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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#i hate this site

tumblr users: I don’t like this thing. I’m gonna make a post about how I don’t like it and then tag it so people who do like it and purposefully follow that tag because they like it so much will see it :)

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i just saw a row of post about how tonight is cinsane and there’s so much to process etc etc and i was fully integrating it with all other memes about how the elections are bat shit crazy but as it turns out…. those posts concerned season 15 of supernatural

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i hate tumblr because you’ll find a well worded and meaningful post, such as “your value as a human is not dependent on your productivity, and to think that it is, is a sign of capitalist conditioning” and you’ll be like “yeah that’s a great point, i’m going to reblog it” and then you see that the op is something like buzz-lightyears-piss-kink69 or yodas-left-nipple and it deals you 30 psychic damage, meanwhile the user sara1673 is a porn bot who won’t shut up about wanting a sugar daddy

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Nothing like searching your blog for something that you KNOW exists and having tumblr come back with uwu nothing here~

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