, this isn’t you!” but richie just shoves her away to seek out eddie and bury his nose in eddie’s neck to inhale his scent

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Why do people in shows/movies always go “oh I’d have so many questions” when they find out a friend/colleague whoever has a parent show up out of nowhere

When the parent in question left the child to begin with, the child no longer cares. The child is pissed off that a parent could walk away and not stay in contact with their own child. The child has no interest in getting in to contact with their hopeless, lame excuse for a parent

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Okay, one of my biggest worries was that Emily wouldn’t be dead. That’s not the case, phew!

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Character: I love them and I know that they love me but we must,,, stay apart,,, for the greater good,,, we shall destroy each other otherwise,,,,,,,

Me: … You DO realize that they’re a full-grown adult, right? You should probably consider their feelings about this, right?

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Me: this very clumsy character pulls out a book while sitting next to a fire.

Me: by trope law, I should write this book ending up in the fire.




[image: an old man staring offscreen to the left while smiling with the caption text “no, I don’t think I will.”]

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just finished s1 of code geass and read netflix’ summary/preview for the first episode of s2

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Character in a story: I’m gonna come home one day early to surprise my significant other because I love them so much! :)

Me: oh god oh fuck they’re getting cheated on

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“Significant haircut” strikes again…..

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Okay okay
If they insist on giving Eugene a dad like that, I may not like the retcon, but I can swallow it. But now that it happened, please, for the love of god, whatever happens, don’t kill him off in the next season please

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Scientist character: exists



Scientist character: morally grey/straight-up evil, obsessed with furthering their research at all costs, doesn’t care about loss of life/ethical codes and hides it all behind a shield of “the greater good” that will come from their advancements


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I hate how the fandom (and movies) focus on how Thor has no reason to trust Loki and never addresses that, honestly, Loki has no reason to trust Thor. None. Their relation in the first movie was heavily imbalanced in Thor’s favor to the point that Thor didn’t think twice about telling Loki to “Know your place.” That imbalance was never addressed: it only worsened. All of Thor’s reasons to distrust Loki are brought to light but never Loki’s for Thor. They’re minimized, dismissed, and mocked. His reasons for being angry with Thor are dismissed, like he doesn’t have the right for that, either. 

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an  important  thing  to  note  about  my  north  is  that  she’s  not  the  type  ‘  i  say  i’m  okay  but  i  really  just  want  someone  to  grab  me  &  say  they  know  i’m  not  ’  .  if  she  tells  you  to  back  the  fuck  off  ,  you  back  the  fuck  off  .  she’ll  talk  about  things  when  she’s  damn  good  ready  . respect  her  right  to  refusal  or  expect  to  lose  a  couple  fingers  from  each  hand  .  

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I really really hope spn never goes with a “the world finds out about the supernatural” plotline rgh

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Are they really going with that stupid ass it was all a dream trope? SMH.

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okay this is kind of a pointless question but since i dont read the manga (tho i plan to) i didn't rlly get the whole thing about pixie-bob's age and how mandalay said she took a liking to the boys bc of her age??? im so lost pls help

oh it was joke about her getting past “marrying age” and being desperate to find a guy before it’s too late. which is very ://

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Alright well while Ultimate Muscle redeemed itself thanks to redoing the horrible mini-arc they did with Checkmate and Sunshine yet actually correctly, they’re also doing that horrible anime-trope of friendship being above the rules. 

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