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almond-arlet · 7 hours ago
part two - and I'm here, home, home, with you, with me
tags: domestic gojo, fluffy gojo, rich dilf gojo, emotional gojo :(
synopsis: you happen to get involved with the flirtatious gojo satoru and now he's been wrapped around your finger for over a year.
part one word count: 4,258
warning: angst. fluff. mostly angst. character death. no manga spoilers, I promise!
author’s note: sorry to hurt your feelings with this one. for the full authors note and the first part, go to the main post here. to see my other works, you can check out my masterlist here.
part two — and I’m here, home, home, with you, with me.
being with gojo satoru legitimately was a gift you never saw coming. sure, he was a brat and cocky and found new ways to drive you up the wall, but there was no other person you would have wanted to be doing that to you. there was nobody else you would rather wake up to on weekends or hold hands with when in stores because he didn’t like the idea of letting go of you for one second.
“You have work, so you’re going to have to let go of me now.” you pleaded with the 6’3 man who was clinging onto your body for dear life as the both of you lay lazily in your bed. “Satoru.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck, ignoring that you were (gently) pushing against him. he had you wrapped in his everything, arms and legs and all, his face resting at your neck. he had held you like this as soon as your alarm clock went off thirty minutes ago.
“Gojo.” this time you were firm, pushing against him much harder than before, so much so that he pulled his face away to look you, his mouth hanging open in surprise.
“Did you just call me ‘Gojo’? Not Satoru? Your soulmate? Are you that mad at me? Wow, wow, WOW.” he laughed with disbelief, trying to return to his previous position and frowning when you pressed your hands against his chest and shook your head. “First you steal from me and now you disrespect me like this.”
“When did I steal from you? Hm? You force money and gifts into my hands, how is that stealing? Why would I steal from my soulmate anyways?” you argued, scoffing and trying to detangle your legs from his. “I may not have things to do at the moment but your students are going to be arriving for class in an hour.”
“I never said you stole money.” he muttered, raising one of his long legs and bringing it over your stomach. in the blink of an eye he was straddling you, icy eyes a stark contrast to the dishevelled head of hair.
“Satoru,” this time you whined with desperation, sighing when he didn’t respond. “It's been a year and you’ve never told me what it is I’ve supposedly stolen from you. I’m beginning to take you for a liar, mister.”
“So you’ll label me a liar for not giving you the answer just yet?” he gasped, leaning forward to get a good view of you. even though he didn’t say anything, you just knew that he was trying to stare into your soul. he’d been doing it a lot lately, randomly stopping in his tracks to just stare at you. at first you thought he was zoning out of conversation, but then you noticed that he was actually present. he wasn’t staring, he was soaking you in; memorising every inch of your face, every scar and every mole, every hair that made your brows and the number of lashes on your eyes, how you pouted, how you smiled, how you responded to discomfort. he was writing it all in his mind and rewriting it so that his description of you was perfect. of course, to him, there was nothing that compared to the real thing, but his imagination would offer some comfort whenever you were away from him.
you roll your eyes and as you’re about to chastise him again, he leans even further forward and takes you by surprise with a kiss. it was soft and slow and gentle, his hands finding their way to your waist before giving the skin a light squeeze. he pulled back almost immediately afterwards, a cheesy grin plastered on his face. “as much as I’d like to breed you right now, sweets, I might be late for my class.”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to say!” you laugh, playfully hitting his arm and then nodding towards your bedroom door. “Go shower, I’ll have breakfast ready by the time you’re dressed.”
“Oh my, why are you treating me like a husband today.” he teased, immediately moving off your body as soon as he saw the way your brows furrowed. “Alright, alright, I’m going.” he groaned like a child, getting off the bed and making his way out the room. it didn’t take him a second before he poked his head through the open door with a shit eating grin. “You’re welcome to join me in the shower, if you want.” and before you could respond, he was gone, the only thing left being the sound of his laugh as he (presumably) skipped down the corridor. hehehehehehe. it was a sound you wanted to hear everyday for the rest of your life but you were too shy to let him know that.
you had, after all, officially, been together for a year, and messing around for a year before that. and yes, you hardly knew anything about his life outside dates with you, but it wasn’t something that concerned you. you trusted him and he trusted you enough to be this carefree around him. for you, that was enough.
little did you know that just as easy as his smile gave you butterflies from time to time, the thought of you making him breakfast gave him butterflies. satoru wasn’t one to be easily phased and emotionally driven, and certainly wasn’t the first time you made him breakfast. yet he struggled to stop grinning with excitement whilst he cleaned his scalp with your favourite shampoo, the smell filling his mind with thoughts of resting his chin on your head and breathing you in. you always told him off for being the reason why you had to buy shampoo twice as often but he just couldn’t help himself. he couldn’t help himself from using your shampoo, your lotion, your toothpaste and sometimes your perfume just so that he can be surrounded by you at all times. he’d hate to admit that he was falling in love as it was such a vulnerable thing; your heart in the hands of someone who’s still learning to hold their own, watering it and feeding it and making sure it’s being taken care of. but that’s just how he felt about you. even though he never replied when you would casually mumble ‘love you’ during sleepy kisses or at the end of phone calls, he was beginning to come to terms with the fact that he felt the same.
and now he was just staring at you making pancakes in your kitchen, in his shirt, humming songs you’d had stuck in your head for the last twenty minutes. you turned to him, setting down two plates on the counter, then finally looking at him with his head resting on his fist. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?” you pouted, turning around and bringing over a plate that was stacked with two pancakes already. “You can start eating now, I’ll finish up my two and then I’ll join you.”
