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#i have decided that catch the nightbus is like
chloelucia13 · 6 months ago
Chapter 15: The Mall Rats and the Case of the Missing Lifeguard
Pairing: none for the moment (currently Jonathan Byers x (kinda) Platonic!Henderson!reader)
Prompt:  You always thought Hawkins was the most boring town of all, stuck in a vacuum void of excitement and entertainment. Well, it seems that way until the world decided to flip upside down, literally.
Chapter Summary: You felt... different. Whatever happened that night in that warehouse had changed you, but you feared telling anyone else about what had occurred. Or maybe... Maybe you couldn't.
Warnings: some fluff, some angst, mostly just going in depth with plot, language, kinda gory, discussions of not having control over your body (flashbacks in italics, separate perspective in bold)
Word Count: 3746
A/N: The series continues! The chapters for season three are gonna get pretty wild, so I hope everyone’s excited to see it! As always, my requests, inbox, and tag lists are open! 
Tags: @just-my-fandom​, @nightbu-g​
Tumblr media
“Get the fuck up! We gotta go!” 
A harsh cough rattled your lungs as you awoke, blinking quickly to try and clear your vision and orient yourself. “Wh-” you grumbled, scrambling to get on your feet.
A hand grabbed your arm, pulling you to your feet. Your mind quickly caught up with your body and you began to sprint. Behind you, a snarl echoed through the empty warehouse, spurring you further forward and out of the building. “Get in the car!” Billy demanded, and you followed his instructions with no second thought. 
As soon as you both had sat down, Billy sped out of the lot and down the long stretch of road. “What the fuck was that?” he shouted, his voice strong despite the clear wooziness that plagued both of you.
It was familiar, that you knew. That presence, it was something that had left a large imprint on you. You thought it was gone. You thought you didn’t have to suffer any longer.
But whatever that thing was, it was more than you had ever seen. It was new, worse than anything you had ever experienced. It scared the shit out of you.
So you only half-lied when you responded, “I don’t know.”
Within moments, Billy screeched to a halt in front of a phone booth. You both stumbled out of the car and tucked yourselves away in the glass box, praying that it would be enough to shelter you from whatever that being was, if only for a few seconds. As you leaned against the wall to try and get a full breath of air int your lungs, Billy held the handset to his ear and dialed 911. From where you stood, you could hear a tinny female voice come through the speaker.
The single light above your head began to flicker, and any hope that you had in your mind that this was something completely foreign flew out the window. 
You and Billy exchanged a glance as the light died out, and he hung the handset up before hesitantly pulling the phone box’s door open and stepping out. You followed behind him, footsteps sounding in the distance as you stared out at the open road where the car’s headlights illuminated a path. A thick fog had settled over the air, ashen particles intermingling with the fog and creating an all-too-familiar dread in the pit of your stomach.
As the two of you walked forward, the silhouette of a crowd could be seen through the haze, their footsteps growing closer and closer to you.
“What do you want?” Billy huffed, standing his ground in the middle of the road. You stood beside him, but your fear was evident. “Hey! I said, what do you want!”
“Billy-” you attempted to stop him as a clash of thunder and flash of lightning streaked the red night sky.
“I said, what do you want!”
The crowd froze, and two individuals stepped forward, their features materializing through the fog.
Features you knew as well as your own. Features that were your own.
When you finally came to, you were already at the pool. You assumed you had just zoned out this morning, too wrapped up in whatever happened last night to realize what you were even doing.
But that was the thing. You couldn’t remember what happened last night. Sure, you remembered the crash, and that thing, those people. But that was it. Everything else was blank. 
You felt different. Like your skin was on fire and your insides were frozen solid. Every light was too bright, every brush of wind felt like you were being whipped, and every sound was far too loud. And you were so thirsty.
These new feelings made working at a pool more miserable than it already was. You tried your hardest to push through it, ignore the pain and just get through the day, but it proved to be much harder than you were anticipating. In order to live through the day without feeling like absolute shit, you had swapped shifts with Heather, allowing you to sit in the air-conditioned office and work at the entrance to the pool.
The day had gone smoothly for the most part, except for the lingering feeling of wrongness that had settled deep into your bones. It was that same feeling that had plagued you when you were stuck in the upside down, a sense fo familiarity in a completely unfamiliar place. But, at the same time, it was like nothing you had ever experienced, like your entire being was just a thought shoved in the brain of a body you didn’t own. 
You were about to get up and grab another bottle of water from the fridge when a figure appeared at the front counter. “How many?” you hummed, pulling your sunglasses over your eyes to block out the sunlight.
“Are you okay?” the person responded, and your shoulders slouched at the familiar voice. 
“Hey Steve. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was you.”
he scoffed, folding his arms across his chest. “Just a ‘hey, Steve?’ You didn’t call me last night! I drove over here and you weren’t here but your car was! And now you look like you’re dying and you didn’t even recognize me!” he shouted.
You winced at the volume of his voice, your head pounding. “Sorry, sorry. My car broke last night and I had to get a ride from Billy.”
Steve vividly stiffened. “He didn’t... Do anything, right?”
“No! God no! He- he just dropped me off and I fell asleep and forgot to call you. that’s all.”
“That’s all that happened last night?”
“I said, what do you want?” Billy’s voice roared, nearly matching the intensity of the thunder clapping in the sky.
You stood stock still as the mirror image of you stepped closer and closer until they were toe to toe with you. 
Your clone and Billy’s clone spoke simultaneously, a singular bellowing voice echoing out, “To build. I want you to build.”
“To build what?” you snapped, fingers curling into fists.
“What you see.”
Your brows furrowed in confusion and you stepped back. 
“I don’t understand,” Billy huffed. With a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning, the figures disappeared, leaving you and Billy alone on the deserted street. 
“Billy, we need to go-”
“I don’t understand!” he snarled, spinning in circles and taking in the dramatic change of atmosphere that happened in a split second. “What do you mean? I don’t understand!”
A startled gasp fell from your lips as you snapped out of your memories, eyes wide as you fixed your gaze back on Steve. 
“What the hell, Y/N? Are you sure you’re okay?” Steve urged, reaching forward to touch you.
You recoiled, stumbling out of your chair and onto your feet. “I’m fine,” you hissed, winding your jaw tight. 
“Y/N, you’re clearly not-”
He jumped at the tone of your voice.
“I’m fine. Just drop it. I need to work. I’ll call you tonight.”
He mirrored your clenched jaw, but he nodded and walked away without another word.
You collapsed to your knees with a shuddering sigh. You weren’t okay, and you wanted to tell Steve. You wanted to beg for help, for him to take you to a hospital or something. But there was this weird switch in your mind, a defense mechanism of sorts, that turned you into a completely different person. It was like you were possessed.
Your reflection on your current state was cut short, though, when a guttural yell echoed from the showers. You sprung to your feet and rushed over to the showers, only to run into Heather who had heard the same thing. You two shared a look before hurrying over to the only running shower. 
However, as soon as Billy’s crumpled form came into view, your body began to move on that same autopilot that it did just moments ago, your mind and being possessed by an entity that you couldn’t hold back. Silently, you stood behind Heather as she called out Billy’s name, hoping to snap him out of his stupor. After a few tries, she was successful in catching his attention.
“Billy, are you hurt?” she asked, lowering to her knees in front of him.
“What?” he gasped, brow furrowed.
“I said, are you hurt?” She let out a huff when he continued to stare. “What’s going on? I heard screaming. Should I call an ambulance?” She glanced back at you, confusion further marring her features when she noticed the rigid-but-dazed state that you were in.
You watched as Billy’s eyes lifted up to yours, and then everything went black.
The bumpy road made you dizzy as you stared at the road ahead. The car was completely silent, except for the revving engine and the thunder, of which you couldn’t decipher if it was coming from outside or if it was inside your head.
The car rolled into the familiar gravel lot that sat outside the abandoned building. You and Billy robotically exited the car and as Billy opened the trunk, you began to slowly descend down the metal stairs that fed into the building’s basement. Once you were at the bottom, you sat on the concrete floor and stared into the deep black abyss that laid just feet from where you were.
Billy’s footsteps echoed throughout the building as he walked down the stairs, his figure and the limp body he was carrying coming into view. As he walked past you, nausea settled in the pit of your stomach and you were positive that you were going to vomit, but you couldn’t even move.
He gently laid Heather’s now-alert body on the cold concrete between you and the staring darkness. Her eyes locked with yours, silently begging for mercy, and your eyes began to well with tears along with hers. Billy whispered lowly in her ear before rising to his feet and standing next to you, both of you disturbingly still as a growl echoed through the humid air.
From the darkness emerged a creature created from limbs and blood and gore, its monstrous body crawling towards the sacrifice you had involuntarily placed before it.
Beside you, though, Billy was able to tear his eyes away from the sight, anger radiating off of him. You, however, couldn’t force your body to look away.
When Max said that Billy may be doing something weird, Eleven didn’t expect this. 
Through the empty expanse of black, a car sat feet away from her. BIlly’s car. The headlights glowed bright into the dark, illuminating the large shatter on the windshield as she walked over to the driver’s side and peered inside.
Soft whimpers reverberated through the empty air as she rounded the back of the car, glancing into the opened trunk before looking up and seeing Billy’s figure knelt on the ground.
“I found him,” El announced.
“What’s he doing?” Max inquired.
“I don’t know. He’s... on the floor... talking to someone.”
Billy’s voice mingled with the harsh whimpers from a disembodied voice as Eleven walked closer, anxiety gnawing at her lungs as she struggled to gasp in a breath.
As she walked, she nearly stumbled over another figure that sat on the floor, a few feet away from Billy. 
“Y/N,” Eleven breathed.
“Y/N?” Max nearly shouted, and Eleven imagined that her eyebrows had shot up to her hairline. “What is he doing to her?”
“Nothing, she’s just... sitting there.” Eleven knelt in front of you, examining your face. “She’s crying.”
Just as she was about to reach out and touch you, Billy rose to his feet, startling her attention back to him.
And he looked at her. He saw her.
With his eyes locked on hers, her heartbeat jumped to her throat. There was something off lurking behind his eyes, something disturbed. But as soon as she saw him, he was gone, evaporating into nothingness.
She gasped in terror and ripped the blindfold from her eyes, light flooding her vision as blood dripped from her nose.
“What is it? What happened?” Max urged, reaching forward and touching Eleven’s arm in an attempt to ground her back into reality.
By the time that you had left the Hargrove/Mayfield residence, exhaustion had settled deep into your bones. Silently, you trudged along the broken road that winded from Billy’s house to yours and reflected on everything that had taken place in the last eight hours. 
You felt... disgusting. Monstrous.
You couldn’t remember much of it, but what you do remember made you ponder who you really were. Were you actually you? Did you truly do those heinous things? Or were you just a pawn, a puppet forced to orchestrate these terrible acts to appease these beings?
You were so deeply entrenched in your own thoughts that you didn’t even notice the pair of girls walked towards you.
“Y/N?” Max voiced, startling you.
“Max! El! Hey! What are you guys doing over here?” you hummed, smacking a smile onto your face and acting like nothing was wrong.
The two girls exchanged a look. “We were, uh, walking to my house. What are you doing?”
You nodded, awkwardly crossing your arms over your chest. “Oh, I was just taking a walk. Needed to stretch my legs.”
“Right.” You pursed your lips and looked over to El who was staring at you with a strange look. “Well I should probably get going. It looks like it’s gonna start raining soon. You guys stay safe, okay?”
They both nodded, but their demeanors were unusual. They were usually so comfortable around you, and it made you worry that you had done something to them that you couldn’t remember. 
“Bye, Y/N,” El spoke finally, nodding at you before Max grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away.
With adrenaline coursing through their veins from what they found hidden under the bathroom sink, the two girls rushed to the heart of town to dig further.
As they exited the pool house, they noticed Jonathan and Nancy leaving the Hawkins Post. They ran over to the other pair, calling their names. 
“Hey, what’s going on?” Nancy asked the girls, her brows furrowed in confusion from their panicked states.
“Have either of you talked to Y/N recently?” Max inquired, leading the group under a large awning attached to one of the shops on the block to escape from the rain.
Nancy and Jonathan both shook their head. 
“Why? Is something wrong?” Jonathan spoke up.
“She didn’t show up to work today. Neither did Heather or Billy,” max explained.
“She probably didn’t feel good and she stayed home,” Nancy tried to reason, giving the girls a reassuring smile. “Besides, I doubt Billy and heather skipping work has anything to do with Y/N.”
Eleven vehemently shook her head. “She was with Billy,” she argued, anxiety evident in her voice.
That made Jonathan and Nancy exchange a look between each other before looking back at the girls. “What do you mean?” Nancy urged.
“Last night, we were messing with El’s powers and we decided to spy on Billy. We thought it was gonna be a bad idea, but we weren’t expecting...” Max trailed off, searching for the words. “El saw Y/N with Billy. She was sitting behind him, and she was crying, and he was talking to someone.”
“And this morning,” El broke in. “She was walking from Billy’s house.”
Max nodded. “We looked around and we found a whole bunch of lifeguard stuff hidden under the sink. We don’t know if it’s Y/N’s or someone else’s but-”
“It was bloody.”
The same panic that the girls felt began to invade Nancy and Jonathan’s systems, their hearts palpitating and their breathing becoming ragged. “Oh my god,” Nancy breathed out finally.
“Maybe it’s nothing,” Jonathan spoke, shaking his head. “Maybe we’re just reading into it too much. I’ll call her tonight and check in on her. It’ll be okay.”
The girls nodded, but that anxiety still lingered in the air. They hadn’t even mentioned what El had seen in the showers at the pool, but they thought that it wasn’t dire at the moment.
“Do you guys need a ride home?” Nancy asked, breaking the silence.
“No, we still need to do something,” Max stated vaguely before the two girls pulled their hoods over their heads and ran through the rain over to their bikes.
The rain was pouring outside as you tucked your hair behind your ear, a blank look on your face. In the dining room, Heather’s parents chatted idly with Billy while you and Heather meandered dazedly around the kitchen.
Some sort of bell or signal appeared to go off in your mind, as you slapped a smile on your face and made your way into the dining room, sitting in the chair besides Billy and joined in on the senseless chatter.
After a few moments, the chat fell silent, and you and Billy lifted your gaze to see Max and Eleven standing in the doorway of the dining room. You noticed both girls were taken aback by your presence, reeling for a moment.
“Max,” Billy stated plainly.
“We didn’t mean to... Barge in,” Max began to explain, finally finding her voice. “We tried to knock but maybe you didn’t hear us over the storm.”
