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getting the hang of drawing these two 💛🧡💛
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skyblue + thorns + tsukishima <3 congrats sm on 200 luv ily
Tumblr media
about. he knows you're exhausted from all the work you're doing. he decided to bring you to a flower field and he thought he might fall in love all over again.
word count. 1.6k
genre & warnings. fluff, timeskip, comedy, established relationship, mentions of overworking, teeny tiny suggestive.
author's note. i was abt to make this angst but changed the last minute >< sorry for getting to this vv late pls enjoy this bc he's done w all the angst we're giving him he says <3 not prfr as usual okay
Tumblr media
“be careful, dumbass.” he expected you to frown at his choice of words, instead you give him a wide smile before doing dances in the middle of the flower field. he pushes his glasses up to his nose to distract himself since he hears the wild beating of his heart. a gasp leaves your lips when your hand touches the different kinds of flowers and you get enchanted when you look at them closely. the azaleas are your favorite because of the bright color it brings to the field and it blends in beautifully. when your boyfriend mentions you’re going here, the hitachi seaside park, it felt like the worries and problems stacking up in your life disappeared for a moment.
you grabbed your blue instax camera and took pictures of the flowers dancing with the wind and took a picture of your boyfriend under the bright sun. you move the polaroid for a few minutes before hiding it in your tote bag before running through the field and imagine as if you were on a music video. he shoved his hands in his pockets, watching you get exhilarated with a smile dancing on his lips. he trails behind you and glance at the tulips few meters from him. he thinks of picking it but he didn't want to cause worry in the field that's suppose to distract you from work. he recalls the trouble he's forced to go through with you since you became a little reckless but he has no regrets, he's done those things with you after all.
"kei! come here!" you wave your hands while he chuckles to himself before taking large strides towards you. you loop your arms together, walking around the field which looks amazing when you're in it. we should come here again, you noted. 
a part of you is relieved that he thought of going here with you to unwind from everything. you recall the time he carried you in bridal style and covered you with blankets, with that you learned that you have no one to blame but yourself. his preposition began when you keep doing that one thing he tells you not to—overworking then excuse it as a way to be productive.
he wasn’t supposed to find you like this.
he wasn’t supposed to see papers and pens scattered around your desk, the cup of coffee in your coaster that he never saw empty in the time he checked up on you. “kei, ten minutes!” you pleaded with a pout on your lips and look at him, your voice laced with desperation because you really needed to finish this email tonight or as your friend quotes, you’re damned. you rub your hands together and shut your eyes, hoping that he wouldn’t protest or flick you in the forehead. your boyfriend sighs in defeat before going back to your shared bedroom, a joyful aura surrounding your face when he didn’t react violently. 
your co-worker messaged you earlier asking about the client’s response about the presentation he did a few days prior. he spams you with messages asking why it is taking so long to hear about the response and while you’re typing, you remembered your conversation with him last friday. you were supposed to email the client and provide him basic information about the presentation and add the link so he can thoroughly look at it. for once, oikawa wasn’t the irresponsible one between the two of you and you swear he’s not going to let you forget about this. damn oikawa, you curse in your head before stretching your arms.
you shoot him a text saying i’ll send it tonight and add emoticons even though it contradicts on what you’re feeling right now. you went through your emails and drafted what you wanted to say, the link, and double checked if there are grammatical mistakes and whatnot. when you’re sending an email to a client without checking the message and the information, it lacks decency and poor time management, that’s what you tell yourself. 
luckily when you overwork you don’t do it for weeks but you force your work and deadlines on a day. when he heard you saying this, you hear his caring boyfriend scolding as you call it and flicks your forehead with a frown on his face but you got a glimpse of his lips twitching afterwards. while you’re mentally panicking on how to finish the email that reaches your standards, tsukishima is laying down, staring at the ceiling with his hand running on the (your) empty side of the bed, looking for your warmth. he misses your gentle touch when you draw miscellaneous shapes on his back.
he hopes you get yourself together and actually takes care of you but he doubts you’ll do that, you’re stubborn and prioritize work over yourself. he slowly sits up and grabs a pillow to put in between his legs before opening his phone, thinking of what to say that’ll get you out of your desk. he tries to remember an activity or a place that you’ve mentioned because he misses seeing you being happy without worrying about deadlines or your co-workers. after looking around the room he sees the tulips he gave a month ago, looking bright and healthy since you insisted on not letting the flowers die. ah i’ve got it she’ll like this, he thought of a place he knows you’ll enjoy and begins to search on his phone, knowing he’s got you wrapped around his finger.
“hey, c’mere for a second.” your boyfriend rests his hands around your shoulders while you hum, your eyes going back and forth to your laptop and the papers around your desk. he knows you wouldn’t budge so he propped his chin on your shoulder, wrapping his long arms around you. “don’t be a brat.” he whispers too close to your ear which makes you pause on typing and look away because now you’re only thinking about how close he is and the way his voice gets low. 
“consider this as your break, you dork.” he lightly flick your forehead before leading you to the room and the way his face turned to a serious one after locking the door raised suspicions in your head. he grabs the wooden stool and sat there while you’re on the edge of the bed, wanting to know his intentions for locking the two of you. “i’m thinking of going out tomorrow,” he started off gently, and right now he waits for your—
“what about my work?” 
“ah ah, stop talking about work, idiot.” he effectively shuts you up when he rests his finger above your lips and when your shoulders slump and let out a sigh, he knows he’s got your full attention. he pushes his glasses up to his nose to focus himself and clears his throat to continue. he’s getting distracted with the way you look adorable with lounge wear.
“we’ll go to the hitachi seaside park, to get your mind off work and stuff…” you couldn’t hide your enthusiasm and squeal repeatedly while moving your feet around the air. the fondness you have for him never decreases but it grew more and more, but you don’t mind at all. your first reaction was to jump at him and wrap your arms around him but seeing the stool he’s sitting on, you didn’t want to risk having injuries. he remembered, you thought while he looks to the side and act nonchalant about it, but the faint redness to his ears going to his neck failed his cover. you opted to grab the dinosaur plush sitting quietly on the bed and lightly hit him with it, convincing him to let loose. the two of you made eye contact and mouthed thanks and your eyes full of sincerity is more than enough for him. he holds your hand and gives it two squeezes, his way of saying no problem, i got you. 
and we ended up here. 
“babe, i know i’m great and i’m flattered but,” you couldn’t continue to talk as laughter bubbles up your chest and clutch your stomach to laugh out loud. he looks like a long stick a few meters away and you walk back to him, twirling so your dress can spin gracefully. he quickly looks at you when he realized what he did, one is stare at you for too long, and two he got caught. you bat your eyelashes to tease him while he curses under his breath. 
you take a quick glance at your bag to see if the polaroid showed the picture already and your mouth parted seeing the result. the picture looks ethereal, the left side too bright because of the sun, the colors of nature and your boyfriend tying everything together. after hiding it in your bag, you offer your hand. 
“let’s go! don’t leave me there.” a pout coming to your lips before intertwining your fingers together and walking around the field in silence. this is what he needed after the games he had, a day to indulge in whatever he wanted, what you wanted. earlier, you're on your favorite restaurant and got a box of desserts to enjoy when you got home. you’re pulling him where the narcissuses flowers are gathered. 
“mhm, hey give me your camera.” you hum to his question, completely focused on the narcissuses. he presses the button beside the camera and tries to find the angle he’s looking for, he also wears the strap to prevent it from falling. it’s his gift to you in the first place. he takes a few steps to the side and angles the camera to his chest and when he takes a look at it, he wants that scene imprinted on his memory forever. your hands almost cupping the white petals, and pretend to blow it and giggles slip from your lips, thinking you look hilarious. the sky behind you creates a happy yet calming atmosphere to the picture, and there’s one thing left to do—
Tumblr media
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CHOICES (Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader)
Tumblr media
# summary: learning about Sakusa's habits became something you grew to love the closer you got to him. However, when it comes to your own completely different habits, you can't stop yourself from wondering why he choose you.
# contains: established relationship, mild angst, soft!bf sakusa and kinda character study ngl,, I also may have suggested something but if you blink you won’t see it tbh lol
# words: ~3.5k
# a/n: I think I have the hard time writing for Sakusa mostly because we are lowkey opposites. I was thinking about it and realized that was actually a fun idea to work with so this lil drabble is probably really self-indulgent,, sorry abt that lol I hope you guys like it tho!! I think there are two things that I'd like to say with this fic. first: changes in a relationship is a sensitive topic and I really tresure staying truth to yourself so ig I really hope that, if any of u ever consider that, think about why and who you’re doing it for,, + ofc, my second point: I love sakusa kiyoomi A wHoLe LOT. that's it, now please, enjoy my poor attempt of characterizing omi in a relationship <3
Tumblr media
Sakusa really, really is the definition of methodical. You've learned that throughout the years of being his friend but, months later into a relationship with him, you realize it's just bit more serious than your thought.
That first time you noticed it's when you visit his apartment for the first time. It's probably the cleanest apartment you've ever seen. Most would guess his house would be as minimalistic as one's place could be — which actually is, but that's what is so surprising about all of this. Sakusa has so many tools, books, cleaning products that's kind of a miracle how he seems to know where everything is, since there's nothing really visible.
Later, you realize that he was being a really good liar when he said he didn’t have any cooking skills, but it caused you to try making you both dinner back then — which is when you find out a hundred of different measuring spoons and cups, at least two types of cookers that you didn't even knew that existed, the nicely wrapped gloves and napkins in another drawer and many other things you have no idea how it works. It's even more amusing the fact you ask him where things are while he was showering and he answers with the exactly place.
You live in the same house for years now and you don't know the exactly drawer your favorite shirt is. You're pretty sure you wouldn't know even if you wore it every day.
When you finished dinner, Sakusa insists for you to wait on the living room but you're more stubborn than he will ever be so he ends up letting you help him with cleaning up everything. You're the one washing everything so that leaves you enough time to watch him cleaning the dishes with a cloth and alcohol first before drying and putting back into the cabinet. There's a small smile on his face when he looks back at you but you don't ask why, still trying to make a mental note to stop using too many dishes next time.
He asks if you're sure you don't want to wait him in the living room, you explain teasingly that you like the view and he leaves you to do your part after rolling his eyes and scoffing at your poor flirting attempts.
That was the first time it clicked to you. It repeats again when you realize he really has a perfect sleeping schedule — or just, overall, perfectly follows his schedule — how easy it's for him to make decisions since he always has a clear goal in mind, and many other things.
Your favorite click happened when you noticed your favorite shampoo on his bathroom and your favorite dessert on his fridge. When you confront him about it while he was cooking dinner for both of you — because there's no way you would try again after discovering how good his food taste — Sakusa just answers with “it doesn't hurt buying one more shampoo, does it?” and shrugs, offering you to taste the soup right after, asking if it's how you like it.
You realize his real answer is that last question.
Tumblr media
One day, Sakusa has to wake up for practice earlier even if it's Saturday, leaving you alone on his room. It takes you a few calls from him to wake up and notice the messages asking if you could drop his bag at the gym on your way home.
[You]: someone is kicking me out, I see
[Kiyoomi]: if I wanted that, you wouldn't be lying on my bed now
[Kiyoomi]: and I would stop inviting you to stay
[Kiyoomi]: besides, you probably forgot, but don't you have a lunch date with a friend today?
That makes you realize Sakusa has more knowledge over your schedule than you do. At least, you feel like you're getting better this. You check his bag to see if something is missing and make sure to add a sanitizer and an extra mask, he probably forgot to organize last night. Considering the events, you wouldn't blame him.
Visiting the Black Jackals during their practices remains one of your favorite things to do. You not only get to chat with amazing people (most times, about Sakusa) but also you would never pass the opportunity of watching Sakusa practicing. It's easy to pretend that those reasons don't include seeing your boyfriend with a sleeveless shirt and trying to get the hair out of his sweaty face when he's smiling like that, but it's not like you have to pretend that much anyway. Sakusa won't really bring up in front of his friends the fact he noticed when your eyes lingered over his arms and thighs, so you should be fine.
When they get a break, he walks over to you with both hands up — which means; no touching, I'm gross. He probably cares about it more than you do but he still winks at you when taking the bag from your hand, some kind of replacement for the not given kiss, which is enough. Atsumu tries to place his arms over Sakusa's shoulder when they walk in your direction to greet you, which makes you laugh at your boyfriend's reaction while actually saying out loud what he meant before — except he's calling Atsumu gross now.
Before any of them can say anything else, your attention is back at your boyfriend when you speak again. “You forgot to add your hand sanitizer and an extra mask, you know?”
“Hm, but they are here.” He says, before letting out a low “oh,” his eyes are back at you when his expression softens. “did I?”
“How do you even remember that?” Bokuto speaks up, and Sakusa slightly flinches when he notices Bokuto had his head almost resting on his shoulder. He doesn't seem to mind when he continues, “I always forget my stuff, I would never remember something like that for someone else.”
You chuckled. “I mean, I don't either. But it's important for him so I guess it's easy to remember.” You explain, shrugging and not really noticing how cheesy that sounded. You don't even have time to look at Sakusa to see his reaction because Atsumu calls for your attention first.
“Do you think you're going to freak out someday? Because of Omi's habits?” He asks, truly curious while resting his arms above Hinata's shoulders now.
You furrowed your eyebrows. “Not really. I mean, it's the same as you guys, right? I just respect him and do what I can do to help, you guys do that without even noticing.” You smile back at them but then, Sakusa cuts you off.
“Miya doesn't.” He speaks, not even looking at the setter in front of you, but you know that smug smile on his face way too much to think he was being serious about it. If anything, he was just paying back because of what Atsumu just asked you.
“Excuse me? I'm really respectful.” He answers, making everybody look back at him. His smile quickly fades when he looks at his side for support. “Come on! Shouyou?”
“I'm sorry, Atsumu...”
“You're all just siding with Omi because y/n is here.” He groans and, when no one answers to that, his expression is even more disappointed. “I wanna die, I hate this team.”
Before he can do anything extra dramatic, Meian appears between you and Sakusa — greeting you briefly — before dragging the others away from you both and saying something about leaving you alone. You start to laugh even harder when you look back at Sakusa, who has an annoyed expression all over your face.
“Don't be mad, he's your biggest fan.” You smile and he scoffs, looking back at you.
“I thought you said that place was yours.” He has a small grin over his lips now and you force yourself to roll you eyes and look away from such tempting invitation.
“Second biggest fan, then.” You giggle, tugging the bag on his hand to take one last look. “Is everything alright? I really forgot about my lunch and I have like third minutes to get ready.”
“It's now,” he nods, taking one last look before tugging your fingertips quickly to make you look back at him. “Thank you.” His voice sound deeper just as does the meaning behind his words.
“You really don't have to.” You smile his way and winking back. “I should go now. See you later?”
He nods, “later.”
Sure enough, after taking one last look at him, you exit the gym and carry on your day.
And, of course, it's not like Bokuto's or Atsumu's word made anything to change the way you think. The way they asked was really harmless and you've had people asking this in malicious ways — to which you gave way more serious (or maybe more childish, depending on their comments) answers.
You knew Sakusa for long enough and that really never bothered you. However, those past few weeks you've had start to wonder if your way to do things actually bothered him. The fact he had to remind you of your schedule today actually just reminded you of that thought.
You know better than to let those insecurities get to you but maybe you're not as strong and heartless as you pretend to be and Sakusa is way more in tune with your emotions than he lets out so, when you met him again on his apartment later that night, he brings up about today's weird behavior. He still waits until after you're both done with dinner and washing the dishes to ask, so he can have you looking into his eyes and being honest.
“Hey, wait.” He says, grabbing your hand when you start walking away from the kitchen.
You give him a confused look, walking back while he takes off his gloves. “Oh sorry, did I forget something?” You walk closer to the sink to check if something still there or if it's still dirty.
“It's not that,” Sakusa sighs, because he's way worst at starting those kind of relationships conversations. That's why he asks more bluntly, “what's wrong?” His voice is softer than you imagine, his back now leaning on the counter while he looks back at you.
And under his intense gaze now, you feel a bit more hesitant. “What do you mean?” You chuckle awkwardly, earning an even more confused expression from Sakusa.
“You're acting weird since you arrived.” He said, furrowed eyebrows and now search for your hands to hold. He gives it a lightly squeezed before asking, “is it because of what happened with the team early?”
Oh, oh. Oh no, that really isn't it.
You don't even have time to consider how he even noticed that before you're already speaking. “No! It isn't, I really don't mind that, Sakusa!” You noticed your voice sounded a bit more desperate than planned, and realized Sakusa probably did too when his eyebrows furrowed even further.
