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totic · 11 months ago
”One More Life To Go”
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elmobloop · 2 years ago
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birdy boy
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sysig · 2 years ago
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If they say nothing else to each other, please let them say this
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mayflowers07 · 8 months ago
Hermit Character Designs that have little logic behind them but I feel like they would be fun (part two)
Creepers will naturally adapt to better fit the environment they are in. So when Doc’s in a desert for too long, he’ll start growing scales and harder skin so he loses less water from perspiration, and when he’s in the cold for too long he’ll start growing fur for warmth
False is absolutely jacked and real tall but she’s also covered in stretch marks because of that growth. She doesn’t make any effort to get rid of them or hide them, because they’re just part of her body like anything else
Impulse has piercings, specifically a bunch on each ear, a nose ring, and snake bites. Him and Stress look like quite the pair of hard rock drummers
Zedaph will start fading the longer he’s in the Void. His body will slowly start growing duller and duller in colour until he looks like someone applied a black and white filter on him irl. Then he’ll also start going translucent, but he’s never let it get much farther then that because he’s scared of what might happen
If you look close enough at Hypno’s eyes, you can see that the patterns in his irises look like two ticking clocks. The time they display doesn’t match the time in the Overworld or Nether, but no one knows where that time comes from and Hypno won’t say.
Mumbo has two beautiful steampunk style mechanical wings. They’re attached to his back and to his nervous system, so they’re essentially part of his body and he can feel pain in them
Scar has scars all over his body showing the many injuries he’s gotten over the years, but the weird thing is that he’s had those scars since birth. The injuries he get just manage to perfectly match up with his pre-existing scars. He even has scars from injuries he hasn’t gotten yet but knows he will one day. No, he doesn’t know why that is
Bdubs will doodle on himself a lot, jot down ideas on his arms and create small drawings on his legs when he’s bored. But those drawings will also come to life and start moving by themselves, his sketches of birds flying across his shoulders and his leaf drawings growing into trees that stretch across his thighs
Grian always looks like he has a build up of static electricity or is about to be struck by lightning. His hair is always frizzy and standing up, his clothes stick to him and make crackling noises when you peel them off, and small sparks can be seen coming off him when he touches iron or copper
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raylow-enaecodia · 11 months ago
Didn't expect so many people will like my Hermitcraft fan art
I guess we all excited about Season 8
Have a Grian and Dragon egg doodle ~
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leaky-pen · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Did i mention I have secondary hermit designs that are based on children toys/shows/? No? Well now I have. Not all of them are finalized but here's a couple of them I doodled recently.
Grian is a child's drawing. He's scribbled in and 2d. you can see through a lot of him. If he gets too damaged then he has to find some crayons and scribble himself back in. If he can't reach a certain part he gets one of the other hermits to help.
Joe is a puppet. His mouth opens like one and he moves around as if someone was actually moving a puppet. He moves around a lot and even floats around in the air some when expressing strong emotions. He's often the one to help Cleo sew herself back up when she inevitably gets damaged again.
Cleo is a broken down/very well loved/old doll. Her hair is yarn and she's made of fabric and filled with stuffing. She has been sewn back together and repaired many times so she has a lot of stitch marks on her and some of her fabric doesn't match exactly in color. She is missing one eye. She has some twigs and leaves stuck in her hair. She often leaves stuffing behind where she has been.
Mumbo is more of a cartoon character. He's mostly based on the rabbit dude from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. He just kinda hops/shuffles along the ground and it's not clear if he actually has legs? When he speaks his mustache wiggles. Most of his features are covered by hair and no one knows if he even has facial features/limbs.
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blockcraft · 10 months ago
Okay so I've been on vacation and I left my tablet at home. But. I have ibis paint on my phone (which I do not know how to use)
BUT. I've gotten into an au on here by @lockoutkey called Cryptid Roomies au and it has been on my mind ever since and so I doodled this
Tumblr media
"...Hey, Grian?"
"Do you ever feel like... Something is missing?"
"...Yeah. Yeah, I... I do."
(I just think,,, Gem Pearl and Grian friendship,,, is AMAZING,, and I have so many thoughts about them)
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boatem-stims · 4 months ago
ello ello @poisonheartfrog i was your secret valentine ! i actually stepped a bit far from the comfort zone and wrote you a small 3rd life scar piece for you @mcytblr-valentine-grams !
Scar currently sits on a blanket, on some of the many stacks of sand the humble empire belongs to. His back is resting against the side of Pizza who also rests behind him, as he, Scar, scratches line after line into his book.
Usually, he could come up with the words, silly and eccentric and twisting and if he dared considered, poetic.
So, with these blessed talents,, there he was with his second favorite in command, trying to write nice notes to those with his friend passes. Scar tried to consider that it was because he only truly spent time with Grian, that it was hard to really personalize his words for his other allies. Everyone else was so far away behind the wall of cactus after all.
