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#i have decided they are doing this on purpose
kshira · 21 hours ago
ft. mikey, chifuyu, mitsuya, ran, rindou, sanzu, kazutora, izana
tw. fem!reader, brat taming, m!masturbation, cursing, dirty talk, fingering, overstim, f!oral, m!oral, lotta teasin’ slight dacryphilia, squirting, orgasm denial, dom!w/sub!reader
an. request with two of my fav added, hope you enjoy my love! <3
Tumblr media
you’ve decided to be a little brattier than usual today in public amongst other things, swatting away mikey’s hands on your thighs and ignoring his affectionate kiss. it wasn’t on purpose per say, sometimes you just liked doing it or really, to piss your boyfriend off—because you knew how much of a good reward it was afterwards. “now that we’re in private, you wanna act like a brat?” mikey questions, slowly guiding your clothes off and brushing his lips on the bare skin exposed. you shrug your shoulders, examining his approach of stripping his clothes—you sit up from the bed to touch him but mikey pushes your hand away. “you get to watch me touch what’s yours” mikey grips his cock in his hands, groaning when he starts pumping himself in front of you “that’s all a brat gets to do, fuckin’ watch.” you’re so exposed, cold air seeping by your slick already dripping through your cunt, it’s painful—watching mikey pump his cock, his lips parting at every slow stroke “i’m so hard.” mikey flickers his eyes up to you, a smile shadowing on his face “if you were a good girl, you’d have my dick pounding your sweet pussy by now.” you can tell he’s so close and all you can do is just watch, arms cemented by your side, thighs clenching together and mikey inches closer—his cock right by your face and god, does it look angry. “m’gonna cum” mikey darts his eyes to your tits, throwing his head to the ceiling while pleasure washes through him, rolling his toes against the carpet, muscles flexing when he finally releases his seed all over your body, coloring it a pretty white. mikey slumps his head back down, smiling as he swipes a glob of his cum to his finger and smearing it on your lips “imagine if you’d behave angel, this would be all in your needy cunt.”
chifuyu actually doesn’t mind you being bratty, he enjoys the way you pout and throw mini tantrums when you don’t get your way; he finds it so adorable. it only takes him leaning down, hand gripping at your arm “i don’t play nice.” a shiver rattles your spine when he says those words, emerald eyes flashing “still want to act like a brat? that’s fine.” his words are cold, laced in a sweet saturated undertone and chifuyu fingers grip your mouth aiding it to his lips, he squeezes puckering them out “do you want this the easy way or the hard way?” chifuyu presses his lips on yours running his hand down between your legs, you gasp at his fingers slithering through the skin and fingertips playing with your clothed slit, rubbing a soft circle on your clit. your whimpers linger on your boyfriends ear, his fingers gathering slick pooling around his fingers, tainting the skin. chifuyu rubs harder, your thighs crash around his hand while chifuyu keeps the pace going, he leans down breath coating your ear. the small pants from him are nauseating, gasping at how wet you’re getting, he knows you're close, a perfect way to cease the movement, chifuyu keeps it a light touch around your swollen clit but not enough to push you over the edge “i need an answer.” you could pick the easy way or the hard way but you know, chifuyu will make you cum regardless just not in a timely fashion.
“have you been counting angel? how many times is that?” mitsuya lays a kiss on your forehead, pulling his fingers from your weeping cunt, your juices were practically everywhere, smeared on your boyfriend's face, dripping from his fingers, the taste even lingering on your own tongue. you were reaping what you had sowed, being a brat and your punishment was to cum. easy yes, but mitsuya never says how many times you have to, and you’ve already lost count. “you know the rule pretty” mitsuya chimes, tapping his cock at your entrance and you’re spent, orgasm after another rolling through your body, you can’t take much more but you know what misbehaving does to you and honestly your boyfriend knows you can give him just one more. mitsuya pushes inside your needy hole, juices over spilling and dripping to the fabrics under your ass, his audible groan replaces the free air in the room and he starts a heavy pace in you, mitsuya drops his hand down to your clit circling it harshly, your lip tucked between your lip and you can feel the sensitivity kicking in causing you to squirm in his grasp. the jolts rock your core, white clouding your vision and before you can prepare you’re squirting and creaming all over mitsuya, his eyes set low and hazy he sweetly smiles above you “how many times was that, pretty girl?” and fuck, you can’t remeber—but until you do, mitsuya will keep count for you.
you’ve struck a nerve with ran today, he is usually calm and collected when your bratty attitude starts to show but he can’t handle the shit today. you’re beside him pouting and whining when he won’t give you his attention, ran eye starts twitching—jaw clenched as you cried more. you know what happens next, you enjoyed it actually but ran always came up with new ways to punish you. “princess open your eyes” ran giggles almost childlike, “oh wait you can’t.” your eyes are covered in a blindfold, hands tied behind your back—naked and exposed while you listen to ran step closer to your body. “you know how much i hate punishing you for being a brat, you’re usually such a good girl” ran kneels in front of you, throwing your legs over his shoulder, his eyes trained on your bare cunt. “better be glad i’m being nice this time” he murmurs, face pressed against your folds, tongue coming out to leave a thick lap inside. without the ability to touch and see, you’re left a withering mess as ran stays between your legs, tongue rolling on your swollen clit and his fingers sink in your hole. without the ability to sit still you topple over on the bed, body trembling under his hold, ran pumps faster, juices smearing his face and tongue flickering against your clit till your coil snaps heavy, core throbbing and cunt gushing on rans tongue. he hums, pulling away from you using the back of his hand to wipe the juices off from you. ran smiles knowing you can only feel what he's doing to you, and nothing more “imagine if i was mean about this princess.”
“you keep rubbing your thighs like that you might start a fire” rindou comments, grabbing a fistful of your hair and pushing you back on his length. rindou has cum down your throat at least three times now, your punishment for acting like a brat in front of all his colleagues was to take his cum anyway he wanted; tonight being down your throat. your cunt throbbed to the sounds of his uneasy pants, subtle whimpers to your lips capturing his sensitive cockhead and the trembling motion of his hands gripping on your hair. “be a good girl now and swallow” rindou moans, cock twitching before blowing his load down your throat, hot cum dripping past your lips when he pulls out. “are you going to be a brat again?” he watches tears collect at your eyes, pulling a pout from your lips, you stay quiet. rindou leans in, wiping the cum from your lips and pushing it into your mouth “doesn’t matter, i get to cum anyway i want, but you—brats don’t get to cum.”
sanzu has heard you say no multiple times now, your bratty side was definitely showing and even though sanzu absolutely loved dealing out the punishment—today was not the day. “be a good girl now” sanzu coos, rubbing his larger palms across your thighs leaning down to press a kiss on your forehead and you jerk away pouting. sanzu clenches his jaw, eyes flaring red “fine be that way.” sanzu reaches down, spreading your legs and sinking two fingers in, curling harshly against your spongy walls. “i love when you act like this” sanzu admits, sighing when he feels your walls clench around his two thick fingers, “but not when i tell you what to do and you act like this.” sanzu pulls a thumb up to swipe on your swollen clit, the surges fluttering through your core, pleasure washing over your body, tears swelling in your eyes. “you’re about to cum aren’t you? that’s okay baby you can let go” sanzu whispers, drilling his fingers harder in your weeping hole and reasons you don’t know he’s being so sweet about this, maybe you should act like a brat all the time. sanzu watches you fall apart below him, tears running down your cheeks as you cry out, core pulsating and sanzu keeps going riding you out into a overstimulation of lustful waves crashing into you. he smiles, never moving his fingers from pounding into your hole “you’re so beautiful when you cry, maybe next time don’t be such a brat—yeah?”
a loud smack echoes through the room, your whine trailing behind it “one” kazutora says, rubbing your bare ass with his hand soothing the skin. you squirm on his lap, whimpering at the light pain surging through to your cunt. you’d been a little too much for your boyfriend today, throwing a fit, ignoring him—you know, the usual. kazutora looks down at your form, releasing a deep sigh “you’re my princess aren’t you?” he questions, lingering his fingers down the crevice of your ass and slowly sliding them to your cunt and slipping one in, you mumble back an answer of yes mixing with a whine when your boyfriend starts pumping in your needy hole. “then act like one.” kazutora watches your body trembling to take his fingers, ass rising higher as he pumps harder, coil on the verge of snapping “what’s it going to be angel?” he asks, smiling when you cry out you’ll be good. “my perfect girl, look what happens when you’re a good girl” kazutora pulls out, watching your juices spray his wrist and whine about never being a brat again.
“oh angel, do you really want to act like this?” izana coos, finger dragging down your neck and finding its way on your chin and tilting your face up. izana pulls his cock out, pressing the tip to your mouth and smearing the pre-cum of your plump lips. “make me cum and i’ll forgive you” he whispers, watching you happily take his cock in your mouth and subtlety start swallowing his length down your throat. you think maybe your boyfriend has forgotten your bratty attitude to him earlier, smiling down on you gagging around his length. he notices your hand lingering down between your legs, slipping into your underwear “oh no princess, don’t do that.” you flinch at his words, glossy eyes looking back at him, izana leans down “you’ll cum princess, don’t worry about that now.” you hum around his length in response, bobbing your head until izana is already about to bust, he slams your head on his lap, his head throwing up to the heavens when he spills his load down your throat. izana feels his arm being tugged, looking down at you he cocks his eyebrow, you whimper about him making you cum now. izana has a sweet smile etched to his face “oh pretty girl, you really think i’ve forgotten about that bratty attitude earlier? you’ll cum when i say so.”
Tumblr media
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baejso · a day ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING ▸ nerdy! good boy!lee jeno x reader
GENRE ▸!fluff, !nerd! au, !high school! au, !crack, !angst, !smut, kind of !bad girl!au, and a little !enemies to lovers! au
WARNING/S ▸ cuss words, angsty hehehe, smut, masturbation, bullying, slut shaming, parties, dirty talk, sexual jokes, a very much horny Jeno and I don’t know why, mentions of broken families, loss of virginity, unprotected sex (safety first please)
WORD COUNT ▸ 6.91k
PLAYLIST ▸ All I Wanna Do (Jay Park ft. Hoody and Loco), Ayo (Chris Brown and Tyga), Forever (Justin Bieber ft. Post Malone and Clever), One Day (Monsta X), Yellow (Coldplay), Guess That’s Love (Ryan Mack)
TAGLIST ▸ @jayla-lover, @jakehasmyheart, @aedreamzy, @hanjiyeonn, @renjunspring, @neobum, @busy-namjooning, @tansgucci, @cheesy-gimb0ps, @bllueorchid, @hemlockbeauty, @ukiyoneo, @hirouiii, @renjunvibes, @dreams-thetic, @subhyuck, @jenjenono, @borasayasmitaa, @legbouk, @aliceinncity, @yeonberrys, @zozojella, @taeyongrose, @jaeminsespresso, @jenoxygen, @chenrapika, @algory, @cakinnn, @ft-zainab29, @dimplehyunn, @queenrachelpink
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ I am NOT happy with how this fic turned out to be but I guess it’s fine (?). It’s really your choice. Anyways, this really have adult themes and I do not recommend minors to read this whole story. Minors, you may check out the others— just not this, trust me.
❝ Jeno, let’s not see each other in the morning. ❞ You say in a voice that shows a little hope, knowing very well that was what he wanted even if you wished he would deny. The male was silent for a few seconds before glancing up to your side, ❝ Sounds good, Y/n. ❞. Your heart cracked up a little, not actually believing he would agree just like that. But your the one who offered, so who were you to complain?
Tumblr media
Honestly, Jeno couldn’t really understand why people treat him like he’s an innocent child who knows nothing about the things around him and that’s because he’s not innocent at all. He had touched his dick a couple of times, watched porn and camgirls when he feels alone at night. 
Was it his smile? His love for studying? His glasses? All those could be factors why he’s claimed as the nerd of the school. Jeno still feels a lot offended that just because he acts nice to everyone, people already gave him a title that doesn’t really come up with him. 
“I’m going to Lucas’ party, you commin’?” His best friend, Haechan asked while placing gel to style his light purple-dyed hair. Jeno stopped scrolling down his phone and lifted his eyes to stare at him, “Huh? There’s a party?”. 
“It’s Friday night, of course there is,” Haechan implied as if it was the most normal thing to do in Friday nights and grinned, checking himself out in the mirror then asked out loud, “How do I look? Good right? Damn, girls are so going to be all over me later.”. Jeno could roll his eyes but chose not too, “If you’re going to the party to get laid, then I’ll stay here. There is just no way I’ll be left in crowds of sweaty people.”. 
“Jeez, please don’t say ‘laid’ ever again, It doesn’t suite you. And you should be thankful that girls are a sucker for your ‘good boy’ and ‘gentleman’ image.” Haechan frowned and grabbed the condoms hidden on the drawer near the TV of their shared apartment. Wait...girls? a sucker? for him?
“Hyuck, what-”
“Adios! I’m gonna leave now before all the pretty ladies get taken for tonight!” Haechan didn’t even bother waving goodbye, just screaming to acknowledge his exit. 
Now that Jeno is all alone, there is nothing to do. He finished all the needed assignments, done studying in advance for future purposes, and even cleaned the apartment. So what’s a man gonna do? Of course jerk off. 
Biting his lips, he inserted his earphones on each of his ears and opened a porn site to enjoy himself with. He placed the volume in a low setting in case Haechan decides to suddenly come back for any reasons, then finally played his favorite video. After a few minutes of the sounds of the woman’s soft whimpers and gasps, his cock was already half hard. Jeno undid his shorts and lifted his hips to pull his dick out, hissing when he pressed his thumb on his tip.
Precum slowly dripped off and it didn’t take that much long for him to get fully hard- especially when the pornstar groped her breasts together. Jeno imagined running his thick cock between the valleys of her chest, her looking at him with innocent puppy eyes and his grip got tighter. The male let out a sudden chocked moan and moved his wrists in circular movements, faster and faster, harder and harder. 
“S-so c-close...” He groaned and his eyes fluttered shut, listening closely to the girl’s moans and his other free hand went down to squeeze his balls- and that’s all it took for him to reach his breaking point. When Jeno came down from his orgasm, he opened his eyes and panted, staring at his dirty sheets and dirty hands with his cum smeared everywhere. 
Now Jeno had something to do, clean up all the clues of his sinful activity before his roomate could catch him and tell the whole school about the ‘good boy’ jerking off. If what Haechan said was true about girls being a sucker for his current image, then he better do something about it. Being a virgin sucks especially if your best friend is pretty much getting his dick wet every week. 
Tumblr media
It was the next morning when Haechan came home. 
“Owww, shit.” Haechan cursed to himself, massaging his forehead while coming in through the door, hair all messy and clothes all wrinkled with and not all it’s buttons are closed. Jeno snorts seeing him enter and placed his spoonful of rice in his mouth, looking all amused but not surprised anymore, “Was she good? Or is the hangover really bad?”. 
“Both.” The tanned man managed to croak out and stumble to take a seat in front of his roommate. Jeno didn’t feel bad or worried for him at all, but he very much predicted something like this would happen and prepared hot soup to help his friend’s headache to soothe a bit. “Thanks, Jen. You’re the best” Haechan’s voice cracked as he slowly began devouring the delicious dish. “I’ve been told” The other man chuckled and took his glasses from the table to wear them once again before cleaning up the dirty dishes. 
“Can’t you remove those glasses? You look better without it.” Haechan groaned and reached to get water. “Can’t see without them.” Was all Jeno muttered out while washing the used plates and utensils. “That’s a lie! You technically could see, but you’re like, so attached.” His friend slurred. 
That’s true, he didn’t need the glasses at all anymore. By the age of seven, the doctor advised his parents to let him wear glasses to correct his sight- and it did. At thirteen, he was free to throw them away, but Jeno refused too. He loved those glasses, it grew a really much special part in his heart. Plus, without them, he didn’t look as ‘nerdy’ as everyone claimed him to be. 
Choosing to not answer, Jeno just hummed as a response and started getting ready for school, taking a minute to ask Haechan, “Hey, are you gonna attend classes today?”. 
“No. I need to rest.” He answered him, still looking all in pain and a mess. “I wonder if the girl you’ve fucked is having the same hangover as you or the alcohol really just got into you” Jeno chuckled, grabbing his bag and swinging it on his right shoulder. “I’m a pro at drinking! You just never saw me!” Haechan tries to make him change his mind. 
Tumblr media
Hey, maybe Haechan was right, Jeno thought. He really is that popular when it comes to girls. His innocent atmosphere naturally attracts woman’s attention and his kindness immediately makes one fall in love with him for being such a gentleman. He can’t believe his best friend is actually right. fucking right. 
Forget about hating that everyone misunderstood him, because now Jeno loved the attention and lowkey lustful looks girls give him whenever he passes by- as if he’s a snack that’s ready to be eaten anytime. But now that’s where they’re wrong, Jeno loved being in charge. Top. He doesn’t really understand why he feels so aroused whenever he sees someone submit towards him. 
Jeno raised a brow, finding the voice that called for him familiar and he’s much surprised seeing Haechan run to him, still looking like a mess but at least a little more presentable then how he looked in the morning. “Hyuck? What are you doing here? I thought you wanted to rest.” Jeno asked in confusion and also half in concern knowing how his friend’s head must hurt.
“I was about too, but then I saw in the class’ group chat that a new student is coming and she’s a hottie.” Haechan answered, still panting and desperately catching his breath. Oh. Wait, there’s a group chat?
“A group chat?” Jeno’s eye brows creased, growing confused. “Our section has one, silly. Everyone is included—,” Haechan stopped himself from speaking when he took his phone and scrolled to look for Jeno’s username inside the group chat when he saw none, “—except you.”. One disadvantage in being the known nerd even if you’re not one: people think your a party pooper who’ll spill all the beans to the teacher and get everyone in trouble to be some kind of hero. “Can you add me?” He sighed, tugging his glasses out to clean their lenses using the cloth of his shirt. “Yeah, yeah. Sure buddy.” His friend nodded and did as he was told.
“Sorry for not adding you sooner, Jen. I only realized now.” Haechan passed him an apologetic look before wrapping one arm around his shoulder and dragging him to class before the bell rings. “Wait, shouldn’t I be the one dragging you?” Jeno scoffs, finding the irony quite funny. “I’m excited for class, shut up nerdy boy. I need to fuck this chick.” Haechan jokingly says.
“Just don’t fuck while I’m home, please. Not and never again.”. Jeno mumbled in a plead— both to his roommate and to whoever was listening to his prayers from above. The last time Haechan bought a girl to fuck, the sounds got him hard and he had to jerk himself off while shamelessly listening to the loud moans and skin slapping— yeah, not happening again.
“In my defence, I just put my big dick to use. What about yours?”
“I’m not quite sure if you want me to tell you that my dick is also huge or if you want me to tell you how I use it.”
The moment they got in class, the teacher was already there preparing her stuff. Jeno took his time greeting her and passing an apple inside his backpack, knowing how much it’s her favourite. “Oh my!”, she gasped, visibly thankful as she smiled and grinned at him, “You’re really kind, Mr. Lee. You don’t have to give me apples everyday.”.
“You know what they say, Mrs. Lim. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and I really don’t want the most beautiful teacher to be sick.” Jeno let out a smile that reached his eyes— if only he wasn’t angel like, then he would be the perfect fuckboy. Mrs. Lim giggled at this and instructed the students to take their seats so she could start the classes. “Damn, smooth.” Haechan wheezed under his breath, amazed by how his friend is.
“I call it being nice.” Jeno corrects him, although he’s pretty sure that he was being a little too nice. Mrs. Lim may be married, but she’s hot anyway. If she’s the one to take away his virginity, he won’t be complaining at all.
“Attention class! We will be having a new student and I want all of you to behave and welcome her. She’s the principal’s granddaughter and I do will not tolerate any bullying or whatever drama you guys have. Our principal has entrusted our class to take care of her, and we will. Does everyone understand?” Mrs. Lim eyed her students, strict and stern with her words but not even half of the students were interested. Well, at least not as interested as Haechan looked like.
“Ms. Cho, please enter the room.”.
Normally, Jeno would be welcoming, be the first one to greet the new student. But the moment he saw you enter— he felt all the bubbly feeling of his chest be replaced by something else. You’re…different from what he expected as the principal’s granddaughter.
“Please introduce yourself, Ms. Cho.” The teacher smiled at you, leaning back a little.
You licked your lips and wasted a couple of seconds just staring at your new classmates, sighing heavily and shrugging, “Y/n. Cho Y/n.”. Mrs. Lim waited if ever you wanted to add more to your introduction, but then she realized you were done, “O-oh, I thought you wanted to add some things. Welcome to our class, Cho Y/n. You may take a seat anywhere you want.”. Not even mumbling a thank you or glancing at her, you chose the seat farthest from the front— unto the very back near the window. Jeno watched you pass by him and his eyes unconsciously looked down on your uniform’s short skirt, biting his lips and feeling his cock twitch.
The bubbly feeling in his chest was replaced by something called…lust. Huh, he didn’t know he was into girls like you.
Tumblr media
“You were staring at her ass.”
“What?” Jeno looked up to Haechan with an unfazed look, poking his tongue inside the right side of his cheek. “You were staring at Y/n’s ass a while ago at class. Dude, if you want to check someone out, don’t make it that too obvious that it’s your first time feeling turned on.” Haechan says while munching on his lunch. “Okay, I do not stare at someone’s ass because that is rude and it’s not my first time to be turned on, you know. I’m a man with a dick too and we have feelings.”. Jeno simply glared at him.
“You just did not prefer you and your dick ‘we’.”
“Just shut up and finish your food. You need energy.” Jeno shuts the conversation down, but of course, Haechan didn’t let him, “Y/n’s hot right? I mean, she’s like a bad girl. Damn, I would kill just to brat tame her.”. The other man’s grip on the table turned tighter as his muscles tensed up. “Do you think she’ll be a sub or a dom? But both ways, she’d still be a goddess.” Haechan continued, trying to find his breaking point.
“She’s fine.” Jeno deadpanned, trying to refrain his mind from thinking how good a bratty sub you’d look like. “Fine? Just fine? I doubt that—“.
“Lee Donghyuck.”
Haechan’s eyes widened at the deep voice Jeno let out, taken back himself before smirking a bit, “So, the school’s good boy lost all the goodies inside of him, huh? And all it took is the principal’s daughter.”. Jeno’s jaw clenched, but it was too late. His dick is now half hard, his mind couldn’t stop imagining himself fucking into you so good that you’ll be drooling over his bed.
Such a hormonal teenager, that is.
“Holy shit did you just get a boner over me talking about how good Y/n’ll look like during sex?” Haechan asked, amused as fuck. “I gotta use the bathroom.” Jeno said, barely a whisper with his ears and neck all red from being embarrassed that he’s been caught red handed. “And I’ll tell our next teacher that you’re sick in the clinic. Enjoy screwing yourself bro, congratulations. Wow. I still can’t believe you’re the same innocent Lee Jeno everyone says you are.” His best friend says, dramatically wiping an imaginary tear from his cheek.
“Right, I know you might feel embarrassed and shit, but we’re both men. I have a dick, you have a dick—“
“Right at ya’ pal.” Haechan shivered at how deep his voice is and pats his back, grabbing his bag and walking right to the next class. Jeno shakily sighed and grabbed his own bag, placing it in front so it would cover the obvious tent on his school pants. Jesus Christ, he couldn’t believe he’s about to touch his dick inside of the men’s public bathroom where it’s risky for anyone to hear. Jeno almost stumbled himself while locking the door, throwing his things to the side and removing his belt. He slowly pulled down the zipper and boxers and released his leaking tip.
“Goddamn it.” He cursed in a hiss, wrapping his hands around his huge cock and looked down on it with hooded eyes, picturing you sucking him off and teasing him like the bratty sub you look like. Jeno’s breaths started to grow heavier and heavier when he bit his lip, hard, so he could tone down his loud moans. “Good girl…such a g-good, good girl,” he sighed, eyes fluttering shut for a moment.
No one was with him, yet he couldn’t help but spill out some dirty words that he knows no one would have expected from him. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum, baby. Just li…l-like that—shit.” He growled when his thumb touched the rim of his buttocks, hole clenching around nothing as he comes undone just like that. Much to Jeno’s dismay and sadly, Haechan was once again right.
You are a perfect bratty sub and Jeno would also kill just so he could brat tame you. He’s fucking screwed.
