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#i have a lot more but these r the only good ones
floralbfs · a month ago
anyways it's 1am and ive used up 4½ pages (tho i have like 18 total) and im still missing like three sections i think ksbdnsbsnsbz
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technoblazeit · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like nobody who follows me knows who these ppl r but i liked these
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when i first unlarried and started to follow you and other solo louies, you kept talking about how much larries hate and undermine louis and i was like what FUCK you're talking about because i had always been a louie larrie and kind of thought larries leaned towards louis more but now i can see it. some of them saying they'd prefer a round of eloun*r pap walk or a lad and dad pic instead of h*livia was the last straw for me i tried to give them the benefit of the doubt in my mind so many times but nah they're idiots. can't believe i once thought they were the most rational people in this fandom. now seeing pictures of louis' face edited on flounder and this harry (hariel) kissed this louis (a fish) posts make my blood boil. they really reduce him to a fucking fish.
Ughh... I’m glad I haven’t seen those edits. I guess I’m far away from Larrie fandom that I don’t ever see those posts cross my dash or tl. Once in a while I see a fetus post of Louis and Harry, and I can’t believe fans who actually can’t see how they were together. Fandom was a lot different back then, because Harry and Louis were different. As Louis said so poignantly, “A lot sweeter.”
I have to step back and look at the big picture in 2021, and feel less personally invested. Whatever happens to Harry’s and Louis’ careers is ultimately their own journey, not mine. I can’t control whether fandom is kind or nasty to them. I can only control what I do, as one single fan. I feel protective of Louis because I believe in his talent and goodness as a person, but again, I am just one fan. Louis’ life’s journey will evolve with different fans and different people around him all the time. I look at my experience in the 1D fandom as overall a lovely experience that brought me, finally, to appreciate Louis as a complete person.
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kozuelle · 8 hours ago
if youre still looking for requests you could do a movie night with kenma thing 😩
Tumblr media
UHM OK ANYWAYS PAIRING: kenma kozume x gn!reader
warnings: none but there r slight major possibly incorrect spoilwers for ready player 1?
a/n: this has been rotting in my drafts for MONTHS. im literally so sorry ok anyways here we go:
Tumblr media
ok so first of all hes picking the movie. i dont make the rules
hes very “im good w anything idk what i wanna watch” n then u say like jurassic park or sum shit and hes like “no.” LIKE BOY WDYM NO.
anyways he ends up choosing ready player one 😐🧍🏻‍♀️
im- ok get it mr. cliche 😍‼️
hes the type of person who cannot get comfortable no matter what so hes just struggling to find a good position for mf half of the movie istg
so bravo bravo he finally finds a good one then this bitch has the AUDACITY to sit up get food n then he struggles again.
at this point u just ignore him (i feel bad for him i feel the pain tbh)
he also has like just the two of us the song playing in the background just bc hes very like always needing a lot of everything tbh
so yall r watching that and one might think he is very stoic doesnt like movies n shit but theres two ways this can go:
hes either sleeping or hes hyperactively paying attention
for this movie in particular he becomes overly attached n when the like house complex comes crashing down n im p sure there is like a scene where shes getting tortured? idk i havent watched the movie in forever
ok anyways he literally gasps, kinda jumps, n he cries a lot.
hes a v pretty crier tho 😖🥰
he kinda just has like tears streaming down his face n then like his head is in ur lap and ur stroking his hair and its honestly rly funny 😭😭
n then theres the scene where its the meetup face reveal irl and oh boy does kenma cry at that (you do too tbh)
ok so after that hes prob either heartbroken or out cold. if hes out cold, baby im sorry but ur not going anywhere
when he sleeps he doesnt wake up until its like 3 pm istg-
ugh but he also loves building shit
like constructing chairs n desks n he just lowk loves engineering its just not a big thing more like a side hobby bc he doesnt have the energy for doing that shit all the time
omg dad!kenma 😖🥺 elle stfu he cant be the father of ur children, HES NOT REAL. actually idc
so naturally for a movie night hes gonna go all out
im talking projector, pillow fort, blanket fort, fairy lights, maybe even a galaxy projector idk
he def built a whole ass fort for yall BUT thats why movie nights r so rare
so that night he stays awake duh but now its ur turn to choose
n so being the icon u are, u choose a barbie movie 😎💪
n hes like “again???” but he knows its ur turn so hes like “k fine ig.”
so u guys choose the mermaid one like the lost princess of a mermaid kingdom, that one
do yall know what im talking ab? idk google it ig but like where was ur childhood smh
ok anyways back to the topic at hand
kenma has watched all the barbie movies. its canon, furudate told me himself
he went up to me one day knocked on my garage n went “hey elle i heard u love kenma kozume, well im hear to tell u that hes watched all the barbie movies” n then he disappeared <33
ok but fr thats just a hc of mine anyways so yall be watchibg it
and hes obvi very sucked in
and then theres like the betrayal scene
n he gasps so loud his popcorn w extra butter n light seasalt n extra cheese w a side of HI-C fruit punch almost spills
that order is also canon.
and ur like “kenma baby r u ok?” while laughing ur ass off lowk
n hes like “yeah yeah im fine stfu now pls”
like just bc u said pls doesnt make it better but i see u, choosing barbie over us 🤨🙄 can relate tho
finally the movie ended n now yall both feel very empty. so what do yall do? by this point its like 4 in the morning
so the only logical answer is to play otome games, episode, animal jam, n the winx fairy rp game thing
Tumblr media
^^^ thats what yall look like btw
n thats it i hope u enjoyed n im so sorry for how late i am BYEE
Tumblr media
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aaaaaa I love your stuff! idk if you do nsfw abc's, but if you do could I request one for Whitty?
Yeah! I never did NSFW abc’s (or abc’s in general) but I’ll try!
Also thank you very much!
- Devi
NSFW Alphabet with Whitty!
A: Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Whitty always makes sure that you’re comfortable and not hurt in anyway. He knows he can go pretty rough and knows that he can leave bruises. Whitty asks if you’re okay and not hurting anywhere and if you are he does everything he can to make you feel better again. He’s just too sweet.
B: Body part (Favorite body part on theirs and their partners)
Whitty would never admit it but he’s most proud of his muscles, they show off his strength and can intimidate anybody who tries anything with you. 
He doesn’t have a favorite part on you since he loves all of you! 
C: Cum (anything to do with cum)
No, it’s not gasoline or petrol. It’s thick and sticky and has a light gray tint to it but doesn’t change the taste. Whitty doesn’t care if you swallow or not but he’d never force you to.
D: Dirty secret 
Whitty always wanted to try public sex. He wants to see you struggling to hold in your moans. The fear of getting caught giving him more adrenalin.
E: Experience (Do they know what they are doing? How well?)
Whitty knows nothing and is not experienced in the slightest. You’ll have to teach him a lot of things.
F: Favorite position?
Whitty doesn’t know any but all he knows his that he wants to see your face as he fucks you. So, mostly missionary and having you sit on his lap.
G: Goofy (Are they more serious or humorous?)
It’s in the middle. Whitty wants to be serious about this kind of thing but can’t help but ask what to do next after doing some stuff. He doesn’t mind goofing around with you though if that’s what you want.
H: Hair (How well groomed are they?)
He doesn’t have hair?? I don’t know?
I: Intimacy (How romantic are they during the moment?) 
Whitty’s first few times are not romantic in the slightest due to him not knowing anything but he still tries! After a while and depending on the occasion he can be very romantic to the point where’s he complementing you during sex and telling you how pretty you are.
J: Jack off (Masturbation headcanon)
 Whitty has only jacked off a few times and it was very rare that he did. He’ll only do it if he’s missing you a lot and can’t see you at the moment. The first few times were in one of the alley’s he was staying in after he met you. 
K: Kink (one or more kinks)
He has a praise kink. He wants to know that he’s doing alright and not hurting you. Secretly has a exhibitionism but would never say anything unless you wanted to do something like that.
L: Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Inside your home and maybe the alleyways if you two are feeling brave.
M: Motivation (what gets them going)
 Just touching him near his crotch will do. Like touching his upper thighs or lower stomach. 
