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#i hate this site
heyimboredtalktome · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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reki-of-the-valley · 2 months ago
"You want me to what now?"
Reki leaned against the counter, eyebrow raised as Koyomi waved her hand around, words tumbling out of her mouth.
"The twins need someone to babysit them and I don't want to – anyway they like you better than me – so it only makes sense, you know?"
"No. No, I do not know. I don't know why I–" Reki gestured himself– "a boy, should wear a dress for some kid's costume party."
"Dresses aren't just for girls, brother dearest. Guys can wear dresses too, you know."
"I'm not doing it. Anyway, I'm busy that day. Made plans with Miya and Langa."
"Oh c'mon!" Koyomi pouted, stomping her feet. "Please Reki? I'll do the dishes all week for you!"
Reki shook head, arms crossed. He was not doing this. There was no way. He'd do almost anything for his family, but this one wasn't it.
"I'll convince Langa to go with you!"
"And explain to me why he'd be more willing to wear a dress than me?"
Koyomi leaned over the counter, grinning at her brother. But unlike him, hers was always filled with mischief and bad ideas. Or maybe they were more alike than they liked to think.
"Oh, he's not wearing a dress. He'll be your prince charming."
Reki inhaled sharply as he fought against the blush rushing to his cheeks.
"Because you weren't so secretive with your whole 'oh prince Langa thank you for finding me' Cinderella bullshit, dearest brother of mine. So you can finally fill that little fantasy of yours."
Reki's breathing suddenly turned difficult. He bit his fingers, shifting from foot to foot. No one was supposed to know about that. No one was supposed to have heard him. He wasn't even supposed to have said it!
"No. Absolutely not. You're not blackmailing me with that."
"It's not blackmail! Just... Gentle persuasion so I can go see my friends for once."
"I'm not doing it."
Koyomi sighed, lumping against the counter. Her face was buried in her arms, voice whiney and muffled.
"But you'd be so pretty, Reki!"
"Stop. No. I'm not doing it and I'm definitely not dragging Langa into this."
Koyomi raised her head, only her eyes showing as she stared at him. But even with only her eyes showing, it was enough to make Reki recoil. It was enough for him to fear the worst, which was a fair assumption of his behalf.
"So is now a bad time to say I've already texted Langa about it?"
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sexy-spirals · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
heres the full image
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flickerfreaker · a year ago
Rex Lapis: this?
Xiao: It is Mora, Teyvat's new currency. They can trade service and goods with it.
Rex Lapis: ???
Xiao: It is named after you.
Rex Lapis: the bartering system??
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stimman4000 · 2 years ago
i log onto tumblr. i open my inbox
message 1: how do i break up with my bf
message 2: tigole bitties
message 3: what slurs, if any, do you think garfield can reclaim? please consider the fact that he’s queer coded but not explicitly queer in your answer
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dreamkenn · 29 days ago
people who write in tumblr drafts with no saved copy are truly rawdogging life 
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skullywullypully · 3 months ago
Venom: Stop being so cute or I’ll punch you in the lips
Venom: Very softly
Venom: With my own lips
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itsnicetohaveafriend · a month ago
not @/madwoman being finally released and immediately saved and password protected... 
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midearthwritings · 5 days ago
So apparently the tags for my first Advent Calendar fic didn't work and that pisses me off.
I hope they'll work tomorrow.
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junkartie · 5 months ago
You give off very “looks musty in real life and talks about my little pony but is very nice” energy no offense
What did i do to make you think this. Which post do i have to delete.
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laurenbacallgf · 27 days ago
can’t a girl show off her cute polymer clay mushroom earrings on tumblr dot com without being bombarded with 87 replies from bots claiming to be sugar daddies 
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mxducktective · 28 days ago
i'm kinda reluctant to post this here but ao3 is being weird so here's a n/s/f/w nandermo fic i just finished and uploaded
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miaoumiaoueste · 3 months ago
when a gif works on mobile but not on desktop 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️
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lesbiconics · 11 months ago
taylor swift: releases 2 albums in less than 5 months
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loud-and-queer · 4 months ago
There was this trans guy I was following for a while, I just remember the word 'budgies' or something in his name. I had a really good (long and full of pictures) post of his about binding and how unrealistic it's portrayed in media in my drafts that I was gonna post and then tumblr did a tumblr and it's gone and idk if he deactivated but I can't find him again to find the post.
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