Gulping, he sniffled and started fixing everything, trying his best to look presentable and like he never just jerked off in the men’s bathroom in school. Jeno took a deep breath while staring at himself in the mirror, removing his glasses and cleaning them on the cloth of his shirt once again then wearing them so he could finally go to class. Now Haechan knows his little secret, and he hopes the shit could keep it to himself.
When he exit the door, his movements paused and his body froze seeing you there by the hallways, having your tongue swirling around a red lollipop. “Class President skipping classes? Now that isn’t something you see everyday.” Smirking dangerously, flattening your tongue and chuckling. “I-I’m not class president and I had to use the bathroom. How about you, Ms. Cho? Skipping classes and loitering around the hallways. Aren’t you the principal’s granddaughter?” Jeno tried to not stare at how you suck on the candy and get himself all horny again, instead trying to look intimidating with his arms crossed.
Without replying back, you took steps towards him, having less then a meter between the two of you. You looked at him up and down, biting your lip, “Call me whenever you need to use the bathroom again. I could help you.”, then walking pass by him like nothing just happened. Jeno stayed on his place, unable to move and his mind unable to process. You heard him. You fucking heard him jerk off. Fuck. And now you know too. He’s double screwed.
Tumblr media
“Dude! Dude! What the hell?!”
Jeno looked at Haechan, confused, “H-huh?”. The other man groaned and threw the controller on the other side of the couch, “What have you been thinking man? We’re at the same team yet you killed me!”. Trying to comprehend what he said, Jeno realized that they were at home, playing video games, and that he really did just kill someone from his teammate instead of the enemy. “I was thinking of the math homework. I feel like I have some mistakes and the guilt has been messing up with me.” He lied, knowing Haechan didn’t need to know what was the images flashing in his mind.
But Haechan didn’t seem to believe one bit, “Stop acting like a good student. I know you’re a pervert imagining the principal’s granddaughter. No need to be defensive, Jen. Even I think of her at night and masturbate.”. Jeno didn’t really like hearing that other guys was in the same state as he is when it comes to you, his own fist closing tightly as he grunts possessively, but not to obvious, “Let’s just play again. I promise I won’t kill you this time.”.
“You better not, because I swear to God, Lee Jeno, I am going to haunt you down.”
Jeno hates you. 
He hates how you got every boy wrapped around your finger, or how he isn’t the only one you offered to help out. Were you a fuckgirl? Someone who thinks toying with him is all fun? After just a week when you introduced yourself to class, rumours already has it that you had fucked all the hottest boys in school— and even Lee Donghyuck, his best friend.
You and Haechan fucking is the most that made Jeno furiously pull on his cock and rut his hips into his hand, thinking how much of a slut you are. Ever since the incident at the school’s hallways, you never even gave him a look or a touch, acting like he never existed and it only adds to the fuel.
Jeno wants to fuck you too. He wants to punish you and manhandle you like your some rag dall. And every single day is just another day of his desires growing and growing. Exams are coming up and it is not helping him at all. Instead, it also makes him more hungry for some kind of relief. Jeno is stressed both at school and at sexual desires— he needs you now.
And that’s how the known innocent boy found himself approaching you. Your eyes opened and stared back at his, saying nothing but your right eye brow raised, as if asking him what does he want. “You.” Jeno called out, low enough for only the both of you to hear. It was obvious at how taken back you were, with your eyes widening and your jaw slightly dropping, but then you snickered and stood up, “follow me then.”. So he did.
“I never imagined you would be coming up to me and asking me to fuck you like some kind of—“
You were immediately cut off with Jeno pushing you to the wall and placing his lips on you, roughly kissing you and successfully shutting you up. With the force of his body, you were forced to take steps backwards up until your back hit the wall harshly. This was his first kiss and he couldn’t believe he’s wasting it with you, biting your bottom lip then proceeding to suck on your tongue. Saliva messily dripped on both your chins yet his hands still remained politely on your hips. “Touch me,” You whispered, heavily breathing, “I know you want me. Your friend told me all about you while ramming his dick inside of me.”. 
Jeno groaned at your words, his hands travelling up to your neck, choking you slightly, “Fucking yourself on different dicks must’ve felt good, huh? They must have not pleased you enough, maybe that’s why you want me too, huh?”. Moaning, you nodded and desperately breathed for air to enter your lungs once again. “Such a slutty bitch.” He snickered, examining your figure all a mess even if he just had kissed you and didn’t even touch you that much yet. 
The smirk on his lips was enough to show you that he was enjoying this as much as you are, and it was also enough for you to rub your thighs together and create friction. “Babygirl heard me at the bathroom, hmm? Wanna know what I was thinking about?” He asked in a lazy mocking voice, his right hand trailing down and pressing on your right bud, making you suddenly jolt. “D-Daddy’s thinking of me, right? Wishing I was there to make you feel good. Haechan told me everything, Jeno. You ain’t fooling me with those glasses and innocent smiles.” You managed to let out. 
Jeno licked his lips, not surprised how Haechan told you and isn’t even disappointed anymore. His painfully hard cock is begging for some kind of release so he pulled you down on your knees up until your face to face with the bulge in his pants, “Well? What are you waiting for now, then? Make daddy feel good.”. 
Not even hesitating, you immediately sucked him though his pants and Jeno’s hips jerked forward, amazed at the new feeling. Looking up to him with mischief in your eyes, you pulled his pants and boxers down and moaned seeing his size, feeling more wetness drip from your pussy. “Suck, slut. Do it before I make you.” He demanded, voice lowering and deepening from the amount of arousal. With a sly smile, you kissed his thighs, purposely avoiding his length. 
Having enough, Jeno grabbed your hair, making you yelp in pain and he shoved his cock right into your mouth at the timing, moaning in delight feeling how warm and tight your throat is. Your eyes start to turn teary as you gag, not expecting him to be so rough on you. “F-fucking h-hell.” His eyes roll at the back of his head, starting to feel addicted with this new found pleasure. When you finally collected yourself enough, you started swirling your tongue around him, sucking him fully until your nose reaches his stomach. Your free hand squeezed his balls and massaged it, making the boy whine loudly. 
“Pretty boy acting like he’s in charge but whinnies loudly like a baby.” You scoff once you popped his dick out of your mouth and gave him the best handjob he ever had. “S-shit, s-so, so close, baby. Wanna cum in your mouth” He panted, looking at you through hooded eyes. You placed him back in and sucked on his tip, pressing your tongue and wiggling on it. The action made him cum in an instant, and you swallowed every drop. Jeno took a couple of minutes to breath and get over his orgasm while you stared at him with a cocky grin. 
“Feel good?”
Jeno rolled his eyes and pulled you up, turning you around and pressing you on the wall, his chest squeezed on your back as he chuckled lowly by your ear, “Where’s your confidence now, princess? Imagine, your old man finding his granddaughter sucking cocks like it’s the lollipop he gave you.”. Your lips trembled as you tried to wiggle your hips to get some kind of relief, feeling more wet at his dirty words. His fingers slipped inside your skirt, tracing your folds over your underwear and smirked, “So fucking wet…”.
“D-Daddy…” Mewling, when you felt him push your panties to the side and his fingers teasing your entrance. “I’m the top baby, I’ve always been. If you want me, then you better beg and please daddy.” Jeno says, suddenly tapping your clit harshly then biting your earlobe when you let out a loud moan. Then, he pulled away from you and licked all your juices from his fingers, cleaning up and acting as if you aren’t glaring at him or how your visibly all wet and frustrated you are.
“Y-Yah! At least finish me off!” You screamed, trying to taunt him by lifting your skirt and touching yourself— yet Jeno seemed uninterested as he only watched you, “I still have classes. Good luck with that though.”, and this time, he’s the one who walked pass by you with a smug smirk resting on his face with his glasses sliding down to the bridge of his nose.
“Asshole.” You muttered, trying to get yourself off.
Tumblr media
“Jeno, I thought you’re already over your stage and fucked the hell out of Y/n. Why did she call me saying that she needs me to make her cum?” Haechan asks, tying up his shoes and getting ready to leave. Jeno looked up at him in amusement and he smirked, his pride growing from how desperate he made you feel, “I didn’t need to fuck her. I just wanted to feel some relief.”.
“Hey— it’s not wrong being one! Besides, I love teasing her. I’ll fuck her one day, but now, you better make her cum hard. Trust me, she deserves it.”
“I always make a girl cum hard.”
When Haechan left, the smile on Jeno’s face disappeared through thin air. Of course you just had to call his best friend, not just some other guys. Are you trying to get into his nerves? Because if you are, then it’s working. 
Not now though. All Jeno wants to do at the moment is to relax and watch Netflix all day. He spent all his energy studying and reading for the exams. 
“Fuck, did all of see the video?” A guy laughed, showing his friend the video playing in his phone. His friend laughed loudly and nodded, “Yeah, I did. Damn, Cho Y/n’s really a spoiled brat, isn’t she?”. 
At the mention of your name, Jeno tilted his head to look at the two men sitting not so far from him. Curiosity got into the best of him as he approaches them “Hey..uh, what about Cho Y/n?”. One of them greeted him and grinned, “Wait you never saw the viral video yet? Here. Someone saw Y/n’s old video from her past high school. Look how spoiled and mean she is.”, he passed him the phone and Jeno stayed silent. 
It did show how mean you looked, slapping another woman and screaming at her. The two men with him whistled and laughed to themselves, finding the clip fun to watch. Jeno ‘accidentally’ dropped the phone, making the owner shout, “Yah! Why did you do th--”.
“Oops, I’m really sorry. I promise I’ll pay you back. Sorry again.” Jeno let out a fake guilty expression, bowing at them and picking the item up to give it back. “O-oh, uh, it’s fine?” He stuttered, thinking it really was an accident. 
Jeno needed to find you, and he didn’t know why. But after watching, he just know that you need someone right now. 
It wasn’t that much hard to find you. He saw your slumped and sobbing figure by the place where you also sucked him off, this must be your secret room or something. Jeno didn’t say anything. Instead, he sat beside you and slowly wrapped one arm around your shoulder. Flinching away, you looked up and was surprised to see him. 
“W-what do you want?”
“Use me as your napkin or as a personal teddy bear.” He offers. “I don’t need your pity, Jeno.” You scoffed, trying to stop yourself from sobbing yet it was no use. “I don’t pity you. I hate you, Cho Y/n, but let me be nice for now” Jeno corrects you, trying once again. Not having any energy to push him away, you complied and snuggled your face on his shoulder, sighing deeply. 
“Grandpa’s obviously gonna kick me out.” You said, playing with your fingers that are placed on your lap. “You fucked his students, what did you expect?” He snickered. 
“I didn’t.”
“I mean, I did, but only one student, Haechan. Just because I wear short skirts doesn’t mean I’m a hoe who sleeps with anyone else.” You confessed, lifting your head up to look at him. “Why Haechan then?” Jeno asks, looking back at you. 
“Because he’s your friend.”
Jeno’s heart thumped. He continued staring at your eyes and looked away, gulping. “Are you trying to get into my pants?” He asks, feeling shame in his bones from asking such a straightforward question. “No. I didn’t want to fuck Haechan at first, I just tried to befriend him too. But things got out of hand and before I knew it, I woke up in his bed. His girlfriend or fuckbuddy or whatever she is saw me and started rumors about how I slept with everyone”. 
“You slept with Haechan? In the apartment? Where the hell was I?” 
“In the library. That’s what he said.”
“And the video?” 
You seemed hesitant to explain, but if everyone turned their backs on you, it’d be great to have at least one person who doesn’t, “She’s my stepmom.”. Jeno didn’t react at first, even if he found it quite odd since the girl you slapped looked the same age as you. “
“Also my ex-bestfriend. Behind both me and my mom’s back, my dad has been fucking her every time we had a sleepover at my house. When I knew, I got so angry that I marched up to her and slapped her as hard as I could. But hey, everyone who saw the video called me a bitch and a spoiled brat.”
“Why keep up with the bad girl look and attitude then?” He pinching your cheek to refrain you from frowning. You swat his hand away and glared at him, “People knows me as one, so why not be one instead? How about you? Why be known as the kind innocent boy when you literally pulled my hair and left me alone to deal with myself?”.
“Same as you, I guess.”
Both of you let out an awkward chuckle, not fully sure on what to do now. You just told your own life story to him so it did feel weird for you— yet again, it’s also feels good that he seemed like he does believe you.
“Wanna fuck?”
The smile on your face left as you pinched his side, “What the fuck, Lee Jeno? What is wrong with your hormones? Are you that horny every single time in your life?”. Jeno winced and giggled, removing his glasses and placing them to the side, “Is it going to be weird to say I’m turned out by how your crying?”. You gave him a disgusted look but sat on his lap anyways, wrapping your arms around his neck, “Yes and I am never asking you anymore questions anymore.”. He rested his hands on your thighs, grinning, “Let’s fuck”.
And just like that, Jeno kissed you but a lot gentler then before. You kissed back at the same force he did, tangling your fingers around his hair and tugging on it making him grunt. “You know, I think I had a stupid crush on you.” Jeno suddenly says, his kisses traveling to your neck. “R-really?” You squeaked out, heart hammering by your chest when his soft lips pressed on your sweet spot. He hummed and sucked on the sensitive skin, chuckling when you whinnied breathlessly, “Yeah, I did. But don’t worry, It’s just a stupid crush.”.
Giving him a teasing look, you wiggled your eyebrows, “Oh? I don’t think it’s stupid, now that you’re holding me like this.”. Jeno growled and captured your lips once again, his hand working it’s way inside your panties, “Don’t flatter yourself, Princess. I just want to get out of what Haechan calls ‘my stage’.”.
“Being a virgin is a stage now? The fuck? I love that man.”
“I could tell he loves you too. I never saw him fuck any other woman ever since you sucked his dick, I guess.”
“You serious?” You pulled away from him, brows furrowed. Jeno admired you for a couple of seconds, love bites all over your jawline and neck, lips all swollen from the kisses. “Yeah,” he breathed out, smiling lazily and pulling you back to him. Teasingly, he ran a finger up your slit, purposely adding pressure on your small bundle of nerves making you gasp out loudly. Your tempting sounds made the male’s eyes turn darker then they already are and he finally, finally entered a finger inside your velvety walls.
“F-Fuck baby, s-so tight and wet.” Jeno moaned, looking more affected then you are. It’s his first time touching a woman like this, and he’s regretting why he had missed this all out and never done any of this sooner. “D-Daddy, more…please…” you begged, rocking your hips and sighing in content. He listened to your plea and added another finger, and started scissoring them, his thumb harshly pressing by your clit in the process.
“O-Oh Jeno, oh my God! Jeno! J-Jeno!” Your moans turn louder and louder, mumbling out phrases that probably doesn’t make sense when he started to pick up his pace and add a third finger. “So hot, baby. Creating a mess just for me and just because of my fingers? Oh my, Princess, how could you handle my cock then?” Jeno hummed out, addicted to how you feel like this. “Mhmm, y-you’re a v-virgin, Jeno! I-I should be the o-one asking you— fuck— that!”
“What did you say? Didn’t quite hear you.” He laughed, his pace going faster then before. Although his wrist started to hurt, he didn’t dare stop. “C-cum— c-cumming!” You gasped out, eyes going teary as the coil in your stomach snaps. Jeno removed his fingers and was in awe seeing the white substance covering them, he gripped on your chin to make you watch him while he sucks them clean. You moaned weakly, leaning in to kiss his soft lips, “I wanna be your first daddy, wanna be so good for you.”.
Jeno pushed you off him only to unbuckle his belt and push his dick out, tip already leaking with precum. “Ride on it, then Princess. Make daddy feel so good”.
Were you needed to be told twice? No, not at all. With shaky legs, you hover above his cock, kissing him again and circle his tip on your walls, stopping a bit when you realized something, “wait…condoms.”.
“Shit, I don’t have one.” Jeno groaned, frustratedly banging his head on the wall behind him and sighing, “So does this mean we won’t get to fuck? Next time the— Jesus Christ!” He calls out, eyes almost bulging out of it’s pockets when you took him by surprise and drop on his fat cock. The tears fell from your eyes, his length reaching places no one ever did. “S-so b-big— ahhh…h-hurts.” You sobbed, uncomfortably shifting on his lap.
Although you were in pain, Jeno was having the time of his life. His eyes closed tightly and his cock twitching, the pleasure blinding his senses. He wanted to cum so bad, having you around him was enough for him to reach his peak— but that can’t happen, of course. The pain was still there as you start in slow movements, still trying to get used to the feeling of his dick inside of you. Jeno’s toes curled, trying his best not to burst that fast and easily as he placed both his hands on your hips, urging you to move faster.
“S-shit, shit, shit, shit.” He chanted, not meaning to rut up on you, but it seemed like his hips has it’s mind of own. “Daddy!” You squealed, clenching around him tightly and sobbing by his lips, babbling how much you love his cock.
“Y-y/n I-I c-can’t— I-I can’t—“
“C-cum in me d-daddy,” you whispered by his ear, slyly moving your finger down and circling his nipple by his shirt. “Fucking— Shit!” Jeno chocked out, moaning turning in higher pitch before he finally released his heavy load, filling you up to the brim. You continued your movements until he had to stop you, the pleasure turning to pain, “I want to taste you”.
Jeno changed both your positions, him laying down as he pulls you to his face. His hands squeezing your ass and he wastes no time licking a stripe on your cum filled pussy. You moaned, grinding down his tongue, feeling all high and drunk by no absolute reason. Jeno pulled you closer, letting the wet muscle wiggle it’s way inside of you, eating out both your juices and his own cum. You feel so, so close. When he moved up and sucked on your clit harshly, that’s it.
You cum dripping by his chin and face, yet he still never let you go, continuing on eating you out like your the only meal on earth. “J-Jeno, e-enough!” You tried to push him out, but the grips he has on your thighs was impossible to escape. Unfortunately, to his delight and to your dismay, he was able to pull another strong orgasm out of you in no time. Finally, Jeno showed you mercy and let you go, sitting up and breathing heavily.
Both looking very much sinful and filthy, covered in sweat and cum. “That was the best thing in my life, holy shit.” Jeno laughed, still not over the fact that he’s finally not a virgin anymore and never will be ever again. “It would have been the best if you didn’t overstimulate me.” You mumbled, weakly snuggling to his side with your legs still shaking for some reason. He smirked and rubbed your side in small circles, “Hey, not my fault you looked so hot!”, he defended himself.
For a moment, you two stayed in each other’s arms, savouring the feeling of the warmth and the comfortable silence. Then, you decided to speak.
“Jeno, let’s not see each other in the morning.” You say in a voice that shows a little hope, knowing very well that was what he wanted even if you wished he would deny. The male was silent for a few seconds before glancing up to your side, “Sounds good, Y/n.”. Your heart cracked up a little, not actually believing he would agree just like that. But your the one who offered, so who were you to complain?
“Thank you for listening to my story.”
“And thank you for taking my virginity.”
If Jeno was ever honest, then he would have just admitted that he never had a stupid crush on you— at all. He just wanted to fuck you so bad and make you do it with him, so he had to say a few lies here and there. All that’s in his mind is how Haechan turned out to be wrong at one thing: you were a great sub, not a bratty one. All the sex and everything was good with you, and that was all he needed. Now that you seem nothing to him anymore, your memories will be by the trash at the time he gets home, along with his glasses.
Lee Jeno is the ‘innocent’ man who gives an apple to their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Lim everyday, but could also be the most cruel at heartbreak. Like at said, he never saw any trail of you the next following day at school.
Loving ‘good boys’ hurt more then loving ‘bad boys’ , they just do.
Tumblr media
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what clark wouldn't give to have known bruce way back then the way he did now.
what clark wouldn't give to stare at that sweeping cape, a length of lead-lined fabric that engulfed the man in a swirling tempest, and see protection instead of fear. to look at all the places he couldn't see and know the lead was there from forethought and planning and innovation, from the turn of a gear and the light of a wick and the thread of a screw, rather than aggression. to meet those cutting blue eyes, too light to fit on a face so grim, and find depths of emotion instead of a slate wall.
he didn't know. all he heard were rumors, travelling on the backs of dandelion wisps and carrying the scent of orange peels and bleach. rumors that batman, no doubt, sowed the seeds of himself. a man grown grotesquely obese by the money he swallowed and swallowed, taking as much as he possibly could from the people, then taking more. that same man stripped of his wealth, left to rot in prison. a man carving questions into walls and answers into bombs, a riddle on his lips and a blade behind his teeth. that man frightened into utter silence, into being a quiet and good little dormouse, because no matter how sharp his tongue was, the bat's tongue was sharper.
a demon, a criminal genius, a goddamn psychopath, clark told himself.
here, now, washing antiseptic from his hands, his thoughts were a reflection across a mirror. he put the spare medical equipment away, staring at bruce fixing a broken part of his car. staring at the scars on his shoulders, staring at the muscle rippling over his bandage, staring at the dark hair falling into his eyes. staring, staring, always fucking staring.
"clark, get over here." bruce was bent over the hood, fiddling with something in the beast of an engine, with his back to clark. (clark did not miss the significance of that action. the weight, the trust, the broken-fingered torn-lipped love of it.)
"i need you to lift the car up."
"you need me to what?"
"lift the bloody fucking car up, kent." ah, the joys of having an english butler with more bullet wounds than oven burns, with more scotch in his tea than sugar. clark lifted the bloody fucking car up.
"have i told you lately how much i love being your packhorse?" clark said, tongue-in-cheek. "gives me purpose in life, exactly what i've been missing all these years."
"occasionally, the more refined of us do decide to bestow some charity upon you poor little souls."
"i've won a pulitzer," clark said. "i've got a fifty-thousand salary." he saw bruce mouth the words fifty thousand with a twisted sort of incredulity, and decided to let the battle go. "i thought something was wrong with the engine?"
"i fixed what was wrong with the engine," bruce said. careless and arrogant and presumptuous and god, clark wanted to swallow him whole, wanted to scrape his own skin raw. "now i'm just double checking the air outlet."
clark remembered a time when bruce would narrow his eyes if clark coughed too loudly, when he would reached for a weapon if clark slammed the door a touch too roughly. clark remembered a time when he believed bruce capable of utter vengence, when he was convinced bruce was too broken to feel things at all.
now, clark was holding a two ton car over bruce's head, and the man couldn't have been more at ease if there was smoke pouring through his lips. now, clark knew bruce felt things the way ships capsize, headfirst and plunging and swallowing everything the sea had to offer. sinking to the depths of neverland, an eternal rest. whale bone graveyards and underwater wraiths.
"clark?" bruce said, and clark realized he'd been staring for some time. "you can put the car down now."
clark rested it gently back on the floor, then straightened to find bruce standing far too close. long and lean and sinewy, marred and steady. years of fighting back to back made his body as familiar to clark as the bed of his nails, as the chip in his coffee cup, as the slipknot on his sweatpants.
"you'd blow past any storm gotham's got," bruce said, "but it'll be better for everyone if you just stay the night." then, gesturing around, face on the wrong side of sardonic, "i've got plenty of room."
"alfred likes me better anyway."
"alfred writes poetry on napkins."
"i write news articles on napkins!"
bruce nose wrinkled, just a hint, because an underground cave better armored than the pentagon was more realistic than afternoon sunlight filtering through stained-glass windows to skip across a china set for two, alfred pouring clark's favourite tea.
"no wonder you two get along. are you staying or not?"
was clark going to stay? was clark going to breathe? going to blink and eat and bleed?
(he may not bleed, but bruce bleeds enough for the both of them.)