“It’s fine, I can wait,” he responded, taking the plate of pancakes from you and setting it down, completely ignoring your question. “I was extra quick in the shower so that I could watch you cook.”
“rather than help me? why am I not surprised?” it was your turn to be playful, heading back to the stove to flip over the pancake that was currently cooking.
“wait, can you turn around and look at me real quick?” his question nearly made you laugh, immediately turning around to face him anyway only to catch him with this phone out and pointed at you. “Nice, I can change my wallpaper now.”
“If people see it, they might get the wrong idea.” you tried to hide your surprise with a joke, turning back around to finish the job you started.
“What could they possibly get wrong? We’re in a relationship, are we not?”
“Me standing here making food as your wallpaper screams I am married to this person, don’t you think?”
“And what’s wrong with that? You’re the one who started calling me your soulmate.” his voice was now directly behind you and you would have definitely emptied your bladder if it wasn’t for the fact that you were used to him appearing and disappearing at lightning speed. he placed the plate of pancakes you had before on the counter next to the stove before he wrapped his arms around your waist and planted a kiss on your shoulder.
“wh… are you trying to get something from me? you’ve been acting extra funny lately.” you commented, placing the freshly cooked pancake onto the plate and then pouring in the rest of the mixture that was left.
“what could I possibly get from you, I’m the rich one here, we’re already sleeping together and we both cook. I just want to hold you like this,” usually his comments like these were said with a playful tone, but the sigh that left him when he paused told you that he was being serious. “can we stay in today? after work, I mean?”
“I mean, of course. You don’t have to ask, I prefer staying in anyway.” you answered, trying to sound as if your soul wasn’t about to leave your body. it was at times like these that you were certain he was meant to be who you were loving for the rest of your life. you didn’t really care if he never said it back because you knew through actions like these that he felt the same.
you felt him sigh, his head lifting off your shoulder and his arms removing themselves from your waist. you turned to look at him, his eyes at his phone and a frown on his face. “I have to leave a little earlier, bleuh.” he announced before sticking his tongue out at his phone, presumably in response to whatever message he had received. “I didn’t even get to eat breakfast with you.”
“You say that as if it’s your last chance to eat with me, you hopeless romantic,” you muttered, shrugging your shoulders. “Well, what can be done? You have to fund my shopping habits somehow.”
“Of course, it’s always about the money,” he teased you back, and it was your turn to be on the receiving end of tip of tongue. you made a face at him and then nodded towards the door, the man nodding in response when he knew what you were saying. “alright, alright, I’ll go fund your expensive shopping habits.”
you watched him leave with an amused smile on your face, finishing up with your breakfast with the single shake of your head. sometimes being him was learning more about the world than you ever knew you could, and other times it was like caring for a child. he would never admit it, but you knew that satoru needed care and affection. as stand-offish as he was at the beginning, he was as vulnerable as anybody else. hiding behind that grin of his was someone who needed a hug at times, a kiss on the forehead and someone to tuck him in when he was having a long day. you couldn’t be more proud to say that that was your responsibility.
in the beginning, like with every relationship, it was a matter of trial and error. the trial and error that came with satoru was like a game of charades; he would never tell you anything, you had to learn from him what he liked and disliked, even when he acted nonchalant about everything. he had his signs, like making too many jokes when he didn’t want continue with a task, or masking his annoyance with his ridiculously mischievous laugh.
now he was comfortable around you enough not to worry about pretending. he could angrily grumble about having to work instead of laying in bed with you all day, like he was doing now, pacing around the kitchen as he put on his sunglasses. this was his way of stalling for time to be around you, but eventually he had to leave you in the kitchen to finish the breakfast you had made, alone.
despite how lonely it felt sometimes whenever he left, he was always in the best of moods. strutting down the street to the car waiting for him, with Nanami and Ijichi inside, as if he was the luckiest man in the world. to be fair, he considered himself the luckiest man in the world at times like these.
“Are you not going to ask me why I’m so happy today?” he cheerily greeted his colleague, Nanami, once he had settled into the car, the blonde not even sparing him a glance. “No matter, I wasn’t going to tell you, anyway.” Satoru teased with a tune to his voice, crossing one leg over the other, the car on the move immediately.
“I didn’t really want to know.” Nanami muttered, handing him a tablet that he had been reading from whilst waiting for the man. “A few cursed spirits have been appearing out of nowhere over the past twenty minutes.”
“A few? That’s not a few. That’s a lot.” the former commented once he took the tablet and glanced over the screen. “But, why is that for us to deal with? Aren’t there any grade 3 or 2 sorcerers around to deal with it?”
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s a lot bigger than they’re saying it is.”
“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check. As long as it doesn’t take too long, I left breakfast for this.” it took Nanami a lot of strength not to raise a brow at Satoru after he heard the man whine the second half of his sentence. he knew his colleague too well to know that it wasn’t missing breakfast he was upset about. “Ah, hold on, I forgot something. Can you pull over, I’ll be quick?”
Ijichi nodded, pulling up to the sidewalk and parking so that the man could get out, nobody saying a word when he got out the car, humming happily to himself. although he said he had forgotten something, he lied. the spring in his step has he shoved his hands in his pockets was proof. he only wanted an excuse to come and see you for a few minutes more, especially knowing that it wasn’t an emergency emergency he was called out for.
Nanami had looked back through the window to amuse himself with the sight of Gojo almost skipping down the street, and if it wasn’t for his stoic nature, he would have laughed. he was about to turn back around and distract himself with the tablet Gojo left behind when he noticed Gojo stop in his steps. less than a second later, he took off, straight to your apartment. Nanami knew that panicked run just as good as anybody else who had worked with the man. there was trouble.
