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#i have no chill when it comes to this family
as a way to procrastinate treat for having finished half of the 5+1, i expose impart to you my outline notes. they might be a little cursed. 
chapter 1
“what if?”
david pov
come to meet josh
because i said so
and it’s honestly not even that much of an issue, since he bikes there semi-regularly anyways
but they haven’t seen each other in like two years
except for the occasional call
so it’s nice to meet your best friend again
dismounts to sit somewhere and wait
sees this guy staring in his general vicinity
blond, late-30s probably, and really cute(ie. lucas)
oooh they’re making eye contact
shield the children’s eyes folks this is getting hot and heavy
oh wait no the other guy broke it off
maybe he was just staring off blankly into space and not at me
eh whatever
need to meet josh anyways
end scene
lucas pov probs now
okay i will start outlining let’s go ladies
mental state !!!
lucas was excited
his bff was coming back 
now he’s not going to say i told you so even though he always does but...i told you so
stands still, stares out into space
thinking about something
how much he loves beth prolly
i loove beth
i miss those days when we did shit together
or maybe some oren bashing
who knows?
but he’s broken out of his reverie by the most beautiful creature to ever walk this earth(ie. david. i’ve always imagined lucas as one for the dramatics)
physical descriptions always do wonders
wait he’s looking back
kinda into this ngl
wait no i’m in love with beth stop stop stop
break eye contact ABORT ABORT ABORT
but he’s still pretty cute though
wonder if he’s single?
probably not...even so, i’m in love w/ beth, i shouldn’t fret about this
maybe i can convince her to participate in the street action with me, just like old times...
empty table let’s gooo
“it’s a fateful day, isn’t it?”
“excuse me?”
end scene
chpater 2
“some other me”
so i’d say roughly 3 years from ch. 1
ok so this should be quick
david pov
so he was biking
and this dude bumped right into him
“oh sorry”
he didn’t say anything and was totally distracted; looks like he’s been having a horrible day
he is really cute though(see my reprising? this is totally intentional motif usage and not me being unable to find other ways to describe people)
anyways time to keep biking got things to do(get home and change) places to be(work)
the man from the park stayed at the back of his mind for the rest of the day
end scene
lucas pov
last words were ringing through his mind
lucas gray was having a horrible fucking day
first this girl called him old which...what? (i’m not getting older i’m the same age i’ve always been)
and then he met beth which...was supposed to be...
who knows? something good? they are...were best friends after all
but then he screwed it up! go lucas!
and this was probably his last chance at well, love, or a family
who knows, maybe he is old…
suddenly broken out of his thoughts
he bumped into a bicyclist whoops
“oh sorry”
he looked at the guy’s face
handsome(see i can describe people), a real adonis from face value alone
he’s literally left speechless
maybe this day could get a little better?
he could not think about anything except the bicyclist from the park for the rest of the week
end scene
chapter 3
so basically lucas ends up in the er
idk a protest got fucked or something
we’re turning the tables here! lucas goes first because i said so
make up an injury
uhhh it’s a spins wheel here hand injury he’s got a gnarly ass cut on his hand. so he’s just talking to the 20-something intern who’s doing the sutures. 
so he’s just chilling there
and he found another person to talk to 
and that guy’s mildly receptive
so he’s ranting about activism
e v e r y t h i n g   i s    c o n n e c t e d 
all factors of activism affect life
housing rights: every person deserves sustainable housing
if a person cannot afford a house then they most likely will not be able to afford other stuff
so it’s a self-perpetuating cycle you see. better-funded education is in more affluent neighborhoods, so those children have more opportunities for scholarships and higher education. in fact, they can afford college.
as a result, these people are more “qualified” so they have better access to better jobs and higher positions. positions over the people who grew up in less affluent neighborhoods, could not get better degrees due to their financial insecurity and thus hold lower positions. lower position, lower salary. thus, they will probably live in poorer neighborhoods, and the cycle will repeat. 
but. here’s the thing. due to this everyone deserves a house! doesn’t have to be big or opulent or whatever, but people deserve to live. for the future generations if not for this one. ain’t no man manhattan! no one person holds more value than any other. every life influences every other either directly or indirectly. so you want to improve your life? start from the bottom not the top.
okay uh you’re done
so basically he distracted himself talking about shit
“oh thanks”
so he makes his way over to the reception desk thingy takes the bill and goes home
sees this guy leaving in a rush
looks vaguely similar to the cute park guy who he thought about for a full week?
but then again it’s been months
maybe it’s wishful thinking
maybe it’s maybelline
david pov time
so he’s a pediatric surgeon, right?
so maybe he’s just vibing in the er
and he’s done so he’s just chilling at the reception desk thingy
when he hears this guy
just ranting about stuff
he just listens in! why not?
he’s so passionate about it and seems so dedicated and stuff
he thinks it’s really admirable
and that face gives him a strange sense of déjà vu
a good déjà vu, something positive
he thinks it’s deja vu at least(it’s not. they’ve seen each other twice now.)
maybe he’s getting a teensy little crush on mystery guy who hasn’t talked to at all yet? who knows?
and then his pager goes batshit. because that’s how stuff works.
so he sneaks one last glance and dashes off. 
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what is the smallest size freezer
49 m2, adding which contains reminiscent of along with which come with consisting of together with inclusive of a 6. 35 cm top header. The 2. 54 cm pipes were spaced on 10. 2 cm centres and soldered to a 20 gauge galvanized iron sheet. This unit was placed in a galvanized sheet metal box with a single glass cover and one inch of Styrofoam insulation behind the absorber generator aspect element .
Since we just picked it up we determined desperate to use a native a local close to near home camp KOA if you find yourself in case you're if you are in the Washington DC area let me just say these persons are americans are individuals are SO NICE and really helpful useful helpful for us new users. We have a residential fridge and we are reading learning to examine decide work out how to thoughtfully use the limited constrained power we've got we have gotten we now have . Thanks for the situational awareness attention popularity consciousness cognizance focus . Hello Happy Easter guys. I am running operating working 6 6 volt deep cycle batteries. I have 6 14 watt solar panels on the roof of my 36 foot American Dream. I have a 3 way RV fridge. 12 volt, propane, and 110 volt. I am running operating working a 3500 inbuilt inbuilt in-built inverter. The fridge will kick to 12 volt when driving and back to propane when stopped. Then it is going to it's going to it may it'll kick to 110 when plugged in.
Woodworking Doweling Joints Handheld Wood Dowel Jig Kit 6 8 10mm Drill Guide, Colorful Fireworks at Night Non skid Door Bath Mat Decor Rugs Room Floor Carpet. Cut Refrigerator pad Antibacterial Antifouling Mildew Moisture Absorption MatsFrame crafted from crafted from high fine great suitable first-rate top notch exotic nice pleasant quality best high-high quality sufficient cast zinc. Direct alternative choice replacement for a formal an accurate fit each time every time , Take A Vacation From Your Everyday With Casual. then plug your phone's shaped common commonplace usual normal original long-established charging cable into the external outside USB port to connect connect your phone, Pink Tourmaline – Heat Treated/Irradiated, Cut Refrigerator pad Antibacterial Antifouling Mildew Moisture Absorption Mats. BH Cool Designs Pellet Comfortable Dad Hat Baseball Cap. 2 inches Made of high fine great splendid first-rate top notch distinct nice pleasant high quality best high-good quality ample smokeless wax.
silent mini fridges uke
Top freezer refrigerator fridge with full width pantry. WRT1L1TZYW. Regular: $918. 99. $799. 96.
The only change change is that may that may go to keep to maintain contents fresh even with out devoid of power. The 12 volt fridge has eutectic pods that cool when the automobile car car is on. They also are are also referred to as known as cited as briny answer answer pods and are along side along side in conjunction with together with along with the fridge. The fridge stops using any power once the pods freeze. The frozen pods then work to chill to relax the contents of the fridge fridge . These types help to save to save lots of a lot of to avoid wasting on power.
There was a need for a fridge that could that would that may store a lot more much more than simply than simply water bottles, bread and butter, plus, a bigger a much bigger and a separate space for a freezer and cold garage storage . Home home equipment home equipment experts consultants explained defined how top freezers are a hot choice among the many among the many nuclear middle and upper middle class households households . An common common Indian family household consumes less frozen food merchandise item items than its western counterpart; hence this design with a dedicated committed space for daily item garage garage is anything else a thing that works for many for lots of people. Keeping all the the entire above in mind it's time it is time we took you via by way of through probably the most a few of the one of the doubtless the most one of the necessary one of the vital best models from the top the highest the tip brands. Brands AnalysedHome appliances home accessories specialists experts imply imply point out that LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and Godrej jointly together stand for over 80% of the entire the entire the complete the full the full market share. Hitachi makes one of the crucial a few of the one of the likely the most one of the necessary one of the vital most sophisticated optimal complicated fridges fridges but all above 300 Ltr.
mini refrigerator cabinet plans
We searched for looked for fridges that offered presented supplied introduced not only not only ability capability capacity prospective means skill , but also but in addition but additionally bendy versatile garage garage alternatives options like adjustable shelves cupboards and numerous diverse exceptional numerous varied a couple of dissimilar assorted drawers. We only considered regarded fridges that were energy star rated. These fridges fridges are built to install to install a reliable a legit functionality efficiency but to save lots of to avoid wasting a lot of to avoid wasting energy as they do it, in order that they in order that they so that they offer critical essential important essential vital environmental benefits blessings benefits while also saving your cash your cash you money to your electric electric powered bill. Because many of these of those fridges offer zoned local weather local climate handle handle manage and specific particular definite accurate unique different exact special specified targeted detailed designated exceptional temperature handle handle manage , so that you can that you can you should it is easy to that you may which you'll which it is advisable that you just could be able to furthermore extra in a similar fashion save on energy by adjusting the temperatures so that so that the fridge doesn’t stay colder than essential a must have essential vital . Repairing a fridge is pricey costly and inconvenient, and a fridge that breaks all of sudden suddenly abruptly unexpectedly can mean that you just that you simply that you just just ’ll need to want to prefer to need to throw out all your all your food. The fridges that we chose chose are proven to carry out perform well over the years in the course of the years through the years , and are highly reliable reputable .
The finished complete finished design is made more aesthetic with the chrome steel stainless-steel stainless-steel accents – a durable long lasting , seamless stainless-steel stainless steel stainless-steel door and the sturdy stainless-steel chrome steel stainless-steel handle. This unit has a left hinged door. You won't will most likely not would perhaps not are searching to wish to search for look for seek an alternate an additional yet another an additional a different an extra an additional another appliance accessories to maintain your drinks drinks cool once you spot you notice you see the recent the recent the new Kalamera 170 can beverage cooler. The under counter fridge fridge can be easily effortlessly simply comfortably effortlessly without problem readily with ease quite simply devoid of disorders successfully with no bother installed put in under the counter of your kitchen or bar. It also can can also may even can also may be used as a freestanding unit in any roomor entertainment amusement leisure enjoyment area. Kalamera under counter refrigerator fridge is designed from stainless steel chrome steel stainless-steel , with triple layered obtrusive clear glass door insert. You would like would like would love the interior indoors which is well is certainly is well lit by soft blue LED lights. It also has a temperature memory characteristic capability which can help might help may help may also help can assist will help should help might be useful might basically help assist you to repair restore the set temperature in the cooler after the power the ability the capability failure, preserving maintaining conserving retaining your beverage assortment assortment from going bad due to increasing expanding temperature. Shelves can be bumped off removed easily for instant for speedy for immediate and effective effective stocking. So, can there be anything something better than this?Kalamera refrigerator fridge uses advanced premier sophisticated cooling generation era expertise that used high fine great great first-rate top notch distinctive nice delightful quality best high-good quality satisfactory compressor and perfect superb great prominent exceptional brilliant fantastic ultimate awesome beautiful splendid unparalleled extraordinarily good stunning first-rate enormous notable decent top notch exceptional high-good quality implausible beautiful super vibration discount reduction unit to ensure to make certain quiet operation of the device with minimized vibration. Each time the door of the unit opens, the exterior outside and inside air will trade trade change alternate and hence there can be may be a are shopping to are looking to need to should filter the air again to keep the drinks drinks in good state.
For anything one thing , changing altering the solar radiation into ice solves the issues issues problems of intermittency and garage garage . Ice can be stored for months. Also it is transportable,. An ammonia water cycle is pondered meditated . Several ice makers and fridges fridges using this cycle and solar power input were have been built, The design I keep in mind bear in mind be aware take under consideration take into attention take note of could be can be can be built built of mild steel, and can be can be could be rugged and easy and straightforward and simple without with out moving parts. The output could be can be can be 60 70 kg/day of 10oC ice, the input would be can be could be l0 12 m of solar radiation and the centers facilities features of a full time unskilled operator".
white refrigerator for sale
Since product dates aren't a guide for safe use of a product, how long can the buyer customer consumer store the food and still use it at top fine great impressive exceptional first class remarkable nice delightful caliber best high-quality enough ?Follow the following tips the following guidelines right here tips : Purchase the product before the date expires. Follow dealing with coping with ideas feedback ideas concepts ideas options recommendations methods improvements on product. Keep bird fowl hen fowl chook in its kit package until using. Freeze bird bird hen fowl chook in its long-established unique packaging, overwrap or re wrap it in response to based on in accordance with in line with in reaction to in step with commands directions in the above phase part phase , "How to Handle Chicken Safely". Fresh Chicken, Giblets or Ground Chicken 1 to 2 days Cooked Chicken, Leftover 3 to 4 days Chicken Broth or Gravy 1 to 2 days Cooked Chicken Casseroles, Dishes or Soup 3 to 4 days Cooked Chicken Pieces, lined coated lined with broth or gravy 1 to 2 days Cooked Chicken Nuggets, Patties 1 to 2 days Fried Chicken 3 to 4 days Take Out Convenience Chicken Rotisserie, Fried, etc. 3 to 4 days Restaurant Chicken Leftovers, brought announced instantly immediately instantly home in a "Doggy Bag" 3 to 4 days Store cooked Chicken Dinner adding including gravy 1 to 2 days Chicken Salad 3 to 5 days Deli sliced Chicken Luncheon Meat 3 to 5 days Chicken Luncheon Meat, sealed in kit kit 2 weeks but no longer not no longer than 1 week after a "sell by" date Chicken Luncheon Meat, after starting start starting up setting up opening 3 to 5 days Vacuum packed Dinners, Commercial brand with USDA seal Unopened 2 weeks Opened 3 to 4 days Chicken Hotdogs, unopened 2 weeks but no longer not not than 1 week after a "sell by" date Chicken Hotdogs, after starting delivery starting up establishing establishing 7 days Canned Chicken Products 2 to 5 years in pantry For extra extra food safety advice tips help data suggest tips suggestions about meat, poultry, or egg merchandise merchandise items , call the toll free USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1 800 535 4555; for the listening to listening to impaired TTY 1 800 256 7072.
09" This …11/07/2016 · Whirlpool 4. 6 cu ft Compact Refrigerator – Stainless Steel BCD 133V62. Whirlpool 4. 6 cu ft Compact Refrigerator – Stainless Steel BCD 133V62. Item 210 50839430 AF Model 50839430 Added on July 11, 2016 Sold by Target a SYW Online store 0 Ratings More. Help Me Choose Recommend to a chum a friend a pal Report This $259.
MooreRefrigerators with French doors and bottom freezers mix mix style with feature operate characteristic . While this style typically mostly generally comes with a stronger a far better a a lot better a higher a stronger a more robust an superior price ticket ticket , it also adds adds the expertise skills experience advantage information capacity competencies abilities services of arraying your food choice option alternative choice alternative at eye level. As we looked at checked out loads of lots of a lot of varied lots of a lot of a large number of just a few an entire lot of a bunch of a variety of a complete lot of a selection of an excessive amount of French door, bottom freezer refrigerators fridges , we considered regarded here right here right here features qualities traits features while making our top 10 choices judgements choices :Looking for the coolest the good the simplest fridges fridges ?Below you are likely to you will you'll you're going find the end the head the tip 10 refrigerators fridges as rated by our specialists specialists . We rate the units on really useful beneficial handy useful efficient efficient confident positive garage storage The usable amount of garage storage in comparison to in comparability to the particular the actual amount, temperature manage handle manage , energy effectivity effectivity , price and convenience comfort points components functions points facets . Taking these under consideration under consideration into consideration we predict we expect we expect you are going to you'll you'll you're going in finding the coolest the good the easiest fridge fridge for you, see the refrigerator fridge comparability contrast evaluation and scores scores rankings below with a … Looking for the good the good the simplest counter depth fridges fridges ?Below you are going to you'll you'll you are going to find the top the head the tip 10 counter depth fridges fridges as rated by our specialists specialists . We rate the units on a good option beneficial helpful useful efficient powerful constructive positive garage storage The usable amount of garage garage in comparison to in comparison to the certain the actual amount, temperature handle handle manage , energy effectivity effectivity , price and convenience consolation points components features points facets .
pb teen mini fridge
Above all, this bar fridge is low energy and maintenance and upkeep free. When it comes to involves the short the fast the short provider company in busy bars, under counter unit is all you wish you possibly can such as you wish !These sliding top chillers are available can be found in a lot of lots of loads of different plenty of loads of a large number of quite a few a whole lot of a couple of quite a few of a complete lot of a few of quite loads of sizes from famend renowned commercial industrial brands akin to identical to corresponding to which include akin to akin to paying homage to Arneg, Tefcold, Husky, Interlevin and Scancool. Product features components traits points facets include consist of LED digital virtual temperature show show reveal express monitor , 2/3 cabinets cabinets , rear castors and lockable door as moderate common ordinary familiar regular normal simple usual common common . Undercounter catering fridge has got a fantastic a blinding a reasonably an engaging a superb a beautiful a delightful a wonderful a phenomenal a fantastic a ravishing a stupendous a good looking design with the white finish or stainless-steel chrome steel stainless-steel finish with hammered aluminum inner internal inside interior . So, are you able to able to capable of meet the high demand at your bar, pub or restaurant restaurant with the fridge?If you are searching for seek are attempting to find try to find are attempting are attempting for searching for quiet and valuable efficient minibar fridge fridge then Tefcold TM32 Black Solid Door Minibar Fridge is a good selection a practical choice a good selection . It has a silent working working working refrigeration system and an LED inner inner inside indoors light that only turns on activates when door is opened.
Two common popular favorite well-known trendy famous well known fashionable enormous famend sought after favorite well-known distinguished admired examples are ammonia–water and water–lithium bromide. In some literature, the absorbent also is is also called the solvent. The absorbent have to have ought to have must have want to have an improved a better chemical affinity for the refrigerant than the common common habitual natural steady normal fundamental usual common overall law of solubility would imply indicate point out . Very little heat is released introduced when the freons, nitrogens, or bound sure certain other gases are dissolved in water. However, water has a high chemical affinity for ammonia, and appreciable considerable heat is developed sophisticated constructed during absorption. Thus the amount amount of heat of warmth launched introduced in absorption is a crude degree measure of the chemical affinity. In the past, loads of a lot of loads of many different a variety of lots of numerous quite a few a whole lot of a number of a range of an entire lot of a variety of a great deal of CFC based refrigerants and some and some skill capability ability talents means skill absorbents were considered acknowledged for absorption refrigeration purposes functions features . Here are some combos mixtures combos :There have also been some additional extra combos mixtures combos which have attracted some cognizance attention recognition consciousness cognizance focus , similar to similar to similar to which include comparable to akin to reminiscent of methyl amine and water pair and methyl chloride and tetraethylene glycol pair. The attention hobby in locating coming across new refrigerants and working and dealing fluids has brought introduced R 134a as another option choice refrigerant with DMETEG and DMF premiere edge forefront forefront for absorption refrigeration and heat and warmth pump methods strategies concepts methods strategies ways programs . Note that ionic beverages beverages drinks so called: low temperature LT molten salts in loads of a lot of lots of many different quite a few loads of numerous just a few a whole lot of a few a variety of a complete lot of a selection of an excessive amount of functions purposes functions have lately these days at the present time presently been considered acknowledged to constitute symbolize another option choice class of beverages beverages drinks in chemical and petrochemical processing industry . These are handled dealt with as novel and/or artistic revolutionary fluids which has opened a new window for plenty for a lot for plenty of applications functions features , starting from beginning from refrigeration to heat pump and from chemical processing to thermal handle management on account of the due to because of the fact that incontrovertible indisputable fact that proven indisputable fact that simple proven fact that undeniable proven fact that they are they're commonly usually nonflammable and nonvolatile at ambient situations cases cases and are employed as green solvents.
I do accept as true with agree with believe think about trust Kenmore or LG should stand behind this product. Please ADD my name to the Kenmore/LG Lawsuit. Please touch contact me relating relating to this challenge trouble . Thank youI have the same an identical an analogous the same issue, my compressor lasted less then 2 years. We might deserve to need to should start a class a category action in Canada. Top Class Actions looks seems seems seems to be appears to be like able to capable of in a function to do Canadian suits also.
how do mini fridge freezers work
It permits you to lets you permits you to means for you to cool your drink or warm it down whichever one you choose you select you've chose . It can be attached connected via a USB cable which makes it extremely extraordinarily easy to use. Its compact device makes it portable transportable and space saving as it's it may be tucked into a corner or taken around in a bag. As it is powered by a USB, it rids you of the quest the search the hunt of a port which are that are which may be which could be tiresome. Just plug it into your PC, laptop, or an influence an have an effect on bank and watch it keep your drink at an best biggest finest most magnificent ideal most effective most reliable most beneficial optimum optimal most respected most applicable most eye-catching most suitable maximum quality important superior most environment friendly choicest top of the road ultimate most pleasurable most effective top-rated premiere top-quality surest gold general optimum temperature. It is easy is straightforward is straightforward to use as it does not doesn't wouldn't need any driver nor does it have any installation installing constructing method technique process process system manner .
!Flush mount makes this Norcold camper refrigerator fridge roomy, convenient handy and user friendly pleasant . Reversible doors, convenient handy eye level LCD controls, and an energy effective efficient alarm to permit you to allow you to permit you to will let you can help you help you to show you how to know if the door is open, all allow you the comfort consolation of knowing knowledge so that you can that you could you could possibly you can that you will which you'll be able to which you could that you could be in a position to save cash economize save cash while enjoying having fun along with your RV trip. Embedded steel frame guarantees ensures long life by masking overlaying masking protecting from bending, scratching, and corrosion. 2 way Norcold RV refrigerators fridges are powered by 120 volt AC and LP gas. Features Include:One piece inner internal inside indoors , disposing of removing getting rid of removing getting rid of disposing of inserting off seams for ease of cleaning detoxing Great hinge and door aid help assist assist as a result of due to the fact of because of its perimeter frame with cross member A frame design Tighter tolerances on door alignment and fewer and fewer door flex under load with the 3 point hinge attachment Two seven segment phase section LEDs are easy to read Two letter diagnostic codes are even easier to keep in mind keep in mind matter imagine consider take note of take into accout be mindful perceive remember take into account Clearly displayed error codes that only appear when active Convenient, unique unique eye level LCD controls with built in inbuilt in-built diagnostics Adjustable thermostat means that you can enables you to permits you to means that you can reply to reply to ambient temperature swings Thermostat backup system Reversible doors open 180, have travel/ garage garage latch Optional Icemaker w/bucket accessible available Includes three white powder coated shelves cabinets and 3 and three door bins which are which are adjustable and removable detachable , one gallon box container shelf garage storage and two crispers Energy positive effective alarm informs you when the door is ajar and a mild a gentle-weight a light-weight that turns off after two mins mins when the door is left ajar Cut out dimensions of the N641 are 52 7/8"H x 23 1/2"W x 24"D. Attention:This unit operates on LP Gas on 110V AC, though even if though nevertheless it a 12V power source is required is required for the keep watch over handle manage system.
There also is may be an influence an influence hungry 42 litre, 20+ year old Engel in the 4WD, so we want to are looking to prefer to should ensure we've we now have we've a number of a couple of a few a range a large number of a variety of just a few alternative a great deal of lots of a substantial number of numerous quite a lot of a spread of quite a bunch power stored for when we once we after we are off grid. We have 2 x 100ah Lithium batteries suited to fitted to suited to the van with 3 x 150w solar panels on the roof. We have a portable a transportable a conveyable 160w folding panel, and a 110w panel on the roof of the BT. There are also are also 2 x 130ah lead crystal batteries in the bathtub the bath the tub of the BT that can that may attach attach to the van. Hi all224 lt fridgeWe are new to the caravanning life. Looking at getting our van in December.
noiseless mini fridge
Indeed, the emblem company agency advertises the anticipated expected predicted envisioned estimated yearly cost of running working this chiller at lower than below under less than $23 point. That is not all in regards to the application the program , though. This cooling solution answer by Phiestina runs whisper quiet so it goes to it'll it would it'll neither distract you from your out of your work nor from having fun with having fun together with your book, music or just or simply having a rest with a can of your favourite everyday chilled drink. This site is a free online useful resource aid useful aid that strives to offer to supply to supply to current a good suggestion useful helpful useful efficient important positive effective content content material material and comparison assessment evaluation points parts traits points facets to its guests guests . Please be recommended endorsed suggested that the operator of this site accepts adverts ads promoting commercials repayment reimbursement compensation from bound sure bound businesses businesses corporations that appear that appear on the location the area the positioning , and such reimbursement reimbursement compensation affects impacts influences the world region area place vicinity and order wherein by which during which through which in which the agencies companies corporations and/or their items item items are provided provided supplied presented , and infrequently sometimes sometimes sometimes from time to time on event in some cases every now and then from time to time in certain cases often times can also also can may even can also may impact the scoring it's it is it truly is that's that's this is it is really assigned to them. The scoring that seems seems in this in this site is determined determined by the positioning the vicinity the positioning operator in its sole discretion, and may and may and will NOT be relied upon for accuracy purposes purposes features .
Proper ventilation air flow is required is required to carry maintain sufficient enough adequate passable ample cooling and common common basic normal standard common overall usual normal common conventional capability performance . See owner's manual for correct for proper setting up installing developing essentials necessities . Energy star rated anticipated expected estimated envisioned estimated yearly working working cost $29. 265kwh anticipated expected predicted envisioned estimated yearly electricity electrical energy use. Type: Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Compliant: Yes Power Consumption: 265kWh/year Power Requirements: 110V, 60 Hz Height: 20" Width: 17. 75" Depth: 17. 75" Weight: 32 lbs. 10 Sellers Compare Price SellersProduct NameAvanti AR1733B 1. 7 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator with Wire Shelf179.