"yeah," clark said softly. "i'll head on up. goodnight."
bruce, as usual, saw right through his farewell. he knew clark wanted him to pull out a tome from the shelves that decorated wayne manor and read aloud, wanted him to draw out a lilting melody from the piano that could be bruce's lifeblood in another universe, wanted him to scrub his face raw of any mask and look at clark barefaced and red-cheeked and real.
because as much as clark knew bruce, inside out to the tips of his toes, bruce knew clark, from the points of his knuckles to the edge of his temper. they breathe in sync but they laugh in countermelodies, two dog tags clinking together on the same chain. horatio to hamlet. good night my sweet, sweeter, sweetest fucking prince.
bruce quirked his lips. "see you in a bit," he said and turned to walk away, his back (always, forever) towards clark.
idk shit about cars but i think pattinson's hair looks real swell in the new batman trailer : )
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"this is fun, let's do it more often"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: they love everything they do with you, but they have their favourites
my hero academia: tamaki, katsuki, shoto, mirio, denki
content: fluff!. gn!r. hc sort of
j's thing: hi, it's been a while. I hope this isn't shitty or I'll throw myself away, again. reblogs are very appreciated
mha m.list . general m.list
Tumblr media
listening to each other's rants and sometimes while music plays in the background. he loves venting or ranting to you, and you did the same, you always end up search for each other after a rough day even though your best friends were always there for you guys, they eventually understand and let you guys do your thing. neither of you guys felt comfortable ranting to each other at first, but it keeps going and both of you started ranting to each other as if it's a routine. you both agreed to call it 'free therapy' which it is, sort of.
training together, winner gets a kiss. always down for a challenge, even better when he wins, gets the prize and the prize is a kiss, mostly because he will almost never ask for kisses until you go for it. sometimes will purposely lose but ends up losing three times in a row, he was hella furious and gets a little out of hand. he made this game out of boredom while being in the middle of his clingy arc, as said earlier, he will almost never ask for kisses and training clears his mind, just a little though and he'll go back to Bakugo I-want-you-to-kiss-me-but-I-won't-tell-you-so-take-the-hint Katsuki.
eating together while talking about your day. usually would not give a shit about the world when he's currently munching on his food, but you? he'd give his cold soba to you instead. none of you guys had a thought on making these, well probably just a little thought but not much, it was like a missing piece you didn't know you both needed. he lets your words sink in and will probably take note of it so it'll come in handy one day, you do the same though he won't talk that much, you both appreciated these little moments.
watching movies as you sit in his lap so he can cuddle you. this man loves hugging and gives the best hugs, but doesn't do it to anyone, he has probably only hugged his parents and tamaki a few times. when he thinks about getting a significant other he always dreams about hugging them, and you made it come true. the fun part is you'd let him hug you anytime, he's fine if you need some alone time or don't like physical touch though. cuddles and movies? a combo he would die for, only knew that this is something he's missing because you thought of the idea, he abruptly said yes.
walking around, preferably the park, while holding hands. he doesn't wanna be bothered by anything at times and wants to spend time with you, and only you. it started on a weekend, you decided to call Kaminari and told him to go to a little park and he agreed and not wary of what's going to happen, well he's missing you anyways, why bother asking? once you saw each other, you were both thrilled. you both chatted till who knows how long and bought ice cream in the end, like some cliché romance movie you held onto his hand and roamed around not knowing where to go, he was the one guiding though, just so he can hold your hand longer.
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Thinking about the connections between Frankenstein’s Creature and c!Wilbur and just about ready to burst into tears. 
I’ve talked at length about what I think of the fandom’s general artistic interpretation of Revivebur as having partial zombie/undead features, but with Halloween around the corner, more and more people are dressing him up as Frankenstein’s Creature and … 😭😭😭
The original Frankenstein’s Creature is not the green and bolted silent figure you’re probably more familiar with. He’s a man of letters. He loves words and philosophy. His One Big Thing is trying to connect to other people, to be considered and treated the same as - but being consistently rejected by - everyone who meets him because they refuse to see him as anything but a monster.
He is a living mosaic, built from the people around him both literally and figuratively, and it is this constant rejection and denial of his personhood that eventually drives him to more violent and destructive acts.
Frankenstein builds his Creature because - I mean mainly he builds the Creature because he’s a little bitch with half a semester’s worth of a bachelor’s degree who thinks he knows better than all his professors and God themself - but the Creature is initially built in the blind euphoria of idealism. He builds his Creature to be the most perfect, the most beautiful, being he can. This naive idealism, driven primarily by ambition and hubris, is quickly brought crashing into reality as the consequences of what he’s done, the “catastrophe” that is at the heart of his actions, the living being he has brought to life, stares him down. 
Honestly, there are connections to draw all over the place between L’Manberg, Wilbur, The Creature, and Frankenstein, all with their own delectable nuances and symbolism. They all mesh together in an exploration of identity, creation, and the responsibility we hold for others, ourselves, and what we create, but what I’m particularly drawn to tonight is the idea of a creature, brought into the world beautiful and shining, with all the expectations of success, a creature who grounds their understanding of the world in the books they read and the people they meet, and who eventually, specifically because people refused to acknowledge their humanity - the innate preciousness of the individual life we each possess - that because this creature was not given the right resources, space, or care, to become their truest and best selves, partially through their own stubborness, partially through the neglect and ignorance of others, despite being a fully cognitive, intelligent, and emotionally rich person, so ready to love the world and the people in it, was only ever rejected by that world and called a monster, and eventually gave up, deciding that if the world saw them as a monster, a villain, they would do everything in their power to become worthy of that title. Because what is the use of trying to be a good person if no matter what you do, at every turn, no one will ever acknowledge or see you for who you truly are, and that maybe, if this is how everyone sees you, if this is your true purpose in life, and if you are fulfilling your life’s true purpose, surely, even if you’re not a good person, you can be good at being a person. 
“Tommy are we the bad guys? … Then let’s be the bad guys!”
“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear”
And in the end, because in fact you do have a moral code, and you are a good person, and you have actually been holding yourself accountable for the terrible things you’ve been doing this whole time, your self loathing has reached such a peak that you truly believe the world would have been better off if you had never existed at all.
“My unfinished symphony! Forever unfinished!”
“Kill me, Phil. Phil, kill me. Phil, stab me with the sword. Murder me now.”
"I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly and exult in the agony of the torturing flames. The light of that conflagration will fade away; my ashes will be swept into the sea by the winds."
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ssanzusdoll · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙇𝙄𝘾𝙄𝙏. [ kiyoomi sakusa ]
mature content. again, mature content.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Baby, are you tired?" Sakusa pulled you back and sat you down to his lap straddling him, "Hmm, not really. I slept the whole time i was on the plane and we didn't really do anything that tiring today."
"Then, do you want to do something fun?"
"Something fun?"
Cutting you off guard he buried his face on the crook of your neck. Feeling his breath brushing on the side of your neck. Kissing it softly a few times.
"I've been wanting to do this ever since what we did last few weeks ago."
Your eyes widened, it's all happening so fast. You wanted to pause this moment and breath for second.
"Got anything to say?" You gulp, he suddenly leaned out from your neck and laughs softly. "You're red as a tomato right now."
Kiyoomi cupped your face, "Chill baby, i'm just playing with you. I wanted to ask if you're down to eat something right now, i'm kind of starving."
"So you got my pussy wet for nothing?"
He smiles at you, "Don't worry, my face will be between your legs later, where it belongs."
* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚
You and Sakusa walked through the sidewalk, roaming around tokyo. He was walking behind you. You wanted to hold his hand, but you knew kiyoomi's boundaries. He's germaphobic, he might not like it if you did that.
You both decided to eat at a noodle house, it was 3 blocks away from the hotel. Reaching the shop, kiyoomi tapped your shoulders, you turned to him.
"Can you order for me? I have to buy something in the convenient store across the street." He says and you nod in response.
You went inside the restaurant and ordered kiyoomi the same thing you were having. After a few minutes of waiting sakusa entered the restaurant. He was welcomed by the female waitress. She seemed to have asked something to him, grinning wildly touching his shoulders, You saw him shaking his head and pointing his index finger at you walking towards your direction and away from the female waitress.
You noticed her glare at you and you stick your tongue at her raising your middle finger at her.
"Oi, don't do that. It's rude." Kiyoomi says sitting in the chair infront of you.
"Okay, dad."
"What'd you buy?" You asked, "I'll show you later."
* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚
It all escalated very quickly.
Kiyoomi force his tongue inside of your mouth pinning you against the hallway wall. Not even caring if there's people around. You didn't knew how it ended up like this. The last thing you knew is as soon as the elevator opened, kiyoomi had you under his control. Making your way to the room. He didn't break the kiss neither did you. You struggle to scan the keycard but as soon as you it opened, you were pushed inside by him.
You were patting heavily now sitting at the bed. You look up to see him closing the door, "This isn't your first time, right baby?" He asked.You were silent, all you wanted to do right now is hide behind the rock. You didn't speak and look away to avoid his gaze.
"So you are a virgin." He hissed, "You didn't seem like one, that's why i thought you weren't one."
"That doesn't mean i don't know how to do it, y'know." You said and that caused him to smirk.
"We'll see about that." With that being said he kissed you. This time the kiss was more passionate rather rough. The kiss lasted for a minute but sakusa broke it pushing you to the bed softly and hovering above your figure.
Kissing again, he started to unbutton the blouse and your jeans tossing them away right after only leaving you in a panty and bra. His kisses went down to your neck and down to your breast. Sakusa unhook your bra. Putting one boob in his mouth sucking it while playing with your other boob with his left hand. You moan through his actions closing your eyes.
His right hand found its way down your thigh, Not long after he started rubbing circles on your vagina but purposely not taking off your underwear. Pulling away from you he change his position, now positioning himself between your legs.
"You know, i'm really good with my fingers." Sakusa states, his demeanor was too much for you. "how so?" you quietly asked.
"They're really flexible." He slides his fingers in your underwear and inserted one finger inside, you didn't know what finger was it. The only thing you can think right now was the pleasure his giving to you.
He move his finger freely inside until he hit a certain part, "kiyoomi, not there! It's very sensitive right there!" You sobbed which cause him to smirk, "Oh? You want it here? Very well." He inserted another finger, now hitting the same spot over and over again.
Loud moans left your mouth, not caring if anyone hears or not. You started to pant heavily feeling your release. Kiyoomi took his fingers out of you licking them clean, You watched as he did not realizing how wet you are. He caught you staring at him he smirks, "Did you want a taste too?"
You shook your head. You didn't want that, you wanted something else. "We'll not get anywhere if you don't speak baby." You wanted to say it. Wanted him to own you. But you were too arrogant to admit it. You didn't want to give him what he wanted. "C'mon baby, you're better than that."
You looked away to avoid his gaze only causing him to cup your small face with his hands forcing you to look at him. "I.. i um.."
"Just say it, what do you want me to do? I'm giving you so much privileged already."
"I want it inside."
Sakusa smiles at you, giving you a soft kiss. He leaned in your ears to whisper at you. "Good fucking girl." Licking your ears, you slightly giggle. Leaning out he took off is clothes with you just watching him. Once his only in his underwear he stopped to take off yours. He put his middle finger inside stopping midway checking your wetness.
That's when you remembered something.
"Omi, we don't have condom."
Moving away from him. You wanted to get recked by kiyoomi but you also didn't want to get pregnant. You also didn't believe or trust those 'i'll put out' phrases. You watched kiyoomi take something from the pocket of the sweatpants he recently took off.
"What's that?" You asked not seeing it clearly. "Condom."
"You bring a condom wherever you go?"
"No dummy, I bought it earlier at the convenient store, remember?" So that's why he didn't want to show it to you at the noodle house. "Are we fine now?" You nodded in approval, moving back to your place earlier. You stare at him as he put the condom in his erect dick. Looking at you, "Sit on it."
You crawled your way to his lap, straddling him. He help you put it in, but you yelped loudly when he slipped the tip inside causing him to stop, "Hey, hey baby, look at me, hmm? Just look at me." You nod your head looking at his eyes to prevent the pain somehow.
He struggle to put the whole length inside, "So damn tight! A little more." You were a moaning mess now that it was fully in. "Now ride me baby."
"I...i.. i don't know how to." You quietly say feeling embarrassed.
"Alright, do as i say." He says, "Grind your hips against me." He starting to give you instruction.
You did as what he says, grinding your hips as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Starting at a slow pace getting faster every second.
"That's it. Keep doing that." Kiyoomi says praising you for learning quite fast. He put both of his hands supporting and guiding your movement. Sakusa suddenly flipped the both of you, now changing positions. He was on top of you now. He started to thrust in and out of you causing you to moan at every thrust. "Kiyoomi, s'too much. slow down."
He continued his pace adding more force in it, he watched your face being pleasured by him. Leaning in to your face kissing you but you can barely kiss back because of the moans leaving your mouth. His hands cupped your boobs, he was doing so much. it was too much.
He can feel you reaching your high, "Close baby?" He asked and you nod. You were reaching your climax, but he wasn't.
"Hold for a minute, okay pretty? You can do that, i know you can. You're a fucking good girl." You tried your best to stop yourself from cumming. It was torture.
"Alright, release it for me baby." hearing his approval you came and he pulls out soon after. You pant heavily burying your self in the blankets of the bed, "Tired? Get some rest, don't worry i'll clean everything including you pretty."
"Thank you, omi." You guys kissed one last time before you drifted off to sleep.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smutsonian · 3 hours ago
the salesman (squid game) x female reader
summary: a young woman finds herself being cut off from her father’s earnings after an accident which pushes her into the hands of a certain man who takes a liking to her.
warnings: 18+, dark fic, noncon/dubcon, innocent!reader, naive!reader, brat reader, dark!salesman, yandere, age gap but reader is of age, obsession, stalking, injured reader, smut, d/s, ddlg-ish, daddy kink, virgin!reader, porn with little plot kind of, crybaby!reader, dacryphilia, manipultion?, breeding kink kind of, creampie, confusing narration, possible mistakes and typos
word count: 5.4k
a/n: endless thanks to @crappedoutlungs​ for never getting tired of proofreading my shit
main masterlist
Tumblr media
She couldn't believe what was happening to her. Her father would take drastic measures to punish her for one simple mistake, such as canceling all of her credit cards?
It's not like she purposely crashed the new Mercedes. It was an accident, and instead of being concerned about her health, they decided to renounce her? She couldn't even walk in a straight line, and they're throwing her out?
“We’re not making you leave, sweetie. We’re simply closing all of your accounts until you realize how valuable all this is. You can’t just buy a car and then crash it after three days,” her father explains but it goes straight out her other ear.
She cries in pain as she rises from her bed, slapping her father's hand away as he tries to assist her.
"You're acting as if I purposely crashed it! It wasn't my fault at all, daddy! I'm in pain! Why can't you see that? My leg is completely messed up!" She bounces around, clinging to her father, hoping for his pity once more. In hopes that he'll reverse the freezing of her bank accounts.
"That's why you need to learn a lesson," her father says as he moves her and places her on the bed. As her father continues to chastise her, she only reacts with a huff.
"Seeing you in pain kills me, so I'm stopping you from making another mistake. I don't want to hear about another accident involving you. Your bank accounts will be frozen until you learn to behave like an adult and stop acting recklessly." His words were final, and even if she wanted to complain more, she couldn't, so she walked out of her room before her father could.
She hopped pathetically out of her room, ignoring the way her father called for her. She dashed towards the garage and asked David, the driver, to take her to her friend Dani's house.
David nods once before assisting her inside and driving away, only stopping because of traffic. David answers his phone's incessant ringing and visibly gulps as the caller yells something at him. He turns to face the young woman in the back and gives her an apologetic look.
“Your father wants me to take you back.”
Before the driver can say anything else, she jumps out of the car and waddles towards the metro station, silently laughing as she enjoys the driver's exhausted expression. She felt like a child who was being chased by her father.
She slowly comes to a stop as she recalls her father. She despises the thought of her father despising her, so she huffs angrily as she walks towards the... She had no idea where she was going. She couldn't ask Dani how to get to her location by train because she didn't have her phone with her.
Just her luck, she comes across a man, perhaps ten years or more her senior, dressed up in an expensive suit and carrying a briefcase. Maybe she can borrow his phone from him. Does she even know Dani's phone number by heart?
It doesn’t matter. He looks trustworthy enough.
She walks towards the man but comes to a halt when she notices him raising an eyebrow at her. Embarrassment starts creeping up her spine.
She takes a deep breath before continuing to approach the man and briefly introducing herself and asking if she could borrow his phone.
"I'm sorry, but I can't do that," the guy says as he bows in respect before turning his back on the girl, but is stopped by her hand on his forearm.
“Why not?” She almost whined, clearing her throat before repeating the question clearly. “Why not, mister?”
"Lending a stranger my valuables isn't really a good idea," he said with a smirk.
She visibly scoffs at his words, clearly offended.
“W-what?” Her eyes flutter as she struggles to believe what the man has said. Did she strike him as a thief? She couldn’t even look him in the eyes anymore. She felt humiliated.
She ignored whatever the man said and turned around, limping out of the metro and deciding to take the bus instead. Hopefully, Dani was home, so she could just rant to her about her terrible day.
Tumblr media
“He thought I was a thief!” The young woman exclaimed, laughing when Dani laughed at her outburst.
“He must have been living under a rock if he hasn’t heard about you… You did mention that he was old so it's possible that he’s never heard of your dad’s business before. Maybe he’s a scammer and his get-up was just a trick,” Dani’s eyes widen as the young woman considers her friend’s theories.
"He isn't that old... I'm not sure what I'd do if I didn't have you, Dani!" The young woman jokingly cried before hugging her friend.
"Forget about your father. And don't even think about the salesman from the station. I'm sure your father will calm down by tomorrow. I'm sure he'll welcome you with open arms as soon as you get home," Dani smiles before turning off the lights and heading to bed.
The young woman sighs and pulls the blanket over her head, allowing sleep to consume her.
Tumblr media
The young woman's plan did not go as planned the next day. Her father called Dani to talk to her and he all but screamed and berated her once more. He chastised her for being stubborn and extended the freezing of her bank accounts. She cried, but her father only hung up on her.
"What do you intend to do now?" Dani inquired.
"I'm going home and then I'm leaving," the young woman says firmly and with a frown.
"Are you sure you know where you're going?" Dani trailed her as she walked out of the house and into the distance.
"No, but I'll call you later.  But first, could you tell me how to use the metro station?" With a sheepish grin, she inquired.
Dani laughed and nodded.
Tumblr media
The young woman sits on a bench waiting for the train, determined to return home and prove to her father that she doesn't need him. She regretted staying at Dani's for the entire day because the nearly empty train station terrified her, and the darkness outside didn't help.
She was terrified when she heard footsteps approaching her, so she kept her head down, hoping that whatever or whoever it was would simply vanish.
However, a familiar warm voice engulfed her ears.
"Excuse me, may I take a seat?" When the salesman from yesterday pointed to the seat next to her, she only nodded, taking her gaze away from him and frowning to herself. Why sit next to her when there were plenty of empty benches nearby?
"Would you like to play a game?" The salesman inquired softly.
“No thank you,” The young lady immediately responded, frowning when she heard the man quietly chuckle.
“It’s a simple game. Ddakji. Ever heard of it?” The man continued to speak.
“I’m sorry but what happened to stranger danger?” The young lady inquired, her voice quiet despite her desire to scream at the man who had insulted her the day before. She did, however, become shy in his presence.
She could feel the man staring at her, but she didn't dare to return his gaze.
"Would you please look at me while I speak to you?" His voice became stern all of a sudden, and she found herself obeying him and looking at him with her eyes wide open.
The salesman chuckled before whispering something in her ear, causing her body to warm up.
“Good girl.”
The woman gulped and kept staring at the man who was now opening the briefcase between them.
“It’s simple. Each time you win, I’ll give you a hundred grand. If I win, you give me the same amount of money. Does that sound fair?” He opens the case to show her the money as well as two papers.
When she didn't respond, she felt his fingers on her chin, tilting it up so she could look him in the eyes before tilting his head in question.
“I-I…” She nods, thinking about how this will help her show her father that she doesn't need him.
“I want to hear it, little girl,” the man smirks at her when he feels her face becoming hotter under her touch and takes it away from her face.
"I'll play," she says, reflecting on how simple the game is.
The man hums happily before showing her two papers, one red and the other blue.
“Pick a color,” he says, smiling when the younger woman takes the blue one away from his grasp.
"You can go first," the man says as he throws his paper to the ground.
"No, no, no.  You can go first." The woman kneels to place her paper on the ground before picking up the red paper and handing it to the man who was smiling down at her.
He nods before rising to his feet and slamming his paper on top of the blue one, successfully flipping it.
He smirks at the girl who was staring at the papers with wide eyes before looking back at him with a nod.
"My turn," she says as she picks up her paper and throws it at the red one, which barely grazed it.
When he notices the girl chewing on her thumbnail, the man's arrogant smile turns into a fake frown.
"Is there something wrong?" He asks, feigning concern for the girl, but still removes her hand from her mouth to prevent her from nibbling on her thumb before standing tall again.
“I-I don’t have a hundred grand right now…” she says under her breath.
"Wait, what was that?" He asks again, despite the fact that he heard her the first time. He simply enjoys watching the girl be nervous.
The girl repeats her words louder this time, her eyes slightly teary as she looks at the man.
“How about you use your body to pay?” 
That causes the young woman's eyes to widen.
She was interrupted when the salesman slapped her on the left cheek. She was stunned and emotional, clearly having never experienced anything like this from anyone else. No one, not even her strict father.
The salesman observed the young woman as she held her left cheek with both hands as her once slightly teary eyes began to produce more tears until she was full-on crying, minus the sobs that she tried hard to suppress.
The salesman's heart clenches as he gazes at the woman's lovely face, and his pants begin to tighten around the crotch area.
"How about another round?" He tries to smile at her, to cheer her up, but the way she shakes her head no, scared of him, breaks his heart but makes his cock harder at the same time.
"I-I don't want to play anymore," she says, dropping the blue paper on the ground and limping away from him, which he only now notices.
He calls for her but it didn’t make her stop.
“I know about your father freezing your accounts. I know about you more than you think I do. I know you’ve got nowhere to go,” he smiles when she finally stops but frowns when he sees her face filled with tears and anger as she turns around.
“Are y-you stalking me now?” Her voice wavers, making him feel even worse.
"Not at all, little girl. I…” He closes his briefcase before reaching for the card in his front pocket, but he comes to a halt halfway through. He couldn't let her participate in the game. She wouldn't last a second in that place. She's far too delicate. She must be protected.
He approaches her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder before squatting to be at eye level with her.
“I can help you,” he smiles.
The woman, who was overly emotional and in pain, only stared at him with hopeful eyes, so he continued to speak.
“I’ll help you, my little crybaby. I’ll make sure that your father will regret pushing you away. Wouldn’t you like that?” He speaks softly, caressing her face and brushing the back of her head as she leans in closer to his embrace.
“But you slapped me…” She murmurs beneath him.
His chest rumbles as he chuckles, but he comes to a halt before gently rubbing her back. At the very least, he got her attention.
“It was a mistake, and I will never do anything to upset you like this again. I promise.” He speaks, but she doesn't respond, instead, she continues to bask in his embrace.
“I will help you. I will be here for you and we’ll make your father regret everything. Is that what you want?” He tries once more.
"Yeah," she finally nods against his chest, making him smile triumphantly.
He draws her in closer before taking a whiff of her hair.
She’s so frail. So delicate. So sensitive. So ethereal.  She does not deserve to be in pain. She needs to be protected.
He’ll protect her.
He’ll take good care of her. Only him and no one else.
Tumblr media
The salesman assisted the woman out of the train and onto his home with care. It took almost everything he had not to just carry her all the way home because he didn't like the way she kept limping. But he liked how she leaned into him for support. He liked the idea of her putting her trust in him.
It makes him wonder what else she will entrust him with.
As the salesman assisted her in becoming acquainted with his home, the woman gazed around in awe. It was almost as big as her house, if not bigger. She smiles slightly at the prospect of doing better without her father. Her father expected her to apologize and suffer despite the fact that she had done nothing wrong. She is not going to apologize for something she did not do. At least not on purpose.
The young lady was brimming with pride and the salesman was well aware of it. He can't decide whether he likes that aspect of her or if he wants to tame it. He already admired her nervousness towards him. It makes him wonder if she'll be his actual good girl.
While he admired the woman, she admired his house. He could sense her discomfort at not knowing what to do next, so he decided to put her out of her misery.
"I'll take you to the room, and then I'll make something for dinner," he says, earning a nod from the girl as she follows him down the long corridors.
After being left in the room, the woman looks around, admiring the large bedroom and limping around to get a better look at everything.
She gulped as she entered the walk-in closet and saw an array of designer suits and designer shoes. It's the salesman's room. Why did he bring her here? Will they be sharing the same room?
She jumped when she heard his voice coming from the entrance, not realizing she'd been gawking at the closet for a long time now.
"Are you ready to eat?"
She looked at him with wide eyes, which he realized was an endearing expression on her face. She appeared to be completely innocent.
“Why am I staying in your room? I’m sure you have plenty of guest rooms...”  Her voice had grown louder, no longer the shy girl he'd seen at the train station.  
She observed as the salesman cocked his head to the side and mockingly pouted at her.
"I'm so sorry. Is the princess dissatisfied with this room?" His words, as well as the new nickname, cause her eyes to widen.
