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#i have had Thoughts about this

Day 7: Soulmate Au

Leo and Nico really hadn’t expected to find themselves a soulmate, but hey, they weren’t complaining. (Okay… maybe they were complaining a little bit.)

#pjorarepairs2020, #this would be... probably two different fanfics if I'm being as stuck up as possible, #(in the au where I actually managed to be productive and complete the tasks I dream of obviously. I'm physically unable to write these), #takes place during house of hades but also not actually house of hades because this totally fucks up everything following that book :), #part one would be Nico centric to get people hooked, #it'd start off angsty as hell but slowly warm up to being something nice and sweet and just 🥺 ya know?, #Nico never expected to find his soulmate but... there Leo is. pulling him out of the cold and into a world so bright it almost burns him, #but Nico doenst care because with Leo by his side anything is possible, #Leo on the other hand starts it pretty fine but we would get a fair amount of spiraling, #I think Leo's a very in his own head kind of character. I love his brain but I hate his mouth I guess, #Leo's on this quest because his tia fucked with his life-he doenst want to have a soulmate to fuck with it more (even though his soulmate-, #-is really nice and sweet and caring and holy shit had Leo ever mentioned that Nico is actually the dorkiest person in this world? Leo-, #-thought he was a nerd but Mr. Mythomagic really has him beat-wait no Leo doenst need a soulmate to get in the way), #(he's just angsty and guilt ridden pretty much. not that anyone noticed because... Leo's ticking great at hiding emotions), #the whole reason I like this ship is because my boys deal with their grief in totally different and opposite ways, #I honestly don't remember what I wrote cause I left for a while so here's a quick (hopefully accurate) summary:, #part one of this would be Nico centric pet two would be Leo centric, #both parts focus on the individual and the emotions they feel, #nicos would have him thinking about Leo and Leo showing him how to be happy and keep moving forward despite his guilt and grief, #Leo's would be Nico showing him that it's okay to let yourself feel your pain-that suppressing your emotions is worse for you overall, #my boys would just be helping each other hand falling in love cause... they're my babies, #heroes of olympus, #percy jackson and the olympians, #pjo, #hoo, #nico di angelo, #leo valdez, #valdangelo
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In a better version of The Happiest Season (2020), Abigail would have dipped from that family reunion with John and Jane in tow, and the rest of the film would have been a wacky-hijinks filled road trip in which they try to find replacement fish for the ones that John accidentally killed when pet-sitting

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Too many shows that I really enjoyed and hold really dear to my heart are like. Unwatchable now because part of the reason they’re dear to me is how they helped me process trauma but they also. Brought up that trauma from the repressed depths of my mind. And so I love them and highly recommend them but I. Do not think I can ever interact with them again.

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today fucking zuckerberg just shot me point blank by suddenly making CEB’s recently created facebook the VERY first “people you may know” suggestion

absolutely no pity for a poor gay. i added him anyway tho lol

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#had an interesting talk just now..., #wrote an essay on tags be aware before clicking read more, #''Is [country] racist?! I can't believe this! I always believed they were [propaganda spread by country]'', #was as baffled as this person when I realized [country] was not the epitome of humankind as I thought it were because I only ever heard good, #yes; racism is one of the many issues to plague all countries - some more than others - what developed countries and especially colonizers, #don't realize is the amount of propaganda that is sent out there - to the point of actually brainwashing entire nations (think gaslighting, #but in a much larger scale.. terrifying right?) and well actually they realize yes because they're doing it.. it's just your average citizen, #that has no idea something is up: white folks in Europe have the privilege of their inheritance that works in their favor (ie ''all white, #people are racist'') and people in colonized regions are worked to exhaustion; undergoing crappy education; and not developing critical, #thinking skills that would be necessary to overthrow the Big Baddies - they don't even realize [problem] is a problem and propaganda has a, #finger on it.. of course it does..., #talking about privilege always make people in the 1st world uncomfortable and they try to turn the talk around and paint themselves as, #victims - and this is not necessarily about white people but it's mainly about white people yes - because it's hard to have their core, #beliefs challenged. It's much better to believe there's no issues in the world or that's outside of their world - well, #the only reason someone has it Really Good it's because another person is getting Fuck Over that's just how it is and exploitation is real, #when you talk about something so severe and prominent as racism and have people surprised that ''it's still a thing in [country]?!'', #it's saddening to see that - even though there's widespread accessibility to information it means jackshit if you don't consider something, #is oddly off or a problem at all. Or maybe a ''it only happens here (there) so there's no way it can happen there (here)'' see how this goes, #both way? It's messed up and only one of them enjoy the fruits of such twisted values. Believe me.. there's a reason why the world is, #divided into developed/developing and 1st/3rd and North/South.. it's who gets to enjoy life to the fullest vs who gets fucked over so that, #someone else has fun. No one wants to talk about that because no one wants to be developing or 3rd or in the South and this is more a birth, #roulette than anything: you were born in a shithole? Sucks to be you buddy good fucking luck trying to get out of that scum, #or you can be one of the lucky; born into a Nordic paradise with free/good healthcare affordable housing and the least amount of violence, #(and this is seem as individual failure/success when it's nothing but sheer luck.. would you think about it), #I lost my train of thought midway into this but you get the gist of it: most social issues are linked to exploitation of entire regions, #and it's impossible to see things like racism without observing the intersections of that - take a look at anti-blackness and slavery, #perpetrated by mostly white folks around the world for example. See where these people came from. See who's considered 1st or 3rd World now, #that's fucked up man
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October 28

The Birthday of Preparation

Your Greatest Challenge Is: Taking a risk.
The Way Forward Is: To understand that when a risk is calculated, it is not reckless but a way to move forward in your life.
On The Dark Side: Workaholic; detached; confused.
At Your Best: Dedicated; detailed; inquisitive.