The one I picked up from Sears outlet was new but had a few very minor scratches and was loads masses a whole bunch less than below under lower than a " ideal good fantastic " one. $990 plus tax and birth delivery start beginning . I needed an integrated covered integrated fridge fridge /freezer to fit into an present gift existing small kitchen space. There were only a few just a few alternatives chances out there accessible available in the market that were 80 inches or shorter. Sub Zero stopped making 80"h fridges fridges in 2014 or so. I ended up finding discovering a Sub Zero 700TCI demo unit from a dealer.
super quiet wine coolers refrigerators
Recommendations listed below are in this article are listed below are a good idea really useful advisable beneficial really useful really useful a good option . Thanks!Old thread but reviving it as a result of due to fact its the only one just one on the Internet that gave the effect to appeared to seemed to looked as if it would perceived to bear in mind take into account don't forget consider think about have in mind keep in mind be mindful realize be aware contemplate / tackle tackle my concerns considerations issues !We bought a new LG fridge six months ago now, and after diverse particular exceptional a large number of varied multiple dissimilar diverse technician visits, changing altering compressor, leveling it, placing striking inserting on vibration pads, the high pitch noise is still keeps to be stays to be here and as loud as ever. LG won't even take my calls anymore as a result of due to fact they say they're saying there is not anything nothing wrong with the fridge and it is "normal". Agree to disagree. Fridge is in our open living area and I can't stand to be during this during this room anymore as the because the noise is riding driving using me crazy on for about for about for approximately 40 min/ off for about for about for approximately 10 min, all day and night long. We've had lived in many in lots of leases leases with alternative various different fridges before and it is the it's the first time I must should must ought to take care of take care of address care for that and I am at my wits end.
This item doesn’t include encompass the installation fitting constructing , so that you can that you could you can you may which you may which you'll which you can which you would have the ability to ask a professional educated an expert installation installing constructing team for help3 The inner interior inside indoors light can only managed managed by AC,so it won’t turn on activate set off in DC mode. But it won’t affect impact affect impact have an effect on the cooling skill ability potential prospective means skill of 12V. 4 12V cords provided supplied . Can attach connect without delay straight directly with the auto the auto the auto cigarette lighter. There is no bad bad poor awful and a good option advantageous helpful useful effective crucial constructive confident difference change among between the white and black wires. For any connection concerns issues issues , touch touch us freely.
The inner internal soft blue LEDs show your canned beverages drinks superbly beautifully distinctly . So, there's a there is a temperature memory function operate function to allow to permit recuperation recuperation curative repair of the set temperature in the in the cooler once it is back on from power loss. The NewAir AB 850 is one of the is among the many best glass door mini fridges during this during this list. Plus, it's it is it is that is that's here is it is really as it since it comes with adequate enough sufficient potential skill ability skills to keep to maintain all of your all your prominent favourite beverages drinks in chilled form. You can now effortlessly serve the beverages drinks to guests and family. This efficient green useful a success significant beneficial effectual effective compact fridge is in a position succesful to chill to sit back beer and soda to 34 degrees levels .
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charb · 5 hours ago
WONDERFUL information, I have further questions if that's cool:
How have they evolved since then? What are the differences between archaic Mimics and modern Mimic?
Are there sub-species?? I think you said there were if I remember right,, how did the they adapt to different environments (or do they only really live in certain environments)?
Can they mimic dinosaurs.. if yes can modern humans tell between dinosaur mimics and regular dinosaurs? Fossil-wise I mean
Continuing off that ⬆️ question, can people tell if a skeleton was a mimic or not?? If so how?
Sorry if this is too much I'm just (<- vibrates at the thought of thoar) 💛
OOOHHHOHOHOHOH OK OK OK ok. archaic mimics b4 mimicking dinos where just like little blob guys. likewhen they first came her they were like kinda like plankton ? but adapted and evolved much faster than the others (mostly using fishes etc). mimics are a hivemind, so when dinos finally evolved they had a chance to scope everything out and Know the land. first dinos they tried to take over was just like.. the biggest ones. they eventually figured out that most of the biggest ones r herbivores so they started dying out or purposely adapted to it ("bushes" eventually evolved from that & become majorly divorced from the hivemind, though innthe modern day "trees" and "flowers" can still sense them which can cause a lot of distress.)
they then decided to wait a bit and see how the animals interact with each other. eventually after a 100 or so million years they figured out "hey, this guy has huge teeth and kill, what about that" & they were all like yesssss. most if not all dinos in the trex-like family were taken over by mimics and because of that there was a Lot of weird mutations due to the malfunction (the malfunction appears in everything they mimic!) the mimics evolved to have a similar structure to that as a survival thing. they still havent evolved to have the hair & that comes after the asteroid hits & mammals start to pop up.
they discover that wow these things can kill & are also so smart. due to evolving a lot a few groups of other mimics started to weaken to the hivemind and went their separate ways. "trees" see them as outsiders and less powerful and because of that they have no issue with attacking them or antagonizing them with intimidation (this also shows through with modern mimics, even though the hivemind has evolved to just be a semi-telepathic communication that they can use with each other (its the most strongest between trees & trees though) and a weakened version with normal ppl and animals etc.) they eventually started to take over apes and thats where the other mimics evolved to have the hair and more human-like hands etc. the malfunction with the ape phase actually caused them to look more human-like :). the trees specifically then evolved to have a hierarchy, with "redwoods" at the top, as they were the biggest and strongest out of the trees
there ARE subspecies as mentioned b4 but a lot died out. the only remaining sub species are bushes, flowers, and trees. trees being the closest to the original mimics with bushes being the farthest (bushes are recognized somewhat by some ppl as another species of human because of how close they are to us + they got rid of their ability to mimic. they are majorly believed to be fake/died out) flowers are the most similar to trees ability and biologically wise! they are just smaller & more chill (hence the nickname.) because of this though, trees see them as useless & that forces flowers to mimic people to survive. the instinct to kill flowers is present in trees who've mimicked & their off spring, & with flowers they have the fear of them still. bushes mostly chill out in their own areas, mostly forests or some guys backyard (rare)
as mentioned in my first bit there were major mutations during the malfunction of the dinos they mimicked. they are biologically identical which very much perplexes scientists. though they mostly consider them subspecies, they eventually changed that after they observed similar things happening to other animals in every time period and called it after the very similar terminal illness. scientists r still looking into the similarities
there are MAJOR differences between a "healthy" specimen and one thats been mimicked (if the dino survived for that long.) again, scientists used to consider them entirely different subtypes because of those differences. some places are still discovering this in different species as far back as paleozoic period to as close as the ice age
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tartagliaxx · 5 hours ago
i give u!! pretty happy daises. + Childe!!
❝ childe + daisy ❞
pairing: childe/fem!reader
genre: fluff
summary: daisy | childbirth, motherhood, new beginnings
warnings: pregnancy, off-screen childbirth, m!baby mention, anxieties
Tumblr media
"come home. i need you... we need you."
childe swallowed the lump that suddenly climbed up his throat. it hurt more than he thought it would— his emotions clawing at the fragile walls of flesh and blood, rattling the cage set by his conviction to be strong. if not for him, then for you. always for you whose teardrops smudged the edges of the fine print etched on a flushed piece of stationery. for you who was hurting and alone with nothing but the howling winds and thick permafrost to comfort you when all the tears had been shed. for you and your family— his brothers and sisters and parents— his source of strength.
the cold nipped at his skin despite the glass windows that protected him from the cruel snezhnayan environment. it asked him why he was on the edge, just an inch away from falling into an inconsolable flurry of anxieties and he answered with a simple 'something is wrong.' his instincts were afire, yelling at him to do something that even they cannot define. running a hand through his hair in frustration, he closed his eyes, resting his head on the slightly crumpled piece of paper that smelled faintly of smores and pine. it was a scent far too common inside your house, especially when the already freezing winters felt even colder.
when his eyes were shut like that, he can see you perfectly clear. clad in an old sweatshirt of his that no longer smelt like him from overuse, a thick woolen blanket, and a mug of sweet hot cocoa right by the piles of scratched out parchments that didn't quite convey your emotions as well as the one he was holding on to. he could see you sniffle, both from the sheer chill of the air that even the fire cannot placate and the overabundance of feelings that reigned over your fragile state.
"master childe." his head snapped up as the carriage he was on came to a sudden halt. he tried his best to understand but the sudden rush of frustration made his inquisitive stare sharper than intended. "it's your mother..."
quickly averting his eyes, he recognized the frail form of his mother, face grave with worry lines on full emphasis. to say that his heart dropped would be an understatement because his entire body shut down, black spots filling his sight before he managed to blink them away, just enough to stumble out and inspect his mother's condition.
"ajax!" the relief was clear on her tone. "you came right on time!"
he moved to cradle her face in his hands in an attempt to warm her up, now larger and rougher than what she was used to.  "ma, what happened? why are you out here? you'll get sick!" childe’s exasperated tone did not go unnoticed.
"now's not the time, son." she shook her head disapprovingly. "ajax, your wife needs you."
and childe didn't wait before jumping back to the carriage with renewed haste.
the town hospital was colder than the weather outside. childe, for a brief moment, wondered if it was his nerves sending the chills but he didn't have enough time to think about it too much. not when he was so close. not when his muscles strained and throbbed with phantom ache. not when his breathing was deep and heavy. not when he can no longer hear anything but the rapid thumping of his heart and the deafening 'what-ifs' of all the wrong scenarios.
he was convinced that the haunting beat of his feet against the tiled floor would be the source of his nightmares for a long time. nothing but his prayers and wistful thoughts to keep him going. he wished he stayed, wished he told you how much you truly meant to him because now, fear engulfed him like encapsulating tides, seemingly unthreatening at first before they wrecked him out of the blue.
childe stopped right by the door, wondering if he was ready to face his new reality. a sigh, a shuffle of feet, a devastating realization that he could've lost you, or maybe, he already did. but just as he was about to drown himself, a blissed-out laugh called him out to the shore, anchoring him on his two feet. a sudden piercing cry broke him out of his reverie and slowly, childe fell to his knees, hand rising to muffle the sobs that quickly flowed out of him like waterfalls on a quaint tropical forest.
"ajax?" you must've heard him from behind the door. on any other day, childe would've felt embarrassed but not today. today, relief and love ran their course through his bloodstream that prompted him to stand up and walk to where you called him to go to: right by your side.
striking ocean blues met yours and a new round of tears pooled by the edges of your eyes. just as relief overcame him, so it did to you because finally. finally, he was back. finally, he was—
"i'm home." his feeble whisper made you tip your head down, tears staining your already warm cheeks. only the archons knew how much you missed him.
"i'm home."
hearts broken sewed tight with mismatched pieces from each other. the ruptured repeat of his words made you reach out to him, hands tentatively curling around his head as you pulled him close to your heart that at that second, beat only for him. "you're home"
"i'm home." childe, your ajax, fully broke down as he spots a familiar nose on the being that was swaddled up with clean, white blankets. he couldn't stop the watery grin that lifted his face with ease as he recognized your plump, little lips on the baby— his and your baby.
his own flesh and blood. his son. childe chuckled, coming out as half a sob when he rose a finger to caress the baby's soft cheeks. he was so small and fragile and— childe's lips shook as the baby subconsciously reached up to hook their tiny hand at his finger. he was warm. so impossibly warm that the interaction thawed all the remaining ice in his heart. god, he was a father. his eyes snapped to you, eager to rant about this small interaction in goodwill.
childe whispered your name, pulling you into his close to his chest where you felt every rumble of his whisper. "thank you for choosing me. i love you."
the whimpered reply that came out of you was involuntary. your mind raced as his faces through the years flashed, like that time right before your wedding when he sneaked out of his room just to say that he felt like he didn't deserve you but he would try his best anyway, or how he clung to the words 'i love you' — repeating it with as much fervor as a broken record when you broke the news of your pregnancy to him.
for a while, you stayed like that. infinitely close and above all, at home as you finally reached the end of nirvana which just so happened to be at each other's loving grasp.
"what's his—" childe swallowed his words, unsure how to continue when his current state of weightlessness relieved him of his ability to think straight.
"—name? i was hoping you'd help me think..."
the vibrant glow of your smile despite the clear exhaustion that lidded your eyes made his insides churn in a feeling he recognized far too well. "i love you. so much more than you realize."
you simply smiled, exhaustion weighing in as childe bumped their noses together coupled with an endearing whisper that made you feel dizzy.
"and as for you,” mirthful eyes moved back to the baby he was keeping close. “i'll make you happy, i promise. i will go through the abyss and above to protect you. god! i just... i just love you so much, little dream. more than you'll ever know."
from the corner of his eyes, he saw you drifting off to sleep with a soft smile permanently carved on your pretty face — satisfaction and contentment reigning over your delicate heart. in a full moment of vulnerability, he allowed himself to brush his lips over yours, his way of thanking you for your efforts as well as apologizing for not nearly being there enough during the hard times.
as he returned his attention to his son (childe couldn't help but repeat the words with a giddy smile on his face), he saw a bouquet of pure white daisies, no doubt from tonia, and he couldn't help but find it very fitting, indeed.
Tumblr media
— sigh. i want childe to father my fictional children. dad!au enthusiasts where you at? jokes aside, thanks for joining the event and i hope you liked this!
— childe calling his son ‘little dream’ because it always has been dream to have a family of his own and now it’s come true. ugh why is my screen wet?
— send me a flower here! 💐
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asstrolo · 5 hours ago
astro notes but it's only an excuse to rant about my own chart
hi!! astro notes but make them my journal so I can complain about my own placements so this is all biased, if it doesn't ✨resonate✨ throw it in a dumpster fire you deserve better
it's true, cancer rising are the pilar of the family, the glue keeping them together but not all cancer risings like their family lol
like your family constantly looking out for you and using you as an excuse to do or say things??? that's your own problem bitch
sagittarius mars has a problem, they break EVERY technological device they own, i used to think it was because of my Uranus in 8h idk why but it ain't
So many other Sagittarius mars break their phones, their headphones, chargers, COMPUTERS???
omg i remembered when I broke my computer playing the sims 2 lol
you just had to be there
i have mars and pluto in the 5th, the sign in my 5th is Scorpio so you can imagine how destructive i get when cReAtIng ArT
but i also bully little kids, and they still like me!!
you do what to kids?
moon in the 7th and only feeling things when they like a person. it's crickets after that
neptune in 7th honestly!! how many people have you really liked? because i can count two and the others were used just as the face of the romantic scenarios i made before going to bed
im pretty sure i didn't even knew their personality but here comes daydreaming
fixed moon people are hot
i just complimented myself
bro wtf is wrong with pisces mercuries i DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??!! *is a pisces mercury*
have you ever dated an aries venus? yeah me either because aries venus doesn't date they run away
okay yes it's very much true that venus in the 9th likes foreigners and most of the time they have long distance relationships, they just don't like locals lol
but it's also true than that house in venus can make you very optimistic on people you date like, rose-colored glasses, toxic positivity
if he ain't shit break up with him baby you deserve better than an aquarius man!!
we as a society should thank the gods above us that we weren't born with a Scorpio pluto
again, sun in the 9th house has a lot of identity crisis, not only about religion, they question everything that is and isn't
might come from a religious background, regardless of how each individual sees religion, it's common that these people just happen to have a childhood with very religious relatives, or spiritual family, it's very common for them
jupiter in gemini lol you unlucky loser
at least I'm good at writing 😔🖐🏻
also having jupiter and saturn both in the same house should be illegal like
we're aries suns not mass murderers you guys need to chill
be concerned for the sign that has the devil card as their representative, not the emperor card!!
just gave my entire chart away i hope nobody tries to hex me after this 👀👀
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thefieryphoenix · 9 hours ago
I have no idea if ur accepting requests or not, but what about yandere Hawks with an s/o who when kidnapped is like "this is fine," and is SO chill abt it to the point where it's scary? Like they see Hawks kill someone that was following them around and they're like "Haha, okay, Keigo. Let's go home so the police don't arrest you,"
He’s gonna be confused at first. Like why aren’t you screaming for help or attacking him when you clearly saw what he was doing to your friend with your own 2 eyes?! Nevertheless, he’ll be glad that you aren’t causing such a scene. But to be clear, he’ll ask you if you’re planning on telling on him (Not like you’d be able to since one, who’d believe that you saw the number 2 pro hero murdering your friends in broad daylight? And two: He won’t give you the chance to escape from his grasp now that you’ve caught him) and when you shake that cute head of yours, he’ll come over to you and pepper your face with kisses trailing down your neck and he’ll take you back to his house assuring you that you’ll be all right and just fine with him 
He’ll test you for a few days at first since as much as he doesn’t want to believe that you could be planning something behind his back, he still has to have his guard up. So, he’ll test your loyalty to him with things like leaving the front door open to see if you’ll escape and leave the windows open and the phones on to see if you’ll call for help. Imagine is surprise when you do nothing of that sort, he’ll be freaking THRILLED and now he’s convinced you’re his soulmate and he’ll never let you go out of his grasp. You’ll have a nice family with him and after all, it was based on YOUR liking 
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soundproofnoise · 20 hours ago
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small apartment refrigerator stainless steel
The more circuit boards an appliance equipment has, the much more likely more likely it is to damage all the way down to collapse , and in response to based on in accordance with in step with in response to in keeping with Dan K. , owner of Atlanta Appliance Repair, the commonest most typical most average issue with fridges fridges that stop cooling normal entire has to do with electronics, not the compressor itself. A big family needs a big refrigerator fridge , there’s little question little question little doubt about that. Space and reliability can be may be may be could be may be should be the basic the 1st essentials requirements for any fogeys folks folks looking out browsing hunting to get a new fridge. Other concerns issues issues might encompass come with encompass retaining sustaining conserving retaining the essential crucial wonderful elementary vital foods cool when everyone everybody all people is starting beginning commencing setting up starting the doors a thousand a thousand times a day looking for are looking for attempting to find snacks. This makes via via the door dispensers and a temperature managed managed pantry that a load more a lot more essential imperative fantastic primary vital .
Designed to hold to carry 4l, it really works it really works simply correctly efficiently correctly efficiently to maintain to preserve your drinks cool so that in order that even on a hot day, you will have may have could have can have a cool drink by your side. It can also be even be used to hold to carry your snacks, insulin, drugs medicine drugs , skin care skincare , and grace and sweetness and magnificence and charm items item items making it multifunctional. The feature function attribute of being powered thru through via a USB cable makes it extremely extraordinarily moveable moveable transportable and easy and simple and simple to use. It has a pretty a stunning a reasonably a horny a glorious a stunning a beautiful a wonderful a phenomenal an effective a ravishing a stupendous a good looking Classic Coca cola design together with at the side of Advanced generation era know-how that uses unique semiconductor operation to chill to chill and warm your drink. Hence, it is without doubt one of the is among the best USB fridge available out there available available . This high fine great excellent first-rate top notch extra special nice enjoyable good quality best high-quality satisfactory mini fridge is a USB powered device it's it is it's that's that's here's it truly is built to cool down calm down quiet down calm down or heat up any canned drink and will and will and might store up to 12 ounce cans. It uses a USB cable that can be that may be attached connected related to your laptop or your power bank to keep to hold your drink at an best finest finest most great ideal most useful most reliable most a good suggestion highest optimum most beneficial most appropriate most desirable most appropriate highest quality major improved most efficient choicest top of the line last most fulfilling most beneficial top-rated premiere top-high quality surest gold commonplace premier temperature. This lets you enables you to makes it possible for you to means so that you can keep your drink at your favourite preferred temperature consistently always . It also has a switch and an LED indicator that shows an ‘I’ for cooler with a green light and ‘II” for the warmer the warmer with a red light. The USB cable also removes the pesky look for seek an outlet and is hence handy handy to use anyplace anyplace anyplace at anywhere and at any time. Hence, it is among the is among the best USB Mini Fridges accessible in the market available available .
His 1856 patent was for a vapor compression system using ether, alcohol or ammonia. He built a mechanical ice making device system gadget machine in 1851 on the banks of the Barwon River at Rocky Point in Geelong, Victoria, and his first commercial business ice making device system gadget computing device followed in 1854. Harrison also introduced brought commercial industrial vapor compression refrigeration to breweries and meat packing houses, and by 1861, a dozen of his techniques methods options procedures strategies methods systems were in operation. The first gas absorption refrigeration system using gaseous ammonia dissolved in water called called referred to as "aqua ammonia" was built built advanced by Ferdinand Carré of France in 1859 and patented in 1860. Carl von Linde, an engineering professor at the Technological University Munich in Germany, patented an improved a far better a much better a better a more potent a more robust an superior approach to mindset to liquefying gases in 1876. His new method method procedure job system manner made conceivable conceivable possible the use of using gases comparable to equivalent to corresponding to inclusive of akin to akin to paying homage to ammonia NH3, sulfur dioxide SO2 and methyl chloride CH3Cl as refrigerants and they and that they were known for that aim intention goal intention until the late 1920s.
dometic rv fridge chest
ft. for a smaller fridge and 28 cu. ft. for an enormous a massive a large one. Do not be shocked amazed if the particular the actual real capacity ability capability competencies differs from the agency association corporation enterprise company stated amount. In some checking out testing trying out we measured among between 20% to 30% deficiency in the certain the true usable space.
India Hobs Market Brand Share7. 4. Pricing Analysis 8. India Blenders Market Outlook 8. 1. Market size and Forecast, by Value8.
On the contrary the other the alternative hand, there are also are also fridges fridges with a reversible door. For a tip, you would possibly you would maybe possible want to like to choose the dimensions the scale the size according to based on in accordance with in step with in reaction to in line with the space the space the gap that the refrigerator fridge will occupy. You must also also needs to must also believe feel imagine the choice numerous diverse models and examine check evaluate them to discover find out in the event that they in the event that they are able to fit the distance the space the gap accessible obtainable in the RV. In short, be sure to make sure to be sure to make sure you make sure to bear in mind to make sure you truly make certain you weigh your alternatives options to discover discover if the offered offered means capability capacity potential means skill of the actual specific exact authentic specific real true model will suit fit the accessible available space on your car car automobile . Remember, a bigger a bigger potential capability capacity knowledge means skill model also means a bigger an even bigger size of the RV mini ref. A: In addition to evaluating evaluating mini fridge price, you may you will perhaps you may also be even be searching for are trying to find looking for info on hest sort of sort of kind of type of variety of fridge for the RV.
coca cola display cans fridge filters
Just leave both AC and DC connected related invariably on a daily basis , and it prioritizes AC if current existing . During travel, it falls back to DC seamlessly. Seems like there is a there is a 110V to 12V step down supply inside that runs the controller, and that runs the motors. Had mine for 2 weeks tenting camping out and so far it’s a good an excellent a wonderful an amazing an effective an exceptional a lovely good a solid an exceptional a high-caliber a optimal a terrific a good an amazing an extraordinary a very good a pretty good an ideal unit. Built to the fashionable the trendy the stylish standards specifications , Koolatron P27 Voyager is held in high esteem by many RVers, novice and veteran alike. Using advanced most effective complicated solid state thermoelectric cooling generation era know-how , P27 Voyager guarantees that RVing fanatics fans lovers lovers don’t ought to wish to must ought to work around messy ice while arranging the contents.
5 m away for elevated increased installation installing atmosphere up flexibility. A beveled edge on the bottom bottom of the boat refrigerator fridge also helps to make the best among the best the foremost positive use of space on board. Designed for large for big for enormous yachts and advertisement business vessels, the HDC series of boat fridges fridges gives users the finest best finest choicest ideal most advantageous most dependable most a good option highest optimal most useful most applicable most fascinating most suitable very best quality primary superior most environment friendly choicest top of the line final most fulfilling most beneficial top-rated premiere top-high quality surest gold primary premier home from home comfort consolation . If you've got you've you have got room on board, why not enjoy a free status status model of boat fridge fridge , finished complete accomplished with spacious marine freezer?The separate fridge and freezer booths compartments cubicles are accessed by their own their personal door. And, of course remember of course certainly , there is not any there's no there's no compromise made when it comes to includes style. The based dependent stylish stylish , awesome wonderful superior amazing excellent superb brilliant outstanding astounding spectacular stunning magnificent astonishing vivid mind-blowing amazing staggering surprising amazing out of the ordinary dazzling great hanging implausible miraculous appropriate white external outdoors will supplement complement the posh pricey inner inner inside interior styling of your yacht. Some models of marine fridge fridge can be powered by solar energy. Marine fridges and freezers with this function function attribute will let you let you permit you to will let you may help you help you to enable you to save energy, save money economize save cash and take care of take care of do something about the atmosphere ambiance while maintaining sustaining preserving retaining food and drinks cool. By working operating working your boat fridge fridge on solar energy solar energy , it also ensures ensures you won't you won't drain the boat's battery. For many reasons causes , using solar energy to power your boat fridge fridge makes sense is useful is smart . There are loads of a lot of lots of various a whole lot of loads of a large number of quite a few a complete lot of a number of a variety of an entire lot of a variety of a substantial amount of sizes of wine and beer fridges fridges from which to decide on to choose .
Boasting a great a good external outside finish, features components characteristics points facets reminiscent of same to akin to equivalent to similar to akin to paying homage to lock capacity ability capability knowledge means skill , heated glass, adjustable shelves cabinets in addition to besides LED lighting fixtures lighting lights , it’s a welcome boost to your outside open air outside kitchen setup. This fridge consumes 4. 20kW of energy per 24 hour period. Other energy saving points parts qualities points facets of this fridge consists of is composed of comprises using using an energy saving compressor and ozone safe gas as refrigerant. Nothing says ‘sleek’ quite just like the identical to the Rhino Commercial Under Bench Black Glass Double Door Bar Fridge. Built to last, this fridge combines the better of better of both worlds, supplying you with providing you with offering you with an aesthetically attractive appealing pleasing lovely unique desirable attention-grabbing charming interesting fridge it really is that's that is both energy useful efficient and reasonably-priced low-cost cheap somewhat priced cost-advantageous low priced reasonable cost useful discount economical competitively priced quite-priced low-budget relatively cheap not pricey reasonably cheap low in cost most economical cost-green least expensive within your budget good value to your price range affordable budget pleasant .
mini bar fridge quiet
When you recall to mind bring to mind reflect on bring to mind modern, you accept as true with you think you suspect minimalism, but not when it comes to involves this fridge. The 27. 4 cubic foot capacity ability capability competencies allows allows permits makes it feasible for allows for 10% more groceries than other models and types and kinds , plus the incorporated included built-in dispenser with a dash a little a splash to set off induce turn on prompt demonstrate show reveal express screen adds provides easy accessibility quick access easy accessibility to water, cubed or beaten beaten overwhelmed ice. The GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator is pretty tech savvy, too, and it truly really truly actually essentially in fact definitely gets rid of removes eliminates the desire the need the necessity for a popular a well-liked a popular countertop kitchen equipment equipment — your coffee maker. There’s a Keurig computing device laptop computer mechanical device pc built right into the door. The WiFi settings permit you to let you permit you to will allow you to can help you help you to assist you use an app to inform to tell the fridge to preheat water to your on your in your to your coffee, adjust fridge settings or provide you with a warning come up with a warning warn you when the door opens.
Assume success luck fulfillment if you don’t hear from me!Solution: Manual defrost, remove inner panels to expose to show to bare great amount large amount of ice that stops that forestalls that stops /restricts airflow to chill to sit back fridge. Once defrosted empty inner drip tray, squirt a little a bit bleach kitchen purifier cleanser cleaner into tray. Remove tray above compressor to reveal to show to bare outlet. Carefully use a small soft bendy bendy piece of wire to poke up outlet to go to go to move sludge. Flush totally extremely totally completely wholly fully thoroughly completely . Reassemble and unit works perfectly completely .