“You’re a brat, aren’t you?” When she tries to hide from his gaze, he walks closer to her, tilting her chin up with his fingers.
“If your father allowed you to talk down on him all the time, don’t expect me to do the same. You, my little princess, are in my home. If you want this to work, you must follow my instructions. Failure to do so will result in punishments.” He leans in closer, gazing deeply into her eyes as he enjoys her shaking form.
"And I don't think you like being punished, you crybaby," he smirked, wiping the tears away with his thumb as they began to fall down her cheeks.
“I-I’m not a crybaby!” She whimpered, more tears welling up at the humiliation she was receiving.
“Are you going to cry just because I called you a crybaby?” He cooed, laughing quietly when she shouted no at him before crying harder and desperately trying to wipe the ongoing tears.
He sighed and drew her into a hug, pressing her face against his chest and cooing at her until she calmed down.
After a while, he pulls away before squatting down and wiping away the rest of her tears.
"If you keep being a good girl, I won't have to punish you. Would you be able to do that for me, princess?" He smiles at her, urging her to respond, which she does with a nod.
"I'd like to hear it, princess," he says with another smile as he nods at her.
“I-I’ll be good,” she says shyly before humming when he hugs her.
“My good girl?” He asks again and smiled against her head when she nodded.
The salesman didn’t miss how the girl welcomed his touch with open arms whenever he shows her that he’s the one in control.
He'll have so much fun with his adorable little crybaby.
He gets to his feet and takes her with him, carrying her out of the closet and onto his bed, carefully placing her with a sigh.
He places a white shirt beside her on the bed before leaning down to kiss the top of her head.
"I'll get you some food," he says as he exits the room, leaving her alone.
She looks down at the shirt before pawing at it and realizing that it was one of his. Before she could unfold the shirt, he came back with a tray filled with various food.
She sat up excitedly, waiting for him to approach her, and smiled when she saw the appetizing dish that had been served to her.
She hears him chuckling but ignores it, reaching for the spoon only to have her hand slapped away.
She let out a yelp before looking at him with yet another pair of tearful eyes.
"Patience, my crybaby," he warns before pulling a white cloth from his pocket and hooking it like a bib on the front of her shirt.
She watches him as he takes the spoon she tried to take earlier, scoops some soup on it, and carefully blows on it before guiding it to her lips.
She looks at him strangely, not opening her mouth, but one hard look from him compelled her to comply.
That pleased him.
He observed her lips wrapping around the spoon and considered whether he should simply feed her some fruits with his own hand.
He made the decision to test the waters.
Taking one grape and placing it near her mouth, he licked his lips as he watched her try her hardest not to touch his fingers with her lips. He did, however, surprise her by shoving two fingers inside her mouth. He shot her a warning glance, daring her to bite him, but she didn't.
"Good girl," he smirked as he replaced those two fingers with his thumb and pressed his thumb against her tongue.
He groans as her tongue brushes against his thumb, and with her confused expression, he doubts she knows what she's doing to him.
How hard she’s making him.
He shoves his thumb further, making her gag and produce tears in her eyes.
"Such a crybaby," he cooed before removing his thumb from her mouth and slamming his lips against hers, his tongue replacing his thumb and lapping her tongue with hunger.
Eager to get a taste of her.
He basked in her whimpers and tried his best to taste every corner of her mouth before abruptly pulling away as his cock started to get so stiff that it started to hurt.
He takes her hand by the wrist and gives her a reassuring look before guiding it towards his crotch, making her feel how hard he is through his pants.
"Do you see what you're doing to me?" With a groan, he humps her hand, his jaw clenched in need.
"M-Mister," her small voice only makes him harder, and if he hadn't seen her face filled with tears mixed with that familiar innocence, he would've continued humping her hand.
He comes to a halt, never letting go of her hand, before kneeling on the bed and leaning close to her face.
“Have you never touched someone like this before?”
His face lights up when she shakes her head in disagreement.
"You truly are innocent," he says as he lets go of her hand and caresses her face with both palms.
“Tell me, princess…” He gives her a quick kiss before looking at her face.
"Are you getting wet for me?" he smirks, sliding a hand down her sweatpants, straight to her cunt, and sliding his lithe fingers through her soaking slit.
“Ohh!” He laughs as she closes her eyes in humiliation. He comforts her with his free hand back on her cheek as he shushed her against her lips.
“You’re so wet for me, princess. Are you going to let me take care of you?” He waits for an answer but never receives one.
He growls and pushes the tray off the bed, making a loud noise that causes the girl to open her eyes.
She stares at him with wide, fearful eyes, yelping when he pushes her shoulders so hard that she falls onto her back.
As he climbs over her body, his hand returns to her cunt, the other hand wiping the tears that had begun to fall down the side of her face.
"Has anyone ever touched you here, princess?" He licks his bottom lips as he watches her eyes flutter in pleasure, but she refuses to answer his question, which frustrates him.
When he feels her getting close, he abruptly pulls his hand away, eliciting a quiet whine from her that he would've chuckled at if he wasn't so frustrated with her lack of response to his questions.
“I asked you a question, princess. And I expect an answer!” He growls before yanking her sweatpants down, along with her panties.
“N-No! Nobody!” She screamed, and the salesman grinned, crawling up to press another kiss on her lips.
"Such a good girl," he mutters through the kiss, biting her bottom lip, which causes her hips to jolt against his, slamming into his painfully hard cock.
"Fuck!" he hisses, making the girl beneath him stiffen.
“If you keep doing that, I won’t be able to stop myself from fucking you hard, princess. And believe me when I say that I want to see you fall apart before I do that,” he says as he stares at her needy and curious eyes.
He chuckles at the prospect of her liking what he's doing to her and about to do to her.
“You’d want that, won’t you, princess? Would you like daddy to ruin this lovely pussy?” He slides a finger inside her, eliciting a loud whine from her, her hands harshly gripping his shoulders, attempting to ignore the minor pain from the intrusion.
The salesman clicks his tongue but has a concerned expression on his face.
“How will you handle my cock if you can’t even handle one finger, princess?” When she opens her eyes and looks at him with sad and shy eyes, he smiles.
He sighs as he leans in to kiss her on the nose.
“Don’t worry. Daddy will get you nice and ready before he ruins you with his cock, okay?” Not waiting for a response, he begins to pull the finger out before pushing it back in to produce more juice from her.
He adds another finger before scissoring her and attempting to open her up, her cries and heavy breathing filling his ears.
"If you keep crying like that, I might just fuck you right now," he glares at her cunt before moving his fingers faster, his thumb finding its way to her clit, making her body jolt and him grin with pride.
He focuses on her clit, and when he notices her legs shaking, he knows she's close.
He dives his head towards her neck, licking and sucking on a specific area while his fingers continue to satisfy her cunt. She's squirting under him after a few more strokes, her voice sounding like an angel singing only for him. The way her walls gripped his fingers made him excited, and the pulsing of her clit only increased his desire for her.
Her cries were silenced when he kissed her once more, his tongue lapping her own before pulling away when she moaned needily against him.
He quickly unbuttons his shirt before tossing it somewhere and then yanks his pants off as quickly as he can so he can kiss her lips again, moaning loudly at the taste of her. He grunts before crawling down so he was faced with her cunt.
"I need to taste you down here, princess," he whispers, his breath tickling her, making her clench her thighs around his head, which he stops with his firm hands, spreading her wide open, his hands gripping her tightly, making sure she can't move her thighs.
His tongue danced around her slit before going in to taste her juices. He pulls it out to circle around her clit, flattening it directly on it which makes her mewl above him. A few licks and sucking on her sensitive clit were enough to make her cum again, he smirked as he sat up, watching her face light up with ecstasy.
He quickly crawled back up to her lips, making her taste herself against his lips. His cock rests heavily on her thighs, eager to settle inside her cunt.
He grunts and moans against her lips while humping her thighs, causing her to cry.
“P-please…” Her hands were flat on his stomach, attempting to push him away, her face filled with fear and anxiety as he lines his cock against her cunt.
“I’ll make you feel good, princess. I won’t hurt you purposely,” he assures her, frowning when she shakes her head from side to side.
"Don't make me tie you down, princess," he says dangerously before kissing her cheek and smiling as he wipes her tears away.
"I promise I'll make you feel good," he says as he kisses her lips again before coating his cock with her juices. With dark and lustful eyes, he observes the way his cock slides against her lips.
He looks back at her with an apologetic look before giving her a reassuring pat on her thigh.
"It will hurt at first, but it will only last a second," he explains watching his cock pressing against her slit. He licks his lips as his head enters her with some resistance from her cunt.
He looks at her teary eyes before leaning down to kiss her lips, swallowing the scream she lets out when he pushes his cock all the way inside her. His hand finds its way to her hair, rubbing it comfortingly while the other rubs her side.
“I’m sorry, princess. I’m so sorry,” he says through the kiss, holding his position for a full minute before moving slowly to pull away, cringing slightly when she cries against his kiss. He pulls away from the kiss before kissing her neck, sucking at the hope of marking her and diverting attention away from the pain.
He pushes his cock in one stroke, eliciting a moan from her this time.
He smiles at her closed eyes, enjoying the sensation of her warm pulsing walls surrounding his cock.
He moves his lips from her neck to her chest, licking her nipple before moving the other, teasingly biting it, causing her to clench around his cock.
"Fuck, princess," he moans before thrusting into her faster, his gaze fixed on her face.
He braces himself as he continues to piston into her, hips slamming against hers, eager to hit her as deep as he can with each stroke.
He notices her eyes widening before her hands push against his chest.
“N-No, I...” She whimpers as he grabs both her wrists and places them on the headboard, trapping her as he continues to thrust into her.
“Cum on me, princess. Don’t you fucking dare hold it!” His voice booms, his hips slamming into hers even harder, eager to make her cum around him.
“Do it! Cum for daddy, princess!” They both scream in delight when she finally cums, crying in pleasure as her arms wrap around his torso, pulling him close while his hips continue to thrust into her cunt, motivated and needier at the way her pussy was creaming his cock.
He hears her whining beneath him, too sensitive for his cock, but he only shushes her, kissing her and praising her for being a good girl.
“Just a few more, princess,” he says softly, almost beggingly.
The girl observes him as he cries in pleasure, unable to pull out and cumming inside her. The warmth surprised her, and his constant thrust causes her to cum once more. When he feels her clenching around him again, the salesman groans, laughing heartily at how he was able to make her cum again.
His cock continues to twitch inside her, emptying his seed before collapsing beside her and pulling her against his chest.
"You've been such a good girl, princess," he says before kissing her on the forehead, her eyes already fluttering shut from exhaustion.
"T-thank you, daddy," she mumbles nonchalantly, but his cock, which is still inside her, jumps in delight.
“My good girl,” he smiles before letting himself fall asleep next to her.
Tumblr media
The girl wakes up in a bathtub when she hears the man’s voice softly calling her.
“It’s your father,” he says, pointing at the smartphone in his hands. 
"Would you like to tell him something, princess?" The man smirks at the haughty expression on the girl's face. She nods and gazes adoringly at the man as he kneels beside the tub and places the phone by her ear, bright eyes fixed on her.
“I don’t need you anymore, daddy. I’m not going home and I’m not apologizing for something that I didn’t do,” she ends with a huff, watching the man smirk at the phone before ending the call.
"Good girl," he says, his hands caressing her thighs beneath the pink water.
“How are you feeling? Did I go too hard on you?” He looks at her with concern in his eyes.
The girl shakes her head and smiles at him, her hand resting on top of his.
"Just a little sore, daddy," she whispers, giggling as his eyes darken.
"Let's get you ready for bed," he says as he pulls her up and out of the tub, his hands under her arms.
He takes his time drying her, the big towel feeling soft against her skin and she gulps at the way he took his time drying her private parts.
The girl admires his face when he buttons his shirt on her body.
“What are you looking at, brat?” He teases, smirking when she pouts, eyes threatening to make tears.
“I’m not a brat!”
"No, you aren't.  You're a crybaby," he quips, amused by the way she frowns at him. He wipes the lines away from her face, kissing her nose repeatedly, which makes her giggle.
"You're my little crybaby, princess.  And you're not going to leave me, are you?" He looks at her intimately, his heart pounding as he waits for her response.
"Never, daddy," she says as she pecks his lips. As she attempted to pull back, he drew her back, a hand behind her head to prevent her from fleeing.
He jumps into bed with her, turning their bodies until he's straddling her.
“It’s you and me forever,” he smiles when she nods in agreement at him.
The salesman admires the girl, his heart skipping a beat at the memory of his original plan for her. He was relieved that he had not allowed his girl to participate in the game. She didn't belong there. She belonged nowhere but with him. She's finally found her place.
She’s where she belongs now.
With him.
Tumblr media
a/n: we might have not learned a lesson here but we did get ourselves a fine zaddy so ✌🏼
been kinda simping for this guy so I had to make a thirst trap for him :3 im not dead btw. but not too far from it too. university is killing ur girl :’) i’ve been thinking of writing a squid game au for a while now too like frontman!steve or whatever but ehh
also, i know i fucked up the ddakji game so pls try to ignore that 🥴
General: @readermia @unlikelygalaxygiver @xoxabs88xox @anncutamarica @chaoticfiretaconerd @i-love-superhero @caffiend-queen @coconutqueen21 @jtargaryen18 @jennmurawski13 @mushyjellybeans @ninjabucky @buckstaybucky @donutloverxo @rebloggingeverything @adriannajackson @la-cey @awaywithtime @gotnofucks @empath-bunny @belovedcherry @white-wolf1940 @the-soulofdevil @mianorth @scorpiosmalfoy @rottenstyx @denisemarieangelina @littlegasps
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redlotus98 · 2 days ago
The Biggest Regret Of My Life | Damian Wayne | Gender Neutral Reader
Tumblr media
Genre; Angst; with a happy ending
Summary; Older!Damian, you've spent months planning the perfect birthday party for Damian. But all the effort goes out the window when people get in the way.
Warnings; Swearing, accusations, lots of angst
Word Count; 1.6K words
Tumblr media
You were exhausted, Damian's birthday was coming up this weekend and you had spent the past two months planning. You had set up the venue, the music, invited his friends, his family (obviously) and everything was sorted. It was his twenty first and you just wanted it to be perfect. You had been trying to act as natural as you could with Damian so you wouldn't end up spilling everything you had worked so hard on. You thought you were handling it well, thought being the important word there. Damian knew something was up, he thought you'd eventually come to him with whatever was making you act strange. It wasn't until the party, things went extremely bad.
It was the day of the party and while Damian was at Wayne Enterprises, you were with Jason and Dick, setting up everything that was needed at the venue. You were so tired, but you were determined to make today the best day and night of your boyfriend's life. "(y/n), you can go home and nap if you like? You fucking look like you need it, me and Dick have it sorted here" Jason spoke, but you shook your head. "No, no, no. I need to be here, to sort it all out. This was my idea, I can't put the responsibilities on someone else" you replied, continuing to work. Dick and Jason looked at eachother before sighing. "If you say so mate" Dick replied, noticing your nod after he spoke.
It was finally the time Damian should be showing up, everyone was here. Dick had met up with Damian and was bringing him. You were a little further back than you wanted to be, someone, possibly on purpose you thought, had trashed an area. You were quickly trying to clean it up, when you heard everyone shout surprise, shit. You turned around, ready to make your way towards your boyfriend when some girl made his way towards him. You paused, trying to figure out who it was but you couldn't tell. You could see Damian frown though, before looking around, his eyes meeting yours. His frown deepened, as he shook his head. You could see his mouth moving, saying bye to the girl before he made his way to you.
You decided to just smile and greet him, hopefully the frown was directed at you? "Hey love, happy birth-" you were cut off by Damian grabbing your arm, taking you to a corner not as occupied. Welp, maybe the frown was for you. You laid eyes across the girl who had gone up to Damian, recognising her as someone who had a crush on him and clearly still hadn't gotten over him. She was smirking as her friends laughed beside her, making you frown. "What the hell Damian, what's going on with you?" You asked him, but Damian just scowled.
"What's going on with me (y/n)? I think you mean what's going on with you?" He gave you a pointed look, but you froze, going on with you? You hadn't done anything, clearly sick of your silence, Damian huffed. "TT, What so you act all off with me, like you're hiding something and then I hear you're going around telling people you planned this party? Carly told me the truth, that she did, that you forgot. How do you think that makes me feel? My own partner was too busy with secrets to think of me?" Damian took a breath and you were still frozen, um what? What did he just say? "Love, what are- what are you talking about? You're mistaken, I-", Damian scoffed. "You didn't do anything, I know that. I don't even know why you're here. Actually, I don't want you here. Please just leave", Damian spoke, not letting you get another word in as he walked off.
You stood there for what felt like forever, frozen in shock, before finally moving. If Damian didn't want you here, well this was his day and you'd give him what he wants. As you were making your way towards the exit you bumped into Dick, who smiled at you, until he seen the sadness in your eyes. "(y/n), what happened? Have you seen Damian?", Dick spoke, making you sigh. "Ha, yeah I've seen him. He told me that I've been telling everyone I did this and that it was actually Carly and that I should leave 'cause he doesn't want me here", you replied a frown on both of your faces now. Dick placed a hand on your shoulder, "I uh- he's a fucking idiot (y/n), don't worry about it. I'll knock some sense into him". You gave Dick a small smile before taking your leave, you didn't want to go home, not when Damian would return at some point later. He probably wont want you there, you walked off to the local park, sitting on a bench.
Back inside the party, Damian was sat at the bar, frowning into his drink when Dick sat next to him. "What the hell is wrong with you" Dick spoke, glaring at his younger brother. "I haven't done anything Dick. Back off" Damian replied, making Dick angrier. "Seriously? Do you know that your partner spent freaking months planning this, staying up late, waking up early to get everything planned. Yet some fucking girl from high school tells you that they planned this and you believe then over your partner of 5 years? Sort out your fucking priorities. You must have noticed they were tired and exhausted, and then you kick them out? You don't fucking deserve someone like them, enjoy your party Wayne", Dick finished before making his leave, he was done with this.
It seemed like Dick's words finally made something snap in Damian, as he jumped up from where he sat. He went to leave the venue when he was intercepted by Carly. He scowled as she gave him a sickly-sweet smile. "Dami! How are you enjoying the party? I just wanted to celebrate you, there's actually something I wanted to tell-", Damian scoffed. "Oh cut the act. I can't believe that I believed you? You're unbelievable and to stoop so low? You're nothing to me, and old school associate, know your place because the only person I love is (y/n)" Damian interrupted before leaving the venue, leaving the girl there in shock.
Your shared apartment wasn't far away luckily so he made his way there. He entered the apartment, finding it empty and immediately freaking out. Where were you? He grabbed his phone, ringing you. His panic worsened when it went straight to voicemail. Your phone was off. He sat on the sofa, head in his hands. What had he done? Damian couldn't believe he'd been so horrid to you. He felt sick. What if you didn't forgive him? Eventually he stood up, leaving the apartment, he had to find you.
It felt like it had been hours that Damian had spent searching for you. Eventually he ended up at the park. He was ready to give up when he saw you sat on a bench, he let out a sigh, making his way towards you. He hesitantly sat down next to you, neither of you talking. It stayed like that for a couple minutes before Damian finally spoke. (y/n), my beloved. I am so sorry for what I did and said to you. I- I just, I didn't mean to hurt you". You sighed, interrupting Damian. "But you did. Do you know how much time and effort I put into tonight? And you just say all that.. then tell me to leave and you don't even want me there?".
Damian choked out a breath, turning to hold your hand, but you moved it, just before he could. "(y/n), I will do anything to prove to you how sorry I am? This is the biggest regret of my life" Damian spoke, you looked into his eyes, and you could see that he meant it, the sadness in his eyes. You gave him a small smile, "Damian, I love you, I will always love you. But... you hurt me, you've really hurt me. You believed some girl over me? You kicked me out, said you didn't want me there and.. it's just not easy to forgive so quickly". Damian froze, hearing the words you were saying. Were you breaking up with him? His breaths quickened as he started to panic, no he couldn't lose you.
You grabbed his hand, placing it on your chest. "Hey, follow my heartbeat. Breathe with me yeah Dami? In and out okay?" Damian tried to nod, but he was still panicking. "Dami, I'm not breaking up with you. I promise you, we're not over. Please, follow my breathing". Damian looked into your eyes, seeing that you were serious. He slowly started to copy your breaths and slowly, he came back to you. "You okay? I mean it, I'm not breaking up with you. We've been together for five years. I'm not throwing it away, but you have hurt me and it will take some time to forgive you for that okay? But I promise you Dami, I'm not going anywhere and we'll work through this okay?" You finished, holding his hand tightly, letting him know you were there physically.
Damian nodded slowly, "can I- can I hug you?" He asked you and you gave him a smile, nodding and opening your arms. He immediately flew into them, and once he was in your embrace, the tears he was holding back came flooding out. "I'm so sorry, gosh I'm so sorry. I can't- I can't believe you're standing by me. Fuck- fuck thank you, thank you" he rushed all the words he was trying to say out and you held him tighter. "I'll earn your forgiveness back, thank you. I love you (y/n)" he mumbled into your shoulder. You sighed, "I love you Dami, I love you too. We're going to be okay".
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monstersdownthepath · 2 days ago
The Final King, Mogaru
Tumblr media
CR 28
Chaotic Neutral Colossal Magical Beast
Bestiary 4, pg. 170~171
Lets get this joke out of the way really quick aaaand
So, here we are! After referencing him in so many other posts during Cataclysmic Kaiju Month (which isn’t even over yet!), how many of you were waiting for the article on Godzilla Mogaru himself? Claimed by scholars to be the King of All Kaiju, Mogaru is said to be older than all of them combined, so ancient no known historical record predates him, birthed in Golarion’s earliest days and just as much the part of the planet as any mountain or lake and as necessary for the ecosystem’s function as a seasonal flood or wildfire. Like a seasonal flood or wildfire, though, Mogaru’s infrequent awakenings have recently begun to affect the expansion of mankind throughout the planet because they have rather rudely decided to do things like raise civilizations that happen to be in his favorite ancient stomping grounds. The NERVE of some species’! Honestly!
There is also Mogaru’s other, more important function: Keeping the population of other Kaiju low. While other Kaiju awaken every few decades or centuries due to some inborn schedule or rise in response to specific stimuli, the stimuli Mogaru responds to is other Kaiju waking up, his Sense Kaiju perfectly pointing him towards any and all active Kaiju regardless of distance... but it’s ultimately up to him whether he leaves his primordial lake or not to engage them. It’s not known why the attacks of some Kaiju rouse Mogaru while others go ignored, but it tends to rely on geographical location more than anything else. Like his inspiration, Mogaru cannot fly (thankfully), but he CAN swim, and quickly (100ft/round), but this mean’s he’s limited to intercepting attacks that occur on or near shorelines.
Woe to any Kaiju he deigns to face down, though. As numerous dead and buried beasts can attest to, Mogaru’s purpose is population control, and if you happen to be over whatever arcane limiters he has set in his mind, the typical “battle to the point of exhaustion and then part ways” collision of force do not apply. Neither does it apply to any puny adventurers who try to catch his attention.
Lets get the first and most obvious one out of the way first: The Breath Weapon. Like his inspiration, Mogaru’s most famous and most devastating technique is the hellfire he can produce from his mouth, heralded by the red spines along his back and head glowing ominously. His breath isn’t radioactive (thankfully), but it’s “fiery red force” that takes the shape of a 1200ft line. Anything in that line takes 20d6 Fire and 20d6 Force damage (and no Kaiju actually resists Force) and, fun fact, cover does literally nothing. The blast of energy is so intense that not only staggers anything struck for 1d4 rounds, but also completely bypasses the cover mechanic, affecting small creatures cowering behind debris (provided the debris withstands the initial blast anyway) just as well as it does the whatever massive beast is at the other end.