“Then, what is it?” He speaks and that's when you stop to think what even gave it away. Sakusa notices your pause and speaks up again, “I'm not that good at… understanding, I guess. I would appreciate if you could say if something bothers you and I can help with that.” His hand still holds yours, now his thumb is drawing patterns on the back of your hands and you feel like melting from everything about the situation — his soft touch, warm gaze and genuine words.
And it's somewhat funny how Sakusa thinks he's bad at communication when he's the one trying the hardest now. He may be blunt most of times but that actually never became a bad thing, not when it showed how much he cared about everything in your relationship. It's almost as if he put you and this relationship on his top priorities — and you know that, for this reason, you will never be able to repay him enough. Especially trying to hide your insecurities, to which Sakusa always end up finding out sooner or later.
There's a warm feeling creeping up your neck when you decide to look into his eyes again. “Am I that transparent to you?”
Sakusa's expression doesn't change when he shrugs and speaks up again, in a quiet voice. “You're acting too cautious around me,” but he let a small and almost imperceptible smile appear over his lips before adding, “that's not my y/n.”
Sakusa watches you pausing and looking into his eyes, trying to find something else in this statement until your eyes sink to the floor between both of you. None of you really move, he doesn't let go of your hand nor does he stop caressing your fingers, but he also can see the way your gaze switches hesitantly. It makes him wonder for a few seconds, asking himself if he said something wrong or anything like that — but it doesn't seem like it, right? In the past years you always got all giggles whenever he said that, so why did that change now?
“Wouldn't it be better if I were though?” Your voice is so quiet you're almost whispering when you add. “Cautious, like you.”
Sakusa is so confused he just can't say anything else besides, “where is this coming from?”
You realize what you said just then, when his eyes seemed to burn into you to understand what was going on. He doesn't move his hand for a split second but then he's caressing your wrists now and you suddenly feel so dumb about voicing it out. It's not like it's his problem though — that's something you should worry about it. Sakusa already has too much to think about, right?
You stumble upon your words when you try to fake a genuine laugh. “You know what? Forget it.” You smile at him and tries to pull his hands. “Let's go watch some-”
“Y/n,” he calls, and you stop moving altogether.
Maybe it's because, after all those years, you started to feel way too much comfort in Sakusa's hands. Maybe it's because everything he ever did always made you feel like home. But whenever he said your name like that, almost as if he had too much to say and everything could fit into your name, it always made your heart skip a beat.
And your heart aches at the weight of his low voice, the way his hold tightened around your wrist to bring you slightly closer to him again. He wouldn’t understand it if you tried to tell him, but Sakusa's presence has always felt inviting and right now, when his hand let go of yours and find them resting on your waist, you want nothing more than to just embrace him and forget about all this.
However, contrary to popular belief, Sakusa always loved talking if that matter was something he considered important. It eases your heart to think that and watch him come up with words to tell you.
“I love you, I'm sorry I don't say that enough.”
“What?” You abruptly lock eyes with him, furrowing your eyebrows. “Kiyoomi, no. That's not-”
“You didn't let me get to my point.” He says, calmly and with a gentle smile adoring his face. His hand now met each other on your back when he takes a step closer. Sakusa making the first move to show affection isn't entirely new, but still somewhat rare — that's the only think that could distract you from overthinking what he just said and make you focus entirely on him. “You really think I could handle dating someone like me?” He pauses, cocking his head when you continue staring at him. Sakusa smiles again, softly. “Answer me, love.”
“I mean, if you put it like that, maybe not.” You sigh, slightly embarrassed and starting to look around. “I just thought-”
“Yeah, you were wrong.” Sakusa's hand holds your jaw now so you could look into his eyes, serious one more time. “I choose you because I love everything about us and I wouldn't change a thing about it. It's that simple.”
There's something about the fact that he said us and not only you that makes your heart skip a beat one more time. You chuckle awkwardly at him, giving him a questioning look before speaking again. “I'm a mess.”
He looks at you and seems to consider this. It's weird, because you're different from him in many aspects but you have never been careless about anything and you always dealt with his quirks just like he did with yours. You respect and loved each other's differences all the same, and that seemed like all the conclusion he needed to continue.
“I'm too, just in a different sense, so it's alright.” And then, Sakusa lets out that rare and blessed sound of him laughing that makes you want to clingy too close to the point where you can hear his laugh even louder. He shrugs this time, a more playful look when he adds, “besides, I like taking care of you.” And you start to feel it's somewhat illegal for him to say those cute things without warning you first.
Then, he pauses first but you don’t realize that not even all the warnings in the world could prepare you for his next words. “Don't doubt us like that again, alright? You're everything I need.” He concludes, placing one last peck on your forehead.
He says the word us again and that makes you realize the meaning of everything he said and finally understand the way he thinks about this. The way he wanted to help when he felt something was wrong as much as you always wanted to help in creating a comfortable space for him. However, Sakusa doesn't said it out loud, he doesn't say a lot of things out loud, but the only explanation you have for that one pronoun he used is that he wanted to show you that you're not alone in this — you're both together.
Despite all that, you have him by your side and you will grow together if that's what you both needed to — and hopefully, with that, your love will also grow. But for now, Sakusa just wanted to make sure you understood that he doesn't want to change anything. That everything is perfect the way it's — that you're perfect for him the way you are. He doesn't say it out loud but he says it when his fingers go back to your waist to hold you tighter on the spot so he could kiss your cheek one last time.
He almost looks reluctantly when he pulls back but then, he looks at you, and your heart do that one weird flip it always does whenever he looks at you with that gentle and warming fire in his eyes. “Lead the way.” He whispers.
“Hm?” You almost break the moment when you distance yourself from him, pulling him away from the kitchen counter by the hand while giggling. “Is the living room enough for you, Your Highness? What more do you want?”
He rolls his eyes. “Nothing, just make out with you.” He says, hands on your waist again to guide you to walk faster. “Actually, you're too slow.”
Of course, you oblige. That's it, until you stopped walking to give him a questioning look again. Sakusa always caught you off guard with how blunt he can be, today is no different. “We are- What?”
“You don't want to?” He asks, and still has the nerve to tilt his head to the side.
As if you could ever say no to that.
Later that night, with your legs around his waist and his hands on your lower back and pulling you closer, Sakusa fails to avoid the skin to skin contact and places his dominant arm above your shoulders — his fingers tangles on your hair and his thumb on your chin when he placed slow and warming kisses from your lips to your collarbones. But most importantly, Sakusa doesn't fail to tell you how much he loves you, over and over again through the whole night — somewhat hoping you wouldn't get tired of hearing it because he planned to make it a way more usual occurrence in your dialogue through the day.
He also loves the smile on your face whenever he says that, so it's a win for both.
Sakusa is not the best with words but he would try for you, meanwhile, you'd kept blessing him with just being you every day. He may be cautious and even doubtful about a lot of things, however, his love for you is something he's most certainly of. Despite not believing this ideal too much, if he was being honest, Sakusa is pretty sure he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life trying to convince you how perfect you're for him, in your own imperfect way.
If he gets to spend that time with you, it's already better than anything else he could even plan for himself.
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Thanks @withbeautyandrage for tagging me!
Rules : Answer 30 questions (Any questions of your choice) and tag 20 at most blogs you want to get to know better
Tagging @freckles-spangledvampire @anotherbeingsworld @bisexualdumbass-blog @lolimugly @ohnobbwhatisyoudoing @oxjenayxo + others who wants to do it as well!
name/nickname: i usually go by belle, and sometimes ria! i think im fine with any nickname tbh ;-;
gender: female (bi)
zodiac sign: aries!
height: THIS IS EMBARRASSING but im 5 flat 😭
birthday: 15th april
lucky number: actually none...?
when did you create this blog: october 2020
what do i post: everything that i like, welcome to my home ☺
last thing i googled: microscopic image of a sea urchin's test*s ( for uni ;;)
do i get asks: not much, except from my friends, so thank you to them. i get excuse to avoid uni work 🤩
why did i choose my url: i change my url according to what my current focus is. i used to be rookitcarrera when i was posting much abt choices but i am now more focused on twc and mason doesnt have a last name so :") sorry my url is literally the product of my one braincell
my current project and my wips: ooooh i actually have so much that i want to continue writing 😭 as of now im focused with this untitled collection featuring UB though and i really hope i can finish them soon.
favorite artists: OMG i have so much?? but these days i'm listening much from taylor swift, kodaline, day6, and paramore. im trapped in a mood ;-;
song stuck in my head: iris by goo goo dolls because ive been associating it with mason and now it wont leave my head because;; my head is in a 24/7 mason spree rn
favorite song of all time: OOOH again, i have so many but i would say taylor swift's fearless (it has a special place in my heart), the one by kodaline, endlessly by the cab, and lifetime by ben&ben!
last movie: the avengers! i just watched it earlier
last show: merlin! i only started watching it bc i saw gwaine but like now i am genuinely enjoying it so i started from the beginning ;-;
favorite food: a lot ,, im a foodie??? foods i can eat everyday though: pizza, burger, aglio olio, ice cream, and cookies.
food i hate: hate is absolutely a strong word, but i cant eat matcha that much;-; and oh, okra.
favorite color: blue. pastel and dark green. pastel orange. wine red. lilac and lavender purple. i just... love colors HSHDHSHF
favorite animal: dogs, water bears, and oh no how can you make me choose? animals are the best things in the planet ever 🥺
what i'm currently wearing: a bralette top and pajama shorts, i'm still in bed soooo
dream job: i always wanted to be a pediatrician, or a cardio-thoracic surgeon, so any of the twooo
dream trip: Santorini, Greece (aka the place which convinced me that travelling the world would be so nice )
currently reading: do school stuff count?? i cant read books these days because i have so many readings in uni UDJAJSJJD
currently thinking about: mason. him and the answers for these questions 😌
fun fact: when i am not okay or hella serious i literally dont use emojis, dont do keyboard smash, and i type with proper punctuations ( I TYPE LIKE CRAZY WHEN IN NORMAL MODE SO ://) anyway IDK if that was a fun fact, so here's another: i'm literally a very weak and clumsy person so i literally tripped and fell more than i can count my whole life. are these okay for fun facts?
top three fictional universes: dps, twc, and any universe with royals ;;
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fiovske · a year ago
Wasn't trying to say we can't criticize Liam, just wondering where the pattern idea came from. We have one character (Vax) that is the only finished example to point to. Caleb's story is still in progress so tough to call either way. I hope it ends up better than the Vax situation, just pointing out that we don't know yet.
I don't understand why y'all come to talk to me about him when you aren't going to like what I say and are going to specifically ignore the patterns that are already there in his romantic preferences, it's like you need me to spell out the obvious for you and write an essay on why falling for the exterior-happy-girl and being grumpy about it until she caves and reciprocates his feelings isn't something his characters have a tendency to do throughout both campaigns while also, on the side, encouraging and exploiting the feelings of a purple mage for goods/spells. maybe don't try to make me feel like I'm delusional when really, im just good at being perceptive? it's like you need me to keep repeating myself for no reason at all just for the sake of provoking an argument that I don't wanna have. just because c2's character's arc hasn't ended YET doesn't mean ppl can't see where it is/was headed and where it could swerve given the circumstances or even player choices. he's not that unpredictable, I've discovered.
please stop talking to me about him like. it's ok u like him, I'm not stopping you. it's ok if u don't see the patterns and wanna live in wilful ignorance it's ok if his portrayal of his character feels like good rep to you. it doesn't to me and we can agree to disagree on that. so far, in c2 it's felt like he was gunning for the same kinda tropey romance as C1, but in the eventuality of it not working out since she is not someone he can wear down in that sense this time, he's going for the alternatives which are either his ex from the CA and if THAT doesn't work out he'll settle for the purple mage.
I'm allowed my assumptions, that are based on facts. I'm allowed to be weary bc I've been burned by content creators before and I've also witnessed explicitly better rep thats taught me I don't wanna fight for table scraps.
I don't even post about him or anything if not answering asks like I don't make these posts out of my own volition or try to bring it to his attention, hell I don't even maintag any of these. so why do y'all get so defensive abt him geez. you don't really sound as rational as you think you do when you constantly keep asking me to repeat myself and exhaust the both of us. please use critical thinking skills and use ur time doing better, more productive things. I'm at least trying to.
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gothicmisa · a year ago
mikalight :)
hi alex ily im assuming you want. all of them. valid of u. ill be answering as if this was an au where theyre both prosecutors, not kira.1 - who is a morning person and who is a night person?mikami is extremely routine-oriented and wakes up at the same time early every morning. light hates mornings but he does most of his work in the mid-morning/early-afternoon, so not exactly either.2 - who is more romantic?light! light likes big gestures and grandiose displays of affection. he likes the attention. 3 - who goes out of their way to pick something up from the store just to surprise the other with their favorite thing?mikami likes to stop at the grocery store and get light little snacks!! light loves knowing that mikami was thinking abt him.4- who usually cooks?light is the better cook, but i think they cook together on occasion :-)5 - what’s their favorite way to spend time together?mikami and light are both very focused on their work and enjoy being productive. i think they both rlly enjoy just. working in the same room together. they talk a little or ramble about their latest cases while typing up documents or sending emails. they order ubereats and silently wonder if the other person is judging them for their choice of meal (light gets a salad and mikami gets a sandwich)6 - do they celebrate couples’ holidays? (valentines day, sweetest day, christmas in some cultures?)light doesn't like to admit it because he thinks it makes him look frivolous and shallow, but he secretly thinks couples holidays are wonderful. it takes mikami a while to figure out why light looks so disappointed every christmas when he doesn't go all out with some grand romantic gesture, but he does eventually and starts making an effort to get light little gifts. 7 - where did they meet?in university! they met in an upper-level ethics class where there was like. twelve students total. they were in a lot of prereqs together but never noticed each other-- light was too wrapped up in thinking he was too smart for the basic classes and that he should try to test out, mikami was taking extremely intense notes. 8 - who made the first move?light. absolutely. do you think mikami is capable of making a life-changing decision like that? light starts by flirting relentlessly and mikami stays up late at night googling things like "is it flirting when he plays with your hair?" 9 - who does the PDA and who gets embarrassed about it?i dont think either are very fond of pda-- its kind of inappropriate and unsightly in japanese culture to be all over your significant other in public. however, i do think light occasionally pats mikami on the butt. 10 - do they have pets?hmm. maybe if they moved in together they'd get a cat! i just like the idea of light having a cat ok11 - if they fight, what do they argue about?they share a lot of opinions on politics, ethics, and morality, but i think they butt heads pretty frequently. they both can be confrontational at times, what with mikami's unwavering opinions and light's tendency to think he can do no wrong. light polices mikami's tone on occasion. light gets prickly when mikami doesn't respond to him exactly the way light Thinks he should. mikami usually won't start a fight, but he can get frustrated with light when light wants to disrupt his routine in favor of doing some spontaneous activity.12 - who kills the bugs?light refuses to. mikami gently captures them and puts them outside. its inhumane to kill them! 13 - who steals all of the blankets at night?light. they actually have two different blankets on their shared bed now, which is for the best, anyway-- light prefers a thick comforter and mikami likes a thinner blanket.14 - who is cranky before their morning coffee?mikami is used to getting up at a certain time and he likes it that way, so he doesn't get cranky in the mornings. light tends to be a little more random with his sleep schedule (staying up late to finish his paperwork, researching specific cases for references at one in the morning, etc) and gets less sleep because of it. he's very cranky in the mornings. 15 - who is the gay who drives?they can both drive.16 - who gets jealous?light is a very jealous person. he gets very passive aggressive at times, which goes completely over mikami's head. 17 - who is the most patient?mikami. light likes to do the Most to hurry things along because he hates wasting his time. 18 - does one of them do most of the housework, or do they share the responsibilities?mikami does a lot of the cleaning, but they're both pretty organized people, so it isn't a lot. for some things, they split the chores-- if light cooks, mikami washes the dishes after, etc.19 - who is more uptight?mikami... 20 - who says “i love you” first?light says i love you first and mikami gets so flustered he says "thank you?"21 - who argues with the manager?light demands that his salad at the restaurant is free because he asked for reduced fat shredded cheese and they gave him regular cheddar. 22 - how does the other one respond while the first one argues with the manager?mikami just folds his hands and waits for light to be done before tipping the waiter generously for being so gracious throughout light's temper tantrum.23 - which one has improper knife safety and which one drives the other to the hospital?i don't think this applies to either of them, sorry!24 - what pizza toppings do each get and are they able to compromise?i love this question because i had to google "popular pizza toppings in japan" and was met with very exciting results. mikami is pretty tame when it comes to his pizza-- he prefers margherita pizza 100%, very simple, healthier than other choices, just slices of mozzarella, only a little bit of sauce, and basil. if they're ordering out, light just splits mikami's pizza with him, but light secretly likes mayonnaise, white corn, and grilled shrimp on his pizzas. guilty pleasures. 25 - who takes longer showers?light loves taking obscenely long showers and they're lucky mikami prefers to shower after he goes to the gym, otherwise their shower schedules would clash.26 - who takes the longest to get ready?light. he deliberates over every outfit. he has to look his best.27 - who is the most concerned about their appearance?light cares more on a day-to-day basis, but mikami gets worried about light being embarrassed to be seen with him, so he has a whole selection of outfits and suits just for the days they're going to be out in public together. 28 - how do they take care of each other when they’re sick?neither of them are incredibly doting, but light will go out of his way to pick up some soup for mikami, and mikami will dictate light's business emails as light verbally tells him exactly how to write them even though he called in to work that day.29 - where was their first date?i think the line between dating and not dating was a little blurry for them but it was probably something very low key. a coffee shop or a cafe. 30 - personal random headcanon?light is very amused by mikami. at first it was kind of mean, like, light just being entertained by this weirdo in his ethics class, but eventually light fell head over heels. light still loves to fluster him and finds his odd little habits and routines rather charming. mikami, several years into their relationship, is still shocked that someone like light is interested in him.