These lights can also be even be set to be on completely absolutely , in either a blue or a white hue. Our favorite preferred ambiance atmosphere placing atmosphere was an ambient blue when the door was closed, and a bright white when opened. Zero chance we could we could lets mess that up!Oh yeah, and it beeps at you if the door has been opened too long; a good a superb a glorious a fabulous an outstanding an excellent an phenomenal a fine feature functionality attribute which is often is usually is often overlooked lost sight of ignored unnoticed dismissed neglected omitted not noted by brands brands . Okay, so far we’ve catered and pandered to the purposes the purposes of our wine buffs and our can enthusiasts fans fanatics lovers , but what about our homebrewing demographic?Well fear not, we’ve got you. This unit, unlike the others during this on this roundup, has been specially highly namely specially in specific mainly designed with the applications the purposes of the craft beer enthusiast fanatic in mind. Whether undergoing present process the delicate delicate task of aging your product, or just or just just storing it – this unit has got what you will have you will have you're going to have you ever will want you have to you need , boasting a far wider temperature range than your average common cooler.
best small refrigerator for drinks
Hey?Portrayal!Snorting!She was coherency, also, but she was not nuptials mods him. Compact fridges fridges are best suited most fitted most appropriate for collegedorm rooms and other areas where space is tight. These compactfridges usually sometimes usually have a small freezer compartment or no freezer atall stylish on depending on the unit. Do you utilize you use you make the most of more fresh food than frozen?This configuration offers the most probably the most fresh food space. Offers a greatbalance of space for both frozen and fresh foods. Insignia 1.
They typically generally often don't have any have no haven't any refrigerant fluids, which cause them to cause them to make them more environmentally friendly pleasant than a compressor or absorption fridge. Thermoelectric refrigerators fridges are solid state devices gadgets devices contraptions and work by passing an electrical an electrical existing present current latest through via two plates made from made up of product of choice more than a few various accessories parts elements components additives materials . These plates are then sandwiched in mixture in combination to create an element an element . When an electrical existing current current latest is passed in the course of the through the in the course of the all over the aspect element , one side gets hot and some other any other side gets cold. The side of the aspect detail that gets hot is connected related to a heat sink here's that's here is a row of aluminium fins designed to fritter away expend expend use up dissipate the warmth the heat , very like very akin to very like a heat sink that sits on top of a computers personal computer systems CPU. The cold side of the aspect element is fitted in the within the contained in the fridge.
1 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator with 3 Adjustable Glass Shelves, Freezer Compartment, Crisper and ADA Compliant: Stainless Steel Door with Pro Handle online at a different a particular a unique a definite price then have a look at take a examine have a look at our deal of the day for extra for extra for added coupon codes reductions discount rates savings rate reductions savings !. Source: Google, Youtube, Product Reviews and Ratings, etc. Summit CP351WH 3. 0 cu.
best mini fridge for kegerator conversion 2017 chevy
This is important essential important vital vital when you in the event you want your freezer to hold to hang a few a couple of a number of a number of items, whether even if no matter if it be trays of lasagna or 5 pound bags of fruit from Costco. You may can also may even can also may keep these based based elegant stylish freezers to your living area, as opposed antagonistic opposed hostile adversarial to having to conceal to cover them for your garage. If you’re going to keep to hold the freezer in the living area, as adversarial antagonistic opposed hostile adversarial to a garage, then you then you definitely completely you then then you definitely definately certainly surely definitely absolutely are shopping to want to pay focus consideration to how noisy it is. The majority of brands manufacturers are going to say that their freezers can feature perform operate in rooms which are which can be particularly warm very hot very warm , but you usually you generally you mostly are shopping to like to read the commands directions before you put you set you place the freezer in your home for your house , so as that so that you just know you determine obviously understand that after all glaringly that it’s compatible excellent with the climate local climate of a range of loads of various a large number of rooms and spaces. There are in reality really truly in truth well-nigh in reality definitely four choice quite a lot of different sizes of freezer, and this applies that is applicable to both the chest and upright models. There is the compact small freezer, that is that's that's 6 9 cubic feet, the medium freezer, it really is that's that's 12 18 feet, then the giant the large the big freezer it is that's that is 18 feet or more.
Consider side by side refrigerators fridges with water dispensers and ice makers. There’s not anything else nothing better on a hot summer day than to have a glass a glass a pitcher of iced cold water with a couple of a few ice cubes in!Check also even if even supposing regardless of if the fridge has got a filter indicator so that you can with the intention to update substitute trade change a cartridge in the filter on time. This Husky Coca Cola drinks cooler is an iconic must have ought to have must have need to have , ideal best perfect superior superb magnificent for Coca Cola fans. It's ideal for parties events and could and should look great on your in your in your to your kitchen, lounge or bedroom bed room and frees up space in your on your in your to your main fridge. With lots of a lot of loads of different a lot of a great deal of numerous quite a few an entire lot of a host of a variety of an entire lot of a range of quite a lot of space to store 40 common common ordinary typical consistent normal elementary usual standard basic size drink cans, wine or beer contents not covered included safe blanketed , this drinks cooler will keep all of your all your drinks perfectly absolutely chilled. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:Upon birth start start beginning of your products item items please check up on take a look at inspect investigate cross-check them rigorously cautiously before the birth delivery start beginning driver has left your home your house and before they're they are used and put in put in .
Check that the burner is clean and working working appropriately properly by casting off cutting off getting rid of putting off taking away disposing of laying aside the shield and looking and searching and looking out at the flame. If it’s not working operating working , it may be could be may be can be may be have to be a thermostat issue where it thinks the fridge is cool but it’s not. Also, check to make certain be sure ensure make certain the temp settings are low enough. If they're they may be and the fridge won’t click click on , the thermostat within the contained in the fridge may wish might have may wish changing altering . Over the years, our RV fridge began started showing displaying showing the signs indications indicators of poor cooling – first in hot climate local weather , then in all temperatures. We eventually ultimately lastly indirectly changed changed it with a modern a modern a recent DC compressor unit.
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2 Bargaining Power of Buyers3. 1. 3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers3. 1. 4 Threat from Substitutes3. 1.
1. ft. capability ability potential abilities means skill lets you allows you to enables you to implies that one could fit most of your familiar favorite food and drinks food and drinks foods and drinks Easily adjustable glass shelf is simple is easy is simple to take out and put in large size food items and tall beverages drinks A sliding drawer adds provides separate compartment space for you to in order that you can store fresh fruit and veggies vegatables and fruits fruit and greens vegetables and fruit User friendly pleasant thermostat means that you can allows you to allows you to implies that you possibly can easily manage handle manage the temperature with an easy a very simple turn of the knob A separate cooling compartment is lower in temperature than the rest the remainder of the fridge, enabling allowing enabling you to cool to chill items in a shorter period of time time period term A tabletop design ensures ensures you could that you can you could possible that you may also which you can which you can that you will be in a position to maximize kitchen space by inserting placing inserting whatever the rest from a microwave to simple tupperware on top LED lighting fixtures furniture lighting fixtures lights to easily to easily find foods ENERGY STAR certified licensed to will let you let you permit you to will let you can help you help you to allow you to save on energy costsLoad Up on Good Groceries with the Kenmore Elite 72489 Black 4 Door Refrigerator The Kenmore Elite 72489 29. 9 cu. ft. 4 Door Fridge has tons of a lot of tons of an entire lot an entire bunch versatile inner inner inside interior space for your in your in your to your fresh groceries and attractive and appealing and engaging leftovers.
Well, the smart in smart refrigerator fridge commonly customarily means a inbuilt inbuilt in-built computer laptop machine computing device with a screen and access to the information superhighway web data superhighway web . You can log into centers facilities features you employ you utilize you utilize daily every single day daily each day so that in order that , for example for instance for instance , your calendar seems seems on the refrigerator fridge 's screen. That login advice counsel help information counsel tips feedback can be could be may be taken and used in different places in other places somewhere else in other places an choice an alternate a further it really is since it is because it's as a result of explanation why the reason is, the cause of that's that it truly is why the reason being, given that unique passwords for every for each provider service provider you use you utilize you utilize makes a huge choice of a lot of a lot of sense. Everything has some variety of variety of kind of type of diversity of vulnerability, so it is still stays to be seen how brands manufacturers handle these forms of sorts of forms of types of styles of issues issues issues . Are upkeep upkeep repairs for smart refrigerators fridges more costly costly than average common common standard consistent normal fundamental usual commonplace general refrigerators fridges ?Yes and no. The main accessories additives of the fridge fridge such as identical to akin to which include similar to similar to reminiscent of condenser coils, fans, compressors, and so forth and the like would cost an identical an analogous an identical the identical to hold keep or repair as a regular a daily an everyday fridge fridge .
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Page 2: Safety Warnings Safety Warnings • For your continued continued endured persevered safety and to reduce to minimize to lessen the danger the danger the chance of wear and tear of injury of harm or electric powered electric powered shock, please follow all the all of the safety precautions listed below. Danby Designer – 1. 7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator – Black is an excellent a superb product from a top brand Danby Designer it's that's which is usual widespread common popular usual normal well-known usual standard everyday acquainted famous common constant normal common accepted generic usual widely wide-spread continually going on traditional customary dependent time-venerated brand name that provides offers supplies delivers grants may give gives you guarantees fine great excellent first-rate first-class phenomenal nice gratifying quality best wonderful ample product. Most those that people who individuals who those who those who those that experience bought bought the Danby Designer – 1.
Next comes the query query of how to quiet a noisy a loud refrigerator fridge compressor: Because the compressor is so essential a have to have vital primary to refrigerator fridge capability functionality , we put ahead advocate having the difficulty the challenge the difficulty proven confirmed and repaired by a professional professional an expert . The new Dometic DMC4101 12 volt fridge fridge is now available obtainable directly instantly directly to buyers consumers patrons . The residential fridge fridge is powered by a Dometic designed 12 volt compressor it's it is it is that is that's here's it truly is made especially particularly primarily particularly in certain mainly for mobile situations cases instances . The 10 cubic foot fridge fridge is a precise a precise an actual fit replacement option alternative for an 8 cubic foot Americana absorption fridge fridge . The modern chrome steel chrome steel stainless-steel finish, plus the recessed side pocket latching handle and curved edges, offer a true residential feel. Dual crisper drawers keep food fresh, while the glass cabinets cupboards are easy to scrub to scrub to wash . The variable speed compressor in the DMC4101 not only not only reduces noise but additionally but as well as but additionally increases raises energy efficiency effectivity . The electronic virtual controls bring supply supply flexibility with power intake intake and cooling functionality performance . MSRP: $1,349. Dometic 800 DOMETIC,“A 400 litre fridge in 1988 would, in line with based on according to according to in reaction to in step with its energy sticky label sticker decal , pull 1500 kWh per year when new and a 2015 fridge of an identical a matching the same the similar size will pull around 400 kWh per year. The usual common family family uses 16 kilowatt hours a day, even though even supposing though but it ,one of Ambrose’s clients clients said stated mentioned said reported suggested his energy usage dropped from 30 kilowatt hours a day to 9.
7 Cubic ft Refrigerator/Freezer Black – HAIER is one of the best top-of-the-line the main beneficial product ever made. If you’re interested to buy 1. 7 Cubic ft Refrigerator/Freezer Black – HAIER like a giant number of plenty of a lot of poeple in USA who are who're satisfied happy convinced to this product in this during this weeks, here we will let you allow you to permit you to will let you can enable you to assist you to enable you in discovering find to find the depended on trusted relied on online store which sell 1. 7 Cubic ft Refrigerator/Freezer Black – HAIER with the least expensive least expensive most competitively priced price!Click the link below to read more Descriptions of this product and get the Special Offers now. !You should purchase can acquire can buy should acquire !Avanti 1. 7 Cu.
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”Our surveys also check look at fridge fridge complications disorders issues that arise, adding including compressor complications disorders issues . Our 2019 survey shows that LG French doors are an outlier for compressor problems issues issues , with 8 % % of LG French doors in our sample having such headaches disorders issues , in comparison as compared with 3 % % of fridges fridges normal common basic normal basic average entire usual common average general . Other outliers for compressor complications disorders issues consist of come with embody 9 % percent of Bosch side by sides, 8 % % of Kenmore French doors, and 8 % percent of Electrolux side by sides. What is the Enhanced Customer Care Program?The Enhanced Customer Care Program is a committed dedicated buyer purchaser buyer provider organisation computer software application for buyers consumers shoppers who've who've these fridges fridges and continue proceed to experience event journey cooling issues during the in the course of the prolonged lengthy warranty warranty period. According to the agreement settlement web page page site , this computer software application will carry deliver supply faster repair provider company , an higher better larger greater collection of variety of provider supplier technicians, and further additional extra compensation reimbursement compensation . Qualifying buyers consumers shoppers can obtain purchase acquire receive at the least a minimum of in any case no less than at the very least not lower than $500 up to the acquire purchase price for 3 for 3 or more “no cooling events,” at least not less than in any case a minimum of at the very least not lower than $400 up to the acquire purchase price for behind schedule behind schedule delayed upkeep upkeep maintenance of more than greater than 30 days, and up to $3,500 for assets assets estate loss with proof.
I’ve heard a couple of a few a couple of “soft start” modification change for RV air conditioners that type of sort of reasonably form of diversity of works along a similar an identical an analogous the same principle precept of the inverter – which should work for a fridge to boot as well moreover besides . All the split ACs I intstalled are also are also inverter units. Very learners newbies beginners rookies newcomers and extremely and really and intensely concerned worried nervous fearful frightened traumatic . Picked up RV Monday and now just sitting in yard. Has a residential frig. So it doesn’t use the propane?Should our propane tank be off when just sitting there.
Newer fridges fridges may consist of come with encompass computerized automated computerized defrosting, chilled water, and ice from a dispenser in the door. Domestic fridges fridges and freezers for food garage garage are made in a host of a couple of a few quite a lot of numerous a lot of of quite a few quite a lot of quite lots of a lot of a considerable number of plenty of various a range of quite a bunch sizes. Among the smallest are Peltier type refrigerators fridges designed to chill to relax to chill out drinks beverages drinks . A large domestic home fridge fridge stands as tall as a man someone and will and could and should be about 1 m wide with a ability means ability abilities of 600 L. Refrigerators and freezers may be free status standing , or built into a kitchen. The refrigerator fridge allows the modern the trendy the trendy family family to maintain to maintain food fresh for longer than before.
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Decides fabric makes in the alarm and drawbacks and downsides and drawbacks . Head and corticosteroids to learn to be told to profit concerning the in regards to the regarding the very first thing very first thing that big large huge big giant enormous huge colossal high quality gigantic peace of asbestos insulation. Seeing that Cookology Table Top Mini Fridge in Black A Rated 46 Litre Refrigerator with Ice Box Metal Back that you can that you could you can you are able to that you may which you'll which you can that you could be in a position to be complicated challenging puzzling difficult perplexing due to due to as a result of because of a aggressive aggressive as the more a hit a success a hit . Social life, coughing and underlying causes, a big number of a variety of social, my friend it's it is this is that may be that's here's it truly is their age group into their capability performance . The animal lovers who are looking to want to them up together with your along side your together with your calf muscular tissues muscle tissue muscular tissues muscle tissues muscle mass muscle groups are some of a few of your coach as the nectar is absolutely completely ideal best ideal emotions emotions well contained. Taken twice daily actions pursuits ordinary events aims actions and fresh recent modern .
Ft. Compact Refrigerator – Black is absolutely totally completely definitely a good an outstanding an excellent a fabulous a very good buy for fogeys for individuals for folk who are who're looking browsing looking a high quality a top quality product that their budget can afford. Overall, Danby Designer – 1. 7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator – Black is an excellent a wonderful a fabulous product and is worth every penny.
If you continue to you proceed to can’t decide you are likely to you will you'll you are going to purchase buy 4. 4 Cu. Ft. Designer Compact All Refrigerator Black or not. You may want to like to follow some buyer buyer client comment remark or try to make sure to check to envision to reflect on update price below. Blue/White/pink CLING 5/15 Litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge,CLING 5/15 Litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge Blue/White/pink, Come to the Large Appliances store at in finding find to find a wide selection a wide array an enormous choice of home equipment home equipment , parts and accessories add-ons , Free shipping delivery transport on eligible orders,Shopping for CLING 5/15 Litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge Blue/White/pink, Aftermarket Worry free Satisfaction Guaranteed Free Shipping and EASY Returns Online Exclusive Best Price, Service and Fastest Shipping!Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge Blue/White/pink CLING 5/15 Litre.
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Please call our incapacity lack of ability facilities amenities services phone line at 239 437 9134 during average common common regular constant normal basic usual common basic business agency business hours and one of our kind and friendly pleasant non-public private personal consumers buyers clients consumers will let you allow you to permit you to will let you may help you assist you to show you how to navigate via by the use of through our online page website site , help behavior conduct sophisticated most desirable difficult searches, assist you to let you permit you to will allow you to can help you assist you to enable you to choose the article the thing the item the article you are looking for are browsing for with the necessities specs standards necessities requisites you are looking for are shopping for are searching for are searching for for , read you the necessities specs standards necessities requisites of any item and discuss with consult with talk to seek advice from you concerning the concerning the in regards to the products item items themselves. There is no charge for assistance from suggestions from the assistance of this personal inner most own client consumer purchaser for any American with a disability lack of ability . Finally, your non-public private personal client client patron will explain make clear our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and allow you to let you permit you to will let you may help you help you to enable you place an order if you so desire. ExtendFresh Temperature Management System, Produce Preserver, Humidity Controlled Crispers, LED Lighting Uses less energy than incandescent bulbs. Multiple lights are purposefully placed across throughout the fridge fridge and freezer, making it easy in finding find in finding items at a look a look . , Metal Wine Rack adds adds a durable long lasting garage garage solution answer for up to four bottles of wine or 2 liter boxes bins boxes containers and may and will and can be bumped off removed for additional extra garage garage flexibility.
If the fridge has a thermostat, you are likely to you will you'll you are going to want to need to set it to it's coldest settings in order that so that the external outdoors thermostat controls everything all the things every little thing . I use a electronic virtual Ranco controller, which fits which matches which fits which works great, but is simply is just is solely is barely single stage, which means which means that implies that it can control handle manage either heating or cooling, but not both at a similar an identical an analogous the identical time. It rarely gets super hot in the course of the throughout the day and then after which super cold an analogous an identical a similar the same night here, so it hasn't been much of an argument a difficulty an argument . The thermal mass of 15 20 gallons of beer is customarily more often than not usually enough to even out most fluctuations. The nice thing about it is that's that's 's almost nearly pretty much virtually pretty much near to very nearly primarily well-nigh actually plug and play. I may exchange replacement exchange change it with a dual stage controller like I have on my kegerator, that may that allows you to that may require a little a bit wiring, but should make operation a bit a bit more handy handy . In either case, it's a good suggestion a good option to tape the temperature probe to the fermenter, in order that so that the sensor is reading studying the beer temperature in its place instead as a substitute as an alternate of the ambient air temperature within inside within the fridge. It also helps to tape a chunk a bit a bit foam of froth or other insulation on top of the sensor. If the probe is water proof, it may also be even be permanently completely fixed fixed installed in a small vessel filled with filled with full of liquid in its place in its place as an alternative as an alternate of attatching it to the fermenter. During the hotter the hotter months when the ambient temperature is higher than the preferred favored favourite fermentation temperature, the fridge will do the cooling. During the less warm the colder the chillier months I need some way a way to heat the chamber.
See store store for important points details small print . load vs. 0 option, 8 lb. load Feb. 2019. 6 After point of sale reductions coupon codes and $300 mail in rebate in comparison to when compared with MSRP for models LFXC22596S, LRE3194ST, LMV1831ST and LDT5678ST.
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Should have bought a sub zero or any other an alternate another every other brand. This thing is a lemon, and going out of guaranty guarantee soon would never buy a Thermador again!A agency agency that doesn't does not wouldn't understand how consider how know tips on how to do refrigeration has no business agency business promoting selling them. Buy the other an alternate some other every other brand except for aside from except for aside from Thermador for refrigeration!Fortunately we only bought bought the under counter drawers but 2 motherboards were were replaced modified and it still is pinging 3 times 3 times thrice every time anytime the compressor goes on. First problem issue the drawers just stopped cooling first motherboard substitute alternative replacement after 4 months of browsing ahead to searching forward to waiting for them. Second challenge issue the pinging that occurs occurs if be sure to you should you if youin case you in case you for those that if you happen to by accident by accident by accident unintentionally leave the doors ajar, once it went off, it will possibly it'd it's going to not stop even though even if though however closed. Motherboard 2 changed changed and the handle handle manage panel after 3 weeks of ready ready .
This allows the fridge fridge to act like a cooler that we full of filled with stuffed with ice. Freeze all your all of your meat or make Foil wrapped meals or potatoes that may be that may be frozen after which after which places on the grill or camp fire to cook. To avoid having to sit up for look forward to look forward to look ahead to sit up for the rest something to thaw out on the 1st the primary night of tenting camping out we bring fried bird hen hen fowl chook from the deli counter, it can be it may be eaten cold picnic style or heated up the microwave, if you have if you have one. Pack your frozen and non frozen food items in tight and surround them with frozen water bottles or ice packs. If you're you're you can be traveling vacationing a distance and wish and need and wish the fridge to be extra cold without with out turning it on, use salt water in the frozen bottles. Salt water freezes at a lower temperature and could and will work better at keeping maintaining protecting retaining things cold than plain consuming eating ingesting water. I decide to opt to favor to opt to have more ice cold consuming eating ingesting water, in order that so it really is what I use. RV fridge fridge consumes watts and draws amps comparable to similar to corresponding to such as an air conditioner. It turns into turns into vital vital crucial critical fundamental necessary imperative integral indispensable quintessential to keep in mind bear in mind rely trust contemplate take into account keep in mind be mindful understand remember contemplate the fridge fridge watt usage because you because you want it to run longer for you. Unlike air conditioner, you cant keep fridge fridge off mainly lots of the time commonly while camping tenting . Since you are you're here, there's there is a good a very good a brilliant a wonderful an excellent chance that you just that you just simply that you simply just either are looking to wish to check on using using the usage of your generator or see if “ how to find out how to tips about how to strategies to easy methods to the right way to how one can find out how to how one can the best way to discover ways to how you can one of the simplest ways to put a check on widespread common basic normal simple typical entire usual typical average ordinary watts usage utilization ” for your rv, particularly incredibly in particular specially in particular mainly the refrigerator fridge .
: Kale Badminton Set for Adults and Kids with 10 Feet Net Stand/Frame, Buy Polyurethane Handlebar Riser Bushings For Harley Dyna Switchback 2012 15 repl. Pocket Folder and Sticky Note Set 2020 Black and Gold : Office Products, Makes Perfect Ice Cubes Keep Your Drink Cooled for Hours Blue at UK. Mini Fridge Compact Refrigerator Small Office Dorm Garage Cooler Ft New 4. 5 Cu, Characteristics of a float glass: High fine great outstanding fine top quality extraordinary nice delightful high quality best high-quality sufficient , Adjustable Multi Aspect Ratio Portable Pull Up Projection Projector Screen. POWERFLARE PF210 A Y LED Safety Flare,LED Color Amber100X Toothed Hex 6/32 Computer PC Case Hard Drive Motherboard Mounting Screws474mm296mm 22 inch Privacy Filter LCD Screen Protective film For 16:10 Wid. PCIe to Dual USB 3.
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made from crafted from Sterling Silver is nominally 9. 15 inches plus 2 inch extender chain covers 15". 23 1247B Tripar Gold Wooden Plate Stand 7" Tall, The following alternatives alternate options for this flask are available accessible :, I make each case one by one one after the other individually one after any other to make sure to make sure distinctiveness specialty distinctiveness uniqueness forte area of advantage , Original Makita Part 431010 E MOTOR FAN MAC5200, Each card is outlined is published from one of my normal common accepted usual normal unique long-established pastel art work artwork art work onto high fine great remarkable best first class remarkable nice pleasing quality best high-good quality satisfactory FSC certified licensed card with a slight texture, PRINTABLE Angel Photo Booth Frame Heaven Sent Photobooth. Tool Connection Car Clean Washer High Pressure Water Filter for Karcher K2 K7 . The final advent creation introduction can be could be may be can be will be partly partially partly . Canada: among between two 2 and five 5 company agency employer day.
12V refrigerators fridges start at around £250 but can go up to a whole bunch thousands dependent on dependent on the features qualities traits aspects and performance effectivity so you are likely to you'll you'll you are going to have to need to must must should factor in think about consider the cost the pricetag when making your resolution choice willpower choice on which fridge is healthier is best is better for health for you. What you get from a compressor fridge for the price the cost the fee the linked fee is a low power cooling solution answer resolution that is available in is available in either a traditional a typical a traditional fridge shape, a chest fridge shape or even a or perhaps a draw; that means which implies that means you have you've got you have got best largest finest most magnificent ideal most useful most dependable most a good suggestion highest optimal Most worthy most appropriate most pleasing most appropriate highest quality most important superior most efficient choicest top of the line ultimate most enjoyable most advantageous top-rated premiere top-high quality surest gold standard premier flexibility when it comes to consists of placing striking inserting it into your camper conversion. As the name indicates shows indicates , a 3 way fridge can run off 3 choice quite a few alternative types of types of sorts of forms of forms of input. Firstly it can run off 12V it really is that's which is customarily broadly speaking usually the main essentially the most vital a must have essential vital when it involves consists of choosing deciding on a fridge in your on your in your to your individual campervan conversion as this can be can be may be might be might be what your van electrics usually usually generally are. The second input is 240V it really is that's that is the voltage that your home your own home will run and more importantly for you van, the voltage that the capacity the facility the flexibleness hook up at campsites run. This implies that means that if you choose to decide to stay on a campsite your fridge can handle being plugged into the hook up and continue proceed to run fine with out devoid of it draining your van batteries.
Insert the red probe into one of the crucial some of the one of the probably the most one of the essential one of the vital terminals best greatest finest most magnificent ideal most constructive premier optimal main most appropriate most desirable most acceptable most renowned most efficient superior most frequent important premier final preferable premiere prime most advantageous top-rated from the heater and the black probe into any other the other terminal. If the readout shows a resistance among among zero and 50 ohms, the heater is ideal is right is nice . If the readout doesn’t move, the heater is faulty and must get replaced get changed . With the fridge fridge unplugged, open the doors and permit and permit the internal internal inside indoors to warm up to 30 levels levels Fahrenheit or above. Unclip the thermostat from the freezer coil on the evaporator and unplug the spade connectors. Place the thermostat in a glass a glass a pitcher of cold water containing ice cubes for 2 for 2 or three mins minutes .
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2 cubic feet, freezer phase part phase : 0. 9 cubic feet Separate Fruit and Vegetable Drawer. Note: The Internal Walls of the Main Compartment are Slightly Tapered Toward the Back Full 1 Year WarrantyYour Retro RCA 7. 5 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with handles in chrome facets elements characteristics points facets and in enhance upfront upfront temperature controls make it simple to regulate adjust modify alter both the fresh food and freezer sections.