It had been a few hours into the day yet he only had one drafted for Joel and that was it. He did also have a few more hours until his companion-beyond-contract would be back home. And not wanting to be caught in his act, he desperately set up a new draft, page clear except for a small doodle of Etho's cat in the right hand corner.
"Dear Grian (my friend!),
how is your day today? no i would have asked that to him already"
He turned to a new page, this one truly new. Except for the wavy corner from some spilled water now dried.
"Hello Grian, my friend!
When you are reading this, which you are now by the way, know that im I am so very happy you stayed here when you didn't have to.
I know you don't like it here
I know other company is far but don't consider that a bias when I say yours is my favorite. Yes, even more than Pizza or Bubbles, or even that cat I almost got to bring home to us.
To be honest when I don't plan ahead for it I feel lost when you leave
I hope when you are out with our allies you can boast about how helpful I am! It is hard work protecting our empire while on my own. Not that I ever am, of course Pizza is here always (except for when he wasn't) with me too."
Maybe that was a good enough start, Grian should be almost home. Better put his book somewhere safe to continue tomorrow before Valentine's so he doesn't forget about it.
He would forget about it between his other chores of the day, it was his turn to go out talking to people and looking for more resources to bring home and to tend to their small farm, which left Grian as the one to try out experimental traps and "spruce up" their not spruce made build (this meant the least favorite past time of them both, the chest sorting). Which led him to a book, it was an overloved and poorly hand bound leather notebook in a chest it didn't belong in without any knowledge of what it was for other than it was his partner's. It was slightly bulging, too many pages crumpled with stickers and new separate pages added and even the occasional trinket Scar had accepted as flat enough to be taped or glued in.
Grian could sneak a peek. After all, it's just a button waiting for a press, no harm.
And no harm indeed, but just Grian speaking aloud into their storage room with a fond smile, and the opening of a chest to put it right back, safe in its forgotten spot with a new entry. On a fresh, clean and new page now soiled with writing of a new hand.
"Hey Scar,
I'm proud of you for staying alive this far.
Thank you for that."
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doeblossom · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay so there was this whiteboard hosted by @poyezda and i was ORIGINALLY just gonna hang out but i ended up drawing and had a lot of fun;; im not used to drawing on whiteboard or anything so this was a lot of fun!! i also spruced up a couple of doodles hehe
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tried to stick to drawing hermits, but brainrot overcame me and i inserted a few creators into my MLP AU. fun fact, ive never drawn hermits before! at least, in my memory. this was great.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
excuse the lazy background here. but yes, of course, i had to put mumbo and grian in here. i might be biased. i might have favorites. but thats fine :]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
THANK YOU TO WHOEVER GOT BDUBS MCDONALDS!! this is so cute im crying.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyways yeaahhh! lots of fun :D 10/10, highly recommended. there are so many others who participated and made some gorgeous content!! huge thanks to poyezda for hosting, i think it's reblogging everyone so go check out their profiles :D
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goodvibesprompttime · 9 months ago
The Ghost In The Stairwell
Hermitcraft, baby!
Warning - pretty dark au for some funky block peeps, walk cautiously!
All the hermits live in an apartment that has been renovated some odd years before, because the school that used it previously sold it
Now, much to the surprise to the hermits: someone is always singing on the stairwell, but when they go to investigate... no one is there.
Most of them assume “oh, its just a pesky student” or “oh, its just my imagination, one of the other tenants must be in music. Whatever”
Then, they all start seeing someone leaning against the top most railing
“Does anyone know the brunette at the top of the stairs?”
Plot twist, not really: It’s Grian
After escaping and barely surviving Y#ndere Highschool, Grian managed to attend the previously mentioned school... unfortunately, a particular rabbit managed to follow him and, well, he’s a ghost for a reason
Grian is a pretty friendly, but skittish, ghost - always happy for an audience, but don’t get too close. Keep your distance.
Some hermits describe him to the apartment manager, who knows who they’re talking about. Many people come and go because of Grian, because, no matter how many times it’s explained to them, they don’t understand that he’s harmless. Well, the hermits do, and, although a couple of them don’t want to meddle in the affairs of the dead, the rest want to help put Grian to rest
The apartment manager offers something valuable: a journal with a combination lock.
They explain that Grian didn’t live alone before his death. He had a boyfriend... but his boyfriend disappeared when the investigation closed, leaving behind the journal. People always suspected his boyfriend murdered him, even more so after he disappeared, but his alibi was far too strong for anything conclusive. 
The manager explains they tried to open the lock before, but couldn’t figure it out. (could go the death day/dating anniversary route for the combination, or just have a hermit break the lock-)
The journal is full of entries, seeming to have endless pages of writing and evidence - most of which seems to be something out of a horror movie.