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miss-mollys-ballet-blog · a year ago
“oh my godddd kokoreva and putintsev are debuting as kitri and basilio on oct17!!! i'm so excited and happy for them, kokoreva has always shown promise and putintsev is amazing in giselle! krysanova and lantratov have a show on the 18 and they rarely dance in DQ together at bolshoi as well so i'm sooo hyped”
That’s so exciting for Kokoreva and Putintsev!  I agree both of them are great and we’ve seen Kokoreva dance the act 3 PDD and she was quite charming in it!  Krysanova and Lantratov are always electric in DQ so I’m jealous of the audience that night!!
“I know you dislike ratmansky, but I think his neoclassical ballets are not THAT bad (not his reconstructions). Especially his RnJ, we all love Grigorovich’s more but I think one review perfectly encapsulated why people tend to prefer Grigorovich but are still v moved by Ratmansky’s version: “Grigorovich’s is made for the Bolshoi stage and Ratmansky’s for the big screen”. Looking back, I agree. The leads in the broadcast are breathtakingly amazing but Grigorovich’s general production is better”
The only one of his neoclassical ballets I like any part of is Concerto DSCH and only the adagio.  I cannot stand anything else he does and Pierrot Lunaire makes me want to curl in a ball and die.  I saw a video of Renata Shakirova, one of my favorites, dance that piece and I couldn’t even finish it because it’s so bad.  I hate his R&J, it’s just...not enjoyable to me at all.  The Bolshoi was going to be bringing it to where I live and normally I would have bought tickets to at least 2 shows, but because it was that piece I only bought one night.  I try to watch everything he does, I give it a fair chance, but I can’t even find anything just “meh”, it’s all awful for me.  Maybe I just don’t have broad enough or sophisticated enough tastes, but I actively dislike his works.
“Klim Efimov is v underappreciated especially by the audience👀 I’m glad he’s getting bigger roles, I hope he gets promoted soon. Imo BT‘s so slow with giving opportunities to men. Male soloist places have been quite outdated and bare compared to the women, like give him some credit, he’s dancing big soloist roles why is he still in the corps? He kind of reminds me of Ruslan and Tissi (don’t hate me lmao I just think he’s v elegant, and v precise that’s why I said Ruslan) ; what do you think?”
Klim Efimov is a very very clean dancer, especially with petite allegro.  He has beautiful lines and I agree that he is quite elegant.  I wouldn’t say he reminds me of Skvortsov, there really isn’t anyone who reminds me of Skvortsov, but I agree that he is very elegant and precise.  Men really don’t get that many opportunities at the Bolshoi because one thing that is done well is principal roles generally go to principal men, which is quite respectable in my opinion.  I also hope Efimov gets promoted soon, he should be a soloist.  
“Who is the worst director? If feel like it is a tie between Vaziev McKenzie, both are underusing the company's potential. Vaziev is blatantly ignoring the Bolshoi's heritage by discarding Grigorovich's productions and favoring the Vaganova style. But I feel like McKenzie is doing more damage with his tone deaf gala, the secret showing of Manon for donors, underusing qualified dancers, overusing unqualified dancers to jump on trends and risking financial ruin. Although has struggled financially before. So who knows, if he is responsible... I'm also wondering who are the best directors. NYCB's digital season was quite well done. Apart from that nobody stands clearly out.”
McKenzie is absolutely fucking atrocious, I would say he’s the worst.  I don’t know how ABT is going to survive not having any sort of season, I really don’t.  I would say the next two are Fateyev (Mariinsky) and Vaziev (Bolshoi).  Fateyev is responsible for hires and promotions that are questionable at best and downright awful at worst.  Vaziev is also responsible for not great promotions, but his biggest error is getting rid of Grigorovich in favor of the absolute horrific Ratmansky.  Being a fan focused on Russian ballet is heartbreaking because at the moment we’re watching our favorite theatres crumbling apart due to horrible management.  
The best director, IMO, is Kevin O’Hare of the Royal Ballet.  His biggest mistake is not having a Nutcracker season last year, but other than that he’s made some really good choices.  I’ve only disagreed with one of his promotions, but I don’t find it awful, just not the best choice.  I like some of the contemporary repertoire he’s brought in, but he also is constantly keeping the choreographers that really shaped the Royal in McMillan and Ashton.  I’m not the biggest fan of either of them, but they are the backbone of the company’s repertoire and it’s important to keep them in.  
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anti-pasto · a year ago
for the 200 ask thingy, i actually dare you to do all of them. :D
delgaskarthalexhere we go, anon: 
200: My crush’s name is: I don’t have one right now, I don’t get them often (if I ever had a crush at all)
199: I was born in: 2003
198: I am really: A 2005 emo kid x a 2008 scene kid x a 2014 tumblr fangirl x Kyle himself
 197: My cellphone company is: Apple
194: My ring size is: Honestly? No idea. Propose to me with a sword.
 193: My height is: Somewhere between 5′7″ and 5′8″
192: I am allergic to: Nothing I’m aware of 
191: My 1st car was:  94 Station Wagon, by request
190: My 1st job was: being this funny is a full-time gig
 189: Last book you read: Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
188: My bed is: “made”
187: My pet: I have a cat, I love her very much and I will show her to you if you dm me a cursed image
186: My best friend: We don’t use “best friend” for personal reasons, but they’ve been with me since I was 5 so, my one and only Bro
185: My favorite shampoo is: anything with “silky smooth” or “strawberries” on the bottle. i’m not that picky anymore.
184: Xbox or ps3: xbox or ps4  xbox
183: Piggy banks are: really useful
 182: In my pockets: wallet, keys, phone, earbuds, black pen/pencil, earplugs, mini flashlight
 181: On my calendar:  i’m meeting a friend for smoothies tomorrow
 180: Marriage is: something we shouldn’t push so much onto people. it’s a declaration of love, not an end-all fix-all to your life. i can’t ever see myself getting married but who knows!
 179: Spongebob can: continue to be a relevant meme
178: My mom: i mean. we function. i can’t really complain about my family at large but i am defiantly looking forward to living literally as far away from them as i can. 
 177: The last three songs I bought were? psh, you think i pay for music? (folie a deux, lake effect kid, believers never die volume two) (those are albums but its okay)
176: Last YouTube video watched: I watched Markiplier play Uno
175: How many cousins do you have? 11? 12? I lost count
174: Do you have any siblings? I have a brother
 173: Are your parents divorced? Nope!
172: Are you taller than your mom? Yes, I have been for a while
171: Do you play an instrument? dude HECK yeah! i vibe on piano, guitar, ukulele, clarinet, and im a drum major
170: What did you do yesterday? I went on a drive by myself.
 [ I Believe In ] 
169: Love at first sight: Nope.
168: Luck: Yes, but luck is something that can be engineered
167: Fate: To an extent
 166: Yourself: I’d say overall, yeah. I still have doubts tho
165: Aliens: Mmmmmm yeah
 164: Heaven: Yes
163: Hell: Yes
162: God: Yeup
 161: Horoscopes: without an ounce of truth, they would have died a long time ago
160: Soul mates: the greeks had seven words for love. i think we have multiple soul mates to fit each of those categories. there are definitely people we’re just meant to vibe with
159: Ghosts: i want to say yes but i really dont know
158: Gay Marriage: yes. its 2020. grow up.
157: War: in theory? no. war is kinda messed up. in reality? not everyone is going to be down to nice diplomatic conflict resolution, and not everyone is just gonna leave people *countries* they don’t like alone, so...
156: Orbs: ??? energies are real
155: Magic: vibes are real
 [ This or That ]
 154: Hugs or Kisses: hugs
153: Drunk or High: i am a child of jesus
152: Phone or Online: online
 151: Red heads or Black haired:  irdc but black hair bc i am Emo
150: Blondes or Brunettes: blonde?? ig?? easier to dye
149: Hot or cold: hot weather + cold rooms
148: Summer or winter: summer
147: Autumn or Spring: autum (screw spring)
 146: Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
145: Night or Day: night
 144: Oranges or Apples: oranges (better to share with homies)
 143: Curly or Straight hair: i dont care but curly
 142: McDonalds or Burger King: mcdonald give iced coffee
141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: dark chocolate
 140: Mac or PC: pc for vidgya gaemes
139: Flip flops or high heals: ...converse. please. i cant walk properly in either of those
 138: Ugly and rich OR sweet and poor: sweet and poor 
 137: Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
136: Hillary or Obama: this is kinda outdated but obama
135: Burried or cremated: cremated i aint watch spn for nothin
134: Singing or Dancing: singing. at least that gets better with practice
133: Coach or Chanel: chanel (thank u mr frank ocean and also the neighborhood)
 132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: whomst
 131: Small town or Big city: big city and if you say small town you’ve never lived in a small town
 130: Wal-Mart or Target: target
 129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: who tf is this
 128: Manicure or Pedicure: idk dude probably pedicure i don’t like people touching my hands and i use them for too much to get my nails done
127: East Coast or West Coast: hnngggggggg west coast has more to do but east coast has better beaches and 
126: Your Birthday or Christmas: birthday 
125: Chocolate or Flowers: chocolate bc then i can give u some
124: Disney or Six Flags: ive only been to disney so disney (though i AM a HARDCORE rollercoaster stan so it wouldnt take much for me to say six flags)
123: Yankees or Red Sox: what 
 [ Here’s What I Think About ]
 122: War: unfortunately sometimes necessary but not as a first resort i went over this already 
 121: George Bush: is that the shoe guy?
 120: Gay Marriage:  be gay. do crime. kiss wife. or husband. or partner. basically, hell yeah
119: The presidential election: america need 2 b single and focus on herself
 118: Abortion: pro-choice and that choice should be made by the one carrying the baby
117: MySpace: tumblr’s dad
116: Reality TV: don’t talk to about abt this
 115: Parents: disgusting. go to therapy. 
114: Back stabbers: if you’re gonna stab me in the back, pull my lungs through my ribcage bc that’s what my ancestor’s ghosts are gonna do to you (thanks great (x a few times) grandma viking ily thanks for the hair:) )
113: Ebay: good for merch and selling books
 112: Facebook: zuck my dick, data-theif
111: Work: i like doing work? like- i enjoy completing tasks and seeing my hard work pay off? it’s not that bad?
110: My Neighbors: old. boring. want me to babysit for free.
109: Gas Prices: i cant really complain rn they’re kinda low and im a little broke so
108: Designer Clothes: i vibe to them, honestly
 107: College: not for everyone but definitely for me
106: Sports: marching band is a sport marching band is a sport marching band is a sport marching band is a sport marching band is a sport but only technically speaking though you can make fair comparisons to sports such as cheer, and gymnastics where the idea is to put on a show and receive a score in the form of competition. 
 105: My family: disgusting
104: The future: the future doesn’t exist
 [ Last time I ] 
103: Hugged someone: god, don’t ask me this
 102: Last time you ate: uhhh like 9 hours ago? it was dinner and i had pizza
 101: Saw someone I haven’t seen in awhile: three or four weeks ago by best bro came to visit and we vibed
100: Cried in front of someone: i finished twist and shout at school at the end of a very bad week. it was only a few tears but that’s as close as i get to crying
99: Went to a movie theater: whenever the last star wars movie came out
98: Took a vacation: last year i went to dc over summer break to see the Smithsonian, it was a lot of fun. i was supposed to go to altanta and florida this year but that didn’t happen for reasons
 97: Swam in a pool: last week
 96: Changed a diaper: never
 95: Got my nails done: never
 94: Went to a wedding: its been at least 6 years dude
93: Broke a bone: never, somehow
 92: Got a peircing: nope
91: Broke the law: technically, yesterday. 55 is too slow
90: Texted: just now
 [ MISC ] 
89: Who makes you laugh the most: the person in my snap named “junior”
88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is: my cat
87: The last movie I saw: probably into the spiderverse
86: The thing that I’m looking forward to the most: things going back to normal. or somewhat normal. i need school to have a schedule bc i absolutely cannot force myself to function without outside influence
 85: The thing im not looking forward to: ironically, school in the fall. the way we’re going back is going to wreck me more than lockdown already has
 84: People call me: i only ft one of my bros and they know who tf they are if you ask to ft you’re getting fuckin blocked mate i dont do that shit video calls are for WORK and SCHOOL thats IT. but ppl call me by my nickname irl, i go by screech on here. 
83: The most difficult thing to do is: listen to my parent’s political opinions? live in a small town? force myself to be productive without a physical influence and reminder? put up with that one dude?
82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: nope
 81: My zodiac sign is: scoprio/leo/gemini
80: The first person i talked to today was: the potential bassist for our potential band? 
79: First time you had a crush: uhh im still not sure if it was a crush but i wanted them to myself and they wanted (and got) someone better. we were just friends so it doesn’t really matter
 78: The one person who i can’t hide things from: the person on snap named “the great oracle”
77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: yesterday, it was my brother
 76: Right now I am talking to: in order of snap names, “vibin ~[^.^]~”, “russian umbrella”, and “mom” (not really)
75: What are you going to do when you grow up: hopefully, a job that makes me happy
74: I have/will get a job: as soon as i know what’s going on with school. but like as an adult? wherever will hire me and pay my fairly. being a barista would be fun, but at a local place (not in my current town)
73: Tomorrow: ???? time for bad poetry: tomorrow i will see my friend/ admist this lasting chaos/ we will be each other’s solitude/ while sharing fruity drinks/ and when we both come home/ a smile we will bring
72: Today: idk what this means so more poetry: today i will be sleep deprived as always/ i will think of them and weep/ but no tears will fall from my eyes/ for i know there is a reason/ we went our own way
 71: Next Summer: i fr dont know whats goin on so: next summer i will be/ as happy as can be/ because i will be in pain no longer/ the earth is sure to heal/ and i will heal with her/ so i can enjoy/ the heatwave of next summer
70: Next Weekend: next weekend i will spend/ my days wasting away/ maybe ill finish hannibal/ again/ not that serial killers make the dopamine stay/ i will not see my friends/ or talk to my family/ i will seldom eat/ and live off coffee/ this has been my life/ all quarintine/ god someone please help me
 69: I have these pets: i have four cats, three chickens, and a dog
 68: The worst sound in the world: my dad and grandpa talking
 67: The person that makes me cry the most is: Them
 66: People that make you happy: snap name time: the great oracle, junior, vibin ~[^.^]~, russian umbrella, mom, hero, booby-king 48, go to bed, son, pooper trooper, mac&cheese, plain egg biscuit, apple pie
 65: Last time I cried: i dont cry bitch (last week over officals that cant make up they gottdamned mindes)
64: My friends are: my family and i would die for each and all of them
 63: My computer is: an old hp but it play gaemes real good so it okie
 62: My School: is trash but the band pops off
61: My Car: old, fast, clean
60: I lose all respect for people who: are my dad
 59: The movie I cried at was: i cried over big hero six
 58: Your hair color is: blonde
57: TV shows you watch: supernatural, good omens, hannibal, parks and rec
56: Favorite web site: this hellsite or youtube
 55: Your dream vacation: out of the country with beautiful beaches, amazing food, and my best friend
54: The worst pain I was ever in was: the time i split the back of my head open, the time i split my chin open, and the time my then best friend said they didn’t want to talk to me anymore. i’ll let you guess which one hurt the most and which one i think about every fucking day
53: How do you like your steak cooked: medium or medium well. 