“I’m sorry, but who is this dripping all over my living room right now?” Heather’s father spoke up, shifting to look at the two girls.
You and Billy both chuckled, exchanging a glance before you subtly gestured for him to introduce them. “I’m sorry,” Billy hummed. Janet, Tom, this... Is my sister, Maxine.”
“And her friend, El,” you added, following Billy as he stood up and walked over to the two girls.
“What on earth are you doing here?” he grumbled. “Is something wrong?”
“We just wanted to make sure everything is okay,” Max explained, quickly glancing over at you before returning her gaze to Billy.
“Okay? Why wouldn’t it be okay?” you spoke, looking between the two girls.
Max looked at you incredulously, as if that was a rhetorical question, before Eleven spoke up: “Where is she?”
“I’m sorry, where is who?” Billy hummed, a playful tone in his voice.
“Well, they’re a little burnt, I’m sorry-” Heather rambled as she brought a tray of cookies into the dining room, pausing when she saw the small group gathered between the living room and the dining room.
“Heather! This is my sister, Maxine! And I’m sorry, I did not quite catch your name...”
“El,” El stated plainly, fire in her eyes.
“Now, what is it you were saying, El? You were looking for somebody?” you said sweetly, giving her a smile.
El’s brows furrowed confusedly as she looked over at Heather, stutters falling from her lips. I-I saw- I saw you-” El tried to formulate.
“Your manager,” Max cut in. “At the pool. He said you guys didn’t come into work today, so we got worried.”
“Heather wasn’t feeling so hot today, so we all thought we’d take the day off to nurse her back to health,” Billy explained, smiling at you and Heather. “But you’re feeling just fine right now, aren't you, Heather?”
“I’m feeling so much better,” Heather agreed, shaking her head emphatically. As Billy turned back to the girls, Heather offered the two girls a cookie. “They’re fresh out of the oven.”
“No, no, we should get going,” Max voiced, gripping onto El’s sleeve and giving you one last worried look. “Let’s go.”
“Billy, do you mind walking them out?” you asked, smiling at the two girls.
“Of course,” Billy nodded, walking behind the two girls as you made your way back to the table.
“Well, they’re quite lovely,” Janet noted. “So nice of them to check on you two, even if they dragged some mud in doing so.”
“They truly are the sweetest,” you agreed. “Sorry about all of that, though.”
As Heather’s mother began to go off on a tangent, a sharp pain began to course through your skull. Suddenly, visions of El sealing the gate closed flashed before your eyes, her screams piercing your ears. You gripped onto the table and watched black veins creep up your arms between flashes of the burning orange gate slowly web closed. It left as soon as it came though, though the veins still lingered on your skin and a heavy fog clouded your mind, inhibiting your thoughts.
The creature took over your mind, taking advantage of the fog to make you act as if nothing was wrong. You watched Billy walk into the room and sit beside you, him seemingly in that same daze.
“Is everything alright?” Heather questioned, brows knitted in concern.
“Yes,” Billy stated simply, and you took note of the black veins that snaked in his eyes when he glanced at you. “Everything’s fine.”
“Your sister really didn’t want to stay?” Janet asked, mirroring her daughter’s concern.
“No, she’s just not... you know, really a people person.”
“Well, I just don't like the idea of them out there in the storm like that.”
“Oh, they’ll be fine,” Tom huffed, clearly wanting to end the conversation.
Janet nodded hesitantly and reached for her wine, only for her hand to graze the glass and knock it over. “Oh!” she exclaimed, grabbing a cloth napkin and beginning to dab up the spilled liquid.
“I told you to slow down on that wine, Janet,” Tom grumbled, shoving another forkful of food into his mouth.
“Yes, darling.”
“Are you okay, mommy?” Heather asked, her brows furrowed once more.
“Yes, I’m- I’m just... Feeling a little lightheaded is all.”
As Tom made another comment about the wine, you and Heather and Billy exchanged a look, all of the emotion gone from your faces. Out of your peripheral, you watched as Heather’s mother rose from her seat, only for her to collapse to the ground.
Heather’s father shot to his feet to help his wife, all the while you three gripped your weapons in your hands. You handed Billy a bottle of chloroform and as he wet his cloth napkin with it, Heather carried her wine bottle into the living room. Silently, you both followed behind her and watched as she swung the bottle into her father’s skull. Billy handed her the napkin a moment later, and Heather quickly finished off the remaining half of her parents.
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har-rison-s · a year ago
loving you
request: omg nsfw stan x reader where his wife (the reader) has been away on a business trip or something for her job (you can decide) and she comes home to stan and he’s all needy and clingy with her and just wants to make love to her bc he missed her ASKDKEXJ IM SOFT I-
A/N: Shdhfsbdfhdsb hello. We about to do this. I'm soft, too ahsbdfahshdshah. I sure hope it's good what I'll have written. I'm nervous about writing this. This is a first for me in some ways. I'm watching the Corpse Bride while I write. Fitting, I know. But it's one of my favourites and, since it's the 9th of halloween, what better cartoon to watch if I've already watched Coraline twice and the Nightmare Before Christmas? Three more horror cartoons to go! Happy reading!
This gon' be hot and steamy!
warnings: smut :)
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Tumblr media
Stanley had missed her a lot. Y/N's work trip to Europe had dragged much too long for his liking. He was so ready to see her again and wrap her between the white bed sheets, along with his love and his lust and affection.
He had waited for her at the airport and greeted her with flowers, the romantic. She had nothing against it, in fact, Y/N loves cliché things such as flowers and chocolates in heart-shaped boxes and rose petals and candles… She embraced him tightly, and he spun her like a ballerina in his arms. Her face was covered with his tender, quick kisses and she had smiled, blushing as deep a red color as the roses he brought her.
Sitting in their car, Stanley was craving the feeling, the touch of her so bad, he'd gladly let her sit in his lap. But that would be against many rules of driving and steering the wheel. Screw rules, right? No, Y/N wouldn't have allowed it.
So Stan settled for his hand on her thigh for the car ride. She told him about her work trip to Europe, told him how romantic it'd be to go to Paris together, walk the streets of Venice, visit Vienna's opera house. Stanley listened and even put her words in the back of his mind as notes for later anniversary, Christmas and birthday gifts.
But Y/N noticed his hand was making bold moves on her thigh. His hold was different from his previous ones, firstly, much more grabbing. She could feel it in only the tip of his fingers, his intentions and thoughts. How the digits were pressing deeper in her skin than usual. He was never bold, he was always gentle and careful, and she loved that about Stanley. This feeling she got from his hand now was exciting her, though.
She glanced over at Stanley when his hand grasped closer to her crotch. She was only wearing a dress and his hand would soon discover her underwear. Due to comfort reasons, Y/N chose to wear her favorite pair on her return day. Soft pink, they were. Hugging her bum and hip area perfectly. That sight Stanley about to behold in a few minutes time.
Stanley left the car with Y/N's bags in his hold in a hurry. And when the door was open and the bags were on the floor, Stanley couldn't hold himself back any longer. Y/N didn't wish he would have for a second.
The couple reached their bedroom in time before all clothes were thrown off and skins marked completely, though the competition was intense. Just as their everlasting feelings for each other.
Y/N hadn't seen such an eager and lustful side of Stanley in their years of marriage. The wedding night was very similar, but not the same in excitement, she must admit. This is more than marital love, this feels more than that.
Stanley's fingers are digging small holes into the inner thighs of his wife and his lips are covering any inch of her they can get to. His pants are already gone, as well as his jacket, and Y/N's still in her dress. They're moving against each other, the movements synchronised by some inner rhythms only love can create. Y/N can already feel the length and width of how eager her husband is and she moans at just the thought of what's to happen.
She's about to have an introduction because Stanley finally reaches beyond the limits of her pink underwear. Y/N sighs, gladness spreading over her face and through the body, and her grasp tightens around Stanley's arms.
“You've… no idea how much I've missed you.” Stanley tells Y/N. His hands spread her legs wider, as well as her labia lips. Stanley's digits are soft against her skin, her very soft, velvety skin.
Y/N moans, loud and whining. Or is it…? Craving. Longing. Hunger, you might as well. Her head presses into the pillow. “Show me.” She pants to Stanley who keeps on his sweet torture on her clit as teasing and enjoyable for both as possible. “Show me now.”
“I wouldn't hold it in for the world, baby-love.” Stanley tells her in response. They both giggle, Stan realises he's made an accidental joke.
Y/N pushes Stanley off her gently, with her little hands, and sits up on her knees on the bed. Stanley's hands reach for her waist while she tries to get her dress off.
The man is in complete awe watching her. His eyes only see her and he thinks he'll see only her for the rest of his life. She's in front of him and shining like an angel. There might as well be a light blasting from behind her.
Her pink underwear is the only garment she wears. Stanley's eyes fall upon her breasts, her stomach, her neck, her arms, her legs… There's so much for him to see, too much almost. God, the things he would do to her now and the following hours and nights and days… He's got too many thoughts and options to choose from.
His wife senses his fastidious expression and grins. She knows all about what's going on his mind. Y/N slides closer to him and starts lifting his shirt off of him. Time seems to have stopped, they're in no rush. Stanley's feelings, of course, stay as intense and blood-rushing as they were the whole car ride, and all the time he waited for her at home.
Y/N puts her arms around Stanley's shoulders and tilts her head slightly. There's a soft smile itching he corners of her lips while she looks at Stanley. She's finally home, and she's so glad to be. Y/N runs her hand slowly through Stanley's curls and touches his scalp on the way. Stanley smiles. He's missed this small gesture from her, he realises.
“Mind if I show you how much I've missed you now?” Stanley questions and his hand takes Y/N's waist in almost a possessive manner. She chuckles and nods, agreeing. “You were asking for it.” He points out.
Y/N pokes his shoulder. “Shut up and make love to me, you fool.” She commands and lets go of him, dropping back down on their bed. She lays there for a second, waiting for Stanley to join her.
“I promise to.” He says, and it's all quick and hurried and lustful and everything both of them want from that second on. Quick and grabby hands, bedsheets ruffling, hair getting in the way, pairs of underwear thrown in the air. All hurried and fast, as if they were losing time. But they had all the time they could wish for, and Stanley was sure to use every second of it.
He smothers her with kisses from her lips down to her knees. Each one makes her shiver, her whimpers like music to the man's ears. His curls tickle her skin and his lips crush against her. Y/N can't wait anymore.
She takes a hold of Stanley's face and brings it back up to face hers, and she gives him a tight kiss. He can feel her impatience and knows it matches his. Stanley grins. 
The second he's gone inside of her, they both feel like seven feet in the air. Stanley's head drops in the crook of her neck and he grunts, gripping the sheet under his hand. Y/N's eyes flutter shut. This is what she's been missing, what both of them have.
He's completely absorbed in everything she gives, her love, her body, her sounds, her juices and her lust. Stanley gives his love to her with every thrust of his hips and every kiss to her neck, gives his craving and tries his best to make up for the time lost.
Y/N's hands grip the back of his neck tighter and needier with each of his thrusts, and she tries to meet his hips with her own. They're not far from release, despite the desire to make this last longer. 
No words need to be exchanged. Stanley knows Y/N's body as well as she knows his, he can feel that she's about to reach her peak. Stanley makes her look at him, tilting her face and she meets his eyes. Desperation, excitement, lust. 
Cloudy eyes meet another pair of the same sort. Y/N nods at Stanley, encouraging him to quicken his pace and meet his release with her. She runs her hand through his hair again and pulls him down to her, their lips meeting in a kiss that make their heads spin.
Grunts and moans and whimpers, ones of success and reaching release, fill the room once the couple comes undone. Almost in sync—Stanley was only a second late. 
He moved them both closer to the headboards, where the heavenly bed of pillows lay, and wrapped his arms around his wife. They had to catch their breaths. Y/N had never had love as intense as this made to her before. She found Stanley's hand with her own and interlocked their fingers.
Y/N looks at Stanley from below, her head resting on his bicep, and he smiles down at her. He presses a kiss to her forehead and Y/N giggles, pulling herself closer into her husband's embrace.
“Hope you've got more in ya'.” Stanley says to her and Y/N raises her head in question. Stanley winks. 
“You mad man.” She tells him. Stanley laughs.
“A mad man in love.”
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A/N: the best thing is writing “nack” instead of “neck” multiple times in one request. ahsdbfhs. i love stanley. can i please have one.
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jebentnietalleen · 2 years ago
21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If you’d ask Lucas a few weeks ago what the worst moment in his life was, he would have told you that it had to be the time that Yann pulled down his pants in front of his crush Michel when they were like, 11. He doesn’t think he has ever been more embarrased in his life. When he thinks back on the people laughing, the stares, particularly Michel’s stare, he gets red almost instantly. Like he is back in that schoolyard, all those years ago. A part of him never forgave Yann for that, especially since he likes to remind him of that horrid incident from time to time whenever Yann thinks Lucas seems to get too cocky.  Which is just ridiculous, he doesn’t get cocky. He just knows when he is right and he can’t help it if other people don’t know how to handle that. Anyways, until recently, that would have been his first choice for Absolute Shit Moment. Until now. Because now, he is stranded in the middle of nowhere with Eliott Demaury.
Eliott, the most handsome guy in school. Eliott, who can light up any room just by smiling. Eliott, who merely has to exist for Lucas to feel like he is about to explode. Eliott, who happened to be in the same nightbus home from a big party in the city center. He had seen him at the party, because lets face it: there is no way you can ignore Eliott Demaury. It’s not Lucas’ fault that Eliott is like a magnet: no matter how many other people there are in any given room, if Eliott is in it, his eyes are drawn to him automatically. He looked extra gorgeous tonight, which really isn’t fair because he was only wearing a black t-shirt and ripped dark grey jeans. Lucas tried to pay attention to other people and failed miserably, resulting in him binge drinking a bunch of beers and shots. Needless to say, he wasn’t sober anymore. One might even say he was drunk, technically speaking. 
And now, on top of everything, Eliott is getting into the same bus as him. Lucas wouldn’t even be on the bus, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were in the midst of a thunderstorm. Oh, and of course there wasn’t any seat left other than next to Lucas, who tried to perch himself to the window and looked outside as if he could even see anything in the dark besides the rain and the occational bolt of lightning. He felt Eliott’s presence in the seat next to him, the warmth of his leg practically radiates againsts his own. Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything.