Crazed school, eldritch magic, eldritch deities, aliens, clones that die left and right, demons, the yakuza, forcing a friend to pretend to be another friend, etc. 
However, upon opening the cover, there is a folded paper with a rabbit doodled on the front, that, when opened, says in frantic writing:
To whoever opened this, You’ve opened a rabbit hole you cannot escape. I don’t know why you opened this, and for your safety and mine, I hope we never meet. I suggest closing this book and locking it tight.  Yes, I know who killed Grian. Yes, I have evidence. No, I could not take this to the police. The rabbit had prepared everything months in advance, and kept the police under his thumb. He knew where we escaped to for months. No, you cannot bring the evidence to the police. It’s dangerous. The only way to end this nightmare, and bring Grian and I peace, is to kill the rabbit.  If you continue, I pray to whatever God exists that they are merciful, and give you the strength to do what needs to be done. Hell makes fools of us all, Taurtis
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moobloom-kin-haven · 9 days ago
inbox check? /nf
hope the mods are taking care of themselves! :D
i believe we have a few inbox checks so ill just do this one, but note that most of us havent seen the blog this morning, this is the first time i've checked !! inbox check is under the cuuuuuut woop !
+ names and icons for kara (dbh) - names completed
+ mythical sausage doodle
+ backrooms!entity schlatt doodle
+ tmc horrorcore icons
+ serena(pokemon) playlist
+ cesar torres genderfluid icons
+ drabble of ghostbur and eret /r
+ papyrus moodboard
+ last life lizzie moodboard
+ 100d slimecicle icons
+ moodboard for adam murray and jonah marshall
+ tl questions for sci-fi dream
+ adam murray moodboard
+ philza shufflemancy
+ non-human dream icons
+ c!dream positivity
+ phantombur names, neos and icons
+ tl questions for mumbo jumbo
+ argbur icons
+ esmp x alsmp noncanon tl questions
+ c!skeppy positivity
+ playlist for lastlife!xisuma
+ warden(mc) stimboard
+ elden ring slimecicle icons
+ cc!slime icons
+ hypixel!purpled moodboard
+ stim hcs for c!tubbo
+ intersex tommyinnit icons
+ grian tl questions
+ cubfan neopronouns
+ pendulum reading if kin with six (tmc)
+ c!rae(fablesmp) moodboard - (just so you know im positivity screaming over this i love fablesmp)
+ c!schlatt and c!techno stimboard
+ trans icons for jenny from my life as a teenage robot
+ names and neos for las nevadas!tommy
and thats the list at the time of writing !! thank you for everyone requesting, and we'll try to finish as many of these as we can today !!
also, an extra note. if you see any requests later in the list completed, thats usually because another mod is working on it. if there are older requests, the mod who claimed that request is likely doing it !!
have a wonderful day, all !!
-Mod Wil
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hunter-off-the-rails · 20 days ago
Heya uh. Might as well make a pinned post before anything else so-
The name's Hunter, and I'm a fictive in the treehouse sys! @treehouse-sys-rambles is our collective blog, mostly reblogs of whatever the hosts are interested in at the time though. This is just my side blog- @grian-but-cubed is the grian's shared side blog too if your interested, though they haven't posted much-
Basic dni, dont be a dick, remember that though I'm super close to my source doesn't mean that you can compare me to the cannon in-source hunter, and last but not least endos DNI.
Tumblr media
Any other owl house fictives/introjects, please interact, I miss you guys <3
Dms are always open! If you wanna chat about source, just talk in general, pretty much anything honestly. I just like talking to people- :D
I use he/him mostly and I'm somewhere on the aroace spectrum, though I do like to label myself as mlm-
Hunter's doodles - self explanatory, just my drawings
//hunter vents - vent-ish stuff, hopefully won't do too many of these but just there for anyone who wants to block it-
Home sick hunter - just rambles about source/any source memorys I have.
Hunter re-blogs - anything I've rebloged
Ask box is open!
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sysig · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a few Grians
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loud-whistling-yes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Inktober day 1 dump is here! I've decided instead of doing high quality drawings of one challenge I'll be doing simple pencil drawings of multiple ones to 1. Save time and 2. Have much more fun with the choices
(Captions for each drawing under cut)
Hermittober: to be honest I've never drawn a hermit in this drawing style before (I've drawn them chibi-like on my doodle blog) so I'm pretty proud of how this came out. Anyways yeah Grian
OCtober: my frequently drawn OC as of late, my dsmpsona Emma who has went through too many design changes to count
DSMPtober: I mean... If we're counting like canon canon then it'd be Karl but Drista is so much cooler than everyone else on this server /lh
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furrysmp · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My brain said “make him a cat” and so I did
also, I think the pun is pretty witty
oh my god so much ranting to do aaa
well, as usual the wings are my lazy version of falcon wings because it fits with how he uses an alytra to fly then drop and fly again, really like it for him.
