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#i have like 80k+ liked posts
eternalglitch · 6 months ago
Happy One Year of Like Father Like Son!!
On year ago I posted the prologue to the fanfic I’m currently working on. I still have a long way yet to go for lfls, but proud of the 80k I’ve written in that year, and can’t wait for the rest of the story to come!
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beetledrink · a year ago
hey beets while we're on the subject do you have any idea how you can mass unlike posts? i have like 80k worth of likes and would like to remove them by the time i delete here but except manually unliking them i haven't found any other way of removing them :/
funny you should ask because i JUST realized xkit has a mass post unliker extension and i was just about to check and see how well it worked
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Sometimes I check out the blog of someone who interacts with me and sometimes it's a regular interacter and sometimes I see that they have a post with 10k+ notes and I'm like "HOLY SHIT WHAT AN HONOR I KNOW A CELEBRITY AND THEY LIKE MY CONTENT HOLY SHIT THIS IS A HUGE DEAL"
And exactly three (3) minutes later I will see more notes on my most popular posts with 30-80k+ notes and be like "in the grand scheme of things I am smol"
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tricotfurry · 6 days ago
what is it about this website that inspires such intense feelings of resentment from people you've never interacted with once in your life like yeah i made a post with 80k notes on it you don't have to act like i'm your high school bully and this is your big moment to fight back
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genshin-obsessed · 11 days ago
Everyone is pulling for Ayaka and I feel like I'm making a mistake by NOT pulling for her. I want to save for Xiao...
honestly same
this is my thought process for EVERY SINGLE banner i skip. i was gonna skip EVERYONE and wait for Baal and now im like "is it worth it?"
i just want Baal and Diluc but then we get pretty characters like Yoimiya, Ayaka, THAT PRETTY SARA CHICK LIKE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME
but on a serious note: you're not making a mistake. if you really want xiao want him to be guaranteed, then you'll have to skip banners unless you're willing to spend money
on that note
I saw a post on reddit (I'll try to find it) for a guy who saved up for Ayaka SINCE NOVEMBER he had 80K PRIMOS
he got her 100% and he had everything to level her up
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jeonstudios · 20 days ago
Why is that drabble the cutest thing I've ever read like damn, my heart!! Where do I get me a man like that 🥺 I love love love your writing, even tho I still haven't read the full fic, I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy it! Thank you for sharing 💖
man do i have some news for you... theres like 80k+ words of that fic and around 60(?)k posted already so if you liked that drabble then theres a lot more lol! 😩 but thank u!!❤️ eoalh jk is very dear to me!! 🥺❤️
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