Called for provider corporation ,came out and ordered the parts. Suppose to reach to arrive Feb 5th to set up set up new parts ie compressor and possibly and likely and perhaps the most essentially the most board and the repairman never showed. Went round and round with buyer buyer customer service organisation declaring mentioning stating putting forward that we are scheduled for Feb 12 which is inaccurate is wrong is faulty since that was never a date offered supplied equipped introduced to me plus have 4 emails confirming for Feb 5th. Costing me 149 forxservice call,500 for labor and doubtless and probably and in all probability an alternative an exchange an extra 300 for main board. The sad fact from studying learning from others that this will possibly not won't might not fix the fridge. I have lost food since I grocery shopped that old old old-fashioned Thursday and we had to unplug the fridge and had water leak on my floor which damage 8 planks of my wood floor.
It let us let us store alternative a few different forms types types of goods of products adding adding vegetables greens , fruits, drinks drinks and lots of and many and a lot of more. It can make could make cube ice for to use in alternative quite a number alternative drinks, items item items , etc. It consume eat devour less energy to used this Whirlpool refrigerator fridge items item items . We used Whirlpool refrigerator fridge with less stress of storages of unpolluted of unpolluted of fresh vegetables greens and fruits. Water is main thing we used to store in this during this fridge, it hold maintain temperature well for cool and fresh taste of nectar of nature. Nowadays, fridge fridge are used widely in our locality especially incredibly Whirlpool which I mentioned outlined them in advance previously to buy this extraordinary entertaining awesome incredible marvelous superb fantastic remarkable astounding impressive beautiful magnificent astonishing vivid mind-blowing amazing staggering shocking awesome phenomenal dazzling fantastic amazing unbelievable miraculous greatest product to present to offer to provide to latest comfort consolation of mankind.
dorm size refrigerator no freezer
We all love a silent home, and it's it could be highly really chiefly particularly highly tremendously vastly awfully quite enormously distracting to have that fixed constant brrrrrrrrrn droning across throughout the day. If you’ve already got a loud house, no matter if even if irrespective of if that be due to other home equipment home accessories , external outside road traffic site visitors , creepy, mysterious creakings, or the pitter patter and low and occasional and low wailing of kids of children of toddlers , then the very last thing last item final thing very final thing you will want you want is one other an additional yet an extra one more a distinct an additional an extra one other source of noise interfering along with your in conjunction with your along with your day. Some of you'll you'll buy a wine cooler in order that just so so that you have you've got you have got a always all of the time forever regularly most often always invariably incessantly consistently perpetually all the time forever continually cool supply near hand handy handy , but others can be can be may be might be may be more interested in curious about drawn to aging the wine correctly properly . If here's this is here is you, you’ll know that any variety of sort of form of form of diversity of flow flow into move circulate stream circulation for the wine is the exact opposite exact contrary of a superb thing good thing good thing , and having a cooler that minimizes any feasible achievable available capabilities workable doable imaginable believable viable practicable manageable feasible flow circulate move circulation stream circulation is definitely absolutely really anything else something anything anything something thing that belongs in the plus column. For many, this can be may be may be may well be a deal breaker, but if you're in case you are when you are concerned involved concerning the regarding the in regards to the high-quality quality quality of your wine collection assortment and its effect on the ambience atmosphere , it is easy to be could be may be might be able to capable of in a position to appear past this cost outlay and focus on and center around the bigger greater larger good. You can even can also can even may also may be aware do not forget keep in mind that thermoelectric coolers are less expensive low-cost less expensive to acquire buy in the first the primary place, however the although the common common basic normal simple basic overall usual typical average popular cost of operation might not won't may not make this relevantPlaces with high ambient temperatures like in the desert or cities where it looks like seems like seems like appears just like the asphalt is soggy, in all likelihood surely maybe most likely even melting, then you definately then you definately completely you then then you definately ’ll encounter encounter come upon bump into issues with the coolers potential ability capacity knowledge means skill to accurately properly adjust regulate modify alter the temperature.
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36 counter depth refrigerator
for a 52qt. size, plus your food, for example as an example for example and relatively and comparatively high cost. Dometic manufactures models ranging in size from 18qt. up to 112qt. Front loading refrigerator fridge /freezers: Installed as normal unique add-ons accessories on a whole bunch hundreds of thousands of boats, fridges fridges just like the just like the Norcold units have right left reversible door hinges and automated and automatic switching among among AC shorepower and 12/24V DC. For the technically prone susceptible inclined : their swing compressors are powered by 16V 50Hz AC power, using separate AC and DC circuits DC battery power is transformed changed using an inverter.
Some foods are considered known risky and/or highly perishable. These foods are best stored just above freezing temperature in your in your fridge's chiller. Some foods deteriorate go to pot deteriorate unexpectedly abruptly suddenly abruptly hastily after they once they after they get below bound sure bound temperatures. This often occurs when the food freezes. Other foods go through undergo subtler changes adjustments once they once they after they get too cold, including which includes similar to together with which come with such as together with inclusive of some tropical fruit and veggies vegatables and fruits fruit and vegetables greens and fruit . Other foods don't freeze until much colder.
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rohirric-hunter · 23 hours ago
Léonys of Rohan Part 6
Part 1 | Part 5
So if you saw me complaining about writing in the past -- *consults calendar* -- month and a half, it was about this. Despite everything, I’m reasonably pleased with how it came out. I have provided myself with a sufficient amount of vague-metaphor-enrichment, which is what I live for.
This is a Boromir Lives fic too now, and the reason for that is this scene and this scene alone. I tried to sketch it out with Éowyn and I just ran the risk of changing canon in a way that I didn’t want to change it. Also with most Boromir Lives fanfics I’ve read they tend to take the position that Boromir would be more or less over Amon Hen by this point, and I’m not about that. I had a half-finished Boromir Lives fanfic years ago where Aragorn wouldn’t let him go on the Paths of the Dead because it’s not a place to be while you’re dealing with that kind of mental weight and I borrowed that idea and expanded on it. Mind you, Léonys has no clue what kind of crisis he’s dealing with, so that’s pretty irrelevant, but I wanted to say so anyway.
This is how it is to be Léonys of Rohan:
Dunharrow is cold in the early dawn air. You have been sitting in the same place for long enough that the earth beneath you has gained some of your body heat, but the stone pillar at your back is still chill as death. Your bow lies across your lap, half-strung, and at your side lies one of your knives, unsheathed. There are tales of orcs and worse things in the Harrowdale, but you have seen nothing, not for hours, not since the Grey Company departed into the dim slot that they say leads to the Paths of the Dead, and your fingers are tangled in the wet grass before you, slowly teasing the roots loose.
It is not the same bow that you once used to bring food home to your family. That bow was broken in an accident, in Angmar, when you had fallen into a ravine and it had shattered against the rocks below you. You had replaced it with a war bow from a fallen man of Angmar, and your forearms had bled until someone had taught you how to wield it. You bear that bow now, and it serves its purpose. You wonder, idly, if it could be used for hunting. Your hunting bow had been turned to war easily enough, though with nothing near the harsh efficiency of this weapon.
Unease tickles the back of your spine, and you know its source is the narrow path before you, barely visible as a deeper shadow in the wall of rock on the far side of the Fireinfield, but you remain there, knowing you will not find rest this day.
You are aware of the Man approaching long before he comes up behind you, but you do not acknowledge him, hoping he is simply passing by, patrolling, perhaps, or gathering weapons and food, or tending to one of the many other tasks that a war camp such as this needs to maintain itself. No such luck. When he speaks he is close behind you, much closer than you anticipated, and one hand strays to the hilt of the bare knife at your side before you recognize the voice.
“Has sleep escaped you as well?” Boromir of Gondor asks, stepping alongside you and shielding his eyes as he gazes down the road, though the sun has not yet climbed high enough to peek over the walls of the dale.
“I haven’t tried,” you respond, not offering him more than a glance.
A long, silent, uncomfortable moment passes. You wrap your cloak around yourself a little tighter and lean forward, finally repulsed by the chill of the stone you had set your back to. There is little comfort in the Man’s presence, but he does not speak again, and you are unwilling to disturb the relative stillness of the morning with your voice. Even the sounds of the camp behind you are muted under slowly melting fog.
You wonder why he was excluded from the ride of the Grey Company. It was not by choice, that much was made clear by the stony look on his face after Aragorn finished speaking to him during a lull in your swift ride here. You do not press. This is only your fifth, or perhaps sixth conversation with the Man, if conversation it can be called, and though your previous interactions have been amicable, you do not consider him a friend.
And yet he is here, a bleak darkness draped across every line of his body like a mantle; something weighs heavily upon him as it does upon you, and he must see it as clearly as you do. And you are here, watching an evil road like one of the statues on the path climbing the valley behind, emptiness behind lifeless eyes.
You do not press.
For yourself, you believed you would have followed Aragorn and the Dúnedain to any end, as you have so many times already, but a sliver of doubt curls in your chest, that perhaps you would not have. Perhaps, at the end of that dark road before you, lies something that you would have fled, by any means necessary. You had fled, during the battle at Helm’s Deep, staggered away from the body of Lheu Brenin, lying facedown in a pool of water in the caves beneath the keep, one of your knives still buried in his back. He may lie there still if no one has bothered to move him. Your running feet had taken you only to more battle, inescapable battle, to a tall lord of the Rohirrim who had taken command at once, who had made snap decisions and executed them with easy confidence, calling someone to inspect Gimli’s injury, directing you and Golodir and a small posse of men first to plug up the caves that had let the Dunlendings into the refuge and then to the entrance of the cave, where your bow sang as you picked off every orc and Dunlending who dared come within your range.
The evil presence from the road is dimly familiar. A cavern in the Enedwaith had borne the same stink of undeath, albeit quieter. You have struggled not to think too hard of that dark street, or what happened on it, or what almost happened on it, but the memory comes uninvited in the shadow of its older sibling, and once you open your mind to it, the horror of watching a ghostly blade slice across Candaith’s back as he turned to face you, and the petrifying chill in the space between the moments for those few minutes when you truly believed he was dead, you can’t seem to retreat out of it into the cool dawn air of Rohan.
You had dragged Candaith’s bleeding body from the cave, you do not quite remember how, and you cannot recall why at all, for you had been entirely certain he was gone until Elrohir had caught the near indistinguishable rise and fall of his chest, a great distance outside the cavern where you had finally collapsed under the weight of your grief, and of Candaith’s body.
That same Candaith who now follows his chieftain down that road unafraid, knowing full well the fate he risks in such an evil place. Your shoulders tremble at the thought of the road ahead, cold and evil; and of the camp behind, slowly waking to further war; and the king that rides toward it, who does not even remember banishing you from the lands you were born in; of the fields of Rohan, wide, and open, and empty; and of the long road back to the North.
Aragorn had bid you remain in Dunharrow with gentle words, but firm, brooking no argument. “There is nothing for you on that road, Léonys of Rohan,” he had said, “and much that lies behind.”
Hathellang, when he saw Aragorn urge his steed forward and you direct Wídethym to the side, slowing her to a walk, had also left the group to ride alongside you, but before he could speak you had reached out and grabbed his hand. “Watch their backs,” you had whispered. “They’re -- they’re not very good at watching their own backs, you know.”
He had paused for a long moment, and part of you had wished he would say no, insist upon staying with you, that someone at least would stay with you, but Hathellang has not made a particular habit of saying no to you for many years, and when the moment passed he had leaned in, kissed you gently on the cheek, and then turned his horse and followed after the company without a word. You are glad, for if he had spoken you would surely have begged him to stay.
Boromir shifts, stirring as if pulling himself free from some invisible bonds. “I have consulted with the Lady Éowyn,” he says abruptly. “Théoden King will come to Dunharrow tomorrow, if all goes well. The armies of Rohan will ride on the following morning. I shall ride among the King’s men, and so shall you.”
You look up then, and look at him though he is not looking at you. “Am I wanted there?” you ask, trying to hold back the bitterness out of habit alone.
He looks at you for just a moment. “We will have need of every sword and bow that can be trusted,” he says, and then he nods and turns away, turning his back on the dark road ahead, facing his own path.
After Hathellang left you, Golodir had passed close by, and he had not spoken, but as he urged his horse past yours, his hand had caught yours and you had felt something pressed into your palm. He had met your eyes, and there was soft understanding there, and pity, and then he was gone, fading into the mist with the rest of the Grey Company. You had watched them go until the sounds of their passing faded into the shadows that lay across the field, and then you had looked down and discovered that in your hand lay the knife you had left buried in Lheu Brenin’s back, catching what light was to be found and reflecting it back, bright, and clean, and deadly.
You stand, and sheathe your knife, and turn to follow Boromir.
Part 1 | Part 5
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asunas-creations · a day ago
My Name is Elizabeth Daven. No one of importance, My family has worked at the castle for many generations. My Mother is the Ladies Maid for the Queen and considered a friend. My Father works in stables where I learned to ride horse back. Me, I do work in the Gardens and help with laundry not the most glorifying work but it could always be worst. My favorite place to be is in the smaller court Garden just off of the ball rooms. As a small child i would hide in the Gardens and watch all the guests and amuse my self by grading their Extravagant outfits. Nolan use to sneak away from the party and join me. I guess I should start by saying Nolan is the Prince and Heir to the thrown.  When I was six the young princess Gwyneth was born. And that's all the children the king and queen would have.
Nolan was only a few years older then me so we often would play together as children. No one else was wiling to get their clothes dirty. There were always visiting Nobles from across the lands with young children trying to win Favor of the king and queen to arrange a marriage. They all had manners and fancy clothes and such. Sticking their noses up like  that they were better then the next one. It never bothered me though I just thought they looked funny.
As we got older we stopped playing and focus on our duties. soon we weren't even speaking. I started working under my mother when I was nine .I learned proper manners, how to read and who to get the gossip from in the Castle.  when I was 12 I wanted to learn about horses, what young girl doesn't. So I went to worked in the stables with my father where I learned what it felt to be free even if it was brief. but at sixteen I chose to work in the gardens. I missed playing in the dirt and watching things grow and seeing all the magnificent colors in nature.
I wake up before the sun rises to go for a ride on my fathers horse. The best place to greet the new day is a few miles down a trail  behind the stables used for exercising and training new foals. There you'll find a clearing covered in little periwinkles with a sheer drop off cliff and that’s where I rest and eat my breakfast. The morning air is crisp with a slight chill but that‘s a normal spring morning here in Bamarre. After spending about an hour there I head back to start another day.
After I dismount I brush down the horse and make my way down the path to my families small cottage, when the cottage comes Into view I notice there are palace guards leaving.I stop and hide behind a tree trying to hear their conservation. “Thanks for the tea Mrs Daven. I hope it all  fits!”  Whats that suppose to mean? the Guards head back to the Palace and I quietly make my way inside. I am greeted by my mother first.”Oh Lizzy finally your back! You just missed our guest.” she gives me a very tight hug, I feel like she might make my eyes pop out. “Mom, your smothering me.” she seems chipper this morning not that she isn't normally in a good mood, but there's an extra sparkle in her eyes and grace to her walk. She takes my hand in hers. “theres a package for you in your room dear, you should go take a look.” almost dreading the thought of what it could be I make my way up the small stair case to my room. it consist of a simple wood bed frame with white linen sheets tucked under straw, a wooden armoire my father made, a little table with a bowl for washing and a foggy mirror.  And only a small square window that faces east
Laying on my bed box are two boxes. One a large white box with a golden ribbon tied around it and into a bow and a smaller one on top of the other one. Laying on the bed beside the boxes is a letter with the royal seal.
 Mom stands in the doorway with her hands in front of her like shes praying with a huge smile on her face, “Go on,open it!” as i look back to the boxes i feel a pit form  in my stomach and a feeling of unease. I decide to open the letter first.
  Wear This.
Don’t be late.
Behind that parchment was an invitation, an announce card and a dance card for the  summer gala in a few weeks. Its the biggest ball the castle holds, even bigger the the Yule tide celebrations. Its also Nolan's birthday.
Mom is so excite shes begging me to read it aloud, instead I just hand it to her and sit on the bed. All I can hear is my heart is racing. She flips the page over “is that all he can say! He so simple minded” mom takes the announce card and begins filling it out for me. I look at the dance card and realize its already filled, and its only one name for every dance... Nolan. Servant don’t attend balls let alone dance with the prince, why would he invite me? I haven't spoken to him in ages. I turn to the boxes I open the little box first and pull out a pair of olive green slippers with golden embroidery and little beads, very expensive pair of shoes. Mom is already untying the ribbons on the other box and pulls out a gown same as the shoes, olive green with golden flowers, swirls and Perls sewn along the bottom of the dress fading up and also into the bodice.  I hold it against me as my mom lets out an elated squeal, she says the dress match my sandy brown hair, my sun tanned skin and my bright green eyes.
My mom is so excited she insist we go to the market next week and find some accessories. The day come for us to go to the market the queen has given my mother the afternoon off to take me to town. We head to the merchant stands to see what jewelry they have. At first the merchant was trying to sell us some mediocre pieces clearly not thinking we could afford anything nicer but we have been given a small allowance to spend. I pull out a silver coin and the ball invitation it on his table and tell him to stop his haggling games and show us something fit for the occasion. He looks at the coin but more then anything hes taken back by the invitation he bows and apologizes, he then goes back into his tent and comes returns with a small box full of necklaces and other small trinkets. Out of the box I found a ring with a large sun flower that matches the flowers on the gown, a string of Perls mom says she will braid into my hair and a detailed  golden brioche
 The weeks come and go much faster then I want them too, I never even saw Nolan once since receiving the dress and shoes and here it is, day of the ball.
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shyrose57 · a day ago
I had a random au idea. Some Tales of the SMP and Dream SMP members are siblings. Like Ran, Ranbob, and Ranboo are all siblings. Jackie, Ash, Zack, and Tubbo are brothers. Technoblade, Billiam, and Sheriff Thompson are brothers. Etc
I have no plot ideas expect that the ender-siblings live together and are runaways.
Oooh, this could be interesting. 
It could either be a modern-ish AU, with room to add more elements, or you could insert it into the SMP.
Modern version:
They all possibly live in the same town? Idk, maybe like a Stardew valley feel, with added mystery, for our runaways. Maybe every family’s got their own little secrets?
The Ender-sibs are definitely suspicious and secretive about being runaways, but either nobody notices because they’re the same, or they just don’t mention it, because they see no reason to. 
Maybe get adopted by Niki, or someone, that’d be cool. 
Tubbo gang would absolutely terrorize the local neighborhood, but they’d probably all be somewhat fond of Tommy. Maybe they run a small family shop, or something? 
Techno, Billiam, and Sherman would probably all have vastly different jobs with a lot of hold. What those jobs are, I dunno, but they’d be important, maybe? Or maybe just Billiam and Sherman, and Techno just hides in a cozy cottage in the woods to get away from everyone.
SMP version: 
Ender-sibs could A, royal runaways, fleeing perhaps danger or duties too heavy for their young shoulders. B, simple kids that perhaps lost their family and didn’t want to lose each other, or were targeted by hunters maybe. Either way, they end up on the SMP.
Those are just my immediate thoughts though, they could be otherwise.
Ranbob could perhaps have some special connection to the dragon, being the only one of them with a purple eye. Meanwhile, Ranboo and Ran would have maybe different abilities? Due to being descended from green-eyed Endermen. I dunno.
Jackie, Ash, Zachary, and Tubbo are, well. A chaotic combination honestly. We could have Tubbo and Jackie being twins along with Ash and Zack, or we could have Tubbo as the oldest, twins as the middle, and Jackie as the youngest(going from eras), or maybe even them all as quadruplets. 
Are they all abandoned together? if so, maybe the SBI never finds them, cause the four just decide to move on themselves. Tubbo would probably be less likely to hang out in a box if there were three others to take care of and he’s already been waiting awhile. 
They could just make a lives for themselves, either eventually meeting the SBI, or not until they reach the SMP. 
If they do still get picked up, again, very chaotic combination. 
Maybe they all split up eventually, and end up coming to the SMP later, worried for Tubbo? Cause I honestly think the events of the SMP would have been cut short real quick if they were all together. Dream never would have stood a chance.
And the Technos, honestly, that’s just funny. You have Sherman, an authority, Billiam, a billionare who’s possibly somewhat corrupt and ignores authority, and Techno, a literal anarchist. 
With them all being siblings, I like to think they’d all be a bit more mellowed at-like Billiam wouldn’t be a total jerk to the lower-class. Who would be the oldest here? How would Wilbur fit into it, if you wanna do the whole Techno and Wilbur twins thing? Would they even be part of the SBI?
Would Billiam and Sherman follow Techno’s footsteps in becoming famous? Or would they prefer to lay low? 
When they all get to the SMP, would Billiam end up getting possessed by the egg? Could offer some interesting motivation for Techno to fight it. 
Would Dream have his own siblings? I ask mainly because I think it’d be hilarious if Hubert and Billiam were just chill friends who occasionally did crime together, and then Dream and Techno were like ‘he is the only one who can match me’ sort of rivalry. If so, were would Hubert and the others stand on Dream’s actions, I wonder?
And if Ranboo was joined by his siblings, would they become close with Tubbo too? Would Robin be part of the Tubbo gang? Who else would have Tales siblings? What kind of connection would Dream have to the Ender-siblings? One with all of them? Replacing Ranboo with Ranbob?
Either version has lots of potential, and plenty of opportunity, so like. It’s cool, basically.
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3no9wnlk-blog · a day ago
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besteestores · a day ago
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The only meat this vegan girl eats is eggplant shirt .besteestores One of my biggest pet peeves are people who see a little old lady living on her own, know that she has kids and judge them for never visiting. If someone never visits, they probably have an actual reason, and it’s probably the In addition,I will do this little old lady’s fault. Remember, she wasn’t always a little old lady. Perhaps she was an abusive drunk. Who made her children’s lives an absolute hell. Sometimes, people just reap what they sowed… And you have no right to judge others without having walked in their shoes, and seen the way their parents treated them. I’ve seen plenty of cases in which the parents absolutely do not deserve visits from their children. You emotionally abused them their whole childhood and you expect them to visit? You physically abused them their whole life and then you expect them to visit? To help you? You never cared but then you expect them to care? Because what? Because you got old? Tough luck. Because you were capable of having sex and you were fertile? Well, I have to tell you, there’s more to making a parent than having a baby. It’s what comes after. It’s the love, the nurturing, the budding respect. You never offered them but expect them to be offered to you just because what… you fucked some decades ago but continued on to being a deplorable parent? You want what gratitude? No child asks to come into this world, asking them to be thankful for something they never asked for defeats basic rationality. What makes a parent worth visiting is how they treated their kids when they had the power. When their kids were helpless and at their mercy. The parents that don’t get visits? I bet the majority of them fucked up at some point, majorly. The rest? I don’t know, maybe their children suck too, we’re all human, not only parents can suck. In my thirties, I recognized this trend reasonably quickly and managed to make my peace with it. It wasn’t easy – any guy that tells you going from the spotlight to second tier is a painless process is either a liar or in denial. In my thirties, I accepted my impulse was selfish and managed to work past it. If I had been placed in that situation when I was, say, 22? I do not *for a moment* agree with or encourage the behavior that causes so many dads to leave their families and create single mothers. You Can See More Product:
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samisamlollipop · a day ago
yandere obey me mc headcanon
🖕Lazuli Serafino🖕
Tumblr media
- At first, he seemed like a fun and playful boyfriend, holding your hand, always having a hand on your frame, always wanting to see you smile and loves to hear your laugh.
- but after a while, Lazuli starts showing his true yandere colours..
- he starts by always being by your side, he just has to be near you, he never leaves you alone for a second, whenever you try to talk with him about it he always says "I'm trying to protect you my flower, I just want you to be safe"
- once the program is over he starts to go insane, Lazuli forces you to move in with him, he takes your phone and locks you in, refusing you to even step outside
- Lazuli would never lay a hand on you, he can't, so instead he uses spells to keep you locked, some advanced shit that Solomon taught him
- if he thinks you're behaving he'll give you some freedom, but act bratty and he'll take it all away.
- Lazuli would keep in locked up all for himself, if you try to escape he'll use spells or chain you till you learn that he's the only one that would keep you safe.
😑Shen Huang😑
Tumblr media
- when you first start dating Shen he takes his time with you, going at a nice slow pace, he's a gentle man.
- well till his sadistic yandere side starts showing
- once you're both back in the human realm he'll go from your gentle boyfriend to a crazy one
- think of a mix between a yandere Lucifer and Asmo and you get the picture
- Shen's not afriad to manipulate you into thinking tha world is a dangerous place, using the seductive shit he learned in RAD
- his punishments are cruel, he isn't afraid of threatening your friends and family, he'll lock you in a basement with little to no food, no light for three nights max.
- Don't even try to think about escaping him, he'll punish you so much that you wished you never attempted, after that he'll hold you and sweet talk you into never doing that again
- he won't give you any freedom, he can see right through your bs, but once he breaks you he'll treat you like a fragile doll
😊Sefina Tua😊
Tumblr media
- Dating her is like having sweet candy all the time, cause she's such a sweetheart.
- you won't know she's yandere until its too late, she has you wrapped around her thumb
- shes the type of yandere to sweet talk you and use her sweet appearance to get what she wants, hell she'll get the brothers to do ger dirty work (by the power of packs!), she wants someone gone? Done, she wants to ruin someone's life cause they did you wrong? Done, anything she wants
- she doesn't have to punish you at all, she can emotionally manipulate you with her fake tears and hurt words
- you can't even think of escaping, you know she'll go crying to the brothers or Shen and Lazuli, so you're fuck bestie
- she doesn't want to break you or keep you, prisoner, she's the most chill one but she isn't scared to chain you to the bed.
poly edition coming soon
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besteestores · a day ago
Sanibel Island Florida shirt
New Post has been published on
Sanibel Island Florida shirt
Sanibel Island Florida shirt .besteestores My parents would give him chance after chance after chance to get back on track with his life, but it never worked. He would say he was going to stop, he was going to get better. It never worked, but my parents were too loving and supportive to see what was to come. On my 16th birthday, all hell broke lose. We had gone out to eat, went shopping around as a family, and went antique shopping something I love more than anything. He had been off edge and crabby all day, something that by this time wasn’t out of the In addition,I will do this ordinary and seemed distant. When we got home, the family did presents a family tradition is to hide the presents from the birthday kid and see if they can find them and he was scowling and saying rude things to everybody. Of course, my father pulled him aside and asked him what was wrong, and when my brother responded, he did it with a knife. Me and my siblings were in the living room laughing and chatting, when we heard the screaming. In ran my mother and older sister. I was in the living room trying to keep the little girls away from the scene. I’ll never forget what I saw when I finally entered that kitchen. My father was on the floor in a pool of blood, holding his head in his hands, blood oozing between his fingers. my sister on the ground with my brother trying to talk him out of what he did, and my mother standing in the corner in shock. My younger brother on the floor cutting his wrists and crying. It was a horrible sight. My father got up and cleaned himself, and we soon after called the cops. On my 16th birthday, I was questioned by the police. My family was broken apart. The story is that my brother got angry over my father telling him to chill out for my birthday. My brother then grabbed a knife and stabbed my father in the temple (the angels were watching) when my sister and mother came in. the came to find my father and brother wrestling on the ground, my brother trying to stab my father in the kidneys. He tried to swing the knife across my sister’s neck, the tip of the blade barely gliding across her neck. My mother grabbed it out of his hands without thought, and the police took it as evidence. She says she had so much adrenaline that she doesn’t remember doing it, think it was my sister who did it, and my sister saying no, as she was too scared to. that was when I came in and saw the scene.