N: No (What they won’t do, turn offs)
Whitty would never harm you even if you asked or are into that. He also doesn’t like tying you up. 
O: Oral (Preference on giving or receiving)
Whitty prefers giving you the pleasure rather then receiving it. He’s not very good so you’ll have to help him with that.
When receiving he just shuts down and lets you take control, loving the feeling of your mouth.
P: Pace (How fast or slow do they go?)
It all depends on what you want and on Whitty’s mood. If he’s feeling mad or stressed then yes he will go fast and hard unless you tell him not to. If you ask him to he’ll go hard as well. He mostly goes at a normal pace that pleasurable for the both of you.
Q: Quickie (Do they like quickies or not? How many times do they do them?)
Whitty doesn’t like quickies and prefers to just have sex with you.
R: Risk (Do they want to take a risk)
It’s all up to you but he won’t mind if you do.
S: Stamina (How long can they go?)
He can go quite a few rounds before he gets tired.
T: Toys (Do they have toys? Do they use them?)
Whitty doesn’t need toys nor does he want to use them. You got him!
U: Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)
For the first few times he won’t tease at all but when he gets for confident about doing the do then he starts teasing a little bit. 
V: Volume (How loud are they? What sounds do they make?)
Whitty can get pretty loud and doesn’t like to keep it down. He mostly makes grunts and groans or sometimes even growls.
W: Wild Card (random headcanon)
Whitty likes it when you call him cute nicknames like baby or sweetie. It just makes him happy.
X: X-Ray (How big are they?)
Whitty is a grower. A big grower. He’s got about 9-10 inches with a sizable girth. 
Y: Yearning (How high is there sex drive?)
Not very high since that’s not the only thing on his mind. He’d rather spend the day cuddling and holding you close, not fucking. 
Z: ZZzzzzzz... (How fast do they fall asleep?)
He’ll only fall asleep once he knows your comfortable and not hurt in anyway. Whitty will only fall asleep after you do.
Alright so this was pretty hard for me to do.
I’m sorry if the later ones are badly written my computer stopped working again and I was just to tried to do anything about it so I went on. 
- Devi
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dilettantereviews · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is my 2020 album best of. I know 30 is a lot but I figured that I don’t really write about music anymore so I might as well go big or go home. I still had a lot of people I ended up cutting (Caroline Rose, Carla J Easton) or other random singles I liked, but here we are. The last 10 are more honorary mentions and EPs.
Bree Runway- Y2K Hyper pop rap. *Report card voice* Conscientious, self conceptualized. Nokia and ATM are my favorites. I wish the mixtape was a little longer but she did a lot more with 9 tracks than some people can do with 18.
PrincessBri- The best pastiche album of the last 5 years. I feel like a lot of the throwback emo artists either try too hard for an indie sound or just go for trap/Soundcloud rap but not Princess Bri. Mixing a bootleg live version of My Happy Ending, Riot, and Flyleaf, Princess Bri perfectly nails the late 2000’s Fuse On Demand scene that someone cooler than you told you about. My favorite songs are Again and Again and Sick of it All. 
Princess Nokia- A good follow up for A Girl Cried Red. Woes, I Like Him, Just a Kid, Balenciaga, are my personal highlights. I thought the other album was just average. I wonder how many of my albums here will be replacements for the Halsey album that was just 14 versions of Nightmare that got canned.
Margo Price- Perfectly wistful country pop. I learned about Margo from her 2017 album a few months late so I was glad that listening to a new college radio station helped me enjoy the song single by single. I liked the title track and Stone Me, as well as some more rock lead moments like Letting Me Down, and Heartless Mind.
Jessie Ware- I had little hope for this album because I felt like the only person who didn’t like her 3rd one and disco revival feels like a trite misnomer but this album mixed disco with 80’s R&B perfectly. A true masterpiece. Remember Where You Are is my standout track.
Fiona Apple- This album was very unexpected for me and for everyone else. I was also surprised at how pretty immediate it was for an “unsettling” album. Shameika and Heavy Balloon are my favorite tracks. 
Beabadoobee- 2019 saw Beabadoobee release several twee EPs but this year she graduated to a grungier sound. Care, Dye it Red, Charlie Brown are my highlights.
Soko- I didn’t really have hope for Soko to release a new album. Her 2015 post punk exposition was above and beyond and went ignored, in the charts and in cult pop circles. She became a mother, was in a relationship with Kristin Stewart, and had her main collaborator Ariel Pink participate in a white supremacist coup, so I had less hope for new work from her. But lo and behold, Soko released the perfect hypnagogic hazy summer 2014 album for when the pandemic got you down and you miss modeling your social media aesthetics off of Rookie Magazine and Sofia Coppola. My favorite song is Looking for Love.
Armani Caesar- Surprise of the year for me. Rap music with an almost live (? I don’t know the right words to use but it feels like it uses real instruments and tracks instead of a trap beat) sound. Simply Done is a good introduction to her.
Chloe X Halle- I don’t like the narrative that they grew up- they had good deep cuts!- but this is their Good Girl Gone Bad/Britney/One in a Million era. They truly put the work in over the last 5 years and their performances and I’m glad they’re getting the attention they deserve. 
Flo Milli- Confident and fun rap that took over the fancam industry on Twitter. My favorites are Beef FloMix and Pockets Bigger. 
Haim- I was surprised at how big of a 180 this album was for me because, well, we were all there for the 2nd album. This album reminds me a lot of Luscious Jackson (Summer Girl reminding me of Fever in, Fever Out and Los Angeles reminding me of Electric Honey’s Summer Daze). I think even with the range of songs, from the more “traditional” sort of country and rock tinged stuff to the more pop and experimental stuff, it all sounds like it belongs together. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this album until I noticed that my public radio station (shout out to WFUV) played pretty much all the singles and I liked all of them (which unfortunately for me counts as knowing an album enough). I also like I’ve Been Down (I know they get Sheryl Crow comparisons a lot but this is Sheryl at her most corvidian) and FUBT.
Soccer Mommy- I went from going “Who is she?” and not being able to tell her and Snail Mail apart to really liking this album. While she says this album is inspired by singers like Sheryl Crow and Avril Lavigne on songs like Circle the Drain and Blood stream, there are some darker sounding songs on it like Lucy (the guitar on it reminds me of Why God Loves You by PM Dawn). While this album is about making lemonade out of lemons for caregiving stress, it’s almost fitting it came out during a pandemic. Soccer Mommy ended up needing to scrap her tour and move to Animal Crossing performances entirely. 
Tame Impala- Not a zeitgeisty as Currents but still good. Attempt to add more “heat” to the sound compared to Currents. Patience, It Might Be Time, and Is It True are my favorites.
Angelica Garcia- I’ve been reading music reviews steadily for about a decade and I can’t really define what Art Pop is outside of “I’ll know it when I hear it” but this album is it for me. She reminds me vocally of Willow Smith and sings with a lot of emotion. Jicama is my favorite song.
That Kid- For trends, I always am late to the party and start out with the more crossover stuff and That Kid was that artist for me for PC music. I never hear the “This sounds like it’s from a Myspace Megamix that got played on a Saturday night radio slot!” comparisons but That Kid was a good artist for people like me, who are slow to accept Hyperpop and PC music outside Charli XCX. I appreciate the Kiss Me Thru the Phone cover.
Poppy- This is like her 3rd metal project and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet? Looks like she’s here to stay. My favorite song is Sick of the Sun, a tender moment on the album that I want to pretend is about too much screentime. 
Rina Samawaya- I like this as a modern pop album instead of a throwback album/Emotion of the Y2K era. Comme de garcons is my favorite song on the album. 
Ian Isiah- A great 80’s R&B mixtape. Hooks upon hooks. Great if you wish Blood Orange stuck to the Cupid Deluxe sound.
Benee- Quirky indie pop is hard to nail but she got the right spot for weird but danceable. An impressive mix of collaborators, even if I don’t care for Grimes. 
Hum- What would my best of’s be without some 90’s shoegaze representation? I didn’t really listen to Hum because they were in between post grunge and shoegaze, but sometimes it’s all about timing. This loud, thrashing, album felt appropriate for a year that felt apocalyptic at times. 