I do actually love the pun, but my brain is half puns half panic pretty much constantly, so.
anyways, the fur pattern for the ears and tail are burrowed from Maui! because it was either that or make his hair gray which I cannot do, even if it makes slightly more sense with the colors of the wings.
also, I know its not very obvious but I tweaked with his eyes a bit for this design?
like, not only did I decide to lean more towards the reds in the brown, and I gave him cat pupils bc Kitty, but like. the thing birds of prey and some kinds of cats have in the outside of their eyes that makes their vision super sharp? I kinda gave him that. I forgot if it has a name or not but its the middle of the night and Im in pain so thats the last of my concerns
absolutely love what i do with his shoes, and now the bit that looks like digitigrade feet on the cap also makes sense bc hes a gryphon
yeah this was supposed to be part of a set of doodles for the 100 hours trio so I’ll probably do those at some point this weekend, I have many doodles to make, I just had to start with the grian ones because Kitty and bc he’s my favorite mcyt of all times ^^”
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hiolair-h · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I posted 101 times in 2021
28 posts created (28%)
73 posts reblogged (72%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 2.6 posts.
I added 67 tags in 2021
#arknights - 13 posts
#hermitcraft - 12 posts
#grian - 12 posts
#last life smp - 6 posts
#gacha pulls - 5 posts
#last life spoilers - 5 posts
#art - 4 posts
#goodtimeswithscar - 4 posts
#conviction arknights - 3 posts
#arknights headcanons - 3 posts
Longest Tag: 78 characters
#rngesus??? are you actually real????? should i start worshipping you???? (/hj)
My Top Posts in 2021
hermitcraft specializes in obscure sports. here, take two examples:
barbie car racing and professional tag.
now you may be wondering. "what?" and to that i answer, "i dont know lol"
but here is the idea:
barbie car racing
grian brought it up for fun once and some of the engineers (namely iskall, etho, and doc of all players) got into it immediately
so they bought a bunch of stupid little toy cars and modified them to be Cooler
grian got scar to help him build a track, and he even got mumbo to help work on their tiny stupid (/fond) cars
they all just find it rlly funny when they crash and have to sprint through the finish, but they all cheer once a hermit crosses the finish line
doc has become so good at this its genuinely terrifying
professional tag
also grian introduced. cause tag. except it was introduced later, in season 8. cause pearl also knows how to play pro tag ok i dont make the rules
(rules o the game: there is a chaser and an evader. the chaser is given 20 seconds to tag the evader. a point is only given if the evader lasts 20 seconds. the arena is small, with many bars and platforms to create a more complex terrain.)
grian was bored one day so he made an arena. pearl saw him buildin it n was like "ayo we should play sometime" n grian was like "ye sure"
he got scar to be the announcer, n soon mumbo n impulse started betting on who would win a round
word gets around fast in hermitcraft, so soon a bunch of other players came to watch. and then grian n pearl hired them onto their teams
theyre called team sun (grian) and team moon (pearl) cause them [fond]
idk whod be good at what but i just think its very funny to imagine someone like xisuma or mumbo vaulting over a table and full on sprinting at someone only for that someone to slide underneath a nearby platform
please add more if you have more these are rlly funny to me
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i know im a few days late but.......
Tumblr media
for him. fantastic job to the orange ocelots of mcc17. i mean all of them were so good but me being me and fixating on grian give you the he. he deserves that win. have a good one grian
91 notes • Posted 2021-09-21 23:09:16 GMT
when you start out by making a doodle page, draw grian, add some design thing youve been wanting to try out, color said grian, and end up making it not a doodle page anymore
Tumblr media
whoops! all grian
n e ways i just like the idea of eldritch watcher grian with skin that is literally a portal to the void and far too many eyes. and wings. lots of those. i thoroughly enjoyed making this one.... more fuel to the grian brainrot fire.........
129 notes • Posted 2021-08-02 15:50:25 GMT
yall remember the post i made about barbie car racing
Tumblr media
take a doc. pro barbie jeep toy racer doc.
hes gonna try his hardest to run someone over on the way downhill. he will also win. this is inevitable
(he fits!! right?? he can totally get out. yeah!! didnt take him and ren nearly 10 minutes to try and get out without breaking the tiny copper walls. nope!! /s)
192 notes • Posted 2021-11-24 23:17:21 GMT
quick last life animatic (not canon compliant but like. cool to consider.)
imagine mumbo really does go after grian. and imagine he has burnt away all that makes him but his flesh and his bloodlust.
mumbo isn't such a nice guy now.
223 notes • Posted 2021-11-01 04:34:12 GMT
Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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heyhelloitsk · a year ago
[drapes myself over my cat tower] hey, I was considering looking into hermitcraft. dyou have any recommendations?