Nanami was out the car immediately, running after Gojo who was just a speck in his vision. it was trouble indeed, Gojo’s senses picking it up as soon as he neared your apartment building. he contemplated causing a spectacle and getting to you in one of his unconventional ways, but he was fast enough to make it in time on foot, he was sure of it.
before he knew it, he was skipping steps to make it to your floor, then he kicked your door open in one move. he wasn’t the type to freeze in the sight of danger, or to have delayed reactions, but there was something about the sight before him that left speechless for a second. the floor was decorated with parts from your dining chairs, pillows and even your unfinished breakfast, the walls, painted with your blood. he knew it was too late but he had to fight for you anyway. he was Gojo Satoru, after all.
you weren’t particularly sure what had happened after gojo left, the memory of the last five minutes hazy in your mind. you had started eating your breakfast when you realised you didn’t have a drink with you, and when you got up, something came in through the window and before you could defend yourself, you were being thrown around like a rag doll.
there was no pain. or maybe there was and it was too overwhelming for you to realise it. you couldn’t feel your legs, your face was warm with what you could only assume was your blood. you must have been dreaming, that’s why you couldn’t feel anything. am i dreaming? why else would such an ugly creature be holding you by the neck if it wasn’t in a dream?
before you could even think about it, as quickly as this thing was before you, it was gone, replaced by the man who you had woken up next to this morning. you didn’t realise you were in the air until you felt yourself fall into his arms, the first of many things you started to feel. like the pain that shot through your chest when Gojo gently brought the both of you to the floor, placing you in his lap and softly as he could without adding to your injuries. even with his sunglasses and masked expression, you could tell that whatever he noticed with you was serious. I’m going to die.
at first you didn’t notice that hos colleague was also in the room. the sound of someone moving shards of glass grabbed your attention to the space behind Gojo. you weakly turned your head to look over his arm, the thing that had attacked you lying lifelessly in front of the man as he assessed the damage to it.
“so is this what you do? you save people from things like that?” you asked, your voice hoarse and a lot quieter than you expected. it was also a lot more painful to speak, every breath you took sending shots of pain across your torso. you continued to speak, regardless. “I’m glad, I knew you were doing something good.” you noticed Gojo’s silence, and turned your head back to him, watching him as he tried to figure out what to say. guess that means he’d rarely had situations like this. you wish you could read his mind as easily as he read yours, so you could respond to whatever he was thinking. so you could reassure him that it’ll be alright. even if you couldn’t feel your legs and that every time you breathed, it felt like it was going to be your last. you should be glad you couldn’t, otherwise you’d know the extent of the damage. broken legs, spinal damage, internal bleeding; all irreversible; all he couldn’t do anything about.
“stop talking, you idiot.” he spoke when you opened your mouth to continue talking. “you’ll die faster.”
so I am dying.
“But I haven’t said what I need to say, yet.”
“What do you have to say? What could possibly be more important than trying to slow down your death?”
“What did I steal from you?”
your question made him laugh, the kind of laugh he did when he was anything but happy. usually, when he received a message from work about cleaning up a mess he believed he was overqualified to deal with. “Are you serious?”
“You have to tell me or I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life,” you whined, lifting a hand to grab his uniform, tugging lightly as it was the most you could do in your condition.
“So what if you haunt me, at least we’ll be together,” he muttered loud enough for only you to hear. though he was teasing, you could tell that only so much of it was a joke. somewhere in his voice, he was praying you would be able to haunt him. you warned him with a frown and another tug of his uniform. “my heart. that’s what you stole. you took the most inexpensive thing from me and I don’t think you’ll give it back.”
“Ah…” you don’t know how, but you managed to smile, then you started to laugh, immediately stopping when tightness in your chest reminded you that you weren’t having pre-work conversations. you were dying. “Then, I guess I’ll keep it for a little while longer, hm? Ah, there’s something you need to do.”
“What?” he straightened his back, ready to listen to whatever final command you had for him like a dog about to catch a ball thrown by its owner.
“You know that striped blazer I have? That big oversized one? That’s my dad’s. Can you give it back to him, please? I took it years ago and-“
“Stop. Stop talking.”
“But I’m not finished.”
“Please.” he’s begging now. he’s never begged you for anything ever in his life. he’s never needed to beg, and he’s never needed to look hopeless. but here he was, Gojo Satoru, hopeless because you were slipping away in his arms. he didn’t need to take off his glasses for you to see how much he was hurting. the gentle grip on your waist and the quietness of his usually boisterous voice was all you needed to know.
“Hey, you pillow hogging giant.” you continued anyway, lifting your hand from his uniform to touch his chin. you were shaking, from the weakness in your arm, from the pain it brought you, from how scared you were. “Thank you for loving me. I know you never said it back but I want you to know I felt it.” he hangs his head low now, he can’t look at you in the face as you speak and he couldn't bring you to stop talking. “Don’t cry for too long, hm? We got two years, that’s more than a lot of people can say. You have people to save, and monsters to kill. Didn’t I tell you that you were beautiful? You’re so absolutely beautiful.”
you took a sharp breath in when it felt like everything from your waist up was on fire. it felt like there was something drilling into your head, a distant ringing sounding in your ears. “Is it supposed to hurt this much? Can you hug me, I’m a little scared,” you asked, the man not sparing a minute as he lifted you up so that you were resting your chin on his shoulders and his arms gently around your torso. it took a lot not to cry from the pain and the fear. you smiled despite it all, looking over at the other man in the room who was preparing to leave. “Hey, Ugly Tie? Take care of him for me, please. Someone has to.” the man nodded, keeping his eyes to the floor out of respect.
