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One more hellu bb french fry UwU ❤

Sansby but cross universe

ship: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

Mhhh another maybe for me, kinda ship it but it’s still like mhh maybe xD

Seen it done a couple of times, it’s been like okayish not something I am overly into, but ok. Most of the time though Sans is usually not depicted in a way I would prefer, usually having him be a bit too ooc I guess for my taste, and have uf grillby been overly perverted and flirty and all touchy feely, in a creepy way.

But when done right tho, then yeah could be pretty good. Can see them fucking at least, not sure romance wise tho, especially since I just think of my own take on uf grillby and then sans and just… yeah damn that would end up a bit badly prolly.

Because I got this thing with my Grillbies, that they all once had a husband and one way or the other said husband died, and it’s something they are unable to let go of thanks to been soul bonded and just overall not been able to let go. And in my own like headcanon, so do I headcanon that UT Grillby and Snas used to be together for awhile, but they broke up since Grillby couldn’t let go, but that they still stayed pretty close friends and so on.

So Sans getting together with another Grillby who have the same kind of thing going on with him, also not to mention the fact I also headcanon my UF grillby been kinda fuck buddies with my Red, questionable about the friends part, so would it turn really fucking sad for Sans xD could be interesting tho, but damn would be hella fucking sad tho pft 

So yeah, it’s a maybe for me! xD

Ask thingie from here ye

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Just finished my last online class. :)

Columbia University’s Class of 2020 is graduating virtually next Wednesday. 🎉🦁

I wish my year at my dream school hadn’t ended like this, but I know someday I’ll be able to look back and be proud to have been part of the class that showed so much perseverance and strength during this crisis. 💙

Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 2020, no matter where you are. You deserve to have your moment.


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galaxy brain idea before i go to bed

send me your underappreciated simpsons faves who do not get any screentime nor content, and i’ll do a lil’ doodle of them! either comment on this post or send me an ask :3 examples could be charlie (the worker at the plant, see idek if he’s got a lastname) or the dancer from belle’s i sketched

and i know it’s all a matter of opinion but please don’t send me characters who already have a lot of screentime/content just because you think they’re underappreciated, i’m just trying to do something nice for my fellow peeps who google their faves and only see screenshots from the one episode they were in plus their own fanart lmao✌️

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ah yes i forgot that i wondered abt this. i had learned this information before, but my brain is made of like, orange flavored jello or smthn.

sometimes i wish i was here to witness s12 when it came out but that means i would’ve had to go through all the glenn drama too and idk if it would’ve been worth it lol

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i stopped watching anime for a looong time and i’ve been getting back into it and why have i just noticed that in most anime all the characters call each other by their last name unless they’re close or have given permission for it. naruto really spoiled the fuck out of me, everyone there calls each other by their first names now i watch stuff like bnha and im like IS HIS NAME IZUKU OR MIDORIYA WHICH ONE IS IT WHAT. and anyway this is a useless text post to say that i am dumb and unobservant as fuck.

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this whole discourse between liking bg and gg is so hateful and unnecessary and I’ve seen so many of my mutuals blogs filled with it lately because people are attacking them for liking boy groups????

music comes in many forms and sounds because people are entitled to make and enjoy what they like to listen to. therefore, people are allowed to like more boy groups than girl groups or vice versa. furthermore, people can like and appreciate both but only stan female groups or boy groups. it’s just a matter of what they enjoy, it’s not because they hate one or the other.

going off of that, I’ve gotten hate for showing my appreciation for female groups on my blog and irl before for a few different reasons. it’s disheartening to hear and see that others (especially females) put other people down when they even slightly like a girl group (or only kinda like them but don’t fully stan them).

a lot of women like to preach pro female thoughts and feminist actions but here we are, hating on each other (not to exclude the men and gender nonconforming and gender neutral crowd here, it’s just that it’s been other females in my personal experience).

I also find it pathetic that the bisexual community is being even more targeted than the rest. we face adversity as it is in life for liking both men and women. i’ve been insulted so many times no matter who I date or like or think is attractive. I go to kpop to feel happy and loved and to appreciate these talented people. but here we are, again, being targeted for liking more male groups than female groups. just because of our sexuality. it’s not like it’s a label that means we have to like an equal portion of female to male groups in the music industry. just like it doesn’t mean we have to like an equal amount of females to males.

people are entitled to their own opinions just like their own music taste and their sexuality. why must people insist to argue and accuse people of not liking one side or the other and furthering it to a hate towards women or an attack on bisexuals. it’s music. let people listen to what they want and if you don’t like it, it’s their music taste so you don’t have to listen to it.

end of thoughts.

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