Sneaks- Expands her sound from various post punk styles to more electronic ones. A Santigold style genre bender.
Shygirl- Hyperpop sounds but hard and edgy. 
Roisin Murphy- My pick for Disco Revival album of the year.
Little Dragon- A casual listen who somehow rose above in a crowded year for music. Mixes pop with R&B and rock. Vocally reminds me of Kali Uchis and The Orielles. Are You Feeling Sad? is my favorite song on the album.
Alanis Morissette- I never thought I would like an Alanis album again but this album just did it for me. I loved the production. It reminded me of the guttural ad libs from Thank U but stretched out over a soundscape. Smiling is my favorite song on the album.  
Diana Gordon- Alaniscore
Lunchbox- Never heard of them before this year but they do great throwback power pop. Excited to listen to their past work. I like I Really Wanna Know.  
Allie X- As dreary as a concept album about a substance abuse documentary sounds, this album was way stronger than I thought it would be. While some might be able to (successfully) match Allie’s influences sonically and visually, this album has more growth. I like her vocal performance on Madame X. 
Aubrie Sellers- Country Rock with an indie production.
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reflectedreflectionz · 17 hours ago
Enhypen: When you’re on your period
Pairing: 7Enhypen x Gender Neutral! Reader
Genre: Fluff, comfort?
Warnings: TW: Mentions of blood, periods,
Notes: It’s been a minute since I did a headcannon,, So I wanted to do one for Enhypen 👀 I know girls aren’t the only ones who have periods though, so I tried to be as gender neutral as I could? Sorry if anything seems wrong :’) @sahiflowers The other members will be under the cut!
- So worried at first??? He doesn’t know why you seem so,, moody hfjshfj
- As soon as you finally tell him it’s because of your period, or he finds out some other way, he tries to help you feel better by making you laugh
- He’s surprisingly? Not super embarrassed if you ask him to get you anything like pads, tampons, etc? Just wants to help you feel better
- 100% buys candy and chocolate or any of your favors snacks/food too
- Expect cuddles and movies, him being more sweet, lots of jokes to distract you more
- He’ll try to cook for you or order food whenever you want
- “Are you ok? Do you need another blanket? Should I get a heating pad?”
- You try to reassure him that you’re fine
- But he,, just keeps fretting over you-
- Overall just very sweet to you and tries to make you feel better
- This mans is ready to fight you- HFJSBF
- Until he realizes you’re on your period,, then he feels really bad
- Tries to be more nice and buy you whatever snacks or food that you want
- “Baby... I’m sorry for raising my voice...”
- Literally just s p o i l s you ESP if you need clothes to wear. His closet is now yours.
- Tries to act like it doesn’t make him embarrassed when you ask him to buy pads, tampons, etc.
- Is lowkey d y i n g on the inside LMAO comes back pouting and goes to cuddle you
- “I swear everyone was staring at me...”
- You just laugh and hold him tighter, resuming whatever you were watching as Jay gets whatever you need
- He’s just tries to do/get whatever you need, wanting to make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be
- Like??? He’s a little lost, but he tries to help you so badly 🥺
- “Do you want water? Need another blanket? More cuddles?”
- Immediately goes out to get whatever you need
- Isn’t too embarrassed if you ask him to get you pads, tampons, etc, at least after the first time he isn’t
- He might not notice you’re on your period in the beginning of your relationship either
- But later on, he recognizes the signs or remembers it’s around that time of the month brb while I sob
- He’s literally so nice and understanding of you, being very patient if you ever snap at him
- Gives you all the cuddles and sweet words you could ever ask for
- He’s just very nice and attentive of you, making sure you have what you need before you even ask
- He’s? He notices you’re more moody than usual the first time you get it in your relationship,, and makes a period joke
- Makes sure to be extra e x t r a nice to you and buys whatever you need or does whatever you ask
- Lowkey scared of you- HFJSBFJ he continues to joke and tease you though 😒 at least it makes you smile
- Tries to not be embarrassed when getting you pads, tampons, etc,, he lowkey feels like he’s cool? HAHA
- Like he’s such a good boyfriend and that he’s glad he can be helping you somehow
- He definitely tries to remember around when you start so he doesn’t make you mad again. Refuses to admit it though 🙄
- Will give you cuddles if you ask, LETS YOU BORROW HIS CLOTHES IF YOU NEED IT
- Is so so SO whipped for you, he’s trying to not let us show though
- Hoonie just tries to help you as much as he can, joking around and letting you get what you want if it helps you feel any better
- Will keep asking what you need as if his life depends on it
- “Do you want more chocolate? I can go get it quickly...”
- Tries to act cute? To make you feel better?? Or sings to you 🥺
- Is like,, so embarrassed if you ask him to buy pads, tampons, etc. but he’ll still do it because he wants to help you
- Immediately comes back to cuddle you and talk about how embarrassed he feels
- You just hug him tighter and ask if he wants to eat ice cream with you
- He continues to start talking about his day though, effectively distracting you with how compelling he is
- “I can’t believe how the cashier looked at me though... Never seen a guy buying period stuff before?!” Scoffs even though he was embarrassed just before-
- Just very sweet and nice to you, trying to help as best he can, even if he’s a little clumsy here and there
- He’d be so lost at first
- “What do I do? You’re not gonna like... d i e -?” “JUNGWON NO-”
- In all seriousness though, he’d be so good to you :(
- Is a little embarrassed if you need pads, tampons, etc. but he also feels kind of cool buying them??? LMAO
- Buys/STOCKS whatever you need so he’s prepared in advance, even asks you to leave some of your clothes just in case
- Definitely makes note of when your period is coming up so he can get snacks
- Is extra attentive of you, making sure you have everything you need and more
- Calms you down and comforts you if you bleed anywhere 😭
- “It’s fine, we can just wash it. Do you wanna take a warm bath?”
- He’s just so nice to you despite fumbling around every more and then, making sure you’re taken care of and not to stressed
- This poor boy jfjdbfj
- Is so lost and confused? How do I help?
- Eventually calms down enough to ask what you need, cuddling you or going out to get snacks
- His default to try and comfort you is by joking around HFJSBFJ
- If you need pads, tampons, etc. he’s more worried about you than anything else, so he’s not really embarrassed???
- “I need these, thanks. Oh also these chips, and these chocolates, maybe this juice too-” ends up buys a little too much...
- As soon as you’re comfortable, he’s quick to ask if you need anything else
- But you just ask for his presence while watching a movie or something
- Complies without any complaint and gives you praise, telling you you’re so cool and that he doesn’t know how you do this every month
- He’s pretty understanding of everything, wanting to just help you not be in pain or uncomfortable more than anything else
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macgyvermedical · a day ago
The Time My Mom Got in a High Speed Chase with a Transphobe in a 2011 Manual Subaru Forester on her Lunch Break
I think it is time for you to hear the tale of my mom’s crowning moment of awesome.
It’s been a couple years now, which I feel has put enough time between the thing and it coming out on the internet that she probably won’t be arrested for it.
First, I need you to picture my mom:
She is in her late 50s, a white suburban mother of 2 married to her husband of over 30 years. She is a social worker/ADRC specialist for the county. Short, kinda frumpy in the best way, totally unassuming, and the most liberal person in a mid-sized, half-rural, and very conservative county. She is also 100% down to fight whoever, whenever, as long as she can do it in a morally correct, legally defensible, or civilly disobedient way.
Which she can do, of course, because she is a white, straight, blond-haired, blue eyed, middle aged woman from the Ohio suburbs. And she knows it.
Anyway. She has spent the last 6.5 years as the leader of the only LGBTQ+ support group in the county. She’s used that position to spend nearly two years of that fighting the Catholic Diocese and Ohio Christian Alliance for a city ordinance for equal access to housing, employment, and public accommodations for transgender people. She’s won Ally awards from bigger cities for this. That’s a story in itself, but I’ll keep it to that for now because there’s a more exciting story here.
Naturally, these efforts have made her a lot of enemies, of which she is very proud.