“Why didn’t you force me to stay for breakfast?” Gojo asks out of nowhere, making you laugh a little.
“Why didn’t you get here faster? Slowcoach. Now be quiet, my head is ringing.” you retorted jokingly with a weak sigh, wanting to lift your arms to hug Satoru back, but you didn’t have the strength, physically or emotionally. your words were slurred and your eyelids heavy and everything ached so badly it didn’t feel foreign anymore. you wanted to close your eyes and sleep the pain away.
“Do it. Close your eyes. You don’t have to worry about applying for a new job now. Just promise you’ll wait for me.” Gojo prompted, giving your back a reassuring pat.
“Mhm.” was all you could manage, shutting your eyes and breathing him in, then exhaling as if it was the hardest thing to do. at least neither of you were alone.
inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale. inhale…
he had been staring out the window at the sky, a sad smile forming on his face when he saw the start of the first snow. that’s how he knew it was time. “Goodbye, soulmate. Have a safe journey.” he bid you farewell quietly, taking a moment before tightening his grip as much as he could without hurting you further. he knew you weren’t breathing anymore, and he knew the weight of your body was getting heavier by the second, but he didn’t want to be rough with you. just in case.
everything was still for a few moments, despite the cold air from outside filling the room. even the sound of traffic had gone quiet, an emptiness in the air as if the whole world was mourning.
Nanami stepped forward, wanting to let Satoru know that he was going to call the school and inform of the incident, but the way in which the latter leaned forward to bury his face into the crook of your neck, his shoulders dropping and his posture softening. Nanami decided to leave him to mourn on his own, silently making his way out of the room.
and that left Satoru on his own with you in his arms, rocking you from side to side as if it would make the pain in his chest subside; as if it would make the growing weight of grief in his chest any lighter. how could his heart break when it wasn’t his anymore? it was both unfair and the reality of life, how fragile it was to love someone so deeply. but it was alright. it’s alright, he thought, we were together until the end. here, home, with you, with me.
part one | part two
Tumblr media
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plentyoffandoms · 2 days ago
No One Else (Part 1)
Eddie Kingston x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Warnings: Some swearing. Jealous Eddie.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Story idea & request by @ecarroll1978
Main Masterlist ♡ AEW Masterlist ♡ Eddie Kingston Masterlist ♡ No One Else Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader & Eddie have been dating for awhile now but Eddie doesn't like how close Jay Briscoe are. They eventually get into a massive fight.
Eddie Kingston's POV:
You know, I wouldn't consider myself the jealous type, at least I don't think I am. I have no reason to be jealous.
YN is mine and I am hers. We have been together for almost three years now and I know she only has eyes for me.
But whenever I see her around Jay, something just eats away at me.
Tumblr media
Maybe it is because of their history together. They grew up around each other. They went to the same schools and even lived together at one point.
YN has always told me that Mark and Jay are like brothers to her. How they always looked out for her and had her back.
But whenever Jay looks at YN, I just have this feeling that he wishes he was with her instead of me.
Maybe I am reading too much into it but their friendship just drives me insane. Because of how long their friendship actually is, whenever they are in the same town as one another, they get together and have lunch and just do stuff together.
YN always asks me if I wanted to join them but I never do.
Like today for example, Jay has come for a visit and the two of them have gone out to lunch together.
"Are you sure you don't want to come baby?" YN asked me as I kissed her goodbye.
"You go and have fun. I know you like to catch up with him love." I told her.
"You know you can always come along Eddie. Haven't hung out with you in awhile." Jay said to me.
"Nah, I'm good. You two have fun. YN bring me back a burger." I told them. With one last kiss, I watched as YN got into his rental car and drove off.
So I kept myself busy. I decided to catch up on some TV shows that I have recorded and that YN doesn't like, so this is the perfect time for me to watch them.
But it only took my mind about thirty minutes to come up with what they are doing.
I turned off the TV and walked to our room and grabbed her tablet and opened the 'Find my phone' app she has on there.
I was fighting an inner battle with myself. If I do this, there is no turning back. There is absolutely no way I will ever get her trust back.
But the other thought of her cheating on me is driving me insane, so I did it. It only took a few moments to tell me where she was.
My heart sunk when I realised where the two of them were.
The hotel where he is staying at.
Tumblr media
It was nice hanging out with Jay, but I wish Eddie came with us. He never wants too. He just tells me he wants to stay home and to watch some TV but it still hurt when he didn't want to hang out with us.
"What is going on in that head of yours?" Jay asked me as we ate our lunch.
We went to the hotel where he staying as they have a few restaurants on the main floor.
"Just wish Eddie could of come. He would love it here."
"I know YN. Maybe next time he will come out."
I smiled softly at Jay. He always knew what to say to me.
We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and I picked up some new shoes for Eddie, knowing he will love them.
We stopped by the hotel restaurant before I went home to get Eddie's burger and onion rings.
I made sure to get two burgers because I know one won't do him.
Jay dropped me off at home and I walked in the front door with a huge smile on my face, knowing I get to come home and spend time with my man.
What I was not expecting was to see a very angry Eddie standing there with his arms crossed.
"Where the hell have you been?"
Part 2 coming soon
Tumblr media
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @drewmcintyrekoccsrocbwdgfan @lghockey @lilaviolet @iloveeddiekingston @sparkleva25 @jazzy-bella02 @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @wwenhlimagines @hungmanhorsecarriage @ecarroll1978 @anaeve
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What’s Mine Is Yours (To Leave or Take)
Pairing: Geralt x Jaskier Warning(s): a/b/o, intersex omegas, accidental pregnancy, mpreg (see ao3 for full list of tags) Rating: explicit
Chapter: 12
•  prev | next •  WMIY Masterpost
Fic Summary: Geralt has knows since the trials that, unlike other omegas, he will never become pregnant, never raise pups and live a normal life. But after a close call finds him and Jaskier in bed together, he discovers he was wrong about that assumption.
