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artsymeeshee · 3 months ago
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taking comfort in one’s presence 
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that-was-anticlimactic · 5 months ago
i just saw a dog and it reminded me of my headcanon that suki is afraid of dogs
anyways. suki is afraid of dogs.
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butterflyrps · 2 months ago
I Drink Wine done got me messed up rn 😭
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thedevilsofcarthya · a year ago
Random moments with Jaron being upset at what happened with Roden
“Who did this?”
“It seems I have even fewer friends than I thought.”
“Roden just gave me that.”
“He was here?” Mott furrowed his thick eyebrows together. “Are you all right?”
“I already told you, the cut isn’t so bad.”
He shook his head. “That’s not what I asked. Jaron, are you all right?”
Such an easy question for an answer that turned my stomach to knots and choked off my air.
“Was it a surprise to see Roden last night?”
“The kind of surprise that makes your heart stop for a beat,” I said.
He wanted you to know about him. Don’t you see how personal his attack on you was?”
I understood that very well. Enough to have carried that knowledge like a lead weight in my chest ever since I had last seen him.
I wished I could talk with him in private. There was so much anger in Roden’s eyes, but was that because of me or Devlin?
It was nothing new to have someone look at me with expressions of anger or dislike. But I didn’t like it coming from Roden.
Perhaps it was my own arrogance at work, but I found it hard to believe that Roden could hate me so much.
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iriswestallenn · 2 years ago
What it boils down to for me is, what was the point? Why bother fulfilling half of Cersei's prophecy but not the very last part? They gave weight to the prophecy by killing her children in the first place so why not continue? EVEN IF IT'S PREDICTABLE. Why bring back Jon at all? Why bring his parentage into it at all? It didn't matter. Varys letters? They didn't matter. 
Once again, this doesn't mean I wanted Jon on the throne. All of these things could have been addressed and still ended the same but at least they would have been dealt with. Gendry was the next rightful heir, he would have said no but they didn't even bother mentioning it. UGH. It all just feels pointless?? Even if you loved the finale...didn't it all just feel pointless in the end?
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patrick-stewart · 8 days ago
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the witcher jaskier + text posts (3/?)
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fairycosmos · 11 months ago
depression hours!
Tumblr media
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mummer · 8 months ago
like guys did you know that the point of a huge amount of media is not to comfort you and make you feel the precise emotions you deem Good and Right it’s trying to introduce you to new mindsets and attitudes and philosophical/thematic ideas and some of those ideas will make you feel absolutely miserable and that isnt a bad evil thing, and you dont have to like stories that challenge you ideologically or make you uncomfortable but that doesnt make them bad stories that arent worth telling, or stories that should be criticized/discouraged on the face of not being cathartic enough or whatever. omg it’s all too much
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still-snowing · 10 months ago
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a sequel of sorts.
turns out, lan wangji does think about it.
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blueskittlesart · 2 months ago
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more loz concepts :>
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allylip · 4 months ago
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happy anniversary to a game that changed my life ❤️
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ink-livi · 10 days ago
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This fic grabbed me by the neck and dug it’s fucking claws in. Thanks for that @theminecraftbee
Enjoy this sketch page <3
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that-was-anticlimactic · 4 months ago
Do you have any other Tourette’s headcanons?
yes hello :) i have many ts headcanons ! idk if you mean for a specific character or just in general but... i have a lot (and one reason why i waited until now to answer this is so that i could have a fic posted oops)
sokka with ts
bumi ii with ts
reki with ts / @zukkaoru just posted a reki with ts oneshot they wrote called let the sun come streaming in ! highly recommend!
rose lavillant / alya césaire with ts
jay ninjago with ts
i also headcanon pinkie pie from mlp with ts (have yet to write out a whole post but like... her pinkie sense... that has to be ts...) and i am between a couple of sds characters for who has ts there but... yeah <3
oh and luz noceda has ts because yes
but yeah :) i love giving characters ts, it's my favorite pastime <3
anyways, i'm always so down to talk about ts headcanons for any characters or here to answer any ts related questions, as the local sokka stan who has ts and oftentimes forgets that it isn't canon that he has ts ijhgvhujihbgvbhji
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likeabxrdinflight · 6 months ago
I also want to talk about llith’s role in this episode because I feel like the fandom kinda has this twisted right now. it’s not that she was the “least favorite” child so much as she was the healthy child. the abled child. 