‘Lucas?’ Shit. Now he can’t pretend that he didn’t notice the fact that the man of his dreams is sitting next to him. Shut up brain, and more importantly: don’t send any wrong signals to his mouth. Drunk Lucas was even worse than sober Lucas, he had no filter whatsoever. He turned his head around quickly, looking Eliott straight in the eye. Oh wow. Wrong call. Definitely wrong call. Those grey blue eyes should be illegal. His eyes drift towards Eliott’s mouth. Abort, abort. His lips are slightly parted into an amused grin. ‘Uhm.’ Use you words, Lallemant, God. ‘Hi, sorry, I didn’t see you there’ The lie sounds fake even to his own ears, and Eliott’s stare makes him blush even harder than before. Eliott chuckles. 'No problem. Did you have fun tonight?’ For a second Lucas forgot that he was at a party only minutes ago, already forgetting the loud music and close bodies, bouncing around in the dark. 'Oh. Yes! I mean, yeah, sure. It was okay, I guess. Uhm, did you?’ Okay, that was almost a normal sentence, way to go, brain. 'Oh yeah, I loved it. I always like to release some energy by dancing. It’s just that you seemed kind of distracted tonight. It almost looked like you weren’t really enjoying yourself.’ Lucas’ eyes widen, Eliott actually saw him in the club tonight? Looked at him long enough to make some kind of observation about him? What the…? 'I mean, sorry, I didn’t mean to pry or anything. It isn’t my place at all, I am glad you did like it’ Eliott splutters, looking like he regretted starting up a conversation more and more by the minute. 'No, no, that’s not it. I just… was kind of surprised you even realized we were at the same party.’ Ugh, way to sound pathetic. He should just shut up. 
Lucas looked at his lap, fidgeting with the zipper of his jacket. 'Of course I saw you, I actually kind of hoped to dance with you tonight, but before I got up the courage to go up and talk to you you were already heading out the door’ Lucas looks up at that, raising his eyebrows in disbelieve: 'Wait a minute, did you… follow me to the bus when you saw me leave? Do you not actually need to take this bus as well?’ Eliott bursts out into a laughing fit, doubling over, eyes turning into the prettiest half moons he has ever seen. 'I like you Lucas, but I am not stalking you. That part is pure coincidence, I promise. Although seeing you leave did kind of made me decide to call it a night as well. Sorry, is this too much?’ Lucas had trouble grasping what was going on: not only did Eliott notice him, saw him in the club and wanted to dance with him, now he is actually saying that he likes him? 'Sorry, I might have had a bit too much to drink today so I’m gonna need you to clarify that last part. You like me?’ Eliott actually looks shy, eyes darting around his head: 'Yes. I think the fact that I drank a bit more than usually is also the reason why I am suddenly telling you all this. Please ignore me’ and no, Lucas can’t have any of that: 'No no no! No ignoring! I like drunk Eliott. And… sober Eliott, too’ Oh my god, he is actually the cheesiest man alive, but who cares when he’s got Eliott Demaury looking at him like that, as if the smile on his face is never going to go away. 'Good-' 
Eliott gets cut off midsentence by the bus’ suddenly screeching to a halt. Lucas didn’t know it was possible to lose your balance whilst sitting down, and yet he managed to practically land in Eliott’s lap. 'Oops, sorry’ he mumbles, reluctantly making himself sit upright again. Before Eliott can respond, the voice of the busdriver sounds throughout the bus: 'Ladies and gentleman, I’m sorry to say the front wheel just collapsed. I am calling in another bus to come pick you up, but in the meantime you’re going to have to wait outside. There is a gasstation across the street, stay close if you want to catch the next bus’. Lucas sighs: 'Great. Time to get soaking wet, I guess’. Eliott is already halfway up and out of his seat, looking back at him:  'You coming?’ and he really shouldn’t look so smooth, walking away backwards towards the exit, and yet… Lucas follows, of course he does.
He starts to take a sprint - why didn’t he wear a jacket with a hoodie on it tonight? - when he feels a hand circling his wrist: ‘Wait, wait’ is he serious right now? Lucas turns around to find Eliott looking at him expectantly. ‘Are you kidding me? Are you a fan of the rain, is that it? We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?’ Eliott grins: ‘Are you afraid of the thunder? What’s the matter, you’re afraid of the rain as well?’ Lucas can’t believe this guy, but more importantly, he can’t believe himself: he is actually falling for this. ‘Me, afraid? Not afraid.’ Eliott laughs, cocks his head to the side: ‘Okay, I believe you. What I was gonna say is: have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss in the rain?’ and oh. Okay. Yeah. Lucas lets his eyes wander to Eliott’s lips, and when he looks back up at him again he could swear that his eyes have grown darker. ‘Now that you’ve mentioned it…’ Lucas feels brave, feels a wave of want take over him, and fuck it, he’s going for it. He swings his arms around Eliott’s neck, pulling him closer, until their lips meet and all of the sudden he doesn’t feel the cold of the rain anymore. All he can feel is Eliott, against his lips, arms around his waist, flush against his body. He can feel Eliott sigh into his mouth and feels a little proud at that. Eliott breaks off the kiss to ask him: ‘Wanna go to the gasstation?’ Lucas never shook has head harder or faster than that very moment: ‘You know what, we’re already soaked, might as well stay here ‘till the bus comes’, tilting his head up in order to get more kisses. Eliott lets out a breathy laugh and obliges. They almost miss the arrival of the bus, but thankfully the bus driver is so kind as to wait for them to finally get in. Maybe thunderstorms aren’t so bad after all.
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tirsaroundtheworld · 4 years ago
After a night of indulging in the luxury of Singapore airport, I arrived in Manila nicely on time for Bamsi's arrival. How great it was to be reunited after 7 months!! 👯 We literally took hours to catch up still at the airport. 😂 The remainder of the day we spent designing our itinerary, before we took off to start our 5 weeks of adventure. As the situation in the south was very unstable, we decided to stay on Luzon. Our stay in the Philippines ended up to be short, but sweet. Of the 9 days that we spent exploring Luzon we probably spent over 50% in any type of bus, but luckily many adventures happened along the way and these were the highlights: # After a night in Manila we made our way up north to Vigan, an old Spanish colonial city with a lovely old center. The Spanish street style combined with the horses and carriages, the old buildings, the helpful and friendly people, the magical fountain show and the shining sun made it a perfect place to warm us up to Luzon. 🌞 # Using a public bus, 3 different but all very local and overused minivans and a typically Philippino jeepney we made our way past countless stunning views from Bitalag to Cervantes to Abatan to Bontoc and finally to Sagada. This sleepy village in the heart of the cordillera used to be home to the Igorot tribe that has some interesting traditions for the burial of their ancesters. The deceased men who past 80 years of age are buried in foetal position in tiny coffins that hang from the wall of a cliff. This way they are closer to nature and closer to heaven when they decease. The women and younger deceased are buried inside various caves. Over the years with the American influence, more and more people became catholic so this type of burial isn't very popular anymore. There are however still some people opting for a hanging afterlife and the newest coffin was placed in 2010. An interesting tradition with an interesting view! # Being in such tiny places with rich histories and little modern developments is very interesting, but has some disadvantages as well. One of them became very real in Sagada; we could not get any money from the only ATM in town, our cash was running out quickly and not a single place would accept any of our cards. Sooner than planned we thus continued our way to our next destination, hoping we could get some cash in the larger Bontoc on the way. When in Bontoc, with the next 1 hour jeepney to Banaue already full and waiting for us to leave, we tried all ATMs, banks and other possibilities but none would accept our cards. Oh oh... This left us only one option: to go out of the way to the closest big city. This city was Baguio, located a 6 hour drive away in exactly the opposite of our desired direction and we did not even have enough cash left to pay a ticket for the bus. 😫 Luckily we met the friendliest local lady who prepaid for our tickets, had her husband fetch us upon arrival in Baguio, took us along different ATMs until we found one that would give us cash and then got us back on a minivan that took us straight back past Bontoc to Banaue through the night. So a 14 hour detour, a LOT of hassle and discomfort later we finally reached Banaue. A big shout out to this lady and her family, if it wasn't for them we would not have made it!! 🙌 # Completely exhausted we first checked into a little hostel to catch some sleep, before we continued our travels to the tiny village of Batad. For first part of this route we took a tricycle, but the last part of the route to Batad, located in the midst of the mountains and countless terraces of rice, can only be crossed by foot. On this last bit of the route we were overtaken by a local guy carrying a large number of concrete bricks running down the narrow and rocky path, who stopped to ask if we were interested in a local guide. We were, so we would meet each other in the village and he ran off. At the end of the path we were welcomed into Batad with the most breathtaking view of the bright green ricefields with stunning stone walls covering the mountains as far as we could look, decorated with the tiny village in the valley and a river running along its side. The sun was shining and countless colourful dragonflies flew around us; what a beautiful place!! The guy with the bricks introduced us to a local homestay and after a short lunchbreak his wife Eliza took us along into the valley. Eliza was an amazing guide, telling us all about the history of the rice terraces, the life in the communities and the local traditions. While we walked up and down the steep mountains and through the terraces on the narrowest paths with 5m drops, she amazed us with her stories about that the rice harvest isn't even enough to feed the local communities, that richdom is measured in the amount of children one has and that insane prices are paid for pigs and buffalos for traditional celebrations. After a rather intense walk we reached the highest viewpoint, which gave us a majestic view over all of Batad and behind and it absolutely blew our minds! Still dazzled, we descended into the village of Cambullo where we visited local homes and baught some ridiculously overpriced water before we headed back to Batad for the night. In the morning Eliza took us all the way down the valley to the waterfall, where we had a lovely refreshing swim before we had to climb right back up the mountain. On the way we passed tiny local shops selling "I survived Batad"-shirts in different colours, quite on spot! 😂 It sure wasn't easy, just like our adventures to get there, but the struggle was worth it for sure. Batad truly is an amazing place!! 🙌 Another nightbus took us from Banaue back to Manila, where we spend a final day of riding jeepneys, visiting malls and exploring the rather disappointing Intramuros and surrounds. And then it was time to head back to the airport, with mixed feelings and so much ground left unexplored. I will have to come back to the Philippines one day, but for now: off to Indonesia! 👯🏝🇲🇨
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ramenforbrkfast · 4 years ago
lol was at a work party and needed to leave to catch my train to Hiroshima to catch my night bus to osaka to catch my plane to okinawa And I was on my way out when someone noticed and decided to end the party by having everyone stand up and form a circle, outstretch their hands with their palms up, and say a goodnight message But they couldn't seem to get it right so after a minute or two of grownass teachers drunk and giggling in a circle, my JTE was finally like HAYAKKU! Katherine Sensei's got to get a nightbus And they all clapped and off I went lol Oh I love those people Side note, the secretary reeeeally loves (1) Okinawa and (2) sake. While refilling our sake glasses, she kept telling me how much she loves Okinawa, except she'd say it like, "I like Okinawa very, very, very, very Okinawa" lol. And at one point she filled my glass, then tried filling the art teacher's glass with sake, and the art teacher told her she doesn't like sake, so she goes, "oh, well I like Katherine." Heheh
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wlwga-y · a year ago
My experiences travelling through Central Asia for 2 months (trip report)
My experiences travelling through Central Asia for 2 months (trip report)
So a couple weeks ago I (21M) posted a trip report of my journey through Central Asia up to that point in the regular travel subreddit, but since I'm travelling solo and because the regular travel subreddit seems to be more photo-oriented I decided to continue my trip report here. I decided to include my trip report from back then in this post as well (it was up to when I arrived in Bishkek) since I never posted it in this subreddit anyway.
Bit of info about myself; 21M, born and raised in the Netherlands. Previous solo trips include hitchhiking to Warsaw, interrailing across the Balkans, travelling around the Baltics, hanging in and around London for a couple days and a small side-trip to Bulgaria when I was staying in Istanbul with a friend of mine. I had never left Europe before this trip (except for when I went to the Asian part of Istanbul but eh). I finished studying last summer and since I had some money saved up I decided to take the opportunity and finally head out into deeper waters by venturing east. I opted to start my journey in Central Asia, mainly because of the recently eased visa regulations, the cheap cost, the natural/cultural diversity and the mystery that still kinda surrounds this lesser travelled region of the world.
In a span of 2 months I spent around €900. I averaged at around €15 a day, but some days I would spent way more than that and other days I'd spent less, depending on the activities of said day. Kyrgyzstan was the cheapest and Kazakhstan was the most expensive.
4 nights in Almaty
1 night taking an overnight bus to Astana
3 nights in Astana
1 night taking an overnight bus back to Almaty
4 nights in Almaty
1 night in Bishkek
5 nights in Karakol
4 nights in Bishkek
1 night taking an overnight bus to Shymkent
2 nights in Shymkent
2 nights in Tashkent
4 nights in Samarkand
4 nights in Bukhara
4 nights in Khiva
3 nights in Nukus
1 night taking an overnight train back to Tashkent
10 nights in Tashkent (I know, I know)
I hadn't planned any kind of route beforehand, I only had a flight ticket into Kazakhstan and a rough idea of what places I wanted to visit so I just kinda went with the flow for as much as possible. I didn't book a flight out of Central Asia until I was in Shymkent.
I definitely could have spent more time in Almaty and Karakol to explore more of the nearby nature and less time in Bishkek (1 night would've been more than enough) and Tashkent (3-4 probably would've been enough). The reason I stayed in Tashkent for 10 nights was mainly to catch a breather before starting the second leg of my journey through Asia in Thailand and to safe a little extra money for said second leg.
Personal highlights;
Wandering the backstreets of Khiva at night
The Registan in Samarkand
Horseriding in the Tien Shan mountain range
Exploring all the natural regions around Almaty and Karakol
The wonderful people I met on the road (cheesy but true)
Personal lows;
The hellish 22 hour bus ride from Almaty to Astana
Having to take overpriced taxis because of failing to find the correct marsruthka/mini-bus because of a lack of information and public transport
Tedious border crossings
The former port town of Moynaq (I'm glad I visited but it's such an utterly depressing place)
Trip report;
My first stop was Almaty in Kazakhstan; a surprisingly modern and metropolitan city with an extremely fancy metro system and an overabundance of amazing nature surrounding the city. I got a bit overconfident upon arriving at the airport and I tried to make my way into the city center on my own by public transport; the only thing I had to go on was a city map that I got at the airport and the knowledge that the hostel I booked was in a street next to the train station. After skipping busses for a solid 2-3 hours with no idea of where to get off because none of the bus stations were labelled, I decided to just get off at the station where most people got off. That'd probably mean that that station would be close to the train station or the city centre, right?
Alas, I found myself back at the airport. Straight into a taxi I went.