[read it on ao3]
Jaskier's rooms are opulent and bright, much like the way he dresses, and Geralt isn't sure how he could have expected anything else. But it's comforting in that it feels like Jaskier, feels like home - and Geralt tries not to think too much about what that means. There are two connected bedrooms with a short hallway and separate room with a bath between - Jaskier’s bedroom and 'a private study,' but judging by the four-poster bed that dominates the room, Geralt doubts much studying was ever done there.
Jaskier settles them in the main bedroom - the larger of the two - and pulls back the curtains to let in the warm afternoon sun. Geralt lays back on the bed and can't help the little groan that slips from his lips. It's been far too long since he's enjoyed any level of comfort and longer still since he's had a bed the likes of this. The sheets are silky smooth against his skin, the covers thick and warm. He'd be happy enough to curl up and go to sleep right now, but then Jaskier is crawling up the bed over him.
"Comfortable, darling?"
"Very. I can't wait to sleep."
Jaskier chuckles, dipping down to kiss Geralt’s neck. "You're more than welcome to have a nap before supper, but I would very much like to fuck you in my own bed."
"Mmm," Geralt hums, shuddering as Jaskier's teeth graze his skin. "Still a little sore from the ride."
"In that case…" Jaskier slides back onto the floor, kneeling between Geralt's legs and tugging his trousers down. "You know," he mumbles, pressing kisses into his thigh, "we should find you something more... comfortable to wear. The seamstress makes lovely gowns, darling, and they'd be much more comfortable than all of this. Plus," he slides up kissing Geralt's swelling cocklet, "it would make it much easier for me to do this."
He presses his mouth to Geralt’s cunt, flicking his tongue into him and sinking as deep as the position will allow. Geralt grips the sheets in his fists, groaning as Jaskier works his tongue over him. Geralt's so worked up he doesn't last long, but he's loose and drowsy after he comes, sinking a little further into the bed.
"Relax, my love. Let me get everything sorted and I'll see about getting you one of those gowns."
Jaskier does acquire one of the gowns, and despite Geralt’s initial hesitance, he finds he rather enjoys it. It's less restricting than his regular clothes and there's no need for protective armour here, not when there are guards around every corner, positioned to keep Jaskier - and by association, Geralt - safe. It makes him look enormous, but Jaskier says the gold brings out his eyes. He comes up behind him, running his hands over Geralt’s belly and resting his chin on his shoulder.
"You look stunning," Jaskier hums, tipping his head to kiss Geralt’s neck. "Blue and gold is a good look on you. They're my family's colours, you know."
"Hmm," Geralt says, disbelievingly. He raises his hands, brushing down over his belly. The velvet is nice and the gown is comfortable, but he knows what he looks like.
"Oh don't you hmm at me, you do. Now, we'll be wanted at supper shortly; do you want to keep it on?" Geralt nods shortly and Jaskier takes his hand, pulling him away from the mirror.
Dinner goes… surprisingly well. Geralt meets Jaskier's sisters and their partners and they're delighted that Jaskier finally brought someone home. Geralt doesn't have the heart to tell them it's not like that, but he smiles and plays along for the time being. He keeps waiting for something to go wrong: for Jaskier's parents to kick him out or make some comment about him being a witcher, but they seem genuinely pleased to have him there. It takes a little while to adjust to that thought, but as the night wears on Geralt becomes more and more comfortable, much to Jaskier's obvious delight.
"There is something I haven't told you," Jaskier says abruptly, breaking the comfortable silence. He squeezes Geralt's hand under the table as both his parents look up at once. "There's… another reason we chose to come home for Geralt to deliver. The pup he's carrying is mine."
Alfred immediately breaks into a wide smile, turning to his wife and then back to Geralt and Jaskier. Anna smiles softly, but Geralt can tell she's thinking about a bond - or lack thereof.
"That's wonderful, son," Alfred says and Jaskier ducks his head next to Geralt, sheepish.
Anna opens her mouth to speak, but all at once, Jaskier's sisters are speaking in unison asking about a birth date and when they're going to be bonded and Jaskier just brushes them off.
"We don't have any plans yet," is all he says, "as for a date I…. don't really know."
"Oh, pet, we need to call the midwife for you, get her to take a look and ensure everything is going alright with the pregnancy." Anna is already beckoning one of the servants over and Geralt squirms under the attention. He'd really just like to go to sleep.
"For tomorrow?" Jaskier asks, "I appreciate the offer, but we're both rather tired after the journey and in need of a good rest."
"Oh," Anna says, as if only just remembering, "of course my loves, you must be exhausted. Have you had enough to eat?" She looks specifically at Geralt and he nods.
"Yes, thank you." It's the best meal he's had since he can remember if he's honest.
Jaskier rises first and Geralt follows with some difficulty, groaning as he stands. Anna frets over them, despite Jaskier's assurances that everything is fine, but Geralt almost enjoys her fretting. He's never had parents; Vesemir was the closest and that wasn't even until after the sacking, when he was the only one left. Having someone who doesn't even know Geralt wanting to help and take care of him feels nice.
Jaskier's parents bid them goodnight then Jaskier leads Geralt back to their room quietly. It's strange to be staying somewhere so lovely, stranger even when he considers this is Jaskier's home. But Geralt feels surprisingly comfortable here. Maybe it's Jaskier or maybe it's just Geralt’s instincts, but he feels safe and not even his upcoming visit with the midwife can sour his good mood.