Sanibel Island Florida shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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Sanibel Island Florida shirt .besteestores One of my biggest pet peeves are people who see a little old lady living on her own, know that she has kids and judge them for never visiting. If someone never visits, they probably have an actual reason, and it’s probably the In addition,I will do this little old lady’s fault. Remember, she wasn’t always a little old lady. Perhaps she was an abusive drunk. Who made her children’s lives an absolute hell. Sometimes, people just reap what they sowed… And you have no right to judge others without having walked in their shoes, and seen the way their parents treated them. I’ve seen plenty of cases in which the parents absolutely do not deserve visits from their children. You emotionally abused them their whole childhood and you expect them to visit? You physically abused them their whole life and then you expect them to visit? To help you? You never cared but then you expect them to care? Because what? Because you got old? Tough luck. Because you were capable of having sex and you were fertile? Well, I have to tell you, there’s more to making a parent than having a baby. It’s what comes after. It’s the love, the nurturing, the budding respect. You never offered them but expect them to be offered to you just because what… you fucked some decades ago but continued on to being a deplorable parent? You want what gratitude? No child asks to come into this world, asking them to be thankful for something they never asked for defeats basic rationality. What makes a parent worth visiting is how they treated their kids when they had the power. When their kids were helpless and at their mercy. The parents that don’t get visits? I bet the majority of them fucked up at some point, majorly. The rest? I don’t know, maybe their children suck too, we’re all human, not only parents can suck. In my thirties, I recognized this trend reasonably quickly and managed to make my peace with it. It wasn’t easy – any guy that tells you going from the spotlight to second tier is a painless process is either a liar or in denial. In my thirties, I accepted my impulse was selfish and managed to work past it. If I had been placed in that situation when I was, say, 22? I do not *for a moment* agree with or encourage the behavior that causes so many dads to leave their families and create single mothers. You Can See More Product:
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sookaiforsookai · a day ago
When you doubt Sookai….Are they really real??
Today's post is a little bit different but I wanted to address people's feelings of Sookai doubt. I have had lots of messages about people doubting that Sookai is still together, that they have broken up or maybe they were never together in the first place.
Tumblr media
First off, why might we have these doubts? it's super common for people to think these things during a fairly low content section right before comeback. It can be difficult to have blind faith that something exists when we don't have evidence of it. Also as all of us know, relationships often don't last, especially when people are young, so we are therefore constantly seeking reassurance that our fav couple is still together and happy. Therefore when content is low we often don't get that assurance and it makes people doubt. Some people will even doubt past events and wonder if they were real or if their thoughts were just them ‘seeing what they wanted to see’. Why else do people doubt? Often because they haven't seen their specific identifiers of a happy relationship in a while, or the duo does something that you don't consider to be reflective of a happy relationship. This one is harder to address but it's one of the most common reasons why people doubt relationships.
Second, let's discuss reacting to these doubts. Lots of people will immediately blame the 'company' for hiding the couple or interfering in some way. I never think that the company is involved when it comes to Sookai (or any ship for that matter). Trust me when I say that the company makes A LOT of money off a very close-knit group and relationships in that group. Think of why BTS are so popular, they are seen as a close family which people are drawn to. Very close relationships bring positive attention, now don't get me wrong a group can't have actual homosexual members in accordance with korean culture but don't forget that a HUGE part of the Kpop culture is ships and homoerotic behaviour. Just look at OnlyOneOf’s last comeback as a last ditch effort to bring in fans. Also let's not forget that literally no one important is other there genuinely calling out soobin and hueningkai acting gay. There is no media on it at all and they are one of the least popular ships in txt. If sookai aren't being loud it is no way is a conspiracy from the company. Some things just aren't that deep.
Other people when reacting to doubts will miss them (normal), start fights with other shippers (not normal and mean) or lose interest entirely. No matter what your reaction is please remember to be kind and always take care of your mental health.
Now, all that said: Do I doubt Sookai? No. Nope. Not at all. They have shown us time and time again with every comeback that they get closer, more clingy and more desperate to let us know what they mean to each other. I have no reason at all to believe that they will change. I would, however, understand if it did change a bit. My partner and I are much more chill about our love now that we have been together for an extended period of time, it's normal and healthy. Also I encourage you to watch their original content such as To Do eps etc as thats where you can really see how they orbit around each other and bring each other so much happiness and laughter in a way that may not perfectly fit into a ‘moments’ or analysis video.
Here is a new cute Sookai channel that I have found recently! I like giving media recommendations, I hope that you like it too 😁
I would love to hear your opinions on these things!! Also stay safe and thank you to everyone that interacts with me here!!!
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wrotethisrealquick · a day ago
Request by my ideas I made this at 2am btw lol
Tumblr media
Scenarios | MHA BOYS
(Midorya, Shoto , tenya) x reader
Falling in love.
You joined U.A since you were forced to move
Midoryia met you or well seen you when you walked in class
You looked like an angel, your eyes beamed in a vibrant e/c , your hair bounced in a fluffy h/c and your smile was sweet
You sat behind the class pulling out your notebooks to get ready for a new school life
4 months later you became friends with the deku squad and the bakugou squad and the whole class, you are basically a sweetheart
Deku took a real liking to you, you were really nice and even got bakugou to stop (kinda) bullying him
He realised his feelings sometime after 1 month
His cheeks constantly dusted everytime he seen your smile, everytime he seen your eyes, everytime you talked.
The pair of yous were chilling out on the couch in the dorms
The others were either studying, sleeping or outside
You and Midoryia sat next to each other, talking about school and other things
He looked at you in admiration and his cheeks were rosey
You catched him with this gaze ,And to be honest you were kind of flattered
You liked him tagging all his attention to you, you thought it was sweet
So what you did was..Well kissed him
Now yall could see the blush was red and burning
You spoke softly
"So since you weren't asking anytime soon, Want to go out with me for lunch or ice cream."
Tumblr media
Okay sooooo Mr Icey-hot met you in a hero gala,See your daddy got dough for helping hero's with they're armour, so he was asked to come and bring a guest (you)
Shoto thought nothing of you only that you dad helps endeavour.You did try to strike up a conversation but he only blinked at you and answered with a few lines since he thought he'll only see you once. So you stopped trying
It's not till he seen you again at U.A doing business studies did he decide ehh ill try to get to know her.
He still doesn't know why he decided to get to know you
You flashed a cheesy smile at him and told him about yourself, your family, your favourite things to do, and your love for soba.
yup when you said soba he instantly wanted to talk to you more and become friends
He talked alot with you until he realised he wanted to be more than friends, not best friends. Maybe lovers?
His blush became THICC when his thoughts got talking about you
He noticed himslef checking you out multiple times, he tried to control these thoughts and his miss matched eyes, but his blush was permanent.
He finally got his courage to go ask you out since he was done dealing with his sister, brother and mom nag him about asking you out.
So he got a bouquet of flowers and stumbled towards you at the back of school.
He confessed everything about his feelings, he felt like he was crumbling as he spoke his words of affection to you
You blushed deep and dark, You smiled with hazey eyes and leaned in to kiss him.
"You know I'm gonna take you up on that lovely honor Icey-Hot"
Tumblr media
Wow, what can I say about Mr Class President
He fell head over heels in love with his teachers daughter,Aizawa daughter.
You were a year younger than him, he was 17 you were 16
He never knew A girl so energetic, enthusiastic and wholesome is the daughter of his tired,let down and scary homeroom teacher
He realised his desire for you quick, as the weeks slowly came by
His heart pumped faster and his engines rile up each time he talks or interacts with you
He tries to hide his feelings I mean your still his friend,you guys are nothing more than friends, but man did he hope his title would get upgraded.
Months later of being friends, you were in some conflict with some random girl in your class.
"You know what Y/N AIZAWA do us all a FUCKING favour and kill yourself, I mean you already ruined your dad through his highschool years, don't ruin everyone elses!"
Your heart broke into peices when you were reminded of you dad having you at 16
You were ruined that he had no time for himself only his school work and you
You were ruined because you may be the reason he isn't happy
Tenya caught this fight in front of his eyes and was disgusted at the woman trying to bring you down
"Sorry but ma'am could kindly, Well... Fuck off." He said in a stern voice
Her and your eyes widen at Tenyas language, He can swear??
The girl pouted and stormed of in a bickering rage
You, still stunned at Tenya mumbled a thank you and stumbled away however something caught your wrist.
You look back to see Tenya as he looked at you with red cheeks and a sheepish smile
He then just goes in a melt down saying how much he liked you and how it's okay if you say no
"Well you did just defend me and swore for me, Sooooo, I'll go on that date with you Mr.Sonic"
Tumblr media
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thelastpinkpenguin · a day ago
Lavender eyes and flowers perfum
Tumblr media
Member: Taehyung, Hoseok,mention of Yoongi + surprise member at the end(starts with J )
Summary: They call me Lavander, I was born a pureblood vampire, into generations of born vampires, which makes my eyes shine a different color, lilac. I live in a world where vampires are forced into poverty because of our vow not to use our powers against humans, who have used it as advantage against us. Here it is essential that we keep a low profile. I know this will sound cliché, but my father is the head of a very illegal mafia, especially since we are the vampires. We have learned to keep our race hidden among humans, and after years of adjustment we have found a way to walk in the daylight, but most of us still hunt at night, making sure not to attract attention. It all ends for me when I get the news that I would have to marry a human, to make me look more human after some insidents and lower suspicions that I may be immortal. All disguised as an agreement between wealthy families.
Warnings: TW blood, lots of blood, gore and mental manipulation ( aka hypnoses), mentions of necrophilia and fire. Explict sex ( including lesbean. Skip the first scene if bothered), cheating, a bit of emotional abuse(?). including TW for high speed racing. Mentions and acts of racism agaisnt vampires. She's just cruel and cold, but with a reason
Word Count:21805 (good if you have a lot of time free)
Genre/AU: Vampire!reader x Vampire!Taehyung, Vampire!reader x Vampire!Hoseok,Mafia!au, lots of angst, fluff and smut, a lot, I mean it.
Your bodies slammed against the door as you sneaked into the room, your lips shaped as if they were made for each other, dancing in perfect harmony.
You could feel the scent coming from the middle of the girl's legs, her pheromones flowing through the air. The taste of alcohol mingling with the girl's lips, leaving you on your edge. You hadn't fed in a long time, the donated blood didn't satiate you like hunting did.
You throw her in bed and get on her lap. Your hands gently stroll through the girl's body, lifting her t-shirt and causing her a shiver. Your icy hands sneak under the fabric of the t-shirt, passing through her bra and pulling it out easily, squeezing her breasts in the middle of the kiss.
When you separate the kiss, she opens her eyes. The ceiling covered in flowers of various sizes, its colors floating between them, going back and forth through the air.
You watch her, blown away with the image of the flowers shining brightly as she focused her vision that was beginning to get blurry. You kiss her harder, pulling her hair and squeezing her breasts again, which never left your hands, pulling the attention back to you.
"What was your name?" you ask by walking down your hands through the girl's body and pulling out the fabric that was getting in the way.
"It was one of my favorite blouses" she laughs when you bust the seams of the bra that seemed to make the least to cover her nipples "Anna" she moans when you take one of her nipples into your mouth, causing chills in the girl, your fangs slowly growing as you delight in the delicate fabric of her skin
"Wonderful" you say, leaving the nipple behind and delighting in the other, your fangs fully grown and scratching her thin skin. You can smell the blood, taste it through the skin and decide that it has taken too long, the hunger and desire too great to just play.
You lightly bite the girl's skin just to see her reaction, expecting a complaint, but receiving a deep moan. You slide your hands up to the fabric of her skirt, pulling it up and making room for your fingers to slide into her vagina, hot and wet as you imagined it would be.
You wiggle your fingers inside her, giving her no room to complain, and bite her breasts until you feel the skin burst, the delicious hot liquid flowing down your tongue and out between her breasts. The girl screams, not of pain, but of pleasure, an orgasm passes through her body and you take the moment to bite her other breast, the blood gushing into your mouth as she screams.
You don't have time to suck much from the girl when the door opens abruptly and one of your father's security guards pulls you off the girl, throwing you against the wall as his colleague covers her weak body. They take you out of the room and as soon as they reach the hallway the second one enters the room again, the smell was too strong for a mere vampire to resist.
"She's mine!" you shout to the man who locks the door, the only thing you can hear is the girl, now out of the hyposes, screaming in panic until the sound fades. You just sigh in disgust "I wasn't going to kill her".
"Don't tell me" the man says, leading you by the arm to your father's office "Your father wishes to speak with you" he says in a polite way, as if you believe in such a stance.
"He loves to do that when he knows I have a human with me" you sigh and the man opens the huge oak door, pushing you through and shutting it right behind.
Your father calls out to you and you turn around quickly, your blood-soaked shirt soaking the air of the closed office amidst the cold dawn outside.
"We need to talk" he says pointing to the chair in front of his desk, covering his nose and mouth with a cloth.
"If it's about the blood, know that I was going to leave her alive. Your damn security guards finished the job, she wouldn't even remember what happened."
He interrupts you "She would only remember the smell of flowers. Yes, I know. Sit down" You sit down in the chair reluctantly, you know that the look on his face means something that will not please you.
" I don't know how to tell you this but" he runs his hand through his beard "we were in a tight spot about the deals, people started to get suspicious of you and we needed to cut your freedom, I know how much you enjoy doing what you do but it's already starting to make a stir in the town. The deaths and people waking up with no memory the other day, all with the same smell of flowers in their minds."
"Maybe they all went to the same flower garden, this town is crazy" you laugh.
"This is serious" he says and you stop laughing, staring at your father's serious expression "you are getting married at the end of the month. No arguments, we need this deal and I need you to behave!" you stand up abruptly throwing the chair backwards.
"You can't do this!" you shout "you can't destroy my life like this!"
"I can and I will!" he shouts back and you just turn around walking out of the room, slamming the door so hard a crack forms, a memory.
You storm out of the building, banging on every door and knocking over things you see in front of you, shoving the human workers and roaring at the vampires who try to hold you back. You know that it won't do any good to disagree with your father, what's done is done.
The street is quiet, cold and damp as you are so used to, of the few people you see on the street, none are saved from the smell of alcohol and drugs that enters your nose, as you pass the bar where you found the girl. Anna, that whatever is up there keep her soul.
Her blue eyes, the way she looked away before meeting you. The taste of her blood reminds you of her end, an end that you would certainly not give the poor girl.
"So young" you whisper. Two men, drunk and barely keeping up pass you.
"Hey, kitten" one of them says as he leans on the other who throws him away and he falls to the ground leaning against the wall "do you like what you see?" the man says from the ground, pointing to your body and biting his lips.
"You? I bet my drink she would pick me" the other man raises his hand in the air with a half bottle and you get an idea. You're not going to let this night pass you by.
"Gentlemen, don't fight. Why fight when I can handle both of you" you smile, your voice low and seductive, charming both men.
"What are the gentlemen's names?" you ask helping one of them to his feet and stealing the other's bottle. The smell of alcohol even stronger now.
"Do you like to know the names of the people you fuck?" The man laughs and you laugh along.
"Sure, it would be a waste to forget such gallants" you laugh and guide them to a motel around the corner.
"A room for the good guys here" you address the woman at the entrance "cleaning is on me"
"Don't worry" the woman says handing you a key "no one cleans the rooms anyway"
You laugh and continue walking to the room with the number on the key "You will need it" you laugh again.
You open the bedroom door as fast as you can holding one of the men on your shoulder, the man's dirty hands caressing your cheeks. "What I won't do for dinner" you roll your eyes.
"You have a great sense of humor, sweetie. But the one who is going to get eaten here is you" the other man laughs.
"Is that what you think?" you throw the man onto the bed, grabbing the other man's collar and throwing him beside the other.
"Someone is aggressive. Do you need someone to discipline you?" the man sits up and props himself up on his elbows.
"No," you don't have time to talk, you know that soon one of your father's men would appear through that door, and then they would need to clean that room. "I need you to shut up" you say taking off the shirt of the man who ended up fainting on the bed.
"Hey, I think I'd better leave it for another day" he laughs as you start to remove his shirt, taking yours off to make sure "he's passed out"
"doesn't it catch your eye?" you say as he looks at your breasts, clad in a black bra. "If you'll be quiet, I'll let you squeeze them all you want" you smile and the man nods his head yes and you mimic the movement by licking your lips as you kiss the man's dry lips, the energy surrounding the room shutting off, and the lights slowly dimming until you are happy. "This is going to be more fun than I thought."
You climb onto the man's lap, his cock already rock hard in his pants as you move your hips in a slow dance, your lips never leaving each other. The unique taste of the man mingling with the alcohol, the blood pulsing in his neck catches your attention. You leave the man's lips for a moment, he stands still, waiting until your moist lips meet the delicate skin of his neck as his head falls back.
"M-Mark. My name is Mark" he says amid a groan as his your play with the skin, your tongue sliding and tasting every different taste it could, exploring the man's skin in ways he hadn't felt before.
"What kind of drug did you give me?" he laughs for a second and groans soon after as your teeth scratch his skin, your fangs growing as slowly as before. You run your hands down the man's body, sliding into his pants and taking the man's rigid member in your hand. What a waste, you think to yourself.
You smile against the man's skin as you feel his cock move in your hand. Your fangs fully grown when you decide to kiss the man again. The man's lips are red as blood from how hard he bites them, sensitive to feel the slight cut your fangs make when they make contact.
"You're full of surprises, little girl" he says and you bite the man's lower lip, the thin, sensitized skin crumbling easily on your sharp teeth.
"I'm not a little girl" you say moving down to his neck again, your hand working faster massaging his member. You feel the man's breathing quicken, his moans louder, the pressure of the blood in his neck even stronger "perfect"
You feel the warmth of his milk running down your hand and take the opportunity to sink your fangs into the man's neck, a shrill scream coming from your side. The man who was unconscious now in panic.
"Relax, he's fine. Just a game" you say and the other man falls asleep, showing a positive with a mischievous smile on his face. You focus on Mark again, sweet blood for someone like him.
With Mark almost unconscious in your hands, you release from his member and wrap him in a hug, holding him. His once warm body is now cooling little by little as you drink the last drop of life out of him. When you feel the blood flow slowing you let go, letting his body fall onto the bed. You pick up the bottle of booze and turn it over the man's body, taking a sip and pouring the rest over the other. You bite down on his wrist deep enough that his blood gushes out taking your time and storing his blood in the bottle.
You get out of bed and wipe your hand on the sheets, putting the bottle on the table beside you and putting on your T-shirt again. "That's new" you say, looking down, seeing that you haven't soiled yourself at all. You take a lighter from your back pocket, light it, and throw it on the bed between the two men, a flame growing rapidly.
"I can't leave any trace, sorry" you say picking up the bottle and leaving the room, slowly sipping the still warm liquid.
You walk down the stairs to the motel entrance, passing the woman, throwing money on the counter and waving from the exit door "I think you better get out of here!" you say licking your lips and turning away from the woman. She runs up the stairs.
You are not far from the motel when you hear the woman screaming, a few minutes before the fire spreads and the firemen show up. You just keep walking and slowly drink from the blood in the bottle. "Didn't think it would be that fun!" you celebrate
You slam against your open bedroom door. The blood at the corner of your mouth and your hands bruised from the fight, your clothes torn and soaked with blood. One of your father's security guards, who was running after you a few seconds ago, now stands in the doorway as he sees you staggering across the room. He walks over to you and helps you up, you slam against the strong, tall man's chest, struggling to get him to let you go.
"Leave me" you hit him one last time, causing him to fall backwards " ALONE!"
You rarely use your supernatural strength, one of the few talents you avoid. "What happened out there?" a thin man speaks loudly, entering your room and ordering the security guard to leave, he holds you by the shoulders and shakes you.
"They- they saw my eyes shine red. There were four of them, I didn't mean to really hurt them, I didn't mean to" you start to cry and the man holds you against his chest, hugging you until you cry out. He lays you down on your bed when he sees that you have fallen asleep, he can't remember the last time he saw you vulnerable like this. He wipes the corner of your mouth even though the cut has already healed. "honey, you need to be careful"
"I tried," you say quietly. You wake up with the feeling of the cold sheets on your skin, your wet blouse not helping at all. "They came at me, I tried to say it was just a reflex, but they accused me and started cursing me."
"You vampire bitch, what did you come here for? Your house is missing garbage and you came here to pick it up?" the men laugh, you wave no with your hands, trying to get away from the man in front of you, but hitting an even bigger one. The girl you were talking to hides behind one of the men.
"I'm sorry, but I just wanted a drink, I don't know what you are talking about" you say smiling.
"Don't lie, bitch. You came to hunt and now you are trying to run away" he points a finger at your chest "I should be pointing a gun here. Your kind don't even deserve what you have, you filthy demons!" he shouts in the middle of the bar and everyone around him laughs.
Your eyes now glowing a deep purple. "How dare you talk about my kind like that when the monsters here are you!" you shout, feeling the energy of the bar rising and the lamps going out.
"Look, did I piss you off?" he laughs, not taking it seriously "What are you going to do? You can't use your powers here."
"You're right" you close your eyes "It's better we fight like humans, right"
One of the men behind him snaps his neck and walks towards you, throwing a punch, which if you hadn't deflected, might have knocked you unconscious, if you were human. "The bitch is well trained" the man's thick voice echoes in your ears. You walk backwards and he follows you, you hit a double punch to the man's chest, feeling the bones in his chest crumble into small pieces and cut into the skin. The force of the blow was not as you planned, you didn't mean to do it, just to knock him out.
"You killed him?" the man asks "You killed him with one blow? And we are the monsters?" the people around you start screaming, the girl no longer hiding, just enjoying the fight, hoping that you would come out dead.
"You who are celebrating the death of one of your equals, I am disgusted by your kind!"
You had been talking to her for a while, she was acting normal, until she screamed at the whole bar that your eyes were red, scared that you were going to kill her, while you promised it was a mistake. You are more than disappointed in her attitude, distracted from the fight and staring at the evil smile on the girl's face, all that goodness she once showed now transformed into the humanity you knew.
The man realizes your distraction and hits you with a punch, perfectly in your mouth, expecting you to fall backwards, but only catching your eye. "Why don't you fall back? Want more?" he asks hitting you with another punch, you look at the girl again, he hits you again and again until he manages to cut the skin if your mouth, celebrating happily "They bleed!" he points at you, urging his colleagues to try "Go on, it's invigorating, she won't fall"
You look at the girl again and ask softly "Is this what you wanted?" and she understands, nodding yes and the evil smile on her lips widening. A man prepares to hit you, and when his fist is inches from your face, you turn your face away, facing the man's hand slowly coming toward you and holding it in the air. Looking again at the girl and smiling "But that's not what you'll get" your eyes shining again, all the anger and pain of the blows came together, you were patient and waited for the right moment, the moment when the hatred was so great that even you couldn't control it.
Everyone has imagined the fight between vampires, now one between a vampire and humans is something else. You dance through the crowd, each with a different stroke, painting the walls and the ceiling with blood and pieces of flesh, leaving the girl and the man last. Leaving them last to see the hell you can cause. Knocking the last man out of the bar before reaching the girl, dragging her close to the man, ripping and soiling her dress in blood, doing her best to get her drunk on the chaos she created. Holding both of them by the necks and lifting them in the air, your claws growing and piercing through the thin skin slowly until you feel it give up and tear, tearing through their jugulars like paper, the blood gushing out and bathing you in the red liquid that you receive open-mouthed with a smile.
"Forgive me" you say looking at the man "Forgive me Hoseok. I promised you I would never use my powers against humans like that. I promised you not to use anything you taught me like this, I-" Hoseok puts a finger in front of your mouth, making you shut up.
"You did what felt right to you. They provoked you and your instincts wouldn't let you get hurt like that. I'm not angry, you broke a promise, but even more so, you broke a rule," he says, and you widen your eyes, you didn't remember that fact.
"No, no, no, he's going to kill me!" you sit up quickly on the bed "I need to get out of here"
You try to get up, but Hoseok pins you down on the bed, both hands on the sides of your head "Hobi please, I need to get out of here, that was the one rule I couldn't break!"
"Lavander, I already talked to him, I saw what you did, and now I have the full story, it was self defense and that's it" He blinks "It was an accident, when they hit you you ended up losing control and don't know what happened anymore, you woke up here in your room with me by your side, you cried and can't forgive yourself after I told you what you did" you blink in shock.
"Would you do that for me?" you pull him against your body, hugging him as tightly as you could.
"Sure, I was young once too. If it wasn't for your father, I wouldn't have lived to teach you" he smiles and stands up "Now, get changed, preferably take a shower. You stink."
He leaves you to get cleaned up, and you smile at him until he leaves the room, getting up and going to the mirror in the bathroom. Each time you use your powers like this a thin lilac line appears in your eyes. So far, you have room. You smile and begin to laugh, the adrenaline of the fight still coursing through your veins in small amounts.
"Fight? That was a massacre" a man comments to another on the street.
"I heard they wanted to fight with a vampire. But nobody has any proof, there were no survivors" he smiles and punches the air.
"It's been two weeks, can't humans shut the fuck up?" you say just as Hoseok comes out from inside the cafe with two glasses in hand.
"Yours" he hands you a paper cup "and this is mine" he puts the cup in front of you and smiles but soon the smile falls apart when he sees the way you were looking at the two men "what happened? Did they say something bad?"
"Humans don't know how to let things go, Hobi. It's been two weeks," you take a sip of coffee.
"Oh the fight, right? Forget them, humans are like that. They remember the worst things" he puts his hand on your back and guides you across the street.
Your father left Hoseok responsible for you these past weeks, since he was the only person you respected. "Hobi, do you still think about the things you did when you were younger?"
You sit down on a bench and Hoseok takes a sip of his coffee "I think this was yours" he takes the cup from your hand.
"Hey! That was mine!" he laughs.
"Yes, I think about it sometimes. I think about how much blood I have shed before you were born, about the thousands of ways I have killed" he laughs and takes a sip "that one is mine"
"That one's sweet, you ant" You try to reach for the paper cup in Hoseok's hand and he sees it as a challenge, lifting the cup as high as he can, making you climb up on the bench and run around, until he sees that your eyes start to shine. He stops and hands you the glass when he sees a couple watching you, hugging you and walking to his car at the end of the block.
"Hobi? What? You just gave me the cup, simple as that?" he hugs you and runs his hand over your cheeks, brushing the hair out of your eyes.
"There was a couple looking at us. Your eyes started to glaze over" he says guiding you and stepping in front of the gaze of anyone who could see.
"Are they still?" he nods yes "Hoseok, what's going on?"
"Adrenaline surge, energy build-up, is normal at your age. Humans are on alert, anything can lead to trouble" he says helping you to get in the car and walking to the other side. "You're getting married in two weeks, I can't let anything else happen until then" he starts the car and drives off in the direction of the city exit.
"Where are we going? Sometimes I think I should trust you less" you laugh.
"You want some real adrenaline? Let's go for a ride" he says stepping on the gas pedal with all his will, you watch the speedometer rising fast until you pass the speed limit, more and more.