After acclimatising a bit and shaking off my jet lag and culture shock, I spent my first couple days just walking around the city, checking out the museums and hiking around the mountains right at the doorstep of the city. After some quick research I found out there were busses going from Almaty to the Kazakh capital of Astana (officially called Nur-Sultan since March this year, but I haven't a single local who didn't still refer to the city as Astana). I figured; "hey, now that I'm here I might as well go check out the capital as well. I mean; it can't be that far away since it's in the same country, right?"
Boy was I wrong.
I spent 22 hours cramped up in the backseat of an old, overfilled bus with no AC and barely any legspace (I'm about 198cm tall so my legs were borderline contorted for the entire ride). I was next to the window but luckily there was a curtain blocking out the sun; until the bar that held up the curtain all the way from the back of the bus to the front decided to give in and break apart, causing me to be forced to bask in the scorching heat of the sun. About 19 hours of the ride consisted of driving across a bumpy dirt road through the endlessly empty steppes, and besides this the small monitors in the bus were playing these really over-the-top Kazakh action flick movies all night long on full volume so sleep was out of the question as well.
After finally arriving in Astana and getting a good night's rest to regain my sanity I went right back to exploring. Astana is a weird place; and I feel like that's putting it lightly. The closest other big modern city is Almaty; some 1250km and 22 hours by bus away as I had just experienced. It's a city surrounded by seemingly endless fields of nothing; yet it's so absurdly futuristic. The architecture is like nothing I had ever seen before. Every new street you turn into you're greeted by another array of weird futuristic-looking buildings. It's an interesting, yet illogical-seeming city. Definitely worth checking out just for the weirdness of it all though.
After teaming up with a guy I met in my hostel I took the bus back down to Almaty, which luckily went a lot more smoothly this time. Having a travel buddy and someone to speak English with also made it a lot more bearable. Back in Almaty I got to check out a couple things that I didn't get around to seeing the first time I was there; we hiked up to a waterfall (a thunderstorm broke out when we were at the waterfall which was honestly kinda awesome) and we ventured out to Charyn Canyon, also known as Little Grand Canyon. An amazing geographic location with incredible rock formations. We had to hitchhike most of the way there and all the way back to Almaty because of the severe lack of public transport in this region (it was like 250km away from the city) but it went surprisingly smoothly. On the way back we got picked up by a Kazakh family that took us to their home nearby Almaty where they gave us biscuits, bread and tea. In the words of my travel buddy; happy days.
After parting ways with my travel buddy I made my way south to Karakol in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan seemed like a bit of a rough place at first. It's obviously a far poorer country than Kazakhstan, but the nature around Karakol is amongst some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. On the first day I went into the hills and just kept going up and up until I was too exhausted to carry on. I had an amazing view of the city and I even met an actual nomad who passed by on horseback. Our conversation didn't go any farther than a quick greeting and him asking where I'm from, but just that small exchange and seeing him gallop away on his horse afterwards gave me an extraordinarily magical feeling of wonder. I spent the rest of my days in Karakol horseriding through the Tien Shan mountain range with family of the host of my hostel and exploring the geographically impressive locations of Jeti Oguz and Skazka Canyon.
Then I went to the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek. There's a couple interesting things here; Osh Bazaar is a huge middle eastern type bazaar with a great atmosphere, the main square looks lovely and boasts an absolutely massive flagpole and the art museum had some really interesting pieces; but besides that, there really isn't too much to see/do in the city. If you're into old Soviet architecture you'll probably love it though, but sadly that's not really quite my cup of tea. I was there during the national independence day however, and that was quite an enjoyable happening. The parks were filled with small fairs and in the main square was a huge podium and there were performance/ceremonies happening all day. During the evening at one of the performances however I kept getting harassed by this homeless guy who after having a short conversation with got extremely touchy and wouldn't leave me alone. The guy kept trying to grab my hands and hug me so that really creeped me out and eventually I just decided to book it out of there. During the night they launched some fireworks as well which were visible from the courtyard of my hostel so that was very nice. During my stay in Bishkek I also made a daytrip to the Burana Tower near the village of Tokmok; an old minaret in an empty field against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains in the distance. Certainly a very picturesque sight.
After this I made my way back into Kazakhstan, this time to the city of Shymkent in the south. I went there by nightbus from Bishkek. It was kinda smooth sailing; until we got to the border, that is. One thing I always disliked already during my travels through eastern Europe were night-time border crossings. Most of the time I'm groggy as all hell because of a lack of sleep and disoriented because they tend to be in dimly lit areas in the middle of nowhere. This border crossing was no exeption in this regard. I got woken up from my uncomfortable sleepy state and the moment I stepped out of the bus it was chaos. There were a couple other busses that seemed to have arrived at the same time and everyone had to cram their way into the same small immigration office. When I finally made my way inside I had no idea what to do or where to go, seeing as there was no line to be found. After standing around in my disoriented state for a bit one Kyrgyz military guy approached me and handed me a small slip, signalling that I had to fill it in. Problem was; the slip was in Russian so I had no idea what it said and what to fill in, and besides that I didn't even have a pen! After asking around for a translation and a pen I luckily managed to find a local girl who spoke enough English to instruct me on what to fill in where, and after about an hour of ill-defined lines and wary border patrol guards who went through all my stuff I finally made my way across the border. The plusside of this journey on the other hand was the nice lady next to me who kept handing me apples and biscuits, shout out to her.
Shymkent was quite an alright city. I found it to be like a smaller, quieter version of Almaty. I made a day trip to Turkestan from here, to check out the Yausaui Mausoleum. I was extremely impressed by it and it was definitely worth the daytrip, but it was nothing like what'd end up to await me in Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan had always been #1 of the countries I wanted to visit in this region. Seeing pictures of the Registan in Samarkand and reading old stories and poems about the silk road surrounded this place with a very mystical and mysterious cloud in my mind; something which I was insanely drawn to. I probably wouldn't have started my journey off in Central Asia if it wasn't for my lust of experiencing Uzbekistan.
I made my way from Shymkent to Tashkent (the Uzbek capital) by bus, which was a very smooth and fairly fast ride. The border crossing luckily went quite smooth as well. Tashkent was a modern and nice city with a surprisingly large metro system. Being a mostly Soviet creation, it definitely isn't the kind of city you'd travel half-way across the world for; but a nice place to chill out in for a couple days nonetheless. After a bit in Tashkent I took the train (which was surprisingly comfortable!) to Samarkand; my most anticipated city in this entire region of the world and a place I had dreamed of visiting for a long, long time.
Samarkand was drop-dead gorgeous. The Registan is the single most impressive architectural site I have seen in my entire life. The patterns, the symbols, the tilework; it's so insanely detailed and intricate! I was absolutely blown away by this place. It just felt so unreal, knowing the insane amount of effort and planning that must've gone into constructing it. The entire place was like the realization of a psychedelic drug-induced wonderland; I really had a hard time processing what I was seeing and I loved every single second of it. I was overwhelmed in the best way imaginable.
I could keep praising the Registan all day, but alas, let us move on. The other sites in Samarkand were honestly about equally impressive, albeit maybe smaller than the Registan. If I had to say name one downside of Samarkand, it'd have to be the fact that besides the amazing monuments and sites it really isn't a fantasy arabian nights type city; it's actually quite a modern city. The interesting places are all connected by modern streets dotted with modern shops and cafes.
During my stay in Samarkand I made a daytrip to the city of Shahrisabz. Now, this place has quite a sad backstory. It used to be a UNESCO world heritage site, until the old president decided to bulldoze most of the old town and replaced it with a huge, oversized park. Since then it was put on the list of endangered world heritage sites. It was still quite an interesting place to check out though, cause the most impressive monument have luckily been left standing. The ride over there was surpringly impressive as well. We drove through the mountains and I got some amazing views, and we also passed a couple of extremely rural places and multiple locals riding on donkeys next to the road.
After this I went to my 2nd old Silk Road city in Uzbekistan; Bukhara. I was expecting it be like Samarkand, but it was surprisingly different. There's still some of the impressive architecture and tilework albeit to a lesser extend, but Bukhara definitely felt more as a "complete" city. Whereas Samarkand was old sites connected by modern streets, the old city of Bukhara was just that; an old city. The monuments, the sites, the streets; it was all old and authentic. The biggest attraction were really cool, but what I loved the most about Bukhara was just walking around the backstreets and stumbling upon abandoned medressas and lovely squares with pools and canals where I was least expecting them.
Then, it was time for Khiva. Now, if Samarkand was the psychedelic drug induced-like wonderland, Khiva was the 1001 arabian nights-like wonderland from childhood dreams. This place was absolutely magical, and probably my personal favourite of all the cities I visited in Central Asia. It's an old, walled city located in a fertile oasis between the vast Kyzylkum and Karakum deserts. I took a 5 hour train ride from Bukhara to get there. Most of the ride was through the sandy desert, but once we got close to Khiva we suddenly arrived in this amazingly fertile landscape that caught me completely off-guard. Farmlands, canals, waterways, birds, trees; it was a very surreal sight after expecting Khiva to be located in the midst of the sands.
The main street of Khiva had some touristy markets and quite some visitors (it's a small town with narrow streets so it might've seemed more crowded than it actually was), but once you venture out into the backstreets of the mud-walled neighbourhoods you find yourself in an absolute fantasyland. Locals on their porches drinking tea, kids out playing in the streets, backdrops of ruined medressahs, mudwalls, overtowering minarets and the surrounding city wall... It truly felt like another world. The city wall was climbable and every night I would make a walk across it and look out over the city with the lit-up minarets and the bright night sky above. A truly remarkable place that has won a special place in my heart.
I spent one of my days in Khiva with a Canadian guy from my hostel and a Spanish couple that I had met earlier doing a daytrip to 5 ancient desert fortresses in a region known as Elliq Qala, which roughly translates to "Fifty Fortresses"; referring to the approximate amount of old ruined structures that lay scattered across this section of the Kyzylkum Desert. Some of them were very interesting; huge ancient fortresses with old ruined mudwalls surrounded and overrun by the endless desert sands. Others were just small buildings with like 3 small walls left standing. Definitely not a fortress. They should call the region "Forty-five fortresses and a couple old walls" instead. I digress. It was a fun and very interesting daytrip nonetheless.
After that I went to Nukus. Ahh, good old Nukus. Capital of the autonomous region in far-western Uzbekistan known as Karakalpakstan. I can't go beating around the bush here; Nukus is a heartless city. A remote Soviet outpast in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The entire city is a grid, and it lacks anything akin to a city centre. I had two reasons for coming here; to check out the acclaimed Savitsky museum of avant-garde Soviet art and to make my way to the old Aral Sea port town of Moynaq. The museum was quite interesting and a surprisingly clean and refined place, especially when you put it in contrast to the city it's located in. There were some interesting pieces and artworks in there but I don't think it'd be worth it to travel all the way over here just for this museum, the story behind the museum is more interesting than the museum itself and they got way more interesting ones in the capital city of Tashkent.
Then, Moynaq. A bit of backstory first. Moynaq used to be a thriving town of fishermen on the coast of the Aral Sea, but when the Soviet Union decided to redirect the streams of the rivers that fed the sea in order to increase the production of cotton in the 60s, the Aral Sea began to dry up rapidly. Nowadays, Moynaq is a ghost town located 200km away from the current coastline. I don't think I've ever seen an equally depressing place as this town. Upon driving into the town you're greeted by the old town sign with the sign of a fish still on it, a grim reminder of times gone by. Upon leaving the bus the first thing that struck me was the intense heat and the vast amount of dust and sand in the air. Moynaq itself nowadays is just one long street along which all the buildings are located. There's one marsruthka line (conveniently called line #1) that goes up and down the long street. At the northern part of town is where the coastline used to be, but now it's a vast, endless-seeming desert with old boats scattered across the former seabed left to rust away. It's a truly unique and utterly depressing sight. The old lighthouse has been turned into a cafe and in the distance you can see the remnants of abandoned factories. It's a very strange feeling looking out over an endless desert knowing that it was once a big blue sea, and especially when considering that it was by human hands that that sea is now all but gone.
After that depressing encounter and two more nights in Nukus (I spent another day there to explore an old necropolis nearby to the city), I took a night train back to Tashkent. I would have 10 more nights until my flight out of Central Asia, and my plan was to spent a good chunk of that time in northern Tajikistan, in and around the city of Khujand. My plan was to withdraw all the money I would need for the coming days as Uzbek som from an ATM in Tashkent, exchange it to USD and then exchange that USD into Tajik somoni once in Tajikistan. Sadly I didn't know that I needed the transaction receipt from the ATM in order to exchange Uzbek som into foreign currency whilst in Uzbekistan. Yikes. Not feeling like wasting the 50 USD worth of Uzbek som that I had just withdrawn (I'm travelling on a tight budget) I decided to just leave Tajikistan out for some other time and spent the remainder of my time in and around Tashkent. I'll get there once I decide to take on the Pamir Highway anyway.
As of writing this I now have 5 nights left in Tashkent. Honestly, it's way too much time for this city, but I'm trying to make the most of it. After travelling almost non-stop for the past 2 months it is kinda refreshing to stay in one place for a little bit longer. It gives me time to reflect on my journey so far and to write things like this post. On the 2nd of October I'll be flying onwards to Bangkok to travel around Southeast Asia. I'm really excited to go there as it's been on my bucketlist for a very long time; especially when hearing about how easy it is to travel around that region. As much as I loved my journey around Central Asia, it certainly isn't the easiest place to get around. Information is scarce, many places are not or barely visitable by public transport and distances between places of interest can be very vast; this does however make it all the more rewarding when you finally do manage to get to that one remote point on the map that you where trying to reach.
All in all, if I had to describe Central Asia from a travellers perspective, I'd call it a challenging destination that rewards perseverance. Although you have to spent a lot of time researching your routes from point A to B to C etc., you'll be rewarded in the form of insanely friendly people, beautiful sights, gorgeous nature, mindblowing architecture and untouched authenticity. Since it's my first time outside of Europe I can't really compare the travelling situation here to many other places, but in the words of a guy I met on the road who had been all over South/Central America and Asia before; "If you can find your way here, you can find your way anywhere."
I've faced a lot of hardships during this trip but at the end of the day I still have all my fingers left and a whole new collection of amazing memories. I look forward to being able to travel at a more relaxed pace in Southeast Asia but at the same time I now feel very eager to take on even more adventurous journeys to see just how far I can push myself. Once more I would like to invoke the catchphrase of my Kazakhstan travel buddy;
Happy days.
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chloelucia13 · a year ago
Chapter 12: The Mind Flayer
Pairing: none for the moment (currently Jonathan Byers x Platonic!Henderson!reader)
Prompt:  You always thought Hawkins was the most boring town of all, stuck in a vacuum void of excitement and entertainment. Well, it seems that way until the world decided to flip upside down, literally.