On this particular day, my mom was at work when she noticed a woman gathering signatures out front. My mom, always a sucker for a good petition, went out to investigate. Clearly this woman did not know who my mom was, because she immediately launched into a spiel about how there was an ordinance in the city was going to allow men to enter women's restrooms and r*pe her children.
My mom listened as long as she could (I assume less than 3 minutes), and then got up in this woman’s face and said “and if even one kid dies because you think they shouldn’t be allow to access housing or employment, that they’re a second class citizen because of their gender identity because of your lies, that blood will be on your hands”.
The woman backed off, slightly.
But when my mom got in her car to drive home for her lunch break, guess who was sitting in the car next to hers? Why, Christian Alliance Lady with her clip board and everything, eating a sandwich. Well, my mom wasn’t going to stand for that. Instead of driving home, she decided a better use of her lunch break was to sit in her car and stare at this woman until she left.
After a few minutes of getting stared at by a possibly deranged ADRC Specialist with extensive civil disobedience training, this woman starts to get uncomfortable. She slowly backs out of her parking spot, parks in another spot, and continues eating. Well, my mom notices that there’s still a nice empty spot next to Christian Alliance Lady’s car’s new parking spot, and decides it’s only fair to continue the staring contest.
After an additional while of trying to ignore my mom’s extremely disapproving yet patient eyeballs, Christian Alliance Lady gets uncomfortable again. Her lunch break appears to be over anyway, so she gets out and goes back to the entrance of the county building, hoping maybe someone will notice her distress and tell my mom to bug off. My mom follows her, continuing to stare from about 10 feet away.
Everywhere Christian Alliance Lady goes, so does my mom. Staring. 
It’s her place of employment after all, on her lunch break. This lady, technically, is the one trespassing. My mom ends up following her up a hill behind the building, through the parking lot, and all the way back to her car. Eventually I guess she gets tired of being slowly followed by a 50-something persistence hunter, because she gets back in her car and pulls out of the parking lot.
Well my mom’s not just about to fall for that.
My mom drives over to the other entrance to the parking lot and waits for this woman to try to sneak back in. Which she of course tries to do. Seeing my mom too late to play it cool, she casually tries to drive past the entrance. My mom calls her bluff, pulls out, and begins to follow her. They drive slowly through a movie theater parking lot, and then a Target parking lot, and finally out to the main road. My mom keeps following. They drive through the town square, my mom keeping a plausibly deniable distance navigating one-way streets and parking lots she clearly knows a lot better than this woman does.
Finally, the woman apparently gives up, and heads for the highway.
My mom follows.
I should break here to point out that my mom both only drives manual vehicles that look like they absolutely and completely belong in suburbia, and also has never once broken 55mph on a highway.
Well, there’s a first time for everything, and my mom chases this lady, several cars back but still very obviously, at a still remarkably plausible 70+mph. When this lady changes lanes, so does my mom, for over 10 miles, until she hits the county line. At which time my mom decides her lunch break must almost be up, and returns to work.
Christian Alliance Lady is never seen again at the county building.
While she probably went somewhere else in the county to collect signatures, my mom is confident that she at least cost this lady a solid hour of petitioning, which may or may not have contributed to a slightly-too-low number of signatures to successfully revoke the ordinance in question.
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natural-and-just · a day ago
Fractal Writing
Some preliminary thoughts to flush out before I start talking properly:
I got a 95% on my calculus midterm today which was a nice surprise. The average was a 75%, maybe a bit lower.
I was really struggling to get some work done today, and the struggle intensified in the evening so I made myself a large, strong cup of breakfast tea to perk me up, and I must say it worked wonders. It felt so good not to have to work so hard to get myself to work hard.
I took a walk today which I really didn’t want to take, but I took it anyway.
I asked dad for help with a math problem which I really, really, should have known how to deal with. It was an elementary algebra problem.
There was a moment today I thought of having a boyfriend and just being in each other’s company while I did homework and just quietly loving and appreciating one another. V boring and lovely.
I had a good cry the other day with mom, venting all my frustration about dad, going so far as to say that there isn’t a single thing I like about him. It felt so good to be heard, trite as that sounds. “Perfect self expression” and all that good stuff.
I’m hot under all these covers.
Okay, I’m ready now:
I am so hoping this PsyCop series lives up to my tentatively high expectations. After the Big Bad Wolf series by Charlie Adhara, nothing can compare, but from what I gather from reviews/blurbs, I can’t help but be pleasantly reminded of BBW: The books are only from one POV, Victor/“Vic”; the reviews seem to think of his love interest, Marcus, as sweet and protective; I believe the other half of the genre, so to speak, is mystery/mildly thriller-like; Vic is an alleged lovable mess; the books purportedly get better and better with each installment, which is always gratifying especially with multi-book couples... I’m liking my chances so far.
I’ve been looting r/MM_RomanceBooks for treasure, but so far getting a whole lot of paste. There was one duet which sounded quite interesting, about a mob boss type who gets revenge on his wife’s killer—who is an assassin by trade—capturing and torturing him. They somehow bond over their shared psychopathy and become lovers, god knows how. I couldn’t get past the first few pages because the writing was a bit SJM-esq. but worse. I was led to believe there would be profound bonding, loyalty, and hot sex, but I’m familiar enough with that style of writing to know that it isn’t equipped to convey the level of emotional depth/intimacy I’m looking for. I skipped ahead to a chapter somewhere in the middle, and sure enough the interactions between them as lovers were nowhere near... vivid enough.
I’ve only read a couple pages of this PsyCop thing, and I’m pleased with the style of writing. That also reminded me of BBW—just the attention to detail, the feeling that the author knows exactly what they want the scene to look like. Often, I find that bad writers won’t bother to really ponder the little touches they could add to a character to make them really come alive on the page. It’s left to me, mostly, to construct a satisfying image in my mind of the goings on. Perhaps an author of this sort isn’t conscious of the fact that they’re leaving so much of the heavy lifting to me, but the nature of their writing style pretty much necessitates it. I call this style, “trailer voice,” because its result is reminiscent of the voiceovers for movie trailers. The monologue the producers play over the video isn’t penetrating in any way. It barely matters what words the voice actor says, they just have to be more or less on topic. The point is the tenor of his voice, that rumble you hear when he begins, “In a world...” The aim of this voiceover, and of the style of writing for which I’ve name it, is to get you in the mood, and neglects—perhaps unintentionally—the small prosaic frills with bring texture to a character or scene.
I’ve been trying to come up with some way to convey how exactly “trailer voice” differs in quality from proper writing without just italicizing a bunch of adjectives, and I think this analogy suits: Imagine a fractal structure which becomes more complex as time progresses. The kind of writing I’m complaining of is analogous to the beginning stages its evolution, where the design still looks like a children’s puzzle, with miles of its perimeter you could trace with your finger tip and not feel any texture—it is still in a virginal state. Now, imagine that fractal in its more evolved moments, with few discernibly smooth edges and little of its perimeter left unmolested. This is what good writing should evoke. There should be little space on the canvas of a character’s personality left untended to; my mental gaze shouldn’t have to travel so far up, down, left, right, to encounter another shade of this person I’m reading about. The closer my nose gets to the canvas, the more detail should fill my vision, not less. I suspect authors like these rely on “trailer voice” because if they actually just told you flat out what they had in their head as they visualize the scene or contemplate their characters, there wouldn’t be much to say.
For anyone reading unfamiliar with fractals, here is an example:
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ghcstbvr · a day ago
hi hello i dont think we have talked b4 but i would love 2 hear ur craig ND headcanonz :))
Tumblr media
hehe hello!! thank you for the asks!! here's my ND craig headcanons aka me projecting onto one of my kins :>
note? ig: im diagnosed with adhd buuuut i probably also have undiagnosed autism and idk how to separate those symptoms tbh so im not gonna be too specific about what's what ig. this truly will just be Pure Projection soooo
let's go!