But Mogaru isn’t anchored in place while unleashing his greatest weapon, like some of his competition. No, his mastery of his energy weapon is so complete that he can actually move while firing, swinging his head as he does so and turning the 1200ft line into a 600ft-long cone, an area of devastation so enormous that, unless a party has split up to completely surround him, will likely affect everyone and everything present in the battle, wiping hundreds of structures and countless innocent civilians straight out of existence (since anything brought to 0 HP is automatically disintegrated). It’s such an enormous AoE that I literally cannot even draw it accurately in Paint because, in Pathfinder, cones tend to be as wide at the endpoint as they are long, so the visualization becomes absolutely ridiculous. Even when compared to Agyra’s four-mile hurricane, the sheer enormity of Mogaru’s cone weapon is difficult to express through text alone, and trying via a grid drawing--even when the squares represent 10ft instead of 5--is proving to be far too fiddly to be easily readable. Just looking over the quick doodle I did for the sake of it tells me it hits thousands of individual 5ft squares; someone better at math with more patience than me can probably get an accurate number, but my own mental math puts it somewhere at or near 3,000. Pathfinder’s systems literally are not meant to work on the scale Mogaru does, to say nothing of Kaiju in general, which is why, mercifully, Paizo changed them to be environmental hazards in 2e.
Maybe someone with a program more advanced than Paint will have an easier time, but we all have our weaknesses. All of us except Mogaru, of course, but we’ll get into that in a moment.
People aren’t likely to be packed shoulder to shoulder in neat little 5ft squares, so Mogaru’s body count will not likely be extremely high after only a single breath weapon... which is why he can do it once every 4 rounds, just for good measure. No impediment vulnerable to Fire or Force stands in the Final King’s way for very long, and anything that does resist the initial blast will likely either be torn apart by his follow-up Full-Attack, or his follow-up Firebolts. On the round following the use of his Breath Weapon, Mogaru’s spines remain charged with energy that he can fire off as a powerful ranged touch attack. He can choose to fire one, three, or six bolts of heavy fire at any target(s) within 1200ft, the singular Firebolt dealing 20d6 Fire/Force damage, the triple bolts 8d6 damage each, and the six bolts only 5d6 damage each... But there’s no limit to whether or not he can target the same creature or object with multiple bolts or not, so if he (the DM) is feeling especially spicy and thinks the +31 to hit touch AC is enough to guarantee each bolt lands, he can trade his single gargantuan shot to aim the six smaller bolts at the same victim, dealing 30d6 Fire damage instead of 20d6 (or all three of the medium bolts for 24d6). His Firebolts give him incredible coverage against even flying Kaiju, to say nothing of archers or casters buzzing around his head like mosquitos.
If you thought we were done with the consequences of his Breath Weapon, though, you’re going to be sorely disappointed, because the Final King has a final prank up his sleeve that lets him use it even when it’s on cooldown. While players are unlikely to experience this variant due to the restrictions of the Massive rule, Mogaru’s Reflexive Breath lets him use his fiery force beam as an Attack of Opportunity, blasting a victim with 40d6 damage and potentially staggering them. He can only use Reflexive Breath once per round, and it thankfully only damages the creature that provoked the AoO, but using it charges up his Firebolts (provided I’m reading it right; there seems to be nothing indicating otherwise) and doesn’t impact the rate his normal Breath Weapon recharges. With his Reflexive Breath discouraging enemies from disengaging (and serving as the coup de grace against Kaiju he wants dead, should they try and flee with their Recovery ability), Mogaru’s Full-Attack traps them between a rock and a hard place.
He’s got a CCB attack, as one may expect looking at him, his two claws dealing a generous 4d8+20 damage, while his significantly more damaging bite hits for 8d6+20 damage and Grabs whatever it strikes. While all Kaiju are immune to it, Mogaru does have Fast Swallow to gulp down smaller annoyances into his molten gut where they take 10d6 bludgeoning and 10d6 Fire damage each round until they escape or succumb. For enemy colossi, Mogaru can also bring his twin tails to bear, each dealing 6d6+10 damage on impact, and ALL of his natural attacks critically strike on a 19-20! For anyone managing to get out of his 60ft reach (and 60ft space), he can still close in and bite down via Greater Vital Strike for 24d6+20 damage to keep those numbers high.
One final trick proving that he’s the King Of All Kaiju is his secret weapon against any beast or mage that tries striking him from beyond his range with magic or energy weapons: Absorb Energy. He is immune to Fire and has 30 points of Resistance against every other form of elemental energy (except Force), including negative energy, and Absorb Energy turns that Resistance into a unique form of self-healing; he heals from any damage that gets blocked by his Resistance or Immunity. If your attack deals 31 Acid damage, then you’ve actually netted him 30 HP, as the first 30 points of damage are absorbed and used to heal his wounds instead. If your strike dealt 800 Fire damage, well, that just brings him back to full.
Perhaps to keep the ability from being too insane, Mogaru can only focus on feeding on a single type of energy at a time. The first energy damage he’s exposed to each round is the only one he’ll actually draw HP from, so having some tiny critter at the top of the initiative order flinging Acid Splashes or Jolts at his feet to trigger Absorb Energy and then unleashing a Cone of Cold or Greater Shout is perfectly viable. Not so much for other Kaiju, who tend to rely on a single type of damage, though, who tend not to catch on to his gimmick until they’ve already given him a fourth of his health back.
While Mogaru’s appearance in a city besieged by another Kaiju can be a blessing, it will more often than not end with the city being destroyed anyway as the titans clash. The one hope for salvation the puny townspeople have is the Final King’s fascination with song. For a reason lost to the ages, Mogaru is Susceptible to Song, any being capable of managing the DC 35 Perform (Sing) able to plant a Suggestion in the mind of the titan. If he succeeds his own save against the song (the DC of which is set by the performer’s Perform roll), the effect only lasts 1d4 rounds... but if he fails, the Suggestion sticks for as long as the spell typically would (1 hour/level, with the caster level being the performer’s ranks in the skill). Unlike any other mental effect, Mogaru cannot use Recovery to shrug off the song’s effects on him, so the order he’s been given is guaranteed to be obeyed.
While this weakness tends to be used to spare a civilization from the Final King’s wrath, the fact that anyone with the ability to beat the DC can give him an order (though no more than once per singer per day) can absolutely be used for things far more nefarious. Not every day you see a potential plot hook for a Bard destroying a city, is it?
You can read more about him here.
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littleshopofk-pop · a day ago
kinktober — day 12 | breeding/daddy kink
daddy ~ • [choi seungcheol]
Tumblr media
keep your focus on my hips and jeans
pairing: choi seungcheol x fem!reader genre: smut, ddlg (?), dom!idol, sub! reader synopsis: porn without plot <3 word count: 572 warnings: breeding, daddy kink, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willie)
ayeee double post bc i’m still trying to catch up on the missing days ,,,,, and ik i said i will decide if someone requests two things but i literally couldn’t and then this idea came to me and here we are, i should go to sleep ,,,,,,
Easing into you, Seungcheol let out a low sigh as your walls clenched around his erection. His deep breaths tickled your skin when you felt the warm air touching your collarbones before he placed a kiss on the sensitive area of your body.
You moaned his name in dulcet tones, lips agape because of the pleasure he gave you while you tangled your hand in his dark hair, gently tugging at the strands as you closed it into a fist at the feeling between your legs.
He was balls-deep inside of you, repeatedly hitting your sweet spot as stars began to dance in front of your eyes. One of his hands found your thigh, gently stroking it before he draped it across his waist, the new angle allowing him to push into you impossibly deeper.
»You feel amazing, little one«, he purred as he quickened his pace, his cock entering and leaving you as quick as his lips now moved against yours; feverish, aggressive, and hungry for more.
Letting out a deep sigh, you closed your eyes, back arching off the bed when he laced his thumb to your clit, drawing random shapes on it to pleasure you even more. He knew what he was doing, hours on hours together had taught him all your secrets; your weaknesses, your turn-ons, and your deepest desires.
»Fuck, daddy«, you whined, both your legs wrapping around his hips as you tried pulling him even closer. His groin kept hitting against yours, creating applause to your love as he continued with his thrusts. »I’m close, please . . . Let me cum.«
Seungcheol chuckled, removing his thumb from your clit and bringing it to your lips to have you taste your own essence on it. You kitten licked the tip of his finger, locking your eyes with his as you purposely clenched around his dick, feeling him twitch inside your walls.
»Want me to cum inside you, baby?«, he asked, burying his head in the crook of your neck as he peppered kisses on your heated skin. His lips felt soft against you, like the way his hands ghosted over your body in anticipation of his approaching orgasm. »Want me to paint you in white, my little princess?«
»Shit, yes«, you moaned, fisting the bedsheets when a loud sigh escaped your lips. »Cum inside of me! Please, breed me, daddy.«
»Are you sure?«
»Yes, fuck your babies into me, I wanna feel your everything inside my pussy.«
Mumbling praises through grit teeth, Seungcheol reattached his thumb to your clit, massing it in circles as he hit your sweet spot a few more times before he shot his seed into you. Strings of his cum connected the tip of his dick with your entrance when he pulled out, only using his fingers to help you reach your own high.
You screamed his name, drowning in pleasure as your climax shook your body before he shoved his dick back inside you, helping you ride out your orgasm and preventing his precious juice from getting wasted.
»As you wish, darling.« Slow thrusts accompanied his hushed voice when he purred into your ear as he fucked his cum back into you. »I’ll fuck my babies so deep into you, you’re gonna think of me every time you take a step and feel how empty your pretty little pussy feels without my cock inside of you.«
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Short Prompt #107
"I... I have to tell you something, boss." - the henchman started, nervously wringing her hands together. "It's- It's important."
"Well, take a seat and tell me then." - Villain replied as he pointed to the chairs standing before his desk.
The woman walked closer slowly, trying to buy herself some time to try and figure out how she was going to explain this. She sat down directly in front of him, taking a moment to study his patient expression.
His calm demeanor helped ease her mind, and so, she decided to be straightforward.
"I-I'm pregnant, sir."
The villain's brows lifted slightly. "Oh. Well, don't worry," - he said with a small smile and dismissive wave of the hand. "This happens pretty often. I may be a villain, but even I understand my minions are people with needs and desires."
"Uh- Yes, but- um-" - Henchman stuttered, confusing her boss.
"Is... there more you wish to tell me?"
The woman's gaze fell, glueing itself to the wooden desk. "Y-Yes, sir. I-"
Her eyes fell closed, muscles tensing as she prepared for the worst.
"The- H-Hero's the father."
Silence. Villain doesn't make a sound in reply, and it makes the henchman panic. She starts to ramble, hoping to make this better somehow. "I- We met as- as civilians, and I- I didn't r-realize at the time, I-"
"Henchman." - the criminal cut her off, voice steady, not giving away any of his inner thoughts. "Does... Hero know?"
Tears prickled at the woman's eyes, and she nodded her head. "Y-Yes but he- he thinks I'm just a r-random civilian. H-He doesn't realize I w-work for you."
"...What did he say? How did he react?"
A sob crawled out of her throat, which she failed to hold in. "Hero... He... He revealed his s-secret identity and- and u-used his hero w-work as an excuse... S-Said he... he c-couldn't w-wa-ste h-his time o-on..."
A hand on Henchman's shoulder stopped her, and she opened her eyes in surprise, having not expected the sudden contact. As she looked up, the villain caught her off guard yet again. His other hand was extended to her, holding a tissue.
She took it, muttering a quiet "...Thank you..."
"So... if I'm understanding correctly... Hero ditched you...?"
Not trusting her voice, the woman nodded again.
"...I see. Now I hope this isn't too personal of a question, but... do you have any feelings for him...?"
A bit puzzled by his tone, the henchman looked at her boss. A shiver crawled down her back at the look on his face. Although he appeared calm, the years she spent working for him let her easily identify the rage and bloodlust hiding in his eyes.
She swallowed the lump in her throat. "N-No, sir..."
He gave her that trademark 'I'm gonna fuck shit up so hard they'll regret pissing me off' smile. "That's good to know."
"Now then." - Villain started, standing from his chair. He moved around the desk and over to her. "You're officially on maternity leave."
He motioned for her to follow, and Henchman rose to her feet, trailing behind him towards the door. "You return to your courters and get some rest. I'll worry about Hero, yeah?"
"A-Alright. Th-Thank you, sir." - she said, giving him a small smile as he stood in his office doorway.
He smiled back. "You're welcome, Henchman. Now off you go," he shooed her away gently, earning a giggle from her.
Once she left, the villain retreated into his office and closed the door. Now that he was alone, he allowed his face to twist into an angry snarl.
He had already planned on catching Hero. Granted, it was only for the purpose of getting information out of them, but now...?
Oh, now...
Now Villain would cut Hero's fucking dick off and break all of his worthless bones for daring to hurt his dear Henchman.
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hyuneytoast · 2 days ago
⋅⋅⊰∘☽⋄ A Touch of Artwork ⋄☾∘⊱⋅⋅
✦Hyunjin Drabble ✦ Warnings: Suggestive! ✦
Tumblr media
(Alternative Title: Hyunjin with tattoos supremacy-)
Tumblr media
[7:32 pm] Art, what a wondrous world with a lens to view through; Whether it may be a piece created by hand, or a person whom a heart may hold dearly close to. The man before you was certainly both, somehow irresistible to admire like every passing hour. And in this circumstance, even more irresistible to let your eye detach away from and your fingers to not reach towards.
“So, what do you think?” Hyunjin asks, anticipating your answer as he leans his upper body towards you. His head tilts up, giving you a clear access to view the tattoos that grandly decorate his neck.
“I think…” You let your fingers delicately trace the outline of it, drinking in the allusion of color and ink. “You should get a real one, one day.” It adds a charm, an aura that awe gravitates you towards and a dark atmosphere of attention upon the sight of Hyunjin.
“That good, hm?” He smirks, satisfied with your response. To a point of dismay, his tattoos aren’t real, just a temporary gift to admire. It was in fact meant for a dance film he had prior today, nothing more. Refusing to wash it off after a day’s purpose though, he planned on surprising you with the temporary ink upon his neck. He had a firm guess that you’d be quite fond of it as much as he was when he first peered into the mirror.
Hyunjin brings a hand up, placing it under your chin to have you return his deep gaze. You feel his breath reaching the very surface of your face, and as much as it is tempting to place your lips upon his, you decide not to. Instead, your hand comes up to grab his away from your face, holding it to the side as your lips inch down to his neck.
“Ah—” Hyunjin lets out a small yet pleased whimper at your actions, the harsh sucking on his neck and around the tattoo. His breath hitches and grip tightens within your hand, the small noises he emits tells you how he is enjoying the moment as much as you are. Hyunjin came to please you, but deciding to turn the tables, you return the favor which doesn’t seem like stopping anytime soon.
At a rate like this, he will surely have more marks displayed on his skin.
Tumblr media
─── ・ 。゚☆: SKZ Materialist*.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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guardianofrivendell · a day ago
The Lower Fields
Fíli & OC Tullaina 
Warnings: no specific warnings, just teens being teens, this story is unedited and not proofread so all mistakes are my own 
A/N: I like to dedicate this story to the anon who sent me hate about Tullaina. It sparked something and I just had to write a little Tullaina ficlet instead of working on other stories. Plus I felt like writing flustered teen Fíli. You’re welcome.
This story happens a few weeks before Tullaina loses her parents. Tulls is around age 40 at this point. Fíli and Tullaina are starting to notice each other in different way.   
Tumblr media
Dís had been working in the kitchen when she heard the knocks. She smiled to herself when she made her way through the house, knowing all too well who was standing on the other side of that door. 
There was only one person who came to visit regularly and was very persistent on knocking, no matter how many times Dís told her that she was always welcome and could walk right in.
“Hello Tullaina,” she greeted the girl, wiping her flour stained hands on the towel she was holding. “Come in, come in. How many times do I have to tell you, you do not have to knock?”
Tullaina smiled at the kind Dwarrowdam in front of her. “Force of habit, I’m afraid.” 
They made their way into the small living space. 
“Is Kíli here?”
“Last time I saw him he was in his room. Kíli!” Dís yelled, “Tullaina’s here!”
He answered with something unintelligible, and Tullaina chuckled. If he didn’t come out immediately he was up to no good, meaning it was probably best for her to wait for him downstairs.
They waited for about half a minute before Dís’ voice broke the silence. 
“Did you just come back from the mines?” 
Tullaina nodded. “Adad forgot his lunch again, so I brought it to him. I swear he does it on purpose.” (father)
“We can turn quite forgetful when we’re older, it doesn’t have anything to do with- oh, by Durin’s beard and his cloggy sideburns, I forgot the bread!” 
Dís hurried into the small kitchen, leaving a laughing Tullaina in the living room to wait for Kíli.
She leaned against the armrest of the couch, looking around the room and sighed in contentment. She loved coming here. The house was rather on the small side, especially if you considered they were royalty, but it was cozy. It was a home. Not that Tullaina's home wasn't like that, it was just different. Tullaina only had her parents, no siblings or other relatives who could come and pay her a visit. Her home was quiet. Lonely. Dis' house felt more alive. 
Tullaina jumped slightly when the door flew open and Fíli came bursting in. He didn’t notice her at first, calling out for his mother while putting what she guessed were ingredients for dinner on the large wooden table in the center of the room. 
“Khadir didn’t have those smaller tomatoes you wanted, amad, so I brought the regular ones and-” he froze when he spotted her, “oh, h-hi Tullaina.” (mother)
She gave him a little wave, and she could swear his cheeks flushed red but to be fair that could also be because he had run all the way from the market. 
Dís rushed out of the kitchen, thanked her eldest for getting what she forgot this morning, yelled at Kíli that he should know better than to keep a lady waiting before she disappeared into the kitchen again. 
Tullaina shook her head, this was exactly why she loved Kíli’s mother so much. Dís favored a more hands-on approach when it came to raising her sons, she was almost like a friend to them instead of a parent. Until they misbehaved of course, and that was more often than not. Even Tullaina had received a scolding once - in all honesty, she deserved that one - and she wasn’t going to let it happen a second time. 
“You’re waiting for Kee?” he asked her, leaning against the table with his arms and legs crossed. 
“Yeah, if he ever decides to come out of his room,” she grumbled, wiping a few curls out of her face. “Mahal knows what he’s doing up there.”
“You and I both know it’s best not to think about it too much,” he chuckled. 
“Well, we do have a test coming up in a few days. Balin is very serious about law and history. For all we know he could be studying.”
“Kíli? Studying?”
They stared at each other with wide eyes. Tullaina bit her lip trying to keep her laughter in but then Fíli couldn’t help but snort and they both burst out into a fit of giggles.
After a few minutes they finally calmed down enough to catch their breaths. Tullaina wiped the tears out of her eyes. 
“I missed this,” she admitted, her voice soft with emotion. 
“What? Making fun of Kíli? Surely you don’t need me for that.”
She took a step closer to him and smacked him on the arm. “No lalkhûn, I meant us talking and laughing together. It feels like I haven’t seen you in ages.” (idiot)
“I know, Thorin has been taking up all my time lately, apparently ‘I have responsibilities to the people of our kin’,” he said, imitating Thorin’s authority voice. They both laughed at his terrible imitation. Fíli watched her for a few seconds before he bumped his shoulder against hers. “But I miss hanging out with you too,” he admitted before he quickly added, “and my brother.”
“You can always come with us. That is if your Highness has the time of course.”
“Where are you off to?” Fíli asked her, ignoring her use of his title. He knew it was only in jest, he told her plenty of times he was just Fíli. 
Tullaina’s face lit up and Fíli suddenly felt his mouth run dry. “Kíli promised to finally take me to see the lower fields today.”
“The lower fields? Tulls no, it could get dangerous out there, you don’t have the protection of the mountains! Maybe… maybe it’s better if I take you instead?”
“Yeah, just you and me. If-if you want to of course.” Fíli nervously rubbed his neck and couldn’t meet her eyes. 
At that moment Kíli came thundering down the stairs. “No no no, nadad, I will take her! Besides, I promised her I would and you always say I should keep my promises. Right Tulls?” (brother)
“Right,” she agreed, giving Fíli an apologetic look. It would have been nice to spend time with Fíli. Even though the thought of being alone with him made her stomach flutter.
Kíli smacked his brother’s back. “Don’t worry Fee, I’ll keep her safe.”
Tullaina scoffed. “You mean the other way around right?”
“For your information, Dwalin has been training me with real swords. No more stumped training swords for this Dwarf,” Kíli said proudly. “So you will have nothing to worry about.”
“Do you have a sword on you then?” Tullaina asked, arms crossed and raising an eyebrow in question.
Kíli frowned. “Well… no. Tulls, come on, that’s not fair! You know we don’t get our own swords until we’ve reached battle age.”
She ruffled his hair and laughed. “It’s a good thing I’m older than you and I have my knives with me. Don’t worry, bahûn, I’ll make sure you stay unharmed.” (friend)
Kíli grumbled something before he opened the door. “Can we leave already? It’s a long walk.” He stormed outside without waiting for her answer. 
Tullaina made her way to the door but before she stepped outside she halted, as if she didn’t want to go all of a sudden. She met Fíli’s eyes and now it was her turn to feel her cheeks warm up. 
“Another time?” she asked.
“Another time.”
Tumblr media
Permanent taglist:  @roosliefje​ @kata1803​ @entishramblings​ @artsywaterlily​ @sleepy-daydream-in-a-rose​ @marvelschriss​ @kumqu4t​ @the-banannah​ @dark-angel-is-back​ @the-fandoms-georgie​ @lathalea​ @xxbyimm​ @sokkasdarling​ @katethewriter​ @aredhel-of-gondolin​ @starry-cookies @thepeanutcollective @elvish-sky​ @moony-artnstuff​ @emmapotato88 @kirenia15​ @vicmackeybullshxt @hey-its-nonny​ @moarfandomtrash​ @beenovel​ @cassiabaggins​ @shethereadinghobbit​ @justfollowtheroad​ @laurfilijames​ @fizzyxcustard​ @brokennerdalert​ @linasofia​ @naimadrawsstuff​ @errruvande​ @m-sterboggins​ @amaryllis23​ @enchantzz​ @narniaandthenorth​ @sketch-and-write-lover​
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lolonjan · 2 days ago
In Your Head
Tumblr media
Sitting down on your couch. Staring into the darkness of the room. Static sounds echoing through the room. Sipping some beer from the can. Staying still. Silently.
Spacing out. Not knowing what are you going to do with your life. Standing up from the couch to go get your hoodie for a walk outside. Lights up your cigarette as you stepped out of your apartment building. Its dark. Its cold. Its quite.
Walking around the block, with a cigarette on your hand. Empty streets with some cars passing by. Your walking without knowing where to go. You feel you just want to keep walking, to find the purpose of your life.
The only thing that keeping you alive was your fear, fear of dying. But at the same time, you also wants to die. You look at yourself, seeing a worthless, pathetic, stupid living being. Your a scumbag.
You have no one else in your life. Parents, both died. Relatives, never seen them. Friends, don’t know where. Relationship, straight up failure.
Living in a small apartment, bought by your parents. Working as construction worker, payed a small amount of money. Barely enough to keep alive. Alcoholic and an active smoker.
To sums up everything, you’re physically and mentally fucked up.
You finally walked to your favorite spot, your bestfriend, the bridge. The place where your feeling mixed together, the feeling of calm and suicidal. Staring at the river, with the city light reflection on it. Breezing winds blows at your face, Feeling calm.
Now you stare down the river below you, below the bridge. Imagining the cold and dark water if you jump down, the rush of the river flow, pulling you into your death.
But today, you didnt feel any calmness inside you. You just stare down to the river below you. You just feeling suicidal tonight.
You fucked up at work, you got no cash, you got nothing to eat, you got nothing else. You just want to die. Right now. Tonight.
You’ve decided. You put off your shoes, climb over the bridge fence. The only thing keeping you on the edge of the bridge is both of your hands. Let it go and you fall, hoping the rivers drowns you away. But suddenly you dont have the courage for it.
Your vision getting blurry, droplets running down your face. You start to weep like a kid. you climb back to the bridge, put on your shoes and start to walk back home.
Back on your building, you take the lift to get to your floor. In the lift you were accompanied by a pretty woman, light brown hair, milky white skin. You never knew anyone in the building except the security guard, who often smokes together with you.
You startled as she asked you
“Hey, you lived on the 407 right ?“
”Y-yeah, do i know you ?”
”Ah, i lived on the 401, i often see you at morning”
”Ooh, sorry. im not familiar with the neighbours face”
”its ok im new too, well for two months to be exact”
*Ding* the elevator rings as it arrived at both of your floor.
”Ah nice to meet you, we should hang out sometimes !”
”A-ah yeah, nice to meet you too”
You walked back in to your apartment, sit down on the couch. Its been a while since you talked to someone this nice. All the people you’ve talked with in a while was just your Grumpy boss and your co workers, who complains to each other a lot.