Chapter Summary: Returning to the lab proved more difficult than you had thought, and it wasn’t just because of the demogorgon-like creatures that littered the town. But when everyone was finally out, a savior finally showed up on the Byers’ porch.
Warnings: LOTS OF ANGST, maybe a tiny bit of fluff, language, lots of conflict, descriptions of violence and gore, AND JONATHAN IS BACK BABEY
Word Count: 3082
A/N: Finally some drama! I’m really excited to hear what you guys think of this chapter, and I’m especially excited to release next week’s chapter because it literally made me cry when I was writing it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! As always, the taglist is open! Let me know what you guys think!
Catch up here!
Tags: @just-my-fandom​, @nightbu-g​ 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You hadn’t realized just how long you had been standing that day until your feet ached with every step you took.
“You’re positive that was Dart?” Lucas asked as you all walked along the train tracks, making the trek home.
“Yes, he had the same yellow pattern on his butt,” Dustin responded shortly.
“Wait, hold on,” you spoke up. “You named that thing?”
“Obviously, keep up Y/N.” He huffed.
“He was tiny just two days ago,” Lucas brought up.
“Well he’s molted three times already.”
“Malted?” Steve questioned confusedly.
“Molted. Shed his skin to make room for growth. Like hornworms,” Dustin explained.
“When’s he gonna molt again?” Max asked.
“It’s gotta be soon. When he does, he’ll be fully grown. Or close to it. And so will his friends.”
“Yeah, and he’s gonna eat more than just cats,” Steve deadpanned.
“Wait, a cat?” Lucas cut in, stepping in front of Dustin to stop him. “Dart ate a cat?” 
“No, what? No,” Dustin scoffed.
"What are you talking about? He ate Mews,” Steve responded, even more confused than he was earlier.
“Mews? Who’s Mews?” Max asked, seeming almost as lost as Steve.
“My cat,” you huffed.
“Y/N! Steve!” Dustin whined.
“I knew it! You kept him!” Lucas accused, shoving Dustin slightly.
“No, I... He missed me. He wanted to come home.”
“I didn’t know he was a demogorgon, okay?”
“Oh, so now you admit it?”
“Guys, who cares? We have to go,” Max interrupted, growing impatient.
“I care! You put the party in jeopardy! You broke the rule of law!” Lucas continued, ignoring Max.
“So did you!” Dustin countered.
“You told a stranger the truth!”
Dustin shone his light in Max’s face, and Max looked away in annoyance and disbelief. “A stranger?” she spat.
You and Steve shared a look as they continued to fight, both of you silently arguing on who needed to butt into the conversation and stop it before it went too far. That silent argument quickly ended, however, when you both heard a loud screeching in the distance. Steve shone his light in that direction, and you walked slowly beside him towards the source of the sound.
“Guys?” Steve voiced.
The kids ignored him, continuing to bicker.
“Guys!” you shouted, startling them all and making them look at you, panic rising in your throat. The screeching continued, and the two of you jogged forward.
“No, no, no. Hey guys? Why are you running towards the sound?” Max asked as Dustin and Lucas began following behind you and Steve. “Hello? Hello?” She let out a huff before hurrying to catch up with you all.
The screeching continued in the distance as you all stood at the edge of the cliff that overlooked the Hawkins Forest.
“I don’t see him,” Dustin sighed.
Lucas raised his binoculars to his eyes as he surveyed the forest, pulling them away a moment later with a look of worry on his face. “It’s the lab. They’re going back home.”
You were silent on the rushed trek down to the lab, unable to even imagine speaking without bursting into tears. You felt like it was your fault. Like a butterfly effect. If you had stayed at the lab for Will, none of this would’ve happened. These strange creatures wouldn’t exist, and no one’s life would be at stake.
Bile had been lingering in the back of your throat since you had seen all the lights in the lab shut off, and at this point, you thought you were about to pass out from panic and guilt.
Luckily, you all had made it to the fenced area around the lab in record time, and you were now making your way around the fenced area to get to the automated gate.
“Hello? Who’s there?” a voice shouted just past the clearing of trees, and it made you jump. You immediately gripped onto Steve’s wrist, shaking like a leaf as you all made your way through the clearing, Steve’s flashlight shining through the dark night.
As soon as two figures came into view, their voices echoed in unison. “Steve? Y/N?”
“Nancy?” Steve spoke, shocked.
“Jonathan?” you whispered out, mirroring his shock.
“What are you guys doing here?” Nancy asked, all of you rushing forward to gather together.
“What are you guys doing here?” Steve echoed.
“We’re looking for Mike and Will.”
“They’re not in there, are they?” Dustin asked, and your stomach churned.
“We’re not sure.”
“They are,” you choked out, staring up at the looming building. “I-I was supposed to come back for them. I just went home to grab this stupid thing-” you waved your machete in your hand- “and now they’re stuck in there a-and...” You trailed off, tears welling in your eyes.
An ear-splitting screech broke through the air, and you let out a silent sob. The tears began to flow freely as you rushed over to the gate, wedging the tip of the blade between the two bars that held the gate closed. You tried with all your might to wedge them open, but to no avail. “No, no, no,” you cried out, hooking your fingers into the chain link and jangling it. “Fuck!”
You felt a hand on your shoulder, and you immediately flinched away from it, turning around to see Jonathan standing there. “Y/N,” he whispered, trying to calm you down. “The power is back on.”
You nodded, fervently scrubbing the tears away from your cheeks before stepping away from him. The creaking of the gate motor sounded, and you watched as it slowly inched open. 
“Come on, Y/N, we’ve gotta go!” Jonathan shouted at you as he hopped in the driver’s seat of his car. 
You shook your head. “I-I need to stay here. I need to make sure they all get out. I can’t,” you explained, your voice cracking with every word.
You knew Jonathan didn’t have the time to argue, and you stepped aside to let them drive in and pick them up. He sped past you, leaving you and Steve and the kids at the gate.
“You okay?” Steve asked, stepping over to you.
“No, I don’t think so,” you whispered, sniffling.
“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He patted your shoulder.
You nodded, standing there for a moment. “You’re right, Steve.”
“About what?”
“I only like the people who don’t care about me.”
He examined your face, trying to find the right words to say. 
“Guys!” Max shouted, and you looked up to see Jonathan’s car, followed by Hopper’s car. You all immediately cleared the way to let them drive through, and Hopper pulled up next to you all.
“Let’s go,” he urged, and you all clambered into the car before speeding off.
You silently sat in the dark dining room, your knees tucked up under your chin as you stared blankly into the living room at Will’s sleeping figure, Jonathan sat next to him. You could hear Hopper yelling demands into the phone just feet from you, but it felt like it could’ve been 100 yards away. It was like your head was underwater, everything sounding warbled and muted. You knew that feeling all too well, that sensation. You were dissociating, completely checked out as your brain replayed every horrible thought on a loop until you felt as if you were going insane.
“Hey Y/N, you there?” 
You felt a tap against your shoulder and you jumped to your feet, grabbing onto whatever touched you and holding it tightly in your fist.
“Y/N, Y/N! It’s me! It’s Jonathan!”
Your vision cleared and you saw Jonathan’s wrist clasped tightly between your fingers. You immediately loosened your grip and shook your head, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Sorry,” you voiced flatly.
He rubbed his wrist, his eyes flickering over your form. “Are you okay?” he whispered.
“I’m fine.” You squeezed past him, out of the dining room and into the kitchen.
A moment later, the kids and Steve hurried into the kitchen, gathering around the kitchen table. Hopper, Nancy, and Jonathan all entered after them, everyone bunching up around the table as Dustin laid down a book.
“The mind flayer,” Dustin announced, referring to the creature printed on the page the book was opened to.
“What the hell is that?” Hopper voiced from behind the group, disdain in his voice.
“It’s a monster from an unknown dimension. It’s so ancient, it doesn’t even know its true home.” Dustin glanced around the table, noticing the disinterest and confusion on everyone’s faces. “Okay, it enslaves other dimensions by taking over their brains using its highly developed psionic powers.”
“Oh my god. None of this is real. It’s a kid’s game,” Hopper interrupted, already growing frustrated.
“It’s a manual. And it’s not for kids. And unless you know something that we don’t, this is the best metaphor-”
“Analogy,” Lucas corrected.
“Analogy. That’s what you’re worried about? Fine, an analogy for understanding whatever the hell this is,” Dustin huffed.
“Okay, so this mind flamer thing-” Nancy began.
“Flayer. Mind flayer,” Dustin corrected.
Nancy let out a sigh. “What does it want?”
“To conquer us, basically. It believes it’s the master race.”
“Like the Germans,” Steve generalized.
“Nazis, Steve,” you sighed, rubbing your eyes.
“Yeah, the Nazis.”
“Uh, if the Nazis were from another dimension, totally,” Dustin agreed. “It views other races, like us, as inferior to itself.”
“It wants to spread, take over other dimensions,” Mike added.
“We’re talking about the destruction of our world as we know it,” Lucas continued.
“That’s great. That’s great. That’s really great. Jesus!” Steve rambled, turning away and pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Okay, so if thing is like a brain that’s controlling everything, then if we kill it,” Nancy voiced, picking up the book.
“We kill everything it controls,” Mike completed her thought.
“We win,” Dustin concluded.
“Theoretically,” Lucas corrected.
Hopper took the book from Nancy’s hands, examining the page. “Great. So how do you kill this thing? Shoot it with fireballs or something?” he grumbled.
“No. No, no fireballs,” Dustin chuckled. “Uh, you summon an undead army, uh, because...” He began to stutter, remembering who he was talking to. “Because zombies, you know, don’t have brains. And the mind flayer, it... It likes brains.It’s just a game. It’s a game.”
“What the hell are we doing here,” Hopper huffed, closing the book and tossing it onto the table.
You let out a sigh, stepping away from the table and hopping up onto the kitchen counter, sitting there silently as everyone began to bicker.
“If anyone knows how to destroy this thing, It’s Will. And maybe Y/N,” Mike spoke, pulling you from your trance. “He’s connected to it. He’ll know its weakness.” Mike turned to you. “And you were in the upsidedown with him. You’ve been with him through this. And you knew something was wrong with him, that day at the school.”
You shrugged. “It was just a feeling. And I haven’t experienced anything Will is going through. I don’t know how much help I’ll be.”
“But wait,” Max interrupted. “I thought we couldn’t trust him anymore. That he’s a spy for the mind flayer now.”
“Yeah, but he can’t spy if he doesn’t know where he is,” Mike countered.
You were sifting through one of the few closets full of stuff in the Byers’ house when someone cleared their throat behind you.
“Hey Y/N, can we talk?” Jonathan asked from behind you before moving to sit next to you on the floor. You nodded silently in response, prompting him to continue talking. “I... I really appreciate you helping Will and Mom. It really means a lot.”
Again, you just nodded. 
“Are... Are you and Steve dating?”
“What?” you voiced, finally taking your gaze away from the pile of fabric to look at Jonathan. “No, God no.” You scoffed before turning back to the pile, pulling out an old comforter. “Are you and Nancy dating?”
“I... I don’t know. I think so.”
You hummed, picking up the pile of sheets you had found that would work as decent coverings for the shed.
“I-I just asked because you and Steve were together with the kids.”
“Yeah, well he’s been one of the only people who has given a shit about me these past few days, so maybe that’s why.” You pushed yourself to your feet and turned to walk away, only for Jonathan to step in front of you.
“Y/N, what are you talking about?” He reached out and rested his hand on your shoulder. “You know you can talk to me, right?”
You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “I don’t really think I can anymore. I mean, I was gonna the day after Halloween. You know, the night you left me at that party so you could take Nancy home? But then you disappeared with Nancy, so maybe I just shouldn’t waste my fucking time trying to talk to you.”
“We’ll talk about this when Will is better. Or will you even be around?” You shoved past him and stormed out of the house, over to the shed.
“Let’s get this shit done with,” you told Steve, tossing the sheets to the ground by his feet. Both Steve and Nancy gave you a confused look before exchanging a look between themselves. “What?”
“Are you okay?” Nancy asked, reaching out towards you.
You turned away from her, grabbing a sheet off the floor. “I’m just fine.”
You were almost fast asleep with your head laying against the kitchen table when Hopper, Joyce, Mike, and Jonathan all stormed in. Bob grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and everyone gathered around him as he began to write down a series of dots and dashes.
“What happened?” Dustin questioned as everyone watched over Hopper’s shoulder.
“I think he’s talking, but not with words,” Hopper sighed.
“What is that?” Steve asked, his brows furrowed.
“Morse code,” Lucas and Dustin and Mike replied in unison.
“H-E-R-E,” Hopper spelled out.
“Here,” Max cut in.
“Will’s still in there. He’s talking to us.”
“So we need to keep him aware, keep reminding him of where he is,” you stammered out. “Maybe he can tell us how to help him.”
Jonathan immediately rushed out of the room, and a small glimmer of hope began to reside in your chest, making your heart race. 
“Maybe you can talk to him,” Mike spoke, and you nodded slowly.
“I mean, I can try.” 
Jonathan rushed back in with his radio in his hand, and Hopper and Joyce followed behind him into the backyard and to the shed.
Hopper stopped in the doorway, grabbing Will’s radio off of the kitchen counter. “I’m gonna send you what he says. Write it down,” Hopper instructed before leaving.
The letters “C-L-O-S-E-G” were written out on a piece of cardboard when Hopper entered the room.
“Y/N?” he voiced, and you rose to your feet. “It’s your turn.”
You nodded, following Hopper out into the shed. You closed the door behind you before you slowly moved over to the empty seat positioned in front of Will. 
“Hey bud,” you whispered, sitting down. “It’s me, Y/N. Do you remember me?” You searched his fearful eyes as he shook his head. “We... We were stuck in the Upside Down together. I had found you there, in Castle Byers.”
Tears were already welling in your eyes. “I protected you while we were there,” you continued, your voice cracking. “You were so tired, so cold. One night, a day or two before we got out, you... You weren’t doing so well. But you didn’t want to fall asleep, you were scared. So I told you stories that my mom would tell me to get me to go to sleep. And I sang you Joy Division.” You wiped away a few of the tears that had fallen down your cheeks. “That was the only time I saw you smile when we were there, and it... It gave me hope. It helped me believe that we would get out of there. And we did. And I know that you feel like you’re still stuck in there, I know that you’re scared. But I’m here with you. We’re all here with you. And it’s gonna be okay.”