52: My room is: clean and a reflection of myself, or so i’ve been told
51: My favorite celebrity is: i do not engage in celebrity worship. ill follow them and reblog gifs/interviews but i dont really have a favorite. the less i know abt them the better.
 50: Where would you like to be: my own apartment in nyc
49: Do you want children: FUCK THEM KIDS BRO
 48: Ever been in love: i dont know if it was love. i dont know if it was a crush. what i do know id that i was attached and they didn’t feel the same, and why would they?
 47: Who’s your best friend: we dont really use best friend bc but “the great oracle” “junior” and “vibin ~[^.^]~”
46: More guy friends or girl friends: its 50/50
45: One thing that makes you feel great is: goin fast, the beach, playin video games
44: One person that you wish you could see right now: them
43: Do you have a 5 year plan: go to college, earn degree
 42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die: commit arson
 41: Have you pre-named your children: FUCK. THEM. KIDS. BRO.
40: Last person I got mad at: they do not understand that they do not know everything about something they’re not even involved in yet
39: I would like to move to: new zealand
38: I wish I was a professional: artist? musican? youtuber? who knows
 [ My Favorites ] 
37: Candy: nerds
36: Vehicle: 1970 mustang gt
 35: President: jfk only bc his assassination is the only good thing abt american history the rest of it is fucked up and shouldn’t have happened. also jfk’s song in assassians the musical goes hard
34: State visited: california
 33: Cellphone provider: verizon? apple? idfk
32: Athlete: what is sport
31: Actor: i don't watch shows or movies
30: Actress: i do not consume media
29: Singer: alex gaskarth or alexander deleon
 28: Band: fall out boy 
 27: Clothing store: hot topic (i will not apologize)
 26: Grocery store: okay harris teeter fucks but lidil’s has aloe vera juice and target at 9 pm energy so idk man 
25: TV show: supernatural...
24: Movie: big hero 6
 23: Website: tumblr or youtube
 22: Animal: snow leopard 
 21: Theme park: busch gardens bc roller coaster go fast
20: Holiday: christmas
19: Sport to watch: snowboarding bc its like skateboarding but on snow
18: Sport to play: anything with havy footwork (marching band is a sport)
17: Magazine: i do not condume media
16: Book: the ranger’s apprentice series as a whole makes up my all-time one favorite book
 15: Day of the week: friday bc its game day baybey
14: Beach: cocoa beach in florida but also i have so much left to experience 
13: Concert attended: i havent been to any notable gigs but i was supposed to go to hella mega
 12: Thing to cook: pancakes
11: Food: pizza or shushi
 10: Restaurant: chiplote
 9: Radio station: i like my local rock station and my local edm/top 40 station
8: Yankee candle scent: anything smoky or vanilla idc
7: Perfume: chanel no. 5 if i even wear it
6: Flower: Hydrangea
5: Color: orange
 4: Talk show host: cecil palmer
 3: Comedian: john maulaney
 2: Dog breed: yes
1: Did you answer all these truthfully? ;)
That was a trip. But it was fun, please do things like this more often. Also, I don’t consume media by choice. I’m not sheltered I just can’t be bothered, and I have enough going on. That being said I will now be sleeping. Thanks again, Anon, I hope you have fun reading this :D
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ninjamarija · a year ago
A lot of people are reaching out to me subtly about my CSU CAT results - most have been very cautious, initiating small talk before finally projecting the root of their concerns.
Their words were picked carefully, asking what my percentile rank was, and even proceeding to show theirs first, for reasons that could (either) annoy me or flatter me. Truth be told, though, I don't and will never know where the curiosity stems from, or does it even have a root cause at all, besides itself. The stench that reeks from their agendas are purposefully concealed by flowery auras that served rose-colored vision to me. (Or that is what I make myself believe, at least, not wanting to delve in the despair that came along with knowing that most people are satisfied in bringing me down, tested and proven, that is.)
Given the decision of projecting a question mark as to what my rank was, most would probably assume that with the meticulously competitive nature I possess, I might have fell under my standards with the exam. Most would probably assume I could not take the burden of having below average rank after being hailed Valedictorian of my elementary class as well as thriving for 6 years in a Science High School that yields standards no half-hearted individual could endure.
Next on the list, my former colleagues could also be disappointed. They might think my previous relationship's toxicity took its toll on me and stole my focus, and while it did, I knew to myself that the resilience that grew from a part of me that broke isn't a facade, and that the poison of the toxicity that suffocated me was gone the moment I decided to choose saving myself than the relationship I've forged with a guy my age.
On the other hand, I felt a little understood when others respected my choice to keep my score private. They believed I was humble enough to expose myself in anymore praises as I knew to myself that I did good. It was nice having people believe you even with all odds are suggesting you are not someone worthy of that faith.
However, I must break the silence that surrounds the issue that should not even be made a big deal out of. I am fully aware that I must put an end to the mystery that lingers around a stupid 2 digit number with decimal places extended to tens.
In the contrary, this is not just about answering questions and proving doubts otherwise. This is just about.. explaining.. for the sake of venting and undeniably leaving something in this blog to look back at the course of time. Say, a reminder, that who I am is none of their business, and how far I go is exclusive to me and me alone. The path I take and the finish line I establish for myself, how easy and fast I get there, IS MY STANDARD AND MY WILL. MINE ALONE.
I will never be dissuaded that things are better put this way. I will not give you the satisfaction of peace of mind that you got a higher mark, I want you to suffer from the chaos of not knowing others' milestones, because you have your own to focus on. And while I do not have anything against those who are proud of their achievements, I believe that it is unhealthy for the environment that I am exposed to right now to establish such extravaganza. The toxicity that lingers around my outer circle makes me vulnerable in more ways than one, hence this "decision-positivity" post.
I strongly stand by the belief that the only competition that I have is myself (obv case subjective). THE MAIN REASON I DID NOT INCLUDE MY PERCENTILE RANK WAS FOR THE BENEFIT OF PEOPLE (INCLUSIVE BUT NOT LIMITED TO MY CIRCLE) AND MYSELF. I DON'T WANT OTHER INDIVIDUALS TO FEEL INFERIOR OVER ME THE SAME WAY I DON'T WANT TO FEEL SUPERIOR OVER THEM, AND THE OTHER WAY AROUND AS I WAS KNOWLEDGEABLE THAT THEY HAVEN'T FOUND THEIR TRUST AMONG THEMSELVES YET. (one of the first few people who asked my abt my rate discussed this with me, and that's when I decided not to post it anymore to prevent further damage to people who might feel the same way)
My victories aren't going to be less of an achievement when I keep them to myself, anyway.
So yes, I got high marks (this is high considering my mental state at the time + my standards) and I am not embarassed with my test results, not really proud of them either, because I was aware of my shortcomings. I may be called humble in a way too.
Lastly, I wanted the best for both sides. I will never risk my mental well being, let alone my principles over something that would not even matter much for the days to come. I also do not want people in my circle to disrupt their progress just because I was above them, nor do I want them to feel skyrocketed just because they had propelled more than me.
In this way, in my own understanding, I could share victories with other people in a way that need not be mentioned, nor conveyed - just a united feeling of delight that we thrived through the same storm, regardless of what boat we are in.
And in the end, we survived.
Tumblr media
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alukaforyou · 2 years ago
hair faq
i did my roots today n took some pics cuz i get hair asks every once in a while :^)
rrrrrrread more for process / tips? idk stuff i do to make it Look Gud xoxo
1. SUPPLIES -loreal quick blue bleach -loreal oreor creme developer 40 vol lol -special effects atomic pink (main dye, diluted) -adore dye blue, purple, brown (misc use, toning, etc. cheapo, and works fine)
Tumblr media
2ish inch roots after first around of bleaching, took abt 20? 25 mins? to apply and let it sit for another 25 mins. saran wrapping ur head + wrapping a towel over it after ur done applying works better for me than just leaving it out & open. no shampoo or conditioner yet just wash the bleach out and dry.
Tumblr media
excuse the horribly bleach-wrecked shirt lol. also try not to wash ur hair like min 3 days before bleaching, it will protect ur scalp! (u can take a shower just.. dont wash ur hair..)
if u got ur roots done perfectly, idk maybe u had someone help but i do the whole shebang Myself, u can skip this nxt bit of bleach round no.2 but i usually need to touch up some spots i missed / are too under-bleached
Tumblr media
its more brown irl but yea touch up time! maybe spot bleached for 30 mins? idk how long it took to apply probs like 5-10 mins or smth
3. DYING(dyeing)
ok so obviously since i am not a pro and i only have 2 hands to work w, if u look carefully, the bleaching isnt totally even but idc really. yesterday i spent like an hr drawing a diamond encrusted accessory and accidentally cut the power to my laptop before saving and i wasnt even mad lol cant be bothered by little things. uneven hair? no problem. anyways, remember that for later! now for the dyeing, theres the dilute w conditioner and apply w a brush method, which i only do after freshly bleaching cuz im a lazy and busy girl, and the dissolve the dye in water and dunk ur head in method, which is quicker, more even coverage, and what i do when the pink gets too faded and its time for a color refresher.
dyeing round 1: conditioner method. take any conditioner of choice and mix the product. i think most (any?) semi permanent / vegetable based dyes that dont require an activator (like manic panic or special effects) mix into conditioner, esp if they are cream type (again, like MP and SE) dont quote me on that tho
Tumblr media
my conditioner happens to be yellow but that wont affect how the dye colors the hair. it just looks yellower in the bowl. conditioner of any color will do, unless it has some kind of dye in it like shimmer lights purple conditioner (which is for toning?) anyway, i only do this method after bleaching because 1. the conditioner is kinda good for ur recently damaged hair ig 2. takes forever to do 3. the coverage isnt totally even? though i think that might be me cuz again i work solooo so... yea i cant do it perfectly lol
ok if u deposited color evenly and perfectly with the conditioner method, u can skip this next part too, but basically, i do another round of dyeing with the dissolved in water method because..........
if i just color w the conditioner, the coverage isnt even, and the coverage isnt even because 1. i didnt apply it perfectly 2. im not using a dye thats much darker than my bleached hair color so any bleaching imperfections will not be covered up by the darker dye 3. because of imperfect bleaching, some parts are a lighter yellow, some parts are a brighter/darker yellow, and other parts are just right, so if i put in pink dye (special effects + conditioner), the lighter parts will be pink, but the darker parts will be orange or remain the same yellow (think of it like this: pink + white (the light areas) = pink, pink + yellow (medium areas) = peach / orange, pink + darker yellow (areas where the dye is lighter than the hair color) = unchanged (cuz the dye is too light)) 
now, if i put in a purply-pink dye (special effects + conditioner + a blue / purple based other dye (like adore)) to counter the darker areas that are turning orange instead of pink (remember, purple and blues are toning colors), the following happens: the darker areas turn pink (because the toner “cancels” out the yellow) but the lighter areas turn too purple (because there is no yellow to “cancel” out, the purple is absorbed as well)
so im in quite a pickle huh? heres an drawing to illustrate my point
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
so to fix the uneven coloration, i dilute my dye in water. special effects and manic panic dont dissolve in room temp water, so i heat up some water, dissolve the dye in there, and pour the concentrated mixture into a large basin. heres a pic of the special effects dissolved in a jar of water and some adore dyes which will be used later
Tumblr media
so this is how it looks like in a big basin in the tub
Tumblr media
just special effects atomic pink. also careful, that stuff stains almost anything, including porcelain sinks /. tubs / etc! now im gonna add a bunch of adore brown and a hint of blue dye, like a Drop
Tumblr media
looks straight up brown in photos but irl its like a browny purple. i put the brown in there cuz it brings down the intensity of the pink cuz i like dusty / dull / greyish pinks rather than bright, saturated pinks. also it looks better on my skin tone B^) because this brown is darker than the darkest parts of my hair, it will evenly color everything! just dunk ya head in and keep checking frequently so u dont accidentally color ur hair too dark / brown or whatever. super quick. v even coverage. the only thing to be careful of is to completely dissolve all dye particles. the adore ones are liquid so i dont need to heat up water and i squeeze them directly into the basin, i just need to mix around with my hand or a brush! if not, the little bits of dark blue or brown dye are gonna get in ur hair and u will come out looking like diavalo lol (which is ok i mean it fades yolo)
heres a before / after of the brown water dye dunking
Tumblr media
if u look carefully, the before is after just the conditioner dye. u can see some parts are peachier and the lighter parts are bight and purply near my cheek. after the brown dye, everything is a little more even, desaturated, and a little darker. its ok if the pink is a bit too dark / brown / purple (remember, i added blue too) etc, cuz it will all fade to a peachy baby pink later. also i find that if u do this, when it fades, everything is more uniform? like it even fades evenly for me idk
Tumblr media
heres the finished product it only took 6 hrs kajdkfhghktj ft. the worlds most grainy photo
Tumblr media
anyways ya the end! happy dying uwu
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rontra · 3 years ago
do you have any recommendations on how to like. Take In Umineko. I think it looks really cool and I’d like to get into it, but there’s a lot of things that are confusing (like all of the different games, the manga, the anime, ect.) and I’m not really sure where to start watching/reading it. Do you have any advice on where the best place to start is?
Tumblr media
Basically, a lot of this depends on you and how you prefer to take in media. People are different after all; some people like reading long novels, some prefer comics, u know! So let’s just go over all the avenues and how to get at them, and the rest is up to you!
I’m gonna make this post very long. VERY VERY LONG. IM SO FUCKn SORyr
First, I’ll talk abt what umineko is; then I’ll discuss the various media; finally, at the end, I’ll write down what I typically recommend to newcomers! SCROLL REALLY FAST TO THE HEADERS IF U HAVE NO TIME FOR MY RAMBLING LOL
So…here we goooo
OR: what the fuck is umineko and why do you want me to read it, diesel?
Since this is a general To Whom It May Concern post: Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Or Umineko: When They Cry, alternatively When The Seagulls Cry) is a murder mystery/fantasy/metafiction visual novel published between 2007 and 2011. I know “murder mystery” and “metafiction” sound pretty boring when you combine them, but trust me–Umineko’s unlike anything you’ve seen, and defies explanation. Still, I’m here to do my best!
Umineko is about a rich and complicated family, and their annual family conference–and the year it goes super duper badly. On an isolated island, in the middle of a typhoon, tragedy befalls the family–on a massive scale! Someone is killing them–all of them–and the only answer that seems to be rising is–
“Beatrice did it.”
But Beatrice isn’t supposed to really exist. Not for real!! No one by that name is on the island. It’s just a story! She’s made up–Beatrice is a legend. A witch who has lived for a thousand years–who loaned the family patriarch ten tons of gold, an insane amount of wealth, in exchange for his soul. Now she’s collecting on that loan, taking everything back, with interest–the lives of the family included.
Is the culprit a human, or not? Does the witch exist, or not?Is the culprit one of the 18 people? Does a 19th person exist? Or…?And, most importantly–when the typhoon passes, will anyone remain alive on the island?
[YouTube: Umineko opening]
I’d super-recommend Umineko if you enjoy: strong characterization, a solidly built mystery (with plenty of smaller mysteries to try your brain with along the way ;) ), complex and nuanced characters, hype magic fights, Logic-Based Combat(???), deep discussions of trauma and its consequences, large casts of characters, Genre Fuckery, coping, Meta™, and milfs Complex Lore
I would, however, NOT recommend Umineko if you are triggered by/can’t stomach reading about: body horror, gore, death, trauma, child abuse, bullying, discussion of suicide, discussion of sexual assault, etc (you can message me for a more complete list of warnings; I’m happy to provide super-specific ones if there’s something specific you’re concerned about, or even give you specific scenes to watch out for. I kept this vague on purpose, but if you message me off anon or via DMs here or at @aceyasu, I’ll be happy to answer anything!)
Overall it’s a pretty dark, emotional story, with a lot of Themes™–but it’s also full of love and genuine heartfelt Feelings. I don’t think any story has touched me the way Umineko has! Of course, everyone’s experience is very unique to them, but I think Umineko has something for everyone (provided, of course, that we’re taking into account the content warnings and excluding people who can’t/don’t want to encounter those things!). The characters, music, story and message–it all has a lot of heart and it all is very important to me as an individual. Obviously no media is flawless, but I think Umineko’s good outweighs its bad…YMMV though of course :p
Also, hype magic fights.
Umineko’s story is told over 8 arcs–styled as “episodes”. I use “arc” and “episode” sort of interchangeably! Specific ones I just call “EP#” though. All you really need to know though is there’s 8 of them, of varying length, and you have to read them all for the full story.