Geralt drops onto the bed as soon as they're in the room and Jaskier shuts the door before crossing over to him. He presses between Geralt’s knees, sliding the hem of his dress up to make space for himself and runs his hands along Geralt's thighs.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" Jaskier asks, "not too much?"
"Not too much," Geralt confirms and Jaskier lifts a hand to brush through his hair.
"You seemed like you were struggling a little there for a bit."
"I'm just…"
"Horny?" Jaskier offers.
"All the time," Geralt whines, "I'm just tired."
"Lie down then, love. Why don't you get out of these clothes and let me take care of you."
"We should sleep, 'm tired."
"You can sleep if you want love, you don't mind if I touch you?"
"You don't… mind if I sleep?"
"Not as long as you don't. I think you underestimate how good you smell when you're horny. Fuck," Jaskier mumbles, rocking his hips down so Geralt can feel how hard he is. "You just rest, hmm?"
Jaskier dips down, kissing his neck and Geralt lets himself settle into the bed, eyes dropping shut already. The sheets are silky against his skin and his cocklet twitches even as his mind grows fuzzy. He's aware of Jaskier touching him, kissing him, but it's distant, like a dream.
Then Jaskier's mouth is hot on Geralt’s skin, tracing a line down his neck, and Jaskier strips Geralt efficiently, leaving him completely bare and vulnerable. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Geralt can still feel Jaskier, although it comes through vague and foggy; Jaskier's fingers inside him, opening him up and sending sparks through his pliant body. Geralt shudders and arches, reacting to every press of Jaskier's hands. Then Jaskier’s mouth is on him and Geralt whines, fingers clenching in the sheets.
Jaskier's voice drifts to him, telling Geralt how good he is, how beautiful he is and, only half-conscious, Geralt believes him. The dream-touching continues until Jaskier is inside of him, rocking forward and pressing against Geralt's belly, soft and gentle.
There's a rush of arousal and Geralt bolts upright only for Jaskier to catch him, biting down on a groan as his hips jerk forward, pushing his knot inside. Jaskier shudders as he comes, leaning down to hover over Geralt, panting and moaning as he spills inside him. As Geralt looks down between them, he realizes what woke him. In his sleep, he met his own peak, as evidenced by the smeared come on his belly.
"Sorry," he mumbles.
"What do you have to be sorry for?" Jaskier hums, shifting so they can lie on their sides, "other than getting yourself stuck here for the next little while."
"Mm," Geralt hums, reaching out to take Jaskier's hand in his own, "I'd never be sorry for that."
The next time Geralt wakes is to Jaskier informing him that the midwife is on her way. He's drowsy too, dressed in his rumpled clothes from the night before as he draws the curtains and brings a robe over for Geralt to put on. Geralt still feels a little strange wearing them in front of company, but the dresses and robes are much more comfortable than his own clothes now, and he likes the way Jaskier looks at him in them.
As announced, there's a knock on the door only a few moments later and Jaskier crosses the room to open it, inviting the midwife in. She quickly gets set up, checking in with Geralt. There are a few routine questions - or so she tells him - but when he tells her how long it's been she freezes with her quill above paper, turning back to him.
"No, that can't be right," she says softly, "you're much too large. Are you quite certain that's how long it's been?"
"Yeah," Jaskier confirms, "it was just after we reunited after his heat- is something wrong?"
"No, it's likely the pup is just growing faster than expected. Like his father," she adds pointedly, turning to look at Jaskier.
Geralt misses whatever Jaskier's reaction is because he's caught up on father. He understood that Jaskier was technically a parent to his pup, that whatever happened, Jaskier would likely have some role in their life, but he never- To hear Jaskier called father stirs something inside of Geralt that he thought he'd hidden away long ago. But he doesn't have time to dwell on it because Jaskier is sitting down next to him, running a hand down his arm.
"Geralt?" he asks, "Is that okay?"
"She just wants to do a quick examination, make sure everything's alright."
"Right, of course." Geralt's medallion shudders against his skin and he looks up to where the midwife is coming closer. "You're a mage?" he asks.
"Yes, dear. Magical midwives are highly sought after in the area. Are you ready?"
Geralt nods and she comes closer, holding her hands above his stomach, eyes shut in concentration. Next to him, Jaskier squeezes his hand and Geralt tries to pretend he's not terrified that something could be wrong. The exam only lasts a moment and then the midwife steps back, sighing contentedly.
"That's… good right?" Jaskier asks and she smiles.
"Yes dear, everything is perfectly fine."
"Then why am I so big?" Geralt grumbles.
"Because," the midwife smiles, "just like the Lord and Lady with master Julian's sisters, you're having twins."
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comfy-characters · 21 hours ago
have you ever feeling jealous with the characters your f/o being shipped with? like—it's not even canon. even in a certain ship their love interest is a dead character. at first i still can brush it off, but then it's building, building, building and finally getting onto me. you know that some people can get really too much with their ship, right? (something like bringing their ship hcs to the new fans as if it's canon). i found that it hard to watch my f/o official content in social media cause there will always be people who bring up the ships, saying something like my f/o and this character are meant to be together and such thing. i know some people found comfort in their ship, and i feel bad feeling this way towards them... but still, this feeling makes me sick so much... ;______; i don't know what to do.
oh—i just discovered your blog today. i hope you don't mind with this kind of ask. feel free to ignore it if this makes you uncomfortable! ^^
hey friend!
sometimes you just wanna have things to yourself, and thats ok! my best advice is to block people who post that kind of stuff. theres no personal hard feelings, just that you dont like the way they portray a character you have certain feelings attached to.
if we're gonna take it to the full extent of imagines and escapism, then it's similar feelings to if you heard people irl talking about how they think your irl crush would look cute with someone else, or also crushing on them. of course you would feel a bit jealous and uncomfortable. the good thing is, online you can do your best to customize your experience with fandom. you can block people, you can avoid comment sections, you can block the tags if you need to! tailor your fandom experience to yourself as best you can.
honestly i dont really follow the tags or anything for my comfort characters (specifically my main one) or post about them, both bc of that and not liking certain interpretations by fandom at large. as long as no one is harrassing anyone, it's ok!
and if the feelings persist-try to remember that hcs and fanon are not canon, and they hold no precedence over your own.