A small sob began to bubble in your chest when he stayed silent, but it quickly turned into a gasp of horror as you heard the ringing of the telephone sound from inside the house. Will’s head immediately snapped in that direction before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and a strange sound echoed in his chest.
You stumbled out of the and backed away as Hopper and Joyce rushed forward. “It knows. It knows where we are,” Hopper voiced gravely.
Joyce immediately ran over and grabbed the syringe filled with a tranquilizer and injected it into Will’s arm, effectively knocking him out. A moment later, a familiar screeching filled the air.
You all worked to free Will from his binds before you all ran back inside, slamming the door shut behind you. Steve handed you your machete as soon as he saw you, and you gripped the handle tight.
Nancy took a shotgun from Hopper, and you, Nancy, Steve, and Hopper all stood in front of everyone else, wielding your weapons. A loud thud echoed from the side of the house, and you all shifted to face that way.
“What are they doing?” Nancy voiced.
Snarling sounded to your right, and you all shifted again. Its screeches grew louder and louder, and your heart began to thud in your ears.
And then, silence.
A moment later, glass flew all around the room as the body of one of the creatures flew through the front window, rolling limply onto the floor. You all inched closer towards it, ready for it to lunge.
“Holy shit,” Dustin exclaimed.
“Is it dead?” Max asked, hesitant. 
Hopper pushed its head with his foot, watching as it lolled around.
You opened your mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by the creaking of the front door. Startled, all of you turned in that direction. The lock on the door slid out of place, and the other lock on the doorknob turned before the door inched open.
In the doorway stood a girl, one that you recognized immediately.
You all lowered your weapons as Eleven stepped through the door, blood dripping from her nose.
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chloelucia13 · a year ago
Chapter 8: Trick or Treat, Freak
Pairing: none for the moment (currently Jonathan Byers x Platonic!Henderson!reader)
Prompt:  You always thought Hawkins was the most boring town of all, stuck in a vacuum void of excitement and entertainment. Well, it seems that way until the world decided to flip upside down, literally.
Chapter Summary: You hated Jonathan for dragging you along to this stupid Halloween party, but you hated him even more for ditching you so he could help the girl of his dreams. But when one friendship falls apart, another one may just come together.
Warnings: angst, fluff, language, teenage drinking, idk just the usual
Word Count: 2324
A/N: Here’s the next part! I’m so sorry it took so long to come out, I’ve been so busy with work. I hope you guys like this chapter!
Taglist: @just-my-fandom​, @nightbu-g​
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You hadn’t even realized school had ended until the last bell rang and people scrambled from their seats as fast as possible. With a sigh, you had pushed yourself out of your desk and shoved all of your things into your bag before exiting the classroom, trying to wake yourself up and be present in the moment.
The whole day, your mind was swamped with worried thoughts about the party, what you were going to dress up as, and, most importantly, how you were going to stomach seeing Jonathan dating Nancy. Those thoughts blanketed over the activities that took place that day, leaving a blank space where your memories would be.
Your mind stayed blank as you drove from the school to the drug store and the thrift store, picking up the items that you needed for your costume. Afterwards, you made your way home.
As soon as you got home, you laid down on the couch and cuddled up with Mews. Dustin had barged through the door moments later, tossing his backpack to the floor. “How was your da-” you began before he cut you off.
“Horrible!” He stomped over to the recliner and dramatically flopped down onto it, startling Mews away. “No one dressed up and Mad Max tried to kill me!”
You furrowed your brows, popping your head up slightly to look at him. “Who?”
“Mad Max? The girl who beat my score at Digdug?”
That just confused you more. “Someone beat you at Digdug?”
He groaned, rolling his eyes. “The new girl at school beat my score at Digdug and on my ride home her brother tried to hit me with his car.”
You sat silently for a moment, trying to piece together what he said. “Wait, is her brother the new douche bag that just started going to Hawkins High?”
“I don’t know! He’s just an asshole with a mullet!”
You sighed and laid your head back down against the couch. “Awesome. So no one dressed up at school then?”
“No, they did not. Try and catch up!”
You scoffed. “God, you get some front teeth and then you start acting like you own the place.”
“Hey, I earned these!” he tapped his finger against his top front teeth before scowling at you. “Are you and Jonathan still taking us trick-or-treating?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know. Jonathan is trying to convince me to go to this Halloween party-”
“Wait, you’re going to a party?”
You rolled your eyes. “Why is that so surprising?”
He shrugged, letting out a hum. “No reason, you’re just... You.”
With a sigh, you sat up and grabbed your bags. “Thank you for the kind words, Dustin.”
As you walked back into your room, Dustin shouted a “You’re welcome!” in response.
You had just finished applying a light layer of makeup and doing your hair when Dustin knocked on the bathroom door. “Come on, we’re gonna be late!” he shouted.
You rolled your eyes and let out a huff, grabbing the top hat off the counter and rushing out. “Okay, let’s go,” you instructed, slinging your bag over your shoulder and searching for your keys.
“Who are you supposed to be?”
You pulled your keys out and turned to arch an eyebrow at Dustin. “Stevie Nicks.” He just shook his head. “The White Witch?” Again, he shook his head. “God, that’s so disappointing.” 
With a sigh, you stepped out the door and got into your car, waiting for Dustin to get into the passenger seat before driving to Mike’s house where all the boys were planning to meet. 
As soon as you pulled up in the cul-de-sac, you saw Mike and Lucas impatiently waiting for the other two boys to arrive. You parked by the sidewalk and let Dustin out, watching as he ran over to the two boys. You hopped out of the car afterwards, leaning against your door as you waited for Jonathan and Will to show up.
“What are you supposed to be, Y/N?” Mike shouted over to you.
“Stevie Nicks,” you shouted back.
“Who’s that?”
You groaned in response, throwing your head back and staring up at the sky. A moment later, you heard a car engine near the house and stop right behind you. 
“Hey Y/N!” Will shouted to you as he got out of the car, hurrying over to his friends. “Are you Stevie Nicks?”
A wide smile spread across your face and you rushed over to give him a big hug. “Don’t tell the others but you’re my favorite,” you whispered to him before pulling away and heading over to Jonathan’s car. “You guys be safe tonight!” you shouted to the group before hopping in the car.
“You look nice,” Jonathan commented as you sat down in the passenger seat and got buckled.
You smiled and turned to look at him, a small frown settling on your face when you saw his lack of costume. “I thought we were gonna go to the party?”
“We are.”
“Then why aren’t you dressed up?”
He let out a sigh. “You know I don’t like-”
“I know, I know, you don’t like having fun.”
“No, I just don’t like being the center of attention.”
You pursed your lips, restraining yourself from quipping back. “Fine. Well if we’re gonna go, let’s go.”
As soon as you arrived, the feeling of hesitation and regret hit you instantly. Drunk teenagers were scattered along the lawn, and even more were flooding inside the house. “I don’t know, Jonathan,” you rushed out. “Maybe this was a bad idea.”
He shook his head. “Nope, we’re doing this. Come on,” he countered hesitantly, watching a guy in a toga throw up just feet from where the car was parked. 
You arched an eyebrow at him before huffing and getting out of the car. You waited for him to get out before the two of you walked side by side into the house. Your heart began to race as soon as you stepped inside, wiping your clammy palms off on the front of your dress before clutching onto the sleeve of Jonathan’s jacket. “There’s a lot of people here,” you whispered to him, only for him to respond with an uncomfortable nod. He took your hand in his as the two of you weaved through the crowd, Jonathan clearly on a mission to find Nancy.
“Nice costumes,” a girl voiced behind you, and the two of you turned your heads to see a girl dressed up in gothic attire and makeup.
“Huh?” Jonathan voiced, clearly taken aback from being spoken to.
“I said nice costumes, both of you.”
“Uh, yeah. She’s Stevie Nicks. I’m uh- I’m going as the guy who hates parties.”
She chuckled at his retort before holding her hand out. “I’m Samantha.”
“Jonathan, and this is Y/N.” You and Jonathan shook hands with her before standing there in an awkward silence. You watched him through your peripheral as he searched the crowd before his eyes landed on someone, his body immediately going stiff. Quickly, he turned his head back to Samantha. “Kiss?” You immediately furrowed your brows at him, and she flashed him a confused look. “The band,” he explained, gesturing to her outfit.
She chuckled, shaking her head. “Close, but no. Siouxsie.”
He nodded. “Right. Got it.”
Suddenly, an odd silence filled the house, and you both looked over to see Nancy with a red solo cup of punch spilled all over his top, Steve standing right next to her. She ran off and he immediately followed after her.
“Shit,” Jonathan sighed out, looking between you and Nancy for a moment before turning to Samantha. “It was really nice meeting you, but I gotta go,” he rushed out before going the same direction that Nancy and Steve went.
You let out a sigh, slouching slightly and crossing your arms over your chest. “Are you two dating?” Samantha asked.
You shook your head, pursing your lips. “No, no. We’re just... Friends.” You cast your gaze to the floor for a moment before turning on your heel and making your way through the crowd, heading out the back door and stepping out onto the back porch, which was almost completely void of any people. With a huff, you sat down on the porch steps and took off your top hat, setting it in your lap.
The buzz of people continued from inside the house, an odd muffled sound that settled deep in your bones as you stared at the line of trees at the end of the house’s backyard, the woods lying just beyond. You were trapped between the two things that scared you the most: people and the unknown.
The two things that plagued your nightmares: losing the boy you loved and getting lost in the endless abyss that was the upsidedown.
You nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt a hand on your shoulder, turning your head to see that it was Jonathan. “Hey, would you be able to find a ride home?” he rushed out, looking panicked.
You took a moment to process what he said. “I-I guess. How come?” you stuttered out, furrowing your brows.
“Nancy is really drunk and I need to give her a ride home. Is that okay?”
You heart ached in your chest, but you pushed a smile onto your face. “Yeah, of course.”
He flashed you a quick smile before hurrying back inside, leaving you all alone. 
Your shoulders and your smile fell as soon as he left, tears starting to well in your eyes. How the fuck were you going to get home? It’s not like you could call your mom to pick you up, and you didn’t trust a single person in that house enough to give you a ride. That Samantha girl crossed your mind, but you were too scared to be a burden to ask her.
After thinking it through, you had finally decided on walking three miles home. You pushed yourself to your feet and started on your trek, abandoning your top hat on the front porch.
As you walked, every single one of your senses was on high alert. You flinched at every noise, eyes following every movement along the treeline, heart racing every time the wind rushed against your skin. All your muscles were tensed, your hands so tightly curled into fists that your nails were cutting into your palms. 
You had only gotten about 100 feet into your trek when a car slowed to a stop next to you, their window rolling down. “Y/N?” a familiar voice shouted from inside the vehicle.
“Steve?” you replied, crouching down slightly to look into the car. 
“What are you doing?”
You wrapped your arms around yourself. “Walking home.”
He gave you a confused look. “Don’t you live a few miles away?” You nodded slowly. “Do you want a ride?”
You let out a small sigh of relief, immediately reaching for his passenger door handle and opening the door and getting in. 
He waited until you were buckled in before beginning the drive. “Thank you,” you whispered, staring at your folded hands in your lap.
He just nodded in response. “Why were you walking home?”
“Jonathan had to take Nancy home.”
He let out a sigh. “So we both got dumped then.”
You furrowed your brows, shaking your head slightly. “Jonathan and I are just friends.” You sat in silence for a moment. “Did... Did you and Nancy break up?”
He shrugged. “I guess so.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, in her words. our relationship is ‘bullshit.’ That everything is ‘bullshit.’”
You winced, looking up at him and frowning. “I’m really sorry.”
He shook his head. “It’s alright. At least I didn’t get ditched and had to walk home.”
You opened your mouth to argue, but closed it when you realized that he was right. “Can... Can we go to Nancy’s? My-my car is parked at her house. That’s where Jonathan picked me up from.”
Steve nodded and glanced over at you for a moment before looking back at the road. The two of you sat in silence, staring straight ahead as he drove you to Nancy’s house.
You noticed that the light in Nancy’s room was on as Steve pulled up to the Wheeler’s house. You gulped and waited until he stopped the car behind Jonathan’s car before you got out. “Thanks, Steve. It really means a lot,” you told him as you got out, bending down once you got out to give him a smile. “I’m really sorry about you and Nancy.”
He let out a sigh. “I’ll be alright. I’m sorry about you and Jonathan,” he replied.
You just nodded, too tired to correct him. “Goodnight, Steve.” With that, you closed the door and made your way over to your car. You pulled your key out from the pocket of your dress and stuck it in the lock, but didn’t turn it. Instead, you stared up at the window right above you, Nancy’s bedroom window. 
You could see Jonathan tucking Nancy into bed with such a gentleness that you had only seen him display with his mother, his brother, and you.
A harsh sob left your body and you immediately turned the key in the lock before yanking it out and tugging your car door open. You jammed the key into the ignition before you were fully in the car, collapsing into your seat and slamming the door shut.
You wanted so badly to just drive away, but you couldn’t force yourself to look away from that damned window.
You knew that he had heard you as he jumped at the sudden noise before a look of regret settled on his features. You watched him gulp before staring out the window.
Tears rolled down your cheeks as you finally forced yourself to drive away, your whole body shaking with sobs as you drove home haphazardly.
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chloelucia13 · a year ago
Chapter 11: The Spy
Pairing: none for the moment (currently Jonathan Byers x Platonic!Henderson!reader)
Prompt:  You always thought Hawkins was the most boring town of all, stuck in a vacuum void of excitement and entertainment. Well, it seems that way until the world decided to flip upside down, literally. 
Chapter Summary: Leaving everyone alone at the lab may have been one of the worst decisions you’ve ever made, but at least you had a team of people who were ready to take on whatever was coming (even if they were children or acted like one)
Warnings: Mostly fluff, some angst, some violent descriptions, language, horror elements
Word Count: 2205
A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this part! I’m very excited for the next few parts coming up, so be emotionally prepared for them! As always, let me know what you guys think! The taglist is open!
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Tags: @just-my-fandom​, @nightbu-g​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As soon as the medics were able to get Will into a bed, you pulled Mike out of the room so that you two wouldn’t be in the way. You immediately collapsed into a nearby chair, both of your hands pressed over your ears to block out the sound of Will’s agonized screams.
However, you couldn’t decide if it was worse when he was screaming or when he was silent. 
You pulled your hands from your ears when his screams ceased, and you immediately glanced up at Mike, whose eyes were glued on the scene in the room in front of him. “What happened?” you whispered.
“They sedated him,” he responded, his shoulders slouching slightly with the small relief.