Thankfully they’re numbered, am i right?? HAFDmgkdfmg
Each episode has its own focus within the overarching narrative and comes with its own fun mysteries and harrowing developments just for you! yay! But basically, the important thing is that they’re divided into the Question Arcs (1-4) and Answer Arcs (5-8).
Sometimes, to make things confusing, the Answer Arcs are also called “Core Arcs” or “Chiru”. I will use “Answer Arcs” here, but if you encounter those two elsewhere, that’s what they are. :p
(now that im done YAPPING)
The anime
Generally viewed as a poor product. It’s a bad adaption that fails as a standalone, too, because of the amount of important scenes that are missing. Don’t watch the anime first if you really want to get into Umineko. It’s a fun watch once you know how it’s supposed to go, though :p Covers the Question Arcs only, ends with EP4–so even if it was good, it would only be half the story… press f to pay respects. The opening fuckin slaps though, and all the VAs are solid.
The manga
Each Episode has its own manga adaption, usually done by a different artist (with exception of EP1, EP3, and EP8, which are all by the same artist). Generally solid; gets the most important parts. For people who want to get through quicker, the manga helps a lot.
The primary cost is that a lot of characterization doesn’t get to shine AS bright, as there’s simply no time to get into the nooks and crannies (still a great cast, though). However, the art is usually fantastic–since the artist changes every EP, it’s easy to deal with even if you don’t like a specific one’s style. It’ll be gone by next Episode!
A lot of moments get punched up by the more visual format of the manga. You really get a better sense of the characters interacting physically with one another! You do, however, run into the Scanlation Problem…..
I know, I know–most people, when given the option to, don’t want to pay for things. So when given the choice between fan scanlations and the official release, a lot of people would choose the scanlations. And they’re fine…for the most part…except for the parts that aren’t. Some parts (notably in the Answer Arcs) are…bad. Really bad. Even I can’t really understand it sometimes, despite knowing this story inside out… LOL
If you’re good at parsing Scanlation SNAFU or can’t afford/don’t want to buy it, you can find Umineko on MOST manga hosts! I don’t know which you prefer so I’m not gonna link ‘em hahahafkgmfh I usually use Manga Rock but that’s because I usually am reading on my phone and I like their app. The episodes are all numbered, so it’s pretty easy to find your way around!
On the other hand, if you have a hard time understanding poor translations, reading inconsistent typesetting/fonts, or simply Can afford it/prefer buying media, the manga is being officially released in English by YenPress! As is standard nowadays, you can get them in both physical volumes and digital e-books! However, YenPress’ release is currently ongoing–the first volume of EP8 is slated to release in March.
[YenPress link]
The visual novel
Ah, here we are–the head honcho himself…! This is the original version of Umineko. These are the ones we call “games”, and why we sometimes say u “play” Umineko, but. Really. It’s just reading. They’re kinetic novels. Its literally just reading. So I don’t know why we complicate things like that.
(“if she an .exe, shes a game”, I guess… xD)
This is where the characterization and voice of Umineko really shines! The style is often simple to read, sometimes even comically casual, but it cuts deep when it wants to. Even really simple lines can have a really strong impact–it’s a really pleasant style to read, IMO…pretty easy to understand most of the time, but emotionally resonant all the same!
Reading the VN is somewhat of an undertaking, because of the amount of hours required…It’s a far longer read. Depending on your reading speed and whether or not you pause to think/talk about things as you read, people clock in 100-200 hours to finish it.
But, on the upside–because it has so much more time than the manga, the VN can really get deep into the characters, their dynamics, and their inner conflicts. You really get a deep sense for everyone’s character and it makes most of the cast feel fleshed-out enough that you appreciate all of them to some extent (whether positive or negative :P)
Oh, actually–the original Umineko branded itself a “Sound Novel”….as opposed to a Visual Novel, where the emphasis is on, uh–Visuals–Umineko leans more heavily on audio to create its atmosphere. And the music? Fuckin rips!! The Umineko soundtrack is huge and has tons of absolute bangers. It’s easy to see why it decided to market itself as a Sound Novel rather than a visual novel–the graphics of the original PC version are simple, but the atmospheric sound effects and BGM really shines.
Here’s some enticing tracks to pique yr interest (be careful about the comments/etc though, there’s Definitely spoilers in there xD)[worldenddominator] [dead angle] [dir] [system0] [hope]
The VN nowadays is split into the two halves; if you get EP4, it’ll include 1-3 as well, essentially. Picking up Question Arcs (or EP4) and Answer Arcs (or EP8) gives u the whole 8 episodes. Easy peasy! Because we live in the future now, and retroactive inclusion of past games is just convenient!
There is an official English release now, which is a brand new luxury. It’s even on Steam! Wow! That’s the easiest way to get your paws on the hands-on experience. The translation has been slightly updated as well! Also, they added a new set of toggle-able graphics that are…um…I mean they’re certainly new…#BarelyContainedOpinionAlert
If you don’t want to pay or can’t afford it…uhhh….I used to have torrent links but they’re all dead. :T still, you can probably just find them, if you know your way around torrents. For the translation, you’ll have to either get a pre-patched version of the game, or use the translation group’s instructions to patch it yourself. 
If you can’t do either of those, or just don’t really have a preference, or…any number of reasons, you can also find all the games fully recorded and uploaded to YouTube (with or without commentary)!
As for the links, I’ve got them right h–
Wait–oh, sh–the graphics are bad?!? You think the graphics are bad? Or you think plain reading is boring? Y-you can’t understand what the background image in this scene is even supposed to be? Ah…the post-2007 struggle….
The visual novel, Part Deux: AH, THE JPEGS edition
If you wanna spruce up your VN-reading experience, here’s the thing: they ported the game to PS3, with brand new graphics and–get this–full voice acting. Wow! There’s even CGs now…Jeez!
These are NOT the same graphics as the new ones from the official English release! That’s important!
SO, if you wanna spruce up the graphics a bit, or you enjoy voice acting with your novels, you can do that! People took apart the PS3 games and made patches for the PC version to enjoy the new graphics and voices. And now it’s available for the Steam version as well!
[SPRITE COMPARISON: ORIGINAL PC | PS3 | STEAM]You pick your favorite!
ALSO VOICE ACTING! WOW!! Remember how I said the anime got two things right and they were the OP and the voice cast?
SAME CAST, BABEY!!!! They are all excellent and do a wonderful job! It can really add some more interest if you struggle with staying focused on “plain” reading.
Okay so NOW the links:
You’ll have to dig up torrents yourself if you want those, bc its 6am and I’m too sleepy to… uzu
QUESTION ARCS[Physical Eng release] or [Steam page] +[PS3 PATCH]
ANSWER ARCS[Physical Eng release] or [Steam page] +[PS3 PATCH]
YOUTUBE[Non-commentated, with PS3 patch] you can find more just by searching but this one looks good to me :p
Personally, I favor the VN for most scenes, but the manga for my light casual reading. Y’know? The VN can be pretty…um…dense, at times.
Ironically, I think EP1 itself might be the biggest hurdle for total first-timers. It’s definitely paced as a “part 1 of 8″ for the first solid portion! By which I mean, it really takes its time establishing the cast and their individual situations. Which isn’t a bad thing–especially in the overarching scope of how long the story is–but if you aren’t sure about the premise, format, or if you’ll enjoy Umineko at all, it can be sort of…challenging.
It all really depends on the individual–things like attention span, investment, and personal preferences, imo. Some people just don’t enjoy reading that much text at once! And that’s fine! Some people love it and that’s fine! Some people think the intro is too long, some people think it’s intriguing from the start. Some really like watching character building, and some prefer to see action happening. Either way is fine, so it’s really up to you!
Usually, if someone isn’t sure, I suggest they try EP1 in manga form first, just to see if the general premise entices them; it’s fully possible to jump back and do the VN if you decide you like it! It sacrifices some characterization in exchange for exploring the main premise a little faster.
Similarly, if you just can’t get into the VN–you can read the entire thing with manga too, if you favor action over the deepest character lore. It’s still a good time and a good experience!
Though, in EP1′s favor–if you ARE sure about it, and are able to dedicate your attention to the first 10-13 hours of set-up, EP1 has one of the most rewarding escalations I’ve encountered! If you are able to sit and read a fairly long-winded introduction, you are rewarded with the most buck wild Popping Off you can imagine.
So there’s nothing wrong with jumping right in there with the VN, if you enjoy reading!
However, if you do find that the VN is dragging too much for you, you can go in reverse too–and finish EP1 by manga, then decide if you want to jump back to the VN or not. I promise, the novels pick up the pace too–it’s just getting all the introductions down that can be daunting, when the initial cast size is a staggering 18 people (plus the LORE has to be established too)!!
Just for you–if you want to get into Umineko, but struggle with EP1, I’ll offer my private archive of YenPress manga rips for EP1–read the manga, official english translation, for free thanks to your dealer friend, rontra,You will have to message me about it, though–off anon or via DMs, here or at @aceyasu.
My favorite setups when I play by myself are either Original PC Graphics + Voice Acting, or Full PS3 Patch. I personally really like the original PC graphics, but I understand some people think they’re kinda…um…Rough, to say the least xD PS3 graphics are a close second for me though.
I don’t really like the steam version’s new sprites. Some people don’t mind them, so it’s up to you what you prefer, but I think they don’t really convey the feeling as well as their counterparts sometimes… :/
But hey, everyone’s got their own opinions!
I also prefer the EP8 manga to the EP8 VN. If I have control over someone’s first playthrough, I always push over to the manga for EP8! In my opinion, it’s a rare instance where the adaption is better than its original. People have different opinions on this, of course, but since this section is My Opinions Central, that’s my opinioooon!!! :D
->TRY EP1 (jump over to manga if struggling; if enjoyed manga ep1 until the end, hop back into the VN at EP2 and come back to EP1 if you want to later)
EP8 MANGA(EP8 VN if desired afterwards, once the dust settles)
But you’re free to do what you want, of course. ;9
And then after that there’s some spinoffs that I didn’t talk about because that’s a post for another time. (There’s a fighting game! It’s packed full of spoilers.)
All in all, Umineko is…big. its very very big. it has a huge cast (the final count comes out to like, almost 70 characters!) and a huge story. and huge feelings.
The manga and the VN are the main avenues of getting into it. It’s easier than it looks at a glance; and yet, more daunting than it seems…
If you have the time and energy to pour hours of your time into it, Umineko is a super worthwhile story that tackles genuinely difficult material with a delicate but honest hand.
It clowns up sometimes and stumbles over its own demographic–see: Weird Vaguely Unpleasant Anime-brand Sex Comedy that springs up a lot in EP1, some in EP2, and then largely disappears save for a few dumb jokes here and there–but overall is a solidly built and solidly delivered story about trauma, love, loss, and getting your family ritual-murdered by a thousand-year-old witch who may or may not be real.
And if you have any questions at all (or just wanna talk Umineko), you can send an ask or IM me here or at @aceyasu–you can ask for my Discord too if you wanna really get into it. Or DM me on twitter! I’m happy to answer any question or elaborate on anything you’re confused about. I tried to go over this post quickly, so if I was too vague on something, feel free to ask!
The same of course applies to content warnings; if there’s something specific you’re worried about, I can answer it for you, whether it’s “does [specific thing] happen/appear” or “how much of [thing] is there, i can handle a little bit”! Anything! Of course I want people to read my favorite, but I also more than that want u all to be safe.
I’m very sorry that this post is literally three thousand words long. Umineko’s been my special interest for almost ten whole years. I get chatty! But hopefully my passion shines through and gets you excited!!!
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ajaegerpilot · 3 years ago
had a nice day today ladettes .. and a good day yesterday as well. finally handed in my last assignment today so im Done w this semester finally (and my proff was so helpful today lmfao i dont think i would’ve had the motivation to finish it if i hadn’t met with him.. and also as i was helping bubble wrap glassware to help my chemistry department move into a new building i talked to one of my classmates to that class and he helped me answer one question (just by telling me ‘you dont even need to know inorganic chem to answer this’ and as soon as he said that i realized the solution) so that was helpful as well. also chatted a bit w some of my other peers, and then at 5 there was an xmas party for the chem department. i bought a box of mandarin oranges, 6 double chocolate chip muffins, and a bottle of xmas craft beer, couldn’t find the place initially and was walking around in the rain, had to try to remember the hostess’s last name lmfao to figure out who to ring (and fortunately i remembered it!), and had to ring her twice to figure out where the hell her room was (its 105 misha) so that and me carrying like three different things + an umbrella (+ my phone and wallet) made me an awkward MESS but b*nch i made it!.. and this party went a lot nicer for me than last year where i was so awkward and quiet.. this time me and 3 other ppl (2 of whom are literally 1 year older and 1 year younger than me and went to my same high school, and the other of whom apparently probably oversaw our dry grad dance XD as he worked there when he graduated - or is that even possible because I think he’s my age) ANYHOw.. we talked about anything and everything as one of them drank like 3 beers and idk I think we probably made a DND group.. i drank non-sweetened minty tea and didnt hate it for the first time in my life what is this? growth.. idk. i wasnt expecting to have a good time because i felt so awkward last year (i still had a good time last year tho) and idk this was just nice. plus yesterday i ran/walked 5 km for the first time in a long while (and i plan to do the same tomorrow, as well as pick up a friend from the ferry and take her to dinner, I’m trying to make positive healthy choices and live life well and socialize and reach out as well as exercise hopefully this will continue well and that my work will be more productive as well this coming year :3c bc i kind of accomplished nothing during the summer and now i have an NSERC to do and lmao I want to get results but idk!! i had a good time today!! we b*ched abt pseudoscience a bit and i drank tea from mug that has climate change data on it because that’s what environmental chemists are like <3 god i hope my life works out).
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spitestudies · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
hello everyone!! as a high school junior taking 4 aps, 3 other classes, preparing for the act, trying to do college research, stage managing a musical, and trying not to lose my mind, here are some fun n handy tips for not Dying when ur schedule is hell!  
if you found this post helpful maybe give it a like/reblog and check out my other posts here!
so much of getting and staying organized has to do with organizing your time in advance.  there are a million ways to do this--google calendar, a bullet journal, a planner, some post-it notes.  my system involves three parts: a google calendar, a planner, and an online to-do list app.  
google calendar: this is mostly for events.  i can see when i have rehearsals, classes, doctor’s appointments, etc.  this helps me see how much available time i have and budgeting it properly.  
planner: i take this with me to school, and i use it to right down when i have assignments and tests.  i use the ban.do planner, but these are a bit pricey, and really anything will do.  just somewhere to put down tasks so you can keep track of them
getplan.co: this app is, honest to god, the only reason i am still alive and breathing.  it plugs into your google calendar and then allows you to create and schedule tasks around events.  @studycxlture has an amazing post about plan here that i def recommend checking out!
general tips about planning: 
plan out the events of your month at least two days before it starts
set aside a night (i like sunday evenings) to set up a system for the upcoming week and go over what you have planned so you don’t forget anything
you are NOT gonna remember that assignment that teacher told you about.  write it down.  
you do not need a fancy system.  it’s okay to try lots of different things until you find what works 
never spend more time planning out tasks than completing them.  unless you have that much free time, don’t dedicate two hours to making a lovely weekly bullet journal spread.  
color codes!!! are a life saver.  i have one with a color for each class (red for english, orange for spanish, yellow for history, green for science, blue for math, etc) as well as some for my extracurriculars (pink for the musical, teal for model un, etc).  
always have ur planner open when ur working, so that you can make sure u r actually completing all the tasks u said u were gonna complete
oh my god oh my god oh my god staying on top of your work is SO important when you’re busy.  being able to find your worksheets and keep track of your homework and your million responsibilities is essential to being successful.  to stay organized, i have an expandable file folder with tabs for each class.  because i take most of my notes in notebooks instead of binders, this is a good way to keep all of my handouts, worksheets, and syllabi centralized.  
also, make sure you have a way to keep your online materials organized.  create a folder for each school year, and within that folder, create more folders for each class.  from there, it’s up to you about how you’ll organize files. you can create even MORE folders (yeet) for things like homework, notes, study guides, etc, or folders for each unit you study.  the possibilities are endless!!!! isn’t technology exciting
here r some pieces of advice for staying organized: 
have a series of folders/binder/expandable file folder to hold your worksheets.  or one for each class, though i prefer to keep all my papers in one a) to save money and b) to save space.