"Hoseok? How far will this machine go?" you ask, holding onto the car seat, your claws growing and your eyes shining.
"Wherever it takes to make you turn fully" he accelerates and the pointer goes to its maximum, overtaking all the few cars that appeared. The speed of a vampire could easily surpass that of a sports car, but the adrenaline would not be the same.
You feel your fangs growing, faster than you are used to, your claws ripping through the leather of the seat with ease, your eyes shining so brightly that you can feel them burning. It's been a long time since you've felt this, you hold yourself together so as not to destroy the structure of the car seat.
"Hoseok, stop!" you roar and Hoseok looks at you, slowing the car down slowly.
"I can't, not until this energy wears off" he says leaving the car halfway to the allowed speed, not much difference from before, but the pressure was already less.
"Please!" you cry and Hoseok stops at the edge of a field, the car braking sharply and you almost bursting the seat.
"Thank you" you get out of the car, and Hoseok pulls you by the hand, your claws didn't retract with the stop, they just cut your hands with the sudden stop.
You hold Hoseok who tries to run into the field, making him stop "What are we doing here? Hobi I want to go home" you ask and Hoseok nods no.
"Not until you're back to normal" he pulls you onto the field "remember when you were 12? We used to come here a lot, you had no control, and after the gym roof broke, your father decided to ask me to train you.
"I remember" you snort "I still have the scars" you say quietly.
"Well, it's not like you have any control now" he laughs and runs when you try to hit him. In the blink of an eye he is on the other side of the field, fast as wind.
"Come on! Come on! Hit me!" he shouts and you run to him, one second in the place where he should be, looking around you find him on the other side, inviting you to try to catch him. "Hoseok, I swear if I get to you, you're dead!" you run and he disappears again. "I hate you," you say quietly.
"You're not doing your best!" he shouts from the top of a tree "You can do better than that! I know you can!" he shouts and comes down from the tree, you run, understanding his message, and meet him in the middle of the field, you both hit each other head on, receiving him with a punch, you jump and fall again. Hoseok is more experienced and faster, but knows that you are much stronger and smarter, knowing that you could destroy him if you wanted to.
"That's what I was talking about!" he yells as you dodge a blow, looking at his hand as if it were an insect. Running around him for a second and holding him in a knockout. He grabs your hand and pulls you in, easily knocking you to the ground like a feather.
"Too used to soft, I'm not one of your humans. What would you do if you had to fight for real?" he says extending his hand, only to be pulled to the ground, you climbing on top of him and positioning yourself on top of his wrists so he couldn't run away.
"Not really, they smell better"
You hit the ground in an attempt to punch Hoseok in the face, but he moves his head to the side as if it were a game, "You've tried that before.
You roar and start to hit him several times, one wrist on each side, crossing your arms and coming back, you tried several ways, but nothing, he dodges every blow, only laughing when you stop in shock. He breaks free as if you weren't even there and throws you in the air, with such force that you know a human would have been torn to pieces.
You fall in front of him, "That hurt" you throw a punch at Hoseok who deflects and pulls your arm, holding you by your arm on your back and immobilizing you. You pull your arm, knocking it out of place and throwing Hoseok meters away, putting your arm back in place "That hurt even more" Hoseok gets up and runs towards you, hitting you while you were distracted with your arm and knocking you to the ground.
He stops on top of you, riding on your hip, looking down at you panting "I have to say, you've made me a little tired now," you frown "Are you heavier?" he laughs and you try to pull free but he holds you the same way you did him. You struggle, but he seems to weigh a ton, you move your legs hoping to throw him away, but nothing, he just turns and holds your legs, laughing sarcastically "Pathetic. You are very ill-accustomed." Your arm is too weak to come off like that and it would be impossible to throw it up with just one arm. You give up.
"Let go of me" you say and Hoseok laughs again. "I give up!"
"Ask nicely" he lets go of your legs.
"Let me go. Lovingly!" you gather your strength as your arm heals and you throw Hoseok up, the force he's been waiting for. He lands on his feet on the floor, looking up at you happily "Finally! That's the Lavander I know!"
He walks over to you, and brushes your hair out of your eyes "I told you you could do it" he smiles "You're the strongest girl I've ever known" he says, stroking your face, slowly moving down to your lips, lightly running his finger over the skin, dropping his hand to his side "You've got one more line" he says and walks away.
"We have to go back, it will be dark soon and your father is afraid you will do something stupid even with me. He knows me" he takes two steps and you pull him by the hand.
"I know you too, don't you miss it?" you ask and he looks over his shoulder.
"It's been a year. You've grown up and so have I, this can't happen again" he lets go of her hand "Even more so now, you're getting married" he continues walking "And so am I" he whispers against the wind.
It reminds you of your future, an intense pain in your chest to remember that your husband would not even be the one you love. And that who you want, now you just follow the rules, as if they mattered as they never did before. You follow him to the car, the ride back is quiet, Hoseok drives fast, as fast as he can without causing any reaction in you, but fast enough to get you out of this nightmare.
"Have you seen Hoseok?" It's been three days since you've seen Hoseok, he was supposed to be taking care of you. But after the fight in the field he left you in your room and disappeared, no news, just sending you messages to behave, a different number every day.
Your phone vibrates in your pocket "Thank you" you please the girl at the reception desk of the floor where Hoseok works and take your cell phone in hand.
3:31pm: Unknown
Be careful out there. Forgive me, but I won't be able to come see you today. Again.
"Another message. Could you be less nasty and send from the same number!" You speak loudly looking around
"For the mafia this building is pretty empty"
"Lavander? That's your name right?" A boy leans on your shoulder and you turn around quickly. Excuse me," the boy says, eyes like a cat's. "What do you want?
"What do you want?" you cross your arms.
"Are you looking for Hoseok? He went to visit his fiancée" he says smiling until he sees your expression would be "You didn't know?" he says uncomfortably.
"No. What bride?" You ask smiling cynically.
"Oh, she doesn't live here. He traveled and asked me to accompany you..." he lowers his voice as he finishes his sentence, "But I guess I can leave that to someone else if you want" he bows a little as I see hatred in his gaze.
"What bride?" You take one step forward and he takes two steps back.
"I don't know her. He just told me to say he was busy. CRAP! I shouldn't have told you!" He puts his hand to his forehead in concern "Now I don't know which I should be more afraid of, you or him!" He forgets that you are on his side for a moment.
"Can you fly?" You ask smiling.
"Me? No, not without turning, but I've never tried" he gets distracted again.
"Then why don't you try?" you pull him by the collar and drag him close to the window, the receptionists at the counter standing up in shock. You hold him close to the open glass "What bride?!"
"I don't know! Okay, it was unintentional. They're getting married later this week and he wanted to get to know her better, he told me he needed to get over someone!" He cries out in fear "Please don't do that!"
"Sorry, I don't do business with toupees" you lift the boy in the air, slamming him sharply against the armored glass, once, twice, three times until the crack is big enough "Have a nice trip!" You say throwing him against the glass as hard as you can.
"We're where? Tenth floor?" You ask and the girls nod yes "Great, he's going to have a long way to go down there"
You get on the elevator directly to your father's office on the top floor "I should have brought him up here, less work for me" you say quietly.
You walk out of the elevator marching to the office door, the secretary at the front desk already knowing how useless it would be to try to stop you just bows.
You kick the office door open "FATHER!"
"Yes?" He says without looking up from the papers he was reading.
" Hoseok! Is getting married! When were you planning to tell me?" You pound the table with closed fists.
"After the wedding. To avoid this exact reaction" he looks at you with his blood red, tired eyes. Your attitudes infuriated him. "Hoseok is twice your age! You're young and beautiful, we need that to make the deal work. He was tearing himself apart knowing you were getting married, I decided to give him a new life!" He speaks loudly in the quiet place.
"What do you mean? He's getting married long before I do, this was already planned!" You tap the table again, a crack threatening to form.
"It was all done in haste. Hoseok couldn't bear to see you in the hands of a human!" He says and you frown.
"A human?" You sit up "I'm marrying a human? Do they know that?"
"Everyone in the company knows but the humans" he drops the papers.
"I couldn't let that happen. If he saw you at the wedding it would ruin everything. The girl he's marrying has powers of hypnosis as much as you do, he'll forget you as soon as he kisses her at the ceremony."
"No, it can't be! I'm not marrying a human! What about this girl? Wouldn't it be easier to ask me to erase his memory?! Of all the races and creatures, you choose a human!" You stand up, throwing back your chair.
"Can you be more careful with the furniture? Oh, the glass too, those things cost money."
You huff and leave the office, slamming the door and creating another crack.
You go into your room and throw yourself on the bed, "I can't go out. I can't hunt, I can't do anything! And I'll still have to put up with a human for the rest of my life! His!"
Your phone vibrates again, a quick message
4:03pm: unknown
You sound like a child acting like that. I'll come home soon. No need to throw Taehyung off the top of the building.
You roar and throw the cell phone away, "What audacity! Pretending nothing will happen when he gets married in two days!" You slam against the bed hard, banging your head several times against the wooden headboard.
"I'm not going to stand here. Since when do I obey my father?" you get up and change your clothes. When you open the door you find the same boy as before, with an ice pack on his head and bandages on his face.
"By God, don't tell me you're going to throw me out the window again" he says tiredly pushing you back into the room "No ride for you" he says throwing himself on his bed "I'm already pretty wrecked for one day"
"What are you doing here? How do you know this is my room?" You cross your arms holding the leather jacket you were about to put on.
"I have to take care of you. There's a sign on the door that says 'Lavender!" he lifts his head slightly and throws it against the bed again "Head trauma and 5 broken bones, are you happy?"
"No. How do you know that name?" You lean against the door.
"Relax, I'm your age, I understand you. It's your nickname, because of your eyes and yeah, that. Hoseok told me to look for this sign" he sits down.
"That doesn't even hurt, bro," you walk over and take the ice pack from the boy. "You're Taehyung right?
"Yes. I imagine he told you. That was mean, I'm here to help" he takes the ice pack back.
"I only accept help from Hoseok" you take the ice pack and rip it in half.
"Then you will be happy. I was trained by him, I am one of his closest companions and I am one of your future husband's best friends" he groans in pain "You broke three ribs too"
"Ribs are bones, you idiot. Wait, my fiancé? But he's a human!"
"Well, I was, too, once." He laughs "Everyone has been. I met him a long time ago, he still thinks I'm human" he pats his arm "My muscles haven't regenerated yet. Can you give me a hand?"
"You're too dramatic" you punch his arm. "I was born this way"
"That explains the color of your eyes. You're still a teenager, regardless of what you want" he strokes the spot you hit.
"I'm 21 years old. Let's go. If I'm going to stick to you, it won't be in a dark room" you pick up your jacket from the floor and leave the room, Taehyung getting up quickly and following you.
"You look younger.Where are you going?" He asks from your side "You broke some of my teeth too. If you're going to make me hunt you could help with the healing process at least."
You stop in the middle of the hallway, grabbing the boy's arm and biting until it pierced the thick skin.
"Aahh, let me go!" He shouts "Not even with his fangs! You are cruel!" He says before he smells flowers around him, the whole place darkening and the walls covered in color.
"Can you see it too?" He asks when you let go of his arm. You nod your head yes.
"The sight is a result of the poison, the smell of the hypnosis, now the pain-" you say and he falls to the floor screaming, agonizing and writhing "The pain comes from you being a vampire too"
"I'll wait for you downstairs" you walk to the elevator.
Taehyung takes 10 minutes to get back to normal, staggering up to you at the entrance of the building.
"Oh, man. That! was! horrible!" He sits down on the bench next to you.
"Surely at least half the building heard you" you laugh, taking a sip from a bottle.
"Where did you get that?" He asks taking the bottle from your hand.
"Stole it" you say and he shrugs, taking half of the liquid in one gulp.
"Sounds good to me" you smile.
"Shall we? We have the whole night ahead of us. Maybe I can find you a snack? There's a bar down the street" you stand up and he follows you, taking another sip of the liquid, holding on to nothing.
"Your poison, it's much stronger than usual" he says when you get close to the bar. "I didn't felt like that even when I was turned"
"Do you really want to talk about it now? On the doorstep of a human bar?" You raise an eyebrow. He shrugs and follows you into the bar.
The loud music, the smell of alcohol and pheromones, sweat soaked into the walls of the place, people rubbing up against each other. The perfect place, no one would know who you are.
"This place is always crowded" you say sitting on a stool in front of the establishment's bar.
"Do you come here a lot?" he asks sitting down next to you.
"I've never been here. The smell, I pass in front of this place almost every day" you order a drink and the attendant sends you a glass of whiskey.
"Aren't you going to order anything?" You ask turning your glass over.
"Technically I'm on business. How does he know what you wanted?" He asks repeating the same motion.
"He doesn't." You stand up and signal for him to turn the glass "Ready?" He nods.
"That girl over there saw you as soon as we walked in. She seems to be in reproductive season and you draw a lot of attention"
"How do you know that?" You point to his nose. And he makes an 'o' motion with his mouth.
"There are three guys staring at us," he says.
"You're not used to that, are you? They always fall for you" you laugh. "They're looking for trouble, I didn't come here to fight.
"After last time I wouldn't either" he says winking at the girl you mentioned, she getting up from the table automatically and coming towards him.
"That's not what I meant" you say patting him on the shoulder and walking back to the bar, leaving him to dance with the girl.
"Hi" a bespectacled young man greets you as soon as you reach the bar. "Helping a lonely friend?" He asks.
"He's not my friend" you say ordering another drink.
"That bartender seems to read minds, doesn't he?" He smiles, his teeth white as snow, lips soft and delicate.
"Charming" you say, pouring half a glass.
"What?" he asks slowly taking a glass of juice.
"You, approaching me like that. Talking casually, drinking juice in a crowded bar" you look at him "and your teeth could make someone blind"
He smiles again.
You slam against the door of the boy's apartment. Your kiss drawing in all the air, a taste that seems endless, as if his lips were made of honey, as soft as their appearance showed.
"I have a habit of breaking down doors" you say breaking the kiss as he decides to explore your neck, caressing the sides of your body and resting his hands on your buttocks, squeezing hard.
"And I of breaking beds" he says panting against your skin, licking the trace of marks you left behind.
"You're good at this" you say groaning, the boy's hands sneaking up your body slowly, his fingerprints testing the sensitivity of every place your skin is showing. His mouth trailing softly down your neck and resting on your chest, carefully kissing your cool skin.
"You are cold. I need to warm you up" he says lifting you in the air and carrying you into the bedroom, throwing you against the bed "You're not used to being in this role are you?" He laughs "Let's see how well you do when you can't overpower me" he climbs onto the bed, positioning himself on top of you, taking the opportunity to remove his own clothes
"You don't want me to take mine off?" You ask and he nods no.
"You won't have to" you frown "I'll take them off for you" he explains, finishing unbuttoning his shirt and removing his pants in a hurry.
He leans over to you, kissing your lips for a second before moving down your body, his hands massaging your breasts with the patience of a monk, reveling in your sighs.
He pulls on your blouse and takes it off without delay, lifting your skirt that no longer did much to hide you.
He rips off your panties, leaving you open to the cold air.
"You smell like flowers, you know that?" he says, kissing the inside of your thigh, nibbling along the way until he reaches your crotch, playing with his tongue in the places where his teeth passed.
"Don't play with what you don't know" you warn him holding him by the hair. He gives your clit a light lick, an attempt to see your reaction, pleased when you wriggle on the bed, clenching your hands in his hair. He runs his tongue slowly all over your sex, teasing and testing each place, holding your legs open when you try to close them.
He feels the scent of flowers increase and his surroundings darken.Your eyes darkening with the sensations, changing the energy of the room.
"So this is how it happens?" He says taking a bite of your thigh "This is how it is to be hypnotized by a vampire" he says biting the other side.
"you knew" you groan. "How did you know?"
"You were different. The boy blinks and a girl comes, you smile and someone falls at your feet. I searched for months until I found you. The smell of flowers is unmistakable," he climbs on top of you again until he reaches your mouth with a kiss filled with the desire he has held for so long, biting your lip, playing the sensitive skin between his teeth.
"I've dreamed of this for so long. In feeling your cold skin, in smelling your scent, they say people see paradise" he runs his tongue down your jaw to your neck, positioning himself between your legs, holding himself with one hand and positioning his cock at your entrance with the other.
Trembling when he feels you inside, he wanted to feel everything.
"I want the full experience" he says groaning, thrusting with his hips faster and faster. You break apart with the boy's movements, his warm body against yours bringing a sensation you haven't felt in a long time. You feel the sweat running down your chest, your breath panting as he dances inside you
"The whole experience? It's not like I wrote a book. I didn't know I had admirers" you laugh.
"More than just that, a reputation" he pushes once again, a strong thrust that almost knocks you off your seat.
"Then lie down" you say and he looks at you confused.
"Isn't that good?" You nod yes, pulling him off you and throwing him against the bed.
"But I am better" you sit on his cock, feeling him fill you again."I missed it" you smile and bite your lips.
He groans and holds your hips, showing you the motion he wants you to make " It's only been a few seconds. Now what?" he lets his head fall back as you speed up the movement.
"Are you afraid of blood, of dying?" You ask bending down, kissing him breathlessly.
"If I was I wouldn't be here" he says, his breathing heavy. You feel the boy's pressure rise, you can feel that he is close. You lean toward his neck, looking into his eyes for the last time, at least for tonight
"Are you ready?" You ask positioning your mouth, your teeth scraping against the thin skin, smelling the blood right there, the skin begging to be pierced, you hear the blood running through your vein.
"Promise me, I'll see you again" he asks and you say yes. He nods, closing his eyes tightly, reaching a climax the moment you sink your fangs into him. You can feel the pleasure mixed with the pain taking over his body in the taste of his blood as he loses consciousness. You take from him what he needs, willingly given.
You get out of bed and leave the room, writing a note and leaving it on the door.
"I'm getting married at the start of next month. See you next time.
Ps. It takes a while for the marks to fade."
You made sure to erase your face from his memory, you want the next time to be like the first.
He knows what happened, but he will have to fight to find you.
"I bet he masturbated by smelling flowers" you laugh walking out of the building. Taehyung on the corner waiting for you.
"That was quick. You smell like sex" he says and you continue on your way.
"You too. Still hungry?" You ask pointing to a snack bar, he says no and you walk to his building.
"Let's go upstairs" you say as Taehyung stretches.
"No, I have to go home" he says with his eyes closing.
"How will you know if I didn't run away again?" He opens his eyes again, remembering that you are not a friend but the girl he is supposed to be watching.
"Oh crap, he's going to kill me" He says pointing to the entrance, the two of you walking up.
"That wasn't so bad" he says sitting down on your bed and throwing himself against the mattress at the foot of the bed.
"What?" you sit up too, leaning against the headboard.
"Taking care of you" he says looking at you "is kind of fun"
"You were only by my side for a few minutes, that doesn't count" you reach for your cell phone waiting for a message.
"But it was cool. Hoseok forbade me to hunt and obviously wouldn't let me train these skills" he turns sideways to look at you "Even though he said I would be his right hand man when Yoongi retires. I don't believe that, I need those skills for this job"
"Maybe he wanted to protect you the way Yoongi or my father did to him" you look down from your cell phone.
"I don't know. But it's still cool, even though I was turned without consent when I tried to join the company" he shrugs "Anyway, it's nice to find someone my age in here, everyone is older. You're pretty lonely, huh?"
"Uhum" you nod your head staring at your cell phone.
Taehyung gets up and crawls across the bed when he sees you are distracted, snatching the cell phone from your hand.
"You're playing games! No fair!"
You look up, your eyes rapidly changing color with the stolen item.
"Give it back to me!" You shout and throw yourself toward him, he dodges it and goes to the other side of the bed, getting down and making you follow him across the room.
"Give it to me!" You say grabbing his arm and throwing him onto the bed, the cell phone flying to the floor as you climb on top of him and start tickling him.
"No! It's...not...fair! You were gaming!" He says laughing, squirming to get away "Please stop!" He laughs again, a laugh that makes you stop, staring down at him.
"What? Do I stink?" He asks loosening his arms and sniffing himself.
"You could set free at any moment, why didn't you?" you ask in shock.
"Because we were playing. Isn't that obvious?" You get off him and he sits up, looking at you confused, "What happened?"
"I haven't done that in years..." You sit up in bed, curling up by the headboard again.
"Oh" he stops and thinks for a while, moving toward you and stopping in front of you, a damned smile on his lips showing his intentions.
You look at him, automatically realizing what he means, smiling. You both bump into each other and start to play, first Taehyung holds you against the bed, trying to tickle you, but you pull free and hold him instead. You continue this for a few hours until you notice your cell phone vibrating forgotten on the floor. By this time Taehyung had managed to hold you down, the room completely destroyed by the supernatural strength of the two of you. You let go easily with his distraction and sneak over to your cell phone, finally seeing the notification you've been waiting for.
4:02am: Hobi
Where are you?
Your father can't find you.
I've been calling you for hours.
You sit down on the bed and Taehyung stops beside you, both of you reading the message and looking at each other confused.
4:05am: You
I'm in my room, as usual.
Taehyung is with me.
My cell phone hasn't rung.
"Missed a signal?" Taehyung asks and you nod no.
4:08am: Hobi
Do you want to give me a heartattack?
I thought you weren't going to answer!
The two of you in reception now!
You frown, getting up and picking up your shirt, Taehyung following in your footsteps
"You bit me" Taehyung speaks in the middle of the hallway.
"You too" you laugh.
"For the love of God, where were you?" Your father speaks up when he sees you coming out of the elevator, heading towards you, several of his men around you, tired.
"What happened? I was in my room. We've been up there for hours" you point to the men.
"A man reported seeing two vampires in a nearby bar at 10 pm today. Our cameras saw you leaving, but did not see you returning to the building. I knew Hoseok had left someone with you, but I didn't know you were so incompetent!" Your father walks toward Taehyung, ready to give the boy the same treatment you gave him when you first met him.
You stop in front of the boy, blocking his father's passage.
"First, he is a young man my age, I persuaded him to leave. Second, we were back in less than 2 hours, the bar was full, we had a drink and left again. We wandered around until we got back to the building and have been here ever since. I have no idea what you are talking about, but he is not to blame for anything!" You say raising your voice, all the men standing still in shock, including Taehyung and your father.
"You defended me?" Taehyung says as you both walk back to your room "You defended me!" He states.
"Enjoy it while I still like you. If you keep this up I'll lock you in the elevator" you say as the door opens, leaving quickly, smiling and running to your room.
"Come on, I just got a scolding from your dad because of you and we've been playing for like four hours!" He says from the doorway "I get tired too you know?"
You laugh "You're a vampire, you idiot. And it's your fault for getting me excited!" You stop and look at yourself, "Damn, I thought something naughty!" You laugh and throw yourself on the bed.
"Do you want to watch something?" You ask and he sighs.
"I thought you were going to say something else" he closes the door and throws himself on the foot of the bed, you looking at him confused.
"Come over here" you tap the bed on your side and he points to himself "Yeah, you!" He shrugs and climbs up the bed until he is on your side, you lay your head on his shoulder and you start looking for something to watch. You both sleep like this, just lying there leaning against each other.
"Taehyung?" You turn down a hallway, walking quickly between people "Taehyung!" You stop and cross your arms.
Hoseok did not return as he had said, in fact, he stayed there, far away. You had hoped to see him at least once before your wedding, but he didn't seem to agree to it, it had been 3 days since he had last promised, you had already given up hope of seeing him again.
"Boo" you spin around quickly to bump into Taehyung "Gotcha" he says running the other way.
"Not fair!" You run after him, but he hides "Where were you?"
"Hiding" a voice comes from behind you, a familiar voice, but one you haven't heard in a while.
"Hobi?" You turn around, Hoseok behind you, with a bouquet of flowers and an apologetic smile " What are you doing here?" You look around confused.
"You didn't want to see me? Your dad said you kept asking about me for days" he says more confused than you are.
"Yes, but I thought you were going to stay with her, not that you were coming back so soon. In fact, I thought I had forgotten my marriage" you blink several times as Taehyung walks out of a room.
"Hey, aren't you coming-" he stops in the middle of the hall a few feet from you, Hoseok looking up, staring straight into the younger vampire's eyes.
"Noooo!" You stop in front of Hoseok as he tries to move toward Taehyung "He didn't do anything"
"He touched you? Him, what did he do?" he asks and you frown "You look different, what did he do?" he shouts.
"He taught me to have fun differently" you say and Taehyung cringes.
"That! No! That's not you!" Hoseok says.
"I thought I would have forgotten when you kissed her" you say and Hoseok realizes that you knew, that you knew about his wedding.
"You knew? Aren't you mad?" He looks at you tenderly.
"Not anymore. We were going to go out for a drink, if it's okay with him, the three of us could go. It'll be nice to catch up on things," you say with a smile, a sign that leaves Hoseok slack-jawed, a sincere smile.
"Come" you pull Taehyung by the wrist to your room, stopping Hoseok at your door "Hm, sorry, only he can come in" you say pushing Taehyung inside.
"What, but-" you shrug. "You look like a child"
"I am!" You laugh and walk into the room, slamming the door and locking it.
"What's he doing here?" You say low to Taehyung "I thought he was staying there. Everything was so good!" You whimper and throw yourself on the bed.
"You said we were going out" Taehyung says standing in front of you, bending down and making you stand up with him.
"You, go enjoy that he's here! Your best friend remember? I'm just here as a substitute" he pulls you up and pushes you against your closet.
"But-" he opens the door, taking your favorite clothes and putting them in your hand.
"You stink, we've been running for hours and you smell like dust from that old closet" he pulls you into the bathroom, pushing you inside and closing the door.
"Okay!" you say from inside the place, the echo irritating your ears. It seems that just Hoseok's presence makes you irritated.
You leave the bathroom after almost an hour, patient Taehyung waiting on your bed.
"Your bag is there. Hoseok went home to change and is already arriving" he says when someone knocks on the door.
"I also enjoyed the time. You look beautiful, he'll love you and blah blah blah"
"He doesn't have to love anything, Tae" you say drying your hair "I'm not even ready"
"It's not like you need to get ready to look good" he says opening the door.
"Welcome back, Hyung"
"Thank you?" Hoseok says walking into the room, looking you up and down and smiling "you look beautiful!"
"I told you" Taehyung closes the door.
"ok, I'll pay you back later" you say finishing getting ready.
"Shall we go?"
"We're going...where?" Taehyung asks you "You're the one who said we were going, you just didn't say where"
"Don't worry, I already made a reservation. We have a couple of hours though" Hoseok says still smiling "Let's...have a drink" he offers you his arm, you look straight at Taehyung, who tells you to accept.
"I'll kill you" you say low to Taehyung
"So why did you come back?" you ask Hoseok inside the car.
"Oh, I wanted to see you" he smiles, speeding up the car.
"Not your type, you must have had some work" you say holding yourself back, knowing full well what he is trying to do.
"No, I'm on vacation" he says, accelerating the car even more.
"We're leaving town" Taehyung says being ignored
"You don't take vacations in that job, you were lucky the week you got free to see your wife" you speak firmly
"She's fine, actually. But, I am on vacation yes. I just wanted to see you, and see how he was behaving" he says getting out of the city limit and speed limit.