Your heart flutters, you didnt even realized that your smiling right now. You felt some weird vibes going on right now. You cant figure out the feeling that happening right now, cause its been a while since you felt love. You fell in love at first sight, you didnt even know her name yet. You just go take a bath and go to bed feeling good tonight.
Waking up tomorrow morning, feeling something odd. Not like any other day, you feel quite happy. Getting ready for work, while humming a melody. Got out your apartment, finding the women you met last night.
”Hey, good morning !” you greeted her
”Hi, going to work ?”
”Y-yeah, you too ?”
You both got in the elevator, an awkward silent fills in the metal box going down the building.
You trying to break the silence by asking her name.
” the way, w-whats your name ?”
”Heejin, you ?”
”A-ah, [Y/N]“
Then its just complete silence again, you have a lot to say in your head, but your mouth just wont spit it out.
”W-what do you do ?”
”Accounting, not much. enough to get me through the month”
”Nice, well im just a construction worker. barely making enough to stay alive”
”I know you can do it, just hang in there. how about i treat you out for dinner at the diner down the block ?”
”Are you sure ? yeah, why not !”
”Hahaha ok 8 pm at the diner, see ya !”
You both go to work and meet again at the diner. You both talks about your life and stuff, laughs at both of your stories. The night feels lively for a moment, its been a while for you to have a fun conversation like this. From there you both often hanging out together, you finally get to feel the feeling that has been lost since forever, the feeling youve been fantasizing the feel of being alive
Its been a month since you and heejin first hang out. You both coming home after a walk to the park, Heejin want to come to your apartment.
“Sorry, i rarely clean up. just the spot like the couch and my room where i usually use”
”Nah, its fine.“
”Want some drink ?”
”Water please”
You go to the kitchen and grabs a glass of water and can of beer for you. You both sits down the couch and chats around while watching a movie. A scene appears where both of the characters confess their love and kissed.
”Ugh, that so corny“ she whines
”Hah, yeah i can do better than that”
”Which one ? the confession ? the kiss ?”
”Both...try me hahaha” you said as a joke
Suddenly Heejin planted her lips on yours, you were shocked. Her soft lips touches you giving a thrilling feeling you haven’t been feeling for a while. Your kiss went deeper and deeper, both of your tounge now twirling on each other. Sadly because of your smoking lungs, you cant keep kissing for long as you push her off, breaking the kiss.
”Guess you are a great kisser“ she said with a seducing look. You just smile back at her and start to kiss again. Your hands wandered down her body to her ass and start to grope them. Kiss after kiss, you both drown in love and lust.
While kissing, she starts to strip you off starting from your hoodie, to your t-shirt. seeing her stripping you off, you start to do the same thing. Peeling off her shirt, finding a dark pink bra, cupping her breast. “may i ?” you asked her, replied with a nod, you unclipped her bra straps and setting free her perfect round breast, not to big, not to small, perfect for you. As you begin to lick and suck her nipples, she moaned in pleasure.
“yeah... god.... right there yes....” she moans as you keep playing with her tits. You start to unbuckle her belt and pull her pants down, showing off her dark pink panties with some wet stains on it.
“Looks like someone is already soaking” you teased her.
“Just eat me up already”
You respond to her demand by putting her down on the couch, pulling down her panties and start to gobble up her wet folds. You eat that pussy like you havent been eating for ages, your tounge are going everywhere, kissing her smooth ass thighs, sucking and biting that clit, making her to scream in enjoyment.
The hug from her thigh, the grip on your hair, getting stronger and stronger, trapping your head on her crotch. From there, you start to move your tounge faster, twirling inside and out on her clit, and the a gush of juice spurt out to your face. Her body started to twitch after such a great orgasm. You start licking every single drop of her sweet nectar, not wasting every single refreshment.
After letting her rest for a bit, you pick her up and bring her to your room, and you two start to kiss again on the way. Slamming her down to your bed, without disconnecting your lips. Your kiss now wander down to her neck, collar bone, chest, leaving your mark everywhere.
”Fuck me, quickly” she whispers at your ear. You pulled down your pants and throw it to the corner. You spread her thigh wide open, making way for your hard dick. Not going in right away, you slap your dick at her pussy, making her annoyed. “O-oh god.. Just put it in already !” she rants.
You slid easily right in to her, thanks to her wetness. You moaned as you feel such pleasure from her tight inside hugging your cock. So warm, so great, you dont want it to be over quickly, you start thrusting slowly. In and out you go, rewarding you a small cute moan from her.
” feel so good inside” she whines, knowing her enjoying it, you increase your pace faster. Small cute moan turned into loud sexual moan.
Its been a while since someone went inside your room. Your room was always quite, just you alone in your room, listening or watching videos on your phone. Now theres someone other than you here, fucking through the night with you. The last person went in to your room was your cousin, at the day when your mother died and that was 4 years ago. You feel lowkey kinda happy, finally having someone around you.
“Aah...i-im almost there..” she said as she gritted her teeth. Hearing that, you increase your speed again and suddenly you feel her inside hugging you shaft tightly and spurt out her juice again, not minding her twitching, you just keep drilling into her. You flip her, making her facing the bed as you keep pounding her from behind, spicing things up with a couple of spanks, making her to moan in pain and lust.
As you feel closer to your climax, you pound her harder and faster, making her to scream like crazy, making the neighbours think your comitting a homecide, the cops might barge in any moment now. The feeling getting stronger and stronger and finally you pull your dick out of her and you moaned manly as you shot out cum to her beautiful back. The load the have been piling up for the last 3 months just got burst out to her, making quite a mess everywhere, on her, your bedsheet, everywhere.
You lay down beside her, you both panting tiredly. ”The last time i enjoy sex was with a guy from the bar that i used to worked“ she says. “ill take that as a compliment” you replies with a chuckle.
”Wanna go for another ?” she asks, you actually want to go for another ride, but your body already fell in love with the bed. “Can we just cuddle ?” you says as you snuggle into her arm, she hugs you, burying your face in her chest. The warmth of her hug, the warmth that you always wanted, the warmth that melts your heart. Drops turn into stream, you weeps in her hug. “Aww, why are you crying ?” she says as she pats your head. ”If you stop crying, ill give you a gift” she whispers to your ear and just like that, you stopped. What a manchild. Heejin gives your cock a quick stroke to make it hard and put it in. “Now, now. Stop crying and enjoy your gift“. With the combination of cuddling and cockwarming, you fall deep into your slumber, in her.
The loud beeping of your alarm wakes you up from your great slumber. Waking up like a champ, after great fight last night. Not finding Heejin on your bed, the only thing thats in your hug is your favorite bolster, Boris. You feel really great, so fresh, feeling like a new you. After taking a shower and a quick breakfast you leave the house for your daily labor. There she is, the women that brings the sun to your dark and cold world. You smile and wave at her, but she replies with a smile, and just rush to the elevator. Maybe she is in a hurry, so you didnt bother chasing her. You went to work with great vibes, ready to do your job no matter how shit it is. But, that didnt last long. One of your colleague says boss looking for you, so you went to your boss office and he gives you a quite amount of money. “Whats this for ?” you ask him looking confused. “This money is from the next 3 day of your shift, you can have it now as a compensation, i know that you are struggling with your life, this is the best i can do. You can go now. Sorry“. You were shocked, you never see your boss being this soft kinda guy and seeing while you are being fired. The only thing you can say is thank you and you just left the site. Went back to your building after taking some glasses of whiskey and went to heejin apartment. Her door is unlocked, so you just went in. You just sits there on her couch, palms to your face. The whiskey you drink at the bar start to get at you.
”YAAAA, why are you here ? can i help you ? your the guy from 407 right ?”
”I got fired, i dont know what to do now”
”Im sorry to hear that, but can you get out ? or i might call the cops”
”Why you might call the cops ?”
”Tresspassing ? you came in with no permission, sitting on my couch ? we barely know each other”
“What do you mean ? we hangout a lot, we had sex last night !”
”Excuse me !? the last time we talked was at the elevator, when i came home from work ! and what do you mean sex ?you weirdo”
You got shocked from what heejin said. Looking at her with a disbelief look.
”Hahaha, Good joke Heejin. Really funny” as you walk towards her, trying to hug her.
”Yaaa, stay away, you creep ! thats it im calling the cops”
”Why heejin ? why ? w-why...?”
“Please leave, your freaking me out“
You just start to weep like a baby, like you used to do. You cant reply with anything, remembering every single moment with her, the happy times was all in your head. All this time you eat at the diner, walk at the park, laughing and talking, all by yourself. You dont know what to say, should you feel sad or mad, you spaced out, confused. Cant believe a single thing, it was just all in your head.
You left the apartment after apologizing, went back to your apartment, and go out to meet your best friend.
The bridge. For the last time.
Ey yo, if you feel familiar with one of the scene in the story, well yes, its from the joker. i start to write from 2 days ago after watching the movie.
Its just coincidence that i pick heejin, when i write this i didnt realize it was almost her birthday, so yeah win win.
I know my stuff still sucks ass, sorry. ill try to do better. thanks for reading
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phoenixyfriend · 2 days ago
(This is the "Ob*kin but make the power dynamics painfully real" AU I was talking about earlier today. I waffled back and forth against tagging the ship, and decided not to since it's not pro-ship, just attraction exploration. As such, I'm censoring the ship name so it doesn't pop up in anyone's searches.)
So I end up reading a lot of Ob*kin when filtering by Tropes because it's just The Big Ship so it's bulks out most of the tags I frequent. A lot of those Ob*kin AUs have it so Obi-Wan does the whole "I started noticing your attractiveness when you were still a padawan, of course I couldn't act on it" thing.
I'm thinking an AU that kicks off with Obi-Wan developing said feelings when Anakin grows into himself a bit... except instead of just ignoring it, he did as Obi-Wan does and took An Action!
Namely, he goes to the Council and states that his feelings towards his padawan had gone into an inappropriate direction, and as he was unable to distance himself from the attraction, he feels that he and Anakin need to be separated until such a time as the feelings have passed or Anakin is knighted, as Obi-Wan feels that it is improper at best for him to remain Anakin's master in this situation.
I tossed this at @willowcrowned, as one does, and we had some fun.
Oh Anakin would be devastated and feel completely betrayed Like obviously the reaction changes based on whether or not Anakin reciprocates those feelings, but it’s bad either way If he doesn’t reciprocate, then he feels used and worthless like Obi-Wan was just keeping him around to leer at (even though that’s what Obi-Wan is trying to avoid with this!) and palpatine is taking full advantage and going ‘see! the Jedi don’t care about you!’ If he does reciprocate then he’s furious at Obi-Wan for acting like his feelings have to be denied, like Anakin isn’t good enough for him and he probably tries to convince Obi-Wan that there’s no conflict of interest Oooooh you know what would be really fun? If Palpatine implanted those feelings in Obi-Wan on purpose to cause a rift
I think Obi-Wan initially Does Not Tell Anakin what's going on, just "takes a solo mission" and temporarily transfers training to a trusted friend, someone who's tagged in to help when Anakin was younger (probably Bant or Quinlan, but there are other options) in hopes that this is something he can work through/around
And whoever takes him knows what’s going on and Anakin knows they know and they won’t tell him so he starts worrying that Obi-Wan is dying or something I mean it does make SENSE obi wan would want to tell him himself and his friends would know that
Obi-Wan you stupid slut
"Why can't Obi-Wan just Continue To Not Act On This" something something fanon training bonds mean he could accidentally reveal something and he's worried Anakin would feel pressured to reciprocate.
I mean there’s also just the basic conflict of interest and the fact that Obi-Wan has never trusted himself on anything ever in his life How can he KNOW that these new feelings would have no affect on the way he’s training Anakin? How can he be certain it wouldn’t inadvertently hurt him?
And Obi-Wan insists in visiting a shrink for This (despite refusing to visit one for grief counseling and the like)
Honestly I think the council would agree no matter what Training bond or no
I do think it's necessary in dialogue for the audience as justification, because "why can't he just keep his hands and mouth to himself like a person with basic respect" is a reasonable enough question in many ways for people who don't QUITE have a full understanding of what power dynamics can mean.
And "Anakin finding out and feeling pressured might be out of Obi-Wan's control because Magic Brains" is easier to explain than the other stuff.
I like the idea that Obi-Wan drops him off with Bant for a few weeks/months and that's long enough for her to put Anakin through a few basic medical modules and long story short Anakin's qualified to be a field medic by the time Obi-Wan gets back (and was so busy studying that he barely had time to see Palpatine).
(This is the good ending, but Obi-Wan is still having extreme angst.)
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Okay….so on Sunday a thread was posted on twitter by a fan that was sharing another fan’s info from Jensen’s Denvercon meet and greet in regards to the events surrounding the prequel in June. I’m gonna do a recap but not go into the details of the contents because that’s not the point of this post, this is just my opinion on what was shared because I have talked about this topic since the night it started so I’m not just gonna ignore what seems to be Jensen’s side of the story just because I’m past ready to close the chapter. But I am going to link to the twitter thread and I highly recommend reading it before this post so you have all the details: 🧵
So, the prequel was asked about in the m&g, not the situation but Jensen still shared what it was that happened.
To recap the whole thing initially during lockdown him and D were going to watch spn eps and provide commentary, WB liked the idea wanted to make it but they didn’t want to pay so Jensen and D refuse, Peter Roth creates Chaos Machine productions gives it to them to start making content except they had no other ideas basically they did one job well and their boss gave them a promotion that they are vastly unqualified for, Jensen comes up with the idea for the prequel which WB likes, he gets Kripke on board- he’s flying by the seat of his pants cause he has no idea what he’s doing. The ball’s rolling he’s talking to industry people about the project but he’s not telling anyone else it's on a need to know basis. Reason given? Because he’s superstitious.
Allegedly...somebody leaked the information to Deadline. He got called on set because that counted as an emergency…...and instead of coming up with a plan they acted like chickens with their heads cut off randomly retweeting and posting some stuff to do bad damage control on something that didn’t need it, and act like this wasn't a leak. Also that quote Deadline said he gave? Apparently not him.
He gets back to filming but at some point fakes a bathroom break so he can check his phone and that’s when he finds out that Jared found out and when he realizes that he screwed up. According to the fan he did look remorseful.
The only thing that was missing from this tale was Jensen’s side of the story and now it seems we got it; it’s gonna be up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe this report and after if they believe Jensen is telling the truth, personally I do believe in the legitimacy of what was said in terms of the report, and while I don’t believe that the leak came from some random employee (y’all ever heard the saying: while the cats the mice will play, I think some mice played and it wasn't employee #7) I do think Jensen was being as truthful as possible. He never set out to hurt Jared, he didn’t do it on purpose, he never intended for Jared to find out the way he did, he himself admits he made a mistake; he fucked up but the good thing is it does sound like he learned his lesson.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, at the end of the day Jensen is a human being he’s gonna make mistakes and sadly sometimes we end up unintentionally hurting those we love.
Honestly, from the sounds of it, it seems Jensen is very out of the loop when it comes to this project like his involvement was just to come up with the idea, recruit Thompson, and get Kripke’s approval and basically just use his name for leverage when needed so not what we were lead to believe originally cause originally we were led to think he was super involved and on top of it. He (and D) also seems to be out of his depth with no clue what he’s doing. The future shall dictate what happens with this company, for his sake I do wish it does well cause I want him to succeed.
In regards to June, for me this is the last piece of the puzzle. Do I think we have all the details? No, but like I’ve said a million times we’re never going to get those but in my opinion we do have a clear enough image of what happened. And I don’t think the boys are lying about it or came up with this narrative together. I know sometimes it’s easier to believe in the scandalous, and I know there are those for whom this will all seem too clean, too tidy but sometimes a horse is just a horse not a zebra. But like I said, it’s up to each individual to decide what they believe and what they think of this new information.
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Delaying the Inevitable - Chapter 25 Turning Tables
Tumblr media
Book: Open Heart 3 (Post Series)
Pairing: Tobias Carrick x MC, Ethan Ramsey x MC
Rating: Chapter: Teen
Summary: Extended Series WIP – Love Triangle. In this chapter: Ethan and Casey head to a medical conference together over Valentine’s Day, some wine and conversation takes Casey out of her comfort zone; Casey asks Vivian for a favor, and Vivian tells Tobias to keep his eyes open; Casey and Tobias happily reunite and Ethan makes plans with a… friend?
Category: Extended Series (WIP)
Warnings: Drinking, language, implied sensuality
A/N: Hey everyone. I’m too tired for notes this week - oh except one, I haven't had time so my editing may not be the very best - please forgive me. :) I hope you enjoy the chapter.
A/N 2: Leaving the standard reminder from before break: This is a love triangle – that means Casey loves more than one person in this story. I’ve said it a million times, but here is a million and one, she won’t make her choice until the final chapter. So no, it’s not a foregone conclusion. And while Team Ethan, and Team Tobias, and Team God I’m Torn exist out there, there is only one that matters to me and that is Team Casey.
If you wish to be added or removed from tags, please let me know. Comments and reblogs always appreciated. 😊
Tumblr media
“I still can’t believe I have to go to this shit,” she said throwing her final piece of clothing into her suitcase sprawled across their bed. “And I don’t care what anyone says, there is simply no way that he didn’t do this on purpose. I knew things were going entirely too easy with him accepting us.”
Tobias didn't fully disagree, but he wanted to give Ethan the benefit of the doubt. Plus, Casey was going no matter what, so he felt it best to try to diffuse the situation.
“It’ll only be a few days, baby, you’ll be back before you know it. And Valentine's Day, it's just a day, we’re doctors, this won’t be the first time we have to celebrate a little early or late, it’s no big deal.”
“It’s a big deal that I have to go at all, T! There is no reason why it had to be me, he could have taken Harper, or even you. Sure, that would still be awkward, but not this awkward!”
“I’m going to play devil’s advocate again. Is it really Ethan’s fault? You're presenting on solving Naveen’s case, obviously, you two worked on it, so ...”
“You’re right, but they gave him four topics to choose from, and he picked this one. The other three were just as compelling.”
“That’s arguable, but didn’t he make the final selection with Naveen?”
Casey shrugged her shoulders. “Or so he says. But given the situation, I can’t see Naveen wanting Ethan and me to go to this together for a myriad of reasons. So, forgive me, I know you're trying to be freaking Peter Pollyanna over there, but I find this suspect as fuck.”
She was struggling with closing her suitcase, so Tobias walked over to help her. He turned and placed his hands on her shoulders, then pulled her into an embrace leaving a soft kiss atop her head. It worked wonders in making Casey calm down and feel a little better. She exhaled deeply as she clung to him.
“I’m sorry for being so emotional over this. I’m going to miss you.”
“Hey, no apologies are necessary. Like you said, if it were me, I’d feel awkward, but with you? I know this is going to be tough, baby, but I have faith in you.”
Casey's phone vibrated in her pocket, she looked down and frowned, “It’s Ethan. He said the car just got to his place, they’ll be heading over momentarily.”
“Then why don’t we head down?”
He grabbed her suitcase in one hand and extended the other to her. Begrudgingly, Casey took it and followed him downstairs.
They stood in front of their building waiting for the car to arrive, it was extremely warm for a February day and decided to enjoy the fresh air.
“So, you know I’m always a text or a call away. Let me know when you land, and when you’re settled in.”
“I will, I hope they’ll be here soon. I just want to get this over with at this point.”
“Trafic isn’t exactly light right now, but I'm sure it won't be long. Why don’t I give you your good-bye kiss now, that should cheer you up,” there was an impish gleam in his eyes, one she found irresistible.
“Your kisses always do.”
He dropped his arms around her waist pulling her into him. Her hands on his arms rose to the back of his neck as the tender kiss became more passionate. He pulled away and stared into her eyes.
“I’m going to miss you, sweetheart.”
They were so enraptured in each other, they didn’t notice the black Town Car that had pulled behind them waiting to whisk Casey to the airport.
Casey turned and looked at it, a look of disgust crossed over her face. Tobias became slightly agitated, knowing it would have been better if Ethan didn’t just witness that display; but Casey was so annoyed, she could not have cared less.
The chauffeur walked around the car to place her bag in the trunk and Casey let go of Tobias’s hand to slide into the backseat. He walked over and looked inside to greet Ethan.
“Safe trip guys, let me know when you’re there safely.”
“I’m sure Casey will give you the play by play,” Ethan replied without a hint of emotion in his voice.
"I will," she smiled at Tobias. "I'll call you."
"Please do," he said tapping the car as they pulled away.
Tobias watched until the car was out of sight, fighting the sense of apprehension that wasn’t in the forefront of his mind until he saw the car pull away. He trusted Casey, fully, but this was a vivid reminder that this situation was going to take some time for all to get used to.
Outside of a brief greeting, Casey and Ethan remained quiet in the backseat of the car, the muted sound of the driver’s radio providing the only noise. Ethan finally tried to break the tension.
“There are apparently storms near the airport in Denver, so we may experience delays”
“Hmmm, well, you have to wonder what brain trust decided February was the right time to have a conference in Aspen.”
“Well, it makes sense when you realize three of the five doctors on the planning committee are avid skiers, and there will be sufficient downtime for them to hit the slopes.”
“Yeah, well, it’s quite selfish if you ask me.”
When they arrived at the airport, Ethan tipped the driver as he took the luggage from the trunk. He went to grab Casey’s and she stopped him.
“It’s OK, Ethan, I’ve got it. You have your hands full with your own.”
Feeling it would be best to comply, he handed it to her.
Fortunately, the plane was on time, and the boarding process went smoothly. There were only ten seats in first class and just four other passengers were seated. Casey took her window seat and Ethan gave her a small smile.
“Well, I’ll see you in Denver,” he said walking away.
“Wait, where will you be until then?”
“In my seat. Two rows back. I thought you’d probably prefer it that way.”
Casey sat up and turned toward him as he walked away, “Uh, um…” she got the attention of a flight attendant who was passing by and motioned to the seat next to her. “Do you know if this seat is taken?”
“No, it isn’t. There are only six passengers in first on this flight, and it appears that you are all here.”
“Thank you,” she smiled.
She stood and walked back to Ethan who already had his earbuds in and eyes closed. Casey reached over and tapped his shoulder.
“Yes,” he said removing one earbud.
“Ethan, this is ridiculous. I verified that the remaining seats in first are empty on this flight, so why don't you come and sit by me.”
He tried to suppress the smile that came to his face, but Casey noticed the corners of his lips turn up ever so slightly.
“Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you come and sit here with me?”
“Because I’m not giving up my window seat,” she smirked, “I’ll be up there if you want to join me.”
She turned to walk away, Ethan was on her heels.
Casey knew it was the right thing to do, but the moment he sat down she began to rethink her decision. She hadn’t spent more than fifteen minutes alone in his presence since that horrible night when he told her to leave. Now they were seated next to each other for a five-hour flight, she was restless, something Ethan picked up on right away.
“You don’t have to make small talk, you know. So, take that worry off your plate.”
Casey turned her head from the window to Ethan. “I’ve never had a five-hour flight with a stranger when I didn’t speak to them, I’m certainly not going to do that with you.”
“Well,” he laughed nervously, “It wouldn’t be our first awkward flight. As I recall you didn’t say much, if anything, to me on the flight back from Miami.”
“That was three hours, Ethan. I said five.”
What neither knew is that they were both thinking of the last flight they had taken together, the flight home from Inez’s wedding. That was just a day after Ethan finally confessed his love to her. The day they were no longer hiding their feelings, when they nuzzled and held hands the entire length of the flight home and here, just shy of a year later, they didn’t even know how to act in each other's company.
Ethan was forlorn, what he would not give to have her head on his shoulder, laugh with her about getting a free romantic getaway, joke about Harper and Tobias… Tobias… his thoughts stopped as his mind unwillingly raced back to watching him tenderly kiss Casey goodbye less than an hour before. He could see Casey's gaze, the one that used to belong to him, as she looked at his tentative friend and colleague. The knowledge that this was his own fault that they were here only made him feel worse. He tried to divert his mind. Maybe sitting next to her wasn’t the right move after all, but how could he have possibly said no when all he has wanted is to be at her side.
Casey also recalled how she gazed out the window on that flight home. The sky was so magical that day, but not as magical as the sight of his hand wrapped in hers. After years, finally embracing what he felt for her and not caring who saw it. Being on a plane that day was kind of metaphoric because she was certainly on top of the world. Now, she was with Tobias, and she had no regrets, she loved him and she was happy to be where she was. But it was impossible to be on a flight, the first one since Hawaii no less, with the man she believed she was destined to spend the rest of her life with by her side once again. She was trying to do the right thing, he was still her colleague, she truly hoped they would be friends again one day, but to say this wasn’t surreal would simply be denying reality.