-was absolutely that one kid growing up that got either "never applies himself" or "has good grades, but issues with socialization" on report cards
-bad at making and maintaining friendships :/
-school probably tested him and was like "yeah there is something here but we arent gonna diagnose bc that means we have to give him Actual Accommodations" and then stuck him in SPED classes which just got him bullied ajsksk
-has bad sensory issues with like. the feeling of skin and the sound of like silverware on plates, it literally makes him wanna peel his skin off. there's other ones obvs but those ones are the worst
-sensory overload makes him incredibly agitated or just downright pissed. gets very snippy but doesn't yell bc yelling feels Weird and he doesn't like it
-cant wear more than 2 layers, cant sleep with more than one thin blanket, it makes him feel like he's being suffocated and having his movement restricted
-always stimming but pretty good at making it unnoticeable, has a lot of normalized stims like playing with rubber bands, leg bouncing nail tapping, cracking knuckles, etc.
-but when he isnt trying to hide it? ohhh boy is he a loud motherfucker, very into stims that involve noise like rolling his r's, doin lil brr sounds, clickn buttons on like remotes and stuff, etc.
-not very good at masking tbh
-mmm echolalia galore
-flappy hands!! lots of flappy hands :]
-stims by hitting the balls of his hands/wrists together repeatedly, is probably one of his most used stims
-has like. harmful stims when he's upset or in pain? like hitting himself, scratching himself, etc.
-has lil dancey stims but only really does them in private or around close friends
-so flipping people off is already basically a stim in canon lbr but imagine he starts doing 👉👈 as a joke and then it just becomes a Default Stim. he jus be standing there and outta nowhere he's goin 👉👈 while having a completely normal conversation
-very bad at reading tone and social cues but he just wont admit it. refuses to ask questions either. leads to a lot of bad situations but he'd rather die than ask for clarification
-if you don't tell him exactly what to do he will just kinda. be confused. like you need to give him a step by step tutorial otherwise he will not do something very obvious on his own just incase he's wrong
-low empathy my beloathed /hj
-uhhh pls dont put him in a situation to comfort someone he will say and do all the wrong things even if he's trying his best
-red racer hyperfixation <3 guinea pig hyperfixation <3
-the most dry texter known to man bc he refuses to have important conversations over text due to Lack Of Tone Indication (his friends would be an exception bc tone indicators pog but still greatly prefers irl)
-its the having multiple swears as stimmy words for me /hj
-walks while leaning on the outside of his feet more than having them like. level? if that makes sense. similar to toe walking but like on the sides of the feet
-dont ask him to read a book he'll either hyperfixate or end up rereading the same page over and over again bc he retained nothing
-very blunt but he's not trying to be mean he just has literally no idea how to Not talk like that
-does a lil high picthed mm sound when happy flapping and usually rocks back and forth with it :]
-will be in the middle of the test and you'll just hear him softly muttering "bonk. bonk. bonk. bonk. bon-"
-that ^ or bababooey
-basically any tiktok sound he hates turns into a stim at some point
-has a playlist just titled "neurodivergent moment" bc he's that kind of person. the first song on it is the home of 47, followed by stupid mf (idk if the person who made the home of 47 ((trolleycat)) can reclaim the r slur but it's used a good amount in the song, stupid mf is just blatantly ableist tho lol)
-*info dumps by tearing apart his favorite media and then gets offended when a NT does the exact same thing*
-calls things ableist when they dont go his way
-has a lot of oral stims like give him anything he can chew on and he will fucking destroy it unless it's made to be chewed
-*sees strings on hat* *sticks end in mouf* *complains when its soaking wet 2 minutes later*
-hyperfixates on a lot of problematic media so he has become the most critical ass mfer when it comes to the shit he consumes
-sometimes he just. screams. bc he can. and he feels the need to.
-has rsd but shhh he'll never discuss it
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entriesfromangels · a day ago
Journal entry (#25) ~
Today was just a rest day in Vegas. My dad and i had a fun time gambling and eating some good food. Vegas is one of my favorite cities so really awesome to spend time here. We are driving to Arizona tomorrow and should be in Texas by Thursday in the late afternoon.
1. How were your emotions today?
they were a whole lot better than yesterday. I did a small workout this morning so my energy was boosted and so was my self esteem. I overall felt really good. My dad and i gambled and spent time together. I won like $55! I’m going to save it so my nerdy ass can buy Pokemon Snap for my switch xD (really excited for that game, lol)
I also reconnected with an old internet friend who is living in Texas too. I wanna plan to meet up with her so we can finally meet face to face after so many years. I made a friendship post on my main blog and ugh just seeing everyone in the photos makes me so happy 🥰 it doesn’t matter what difficult things i may go through, i will always have my friends there to support me :)
2. Did you have any lingering thoughts?
I mean, here and there i thought about R but nothing that would make me super upset. Him and i talked a little today, not too much. He was busy doing his thing as always. I guess when i see couples walking around all happy... makes me a tad jealous and a little sad. I start thinking about R and how that could be us or how that WAS us at a certain point.
I, again, don’t know what the future has in store. It is still uncertain. I can’t be super optimistic nor completely pessimistic. Its more like, what ever happens happens (thats starting to be a repeated thing). We can’t force ourselves to try to work on our relationship when he is struggling and i’m still figuring out myself too. I mean together, we made a good couple. We understood each other. Cared deeply for one another and both felt that instant connection when we first met. Its still super hard for me to accept that this is where we are right now. That we have to be apart. I think we are both feeling pain from the breakup... we just try to not talk about it too much.
I don’t know. Just trying to keep my head up while continuing to be a good friend to him.
3. Was there anything, big or small, that upset you today?
Not really. I was pretty mellow today.
Only thing was my stomach was hurting and smelled TOO much weed today... i know its 4/20 but damn lol
4. What activities did you do to destress?
Walked around Fremont Street and gambled a little. I still want my moijito so i’m sad i didn’t get one 😢
But doing these activities really helped me not think too much so i’m happy about that.
5. What still worries you?
Nothing that i have already talked about. Its still the same thing but i’m trying not to put all my energy into thinking too much into it. Doing that just makes my overall mental and physical health plummet and i don’t want to do that.
6. Did you work on your mental health books/worksheets?
I did! I did them before i started writing this 🙂
Overall, good vibes today. I’m ready to hit the road with my dad for another 8 hours. We are almost there and i’m ready to get back home. I know i gotta start de cluttering and throwing/giving away stuff. I want a whole new set of stuff for myself and my apartment. I also am going to look into two jobs back home and if i don’t get anything back from them, i’m going to focus my time on Instacart. Things are looking up and i know whatever happens with R, as long as i have ME, things will be okay 👍🏼
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moonctzeny · a day ago
I just saw your last ask and i know we’ve only interacted a couple of times and i haven’t had the chance to read your fics but I do want to say coming from another writer, it’s hard to write when you don’t get enough engagement with readers :/
But my main belief when I write is that ultimately, who you should be writing for is yourself. By that I mean that I’m well aware other ppl write better whether it’s clearer/more elegant/more descriptive and what readers want is valuable, but the ideas I have that I love are something that I can do and don’t want to be pressured into doing something else. (i’m not making sense lol) but basically try to just write without a care :) You’re probably talented in different areas and your ideas are also probably what others wouldn’t be able to think of so u r a good writer!! :)
It’s hard when you get into a slump of comparing yourself and truly wondering why you should write. But I really want to stress that there is at least a couple people if not one, who enjoy your writing and look forward to it :) There will always be someone who loves your writing and you should keep that in your heart for whenever you feel like this 💗
As for the spending countless time on fics only to barely be noticed, that is hard to get over especially when it comes to fics you may personally like more than others :/ but really do keep on if you want to, I say this because I feel this way many times when I write, like why am i doing this? You really have to take a step back and consider that this writing is for fun and you can do things on your own time. Heck, I still haven’t finished a series from 2 yrs ago😭 I can’t stress this enough but please don’t push yourself, I and many others just want you to have fun :) 💗
First of all thank you so so so much for taking the time to send me such a long message when, like you said, we haven’t really interracted a lot 💗 it always comforts me to see other writers go through the same stuff as me and you really described my feelings perfectly
I appreciate your take on: ‘you’re talented in your own special ways as a writer’, I will try to keep that in mind next time I compare myself to others :/ And I will take your advice on writing things at my own pace, it seems like I always have to be on a schedule as a writer when that’s not the case. I really needed to hear that I think! 