First of all, spectacular entrance anon, you have given me two mental images here that are absolutely hilarious
One: you are a person cooly leaning across a cat tower that is very clearly leaning and falling over as you speak. Or, Two: you are a very tiny cat upon the top of a cat tree looking down at me smugly as you ask this, but specifically in an ms paint doodle style. I applaud you on your vibes for both.
Now, onto the Hermitcraft!
(Note from future Mattie, this was so much longer than intended that there is now a read more, hope you’re ready for a lot of typing)
There are! 23 active Hermits playing on the hermitcraft server at the minute! That is a lot of people, and there for a lot of styles of content! I could give you my personal ‘hey i watch these people’ but it might not be what you’re looking for so! First off, hermit flow charts for what kind of content they make (Taken from Reddit):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Large charts I know, but there are many people and it really does help!
Next, you may be thinking hey, there’s 7 seasons of this! Where do I start?
Well dear anon, that, doesn’t actually matter much. As in like, you really don’t need to start at the beginning. You can go back at anytime but there’s not exactly anything crucial to the point where you need to go back unless you want to at a later time for more content and to get a few in jokes. I’d recommend just staying with season 7! We’re getting close to the end of season 7, not like soon, maybe a few months? But like you know, you should be good there, and there’s plenty of content!
So you’ve gone through the flow chart, while whoever you get content wise might be what you’re looking for, their vibes might not! High energy, low energy, their episode pacing, it just might not be what you’re looking for at the minute!
While I cant exactly give you a clip of one of ever hermits episode to chose who’s editing is what you enjoy, I can offer you advice of what will pretty much happen because of this: You will watch the first few episodes and end up with multiple people you wan to check out from their vibes. You do not enter hermitcraft and come out with one content creator, you usually end up with like, 5, or more, probably more.
So! Don’t worry about going to them when you first start. Like really, ultimately the pacing is up to you and you really might end up watching just one or two people! But just, don’t overwhelm yourself when you first begin, if there’s anything important going on you’ll usually hear about at least a little what other people are doing, there’s no story stuff really so don’t worry on missing out on stuff. It’s just individual person and projects experience :)
And finally, because I’m not one to miss an opportunity, you do get a list of the hermits I have watched to varying degrees! I’m not going to pass up the ability to go ‘hey! this persons cool!’ in no particular order aside from numbering for the sake of list.
1. Joe Hills - His vibes are absolutely immaculate, you are going to be incredibly confused and baffled or completely vibing but either way next thing you know you’re completely sucked in and excited about the poetry at the end of the episodes. That’s the joe hills difference! (Also if you manage to catch a joe stream I recommend it because theres just, so much more vibes there)
2. BdoubleO100 - oh my god his builds. i would die for this mans builds. his houses????? oh my god??? the interiors,, the exteriors!! Also he’s just!! Vibes but like Unhinged in the most loving way possible!  I think? He was a radio host like actually at some point? I dont know if my brain made that up but his vocal range is wild and it is the most entertaining engaging narrating I know of dude
3. Zedaph - god these really are just based on vibes, but more vibes!! Very very good vibes he makes me very happy. His editing is wonderful and his intro is very fun. The most understable and enjoyable redstone shenanigenry and general shenaniganry i have ever encountered. just,,, zedaph,,
4. RenDog - Now, I have not watched a single hermitcraft episode from this man but I have watched about 7 hours worth of streaming from him over the past two days and feel like he should be here
5. TangoTek- Same reason as above, I watch his streams only but once you see his creations you will get it this man is absolutely amazing at what he does also good vibes and absolutely entertaining i adore the him
6. Goodtimeswithscar - By far very high up on the oh my god this man and can build and oh my god this man has the best vibes. Shenaniganry! Very very fun! Building and things and part of some of the big server stuff! :D Scar!
7. Grian - You probably know him, very big builds and crimes! Chaos! Really did prank his neighbor on the first day of the server and I respect him for it. Usually the cause of the main server events. Actually though the tone of his videos are rather chill and is generally considered very good for people starting out with HC! Also obligatory good vibes.
8. Ethoslab - Final one! Etho, reasoning: Etho
But yeah!! Feel free to ask me anything you’d like and good luck with your hermitcrafting!! Hope you find some good fun from it! :D
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sweetest-honeybee · a year ago
Info dump info dump info dump -That other Bee🏵 (and if that doesn't work as one just give me random facts and bits abt it I wanna hear more about it :DDDD)
Okay here we go::
Oli will begin using redstone and will pick up on it quickly, it’s actually not as hard to use as he thought it might be
Oli will learn combat, mostly with a sword. He’s not as great with long range like bows, crossbows, and tridents. He’s actually pretty great after a few hours trying it out!
