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#i have a mom

I got bored a couple days ago and took three or four hours to sweep our entire patio clean. Ended up breaking the broom when I tried to get something out of a hole with it, and also got a blister, but Mom called the patio beautiful, so I guess I did a good job.

Wanna do the actual dirt part of the yard next, after learning we do have a rake, but my hands hurt and I have a ripped-open blister on my dominant hand.

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I love it when people ask ‘hey, are you a boy or a girl?’

Well, good question. My gender is actually uhm, none of your fucking business. But thanks for asking since the pin page with my pronouns wasn’t enough to prompt you to:


Already <3

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#im just gonna rant in the tags, #there’s a funeral tomorrow for my sister’s boyfriend’s grandfather (someone i hardly knew), #and my dad asked if i was going. i said i wasn’t sure., #if you dont know how my week went long story short i got two covid tests done cause i was that sure i had the virus. not one test. two., #and they came back negative thank god. but my dad said i didnt have to go but it seemed like he was only just saying that, #like he’s inwardly mad that im not going., #and i said ‘i just want to make sure im definitely alright’ and he said ‘well yeah you’re alright.’ as if just cause my tests came back, #negative that automatically meant i was fine otherwise., #i got tested. because. i thought. i had. the freakin covid 19. ok? i could hardly stay awake during work yesterday, #which worried the hell out of me. and im still feeling a bit achey, #not to mention i dont want to be around other people right now. i just dont!, #this week had me feeling worried sick and having panic attacks cause 1 i have asthma. im at high risk., #2. if my dad tested positive cause of me the company he works for would have shut down for two weeks and it would have been my fault., #3. my mom is a cancer survivor. so she’s high risk. and 4. my parents are in their 60s., #I DO NOT WANT TO BE EXPOSED. im scared to death of this virus and my dad honestly doesnt understand the magnitude of it., #he’s one of those ‘it’s just the flu’ people and i literally feel sick whenever he talks like that., #i just...want to feel safe. is that really too much to ask?, #i couldnt hug my damn dog for days cause i was scared of getting HER sick somehow. this week has been shit so sorry that i dont want to go, #out to be around a shit ton of people i dont know!
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