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tuff-and-fluff-archives · 7 months ago
Apparently Tumblr doesnt allow “copywrighted” audio anymore, so I had to add a visual to this: my cover of Being Human from Steven Universe!! I absolutely adore this song and find it really fun to sing, honestly I’m surprised it took me this long to cover it!
[💖Please reblog if you enjoyed!!💖]
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It’s three in the morning do I really need to title a shitpost
so I’m rewatching replacements for fic research right
and I pause it right here on this gem of a screenshot.
Tumblr media
reasons that it is a gem: 
1. cobb looks like a total dunce and I'm here for it. 
2. garcia looks dead inside. same buddy same. 
3. talbert looks like he wants to hit somebody. possibly cobb I would appreciate it. 
4. hashey looks straight up high 
5. and webster is just barely in frame with the best part of his whole person on full display: his hair
thank you for coming to my tedtalk
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leverage-ot3 · 6 months ago
in light of my college roommate deciding to not room with me anymore, I hope my mutuals know I would 1000% be roomies with them
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plentyoffandoms · 14 hours ago
Hey bestie! 😘
I had foot surgery today, so I was wondering if you could write about how Eddie would react and help his girl after surgery.
Love your work so much 😘
Eddie Kingston x f/Reader HC
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Warnings: Some swearing.
I hope you heal up faster. Anything to do with the foot sucks.
Hope you like this bestie. I love your work as well. 💜😭🥰
Main Masterlist ♡ AEW Masterlist ♡ Eddie Kingston Masterlist
Summary: F/Reader has had foot surgery & Eddie flys homes to take care of her.
Eddie was in another state when you called him to tell him that you tripped on something & injured your foot.
He was upset that he wasn't home to take care of you.
Then you told him that you have to have foot surgery.
Eddie kept telling you he was coming home even though you insisted you would be fine.
He flew home on the very next flight.
You woke up to Eddie slipping into your bed as he snuggled into your back.
He drove you to the hospital and waited until you went into surgery to leave.
He then went shopping & bought you more pillows, new pajamas, a chair for the shower & some of your favourite snacks.
He also got you a Teddy bear and some flowers.
Before going to the hospital, he went home & washed the new pajamas he bought you.
You came home that night as it was a day surgery. He made sure you were comfy in the car and drove slow the whole way home.
He helped you get ready for bed & you loved the pajamas he picked out for you.
He made sure your foot was elevated to your comfort level & had the crutches right next to the bed for you.
When you woke up to use the bathroom, he woke up to make sure you were okay.
Eddie woke up early every morning to make you breakfast.
Eddie made you what you wanted for lunch & dinner.
He drove you to every appointment & hardly left your side.
Eddie would help you shower of if you wanted a bath, he would be in the tub with you.
Every time he left the house, he seemed to bring home more gifts.
More stuffed animals, flowers or even your favourite snacks.
Eddie didn't go back to work until you got told that you can start to full weight-bearing.
And even then he didn't go back until you didn't have to use a cane anymore to walk.
Even after he returned to work, Eddie was still calling you all the time to see how you were doing & if everything was okay.
When Eddie came home, you showed him how thankful you were for him & everything he did for you.
Tumblr media
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @drewmcintyrekoccsrocbwdgfan @lghockey @lilaviolet @iloveeddiekingston @sparkleva25 @jazzy-bella02 @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @wwenhlimagines @hungmanhorsecarriage @ecarroll1978 @anaeve @crowleysqueenofhell
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wepreeshjohnegbert · a year ago
SKJDMSJ THANK U FOR REBLOGGING MY JOHN FROM FOREVER AGO 😭😭🥺 thats such an old drawing but your tags made my day i literally almost cried,, i preesh YOU.
DHDBDN YOU’RE WELCOME DUDE!! I didn’t even notice it was forever ago holy heck!
Dude I am SO SO touched that my tags made your day and almost made you cry like that is so wholesome and heartwarming!! Your art has only gotten better too!! Like dang dude! I PREESH YOU BACK DUDE THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY IN RETURN!!
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missggullet · 11 months ago
sPeLL ScIENce wHat??? 