label your notebooks/binders so that you know which ones to bring home with you
never just shove something into your backpack.  never.  i’m gonna manifest into ur classroom and FIGHT you if u do that.  it’s not good, it’ll end up getting lost or crushed under the weight of all ur textbooks, and you’ll end up panicking when u can’t find it 
have ur planner on u at all times
keep a good filing system of ur stuff at home.  u don’t need to carry around every single bio assignment you’ve gotten back, but by the time ur final rolls around ur gonna want 2 b able to look at all the materials you’ve gotten during the semester
that being said, throw stuff away when the year is over!  i, for one, know i’m never gonna think about calculus after this class is done, so i will be recycling all of my papers (save the earth) and moving tf on 
keep a recycling bin in your room!  even if it’s just a paper bag, it’ll make throwing paper in the trash way less tempting (save the earth)
u don’t need a ton of pens.  i’m being a giant hypocrite saying this but you really don’t need all that stuff.  if you want it and you can manage it, great, but if it’s just another thing to keep track of, leave ur staedtlers and ur mujis and ur fineliners and ur calligraphy pens at home, and just take the essentials with u to school
in order to succeed, it’s v important to make every second count.  this doesn’t mean studying 48 hours straight (pls don’t), but try not to waste time. whether this means you spend fifteen minutes napping, doing some reading for english, or having a quick snack, make sure u are being productive and healthy!  i, for one, sometimes have 1-2 hour breaks between school and rehearsal, and i like to use these to walk to the grocery store by my school and get some food and then study in the deli.  
some ideas for being productive! 
carry a clipboard around everywhere.  this way, u don’t need to spend as much time transitioning in and out of tasks, u can just put ur work onto the clipboard, and put it in ur backpack at the end of a break, and then the next chance u have to work on it, just take it back out.  easy peasy
work during commutes! nOT if ur the one driving the car though that’s VERY dangerous and distracted driving = bad.  but if ur on the bus, or ur mom is driving u to school, that might be a good time to go over some notes you took last night, or some reading you need to catch up on.  nothing too insane, please don’t do ur chem labs on the public bus but.  u know.  
read over the notes you took that day on the ride home.  this will help reinforce the information in ur brain, and it’s not super difficult. i go over my apush notes during the 40 minute drive home and sometimes talk about them w my mom, which gives me a much better grasp of the material
don’t waste time on social media.  either delete instagram altogether, or log off/mute notifications before u start work.  same with tumblr.  don’t start scrolling obsessively if u have three tests to study for. 
power naps!!!! napping for about 10-20 minutes, maybe on the way home or to practice/rehearsal/whatever u gotta do, can help u feel refreshed!  anything longer will make u more tired tho, so be sure to get up when u say ur gonna get up.  
study smarter: when ur going over material, u don’t need to handwrite 60 beautiful flashcards.  use quizlet instead.  don’t revise if it’s not gonna help u.  prioritize which assignments r gonna be most impactful over the little ones u can easily make up
take good breaks!! breaks r VERY important and should be utilized properly.  here r some good suggestions for things to do: 
throw in a load of laundry
empty the dishwasher
stretch/do some jumping jacks
drink some water!
go for a walk
talk to a family member 
get a snack!
read some fun novels n such
!! in case of emergency !! the following tips should only be employed when ur short on time.  don’t use these just bc u can, this is just when it’s about getting close enough to grasping material, not actually grasping it
do every other math problem assigned, and either star the ones u didn’t do, or get the answers from the back of the book.  this way, u get some practice but u also save time
sparknotes ur reading beforehand.  this way, u can recognize what’s going on.  it’s not v good for developing ur reading comprehension, but assignments will go by quicker
NEVER google translate ur language homework, but u can use word reference for helping u find the right word and proper conjugations
flagpole it: didn’t study enough for a test?  are u guessing on like 10 of the questions?  if it’s multiple choice, but the same answer for all the ones u have no clue about, unless that answer choice seems highly unlikely.  then pick a different one.  this way, ur statistically more likely to get some of the ones you guessed correct. 
when u have an online assignment due at midnight and it’s 11:53 and u haven’t started, find another assignment you’ve already completed that has a similar document name.  for example, “scarlet letter chapters 9-11″ instead of ur actual assignment “scarlet letter chapters 12-14″.  submit the other one, and then when u finish the other assignment (either that night or the next morning) email ur teacher and apologize, say u accidentally submitted the wrong document
if ur parents will let u (if ur in high school) or u can let urself (if ur in uni), it’s okay to skip a day to catch up.  just make sure u actually work, get the notes u missed, and talk to ur teachers/professors abt the material u missed.
ur health comes before any assignment, test, or extracurricular.  i know lots of ppl r probably telling u that and it doesn’t seem like they mean it, but i mean it.  no exam is worth sacrificing ur mental, physical, or emotional health for.  yeet!  so here r some things to keep in mind
eat!  ur fuckin!  breakfast!  whether it’s a smoothie or oatmeal or a cup of orange juice or an apple or an elaborate french toast dish, u need some food in ur stomach so that u have the energy to start ur day
remember to take ur meds if u need to!
drink water!  drink! water!  have a glass when u wake up, and then at least one with every meal, and one before u go to bed.  hydration is v important.  if u can, invest in a water bottle and take it with u to class.  
pack a lunch!  and if ur staying later after school, pack snacks!  tech week for me is always hell because i get to school at 7:30 am and don’t usually leave until 11 that night.  it’s v important to stay nourished and hydrated so that u don’t get dizzy or faint.  
remember!  that u are beautiful, and ur body is beautiful, and it deserves 2 b loved! especially by u.  
get 6 hours of sleep.  aim for 8, but six at the very least.  if ur done with ur work, go to bed early!  don’t just stay up for no reason.  
shower everyday, or every other day at least.  give yourself those 15 minutes as a break from work or school or anything else that’s keeping you busy
write down ur thoughts in a journal?  
talk to a friend if ur feeling sad, or just feeling things very intensely.  share ur joy with other people!  vent ur sadness and anger so u aren’t carrying it around everywhere. 
make some time to have fun.  see a movie w ur friends or ur bf/gf/datefriend or ur family over the weekend.  go to a museum.  hang out at the mall.  sleepover at someone’s house.  taking breaks is healthy.  
make an effort to have dinner with ur family if u can (also if u like ur family.  i know some ppl have bad relationships w them so skip this step if that’s u).  it can be nice to reconnect w everyone, even when ur stressed or they’re annoying u, it can be nice.  
remember that it’s okay to be imperfect!  u don’t need to be good at a lot of things.  i got a b for the first time last semester, i just got a c on an apush test, i failed my driver’s test again yesterday.  but i also aced my math quiz, i celebrated six months of knowing my best friend, i walked my dog, i helped put a production together.  it’s okay to have rough days and bad days and bleh days, as long as you keep pushing through them and working for the days to get better.  
i love u!!! stay hydrated and nourished and get enough sleep.  put on some lotion if u have it available.  brush ur hair.  if u ever wanna ask a question, my ask box is always open!  <3
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assholemurphy · 3 years ago
i am incredibly sad that i only have like, 1 extra adderall left (i may have to find somewhere to buy more from, since i only get like, enough for the month with my prescription, the only reason i had extras this month is bc it took a week for me to be able to get my prescription filled, so i literally had to go a week w/o adderall and i don’t wanna do that again, ever, it was hell, esp bc i ran out of sudafed, too, that week) bc holy fucking shit am i awake. i’m getting so much done. i took a shower and then highlighted all of the units in my script, which is usually hard to focus on bc it’s so dull, and i got another 15 units done, so i’ve only got like 30 left and i’m still wide awake and focused AF. like, i’m p sure that colors have smells, but also, like, the world is so intense and amazing. i feel fucking fantastic. i kinda wanna go skydiving, but like, not until i get my hw done, ya know?
but i’ve got 30 more units to do, then i’ve gotta make a graph, but after that, i’m done with the project and can move on. depending on how i feel/what time it is when i get that done (bc if it’s past 3:30/4a, i can’t sleep, i’ve got to stay up bc if not, i won’t wake up in time for class, but also, if i still feel this awake, then there’s rly no point to sleeping bc i won’t be able to, anyway) i might sleep, or i might start working on my playwriting assignment (bc that’s due mon @ 2p and i’ve got to write 6 1-min monologues for my characters) and watch the first 30min of shrek: the musical (bc i gotta have that done by fri @ 9a bc we’re watching it in class and that’s where we’re picking up at since the audio wouldn’t work in class, so it’s hw to watch the first 30 of it, but we can watch all of it, if we want, idk if i will, i’ve got too much to do and if i watch all of it, then there’ll be no point of going to class bc i hate rewatching things bc i’ve got a damn near eidetic memory for movies/books and certain other things, depending on how much i’m paying attention, but almost always books/movies unless i find them boring and don’t care abt them, so it would be stupid to watch all of it and then be bored in class), then maybe read some of after the fall (the script i’m pulling my monologue from for acting i) and do the assignment that goes with that (bc it’s due tues @ 9:30a). after that i should do my therapy hw (we’re still working on stuck points and i’ve got like, 5 more sheets, maybe more, to fill out) bc that’ll be due at my next counselling appt, which i think is next week, i’ll have to call them, but it’ll take abt an hour and it’ll emotionally drain me.
i think that’s abt it for hw, tho, but all of that’ll take roughly 9 hours, which means i def won’t be able to do it all tonight, but i can get most of it done if i don’t sleep, which means i’ll have more time for sleep/writing/literally everything else on the weekend. i might even be lucky enough to be able to get drunk. maybe. i’d have to start drinking at like, 3p and stop at like, 6p for it to all be out of my system so i can get to bed by 2/3a. so that’s a maybe. but a nice maybe.
ofc, i’ve got non hw stuff to do, too. i’ve got to make a list of roommate requirements so i can start looking for a new one (i’ve also got to talk to goldilocks to see when she plans to move out, bc like hell am i moving out, all the bills except her half of the lease are in my name and most of the furniture (aside from her personal stuff and the coffee table) is mine and i don’t want to have to move ALL of it out and into a new place, plus it’s her decision to not be roommates, so it’s on her, not me, and i won’t budge, not this time). then i’ve got to get my study/organization binder made so things’ll be easier to keep track of. i’ve got to do some cleaning (taking out the trash, cleaning up my side of the living room (we didn’t divide it, it’s just where the couches are so we stick to our couches most of the time) and the coffee table). then laundry, gotta do laundry, i’m almost out of socks.
ofc, i might have to start on my part of the second part of the group project. i wanna design costumes for the play, if neither of the others is doing that, which i hope they aren’t, bc i don’t know enough abt any of the other elements of production to do something else. but if i have to, i can try to do sound, maybe, that’s my second choice. so, i may have to start on that this weekend. i’ll talk to hurricane bianca and tim the toolman taylor and see what they’re doing for it probs on fri if not tomorrow at rehearsal. then i can start on my part and get it finished ahead of time to prove i’m capable, when i’ve got my shit together and am not having a breakdown every week. then, after i talk to prof j abt what i’m supposed to do for the show (something with finding times for freeze frames and spotlights, which is fun, but i’m worried my comdic timing isn’t the same as everyone else’s bc i’m autistic, so my sense of humor is a bit skewed, ya know? but anyway, prof j specifically told goldilocks (who is stage manager, i’m one of two assistant stage managers) to have me do it, so i’m afraid i’m being set up to fail bc i know nothing abt theatre, rly, and i’m always paranoid abt these things, but i’m also kinda thinking it might be bc she actually thinks i can do it, which sounds unrealistic, but she’s not a mean person, so i’m willing to bet it’s that one. but i need to ask her what all she needs me to do, bc goldilocks has no clue, which was so fucking helpful, what a great stage manager she is (no, srsly, idk if i bitched abt this earlier or not, but she’s absolutely horrible at this shit so far and i can’t stand working under her bc i hate working under incompetent ppl bc i feel it makes me look incompetent, too, if the job isn’t done right, even if it’s not my fault bc i wasn’t in charge and i’m always, always terrified to look stupid or incapable in the eyes of others). so, i’ve got to ask prof j abt what all i need to do bc i’m p sure the advice given to me by the lighting tech (who is apparently a decent stage manager, tho i doubt it, truly, she doesn’t have the personality for it, she’s too pushy and it makes her hard to work with, but that might just be bc i don’t like her as a person, so i’m reserving judgement until i see her in the position) is wrong bc it makes no sense, is way too hard, doesn’t actually help with anything and gives me a headache (bc mapping out the goddamn blocking is impossible when the actors do diff things every fucking night, wtf??? do the same shit, you assholes! but it’s also useless bc it doesn’t tell anyone where the spotlights/freeze frames should be, and blocking isn’t my job, it’s the other asm’s (who i don’t have a nickname for, but will probs have before the end of rehearsal) so why she’s not doing it, idk???) so i’ll ask tomorrow.
so, i’m looking at 9 hours hw now, then 30 min of cleaning, 3 hours of other paperwork shit, and potentially 4 hours of hw and 2 hours of theatre stuff this weekend. which means i can get at least 10 hours of sleep per night and get some writing done, if i finish most of my hw now. i think that’s worth one sleepless night. it rly is. so, here’s to hoping for at least one day off this week.
but if i don’t sleep, i’ll probs crash after rehearsal tomorrow night, unless i can convince my friends to come over and hang out, since they won’t be here this weekend and i kinda need their help making the roommate requirement list bc otherwise it’s just gonna be like ‘can’t leave time on the microwave after they’re done using it’ and ‘must know how to use headphones when others are studying in the living room’ and ‘must not whine when i want to stay in my room and do work instead of being around them 24/7′ (tho, goldilocks doesn’t spend much time with me anymore, which is fine, i guess, but it’s a complete 180 from what she used to do and honestly, i’m offended bc i caved and started staying in the living room and now it just feels weird not being in the living room and idk what to do abt any of this). i need real things, too, like, big concerns that i’ll forget abt when writing it, and i need to know if my requirements are petty or things that aren’t specific to most ppl, just goldilocks. and it’d be nice to hang out with them and shit.
anyway, this is rly long and rambly, but i rly need to vent all of this shit somewhere, it helps me sort my brain out. i don’t actually expect anyone to read it and you can always blacklist my personal tag ‘iz says stuff’ if you don’t want this shit on your dash. but if you do read them, then you’re always welcome to come to my inbox and be like ‘quit bitching and get back to work, dumbass’ or something. 
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franeridart · 4 years ago
Hey, Fran! Have u ever consider headcanon abt Baku and Kiri met before they entered Yuuei? I mean, just think about it: Baku is a huge bully while Kiri stand up for them who get bullied. Like?? What if they got into fight?? How would they react when they meet again in Yuuei?? WHAT IF KIRI HATED HIM BEFORE
Aw anon, I’m so not gonna give you the answer you hoped you’d get to this haha I’ve talked briefly about something on these lines on my main blog not too long ago, but in general the way I feel about this is, there’s no way Kirishima could ever hate Bakugou. I’m positive their relationship would have been a friendship whatever moment in time they were to meet, tbh!
And this is in part about how Kirishima just doesn’t seem to know how to hate, like, anything so why would he hate Bakugou of all people, but it’s also about how I don’t feel like Bakugou changed all that much between middle school and the first day of high school? Kirishima didn’t meet a perfect version of Bakugou, he met a Bakugou that lauched himself at Deku and had to be restrained by Aizawa, a Bakugou that blew up half a building to beat Deku, a Bakugou that was more yelling and explosions than anything else - and Kirishima looked at him and saw him anyway, you know? He looked at Bakugou fighting against Deku and thought “he looks desperate”. He looked at Bakugou and didn’t stop at his yelling and violence, not even in the very beginning. This would have happened before their UA days too, in my opinion - Kirishima and Bakugou, they have personalities made to fit together. You don’t need to chip anything away for them to like each other, they see worth in each other, they understand each other. When they first became friends Bakugou wasn’t any less shouty and angry and Kirishima wasn’t any less righteous and earnest than how they were back in middle school, all in all!
Well, what you were talking about was a one-time meeting anyway, right? Considering Bakugou’s always been cocky and shouty but has never engaged in uncalled-for fights, and how all his bully-like behaviours have always been restricted only to interacting with Deku, I doubt he would have actually fought Kirishima. At best he could have told him to mind his own business before angrily stomping away, tbh. A meeting like that would have hardly left an impression on either of them, let’s be real haha
Anon said:i love ur art SO. MUCH. every time ur on my dash its a blessing ty for what u do
GOSH thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*
Anon said:Came here to compliment you ab your art but I'm just speechless..? Y'know that one scene in HQ!! Where Kiyoko is like "good luck" and the third years + Tanaka and Noya just start crying? That's me with ur art Fran.