As for writing for myself, I will adress that in a similar ask I just got, I don’t want to waste your time :) but again, thank you so much for writing this for me, you’re an angel, truly!!  
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anna-hawk · a day ago
Shane drabble
For the talented @roguesandsaviors. I took some inspiration from her own Shane drabble.
Tumblr media
You turn around in bed and groan in pain when sunlight hits your still closed eyes. You put a hand over them for protection and massage your temple with the other hand. It takes you another minute to open your eyes and look around yourself.
Oh yeah, hotel room. You'd completely forgotten where you are.
As you turn on your back, you notice Shane lying next to you under the sheets. Now this doesn't surprise you. You and Shane have been close friends since you'd started working as a Deputy and he'd ended up in your bed on several occasions. To sleep. There had never been anything sexual between you. Not for lack of wanting. On both parts. But your friendship means too much to you two that you'd decided not to ruin it with a relationship. You love Shane dearly, but sometimes you also want to strangle him. You're worried that a relationship could never last with how stubborn you both can be.
While you watch him sleep, still rubbing at your temples to alleviate your headache, you try to remember what happened yesterday.
You'd flown out to Las Vegas with two other colleagues from the precinct who wanted to try their luck at gambling, and ended up at a restaurant with Shane while the two others played their money away.
The evening had been great. You'd won a few hundred bucks at blackjack and invited Shane for dinner at one of the fancier places. The food had been exceptional and the wine exquisite.
And there had been flirting. A lot of it.
You and Shane are used to bantering a lot, but you keep the flirting to a minimum. Last night though, it had been so easy. You know each other so well and just know what gets to the other.
You smile when you think of how Shane had pulled out the stool when you'd gone to a bar after the restaurant. You'd laughed at his saucy wink.
Your mind keeps going over the night until you-
Your eyes snap to Shane's bare arms and chest. You lift the sheet and, yep, Shane is completely naked. You sigh and squeeze your eyes shut for a second. That's what happens when you flirt with Shane, you think, as more flashes of the previous evening come to you. You'd gotten closer and closer as the night progressed and you kept drinking. At some point, you'd leaned in and kissed Shane. His reaction had been immediate as he'd kissed you back fervently.
You open your eyes and look at Shane again. Sleeping with him had been so natural. You don't know if the alcohol helped, but you hadn't felt nervous at all about letting go with Shane.
Shane finally stirs. You stifle a laugh when he groans the same way that you had. Yeah, you can't bring yourself to regret sleeping with him.
"Good morning, Sleepyhead," you chuckle, as you turn your body towards him.
"Ain't nothin' good about that mornin' with my head feelin' like it's gonna split in half," he grumbles, shielding his eyes from the sun.
That's when you see it: a thin golden ring on Shane's left ringfinger. Your eyes widen at the sight. It hadn't been there last night. What-
You glance down at your own left hand, nausea gripping you. You hadn't gone back out afterwards, had you? But sure enough, the twin to Shane's ring is sitting on your finger.
"Oh my God!" You breathe out. "Oh my God!" You say louder, as even more flashes crash through your mind: you and Shane heading back out. Getting a few more drinks. Walking by a jewelry shop and seing those beautiful rings. Laughing about how one in particular would suit Shane. Shane saying how he'd only get the ring if you got one too. The salesman asking if you were getting married. You and Shane looking at each other, starting to laugh again and saying : "Why not?"
"What? Darling? Hey, what's wrong?" Shane's hangover seems to flee his body at your anguish. He grabs you by your shoulders,"Hey, breathe with me. You're hyperventilating."
"We got married, Shane!" You shriek into his face, eyes wide in shock and holding his hand with the ring on up.
Shane stills when your words finally hit him. His eyes go over the hand that is holding his, looking at the rings. You'd expected a reaction, but not the one you're getting right now.
“I thought it was a one-night-stand…and now we’re married…” he says calmly, turning the hold around so that he's the one holding your hand now.
"That's all you have to say to this?" You gape at him, shocked by his relaxed posture against the pillows.
He doesn't look at you for a while and keeps his eyes on your hands, sliding his thumb over the rings.
"Couldn't have found anyone better to be married to," he finally admits, eyes drifting up to yours.
You stare at him for the longest time. His confession having the curious effect of calming you down. You search his face for a lie. For a joke. You only find honesty.
"Don't make me regret this," you whisper after a long moment, tiny smile on your lips.
"No promises."
His playful grin makes you laugh. Neither of you can promise that. But he's right, you couldn’t have found anyone better either.
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kikifeliz · a day ago
THE WEEK AHEAD: April 19 - April 25, 2021
By Kiki Feliz
♈️♌️♐️ Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Harmony is the message this week. You can’t spend too much time in your emotions bc NEWSFLASH! You have other shit to attend to, y’all. I def see some of you focusing waaaay too hard on a connection when you need to be focusing on your team/your job. You will attract the love/connection that is meant for you, but I see you feel overburdened by work and/or love at this time.
New opportunity is coming this week, and you will get to showcase your magic, artistry, and handiwork as a part of it! Your ability to synthesize things will be very valuable here. I also see accounting skills coming up as well, so be sure that you are able to talk financials and/or resource management. Even if you’re still learning that part, as long as you can practice the basics, you’ll be good.
Definitely defend your territory — your physical home, your trademarks, & image are also part of the picture. But most importantly, defend your spirit. Do some protection work as necessary. Some of you may be vulnerable to psychic attacks so be careful and protect your energy this week. 9 candles, 9 sticks of incense, 9 sticks by the door, etc — use these to protect yourself this week. For the candles/incense you can spread them out. Sticks by the door could mean a fence, a door stopper, one of those master lock security bars, etc. you can also gather 9 sticks of any size and arrange them on the ground by a window and that will help (make noise if anyone breaks them, leaves evidence of peepers, etc).
I do see that circumstances of the world are moving slowly, but many of you are overcoming heartbreak at this time. It might be a heartbreak related to a father, grandfather, or a person who had a lot of money but a wandering eye or an anger problem. You may have a lot of trust issues as a result of this heartbreak (especially if it is family related), but I do see the wheel turning and you being more discerning about who you share your home/energy/resources with, which is good! Celebrate this.
Celebrations or social gatherings may have to be put on pause this week. Or you may gather just to hang out, drink, and party on a lowkey tip. Small groups are key here. I’m hearing bungee jumping for some reason, and possibly sky diving or rock climbing. Something to do with cords and ropes may figure prominently into sexual or social time as well (esp. if you’re into BDSM).
I see an offer of help or “love” coming your way this week, but it may be from someone you don’t want, or someone who is trying to tempt or trap you. Definitely getting lots of “tied up” vibes here, so if you’re going to engage in rope or knife play with a partner, so if you plan on doing this, please make sure you know how to do it safely. This spread has a LOT of danger in it and even death and r*pe (which could present as a fantasy, some people are into that so it doesn’t necessarily mean that r*pe will happen), so I heavily urge you to please stay safe and only do things that you know are safe, with partners that you know are safe!
For my singles & poly’s, I see about 5 different people involved here, some of whom may be competing for your affection. Take some time to reflect, a choice doesn’t have to be made now and the right choice will become clear based on simple deduction. You’re the judge, jury, and executioner here. I also see some of you choosing to chuck all the options in the trash and remain single, which is fine. Do whatever your intuition says is best for you. Some of these people DEFINITELY do NOT have good intentions for you, so please, please, please, PLEASE exercise your best judgement here.
I see some of you may be arguing with yourselves a lot, or with your mother (or both), especially around commitments, ideals about marriage or religion. You may be unsure of what you want in this arena, or of what you believe and that is causing internal friction or friction in a close female relationship. This does need to be worked out this week, and a change of heart is absolutely okay!
I also see an opportunity for a commitment to be rebirthed here, something from the past that was never finished could be making it’s way back around. If it’s an old connection, dead that shit. If it’s more of an idea or something fb school related, take the opportunity to finish it out so you can graduate or get your certificate and move forward. Definitely getting “end of a cycle” vibes here, so congrats on finishing the cycle strong, for those of you who make the commitment to moving forward!