The evil hermits will be briefly present in this fic
Aisling is incredibly kind like most of the watchers but our main antagonist is one of the meaner ones
The other irl hermits will be present in MUCH later chapters
Mumbo just really loves Kubo, he loves that dog so so much. He wants a Kubo of his own.
There will be a moment later on where the irl Xisuma will get a sort of bee skin of his own (among others, I will draw this later if I have time, I’ve been wanting to doodle it for days)
Oli, and the other MC hermits, will visit older season servers and he will probably cry, can’t guarantee lol
There will be some angsty bits, especially because Oli and Mumbo will be incredibly homesick for the majority of the story
Xisuma has connections with the watchers but shhh I won’t go further.....
The wither effect is the WORST and burns like a bitch
So does lava
Oli almost dies MANY times and will never get to see if he can respawn, neither will Mumbo in the irl universe. They’re not risking anything.
To pass some time, Oli started playing Decked Out, didn’t get too far in the game, but it’s incredibly fun to play it in person even if he also got his ass chewed by ravagers
Vexes are ADORABLE little deadly things
Cub and Scar have vex magic
Grian has watcher magic
Xisuma has admin magic
Grumbot is the sweetest and loves Oli a lot. Sometimes when Oli is feeling homesick, hell go to visit and chat with Grumbot for a few hours and the robot will sit and listen patiently.
Potions are one hell of a drug, you can drink them all day.
Beacons are overwhelming if you’ve never been around one before. Especially if they’re at their highest tier and max capacity. That shit will knock you out in the first ten seconds if you waltz on in without some kinda experience beforehand.
Yes, this happened to Oli
Scar’s base is so nice to be in. It’s Oli’s favorite if it’s not Mumbo’s.
Iron golems are sweethearts and like hugs. Threatening, but give them some flowers and they’ll just automatically vow to die for you in any given hostile situation.
Oli got to see the giant map designs (not including Beef’s one of his face)
Annnnndddd that’s all I got for now :)
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chaggle · a year ago
I realized that all I've drawn for the past year and a half is hermitcraft related content (with occasional oc sketch or doodle)
And honestly, I'm not complaining because this is the most I have drawn in years.
I used to start projects that would take several weeks on end to finish and end up burning myself out to point where I hate the finished product. Before the end of last year, I was severely burnt out and didn't draw anything for several months on end. Now I'm experimenting and churning out stuff I'm legitimately proud of.
Just ahhhhh hermitcraft community you're pretty neat, so many talented peeps that are so creative and inspiring
Thanks to all the peeps that follow me n stuff, reblogging my content and making my day B)
Thanks to the neat peeps on the Spau server, the au that kicked off eveything for me (seriously, the watcher shadow grian concept is what got me into experimenting with perspectives n' stuff)
Thanks to my online friends that I can annoy and chat with
Thank you guys all for helping me find my passion in creating art again
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zap-writing · 3 years ago
The sun sets on another day - TRSNS fanfic
@redstone-sun‘s fic fucked me up so I did what I know and wrote about it to cope asdfghjhgf
the basic summary of this fic: Mumbo has a Bad Day(TM) and we stan Good Guy Iskall 
AO3 Link
On days like these, Mumbo felt his guilt like concrete weights tied tight around his throat.
The actual impulses and desires to obey that sanguine call no longer affected him as often as they used to―perhaps out of sheer necessity rather than true recovery, but the fine details didn’t matter. Not to Mumbo at least. The intrusive thoughts and feelings, however, were another story.
Sometimes he wished he could just press a button and fix all of his problems like one would a faulty machine, force him through some kind of psychological reboot. His prescribed process was tedious enough as it was; exposure therapy was a snail’s race by nature, and the transitions were mind-numbingly gradual. From mentions of redstone, to discussions of redstone, to looking at redstone, to touching redstone, to holding redstone, to――
And so on and so forth.
Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and the process was anything but linear and orderly. For a long while it felt like every step he took forward, something would send him three steps and a stumble back. One moment he was setting up semi-complex circuits from memory in his obsidian home, the next Grian would make an off-hand comment about a test contraption one of the hermits built nearly killing him and Mumbo would find himself involuntarily wishing it had.
Those moments scared him. He knew that it wasn’t really him thinking then, that it was just some heinous, corrupted part of him, some deep innate brand of the Red Sun festering behind his eyes. But it wasn’t any less terrifying to catch himself tempted by the crimson voice in the back of his mind that told him he didn’t belong in the overworld, that he needed to continue wiring in the quartz covered plains or he’d never be satisfied, to beg and steal and lie and cheat if it meant getting back to the Sun’s dimension, that if anyone got in his way he had to kill kill kill kill kilL KILL KILL KILL KILL K―
. . .
Those nights, Mumbo felt pain beyond anything he’d known before, from the crescent welts of his fingernails dug deep into the meat of his forearms, to the once-foreign hopelessness that left him wondering why anyone thought he was worth saving anymore.