“You know, I think I’m going to try to get a little sleep on the way,” she said softly.
“By all my means.”
She wasn’t tired, but it was the best solution and, luckily, her body complied. She dozed off quickly and slept for an hour. When she woke, she kept her eyes closed for one more, because she couldn’t think of a word to say and awkward silence was less than appealing.
Once he was certain that she was asleep, Ethan turned to look at her. He knew he shouldn’t stare, but it was impossible not to. He knew it would not be easy, but he didn’t fully expect his emotions to overtake him this much. He never thought she would be asleep at his side, in any way, ever again and now that she was… now that she looked as peaceful and beautiful as she used to when she filled the space next to him in his bed. It took all of his strength not to hold her and beg her for another chance. His eyes filled and he strongly considered going back to his original seat, but what would she think of that when she woke? She had done the right thing. He was going to have to suck it up and make do. What the hell was he thinking when he allowed this trip?
When Casey finally opened her eyes they spent the rest of the flight reading, listening to podcasts, and discussing the presentation they’d be making during the conference. Casey decided to try to act as kind, but professionally, as possible for the remainder of the trip. Ethan resigned to offer whatever it was she offered; he would accept anything.
“You know, it’s not that I’m glad this happened. It sucks for Casey, it sucks for you, but I’m not going to lie, I’m enjoying the bro time,” Bryce said watching Tobias stare into space at Donahue's.
“Bryce, you make it sound like I’m locked in a cell since I’m with Casey. I tell you we can hang anytime.”
“Yeah, but the aesthetic is different.”
Tobias shook his head, “Never change, Bryce, never change.”
“So, how are you doing with this anyway. I know I wouldn’t be all jazzed if I were in your shoes.”
“Hey, I wouldn’t be all jazzed being away from Casey for three days no matter what. I know it sounds pathetic, I know… the names I would have called a guy saying what I’m saying right now in the past,” he shuddered, “sometimes I don’t know who I am. But I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy to be away from her.”
“It’s not the three days, T, it’s the 6’10” doctor she’s with during those three days.”
“He’s not 6’10”, Bryce.”
“I’m exaggerating.”
“It is what it is. He’s still the director of the team, sometimes, shit like this is going to happen.”
“It’s suspect. I don’t like it. Casey doesn’t either.”
“I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I trust her, completely. I’m not worried.”
“You're full of shit.”
“Tread lightly, my friend. What part is full of shit?”
“The not worried one.”
“OK, you’re safe. I’m not happy, Bryce, don’t get me wrong, but if I were worried, it would mean I didn’t trust her and I do. But, since I’m out to get my mind off the fact that my girl is away for three days, could we maybe talk about something other than the fact that my girl is away for three days?”
“I suppose we could. Like we could talk about how devastatingly sexy my abs are since I started my new workout.”
“Or fuck it, we can just discuss Casey being away all night. I’m suddenly cool with that.”
The resort was a snow-covered, rustic paradise. A magnificent lodge with every amenity known to man, surrounded by the majestic Rockies, it was a scene out of a fairy tale. The minute they entered the lobby, Casey wished she were there with Tobias. She knew it was borderline lame, she wasn’t going to be gone long, but she missed him. Ethan’s mind went to another time, the night the two of them had spent together at another ski lodge. That was such a special night, he always felt it was a pivotal point in their relationship. And he was doing all in his power to put it to the back of his mind on this trip.
“Hello, reservation for Dr. Casey MacTavish.”
“Dr. MacTavish, yes, welcome. We have you in room 432. You have a balcony and a magnificent view of the mountains, we think you’ll be satisfied.”
“I’m certain I will, thank you.”
“And Dr. Ethan Ramsey, I’m with the same conference.”
“Yes, Dr. Ramsey, you are in room, well, suite 434. You’re right next to Dr. MacTavish here.”
Just great! Casey thought as she plastered on a fake smile.
“Suite? Why on earth…”
“They have you listed as a VIP guest. The suite has full amenities, a lovely hot tub, beautiful appointments, but no balcony and, truly, the view is better from Dr. MacTavish's room. Perhaps you two should partner up and you’ll have the best of both worlds.”
“Hmmm, I think we’ll both manage just fine with what we have,” Casey smiled as she lifted her bag to head toward the elevator.
“It’s amazing,” she said to Ethan as they made their way to their rooms. “I solved the damn case, that’s why I’m here, right? Yet you’re the VIP.”
“If you want to switch…”
“Oh, I’m half-joking, Ethan. I don’t care one fig about the suite. I don’t care about the balcony or any of the appointments, I’m here to do a job and get back home. I just wonder how they came to their conclusion. Sometimes the misogyny in the medical world still astounds me.”
“You’re not wrong, and I am not pleased with it either. I will make mention…”
“No, don’t worry about it, in the scheme of things, there are bigger fish to fry. Well, this is us,” she said pointing to their doors, right next to each other.”
“I suppose it is. Are you going to go down to the lounge for the cocktail reception?”
“No, it’s been a long day. I’m going to order room service and call it an early night.”
“OK. What are you doing before the presentation tomorrow?”
“I haven’t decided yet.”
“Well, I was thinking we could take in the seminar about the upcoming changes in funding, they will have a direct impact on our team… would you like to come along with me?”
“Sure. I’ll go. What time?”
“OK, I’ll see you there.”
“And we may as well grab breakfast together beforehand…”
He knew he was beginning to sound desperate, and he wanted to take his words back before they finished coming out of his mouth, but it was too late. Now to recant before she could…
“No, Ethan. I think I’ll just meet you there.”
… reject him.
“Sure,” he smiled, “that would probably be for the best.”
“Good night.”
She turned and walked into her room, and he stood in front of her door for a few moments before he walked into his. The suite looked like something off the pages of Architectural Digest, expensive, beautiful, enormous, and it reminded him of just how alone he was. He took a warm shower he returned to his oversized bed. For all the high-end features of the resort offered, the walls were quite thin. At least he had an end unit, this way, all he ha could hear was Casey… laughing on the phone… talking to Tobias… he wouldn’t have heard the words if he put on his headphones, or turned on the television, or if he wasn’t listening so intently… but he was only doing one of those three things.
… and the view is simply breathtaking, though I don’t know what good a balcony is when it’s a real feel of negative 3… oh, I don’t know if even that would help warm me up out there, T… we could, maybe it would be better if we came in the spring though, but we have so many other places we want to go… yeah, I’m tired, but I’ll call you in the morning… I miss you… I love you, too. Good night, baby.”
She really did love him. At first, he had convinced himself it was a rebound, a comfortable place to land. When he saw them kissing in the snow, he couldn't deny how in love they appeared to be, it looked like something out of a movie, but movies were fake, right? Movies weren’t real. So this could all be an illusion. Tobias was clearly in love with her, and why not, it was Casey, he’d be a fool not to be but her… Ethan told himself she was not really in love with him. But within the past 24-hours, his illusions seemed to be crashing around him. She was really in love with Tobias, or was she? He wasn’t giving up just yet, and by the end of this trip, he’d know.
“Hello? I thought you were going to bed? … Awww, I’m sorry. … What if we stay on the phone with each other until we’re asleep? … What are you laughing at me for, you’re the one who called me back all ‘I can’t sleep without you’… (hysterical laughter)… no, dear we can save the phone sex for tomorrow… as much as I miss you, I am exhausted from the trip. For you, I suggest the sleepy time tea we bought at that fair. I love you too, baby, so much… good night.”
Ethan closed his eyes. Casey had no idea he could hear her, and he knew that. There was no reason why she shouldn’t be speaking to Tobias that way. But Ethan wanted his answer by the end of this trip, and though he still hung on to hope, it was becoming more apparent that he already knew his answer. He berated himself, why didn’t he just pick one of the other three topics to cover? Being here with Casey began to feel like a terrible idea.
“So, what did you think of the presentation,” Ethan asked.
“What did I think?” she said, exasperated, “What did I think? I think I so regret attending this before our presentation because I am so incredibly pissed off I don’t know how I will be able to think.”
“Well, I think you’ll just have to put it out of your mind until….
“The audacity of that son of a bitch!”
“You’re not hearing me are…”
“How the hell does he turn it around like that? HOW? To make it seem like a good thing? And at least half of the assholes in that room look like they bought it too!”
“Casey, keep your voice…”
“I honestly don’t care who hears me, Ethan. I’d take that damn podium right now and counter him on every point and I’ll use the damn language I learned growing up in Philly if I have to! Is this what medicine is now? Even to doctors who took the goddamn Hippocratic oath! Just change the name to the hypocritical oath at this point.”
“I don’t disagree, but…”
“Our program, our program would become limited to strictly patients with extreme wealth because insurance wouldn’t even cover most of our services. And let’s not even talk about our free clinic. I am so angry!”
“That’s apparent…”
“Did you get the names of what Representatives are co-sponsoring the legislation?”
“You didn’t get the names, I’m shocked.”
“I was too busy trying to calm myself so my damn blood pressure didn't go through the roof. Don’t worry, I’ll look it up tonight.”
“I know he said Bradburry from South Carolina and Kenner from Virginia, I didn’t get the rest, but we can look it up easy enough.”
“Kenner? Kenner? I met him at Vivian’s party…”
“What are you…”
“I’m going to call her, excuse me…”
“Casey, I think it can wait, why don’t you just think…”
Casey already had the phone to her ear.
“Vivian? Hi, it’s Casey… I’m good, how are you? … Vivian, I’d like to ask a favor, do you think…” she raised her finger to Ethan and walked away for privacy.
He watched her as she stepped away. That was the tenacity that he admired in her, he just wished she’d take it down a notch at the conference. Then he remembered how he heckled speakers, punched Declan Nash… maybe he was just getting soft in his old age, and thank God there were still firecrackers like Casey in this world. He smiled and walked away, knowing she had a handle on it.
Ten minutes later she walked back over to Ethan who was seated by the grand fireplace in the lobby, he had two cups of coffee on the table before him.
“So, are you prepared to impress me?”
“Damn straight I am. I have a meeting with him on March 3rd.”
Ethan spit his coffee out. “You what? You’ve been gone ten minutes!”
“Fifteen actually, Vivian has his Chief of Staff’s number on speed dial, and he owes her a favor, apparently.”
“The Chief of Staff does?”
“No, Kenner does.”
“Jesus, you have made quite the impression on Vivian, haven’t you.”
Casey waved her hand around, “She kind of adores me. She said she’d trade Tobias in and adopt me,” she laughed, “but I don’t believe that for a moment. She is beyond crazy about her son, even if she pretends she isn’t for comedic effect.”
“You’re right on that. She is crazy about him, and she’s not alone, is she?” he put his coffee to his lips and watched carefully for Casey’s reaction.
She looked up from the papers scattered on her lap, a bit stunned by the forwardness.
“No, she’s not alone,” she answered curtly. She wouldn’t have done that normally, but she decided she wasn't playing games. He wants to be forward and ask? Then he was getting an unfiltered answer.
And Ethan received her message loud and clear.
“I didn’t mean…”
“Yes, you did. And I answered. You want to know, now you know. Look, I’m going back to my room. It’s an hour to the presentation and I think I need to calm down, and I think I need to review my notes. Making an ass out of myself wouldn’t be in our best interests.”
“No, I suppose not.”
“Hey, I’ve got to take this call, I’ll be back in a few…” Tobias walked into an alcove for some privacy.
“Hi, Mom, what’s up?”
“Hello, dear. How are you holding up on your own?
He chuckled, “Mom, I held up on my own my entire adult life. I’ve been with Casey a month and a half now, I think I can manage to get through three days without her.”
“Hmmm… stupid man. Anyway, I just got off the phone with my beautiful daughter-in-law, and…”
“Mom, we’re not married…”
“…technicality. A technicality that we will remedy soon enough, I might add. Now I need to ask, why on earth is she in Colorado with Ethan?”
“For a business conference, Ma. That’s all it is.”
He heard her exhale on the other end of the line, but she didn’t say a word. A silent Vivian. Something that always made Tobias nervous.
“Mother. It is for a business conference. She will be back in a few days. It’s all good.”
“I remember your competitions dear. I remember how ruthless you both became. I also know she was in love with him not all that long ago, and I don’t know that I…”
“Mom, I trust Casey. Please, don’t push this any further.”
“I trust Casey too, dear. I’m not sure I trust Ethan.”
“Ethan is not the same person he was when we were in med school, Ma, and, frankly, I was the real dick back then, not him.”
“He was a … God, I wish you used better language… you were both rather horrible at times.”
“Casey isn’t a prize Mom, she is a beautiful, talented and independent woman. She’s not going to do anything she doesn’t want to do and, I know she loves me. I’m not worried at all.”
“Not even a little?”
“On a scale of one to a hundred, with not being worried a zero and being out of your mind worried being a hundred, you expect me to believe you’re at a zero.”
Now it was Tobias’s turn to be quiet.
“I’m at like a five, OK. But a five isn’t really a big deal.”
“But it isn’t a zero.”
The other line beeped, “Mom, that’s Casey calling me, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.”
“OK, just be …”
“Goodbye, mom!”
“Hello, gorgeous.”
“Hey, that’s usually what I say to you, how dare you turn the tables on me.”
“Well, considering I just walked into my room and realized that there must not be a single rose left in the state of Colorado, I figured my boyfriend deserves a little flattery.”
“Ah, so they arrived.”
“By the truckload. T, they’re gorgeous, but God, did you go overboard.”
“Hey, there is no overboard. Nothing is too good for you. If I can’t be with you on our first Valentine’s Day, well, I’m sending the holiday to you.”
“I’m I going to have a cherub show up at my door singing love songs tomorrow, aren’t I?”
“Should I cancel it?”
“You’re insane,” she laughed.
“Hey, isn’t your presentation in under an hour? I figured you and Ethan would be setting up.”
“Yeah, we will be. I just came back to my room for a minute to cool off.”
“Oh, why?” He asked a bit apprehensively.
“I went to a seminar this morning. Some asshole going on and on about how lobbying to redirect federal funds would be beneficial to the medical community. Yeah, beneficial to for-profit entities that could give a damn about treating anyone except the one percent. I’m fit to be tied! I called your Mom because Rep. Kenner is one of the jackasses set to co-sponsor the legislation, since I met with him at her party, asked if I could set up a meeting. I have to at least try to talk some sense into him.”
“You, what?”
“I set up a meeting with…”
“No, I heard that, I’m just a little surprised.”
“I’ve never seen you involved on this end of things, that’s all, I certainly didn’t mean anything by it.”
“T., did you not see me annihilate Sen. Farrugia on national TV,” she chuckled, “though, I guess he got his revenge on me in a twisted way, didn’t he?”
“Hey, I’m not saying anything, I was just surprised. But good for you, I’m proud of you.”
“Want to see if you can come along with me? I’m just going to go to DC for the day.”
“Uhm, maybe. I’ll tell you what, let me look into the issue and I’ll let you know?”
“Uhm, OK, sure. But I think you being there, being Vivian’s son and all, it might hold more weight.”
“Yeah,” he said rubbing his neck, “you know, I never really got into that end of the family… business… so to speak. I do the medicine.”
“I get that, but sometimes making sure people are cared for means taking a step outside of the medicine. If the medicine can’t be provided to all people in need, just the select, then what the fuck is the purpose?”
“I don’t disagree baby, but I’m going to ask you to do me a favor.”
“Sure, what.”
“What are you doing right now?”
“Pacing around my beautiful, floral-scented hotel room like a maniac.”
“Just what I thought. I want you to sit on the bed. Can you do that?”
“OK,” she smiled, “I’m sitting.”
“Now close your eyes. Are they closed?”
“Yes,” she grinned.”
“Now lay back on the bed.”
“Tobias, if you start telling me to touch myself, I swear….”
He laughed, “I wish, but this isn’t the time. But don’t think I’m not calling about that tonight. But right now I just want you to close your eyes and stay quiet. Smell the roses, literally, and listen to me tell you how much I love you. Because you have a presentation in,” he looked at his watch,” in thirty-five minutes now, and I want you to be calm before. OK.”
“OK,” she sighed.
“So you rest for a little bit then get down there and kick ass. We’ll talk about the rest when you’re home, OK?”
“OK. Tobias?”
“Thank you, baby. For the roses, for this, for everything.”
“No need to thank me. Call me after."
Casey and Ethan were laughing together as they made their way down the hallway to their rooms. They spent the last two hours in one of the resort’s bars. The fact that they partook in many celebratory drinks may have contributed to their jovial moods.
“I can’t believe that idiot tried to challenge you,” Casey laughed, “does he not know your reputation? Did he think you’d just sit there, especially when the data speaks for itself!”
“Never mind the data, the results speak for themselves. We should have brought Naveen as exhibit number 8. When he was asking for proof, he could have stepped up and done a pirouette across the damn podium.”
Casey went hysterical laughing at the thought of it. Watching her doubled over with tears in the corner of her eyes made Ethan laugh just as much.
“Oh, my God, I never thought I’d laugh this hard at a damn medical conference,” Casey said wiping her eyes.
“Well, the truth of that matter is, that idiot was one of the people who reviewed Naveen’s test results and came up blank. I think he’s still hurting over the fact that an intern bested him.”
“Him? I bested all of you!”
“Yes, but not all of us are big enough to be happy about it.”
“Oh, please! You were happy about it because it was Naveen! If I would have solved it for some stranger at a hospital in San Francisco after you came up blank, you probably would have been a sore loser too, Ethan. I know your ego!”
“That’s not true at all.”
She looked at him out of the corner of her eye.
“It’s not. I would have been beyond impressed and began making moves to convince you to come to Edenbrook. Hell, I would have convinced the Board to pay off your student debt to acquire you.”
“Shit! Does that offer still stand? I would think bringing international acclaim to the hospital and saving our Chief of Medicine’s life should garner me that!”
Ethan smiled, “As much as I wish I could, I think that offer will not be on the table.”
“Well, can’t blame me for trying.”
Ethan looked at her smiling, and she didn’t immediately turn away. Maybe it was the alcohol, but before he knew it he blurted it out.
“That offer is not on the table, but can I propose another? Our presentation was a home run, I think a celebratory dinner is in order. I saw this nice restaurant, we passed it on the way to the hotel, it looked charming, quaint... exactly the kind of place you would love. I already took the liberty of checking its reviews online, and they are excellent. So, what do you say?”
She went to speak, then hesitated, he could see the indecision in her eyes, and he wasn’t sure if pushing her further would be the right or the wrong thing to do. His uncertainty stemmed from the fact that even he was unsure of his motives. So how could he expect her to trust him? In the end, he decided to push forward.
“What do you say, Casey? It’s just dinner. A peace offering, and a celebration, nothing more. Shall I call in a reservation?”
Casey bit her bottom lip as she stood there, giving far too much thought to her answer. She looked at her watch, it was already six PM.
“What time would you want to do this?”
“Considering we both have to get ready and get there, say 7:30? As long as there is a table available.”
“Sure,” she said. “I guess we deserve to celebrate, after all.”
Ethan tried to disguise his smile, but it was futile.
“I’ll pick you up around 7:00,” he joked.
“I’ll meet you in the lobby at 7:10,” she said flatly before turning away.
Casey said she’d meet him at the lobby at 7:10. So Ethan was there at 6:55. He kept thinking about how his therapist was going to rip him apart for this, and he may lament it then; but right now, he did not care. All he cared about was Casey, having some alone time with her. He knew it bordered on pathetic, but this was better than nothing at all.
Casey made her way down the staircase at 7:00PM. She had struggled with what to wear, her wardrobe choices limited to what she packed, and she certainly had no expectations of dinner alone with Ethan, so she didn’t have the perfect outfit for that occasion. However, what exactly would that outfit be? She settled on a plain black sweater dress coupled with a pair of black boots. A simple, classic look and not much could be read into it. Of course, she still looked beautiful, especially to Ethan, who would have thought she was magnificent even if she had turned up in rags.
“Hi, you look stunning.”
She shot him a look that made it clear that he should refrain from saying anything like that again, and he took note.
“The car is going to be here in just five minutes, and the restaurant is only fifteen minutes away. I’m starving, so that seems like an eternity,” he chuckled.
“I’m rather hungry myself. Hungry and tired, I’m sure I’ll be a joy to be with this evening.”
“I have a feeling it will be fine.”
Ethan was right about the restaurant, it was exactly the kind of place Casey adored. Though a city girl at heart, she loved a ride to the countryside and dine at a cozy little inn. The stone Tudor cottage that stood before her looked like something out of a fairy tale, the glow from the soft lighting and candles inside emitted from the ivory lace curtains covering the windows. The inside was no less charming, stone fireplaces sat on either side of the room, antique furnishings and hurricane lanterns completed the look. It was tastefully, but abundantly, decorated for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. If Casey were slightly uncomfortable before, being here alone with Ethan turned that dial up exponentially.
Spending the night before the holiday, at a romantic restaurant with Ethan, and not Tobias, felt so wrong, regardless of the circumstances. Once again, she found herself wanting to trust Ethan, but unable to have full faith. She began to think about the copious amounts of celebratory wine she imbibed in earlier and was that what led to this poor choice? She wished she was eating pizza in her room right now. But she was there and determined to make the best of it.
The waiter came over to introduce himself and take their drink order. Of course, Ethan went for a high-end Macallan scotch, straight. Casey ordered a glass of Cardinale Cabernet Sauvignon.
“Excellent selection! Your girlfriend has exquisite taste in wine,” he smiled.
“Oh, she…”
“I’m not his girlfriend,” Casey said politely, but firmly.
“Oh, I’m sorry, with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I just assumed…”
“Don’t worry, it won’t impact your tip,” Casey joked, putting the waiter at ease.
“I hope that wasn’t too awkward,” Ethan said softly.
“To a degree. But it happens. When we were together people used to assume that Tobias and I were a couple all the time.”
“They did?” It came out sounding more irritated than he expected.
“I didn’t know that.”
“Yes, you did. I used to tell you about it, you didn’t seem to care.”
“Well, I guess I didn’t care so much because I believed you had no interest in him,” he said bitterly.
“I didn’t,” Casey answered in the same tone. “I didn’t, at that time Ethan. But you can choose to believe whatever you wish.”
He put his menu on the table and closed his eyes as he let out a deep sigh. He opened them and realized Casey had not removed her stern gaze from him.
“I do believe you, Casey. I do. But you must admit, it’s ironic to see how the tables have turned.”
“According to their reviews, they’re known for their filet mignon,” Casey said clearly changing the subject, “I think I’m just going to go with that.”
“I think I’ll go with that myself, though, I’ll add a lobster tail and call it a surf and turf. We may as well splurge a little today, special occasions call for a little indulgence.”
She wanted to make a smart-aleck remark, but she refrained.
“I meant because of the successful presentation today. Nothing else. Casey. You know what, if this is too uncomfortable, we can go.”
She sighed and sat back in her chair.
“It’s fine, Ethan. I don’t want things to be so awkward between us, but I suppose the longer we avoid the awkwardness, the harder it will ever be to get past it. Does that make sense?”
“I think it does.”
“How about this. For the remainder of this meal, we put everything aside and play a game.”
“I’m listening.”
“We can ask each other anything, and the other party doesn’t have to answer, but they can’t take offense. Of course, if they chose to answer, there can still be no offense taken. We will call this game, let’s clear the air.”
“You’re feeling brave.”
“I’m feeling like it needs to be done, so why don’t we just do it.”
“Here? In public?”
“I figure it will keep things civil. Like the guys who bring their girlfriends to a restaurant to break up with them.”
“They usually get a glass of wine thrown in their face.”
“Well, I never said I that was off the table,” she smiled. “Are you in?”
“I’m in.”
“OK, then you start.”
He sat quietly, studying her. She sat with her elbows perched on the table, her eyes filled with determination set right on him, and only one question came to his mind.
“Are you happy?”
“You don’t start small, do you?”
“You said anything.”
Casey sat back and took a shuddering breath before answering.
“Yes, Ethan. I am happy.”
It was expected, so the would wasn’t as deep as it could have been, and he covered it well; but he forgot how well Casey knew him, so she could see the truth.
“Honestly, I’m glad,” he swallowed, “and I believe that makes it your turn.”
“What about you. Are you happy?”
He took his time, weighing his answer.
“Not really. But I will be.”
Casey smiled wanly, “Good. Because I want you to be. Your turn.”
“How… how serious are the two of you?”