You nodded, leaning into the stiff chair as you stared down at the tiled floor beneath your feet. “I should’ve done something.”
“How? Not even the doctors know how to help him. You did everything you could.”
You shrugged, pulling your knees up to your chest. “I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten out of the car, maybe that’s why this is happening to him.” A sigh left your lips. “I don’t know.”
*** You woke up early that morning in the stiff hospital chair, all of your bones and joints screaming when you shifted. “Jesus Christ,” you sighed, forcing yourself out of the chair and onto your feet.
The eerie silence of the hospital was jarring, and the flickering fluorescent lights above your head made you nauseous. It was too much like the situation you were in exactly a year ago, but this time you weren’t stuck in a hospital bed. And this time, you were all alone.
You walked down the hallway and into Will’s room, that same horrible nostalgia punching you in the gut when you saw Will laying there in that hospital bed, still unconscious from the tranquilizer he was given. To the side of him, Bob and Mike sat in two chairs, nervously observing Will as if they were waiting for him to wake up at any moment.
“What time is it?” you whispered, pulling their attention away from Will. “Where’s Joyce?”
Mike shrugged. “Like 6 a.m. And she’s in a meeting.”
“A meeting?”
Again, he shrugged. “To figure out what to do with Will and everything, I guess.”
You nodded, glancing at Will for one more moment before staring at the floor. “I’m, uh, gonna go take a walk. Maybe stop by my house and get some food or something. I’ll be back soon.”
You stood there for a second before turning on your heel and making your way out of the room and over to the stairwell, in a zombie-like state as you made your way down the couple flights of stairs, out into the lobby, out the doors, past the metal gates, and out into the woods. 
You hated how familiar everything felt. The emptiness of the woods, the chill in the air was too much like it was that night everything happened. 
And you couldn’t forget how hoarse your voice was when you screamed for Jonathan. Now that hoarseness was only in your mind, but you were still screaming for him. Just silently this time.
And Jonathan and Nancy were another world away, just like how they are now.
You couldn’t help this self-loathing that plagued your mind, it was all too familiar to you. And it fucking hurt, but you couldn’t stop.
You vigorously rubbed at your eyes as soon as your house came into view, not wanting to let anyone see you in such a way. With a huff, you hurried through your back gate and into your house through the back door.
“Y/N! You’re home!” your mother sighed with relief, rushing over to you as soon as you stepped inside. “Have you seen Mews?”
You shook your head. “No, how come?” you asked, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl in the kitchen.
“I haven’t seen him since yesterday!”
You furrowed your brows. “That’s odd. That’s probably the last time I saw him too. I’ll keep an eye out for him.”
She sighed, nodding her head and grabbing her purse off the counter. “Alright, well I’m gonna go get some missing posters printed for him. Call Kathy if you see him!”
You nodded, not even being able to fully say goodbye to her before she hurried out the door. You watched as she drove away, your brows immediately furrowing when you saw Steve’s car parked out front.
The apple you had not forgotten on the counter, you hurried back out into the backyard. “Dustin? Steve?” you shouted, looking around.
And then you noticed that the storm cellar had been pried open.
With your heart in your throat, you rushed back inside to your room and retrieved your machete from your closet. You took a deep breath, tightening your grip on the handle before hurrying back outside. Once there, you peeked into the storm cellar.
A crunching noise sounded from the woods, and you covered your mouth to stop a scream from escaping. You shook your head, letting out a sigh before inching out of the backyard and into the woods, silently following the sound.
The sound led you to the old train tracks, and you held your machete out in front of you as you walked along. “Steve? Dustin?”
As you rounded a dense corner of trees, you could see two figures about 100 yards ahead of you, both of them throwing something on the ground. You furrowed your brows and looked down, noticing chunks of meat under your feet. You groaned in disgust before picking up your pace, making sure to avoid stepping on the meat.
“What the hell are you guys doing?!” you shouted at them, startling them both. They both spun on their heels to face you.
“Jesus! Put that thing down!” Steve shouted, holding his hands in the air.
You huffed and let your machete fall to your side. “Why are you guys throwing chunks of meat on the train tracks?”
The two boys exchanged a look. “I don’t think you’ll take ‘for fun’ as an answer,” Dustin sighed. You shook your head, narrowing your eyes at them. “Alright, it’s a long story. Come with us.”
The three of you all continued to walk along the tracks, both of the boys continuing to lay down a trail of meat. “So on Halloween, I found this weird pollywog in the trash can,” Dustin began to explain. “I kept it in the turtle enclosure.”
“Why?” you asked, dragging the tip of your machete against the dirt.
“To impress a girl,” Steve teased.
“Madmax?” Dustin nodded in response. “Ah, the perfect way to a girl’s heart.”
“Anyway!” Dustin huffed, already annoyed with the teasing. “he grew out of the enclosure, and...”
“I’m assuming you haven’t seen your cat recently,” Steve hummed, and your heart sank.
“What is that supposed to mean?” you urged.
“That pollywog turned into some weird sort of demogorgon. He... He ate Mews,” Dustin sighed, his shoulders slouching.
You nodded silently, pressing your lips together. “You okay?” Steve asked, resting a hand on your shoulder.
“Mews was my cat,” you whispered. “I got him when he was a kitten, when I was eight years old. I knew he was gonna die soon, he was old. Just... Not like this.” You sniffled and blinked quickly, trying to keep the tears at bay. 
“I’m sorry.” Steve squeezed your shoulder. 
“He escaped, so we’re trying to lure him back,” Dustin explained. 
“And I’m gonna kill him,” you stated plainly.
“Atta girl,” Steve hummed. “Probably not the best way to deal with it, but I’ll go with it.”
By the time the sun had gone down, you had just finished creating a makeshift armor around the broke down bus, which all of you were now using as a shelter. Lucas had been on the roof, surveying the area for the past ten minutes or so as the rest of you sat on the old leather bus seats.
“So you guys really fought one of these before?” Max spoke up, looking at you and Steve, two of you nodding silently. “And you’re like, totally 100% sure that it wasn’t a bear?”
“I don’t think bears take people into another dimension,” you sighed, chuckling slightly.
“Shit, don’t be an idiot. Okay? It wasn’t a bear,” Dustin cut in, basically hissing the words at her. “Why are you even here if you don’t believe us? Just go home.”
You all stared at him in shock for a moment before Max rose to her feet. “Geesh, someone's cranky. Past your bedtime?” she snapped back before going up the ladder and onto the roof.
“That’s good, just show her you don’t care,” Steve encouraged.
“I don’t,” Dustin huffed.
“Okay, hold on,” you spoke up, sitting up. “First of all, horrible advice.”
“How do you think I got so many girlfriends?” Steve chuckled out.
“And why do you think you’re single now?”
“And why do you think you’re so in love with Jonathan?”
You pursed your lips at his words, slouching back slightly in your seat.
“I’ve got eyes! Ten o’clock! Ten o’clock!” Lucas shouted from his perch, startling all of you into action. The three of you in the bus immediately peered through the guarded windows, watching for the movement in the fog.
“There!” Steve shouted, pointing at the shadowy figure.
“What’s he doing?” Dustin asked.
“I don’t know.” You all watched for a few moments longer, beginning to panic as the creature didn’t move. “He’s not taking the bait. Why is he not taking the bait?”
“Maybe he’s not hungry?”
“Maybe he’s sick of cow.” Steve leaned back, thinking for a second or two before turning towards the exit and walking that way.
“Steve? What are you doing?” you questioned, eyebrows furrowing with worry and shock.
He stopped and turned to you two. “Just get ready,” he breathed out, tossing his lighter to Dustin before turning back and quietly stepping out of the bus. He began to walk out towards the middle of the empty area of the lot, his bat held tightly in his hands. He let out a whistle before calling for the creatures as if they were dogs. 
“What’s he doing?” Max asked worriedly as she climbed down the ladder.
“Expanding the menu,” Dustin stated.
“Being a dumbass,” you corrected, not taking your eyes from the window.
“Come on, buddy. Dinner time. Human tastes better than cat, I promise,” Steve continued to call for the creature, planting his feet on the solid ground.
“He’s insane,” Max said in disbelief.
“He’s awesome,” Dustin amended, a big smile on his face.
A breeze blew through, blowing the fog away to reveal a reptilian creature with the stature of a dog and the face of a demogorgon. 
And then three more appeared, surrounding him.
“Steve, watch out!” Lucas shouted from his perch.
With no hesitation, you rushed out of the bus, your machete held out in front of you as you ran over to stand back to back with Steve. The creatures slowly began to close in on you two. “Steve, we’re surrounded,” you informed him, both of you looking around to gauge just how many were there.
“Steve! Y/N! Abort! Abort!” Dustin shouted from the bus.
Suddenly, all the creatures began rushing towards you two at once. The two of you found a clear path and ran that way, swinging at a few creatures when they lunged at you. From the bus, the kids shouted for you two to hurry.
You two jumped into the bus as soon as you were close enough, and Lucas yanked the lever that shut the bus door.
“Are they rabid or something?” Max asked as Steve began to barricade the door from the inside.
“They can’t get in!” Lucas shouted as Steve held the door closed with his feet. The bus began to shake from the force of how hard the creatures were launching themselves at the door.
Steve lost his control on the door, and a few of the creatures broke through, gnashing their teeth at all of you. You swung your blade at them, catching a few of them, but not deterring them. Steve joined your side, effectively launching a few back with the force of his bat.
Max let out a scream as soon as you were able to get the door closed, and you turned to see a creature’s head peeking through the emergency exit on the roof of the bus. Steve pushed her out of the way, holding his bat up. “You want some? Come get this!” he shouted at the creature.
The creature hissed, baring its teeth, before it went silent. Your brows furrowed in confusion as you heard its footfalls retreating from the exit and off the roof of the bus. A silence followed its exit, and you all shared a look of confusion.
Steve stepped out through the door and you climbed onto the roof to survey the scene, seeing that all of the creatures suddenly deserted the area.
“Maybe you guys scared them away,” Dustin offered as you climbed down the ladder.
“No way,” Steve argued. “They’re going somewhere.”
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chloelucia13 · a year ago
Chapter 10: Dig Dug
Pairing: none for the moment (currently Jonathan Byers x Platonic!Henderson!reader)
Prompt:  You always thought Hawkins was the most boring town of all, stuck in a vacuum void of excitement and entertainment. Well, it seems that way until the world decided to flip upside down, literally.
Chapter Summary: You decided to stick with Joyce and Will to help them with... whatever the hell was happening, but the situation only seemed to spiral more and more out of control with each passing moment.
Warnings: fluff, a tiny bit of angst, horror elements, language, this chapter is pretty chill (for once)
Word Count: 2356
A/N: Work has been kicking my butt, so sorry if these seem a little rushed (I hope they don’t)!! Also, Jonathan won’t really be involved in a few chapters due to the storyline, but he’ll be back! Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy! Tag list is open!
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Tags: @just-my-fandom​ @nightbu-g​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Joyce sat in the living room as Mike and Will talked in Will’s room, all of you knowing that Mike could get through to Will the best. 
“Are you positive that you haven’t experienced anything like this?” Joyce asked once more after a beat of silence.
You shook your head, running a hand through your hair. “No, not even close. I mean, I’ve thought I’ve seen things, but not to this extent. I-I know those things were in my mind, but...” You let out a sigh. “I can’t really tell if this is in his head or not. If what he’s seeing is just his hallucinations or-”
“Or if that gate is opened,” Joyce finished.
“Exactly.” Your teeth tugged at your lower lip, staring at the carpet.
“Y/N,” Mike voiced from behind you, and you turned your head to look at him. “Will wants to talk to you.”
Letting out a deep breath, you pushed yourself to your feet and made your way back to Will’s room. “Will?” you hummed as you pushed his door open, peeking your head inside. “Can I come in?”
He nodded, staring straight ahead at the wall. You entered, closing the door behind you before sitting down next to him on his bed. He stayed silent, lips pursed tightly.
“What’s up? How are you feeling?”
He shook his head slightly. “I don’t know. I...”
You just nodded, resting your hand on his shoulder.
“I’m scared, Y/N.”
“I know,” you whispered. “But whatever is going on, whatever this thing is-” you gestured to the drawing of the odd creature looming over the town on his bedside table- “we’re gonna beat it. We have before, and we’ll do it again.”
“I don’t know if we can. He... I think he’s inside me. Watching. Listening.”
A small wrinkle rested between your brows as he spoke. “Well, if he’s in you, there has to be a way to get him out of you, right?” He nodded. “Well then that’s all we have to do, okay? No biggie.”
Though you were speaking to him, you felt as if you were trying to reassure yourself rather than him.
“Will you stay with me?” Will spoke up.
You nodded, offering him a kind smile. “Of course. I was planning on spending the night anyways.”
After a night of little to no sleep, you groggily woke up at around 6:30 a.m., wrapped in Jonathan’s sheets in Jonathan’s bed. After your memories caught back up to you, you let out a sigh and turned to stare out of his window, watching the sun rise through the slits of his blinds. 
A few moments later, you rolled out of bed, walked out of his bedroom and into the living room. Will stood over Joyce who was sat on the door, and Mike stood behind them, you behind them all. 
“I think he is going to die,” Will spoke gravely, and your heart sank to the pit of your stomach.
Joyce processed his words for a moment before pushing herself off the floor and taking Will’s hand, leading him back to his room. “What’s going on?” you asked Mike as the two of you followed behind them.
“Will had a dream. He saw Hopper,” Mike rushed out as you stepped into Will’s room.
Joyce had already sat Will down at his desk and hurried out of the room to find a sheet of paper, returning a few moments later with a square of wrapping paper. She set it down in front of Will. “Okay, I need you to show me where he was,” she explained, resting one hand on his shoulder.
Will nodded and immediately got to work, scribbling his crayons against the paper with vigor. As every second passed, your heart rate increased. You knew something bad was happening, and it was driving you crazy that you were standing there idly rather than going out and looking for him. 
After a few minutes, Will pulled away from the paper, leaning back in his seat. Joyce leaned down next to him, looking between him and the drawing. “Hey, is this where you saw him? Is this where you saw Hopper?” she asked, growing panicked.
“I think so, yeah,” Will voiced softly, seeming completely drained.
“Okay.” She took the paper from the desk and looked back at you and Mike before beginning to search around the room for the pattern of the location he had drawn.
Eventually, you had left his room, went down the hall, and passed through the living room with no sign of the location.
“Here!” Mike shouted from the kitchen, pointing at a grouping of papers on the wall. 
You and Joyce quickly rushed over, and Joyce held the drawing up to the spot to show that it matched. “Okay, so... Hopper is here?” Joyce asked.