I saw absolutely no signs in this episode that gwendolyn actively favored eda or disliked lilith in any way. instead it came across that gwendolyn felt eda just needed her more. this happens sometimes in families with a disabled or sick child- especially if that illness is something serious and/or life-threatening- the parents become consumed with the care of the sick child and end up neglecting the healthy ones. it’s not okay, but you can see why it happens. 
it isn’t intentional, it isn’t the same thing as favoritism. it’s just that the parent perceives the healthy child as being able to handle things, and the sick child needs more of their attention. gwendolyn became consumed with her quest to cure eda, she devoted all her time and effort into finding treatments and cures that she went so far down this pyramid scheme rabbit hole out of sheer desperation to do something to make it better. and lilith...lilith didn’t need any of that. lilith seemed to be doing well. she was in the emperor’s coven, she was successful and smart and capable. so her needs fell by the wayside, and she felt neglected and forgotten by her mother. 
and that’s so common in these situations, so it is critical that families with sick or disabled children not fall into this trap of overprotecting one child because they assume they’re incapable and neglecting the other because they assume they’re fine. but again, it’s not like it’s this malicious thing and it’s certainly not the same thing as favoritism. 
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broodygay · 3 years ago
Iris and Rose
iris- favorite 90s song?mambo no. 5 is the first one that popped into my head so i’m sticking with that lmao
rose- describe your crush(this is gonna be long oops) she has a presence that is honestly magnetic ugh and she always knows exactly what to say or do and i swear to god it’s like she can see right through me sometimes because she notices EVERYTHING without even trying. like the first time we met kind of out of the blue she said “you know, i can tell you think you’re invisible sometimes,” and i literally cried on the way home because i felt like no one’s ever really seen me so clearly before?? like when you talk to her she makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world and she just latches onto everything you say, and it never feels forced, she’s just genuinely that interested in hearing about your thoughts. the first time she kissed me i forgot how to talk for a second and that literally still happens because even existing in the same space as her is just that overwhelming. she’s got these gorgeous hazel eyes that remind me of planets and she’s so smart and talented and so so so beautiful and she snorts when she laughs and she’s terrible at flirting sometimes but in the most endearing way???? i’m sooo whipped buddy like i feel like everyone who meets her must immediately fall in love bc of how amazing she is wow
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essenceofarda · a month ago
Tumblr media
Thingol doodle!
Nonsensical rambling under the cut lol
While I do tend to gravitate towards drawing tolkien characters as POC, I didn't always (I grew up *very* influenced by PJ films), but when I read the Silmarillion for the first time as a mid-twenties-year-old, some time ago now, it was after a hiatus of not being very immersed in Tolkien's work. I grew up absolutely obsessed, but for various reasons I lost touch with it as I grew up. When i first got to the part where Thingol was introduced, I had a very strong image in my mind of a very tall, dark skinned elf with white dreadlocks. I latched onto that image of him from then on, and then I found out that he was an ancestor of Elrond and Arwen, and i just rolled with it X) Thingol was first time I started imagining Tolkien characters as non-white. And then I started naturally and without forcing myself to, finding myself imagining a lot of characters from Tolkien's work as POC. As a white person, I have found myself embracing this new view of Tolkien's work as a way to unlearn how I visualize characters, especially from sci-fi, fantasy, and fictional stories. Looking back at this evolution i went through over the last few years, I have to say I don't regret any of it, even if it meant having to uncomfortably evaluate myself and my habit as a child and teen for having very Eurocentric headcanons, especially for how characters look. Interestingly as well, I found that around the time I started accepting that, hey, maybe not all my favorite characters have to look like me, I started being more open to reading more diverse stories, and listening to more diverse points of view, and being more invested in unlearning the prejudice and racism that I had, intentionally or no, been projecting into the world in my personal life. I actually think starting to headcanon tolkien characters as poc gave me a safe space in my mind to start challenging the harmful beliefs and racists habits that I grew up with, which probably sounds strange, to say fanart made me less racist, but I do think I'm a better person overall now, not necessarily because I draw characters as non-white, but because of the personal outcome i had of not always requiring or desiring characters and stories to be only from a pov i can personally relate to. It kind of opened my eyes and my world. I have a long ways to go still of course, I'm nowhere near where i should or want to be in these areas, and probably never will be, but still. change is good.