Casey held her breath, it was her idea, her game, she couldn’t be upset, right?
“We are serious. It’s new, of course, but it is serious. It’s not a fling, and… it’s not a rebound.”
Ethan pursed his lips, but kept his composure, it was her game, but it was his question, and if he asked, she had every right to answer.
“Are you and Floria… a thing?”
“I almost want to ask why you care.”
“You’re not allowed to. At least not until after you answer my question.”
“No. We’re not. And why do you care?”
“I care because, even if we’re no longer together, even after all that’s happened between us, I still care about you, and I worry about you, and I don’t trust her.”
“I’m a big boy, Casey. I can take care of myself.”
“That’s debatable,” she said instantly. Ethan looked up at her, and for a moment she saw the man she met years ago, the attending who was flabbergasted by her audacity to stand up to him. Even though the rules said no offense, perhaps she went too far. “I’m sorry, Ethan. That was uncalled for.”
“Uncalled for, but perhaps true.”
“No. It isn’t true. At least it shouldn’t be. I just had a lightbulb moment and I believe it is my turn, so I need to ask you thins. When, when we were together, was I too much?” Her voice broke, “Did I let you take care of yourself, or did I feel the need to do it for you? It’s a fine line, Ethan, it’s a fine line between caring and helping, and enabling. Did I cross that line?”
“Casey,” he instinctively reached across the table and touched her hand, she shuddered but didn’t pull away. “I don’t think so. I don’t know. I’m still working so much out that, maybe you can ask me that question again after six months of therapy.”
“Did I let you believe you could do anything, and that I would always be there, no matter how much you put me through?”
“I think it was my turn,” he said nervously, evading the question.
“Just answer, Ethan.”
Casey pulled her hand slowly away and grabbed her napkin. She looked down for a moment and dabbed her eyes. Ethan remained silent, giving her the time she needed.
“Then I feel I should apologize, not only to you but to myself. Because I shouldn’t have done that.”
“You owe me no apology, Casey. I owe you one because I should have never taken advantage of it, and I did. Time and time again.”
The waiter arrived, interrupting their conversation.
“Are we ready to order?”
“Yes,” Casey answered quickly, grateful for the distraction, “I’ll just have the tri-color salad with grilled chicken, no dressing please.”
“And you sir?”
“Filet mignon, medium well, and a lobster tail.”
“And for your sides?”
Ethan’s eyes were fixed on Casey, who was looking toward the floor.
“I’ll let you decide.”
“Very well.”
“I’m sorry.”
“For what, making me feel like I have to have a lighter meal after all. It’s OK. My arteries are probably thanking you anyway…”
“For everything. In my entire life, no one was ever as good to me as you were. Not even my Dad, not even Naveen, and they have been wonderful; but you, you had no reason to be, and even when I gave you more than enough reason reconsider, you just kept giving. And how did I repay you?”
Casey’s eyes were clenched shut and he saw her lips begin to quiver. She took a deep breath and regained her composure.
“Ethan, I appreciate that, but maybe this isn’t the place after all.”
“Very well. But I’m still glad I said it. You should know.”
“Thank you,” she said softly. “I guess let’s clear the air was the right name for that little game.”
“Well, we’ve at least started to clear the air, and honestly, it feels good.”
“It does,” she smiled. “Life’s… different now, Ethan. I suppose it takes time, we can’t expect it to always be easy.”
“No. But this was a good first step.”
The waiter arrived and placed the food before them. As Casey pushed her salad around with her fork, Ethan could tell that she regretted her entre choice. He grabbed the waiter’s attention as he passed by.
“If I could trouble you, would you mind bringing us a filet mignon, medium-well, with a baked potato and grilled vegetables on the side?”
Casey looked over at him and smiled.
“What are you doing?”
“Would you like him to wrap that for you? I think it will make a wonderful lunch tomorrow.”
“Yes, please.”
“Very well, ma’am, I’d be happy too.”
“I’m glad you’re smiling. I was afraid you might have thought I was overstepping.”
“Well, you were,” she smiled, “but I’m never going to be angry at someone for replacing my salad with filet mignon.”
“So, what do you say. Are we on the road to being friends?”
“I’d like that,” she smiled, “I’d like that a lot.”
They finished the rest of their meal talking about much safer topics, mostly about the conference, new medical developments, and work, but the air was lighter, the conversation flowed more freely. Casey felt he was accepting things as they were now and she was happy for it. Ethan felt… something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. Being there with her tonight, he couldn’t lie and say he didn’t wish things were different, but he also began to see, if he didn’t let go of the past, and toward the present and what things would be, the chance of keeping her in his life at all was slim, and that was something he could not face. This option would be difficult, but he was willing to try.
The flight home was less awkward. This time, they arranged for their seats to be together in advance. At first, they sounded like friendly business colleagues, discussing a successful trip. Casey teased him about actually enjoying a conference. He brought up her upcoming trip to DC, praised her for fighting for what she believed in, even asked her if she intended to have Tobias travel with her. In time they began to read, watch the inflight movie, doze off. It was normal, and it felt good.
Casey’s phone buzzed several times while they were on the flight. Sometimes it was work issues, at others it was one of her friends, but Ethan could tell when it was Tobias. A look came over her face, and he was quite sure she didn’t even know it was happening. But he knew the look well because it used to be his.
Casey didn’t know she was making it, nor did she realize the smile that came spontaneously to her face whenever Tobias's name appeared on her phone. But it was there.
Tumblr media
“So, do you have a ride home?”
“I was planning on getting a cab,” Casey answered as they made their way into the airport. “What about you?”
“Hey!” A far too peppy voice rang out. Floria walked over to Ethan’s side and tugged at his sleeve. “I’m so glad I got here early, who ever heard of a flight landing before schedule at Logan! Oh, hi Casey. How was the flight?”
“It was early and we’re in one piece, in my book that’s good.”
“I guess so,” she looked around, “is Tobias picking you up?”
“No, considering half of the diagnostic team is already here…”
“Oh, that’s true. Do you need to go to the baggage claim?” She asked Ethan.
“Heavens no. That’s why I packed light.”
“Well,” Casey said awkwardly, “I’m going to be on my way. You two have a good night.”
“Casey, how are you getting home?”
“Oh, I’m just going to grab a taxi outside…”
“Nonsense! Come with us, I’d be happy to drop you off.”
“No, it’s OK, Floria, I will be…”
“Casey, come along,” Ethan stated, “I’d rather know we got you home safe.”
“Well, then, lead the way.”
Floria and Ethan walked ahead of Casey, talking animatedly the whole way, right until they got to her car and they both slid into the front seat. Casey wondered, Ethan said there was nothing going on between them, but when did they become “pick you up at the airport” close?
“So, did you enjoy the trip, Casey?” Floria asked.
“It was very nice, actually. The presentation went well.”
“That’s good. I’m sure it was very hard to be away from Tobias, it was your first Valentine’s Day together after all.”
She looked in the rear-view mirror, watching to gauge Casey’s reaction.
“Well, we promised to celebrate another day. We’ll survive.”
“Well, that’s good to know. So, how are things between you? I have to admit, I’m still shocked that you and he… you know?”
Ethan seemed to writhe in his seat but didn’t say a word.
“Really, Floria? I’m not sure why it’s so hard to see. In fact, you used to comment about how close we were. It’s not that abnormal to go from friends to something more, now, is it?”
“No,” Floria said, stealthily sneaking a peek over at Ethan, “I supposed it is not.”
“What about you? I know your divorce isn’t finalized yet, but for all intents and purposes, you’re a single woman now. Did you have a special someone on Valentine’s Day?”
“Me? No, I mean, I don’t have too many friends in Boston right now, much less more than friends. But, that can always change. I’ll keep you posted.”
Just then Casey’s phone buzzed.
Tumblr media
“Oh, damn it.”
“Something wrong?” Ethan asked.
“Well, Harper has a stomach bug. So, Tobias is working a double.”
“Well, that sure sucks, doesn’t it,” Floria chimed in.
“I think they can live waiting to see each other to the morning,” Ethan answered with more than a touch of annoyance in his voice.
Casey looked out the window, they were just three blocks from the hospital, and they would have to go much further out of their way to take her home.
“You know what, Floria, just drop me off at Edenbrook.”
“What? Don’t you need to get home and get some rest? You are in early tomorrow,” Ethan questioned.
“I slept half the flight home. Plus, I won’t stay at the hospital all night and it won’t take you so far out of your way.”
“If you're sure?” Floria asked.
“I am. Just bring me there.”
“Oh, that works out well. If we do that, we will pass by that diner on the way to your place, I’m sure you are famished, Ethan.”
“It might not be the worst idea.”
“I mean, it’s no Valentine’s Day dinner, but no one says no to a grilled cheese and soup on a cold winter’s night.”
“I can’t argue with you there,” Ethan smiled.
“Well, thank you for the lift,” Casey said about to lug her suitcase out of the car when Ethan jumped out of the passenger seat and took it out for her.
“Are you sure you want to lug that around here? If you don’t need anything desperately, I can take it home and bring it in to you in the morning.”
“Thank you, Ethan, but I can more than manage a suitcase.”
He took it out of the car and handed it to her, Casey noticed Floria was watching their every move.
“Well, thank you again, Floria,” Casey said with a sickeningly sweet smile, “I appreciate the ride.”
“Oh, anytime. And Casey, say hello to Tobias for me,” she smirked.
“Come now, Floria, all of us know that probably isn’t the best idea. You two enjoy your… grilled cheese I guess.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ethan said, a bit of longing in his eyes as Casey walked off.
Casey went to the team’s office and left her suitcase. When she saw Tobias wasn’t there, she walked out to the nurse’s station.
“Hey, Maureen.”
“Hey, Dr. MacTavish, welcome back.”
“Thank you. By any chance, do you know where Dr. Carrick is?”
“Actually, he was going to the nurse’s station in the east wing, a package that was supposed to come here was delivered there instead, he said he could use the walk.”
“OK, thank you! Oh, and if you see him, don’t tell him I’m here.”
Maureen smiled knowingly, “You got it, lovebird.”
“Maureen, stop!” Casey grinned.
As Casey made her way down the hallway, a nurse noticed her coming and Casey held her finger to her mouth as a sign to keep quiet. Tobias was holding court, telling a wild story and making everyone laugh. His animated personality and desire to keep people entertained was one of the things she loved most about him, and one of the things others did too by the infatuated looks on several of the nurse’s faces.
Yep, ladies, but he’s all mine.
Casey thought as she made her way toward him. Sneaking up behind him, she reached around and covered his eyes from behind, catching him mid-sentence.
“Guess who?”
Tobias stopped in his tracks and jumped around to face Casey, completely forgetting that he was at work for a moment.
“Case!” he yelled pulling her into a kiss and lifting her off the floor, earning more than one dirty look from the night nurses.
“Mmmmh,” Casey said with his lips still on hers. “Baby! We’re at work.”
“Oh, shit. That’s right, sorry. I forgot.”
He turned to the nurses and said, “Ladies, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to take this package and leave.”
“By package to you mean this box, or Dr. MacTavish,” one of the nurses laughed.
“Hey, that’s an HR offense,” Tobias said pointing at her mockingly.
“Yeah, so is all but making out with your girlfriend in front of us, so you do what you have to do,” she laughed.
Casey smiled and said, “I’ll take him off your hands now, ladies.”
“So what are you doing here?” he asked grinning. “Why didn’t you go right home?”
“Because what’s so exciting about going home if I knew you weren’t going to be there anytime soon? I thought I’d at least stop by. Are you complaining?”
“Oh, hell no! I’m so damn happy to see you, hang on. Let me drop this off.”
“Maureen, darling,” he said animatedly placing the box in front of her, “I believe this belongs to you?”
“It sure does, thank you! And it looks as though you found him, Dr. MacTavish?”
“I sure did, thanks for the tip, Maureen.”
“So, I’ve got a little something for you,” Tobias said putting his arm around Casey’s shoulder.
“Tobias! Again, we’re at work?”
“What?” He said turning around. “Oh, Maureen, she doesn’t care.”
Maureen smiled and waved them off.
“You see? Point proven."
He led her into the team's office, like the rest of the hospital, it was dark and quiet at this late hour. He turned on the bright fluorescent lights and Casey winced.
“Oh, could we do without them?”
“I guess,” he said walking over to turn on a lamp near the couch. He went into his bag and retrieved a small red, heart-shaped box of chocolates with a small teddy bear attached to the front.
“Here,” he said kissing her forehead, “for you. Happy Belated beautiful.”
“Awww, Tobias, that’s so sweet.”
They both sat on the couch and she fell into his arms.
“But I have a question, you didn’t know I was coming, so where did this come from?”
“OK, full disclosure. A patient gave it to me, and I’m giving it to you.”
“Really? A patient giving you a Valentine? Do I need to be concerned?”
“Casey, she’s four.”
“Well, she has very good taste,” Casey smiled.
“God, I missed you.”
He turned her head toward him to look into her eyes.
“I missed you too, that’s why I’m here and not home under the down comforter by now.”
“Damn, baby, I wish I was under that down comforter with you.”
“Soon,” she smiled, “real soon.”
Without warning his lips crashed upon hers, pushing her back into the couch. Casey put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, even more passionately.
“I love you,” he groaned into her ear.
“Love you, too,” she whispered back. “So, are we going to make out here?”
“You’re lucky that’s all I’m going to do.”
“Oh, if you’re insinuating that I’m lucky because you’re not going further, well, then you don’t know what lucky means, sir.”
“Poor choice of words, but I’m saving this for home, baby; no way I’d be able to keep the volume down after being away from you.”
“Well, then go back to kissing me and feeling me up, it’s better than nothing.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he said pulling her into a sloppy kiss. “Oh, by the way…”
“Yes,” she said between kisses.
“Pull out one of your dresses, (kiss) I’m taking you to Mistral (kiss) tomorrow night.”
“Special occasion?” (kiss)
“You don’t think I’m just (kiss) giving you a hand me down (kiss) from a four-year-old for Valentine’s Day, do you?”
“I should hope not,” she giggled as the kisses intensified.
“Thanks again for the ride, Floria. And dinner, now I know to pay the bill before I go to the men’s room.”
“It was grilled cheese and soup, Ethan, allow me to treat you to that.”
“Fine,” he said stepping out of the car. “But, wait, I would like to take you to dinner as a thank you, would you be agreeable to that.”
“I could be convinced. Where do you have in mind?”
“Mistral? Tomorrow night?”
“Mistral? That’s awfully, fancy…”
“Do you have something against fancy?”
“No, not at all. Fine. I’ll call for a reservation, but plan on me picking you up around seven?”
“Sounds like a plan. Good night, Ethan.” SERIES MASTERLIST
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Riverdale Season 6 Trailer Reaction and Theories.
So just saw the new season 6 trailer and I have some thoughts on it, obviously spoilers but also some spoilers for CAOS too as I am going to be mentioning some theories based on that show.
First off this looks really good and I am actually sort of hyped for season 6 now, but I literally have no idea what the hell is going on, what we do know though is its not an AU as RAS recently confirmed it wasn’t which makes it all the more interesting to me.
It looks like they are going full supernatural with all the voodoo dolls and rituals that appear to be going on. There’s also a shot of Cheryl, Toni, Betty and Nana Rose trying to summon spirits, who knows why, but there are also a couple of shots of what look like supernatural creatures. For example this creepy black widow looking figure: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My guesses for who she might be is maybe the spirit of Abigail blossom herself? Or maybe Lilith, she did appear as a young teenage in the first episode of CAOS? Or just a random vengeful spirit of a character we haven’t meet yet. I mean there is also this creepy dude who has a similar aesthetic: 
Tumblr media
My best theory is an obvious one, but I reckon that séance scene results in them accidently releasing various spirits or demons into Riverdale who wreck havoc.  
Sticking with the supernatural Veronica tells Reggie that a man is claiming to be the devil, So it looks like maybe lucifer is making an appearance in Riverdale. I do wonder if he will offer Veggie a deal to help them become rich through their business? There is a shot of them getting frisky on a bed of money but then later Veronica is shown throwing something at Reggie, so maybe he makes a deal with the devil and Veronica finds out. I could see the devil just walking around Riverdale offering the residents deals. 
There is this shot of an elaborate box opening:
Tumblr media
 This actually reminds of the Acheron configuration from the first season of CAOS so my theory with this one is that after they accidently release the spirits or demons, whatever they are they then try to capture them in this box.  
Ok so being a barchie shipper naturally I was really excited about all the barchie content in this trailer but I will admit that ‘I want to have your baby’ line had me cackling just because of all the theories that were going around during season 5 about betty being pregnant and now it might actually happen?? To be honest I think I’d be ok with it depending on how it is written and how they go about it. A lil barchie baby would be adorable. However there is this shot where barchie have decided to use the dinner table for something other than eating dinner:
Tumblr media
 At first I thought it was a voodoo doll next to her (in the orange circle) but then I brightened the image and there are actually several other objects around her and the ‘voodoo doll’ to me actually looks more like it could be a mandrake root. For those who might not know mandrake root is traditionally used for fertility purposes, so maybe barchie want a baby but aren’t having much luck conceiving so decides to do a ritual to help the process along. There are five objects on the table which is interesting because there are actually five elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit. I think the mandrake root as well as representing fertility also represents earth. In the blue circle just behind betty’s shoulder is what looks like a bowl which I suspect contains water. Water like the mandrake root also represents fertility. Then in the red circle you have the candles representing fire, again fire is symbolic of rebirth but also of passion and love which fits this setting. Then in the light green circle there is a bottle, I suspect its an empty bottle and they are using this to represent air because technically the bottle wouldn’t be empty it is filled with air. Air is symbolic of the breath of life so again also kind of ties into fertility and procreation. Then lastly there is the crown that looks kind of spiky, so maybe this represents spirit and is drawing imagery from the crown of thorns and the holy spirit. I am very curious to know what exactly is going on here, but I am 80% positive that its some kind of fertility ritual.  
It looks like Jabitha are going to be going on some kind of investigation which includes smashing down walls which I’m down for. I do wonder what it is exactly they are investigating. 
It also looks like betty is going to stab... something? There’s a shot with her holding a knife and blood splattered on her face. I mean this could be more dark betty stuff and her finally snapping but to be honest I actually don’t think it will be, I think it is more likely that there will be an episode where all the characters get trapped in a dream or something and this is like her nightmare that she has to face. Or maybe she is just having a nightmare, or killing a supernatural being or making a sacrifice something like that. I mean they like to keep teasing dark betty but they never commit to it so I don’t see them going there in season 6 either. But who knows maybe I’ll be proved wrong. 
There is shot of Cheryl in that crown and red dress from the first season 6 sneak peek where she appears to be sacrificing someone and Archie runs over and begs her not to hurt her which makes me think its Betty on the sacrificial slab so to speak. In regards to Cheryl I am still sticking with my original theory which is that she is actually possessed by the spirit of Abigail and Abigail is the one in control. 
Nana Rose might be in trouble as it looks like she is sick or dying, there is a shot of her lying in bed with Cheryl and I think Sabrina sitting with her, but it also looks like Sabrina and Cheryl are doing some kind of spell, maybe to save Nana Rose’s life?   
Speaking of Sabrina the closing shot of the trailer is of her and Cheryl. This is again why I think it might actually be Abigail’s spirit in Cheryl’s body because Sabrina and Cheryl seem to be familiar with each other. I don’t know what the timeline is between the two shows but as far as I know these characters have never spoken before there’s also that little problem of Sabrina being dead, so I am guessing that Abigail/Cheryl summoned Sabrina’s spirit or resurrected Sabrina somehow and that’s how they know each other, like they met in the afterlife or something, because although she doesn’t look like Abigail she still recognises her spirit/soul.  
Ok that’s all I’ve got for now, what did everyone else think of the trailer? 
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scturnsays · 2 days ago
i don't know about you guys, but if i was ever forced to become an employee of a violent genocidal organisation that murders innocent people and prunes entire timelines on a daily basis, i definitely wouldn't enjoy the killings or straight up perceive them as a normal part of a boring day at work like all the tva employees did. people bend over backwards trying to justify their actions by saying they were brainwashed, but god, were they? were they? if they were, they must have been previously subjected to some sort of horrible mental or physical torture (cough, cough) thats purpose was to make them stop viewing the people-murdering thing as wrong and just carry out tva's orders, and, surely enough, none of that was never shown to us on screen.
what we saw in the show was people killing other people without a second thought just because they saw them as those that need to be exterminated for the good of the universe. nazi ideology, ring any bells? we don't know how (or if, for that matter) the tva employees were mind-controlled. what we do know from the show is that they have been killing innocents for a long, long time without any remorse. just how am i supposed to feel bad for a person that murders literal children for a living and never once thinks: hey, that's a fucked up thing they're making me do, but has a huge epiphany when they find out they're as much a variant as the people they kill are, and only then they decide to rebel? if finding out what they actually are is the big breakthrough, then the mind control (if it even happened) was not as powerful and overwhelming as you all claim.
moreover, the tva employees still seem to have a sense of good and evil, even if they're massive hypocrites about it. mobius yells at loki about whether or not he enjoys hurting people, but before meeting sylvie, he never stops to think about how the work he's doing has destroyed many, many lives (and no, no, you're not going to absolve him of any of that, he's no less guilty than any other tva variant). if mobius can decide that loki's actions were always ill-intentioned, that he's always been a power-hungry narcissist, that he killed his own mother, that he attacked new york out of his own volition and in his right mind, why didn't he use his brilliant brain and rebelled against the tva earlier, given that he must have realised just how horrid they were? do you know why? because working there suited him.
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cyborg-franky · 2 days ago
I’d like to request a tarot reading for ace and gn reader! and could it be NSFW please <3
thank you, i hope you have a wonderful day/night! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The deck has given you and Ace the Knight Of Swords
The Knight of Swords in Tarot stands for being direct (blunt), authoritative (overbearing), incisive (cutting), knowledgeable (opinionated), and logical (unfeeling). On the one hand, the Knight of Swords has a keen intellect, speaks clearly with authority, and is a master of logic. On the other, he can be tactless, convinced of his own superiority, and undiplomatic.
If you're single, you might soon be in a relationship with someone who possesses the qualities of the Knight of Swords
Tumblr media
Ace x GN SFW [I couldn't work a N/SFW in with the card you got sorry] Word Count: 476
Tumblr media
Every time you came across Ace he was scowling, hands balled into tight fists by his sides, muscles tensed, always so tightly coiled. He was a raging fire, one step away from burning everything to the ground. The way he stood there glaring at the others as they laughed.
He’d been sent on his ass by Pop’s again, his body more then a little sore from the thrashing but you could tell from his narrowed eyes, how his bad temper rolled off his body in waves that his ego had been what had taken the brunt of it.
Fire that tried to burn everything around it, fire that wanted to cause misery in its wake. He wanted people to suffer, he wanted to share the pain that stoked his flames. You blinked when he turned on his heels, hissing under his breath as the laughter faded.
Ace was something else, you’d never met such anger stuffed into one person before, you felt sympathy for him. Every fire that was uncontrolled, unfocused would burn itself out in time. Was he going to end up doing that? Burn so bright and out in a flash?
You’d seen him slowly warm up to the doctor, Marco had a calming effect on everyone he met though. Maybe you could help Ace, let him know he wasn’t alone? You sighed as he stormed past you, giving you a look when you backed away.
Time healed a lot of things, it softened people too, the wildfire that was the freckled pirate seemed to have more control now, poise, it was given direction, guidance, it had become warm, comforting. You could see the man behind the blaze, you liked that person.
He threw his head back and laughed at something Marco said, you chuckled as you watched Ace laugh, it was a pleasant sound, you decided you loved hearing him laugh, hearing him chuckle. You enjoyed Ace’s company in general.
You were glad the fire inside was given a direction; the young pirate had a purpose now. He turned to face you; you hadn’t said anything in a while, just taking in every detail of his face as he enjoyed himself.
“What?” He asked, brow quirked, large grin still in place.
“Just enjoying your warmth” He didn’t seem to know what you meant.
But Marco gave a knowing look across the table, he’d been watching you two get closer with each passing day. He leaned on his hand, looking between you and Ace, one thin brows raised. “I agree, it’s nice to be close and not get burned yoi”
Ace felt his cheeks heat up, pink dusted his freckled cheeks as he dipped his hat and mumbled. You and the zoan both laughed, soft happy laughter that filled Ace’s heart, helping to ease the damage the wildfire of his anger has caused.
Tumblr media
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