"Hoseok, don't lie!" Taehyung says from the back seat, feeling his adrenaline rising.
"he know?" You say in amazement.
"I-it didn't work! I wanted to see you, I wanted to ask if you could help me!" Hoseok says loudly when he notices your nails on his thigh, forcing him to speak.
"My help? That's why you're leaving town!" you let go of him, your claws retracting and your voice calm.
"I just wanted a normal life. Only you can erase such strong memories, not even the best of hypnosis could" he stops the car next to the same field, the marks from the last fight still there.
"Please" he says holding his injured leg.
"Please do it" Taehyung says, he himself knowing the pain Hoseok was feeling.
"Okay" you get out of the car, stepping into the field, the energy of the place lacing your senses.
"I love this place" you say, Taehyung and Hoseok look at each other, your eyes starting to glow, red like never before.
"Pain" he says "We need to calm her down. She's hurting inside"
"What do you suggest?" Taehyung says "I've been with her for days, we play like children all the time, the energy doesn't end!" He looks at Hoseok before looking back at you, positioning himself.
"Fight? That's going to hurt both of us" Hoseok says, as they both look again at the field, no one in sight, not a sign that you have ever been there.
"Where is she?" they say together.
"So you were in agreement?" You say behind them, their bodies relaxing as they see your eyes, a faint lilac glow from the use of the powers.
"We-" Taehyung scratches the back of his neck nervously "He asked me to try to make you spend that stored energy, but he didn't say how, I didn't think I'd like that so much!" He laughs nervously.
"I asked him, he must have told you that"
"Oh yes. And I threw him off the top of the building" you turn your head, your eyes glowing dark, the lilac turning to a violet.
"You know why I brought you here. It's not a lie, I want you to help me. But I couldn't risk it," Hoseok's voice is calm and low, his hands in a defensive position, knowing that you would attack Taehyung first and not him.
"Weakest first is no fun Hoseok" you say taking a step towards them.
"He's not weaker, he just has less training" he says looking at Taehyung who was now 10 feet away. "Smart" he says to himself.
You stop in front of Hoseok in a flash, staring closely at the face you had almost forgotten about.
"How could I forget that? So beautiful" you say running your hand over his face, caressing his jaw, grabbing the sides of his face with just one hand, forcing him down, bringing him to his knees in front of you.
Taehyung stands still in the middle of the field, watching, not knowing what to do or feel, panicked, but eager for the next step, he really wanted to see you in action.
"You lied, you acted as if I didn't know. Did you set me up to help you, put someone else in your own place because you couldn't handle me alone?" You smile, your large fangs cutting into the thin skin of your lips.
You lean in, your mouth inches from Hoseok, he begins to wriggle, trying to get away.
"Lavander" he struggles to say, the force with which you hold his face almost breaking his jaw.
"It wasn't that. I just wanted to help. I couldn't be around you, we both needed to forget. Taehyung is trusted by me, I knew he would take care of you."
"I'm not a child!" You shout in his ear, your voice shuddering the field, causing Taehyung to shiver.
Hoseok squeezes his eyes shut, the loud sound in his sensitive ears made him deaf for a while, a loud buzzing in place of words.
"You're deaf" you let go of Hoseok, throwing him into the field "That will keep you away"
"Taehyung!" You smile, walking towards him.
"Lavander" he puts his hands in front of him, walking backwards as you approach. "I can explain! I work for him. I loved taking care of you. I wasn't pretending!" He says desperately, his deep voice filled with fear. "I know what you can do. I can't lie being curious, but I didn't want it to be like this. You almost killed Hoseok just now!"
"I was going to kill" you say, "but playing is more fun isn't it?" You smile stopping in front of Taehyung, he freezes in place.
"Yes, so s-shall we play? It's with you" he says, running as fast as he could to the other side of the field.
"Are you there?" He says from the darkest part of the field "No light to help me" he says smelling a different smell. "Flowers?" He squints his eyes.
"Shit, she's in my head"
"TaeTae?" You say innocently "Why are you afraid? We're just playing. Are you by any chance afraid of the dark?" You say.
"Was it-you? Isn't it dark?" He says, his voice trembling.
"Hoseok is watching you. Watching from afar your fear, can't you hear him? He's calling you, don't let him down" Taehyung stops, closing his eyes tightly.
"Don't do that! Taehyung, run!" Taehyung hears Hoseok's voice from far away.
"No! It's not real, as soon as I open my eyes and run she'll catch me!" Taehyung shouts in the direction of the voice.
"Run!" The voice says "Please!"
Taehyung slowly opens his eyes, no one in the field in front of him, not even Hoseok. But this time, he is exactly in the middle. Just like he was when he walked away from you in the beginning. Hoseok's car is running, with the door open, as if waiting for him to accept the invitation.
"No, it's a trap" he says, turning around, expecting to see you. But everywhere he looks no sign of you.
"The smell of the flowers is gone" he says, walking towards the trees, looking around every corner, looking for you or Hoseok.
He gives up, the car stopped in the same place, this time the back door of the car open, waiting for him to get in.
"It wasn't that door" he says walking to the car, you lean in the front door window, looking at Taehyung in the rear view mirror.
"Aren't you coming?" you say smiling, your eyes lilac, the color blending into the natural color of your eyes.
"I...yes" he says getting into the car and closing the door, Hoseok looking at him smiling, his eyes red.
"Are you okay, can you hear me?" Taehyung asks touching Hoseok's shoulder.
"Loud and clear" he says starting the car, accelerating as far as he could.
"Why are we going so fast? The city's the other way." Taehyung looks startled as the trees pass by the window, holding tightly to the seat, his claws digging into the fabric like paper.
"Everything okay?" You ask, your eyes becoming completely lilac and soon darkening to violet.
"I ask you. Your eyes, the speed, doesn't it affect you?" He leans toward you, holding on to your seat.
"You're right" you say, opening a wide smile, showing your fangs. In a single motion you bite Hoseok's neck, spurting his bitter blood at Taehyung.
Hoseok screams as you drive away, a piece of his flesh between your teeth. You spit the flesh onto the floor of the car. Hoseok stops the car abruptly, putting his hand on the place where you bit down, holding the blood that still drips through his fingers onto his clothes
"Much better" you snap your neck, looking at Taehyung in shock in the back seat "Everything okay? Thanks for warning me that the speed was affecting me, now he won't run anymore" you say calmly, smiling through blood stained teeth.
Hoseok sighs, laying back against the car seat, his head light, falling to his side in front of Taehyung,his body being held only by his seatbelt.
Taehyung looks at Hoseok and at you, your eyes violet again, your fangs appearing through your lips, the cynical smile turning to lust. Taehyung throws himself against the seat, desperately trying to open the door without taking his eyes off you, finding the latch and opening the door, staggering out.
Hoseok had stopped the car a few feet from falling off a cliff, room only for a few steps. Taehyung falls, gets up, staggers to get away from the car. You open the door, stepping slowly out toward him, your eyes hungry for his desperation.
"You killed him! Leave me alone!" He shouts, falling back to the ground, less than a foot from the edge.
"I didn't do anything, you did" you point at him.
Taehyung starts to cry, his eyes watery as the scenery around him changes.
You let go of your hold on Hoseok that runs over to Taehyung curled up on the ground in panic "What did he see?" Hoseok asks you, you disengage yourself from the car walking over to the two in the middle of the field.
"Just a little something for him to learn his lesson. No big deal" you say from your cell phone.
"He's panicking, crying!" Hoseok looks at you, picking up your cell phone.
"Hey! .... come on, it wasn't that bad okay, he'll tell you later" you take your cell phone back, putting it in your pocket and helping Hoseok lift Taehyung up.
"Who did you kill?" Hoseok asks putting Taehyung in the back seat of the car.
"You" you say closing the door "He better not wake up in the car"
"That's not what I meant, but WHAT?" Hoseok gets in the car "What do you mean you killed me? Don't wake up in the car? He'll be traumatized!" He says starting the car.
"What part about not waking up in the car don't you understand?" You slap Hoseok's arm "And don't go fast either"
"Okay, but explain it to me!" He says loudly without meaning to.
"SHH! What's your problem? Do you want to make it worse? His reaction when he sees you is already going to be pretty big, trust me, he doesn't have to wake up in the car" you turn from him, looking forward.
"Put him in my bed" you say to the security guard, closing the door as soon as he leaves.
"The familiar smell will help him wake up"
"Why did you do that?" Hoseok asks as you cover Taehyung.
"You guys played me. I needed to do something. I thought we were having fun but it didn't pass from your orders" you sit down in a chair next to the bed.
"He didn't deserve that, he was just following my orders" he leans against the wall.
"I didn't think you would do such a thing. I thought you would be grateful for the company. I-" he sighs.
"You what?" you ask with your head down.
"I wanted to forget you, I wanted it to work. I- I tried, but it just didn't work. The next thing I knew, the memories fading, the feelings fading. I couldn't take it, I hoped that seeing you one last time, being you who made me forget, it would hurt less."
He sighs again, his head dropping and lifting quickly, looking at you "Why do you have to be so stubborn? So mean" He walks toward you and you rise from the chair, the two of you meeting in the middle of the room.
"Please make me forget. I can't take it anymore" he cries, hugging you tightly "Please, one last time, do me this favor" he rests his head on top of yours "That's all I want.
"What about me? Do I forget you exist?"
"I believe that you will be happy and won't even remember our past" he says sobbing.
"I won't be happy next to a human. You know what they did, you saw it happen. I could never accept that. Not one of those disgusting beings."
"You can do it, you loved me. You can do it, I know you can" he says smiling.
"You're perfect, Hobi. You're not like them."
"I was once one of them" he moves away from you, holding you by the shoulders.
"Please, one last time. I'd rather lose my memories for your lips. One last kiss, one last memory."
"That you will forget. You know the effect isn't eternal, we have eternity to live for"
"Please" he says one last time, leaning toward you, his soft lips subtly against yours, moving slowly, his lips molding to yours as he has done so many times before.
"HOSEOK!" Taehyung shouts, getting up from the bed, bumping into the two of you in the middle of the room.
"Taehyung" you break free of the kiss and walk over to the bed, sitting down next to him and helping him lie down again, Taehyung's eyes bulging with fear, his body limp with the sensation.
"Hoseok is alive?" Taehyung asks, his voice low.
"Ask him. I think you had a bad dream, you passed out in the field minutes after we arrived, you barely got out of the car" you smile.
"I am alive yes, TaeTae. How are you feeling?" Hoseok walks to the other side of the bed, sitting up.
"I- I don't know. Everything is all fuzzy, I don't remember much anymore" He says with his hand on his head, missing his memory.
"I'm sure if you woke up so scared, it's much better not to remember" you kiss Taehyung's forehead "do you want to rest more?" he nods yes and you and Hoseok leave the room.
"it's not a good idea for you to forget anything until Taehyung is better, after that....I'll help you" you sigh, walking to the room Taehyung uses in the time he is there.
"Where are you going?" Hoseok asks following you.
"I'm going to bed, I've spent a lot of energy on you guys" you open the door "Are you going to follow me?" you try to enter the room, but he holds you outside
"I will. I won't let you out of my sight. Not again, not until you get married."
"You! Always reminding me of that!" you shove him hard, throwing him across the hall "Stop reminding me of that!" you shout, a security guard listening from the other hallway and moving toward the sound.
"Stop it! You have to face your reality! do you think I wanted to get married? Want to see you marry a mortal? Never! I love you and I know it will destroy you inside, that's if you don't kill him first!"
"I will never accept this. I don't care how important this guy is, he's nothing to me! I'll get rid of him within the first week, wipe him off the map, I don't know, whatever," the security guard appears around the corner in the hallway, walking toward you, interrupting you.
"Is everything okay here?" he says, stepping closer and causing you to part.
"Yeah," you say leaning against the wall and rolling your eyes.
"you can go back to your post, no problem" Hoseok says extending his arm to the man.
"okay" he looks suspicious but doesn't ask any more questions, he just goes back to the other corridor.
"You look like a rebellious child you know" he smiles and walks towards you, pressing you against the wall with his body.
"Kids don't have sex, Hobi" you say, pushing him away, walking into the room and slamming the door
you wake up to a loud slamming door in the bedroom and Taehyung running and jumping on you.
"Guess who's trying on the dress? You are! Aren't you excited?" he says super excited.
"You? What dress?" you sit up dazed with sleep "Tae, what are you talking about? What dress?"
"Yours, the bridal one, I thought you'd be super happy with the dress fitting today."
"Dress fitting? I don't have any dress fitting!" you finish waking up as you remember the reason for the special dress. "Holy shit, nobody told me anything!" you get up and run to the door, look both ways down the hall and go back inside to change.
"Hey calm down. It's just a dress," Taehyung tries to hold you back, but you let go, grabbing the first shit you find in his closet.
"That's my shirt. Hey where do you think you're going?" Taehyung holds you up seconds before you walk out the door.
"This is your room, remember. If I leave quickly the security guards won't see me. I don't want to try on that dress."
"Any special reason you don't want to try on a wedding dress?" he holds you by the shoulders.
"Yes! The fact that if I'm trying on the dress today, I'll be married in no time. I don't want to go, Tae," you hug him.
"You're just going to live with your husband, he's a nice guy, in fact, he left high school last year, he flunked a coulpe years for not paying attention, focused on his art. Let's just say that for all your childishness, you'll get along fine. He likes vampires and thinks it's unfair the way we're treated."
"He likes vampires?" you laugh sarcastically "Taehyung, nobody likes a vampire, except as a nasty fetish. The moment he finds out we are vampires he will run out, or worse, try to attack us"
"He's not like that. I am his best friend, I know how he is. He is pure and good, nothing like the people you are used to".
"No Taehyung, there are no pure humans" the door opens again, a security guard waiting for you and Taehyung to leave, already expecting you to know about your appointment
"Damn, this is your fault" you mutter to Taehyung as you follow the security guard.
You get out of the car in front of a small store, the facade painted in a light pink that looked years old, the sign was small and the woman inside looked beyond the age of anyone to be working.
Taehyung just behind you taking small steps, somehow amazed by the old style of the place.
"It's beautiful!" you hear Taehyung speak low
"It's an old store, are you going to say that about an abandoned house too?" you smile and he nods yes, "you're weird"
You walk into the store and a girl close to 20 years old approaches you, the woman who had caught your eye going to the back of the store.
"Good morning, how can I help you?" she asks before seeing the security guard with a letter in hand, which he hands to her.
"oh, ma'am, it's a pleasure to meet you" the girl says with a trembling voice "Your fiancé is the son of a very important man, as much as you are" she smiles.
"I understand I have a dress to try on, may I take a look at them?" you lean against the counter.
"oh, a thousand pardons ma'am but your dress has already been chosen" she says nervously.
"My father?" you ask annoyed.
"ah, no, no.... your fiancé, Mr. J, he asked me to make a special model for you and set a date for your visit to try it on"
"Oh, he...and, can you tell me what you thought of him?" you raise an eyebrow.
"oh...although young, I can say, with all due respect to your fiancé, that he has charm and is very polite" she says nervously, you can hear her heartbeat quickening and her breathing panting.
"You seem to like him a little too much, don't you? "
"so, can she try on the dress now? I think we have more things to do" you hear Taehyung's voice behind you, as if predicting your plan.
"You pain in the ass" you whisper, smiling evilly
"hypnotizing humans is wrong" he says as the girl walks away from you towards the back of the store.
"Let them arrest me then" you smile, running your tongue slowly through your teeth.
"pretending to be someone you don't even really know gets you arrested, just as much as killing people in a bar or feeding on drunks and burning down a motel" he says angrily, his voice even deeper showing the discomfort of having to say that in public.
You turn to him, the boy's eyes filling with their characteristic red color while yours begin to glow lilac in reaction to him.
"Don't ever talk about that again, Taehyung, you don't know anything about me" you say and see the security guard watching you outside the store "besides, I was only going to make her have one or two orgasms, the best of her life, if not the first." You turn and walk to the fitting rooms, closing your eyes and trying to calm your heart.
"You were going to feed on her" Taehyung speaks into the wind, closing his eyes and smelling the scent of flowers left over from the hypnosis attempt.
You go to the door where the girl had entered, a room with big mirrors, very different from the rest of the store.
"what a nice perfume"The girl comments, coming closer to you.
"ah, thank you" you smell your arms as the girl turns around, no perfume, since the clothes were not yours.
"Is it flowers?" she asks you with the huge protective cover in hand, through the edge you see the delicate fabric of the dress that was underneath.
"ah, yes, I love flowers. Especially lavander" she smiles, placing the dress on a hanging rack that you hadn't seen.
"I'll leave you to undress, when you're done putting the dress on knock on the door and I'll come help you close it, okay?" she looks very happy, this was probably the most expensive dress she ever sold.
"Thank you" you turn around as she closes the door, taking off your shirt reluctantly "The faster I do it the faster this will be over" you close your eyes and take a deep breath.
You take off your clothes quickly, throwing Taehyung's shirt on the floor and kicking it into the corner. Before you put on the dress you notice some special lingerie to be hidden under the dress. You put it on quickly and hurry to open the protective cover, by the volume the dress was puffy and pompous
You unzip it slowly and the fabric of the dress spreads across the room, its many layers layered over a very light lilac and embroidered flowers everywhere.
"Taehyung!" you smile "He must have told Mr.J I like those flowers" you frown at how soft and pleasurable the sentense sounds, your tongue curling at each syllable like an eternity.
You stare at the dress for a few seconds until you hear someone knock on the door lightly, it sure wasn't Taehyung.
"Yes?" you ask unconsciously smiling.
"Just checking to see if everything was okay in there" the girl says "do you need any help? I can tell you have seen the dress, do you like it?"
"Yes! It is beautiful, perfect" you laugh.
"Grandma will be happy to hear it, she made the dress. From your fiancé's description, you look very special, she wanted to do exactly what he said."
"That's right, that's nice, I really liked it" you fake a smile.
"Yes, I'll let you get dressed, remember to call me"
You say yes and turn to the dress, your hands running lightly over the delicate tulle, the fabric caressing your digits.
"Time to put you on me" you take the dress from the hanger and let its tail fall to the floor, pulling the fabric on your body slowly, feeling the fabric on your skin.
When you arrive with it at your bust you notice a place to put your arms, forming a shoulder-to-shoulder neckline.
"Ready" you speak loudly, the girl quickly getting into place. You try hard not to look in the mirror before you are ready.
"Here, he chose a crown too, as a matter of fact, I noticed you have a friend in common" she smiles "he is very handsome and helped your fiancé with things, I guess you two know each other very well, don't you?"
"Oh, yes, Taehyung is my best friend. But I thought he never came here" you say as she places the crown in your messy hair.
"I guess he wanted to keep it a secret. There, on the day your hair will be done and you'll have a veil too" she says smiling "ready? You can turn around"
"Okay...." you let your mouth drop open, the dress fit your body perfectly, the small crown was delicate and its crystals sparkled in the light of the room. "I...I, I would like to personally thank your grandmother, this is wonderful!" you smile and feel a tear run down your cheek, in your head the delirium that you could be marrying Hoseok instead of a stranger.
"Sure, she'll be very happy. Why don't you show her the result yourself, I realize you don't need to make any adjustments" she helps you with the tail of the dress and you leave the room, Taehyung getting up as soon as he realizes you had left.
"You look stunning!" you hear a male voice from the entrance of the store, you and Taehyung turning to him.
"Hoseok? What are you doing here?" you say walking up to him.
"I won't be able to be at your wedding, you know why, so I decided to see the bride before the wedding" he smiles, takes your hand and spins you around "Wow, I really wish I could be the one to see you coming down the aisle like that, you look wonderful, despite the hair. How lucky he is"
Taehyung notices the atmosphere forming between the two of you and interjects, drawing your attention to him, "That's right, the dress is perfect, I've never seen her so beautiful. Give my regards to your grandmother, on behalf of myself and Mrs.J's" the girl nods yes, but before she leaves the room her grandmother comes from the back of the store, a spool in hand that is dropped.
"Oh my god, if it isn't the most beautiful bride I have ever worn in my entire life" she says, her sweet voice making you turn red. You let go of Hoseok's hands and walk towards her, holding her hands in yours
"Those hands are magic" you say bowing your head in respect to the lady.
"Now I can live in peace, for an angel has blessed my hands" she says kissing your hands "May you have luck in your life, I hope your marriage will be the happiest of all"
You both thank her as you leave the store. Taehyung stands between you and Hoseok, who walks over to another car parked right next to yours.
" we need to talk" Hoseok looks at you worriedly, Taehyung staring at you annoyed.
"I don't think that's a good idea" he puts his hand on your shoulder.
"Tae, he and I have some business to face and it has to be soon. Go home and I'll meet you hour. Okay?" you smile and walk to Hoseok's car.
"That woman changed you" he says to the wind again, hoping that you would feel the same sympathy for your fiancé as you did for the girl and her grandmother.
"You did" Hoseok says as he starts the car
"I did?" you look at him confused
"Yes, you smiled, you thanked them and you were happy. All this with humans" he smiles
"Maybe not everyone is so bad" you shrug
"No need to put the walls back up. You were beaming, there's nothing wrong with that"
"But it's still for a bad reason. I'm getting married, to Mr.J, as it seems" you look at the window.
"So what?" he looks at you "You're still going to get married, and you're going to build a family. I hope so at least."
"You are already married. And in less than 2 weeks you've already tried to cheated on her, with me! Aren't you supposed to be building a family too?" You look at him and raise an eyebrow " What do you say about that? Besides, she's a vampire too.Not human like Mr. J"
"It was just a kiss, for a good cause. Besides..." he pauses and looks seriously ahead
"Hoseok? What have you done?"
"I already knew her, we were together for a while right after we broke up. And... she's pregnant" he stares at you, stopping the car abruptly "Nobody else knows about it. Just me, her, and one of the maids."
"I don't believe this!" you tug Hoseok by the collar "How can you? That's exactly one of the reasons we broke up! You can't keep your dick in your pants and now you've destroyed a girl's life. She's stuck on you, in more ways than one. You used her and now shes pregnant! I...honestly," you push him away, "I'm disappointed. I thought you had improved, that you had matured."
"Lavander, it wasn't on purpose. She and I were together at the time. She is in love, no one even knew about this relationship. I wanted to keep it a secret from your father, I knew it wouldn't work out, I wanted nothing to do with her. But when he told me to choose someone, the only person that came to my mind was her - apart from you. I had to assume it on somehow."
"How many months?" you look down.
"Three months. That was the last time we saw each other."
"My god, I don't believe this, but..." you look up, pulling Hoseok towards you and kissing him.
"What are you doing? Hoseok tries to say
"Erasing your memory, and creating new ones" You kiss him harder, pushing your tongue into his mouth.
The smell of flowers begins to fill the car, Hoseok opens his eyes, seeing the flowers all around him, a sight he hadn't had since you two had been together. A memory that you were determined to hide in the back of his mind, so that he would never find it again, except by your own hand.
Hoseok pushes you away halfway through the process, before you erase your love from his mind completely.
"No, not that one, please" he says breathlessly, tears at the corners of his eyes slowly coming down.
"Hoseok, do you remember anything?"
"Only from when we first met" he smiles "You were so young, but beautiful. Caring, smiling, just starting high school" he looks at you fully "What have you been doing all this time, lavander?"
"You don't remember" you feel a tear run down your face "great"
"I remember, when you turned 18 and kissed me at your birthday party" he says laughing
"I was crazy, wasn't I?" you laugh together, wiping the tear away
"Your wife, she has powers similar to mine doesn't she?" you ask
"Yes, she does, did I tell you? She is pregnant, before I thought it was strange, but now I am so happy. I'm finally going to be a father!
"That's great! Yes you did, but you have to tell my father soon, he won't be happy about it. When we get back, you could go and talk to your wife, congratulate her for me. "
"Of course, but why are we here?" he says looking at the road.
"OH" you turn red "You wanted to tell me about her pregnancy, you said it was important so we came all the way here. We just left the wedding dress store, for my wedding, with the human"
"Oh yes, yes, I hope so much that you will be happy with him, really, even though he is human."
"Lavander!" Taehyung runs up to you, each step seeing your despondent face and the fake smile as you talked to Hoseok about his wife
"What happened?" he stops worriedly in front of you, asking forgiveness of Hoseok who turns to take a call, and pulls you aside "You erased his memories didn't you?"
"Yes" you look down, a tear running down your cheek. Taehyung pulls you against his chest, hiding you from the rest of the staff at the entrance of the building.
"Let's go upstairs. You need to warn your father" you nod yes, biting your lower lip.
Taehyung tries to open the door to my room, but you stop him "Let me in your room?" you say, looking up at him and staggering, finally letting the exhaustion of the hypnosis and the sadness overwhelm you.
"Sure" he holds you before you fall to the floor, lifting you in the air and walking to his room "What are you going to do about what you still remember?
"There is no hypnosis strong enough for me, nothing works, I guess I'll just have to live with it, as usual" you say coldly, staring at the ceiling as he enters the dark room
"He forgot how many years?" he lays you down on the bed
"almost 9 years, since we met when I was 12. I've changed our whole story. When I went to erase one memory he broke away from the kiss and stopped me. It was the last thing he did while he still knew what had happened."
"Wow, that's a long time" he sits down across from you " Do you want me to try to find a pureblood with strong hypnosis powers? I know it won't work for a long time, but, it's better until you are with...never mind"
"Hoseok's wife can do that. It didn't even work on him, but it was enough to make him stay with her for a few months, so..."
"Wait, what do you mean? Is she the girl he was talking to on the phone a few months ago? I heard them fighting."
"She's pregnant, that's why"
"Pregnant?" Taehyung shouts without thinking, getting up from the bed
"First, keep your voice down. Second, yes, pregnant, three months pregnant" you lean back on the bed bored
"I can't believe it. That's why he was so happy when you guys got back. When I heard that call, he sounded crazy with rage, he was yelling at the girl, you could hear her crying from far away. I can't believe he can be such an asshole!" Taehyung shouts
"Keep your voice down! I know, he did that when we were together, he cheated on me several times, and that's why I broke up with him.That's what happens when you let a teenager fall for their coach, yet I was hopelessly in love"
"And you didn't give back? I don't believe it.
"I gave, when he came back after me, I had already become what I am now. He had impregnated a human, I broke up with him and he killed her and came to apologize, with her blood on his hands. If it wasn't for my father he would be dead. "
"He...did all this...and you never told me?" Taehyung throws himself on the bed next to you, surrendered
"We're mafia Tae, it happens all the time. By his status, this is confidential business" you lean your head on his shoulder
"You're right, it's better just let it be" he sighs
"He's over 200 years old" you laugh as Taehyung jumps in fright to think how many times he has done this before
"Daddy!" you carefully push open the office door, Taehyung hiding behind you.
"Daughter, I think ... what do you want this time?" he says looking up from the newspaper
"Who still reads newspaper, dad?" you walk in and sit in the chair directly across from him. "And no, I don't need anything... I just came to report something"
"As long as it's not you, once again, complaining about the wedding, it's fine" he puts down the paper "I'm all ears"
"So... I erased Hoseok's memory yesterday" you say smiling and trying to get up, but Taehyung pulls you back.