Anyway, I'm not really sure why I'm saying all this, except that I think about this ongoing evolution I've had over the years, and that it all kind of started with Thingol, and me embracing the fact that maybe, just maybe, elves could be black
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streimiv · 8 months ago
Attention Fic Writers!!!
Sick of your works being reposted, verbatim, off your blog? Tired of having a new asshole copy and paste your fic into some giant document on wattpad every week? Just wanna piss all over some plagiarizing bastard?  Well, here are two things that I've done for my blog that might help you!
(Note: you will need to be able to access your tumblr via desktop to do this. These tricks are strictly for making it more difficult for someone to plagiarize your work via desktop.)
Please save a copy of your theme into notepad or some other place before messing around with your html code, just in case something goes wrong.
The first little trick is disabling right click on your blog. It may make your blog a little less user friendly, unfortunately, but it's definitely annoying enough to stop some turds in their tracks.There are two options to choose from. One silently disables right click and the other causes a dialogue box to pop up. It allows whoever’s on your blog to stop the dialogue from popping up again, but rest assured, right click functions will still be disabled.
Tumblr media
Step 1: If you would like an alert to flash on screen when someone tries to right click, copy the code from HERE
If you would not like an alert to flash on screen when someone tries to right click, copy the code from HERE
Step 2:  Go to your blog's customization page
Step 3: Go to Edit HTML
Step 4: At the beginning of the code, before <head> paste the code that you copied (you may need to hit the ENTER button on your keyboard to create a free line to paste the code.
Tumblr media
Step 5: Click the Update Preview button
Step 6: Click the Save button
Optional: You can customize the text that pops up when someone right clicks on your blog if you'd like.
Step 1: Near the beginning of the code there will be a specific line that allows you to change the dialogue
Tumblr media
Step 2: Within the quotation marks in that line of code, write whatever you’d like your dialogue box to say. Mine, for example says “Please don’t redistribute my works without my consent”
Tumblr media
Step 3: Click Update Preview button
Step 4: Click Save button
This next trick disables the use of ctrl+u and ctrl+c on your blog.
Step 1: Go to your blog's customization page
Step 2: Go to Edit HTML
Step 3: Before you do anything here, use ctrl+F
This will open up a search bar in the coder
Tumblr media
Step 4: Type <body
This should jump the editor to a spot in your blog where this is coded.
Step 5: Highlight the text written as <body>
Tumblr media
Step 6: Type in this Code    <body onkeydown="return false">
Should now look like this
Tumblr media
Step 7: Click the Update Preview button
Step 8: Click the Save button
NOTE: Unlike the previous trick, you cannot customize this one.
These two measures aren't foolproof/airtight/completely perfect, but your average fic reposter probably won't bother with the effort it would take to reprint your work. Nothing I can give you will stop someone from opening a word document and retyping your fic, word by word. But, well, if they really wanted to put in that kind of effort they could very easily just write their own fic.
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ofcowardiceandkings · 6 months ago
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AAAAAND ive finally got a grip on myself lol, BOY it took some effort to straighten this out and try to get it consistent
i dug myself out the hole i threw myself in over some kind of weird doing-her-justice thing (BotW Zelda is very important to me) by just doing portraits of people that make me THINK of Zelda for whatever reason - by music association or for certain face forms or just general feel of it - and pegging out features i Needed 1, i refuse to draw a Zelda with a small nose & 2, this is a thicc Zelda household
i just kinda went with the flow after that ? and im !! reasonably pleased !! with how reliably i can throw the same face shape and body forms for her now !!
💙 Zelda my angel my sunshine child ;v; 💙
bonus look gremlin boy Link there he's my next victim (finished art!)
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m-chromatic · a month ago
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shneo stuff that didn’t make the original cut or got made later 😂
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stormstressed · 13 days ago
We also rlly need to talk about the strength of Dorian's response to Ashton's not giving away information about his brother and then how adamant he was about nobody getting hurt helping him. He got really emotional right there! I feel like it calls back to what he said to Chetney about Fearne and Orym being some of his first friends--throughout both exu and cr3 Dorian's been established as caring deeply about his friends and it seems he's got a lot of preemptive guilt and fear about them getting hurt, maybe because he's had so few opportunities to have friends before he met the exu crew.
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