Oh my god hahaha thank you???????? this is actually so sweet I’m smiling a lot aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anon said:Hi! I like your work, I'm just confused why you left out noses in some of your drawings :0 not meaning to offend, I just was wondering why
Maybe I’m just a huge fan of Krillin, what do you know :O lmao nah, you might say it’s a laziness-driven stylistic choice to make my drawings faster to finish - there’s no deeper meaning behind it aside from “eehhhhh I can’t find a way to draw noses I like and find comfortable so I guess I’m just gonna stop drawing them when I can avoid it” haha
Anon said:have u read the kiribaku fic on ao3 called 'stamina' by razorwings? its pretty new so maybe not. its really good if u want 2 read it!!!
Ahhh boy, I’m.... so not good with first person fics........... orz
Anon said:I love when you draw them smiling in the kisses. It's so happy. Really the best.
OH BOY I’m sure happy you enjoy that cause honestly that’s my fav way of drawing kisses anyway!!! So it makes both of us happy, which is the best outcome a drawing can have, for me!!!!
Anon said:Evey time you post I get really happy and excited!!💓💓
;O; I’m so happy to hear that!!!! thank you!!!!
Anon said:I too have not been to tge beach
#sob we can be sad about our missed beach times together anon ;~;
Anon said:hey i wanted to say i convinced my friend to read bnha by showing her the drawing u did of tamaki smushing his face, she loves ur art and so do i
THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!! And I’m super happy she decided to give the manga a go!!! I’m also even happier her reason was Tamaki to be honest, the awkward son deserves as many fans as he can get!!!
Anon said:If you could have a character from dgm and a character from bnha meet, which ones would you pick, why, and what would they talk about, do you think? Or, at least, what would you want them to talk about?
ALMA AND KIRISHIMA!!!!!! I don’t even really care about what they’d talk about, I’m just thinking about them being pure and bright and soft hearted little shits together and it’s making me so happy it’d be like staring at two suns I can’t believe how good of a visual that is I’m crying
Incredibly interesting would be Kanda and Bakugou too, they would fight a lot and it would be amazingly entertaining - Lavi would get on Bakugou’s nerves SO MUCH too oh boy but maybe Sero would be the one I’d want Lavi to interact with the most?? Either him or Denki, they’re similar enough as far as whining and being pessimistic and wanting to sleep and being huge assholes in disguise go haha interestingly enough I feel like Allen might be the one out of the main group Bakugou would end up having a good relationship with, he’s strongwilled and powerful and a hero in all the right ways, after all - they might bicker cause who doesn’t Allen even bicker with, but after all they’re get along ... Bakugou would probably hate Neah with a passion, tho
Link and Iida would be amusing and entertaining too, wouldn’t they? lmao and I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to see Dabi and Tyki interact either, what a good - ahhhhhhhh but yeah after all if I gotta pick one it’s Alma and Kirishima. Possibly bringing Alma in the bnha universe. Let my son live, please ;-;
Anon said:Thank you for blessing us with smiling Bakugo.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for liking him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anon said:I'll be honest I'm not a fan of kiribaku. BUT whenever you draw kiribaku, I always get so giddy and happy and can't stop smiling. So please keep drawing for a long time, it really and truly makes my day whenever I see you posted new art
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get why you wouldn’t like the good ship, but I’m glad you enjoy my stuff either way!! Thank you!!!!!
Anon said:Hello! I hope it's alright to ask you this: I opened a Redbubble account like 2 days ago, and on my page, under my bio, I can only see thumbnails of my designs... how can I get it to show products and prices instead, just like on your page? Thanks in advance!!
You might not be in your actual shop page! See under your bio if there’s a “Shop” button and click on it, it should being you to the part of the shop your costumers are actually gonna see :D
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equalstrashflavoredtrash · 4 years ago
movies i like
so @beautifulramblingbrains tagged me in this thing saying ‘what are your 6 favorite films?’ and i love movies so i got carried away and made this list of a lot more than six films...
Cus I cant do shit halfway when it comes to moves, i took some time thinking abt this and ending up choosing my fave 6 genres/tropes and the choosing the best movie that it applies to, with honorable mentions. ***this list is NOT an exclusive list of my favorite films, i eventually cut myself off because i kept adding titles... there are hundreds more i’d mention if i had time, but this is what i wrote down***  (I have lots of very personal opinions about all the films i listed, both favorites and honorable mentions, if you want to know more about any of them please ask)
(all of the film titles link to a trailer of the film, if available. A few of these films can be watched in full for free, those links have been include as an ‘x’ after the title)
1. BOTTLE STORIES. Fuck, if i dont love sticking a bunch of characters in a room together, or a short window of time, and seeing what happens. Honorable mentions: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Key Largo, Green Room, 12 Angry Men, Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and The Man From Earth. Favorite choice: MURDER PARTY!! What happens when a guy responds to a Halloween invitation to a murder party? Well, mostly it’s a bunch of pretentious artist doing drugs and debating how to kill him. I dont know what I love more about the film, the subtle dialog and perfect build up of plot, or the fact that i actually know people like the stuck up artist in it. I just think this was deffo written by someone who went to art school
2. WHERE DOES REALITY STOP AND THE DREAM BEGINS? Come on, i mean, seriously how can you really know when it’s not a dream? Honorable mentions: Perfect Blue, Jakob’s Ladder1, Brazil1, Dark City, Waking Life, Science of Sleep, Alice, and La Jetee. Favorite choice: PAPRIKA!! Shatoshi Kon made so, SO many amazing films in his life and this is one of the best, imo. If you like Inception, know that it was directly influenced by Paprika. And Inception is like a boiled down version; it makes more sense and is less fantastic. Real facts though, i have watched Paprika over a dozen times, and still when i go back to watch it now i notice details i missed before that are subtle but pertain to the over-all ideas and story. Also the soundtrack is fuckin sick.
3. BLACK AND WHITE THRILLERS! Like yeah, self explanatory, and I could go on about The Third Man or M, but what i really love is stories that make you grip the edge of your seat when you weren’t expecting to. Honorable Mentions: Arsenic and Old Lace, The Virgin Spring x, All About Eve1, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari x, Metropolis x, The Bad Seed and Sunset Boulevard (i want to say Chinatown2 tho i know that was shot in color but to look like noir b&w). Favorite choice: EYES WITHOUT A FACE!! x I have a soft spot for french horror, but what makes this film stand out is the way they danced around taboo subjects like gore, animal abuse, and mad scientists to avoid censors and get a wide release in Europe, while still having those be major subjects in the film.
4. CRAZY SLOW PACED AND BASED IN CONVERSATION! Ok i worried for a moment that this was too similar to the first, but no it’s different. Like man, if the dialogs good, then i'm fucking dooownn, and these are more about the conversation than anything else. Also this is my list so i can do what i want. Honorable Mentions: Royal Tenenbaums, Stagecoach1x, Yojimbo, Fire, Coco and Igor, and Days of Heaven. Favorite choice: STALKER!! x Like hell yeah, i'm so here for a soviet film abt people debating what they’d wish for while hiking to the wishing well. Also i think this film used the b&w to color transition better than Wizard of Oz because you barely even notice the change, like they hypnotize you first then make the switch.
5. ANIMATION! I fuckin love animation. I’ve always prefered cartoons. If you didn't know this, then idk if you know me. Honorable Mentions: Secret of Kells, Triplets of Belleville, Spirited Away, Mind Game, World of Tomorrow, Belladonna of Sadness, Millennium Actress, My Life as a Zuccini, The Hedgehog in the Fog x, The Cat in Paris. Favorite choice: THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER!! (the recobbled cut, specifically) After the production hell this flick went through, it needs all the love it can get. Started in the late 70s, it wasn't released until 1993, and was quickly overshadowed by Aladdin (which is probably directly influenced by the Thief and the Cobbler, but Disney’s not gunna say that). After 30s years of bouncing between animation studios only to get this slap-dash finishing to push it out on VHS, which the final final scenes not only feels disjointed from the story, but the scenes have an fps (frames per second) rate that’s half of the original animation so you can literally see the images slow down in some scenes. The recobbled cut is the best because even though it has a few unfinished scenes (some of which are still just animatics) it is the closest we may ever get to the original, intended version of the film. It’s still trippy as fuck though, and it doesn't have the god awful internal monologue for the thief.
6. MOVIES I FIRST SAW WHEN I WAS YOUNG AND IMPRESSIONABLE AND ABSOLUTELY ADORE! So these are movies which i saw when i was young BUT would be happy to watch again and have lots of opinions about (so this rules out Requiem for a Dream and Risky Business, both i saw too young and i'm cool with only having ever seen them once) Honorable Mentions: Spirited Away, Muppet Treasure Island, Young Frankenstein, Nightmare Before Christmas, Monsoon Wedding,The Dreamers, Airplane! and Fight Club. Favorite choice: DUCK SOUP!! Omg, i dont know if i can adequately express how much i fucking love the Marx bros. I own most of their films and when I was little, i used to just watch them endlessly (and I will still do so while drunk if no one stops me) I know all the jokes and songs even tho i learned half of them before I was old enough to get the jokes.
7. *Bonus round* TRIPPY AF MOVIES!! Like flicks i walked out of thinking ‘the fuck did i just watch??’ Honorable mentions: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Enter the Void, Videodrome, Holy Mountain, Meshes of the Afternoon x. Favorite choice: DOG STAR MAN!! x Sometimes, you need to just lay back and watch undulating colors in silence for a few hours.
Like, i just want to say, that while editing this list i thought of like ten films I couldn't shoehorn into any of these categories, and was very upset i couldn't find a way to mention them, so if you like this and want me to make another movie list, PLEASE SAY SO!!
1 I have included the link to the trailer, but the trailer is shit. The movie is much better.
2 while this film is only brought up saying that it doesn't fit on the list, i do really love the film, but i feel like i should mention that both the director, Roman Polanski and main actor, Jack Nicholson have been directly accused of sexual assault/statutory rape/domestic assault. I, personally, have a cognitive dissonance with this film because I saw it before I learned about both of them and their actions. But as much as I enjoy the story and movie, i cannot in good faith, bring up the film without mentioning this.
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unproduciblesmackdown · 2 years ago
for alphabet asks: STAGEDORKS
oh hell yeah….(thinks abt these bitches) wow i love Love…
S: What position do you sleep in? (NSFW) Favorite sex position? Favorite superhero(s)?
i try to sleep on my side usually but like, probably just on my back is more comfortable 
fuck if i know 
i’ve never been into superheroes but a zillion years ago when the first miles morales issues were coming out i bought like the first 7 and got a collection later and i coincidentally follow a nonzero number of superhero comics writing authors on twitter and i enjoy glimpses of riri williams content 
T: Are you good at tongue twisters? Did you believe in the Tooth Fairy? Tortillas or taco shells?
i’m neither that good or that bad at them 
i don’t especially remember tooth fairy times
hardshelled tacos all the way……
A: What is your alcoholic drink of choice? Favorite animal?
i don’t have any alcohol of choice b/c i don’t like alcohol so like, vodka + enough of some kind of fruit juice to make it endurable, and along that same line almost four yrs ago i had a couple mimosas and that was alright 
 i like Cats and i also like birds, especially in the corvids and parrots zone, and toucans, which aren’t parrots…i also had a long-running Cetaceans phase and i still like those like, orcas, manatees….glad to know the latter aren’t endangered anymore, my fifth grade teacher drew a manatee in pastels and gave it to me, thx ms. dennee
G: Favorite board game? Video game? Physical game?
i Enjoy scrabble and aggravation, which is this game w/ marbles which is like, 15% strategy and 85% luck so you can’t get too competitive 
 i haven’t played too many Video Games, especially not in recent years…i always enjoyed desktop games, like the point and click nancy drew games are my shit……later on like, portal 2 would be a great go-to game b/c usually i have a godawful hard time with Puzzles but the parameters of the puzzles in that game are so clear that i can actually enjoy it……i’m fond of amnesia tdd though i never finished it and the parameters of its puzzles are very much NOT clear. oh wait, then there’s all the shit we played via my brother’s Consoles Through The Years….the two of us taking a literal decade to beat donkey kong country….mario kart antics and driving the course backwards….we stan Galaga thanks to a namco collection and got to play it Arcade Style like a decade later at this convention lol….also on his ps4 we’d do Multiplayer stuff but really low stakes goofing around….ssbb but our real objective was just to desperately go after pokeballs and lose our shit if it was a meowth or invent really terrible maps named after pemberly (pemberdeath)….play uncharted and do terribly…….this lotr game he had was great too, like one map where we’d just ignore the Given Objective and get on horses and race around in a loop for like twenty minutes. that’s real gaming. 
 physical game idk lmao i never did Sports or anything……swinging on a swing. love that shit. kind of a Game ig. wait then would rollerskating be a game? BOWLING!!! i do love bowling and that’s definitely a game lmfaooooo
E: How do you like your eggs? Have any enemies?
i either fry them and put them on toast and then Burst The Yolk or i make an omellete, usually w/ cheese if i can manage it…..eggs benedict is so Fancy but delicious, but like yeah you have to make a whole hollandaise sauce so
i have my Haters List and people i think don’t deserve to be alive but i don’t like, have a mutual enemyship lmao
D: Favorite dinosaur? Donut topping? Dairy product?
i was a Big Into Dinosaurs kid…….s/o to the 3d dinosaur adventure computer game…..of course i liked raptors but my sister had velociraptors as her official fave so i was like, alright, dienonychus then. i also like ankylosaurs, and i think pachycephalosaurus is another Fave….a Probably-Herbivore with a raptorous build and headbutting like goats? good stuff. parasaurolophus is good too. just Being Loud and having a weird head
i like just frosting and sprinkles babey…..and just frosting is good too. like, chocolate’s classic….strawberry…….
ice creame…………………….
O: How do you eat Oreos?
voraciously, for starters. if i’m eating them Dry i will pull them apart, but i also do really like to dip them in milk.
R: Opinion on raisins? Random fact about yourself?
my raisins take hasn’t changed but another random fact about me hmm….i’m sure it’s not news to people since i mention it enough but i was a “really great at school in terms of getting good grades in everything, but also i largely hated school and always procrastinated hw and did bare minimum studying like, the morning of (or lunch before) any test and was the worst student by effort and Study Habits alone” and so i’m like oh Fuck yes re: solidarity and respect to all dropouts (fact within fact: the only academic accreditation i have is my SAT results i guess!), yet i also have That Much respect for people who Are good at school and put in that actual effort cuz i’m like god damn i could never do that
K: Who was the last person you kissed? (Platonically, romantically, however)
oh fun fact!!! i’m almost sure it was like, oh wait my god i was about to say 4-5 years ago but Actually it would’ve been….8? wait no. okay yes. so 7 years ago someone kissed me but that was a unilateral thing on their part so it doesn’t count. aaaand 8 or 9 years ago i kissed a friend on the cheek as PERFORMANCE ART!!!!! no lie this visiting artist (he was very nice and chill i liked him) came to our college and gave a talk and then there was this fun lil event in our Studio Art Space where people could write down ideas for vaguely creative things to do or make and then it was just a continuous cycle of putting your Suggestions into the box and drawing out other peoples, not even taking turns or anything you just went for it, and i got that prompt to kiss someone or whatever and one of a couple friends i had there was like, yeah that’s alright, i’ll take one for the Art team. platonic artistic and who could’ve known it was Prophetic as well?? stagedorks and winston billions energies
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ammonoids · 4 years ago
They’re Out There
NOTE FROM AM- hey guys! I’m back w a cute lil short story abt my Very Gay OCs™. Hope you like it :^)
It happened in early September. The sun had been beating down on campus for weeks upon weeks; Simon spent most of his days melting inside classrooms, wondering if he actually needed a degree. 
Time seemed to slow down, the humidity making sweat trickle down the back of his neck. Currently he was stuck in the back of a calculus classroom, watching the clock tick. He'd been texting Del through the lecture to keep himself awake, but the Prof hated tech; feeling guilty, he tucked his phone away and gave the good Doctor a fake grin.  
Unfortunately, that wasn't the best choice for staying awake- he needed stimulation. His eyes slipped closed; his arms went on the desk. His head tipped forward.....
There was a boom in the distance. Simon’s head moved itself up again. A soft pattering broke the silence, and his eyes snapped open to see raindrops on the window. He couldn't stop a groan of relief. What had previously been a dead classroom was now full of excited energy, with feet tapping and pens clicking in every direction. The girl next to Simon was craning her neck towards the window, teeth gleaming in the flourescent lights as she grinned widely. 
The day was obviously shot as far as productivity was concerned: Simon knew that he, at least, was going to go home and watch Netflix on the couch instead of doing homework. Several brave souls had already stood up when the Professor finally gave up. He cleared his throat, then said, "Hey, before the storm gets worse..."