“Yeah. Now we just need to find out where here is, right?” Mike responded, looking between you and Joyce and the location.
“Did he say anything? I mean, before he left?” you asked Joyce, scanning the wall for any hint as to where that location could be.
“Uh, some... Something about vines?” she sighed out, her face scrunching up with frustration and confusion.
Just as you were about to ask what that meant, you all heard the sound of a car pulling up in front of the house.
“Hopper,” she voiced before you all rushed to the living room, looking out the windows to see.
Instead of Hopper’s patrol car, Bob’s red Toyota was parked in the dirt patch. Bob got out of the car a moment later, stepping out and grabbing a few things from his back seat. 
Joyce glanced around the room before stepping out the front door and closing it behind her.
“Well, there goes hiding this from Bob,” you sighed, sitting down on the couch.
“Oh come on, I think he’s oblivious enough not to notice,” Mike reassured.
You furrowed your brows at him. “The papers or the monsters?”
Mike rolled his eyes. “The monsters, obviously.”
Just then, Joyce basically burst through the door, Bob in tow. Wordlessly, she led Bob into the living room before leaving the room to go get Will. Bob just stared at the patterns on the wall, and continued to long after Joyce brought Will into the room.
You all stood behind him, waiting in anxious anticipation as he just stared silently.
“Huh,” he finally voiced. “Hmm.” He turned his head to look at Will. “You drew all these yourself?”
“Mmm-hmm,” Joyce impatiently hummed.
“Why exactly?” Bob began.
“I told you the rules,” Joyce explained, cutting him off. “No questions, okay?” Bob nodded, and Joyce stepped into the kitchen. “We... We just need you to help us figure out what-” She stopped and turned to see everyone still standing in the same place. “Bob? Bob?” With a movement of her hand, she instructed him to follow her. “Over here.”
Bob handed the stack of books and puzzles to you before following Joyce into the kitchen. You shared a look with Mike and Will before you all went into the kitchen, as well.
Joyce picked up a red crayon and began drawing a large red “x” on the location that you all were focusing on. “Where... Where this is,” Joyce finished her thought, pointing to the new red mark on the location.
“That’s the objective. Find the x,” Mike explained.
“Yeah? What’s at the x? Pirate treasure?” Bob joked, chuckling.
“Bob, no questions,” Joyce reiterated.
“Okay,” Bob sighed, examining the area around it. He stood there in thought, clicking his tongue for a moment, before stepping over to Joyce. “Let me talk to you for a second. Hang on guys.” 
The two of them stepped out of the room and you let out a sigh, sitting down in a chair. “Well this is going great,” you huffed, resting your head on your hand.
“He’ll come around, just give him time,” Mike tried to reassure you.
As if on cue, Bob and Joyce stepped out from the hallway, Bob with a boost of enthusiasm as he examined the patterns. “And if you just follow it naturally...” he explained, walking along the living room floor. “It moves to the Eno river.” He stopped in front of a grouping before turning to Joyce. “And there it is. That’s the Eno. Do you see it?” 
He didn’t even give her a moment to answer before continuing to move. “Okay, so the lines aren’t roads. But they act like roads. And they act like roads because when you follow them, you’ll see they don’t go over water.” Both of them stepped into the kitchen. “And that’s the giveaway. That’s the giveaway! Ha!” He walked around the kitchen, all of you turning to follow his movements. “Don’t you get it? It’s not a puzzle, it’s a map. It’s a map of Hawkins.”
You, Joyce, and Mike all shared a look with Will, the puzzle pieces connecting in all your minds.
“Right, Will?”
*** You, Will, and Mike were all crammed into the back of Joyce’s car as Joyce drove, Bob in the passenger seat giving her directions. “There’s nothing. There’s nothing here,” Mike grumbled, frustrated.
“Are... Are we close?” Joyce urged, glancing between Bob and the road.
“We’re in the vicinity,” Bob explained.
“What’s that mean, the vicinity?” Will asked.
“It means we’re close. I don’t know, it’s not precise.” 
“But we did all that work!” Joyce sighed.
As Bob began to explain why it was off, Will jolted up in his seat. “Turn right!” he announced.
“What?” Joyce asked, turning around to look at him.
“I saw him.”
“Not here. In my now-memories.”
Bob turned to glance at him this time. “In your what?” he asked incredulously.
“Turn right!” Will demanded, and Joyce obliged, taking a harsh right turn straight into a field and running into a bale of hay. You all began screaming, completely panicked and overwrought with stress.
Joyce’s car screeched to a halt just inches behind Hopper’s cruiser. You all flew forward from the change of speed, and you let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding. “Are you okay?” Joyce asked, turning to the three of you in the back seat.
You all nodded, trying to regulate your breathing. “What’s Jim doing here? Joyce?” Bob urged.
Joyce ignored him, getting unbuckled. “I need you three to stay here,” she instructed.
“No mom, mom, mom. It’s not safe,” Will begged, trying to convince her to stay as she got out of the car.
“That’s why I need you to stay here! Stay here!” She closed her door and Bob got out with her, leaving the three of you all alone in the car. You all watched out the window as they walked past Hopper’s car and crawled into a hole, then disappearing from sight.
You let out a sigh, leaning back against the seat. “Well, this is the third time this week I’ve been ditched. That’s like a new record,” you deadpanned, crossing your arms over your chest and staring down at your lap.
“What were the other two times?” Mike asked.
You shook your head, closing your eyes. “Sorry, just forget I said that.”
“No, seriously. When did you get ditched?”
You chewed on your lower lip for a moment. “Jonathan left me at that Halloween party so he could take Nancy home,” you whispered. “And then both of them just disappeared yesterday and never even told me about anything. I’ve been having to hang out with Steve fucking Harrington.”
They both were silent for a moment. “Why would he do that?” 
You shrugged. “People do stupid things for love. Don’t act like themselves. I don’t blame them.”
“Wait, you’re saying that Jonathan loves Nancy?”
You furrowed your brows, giving Mike a confused look. “You can’t tell?”
“I can tell that he likes you-”
“I know that you all like pushing the narrative that Jonathan and I are going to date, but it isn’t gonna happen. He likes Nancy, end of story.”
“He likes you too,” Will spoke up. “And I think he’s stupid for doing that.”
You chuckled, shaking your head slightly. “Thanks, Will.”
After a few moments of silence, you all began getting antsy. The back seat felt all too small, and you needed a breath of fresh air to calm your thoughts. With a huff, you pushed open the car door and got out, Will and Mike following behind you.
You all walked past Hopper’s car and over to the crevice in the ground. “Do you see anything?” Mike asked. “I mean, in your now-memories?”
Will shook his head, glancing around nervously.
Suddenly, the sound of tires screeching behind you made you all jump, and you turned to see a fleet of large white vans pulling into the large field. “Shit, shit, shit,” you grumbled, pulling both of the boys back and away from the hole. 
You all watched to see dozens of men suited in silver hazmat suits and armed with weapons get out of the trucks and file into the hole in the earth. You gripped onto both of the boys’ shoulders as the men rushed past you three.
“It’s gonna be okay,” you whispered, both to yourself and to the boys. “They’re getting them out. It’s gonna be okay.” You all stared at the hole in silent anticipation as multiple officials and other workers from Hawkins Lab began searching the area, completely disregarding you three.
In a split second, Will slipped from your grip and onto the cold earth, curling into a ball and crying out in pain. You and Mike dropped to your knees, immediately trying to help Will as he writhed around on the ground. “Will, are you okay? What’s going on?” you asked him, searching his face as your heart raced.
Will flopped onto his back and let out an ear-splitting scream. You pushed yourself back and glanced around to see if anyone could help.
Will’s screams grew louder and louder as his body convulsed, and you felt helpless as you sat next to him and watched him suffer.
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request: Can I get a Stan Uris request? Reader is Bill’s older sister, maybe 15 while The Losers are 13, and the boys have a sleepover at the Denbrough house. She’s taking a shower and she forgets her towel so she yells for Bill to fetch her one but Stan is the one to hear her, so he gives her the towel. She notices he’s blushing and asks him what’s wrong, and he’s never seen her in a towel before and he blurts out that she’s pretty and it’s all cute and she’s like “you’re pretty, too, Stan”
A/N: What a cliché title.... Hi. Risky, risky, eheheheheh. Anyways, let's do this. An interesting and realistic, actually, request. At least I think so. I expect this to be a short one, but that's not bad. While this age difference made me squint a little, it's okay. Not if you're older, alright? I do not promote underage/of-age relationships. Happy reading!
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Coca Cola cans, chip packets, crackers, water, jelly beans and bears, sour candy, slices of watermelon. Video games, cartoon series, board games, card games, television programs and films. Pyramids of cups, smelly socks, hats, pillows and plates. The perfect combo of a teenage boys' slumber party. 
A perfect weekend for the boys. The Denbrough kids' mother decided to let their kids have fun alone, do whatever they want, for a weekend. She and her husband drove up state to visit her parents. They warned the kids not to burn the house down, and, boy, did Bill's friends try.
Y/N was already used to Bill's friends causing chaos everywhere they went, always being loud and quite annoying, she must admit. Especially trash-mouth Richie. She couldn't stand him. But, like said, she had gotten used to them and their loudness. At least there were only four of them, and they were younger.
“Don't tell me Brooke Shields is home, too.” Richie begs his friend. They've been playing board games for hours, the MTV channel serving as background noise and when they switched channels, they heard music coming from upstairs. The Losers Club immediately looked at Bill.
“Sh-sh-she doesn't mind us being here.” Bill says, innocently.
“But it's weird. She hears everything.” Eddie states. Stanley sighs.
“She has music on, dumbass.” He tells his friend, eyes narrowed.
“Or rather, we can hear everything.” Richie says with a thick essence of mischief in his voice.
“Beep-beep, Rich.” Stan says, sighing along with the other two. 
“Say, Bill, does she have a boyfriend? Maybe he's coming over tonight?” Richie keeps pestering his best friend.
“Shut up, R-R-Richie.” Bill responds, careless to go any further with this stupid conversation. Richie snickers and looks at Eddie, waiting for him to join in laughing, but he doesn't.
“Bill, do you have Monopoly?” Stanley asks and Bill nods.
“In m-my room, up-upstairs.” He tells Stan.
“I'll get it, then.” The boy decides and walks to the living room's door to get to the stairs. 
“We all know what he's gonna do up there. And it ain't gonna be Monopoly.” Richie comments, which earns him a nasty glare from Stanley and a punch to his side from Bill himself. 
“Th-that's my-my sister you're talk-talking about.” Stanley hears Bill say to Richie.
Y/N decided to hop into a shower before she settles for watching a movie in her parents room and then going to bed. It is ten pm on a Friday night already, and she's got her friends coming over tomorrow, so she needs to have a good night's sleep. Even with her brother's never resting friends in the house.
She left the music in her room on while showering, but she also left her clean towel in the downstairs washing room. She realised it only when she was done showering - that there were no towels in her bathroom. Shit. She hopes Bill can hear her, she did hear him coming up the stairs.
“Billy!” She yells as loud as she can. 
Stan almost falls off the stool he uses to get to the top shelf from hearing Bill's sister yelling. Bill has a bad habit of putting board games on the highest shelf in his room. And she definitely has a loud voice. 
“Bill!” She yells again when there's no response. Not more than half a minute later there's a knock on her door. 
“It's Stan, not Bill.” The boy says through the door. “Do you need some help?”
“Oh, hi, Stan. Come in, the door is open and I'm in the shower.” She simply says. Stanley hesitates, but creaks open the door. “I'm in quite a crisis. My towel is in the downstairs bathroom, the blue one in a red basket.”
“Need me to bring it?” He concludes.
“If you'd be so kind.” She says shyly. 
“Right. I'll be right back.” Stan tells her and, after slowly and carefully closing the bathroom door behind him, rushes downstairs for the towel she asked for. She would be freezing soon. 
“What's the matter, Stanley? Saw something you shouldn't have?” Richie teases and Stan only groans, rolling his eyes at Richie. He makes for the bathroom of the first floor, which is right through the kitchen in the Denbrough's house.
Although Bill ignores Richie's snide question, he is curious why Stan jogged down the stairs without the Monopoly and went into the kitchen. It is his sister, after all. But he also knows Stan. Stan's very polite and reserved.
Stan fetches the towel from the red basket and holds it close to him, folding it over his arm. He goes back up the stairs in the same speed he came down them. He finds Y/N's room and bathroom again and knocks on the door, to warn her it's him.
“Please, open the door in as wide a slit as the towel is thick. Catch my drift?” Y/N's voice comes from inside the room.
“Uh-huh.” Stan confirms. He creaks the door open and squeezes the towel through the slit, her hand taking it once it's through. Stan shuts the door and sighs. He tried to keep his eyes semi-closed while giving her the towel, and it's quite self-explanatory why he did.
He walks back to the door of her room, heading for Bill's bedroom again. But Y/N stops him once again from getting to the Monopoly. “Thanks so much, Stanley.” Her sweet voice thanks him and he can tell that she's come out of the bathroom. 
“You're welcome, Y/N.” He responds with his back still to the bathroom door and her. 
She chuckles. “You can turn around, silly.” She encourages him. Stan gives her a chuckle of nervousness and hesitantly turns around to face her. He doesn't like to admit it, but it's some sort of new teenage experience. His cheeks blush immediately upon looking at her in only her towel and wet hair. “What's wrong? Is something on me, my towel?” She fusses quietly.
“No, no, you're very pretty.” He suddenly blurts out, without thinking. Once he realises what he's said, he wants the ground to swallow him right up. Great going! Why did you have to say that from all things, Stanley? Why?!
Now Y/N blushes. And she smiles. She can tell he's gone full panic mode - his eyes are wide and cheeks redder than before. “You're pretty, too, Stan.” She says after all. 
The boy gets even more flustered. He doesn't know what to say back. One thing only comes to mind. Come on, nothing can be worse than you already said. “Do you want to play Monopoly with us?” Stan asks and looks at her again, regaining his posture and the little amount of confidence he carries in himself.
“I'm not sure that your friends would like that.” Y/N admits. Stanley shakes his head. 
“Screw what they like or not. If you want to, come play with us.” He tells her and she chuckles. “If you don't, that's okay, have a good night—”
“No, no, I'll play.” She convinces him otherwise. “Just let me change first.” Y/N states, smiling wide. 
“We'll be—Well you know where we will be.” Stanley says and Y/N laughs. He even smiles at her, breaking out of his flustered state. He leaves her room and again walks into Bill's bedroom to actually get the board game they so much want to play.
Hope you like this!
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