Again, we’re looking for balance this week, so be sure to manage your time and other resources well. You have a long journey ahead of you, so you’ll need the proper emotional, physical balance and stamina necessary to make the trip. You may be mixing elements from your old life with elements from the new life you’re trying to cultivate, and if so just remember that what’s precious needs to be protected. What may feel like a burden initially will become your defense/strength if you are able to manage your resources wisely. It takes daily practice, so don’t be scared of making mistakes as long as you’re willing to do the work to fix them!
I do see some of you trying to cover up past heartbreak/pain with money or material goods. Don’t rush into anything, no matter how flamboyant or vibrant it looks. Think your decisions through, especially when it comes to your finances— go for things that are quality and will last a long time. Make good choices regarding long-term stability and investments. Understand that time is your friend here, and also that sharing is caring!! 💕
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andrefpby668 · a day ago
20 Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing About footpad
The Only Guide to Footpad
Tumblr media
I don't directly strongly believe longboarding gloves are actually needed on a Onewheel, yet a few other options in the market may be actually of rate of interest to a few of the amateur bikers. Three-way Eights Hired Hands wrist protections are actually perhaps the most ideal option, as they do not cover your hands and also focus solely on wrist influence.
These could be a terrific device for brand new cyclists merely starting the knowing curve, providing confidence if they tumble at low speeds or bond suddenly. The hand protectors retail for around $twenty USD, that makes it a quite affordable addition to your safety equipment. If you have an interest in even more protective full-finger handwear covers or gliding handwear covers, you can look into our previous post on "Greatest Gloves and also Hand Personnels For Electric Skate Boarding". onewheel fangs.
Currently yes, there is no doubt the Plates include yet another coating of protection to the base of your board, however I would argue most amateurs as well as even intermediate riders don't necessarily need all of them. I definitely would not make this argument if the Plates were actually around $25 USD, but they ordinarily opt for $59 USD, which for budget mindful customers is actually incredibly costly compared to the costs of other accessories on this list - onewheel fangs.
I'm certainly not trying to suggest you not to buy this incorporated security, but if you consider performing less trails/tricks than I carry out, and also you are actually simply trying to cruise the roads, at that point I definitely would not consider this a must-have extra, even more of a 'good to have' - onewheel fangs. For somebody that primarily would like to do trick lines and hop the Onewheel off of five foot declines, this is actually a no brainer.
The Only Guide for Tape And Float
The Float Plates have actually been the hardest add-on for me to rationalize as a purchase, as you currently paid for the Onewheel to become built to take on any kind of landscapes you toss at it, thus you wouldn't anticipate you would certainly need to insulate it along with plastic plates and also other covers. Once again it's your very own opinion of your using features that will certainly make up this decision, I'm only listed here to inform you that your board is going to be actually only alright if you do not have them.
Tumblr media
Many of you know the + and +XR both feature underside nose holds for lugging, that makes this even more of an additional device that you might incorporate later if the nostrils manage isn't for you. The most evident choice would be to purchase a Magazine Deal with from Future Motion, which would operate you concerning $70 USD in complete and also is more stylistic than sensible.
Tumblr media
A more functional option will be Designed & Rides SilverHandle that attaches to the edge rail of your board and also uses an elastic backpack-like handle along with a rubber grasp. This deal with happens at around $40 USD and will certainly last you a lot a lot longer than Future Activity's Mag Manage as it was especially designed for the +XR.
You may discover several tutorials on r/Onewheel or on Facebook Teams that look at an action through step convocation of this affordable deal with. Like I said before, for +XR proprietors, you currently have a quite possibly operating take care of on the bottom of the nose, so don't create this a priority in regards to add-ons till you make certain that you require this additional strategy of lugging.
The 6-Second Trick For Onewheel Fangs
Do not squander your cash on costly positions from Future Motion or even Accessory companies. There are lots of individuals along with tutorials on just how to develop your personal for a bit of the cost, with other substitutes like guitar stands. One more fantastic substitute to a stand is to simply acquire a basic rubber flooring mat, which offers an area for your Onewheel while additionally always keeping the fragments coming from your final ride off the flooring! The Onewheel Automobile Owner is actually an excellent extra for customers who regularly take a trip along with their board.
This is valuable as the Onewheel is actually very heavy as well as can wreck other things in the trunk or even damage the cars and truck on its own. If you have not found several of the horror tales of windows damaging and also other factors being actually destroyed you can easily look it up for your own self in the subreddits. In conditions of where to purchase this item, I would suggest purchasing from Amazon for $18.
There additionally is a disagreement to be actually made that if your torsos small sufficient or if you have enough other traits in it, that the Onewheel won't move sufficient throughout driving to validate acquiring the extra. I will advise making an effort to drive in your neighborhood with the Onewheel in your cars and truck merely to assess out exactly how considerably the panel is going to relocate in your specific automobile just before you head out and also get this.
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steamishot · 2 days ago
my friend b recently started working in the nursing field and it seems like she’s a different person overall from last year/two years ago. she has a lot more capacity to give now. she sent me a book that she recently read and is now one of her favorites - it’s a NY bestseller, the power of habit by charles duhigg. what the book emphasizes that change is very possible for humans, and it starts with changing our habits. the past couple times i’ve attempted to read, i was always distracted by something else and failed to read things cover to cover. it helps when friends gift you books, it gives me a sense of obligation to read it haha.
anyway, after reading a bit of this book, i realize that i have some unhealthy habits that i need to replace. for example, i spend too much time on reddit/online in general. it’s so easy to go down a rabbit hole. just like social media, there are certain subreddits that do me more harm than good by obsessively reading about it. recently, following r/asianamerican and learning about all the hate crimes has made me super paranoid about living in nyc. i decided to unfollow it  and just be vigilant in public. i only go out in the day time, i finally have pepper spray, and it’s semi returning to normalcy with crowds of people on the subway now that the weather is nice and people are getting vaccinated. r/medspouse was my savior at one point, when i was seeking a support group to others with a partner in medicine. however, i’ve gotten into the habit of checking it every time i was on reddit (and whenever i was bored). now it’s just the same old thing and not productive at all to my life or relationship. i would also compare people’s anecdotes to my own, sometimes they would result in anxiety or jealousy. i’ve unfollowed it too. anyway, i would argue that too much of any one subreddit is toxic, so i will work on limiting my time on reddit in general.
i want to replace online browsing with reading actual books or summaries of books (blinkist). it’ll be my new thing to work on. 
night shift is hard. finally, tonight will be the last night shift matt will be on before he returns in a month. these few months are definitely hell for him. i did warn myself that his spring schedule was gonna be brutal. in my last blog, i noted that i felt taken for granted. at the same time, i also feel like i take his hard work for granted. it really must be annoying from his POV that he’s working so hard in his career to secure a future and financial security for us for me to just complain about it. sigh lol. i realize that there are multiple components to our night shift stress. living in a studio together while WFH, i can’t do things i normally do bc he’s such a light sleeper i.e. make coffee, cook breakfast/lunch, wash dishes/do chores, have meetings comfortably, listen to podcasts/music aloud, watch tv aloud. i guess we are making it work. we don’t really get to talk because of the mismatch in energy/time: his evening is when he’s barely waking up and i’m awake; my morning is the time he’s awake and i’m half asleep.
my new friends/acquaintances here are mostly all transplants. it’s a difference between my friends back at home, the majority who are living with parents or at least in the same city as their parents. matt’s friends are all the same as well - most still live with parents. i feel much safer now taking the subway, because people are getting vaccinated and returning to their normal lifestyle i.e. i see a lot more well-off looking people on there. i’m also continuing to learn the appeal of this city and liking it more and more! 
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Tw ra*pe. Tw dr*wning. Tw kn*fe/ cut*ing someone. (I can’t remember what I’m allowed to say on tumblr so I’m gonna censor a lot srry). Maybe more tw’s I’m not sure just be careful reading this I just wanted to share this story and talk about something important. I decided to tell this story and talk about this point after I saw your stuff about gator and how people were talking about adults just assuming minors don’t know about p*rn and why it’s not a good idea and can be damaging espically if you are or plan on ever being a parent.