Even though the Professor kept talking, Simon couldn't hear a thing; he'd already pulled out his phone to tell Del the good news. He walked down the steps, massive grin on his face. The world needed to watch out, because Simon Gert was back in the game. 
The air felt cooler due to the storm, but when Simon stepped out to walk home he realized why rain wasn't always great. The water was pouring down, soaking his clothes and his bag. Shit, I have my laptop, he thought, scrambling to cover it with something less important (did he really need his syllabus?) 
 With a sigh, he finally swung his bag onto his back again and prepared to walk the two blocks home- until he found his way blocked by a familiar face. 
Del, hair curled even more from the humidity, grinned down at him.  Oh my god, Simon thought, face heating up as he blushed, I did it. I finally made it into a romance movie.someone write this down. wait, shit, I'm the author. Fuck. I need a pen.  
"Hey," said Del. His dimples were showing. He moved his arm a bit, opening the umbrella he'd carried over to campus.
"Hey, hot stuff," said Simon, because he was nothing if not honest. He tried not to stare too much at Del's shoulders, visible clearly through wet fabric. They had been dating for two years! It was nothing Simon hadn't seen before! Get ahold of yourself, you’re not some fainting southern belle, he scolded himself.   
Del lifted the umbrella so it covered the both of them, ignoring the fact that Simon hadn’t spoken or moved for almost a minute. As he got ahold of himself again, however, he blinked in surprise and raised an eyebrow at Del. 
"Is that new?" It had to be- he'd have remembered an umbrella like that! It was covered with little green alien heads, each one with the caption of "They're out there"; arrows at the top of the umbrella pointed to the sky.   "Yeah," said Del. "Thought you would want to remind the general public-"  
He didn't get to finish his sentence: Simon practically launched them into a kiss, grabbing Del by the collar. "You," he muttered, pulling back- there was tittering from the general area, probably not the greatest idea to have super obvious PDA- "are amazing. Even if you don't believe me about Amelia Earhart."  
"Actually," Del said, "I've been looking into the aircraft she flew, and I have several questions that quite frankly...." A curled lock of hair had migrated down his brow: Simon really wanted to push it back, but then he'd end up kissing Del again and fuck up the whole non-PDA thing.  Del stopped talking and turned to Simon. "What?"  
Fuck, you gave yourself away, Simon thought, aghast at himself. Shit, dude, you’ve been dating for ages and you can’t even hold yourself together, come on- and now he’s waiting for you to say something, shit, just say something... 
Simon, brain blank, said the only thing he could think of when they made eye contact. "Oh my god, marry me." 
They were both silent for a couple of seconds. Del seemed to be processing. Simon felt himself going red. 
You idiot, he thought, Del probably isn't the marrying type. Or he doesn't want to marry you! Or maybe he thinks it was a joke. Shit, was it a joke? Oh, fuck, did I just joke propose to him?  
"Yeah, all right," said Del.   
"Yes. To the marriage thing." said Del. "But you're still cooking dinner tonight."
  Simon's smile felt like his face was breaking. "I really hope you're in the mood for eggos," he said, going on his tiptoes to kiss Del again, "because I forgot to get groceries."
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irrelevant-student · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
29/100 Days of Productivity
12. January 2019
Today will be a busy day. I have to help my sister with her apartment. I sold something today (we stan thriftshopping) and now is time for studying (even while it is already 13:28).  IB is in full force rn. I have to plan my EE, and I have a lab for Monday to finish. And also, Pamoja is kicking my butt and I have a Web Conference this Sunday. Before the winter break, I had the plan to narrow my uni choices and also decide, finally, on what programmes I will be applying next year. Well, I’ve learnt a thing or two from that. I didn’t really need to take Math HL (which is like the most difficult subject in IB). So, if u’re planning on taking IB, first RLY decide on what u want to study, and it will make your life so much easier. Even if u will rip ur hair out, it will be worth it. I still haven’t found one I really like (except of the Edinburgh - I rly kind of like it but I’m scared to admit that). But yeah, the point was, I almost head a break down over how I won’t get into an uni bc I chose wrong (Math HL) even while I love Math so yeah... that’s my life.  But today, today is only Math and Chem, I plan on making notes for both (Math I have to and Chem, I rly rly should). That would mean abt 4 hours of studying.
And in this low quality and not-really-aesthetical pic is my princess Mopsi bc she’s my world 😍🐶
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cnisms · 4 years ago
bye ... i’m truly done taking up muses ... these are short n poorly written but i did them ! i’ll eventually add more information on everyone when i finally get around to finishing muse pages but honestly ? this is all u need to know for now. again, if u wanna plot, just hmu :P a few mentions of drugs n alcoholism but nothing descriptive. here’s percy, zach, ajay, luke, bunny, paris & luma ! (i’ve added gwen, helena n gia too just so they’re all in one place bc i’m lazy)
FINN COLE, CIS MALE, HE/HIM — have you met perseus sage nichols yet ? the twenty-two year old is known for being both astute and jocular, but also very obstreperous and arrogant. born in melbourne, percy now lives in kensington, working as a junior management consultant.  comes from a nice family that he will always be pissed off at for very little reason. has beef w his dad for not providing even tho he really did, it was just never enough for percy. is exactly the type of dude that got mad when leo didn’t win the oscar for wolf. just wanted to be dumb rich n coked out. v smart and got an international scholarship at a good university, by the time he got kicked out for being a rowdy asshole, he’d helped his friends develop some legit apps (the most successful one being a dating app which two yrs later is really just a meme) and they suddenly had a lot of money, he just bought his way back in. bc he was in charge of the business side of things, it was easy enough for him to screw over his friends n walk away w most of what was left when their success went down the drain. got a job as a management consultant at a big, scary firm in london mostly thanks 2 his reputation. is a known ugly n ruthless n desperate to be at the top n live in disgusting luxury. can’t talk to his family or old pals without Wanting To Die bc he’s so committed to this new life he’s created for himself. is literally awful if he doesn’t like u, still awful just in a less hurtful n more annoying way if he does. doesn’t know when to stop. always forgetting n probably trying to hide the fact that he’s not a trust fund baby like all the people he hangs with now. literally just clyde oberholt ?
JAMIE BLACKLEY, CIS MALE, HE/HIM — have you met zachary vaughn baltazar yet ? the twenty-five year old is known for being both unostentatious and sincere, but also very self-deprecating and uncouth. born in berlin, zach now lives in southwark, working as a telemarketer. the nice guy who is always getting rekt (he wrecking himself lbr) is Um .. a v talented writer but is happy just shitting on his work n never exploring his potential bc why bother when he has the ideal amount of friends n weed atm right ? given up and is convinced he is satisfied, will accept any invitation. still won’t let you live tho. has opinions on ur choices and will probably share them behind ur back. somehow feels underappreciated by everyone even tho he truly believes there is nothing to appreciate. omg have a cry and grow up. king of impressive first dates n writes rlly romantic poetry but is either ghosting or getting ghosted the following week bc he is dry and confused. doesn’t know if this is really what he wants/doesn’t feel like he deserves what he wants. close with his family but tries to force more n more distance bc he can’t stand their #drama... or any drama that doesn’t give him an edge Actual Of Ly. the ders of the squad probably.
RAHUL KOHLI, CIS MALE, HE/HIM — have you met ajay charles johal yet ? the thirty year old is known for being both urbane and jovial, but also very restless and quixotic. born in chennai, ajay now lives in newham, as an airline pilot. moved to london w his parents when he was v young, spent all of his teenage yrs feeling guilty for no reason just like watching all his parents did for him to be happy n healthy ? never got over the guilt. is just a v feeling person ig ! anyways he was so committed to helping his parents out, which was rlly truly the only thing he’s ever committed to in his life. needed enough money to support all three of them but rlly had no idea how to go about it. pilot was just one of the ideas handed to him back in high school n he went with it bc he knew he’s never actually settle on anything. turned out ok bc he likes being able 2 actually get the entire hell away from his problems. a v flighty person (aha... classic) and doesn’t have many close relationships bc of it. v respected ... v respectful ... quality lad but can be a lil immature under it all. wish he’d stop feeling bad just bc he has GOOD parents.
TOBY REGBO, CIS MALE, HE/HIM — have you met luciano andrius falley yet ? the twenty-five year old is known for being both genial and cultivated, but also very irksome and delphic. born in naples, luke now lives in camden, as a struggling actor and annoying historian. tragic backstory ? never heard of that. comes from a supportive ($$$ n <333) family who probably only pay for the many flights for all his long ass self discovery backpacking trips bc deep down they can’t put up with him anymore. is a super friendly n outgoing person, the type that is literally always reading a book he only half understands but will bring up what he has learned from it at one of his MANY dinner parties where ur only option is CHICKEN and lots of wine while he refuses to SHUT THE FRICK UP. cute ! kinda very judgemental but will just sigh n let u fuck up. “not to get political but...” is always like Hm Yes ! I Love Hearing Other People’s Stories ! but when ? when does he hear anything other than his own voice ? he probably gives himself lectures on intersectional feminism when he’s home alone he just doesn’t stop. honestly he only ever means well n ig he’s interesting enough but Really... fake struggling yet still pretentious aesthetics.
MARGOT ROBBIE, CIS FEMALE, SHE/HER — have you met elizabeth celine leblanc ? the twenty-seven year old is known for being both coruscating and ardent, but also very egocentric and bourgeois. born in seattle, bunny now lives in southwark, as an influential homemaker. boozy housewife. spent her childhood living below the poverty line before her father began helping ppl smuggle drugs into america. he built his own big operation off of that (with a hygiene product company as a cover) and was successful enough to squash the few people it pissed off. business spread to europe n then when he was ready to retire and the south gang was interested, he had elizabeth marry into it before he sold the operation just to make sure he would always be taken care of. it got handed down to her husband bc she wasn’t interested in any legit roles (her asshole fathers fault honestly ? he wouldn’t have given her control even if she wanted it) and she just went along with whatever would keep her from returning to her Humble Beginnings. is very “i do whatever i have to in order to survive” n by survive she means never actually work n just waltz around a mansion in designer gowns all day. materialistic n v selfish. fake charitable for her socialite image. doesn’t cook, but is always sharing recipes. has no real interest in the soap she pretends to make. is consistently fake. literally gets zero joy from anything that isn’t spending money. could probably be happy if she could escape her family’s ugly beliefs n misogynistic practices n she’s getting there but just . slowly. hates the nickname bunny, but i’m forcing the meme.
MIMI ELASHIRY, CIS FEMALE, SHE/HER — have you met paris nefret bayoumi yet ? the twenty year old is known for being both beneficent and equable, but also very disengaging and inelegant. born in alexandria, paris now lives in greenwich, practicing herbalism. also works at the rosado but whom cares ? not her ! all she cares abt are the HERBS. was raised by her grandmother who was a Kitchen Witch (as in .. u know ... this isnt a supernatural rp But that woman was a witch !) so she’s always practiced similar hobbies but now she’s all about making her friends custom teas ! n yea paris likes to claim that she’s also a witch. is extra but in a calm n collected way. serene at all times but unintentionally sardonic. not super bright but has plenty of advice for every problem. seems to enjoy oversharing and yet no one knows exactly whats the deal w her parents (criminals that have always been n remain in hiding, some people think they’re straight up pirates now) or anything serious in her life rlly . but u wanna know what russells burp smelt like last week ? she’s about to tell u.
SOFIA BLACK-D'ELIA, CIS FEMALE, SHE/HER — have you met luma camille pontecorvo yet ? the twenty-three year old is known for being both optimistic and dexterous, but also very prevaricating and overindulged. born in quebec city, luma now lives in waltham forest, working in retail.  ah , another brat . she was left w her much older half brother n his wife when he mom dipped when she was fourteen n honestly they felt so bad n also had no idea how to handle her so they just . gave her everything she wanted without question. she had her mothers bad attitude n reckless habits tho n when she started getting her nieces n nephews in trouble once they were all in college together, her brother Politely kicked her out of their lives by offering to set her up anywhere she wanted “for the Experience”. she picked london n quickly got a job at a kingsley store n has been working there for a few yrs now. now also deals party drugs at clubs for the north family n she rlly lets that be the focus of her life, so she’s always showing up to her day job late n overtired. doesn’t ever really lie but rarely tells the whole truth. ig she would be fun to hang out with but she’s probably a fair bit cunty. doesn’t care about ur feelings, has very few of her own, just here for a meme. truthfully she’s angry abt everyone ditching her but it gets ugly whenever the topic comes up n dark!luma is an actual thing that makes an appearance.
MADCHEN AMICK, CIS FEMALE, SHE/HER — have you met gwendolyn griet hathaway yet ? the forty-three year old is known for being both reverent and winsome, but also very acquisitive and ambivalent. born in las vegas, gwen now lives in richmond upon thames, managing a record label. also known as gwen nash. mother to gertrude bc we meme too hard. born in nevada, her own momther bailed early n then her father disappeared when she was fourteen (she’s always been sure he was murdered by a biker gang but no one believed her n kept saying he just ran off on her but ! the story comes up whenever she drinks still) n she ended up just getting a cleaning job in a motel n taking care of herself. eventually she met a nice older couple who sort of took her in. they were responsible for a lot of jazz artists n she stanned them hard ? sang for them for a short while n eventually married their son mostly bc she wanted to actually be part of the family yikes… anyway they had a Beautiful Daughter together obviously n eventually got control of the label n thats all they rlly share now post separation. tragic n twenty years later than everyone expected . anyway she’s lurkin about london, lookin for talent n trying to fix her relationship with gertrude (i’d hate my mom if she named me that too … no a fence) n just drinkin wine ig ! she’s very … impulsive and only ever thinks about herself in the moment but otherwise ? she can be kind n caring but Ya . her habit of just jumping into things for her own pleasure generally hurts other people so she’s a lot of strained relationships. still seems v standoffish mostly bc she’s Um . Scared Of Everything. literally does not matter how much shit she sees ? permanently spooked. lowkey cruel sense of humor but she just seems so gentle 95% of the time that when she makes a sick joke ur like Oh she doesn’t realize how bad that sounds ! hates memes.
LILY JAMES, CIS FEMALE, SHE/HER — have you met helena therese o’shea yet ? the twenty-six year old is known for being both cultivated and strong-willed, but also very callous and tenacious. born in chicago, helena now lives in wandsworth, working at erstead’s and planning birthday parties. a tragedy. always had it in her head that she was better than everyone else (especially her brother ) but never fully committed to the brat act, like she never threw tantrums or asked for too much, v well mannered n proper but it’s always been obvious that she’s permanently disgusted by everyone except for herself. sometimes also disgusted by herself tho. will say something cringeworthy n just about put a hit on herself for it. was a v successful wedding planner for a while, her business took off rlly quick thanks to a few helpful connections. got engaged herself 3 years ago and cut off most of her family n all her old friends to start this new amazing life she always thought she deserved ? sike. after three years of putting off the wedding, she got dumped n came home to work @ erstead’s bc she’s like well if i’m gonna crash this hard i might as well hit rock bottom ! plans birthday parties for children occasionally. hates children. hates everything. fun ? never experienced that emotion. barely tries to make up with the people she wronged bc despite setting herself back 6 yrs, she still thinks she’s above everyone else. loves to complain. doesn’t really have much going for her honestly other than ? total commitment to whatever it is that’s happening in her life. obviously that’s not workin out for her rn ?
CHARLI XCX, CIS FEMALE, SHE/HER — have you met georgiana lalaine visariya yet ? the twenty-three year old is known for being both jocund and unfeigned, but also very vexatious and lowbrow. born in kiev, gia now lives in soho, being extra on youtube.  gia is honestly .. a headache. she was always a v creative person, ‘expressing herself’ n doin’ the most when literally no one asked ever. she started vlogging two years ago n got bored quickly so instead she decided to start her own (fake) reality series on youtube ? she handled everything by herself at first n reached out to hot local people who were popular on instagram n youtube to star in it WITH HER and only got a few people in on it but ? it took off. now she has a whole crew n writers n what not working on it with her (even tho most of the time she will take over every part of the production n handle it herself again) n it gets her good money (especially bc she’s shameless n stays making sure she’s a main in every single episode so she gets those instagram sponsors too) calls herself “““punk lauren conrad””” n is clearly too extra. a very very confident n loud person, super friendly, loves everyone n honestly u can try to drag her but that’s not gonna stop her running up to u in the street next time she sees u n telling you to drop whatever it is ur doing to go get cocktails with her. she’s so … genuine irl that you literally would not belieb how much of the show is scripted n thought up by her w that … interesting … imagination. will annoy u for content.
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