On days like these, Mumbo found himself convinced that he’d never be released from his blood-stained binds.
It hurt more than he cared to admit, having redstone so intrinsically ruined for him. Sure, he had brute-forced his way into standing it enough to look over blueprints with Iskall and play with it like a child when he was alone, but it was never the same. Nothing compared to the satisfaction of improving on an existing design, nor the pride and excitement of inventing something entirely new.
Inventions. Redstone was such a progressive material, a resource far beyond any of the hermits’ understanding. It was able to do just about anything if only someone could crack the code to get there. Most of them already knew of the wonders it could provide--plenty of the hermits used redstone-based bionics, or at the very least a form of enhancement.
Iskall was no stranger to them, obviously. Perhaps Mumbo shouldn’t have been surprised, then, when the man came to him amidst his wallowing with a stack of crudely arranged notes in hand. He was somehow more chipper and cheeky than usual if the bright smile on his face was anything to go by. There was a proud sort of flourish as he handed the papers to Mumbo, who sat with wariness and confusion. That apprehension, however, was quickly replaced with curiosity.
Blueprints and notes regarding the conception of redstone-powered contraptions and devices would typically be a quick read for Mumbo, but even having been friends with Iskall and Grian for quite some time, there was no way to scan through the chicken-scratch handwriting and less-than discernible doodles in a short amount of time.
Mumbo’s initial attempt at cracking the code that was Iskall’s notes was interrupted not ten seconds in when two loaves of bread, an apple, and a bottle of water was set down in front of him, making him flinch slightly. He stared at the selection for a moment, mouth suddenly dry, before nodding his thanks and reaching for the apple. It was in that instant that Mumbo realized he didn’t remember the last time he had something to eat and swallowed down his embarrassment.
The two men soon fell into silence as Mumbo worked through the notes bit by bit, often pausing to right papers that had somehow folded or flipped upside down in Iskall’s attempt to organize them. Though it took a while, a careful read through informed Mumbo of Iskall’s plans to research a possibility of mechanically repairing his vocal cords.
There was a prominent section on the usage of prismarine crystals and diamond powder to color match the box with his eye prosthetic, and another that explored the possibility of controllable pitch and volume settings.
(In a better scenario, Mumbo would have been terrified at the possibilities that would come with giving Iskall such power, and even now he wondered who the first prank victim would be.)
All of it was quite clearly in the early stages of development, but Mumbo could help but brighten up at the thought of Iskall being able to talk again. It wasn’t something he liked to think about for long or often, but he missed Iskall’s voice. Before the incident, his friend’s laughs and sly comments were one of the things that helped the days go by, and Mumbo knew he wasn’t the only one who thought so. The man deserved his voice and more for what he’d gone through.
But information on Iskall’s voice-box plans came to an unexpected stop halfway through the stack of notes. Suddenly Mumbo was reading through two different handwriting styles about mechanical joints and synthetic muscle fiber and artificial nerve endings and――
He stopped reading. This section contained far too many things he knew too little about.
Head spinning from unfamiliar jargon, he looked up at Iskall in question.
“F...f-for Gri..ian,” came the harsh rumble from Iskall, startling Mumbo in the process. Both of the men stared at each other for a moment, each sheepish in their own right, before Iskall pulled out a relatively new-looking book and began writing.
[Doc let me take a look at his arm a bit ago and helped me out with the technical stuff. I’m hoping that we can replicate a pair for Grian. Took much more work comin up with this blueprint than it did for my voicebox plan lol ]
Mumbo went from bemused to ecstatic as he read Iskall’s explanation, feeling surprisingly hopeful for the first time in a long time. The sheer thought of his friends getting back what he took from them made his heart swell with guilty joy.
The technician’s part of his brain fired off a million different inquiries about how they could get these plans to work, but his heart ached knowing this was a project he wouldn’t have much part in if any. He didn’t specialize in bionics for one, but even if he felt like dabbling in the expertise for the benefit of his friends, Mumbo didn’t want to get too involved out of fear of relapse.
Especially not after today. He just wasn’t ready.
“These plans are incredible, Iskall.” Mumbo whispered in awe, flipping through both sections of the packet thrice over. A part of him yearned to add notes and suggestions of his own along the margins of the already messy prints, but he swallowed down the eagerness and handed the papers back to Iskall with a shaky hand. Far too fast for him to subdue, bubbling apprehension rose into his chest again as a presence beneath his ribcage scolded him for not ripping the notes to shreds when he had the chance and Mumbo turned away from Iskall in shame. He didn’t even notice himself staring off into the corner of his room until the scratching of a feather pen against paper got his attention again.