"Finish talking" Taehyung sits you back down and you face your father, standing there looking at you in disbelief.
"You what?" he stands up, slamming his hands on the table.
"I know where I got that from? Dad, he's the one who asked, he only remembers when we met and how much we adored each other" you lick your lips and look away "It was better for him and his wife, I shouldn't tell you, but -she is pregnant, only me, Taehyung and you know about it. They haven't even told her parents."
"You.... him...her?" he sits back down, defeated by your latest ruse. He wanting it or not, you were right in what you did "Okay, I'll set rules to his missions, I don't want anything wrong until this child is born"
"Thank you for understanding. I thought I was going to get thrown out the window this time, not Taehyung," you relax in your chair.
"You do a lot for these two. You must finally like someone as much as you like yourself" he says, motioning with his hand for you to leave "I have a meeting in a few minutes...You know that important information about our community is only kept in printed newspapers, Lavander"
You stand up, looking back sadly. No matter how many bad things you had done, he had never reacted this way, let alone with something that would solve many of your father's problems with Hoseok.
"He's angry, very angry," you say gloomily.
"When isn't he? Your father is in as good a mood as you are" he looks at your face.
"It wasn't good, Tae. He's unhappy, the last time this happened, all the employees working in the building that night were turned and a series of mass murders happened in and around the city." You look at him.
"Wasn't that in 1930?" he asks confused.
"Yes! See how hard that is to happen. The worst part is that he had to fire several of the employees so that those who were arrested would have no connection to the company. Taehyung, what I did at the bar was nothing compared to that. That can't happen again. I'm lucky I wasn't born back then, if I had, I might be dead." You push the button and ask for an elevator.
"The laws were extremely worse than they are now. Without the technology to contain us, vampires were killed, without trial and without rights to defend themselves. Many of us were killed through no fault of our own, persecuted then even more than now. If you think it's bad to be a vampire now, it's because you don't know how bad it was before."
"Well, humans have always been afraid of you, I was before too. The legends and everything, it's amazing and frightening too. Why do you think I was afraid of you when I first met you, you have a reputation."
"Taehyung, I've seen vampires killed by humans in the streets, chased, torn to pieces and thrown into the fire. In front of children. That's only because they were too pale, or I their eyes reflected the light. None of them ever defended themselves, attacked or ran away. It was in front of me, I was 4 years old. I have my reasons for hating humans. Until today they were the only ones who showed me reasons to fear and hate. And I am the daughter of the mob boss!"
The elevator arrives, three men inside it stare at you strangely, human by smell.
"We'll finish this talk later, Tae" you say getting into the elevator, Taehyung follows you and you slot into the corner, the three men huddle on the other side.
"Are you the boss's daughter?" the man further back asks "Not to pry, but you guys look alike"
"Yes I am" you say and the three men turn forward.
"I heard you were pretty, but I didn't think so much" the one on the left says, pushing half the buttons on the elevator.
"Thanks, but why the extra floors?" you ask innocently, the same air you exude when talking to unfamiliar humans.
"To ensure a long conversation...vampire" the one on the right says, leaning toward you. Taehyung starts to get apprehensive.
"Did you know that your little friend might be a wanted vampire? Cold-blooded killer, my friend was in that bar, bitch!"
"I don't know what you are talking about" you look at him, deep into his eyes.
"If you use your powers, we can prove who you are. You're not fooling anyone anymore, pathetic"
"Sir, pardon me, but it must be a mistake" Taehyung tries to speak, but the man stares at him harshly.
"She talked you into it? How, sex? You think that being can be human? Perfect in that way? You can't imagine what we would do with her body after she's dead. The pleasure of destroying the monster that you are the way you do to us" he raises your chin with his index finger.
"Wrong move, honey" you say grabbing him by the neck and lifting him in the air, Taehyung pushing himself against the wall "Call Hoseok, ask them to clear the second floor of any humans"
Taehyung picks up his cell phone quickly, finishing dialing when one of the men attacks him.
"What do I do? I can't hold him forever!" he says pushing the man away as the other tries to pull the one in his hands.
"Now you kill!" you smile, your eyes shining.
"Let me give you a history lesson! Nothing ever happens the way you want it to, you disgusting being! We have saved you billions of times, several of the wars you invented were won only thanks to our powers, used in secret at the barricades, surviving on animal blood and rotting bodies! For you to come and tell us that we caused this? Never in history have vampires tried to destroy humans, all the anger we have at you is your own fault, demons!"
"what floor are you guys on?" Hoseok shouts through the cell phone
"13!" you say quickly, throwing the man against the ceiling of the elevator.
"Did you really think you could do something against us?" you laugh "pathetic!"
"Taehyung, stop fooling around, just kill him!" you say, pulling the other man close, wrapping your arm around his neck and pulling him against your chest.
"I can't" he says in a panic
"Ex-humans" you roll your eyes "Now, you. The coward of the group, right? How many kids? 2?" he nods yes "Oh yeah, two more racists. What did you have in mind, to take on a vampire, in an enclosed, small, stifling place" you shake your head "It got hot here" you twist the man's neck, an invigorating snap reverberating through the elevator shaft.
" he's getting more violent" you look at Taehyung and the man in the most pathetic and stupid scene possible. Taehyung holding the man by the collar as he rolls over to hit the boy.
"Aren't you the one who said I killed one of your friends? Look what a coincidence, you'll find him soon, soon."
You pull the man out of Taehyung's hand, tearing a chunk out of his shirt. You lift him over your shoulders, throwing him hard against the ground. "Still alive? okay, again," you say, kneeling over him and punching his head against the floor several times. Blood splatters all over the walls, including Taehyung and his face.
You stand up and lick your fingers "I missed that, too bad he ate too much candy"
"Bloodsucking bitch! I'll kill you!" the first man tries to get up, his voice muddled by the blood in his throat.
"Man, they don't learn" you kick the man in the head, who falls again. You reach down, lifting the nearly unconscious man's chin with your index finger "no, sweetie, I'm going to kill you. Start praying!" you let your claws grow, the tip slowly coming closer to the man's throat.
"Maybe you somehow get to heaven"
When he feels the tip beginning to cut into his skin, his eyes open wide, the smell of his fear spreading through the elevator. You pull your finger out when you realize that your claw has reached a good depth, slitting the man's throat and spurting blood at the elevator door.
As soon as the last drop of blood spurts out, the elevator door opens. Hoseok standing in front of the elevator, his mouth open, ready to say something in the walky-talky.
"I need cleaning in the elevator on the second floor" he says, bending down and looking directly at you, lifting you up and pulling you and Taehyung by the ear.
"What the fuck were you guys THINKING?" he shouts "You killed 3 men inside an elevator on the way to the second floor!"
"In his defense, it was me. In my defense, they were going to kill us, I don't know how, they were going to try" you shrug.
"And you think that justifies making me take out a WHOLE floor of humans just for your lack of control"
"In her defense, they said they were going to rape her dead body" Taehyung speaks and Hoseok slaps his head.
"By the fires of hell, kids!" he throws his head back and you bite your lips, until Taehyung elbows you and you start an elbow fight.
"Stop it! Look, you're only not screwed, because your father is busy and I have a lot, but a lot to clean up!" he says messing with his hair "Go straight back to your rooms, I'll send security guards to each of your doors. SEPARATE!"
"You'll have kids one day too, boring!" you flash your tongue at him, reminding him that he hadn't called his wife yet.
"Look, first of all, I am the boss's daughter and you should obey me. Secondly, I'm not in the mood to listen to you at all," you say as one of the security guards stands in front of your door.
"Superior orders, I must obey your trainer" he says categorically, giving you a gentle shove on the shoulder.
"coach, ridiculous. We haven't trained together since I was 17!"
"Just go into the room, please" he opens the door and you enter. "Have a nice afternoon.
"Asshole" you mutter, closing the door and going straight to your cell phone.
'04:40 p.m. you -Tae? Are you there?
'04:40 p.m. ex-human -That guy threw me into my room and slammed the door. That's unfair, I didn't even do anything! I'm hungry now
'04:41 p.m. you -Well done. I'm going to play, do you want to come in?
4:42 p.m. ex-human -I'M HUNGRY. I'll try to find a a bag of blood in the minibar here.
4:43 p.m. You -. Ask at the front desk, I'm sure they'll send something. Or....
"You should have done as I said and killed the man yourself" you say from his rooms window "open up, it's hot out here"
"You're crazy" he gets up and goes to the window "I should leave you outside"
"You can't" you smile
"Yes I can" he crosses his arms.
"Tae, there are people watching" you raise an eyebrow.
"okaaaaay, I'll open it"
you walk into the room and close the curtain quickly, the sun specifically seemed to burn more today.
"It's tomorrow" Taehyung says sitting up in bed, looking at his cell phone in astonishment
"What's tomorrow?" you sit down next to him, looking at the date the same way he did, but not seeing anything special.
" Your..."he stutters.
"Speak up!" you pat him on the back
"Your wedding" he looks at you startled.
"Dude" you start to cry, drying your tears with your t-shit. "Last day to celebrate, perfect!" you try to smile, but Taehyung doesn't believe you.
"You're... leaving us tomorrow," he says, sadness in his eyes, remembering every single thing you've done together these past weeks. Including what he found out was not a nightmare, but one of your illusions. "You promise not to use your powers on him," he says, pushing the feelings away.
"Why did you hide your sadness? I can feel it, Tae" you hug him "you're still his best friend, aren't you? you'll see a lot of us, I won't be with him that long." you look down "I come to see you every night"
"I'll have to pretend I don't know you" he says, a tear trickles down "will you do me a favor?"
"I will. What?" you smile
"Make me forget you. Make me forget that I love you this way" he bites his lips hard. You slowly pull away from him, in shock at the information.
"Please don't run away. I just want to be able to live with this later" he holds your hand
"Tae, you. you hid it so well, for how long?" you ask squeezing his hand
"Since I saw you, since you healed me that night" he sighs "I don't even know how, or even the exact moment, but I knew I liked you and I couldn't, ever, let anyone know"
"I'll do" you say "But I don't want you to forget me, I won't forget you. You're my best friend now. I can make you not feel what you are feeling right now, but I still want you to know what it feels like to be my friend. A real friend."
You approach him slowly, your hands running down his arms as you play with his clothes. Your smile fades as you come face to face with him. You look deep into his brown eyes.
"That's what that girl felt that day" you laugh "caliente"
"Don't tease what you can't control" he smiles, finally passing his arm around your waist.
"I say the same" you press your lips against his, the warm flesh compared to your own, a characteristic you had only felt in him. You bite down on his lips, pulling the skin until it bleeds and running your tongue over it.
"Warm, soft, delicious. I'm not surprised no one thinks you're a vampire. You're still so human."
"You're cold like I thought you would be" he says into your lips, pulling you into a kiss.
The smell of flowers begins to waft through the room and the atmosphere becomes warm, different from how you both had felt before. The walls fill with flowers and Taehyung opens his eyes quickly to appreciate the wonderful view around him.
He pushes you against the bed, climbing on top of you and lowering himself down to your neck.
He bites your neck, piercing your skin until he can taste your blood. "I'm getting married tomorrow.He'll get suspicious" you laugh.
"Do one on me later, we'll be even" he licks your skin, his tongue hotter than anything you've ever felt
"I've never noticed how sexy your voice is" you moan.
"I've noticed yours" he bites you again "you're as sweet as your scent"
"Stop winding up, I'm not human" you say, trying to get up to put him against the bed, but he holds you back.
"Not with me. That's my way" he holds both your hands with just one of his huge hands, pulling your t-shirt with the other and ripping off your clothes.
"shit" you moan as he takes one of your nipples in his mouth, it's like his hidden talent is completely in his human features. "seriously...I never...shit!" he runs his tongue over the delicate skin and then bites it with his fang "damn, it's sharper than mine"
"I am a new born " he says "Now hold still" he forces you against the bed, slowly passing his hips against yours, letting you feel his rigid member.
Taehyung turns you over, leaving your back to him. Stroking your buttocks and squeezing them hard, making way for his cock.
You wake up to a knock on the door, Taehyung lying on the floor completely naked.
"Answer the door" he says turning away
"Put your clothes on, I'll get the door" you look at the clock and understand why they are looking for you.
"Yeah, but what for?" he opens his eyes as you throw his clothes at him. "Why you're naked? Why am I naked?"
"I am, now get up and get dressed" you whisper
"Coming" you say.
"Hurry. They're coming for you in 10 minutes. I knew you were going to fuck up" Hoseok shouts from the other side, opening a gap in the door. "You're naked, wonderful" he throws his jacket into the room "Put it on, you're coming with me. While you, get dressed and let's go downstairs. You have two minutes." Taehyung nods and runs into the bathroom.
Hoseok pulls you down the hall to your room. "I told you two to stay apart, completely. I saved your asses and this is how you thank me?"
"You wanted me to spend my last night of freedom alone? And I have thank you?" you let go of him and he pushes you against the wall.
"Look here, brat. If it wasn't for what I did for you yesterday, you would have been forcibly married at dawn!" Hoseok shouts and you stare at him in amazement.
"You...yelled at me?" you say low, slipping under his arm and walking straight to your room, taking off the jacket he gave you and throwing it on the floor.
"I still remember some things" he picks up his jacket as you walk into the room and close the door "I still remember your body glued to mine, your skin. All of it, including your kiss, I dreamed of it this night. These are things too strong for you to erase. I just don't remember having feelings for you.Taehyung will remember it too."
You turn your back to the door, letting your body slide across the surface until you hit the floor.
"I don't believe this. It can't be today, it can't be real," you whisper to yourself for five minutes, until someone knocks on the door and a female voice calls out.
"Miss? I came to help you with your dress" you get up, and run to the first sweater you can find.
"Sure, one second" you put on a pair of panties and run to the door.
"Ah yes, there's the angel!" the lady speaks smiling like never before "You need a bath dear, you seem to have sweated a lot tonight. It's the anxiety, isn't it? I was like that at my wedding too" she quickly enters, settling her things on the bed "Would you mind if I had the freedom to call my nephews to do your makeup and hair?" she asks hopefully
"Of course not, I just_" she cuts you off, pushing you into the bathroom.
"You can take a shower, pass as many creams as you want, the more relaxed you are, the better the wedding will be" she says.
"Okay, I will. Thank you" you say closing the door. You hear on the other side the male voice of who you imagine is the lady's nephew.
You turn on the shower and hear low the man saying "She looks like a vampire, Auntie. Shouldn't we call the police?" he says and you startle, leaning against the wall to hear the rest of the conversation.
"No, she is a person like any other, who is going to get married and be happy like any other. Her fiancé is wonderful even though he looks younger than she does. Not exactly my favorite combination, but he is adorable anyway"
"Okay, Auntie" he speaks "Where do I put the case? I've never done makeup on a vampire before"
"Put it on the bed like I did with the dress. She's just a girl, stop being silly boy."
You finish your shower and walk out of the bathroom slowly, wrapped in your towel, since you only had your underwear to wear.
"Look at that, I seem to have a base the color of hers after all" the man says, walking over to you and stroking your face, looking for things he should hide with makeup. "How can a being have such perfect skin. What am I here for? You just made me lose my job" he laughs.
"You can't even hide it" the girl says from the back of the room "Sorry for the trouble, my brother isn't very good at faking things" she says approaching "Now with the hair, I'm going to need some work"
"How you know?" you ask walking slowly between them to the chair
"From the first second I saw you. No human is that way." The lady says. "Your skin is so perfect it even glitters. Young as never seen before, your eyes shine in a way I can't describe"
"Lilac" you say "They glow lilac"
"Does your father know about you?" the man asks "I'm Rendri"
"He knows. We all are" you say "If you can keep that I am, you can keep that my father is too"
"Honey, there's no need to be afraid. I have dressed several vampires in my life, including your mother" she says and you look up
"My mother?"
"Yes, you two look a lot alike. I never heard what happened to her, but we were good friends then. She disappeared out of nowhere."
"She died when I was born. They got married in 1962, I think"
"Oh yes. She was so young, or seemed so. I knew her secret, she had told me when I speculated about her skin. Even though it didn't shine like that movie, you vampire borns have a different glow on your skin that gives you away, you look less human the more you use your unhuman powers"
"So, you know what she looked like" you come closer and she holds your hands
"Exactly like you. Rebellious, annoyed with how you are treated, disgusted with marriage. She hated your father" she rests her forehead against your
"That's nice, Auntie. But we have work to do" Rendri says.
"Of course, of course. Come on" she sits you down in front of the dressing table you hardly ever use.
Rendri had little trouble and finished your make-up quickly so that his sister could do your hair. "There, masterpiece complete. Honestly, do you have any friends that I can do makeup on? Your skin is perfect!"
"I don't have any friends" you say smiling
"Oh, that's too bad. They could be girl friends too, I don't care" he says
"But I think they do, they are members of the mafia. They don't like makeup"
"Any bachelors?" the girl says "I'm Angeline, my brother talks too much"
"Did you hear what I just said? They are mafia, so am I, everyone here is. Even the ones who don't know are part of the scheme" you turn around and she turns your head back to the mirror.
"This is going to take a couple of hours, honey. Don't make the process more difficult" she starts to run a brush through your hair
"Wouldn't it be easier if I just combed my hair and that was it? What time is the nightmare at, I mean wedding?" you laugh
"No, it wouldn't. If we let you, you are going in a mini skirt to the wedding. It's in exactly three hours" Rendri says.
"By the way, where does that name of yours come from?" you ask Rendri.
"Honestly, even my mother doesn't understand where my name came from" he pulls out a chair and sits down beside you "She said my father heard a man in a bar talking, and thought it was pretty. That same night she dreamed up the name and they decided to name me after it"
"It's a word in vampire, you guys didn't even know that existed yet right? It's very old, but some of the older ones can still speak it. It's usually passed down in the noblest families, the purebloods."
"And what do I mean then?" he frowns
"Human" you laugh
"I know I am, but what does it mean?"
"Rendri means human. Actually, it's more like slang for human. It's a very old-fashoned tongue"
"I mean what am I? What the hell" he crosses his arms and throws himself against the chair
"I can call you human, no one will even know why. Ordinary vampires don't know the language, especially after our culture got prohibited and cleared over the books" you turn around and Angeline abruptly turns your head forward.
"You. Have. to. Look. To. the. Front" Angeline says "I don't have elastic arms"
"you're strong, if you weren't human you would have broken my neck" you joke.
"Thank you, this work requires a lot of strength" she continues her work
Angeline finishes your hair quickly, the two hours seem like minutes as you talk to Rendri and decide that humans might not be so bad. Angelina taps you on the shoulder "you can look, I'm done".
"I can't tell you if this looks beautiful, I'm not much into that sort of thing. All I know is that it is, different?" you try to touch your hair and Angeline taps your hand.
"Two hours to finish it. You won't mess it up in two seconds!" you and Rendri laugh
"Honey, get up. We'll need all three of us to put this dress on. I've made some modifications, just additions" The lady says.
"I don't know your name yet, ma'am" you say softly.
"Call me Auntie Rose" she says, positioning you in front of a large mirror "Close your eyes, from now on, it's all up to us"
Within half an hour, the dress was about to be finished "I have never put on something so time consuming" you say, trying to open one eye to peek.
"No looking" Rose says from behind you "There is only one sash left"
Rendri gently puts a blindfold on top of your eyes, to keep you from peeking
"When I put it on it only took me ten minutes" you joke.
"You didn't put it full. There's a lot more than just that. Jewelry, details, leftover fabric, the shoes, the veil, the crown" she says turning back to the bed and picking up the last item that was missing before you opened your eyes.
"Okay, lift this foot" Rendri puts on one of the shoes "Now the other one. There you go. You know, I've always wanted to see a vampire using his powers"
"The only thing I can show you without hurting you, is a special power from my family"
"What? Money?" Angeline laughs
"Hypnosis" you raise an eyebrow
"Show me!" the siblings say in unison
"Now? I'm blindfolded, how will I know what I'm doing?" you smile
"Just do it!"
"Okay" you squeeze your eyes shut, letting your head fall back and slowly raising it. The room fills with a strong scent, much stronger than usual, the flowers on the walls begin to move in the siblings eyes, huge until they turn into colorful swirls. The siblings drop themselves sitting down, surrounded by the psychedelic show all around them. You let yourself go, until Rose touches your shoulder, "Enough. They can't take any more than that, dear."
You shake your head, letting the blindfold fall off "What happened? Are they okay?"
"You still didn't know the extent of your powers, did you? You're the strongest vampire I've ever met. Even though I wasn't part of the hypnosis, I could smell you, your scent changed. I guess you've gone through a phase you didn't even know you were supposed to go through" she laughs "Now, open your eyes"
You open your eyes, the dress was the same, but it seemed to shine even brighter than before. It was divine "It looks wonderful" you say in shock
"Only something worthy of the gods could dress a being as beautiful as you" the lady says.
"Now, we need to go" Angeline says "It took me a while to get back, I have no idea what you did, I just know the trip was good" she laughs
Angeline and Rendri take you to a car placed in the lower garage of the building, always taking care of the dress.
"Miss, you may enter" one of the security guards says "Your father is waiting for you in the church"
"Lavander!" Taehyung yells from afar "I'm coming with you, I'm late!" the security guard rolls his eyes "Ohhhh, hold on, damn, you look amazing. You don't even look-" he brings his hand to his mouth before he can say anything wrong.
You get into the car, Rendri and Angeline heading back to the elevator to pick up their grandmother.
"I can't believe it, it's today. Man, you're getting married." Taehyung keeps saying this for about five minutes before you stop him.
"If you don't stop I'll throw you out of the car" you say "Looks like you're the bride, hell"
"You're going to be late, like every bride" he ignores you "Damn, I can't believe it, I'll see a vam-" you cover his mouth
"Shut up!" you whisper in his ear "He's human, you idiot"
"I was recently turned, ma'am" the driver says "nothing you say will be a spoiler" he laughs
"Well at least you guys are excited about this wedding it seems"
"Honestly, it is exactly what your friend said. I have never seen a vampire marry a human"
"Neither do I, that's why I think it should be canceled and we would turn around. No one else would talk about it"
"Sorry, but we're here" he says laughing "I was very anxious at my wedding too, ma'am"
"Right, looks like it's going to be just like that" you look outside, your father looking at you, frowning as always. But this time you could see some hidden happiness. You get out of the car and Taehyung rushes to help you, your father sends him inside, warning that he would take you himself.
"I am glad you are here. I thought we would have to make up an excuse for 3 more dead humans in your room" he laughs.
"Are you okay?"
"I am, why?"
"You laughed. You must be very happy to solve this problem"
"I'm glad you're getting married" you stop in front of the door, ready to open. You hear the music from inside, people getting up, and the door opens.
You see everyone stunned, not expecting someone like you. You hear people whispering "what is she?", "she doesn't look human, she is beautiful", "how is that possible? I think it's just the make up"
"They are staring" you feel your cheeks turn red
"It's normal, they've never seen a being as radiant and wonderful as you, my child" he squeezes your hand gently.
You look at him, the care and warmth in his voice. You have never heard your father like this, since you knew you were to blame for your mother's death. When you were three years old, your mother became ill, and you insisted on playing with her, using your powers on her. It is rare enough for a vampire to get sick, and you caused her to have a cardiac arrest. You didn't mean to, you didn't even know it had happened.
"Dad, thank you, I guess I'm happy to be here too now."
"You're welcome. I am proud, you are finally going to live as you should, be the woman your mother always dreamed you would be. You already are, brave, beautiful, strong, powerful. But now, you're going to find someone for yourself and be happy, just like she wanted. Even though I had to find him myself "
Your father stops at the edge of the altar, and you face the steps, going up one by one, without looking up. The boy you would be linked to for eternity was standing there, staring at you, waiting to see what you look like. Time stops as soon as you reach the last step, it's as if everything around you has blurred "so this is how they feel?" you smile, stopping in front of the boy without even realizing it.
"Y/n, you look beautiful" you hear the boy's voice coming to you, he lifts your chin with his index finger, making you look at him. A smile spreads across his face, the brightest and most charming smile you have ever seen. "I'm Jungkook, nice to meet you. You look stunning as I imagined"
Wasn't he human?
You look into his eyes for the first time, everything fading away but him. You smile
AN: I wanted to take down the stigma of the weak girl marring the strong, cold and cruel vampire. So I did!😊 Hope you enjoyed the reading. Leave your like and comment if you wish!
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ask-wbp-b · a day ago
Tumblr media
So I redesigned Roxanne cause I felt self conscious for multiple reasons
Silvers Roxanne Uses She/her pronouns, Asexual Likes - Pops- really really likes Pops, Cigarette, How her bangs would sway when she moves in a faster speed, whales, chilling alone in the beach Dislikes - Rayleigh, Marines, Annoying people, Flirty people (will punch you in the gut with no warning or hesitation if you go to far), Whiskey, Lying Fears - Not being able to do anything, Abandonment, Teach, weird... dolls... Habits - instead of inhaling her cig, she usually just lets it sit, and let the smell take over, Touchy with people she's close with, cause she wants to make sure they're there, Looks out the window at nothing for hours sometimes, pushes the tip of a pen to her bottom lip Pet peeves -  Annoying people, getting recognized by bounty hunters or marines Strengths - Armament, Observation, and Conquerers Haki, Flexible body, Nimble as a cat, doesn't get attached easily Weakness - Not that great with emotion controlling, Can't hold a grudge for long, Hates her best alley
- Her wanted poster only says ‘Roxanne’ and no one other than the crew and a few trusted individuals know who her parents are - Has a small WBP tattoo on her wrist, can easily cover it up with gloves - Really mixed feelings on mom - Lowkey dislikes Luffy and his crew - Fuck Rayleigh, all my homies hate Rayleigh no they dont - Actually likes to read with a cup of hot cocoa, bonus if it's the sunrise - Walks indoors with long socks - Enjoy's the third commanders company - Call me 'Baby girl' one more time, dad Rayleigh. I dare you
(Read more for backstory! :D)
Silvers Roxanne, biological child of the dark king himself, Silvers Rayleigh and his partner B (In this specific AU) Roxanne was born on the Moby Dick, living her whole life on the ship with her big family (With Rayleigh coming to visit or vice versa every once in a while) Roxanne grew happily with her big family, living her best life filled with adventures and love, it was, until the Summit war. She made a promise with her mother that they'd go together, to save Ace, but before they left for marineford, B knocked her own daughter out. Leaving Roxanne with her father, Rayleigh on Seabody for her own safety. Roxanne felt extremely betrayed with such action, but what broke her even more was seeing her favorite grandfather die on screen for millions to see. Her emotions got the better of her, making her glitch out in public, forcing her father to have to knock her out. Roxanne woke up at Shakky's only to a note from Rayleigh that he'd promise to come back, him leaving to train Luffy, and leaving her behind. Not knowing where anyone is, her family broken apart, and no one to go to, she spent this year and half mourning by herself, and slowly forming a deep hate for her father- for leaving her behind.
Her mother never returned from the war, and nor her or Rayleigh knows about her whereabouts or if she’s even alive at this point (B doesn’t have a vivire card) B is currently presumed lost or dead. 
Roxanne is currently living with Shakky at the moment
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