#tw: swearing mention#*//apparently its interrnational world science day for peace and development! science and smart advancement should be celebrated daily#*//the mun is 50% clown 50% nerd so here's a touch of silliness#*//not dropping hints on main but#*//this very likely will feature in my next tww crack video that was like put aside for a year lol#*//idk why i work so tediously on lips sync but this will never not be funny af with whatever characters i'm working on#*//this one's based on Daz Black's vines the man is ICONIC#*//im also gonna be slightly passive agressive on this but#*//if you're wondering where does the end clip come from it's actually from a shortfilm on mental health called Black Eyed Susan#*//and it's a great thought-provoking and poignant story acted wonderfully by denise welch <3#*//but this one bit is from the bloopers and the cast is wholesome#*//it is honestly dark and contain materials mainly dealing with depression also mention of eating disorder trigger warnings#*//but im so glad muse's actress starred in such brilliant supportive work with people raising as much awareness as possible on this#*//i recommend everyone to go on youtube and have a look at this movie#*//ANYWAY enjoy the crack my smart lovely frogs#*//i hope anyone who stop by and see this have a great day and stay safe#*//doing ooc things is a total excuse of me to bring a bit of positivity and fun to those who might not feel their best or need a good laugh#*//whatever the kind of content produced#*//idk i just love doing this#*//YeS thats a lotta tags#{ooc post}#crack#shitpost#meme#{media editing}#miss gullet#the worst witch#tww2017
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theunconcernedembalmer · 2 years ago
I'm curious, which of our teammates are you most comfortable being around--if anyone?~
Tumblr media
I don’t really have anyone in particular in mind… maybe the seer? But people generally don’t want to be around me anyway… @tinkeringtoolkits
#aesop carl#identity v#identity v embalmer#identity v the embalmer#identity v ask blog#this one's for the elisop shippers out there#very subtle but its there#OK BUT I ACTUALLY MAIN GARDENER COS I DONT HAVE ENOUGH SAVED FOR AESOP#im a very casual player n i dont play much now that school has started for me#ALSO HELLO THERE WELCOME TO MY BLOG#oh my tinkeringtoolkits is such a lovely emma blog their art brings out the idv style out very very well#sorry if i sound a little tired cos i am very tired but i do want to do this here for you#your blog is a very lovely emma blog with bomb ass art#like really your art brings out the idv style very very well and i love the way you colour#it just blends in all very nicely together with your lines#and your replies are so well thought out#i appreciate some of the more hard hitting ones cos i do love some oomph in replies those are fun also bonus points for feelings#i dont write very well so i do respect roleplay blogs who can articulate their muses well in prose#omg u write and draw so so well i just realized thats such a wonderful combination to have#i also!! love the special tags you have#i lowkey want to try something like that but im too lazy to think of specific ones#like ur queue tag is waiting at the table#i think its a lovely subtle yet apt reference to the game itself#among other wonderful tags#please visit their blog if you havent its really such a joy#thank you once again for dropping me an ask i do appreciate it and i hope you like my reply :''D#sunflower: tinkeringtoolkits
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spoonie-ritsu · a year ago
Tumblr media
Thank you to everyone that appreciated my boy Ram!! I would have cleaned this up more, but I wanted to post this in time for Thanksgiving! ouo
Some more facts about Plant Grump: - This may be a fantasy world, but Ram was designed to be Thai! - Aggressively Optimistic. No matter what the world throws at him, he’ll keep moving forward out of sheer spite. - Doesn’t respect or trust authority unless they earn it. Nadia is one such authority figure. - Tends to be a bit serious, and keeps people at a distance with his abrasive, moody demeanor, but manage to get close to him and you’ll find he can be very gentle and loving. - VERY stubborn, but when he allows himself to relax, can be spontaneous and enjoys adventure too! - Loves domesticity and simplistic living, but secretly has a longing for luxury sometimes. Jewelry is a big weakness of his. - Has an encyclopedic knowledge of plants and their uses, and given the opportunity, can infodump about it for hours. - Names all of his plants, gets depressed for a few days when one of his favorites eventually reaches the end of it’s little plant life.
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asrage · 2 years ago
✲゚ 〢 *    ✕      (   CHARACTER  STUDY  /   𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐒   )
Tumblr media
bold any fears which apply to your muse.
    italicize what makes them uncomfortable.
the dark   ⋆   fire   ⋆   open water   ⋆   deep water   ⋆   being alone   ⋆   crowded spaces   ⋆   confined spaces   ⋆   change   ⋆   failure   ⋆   war   ⋆   loss of control   ⋆   powerlessness   ⋆   prison   ⋆   blood   ⋆   drowning   ⋆   suffocation   ⋆   public speaking   ⋆   natural animals   ⋆   the supernatural   ⋆   heights   ⋆   death   ⋆   dying   ⋆   intimacy   ⋆   rejection   ⋆   abandonment   ⋆   loss   ⋆   the unknown   ⋆   the future   ⋆   not being good enough   ⋆   scary stories   ⋆   speaking to new people   ⋆   poverty   ⋆   loud noises   ⋆   being touched   ⋆   forgetting   ⋆   being forgotten   ⋆   hospitals
tagged by:  stole it off my other account ey tagging:  hngnghn pls im t,ired n busy i’m just trying to look activ,,e i’m probably gonna come b,,ack and say this is all a lie in three weeks take pity,.,..,,
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faces-facing-me · 2 years ago
#hey so like click see more if you want my life story#lol#jk#its not my life story#its just me venting in the tags#anyway im so sad and empty and depressed ALL THE TIME#and ive been this way for just so long#the main problem is that i am really good at hiding it and im not quick to ask for help#on the handful of times i have asked for help it has been when ive been going through an especially rough time#so i reach out to my friends who i generally believe to be good people and who i have seen show compassion to people like me#i sit down and with calm demeanor and tell them that i have been depressed for 8 years and that ive been anxious for as long as i remember#and they respond with nothing of meaning and never bring it up again#as if this is not news to them and they dont care#but the same people turn around and say kind words and put effort into caring for others but never me#why never me#why dont i deserve their love? why don't people care when i tell them ive thought about dying every night for the past 6 months?#do they not believe me when i tell them? do they not care? why? i don't understand#why do these people whom i have given so much of myself not seem to care whether i live or die#anyway im just upset and sad and lonely and tired of being all of those things#im sorry i do this thing where i post my feelings in the tags i know its kinda oversharing#but i dont have a lot of people who i can talk to who will care so i tell it to the void#thank you for your patience#have a good night/day
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