[I was hoping you would say that. Wouldn't be Architech patent-worthy without your approval :) ]
Mumbo gave a half-hearted as smile his dear friend stored the notes away in a light blue shulker box he hadn’t seen get brought out. As Iskall packed the box up, a red hot silence burned within the room and Mumbo flushed at the uneasiness of it all, hating the fact that he couldn’t enjoy the company of the people he loved anymore. It made him feel like an ass when he was so unresponsive and caught up in self-pity, but at the same time it felt like acting as if nothing ever happened would be a slap in the face to everyone he wronged. He was halfway through a mental reprimand when Iskall huffed through his nose and came to sit beside him at his birch wood table.
A beat or two passed in silence before a steady hand reached out to fix the uneven part in Mumbo’s hair, smooth out the collar of his dress shirt, and pat him gently on the side of his face. The warmth of Iskall’s hand damn nearly drove Mumbo to tears. With cloudy eyes, he watched as Iskall tilted his head, expression a melancholy mix of fondness and sorrow.
[It’s bad today, huh?]
With a sharp intake of breath and clenched teeth, Mumbo glanced away from Iskall. He’d rather pretend he was fine than admit to the Red Sun’s influence holding strong sway over him today. But before he could come up with something to say, Iskall was already shoving his book back into Mumbo’s hands.
[Don’t try to lie to me, I can see it in your face. And in the stubble on your chin.]
“I…“ Mumbo started, cotton-mouthed and ashamed, closing his eyes to prevent the tears from glossing over his vision.
Sweet scarlet whispers pricked at the back of his head and swirled behind his eyelids, reminding him the Red Sun never sets the Red Sun never sets the Red Sun never sets, and he tensed his jaw to try and drown out the words with a high-pitched strain. The world around him grew warm and tight and dark, and despite his best efforts, the voices seemed to just get louder.
All at once, Mumbo realized that Iskall was pushing at his shoulders and letting out determined, wordless noises as he tried to bring the man from his panic. Mumbo brought down his hands from where he found them pressed firmly against his ears, noticing that his face felt warm and wet. He silently wiped at his cheeks with his sleeve, defeated.
“...Yeah. It is.”
“I-I...It’ss oh-k-kay.” Iskall offered gently, releasing his hold from his friend’s shoulders and sliding them down to his arms as he scanned Mumbo for any more signs of distress. As soon as his hands were free, he reached for his book again.
[It’s a nice day out today. Let’s go for a walk. I’ll shoot Grian a message to meet us in the shopping district.]
Before Mumbo could begin to read, Iskall plucked the book from his hand and began writing frantically, leaving Mumbo to wipe at the heavy tears that pooled over the edge of his eyelids once again.
[Let’s not tell him about my plans yet. I don’t want to get him excited for something that could take months or more to even start on. Promise to keep it a secret for now?]
Mumbo couldn’t help but flash him a warm smile. This man has done so much for both him and Grian even in wake of his own obstacles and responsibilities. There was nothing in this world or the next that Mumbo could offer as retribution.
“Sure thing. You have my word.”
Iskall huffed a laugh, grabbing and immediately shaking Mumbo’s hand with unnecessary earnest.
[Jolly good cheers mate! Let’s get you ready for our stroll, shall we lad? Pip pip!]
With a good-natured roll of his eyes, Mumbo stood from where he’d been sat since early that morning, bones audibly popping from inactivity, and made towards his room to change into a clean white button-up and dress pants, leaving his coat on the bed. It took him a moment to brave the mirror in the corner of his room, but once he could stand to look at his reflection, he made an honest attempt to make himself presentable. After smoothing out the folds and wrinkles in his shirt, Mumbo pulled at his mustache a few times in an attempt to style it, lamenting that he didn’t have the time to shave the shadow from his jaw.
There was a soft, gentle hum from Iskall that got Mumbo’s attention as he exited his room, and he walked closer to read what his friend was saying.
Bashful, Mumbo blushed and shut the book. Compliments always made him somewhat embarrassed before, but it hit him much harder nowadays, especially when he felt bad about not being able to clean up as much as he preferred. Despite his self-consciousness, Mumbo was grateful for Iskall’s encouragement and offered a small smile in thanks.
As he and Iskall locked up his house and began the journey towards the shopping district, Mumbo watched him message Grian and shake with silent laughter―probably at something stupid Grian responded with, knowing them, but he was too engrossed in thought to catch what was said―and noticed that for the first time in a while that he couldn’t hear the honeyed song of the Red Sun, nor could he feel its pull deep within his bones.
Truly, Iskall and Grian were gifts from the universe he didn’t deserve. It was a bloody wonder that they still stood by him after all they went through. Despite everything, his friends still cared for him. Still loved him. There was nothing he could do to repay them for that. And nothing could compare to the outpour of adoration he felt for them in return.
On days like these, with his best friends at his sides, Mumbo felt free.
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