People born on October 28 tend to be very committed to their career and therefore the choice of career is of utmost important to them. They may take a while to find their vocation, but once they do they nearly always reach the top of the field. This is in part due to the incredible effort they are willing to put in and their eye for detail. One of their biggest fears is being caught unprepared but this is largely unfounded as they are among the most organized and well-prepared individuals of the year. 

They will often be completely absorbed in their work to the extent that they don’t have much of a life outside. Although this means that they nearly always reach the very top of their field, which more often than not is dedicated to improving or educating others, there is a heavy price to pay. They may come across as overly serious or preoccupied and, if they haven’t got friends and family to give them a sense of perspective, they are in danger of becoming emotionally isolated, completely losing their spontaneity and ability to have fun.

Until the age of twenty-five they are likely to be at their most serious and intense but after this age there is a turning point that highlights a need for freedom. Opportunities will be presented to them to expand their horizons, whether through travel, further education or study, and it is important that they take advantage of these because they offer them the chance to become a more fully rounded and fulfilled human being, rather than a human working.

Above all, these people are inquisitive individuals with an insatiable desire to explore. Fascinated with the tiny details that can make all the difference, their logical mind gives them the potential to make pioneering contributions to the world. And if they can learn to expend as much energy discovering and preparing themselves for the wonderful adventures life has to offer outside work, they will also be able to create lasting connections with the world.

                                                                            — The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays

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So I did make Fate Core character sheets for my superhero au characters and

(1) I’m glad I did it because creating aspects clarified a number of driving traits for my main cast,

but (2) I wish I’d had the time during nano to play around with rolling dice to structure scenes, because that sounds like more fun and less thought for me.

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Nancy Drew Characters I Have Questions For:

Ethel: Why are you here? Seriously. What do you get out of this? I get the whole family-cult-tradition-honor thing the Penvillyns had going on but like wtf do you come into this mess????? Like you don’t even get to hold the mug cake meteor at the end of the day. Nor do you get to make any cool extra security puzzles. All you get to do is have the weirdest fucking job of all time with an inconsistent sleep schedule where in every few days you gotta wake up your charge in the middle of the night to have a ritualistic chanting session in the foyer. Also you are fully dressed and decked out in strange dress up gear which mean you had to wake up early to get ready for this whole ordeal. Did you even get so sleep at all before hand??? Do you go back to bed after the ritual is over??? Are you really going to go through the whole ‘getting ready for bed’ thing and then the whole ‘getting ready for the day’ thing twice??? That sounds exhausting. Also you have to put up with Janes BS on a daily basis. ACTUALLY NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT HOW THE FUCK WAS JANE GETTING AROUND YOU TO CONDUCT PSYCOGICAL WARFARE ON HER NEW STEP MOM???? WHEN DID SHE HAVE TIME FOR THIS IN BETWEEN HER LESSONS???? Ethel, I don’t know about you, but allowing your charge to put hair growth pills and other drugs into their parents cream and food sounds like a fireable offense. Did you get fired???? And if you did how did you cope with that until the end of time??? Did you go to your next job like “hi yes hello my name is Ethel and for the past 10 years I’ve been training children to pour hot oil down holes in the ground while wearing jewel encrusted tiaras complete with weird dangly loops” Because to be honest I don’t think that would have gotten you hired Ethyl, I just don’t.

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do any of y’all remember fotolog. or more accurately Latine Fotolog and the entire culture surrounding it

like having at least 20 repeated vowels in your username because if you didn’t you were Nothing. making stupid puns using your location. the fact that you needed a premium account to comment on posts with more than… 100 comments i think? or 50? so there were people who constantly refreshed the pages of their favorite Fotolog Celebrities so they could comment without a premium account, because comments sections could get full in like… a couple minutes if you were popular enough. and there was SO much hostility about that ghdghkgsd

and yes. fotolog celebrities were a thing. which is really funny in retrospect because in spite of literally EVERYTHING, being popular on fucking FOTOLOG was still more profitable/meaningful that being popular on tumblr, which has a lot more users than fotolog did

this is a super specific niche bullshit post but let me live i’m having a moment. ?) ahre

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i’m thinking about why i like starship again and i’m remembering how it took me a while to get into it on my first watch. like basically until kick it up a notch i wasn’t feeling very invested in it at all (which is partly cause i wasn’t really listening to some of the song lyrics, but i’ll get into that later), but what really convinced me to keep watching was status quo, and from there on i really really enjoyed it. and yes, i suppose this is a flaw, but now i think it’s also necessary for the themes they are trying to get across.

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