I hate how people treat minors like they’re blind to the world of p*rn. It’s so stupid, especially this generation social media has gotten so much better as well as access to info. It’s practically impossible to not hear about it. Even if you don’t have a device there’s ways to find about like public school. I personally have great parents who always normalized s*x . To me it was a normal thing that would happen when you get older and I am SO thankful to my parents for that because if made the story I’m about to tell so much easier.
When I was eight I was exposed to a darker side of porn by a family friends kid (she was 14 at the time I think maybe younger). It had consensual r*pe which is people basically role playing getting r*ped it also included Cut*ing, ki*napping, dr*owning, and other forms of to*ture. (I think it was roleplaying due to the fact the women were wearing heels and shit in a forest) To this day even though I have a sh*t memory I can remember almost every detail to this day from the outfits in the vid to the setup of the room we were watching it in. I’m still not fully sure how I did this but I somehow forced myself to forget it when I was younger (till I was about 13 I think). Which is quite dangerous because it could have caused me to develop split personality’s (where one is stuck is a 8 year olds mind and another acts as a defense and protects the other from trauma) . Now onto the point of this story as a kid my parents had normalized s*x as a thing that happens when your an adult. By doing that not only did it take away some of the shame of the hole experience but it also made me able to come to them and talk about it. (Which seriously helped haveing my parents there to support and help me through the trauma). Now I’m not saying as a parent you need to talk about s*x all the time all I’m saying is that you should normalize the idea of it and possibly of it happening. Most importantly DONT shame them on it. I completely get if they’re doing something like talking to an adult about it and you are worried about them. In that case do what you can to stop communication and talk to them about how it is wrong. Make sure they know it’s not ok but don’t shame or make them feel as though it was they’re fault.
Sorry if I rambled I just wanted to talk about how we need to normalize this stuff because if you don’t it can cause worse reactions to other bad stuff including fear of venting. Also do you think I could be 🕊 if not 🎨 ,🌻, or 🌼anon? I’ve been a lurker for a while and I would love to interact more!
I'm not very good at comforting, but I'm extremely sorry that that happened to you. No child should get exposed to something as traumatising as that could have been at a very young age. I do agree that parents should normalise subjects like sex etc. maybe not make it the only thing you talk about, but make it something natural that may happen when you get older, shaming the child isn't a way to go here. Yes you can be 🕊 anon! Welcome aboard :))
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red, white & royal blue - a review
Tumblr media
read under the cut!
If Simon has taught me anything, it’s that queer people emailing in secret never ends well. But this book did.
But he thinks about Henry, and, oh. He thinks about Henry, and something twists in his chest, like a stretch he’s been avoiding for too long.
ALEXANDER GABRIEL CLAREMONT-DIAZ. HENRY FOURTY-FIVE AND A HALF LAST NAMES WALES BUT NOT OF WALES, YES THAT’S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER. GOD. Them!! All I want. All I want this entire book is for them to be happy and safe and runaway and live on a little farm.
In Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, Alex, First Son of the USA, and Henry, Prince of England, are the golden boys of their respective countries and petty rivals. After a royal wedding disaster involving the two and a $75,000 wedding cake, Alex is sent to a weekend in the UK with Henry to make up and seem friends to the press as to not reflect badly. International relations are formed. And then strengthened some more, so to speak.
This book included prose, epistolary in the form of emails, along with lots of gay quotations. It was like a mini walk through England, the US (of which don’t really interest me, but this book pulled it off with proper critique nonetheless) and queer history (huh?).
It was full of queer devastation and angst…
Dear Thisbe, I wish there weren’t a wall. Love, Pyramus
He fumbles his phone out so fast he almost drops it on the floor and smashes it again. The search tells him Pyramus and Thisbe were lovers in a Greek myth, children of rival families, forbidden to be together. Their only way to speak to each other was through a thin crack in the wall built between them. And that is, officially, too fucking much. + “Alex, Thisbe and Pyramus both die at the end.”
… not fucking cool!!! But there was also a plethora much of queer joy!
“It would be a lie, because it wouldn’t be him.”
give yourself away sometimes, sweetheart. there’s so much of you. (!!!!)
I love him, with all that, because of all that. On purpose. I love him on purpose.
Really just the perfect balance throughout. Even though there were parts that involved outing (tw) it didn’t fill me with enough dread that it was unenjoyable and I stopped reading. But between that, mild-moderate homophobia, and plenty a sex-scene, this is a book I’d consider R-rated.
He’s not sure if he should take anything else off. He’s unsure of the dress code for inviting your sworn-enemy-turned-fake-best-friend to your room to have sex with you, especially when that room is in the White House, and especially when that person is a guy, and especially when that guy is a prince of England.
I liked the perspective it provided to these public figures. If you keep up with my reviews, you know I love it when a protagonist is not ashamed a) to admit they’re hot b) to admit they know it. Alex’s character arc was well done and I was quite happy with him as a protagonist reading throughout and until the end of the book.
He’s in so far over his head, but that’s good—that’s pretty much his comfort zone.
I am the First Son of the United States, and I’m bisexual. History will remember us.
Henry’s wasn’t the typical you-seem-shallow-at-first-but-now-I-see-you’re-so-deep development. I enjoyed his character so much, literally my sweetheart, even from that shallow-seeming start. His arc of falling in love to learning what to accept/what not to accept was amazing.
“If Alex from this time last year could see this,” Alex says, leaning into Henry’s ear.
“He’d say, ‘Oh, I’m in love with Henry? That must be why I’m such a berk to him all the time,’” Henry suggests.
I really enjoyed how both of their narratives included a larger overarching sense of history (BET WE COULD MAKE SOME) that deepened the plot and gave their relationship more meaning, a great choice on the authors part, artistically. The supporting characters were all fabulous, too, not a single one I didn’t feel was a buzzkill or unnecessary to the book. Nora, especially, my wonderful sapphic Jewess.
“Prince Henry is a biscuit,” Nora says, “let him sop you up.”
This book was hilarious and bizarre yet was solid, polished without being overly prim. Really expertly done and it was only the authors debut! This blows my fucking mind. I can affirmatively say Casey McQuiston is GOING places with their words. The swagger and inability to put down that this book has is the kind of book I aspire to write as an author and makes the book an utter joy to be able to read. Can’t wait to give this book a reread soon.
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Thank you @thedukeleto for the tag! 💕
Favourite Pedro character: Din and Ezra, but I love them all
Favourite movie/show: I wanna say mando, but bloodsucking bastards is so bad it’s good and there’s some really good underlying metaphors in there that I could rave about like
Tumblr media
and if I had any knowledge of film crit then I would make a post about it, but as it stands I’d just look insane so I won’t :)
What got you into Pedro and his characters: lots of gifs of Grogu on my dash, and I figured I’d watch Mando cause the little green bean was cute, and then I watched Narcos and here we are!
Favourite thing about Pedro or his characters: I watch a lot of stuff because an actor I like is in them, and he’s one of the only actors I’ve done that with where I can forget about the actor, if that makes sense? Like,, I watched Knives Out, for instance, and I was still aware that that’s Chris Evans! But Pedro just... becomes the characters so easily that I can forget “that’s just some guy playing a character”. They all feel unique and real, yknow? Also he just seems so nice and genuine. A good guy.
Do you write for Pedro characters? If so, what is your favourite fic you have written so far?: I do! My favourite is probably my Frankie fic, but I love writing my Din/Ezra series too!
And what fanfics have you not been able to stop thinking about by another author: curriculum vitae by @tiffdawg is a masterpiece (and of course I have to shout out Iceland by @yours-truly-r because I might know how the plot will progress but I’m so hyped to see it) 💕
And finally, this one is a bit odd, but what do you hope Pedro does in the future (like a role he takes or a project he works on or something that happens to one of his characters)?: gimme an Indiana Jones reboot, or a regency period drama, or more sci-fi, or let him be in a live action Tangled,,, I don’t care what he does because I know it’ll be great. Something where he won’t hurt his back!
Tagging anyone who wants to! 💕💕
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